Parable Of The Lizard People

Imagine a strange world that is inhabited by a variety of intelligent life forms, rather than just one like on earth. These life forms are not just different tribes or races like here on earth, but different species. That means no interbreeding between the groups, so they remain separate and distinct. Here on earth, humans are the smartest beasts on the planet, so we sit at the top of the hierarchy. On this alien world, the top of the hierarchy is a crowded place populated with these different intelligent species.

One group evolved from a serpent-like ancestor, so they retain many of the features we would associate with reptiles. Unlike a lizard here in earth, they are like the aliens from the movie They Live, in that they can appear to be familiar to those around them. This is one of their main advantages as a species. They sort of fit in with the other species when they want to do it, so they are able to influence the other intelligent species. This allows them to avoid direct confrontation with the other intelligent life forms.

Another intelligent species evolved from something bird-like. Like birds and reptiles here on earth, this groups shares a distant relative with the lizard people, but it is too far back for them to share many similarities. One branch went the bird way and then a bird-like humanoid way in the distinct past. The lizard people went reptilian and the evolved into the smart lizard people of the present. The bird are much more efficient breeders, so they have the ability to increase and decrease their numbers quickly.

Another group went down the primate path like humans. They split into two branches at some point in the past. One group turned out to be a dumber, brutish ape-like creature that lives in caves and is prone to violence. The other branch ended up something closer to what we think of as humans, but still apish. They are like the apes from the Planet of the Apes movies. All of these species are smart enough and aware enough to grasp their relationship with one another.

The lizard people are smaller in number, but nature has endowed them with great cleverness as a force multiplier. The bird people are smart as well, but not quite as smart as the lizard people. They have greater numbers when necessary. The cave-apes, of course, are quite dumb, while the yard apes are pretty smart. They can be as smart as the bird people, but they are a notoriously individualist species. They tend to cluster in small groups while the bird people organized into large flocks.

Now, these are all species of varying intelligence, so instead of relying on the natural evolutionary processes to sort out their differences, they reason them through. The lizard people, despite being small in number, tend to control things. The bird people feel a natural kinship with the lizard people, for the most part, but they also compete with the lizard people for control. The lizard people will use the cave-apes as an ally in these fights, while the bird people will try to recruit the yard apes.

Into this system of interlocking loyalties and rivalries comes a new group of intelligent creatures from some other planet. These are much closer to humans, with a wide range of skills and intelligence. They are refugees from a nearby planet and settle onto this new world. Initially, they hope to reason with the host species to carve out a place for themselves in this complex set of relations. After all, these are all intelligent species that can solve problems and avoid conflicts.

What they find is none of the groups in these coalitions want to open up to them. The lizard people, in fact, dedicate their efforts to keeping the new group outside the coalition, even trying to oppress them. They encourage the yard apes to attack the new comers and organized the cave apes to harass them. The bird people see no reason to side with the newcomers, as they don’t want to go to war with the lizard people and their cave ape army. The planetary coalition remains closed.

The new people now face a dilemma. They can leave, but there is no guarantee they can find a new world that will welcome them or be able to sustain them. They can stay and allow themselves to be preyed upon by the apes. Maybe if they defend themselves well enough, they can win a long war of attrition and bring the lizard people to the negotiating table. Alternatively, they can go to war with the current system and find ways to shatter the current relationships.

Naturally, the first choice will be to find another world, as this is not a war-like species, but the facts eventually make this unreasonable. That leaves the long war of defense or the possible shorter war of offense. Either choice means violence. The only way to survive is to either smash the current arrangements or drive up the costs to the people at the top of it until they yield. That either means war on the lizard people or a long war against their ape-like proxies.

Fundamentally, this is the logic of political violence. The group committing the violence on behalf of their cause is assuming there is no other option. Muslim terrorism in the West is the long war of attrition. They don’t think they can negotiate with the West, which they see as the aggressor, so it is the long war model. The Civil Rights movement was the other option. The people behind it were using black violence to overthrow the natural order, controlled by a white elite.

This is a useful way to consider the current organized street violence. The people doing it have access to power. Many are the sons and daughters, sometimes both at the same time, of the people at the top. They have that initial option of petitioning for redress and negotiating for new rules. This is what makes them the cave apes in our fantasy world described in the above scenario. They may think they are revolutionaries, but they are actually tools of the prevailing order.

The people being assaulted and attacked, the white shop owners and residents in these areas are the newcomers in our scenario. It’s why there are no corporate sponsors for their side, as we see with the attackers. These riots are one step from having commercials from Amazon and Goldman Sacks. “This assault on an old white man walking his dog is brought to you by Amazon World Services.” It’s also why no one in charge thinks anything is wrong or this needs to be stopped.

The one difference between our reality and the conjured reality of the above scenario is the people under attack in our world lack self-awareness. They think they are in charge and that the corporations and politicians will respond to market pressure. You can be sure most of them think they will have their revenge in November. They think “get woke, go broke” is a reflection of reality. A big part of the war being waged on them is a psyop to reinforce this false consciousness.

Another important difference is the math of the situation. On the alien world, the existing species have the numbers on their side. In this world, the ruling coalition does not have numerical superiority. Once the people being attacked realize there is no negotiating with the lizard people and there is no escaping the situation, the math of the situation becomes the most salient aspect of the fight. The only question is how long will it take for the people under siege to grasp the reality of their situation.

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208 thoughts on “Parable Of The Lizard People

  1. the yard-apes must be us the beans, or a hybrid ape in several cases.
    nevertheless, good parable. those stupid birds can be soulless can they. a lizard is cold and clammy, the bird is simply phlegmatic. both are gross, but one can be eaten at least. glad to be a part-yard-ape mowing lawns and getting clannish over family soccer preferences.
    will whites wake up? who knows, they watch “go woke go broke” vids on youtube and otherwise go about feeding the machine anyway, every day. they are closer to the truth than when they were into watching Jordan Peterson in 2017, true; but, still too far before the demographic cookie crumbles. (JBP did help a bit, he did introduce the IQ curves to many)
    it’s simple, a virtual dissidence is stuck in screens owned by the oligarchs forever. a stand in the real world will eventually have to happen. however, for it to be considered a stand and not incel terrorism, it will need to be meek, respectful, willing to shed blood in defense only. keep going to your statues, keep defending. don’t do jackboots, don’t do tiki-cringe, don’t bring guns or knives even, don’t cower in the car and floor it either. just stand around, prayers and meditations, maybe a cane at most, even say “all races come from God” but of course explain why yours matters and thus why the statues need to be kept. and otherwise keep meek and chill.
    no, you barely will convert anyone among them, and they will probably overrun many early defenders, while they will use their hypothetical casualties to discredit you more. but, maybe those who would be on our side but are idiotically sitting on wrong fences or wasting time, afraid of what their rebellious wives/pozzed kids/corporate boss will say, would see the early sacrifices of seemingly common and ordinary people trying to do a noble deed: and realize what happens, and convert to the cause. because first we have to win the psyop battle, then the recruits for anything else will arrive, finally convinced to have manned up.
    St. Ignatius, pray for us, that we get martial spirit, even for needed sacrifice.

  2. Spot on about the Lizard people not having the numbers. They don’t, my guess is that you could fit all the shot callers into a HS stadium and still have room left over.
    Look at Antifa. They have to bus their goons in from across the country. BLM is no different and has become quite “white” in terms of membership.
    Look if the Lizard peoplet had the numbers on their side they ought to be able to put a million person march but they can’t. They can/t even do a 100,000 inan march in a major city. What they do have is political benefactors in the blue hives and towns. plus control of the MSM.
    Bottom line they are not invulnerable, What is lacking on our side is the awarenss of their small numbers as Zman has pointed out.

  3. Is there a TOS violation I am committing? The last several comments I made have disappeared into the ether.

  4. The biggest difference between Z’s schema and reality on the ground in BSA is the element of race hatred. In this country what we’re seeing is not simply domestic realpolitik, but a congeries of racial antipathies. The Lizard People and Cave Apes don’t merely desire power and gibs; they want to subjugate and possibly exterminate the Bird People.

  5. Not that it’s much comfort, but today I realized that the right-to-left hopscotch court works both ways. I guess this only confirms how deeply Finkelthink has ensnared white America.

    What is the “right-to-left hopscotch court”? It is the oft-remarked phenomenon in which the left constantly leaps one square ahead, prompting the right to constantly leap one square forward right behind them to clamor insistently that that should be the last square forward.

    Some recent examples include the left jumping forward to declare the Betsy Ross flag racist, which prompted the right to jump forward to say “hey, you’re crazy, this isn’t the confederate flag we’re talking about!” when the right should never have surrendered the confederate flag in the first place. Or when the left moved on from gay marriage to tranny and pedo “rights”, such that the right is now vigorously defending gay marriage and lambasting based 1990s Biden for not supporting it. Or when the right defends Harry Potter and JK Rowling from the left who now want to ban her books, when in the early 2000s the right lambasted her books as the corrupting degeneracy they were. I could go on…

    We’ve despaired at how the right always follows the left in the hopscotch court, but we haven’t paid much attention to the fact it sometimes goes in the other direction too. After Trump decided to pull troops out of Germany—and we’ll see if he even follows through on that—the left is now predictably hopping one space to the right to defend neocon imperialism on “Russia, Russia, Russia” grounds:

    Look at the replies under Schmidt’s original post. Big props to Fuentes for noticing. There are probably lots of neocons in there, but also a lot of leftists and liberals “outraged, just outraged!” at Trump’s—on paper—action. The left has unwittingly jumped right on the hopscotch court, just like when they supported continued warfare in Syria (“Meet freedom fighter Mo[hammed]. The US wants to abandon him.”) because Trump wanted to wrap it up.

    Pure Finkelthink in action!

  6. “These riots are one step from having commercials from Amazon and Goldman Sacks. “This assault on an old white man walking his dog is brought to you by Amazon World Services.” “

    I’ve been expecting this type of commercial on YouTube for several weeks now.

    • Yes, but now the GOP is trying to discredit that trotting out some hoodoo witch doctor so they can tie HCQ to her.

      Is this enemy action from behind?
      Or are they trying to win the Santeria vote?

  7. This scenario is why #WhiteStrike/Atlas Shoah’d is the best and frankly the only workable option for atomized, confused and disorganized majority Whites.

    Rand got a lot wrong about human nature but she was right in pointing out that it’s hard to get intellectual and creative effort out of a poorly-treated slave.

    Whites should leave Jewtastic Park in their rear-view mirrors or do the bare minimum to get by like most Soviets did in the degenerate phase of the USSR until they can make aliyah for the hills.

    Leave TyrannoSoros Skex to run an advanced post-industrial economy staffed by What Can Brown Do For Jews.

    • The problem is that so few live below their means that the debt treadmill captures them as soon as they begin doing that. Part of self respect is respecting yourself enough to not be a debt serf.

      • 100 percent. Indebtedness needs to be ostracized and treated as bastardy once was.

    • Slow down and throw sand into the gears, yes. Jury nullification? Check. Ostracizing any family member who serves in the military? Check. Getting on absolutely any and every federal entitlement and hand-out? Check.

      I could add but don’t want to venture into something even plausibly semi-illegal. The Empire can be made, if not ungovernable, less governable with some low cost maneuvers.

      • Go one step further and get a job in the bureaucracy and then gum up the works as much as possible and help out your own kind where able.

        • The AA hires already gum up the works, but getting our people into place always is a good suggestion.

  8. Much like the mini-series V in the early 80’s (a masterpiece) you have a lizard person in an orange suit running our country. If you clawed away the skin on his face you found find just another lizard, like Chuck Schumer or Nancy Pelosi (unmasked lizards). Schumer even uses his tongue like a lizard when speaking. Right now the lizard in the orange suit is seen as an attacked, picked on, champion of these fighting people. In reality he needs to be exposed as the fraud like he is. What enrages me most is the fight I’m currently having with my own family that watches Fox News (well masked lizard people with fake tits who wear pumps) and swear that this picked on man in orange isn’t a lizard. The same man who said he wants the election delayed (playing RIGHT INTO THE HANDS of the lizard game plan) which not to mention is prima facie unconstitutional, not that that matters.

      • I haven’t seen the pre-nup, but I imagine she’s done quite well on the gold equation. Apparently she got one of the Troll miners instead of the fair prince she was promised 😀

    • Hoo boy. Tie that one in to your social credit score, along with getting hired, boarding a plane, etc.

      How long before we’re selling the daughters off, to pay the fine, or the debt.

    • I don’t know how to balance the fact that some people should have their kids taken vs. many in the social services aren’t qualified to tell their a*se from their elbow.

    • This probably is mostly affecting inner-city kids. But what I find the most disturbing is they want to change the definition of a kid for the purposes of foster care to 21. That’s insane.
      I wonder if/when they will consider ‘homophobic’ or ‘racist’ parents to be unfit to raise their children?

      That’s really the problem. This is clownworld and so kids who genuinely need to be protected from their own parent’s abuse or neglect are ignored and kids from mariginally abnormal background who are poor will end up in the hands of uncaring or pedo foster parents.

    • I’m sorry if I am being obtuse but can you explain how this is a bad thing? I’m not saying it is or isn’t. It’s just that I read her article and I see nothing sinister in it. What am I missing?

      • Parts of it don’t seem sinister on their face, but children’s services is often a particularly brutal example of the frightening nature of “I’m from the government and I’m here to help you.”

        It’s busybodies with the force of government behind them and the authority to tell you how to raise your kids. Since it is “for the children” they never feel guilty for what they do.

        On its face this statement from the EO sounds fine, “My Administration has been focused on prevention strategies that keep children safe while strengthening families so that children do not enter foster care unnecessarily. Last year, and for only the second time since 2011, the number of children in the foster care system declined, and for the third year in a row, the number of children entering foster care has declined.”

        But I am way too familiar with government bureaucracies. They need to justify ever increasing budgets, and they can’t do that in the long run by having fewer children in the system. Also, the great power of government is the power to destroy. In this case, to destroy the family.

        The EO requires vast amount of information and tracking at the federal level. It is impossible for remote bureaucrats in Washington to understand the human dimensions of the millions of families affected by this. I will necessarily result in a numbers-based approach that allows all these state, federal and local bureaucrats to continue to justify their jobs and the expansion of their feifdoms.

        Basically, this EO will do for children’s services what federalized education standards have done to local public schools — turn them into slaves to federal metrics and targets, regardless of the effect on their local charges.

        As we talk to governors and state leaders, we are asking them to extend the foster care age from 18 to 21

        This makes adults into clients of the state, further establishing a paternal relationship with and attitude toward the state that may last a lifetime.

         Expanding the number of homes for children and youth.

        The only ways to do this involve more money for foster parents and/or less stringent certification. Foster parents “just in it for the money” are already a thing. What will be the unintended side effects of making it more lucrative? Or lowering certification standards?

        Within 1 year of the date of this order, the Secretary shall issue guidance to Federal, State, and local agencies on partnering with nongovernmental organizations. This guidance shall include best practices for information sharing, providing needed services to families to support prevention of children entering foster care, family preservation, foster and adoptive home recruitment and retention, respite care, post-placement family support, and support for older youth. 

        Do the one-size-fits-all recommendations of Washington bureaucrats have any possibility of being a good fit for every single one of the thousands of different communities around the US, no less the individuals? Who things that this “guidance” shall be as coercive as the Title IX guidance that led to the criminalization of being a heterosexual male as US universities?

        The entire conceit of this is that adding a whole additional federal layer (or more) of graduates of Marxist Colleges of Social Work will make the system more responsive to the needs of the people at the bottom? When has that ever happened?

        • Thank you for your reply. You can decipher govspeak better than me. By the way, you are a good writer. Lucid and concise. Thanks.

  9. Excellent analogy. Now what next? The intelligent answer is to do what “works” in the evolutionary sense. So how do you get rid of a disease festering in the upper ranks of the power pyramid? Focus. Keep it simple. Use what you know. Operate solely within your own skull as the innocuous every-man that you are. Be opportunistic and spontaneous. One man (or woman) can make a big difference. Now multiple by a few hundred thousand, and the disease will lock itself into self-imposed prisons.

    • This problem is not going to magically fix itself. We need to get to children. This is how we got to this point. Our enemies took over everything kids. They used the young adults they themselves produced to deal the knockout blow to the culture and now you can’t even mention yourself without disavowing yourself. Self-consciousness in white people is absolutely forbidden. Until this is knocked over completely, there is no chance things will get better. Things will continue to slowly get worse and worse until we are being murdered on a mass scale. This is not hyperbole. That is the whole point of white privilege and systemic oppression and all of the other anti-white oppression narrative. It is to justify violence against us. The only reason it is not happening already is there are too many of us. That is quickly changing.

      • Homeschooling as parents or within our own communities is the most important thing you can do beyond keeping your kids physically safe.

        If we grow our numbers the old-fashioned way and raise those kids right, they’ll have the same resistance to poz that little Wokies have to red-pilling and be well-positioned to hold ground and take some back.

        As Aristotle said, “give me a child until he is 7 and I will show you the man.” The fundamentals of character and your moral tone are largely set in your childhood.

        • I couldn’t imagine subjecting a child to a public school. Like going to the DMV for brain surgery.

          • I actually did the opposite. From roughly 1st through 5th grades, I was in an incipient hoity-toity private school in Northern VA (early 1970s), the kind that taught French to second or third graders. Even socially maladjusted me could tell something wasn’t right. At least the way I recall it, I asked and parents agreed, let me go to the local public school instead. I know I was happier there and did better. For what it’s worth, all the schools involved were 99.9% white at the time 🙂 While I didn’t stay in touch, I think the preppy private school got even hoity-toity-er in later decades!

    • I’m inclined to think it will reverse itself, but the time line will be generational. Looks to be in the 70 year range looking at Russia and China and MX for example. Not sure we will ever revert back to what we were due to population mix, but the old regimes lost legitimacy and direction turned even with faux elections.

      But what do I know. If I knew anything, I’d have tried to prevent the decline, instead I realize I helped it along for most of my political life. So much for being a participating citizen in our “Democracy”.

      • I’m of the mind that this goes back to the depression, and, American society not being naturally top-down, it took longer to develop and was more mentally than physically brutal. The corollary is that it will also take longer to unwind. I think it’s already ending. Perhaps the imminence of physical violence will be the trigger that finally snaps people out of the mental prison.

  10. The most likely option here is our new overlords win and we are frog marched onto cattle cars in a revenge fantasy.
    This is the whole point of an oppression narrative. Oppression narratives are made up or exaggerated to make violence against the “oppressor” OK. Whether or not this was ever a conscious plan in the past is probably unknowable, but it is undeniable fact that it’s what is in their minds today. Ray Charles can see this shit coming. Even the dullest people have got to see that the hatred and resentment being ginned up against us is extremely dangerous and is already causing low-level attacks on us.

  11. The title made me read the essay in David Icke’s voice. In my head, of course.

    • I had several Scandis last year insist that Icke was really talking about Jews and talking up his stuff as crypto-antisemitism, but from what I’ve seen and heard, I think he’s actually talking about lizard-people. Never could shake that – not my dude.

      • He’s pretty new-agey. Heart’s in the right place.

        I think the same about AJ sometimes. Replace ‘globalists’ with ‘Jews’ and he might as well be quoting the Protocols 🙂

        That’s not to discredit the message, but it’s interesting that there are all these theories out there that amount to the old Jewish conspiracy theory. I wonder what’s at the bottom of that rabbit hole…

      • Icke talks about jews all the time, but he does not call them jews(cause he would get censored), he calls them sabbateans.

  12. “Go woke, go broke” will (maybe) be totally disproven if, as you pointed out, the printing of money from nothing doesn’t lead to some earth-shattering consequences (as opposed to some recession, depression and pain that’s localized to working and middle class people not in government sectors). For if we are in a simulation, or it’s all play money, then the house (or the dungeon master for you D & D nerds) sets the rules, and we already know what the rules are: “Get woke or go broke.” I’m long past making fun of conspiracy theorists (the Epstein affair should have shut everyone up on this front) and I wouldn’t be surprised that the main reason we’re being primed for the cashless society is that we’re getting ready for social capital to be tied to our solvency. “Yes, Mr. Carlson, I know you’re worth millions of dollars, but your credit score says you haven’t attended a white fragility course in six months. I’m sorry but you do not have enough social credit to board this plane.”

    • Perhaps the most important take-away from 2020 is that, in a credit based economy, infinite money printing apparently has no consequences.

      • This has been one of the most astounding things to me as well. My first thoughts were that the scale of things now, the tangled web of the global economy is so vast that it just hides the effects of all this… Somehow. Secondly, it seems that some event is needed to make a vast collective of people or significant collection of business interests lose faith in the money supply and maybe that event has yet to happen. Additionally, I believe that a greater percentage of the population is now much easier to dupe.

        During the 2008 recession, whilst everybody I met was referring to a ‘credit crunch’ I noted that almost nobody actually seemed to lessen their spending. Furthermore, many were not really affected at all – they kept their jobs and knew hardly anyone who had lost theirs… Like I said, it seemed that the severity of the event was hidden by the elasticity of the economic system.

      • Infinite money printing has no consequences until the money printer no longer has the means to force its acceptance. The US could print literal Monopoly money (including the old guy with the hat) and as long as it can violently force the world to accept it, it doesn’t matter.

        This is why the US can print money and get away with it, but Argentina cannot.

        • Eventually another reserve currency will replace the dollar. Whether that matters to those conducting this fraud is another matter.

          • Of course it doesn’t matter to them. It never has throughout history.

            The real question is when an alternative will arise. IMO its very far off in the future. Our grandchildren probably won’t be alive when it happens.

          • The West needs to be destroyed in order to bring about the New World Order. Therefore the U.S., as leader of the West, needs to be destroyed. Since Whites are waking up, spawning nationalist and populist stirrings, the powers that be are in a hurry to destroy the U.S. before right-wing takeovers occur. By any means necessary, as they say. Me, I’m praying for a right-wing takeover in the U.S., ideally led by Trump. If it doesn’t happen soon, like in a matter of months, the left will re-take power and never let it go.

        • They’re stuck. They can’t move interest rates a bit. It’s now permanent zero. So we’re sitting ducks for a currency crisis.

        • I’ve been a fan of the “hard money” movement all my adult life (40+ years) and so far they’ve been “wrong.” On the other hand, gold finally has caught up, but it is a very inconstant asset 😀 Most recently (this year), I foolishly tried to short the indexes and that’s cost a bit. Now I’m on the sidelines waiting for the supposedly maybe inevitable crash 🙂 As the wise man once said, “Markets can remain irrational longer than you can remain solvent.” Apaprently the Fed has unlimited solvency, until it suddenly doesn’t.

      • As The Zman has said many times, this Covid interruption has not played out fully. The interruption of the economy necessitated the subsequent bailout of big business because everything is overleveraged. The printing presses are churning out unlimited cash so debts can be paid all along the supply chain.

      • It does. Tptb have dumped unfathomable amounts of money via bailouts and deficit spending. In the past it pumped up the stock market without helping regular people. Now it’s trillions/year just to keep the thing treading water while regular people live on handouts. There really has been inflation— in the cost of staving off collapse.

        As free money becomes ineffective they increasingly turn to censorship, violence, intimidation. Tptb know the clock is ticking.

      • Oh, we are getting inflation alright. But the interest rate regime is engineered, not a marketplace. So you get real inflation, a facade of “no inflation”, and a zero-percent environment, so savers can’t even earn back the inflation. In the ‘70s, you could at least get the 12% CDs to counteract the inflation a bit. You don’t even get that, now.

      • I’ve been a fan of the “hard money” movement all my adult life (40+ years) and so far they’ve been “wrong.” On the other hand, gold finally has caught up, but it is a very inconstant asset 😀 Most recently (this year), I foolishly tried to short the indexes and that’s cost a bit. Now I’m on the sidelines waiting for the supposedly maybe inevitable crash 🙂 As the wise man once said, “Markets can remain irrational longer than you can remain solvent.” Apaprently the Fed has unlimited solvency, until it suddenly doesn’t.

    • “we already know what the rules are: “Get woke or go broke.””

      That needs to be repeated until every one knows it and understands everything it means.

    • A movie with a great premise and a so-so execution. Of course, given Hollywood, their were few options.

  13. Sounds like someone has been playing a bit too much Elder Scrolls Online. 🙂

  14. The problem for the normie whites is that they still have too much to lose to fight back. They have jobs, family, and property. Of course, that may be changing now as the pandemic panic goes on to destroy more of the economy. But if a handful of shopkeepers or downtown residents fought back against the rioters, they would all just end up in prison on federal and state charges. The power of the federal government is ultimately what provides the foundation for all these groups to operate with impunity. As long as there is a fed aligned with these groups, the attacks on normies will continue and only get worse.
    That’s why I always encourage my congresscritters to vote to spend more and more. The sooner the fed goes completely bankrupt, the sooner our government can be replaced with something better.

    • Did they count the ones who fell off of ladders due to COVID? And of course alcohol poisoning due to COVID? Planet Retard indeed.

  15. Trump wins:
    The past half year becomes the norm. The population slowly divides into more more and more tribes…until occasional small violent episodes become frequent widespread violent episodes.

    Trump loses:
    There will be no rollback on getting YT. Cville and our growing online presence has unnerved our enemies. This now means 80% of whites are targeted. Taxes and regulations will be used as the first push to transfer and take apart everything and anything still ‘white’. Homeland security will become a professionalized antifa who are mercenary and who are actually capable. They will be the new Welcome Wagon for everywhere still largely white.

    The next election may not be the last election…but it will be the last election anyone will still see as a worthwhile means to an end.

        • My first reaction was that Trump’s suggestion of delaying the election was a major goof. It would give all his enemies (i.e., most people in public life) an excuse to twist his proposal into something tyrannical.

          But his move could be a bold stroke. He won’t hold up the voting, and doesn’t expect to, but suddenly the idea of “cheat by mail” is out there in front of the electorate big time. The media will deliver the phrase to many normies who otherwise might not see it.

          Trump is no 4D chess player, but sometimes he is a clever one-dimensional player. This may be a case of inciting the Left to publicize an idea that is dangerous to them.

      • The establishment is so casual about not hiding its intention to override the will of its citizens that it makes one wonder why are they even holding elections at this point?

        • That’s a good question and one I have given a lot of thought, actually.

          The Cloud People want to establish imperium under the pretense of democracy and citizen participation. Doing so allows them to criticize Putin and others about autocracy and so forth. They then can assure the masses that their will is honored. Sure, it’s a totally hypocritical sham but so is most propaganda, particularly when blended with virtue signaling. So the Rulers prefer to operate under the patina of democracy and would like to maintain its trappings to hold up results as proof of their moral superiority and legitimacy.

          This is why you see two tracks taking place. The first is the obvious ops in the forms of the Covid overreaction and racial violence against Whites. The idea is to guilt-trip Whites so that they vote to make it all stop, and the victory of their candidate can be held up as a democratic election. This is the preferred track.
          The second track is outright voter fraud in the form of mail-in ballots and related chicanery. The fraud will be memoryholed and the results presented as legitimate.

          Both of these are based on the Soviet model. If it is any cold comfort, our Ruling Class is pretty fucking stupid compared to the old Reds.

          • Your second track was already tried and tested in 2018. They simply turned over a number of elections and no one in party R raise a peep in objection.

            I think you may turn out to be right; the last election was the final election…stage a few preelection riots, cancel poll voting…”We saved democracy” becomes the rallying cry for whatever flim-flam they need to cross the finish line.

          • The want to wear the skin suit of all of the historical trappings of the USA, adapted to their preferences. Case in point, the “Hamilton” production.

        • The fact that politicians continue to make promises and demonize their opponents tells me that elections still matter.

          You’ll know that they don’t when the pols dont even go through those motions – which is the case in one part systems (here and abroad).

          • Alex Jones was talking about satanism at some point.
            He said that satanists need to convince population(sometimes using threats & force) to go along with their plans. By voting democrat or not voting at all, satanists will become absolved of their sins, they can then claim you asked for vaccines, abortion & pornography.
            Never cuckhold, vote Trump, let them screech for not getting their way.

        • Because there is a risk of internecine violence. Not Right to Left though a lack of an election could cause succession or war but Left to Left.
          The Lerftists are very far from unified and most of the street fighting you see in Blue areas and meant to intimidate other Blues.
          This power struggle is profound, the older Left many actually aging out are fairly sane, Socially Democratic, Market Socialist looter types and not Anti anybody really and the younger crowd are no breaks full bore Communists many man children who don’t understand consequences since they lived in a low consequence world of privilege.
          Having them riot over social nonsense serves two ends, it pisses off the Right which is good fun, keeps them busy and away from going Red.
          That is folly, the Reds are much smarter than that but the sane Left is well getting old.

      • Why? If you can keep up the facade of fair elections, yet defraud the process, why stop? All that counts is that you are assured your candidate wins. MX used this for 70 years starting in early 20th century and no Mexican seemed willing to pick up a rifle and again start a revolution—which was the tried and true method of regime change prior.

        Look for any Federal law mandating State election changes, such as vote by mail, same day registration, electronic balloting, electoral college rollback, age reduction, etc. That’s your key tell.

        • As to your last, they don’t need legislation. The courts are mandating voting requirements such as mail-in ballots in some jurisdictions, basically giving judicial blessing to ballot fraud. That makes United States elections all the more valid on paper, you see.
          The analogy to Mexico is pretty well spot on. After 71 years of sham elections (probably not as bad as what happens to the norte these days), the PRI retained power and Mexico was presented as the model of Latin American democracy, which the colossal train wreck to the north apparently thought included the United States.

      • Even some of the worst tyrannies – still held elections. The illusion of even somebody like Stalin being “elected” is an important one to uphold because there’s still a sizeable portion of the population that takes their Soma and believes it.
        When elections are COMPLETELY cancelled – the tyranny must increase the clampdown just that much more to keep order – because now nothing but naked power is ruling the place.
        So we either end up with elections that are complete and total sham – as most tyrannies in history have done, or – if they’re canceled we end up in a hot civil war in short order because the naked power that will have to be used to keep order at that point will send at least some people running for their guns.

    • Trump has been worse for WN than a Leftie. He enrages the Left base, emboldens Our Guys to believe they have his support, then he sics the dogs on us himself. He’s pardoned more Jewish drug dealers and slimy political fixers than hard Right guys who supported him in 2015-2017. And he hasn’t even served as a speed bump on the Globoshlomo agenda.

      Orange Soma makes Whitey go to sleep thinking tough-Tweeting Donny will protect them. I want a Leftie in office so Whitey stays awake, alert and realistic about who his enemies are.

      Homeland is hardly professional as it stands. There are a hard-core of ex-military paras but even those ranks are getting thinner as the Forever Wars 2.0 have failed to launch. FBI and ATF are well-past their salad days of Waco and they’ve grown soft taking down “Homeland-grown” conspiracies that have more federal membership than the 1970’s KKK.

      Given the hair-on-fire diaper panic that Shlomo has stoked in the last 4 years, the J-men have few WN scalps to show for it.

      Our Guys have learned some basic discipline and threat-spotting and we’re doing a much better job of policing our ranks. The Alt-Lite and others who’ve tried to stay inside the fences have had more problems with glowfag infiltration than the hard Right since Charlottesville.

      • He absolutely is orange Soma. Orange Sunshine? Millions are stuck in a delusional pipe dream right now. I’m seeing it in my own family. The tiring mental gymnastics they go through. One year Daca extension (he’s trying the best he can…we’re lucky we get anything the way they attack him…his wife is so pretty, just so much class…). I only wish they applied the same standards they use at work to orange Soma. They have no problem seeing people fired for incompetence in the office.

      • Yeah, but what about the slow boil/fast boil issue? Is Trump’s mere existence driving the left to “public displays of piety” and acts of cultural enrichment that every week are driving thousands into our ranks, and driving tens of thousands more out of their ranks?

  16. November 3rd
    if Trump loses that will wake up some people, not the majority but we will get more who will lean our way.
    If Trump wins then its a slower process but still in play. Tucker showing how republicans aren’t doing anything about tech censorship is one of those steps. But Trump is both a crutch and a dam. Conservative Americans use him as a crutch not to deal with the reality of what is facing them. And he is sort of a dam holding it all back.
    Or maybe he is an accelerator that fires up the radical lefts emotion to do what they want to do to us anyway?
    Either way when Trump is gone it gets even worse in my opinion.

    • That’s one theory. Mine is a Trump re-election accelerates the violence and reaction. A Biden win will be a return to slow boil for a while.

      • Slow boil as power in the bureaucracy is strengthened and Trump roll-back under taken. This will come within two years as they will fear reversal in House as per Obama. Then it’s Katy bar the door. At that point anything could happen. Still betting on Biden being removed/leaving before term ends.

      • I agree with Jack here. The left has let their violent extremists out of their boxes, they can only be loosely directed, and they don’t actually control them. If Biden wins, they will retrench and consolidate, turning the boiling down to a simmer again; Orange Man will be driven from the stage, and the crowd will cheer and get their dopamine hit from the climax of victory.
        OTOH, if Trump wins, the crazy, violent radicals are morally bound to keep ratcheting it up – as Zman says, the left is in a purety spiral where evermore extreme extremism is the only path forward until the Current Year’s Enemy is beaten. If the far left blue states drive all the normal, middle class white people into penury and make them fear for their lives every time the go to the grocery store, our ranks will swell and the cities will empty, advancing the necessary precursors of our freedom from the Damned Yankee Puritans.

    • “Either way when Trump is gone it gets even worse in my opinion.”
      You are correct, in reality Trump has very limited executive power(the man has no political allies), but for better of for worse he represents the face of white nationalism. Even if right wingers think he is useless, not voting for him is a sign OF SPIRITUAL SUBMISSION TO NWO, that’s similar to cuckholding, selling out your only ally to the enemy is a major sin, we all know the Judas story.

    • The question is and this goes to anyone not just you is what are you going to do different if/when it gets worse…If you are going to move, bug out, or anything why wouldn’t you be doing that now while you’re not taking fire…Does anyone of you think it’s going to get better than it is right now because really that’s the only reason to stay in an untenable position…

      • Because many still think the cavalry is coming, or that yes, Vesuvius is certainly going to blow its top… but I’ll definitely move out of Pompeii next year, or certainly the year after. Probably. But real soon, yeah.

        I understand a lot of folks are trapped behind enemy lines. Still others, a great hurdle exists in relocation.

        At least take the first steps, People. Scout locations. Use your vacation time to investigate areas for towns and jobs which will allow you a future… instead of going to Vegas or Disneyworld. Put money aside, take tentative steps beyond simple planning. Begin. Please.

      • Money, jobs, family law complications are the reasons holding my buddies in bondage in the enemy’s territory. I offer free room and board and help moving out to my own that I know and trust who want an out… I wish I knew more to whom I could extend the offer, but things have to be so tight to the vest these days.

  17. Alex Jones said they’ll have real mercenaries join antifa ranks & start killing key members of USA society who don’t bend the knee to the new world order.
    The reptilians(jews) don’t wanna screw around any longer, they want to stop worldwide bird(white) nationalism movements & bring about vaccinations & starvation, population control, enslavement of the christians.

    • That’s not implausible. I also can see right-wing deaths squads becoming a welcomed thing.

      • We already have the very early versions of death squads with local militias and the vigilante groups active in Minneapolis and elsewhere. If such things were active we’d never hear about it either way.
        if the succeed its one and done, if they fail, the PTB’s don’t want to encourage more of same.
        Allegedly there was discussion of such things by some ex cops on a private Facebook channel. Given it was some Lefty claiming it , its probably bosh but who knows.
        Ultimately though, this system is dying and cannot be sustained.
        ts energy cost, complexity cost and social inefficiency have created a situation in which no group who is able to sustain it has offspring. The upper classes have some kids but even the tech elite aren’t able to keep cities safe, water running or find a way to magic up enough anything to keep it up. Most lack any ‘hard’ skills at all.
        The danger is that a dying empire will result to any sort of chicanery or low behavior just to live for a while longer. The elite, any elite would consider loss of that dopamine hit from status a fate worse than hell itself. If you see them as very high functioning junkies you wouldn’t be far from the truth.
        This makes then quite dangerous for people who value individualism, peace and good order. Upside, only the former need go to win. Rotting the elite is a group thing. and peace and good order can be imposed y the group after all.

        • Most of it is projection, but when the Left attributes its own domestic terrorism to the Right it reveals its greatest fears. Even a medium value target taken out would be a game changer and the Left knows it. If the Left continues to oppress the White masses, death squads will be as popular as Facebook if they come into existence.

    • Alex Jones said they’ll have real mercenaries join antifa ranks & start killing key members of USA society who don’t bend the knee to the new world order.

      Well, what else can BLM possibly do with all that corporate money that was thrown at them?

      • It could be . However these are skills nearly anyone can learn and many people in the US have military and para-military skills.
        Also things like door busters for shotguns , black powder panzerfausts and flammewerfer are things slightly edgy people make at home.

        • I think the use of the AK, and his professional demeanor were the main tells. Honestly, me and mine, would slaughter the antifa in a stand up fight. The mercs concern me greatly.

          • If it goes hot, so long as victory is complete expect to lose 1/3 of you people and you’ll be OK.

          • Greatly prefer not to lose 1 of three kids. Hit upon the central issue. On the other hand, living as a slave is maybe untenable for my constitution. However if i’m a slave that is put out to stud? Only half kidding.

          • Understood .
            Knowing you will lose people you care about and will have to live with having done truly terrible things is part and parcel of preparing for the worst case scenario.

    • I can’t believe anything Jones says – he’s been so thoroughly neutered and compromised by his past litigation and de-platformings that the signal-to-noise ratio is beyond correction.

      • We’ll see, if proeminent right wingers start dying then Alex Jones was right, if not then he was wrong.

        • They don’t have to die; they just have to be driven out and silenced enough such that they might as well have died. Where’s Congressman Jeff Sessions these days? How many more times can Tucker be forced to move before his wife makes him retire?
          Bullets lead to backlash (though the Congress baseball shooting seems to disprove that?); cancelling leads to “meh.” Expect no bullets, but lots of cancelling.

    • I still don’t understand.

      Why are the mercenaries attacking blue cities?

      The only people being inconvenienced right now are GoodWhites who bought overvalued condos in gentrified areas.

      • Jones didn’t say they’re attacking blue cities, he said they’ll be used to carry out assassinations.

      • Making a show on friendly territory. Demoralizing normie. Agitprop, in other words.

      • Well, B123, ask yourself this: do combat arms soldiers meet each other for the first time when they’re forward deployed? The current “ructions” are the hard left militias training, growing, and learning, developing and refining their 4gw tactics and strategies. Their leaders and foot soldiers are getting street cred, learning their trades in a friendly environment, where getting caught means immediate free bail and no prosecution.
        I have no doubt that the American Pol Pot or Dzerzhinksy is earning his stripes right now, throwing a molotov at the five-oh on some street in Oakland/Portland/Washington/Chicago.

  18. Another important difference is the math of the situation. On the alien world, the existing species have the numbers on their side. In this world, the ruling coalition does not have numerical superiority. Once the people being attacked realize there is no negotiating with the lizard people and there is no escaping the situation, the math of the situation becomes the most salient aspect of the fight. The only question is how long will it take for the people under siege to grasp the reality of their situation

    Excellent metaphor. Numerical superiority is somewhat ancillary to how long it takes the largest group under siege to wake up. From what we see, everything is accelerating because the subjugated have started, first at the fringes and now in the wider population, to grok what is happening to them. Those masses have to be kept in a trance, and that seems to have been prematurely abandoned to a degree. The impulsive rush to declare victory is the weakest part of the oppressors’ plan.

    • Whites are already a minority at least in practical terms. At a minimum 20% of our tribe will under no circumstances come round to acting on behalf of white interests in opposition to the demands of non white groups. Never. Many will actively work to undermine our interests.

      If and when we come out on top we would be doing our posterity an enormous favor in sending this faction packing.

      • “…doing our posterity an enormous favor in sending this faction packing.”

        This. I’ve got these people in my own family.There really is zero chance of negotiation or compromise. They will never stop. The moral solution is their expulsion.

        Even that may be cucky. When the Spanish tired (after spending 100 years trying to reintegrate them after the success of the Reconquista) of the violent dyscivilizational behavior of the Moriscos (Spanish-blood Islamics who converted during the 700-year occupation) they expelled them into North Africa. Alas, that measure of mercy was repaid by many Moriscos joining piratical slaving expeditions that preyed upon European coasts.

        • I have family members, whom I love, who must not live in any future state that emerges for our people.

          I wish them the best in their lives, but they are programmed for white genocide and must be excluded.

          • And here. I have a cousin, who was almost like an older brother in the 70s and 80s, who would be quite happy to man the guillotines. And his mother–my aunt–would not lift a finger to stop him.

  19. For most of the history of this former country, Whites didn’t need to think or worry about the culture or the trajectory as they were the clear demographic majority and pretty much everyone just assumed it would always be this way. There was a scare in the early 20th century and so immigration was basically shut down for forty years. But the termites were gnawing at the foundation. Fast forward to today and here we are – Whites are a bare majority and numerous coalitions are agitating against us on all sides. And still the bulk of our compatriots are doing their daily thing and acting like it’s 1955 and nothing is ever going to change. If the riots, the shutdowns, the economic and psychological destruction, the evermore strident anti-White animus and the looming cluster f*** of an election (or maybe not) doesn’t wake the sheeple out of their torpor, god knows what will. The hour grows short.

      • That’s as idiotic as leftist revisionists saying the wars were committed to fight German white supremacy. A lot of factors, a lot of them bullshit, went into why WW2 was fought.

        • I assume you refer to regular americans, obviously the traitors were the rockefellers, bankers & the politicians, but the soldiers share a small part of the blame simply cause they were ignorant.
          There were regular americans who volunteered to go to war against countries they knew nothing about during WW2, winding up doing jewish biding same thing happens today with Middle East intervention, unleashing migrant crisis on Europe.
          USA soldiers typically have this retarded impression they’re doing anyone a favour by intervening in conflicts that do not involve them.
          America was given the reins to western civilization & they’ve done a terrible job with it.

          • In both WW I and WW II, the German subs were torpedoing civilian ships including neutral American ones. I’d say that was good enough reason to declare war. There are other reasons. And yes, I concede, countries can be manipulated into wars 🙁

          • Hope you’re nor naive enough to believe that’s why USA entered war.
            The fact that USA did not stop trade with Britain & let the ships enter war zone shows the americans intended to create pretexts to enter war, american majority opinion and american policy advocated isolationism.

    • It was a genius plan to change the immigration laws in 1965 and at the same time, launch anti-racist propaganda, along with pushing an agenda that America is multiracial and always has been, and is simply an idea, not a people. Eventually all of this escalates into a generally accepted concept that discrimination and racism from whites and only whites, is about the worst thing ever, which paralyzes whites from pushing back. That’s where we are now. JP (I know, but he’s said some smart things) has said, “when you suppress something, it comes back with a vengeance.” We’re going to be forced to find out if that’s true.

  20. It isn’t as if our enemies haven’t had a good working blueprint of how to destroy us. It has been field tested many times, great results. As usual, the opposition to them has been consistent in their thinking or lack thereof.

    • They are counting on us being too comfortable, too apathetic, or too cowardly to ever form up an effective defense against them…You have to give them credit they seem to know us better than we know ourselves looking at the lack of doing on our side…Now that’s not to say it can’t be changed but we who are awake have to be the ones doing it so we better get crackin’…

  21. The one difference between our reality and the conjured reality of the above scenario is the people under attack in our world lack self-awareness

    Yes, I believe this is mostly true. One thing about a lot of your violence in the States is that it is obvious who is on the ground and causing the damage… Joggers, leftists, the usual suspects. My worry would be that people become aware of this, see their area go down the toilet and then relocate. But they never see the people pulling the strings which sets them up for the same problem over and over again – wherever and forever. They boil for a bit, then return to that slow simmer.

    You can jog away from the joggers for a bit, but TPTB have a reach from which you cannot run and this is what I have found to be the most challenging part of basing people who are salvageable. They (now) see the tip of the iceberg, but not the rest of it – but that’s by design, of course.

    The second biggest challenge I have come across when talking about this is that, once realized, quite a lot of people will say ‘I don’t care’. To them, building a community, networking and finding allies is ‘uncool’, ‘too much work’, ‘won’t make a difference’… Perhaps – but what else is there? Even starting by ditching the things that are obvious money and time sinks that feed the enemy seem too much for them.

    There’s work to be done…

    • Yeah Orange, as much as we focus on the other side’s fixation on various cultish fantasies we unfortunately have many on our own side who stew in their own magic sauce as the invisible hand of the “free market” turns up the gas.

      Even the few that come to realize there are in fact sides and that there is a spiritual war of good and evil dividing our hearts, somehow return to what is comfortable.

      They ostrich back into their ever-shrinking sandbox of 1986 America. The only strings they allow themselves to see are those that drive up the cost of the sand. Which can be explained by taxes, spending, and “the liberals!”.

      Just the other day I had two close friends walked up to the edge of the great divide. After staring into the abyss, the abyss stared into them. What did they see? “The liberals are trying to divide us by using identity politics. We must resist that so we can unify again through our common history”.

      These men are both way more awake than normiecons and living behind enemy lines in CA. Yet the libertarian market fetish and anti-racist blank slate still grips them.

      They need the consitution-free market mythology as much as the other side needs their white privilege and systemic racism. What they fail to grasp is that in this undocumented mexican standoff the tide of progress is eroding away at their 1986 outpost and when this one is gone there will be no others.

      • Yet the libertarian market fetish and anti-racist blank slate still grips them.

        The blank slate barrier is a considerable hurdle. My ‘race realism’, for want of a better term, came from experience dealing with people of different races as well as an awful lot of reading history. When you read about the histories of different peoples, you come away thinking there must surely be group differences, there can’t not be. But how do you distill that experience and knowing into a couple of remarks to try an convince someone of this.

        That said, I have broken some new ground with the current BLM overreach.

    • OF, the next time you get to the “I don’t care” point in a conversation, see if they would be willing to just turn off Netflix, or stop shopping at Amazon. Yes, economically that’s a spit ball shot at the Hoover Dam, but our people have got to stop funding their own thought control.
      In my conversations, I’ve realized breaking it down for normie’s wrestling with truth into small changes, building toward real change. The scale of the threat, and the required response to survive, seems to scare people.
      Start small. Cannot remember who said this: “Most of the modern world can safely be ignored.”

      • The problem I think is that to them, whilst they fully agree with me on the pernicious effect of these mega corporations, the shock to their system on withdrawal would be immense. On the one hand, they have Netflix with its (in their eyes) harmless programming on the other: No TV!

        For most of these people, TV is everything and I think coming up with alternatives for each person and subtly guiding them that way is key. You’re right though, start small and build from there on.

    • “My worry would be that people become aware of this, see their area go down the toilet and then relocate. But they never see the people pulling the strings which sets them up for the same problem over and over again”

      Exactly. Lots of people made lots of money building refugee cam— er, suburbs, corporatizing them with big box shopping centers, brainwashing the youth with state-controlled schools, sterilizing white culture by uprooting white people.

      Ruin the burbs, call it progress, repeat on the exurbs. Idaho, here we come!

    • The unlimited reach of TPTB is a shibboleth and it’s reinforced by being extremely online. It also serves to freeze people who would otherwise make a move. Don’t help Shlomo keep our people in the cities, atomized, disorganized and demoralized. There are tons of better towns to live around me in SoCal, much less more rural/less fashionable locations. We need Whites to make a move, not give up b/c “they won’t let you.”

      • The rot follows like the law followed old west settlers. Internal migration seems to be tptb’s favorite way to extend their reach. If people move, they have to make a clean break. Not doing so will doom the effort.

  22. I feel our situation is mostly mirrored by post WWI Soviet Union. We are the kulaks. The kulaks did very poorly and never have found decent representatives amongst their own to combat the various controlling factions in Moscow.

    • Forgive my ignorance of the early Soviet Union- were the Kulaks as delusional about their future as today’s NormieCons?

      • I’m not sure that the Kulaks were anything other than a fantasy of the ruling Bolsheviks, a bit like white privilege.

        • The idea of the Kulaks as a counter-revolutionary force that needed to be gulaged was definitely a fantasy. Their attempted liquidation was very real.

        • The kulaks were farmers that sort of owned the land they farmed (no one owned land in Imperial Russia As we understand the word) as opposed to serf and share croppers. The whites organized them during the civil war in an attempt to starve out the Bolsheviks in the cities. That attempt failed badly and was followed by the bolsheviks “collectivizing agriculture” which was really just a return to and extension of serfdom. And the “liquidated” the kulaks – a sort of genocide perpetrated against formerly independent farmers. It’s been debated what would have happened to them without the preceding civil war. They may have been targeted for elimination anyway – or maybe not. The reality though, is that they tried to starve the cities into submission, failed and were treated in kind for losing.

          • Dino- so the Kulaks were a shot at the king that missed? And paid the price for so doing?

          • That’s one way of looking at it.

            Another is that once the killing starts events take on a life of their own and the situation spins out of control.

            An aspect of the bolsheviks in Russia that people in the west almost universally ignore is that lots of people in Russia in the 20s wanted to kill all of them and seize control themselves – tried to do just that – and would have had just as much legitimacy as the bolshies had they won – which is to say none really. So in that environment its understandable that they were murderous.

            Ultimately, I’d say its a warning to those fantasizing about civil war here – it absolutely won’t go the way they imagine and they most certainly won’t like the end result – even if they win.

      • I honestly don’t know enough. I’ve read Solzhenitsyn’s “200 years Together” and the most I can gather from the perspective of the Russian and Ukranian farmers were that things were so chaotic they never really new who was in charge or why the orders implemented that directly affected them were done in such a way. I am sure there are better histories for this particular aspect, and I am sure teh Z-man has read them and has a much greater understanding of what happened.

        • The Ukranians also were distant from Moscow and this was a time when there was no samizdat let alone mass communications available to them. They were ignorant. America’s version doesn’t have that excuse, at least yet.

          • That’s the piece of the puzzle that I really wonder about: How aware were the kulaks about what was descending upon them?

            Because it seems that’s really the unexplored dynamic here: how much would “knowing” that the leftie genocide vans were out on the streets – alter the outcome?

            The right wing pro-gun crowd has had a phobia (if you want to call it that) about gun confiscation for as long as I’ve been watching – which is probably at least 25 years now.
            Thinking about that scenario critically though – I’ve felt the need to point out to these people over and over again that their fear of nationwide gun confiscation is probably VERY unrealistic. I suppose if it’s instituted nationwide a la’ Australia – and the orders go out to just hand them in – that’s a “worry” that should be taken seriously. Because if you don’t – you will be a Fed criminal list. But you see if you don’t comply – and nobody else complies either – well suddenly you don’t have as much to fear. NOBODY has the resources to go nation-wide all at once – and collect all the guns.
            What that means practically – is that if they actually start collecting – it will be localized. Which …… with modern communications , means if you’re not in that area – you should know ahead of your time in the queue.
            So in the end – the real issue revolves around compliance. If you simply don’t comply – you , and others – don’t have anywhere near as much to really worry about.
            Active resistance then starts to make the wheels of the machine get full of sand. Solzenitzhen pointed this out: If they had just picked up an ice pick and stabbed the secret policemen the neck – pretty soon they would have run out and the machine would have stopped.
            The gun rights crowd also gets very upset about things like gun registration. Which strictly speaking – they should. But when I point out methods of resistance – they get upset and flummoxed. Let’s say you own 20 guns (not an obscene amount for a lot of gun owners) – and the state you live in forces you to register them. Well you see now they’re on a bureaucratic list. When the order goes out to collect them – they’ll be going off that list. If they can simply go to your house – throw you and your family into one van to be taken to the ditches, while the next crew gathers up all the firearms and brings them to the smelting facility – their job is relatively easy.

            If however – when they go to your house and find NOTHING. Well now they have a big problem. You have taken what would have been maybe a job that took 2 men four hours to accomplish – and turned into something that could possibly take many hundreds of hours – involving dozens of people. Where the hell are all the guns? They’re on this list – WE MUST FIND THEM!!. This is the way bureaucracies work. They won’t just shrug and ignore the issue if their orders say FIND THE GUNS.
            This is what the Yugoslav and French resistance did to the Germans during WW2. Many thousands of troops tied up trying to hunt down hundreds of men. It’s what all resistance movements that I’ve ever studied do. They force multiply by screwing with the system they’re trying to defeat.

          • How about they don’t even know that you know anything even about guns…That’s the best option…

      • The kulaks were the emerging bourgeois that started appearing after the serfs were freed in 1861. The radicals and the revolutionaries had a horror of constitutionalism and capitalism and they believed it would be easier to implement socialism without a strong middle class despite the fact that that goes completely against Marxist ideology. Mostly the revolutionaries were small conspiracy among the educated Elite. They weren’t really supported by the people. It was a real ends-justify-the-means crowd.

      • To the kulaks’ credit, they largely were ignorant about the terror about to be unleashed on them. NormieCons are fully aware and in denial. The important thing is to change their perception and it looks like the Left has decided, impulsively, to help out.

      • Before 1917, “Kulak” existed as a term but had no real political, economic or cultural significance.

        After 1917, the lizard people basically invented Kulaks as a political enemy and declared their liquidation necessary to achieve the revolution.

        We the kulaks now.

        The lizard people are the same as they ever were.

        It’s them or us.

    • I was just thinking of the USSR in the 20s and early 30s this morning. Anyone know of a good book or two on that period? It really does feel like we’re about to enter something like that, though, as always, history doesn’t repeat so much as rhyme.

      Our Bolsheviks generally won’t put a bullet in our head or send us to gulags. Instead, they’ll just cancel us from society, socially ostracizing us and destroying our ability to earn money or even use the financial system. But that’s their weakness. If we can form our own communities, they lose a lot of their power.

      • I mentioned “200 Years Together” by Solzhenitsyn. Gulag Archipelago is indispensable history, but I found it hard to get through, having read it as a teenager. I should probably try again. If you like the current narrative here’s one:

      • Our Bolsheviks generally won’t put a bullet in our head or send us to gulags.” At first. But when they realize canceling us from society, socially ostracizing us and destroying our ability to earn money or even use the financial system isn’t stopping us from forming our own communities the gulags and head shots will be revived…en masse.

        • People forget how effeminate society has become. The irrationality that comes with the feminine also brings the shortest line for an emasculated society to solving problems – violence. I don’t think it’ll get as blatant as the Soviet system under Stalin, but whites being executed under some opaque reasoning is certainly not out of the cards.

        • Thats what they are doig right now via Covid-19 lock downs in Blue States.
          Tucker pointed this out yesterday when he stated how Lock Down favors the big corporations and destroys small businesses, He pretty much insinuated it was a deliberate action on the part of the ruling class.
          Then you have the Chinese and Big Pharma pumping vast amounts of opioids into the Rust Belt and killing off white working class males.

          • Flatten the curve conveniently became flatten the kulaks.

            We’re being gentrified. Desperate underwater owners will be forced to sell to ‘connected’ Section 8 developers to heighten our enrichment, as Biden’s Cutout reenacts “Fair Housing” on us.

            We stole everything, we must have stolen the magic Enrichment Juju too.

            Perhaps they could hold back that Enrichment Powder for themselves, selfishly rebuilding Wakanda or those flying space pyramids.

      • Citizen, the cancel culture is lazy tyranny and I suspect you called it perfectly. I do believe there will be physical responses to being cancelled at some point.
        And as we build communities, and we will, defense against infiltration will also prescribe physical response. Regardless, Spicy Time will touch many of us, like it or not.

      • Citizen – After reading your comment I got up and went over to one of our bookshelves. I thought, perhaps, there was something from my grad school days that would suit. But it appears almost every book was written by a small-hatted partisan source, and given the instructor was an avowed British leftist, I shouldn’t have been surprised. Perhaps Robert Conquest’s “Harvest of Sorrow,” about the Holodomor, would be a useful substitute.

      • Cancer Ward by Solzhenitsyn.The story explores the moral responsibility of those implicated in Stalin’s Great Purge (1936–1938), when millions were killed, sent to camps or exiled.

      • Not exactly what you’re looking for but a book everyone should read…

        It is the story of the RR from the inside. About an apartment of apparatchiks who were true believers, helped run the USSR and who were all eventually purged, exiled or murdered by the Soviets.

        The author is an ethnic white Russian. He’s also written an interesting book on the Jews. K.Mac has an excellent review of the Jewish book.

      • For example, your kids won’t be able to go back to school unless they take the vaccine.

        Your health insurance won’t cover you unless you take the vaccine.

        Business insurance? Ha. Ha.

      • At the least, everyone should read up on the endgame.

        And how we burned in the camps later, thinking: What would things have been like if every Security operative, when he went out at night to make an arrest, had been uncertain whether he would return alive and had to say goodbye to his family? Or if, during periods of mass arrests, as for example in Leningrad, when they arrested a quarter of the entire city, people had not simply sat there in their lairs, paling in terror
        at every bang of the downstairs door and at every step on the staircase, but had understood they had nothing left to lose and had boldly set up in the downstairs hall an ambush of half a dozen people with axes, hammers, pokers, or whatever else was at hand. The Organs would very quickly have suffered a shortage of officers and transport and, notwithstanding all of Stalin’s thirst; the cursed machine would have ground to a halt!”
        The Gulag Archipelago, Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn

        People should be amassing information about their local security operatives, where they live, where their wives work, where the kid goes (went? now?) to school.

    • I’m not overly familiar with the Kulaks, but from what I’ve found is that Vladimir Lenin saw the kulak as a “village bourgeoisie” that would be crushed by a socialist revolution.
      So the takeaway is that the Kulaks were peasant bourgeoisie?

    • Russian Orthodox priests paradropped from German aircraft to blow up or photograph Soviet infrastructure. They had a better chance of practicing their religion under Hitler than Stalin.

      from Rudel, Hans Ulrich. “Stuka Pilot.”

      Now I take up the file of photographs of the factories in question and study them with interest. I see that a high percentage of them are already underground and are therefore partly unassailable from the air. The photographs show the dam and the power station and some of the factory buildings; they have been taken during the war. How can this have been done? I think back to my time in the Crimea and put two and two together. When I was stationed at Sarabus and keeping myself fit by a little putting the weight and discus throwing after operations a black-painted aircraft often used to land on the airfield, and very mysteriously passengers alighted. One day one of the crew told me under the seal of secrecy what was going on. This aircraft carried Russian priests from the freedom-loving states of the Caucasus who volunteered for important missions for the German command. With flowing beards and dressed in clerical garb each of them carried a little packet on his chest, either a camera or explosives according to the nature of his mission. These priests regarded a German victory as the only chance of regaining their independence and with it their religious liberty. They were fanatical enemies of world Bolshevism and consequently our allies. I can still see them: often men with snow white hair and noble features as if chiselled out of wood.

      From the deep interior of Russia they brought back all kinds of photographs, were months en route and generally returned with their mission accomplished. If one of them disappeared he presumably gave his life for the sake of freedom, either in an unlucky parachute jump or caught in the act of carrying out his purpose or on his way back through the front. It made a profound impression on my mind when my informant described to me the way these holy men unhesitatingly jumped into the night, sustained by their faith in their great mission. At that time we were fighting in the Caucasus and they were dropped in different valleys in the mountains where they had relations with whose help they proceeded to organise resistance and sabotage. It all comes back to me as I puzzle over the origin of the photographs of these industrial plants. 

  23. After Minneapolis burned, I wonder what its going to take for a “rooftop Korean” zeitgeist to assert itself?

    A Trump re-election, coupled with a mistrial of Derek Chauvin, (both functions of highly refined and understood legal mechanisms) would literally set the country ablaze.

    Half the country stupidly would cheer it on, and local governments would do nothing. If that doesn’t spur individuals to organize for defense, nothing will.

    • Almost feels as though that is exactly what Ellison has served up by overcharging Chauvin. Once the toxicology and autopsy results are shown in open court it will be difficult to prove the 1st degree murder charge—if it is an option in MN to convict on a lesser charge—say negligent homicide—that or an acquittal will set off a full chimp out. The expectation is for a life sentence anything less…

      • Which brings up a question I’ve been pondering for some time now. Why on earth would Chauvin (or any white man in his situation) just sit still and wait to be thrown into a rape-cage with animals for the rest of his miserable life? Why wouldn’t he use his remaining time to do some truly useful, practical things? (Not that I’m advocating violence…in fact, I denounce myself for even pondering such things!). Really, now…Chauvin KNOWS what’s coming. He knows that his freedom is GONE once the verdict comes in. So what’s the point of sitting passively and letting the system have its way with him? I ask merely in theory, naturally…

        • I think that the judge has imposed a gag order, so there may not be much he can say. I assume, if Chauvin has competent counsel, there are a lot of things going on behind the scenes. Still, given what happened to James Fields, Chauvin’s prospects do not look good.

          • It’s significant that the police’s camera footage has not been released.

            I assume that the policeman’s camera footage exonerates the officer, just like the complete tape of Rodney King exonerated the officers.

          • Of that I have very little doubt. That footage likely destroys the narrative of sweet, innocent little Saint George.

          • There really is no rational way a judge can impose a gag order, while allowing ABMs to riot without restraint in the name of ‘George Floyd.’ How is that not adversely impacting the fairness of any trial?

            I hope AG Ellison is forced to eat his own crap. Here’s a case that perfectly aligns with his religious background – all a black man has to do is die and it wipes the slate clean and he becomes an instant martyr for their vaunted Utopia – see Treyvon Martin, John Lewis, et al.

          • It is interesting. The case of the jogger in Mississippi who killed five or six people in a furniture store, was convicted, and sentenced to death. His case has had several retrials because reasons. James Fields gets nothing at all.

  24. The number one thing that people on the right side have to fear is that the government is going to pull a psyop and convenience them not to fight back.

    • Agreed. A Black Flag “foreign terror” attack deep in the heart of the Right’s domain probably is one option, and if it happens everyone will have to focus on where it originated–D.C.

      • Could happen. Much of the right wing support base though – if you brought up the allegation that it was a manufactured event , would start yelling at you about conspiracy theories.

        The ignorance & stupidity of many right wingers just gets tiresome after a while if the truth was being told.

        One way of inserting doubt into the conversation that happens every time there is a mass shooting event that I’ve found to be pretty effective – and that never gets any accusations of coming from a “conspiracy theorist” – is to just say ” well that was pretty convenient – wasn’t it” – because it seems these events, at least the ones that get hammered on by the press – always seem to come at inflexion points where they can be used for political leverage.

        Which – if you’ve been paying attention lately – you would have noticed there has been a conspicuous absence of large scale press coverage of any large scale shooter events. I don’t really follow the news closely enough to know if there simply hasn’t been any – or if they just don’t cover them at all.

        • Calsdad and Jack Dobson – Yes… I’ve noticed you two are among the most insightful minds here.

          Calsdad wrote, “The ignorance & stupidity of many right wingers just gets tiresome after a while if the truth was being told.”

          Oh you nailed it, brother. Oh yes…. oh yes you nailed it.

          Good folks…. Good people… you’re got dozens of loaded mags, you live rurally, you produce some of your own food. So you’re getting prepared. Great. But are you prepared in the most important way possible? Are you prepared to understand that the vast majority of what the gov tells you is a lie intended to break you down? Are prepared to watch fake news and just really be able to call it as fake?

          Why do “conspiracy theories” always revolve around events that always push radically left? Why? So if they’re “real events”, why do they just always, always, always benefit the radical Left? Why, Zman?

          Friends, wake up to the reality that the government and media is mostly deliberately lying to you for the purpose of demoralizing you and convincing you not to fight back.

        • Some of that kneejerk, rally ’round the (ANC) flag BS is harder to engender now.

    • The right needs to stop expecting to lose. The psyop is that ‘16 was an aberration. The reality is that it was (if we’d snap out of this malaise) a preview of coming attractions.

      • Rwc1963 – Yes, I mean events absolutely, precisely like the over-the-top obviously fake scamdemic…. but possibly/probably more elaborate

    • The whole street spectacle is already a psyop and the dissident right has very smartly chosen not to “fight back” because we have no dog in this fight.

      BLM, Antifa, local cops, media, and the feds are all on the same side sharing information, sharing and promoting narratives*, bailing out and releasing each other, and instantly immiserating any random person unlucky enough to get caught in the middle of their theater who was forced to defend themselves.

      We have nothing to gain from getting embroiled in their psyop. Any idiot larpers who decide to throw in and march around the cities will deserve every bit of scorn and trouble they get into.

      *When the police in Richmond battle blacks and their White/Jewish janissaries, yet choose to blame the whole theater on “white nationalists”, you know there is nothing for us to gain by stepping onto their stage.

      This is all coordinated theater from the highest level of the feds down to the crudest street thugs doing their bidding, and we’ve been very smart not stepping into their ricocheting golems. Anyone who says we should “do something” should be immediately suspected as a federal agent at worst and a deluded libertarian larper at best. Yes, believe it or not, some idiot libertarian larpers did step into the fake “boogaloo” theater set up for them by the feds—as always, Z is right in arguing that libertarians deserve to be beaten and driven from our lands.

      Let the ricocheting golems of feds, local cops, and street thugs tear each other apart. We’ll sweep in after they’ve exhausted each other as has been the case throughout human history.

      • Garrett Foster was a libertarian boogaloo boy! He fell for it. He heard the call of the FBI, ran out onto the street with all his props—camo, gun, quadriplegic jogger roller wife—and deservedly paid the price for his “do something” foolishness.

      • Let Them Destroy Each Other – Thanks for this post. Your comment is heart warming. You are correct…. you are so correct.

    • 9/11 already happened. Bezos has a robot dog. the revolution was. the reaction must simply be.

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