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It is a double feature weekend! In addition to the normal podcast, I sat down with the guys at Myth of the 20th Century to talk about modern finance, American economics and ancient Athens. They are a good group and do some very interesting stuff on their shows, so I hope everyone listens. I think they will have the show posted later today or maybe tomorrow. I’ll post a link here and all the other places I frequent. That means about three hours of me this weekend.

This week’s show is a bit of an attic cleaning. Whenever I think of something that could be useful in a show or post, I put it on the list. Once I get enough of them, in theory, I’ll do a post on them or a podcast on the general theme of the items. That’s the theory, but in reality, I often ended up with a bunch of stray thoughts that don’t really fit in with one another all that much. This week I took some of those that were very loosely related to one another and did them as segments.

The thought initially with these ideas was to do a long post or maybe a podcast on how to deal with that crazy lefty in your life around the holidays. All of us have at least one lunatic that we have to deal with whether we like it or not. A guide to dealing with the lunatic in your life seemed like a fun idea. Maybe I’ll do it one day, but for now I just wanted to clean up the list and so this week I have a show about the rhetoric we confront when dealing with lefty and his proxies.

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This Week’s Show


  • 00:00: Opening
  • 02:00: Framing (Link)
  • 17:00: Personalizing Politics
  • 42:00: False Choices
  • 57:00: The Opposite Rule
  • 57:00: Closing

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162 thoughts on “Rhetorically Speaking

  1. I’ve spent time trolling “The Nation” Facebook page. I did it for the same reason 17th Century Londoners paid 10 shillings to look at the crazy people in the Royal Bethlem Hospital.
    Given the number of death threats against me and my family and threats against my property, I’m going to back off for now, but I have learned some things:

    1) Say anything that upsets a progressive and they start calling names. Their preferred names are “racist” and “fascist”.

    2) Progressive’s dictionary: fascist: someone who does not support the violent overthrow of American society and its replacement by communism.

    3) Progressive’s dictionary: racist: someone who does not hate white people.

  2. Argumentation, facts, logic — that’s all great.
    But just look at Ron Unz for one solid minute.
    If after this you don’t feel revulsion, the sense that something is just off, and that what you are seeing will likely cause of some kind of trouble at some point, I don’t know what you tell you.

  3. Another!

    If the results of the mail-in election can’t be determined by January 20, guess who becomes President? Nancy Pelosi. Then Congress gets to pick the commander in chief.”

  4. Wow. Another small bits-n-pieces:

    There have been an estimated 28 million protesters in the streets. 

  5. As to bits n pieces, news from Hawaii:

    18 deaths.

    60 cases.

    Full lockdown.

    A Hilton room normally priced at $450 a night?

    30 bucks to the front desk and they give you the key.

  6. I really appreciated the section on identity politics in today’s podcast. One thing I’ve always wanted to ask Hazony and others—typically (((others)))—who lecture us on the danger of identity politics is:

    “OK, let’s accept the premise that identity politics is bad. Why do you only ever tell white people it’s bad?”

    “Numerous studies and surveys have shown that white Americans already have the weakest sense of in-group preference among all the groups in the US. That is, whites by and large already do not practice identity politics. So there is no need to lecture us on its supposed dangers.”

    “Given that, why don’t you ever lecture blacks, Jews, Indians, and other groups in America to let go of their identity politics? If anything, you and your media only encourage and celebrate their reveling in their identities. If identity politics is so bad, why are you only ever focused on telling whites this instead of going to black churches, to NAACP conferences, and to ADL meetings to tell them the same thing?”

    “Nonwhites are the only groups in America practicing identity politics. Dedicate your energy to warning them, not whites.”

    Back to reality, I of course know exactly why Hazony and his kind only ever lecture whites about the danger of identity politics, while at the same time encouraging or at best ignoring nonwhites who do the same.

    And of course, we all know that there’s nothing wrong with in-group preferences (“identity politics”) anyway. It’s just that we’re the only people not allowed to practice it.

  7. Z, thank you for so clearly and concisely tossing out Unz’s argument on the simple basis that we have a right to prefer our own kind.

    As you said, people like Unz trick us into arguing on the grounds of crime or labor or diverse ethnic food or entrepreneurship, but these are non sequiturs. The burden is on Unz and his ilk to convince Indians to accept an India that became less Indian, or Nigerians to accept a Nigeria that became less Nigerian, or Jews to accept an Israel that became less Jewish. If every other ethno-nation has the right to self preservation, we have that same right.

    If white Americans say they don’t want any more immigration just because, that’s a good enough reason. Because we say so. Period.

    • “The burden is on Unz and his ilk to convince…”
      I used to think that but my new position, and when I use it they are dumbstruck is:
      Why should we listen to you?
      You have no say.
      It is our decision alone to make.
      Fuck off.

      • The presence of Unz and diplomad have kept me from going full anti-semite. Ahem, probaly should rethink that. For sure i think it prudent to exclude them in our thing. Met a couple at amren, nice guys but you have to wonder what there for? FTN had a good podcast on the unz article.

  8. Yeah, just a admonition, to you cheapskates, support Z through suscribe star. Maybe he can hire a IT guy.

      • You mean “wrong place wrong time(d)” Its the White version of “intersectionality”.

    • That Google thing would’ve been helpful to a friend of mine a few years ago. He needed a lawyer. Walked in to a law firm. Greeted by black man, and asked to kindly have a seat in the waiting room. Pictures of black lawyers everywhere. Friend quietly slipped out. lol

      • It’s not merely knowing that they’re unqualified and/or got their credentials via affirmative action. It’s also the type of clientele they generally attract. Having lived in Asia I know their dental care exists primarily of yanking out teeth. Even if they were trained in the US, their patients are going to be other Asians, and that’s not the sort of place where I will be spending my dollars.

    • A comment from the Kunstler’s article:

      <What I see happening in USA all the way from Norway is that (minority and Woke-Americans) are being sent an harsh message: “You better vote for the democrat nominee come third of November, or you see what we can do to where you live”.>

  9. Ron Unz’s are not uncommon in CA. First of all, whites who care about the current situation for the most part leaves the state. The ones who are left here are here for the money, as I am, and by no means intend to stay. Second, always pay attention to where these people live and how they make their money. Where exactly does Mr. Unz live? Is he in an 80% latino area? I doubt it. This is the most segregated state in the country. County lines, municipal lines matter. Even if he lives among tame pajeets, he likely made his money using immigrant labor somehow. So what people like Unz say are just excuses for the choices they’ve made in life.

    • This always goes back to the “diversity is great” argument, and when you drill down on that argument they always bring up FOOD. It’s always about the restaurant quality, the number of sushi places, this place has great nan bread. The old New Yorker argument that you can get Chinese food at 3am…which would make you an unbalanced nut job. That’s really the only positive argument they have.

      • Yep, always food. Ethnic food seems highly overrated to me. It’s okay once a month, but I enjoy my meat and potatoes. Plus takeout is expensive.

        It’s telling that during the “Multicultural Days” in Canadian schools the only thing of note is basically food. There are also some people dancing around in saris that nobody cares about. Then of course the one white girl does some Irish tap dancing.

        • I’ve taught my kids to play the meal math game on the rare occasion we go out to eat. Basically, we work out our per meal cost at home vs. equivalent meal out. It’s a no brainer to eat in. Pulled pork, beer and brunswick stew are tastier, cheaper and enjoyed for longer hanging out at the homestead…

          • Part of the problem is that cooking is becoming a lost art among so many Whites. We never ate out that much – partly cost but also because we never enjoyed the loud and crowded environment. While I enjoy trying new things, cookbooks are inexpensive and with all the online tutorials today, almost anything can be cooked at home.

        • They even have double standards for wife beating. A white man gets thrown in the slammer for glaring at his woman. The “authentic” people can roundhouse their women and…well..it’s part of their culture.

        • The Wild Geese Howard said: “The Libtard version of the US is actually a Third World souk.”

          This is the California ideal gone viral.

      • I think people would eat a lot less ethnic food if they had to eat it in the world it came from meaning if you wanted Mexican food you had to eat it in a Tijuana like setting where you very well could be knifed at any time…

      • 3 months as a health inspector in any major city would turn most soy-foodies into paleo skinheads.

          • The blessings of diversity needn’t stop short of our gut flora. The epicurean melting pot of el choli and his conquistadores is just one more way to flog that white gut colony of yours of its xenophobia.

            Good thing our government has our backs: “Lavese las manos” its the law!

    • sentry said: ” Peter Schiff – dollar crush”

      That guy has been the chicken little of finance sence he was in high school. I think he’s predicted at least 500 of the last 2 financial down turns.

  10. I have heard your story about the restaurant before and I just can’t honestly decide how I would handle it. If I didn’t own the restaurant, well than yeah, sure, screw the owner.
    If I did own the restaurant…..

    • There’s a local property owner who was making some “improvements” to his property a little bit ago. It was obvious from his conversations with others that while he depended on the community to treat his property with respect, he held the community itself in low regard and just a piggy bank from which to extract quarters. Someone like that shouldn’t be shocked and amazed if the community shows up and tells him to pound sand.

  11. There are billboards in LA now with the words “Black is King”. It’s a new movie “by” hip-hop star Beyonce. Seems to be about the black creation myth. “Heat from the sun, yadda yadda”. Anyway, the phrase Black is King rings true on many levels now. All absurd, and sure to piss off poor people, and make everyone else shake their head. This is when vogue agitprop crumbles in on itself. Capitalism/commercialism turns “TRUTH!” into fleeting fashion. Then tiresome. Then ridiculous. Ridiculous as in, worthy of ridicule. Not that the spineless comedy world (comedians, satirists, comedy writers, SNL) are going to do their jobs. —-They have ONE job!—- But, no matter. Everyone’s starting to laugh their ass off without their help.


  12. I come from a family of Lefties and was most intrigued by your thoughts on debating with them – and maybe we should compare notes?

    No, you will never convince a leftie of the error of his ways or the righteousness of yours. I will accept your explanation for that as I can offer no alternative. Many lefties do hate themselves and for very good reasons.
    Trolling them is a piece of cake too but as you said, you have to take it seriously and think about it because you are dealing with people who, at their core, are intellectually dishonest and morally bankrupt. I got very good at trolling them but found that it just made for even greater animosities and drama within the family.
    My approach with family members now would be – “Keep your politics to yourself, because I am not interested in them and will not agree with them and I will not listen to them.” Be blunt, be honest, and give Leftie a fair chance of being a grown up. If they can’t respect your preferences, which are reasonable – sever your relationship with them. The satisfaction of trolling them does not compensate for the resulting animosities and hatreds that will set up as a result. It’s best to avoid such sticky and divisive things especially with loved ones.

    • I have reverted to “Stop being so rude, mind your manners, why don’t you grow up and start acting like an adult instead of a ten year old child?” The shock on their face is worth it right there.

      • Yes to both Dutch and Glenfilthie. At some point I realized that the futility of trying to debate with the leftists in my family was really being exploited for some weird, cynical pleasure. Wuflu accelerated this because a bi-weekly Zoom call for extended family frequently started involving the “let’s provoke Uncle Maus” segment, usually kindled by my smart but intellectually lazy and deeply amoral gay brother. I finally put my foot down and told them to STFU and be civil or I would absent myself. I am simply getting too old to put up with this kind of shit.

        • The queers are the worst. I dunno how they ever got to be be called ‘gays’ because they are most sullen and contrary people going. The lesbians are the biggest haters out there….

          • My approach to shirtlifters who demand to be called Gay is “What sort of moron with epidemic non curable diseases and rocketing suicide rates is gay?

        • “My smart but intellectually lazy and deeply amoral gay brother–>” Picturing one of those “I’m with stupid –>” t-shirts but with your phrase instead. lol

  13. Dealing with progressives in your orbit.

    Progressive of all stripes depend heavily upon weasel words and magic talisman-isms that are supposed to define the landscape and end all debate. I’ve found a 1st step that works for me is to play the slightly spergy philologist. This has them explaining themselves 1st which should always be tactic #1. They have to be smart enough to think on their feet for this to work.

    “How does that work?…Such-and-such meaning exactly what?…Is that a cause…or is that a result of?”…..Anything that forces them to reflect on what are progressive cliches. Force them to dig a bit deeper. This automatically brings up possible conflicts and inconsistencies, so they begin tying themselves up in other means of justifying and rephrasing poorly defined terms in attempting to get around points or arguments that lead to conclusions that may prove to be inconvenient. 

    This almost always ends in one of two way:

    1-They go back to the magic talisman-isms as their fallback but with their footing not as assured as before…or

    2-They are forced to turn high-minded sanctimoniousness into outright anti-whitism…revealing to maybe even themselves that their moralizing is just a tool in their war on whites. If all their conclusions are “YT get out of the way”, then their own words revealed their justifications are predatory and not moral. 

    The aim is not to turn someone but to force them to show their hand. If we strip away all of the weasel words and high-mindedness they may begin to take those first few step in our direction.

    • You’re right. I have had some joy with simply asking them what is a racist, exactly? Could you be clearer please? You can then drill down even further if you’re bothered and want a bit more fun. The key is knowing that they’ll never change their mind, so it is of no consequence to you and you tend not to get angry. The small things, I suppose.

    • It red-pills the audience to the debate – often more fruitful than trying to convert the Wokie themself.

    • I like it. Reminds me of the Joeprah interview with that insufferable jewess toad from the NYT. Joe doesn’t have to play dumb so has the advantage of asking these kinds of ‘define the premise’ or innocuous framing questions, then just letting them muck their high esteem in the ridiculousness of their poopytalk.

      So much of the leftoid rhetoric is just that: poopytalk. The vernacular is a tickler of feelz-affirming trapdoors that survives mostly on repetition and arousing the hindbrain. Prompting them toward definitions disrupts the mantra and forces a potential break in their circular reasoning.

      We also see this with the beer flu in how “cases” just keep getting pounded. All context and categorical attributions have been stripped away so in effect “cases” carries the same emotional primer as deaths.

      Much of the challenge ahead is going to come down to accepting that we can’t un-zombie the zombies. Even those closest to us. I tell my lady to be prepared for this. Her only family in the world are full tilt. Building an immune system in our communities requires these toxic ideas to be kept at bay. Which means the carriers too.

      • Building an immune system in our communities requires these toxic ideas to be kept at bay. Which means the carriers too.

        I’ve wondered what form a community “immune system” might take beyond conversational tools. Specifically, passive road signs to Wokes and their ilk, that they are not welcome in our clusters. Winning a fight without engaging looks good on paper but we are now fully in the physical plane, too.
        Family vigilantism likely makes a comeback?

        • Specifically, passive road signs to Wokes and their ilk, that they are not welcome in our clusters…
          Oh I think a little banjo playing on a front porch on main street might help out😂

          • I’ll see your banjo and raise you a Rebel Flag, a DAR or Sons billboard, and some Pro Life signs on the telephone poles in the downtown!

          • Or people walking around in Redskins jerseys / shirts. I ordered mine months ago from a major online clothing store. It never came. Then I get a card from them yesterday saying item# 293810483492 was cancelled. They didn’t even have the balls to tell me what shirt it was. So as not to piss off the sportsfan customer, I guess. The shirt didn’t even say Redskins. It was just the Indian head logo.

          • I was buying Redskin shirt to signal the like-minded, and piss off the Progs. I’m next to a college town. Wouldn’t mind getting into a fight.

        • Literal moats – contra Cuba Gooding, Floyds don’t swim. Red meat. Dirt track racing signs. Animals bigger than dogs. Safety-orange fur-lined headgear. 1970’s vintage girly-pictures hanging in semi-public places.

          A mural of David Alan Coe. Wokies don’t know he is but there’s something in the eyes… And Our Guys will stop and smile.

        • I don’t think it’s possible unless you allow for unexplained disappearance of strangers and troublemakers in the community. 😈

      • Exactly we have to be thinking along those lines when we are Building Community…Just because they are family by blood they are not welcome if they carry those toxic poisons that will harm our Community…Same with any friends you still may have that carry the incurable virus…

        • You are completely correct on this, Lineman. I have tried to understand it but I simply cannot. Few on the left do not carry these “toxins.” From someone who came from the left I thought that with logic and facts I could have conversations. Or even just conversations; but NO. It is virtually impossible and maybe totally impossible.

          So except for me, of course. if I can swing it by my couple of startup investments coming in big or something and then might be able to contemplate moving to Bitteroot do not let us in….ever…period.

          An apropos insight I read on this from a good ole country boy was. “When I see a moving van pull into my neighborhood with CA plates I mosey on over and ask a simple question. How many genders are there? If the answer is two I offer my help in carrying boxes and an invite to a cookout. If the answer is any number other than two I go get my rope.

    • When the whites were signaling their virtue about the confederate statues I remarked “but isn’t the erasure of someone’s history a form of genocide”. Fortunately, I’d only get the sound of crickets in response.

    •   I once heard what I take is excellent advice, even if I’m an egocentric son of a bitch like most people and rarely would do so 😃. But consider. Assuming that you have the time to listen to somebody, and also the patience, the old saying about being a good listener can reap dividends. At the very least, if you let the other party do all the Talking, assuming you have the slightest interest in the topic, you can hear his point of view. You don’t need to debate him, but you can ask probing questions. I realize this will be difficult if he start personally attacking you. I’m not sure what to do in that situation. But the point of the advice is to let the other person speak his piece. He may babble completely silly things. He might also show a rational argument. If not, it is possible that he might find gaping holes in his presentation, without your having needed to have said a single word. 😊

  14. Re: hispanic crime rates

    In your first segment, you mention Unz’s study that Hispanic crime rates are no worse than Whites or somesuch, but you said “immigrants from South America”. Did Unz parse his data that finely? I would venture that he may be right if looking at Argentine, Uruguayan and Chilean immigrant crime rates. But throw in Panamanians and north into the mix, and I doubt it.

    • IIRC, he lumped all south of the border immigrants together. He would have no way to parse out Argentinians or Brazilians. In fact, parsing Hispanics is close to impossible as a) it is not an easily identifiable identity and b) we have not tracked crime that way until fairly recent. Most states do no have a separate bucket for Hispanic.

      • They are very uneven self-reporters. Castizos and Harnizos report White in many situations but not all. Most Hispanics still downplay Mestizo heritage. Generations vary too – the Wokies for obvious reasons are more inclined to say Squat is Hot for status-treats.

        I reminded him when he cited that 2010 piece a few weeks ago that his data was outdated as well. LA had some significant crime spikes in the 2010’s that he’s not addressing.

        I don’t see Ron as some kind of kosher kabuki but rather a contrarian who’s very proud of his novelty-take solution to America’s ills. And it just happens to be the kind of “smart centrism” that appeals to contrarian wonks. He gets to virtue-flex on both poles of “over-simplifying extremists.”

        Still a good guy for us, FWIW.

        • In the same way a lot of petty street crime was handled internally among the various white ethnic groups in the 19th century before the full professionalization of police forces, some intra-Hispanic crime may be handled internally and therefore never makes its way into the statistics.

          If a cholo boyfriend attacks his mamacita on the street, that chick’s brother will go out and beat the cholo rather than asking the cops to serve as the intermediary and log it on their books.

          Still, Hispanic crime is admittedly nowhere near as outrageous as Black crime. Didn’t Sailer used to analyze crime stats from various west coast cities showing that once the Hispanics drove the blacks out in the 90s, recorded crimes fell by as much as 90% in some of those cities?

          Hispanic-on-white crime is worse than white-on-Hispanic crime, but black-on-white crime is in a world of its own. Assuming the dying US will never have the willpower or organizational ability to ever do mass deportations, the only silver lining to the permanent emerging Hispanic majority is the displacement of black crime in many cities. As Hispanicization moves beyond the west coast to cities like Chicago, Camden, North Philly, and other places, black anarchy may gradually be stamped out.

          El Paso or Brownsville are far from “America’s top places to live,” but there’s a reason they never make national news for black crime and anarchy like St. Louis or Memphis or Jacksonville or Atlanta or Baltimore do.

          •  this has even happened to Washington DC in recent decades. It is primary Central Americans there. But yes they often pushed out the indigenous population. Better behaved, hard working, etc.

          • The problem with Hispanic immigrants is both quality and quantity. No, they’re not as unpredictable and violent as noggers, but they are far more violent and lawless than Whites. Yes, they certainly work long hours at manual labor in America, but that doesn’t take into account things built sloppily and not to code. If they were anywhere near as wonderful as Unz or Fred Reed like to claim, the world’s poor would be beating down their doorsteps, instead of the Mestizos fleeing to formerly White countries.

          • This is the often overlooked part of the “doing jobs Americans won’t do” lie.

            The costs are embedded (quality) and amortized (quantity). The $10 head of lettuce is already here and has been a long time.

            People can work very hard and still perform poor quality work. The up-front cost of which is priced down while the deferred costs compound.

            The quality degrades on an individual level first. Then sporadically. The lower labor cost allows the org to rationalize the decay in quality. Once a critical mass is reached, however, it becomes cultural.

            Which is already embedded once the shift/site/project manager positions are filled with dirt as well.

            Even though they may be talented tenths, the culture simply does not value pride of work over employing your retarded cousin, so it is lost.

            The costs compound downstream in terms of poor quality, off-balance-sheet liabilities, and the barriers to entry of the dirt people, eg ethnic blockades and nepotism.

            So we pay $0.99 for lettuce but get e coli and gutted small farming towns and small businesses and $40,000 anchor baby births, massive “petty” property and drug crime, and ESL dominated public schools.

            I want $10 lettuce. At least then I get the choice to buy or not.

          • Actually, one other issue re Mexican/Central American immigrants is the opportunity cost. There are entire fields, at least in the southwest, where no White can get a job. Skill sets and experience, all lost. I’m not an expert on the period, but it has always appeared to me that the English middle and managerial class really started to grow when they kicked out the small hats. They needed local talent to run the banks or be the middle men. These people were part of the local community and were, therefore, not as financially predatory. We’re losing all of that and going back to the binary rich/poor social order seen in all third-world countries.

          • This is true. The issue isn’t solved but merely pushed around, since they’ll cause mayhem wherever they end up.

            Also, Latin America fills out the list of the world’s most murderous cities. A few African cities like Cape Town make the list, but the list is mostly Latin America and black America.

            Maybe most African cities just don’t keep any homicide records, so they fly under the radar.

          • They’re not as bad as blacks, but nobody is as bad as blacks and by a very wide margin. The white prisoners probably have a lower crime rate than the black rate in the outside world.
            I think most white people, probably even dissident whites have no idea just how much crime is in black neighborhoods. Things that would be an outrage in white neighborhoods are completely unremarkable (look up a concept called Routine Activity Theory) in black neighborhoods.
            As far as I know, the open air drug markets simply don’t exist with whites. You see it with mestizos, but even with mestizos it’s not as bad.
            White people, even poor white people simply will not accept that some boys in the neighborhood are selling drugs in the open in full view of women and children at a stop sign. Hell, white people will the cops on their neighbors if there is “too much” traffic to a house. They will suspect drugs and call the cops. Most white people understand all the ills that follow from this kind of lawlessness.

        • As I said above, where exactly does Unz live? I know people like this and they always seem to tuck themselves away in the high rent, leafy areas. How many yoga studios can he walk to?

          • Yea people love to virtue signal from a safe place…When you are in the middle of a war zone it’s a little harder to do without dying or looking foolish…

          • Coulter gave Hispanics the Colin Flaherty-style spotlight in “Adios” – they may be less criminal than Blacks but they’re far beyond what Ron’s pretending or what Whites find acceptable. Given their greater numbers Hispanics at about 1/3 the criminality of Blacks are still putting in 13/50 crime stats even if it’s taking 39 to do it. If both Blacks and Hispanics left California the jails would basically be empty.

        • From what I understand, mestizos are about 1/2 way between whites and blacks.
          But as Z said, it is kind of pointless to go down this route. I want my neighbors to look like me and speak like me and listen to the same range of music as me. I live close to mestizos and believe when I tell you, it is WAY more than crime rates. Nothing like enjoying your Sunday afternoon with the family while our rican neighbors are blasting Puerto Rican music while working on their cars and leaving their parts on the ground and cleaning their cars by throwing the trash on the ground.

  15. Has there ever been a global reserve currency with as much reach as the dollar? Sure there have been big ones in the past, but nothing like this, it seems to be a novelty of our age. Given that, an even bigger novelty is the reserve currency committing suicide. And, an even bigger novelty to that, is that this reserve currency is not sinking dramatically against other currencies because all the other ones are committing suicide too. Just to restate a Z point, these bandits are taking a bat to systems that they have no knowledge of how they work, let alone how to fix them.

    • Sure. It was called gold bullion. As far as currencies go probably the English pound and maybe the French unit before it. Generally, when you are a world Empire your currency is fairly stable.

    • Muchof this madness is caused by automation/computers paired with a global labor surplus.
      Labor is too cheap right now to support family development anywhere in the developed world which ends up turning the developed world into the less developed world from migration and wage arbitrage. This reduces profits from consumption since know all prices have to match now much lower wages.
      Throw in the debts people have accumulated and you have a recipe for deflation.
      Piling money into the institutions in a trickle down hope they’ll hire is futile, There still isn’t demand because society is still closed for business to to fear of the virus and frankly for techno-social reasons as well.
      Moving so much retail and media to online as gutted a lot of jobs across the board.
      On top of that a most jobs in food service, travel, hospitality and media among others are gone for good and we can’t replace them with manufacturing. Retail may never recover.
      Maybe we can do a handouts plus forced opening but it may not work even if the system can allow it.
      Given that best I can tell the only fix is total collapse in systems and population over time till the amount of work meets the population. The most risk adverse way is UBI, just allow everyone 2k a month for good and allow the chips to fall is they may.
      The hard option which is the one we appear to be taking is a slow roll to apocalypse. Slow here being relative, it could war in a few months or a few years.

  16. Sodomite marriage is a natural continuation of the disintegration of the idea of marriage that started in the 60’s.
    The sodomite argument was always ‘love is love’, and ‘you should not be restricted in a hospital because of who you love’, and ‘a loving couple is good for society’.
    Once the west abandoned the idea of marriage as an institution whose main purpose was the rearing of of children in favor of the teenage girl’s idea of romantic love, the argument was lost, and so was the idea of marriage.
    There’s no rational argument now why plural marriages are off the table, and pedophilia is off the table only because of the idea of consent, which is slowly being whittled away as well.

    • As soon as people started using consent as a measure for judging sex, all kinds of options were on the table. From plural marriage to pedophilia to homosexual marriage to polyamorous “families”
      It actually serves as a very good example of framing. Molesting children gets re-framed as sexual freedom and choice for children. Perversion gets re-framed as “love” and so on.
      There used to be a guy on YT who went by the name “Frame Games Radio” and he talked about this endlessly. He was a Jewish NYC lawyer and he ended getting doxed and so he stopped doing the videos. He was great.

    • I vaguely remember looking for data on sodomites and their, ahem, relationships specific to marriage. Perhaps it was an article someone mentioned in Focus on the Family. Had to be 20 years ago.
      Anyway, if the data was out there, it was very hard to find as I never did. That whole “they deserve to be happy” ruse was not supported by data suggesting that’s what they wanted. It was obvious then, while they were still in the closet, that anything in normal, healthy society that contrasts with their depraved and disease-filled lifestyle must be destroyed.

    • Has anyone here ever been denied access to a patient room because they weren’t family? I have quite a bit of familiarity with hospitals and even in the ICU, short of infectious diseases, access control has been nil. Most recently, my son had completely unrelated army buddies going in and out of his room with nobody thinking any different. I visited both parents in hospital and care facilities and my relationship to them was never policed.

      I think that was something homosexuals just made up.

    • Homo marriage is convenient normal-appearing cover for two activities:

      1. Continuing the orgiastic lifestyle with a veneer of respectability
      2. Using the same veneer to adopt a child for the purpose of grooming it
    •  This is yet another argument for concentration camps homelands for people with different incompatible political or other beliefs. 😂

      • This is yet another argument for Woodchippers homelands for people with different incompatible political or other beliefs

  17. It’s looking like goodwhites who bought condos in trendy gentrifying areas are screwed. I’m really fucking happy about that. They even voted for the weak on crime mayors!

    Buying in an area full of asians is actually a better way to protect property value – urban whites are utterly incapable of dealing with the ferals or acting as a group.

    The sluts living in trendy apartments* paid for by her dad are also going home as the virus has closed colleges and shuttered office jobs.

    Sorry for the negative post. Grumpy morning:)

    *actually a cheaply made rectangle seemingly built out of plywood. But it gives the slut the illusion of power and sex in the city lifestyle.

    • This is a good example of the magical thinking that so pervades our society. They live in an entirely artificial life made possible by the systems they so violently oppose. All of these gentrified areas exist either on the fringes of the ghetto or smack dab in the middle of a ghetto. Without the extreme policing in their area and the local jails housing the predators, their lifestyle is completely unsustainable. It’s kind of like visiting a safari. You get the illusion of being in the jungle without actually being in a jungle and with civilization all around you. They visited the safari and concluded the jungle is actually a safe and inviting place and that the crocodiles are just misunderstood and are vegetarians at heart.

    • It’s still not enough. Their thoughts will follow them to their new places unless they either lose a lot of money or are physically attacked.

      • Yep. “Our thing” may be described as “white nationalism” – but there sure are alot of whites who will not be allowed in.

        Our thing is for whites who care about themselves and want a bright future for their children.

      • This is exactly what’s happening on a nationwide scale. People are fleeing New York, Seattle, San Francisco but corrupting all the small towns they land in. Small towns in Idaho and Montana are now just as blue as the Castro.

        In the same way that the California exodus turned Arizona, Nevada, and Texas blue, the urban exodus will destroy every small town across the country.

        • Ultimately any DR society will have limits on who votes, landowners only with a side chaser of “if you leave yor area, you can’t vote for 5 years, 10 if in another state”

    • I know those sluts, now in their mid 40’s. Miserable women in high rent condos. They’ve become foodies and a couple have discovered that they were lesbians all along after the quality of men on Tinder just isn’t there anymore (for used-up c um-bag women who are starting to get crows feet). One even decided, after probably 30 abortions, to join the big sister program to mentor young ladies. God help us. I need to leave CA. But these women are in red states too, just with bleached hair.

      • I know a few 20/30-something guys who are slaying that crowd. They’re welcome to it – I’m looking for something a little more bespoke with less bitter aftertaste. The come-hither Xanax-stare just doesn’t do it for me anymore.

        These gals would make great lesson fodder for a manosphere twist on “Scared Straight.” Just show vidya of Wine Aunties’ Night Out. More tragic and played-out than a Katie Couric wedding dance.
        Roasties, look upon your future and despair.

        • The saddest part of those scenes is the children’s faces. Same scene at pride parades and drag queen pedo hour. Always strained; fear and disgust crawling out behind a half-smile. They know how wrong it is, long before they even know what “it” is. Sadly, by the time they are old enough articulate the depravity – and understand their response to it is natural and right, they will be drinking box wine and snorting xanax and thumbing their way through the coq roulette of whatever comes after Tinder. As the great carousel spins.

        • Good for them.

          That said, it would be preferable if these (presumably white) guys were actually trying to start a family, rather than pumping and dumping used up sluts.

        • Excellent exemplar of Dried-Up White Whore. The cringe beauty contests held in nursing homes a decade or so back pale by comparison.

      • Trust me, I can confirm in a field report that there is a whole new generation of sluts living in these new condos, fresh out of college.

        Ready to delete any fetus so they can properly direct their energy towards making powerpoints for Schlomo.

        • Right now we give young men two paths: shame and ridicule for the pump and dump of peter pan poonslayer or man up and marry that slut. There is a third offshoot, the incel/mgtow loser, but thats really just a phase of the second.

          The thing with building better betas is that they have to have a community to become better.

          Most young men really just want to “just get a girlfriend” and marry and have children. So what gives?

          We must resist shaming them for a rational responses to the world we provide them, be it manwhore or genetic dead-end.

          Instead, we should work on building the onramps to the righteous path – that includes actual status and support, and not the empty platitudes that is no more different than muh constitution and muh free market delusions of some bygone era.

          You are not wrong, b, so Im not jumping on you. I am, however, proposing that we shift toward solutions for these young men we have abandoned to the clown. Right now we are yelling at the donkeys to turn back into boys while we build more rollercoasters.

          • The two single most destructive movies of all time, both from the 80’s, Working Girl and Pretty Woman. Working Girl cemented that Sigourney Weaver bitch on wheels emulation while Pretty Woman told thousands of young women, especially in my age group, go ahead, be a whore. Great things will happen. You’ll even get a full ride scholarship…and you get to go shopping.

          • How did women ride the carousel in the pre-Tinder days?

            I also find it hilarious when these 20 year old sluts think they’re doing something “edgy” and new. Like you said, this shit has been around for a while now.

            Perhaps the sleeping with ferals is new though, I don’t know. The sluttier the girl the more likely she is to be taking feral cocks.

          • Race mixing was heavily frowned upon till lately but pickup joints existed from the late 60’s onward, probably earlier.
            There have always been bars, nightclubs and other places where city folk could go to get laid and some women and men worked up a sizable notch count.

          • It started happening more regularly in the 1920’s, but an upswing in ‘morality’ due to a number of factors slowed the fad down.

        • Absolutely true. There’s always another crop and it’s always getting more degenerate. The biggest obstacle they’ll have is the decline of the multi-layered white collar bureaucracy. They don’t generally perform well in stat driven environments, or environments where the product either works or it doesn’t. There are high flying ones in sales, using their tits to push the drugs and other things, but those women, ironically enough, tend to find the actual doctor or executive that’ll take good care of them. The top shelf ones are always in sales. To use your tits to push something means you actually know the real dynamic between men and women, and actually like it.

        • This is a natural byproduct of city life and not a new problem either . Urban people in medieval times often didn’t marry til the mid 20’s.
          Unless you are willing and able to implement some kind of rules like an internal passport to prevent people from moving to cities and to control where businesses set up , a lot of young people will move to cities for fun and opportunity to improve their material life or just to get away from the less than good life they have in that small town.
          If you want men to marry and family formation there has to be to have good wages, steady jobs and steady marriages as well as social status as an adult attached to being married .
          Women who end most marriages must also lose status for divorce or at least face a vast sea of obstacles to do so for any reasons other than adultery, neglect, abuse or felony conduct.
          That is nigh impossible as noted back in 1919, How Ya Gonna Keep ’em Down on the Farm After Theyve Seen Paree

      • Dried-up White Whore probably is the most pathetic demographic. The precursors were the second wave feminists who took to wearing teen clothing in their late early Seventies. The ugly, aged Jewesses in particular took to plastic surgery. All either indulged in lesbianism or screwed younger males as status symbols.

        These disgusting sluts, begging for dick from their overpriced studios in their increasingly more violent diversity, are far worse specimens than the trailer trash they routinely deplore.

        Gentry ho < trailer trash probably is the best formulation for it.

      Well, it depends how far back the gentrifying occurred I suppose. We acquired a fixer-upper in Chicago during the 90’s, did our thing, and it has more than quadrupled in value while remaining within one of the city’s best neighborhoods if not the best.
      The foundation was built prior to the fire of 1871. It’s gynormous, intended to house multiple families, and what was reconstructed atop after the fire became a beautiful, fancy rebuild gentrified by German architects and craftsmen. All sorts of carvings, fancy stonework and ornate devices. The rest of the neighborhood homes and structures are mostly like I describe. We have very old repurposed buildings, one being Al Capone’s former bowling alley and it resembles a castle, that house the neighborhood association, art gallery, and our kids’ after-school activities including art and archery lanes.
      This German neighborhood originally had been purposed for cabbage farming and was on the other side of a cemetery. Today, with St. Michael’s church steeple, clockface and bells behind us, we can walk across the cemetery over the thousands of bodies still underfoot the city failed to remove, although there is a tomb above ground, and play in what gentrified into Lincoln Park, walk over a bridge two blocks away, and hit the beach and lake.
      Gentrification ain’t all bad. Is it defensible against the orcs to our south? Not if they manage to start another Great Fire like ’71. Otherwise, we’ll reap like cabbages as a somewhat coordinated small militia and, probably, the orcs will move to other non-gentrified neighborhoods. Time will tell.

      We are staying put until WE are ready to leave this leafy gentrified neighborhood.

  18. Computer coders strive for most logical, compact code? Yes and no. Your comment about Unz’s background in programming and his tendency to be wordy forces me to comment at length 🙂 I have a BS in Comp. Sci. and some years working in the IT fields, even if not strictly as coding. In an ideal world, a project is well-planned, researched, prototyped and so on. However, this is mostly University class and management theory fantasy. Certain specialized, truly critical coding jobs will have more effort, wisdom, learning from mistakes, etc. put into them. This project may be better documented and directed than another. But on the average, the individual or the team is going to get away with the minimal effort that meets the requirements. The team writing the code for an engine control module that will be used in ten million cars has performance and reliability constraints far different from the office hacker setting up a one-off database sort.
    Rarely, if ever, is there any incentive for effort beyond a certain level. In fact, there is a point of diminishing returns, to put too much time or effort into perfecting something.
    “Good enough” is a valid engineering goal. In fact, most programmers are judged on quantity of output, not the more subjective and difficult measure of quality.
    I like the quote (too lazy to look up by whom): “If carpenters built houses the way that programmers create programs, the first woodpecker that came along would destroy civilization.”
    It’s worth pointing out that these observations apply far wider than just arcane computer programming.
    Unz and hispanics: I’ve read a few of his articles. Hispanics as a group are very diverse. Census and other break-outs have changed in recent years. This makes it complicated to do even simple things like try and racially classify crimes. Decisions must be made: is a Spanish-speaking citizen by of pure European descent “Hispanic” or “White”? For violent crime, Latinos are roughly mid-way between white and black offender rates. Similar with IQ curves. However, due to the huge racial variations among Spanish speakers, I think you’d find consistency with race just as you do with the non-Hispanic popuation.

    • The monolithic Hispanic thing has always been puzzling in extremis. Grew up in S Florida with the first wave of Cubans (as opposed to the Marielitas) Latin American politics and predjudices make the Balkans look well ordered and peaceful. If one of my old man’s Cuban partners found out his daughter was dating…say a Dominican…that shit would get shut down in a heartbeat. Mexicans (outside of a small elite) were “untouchables”. Venezuelans were the “Beverly Hillbillies”, lots of money but no manners… Years ago had an employee whose parents were Paraguayan aristocracy (both doctors) who refused to identify as Hispanic and wanted nothing to do with firm’s “Employee Resource Group” devoted to Hispanics…and so it goes.

      • Many Hispanics were reluctant to sign off as Hispanic. Hence the census created the classification: Hispanic-White.

        • A quickly memoryholed story a few years back dealt with a leaked DNC memo that bemoaned “Hispanics are identifying as White too quickly.” I laughed. And here we are now with “Hispanic-White.”

          Another reminder to lie your ass off and double the number of Whites you report in your household when answering the Census.

        • There are White Hispanics,Criollo and Peninsulars and in some cases Castizo (half Mestizo, Half White)
          I have neighbors who are the later and who are very Right Wing One America types.
          A lot of Hispanic actresses like NCIS’s Daniele Ruah fall into this category. As CBS is want to do when promoting Civ Nattery the commonly add a little bronzer to make her pale skin a bit darker.

    • One of the big changes in the past forty years is the swing in expense bases: Hardware was the expensive item in short supply in the ’80’s, so you’d pay programmers to write in Assembler. Bill gates used to reckon that the difference between the best and second best programmers he had was an order of magnitude in terms of hardware cost . Today, hardware is damn near free so keeping the cost of programmers down even at the expense of inefficiencies is the priority,hence the proliferation of Street Shitters,

      • Years ago one of our IT architects told me that one reason for not retiring a couple of keystone systems that were COBOL/IMS DB based was that the code, written in the late 70s was so elegantly done and compact that it was simply bulletproof. But done under those hardware and processing speed limitations that were the norm. The only problem is that programmers that worked with it were now in their 60s. That finally forced us to bite the bullet.

        • It’s still used apparently. I ventured into it as my third programming language after C and C++. I just code stuff for my radio scanners and shortwave radios, but it turned into a nifty hobby beyond that. Kind of like learning different spoken languages for the hell of it.

        • I would get from time to time phone calls from private sector asking me. “How many lines of code can I expect a good programmer to write in a day?”

          The answer of course is almost philosophical in nature. Eventually, I stopped wasting my time lecturing on philosophy and simply replied, “Six or so if they’re very good”. This usually ended the call quickly.

        • Good memories.

          Some of my early coding in college in the ’80s was done under the old constraints of very limited hardware resources, so there was quite a bit of time spent on things like how to optimize your code’s performance by identifying which of your variables should be one of a hardware-dependent number of register variables, how to increase the mathematical performance by doing register-based math, binary/bit arithmetic, bit-shifting and directly accessing the ALU, which sort algorithms were fast, but memory inefficient and which were slower but took less memory, etc.

          But a couple of decades later virtually all those considerations had fallen by the wayside except for in very niche cases.

      • American “Capital” forgive the use of Commie terminorlogy here wants cheap labor over anything else and will gut wages at any opportunity for any job.
        The fact that we haven’t had above replacement fertility in nearly 50 years except for migration and that decline has been driven by economics is someone else’s problem.
        This is also why we can’t get the unemployment issue fixed .An extra 1200 a month is more than a quite a few workers in the US make for full time work and those workers are star\ing to realize how shafted they are. They want more and no way will or in a few cases can they be given more,.
        This is also why the powers that be allow fake race riots , it prevents more dangerous, to them at least class riots.
        However if this isn’t fixed, the US will enter a total depression and very likely collapse entirely from mass hunger and mass homelessness.
        This will get you either a dead nation, Stalin or Hitler.
        The Federal Reserve knows this which is why they are going to push a basic income for everyone or at least a long term expansion and many many stimuli.
        And no despite fears this will not cause much inflation. There is too little demand for goods and until the lock down is fully lifted and the psychology fixed, there can never be an economy that allows for inflation. Caveat here food and things in short supply.
        Essentially between debt , necessities and lack of places to spend money, its all debt deflation from here on out.

  19. “Technical Note: The site was down for a good while overnight.” Yes, I wanted to post two or three replies, now hopelessly lost to posterity 😀

  20. Will give a thumbs up to the Chaga. Enjoying a iced thermos full right now. However, shipping time is a bit slow…two weeks from the wilds of Alaska to the island,

    • Dog sleds are not as frequent in the summer. Seriously, the proprietor is very grateful for the number of new orders. He sends his thanks.

      • I’ve not yet tried the product. But it brings to mind a story about Alaska. In the Arctic, there are some towns (trading posts? 🙂 ) if on a river, they get commerce by boat in summer, and by trucks driving on frozen river in winter. I prefer a more moderate climate.

        • The roads are impassable, so the river ice, frozen many feet thick, are like a highway.
          You must go slowly across, as there is a bow wave in front of you.

          Hit that shore too fast, and the ice will erupt. You’ll get dunked in the water, and die 20 minutes later of a heart attack from the delayed shock.

      • This time of year am dependent on the Steamship Authority as the last leg of the supply chain—so dog sled to tramp steamer ain’t exactly lightning fast. Ordering more today

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