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In July 1936, Grigory Zinoviev and Lev Kamenev were brought to Moscow to be interrogated for being part of Trotsky-led conspiracy. The pair had been part of the ruling triumvirate, along with Stalin, after Lenin was incapacitated with a stroke, but they had sided with Trotsky in the power struggle that followed Lenin’s death. As a result. their status had declined in the party. In 1932, they were found to be complicit in the Ryutin Affair and were expelled from the Communist Party.

Stalin ordered Nikolai Yezhov, who later was head of the NKVD during the purges, to interrogate the two as part of a larger conspiracy involving Trotsky loyalists. Yezhov appealed to their devotion to the Soviet Union. They were, of course, subjected to physical and psychological pressure. Yezhov told Kamenev he had evidence against his son, which could result in his execution. Inevitably, they agreed to participate in what would be the first of many show trials against Stalin’s enemies.

The bargain Zinoviev and Kamenev struck with the Politburo was that they would testify against their comrades in exchange for their lives and their family’s lives. Stalin himself agreed to the deal in person, on behalf of the Politburo. They were tried with fourteen other defendants in the House of the Unions, which still stands today. All sixteen were found guilty of plotting to kill Stalin and other Soviet officials. They were promptly executed in the basement of Lubyanka Prison.

This would be the pattern throughout the Great Purge. Political enemies would be turned against one another through a combination of terror, torture and the promise of forgiveness if they cooperated. The real purpose of forcing friends to denounce friends and family members to denounce other family members was to create an atmosphere in which no one could trust anyone. As Montesquieu noted, the motor that powers every despotic regime is a general fear of the ruler.

In the West, of course, the Left defended the trials as proper and necessary. In America, Progressive big shots signed onto a statement celebrating the trials. “The measures taken by the Soviet Union to preserve and extend its gains and its strength therefore find their echoes here, where we are staking the future of the American people on the preservation of progressive democracy and the unification of our efforts to prevent the fascists from strangling the rights of the people.”

You’ll note the familiarity of those words. Despite being written 82 years ago, the sentiments are the same as those of the modern Left. Other than the reference to the Soviet Union, those words would sound familiar on the college campus on in the halls of the New York Times. Modern Progressives see themselves as the defenders of the people against the enemies of democracy, by which they don’t mean elections, but rather the cooperative society of equals they imagine.

It is therefore no surprise that as the woke revolutions rolls on, the Left is now dreaming of show trials of their own. Instead of forcing their opponents to confess to imaginary crimes against the revolution, they want to drag their victims in front of the television cameras and force them to confront their racism. Undoubtedly, they will want to force these people to denounce their ancestors too. For good measure, maybe denounce some friends and family members as racists.

It may all seem ridiculous, but that is the way it goes with ideological movements running unchecked through a society. The original Bolsheviks who were eventually murdered by Stalin never saw it coming until it was too late. The Ukrainian farmers who supported the revolution never imagined the Holodomor. The Girondins, who had been the radicals of the French Legislative Assembly in 1791, became the conservatives of the Convention in 1792. They were purged and executed in 1793.

In this revolutionary moment, we went from protesting the police to toppling statues within weeks. Words like “plantation” have been erased from the language and companies are demanding employees submit what amount to loyalty oaths to the new woke religion. If corporate monopolies feel free to fire those deemed insufficiently enthusiastic, how long before they are demanding employees rat out fellow employees for speaking against anti-racism?

Revolutions are not just the violent replacement of the old with the new. They quickly become purification rituals. As Joseph de Maistre noted, “The whole earth, perpetually steeped in blood, is nothing but a vast altar upon which all that is living must be sacrificed without end, without measure, without pause, until the consummation of things, until evil is extinct, until the death of death.” This is what leads the radical to go from revolutionary to executioner.

Make no mistake. The New York Times to did not commission that demand for show trials because they needed to fill space. They have gone through their own form of the Ryutin affair, along with the rest of elite media. The Bari Weiss resignation letter and Andrew Sullivan’s final column are repeats of the Boris Nicolaevsky’s Letter of an Old Bolshevik, in which a loser in the great struggle for the revolution describes the divisions that formed in the revolution.

Take the time to read that New York Times piece. The writer is barely literate. The text reads like something from a hip-hop performer or maybe a slam poet. The words are not intended to convey literal meaning. Instead, the column should be read out loud to the sound of jungle rhythms. It is a call to war by the savages of the revolution, who can only be satisfied by the sight of blood. It’s the woke revolution’s declaration of war against western civilization.

This being a feminized age, even the vulgar revolutionaries lack the stomach to follow through on their desires. The woke women of the revolution can bully the soft men off the stage, but they will not be hanging anyone. Instead, this revolution will be satisfied to humiliate and harass. Women are much more vicious than men, so they will not have the decency to execute their enemies. Instead, ritual humiliation will be the end point of the coming show trials.

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354 thoughts on “What Comes Next

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  2. Find something marxist and destroy it. 

    Go to your local library and glue the pages of Das Kapital together.

    Have fun, you are doing good!


  3. I completely missed that NY Times column, how was that not all over social media?

    On the other hand, those pulling the levers behind the curtain are not relying on hysterical young White women and soft soyboys to carry out the violence. We have a large and growing population that loves violence, the descendants of Africans and Aztecs, who would think nothing of gutting a guilty White for ThoughtCrimes.

  4. You write (and quote):
    As Joseph de Maistre noted, “The whole earth, perpetually steeped in blood, is nothing but a vast altar upon which all that is living must be sacrificed without end, without measure, without pause, until the consummation of things, until evil is extinct, until the death of death.” 
    Buif you know de Maistre! He was writing that approvingly !!

  5. With the Progressives there is no end to the ‘reparations’. If the blood of hundreds of thousands during the Civil War, the trillions of dollars on the War on Poverty, Constitutional amendments, etc hasn’t satisfied their lust to destroy then nothing will. It is always about destroying culture, nation, tradition. There is always someone’s blood yet to spill or something to be eliminated. It will never stop until the violence is thoroughly spent either by civil war or collapse.

  6. Holomodor is really 1980’s disinformation disseminated by Ukie-Canadians for Cold War propaganda. Lysenko’s disastrous agricultural science of the early 1930’s was not purge-related but was an offshoot of today’s PC anti-science ideology.

  7. Over in Nevada, the state legislature passed a mail-in vote scheme that will send ballots out to everybody and his-or-her uncle, with no ID required, and a feature that permits ballots to be filled-out by someone other than the addressed voter. Nice! A “ballot-harvesting” model for other states.


    We’re probably wasting time debating whether Trump should be reelected on his own merits (or lack theoreof) when in all likelihood fraud will determine the results of the election.

    The GOP already worked with the Democrats to throw the 2018 midterms via ballot harvesting because the GOP was terrified of the accountability and demands that were thrown their way by their voters in the 2 years they held power—and accomplished nothing.

    They don’t want that kind of accountability ever again. They want to be in the passenger seat, comfortably criticizing the driver.

    It doesn’t matter who we think we should vote for, or if we should vote at all. The results have already been determined, they just haven’t been published yet.

    • To me all this political friction is merely the growing pains of our transition from first world “policy” based politics to third world “gibs” based government where politics isn’t even necessary.

      Only white people and white countries care about politics, policies, partisanship, and all the theater (“democracy”) associated with that, and even in most of the white world this infatuation is barely a century old. The brown world just doesn’t care about this stuff. They vote perfunctorily for whoever delivers the gibs. Blacks have no loyalty to Dems, for example, they simply submit a voucher (“vote”) for gibs.

      In many brown countries you might as well dispense with voting altogether, since it’s often just a vestigial ceremony inherited from white colonial rulers, from a long-mongrelized or exhausted castizo, or from the U.S.’s “nation-building” efforts (for example, in the way U.S./Israeli neocons brought “democracy” to Iraq when Iraqis have no need or desire for “democracy” and its theater).

      In these countries, “policies” are not wedded to any particular parties. All parties, if they even remain, practice the exact same policies. To ascribe certain things “left” or “right” in these countries is meaningless because whoever is in power just does anything and everything they want without regard to how they fall on the quaint white person’s notion of “left” or “right.”

      As we become majority-minority, we’re painfully transitioning to the same default here, which is why voting is meaningless. In most of our cities, the one-party system is already in place. This single party engages in activities that cover the full spectrum from “left” to “right” because simple patronage is what matters, not squabbling over idiotic “issues” or “policies” like dying white people are accustomed to doing.

      Even Lee Kwan Yew’s astute observation on racial voting blocs in “democracies” is an intermediate step. After mongrelization, even bloc voting will cease. There are no significant racial voting blocs in Mexico. An ossified vestigial political party rules unopposed for decades, even centuries, until stairstep-down economic stagnation causes it to be replaced by another sclerotic vestigial party. That is, the brown world continues to be ruled by dynasties. That’s where we’re going—and we used to be ruled by dynasties too anyway.

  8. Z Man said: “It is therefore no surprise that as the woke revolutions rolls on, the Left is now dreaming of show trials of their own. Instead of forcing their opponents to confess to imaginary crimes against the revolution, they want to drag their victims in front of the television cameras and force them to confront their racism. Undoubtedly, they will want to force these people to denounce their ancestors too. For good measure, maybe denounce some friends and family members as racists.”

    Sweet! 😀

    Just think of all those virtue signalling, status seeking douchebags being marched in front of the cameras to drop to their knees and kiss black ass. Orville Redenbacher needs to put on a third shift, because there’s not enough popcorn in the universe for a show like that.


  9. Don’t underestimate our opponents, especially when they get full control of the government.
    At the very least expect them to destroy whites economically and force others into a ghetto and make them prey for the dindus and other brown skins.
    And there is no shortage of psychopaths they can recruit directly out of prison or the ranks of the FBI(remember Waco?) who will be happy to become executioners.

    • This is why voting Trump is important, but people don’t care, they just see pelosi, antifa & ocasio cortez & think leftists are a joke.

    • They’ve had full control before. (Just as the Republicans had before the 2018 midterms.) The real question voters of all stripes should be asking themselves is: “Who always wins? Whose agendas are always fulfilled regardless of which party holds “power” even if there is “gridlock” or popular opposition?

    • They’ve had full control of the government since at least 9/11. They already recruit psychos out of prison – they’re called antifa. We’re not dead yet. You can’t be destroyed economically unless you forget how to survive without money.

      Shekel for the good goy spreading black pills as usual. Shlomo thanks you.

  10. The ideal dissident scenario is a total Democrat sweep with all kinds of credible ballot irregularities. As well as sweeping out Senators like Graham…but a Kobach win in KS. The next four years will be like the blankets with smallpox (which never happened but is a good analogy) economically. People will only remember the virus in 2020 and how it screwed everything up economically. In subsequent years minds will re-focus on a simple set questions: “Why are we still in a depression? Why is there no recovery? Who is to blame? And why is my standard of living in total free fall? A very toxic era for anyone in charge of a technically bankrupt country.

  11. Some early 20th century Western socialists were, at least initially, fans of the Soviet Union. As such favored ones, a chosen few were given tours of Russia and other countries. A couple of the writers who did so, published not very complimentary accounts of what they saw behind the Iron Curtain.

  12. The woke women of the revolution can bully the soft men off the stage, but they will not be hanging anyone.

    It is for the meantime. The human capacity for violence is a woefully explored thing, but also woefully misunderstood. Hell, it’s continuously underestimated. The image of a noodle-armed, former z-list celebrity e-gamer capping dissidents in a basement might be outlandish, but there are some truly sick fucks in this world. And they always seem to come out of the woodwork from the most unexpected places.

  13. Trump, no Trump, the game is over. With a population levels of around 60% and rapidly dropping white people are finished in this country.
    With a solid 25% to 30% of the whites that are left mentally ill leftists there is zero chance. I equate them to the German Jews who initially supported Hitler.
    By the time they realize what they have done it will be too late.
    Trump slightly delays it, even if only visually. A Biden win legitimizes it as the MSM, the left and Republicans fall in lock step supporting the destruction directly or back door.
    So it just appears that things are worse under Trump.
    The question is where is the Israel style homeland for White people? We have none.

      • Living in Tampa and coming from the Southside of Chicago, my local experience is it’s already lost, and has been for a decades.
        Tampa for example. When I got married here 39 years ago the white population was around 75%. 2010 census puts whites at 44%..I am sure with the latest census it will be barely 40%.
        Huge swaths of the city that were once white middle income now are total ghetto or they look like Caracas.
        Even most of the Cuban population is gone.
        The loss in Chicago and Tampa are close, although Chicago gets all the press with a declining population. Tampa’s population boomed over the last 30 years, but the white population cratered. That’s destruction at an unimaginable level.
        And Chicago was a liberal hell hole 50 years ago. Tampa is still in it’s infancy, but working fast to catch up.
        So that’s what, a 40% drop in white population, what will the next 30 years bring……..

  14. This will be very interesting to watch unfold. 

    For decades, the average German has recoiled at the fear of being called a Nazi. Now Americans can get a sense of what that’s like as they are now being called Racists.

    Now you’ll start to get a real sense of what “Kollektivschuld” (Collective guilt) is really all about.

    What was that about “Nothing new under the sun…”?

    • Karl Horst (Germany) sad: “Now you’ll start to get a real sense of what “Kollektivschuld” (Collective guilt) is really all about.”

      You’d have to feel a sense of personal guilty in order to relate to collective guilt. Which I don’t.

  15. I know what November surprise I want – GEN Flynn to stand on the steps of Congress immediately after his pardon, calling the military and all veterans to his side to arrest and execute all the traitors in that hallowed hall. We are waiting for someone with balls and leadership – he would be the right man at the exact right time.

    • This hope that the military is gonna save us is more impervious to facts than just about any other I can think of. Probably springs from the same place that causes bald, 65 year old men to buy convertibles and toodle around the suburbs in them.

      • For the record, I’m bald, 65, and just last week peddled my mountain bike over a single-track pass at just under 10,000 feet. Not every old fart is a vain pretender. And yes, it’s good to be underestimated.

    • I like LTG Flynn as well, but there is a huge portion of the military that are pozzed.

      I think the percentage pozzed is really bad at the flag officer level due to all the Obamao appointees – maybe even as high as 75%.

    • We are waiting for someone with balls and leadership – he would be the right man at the exact right time.

      Keep waiting… as long as the right sits and waits for ephemeral Pinochets with “balls and leadership” to show up, nothing will happen.

      The left has a saying “be the change you want to see in the world” and they’re right. That’s why they win… they occasionally rally around flash-in-the-pan leaders like Sanders, but for the most part they organize without waiting for leaders. They don’t sit around fantasizing about the military; they infiltrate and subvert the military bit by bit!

      The right only knows how to sit around and wait for the right person—who never shows up—which is why they lose. Be the change you want to see in the world.

      • The right only knows how to sit around and wait for the right person—who never shows up—which is why they lose. Be the change you want to see in the world.
        That is truth right there so the next question is are you doing that and is it working for you?

        • No Great Man ever won without good men behind him. Imagine what a Great Man would say looking at what material he had to work with in 2020 America. We don’t deserve that kind of leadership at this point and when it comes we’re going to find it in our own ranks. This isn’t ancient Rome, revolutionary America or France or even Italy or Germany. What works for us will be different from what came before, not completely, but enough that we can’t just cargo cult the past rituals.

          Learn by doing, lead by example.

  16. Ike, Nixon, Reagan, Bush, Trump
    All of them are part of the good old frog boiling, never let frog get out from boiling pot
    What happen in the next is white men voluntary surrendering because he doesn’t have an ally

    Even stupidest men know that white people don’t have ally in DC
    The individualistic conservative mantra that you shouldn’t seek collective interest even though that’s the most advantageous way to gain wealth
    This mantra limited white men’s potential to access wealth, amplified Jewish wealth, and wealth is a gateway to actual power

    Now you see the outcome
    White women are already signed with winning team, Jews and Colored race
    It’s literally cicero talks about Treason from within. No country, no species survives that
    If white women still stuck with white men, there’s still hope and fight against ethnic alien but it’s unlikely

    • We save who we can. You need 10-20% of determined intransigent no apologies Whites to effect social change – and that’s in your region, not the country as a whole. It’s a big reason why we keep saying we need to consolidate our numbers, We have enough based Whites now to dominate the NW & Western Canada outside the shitholes. And Alaska. Appalachia’s another core area, the Ozarks, as well as some of the rural NE/Canada. The UP of Michigan as well.

      We have to form real life communities instead of remaining entirely online. Activism works better with meatspace solidarity, as does normal White living. And you can still sh*tpost about politics just as much with White neighbors.

  17. No, it will not stop at ritual humiliation. All tyrannies must escalate into genocide in order to obtain and sustain power. Do not underestimate their ruthlessness. And eloquent words will not deflect the coming tsunami, nor stop them from firing bombing your home, with you in it. Get smart if you want to live. Get out of the cities. Find safe haven. Learn to fend for yourself. Arm yourself. Adopt a large dog. Lie in wait. Focus and be opportunistic. The root of the disease is still quite small in number.

    • It won’t be mass executions, but some sort of sterilization of the population. It will be The Long Game. One could argue the abundance of porn, birth-control, #metoo, and other anti-natal policies is designed specifically for that purpose.

  18. That NY Times article is a hoot. When the quasi-literate want to say something “deep” or “profound” they always strike the same tone of solemn, ponderous verbiage, almost Faulknerian, trying to let the good reader know that we’re talking about Something Serious.
    They probably teach it in journalism school…

    • I have just read it. How often did Wesley ‘The Moment’ Morris have to use the word ‘Moment’? Previous articles by Morris appear to be on such diverse subjects as: blackness, blackness and blackness. This indeed does read as though it was written by a child, perhaps he did not have time for a thorough proofread and edit, given that he had to attend to his PhD work on the study of turbulence.

    • In the past I thought Z-Man sometimes engaged in hyperbole. No longer, especially after seeing the New York Times article. (I will need a couple shots of vodka to actually work my way through it in detail.) What is especially scary and dangerous is that the elites (aka “ruling classes”) appear to enthusiastically support this vicious authoritarianism. There is no “conversation” here. Blacks hate Whites. And 20% of Whites (those who hold power) hate Whites. We are not only living in a foreign country but in a hostile foreign country.

      • I strongly support types like ol’ Wes being given forums to illiterately voice their support of show trials of Whites for the crime of being White. It helps draw lines.

    • Remember the guy in high-school who wanted everyone to know he was profound? It’s the same sort of turgid purple-prose that tempted the grammar teacher grading his papers to eat a bullet.

    • Tried, couldn’t do it. It was like an ugly drive to an ugly destination, like being driven with some black woman through her bombed out hood to her abortion chop-shop. “Educated beyond his means to understand” also came to mind.

    • I know it will sound like I wasn’t paying attention, but could someone plz post the NYT article here, as a link?
      I clicked on 3-4 of Z’s links in the post, and didn’t find the one to which you are all referring.
      and I didn’t have the time / patience to keep hunting.

      I was thinking maybe Z could have linked it again in the text about this NYT article remark.
      Thanks, and grateful for the link!

        • Ugh. Scanned it rapidly. The moment must have been wonderful. Funny, I see no mention of the millions? billions? of dollars of damage the riots and arson have caused, nor of the dozens of injuries and murders during the festivities. I’m proud that activists are reclaiming public spaces. Funny, the local drug dealers didn’t seem to have any problems with the statues* in the parks until this year…
          I see mention of a Kerner report, but none of the Moynihan report, which I’d think is far more relevant to “the Negro” and his problems in America.
          Yes, it’s been 150 years of waiting for gibs, trying to make equal two things that are inherently unequal. Perhaps some day there will be the Reparations. Hallelujah! The millenium, or at least a big spending orgy, will have arrived!
          Personally, I forsee a wreck rather than a reconcilliation.
          *Have you ever wondered if there is a parallel universe where parks have statues of pigeons, and famous people crap on them? 🙂 Would that be any sillier than what we’re seeing today?

  19. I can’t shake the feeling this is the final act of something that started long ago. Using ethnic strife to drive whites from the cities, uprooting them, taking their identity, making a nice profit to boot. When tptb had a firm grip it wasn’t so violent, didn’t have to be. They’re dropping the mask because they’re losing control.

    The choice we have is between letting them complete the effort or turning it back. Either scenario is now possible, unlike even a decade ago, when it looked like tptb were going to succeed.

    • This is close to where I am. Whites need to be shaken out of their sleep, though, so this moment can be exploited.

      • It’s taking longer than any of us would like, but it’s happening. It’ll be like a dam bursting: a lot of creaking and cracking, then WHOOSH. Once race-consciousness takes hold in whites, all bets are off.

    • I keep posting this – because people don’t seem to be factoring it in: Martin Armstrong has been pointing out for a while that socialism is coming to an end. The money has finally run out. All sorts of bad things will spin out of that, but I think it bears remembering what the engine is driving the insanity


      The economics of the situation is what rules. That is why Communism failed. But keep in mind that this is the civil unrest. Socialism will not simply die and move into the light. It will rage, kick, scream, and try to take down everyone in the process. You can see it in these anti-Trump demonstrations. They claim to be for peace and against Trump because he is some sort of racist etc. etc etc. etc….. 
      Yet these are historically ALWAYS the most violent people. This is the subject of the next 2017 Cycle of War Report. The system is collapsing and all the taxes and fines the dream up in their minds cannot save the system. It will go bust. That is the end of Socialism the same as it was the end for Communism. Both are against human nature.

      Taken in the context of the above assertion – you might consider a bunch of negroes screaming “Black lives matter” – to be statement followed by a question mark – since so many of them have been riding the government gravy train for so long.

      When the economy goes completely down the shitter – me thinks that trying to convince white people to keep paying the geld to keep blacks in line – will be a LOT harder – when their own white kids are missing meals.
      The memory of black’s rioting and burning down their cities – will also be something that will get dredged up for quite some time.

      • I agree. You can trace the roots of American socialism far back, but I think it’s safe to say we’ve been living under it for 90 years or so. It’s long in the tooth, and the idea that this is the revolution that brings it in is as much psyop as anything.

      • Once the money is no longer accepted, that is the end game. Then the real violence begins.

    • The only chance of turning it around (reclaiming the cities) is to let it fail and then rebuild…The violence and cost to do it now would be too much for most even on our side too stomach…

      • Fighting for the bleeding edge of the over-extended supply chain when it’s already overrun by heroin-shooting Wokies, mystery-meats and orcs just doesn’t seem like a net-positive play.

        I’ll take Atlas Shoah’d for 110, Alex.

      • The riots have been a game changer. The public would cheer on a move to retake the cities. Fortune favors the bold. Problem is the lack of boldness in leadership, but I think the opportunity is suddenly there.

        • The public would cheer on a move to retake the cities.
          Only if it was done by their perceived legitimate authority if it was done by us it would turn the public against us…Thing is do you really want to save the Commies from themselves or instead let them destroy themselves and then rebuild for our people…

          • Sending feds into Portland didn’t seem to ruffle many feathers. If you believe the polls, it might’ve helped Trump.

            I wanted an even stronger response fwiw. Troops rooting out antifa and tamping down on rampant street thuggery wouldn’t bother me in the least. No libertarian reservations about trampling liberty, not in that case.

          • Why though why do you want to save Portland is it because you live there? Why not save Detroit, Camden, Gary, Chicago or any of those cities more people die in them every week than what is going on in Portland right now…You really have to give up on the idea of getting back to normal and start planning for what comes next…

          • What comes next is either continuing to lose until there’s no more losing to be done or turning the tide. No return to normal, only better or worse. Why Portland? Because that’s where antifa was stupid enough to give the feds a pretext. It would be great to see the feds take similar actions in all the troubled cities.

            There are people patrolling their neighborhoods in Philly. Other places too I’m sure. Guys like that are the best out there right now. Men willing to fight to defend what’s theirs. They shouldn’t be abandoned.

            Neither should the cities. There’s no society without them. I’d be with you if I thought it was a lost cause, but suddenly it isn’t.

            Also I’d rather have it this way than an all-out race war with no government to maintain any kind of control. The sooner it’s disposed of, the less painful it’ll be for everyone.

          • Painter, the Feds aren’t looking for a Wokie pretext, they are looking for a WN pretext. Don’t look for federal action vs. antifa until they burn down “Jennifer” Pritzger’s house.

            But Ice Cube & his fellow publicly-Noticing kangz may see some action if they don’t “shut it down” soon.

          • Sometimes the corruption and rot are so great that the only way is to let it fail so it can be a lesson for all to not do that again…In all these cities no matter who is patrolling their neighborhoods are they getting worse or better…You know the answer so do we stay in those cities helping fund our own destruction or do we get out and build something better…You speak of retaking the cities which the only way you do that is by numbers of your guys moving to the city where you can become the majority…Do you really think if people don’t want to move to the country that you can get them to move to a city that’s on fire…I guess you will do what you think is best for you and I will do the same but I will leave the light on for you when you have to flee but you might have to work the shit jobs for your sustenance where those who got out earlier will already be established in their area of expertise…

          • Once the cities are pacified they can be rebuilt and people can move back. There is a new and growing willingness in the public to pacify. It’s the first step, and what I’m saying for now is let’s not let this opportunity pass.

      • Our societies worked better when only 10% to 15% of the population was urbanized. Most of our people are not designed by nature to live so far removed from nature’s rhythms.

        We don’t need to drive most people back into agriculture, but smaller towns and villages that can be better organized to provide resouces and opportunities to the locals would be ideal. If we cut back on the obsession to produce and consume more and more at the expense of everything else…this will probably happen naturally.

        The megalopolis needs to be dismantled permanently.

  20. This being a feminized age, even the vulgar revolutionaries lack the stomach to follow through on their desires.

    In a way, I hope you are wrong. I am of the opinion that white men will not survive here unless there is war in the streets. In a way I am hoping that comes soon before we are totally outnumbered and surrounded.

    I have asked forgiveness for such thoughts, but I see no hope for whites that does not include killing leftists of all kinds.

    • USA needs a Putin in their secret services, who will take jews money away. Liberals will revert back to normal if media stops the jewish propaganda.

      • The complete lack of foreign support for our movement is pretty astounding, given the opportunity for destabilization such support would create.

        • I fear that is a strong symptom of the extended reach of the GlobHom Deep State.

          I interpret the lockstep government and media reactions to beer flu in a similar vein.

        • The support always comes after there is turmoil…If they tried now and this is just my opinion that the chance is there that it would unify us and give us a different enemy to focus on…I don’t think the other power want to take that chance at this point in time…Now give it six months to a year and it could be a whole different ballgame…

        • Two weeks ago the chicom ambassador tweeted:
          For more than 30 years, the birth rate of whites in the US and Britain has continued to decline, and the problem has became more and more serious.Could it be that these countries are also pursuing a policy of genocide of white people? Absolutely not!”
          Sneaky devils. We will probably never know the extent to which foreign money influences our politics. I suspect it is considerable.

          • I don’t know the context, but I assume he was referring to the uyghur camps not being genocidal camps, if western countries view white population reduction control as not being genocidal, then why should China doing the same thing to chinese muslim numbers be genocidal?
            Obviously he was being sarcastic, but his reasoning was correct.
            Also, he was addressing the true leaders of America, the jews. If jews don’t mind wiping out white race, then why shouldn’t chinese wipe out muslims?

          • England and Wales just recorded its highest abortion rate in history for 2019, at 18 abortions per 1000 women aged 15-44. 80% of abortions were for white women.

            USA only has an abortion rate of 13.5. And declining. The white UK rate is more like the black USA rate.

          • Great Britain a jewish utopia atm, little english girls are being raped with no consequence, many of those who abort babies were probably raped by invaders.

        • Foreign governments want an intersectional banana state. Its easier to manipulate and bribe governments that are a mishmash of various group all competing to plunder, rape and loot the treasury for the benefit of thier tribes.

        • The best troll yet was the Persians with “who are your heroes, Spider-Man and Sponge-Bob?”

          The rest of the world is just waking up to the fact that we’re a pink-and-blue-striped paper tiger now.

          Wait until a really serious crisis hits – China takes Taiwan back, China has a massive collapse event like Three Gorges or a worse WuFlu. Or our next military humiliation. The Davoise are ruling a castle of sand right now.

  21. Damn, this was a great essay. When I reached the end I was wishing it was twice as long.

  22. Antifa are a bunch of nobodies, no one takes them seriously, they are dispensable, whatever they think they’ll achieve will blow up in their faces.

    Problem comes from the CIA & the jewish oligarchs.

    • The problem is that antifa are just the plausibly-deniable black bloc for the ADL-SPLC-FBI-CIA-ATFE-DOJ-DOD-NSA complex.

      • Yes. From what I gather, this same phenomenon has been pretty well corroborated in Western Europe. A Black Bloc faction in the United States recently went rogue and separated from its State sponsor and that was either memoryholed or put down.

    • I don’t know, generally the street enforcers are thrown in the bin the instant they are no longer needed, but this could be more third-worldy in that the street enforcers wind up being the ones in charge. I guess that to this day the regime in Venezuela has street enforcers in every neighborhood. The anecdotal stories I’d read give the impression that it’s not even a secret who these people are, they’re like some really low-level warlord who controls the resources going in and out of their slum.
      I recall too when Chavez was still around his “red shirt” street enforcers were free to harass opponents. Again, not a secret as I recall one picture with the guys walking around with bright red shirts on. I wondered why these guys could be so brazen and yet have no worries about random violence striking them down. I wondered the same thing about CHUD in Seattle though too: why didn’t one of the terrorized residents wrap their rifle in a blanket and take an occasional shot or two at their lawless oppressors? I guess maybe that’s just the way it is now, being hyper-feminized and all.

      • “I guess that to this day the regime in Venezuela has street enforcers in every neighborhood.”
        This wouldn’t be bad, each race gets to have its own warlords(like in prisons), white enforcers have high iq, they’ll act more fairly than venezuelan local thugs.
        I find white mobsters to be refreshing actually, return of white mafia.

        • The rumblings from the Establishment now are that we need to extend the lockdowns because of the Flu season coming up. This surprised no one but if the more pozzed states and localities go into a perma-lockdown I expect good old fashioned organized crime to start coming up with novel forms of speakeasies for those things you just can’t do online. It wouldn’t be surprising if the Lefty politicians ended up taking payoffs from the New Mafia to keep the place locked down and mobbed up. A lot of the core Democrat areas like NYC and Chicago have a tradition of ethnic gangsterism that was never fully suppressed.

      • There was a report a few weeks ago that one Black Bloc group had gone rogue and broken with its State sponsors. That story was memoryholed. If indeed there were to be Black Bloc types peeling off from their masters, they could go for broke and seize power. As it stands, the majority are being used to consolidate State power.

      • The answer to your last question is, in a relatively orderly society the average citizen has an understandable reluctance to take a human life, not the least for fear of a rather high probability of “life without parole.” However, as a situation deteriorates, yes I agree your posited activity becomes more likely. In the current sitatuion, we’ll just have to rely on the occasional ballsy vigilante who, hypothetically for example, leaves the severed head of a child molester at a Judge’s door 😀

      • “I don’t know, generally the street enforcers are thrown in the bin the instant they are no longer needed….”
        No kidding. Think “Night of the Long Knives”.

  23. how long before they are demanding employees rat out fellow employees for speaking against anti-racism?

    Heh. In my experience, such beings are often women, and in many of the places I have worked, they needed no encouragement – the need to fit in with the status quo was all that was required. Of course, when they’ve been legitimately sanctioned by MegaCorp to do so, things will get worse.

    As a potential silver lining though, and I have seen this particularly in the public sector of the UK (Transport for London), when these entities absorb enough diversity they genuinely do seem to struggle to perform their original tasks. If this happens to governments (more so than already) then perhaps the fear of a physical purge of whites is too much to expect? How could such a clueless, diversified and in-fighting state physically reach and even organize an attack on remote and distributed white communities?

    Instead, this revolution will be satisfied to humiliate and harass.

    Surely good news for those who wish to build communities; do you think it is a safe bet that you’d only face these kinds of dilemmas in highly pozzed cities? If we can turn off from the culture, and for the near future network in highly conservative areas without attracting too much attention, raising kids the right way could we avoid this?

    • The front lines will be the predominately White urban neighborhoods and to a lesser extent inner ring suburbs. There has been method to all this madness and what we see ongoing is pre-emptive ethnic cleansing of Whites from the cities.

      • Good – I hope that is what their strategy is.

        It’s going to make the carpet bombing that much more effective.

        • Sure but what’s the long term plan? The USA full of Detroits? I don’t really see how that benefits the elites.

          Some kind of forced mass population transfer once the cleansing is complete?

          • The long term plan is a return to the norms of human existence, where the top (x)% have it all and the (100 minus x)% have nothing. Our wealthy western middle class is an anomaly. The average household, worldwide, makes $10k per year (with multiple family members working), has no assets, has no rights or powers, and basically lives a day-to-day existence. That’s where they want us, and that is what Western Civilization has pulled us out of. All the socialist/Democrat Party/BLM/Antifa stuff is a front to take us back to there, with the short term bribe of wealth and power, for a moment, for the rubes actually perpetrating the movements against us. A wealthy and vigorous middle class is the greatest threat that the elites can see, and it is what they want to get rid of. Their needing to be chauffeured through the projects and camps in a convoy of armoured cars and guards is worth it, to get rid of the threat of the middle class.

            Each one of us needs to make sure we have the skills, connections, and savings of various kinds to avoid the “$10k per year and no assets, no rights, and no powers” lifestyle. A credential and a bank account ain’t gonna cut it. Reversion to the mean is a real thing, and we are living far above the mean. We need to be smart and prepared in order to not fall back to the mean in our own lifetimes, or in those of our children.

      • what we see ongoing is pre-emptive ethnic cleansing of Whites from the cities.
        Which is a good thing because then those cities will fail even faster and the whole thing will come crashing down sooner which will give us a chance to rebuild while we still have enough people…

        • But “that’s just winning by losing,” “running away, “they won’t let us,” “stay and pray,” “Josh Hawley so based,” “Tucker 2024.”

          So much copium and hopium – somebody open a window and let Whitey outside to breathe.

          • 1924 was the last time white men said no. Electing the R party in DC is to allow them to continue their function as turkey jerkers spreading our vitality into sterile boardrooms and fecund third world zipcodes. Winning was designed to be losing but to do so while whistling Yankee Doodle. So it at least felt righteous. The only way we stop losing is to stop playing…and the only way we can learn to stop playing is to treat our false friends as the worst of our enemies.

            If we’re to have even a chance things will need to get worse. Suburban white need to have marcus, pedro and shubash turn their moated enclaves turned into a fetid bazaar.

            “My daughter’s late getting back from field hockey practice, is she…no no…I can’t even entertain the thought.” When suburban moms and dads begin having these sorts of internal dialogues then maybe…just maybe…

            Too many have had a ‘done with Trump’ moment…and then a month or two later it’s ‘he’s the lesser of two evils’ again.

            They should all ask themselves if they find themselves periodically going back and forth then maybe all choices are bad choices. So stop playing fetch with all of your comfy cozy priors.

            R simply means yet another delay as we weaken and they strengthen.

            The biggest problem with our tribe is their fear of risking and losing what little we have left. The heights we have fallen from no longer even register. They should all plaster pictures of those white SA shanty towns on their home screens. The more we tread water the more and more of our people will find themselves is those sorts of circumstances…or worse.

        • Most cities aren’t worth having. We have very few nice cities. Most American cities are forgettable sprawls of concrete and glass. Smattered with box stores, and in terrible climates.

    • One good thing about working from home is that the Department Catlady doesn’t have the same opportunity to thought patrol us

      • That’s one thing about the trades is the cat ladies are few and you don’t have to deal with them…

        • Lineman – off topic, but out of curiosity:

          What percentage of guys in the trades would you say grew up with their fathers at home?

          • As I thought – the program of nuclear family destruction (guess who’s behind that!?!) demolishes the opportunity for men to pursue careers in the trades.

            Working with your hands is something your Dad teaches you.

        • That’s not true. They’re just cat ladies with beards. Did you put on your commie high vis vest? Are you wearing the right gear to climb the pole? We can’t have you falling. Although it’s 1000 times worse in the white collar world.

          • All dictated by the state not the companies HR department…The better the state the better the conditions…

          • JR Wirth, If you’ve ever climbed a utility pole (which I doubt) you’d be happy to have some safety gear. 30 years ago a guy two houses down the street from where I lived got fried because he thought he didn’t need his safety gear. Left a wife and two little kids.

    • Yes we can but we have to be doing more than just avoiding it although that’s a big part of it because without our participation the woke cities will fail faster…

    • One of my greatest delights in the working world, especially during my four years in military which amazingly resulted in an honorable discharge 😀 is this: When a superior asked you to do something that would violate the stupid regulations, to insist that the regulations be followed. It’s the nature of any large organization as it ages, to become more and more rule-bound and decreasing in efficiency.
      This of course won’t make you any freinds, but neither will it give you enemies any ammo to take you down. After all, I’m just following procedure. Do you want me to violate that? I could get into big trouble! But tell you what, fill out this form, in triplicate, and submit it, and I’ll see what we can do…
      For those still in the belly of the beast, never overlook a chance to ensnare the beast in his own red tape. Are you in a position to hire people? Why not hire the most, er, “diverse” person then! 🙂

      • The term for what you are describing is “malicious compliance” and it can be a very effective technique when navigating bureaucracy.

        • Even my Dad, a lifelong bureaucrat and staunchly honest (Yes, possible: we are talking about the very old days!), somebody who enjoyed doing his own taxes, once said along those lines: Don’t fear the IRS. If they ask for more paperwork, give them everything and then some! 🙂
          Similar idea to the man who said: “Never call a man a fool. Borrow from him!”

    • Jared Taylor’s Face to Face with Race has an encouraging story (encouraging in the sense that a Melanic Hominid® dominated organization is basically useless). Don’t have to book on hand, but as I recall, it recounts an idealistic young woman’s attempts to work in/manage a government office, taking on more and more tasks, until she had an epiphany, that she was the only one working 😀

      • Yes, I am familiar with this collection of essays. It largely chimes with my own experience, as I have mentioned elsewhere, this general incompetence will eventually result in a corrupt body unable to govern in all but the centers in which it is physically located.

        If such a scenario opens up, and you happen to be in a strong, traditional community, there is opportunity to take advantage of the in-fighting that will surely result, as well as the incompetence. The in-fighting will mean that the enemy’s attention is not on you, the incompetence will mean that even if they decide to move against you – even with greater numbers – the result may not be in their favour.

        Who knows, may this decline could spur a separation/partition roughly along these lines:

        1. Small community of traditionalists with practical skills is built up in a way that does not attract too much bad attention.
        2. As government affirmative actions itself into incompetence, this becomes public knowledge.
        3. More traditional minded people flock to small community – disgusted with the brazen incompetence and wanting positive things the community offers: order and non-pozzed education.
        4. At this point, the community can begin representing itself in a way that appeals to normal people – as above, order, family and tradition are very hard to argue against.
        5. Government in-fighting among ethnic groups intensifies and becomes it’s sole occupation. Each group striving for more gibs.
        6. Government focuses only on areas in which it actually has a presence – forgetting the community.
        7. The community, which is still of course paying tax dollars toward the government gains significant numbers and political clout to start extracting concessions from the government.
        8. At this point, the government recognises the community for the threat that it is. If the community is to formally remove itself it’ll either be peacefully or by force.
        9. Separation or submission?

        Of course, this ‘plan’ has plenty of holes, one of which is what happens to infrastructure that is owned by the state or large corporations that side with the state: Dams, telephone lines, power lines, road, waterworks, power stations…

        I also mention that words like ‘order’, ‘family’ and ‘tradition’ are hard to argue against, but the left loves to redefine terms so that is something to watch out for. By the time any of the above came to pass, I would not be surprised if a large portion of young women thought ‘family’ was a dirty word… Wait a minute.

        It does also seem worth noting that, from the examples of Rhodesia’s UDI and India’s partition, all parties has some form of representation in the political system of their opponents. I wonder if it would not have to be the same, at least initially, for any partition movement in the Anglosphere?

  24. What comes next? Do we look to political history? Or this not really politics but a domestic dispute. Bought and paid for tickets to a grand domestic dispute.
    The shrew nags, you aren’t allowed to watch your TV, you must listen to the nagging. You must continue to listen to the nagging. The nagging will not end.

  25. The first Terror was not unleashed until some Russians fought back and one tried (or allegedly tried) to assassinate Lenin. So when you write:

    This being a feminized age, even the vulgar revolutionaries lack the stomach to follow through on their desires. The woke women of the revolution can bully the soft men off the stage, but they will not be hanging anyone. Instead, this revolution will be satisfied to humiliate and harass. Women are much more vicious than men, so they will not have the decency to execute their enemies. Instead, ritual humiliation will be the end point of the coming show trials.

    I have to add “yet” and disagree it will be the end point. Some time in the next year or so there will be citizens forming death squads or using other means to take out this revolution. The reprisals will start then, and the vicious women will step it up–perhaps against other women, as the hatred runs deepest there. It is a feminized age but I would simply point to dried up hags like Pelosi and Feinstein and ugly vibrants like Talib and ask: is there any doubts whatsoever these evil bitches would not order extrajudicial killings?

  26. This has all gotten worse under Trump, and in the unlikely event he gets another four years it will do so at a pace every bit as fast as it would under the guy with dementia.

    • I actually think the re-election of Trump would accelerate the terror. This probably is the only good argument for his re-election because it will force the issue. I know others think his win would serve as opium for the White masses, but my guess is it will have the opposite effect.

        • I won’t discount it, but if mass violence against Whites–which almost certainly would happen–doesn’t wake them up, nothing will. I don’t have tremendous faith in my brothers and sister but still give them more credit than that.

      • A trump victory could be the worse of both worlds – opium for the White masses, and berserker mushrooms for POC and wahmens.

        • I’m convinced the State will unleash even more Hell on Whites if Trump is re-elected, and will return temporarily to slow boil if Biden wins. The threat is being sent now. I normally would agree with you but it is no opium for Whites unless they comply now.

          • The violence against YT after a Trump victory would be a paroxysm. The violence against YT after a Biden win would be steady and perpetual. Neither outcome is good, but under Trump we might at least be allowed to defend ourselves. We won’t be in a Biden admin. Or better, to defend ourselves we will have to break the new “laws.”

    • I don’t think it matters if Trump wins or loses. If Trump wins, the rage heads will rage. If he loses, they will triumphantly push through their agenda with the support of the Republicans. I think I’d rather take the former as it drives up their costs.

      • Just imagine a second term where Jared goes into the Oval Office and says “see, my woke s**t got you re-elected!”

        • I’m not big on imaginary futures. Trump winning is a better result than Biden winning, as far as dissident politics. It’s not a solution, but there are no solutions in the voting booth, just trade-offs.

          • The United States and its government are irretrievably broken and beyond repair. The only good reason even to vote at this point is to do so in a strategic way that further discredits and damages the State and hopefully puts some brakes on it.

            Normie Cons thought the IC, FBI and military were the greatest things since sliced bread prior to 2016. Most still do, unfortunately. More than a few Normie Cons, though, have been forced to re-evaluate their admiration and respect for those institutions because of the State reaction to Trump.

            I don’t expect anything or very much, anyhow, from a re-elected Trump outside of this: based on how it threw off the mask the first time, the Deep Police State will be even more vicious and dictatorial if he wins. I wouldn’t be shocked if the Banana Empire even refused to allow him to assume office or recognized the election results. We will return to a slow boil, at least initially, if Biden wins outright.

            People need to be shaken up. The Covid overreaction and the domestic terrorism have been helpful, but the State dropping any pretense of legitimacy would be considerably more helpful.

          • I don’t see it that way. I see him as a narcotic. So much time and energy by conservatards going into defending him personally. He’s a scumbag who would sell anyone out in a heartbeat. We’ll get nothing in term 2. Second terms are almost always useless anyway. Also, the recent Kodak deal is showing rank corruption on the scale of any other president. Don’t try to save a downer bull.

          • Trump’s highest goal in life is to be liked by Ivanka’s friends.

            He used whites as a booster rocket to get elected and after that he spent 3 years trying to get Ivanka’s friends to like him.

            He is only appealing to whites now, at this late hour, because he has been so completely spurned by Ivanka’s friends.

          • The only thing I want out of term 2 is a bit more time and ammo. There’s never enough of those commodities.

          • Not voting for Trump in the current year is objectively anti-white.
            What would a Trump re-election bring?
            We simply do not know.
            The potential to wreck havoc in our enemy’s camp is more than enough reason to desire it.
            Will proving that 2016 was not fluke force a great unhinging among the already mentally suspect?
            Will it force an irrevocable split between the DNC and the maoists?
            Will it accelerate the replacement of the old guard (Pelosi, Schumer) by the new blood?
            Will it produce a reboot of Russiagate and will this get the same ratings as the original?
            Given the pseudo-religious nature of the current madness, will it produce a sort of metapolitical Jonestown?
            Similarly, we don’t know what it will do to the establishment right.
            What will its impacts be on all the members of Conservative Inc desperate to return to the Before Times? Will the older ones bow out, as George Will has done? Or will they stay and continue to humiliate themselves?
            We simply don’t know what is going to happen, and anyone saying they know is either a fool, a fanatic, or is working some other agenda.
            The people now certain of what is going to happen were the ones surprised by what happened at Charlottesville, outraged that a politician would betray them, and dumbfounded that Conservative Inc would not work vigorously to defend their interests.
            What, the globalist elite was going to just slink away because of one election loss and some frog memes?
            To paraphrase Sun Tzu: I would rather eat Trump’s shit for four more years, and then see about a change of menu, than surrender and eat the left’s for the rest of my life.
            We should cultivate optimism, embrace political realism, prepare for all outcomes, work to turn every development to our advantage, and expect to be surprised.

          • I agree with what you wrote, but what do you say to the objection that if Trump wins, almost all normie whites go to sleep, believing that Trump is watching their back?

          • I’m sorry to learn that Mister George Will will no longer being humiliating himself at every public opportunity.
            He will be missed, if only as a sad parody of Conservative American.

          • …there are no solutions in the voting booth, just trade-offs.

            There isn’t even that for the vast majority of us, who don’t live in a legitimate “swing state,” and/or in a legitimate ‘swing county’ in one of the two (I think) states that allow for splitting of their electoral votes in the presidential elections. Not that many of us (and certainly not I) would, given the choice, opt for a scenario in which “trade-offs” should come into play in any case, but you get my drift.

    • Good call, Meme. This needs to be said twice.

      The natural reaction of Righties reading Z’s piece is understandably “then we need to make sure Biden loses.”

      But Trump has been no impediment to deplatforming, doxxing or cruel and unusual punishment for Whites.

      James Fields was given 419 years – for what was at worse the same crime “Caitlyn” Jenner got probation for.

      Trump has ordered the resumption of federal death penalty prosecutions which feature a vast-majority cast of White perps including Dylan Roof – a Bizarro World inversion of our real criminal population that feeds the perception that crazed White Nationalist killers are on the loose in droves.

      And Trump’s “law and order” credentials consist of Juicy-Booty Justice Reform and hiding behind a Bible that was burning his hands in D.C.

      Biden’s going to be no picnic on this either but having a Dem in office puts some Wokies to sleep just like Orange Soma does for Righties. They think their guy has them covered as he rakes in the loot and cracks jokes with “opposition” leaders.

      Whites have to look out for ourselves. No one in D.C. or your state capital is going to do it for you.

      • Ah yes, the winning by losing strategy. Conservative Inc has been pushing that one for as long as I’ve been alive.

        • I’m not suggesting we throw the election, and I don’t think Exile is suggesting that either (not that we even have the power to do so).

          I simply say plan the beginning of the end with the end of the end in mind. Would it have been “winning by losing” for those South Carolinian hotheads to let Honest Abe fire first?

          • I want Whites to stop telling themselves that voting GOP means anything beyond local races whose faces you might actually see day-to-day.

            But it’s always the same thing: we have to vote Dole, W, McCain, Romney b/c the Demonrats are worse.

            Political parties only change their policies in response to hard losses. No one is willing to demand a price of the GOP for their vote, so they get nothing in return.

            Even Blacks are smart enough to stay home if they don’t get gibs.

          • The dumber you are the harder it can be to con you.
            It takes a certain sort of imagination and vision in order to fall for a con.
            Not that blacks aren’t conned. Just that they are always faithful to the simple gibs for votes way.

          • The days for demanding the GOP change its ways are all gone. America exists in name only. In this sense the election is otiose. The only real question is, does the election have any impact on the prospects of a future Whiteland? If it does, then we must comport ourselves electorally in the manner most conducive to Whiteland’s establishment.

          • @Exile:
            In my neck of the woods, which is solidly Republican to the tune of 70:30 in the presidential elections (not that that matters in any case, but it serves to further solidify the point I’m about to make), there is a very visible and growing element, as each passing day brings us one day closer to November, that apparently finds it necessary and useful and expedient, to advertise their conviction in various and sundry ways, to all within seeing or hearing distance of them within the six mile radius of their daily excursions, that we all must VOTE TRUMP in November OR DIE! This would all be funny – hilarious even – if it weren’t so sad and demoralizing.

          • After Biden’s election, abdication and coronation of the Honkey Hating Woman of Color he picks as his running mate, you will be looking back at the Trump years as a golden age, comparatively speaking.

          • “I told you so” he crowed from behind his keyboard as the last White man standing went down.

            You’re a real inspiration.

          • It’s not my intention to discourage the creators of Honkeytopia if that’s what you’re wound up about. Upon her coronation, Biden’s vice president will be a bigger impediment to that project than my expectations could ever be.
            Not thinking about bad outcomes does not prevent their occurrence.

          • You want to have any influence in your Community then you support them that way when the time comes they are in your corner supporting you…

          • Was replying to Mr Morris about those people who were showing their support for Trump in his Neighborhood…It says who you are replying too right under your screen name…Hope that helps…

          • Speaking of South Carolina, are we “winning” by seeing the re-election of Mis Lindsey? Of course not. I would be stuffing envelopes for that nigger every weekend if I lived there. The whole, Trump betrays us at every turn but play beat the clock with his re-election doesn’t wash with me. The clock struck midnight at least 10 years ago.

          • Focus their minds by dashing their dreams and bringing down their orange god who has betrayed us at every turn. Whose fake ass metal slats he calls a wall went down in a wind storm. How fitting. Never indulge the naive.

        • It’s already F -ing lost. It has been for years. We can only hope that a system failure happens sooner rather than later as each passing year saps the time, energy and social capital, what little is left, of what this country used to be.

      • Yes, the DOJ will continue to terrorize the dissident right regardless of whether Trump or Biden are “in charge.”

        I know voting for Trump just to watch the left freak out is engaging in Finkelthink—both the left and the right have been trained to vote not to get anything from their side, but only to watch the other side lose its shit—but if a Trump vote helps destroy the Republican Party (they still hate him) then a vote has value in that.

        The Republican Party deserves to die for the way it constantly betrays its white voters. Trump betrays them too but he can be used as a cudgel to destroy the whole armature of GOP betrayal. Under Biden Republicans would only return to being the comfortable “don’t do that—see whitey, we’re fighting for YOU!” contrarians putting up a farce of fake opposition. They don’t deserve that comfort. They deserve to be bled out.

        • One of the few benefits of the 2016 election is it forced the State to reveal how truly vicious and dangerous it is. Normie Cons thought the DOJ/FBI were decent and honorable institutions but some, at least, have seen how corrupt and evil these domestic spy agencies are. In a legitimate country, a failed coup at a minimum would result in dissolution of the groups involved. In some ways I’m glad the feds have decided to let it slide and continue to try to seize power out in the open.

        • For me, I don’t want the evil “invade the word, invite the world” neocon scum burrowed in the GOP to use a Biden win as a mandate that their anti-white ideology “won.”

          People like Kristol need to feel pain and defeat, and BADLY so. Look how much they’re kvetching about an—on paper so far—modest troop withdrawal from Germany. These scum need to be driven from all halls of power and banished to Israel, and if Trump drives these people crazy, good. No more white cannon fodder for Israel’s wars. No more wars for Israel.

          Unfortunately, while Trump drives these neocon scum up the wall, he is also too weak. He hasn’t learned anything from hiring Bolton and other neocons, even if so far he’s avoided being pressured into war by them. (No mean feat in itself!) Bolton should be eating gruel in Guantanamo Bay, or expelled to Tel Aviv with his US passport confiscated. (Yeah he’s a goy, but he’d be more at home there than here.)

          • The hiring of Bolton to begin with was like putting a tattoo on his forehead “I’m too stupid for this job.” We’ll leave our foreign bases sometime after the currency crisis.

        • Totally agree. Also, I think there’s a lot of perfectionism in the Trump hate I see here sometimes. Trump isn’t perfect, Trump is a sellout, a ziocuck, Trump’s wall is fake and gay. What I’m certain of though is that Trump is right now the best way to destroy both the GOP and the Democrats. His staying power illustrates the uselessness of the establishment GopE and his mere presence pushes the Left to keep antagonizing based and well armed whites. So Trump’s policies are near useless? So what. The man himself is tremendously useful as blasting powder to clear away both sides of our rotting establishment. To use a computer metaphor, he’s a system rescue USB stick that you use to reformat a corrupted hard drive. You can put what you want there once you’ve cleared out the malware.

          I’d also like to say I’m slightly increasing my odds on there not even being an election or for the thing devolving into a weeks long riotfest followed by a refusal of both sides to accept the result no matter what it is. This thing has obviously gone way beyond Trump the Tepid and Biden the Befuddled. This may well be it for our favorite failed state.

      • I’m genuinely curious if people who were attacked by the left at Trump’s rallies in 2016 will vote for him again.

        He ignored his supporters completely… no extra protection at follow-up rallies, no investigations and prosecutions of the attackers from his DOJ (if anything, the investigations and prosecutions fell on his supporters!), no protection from deplatforming and doxxing online, not even any hollow words of sympathy in tweets or speeches!

        Trump treats his supporters like disposable wipes. He is execrable. It all boils down to whether there are enough new people hopping on the rusty Trump train to offset the margin of people who have been demoralized into indifference or silenced. We’ll see in a few months…

    • Dissident politics will not save the West.
      Our tribe placed under greater and greater duress to the point where instincts are awakened and a tidal reaction is built up is what will eventually save white civilization. It will be in the 11th hour and once awakened it will be rapid, pervasive and violent. No significant numbers outside of our thing will have been motivated by HBD, the JQ, the Western Tradition, nor the rest of the sing-song we peddle. It will all happen because nature will have been pushed to the brink and forces beyond the control of man will have been prodded into existence and unleashed.

      The single most useful thing we can do is to help drive those forces to the brink. More Robin DiAngelos, yes…show trials, keep your political energies local, stop pining for a Great White Hope it’s too late (Buchanan was the last gasp and the last time it could have made a difference), surreptitiously drive our enemies to greater and greater fits of hysteria. Let us so rattle the cage that good whites can no longer play anti racist and yet live quietly in places like Marin County or Woburn or in a wooded Connecticut getaway. Raise the heat so that the lines are clearly drawn and the only option for identity is skin color because playing any other game holds consequences that are unacceptable.

      Dissident politics is not a reasoned alternative to the current milieu. You don’t turn a herd with reasoned arguments. You do so with fear, pain and anger. Light a metaphorical barn fire wherever and whenever. We are the world’s apex predator…but we need someone coming at us with a blow torch and a claw hammer to get us in the groove. For honor and duty to come to the forefront we need our comforts turned into kindling.

      • The only reason I’m not totally blackpilled is because the Left is impulsive and prone to reckless violence. As ridiculous as politics in a failed state are, I expect the November U.S. elections will trigger a tsunami and probably not recognized as legitimate if the results are even known or revealed.

        People are about to be forced to act or suffer.

  27. With you all the way until the final paragraph. I truly question whether the Left will stop with ritual humiliation … and don’t think it’s safe to assume they lack the stomach for gulags or guillotines. Given the opportunity they’ll go the way of all tyrants. We haven’t evolved upward since Robespierre or Stalin.

    • I remember some Breitbart article showing antifa with their masks and guns, and a lot of sneering in the comments about how these faggy libs wouldn’t stand a chance. Weak people are really good at violence as long as they’re in tandem and if they have the blessing of the state.Talk to violence experts and they’ll tell you crazy people and women are especially dangerous during arrests (biting, eye-gouging). And they also have a large cohort of…diversity at their disposal, both the kinds who control the media sluice gates and can turn the deluge on and off at will (burn a city here, burn a city there) and the kind who will be happy to burn and break stuff provided they’re allowed to cart some living room sets out of the department stores they raid. Most of the rock-ribbed conservative/”Don’t Tread on Me” stuff might have been real at one point, but now is just a way to cleverly market F-150s and Bald Eagle shirts to normies. I suspect if you walked up to someone like Sean Hannity and started throwing punches in his face he would curl into a ball.

      • Weak and cowardly people are the most dangerous. Yes, these types run and whine whenever the State cracks down or citizens fight back, but as you point out, how often does that happen? If they knew the State was not their guarantor or death or injury were certain, most would be hiding. But the reality that hasn’t happened, at least not yet, and the punks have been emboldened.

      • Sean Hannity is one of the most ridiculous people on TV. Every once in a while I’ll check out what he is saying on YT and it is just cringe city. Sean Hannity was made for a different time and for different circumstances. He was made for the 1970s or before when the country was presumably more unified. He views everything through a Republican Democrat partisan lens, or at least he speaks as if he does. He’s a good little cuckservative.

        • I was on a multi-hour morning drive recently and listened to Glen Beck for the first time in years. He really is confused and lost. The guy would come up to the line a time or two and then blink and retreat to the old time religion. It actually was sad. I cannot expect the other cuck bloviators are much better.

          • He can’t handle a world that’s moved on from the Clinton-Obama era of Red-Blue. So he chooses not to and ends up sounding like a schizo – seeing a world the rest of us know doesn’t exist anymore.

            Boomers & Xers alike were supposed to be accustomed to change and new ideas but both of our generations seem to be more ossified and out-of-touch than Silents were.

          • Yep. That is exactly it. He’s a man of a different time, only it doesn’t come off as nostalgic, it comes off as pure cringe.

          • Beck is a grifter and I suspect he has mental health issues related to his addictions, so it is hard to tell whether he is dissembling. But his confusion seemed genuine.
            I think these types are not at all dissimilar from people who have been in cults or severely strict religions and come to realize things they believed were false. That’s not a call for deprogramming, really, but it shows the work carved out for us.
            The Silents lived in a milieu that necessitated they have a grasp on reality. War and poverty used to have those effects on people. Boomers and X’ers had the luxury of indulging absurdities such as blank slatism and magic dirt. Some Silents believed this BS, too, and many Boomers and X’ers rejected these fantasies, but as a rule that is correct.
            Beck is a late Boomer/early X’er (I Googled–’64) and displays the worse traits of many if not most in those generations.

          • Beck’s both – the huckster true believer type that gets high on his own supply. Just smart enough to rationalize his grifts as justified and moral but dumb enough to think he’s not full of sh*t 100% of the time.

            “I had to grift the TruCons in order to save them.”

        • Hannity is the perfect midwit enforcer for the kind of “opposition” politics that the kosher sandwich is founded on.

          • Hannity is like Limbaugh and Chris Farley in one body. On the one and, it is Limbaugh’s 1980’s style conservatism and on the other Farley’s about to have a stroke energy level.

          • The big man could really move. See that episode of SNL where Farley competes with Patrick Swayze for a job as a Chippendale dancer.

        • I don’t blame him and his audience for their civnattery; it comes with their age. Old people always fossilize the worldviews of their early adulthood and no one generation is particularly prone or immune to this.

          This is why the country will really go up in flames as Boomers pass away and even Xers start retiring… civnattery will die with them and younger generations will be polarized by race and ethnicity because no one will have any memories of the nation as a unified polity.

          Boomers have been our safety valve. The safety valve is rusting away…

          • The country isn’t going up in flames. That was just me breaking wind near a candle. Sorry 😀

      • In 1993, we had a major Antifa-outbreak in Copenhagen, with an entire borough taken over by them. A friend of mine lived near the epicenter, in a street controlled by Hell’s Angels drug pushers. It that street, nobody locked their cars, because people knew HA was policing their own home turf.

        My friend, who was from the provinces, lived right across where they dealt drugs, a scene that endlessly shocked and fascinated him – he could name the names of every single drug dealer in the street.

        So in 1993, about hundred Antifa came through the street, chanting slogans, smashing bikes and car windows – a solid proof these guys were not locals, but the progeny of suburban champagne socialists.

        One of the bikers, a 200 lbs bald guy with a spiderweb tattooed on his face, suddenly came bursting out of his front door. “THIS IS JÆGERSBORGGADE!” he bellowed – the name of the street. He then grabbed the nearest Antifa and proceeded to kick the everliving daylights out of him.
        Suddenly, something dawned on these people. This guy with the spiderweb on his face was not a police officer! He wasn’t going to politely bop you on the head as per regulations, and he wasn’t going cart you off to a nice cozy cell with a bunk and a hot meal if you tapped out, only to let you out the next day. No, this guy was not playing at being violent, he was dangerous! This guy could kill you, for Lenin’s sake!

        So these hundred brave urban resistance fighters kept a respectful distance while their comrade-in-arms was being processed into fast food feedstock. When the biker was done, they picked him up and left Jægersborggade quiet and in good order.

        As an aside, the 1993 Antifa riot ended when the police decided enough was enough and opened fire on a crowd with hard ammunition. After the crowd was dispersed, they went around the emergency rooms and arrested anyone with a gunshot. If they were too poorly off to be moved, they were handcuffed to the hospital gurney.

        But despite firing more than a hundred rounds, not one single Commie had been killed, so the upshot was that the police upgraded their sidearms from 9mm full jacket to 10mm hollow point.


        Since then, Denmark hasn’t had any real trouble with Antifa. They harass right wing political meetings, but they toe the line when the police is there.

          • Alas, the police cracked down on biker gangs some years back, so outside of Christiania, all the drug gangs are Mohammadan.

        • I keep saying…’you only have to shoot a few…’
          You only have to sink one or two boats. You only have to shoot a couple of people at the border. You only have to shoot a couple. Amazing how that works…

          • <i>You only have to sink one or two boats.</i>

            Yes, and then leak a video where you machinegun survivors in the water.

            Of course, you’d only need to kill a single one if you could have Angela Merkel hold up the decapitated head, Kathy Griffin-style, warning that this is what happens when you violate the Mutterland.

            Thousands of lives could have been saved, if you’d followed such a sensible and humane policy from the start.

        • They must have imported the black bloc fags I saw last year at Scandza. Quite a few of them didn’t toe the line until they got dropped or had a dog on them.

          Paludan’s appearance was a Bug-light for them, drew a crowd from all over your former vassal-states.

          • Quite a few of them didn’t toe the line until they got dropped or had a dog on them.

            But they DID get dropped or had a dog on them, I take it? They were not allowed to just Charlottesville you?

            I walked with Pegida two times, until it dawned on me they where kosher right. I never experienced any real problems, but having a getaway car for when it was over and the police went home, was a good idea. Some people were followed and attacked in the subway.

          • Mind you, they WILL take your mugshot and their photographers are excellent. You’ll go on file and if they find out who you are, they put up posters in your neighborhood with your portrait, calling you a Nazi.

          • I have an entire portfolio of Antifa mugshots courtesy of both Copenhagen & Oslo. I minimally resemble my passport photo and very much resemble an 80’s celebrity. I hope I created a fair amount of dissonance with little risk to my person. I made it back through the pozzed hellhole that is Cuck Island, so something worked.

          • Yeah, as I posted at the time, the cops were a mixed bag.

            The Copenhagen police clearly did not want us there – they saw our event as the cause for the unrest, particularly Paludan. They did not do a proper job of separating the antifags from the venue – too close. But that was arguably down to picking a venue too close to a major street. Oslo worked better in that respect.

            But when we left and got mini-swarmed, the cops showed up fast and did a respecable cordon around my group. About a dozen of the anarchists got manhandled and vanned as we traveled between the venue and the first bus the cops could hail for us.

            The Oslo cops seemed more frosty with us overall than Copenhagen’s did, FWIW. I felt less threatened by the cops than I would have felt in any American protest though – by a fair margin.

          • I’m glad to hear it went well.

            I’m sorry to report that the Scandza meeting was a non-event in Danish media and had similarly low priority with Antifa. The disright in Scandinavia is almost 100% kosher and civnat, they’re not too sure about Greg’s utility.

            I know that it’s extremely unpleasant to have them up in your face, but by “toe the line”, I mean they don’t do mass chimpouts anymore, they don’t smash shop windows and burn cars. Their handlers have dialed them down to a slow boil.

            That said, I was extremely dismayed to see the numbers of people showing up to the George Floyd beatification ceremony in Copenhagen. I had expected a couple of hundred at the very most – such stories rarely travel to Denmark and this was the first time American police brutality mysteriously became part of the Danish political conversation.

            They must have had an influx of Soros money and organizers, because they had drummed up in the neighborhood of ten thousand useful idiots, an outrageous number for such a patently irrelevant US import.

          • The St. George coordination was off the charts. Here in the States, places across the continent from one another were in absolute lockstep within a matter of hours. It seemed the same throughout Europe (outside our people, the Ghanan lovefest and exhortation for African expats to flee to there was wildly popular in certain quarters).

            And on a serious note, that well-oiled organization sent Westerners a clear message about who rules them. The first attempt at an international convulsion was after the jogger went down in Georgia but that fizzled as it became obvious his life was best snuffed out. Floyd’s death was an utterly irrelevant event even within the United States, which again shows how pre-planned the spontaneous outburst was.

          • We made some minor local news in Copenhagen. Oslo was more of a publicity shitshow with Greg’s arrest – I believe Frodi had to turn away a journo with actual clout. More virtue signalling on the part of the local authorities there.

            The idea that any of us were worth a protest was absurd, of course. We were more of a public threat after some midwinter mead some weeks later than we were at a speaking event with Collett & Frodi.

          • Oslo was more of a publicity shitshow with Greg’s arrest

            Yes, I’d forgotten about that.

            Norway has a fairly robust disright online community, but as I mentioned, it’s all run by the funny hats, Breitbart style, so your casual Norwegian nationalist punter, wouldn’t have heard about Counter Currents or Scandza before you guys showed up.

            So now the authorities have no idea who these weird Americans are either and they call the SPLC or something to get a handle on him. They’re informed that you’re evil Nazis, so they panic and arrest Greg.

            Or that’s what I think happened, at any rate.

            Also, allying with Rasmus Paludan was a mistake. I held my nose and voted for him because fuck you, but he’s a bona fide provo, a sort of political court jester that you get in parliamentary systems; he may be doing good work by saying what the courtiers dare not, but you’re not meant to take him seriously. Also, he’s utterly charmless. Probably nose-affiliated as well – he’s all about muh Islam and not so much about mass immigration, like Tommy Robinson.

            Next time, see if you can get Morten Uhrskov on board. He’s even uglier than Paludan, but he’s a serious person and solidly ethnat.

        • As an aside, the 1993 Antifa riot ended when the police decided enough was enough and opened fire on a crowd with hard ammunition.

          This is really the only way to stop rioting. Nothing else works. The U.S. understood this very well in the 1960’s.

      • The Bolsheviks were able to make the Tsar’s army do their bidding by capturing their families and putting guns to their heads. I expect the American left to do much better with the talent they have. Breitbart boomers, including many on this website, falsely think they’ll be fighting the kids they see on television. When the revolution comes, it won’t be antifa escorting them to the gulags. It will be elements of the police (including the FBI and ATF) and the military. And don’t believe the myth that the military will side with you. They won’t. Rod Dreher over at TAC has covered the transformation of West Point into a Marxist ideological factory. Most military are just there for a paycheck, it’s highly diverse and female, and many Whites are brainwashed with diversity dogma. They’ll see you as an “alt-right neonazi” to be destroyed. The left could easily co-opt the state to do their bidding. Karen doesn’t need to have the stomach to execute you herself when she can get a willing stooge, of which there are plenty (just witness the sea of Whiteness at BLM protests), to do it on her behalf. Those same Karens have been remarkably effective in crushing the right post 2016.

    • Given the opportunity they’ll go the way of all tyrants. We haven’t evolved upward since Robespierre or Stalin.

      I was going to counter you by pointing out the immense feminine presence in government, as well as the feminized male presence. The reasoning being that, as Z says, they’d not have the stomach for it. However, I think that a more realistic scenario is that the weak men and women present at the moment simply allow more brutal, masculine and tyrannical elements in, and then we get ours… So I reckon you’re on the money.

      Women can be manipulated/intimidated easily by a strong man hungry for power, and if Joe Smith won’t do it – and I don’t think he will in this current system – then Ahmoud Iqbal most certainly will. In this situation, as I’ve said below, we can only hope that more diversity equals less ability to organize and eventually, govern; resulting in only currently pozzed cities being truly under the iron fist.

      • Or, another scenario is that the queasy-minded simply turn loose their criminal element. That was the Left’s knee-jerk response to COVID, and they’ve shown that they’re not averse to criminalizing the unmasked while decriminalizing violence.

        Further, once upon a time while serving in the WH, I came across a diabolical wench by the name of Hillary. I got to know her a bit; got to know her staff well. No question in my mind that she and her toadies would both approve and cheer for Deplorable blood. That’s just one woman sociopath we’re familiar with … there are scores more that would make her seem saintly.

        • To your first paragraph: a very good point. This is much an extension of what I have seen from women in leftist circles who ‘feel sorry’ for the felon, he had ‘a bad childhood’ and should be ‘given a second chance’. As you allude to, this is doubly dangerous because the left view themselves as humanitarians do righteous work (freeing people) while they become oblivious to the catastrophic secondary effects: the violence.

          To your second paragraph: chilling.

      • Honestly – women don’t want Ahmoud Iqbal. Arabs / Pakistanis are pretty repulsive to women. 2nd gen immigrant women hop on the carousel just like all other women. Ahmoud Iqbal is basically useless in this society – his IQ isn’t high enough nor is he attractive. So he buys a 10 year old BMW with a loud muffler and puts on bling, maybe sells drugs.

        The only possibility is the Mexican cartels, imo. Unfortunately the white deplorables, while capable of this 100 years ago, are in a sorry state of obesity and drug addictions.

      • It’s easy for people to forget that the Cultural Revolution in Maoist China was largely female. There was a female figurehead too and she was executed when Mao came out of hiding with his famous swimming episode.

        The female nature was the source of the “struggle” sessions and the ritual humilation of it all and the backstabbing thievery. A lot of these things were just pretenses to find out where people had cash hidden.

        For all of the cries of Marxism by confused cucks, current day America is far more Chinese Maoist than anything Marx or Robespierre ever said or wrote. Funny too because so much of the American Red Guard was funded and supported by the Soviets, not the Maoists. The obsession with “racists” is just as crazy as Mao’s obsession with birds and the hell on earth the bird madness led to.
        Meanwhile, the cops flat out execute a white guy named Ryan Whitiker. When the cops shoot a fleeing black felon shooting a gun at the cops, they call it an execution, but when the cops flat out execute a white guy in his own apartment playing video games and making salsa, they trot out a black use of force “expert” to justify it. Guy literally was raising his hands in the air and trying to kneel down when he shot in the back. These disgusting louse aping journalism are backing the cops. When “hands up don’t shoot” actually hapens, the cockroaches in the media defend the murderer.

        • Great point about the feminine nature of the first Cultural Revolution. The Maoists encouraged broadcasting the humiliation rituals then, a sort of Oprah for the peasants and Judge Judy for the evil land owners. When our first anti-racism tribunals begin, possibly this time next year, they should be ratings bonanzas for American cable. Expect Klass Karen to be perpetually outraged–even more than usual–after binging.

        • Very interesting to hear of the female influence in Mao’s time. I’ll have to read up on that.

    • The stomach for death camps and such need not fall directly onto the leadership, only to a select group of flunkeys. There are always enough psychopaths in any society to man these positions. So it was with the German populous in WWII. NAZI’s were pretty bad as a whole, but when it came to mass killing, even they had to form subgroups to handle the dirty work of the day to day efforts in that regard. Call them “specialists” or what you will. There was no shortage among the populous to draw from.

          • This is what they want to do to us.
            But you’re not really right about the psychopaths. That’s why they have an oppression narrative. Is it really genocide when the group you are targeting is an oppressor?
            Normal, well adjusted people will do the most evil things in the name of self defense. Yes, it’s nice to have some psychos around ready to do your bidding, but by their very nature they are highly unreliable and might kill the wrong people. But the good, honest and upright person will do unimaginable evil in the name of self-defense and the defense of his people and do so with a clear conscious.
            Also, never underestimate routine activity and how quickly the unthinkable can become routine and unremarkable. Every single armed man in WW2, no matter what side they were fighting for, did what they did (none of the sides have clean hands) and thought nothing of it and even celebrated what they did. In many cases, 6 months prior, they were farmhands or machine operators or accountants or auto mechanics or florists or 10000 other mundane jobs.
            Five months ago seeing a mask in public was unheard of. People went their entire lives never having even seen a mask being worn in public. Think about how quickly something so strange became routine in a span of 2 months.

          • Exactly this tars. This is a very well mapped process at this point. You aren’t killing people. You are exterminating non-human vermin who have savaged the other peoples of the earth over centuries. A helpful visual guide for those (some of whom read this forum apparently) that still don’t ‘get it’.


          • And the louder they accuse you of doing this to them, the more you can rest assured that’s what’s on the menu for you.

          • If you can’t separate from the people exploiting you, what are the other options?

            Asking for a friend…

          • This list is a bit out of order and uses a vermin narrative instead of an oppression narrative.
            We’ve been ethnically cleansed from the cities in large part We’re being systematically excluded from the economy, education and now even legal protection at the trial (as in small scale, not legal trial) level. Same with targeted murdering and targeted crime fueled by outrageous lies in the media/press. It is largely the media and not the government that broadcasts propaganda about us.

          • I think some of these schemas used to include the tearing down of a people’s monuments – but that has been deleted. Interesting.

          • I’ve only read Plundering Hitler’s Germany, but the title alone of his red revolution book is an indicator that it’s a must buy(for anyone on this site who doesn’t know the truth about the bolsheviks)

          • Indeed. Trotsky’s White Negroes: The Censored Megacaust is a real eyeopener. This is a must read for anyone who is politically “right of center”.

          • Thanks for the link. As I was viewing the page, a headline came up saying ‘Zimbabwe buys back European farmers’. I was reminded of a time when Channel 4 news (leftist ‘alternative’ news channel in the UK) had to cut short their interviews with local Zimbabweans because they kept saying ‘bring back the white man’. Old Channel 4 didn’t like that… How dare that these people themselves wanted the white man’s help – we’re all equal after all.

      • Exactly right. The sociopaths are to be found in the large layer of GS-15s riddling the bureaucracy; the elected buffoons are the useful idiots.

      • The specialists were called “Einsatzgrupen.” They came through the towns of Poland, Ukraine, and Russia and found any “undesirables” and simply shot them. 8mm Mauser rounds were cheap then, and they still are. No need for putting the “undesirables” on a train and sending them to a FEMA camp; deal with them where you find them.
        I am a school teacher (in a private school), and I ask my students, “Do you think that if Antifa truly took over the country, and if there was a big red button they could push that would kill all the Trump supporters and ‘fascists’, would they push the button?”
        They always answer Yes. They know it would happen, and only the weakest civ-nat Boomers lack the courage to admit this as well.

    • The fruits and nuts might be looney enough to approve gulags but they have paymasters who are the tech and finance wizards and alchemists. I don’t see these people fooling around enough so their relatively fragile economy of magic comes toppling down. I doubt they would ever allow the more hands on stuff, at least not while flyover still has guns. That might make an awful mess.
      I could be wrong. It’s not the first time in history a ruling class did something dense.
      Still, they don’t need hands on stuff to win. All they need do is wait a generation. They could even ease up and throw us a few bones as they slow cook. And yet they don’t. The way that they act, you’d have thought time was on our side and not theirs. Donald really did a number on them. They do not like that man.
      They don’t really want old boy Whitey to die though, do they? What they really want is RESPECT. And they’ll never get it.

      • They want old whitey to Submit or Die…They don’t want respect they want us to fear them…

        • Precisely. At your feet or at your throat. All these twisted justifications for why they ‘won’t go there’ are just that – justifications. Same old projection of rational White thoughts onto the actions of noggers and hysterical women. And I’ll offer a slight emendation – they want Whitey to submit and then die. After all, they need no Whites in Wakanda.

          • I think the justification comes from people who know they are in no shape or prepared for that eventuality so they naysay it and deny it can happen so they can still sleep at night… Although the heat being cranked up a bit is waking more people up to the fact that there can be no peace with these people and they are at least looking at their options…

          • Rhodesia and South Africa show otherwise. #WhiteStrike/Atlas Shoah’d will work if we unplug enough functional cogs from their machine. And why anyone wants to stay at this point is beyond me. They’re not hiding what your future holds, Whitey. Get moving.

          • Yup.

            Sabotage the system in any way you can. Put as little money in as possible. Brown people have tons of little scams they run (ie. hacked TV boxes) and will set you up with them if you ask.

            Spend as little as possible. Cook meals at home. Price-match / only buy wholesome foods on sale – this causes the retailer to be at a loss on your purchase. Don’t take on debt.

            Etc. etc. The elites are already mad because YT doesn’t spend all his money on sneakers and cars the way our darker countrymen do.

          • Mark Steyn talked about this in After America – “Living in the Shadows” like the NuMericans do.

          • Yes. Cities are hungry things. They have a hard time being fed if Whitey balks hard.
            I would welcome a firing on Fort Sumter event but I suspect it is not in the interest of the actual oligarchs (not the woke goblin pets) to bring this about quite yet. They want to win the White House, or a pretext to grab it if Trump wins the mail-in circus. They want footage of white guns standing over black bodies.

          • Valid point, but I would differentiate between the rulers and the mobs in South Africa. Some of the blacks in power realize they need a certain % of Whites to keep the lights on, but the majority of the foot soldiers do not. Once riled up they are difficult to control. I would suggest that’s why they’re killing off their remaining Whites so rapidly.

          • Richard Leakey of Kenya. 2nd generation anthropologist. I guess the family could have gotten UK citizenship, but he could not exactly take his work elsewhere 😀

          • The only problem with Wakanda is it doesn’t exist 😀 Alas, this fact will not alter the delusions or the destructiveness of those in power who are convinced their Utopia is achievable.

          • One thing that upsets white women is that average white men don’t worship them.

            No matter how hard the strong wammin at work tries, I just can’t take her seriously. Most white men don’t. We sit there and listen respectfully. But we just can’t take them seriously.

            They really hate this, and in the same way we do not take our gynocratic elites seriously either. They think that by screaming more, or being nastier, that we will respect them. But it doesn’t work.

          • Good God, man, we all understand they hate us. So please stop trying to frighten us with your horror stories. We get it. They’re the enemy. There’s no living with them. But rather than trying to scare people into cocoons, we need to plan courses of action and embolden one another to take them.

          • Oh I had enough before it even got started Brother which is why I’ve advocated for building Communities for going on 10 years now…I know where power comes for and it’s never been from individuals it’s always been from a collective…That’s not to say that their is no figure head but it’s power comes from the collective…That’s why I don’t understand why people stay where they have no power and no hope of ever gaining power which means that they are just meat for the grinder as you have found out from experience…

          • Agree Lineman. Prospects seem a little brighter where we live. When I talk w/ like-minded friends who decided to stick it out a bit longer to make the big-bucks in Progville, they’re defeatist. Understandably defeatist. They’re locked down, wearing masks, unarmed, and watching their corporations and local governments cave on everything. They’ve been conditioned by fear and the expectation of government security, so they have every reason for pessimism.

            I’ve been telling them for 10 years to get out … but they “need” (i.e. want) a few more bucks. I try to tell people there’s money to be made in every area of rural white America. Then there’s the community of tradesman and networked artisans that can fabricate just about anything in their backyard workshops … you simply can’t find that in the city. And you can grow and/or hunt food … I call it phantom income, because that’s money we don’t have to spend in the supermarket. At this point in history, though, I have no sympathy for white urban refugees. If they’re my age or older they should’ve been seeing this coming since the early 2000s.

            All that to say – no wonder some of these folks think they’re already defeated. They are. And they can’t imagine how any white man can live differently, unplugged from the madding crowd. Please keep piledriving the community thing – it’s important for the one in one hundred who will actually do something about it.

          • Thanks Brother it gets tiring week after week to hammer on it and I’m sure others get tired of hearing me say it and some even get their panties in a bunch for me even bringing it up but in my opinion it’s the only way we win or even survive so I will keep at it until they shut down the internet…Thanks for the moral support and doing that where you are at…

          • 10-20% of a population is what you need. The rest will come on board as you gain momentum. Most of the people will not sign on to any risky endeavor unless and until they see you have a following. Not necessarily huge, but big enough.

          • Agree. And that 10-20% need not try to start a “movement” … that’s actually when it goes off the rails. It’s a matter of making a track-change away from the Joe Normie lifestyle, going all-in on matters of home/hearth/community, and being careful to not cast pearls before swine. I’m a slow learner, but finally figured out to only invest time/energy into those with demonstrative skin in the game, particularly the bold and game young folk that might be good potential mates for my kids.
            I’m still not sure if that 10-20% will eventually change the dynamics as others come onboard, or if they’re just going to be a surviving remnant in a Brave New World. I think the positive momentum is a sure thing – truth always prevails – but don’t expect it in my lifetime. It’s the unknown future … the key is to continually adapt for the battle that is, not the battle we want.

      • Rarely mentioned is this idea: In any given society or government, there almost always is a ruling elite. Call them the junta or a plotocracy or whatever. Yes, they will manipulate what they can to suit their own interests. But often overlooked is that even the ruling elite usually — usually — is already benefitting by pulling the levers behind the scenes. They benefit from the status quo. So the skeptic should ask “Why?” when somebody claims the Elite are trying to subvert things. What would they gain?

        • Until an elite totally consolidates power destabilization can work to their advantage – it depends on which levers they hold and how strongly they hold them.

          Is there a specific theory that you’re counter-signalling?

        • Ben highlights the fundamental problem of political philosophy: “In any given society or government, there almost always is a ruling elite.” So how can the non-elite set up a government in which they don’t get exploited or oppressed?

          I don’t think that intellectual cleverness can solve this problem. By definition, the elite can always oppress the non-elite. No constitution will save us.

          Our best bet is to go sub-rational, to the more powerful emotional level. We must have elites who love us, or at least don’t hate us, and ethnonationalism is the safest bet.

          • You replace the elite with your own – one that is sympathetic to and reflects popular will and values instead of despising the proles and toadying to hostile foreign traditions and sensibilities.

        • They’re not subverting, they’re consolidating. That said, I think there’s too much emphasis on the elite and insufficient appreciation of just how much of The Madness springs from the Hutus. Were it not for the savages there would be no foil juxtaposed to YT and there would be nobody willing to burn, loot and murder en masse. It’s better to be deplatformed from Twitter than to be bludgeoned to death with baseball bats.

    • >>>We haven’t evolved upward since Robespierre or Stalin.

      I have no problem seeing many of the younger, bright-eyed nitwits who “present the news” on major media, adapting quite well to a future position where they sign a dozen death warrants every day.

  28. Years ago I remember someone saying that men fear being humiliated more than they fear being killed. You can actually see this in some fights, like the one where Duran “no mas’d” because he couldn’t handle Ray Leonard’s clowning. I guess the harpies really do have male-kryptonite, then, since getting lined up against a wall with a blindfold and shot is sort of a romantic partisan death, while being forced to wear a kente cloth and attend a drum circle with some slam poetry is even worse than Hawaiian shirt day with Bill Lumbergh.

    • Men are willing to brave death and risk their lives. What they are not willing to risk is life in prison as a disgraced man who brought dishonor on his family.

      • Being an unemployable man might be almost as bad as being imprisoned. Repeat the lies and feed your family, or stick by your principles and no longer be able to provide? I suppose the best you can do is work in the trades or run your own small business, and then at least you don’t have to worry about HR harpies tattling on you for telling a joke. But the FAANG (Facebook, Amazon, Apple, Netflix, Google) has taken a big bite out of small businesses, as has Covid.

        • I suppose the best you can do is work in the trades or run your own small business,
          Or do both another thing is BC so the people you are working around are your people… Society has atomized us for a reason and we need to realize that and do everything possible to fight against that…

        • There are some fates truly worse than death. I am kind of sympathetic to this view. It is much more glorious to die a martyr than to be a disgraced person either in prison or unable to support your family. Living in humilation and poverty for decades watching everything collapse is worse than dying trying to fight. At least that’s how I imagine it. This is why they don’t want us to have anything to fight for.

          • With a system like this, always make sure you’re getting more out of it than you’re putting into it. The Obamacare insurance is the perfect example. Millions of people paying thousands a year for insurance but zero healthcare until a massive deductible is reached. It’s better to go naked and hide your assets. Just one small example. Don’t be a sucker who does things by-the -book. Not when some illegal alien can traipse in here and squat an American on the Hospital steps. You’re not stealing, you’re just withholding what’s rightfully yours. Never let the vampires take your blood. Don’t feed a finished society.

        • I live this every day and it is as bad as you think it is. I took a principled stand against a brown racist and I burned badly for it and still am. This is why I’m not totally unsympathetic to those that ‘go along to get along’. Taking a stand when no one else around you is will make you either a martyr or turn you into the invisible man as you described here.

          That thick criminal jacket they piled onto me was full of bogus charges because that is what prosecutors do today and why the conviction rate is 95+ %. The financial loss to me of the last few years is an incalculable number as I’ve had to hustle and grind and ‘work around’ the nice scarlet letter of a rap sheet. This will happen to any who resist and you are seeing it more & more now with the lawyers who are being charged, the white lady in Michigan and her husband who are being charged, etc.

          I was an ‘early adopter’ I like to think and it is the reason I’m now positioning myself as best I’m able to not only leave DC for the Pacific NW / Midwest at minimum, but more likely the country if I can pull it off. Men like me cannot survive in these pozzed out blue areas we are VERY threatening to the power structures in place and it becomes obvious by our appearance & speech quite quickly making us targets.

          • Leaving DC is a blessing. I couldn’t be paid enough to live in that area. Choose the Pac NW. I was recently in North Idaho and loved it.

          • It’s getting bad enough in the urbs that having a masculine voice and an ounce of swagger gets you painted as a target.

            The soyim know.

            Country boys are not like this, gentlemen. And country girls are a notch up as well. Get out inna woods already.

          • Apex, does your name show up as an internet felon each time an HR lady searches on you?

          • 100% of the time. I’ve had half a dozen job offers pulled once we got to ‘background check’. It is, as you can imagine, incredibly demoralizing especially given the absurd clown world circumstance that caused it but I soldier on somehow… *shrug*

          • This is also a great example of why we need to build communities and look for ways to support each other. Someone has a rap sheet for fighting back against the vibrant community? Sounds like a big plus in the hire column for those of us in this side of the great divide.

      • Men who still have honor in this era are tortured souls. I refuse to have honor in a society that doesn’t value it or deserve it. Honor is a two way street, not a one way street.

          • Honor is for your people. I’ll leave it to you to work out the details wrt who and what and where. But honor is not going anywhere.

  29. Women are definitely capable of greater cruelty, as their emotions will lead them into fanaticism with greater velocity. They also display an affinity for revenge that is sometimes astonishing. Unlike most men, they do not know when to stop.

    • Problem with woman fanaticism is that many bitches hold positions of power. Legal system is stacked with them.
      Jews conviced white women that’s in their best interest to go against their own race & ruin white men in divorce cases.

      • There are plenty of these female lunatics all over the corporate world as well.

        • You are correct, but the image of having a white man be judged by a white woman, or worse, BY A BLACK WOMAN, is a parody, reminiscent of Kafka’s Trial.
          It’s clownword, where savages judge the men who brought civilization.

    • There’s a funny aside in Gene Wolfe’s Book of the New Sun where Severian, the main character and member of the Torturer’s Guild, narrates how the guild used to admit women but found they could not be trusted to do just the torture assigned to them and instead always went above and beyond what the law proscribed….

      • I’ve read here and there that back in the bad old days, afghans & injuns (feather not dot) would turn prisoners over to the women folk for extra attentive torture.

        • When you‘re wounded and left on Afghanistan’s plains, And the women come out to cut up what remains, Jest roll to your rifle and blow out your brains An’ go to your Gawd like a soldier

          The Young British Soldier Kipling.

        • Bottom of the totem pole, they finally got their chance to work out some built up frustrations. I’m sure they looked forward to those battles.

      • I’ve cited that here before in this context – Wolfe is the best and seemingly the last really serious writer in the genre, classic-lit tier. Doesn’t need the genre conventions to support his writing, doesn’t lean on clever plots or tropes. Rock-solid insightful writing about the human condition – and women in particular. 99% of writers in sci-fi/fantasy now pander to women & everything non-straight-male in general – so they have nothing serious to say about them.

        Even Glen Cook pozzed-out in his Black Company revival from a few years back.

        • Fantasy and Sci-Fi morphed to a genre that didn’t exist 30 years ago…”Young Adult”. What do the young like?….being told how “edgy, brave, and bold” they are.

          YA books are the most pozzed books on the planet. Unreadable, and have been for decades. I can’t believe kids used to read things like Dumas, the Iliad, and Mark Twain for light, fun reading.

          • These weren’t meant for you and while I read Dumas and Dafoe for fun most young people around me did not.
            This trend started in the 80’s. Teen lit in those days was mush.
            Some of the early 20k teen lit books were decent though and the Maze Runner series and movie is pretty good.

          • young adult novels involve female teens who are stunning & perfect, stronger than male counteparts, they are involved in love triangles.
            Lowest form of literature, below porn.

          • Haven’t read the books, but the “Hunger Games” movies are clearly about life in Soviet America

      • A not-so-funny aside for torture. I forget the source, but the claim is that in ancient China, as part of a apprentice torturer’s training, he was given a victim for his practice. The victim had to survive for at least one year 🙁

    • Men are supposed to check women’s excesses. It’s one of the things we were made for. Ultimately it’s a comment on the sad state of men.

      • Sad state of men comes from being surrounded by women all their lives & working alongside them(which ruins testosterone growth) & destroying man only spaces(which ruins male bonding).
        It’s not only the current generation who is at fault, in fact the main blame belongs to those who came before.

        I assume holding iphone near crotch contributes as well(affects sperm count).

    • Women hate, and despise weak beta men. Right now all men are weak and beta as a collective (regardless of the individual cases) and women hate them.

      Every woman wants a Mr. Right – wealthy, smart, sexy, fit, dominant. The leftist women crave it more. Now that men will not, and legally cannot act “Alpha” and take charge of their woman, women cannot get it. In fact the entire system has worked to reduce the number of wealthy and dominant males.

      As usual women don’t know what they want and require a man to set them straight. Unfortunately this time society will have to collapse before a reset happens.

      • They want it both ways. They want to be dominated and want to call the shots at the same time. Hence the roll in the hay with the guy above but then marrying the cucked Beta because he’s controllable. They know they have the legal power, so the relationship with the dominant guy will blow up at some point. She’ll even have his kids and then pawn them off on a Beta like some Cuckoo bird.

        • This. Wealthy is not an issue when you aren’t the one supporting them.
          Spoiler Alert – ladies, scroll down, man-stuff here.
          Young guys with confidence issues and other incel-spectrum problems should be cutting their teeth on these thirsty wine-cougars. You aren’t going to marry them, they don’t want kids and you don’t really care about their feelings so they’re a good live-fire social skills course. You can miss a turn or two and still make it to the finish line.
          Resume normal co-ed programming.

      • To make matters worse, even in the best of times a Woman is a problematic acquisition 😀

        • Women are great, but subject to mass hallucinations. The women of our era were told to tattoo themselves and become ho-s and they did. Imagine living in the WW2 era and having all those women around who liked being women. Women like that don’t grow on trees these days and mostly were raised in very rural environments.

          • The US was majority urban by the 1920’s and odds are those quality women lived in a big city.

    • It took me decades to unlearn all the feminist brainwashing I received as young man about how wonderful women are. For years it was almost impossible for me to view women accurately as a group, with all their selfishness, vanity, and cruelty.

    • This is absolutely true. The americn indian warriors left the wounded on the battlefield , and the women of the tribe moved in to torture the survivors to death . if you read history , this is talked about after a lot of famous battles like little big horn. It would hurt the pride of a warrior to do such a thing .

  30. The ritual and endless humiliation & hounding of the “guilty“ heretics may satisfy the woke mob for a while, but the savages will eventually demand blood – and there will be blood.

    • Hmmmmmmm.
      There will be blood. I’m not sure it will be spilled the way our esteemed blog host posits, though.
      Show trials and propaganda and psyops are all higher orders of warfare. How is the left going to get there? Look at the late CHAZ. Or Seattle, or Minneapolis or Chicago: they can’t run a city at peace. Do you think these morons could wage a civil war, win it, and then entrench their power with organized purges and coordinated show trials?
      No, you can’t run a govt on fear alone. This is why Africa can’t rise out of the Neolithic Age. Every one of those countries will wipe out entire tribes of enemies without a second thought. They won’t hesitate to burn and loot among their own either.
      If you go all in on fear, you will engender rage in people…and when you do that, fear doesn’t work anymore. A govt needs to be also able to instill hope, loyalty and inspiration and provide security to its own. Stalin and his successors “kinda-sorta” could…but how long did they last? 60 years? 70? Today’s Lefty can’t do any of that.
      I am not sure about this, but I think that is why they hate fascists so much. The methods of socialism and fascism are much the same… but, on average, fascists are far better at it than the socialists are.

      • The left doesn’t yet have a coterie of capable, brutal leaders to effect that situation, and maybe there’s no one on their bench capable of it, but I’m not convinced that there doesn’t exist anyone on the left willing to consolidate power and use violence to maintain their control. There can’t be any doubt that they’ll be able to furnish themselves with progressive lackeys willing to unquestioningly follow orders for the cause.

        • Violent lefties are a dime a dozen. Ones that can effectively control things? I don’t see one.
          If they gain supremacy on the street they will fall to fighting amongst themselves, especially if they rely on blacks for their dirty work as they are currently doing.

          • its not as if they want to keep order anyway, when they gain power they will deem the roaming gangs of joggers “community police” and carry on from secluded exurbs for the Party, while the urban and eventually suburban and rural America are taken over by the hordes of crickets from below.

            also, the smarter leftists want to delegate things to machine-like military. true, their diverse military will be less effective, but that just means the empire will fall, and the soldiers with surplus M14s and Shermans will be used to patrol the streets, probably hopped up on substances and eventually with enough tech on them to be considered androids. i wouldn’t put it past them to eventually have clone armies, as the CCP has tried with the Crispr babies (wouldn’t be surprised if it’s rolled out secretly). but that will probably be 22nd century, when they already have gained control. the only hope is that the feet of clay of diversity makes their system so stupid it can be upset by traditionalists/nativists, but that’s why they are trying to run the clock by secularizing and sissifying the native/traditional Western populations, with whites first and most on the guillotine (and some hapless allies, most have joined the brown-yellow-Semite forces though).

            at any rate, the psyop must be won first; go on offense slowly, patiently, non-violently, allow martyrdom (why do you think the Left emotionally remember MLK and JFK more than LBJ or FDR who implemented more of their platforms), become the good in the minds of the people, pysop won. then raise real forces, as opposed to huddled masses and martyrs, when enough sacrifice demands a response – and such real-world response is able to at least sustain itself, as long as necessary.

          • The National Police Force will be most inclusive- and solve the problem of the hardcore unemployables, prison convicts.

          • The conspiracy nut in me thinks this is why they’re pushing robots and ‘machine learning’. They think they’ll have an army of machines to fight for them, or at least a bunch of video gamers to control the machines (hence their attempt to convert gamers, which hasn’t gone well).

          • Don’t see a lot of black faces at BLM riots. Certainly not a majority. There are mostly white women in the majority, along with white and some Hispanic men. Can’t really tell whether the men are feminized or maybe just looking for easy opportunity. The NFAC is different…most all are black men.

      • A bit of truth there. I’d add: when you kill off one tribe, or perceived enemy group, the problem is you need to find a new enemy. And so on…

        • Satan is a good one, sucks you don’t believe though and have to find material enemies, doing his work in the end.

          • What I believe is immaterial (except, perhaps, to me). Even if I were to claim to be God’s solider (or accepted the label of being Satan’s minion), at the end of the day, it is still humans killing humans. 😟
            Religious affiliation (or lack of one) is as good an excuse as any. Depending upon who has the upper hand, they can then declare the believers (or unbelievers) the enemy. And so it goes.

      • They don’t need talented leadership if they can guilt-trip enough Whites into suicide and/or surrender. This is the strategy being used. If they can get enough Whites to submit, they will go beyond cultural genocide into actual slaughter.

      • You are clearly stuck in a model for ‘revolution’ that simply isn’t necessary in our current situation. In fact, it is peculiar that you are positing it at all given the tectonic shift we’ve seen in the last few months.

        This isn’t the foot soldiers of CHAZ or Portland who are setting this up. This is the (((handlers))), academia, media, and corporate sponsorship to the tune of millions or possibly billions. Your post does speak volumes though about how out of touch even some DR folks are which means, as usual, normies will be gobsmacked by the speed at which the new televised trials will come to fruition.
        How anyone can still think these people aren’t organized enough to (insert task here) is incomprehensible. They control virtually ever lever of power there is and in November if empty suit Biden wins, it will be all the levers, in perpetuity.
        Corporate leaders will be hounded into compliance by their woke employees and since Chad the middle manager was already posting edgy comments and was a frat guy in college, he becomes an easy target. He can get on national TV and ‘confess’ to his crimes in the hope of keeping his job. Or he can get on national TV and be shown to the world as a virulent racist and never be hired again in any Western Nation.

        See how that works? Easy Peasy, it is has been done before many many times through history by people far less sophisticated than these tech giant backed oligarchies. Don’t be naive. This can and likely will happen, hope the crosshairs don’t land on you.

        • stop panicking and making these guys into something they’re not. The Left in America is comprised mostly of crazy women, druggies and derelicts, and retarded vibrants.
          Pay attention to what’s happening on the street, AP. Any tyrannical state these guys set up will need to employ a competent police force.
          Get a load of what they have to work with over at Amren (It’s great reading):
          If a modern Stalin were to rise with plans of turning the police force against the citizens… he’d first need to have half the force arrest the other half and send them to the camps… which will also need to be staffed and run by competent adults. And that’s just the police, Lefty would need to unf*** 3 decades of political correctness and affirmative action just to get off the starting blocks. The press can’t sell a subscription. The public schools are moron factories. Shitlib cities are in flames and the fire departments are dysfunctional. California is dying as we speak.
          What comes next is transition. I see sporadic rebellion, Balkanization, and things going the other way. As more and more whites become racially aware, I see black flight replacing white flight as whites get fed up and start taking back their cities to varying degrees. As for a modern day Stalin? Welp, no. You have drunks and dykes like Pelosi, Clinton, and geriatric senile men like Biden and Schumer…. and vibrants even more ridiculous and retarded than they are.
          There will be some pitched street brawls and firefights. Some noggers will get strung up, and some whites will be killed in horrible ways. What things look like after that… who knows…

          • Bottom line–we ultimately win because our human capital is vastly superior. I’ve been saying this for years.

          • I’m pretty sure a guy named Adolf said that exact quote a few decades ago and for the same reason. Ubermensch and all that, right? How’d that work out?
            You two are both two of the biggest denialists and rationalizers on this forum so it is good you are becoming fast friends w/ one another (birds of a feather and all that, innit?). For those of us who live in objective reality (you should visit sometime!) we are viewing this with the seriousness and sober-mindedness it requires while not making the enemy into some unbeatable goliath we need to take stock of his actual ability, not boomer tier wishful thinking.
            p.s. Glen- Cops will get w/ the program lickety split. They are order followers at the end of the day. Again, after the Covid Karen Arrests how you can continue to think there will be some mass division in police is fucking mystifying to me.

          • Sure, but defeating Adolph took the combined military and industrial might of four world empires and and all of their protectorates – and he damn near won anyways. Old Nasty made some serious blunders and was his own worst enemy.
            Guys like us will not be taken out by hooting simian morons, AP. No, we will not vote our way out of what’s coming… but I have no doubt we will survive it.

          • “Sure, but defeating Adolph took the combined military and industrial might of four world empires.”

            Who beat Stalin in combat? Did his regime topple during his lifetime? The Bolsheviks seized power in Russia with less talent than the left has now.

          • If you cannot discern the difference between Krauts versus other whites, on the one hand, and normal functional whites versus Hutus and white pansies, on the other, I’m afraid you’re pretty much a lost cause. And making the enemy into an “unbeatable Golaith” is your stock and trade, mi amigo.

          • “And making the enemy into an “unbeatable Golaith” is your stock and trade, mi amigo”

            Funny how keyboard boomers never present their own plan for victory. They can’t even keep grown men out of the women’s bathroom but yet they gonna win the revolution when it happens. Lol. Remember that on your way to the gulag.

          • Last I checked, the defeated Germans had the third largest economy in the world. Better than all the allies other than USA for example. So the concept of superior human capital is not far fetched. The loss of a misdirected war not to the contrary.

            Similarly, I can’t believe a brown/black (especially Black) USA without a significant White participation can be a functioning 1st world enterprise. So I’m with Ostei on this one.

          • Please. Just how delusional are you people? The left has all the human capital and they control practically everything. They are synonymous with college graduates and the professional class, nearly every cultural center, corporations, social media and mainstream media alike, and increasingly the police agencies and the military.

            The left’s power is enormous and they’ve been demonstrating this fact for years through censorship and various forms of repression (like canceling people’s bank accounts) and mass brainwashing: I’ve watched for months as large numbers of whites got on their knees and publicly begged forgiveness at struggle BLM sessions. There are nearly endless examples of their victories and your defeats.

            The left has won EVERY cultural battle for decades. How could anyone be so delusional as to think they don’t have more power than the right or wouldn’t win a conflict when they’ve been winning for years?

            Your side is the guy who repairs your toilet, and he’s easily deceived by corrupt republicans who actively betray his interests. Saying otherwise is just a delusional cope. It’s no different from clinging to your guns and imaging old boomers are going to fight a revolution over gun rights while cowardly siting on the sidelines doing nothing as society collapses. It’s an excuse used by cowards to justify doing nothing.

            One of the biggest blackpills I’ve had to swallow in recent months is having to acknowledge just how stupid and untalented our side is. Even here you have people repeating delusional, easily debunked platitudes. Just another cope.

            “The left can’t win a civil war,” “they’ll never take our guns,” “they won’t come for me because muh human capital,” “Qanon,” “Trumpslide.” All nonsense. The Bolsheviks found a way and they had decidedly less human capital than the left does now in this country. You know practically nothing about the other side, so your observation that they don’t have anyone brutal and smart enough to put down the right is simply wrong. This is a huge country, larger than the Soviet Union was. There is that man out there. Guaranteed. As as the OP stated — correctly — the democrats are about to take by the government forever. That makes it trivially easy for such a man to eventually come to power.

            Enough with the delusional copes excusing inaction and cowardice.

          • That is now. But the Left—especially in these tech corporations you rave about—has been eating itself by attempting to put their delusional concepts of equality into action in their businesses. They are not the stronger for it. And there is a growing resentment within the ranks of Whites that some folk are pulling the cart while others are riding in the back. Whether the traitorous Whites can maintain/produce the critical fraction needed to maintain the USA’s dominance remains to be seen. A “win” here being seen as survival through the collapse and then a revival through the rebuild.

          • Brevity being the soul of wit. But, at any rate, the Left has a sliver of cognitive elites and packs of sub-intelligent, gibbering fanatics. That configuration works just fine in peacetime political warfare. It is a recipe for failure in a wide-scale war-fighting situation. Quentin Tarantino is no General Patton and the Hutus will disperse chaotically without firm, intelligent white leadership in the field. We will rout them.

          • I see a lot of people in this thread relying a lot on historical parallels. Hitler did this, Stalin did that, etc… These things are only as good as the degree of parallelism with today’s events.

            As I see it the main difference between the Bolsheviks and today’s Left in the US is that Russia in 1917 was perhaps even more demoralized than the US today, having been defeated by the Japanese in 1905 and bled in WWI for 3 years in a war the people believed in less than we do Afghanistan. Bolshevism was also able to present itself as an alternative to a clearly exhausted Tzarist society. Russia was also, for all that, still a reasonably traditional Christian society with intact families and religious values. Bolshevism inherited a functional social machine and repurposed it. It also wasn’t too difficult to realign the mentality of people accustomed to Tsarist authoritarianism to the new Communist kind.

            After WWII the Left decided to do things differently. Overthrowing existing conservative societies wasn’t necessary. Instead the methods of Alinsky and Adorno would be applied in a “long march through the institutions”. As Useful Observation points out the Left has been quite successful in taking over Western institutions and now has “control” of almost all of them. The long march seems complete. The problem though is that the march has been a bit too successful. It seems to have ended in a needle and feces strewn road in San Francisco, Portland, or any of the increasing number of cities like them. Today, in the US, it’s the Left that represents the Old Order. The institutions it controls are now dysfunctional in the extreme and, as Glen points out, full of morons. They are also full of cynics who stay on the Leftist train because it’s still moving and the dining car is still open. How many will sacrifice to keep it rolling though?

            It’s our job to keep pointing out that the track ahead is warped and the trestle over the canyon is out. The real lesson of the Bolsheviks is not that Leftists are an unstoppable supernatural force but that a small, committed group can topple a rotting and demoralized society. What could be a better description of today’s America?

      • Can’t run on fear?

        We must all live in fear of what a lawyer might say months, years down the road, with 100% 20/20 foresight.

    • This is currently a liberal-leftist civil war.

      The radical left, the children of the SWPL liberals, are destroying liberal / gentrified areas. CHAZ exists in a precinct that voted for Hillary 80%. SWPLs are seeing their condo prices plummet. AWFLs are being harrassed as Karens. Black areas remain shitholes.

      For the vast majority of Trump voters / white conservatives, life goes on as normal. Free of both COVID and “BLM” riots. In fact housing prices are set to rise in suburbs as Work From Home, and inner city lawlessness becomes common.

      Quite frankly I don’t give a shit about any of this. However, once they consolidate power it’s possible that the white liberals will be stupid enough to vote for a radical leftist – who will actually come after the average white person.

    • Utah local news: Another “peaceful” protest yesterday..this time in a 100% residential neighborhood. (White, of course, it’s Utah).

      Cars blocking traffic, megaphones, and row after row of nothing but tract housing. As the peace “intensified” cops had to come out and bust heads/make arrests (as the mob shouted “Public street! Peaceful protest!”)

      While technically a “public street”, a foreign mob randomly walking through a suburban residential neighborhood is inherently a violent act. Protesting, what? People paying mortgages while paying taxes and having a job? Being white? Not burning down their own neighborhoods as a sign of abasement and fealty?

      Won’t end well. Can’t end well.

      •  Protesting, what? People paying mortgages while paying taxes and having a job? Being white? Not burning down their own neighborhoods as a sign of abasement and fealty?


      • “Parading without a permit.” That is what they busted the bikers for in in “Easy Rider”.

      • Not “peaceful”, but oh so “purposeful”. Not enough Whites are being terrified by downtowns being burned and taken over. Have to get Whitey where he lives to get that needed effect., i.e., “there’s no place you can hide, so bend the knee”. Careful what you wish for. 😉

    • usNthem said: “…but the savages will eventually demand blood – and there will be blood.”

      There’s already been blood sacrifce. At least 17 people have died as a direct result of the BLM/Antifa riots. Of course, that’s a drop in the bucket compared to the 61,628,584 babies that have been killed in abortions since Roe v. Wade in 1973.

      • So far, the blood letting has been fairly minimal and probably mostly joggers who care nothing about. But when some old lady or “Karen” blows away a couple for not wearing masks instead of using pepper spray, things could change in a hurry. Instead of Z being verbally accosted for not wearing his, it may come to facing down a six shooter & masking up or else. Now, you don’t just have to worry about joggers when out and about. Can you imagine a high noon scenario with granny?

      • Most of whom in the last 3 decades or so were non White and all of whom were unwanted.
        Frankly as awful as abortion is Margret Sager was right, its eugenic.
        Unless you’ve changed the demography first, if you get rid of abortion you make the US less White and filled with Leftists welfare cases and future criminals.
        Now after you make the US White right wing and religious either after Amish takeover or with you magic wand, get back to me.
        Otherwise abortion is good for us.

        • When wife was in pharmaceutical sales, largest purchaser of Depoprevara was the Planned Parenthood clinics and their ilk. Any woman who could catch a ride to the clinic could get a 6 month or so shot of birth control—free. That’s just a couple of times a year, and there still is such a demand for abortion. The number of prevented births is way, way larger than the number of abortions.

          • I read somewhere that like 1/3 of people of the peak age for sex are now celibate as well.
            The Evangelicals have lost the culture war so badly that they no longer have fertility much above baseline or good retention.
            While sure abortion is the bête noire of that lot but its absurd to even focus on it when bigger problems like celibacy are out there.
            And while the more consistent ones out there would gladly ban birth control, the rest of us won’t be having it.
            Family planning is here to stay.
            As an aside I’m no Rob Dreher fan but his Benedict Option has more than a little truth to it. The only way to keep fertility up is to opt out of modernity.

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