Our Sound And Fury

An old axiom is that the first casualty of war is truth. The facts of the matter stop being important, so both sides feel free to say what they like about the other and the issue at the center of their dispute. Similarly, truth is an early victim of partisanship, as the partisan is only interested in the interests of his group. By extension, one can say that truth is always an early victim of politics. The sides have their interests, which are tied to the people whose interests are being served.

Of course, what we think of as truth is tangled up in the language. In communist countries, the full expression of partisanship in their political struggles meant the language was often humorously dishonest. More than a few men were condemned to death for the crime of being “a bourgeois traitor to the proletariat.” In war time, enemies are described in the most absurd and grotesque terms. often, those epithets stick with the losers as we see with the last European war.

This connection between language and truth is useful, if we can step out of our own partisan sensibilities, in assessing the rationality of a society. North Korea is a good example of this. The gap between official truth and actual truth is so broad in many cases, it lurches into caricature. Iran is another example. Her leaders make claims that strike most people as deliberately ridiculous. This wild language is the result of a great gap between official truth and the actual truth.

Of course, this is turning up in our own society. We live in an increasingly unreasonable age, so the claims of partisans become increasingly unreasonable. The absurdity of calling Trump a dictator, for example, could be excused as fashionable exaggeration, but the people doing it are not exaggerating. Similarly, they are deadly serious when they claim he and his supported are racist, who want to bring back slavery. Their absurd language, reflects absurd beliefs by absurd people.

There is an argument that healthy politics will necessarily have a high degree of exaggeration, as the participants seek to persuade. Since persuasion is the key to democratic governance, the people coming up with these outlandish arguments are, in a fashion, displaying support for the system. They still believe in the fifty percent plus one model, so they pull out all the stops to convince others. Their over-the-top language is, in effect, a signal of their support for democracy.

Maybe there is some truth to it, but we have lots of examples outside the narrow realm of retail politics to suggest otherwise. Look at the great conflagrations on the streets of our cities this summer. Much of it has been organized by people who claim to be opposed to fascism. That’s their reason to exist. Like the communist of old, they oppose fascists and defend democracy. The fact that there are no actual fascists in America does not seem to matter much to them.

The closest thing we have to genuine fascist in modern America are the people claiming to be anti-fascists. The old commies considered capitalists and the middle-class as enemies to their cause. Modern communists have corporate sponsors, are loaded down with consumer goods and come from the middle-class. It’s as if they are on some weird vacation where they get to pretend to be left-wing radicals from a century ago, while not giving up their Wi-Fi access and vegan lunches.

Those corporate and political sponsors of the ant-fascists are defending a political-economy that would be very familiar to the old fascists. Our modern ruling order is a combination of political and corporate interests, with the welfare of the people being the stated objective of both. Large swaths of political power have been handed to corporate giants, in exchange for defense of their corporate interests by the state. It’s why every corporate ad tells us how much the care about us.

America is a fascist country now. It may lack the snappy uniforms and martial order one tends to associate with fascism, but the political-economy of the country is much closer to fascism than Marxism, Capitalism or Republicanism. It is feminine, bourgeois and passive-aggressive, but fascist nonetheless. It will not be long before the official creed of our liberal democracy is, “Everything for the community, nothing outside the community, nothing against the community.”

Now, it should be noted that there are people who occasionally hoist the banner of fascism, but their claims are just as disconnected from reality. Usually, they begin and end with antisemitism, as if that is the only characteristic of fascism. If their politics advance much beyond that, it looks much closer to a crude form of Bolshevism than anything one could classify as fascism. The fascists of a century ago would have viewed them as just another enemy on the street.

For example, one camp of the former alt-right that still goes in for the fascist language and aesthetic wants a centrally planned economy. They want one government bank to provide all banking services, like the post office. They have even flirted at times with the term National Bolshevism. Putting aside the historical partisanship, no fascist, when fascism was a real thing, would have embraced this type of economics. In fact, they would have rejected it as anti-fascist.

Then there is another camp that embraces the ethno-state. Richard Spencer gets the credit for popularizing the idea, but it was not his invention. The idea has been around in Europe since at least the 19th century. The Bolsheviks, of course, would have completely agreed with the notion of a unified people. They would have limited it to the proletariat, but they supported the end of the nation-state. The fascists, in contrast, completely rejected the elimination of the nation state.

Those are just the easiest examples. When you look around, our language is now disconnected from our political reality. The labels used to describe the various sides in political fights historically meaningless. Those saying they are defending democracy are in fact trying to eliminate it. Those who supposedly want authoritarianism really want something closer to a bourgeois civic utopia. Conservatives fight anyone actually trying to conserve anything and liberals oppose actual liberalism.

The madhouse nature of our political language has a lot to do with the rise of mediocrity to positions of power. Maybe nature has withdrawn her favor and we are an increasingly stupid species. Maybe our system rewards the ignorant. Maybe there is some other reason for the dominance of simpletons in our politics. Stupid people communicate in basic language, so they have borrowed the crude juxtapositions of the last century and repurposed them into new partisan labels.

This is what makes this age so maddening to the sober minded. Even accounting for the fact that objectivity must yield to partisanship, there should be some truth content to the partisan rhetoric. Their partisanship should actually be in furtherance of their interests or the interests of the group they claim represent. The lies and misrepresentations should have some purpose. What’s the purpose of “Anti-fascism brought to you by Amazon World Services”?

Another possible explanation for all this is Fukuyama was right in a sense that we have reached the end of liberal democracy. There’s no way forward, so people rummage around in the past for the outfits of the ancestors and then go out on the public stage and reenact old fights. Politics is now a poor player that struts and frets his hour upon the stage and then is heard no more. It is a tale told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, signifying nothing.

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268 thoughts on “Our Sound And Fury

  1. “For example, one camp of the former alt-right that still goes in for the fascist language and aesthetic wants a centrally planned economy. They want one government bank to provide all banking services, like the post office. They have even flirted at times with the term National Bolshevism. Putting aside the historical partisanship, no fascist, when fascism was a real thing, would have embraced this type of economics. In fact, they would have rejected it as anti-fascist.”

    None of that is true. It is a wild exaggeration meant to make those who rightfully critique a system controlled by a cadre of leftist billionaires look extreme and the poster look moderate by comparison; the website owner is a businessman. From my own examination of those camps, virtually none of them want the centrally-planned economy you describe. Disagree? Provide links and quotes.

    Those camps don’t want an economy where a small number of people control political discourse through campaign financing and ownership of information distribution; having EVERY “news” outlet owned by the left absolutely makes a difference. That is a completely reasonable position adopted after your side’s policy failed. We tried things your way and look where it got us. Libertarian “let the business class control everything” has been a total failure on every level.

    How else do you think we got here? It’s not magic. You rail about immigration. Well, the business class wants cheap labor, so we get more of it. You complain about minority this and minority that. Well, the business class wants the largest possible consumer base — pure greed. So, they clamp down on anything from the right that might offend good whites in the burbs and minorities (like immigration restriction). Want good, stable jobs? Well, the business class thinks they can make more money shipping them overseas, so they bribed congress into passing a free trade deal which made that wildly profitable — for them. Result: the destruction of the middle class. … and on and on. That’s what happens when there is a disconnect between what the public wants and who holds the true power: the public never gets what it wants and those with the power always do. You’ll complain about this phenomenon when criticizing Mitch McConnell and the republican party, but like so many on the right you seem to have no ability to put two and two together on this matter.

    Example: The Xers and Boomer right like to make fun of the app where women sell body pics for money. They complain about the action itself without ever being willing or able to examine the culture motivating the behavior itself — the root cause. It’s like an eternal hurricane for the blind right. It periodically makes landfall and destroys countless lives and someone always complains about it but NEVER examines why it happens; this means you are powerless to stop it or get out of the way. It’ll just keep happening until the entire community is demolished.

    What you are seeing is the inevitable result of a system that lets a small number of self-interested people who do not share our group interests control everything. Humans are natural conformers. They see where the wind is blowing and they sail in that direction. Social ostracism works. Billionaires on top, leftists funded by them, ownership of information distribution = society goes left. This isn’t a hard calculation.

    They want one government bank to provide all banking services, like the post office”

    No, they don’t. That’s a proposal floated by AOC and pretty much no one on the right. I have not seen it floated by any significant figure on what you describe as the alt-right. Further, this same policy is common in many European countries where you have visited and praised. It works fine there. It’s not in any way an extreme proposal. Hmm, government doing a service, transparent and regulated by the public, or having some unscrupulous payday loan operation scam people into poverty and corrupt our politics with their donations? Doesn’t seem controversial to me.

    They have even flirted at times with the term National Bolshevism”

    No, they haven’t. Straight up. Post a link or it didn’t happen.

    when fascism was a real thing, would have embraced this type of economics. In fact, they would have rejected it as anti-fascist.”

    Translation: Support my libertarian business economics or you’re not a real fascist tuff guy. You wanna be a tuff guy, right — Mr. alt-right fascist? Then support my economics weenie.

    Furthermore: No, they wouldn’t have. Adolf Hitler’s economic policies in response to the Great Depression were very much out of step with supply side, libertarian, free market dogma. They piled up the debt and juiced the economy — lots of state control. These fascists (Japan, Germany) were, begrudgingly, given praise for their economic policies which caused both to exit from the Depression much sooner than the United States did, which only really recovered after the Second World War had eliminated its competitors. Germany and Japan were relatively much stronger against the U.S. than they otherwise would have been due to earlier — state sponsored — economic recovery.

  2. I Disagreed with Z man on this, this is not fascism, socialism
    Fascism suppresses big business to satisfy workers, unions, military
    Taiwan, Japan, South Korea all these countries have a Mandatory holiday to Walmart type business every week
    Fascism is mixed up with socialism and ethnic nationalism, not a money friendly 

    America is simply plutocracy turn into ethnic oligarchy, but not the Anglo American, its the Jew pulls the strings
    Probably it’s all beginning at civil war among white, Anglo American suppressing other European American
    Rich white always hate and despite poor white, noble french men consider serf are more ethnically alienated than African
    And Jews used this Good Educated wealthy white people’s mind to subvert and defile whole society

    • Taiwan does not have a weekly mandatory holiday for hypermarts. I don’t recall it existing in the ROK or Japan, either.

  3. Somewhat OT, you’ve seen this:

    Over at VDARE? Takeaway from Ed Dutton, younger White women are in the throes of religious frenzy worshiping PC/Mutli kulti / blacks.
    Can’t argue with it and thus our politics are not well aligned as the divide is younger White women worshiping black criminals etc. and would be Kangz and everyone else who sees them as threats.
    People are still mired in the Communism / Anti-Communism mode when the central question is do you Kangz or not?

  4. Politics is dead. Ethnoreligious caesarisms will return, opposed to corporate ones. Eventually political terms will get longer to reflect this in the West, it has happened in the 3rd world for some time. Eventually liberal democracy, aka modernism or materialism in politics, reached its end. The plenty eventually dumbed down enough the smart. So is the answer in the past, who knows, but it has to be inspiring enough. And goodness knows the modern and postmodern are not inspiring. Aesthetically the past looms over us, it will all be dust eventually but for a while not so. Russia is friendly but still has nukes and a Christian duty to protect its nation. The US has still a critical mass of Christian whites in spite of the elites’ best efforts that can be awakened. We can cut the sound and the fury no doubt, but we still have to act when needed. The psyop has to be won. Christian hierarchy, distributist subsidiarity, guild socialism, blood and soil. Peaceful separation as needed. There, you have your desperately needed roots.

  5. I got to the final round of an interview the other day. The supervisor was a sheboon with MLK books on her desk. I am a white male. I doubt I’m getting the job.
    I didn’t get stumped on a single answer. Once she saw this, she started steering the interview towards diversity and black people, and I even had answers for that. This is bullshit. I have all the right credentials, good references, and ample experience working in this field. And yet here I am. Here I am.

  6. It’s rather redundant to play with analogies to fascism (where the state mattered much more than nowadays). All in all, what we see is a rise of totalitarianism so naturally it will share common traits with past systems. The difference is that liberalism, in my opinion, is returning to its barbaric roots from the (anti)french revolution. “Liberty, Equality, Fraternity or Death!”- the details are just in the interpretations of each demand. Just as marxism is a bastard, scorned (now forgiven), child of liberalism, progressivism is probably the final, hunch-backed form of liberalism in the dusk of the enlightenment era. The modern sans-culottes have recently risen during the Night of Saint Floyd and your bourgeois are a bit smarter with riding the wave and absorbing its impact. The situation is still not tense enough to require a Thermidor, hell it’s not even the early Robespierre. Perhaps there won’t be any need for Robespierre as the power-holders will be tad bit smarter with modern media tools and emasculation at their disposal.

    “Everything for the community, nothing outside the community, nothing against the community.”

    That’s Real Karenism. Properly scaling, the official creed would substitute community with society. Today, the imperial US creed (especially under liberal administrations) could be phrased as: “Everything for the international community, nothing outside the international community, nothing against the international community.”
    Overall, it’s always nice to tease wignats with logical consequences of their viewpoints, although to set a proper framework for dissidents/upstarts/pretenders it’s best to unify them under a banner of populist anti-oligarchism and anti-plutocrat slogans. I see no other common ground they could cooperate on.

    The madhouse nature of our political language has a lot to do with the rise of mediocrity to positions of power. Maybe nature has withdrawn her favor and we are an increasingly stupid species. Maybe our system rewards the ignorant. Maybe there is some other reason for the dominance of simpletons in our politics. Stupid people communicate in basic language, so they have borrowed the crude juxtapositions of the last century and repurposed them into new partisan labels.

    Liberal democracy burns out the last remnants of cultural capital it has inherited. Chesterton’s fence got picked apart and now there is nothing but a chaotic, unprotected, growing field, devoid of defined owners, custodians and preserved traditions. Every ideological pest, invasive weed and novelty hobby horse can prance around and there nothing to stop it from spreading. In such enviroment it’s natural to reach for the language and symbols that used to carry any meaning, old boogeymen in particular. After all, the schoolmarm country needs to scare its pupils with badwhites around the corner.
    To give an exapmle from another corner of the world. Polish patriotic/nationalist youth took up the cult of the “Cursed Soldiers” as their source for aesthetics and role models. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cursed_soldiers
    Law and Justice politicians venerate marshall Piłsudski, nationalists and their conservative friends lean more towards Roman Dmowski, relieving the historical disputes of both historical figures. Liberals present a mixture of western political lexicon and local analogies, usually trying to hammer in “europeization” as historical necessity. Hilariously, they accuse the ruling coalition of trying to bring back real socialism an reviving the one-party rule. Nationalists ritually get accused of racism, nazism and assorted goodies. Anti-communist rhetoric is still in use for utterly cynical motives, both for the ruling party and liberal opposition. Granted, Poles tend to be obsessed with history their historical projections, but all of it only sums up the meaninglessness of liberal democracy.

  7. The idea that America is fascistic is patently false. It is certainly authoritarian, but it doesn’t have even a hint of fascism anywhere. The open borders internationalization of the economy is antithetical to anything that any fascist intellectual ever advocated or worked towards. In fact, fascism was inherently about the protection of the nations people and families against cultural degeneracy and the advance of international economic interests. With both parties in the US now fighting to see who can do more for foreigners, transexuals, and ‘our greatest ally’, we could be so lucky to see genuine fascism actually make an appearance.

    • Not economically. Fascism is an economic doctrine. The fact that the men of the 1930s gave it a nativist direction rather than an internationalist one is what’s missing. Economically we’re very close to that. All you have to do is land at Dulles and see all of the Fortune 500 nameplates along the tollway. Why there?

      • I think there’s a fallacy that you can’t have nativism without centralization. It’s precisely the centralization of our society, over many years, including allowing consolidation of companies with reckless abandon into fiefdoms, that allowed for the destruction of nativism.

      • There’s not even a whiff of what was called ‘corporatism’ in the US. Yes, fascism was a nationalist economic doctrine that believed in negotiation between the working people and the managers to provide both a living wage and national economic stability. That’s exactly what we don’t have. The running off of manufacturing is what any fascist would prevent. The rule of international economic interests in the US is antithetical to fundamental fascist economic doctrine. Read the intellectuals in the movement from Gentile to Panunzio and Costamagna, it’s all there-it has nothing to do with advancing international economic interests and the profit margins of the Fortune 500.

        • Would you like to have your wages capped? I can’t think of anything more anti-worker than fascist wage caps. There’s your full-employment.

    • Yet, we have embraced the fascist economic model. What you are suffering from is called the streetlight effect.

      • ‘Yet, we have embraced the fascist economic model.’ I’m not sure what that means, but, no, the US is not even remotely fascistic economically or culturally or otherwise by any measure. The ‘streetlight effect’ sounds fancy though.

  8. Lefties always begin their journey of political exploration by hating their daddy. Sometimes it’s daddy’s fault, sometimes not. They expand their daddy issues gradually, like a festering boil, to include all father/authority figures; police, government, church hierarchy, and always eventually God Himself. I have yet to encounter a fervent leftie who espouses a belief in the God of the Bible, but is has been said repeatedly that leftism is merely the atheist’s religion. True dat. Somewhere along the line they pick up critical theory, whether from a lefty proffessor in college, or by osmosis from the social ocean in which they swim; then, it’s Katy bar the door. Everything true and useful is turned upside down, and that which is not merely discarded is inverted and used against “normal” people. It is an eventually self-destructive impulse (as leftists devouring themselves is frequently the case), but waiting for the infection to burn out in real time is very uncomfortable.

    • Yes, fathers or patriarchs are stand ins for God. Basically if you hate your father you won’t go to Heaven.

  9. If you look at the policies of the Reichsbank in the 1930’s and the Fed today, you have some shockingly similar policies. We don’t (yet) have wage and price controls, but when you overlay policy decisions, they rhyme. We became a fascist state by the 20th century. It’s always had a veneer of “muh constitution” however. We’re actually in the end game of fascism not the beginning. It’s like a pyramid scheme where the first generation gets the windfall and all subsequent generations are stuck with the bill. It’s no accident to history that the first thing Hitler did when he invaded a neighbor was to transport its gold reserves to Berlin. It’s also no accident that the Reichsmark was detached from gold. One day soon we’ll have a stock market that can’t go down because it’s illegal. We already have an orange blob who said yesterday he might do an executive order to eliminate evictions through this “crisis.” I only wish we had snappy Hugo Boss uniforms to go with this rather than Ed Hardy tank tops.

    • I don’t listen to TRS for the AOC like economic advice. It’s more like a neighborhood barbecue where I can listen to people with beers in hand carpet bomb niggers and jews and talk about the news of the day. I don’t have people like that in my neighborhood of Outback driving vegan shit libs. They are correct however that the firehose of printed money is being directed towards anti-white interests. It’s just that the firehose needs to be shut off not redirected to other activities.

      • Please make the choice between living in a free market paradise full of the kind of non-whites that currently inhabit our country or a socialist white nationalist state.

        What is most consequential? Race or economics?

        (I’m not a committed socialist.)

    • At this point no (corporate/government) debt can ever be allowed to go bad, that includes the stock market. It will be allowed to flatline or dip, but the central banks will step in if they think the derivative markets are threatened.

  10. I have been trying to simplify things in my head, because I have become exhausted and cynical with all the tripwires and speculation about what comes next.
    My opinion is that the bad guys can do whatever they want as long as the dollar still holds the position of “reserve currency” and has dominion in oil transactions.

    People like to think that there are new rules in place due to technology and production efficiency. While obviously things have become more complicated, the foundation all this is built on is a the dollar.

    once that goes, then the game is on. Until that happens, the bad guys make the rules.

  11. HL Mencken predicted all of this and more. The people haven’t become simpletons. They always were, and democracy gives them a little more of their idiocy with each passing year. Fast forward 70 or 80 years and it’s a retard utopia. One of my favorite quotes of his—“As democracy is perfected, the office of president represents, more and more closely, the inner soul of the people. On some great and glorious day the plain folks of the land will reach their heart’s desire at last and the White House will be adorned by a downright moron.”

    • I’ve read most of Mencken. For the skeptic or smart-ass, he is delightful. He would probably sadly smile, nodding with irony, at the slide of his once-majestic hometown of Baltimore into the cesspool it has now become.

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  13. The closest thing we have to genuine fascist in modern America are the people claiming to be anti-fascists. 


    Those saying they are defending democracy are in fact trying to eliminate it. Those who supposedly want authoritarianism really want something closer to a bourgeois civic utopia.

    A very timely video making the rounds related to this that I strongly advise you not only watch but send to every lefty wingnut you know. Remember that this entire thing is feminine in nature as Z pointed out. When they start droning on in NPC like fashion about their latest CNN talking point just show them this vid.
    To that end (feminine nature), social shaming and ridicule is your strongest tactic here because women and soy infused manginas respond most strongly to exclusion from the herd as that is what their room temp IQs can comprehend and not much more.

    This vid says quite a bit in under 2 minutes about how this inverted reality actually looks to the few of us who are still sane:

    • FRIENDLY REMINDER to our technology folks:
      Mirror this video to other places, far & wide.

      WIth its ‘controversial content” my guess is that it will be taken down post-haste.

      …and within the first six words, my ears are nearly bleeding:

      “When me and Brad first met….”

      Fewer and fewer people are using “When Brad and I first met…”
      (Note the use of “fewer” versus “lesser” which is a different grammatical usage…)

      It’s all about me, me, me.

    • Apart from the caldera blowing, that’s what makes it so attractive. FWIW, it gets pretty d*mn hot there, too, in summer.

    • That’s exactly what our people need to harden them and get them prepared for the war that’s coming…You really didn’t think you would have all the convenience’s and luxuries while fighting in this war did you…

      • My older son fell in love with Wyoming during his trip with dad around the central West prior to his deployment. Per Daily Mail headlines, Kim/Kanye have a multi-acre ranch and want to bring homeless out there. Sounds to me like the perfect area for locals to throw sand in the works, but perhaps they are too innocent?

        • They are like a body that has no immunity from certain infections because they haven’t been exposed…So the infection gets a foothold and if the body doesn’t fight it off right away well then you get gangrene and the only option is to cut out the infected part…

          • And that is why, when you inhabit a place, there is value in making it unattractive to the wine and cheese crowd. The pozz finds the “nice” places, moves there, and infects them with their ideas, and the locals often never see it coming.

            Wine and cheeses hate the sound of gunfire (keep an outdoor shooting range nearby), full size trucks (drive and park them everywhere), and public demonstrations of youthful enthusiasms of various sorts, especially after dark (parties, driving around, beer cans, music). A bit of all of the above, properly culturally vetted, makes them more comfortable elsewhere. They can move closer once they figure out the score for real.

  14. America is a fascist country now. It may lack the snappy uniforms and martial order one tends to associate with fascism, but the political-economy of the country is much closer to fascism than Marxism, Capitalism or Republicanism.

    George Carlin was in many ways just another 60’s leftist hack, but he wasn’t wrong when he said “When fascism comes to America, it will not come in brown and black shirts. It will come in Nike sneakers and smiley shirts. Germany lost the Second World War, but fascism won it.”

  15. Speaking of the war on truth, a woke negress “mathematician” recently made the rounds arguing 2+2=5 because “The idea of 2+2 equaling 4 is cultural and because of western imperialism/colonization, we think of it as the only way of knowing.”

    This is why planes fall out of the sky and bridges collapse.

    A Cuh-Moon-Eh-Tee that fancies themselves intellectuals is rallying in her defense:

    I’m also enjoying watching Nick Cannon do book reports in detention. Hilariously, the Cuh-Moon-Eh-Tee sees right through this, so forced detentions are probably only useful on white people.

  16. This BBC article pretty well sums up what’s wrong in America today. The fact that people even think this way is disturbing on so many levels.
    Americans are in very serious trouble if this is the sort of thing that forces corporations to rethink a simple advertising campaign.
    How can you people function at work, or anywhere else for that matter, with this sort of mentality driving public discourse?
    Audi Drops ‘insensitive’ Girl with Banana Ad

    • The BBC is an object lesson in how institutions decline. If you’ve ever seen the film “My Life So Far” (I recommend it: charming and family friendly recounting of the BBC’s founding.) The BBC used to be quite different to what it has become.

  17. There’s no way to rationally respond to irrational rhetoric. Starting the conversation with “I’m not a racist” means you’ve already lost.
    The only response to irrational rhetoric is an immediate personal attack. That shifts the subject to the irrationality of the conversation.
    “You’re a racist.”
    “Why are you engaged in stupid name-calling?”

    • Just a simple Stefanesque “not an argument” retort is effective in moving past the name-calling.

    • Just as “no, you guys are the real racists” is rhetorically impotent, couldn’t one argue that the premise of today’s post—“no, you guys are the real fascists”—is just as impotent?

      • I don’t shrink from fascism. In my book, the country has been fascist since at least Teddy Roosevelt. Compare Teddy to Mussolini; the overlap is uncanny.
        The republic ended in 1865, and the country has never been interested in socialism or communism. Free market capitalism was an incoherent joke.
        Populism was an early term for fascism, with an emphasis on the citizen instead of the corporation.
        These days it’s private ownership with government oversight and control — the classic definition of fascism.

        • Mussolini and Stalin both served stints as political journalists, and said they learned their moves from watching Teddy.

    •  That is precisely why in these Anonymous interchanges, I typically say up front that I am a racist, because the facts permit no other conclusion. And I still get called out for being one. 😃

      I am aware that many people’s social standing career, friends, do not permit them such Liberty, so I am privileged in that sense.  The great value of stating it upfront is that it denies the opposition of one of their most potent weapons.

  18. I hope this isn’t too far off topic for today’s essay. I have a “free” subscription to Medium. Much of what I read is about racism and related. I usually post a “race realist” type response to typical SJW type posts. Today’s sample essay was perhaps typical, about how BLM would solve the persistent problems of racial inequality, and so on. I latched onto a single phrase the author made, as it was ripe for criicism:
    “The police murder of George Floyd, just one in a long string of murders of African Americans at the hands of police…”
    Such a claim is a perfect definition of the term “bad faith” which I am starting to use. In law it can mean “deliberate deception against opponents” but I prefer the philosophical use, “refusal to confront facts or choices”. Applied to what we usually discuss here, either will fit, but leaning more toward the latter.
    I pointed out that police don’t “murder” as a rule, rather that they do a certain job that sometimes results in force, even deadly force. I also pointed out that in nearly all cases (99.9% maybe), it is the suspect’s resisting violently that gets him killed. I often throw in comments about differences between races, that these show up in statistics and so on. I conclude by observing that Liberal ideology rests on faulty premises, that no progress in race relations will be possible unless underlying facts are acknowledged.
    Now, returning somewhat to Z’s essay, yes, factions are usually deceptive in their use of langauge. We are at much at risk of that as they are, and we should try to avoid it. Z claims, frequently and correctly, that it is typical behavior (of all groups?) to accuse the other side of precisely the same behavior your own group is doing! Antifa is no doubt fascist in operation. This brings up another issue: ultimately, the only way to oppose force is with equal or superior force. Now perhaps examples of “non-violence” sometimes bring social change, but I think they are rare. Sometiems a billy club on the head or a bullet through the heart are required for the greater good. 🙁
    In principle, I think ethnic homelands would solve many problems. Most of us here would agree that a world without Blacks would be much nicer. What would we miss? Pro sports, some entertainers, maybe. Small price to pay. And, on the surface, this would address many of the demands of BLM and similar agitators. Are white cops killing too many Blacks? We’ll stop arresting them at all! When it finally dawned on the Blacks that these demands could only be met by them living in a 100% Black society, they might start to have second thoughts. I say give ’em their own country and let them govern themselves. It’s almost certain they would rapidly devolve into savagery. But who cares? Since I’m dreaming here, we could even allow countries where kind-hearted non-Blacks could live with and try to “help” the Blacks. But Whtie nationalist should reserve the right to keep them out of our new country, too. Alas, I don’t think this vision is achievable, at least not without a bloody un-civil war. 🙁

    • A big problem is that when we push back on their inequality argument about blacks, citing racial statistics, IQ, biological reality etc. we’re in danger of being silenced, banned, or fired. Soon it will be illegal to openly talk of biological race differences. Maybe, just maybe, they’ll allow us to discuss fatherless homes as a factor in inequality.

      •  yes, yes, a more progressive government will find a way to take all those misunderstood men out of prison, teach them valuable life skills, and put them back in the home where they can be a proper role model to their children. ☺

      • That argument is pretty much a non-starter with much of the right too. I’ve taken trying a tact that it doesn’t even matter. I’ll ask normie: “Do you want to live around blacks?” Normie (when honest): “No”. My working theory is that it doesn’t matter why the answer is “no”.

        • Your post is a perfect example of the right of “freedom of association.” While it still exists sort of, it was mortally wounded in 1948, 1954, or 1964, depending upon how you define it. But funamentally, a person should be free to avoid Negroes various people, places or things simply because he doesn’t like them. No rational explanation needed, although there is nearly always a logical (if no longer legally defensible) reason to do so.At the rate things are going, one day we will be penalized for choosing vanilla over chocolate, because it’s racist!

  19. The rise and ultimate collapse of civilizations has been a repeating cycle over the past 6k-10k years that has happened just about everywhere outside of central Africa (and maybe Australia).

    Everyone thought that we had moved past that cycle with modernity, but maybe not.

    • There’s “collapse” and there’s “conquest.” They’re not mutually exclusive, either. Myriad factors involved in both.

  20. Well, Z, you are certainly right that “America” is a fascist nation. When government and big business unite in furtherance of a specific cultural agenda (multiculturalism and the subjugation of whites), what else could you call it?

    • I’ve seen it described as “BioLeninism,” wherein the dregs and outcasts of society are elevated over others to consolidate power. That’s approximately what is happening within the United States. And, of course, it is corporate control of politics and vice versa, which ironically (I think) is classic fascism.

      • Yup, they are the shock troops of the order, allowed to run rampant while the people in power have plausible deniability.
        When people went to the in Soviet Russia gulags, the guards let the crooks, murderers and other dregs of society harass and steal from the political prisoners at will. If the political prisoner retaliated, they would brutally repress him.
        But that’s just an historical tidbit, and has nothing to do with our current situation.

        • Ha, totes different from freeing murderers and rapists due to Covid concerns to make room for those who refuse to obey mask mandates.

  21. Modern people on the left and right miss a very important aspect of fascism, maybe the defining aspect.

    It was (is) anti- materialist – especially as a counter point to Marxism which tries to see everything as driven solely by economics. The fascist saw the overriding factor of human affairs as struggle and conflict. The militarism and nationalism and racism associated with fascism sprung from that concept. Which is why they were mortal enemies of marxists – even as the political organization and national economics of both mirrored each other, Focussing on those aspects leads to the current opinion that they weren’t vary different at all.

    Its highly ironic that the “Antifa” left of today reject materialism – that’s a major component of their hatred of Liberal capitalism. Embrace an ephemeral struggle to give their lives meaning – which is exactly what their “anti-racism” is. And view history through a racial struggle lens- as opposed to Marxist economic – class struggle one.

    Its really is fascism, just from a different direction of that in30s Europe.

    • The Fascists were not anti-materialists, they simply led with the struggle and conflict, as do the current Antifa. That the material wealth gets scooped up for themselves and taken away from their enemies is simply understood as part of the deal, and common to all totalitarian impulses from every direction. Taking things away from people you don’t like is a fundamental element of human nature, and one important impulse that is blocked and shamed by the faith and civil elements of “civilized” societies.

      •  Indeed many of the things that most societies have laws against are actually primitive survival drives. What we call rape robbery assault or murder are standard behavior in Savage humans and in higher primate.

      • Taking things away from people you don’t like is a fundamental element of human nature, and one important impulse that is blocked and shamed by the faith and civil elements of “civilized” societies
        Its a basic survival instinct that has been brainwashed out of us to our detriment…It was fine when we were building a society for our people but once we were conned into letting other people in to our society then we needed to be bringing that basic instinct back into play… Without we are going to cease to exist because the other tribes are playing that game right now and it’s killing us…Will people wake up to that fact in time is the 64 dollar question that all those who see what’s going on want answered…

    • One word – Volkswagen. It was directed materialism. Once the butter ran out, they still produced the guns.

    • Good points. Most people in America are dealing with 75 years of propaganda about how fascism is the root of all evil. If it’s bad it’s fascist. The political parties in the US use the term in a similar sense. Fascism emerged as a result of the degeneracy that we are seeing now in America and at its root it was neither materialist in the capitalist sense of reducing everything to an economic transaction nor materialist in the marxist sense that similarly reduced everything to economics. I would encourage people to actually read the intellectuals of fascism. They would be surprised at what they’d find.

  22. Maybe. I think Lefty does this to manage the fact that his hatreds are unspeakable. He hated God, Whites, family, and Western civilization – which is merely the expression of the first three hatreds. How can he speak his hatreds without justification? Justification, ever since WWII, has come in the form of the hated thing being oppressive and authoritarian and, in a great example of how we conflate words with their underlying ideas, fascist. It’s the same linguistic process by which a spiky pig becomes a porcupine, and its own separate thing.

    I’d suggest that a big part of the success of Lefty has been that most people accept his conceit that the Open Society is a moral imperative. The idea that a society should allow copperheads in the back yard because, well, maybe they have a right to be there and, anyway, surely the mongooses will be attracted to them and solve the problem for us was always reckless. Now we see why.

    Look, the American system is simply awful. It failed twice and had to be re-written, once in 1860 and once in 1965. The new Constitution we live under was always an implicit rejection of the core principles of the first two, and this one doesn’t work, either.

    • ” . . .most people accept his conceit that the Open Society is a moral imperative. The idea that a society should allow copperheads in the back yard because, well, maybe they have a right to be there and, anyway, surely the mongooses will be attracted to them and solve the problem for us was always reckless . . .”
      Very well said. It was not merely reckless, though – it was counter-intuitive and contra centuries of experience and common sense. While most people need to learn the hard way, that’s not the best manner to build a functional society. Those types of idiots need to be kept under control and out of authority. The degeneracy promoted as part of the ‘moral imperative’ today was conceived and has always been promoted by a very specific people, e.g. see “The Authoritarian Personality” by the usual suspects.

  23. The lexicon has been twisted, turned topsy turvy, and tied into knots. Fascism is anti-fascism. Neoconservative are not conservative. Liberals are social liberals and not neoliberals. Perhaps we need a new political dictionary to sort things out. Then again, those who would craft such a tome would leave it in tangles.

    • The bastardization of the language is deliberate. As is the defunding of the police, the nightly violence, and the encouragement of petty and not-so-petty crime. The dissolution of normal politics and the destruction of the voting system. It’s all of a piece, and orchestrated from on high. It’s a creation of gaps in the system that allow theft to flourish, the theft of tangible things, the theft of personal security, and the theft of any sort of normally functioning society. So the next question is, Cui Bono? Who benefits?

  24. National Socialists advocate for nationalized banking for good reasons. Before condemning the idea, perhaps find out what those reasons are and provide a counter-argument.

  25. The Obummer plan of Puerto Rican and Washington DC statehood along with eliminating the Senate filibuster and inviting the world to live here may shorten the life of this unified Fascist state.
    Right now its functioning as a whole but those masses have learned to vote themselves trillions of dollars and the trillions will just keep coming out of Washington DC.
    Until they don’t.

  26. Yes, this is a death rattle and an end of a system. That means something else will fill the breach. I somehow don’t think the people in the street “protesting” for “revolution” will have much, if any hand, in what comes next. They’re basically like a disgraced stockbroker who got a DUI and now pays cartons of cigarettes to the gangs in prison to ensure he doesn’t get stabbed or raped. If they actually got any of what they’re demanding (defunding police, the end of the white power structure, etc.) they would be torn apart pretty quickly. Normal Hispanics hate blacks more than white people ever could, and if the Indians and Chinese pick over the carcass of our country after it collapses, blacks will literally be enslaved, and no tears will be shed (only white people care about black people and their grievances). The problem with the talented tenth is the same problem with our elite; they have little or no contact with reality or the real world; the green-eyed mulatta lecturing rooms of white people about her struggle knows less about black people than any white person reading this.

    • Problem is that blacks cannot imagine a world where they don’t get to spend 24×7 bitching about white people. Same experience though, I keep telling people that if law and order goes sideways the local hispanics (Puerto Ricans, but some Dominicans) will have the blacks ethnically cleansed from their neighborhoods in an afternoon; white people are the only ones who keep that from happening.

      • Exactly right. That’s the maddening thing about blacks. Literally everything they have or have become is due to Whites. I imagine the brighter ones know this deep down, yet they are such egotistic creatures, it simply can’t be admitted or acknowledged. It is our sufferance that indulges their whims, petulance and criminality. In their arrogance, they see themselves running the whole show when Whitey is basically out of the picture. What they are too blind to see, are all the other POCs who won’t be doing any indulging at all.

      • They are keeping everyone from wiping out the blacks and everyone else…If it wasn’t for the white cops this place would be cleaned up rather quickly…

    •  i if you’re going to conquer a foreign Nation, you might as well completely exterminate any people that are causing problems. Now, who might that be in this country? 👼

  27. Then there is another camp that embraces the ethno-state. Richard Spencer gets the credit for popularizing the idea, but it was not his invention. The idea has been around in Europe since at least the 19th century. The Bolsheviks, of course, would have completely agreed with the notion of a unified people. They would have limited it to the proletariat, but they supported the end of the nation-state. The fascists, in contrast, completely rejected the elimination of the nation state.

    I am not following you here.

    The Bolsheviks did believe in a unified people based on a class struggle along with the perpetual revolution, and, in theory, eventually a borderless world. How is that analogous to a unified people based on race, ethnicity and/or culture? The very concept of the nation-state arose, as you point out, mostly out of commonality of race and language with religion often a secondary consideration. Nations formed in Europe after the Roman Empire retreated and common languages separated a common race. The Treaty of Westphalia was really the first intellectual explanation of the nation-state even though it had existed centuries previously.

    Again, I can see the point about unification of people but otherwise the ethnostate seems more or less anathema to classical Marxism, of which Bolshevism was at least an attempt. The theories of BioLeninism to explain what is taking place in the United States to unify people for power purposes makes sense and relies on diversity of outcasts.

    If you could, and I might even agree if I understood your point, would you flesh that out a bit? Thanks.

    • The ethno-state, as Spencer and his camp use it, goes beyond Finland for Finns, Poland for Poles, and so forth. He means it as a universal white state. It’s why he is a big fan of the EU. Like the Bolchevik view of the world proletarian government, it imagines the end of nations.

  28. “Everything for the community, nothing outside the community, nothing against the community.”
    bout’ sums up our political class and msm…I laugh, I cry.

    • Once you have a community, this seems to be an appropriate mantra to follow. For example, say, a pleasant community based on rule of law, mutual respect, discipline, integrity, personal responsibility, ethnic homogeneity etc…

      • Ever think of coming over to our side of the pond? If you can’t turn it around over there you are welcome to come over to our Community…

        • I’ve been reading this site for a number of years, and have always been intrigued by where you live. Actually looked for properties around the area you’re in a couple of months back, just to see. Surprisingly, there were things in my price range. One stuck out, it had a lot of land and was by a river – which sounds idyllic – but may be a curse come spring time!

          In short, I’d only ever make the move if things went to the dogs in the UK. I’ve got plans here, got my eye on small communities already to which me and the missus can get out to. Maybe get a family going…

          I am fairly positive for the prospects in the rural UK. I think that epic leftist overreach and overt displays of anti-whiteness will cause rural dwellers to have no illusions as to what is coming. My problem is the violence; it is one thing people being totally aware, quite another to want to actively defend your community. I still think many people believe there is some sort of rule book that leftists and their jogger army are bound by…

    • What if the community includes you? Would you like that?

      On the other hand, can you construct a political framework, that takes into account how non-whites behave, that protects you when you are outside the community of the nation in which you live?

  29. maybe the incoherence is telling us something. all of this turmoil at the same time has the hallmark of an external actor assaulting our society. and that actor is the PRC.

    • I’m all for cutting ties with the ChiComs. Sadly global capital is not. One of the most sadly amusing spectacles of recent months was people demanding reparations for slavery recording their looting of Chinese-made goods on their iPhones.

      • OT, but Z will get a kick out of this: Last year the MADOJ arrested a guy (Indian) who arranged for Chinese kids to stay with host families and attend US schools to immerse in the language and culture. Cost? $46K/yr. He was placing them in Lawrence and Lynn!

    • I occasionally get the idea that Israel/Jews and China are having a shadow war to see who will be the at the top of the pyramid of the global elite and they’re using the territory of the American Empire to do it. Someone else fighting a war in your own territory never works out, they both should go.

  30. Z has done past podcasts on fascism and “fringe” politics including Third Position (the larger political philosophy of which fascism is a member). He knows that he’s doing a Ben Shapiro/Dinesh D’Souza job on fascism here.

    TRS regularly hosts people like Keith Woods (Z quote “who’s that guy?”):
    and Normapollo
    who explain Third Position in general and fascism in particular in great depth and detail. (Spoiler: integral societies, hierarchy, racial/ethnic cohesion, law & order, personal development and purpose without toxic narcissism).

    More high-level politics gets discussed on TRS than what I heard in poli-sci classes.

    Don’t just settle for the ooga-booga straw-manning. Listen to TRS and make up your own mind.

    Calling what we’re seeing in America “fascism” is another Judas Goat effort to make you think that the status quo is “the best choice we have” so pull that lever for Trump to make all the bad things you’re seeing stop.

    You can’t form a polity or have an integrated harmonious society that shares common values and goals with people who hate you and want you dead (moonbat Lefties) or people who despise you and cynically want to exploit you while letting you live (the status-quo right).

    Check out some past podcasts and posts from 2018-early 2019 around here and you’ll see a different perspective from what’s on sale today.

    • I like third positionism in theory (Keith Woods did a good primer video on it) but why is it so tied to ethno-nationalism or retro national socialism (I won’t use the other N-word) here in the US? Can’t third positionists just be for hierarchy and order, ethnic/cultural/religious dominance leading to social cohesion, and rejection of materialist economic BS?

      • Third position is just an effort to re-brand fascism. The label comes from the Cold War era, when the choices were Bolshevism and Capitalism. It fails the basic test of putting politics ahead of biology, culture and history.

        • As I understand “fascism,” it is putting biology ahead of politics.

          Perhaps you can distinguish between “fascism” and “civic nationalism.” I guess that you may be confusing the two.

      • why is it so tied to ethno-nationalism

        Well, the thinking is that politics is downstream from culture, and culture is downstream from race/ethnicity. If you ignore race/ethnicity, you are pissing upstream of your water supply.

        •  To expand on your water analogy, I think that politically we are somewhat Downstream from Three Gorges Dam, and the dam is developing visible cracks. 😲

    • I’m highly interested in a true “third position,” one that incorporates the aspects of both capitalism and socialism that run true to human nature and discards the rest.

      What I’m seeking is not what Erik Striker is selling. Striker (and Enoch too now, I guess) are simply peddling antisemitic Marxism, which is an oxymoron given the inherent Jewishness of Marxism.

      • I don’t listen to TRS very often these days, but they have taken antisemitism and created a reactionary ideology out of it. From an anthropological and historical perspective, it is interesting. The old anti-Semites just tried to match Jewish ethnocentrism with their own version of ethnocentrism. Enoch and others in that space are trying to create an ideology out of hating Jews. It’s a lot like what the black Muslims did by combining Islam with hatred of whites. I’m a bit surprised they have not reached into Islam yet. Maybe they have, but back when I listened they were not going down that road.

        There is a form of white nationalism in Europe that embraces a Euro-version of Islam. I forget what they call it, but that’s the basic drift of it. I don’t think they have big numbers, but every journey starts with the first step.

        • I understand what the TRS guys want, and it’s nice. I like it. But the road there does not go through AOC like policies. Also, this isn’t Europe. We don’t have an assortment of postage stamp sized countries each with a unique history. Taking our white people alone, you have unique sub-cultures. I don’t think the hate that northern, blue state libs have for red state people can be separated from regionalism. Even if Daisy Duke became a full blown Antifa commie they would still consider her to be uncultured white trash. A unified white community can’t even be created in ideal conditions. You can’t achieve anything remotely similar to what they want in our massive 320 million superstate. Also, while I like how they go after the Jews (no one else seems to) a lot of Jewish behavior can be explained by the simple fact that they have no New Testament. They stop at Malachi. If your religion stopped at Malachi wouldn’t you be producing porn and owning a chain of seedy check cashing stores? It’s not a conspiracy, it’s just a seedy way of life.

          • I like this comment a lot. If I had any idea how the voting module worked, I’d set the upvote for this to infinity. The reason is you are stating pretty much what I have said for a long time. American has always been a multiracial and multicultural country. The founders understood this.

            As far as our greatest ally, I’m not much in for conspiracy theories, reductionism or teleology, so much of what modern antisemitism has to say falls flat with me. I’m simply too rooted in biological realism for much of that stuff. I’m also old enough to remember when Don Black, David Duke and that whole scene had their moment, so listening to TRS content is like watching an old movie, where the good guy dies in the end.

            Just to be clear, I don’t wish them harm. That goes for all the people that came out of the alt-right. I may not like some of them or agree with them, but I don’t wish them ill.

    • I think breezy analysis like “The closest thing we have to genuine fascists in modern America are the people claiming to be anti-fascists” is cheap, ineffectual “Antifa are the real fascists!” rhetoric along the lines of what Dinesh and ConInc are constantly blabbing, but I still think Z’s larger point stands.

      The TRS guys are fun to listen to and their “deep dive” episodes are particularly good, but I think NazBols more or less have the same “real fascism was never tried” blind spot that leftists have with their “real communism was never tried” blind spot.

      I don’t think there’s anything necessarily wrong with believing in or being motivated by a platonic ideal, but the blind spot results in NazBol’s inability to appreciate that fascism can be corrupted like any other human endeavor, and therefore they can’t see where and how it has already been adopted by polities that claim they aren’t practicing it.

      The fusion of government and corporate power in the US to impose a very precise rainbow-nationalist ideal is unmistakably fascist. China and North Korea are merely more precise in the imposition and application of their nationalist ideal: they merely filter out most of the colors in the rainbow. But as they get wealthier, even in China the cracks in their filtering are appearing and more colors are ever-so-slowly being added to their rainbow. China will be a mirror of the US in less than two decades.

      I also don’t get the preoccupation with rehabilitating Hilter among NazBols. Just as my attention fades when leftists start prattling about Marx, my eyes glaze over when TRS starts on “Well, Hitler thought…” or “Well, actually Hitler practiced…” I just don’t get why so much effort is put into the hope that rehabilitating one person will somehow unlock the answers to our future. I’m just not big on any movements or theories that are wrapped around singular historical figures, because those movements always end up exhausting their energy on hyper-analyzing everything that figure said and did, and trying to shoehorn new events and new ideas into the box of whatever the historical figure thought.

      Sure, figures like Hitler, Hussein, Castro, and others were far more complex and interesting than the watered-down caricatures we’re taught in school, but cults of personality never have longevity. Dissidents cannot put all their hope into singular leaders; this perpetual hope on the right is exactly why the right never got anywhere. The Pinochets and Hitlers and Francos all have to die sometime, and after them… what?

    • In a normally functioning Western ethnic society we wouldn’t have a one-size-fits-all approach to how things evolve and operate.
      Different Estates would have evolved differently yet symbiotically.

      Each Estate or if you prefer Caste (Class presupposes a bolshey antagonistic and not a symbiotic relationship between Castes) would have a different internal social order, develop their own subculture, their own on-ramp to our wider institutions and their own political and economic arrangements. This is how our own internal diversity would manifest itself. A long evolutionary history of cooperative differentiation. This is pretty much how thing came to be and how we rebuilt the West after the collapse of Rome.

      Some form of libertarianism, 3rd positionism, socialism, +/-…would probably find a natural home in how differentiation worked itself out. A natural laboring class would be better off under some attenuated form of socialism, a natural entrepreneurial class under some form of measured libertarianism and a natural bourgeoisie under some form of 3rd positionism. None of them given free rein so they don’t run roughshod over everyone else.

      Having this conversation, at least the way it’s being discussed, is working against our immediate interests. If we are to have this conversation now then let us agree that when we are again the master of our own lands…that every Estate will have its day and its due.

      An attempt to shoehorn everyone on this side of the upheaval strikes me as a bait cutting not fishing.

  31. There’s a third part of fascism, labor unions. In the US, private unions no longer are powerful. But public-employee unions certainly are, especially in Blue States. The teachers’ unions control the brainwashing factories called public schools.

  32. As a conflict becomes more and more heated language and characterizations become inflamed. The loss of a more careful assessment may be part of that… but these harsh words serve a more important purpose: to define a group and to build its cohesion in preparation for a needed action.

    When conflicts begin to approach inevitable widespread violence no side can afford a gray area where adherents may waffle on commitments and actions. Every deadly conflict has always relied on “God is on our side vs the enemy is the spawn of Satan”. Our age is no different. Inflamed language serves the cohesion of a group facing serious conflict. If you’re going to win you will have to commit horrors…so the enemy must be dehumanized. You get absolved before the act is committed. You are because of this less likely to have moral qualms when expected to burn someone’s home, bomb their village or bury an axe in their skull.

    On the far side of most conflicts this gets attenuated. Some can’t or won’t turn it down but most will. Things planned before or early in the conflict get reexamined and reordered once they begin to rebuild. And this process continues.

    Anti fascism and national bolshevism are simply rallying cries. Conflicts by their nature have their own organizational requirements, a pooling of group resources and actions. Chasing after individual bliss and reasonableness would weaken and destroy a group’s cohesion in a time of strife.

    Being rational as we draw towards a conflict is doing whatever you need to do to bring your side together and harden everyone’s resolve in defeat of an enemy. Language and militancy in characterizations have always been a part of that. Our enemies are doing this full out while we have internal debates about point A versus point B versus point C…

    • Being rational as we draw towards a conflict is doing whatever you need to do to bring your side together and harden everyone’s resolve in defeat of an enemy…

      all the while, making sure the state does not outlaw our group

      • all the while, making sure the state does not outlaw our group”

        The group is already being outlawed by Silicon Valley, the media and enthusiastic snitchers tattling to corporate HR. Even credit card processors are working on it. The government doesn’t have to even bother these days.

    • YV – Brilliantly said. This should be in the forefront of every White dissident’s mind at all times: Does ‘x’ help “define the group and build its cohesion in preparation for a needed action?” Or, in old-fashioned short form, “Is it good for White people?”

    • Very well said and this quote “Inflamed language serves the cohesion of a group facing serious conflict” brought to mind that maybe that’s why the Building Communities language doesn’t go over well because it isn’t radical and inflamed enough to get people to act upon it…

      • Lineman: re: not radical or inflamed enough: that is true.
        But it’s also because most people are not “seeing the tidal wave” as it were. At least, not seeing it enough to take action “beforehand.”
        And human nature is generally such that people must feel a real pinch before they take any action. It has always been so.

    • Yeah, the future Reason Mag writer in the landing boat yelling “wait, there’s a third way!” gets hogtied and gagged by the company sergeant, lest he demoralized the other boys about to go over the top.
      On an unrelated note, the uniparty elite are all child raping sexual deviants kept in line by a satanist cabal with kompromat as they push forward the worldwide enslavement and genocide of Our people.

  33. Maybe there is some other reason for the dominance of simpletons in our politics. 

    The simplest explanation is that intelligent people are avoiding politics. Everyone on this comments section is intelligent, and would any here become a politician? Think of all the degrading stuff you have to do. No thanks. Intelligence is voting with feet, and those feet are going into tech, medicine, business, anything other than politics (or journalism). Eventually politics will just become too stupid for everyone to take seriously, and alternate power-centers will emerge, as Z predicts.

    • If they are not simpletons, they are corrupt. Yay democracy, where your choices are between an idiot or a sociopath! And the idiot is controlled by sociopaths.

    • National politics is theater. Its point is to pacify the masses into believing they actually have a say in governance. Real power is upstream of politics. E.g., In 2016 both parties had bringing back Glass-Steagall in their platforms. Instead we end up with BlackRock with no congressional oversight or accountability.

      • The story I always bring up was that of a local idiotic, corrupt mayor who somehow still found a way to get elected every time. His secret: direct mailing to seniors talking about how much he cared about them; didn’t matter that he was bankrupting the town. White town/white mayor btw.

    • politics always implies the access to power, and stupid people in such positions are probably more dangerous than smart people.

  34. Z, thanks for bringing up the political-economy angle. It’s hilariously ironic that these anti-facist dolts can’t see that we’re moving to exactly the kind economic system that existed under the Nazi. The Nazi and big German business were tight.

    Leading German businesses supported the Nazi in exchange for govt contracts, subsidies, suppression of labor movement and the promotion of cartels and monopolies. It was very much a symbiotic relationship but at the expense of workers and small businesses.

    The same thing is happening now. Big corporations (especially tech) now support the Dems/Progressives in exchange for free reign to maintain and expand their monopolies or oligopolies. Heck, the corporations are actually acting as the hammer to destroy enemies of the Progressive state. No need for the Gestapo.

    The Progressive don’t want to a communist state with no private property and centralized planning. They like nice stuff. They want a fascist state with party members and big business secure in their position, scratching each other’s back, getting rich and crushing dissidents.

    • Krupp could keep right on trucking as long as they supported the existence of their people and a future for German children…

      My heavens, how horrible that must have been!

      • My issue isn’t necessarily with the Nazi economic system. I’m fine with that system if it promotes the interests of my people.

        My point was simply that it’s funny that these anti-fascists are, in fact, following the fascist playbook. It’s also funny to me that CivNat types keep calling them socialists or communists when they are fascists.

        Also, the burgeoning fascist system in this country is most definitely not designed to support our people.

        • “…the burgeoning fascist system in this country is most definitely not designed to support our people.”

          Then it ain’t fascism.

        • Dems R da Real Fascists plays about as well here as that other tune, DR3. Stop buying their moral framework.

    • I’d argue “Communist” China is closer to the NDSAP model than it is to any sort of “communism”. Deng was no fool. After his exile, he was a keen observer on his trips outside China. And the Chinese took to heart the lessons of Korea (and to some extent in the abortive Sino-Vietnam border war) to shy away from the physical expansion that doomed Germany. Trump in his inelegant Queens manner was the first to call them on it.

      • Thus is one of those true thinks that never gets mentions. Marxism with Chinese characteristics is essentially national socialism. Lower case is important here. If you want to imagine what would have happened to fascism in Europe if there had been no way, there is a lot to learn from China. Not a perfect analogy, for sure, but a reasonable test case.

        • I always understood Marxism and Communism as internationalist and a rejection of borders and individual countries. Yet here comes the CCP and China with a “communist” system designed to benefit the Han and to expand Chinese territorial borders. It doesn’t compute as communist in the traditional communist-fascist spectrum, but since the “F” word is verboten, and communism is fashionable, “communist” it is.

          • China is not communist, they care not about Marxist ideology.
            They’ve put Mao’s wife to trial & humiliated her. They’re national socialists, why do you think they are doing so well as a superpower?

        • Another example of national socialism would be any country in scandinavia before the invasion began. They have socialists policies that people love across the board. Good education, great health care, lots of vacation time, paid leave,etc etc. The American idea that you can’t take care of your own people by providing them with an economic safety net is why whites in America still worship the individual and classic liberalism and find themselves in a very precarious position against people that see themselves as a group. Germans have a pretty good life, and although you can’t even whisper about national socialism there, the economy in many respects still functions that way. Even the health care system in England was socialist and functioned incredibly well until demographic change set in, now its not so good.

    • Yeah, gayest fascism ever.
      It turns out the communists didn’t have any interest in economics but only in promoting debauchery, while the fascists had no interest so social cohesion, but only extracting a couple nickels from every transaction. It’s like the ideologies of the past stripped to their most simple, retarded form and melded together.

    • My old German history professor wrote an entire book on the topic centered on IG Farben. It was really quite a clever strategy.

    • “Leading German businesses supported the Nazi in exchange for govt contracts, subsidies, suppression of labor movement and the promotion of cartels and monopolies. It was very much a symbiotic relationship but at the expense of workers and small businesses.”

      Oh please. At the time, the German workers were the best compensated and best treated in the world. C’mon!

  35. “This is what makes this age so maddening to the sober minded. Even accounting for the fact that objectivity must yield to partisanship, there should be some truth content to the partisan rhetoric. Their partisanship should actually be in furtherance of their interests or the interests of the group they claim represent. The lies and misrepresentations should have some purpose. What’s the purpose of “Anti-fascism brought to you by Amazon World Services”?”
    One simple explanation for the near universal adoption of BLM and “anti-fascism” rhetoric by corporate America is that it provides a unified theme to explain away all of one’s shitty, anti-populist policy goals: i.e. do you want to lower your manufacturing costs by stripping jobs from Americans and sending them overseas? Well, you’re not a greedy globalist Robber Baron POS you just care about the poor indigenous barefooted natives of slavewagestan. Click here to donate your change to fund education for indigenous women and girls. Want to lower your wages here in the US by hiring more immigrant labor from a swelled labor pool? Well you just care about diversity because its our strength and without more Gautamalan and Nigerian workers the chinese will outsmart and out hustle us. Click here to join the fight against racism.

    Also I think corporate America invests in the broader left vs right narrative for the same reason Dennis Prager does: it keeps whitey divided. And that makes it easier for everyone concerned to pursue their true objectives.

  36. “Another possible explanation for all this is Fukuyama was right in a sense that we have reached the end of liberal democracy. There’s no way forward, so people rummage around in the past for the outfits of the ancestors and then go out on the public stage and reenact old fights.”
    Liberal democracy is not the only standard for high tech society.
    A conspiracy theorist in fact will say that the purpose of liberalism was in fact to destroy industrial world & have the elites rule over peasants as tech-gods.

  37. They’ve run way beyond their allotted hour. Time for the metaphorical hook to yank them off stage.

  38. Maybe an unpopular position, maybe not unpopular here idk, but I think it goes back to masculine/feminine. We have this notion that force is always bad, always destructive. It can be healthy.

    When I was a kid getting out of line, my parents would reason with me. If that didn’t work I’d get spanked. The spanking wasn’t abuse and wasn’t intended to harm me. It was a clear and irrefutable message that enough was enough. Otherwise I could’ve gone crazy and no reasoned argument could stop me.

    • There are no boundaries set anymore. My parents were the same. Spankings and punishments were rare, but ruthlessly enforced. Ditto with my own kids. Throw a fit in the grocery store or a restaurant?—picked them up and left. Were not big on corporal punishment, but when we used it made sure the “ritual” was something they would not forget. And it worked.

      • The part of the ‘ritual’ my older son absolutely hated was the last one. We’d hug, and he’d cry, and we’d talk about what he did wrong and why I punished him. But for him to apologize at the end – like pulling teeth. Highly indicative of his personality, I would say.

      • Setting and enforcing hard boundaries teaches kids the value of being reasonable. It did for me anyhow. Kind of like the saying that an armed society is a polite society 🙂

    • I didn’t get as many “corrections” as I deserved to get. And my father was not shy about pulling off that belt.

    • Agree that violence should not be the first Resort.
      I think this quote is from Robert Heinlein’s Starship Troopers. “Whoever said violence never solve problems hasn’t looked at history.”

  39. “When you look around, our language is now disconnected from our political reality. The labels used to describe the various sides in political fights historically meaningless.”
    This is what colleges teach though, you can take any word you want & make it your own, white patriarchy has brainwashed people into believing there is some objective truth out there.

    • “When I use a word,’ Humpty Dumpty said in rather a scornful tone, ‘it means just what I choose it to mean — neither more nor less.’

    • Wait…. what??

      Are you agreeing or disagreeing with “brainwashing people into believing there is some objective Truth out there” ?
      (Note the purposeful use of a capital “T”.)

      Your statement reads like you disagree with the existence of an actual observable, objective Truth.
      Is that the case, Sentry?

  40. Borrowing and adding to one of your earlier observations, explained this to one of my kids as a Cargo Cult merged with substitution economics. Bereft of new ideas or true enemies, everyone repeats the old rituals. Where a true Nazi would have been the Kobe beef of the 30s, the modern “Nazi” posited by the Left is day old road kill possum. But on the theme of pervasive mediocrity (or worse) the bounty of modern society permits those who would have perished in an earlier age or lived a marginal existence to thrive and multiply. Toss in modern communications and these same misfits can be heard well beyond the hobo camp or insane asylum they would have been consigned to in the past.

    • The more I read of Ed Dutton’s book, the more I am convinced we are being destroyed by spiteful mutations. Whereas a century ago people like Emma Goldman were in asylums, or deported, or killed, now they run multinational corporations and European countries’ armed forces. Call it what you like, crabs in a bucket or deleterious mutations, but overall people are insanely stupid and weak and lazy. The small remnant who aren’t need to build a community and survive the conflagration that the rest will cause and then perish in.

      • I have gotten much mileage (with friends, at casual gatherings) about a cmment that Z-man made a while back:
        Most of our “rulers” i.e. elected Congressmen/Senators do not have the intelligence or common sense to be a second-string manager on the midnight shift at the local 7-11.
        It always gets chuckles and nods of agreement.

      • That Vdare article on the mouse utopia experiment was pretty depressing. Instead of comfort leading to a one-off societal crash it could be everywhere, all at once (well over the course of 100 years or so, which won’t matter to the people thousands of years from now doing retrospectives, if ever).

  41. As much as I dislike Spengler I’ll give him credit when he was referring to western world stagnating & begining to regress into something similar to middle east.
    When a society is dying jews are there waiting to open the doors for the invaders to come. This is what happened in babylon, this is what is happening in the west today with the migration crisis.

  42. Truth is the accurate perception or conception of reality, plain and simple. Lies are false representations of reality. Once upon a time, our environment required us to be realists or die, ending one’s gene line. Now we live in an environment that rewards lies as opposed to penalizing them. The environment is broken, and we (as a species) are becoming increasingly broken. That is the root of the problem. Until that is fixed, the problem will only get worse.

    • TomA’s posts are always abstract and univeralist. He believes that some significant number of blacks and j3ws can be persuaded by objective reality. Out of touch with reality.

      • Sorry, no sale. That nonsense came out of your head, not mine. You can attack a problem at it’s root (which I recommend), or you can try to mitigate the symptoms (which typically amounts to short-term pain relief and nothing approaching an actual cure). And yes, attacking a problem at it’s root is harder and often times demands more intelligence and seriousness. The latter is not a weakness. And last, the goal is education, not persuasion.

        • If you are too abstract, you lose the specifics that determine the fulcrums that move the world.

          We’re all carbon-based life forms after all. Why be more specific?

          • Actions have consequences. Stupid actions often had fatal consequences. Society today protects folks from such fatal consequences, thus allowing repeated stupid actions and a continuance of such by progeny.

            What is so abstract about that?

          • Can we detect concrete patterns among the people who commit “stupid actions?”

            Can we detect concrete patterns of loyalty within racial groups that compel deeper commitment than abstract values like freedom, NAP, or individual rights?

            That’s what I mean.

        • At least TomA is wiser than me, by keeping his argument in the abstract. I’m the one who dares to question specific beliefs about…well, you know 🙂

  43. Our culture and politics rest on the foundations beneath them. Those foundations are our truths, values, and morals. In the 50’s all those became relative and flexible… and when that happened, all kinds of uncivil behaviour was available for political warfare. Any dirty pool goes to accomplish your aims or demonize your opponents.
    As you’ve said, you can’t run a country like that. Conservative Inc now has the dissident right to contend with, and the Donks are tearing themselves apart as the corroded guard tries to control the new vibrant lunatics. You can’t run a party, or a family like that.
    The coming civil war will be about resetting our shared morals, ethics, and boundaries.

  44. We’re getting more evidence that the truth doesn’t matter to our enemies now that the body cam footage of the George Floyd arrest has been released. I keep thinking of the smoldering ruins of Minneapolis this morning and all of the tributes to Floyd, the chanting of “I can’t breathe,” and all the rest of it based on lies about Floyd and lies about police hunting down blacks. The lies about all of this will continue.

    • The mantra for a while to the rumors of Floyd has been “That doesn’t mean he deserved to die”. They just have no amplified it x100 because it’s literally the only thing they can say now that his criminal record and insane antics with the cops is now known.
      For those who think sanity will prevail, remember most people still think Rodney King was beaten for no other reason than being black.
      There’s a good chance those cops will get acquitted. The only reason they may not is the jurors are either diverse, or terrified of retaliation and riots.

      • They’ll be acquitted…and then William Barr will sic the justice department goons on them.

          • Barr may be the swampiest of swamp creatures.

            It’s sad watching the commenters at Breitbart and the Conservative Treehouse cling to the hope that Barr and Durham are going to indict and arrest their fellow swamp creatures for the October Surprise.

          • Ah the popcorn warriors.

            October Surprise = flatten the curve.

            6 million sealed indictments so far. If we just keep the masks on a little bit longer…

          •  It is a bit off topic, but I think that the pandemic will give us an October surprise this year. To the extent that there will be a rebound in cases, my calculations show that it will really hit about the first week of October. After the beginning of school. it is certain that the media will make much of whatever cases there are.

          • There was not really much of a rebound here during the reopening, only a ramp up in testing, which cooked the stat’s. Deaths rates and average age of those infected continues to decline. The stat’s are good when one considers that there simply is no cure for the disease other than to get it and get over it.

            As a budding epidemiologist, perhaps you could elaborate on your calculations? IIRC we were to have several hundred thousand deaths at your last prediction a couple months or so ago.

          • I should have retracted my earlier comment 🙂 I’m only back here to add a postscript. I read that several deep south states have already opened public schools. I was unaware that any States opened so early.
            Your sarcasm is well placed 😀 I was one of those early on who did some quick calculations using the early models and figured we’d be up to the millions of (USA) deaths by now. I’m glad things aren’t quite so bad.
            I hope that many of the ultra pessimistic opinions on the political and other futures of our country will prove to be equally erroneous.
            Nevertheless I stand by my claim that the school re-openings are going to act as a major spreader of the virus. Even a small public school must have several hundred students. If the videos I saw today are any indication, there will be no distancing or mask wearing. Since you’ve revealed me as the epidemiological fraud that I am 🙂 I make no claim beyond the obvious, that public schools are excellent Petri dishes.
            I agree that the virus is soemthing we will have to learn to live with — unless we’re one of the tiny fraction who succumbs 🙁

      • The same people citing Floyd’s death as a holy martyrdom also consider Michael Brown a victim of police brutality and think he was murdered by Darren Wilson. They cannot be reasoned with.

        • Reasoning that BLM is a form of Christian heresy, I have Fentanyl Floyd pegged as the Anti-christ.

        • Notice how the ones in charge though never complain about a cop shooting that would unite everyone black or white…It’s always the ones where the bad whites will be on one side and the blacks and goodwhites on the other…There is a reason for that…

      • That line is ridiculous. Everyone loves to pretend that dying is related to the initial thing that caused the contact. It’s like how they lie about a guy being executed for selling cigarettes or parking in a handicapped space. This is a denial of linear time and cause and effect. Nobody in history has ever been executed by the state for selling cigarettes or passing counterfeit money and DUI (in the US) as in the Floyd case.
        This is why there should be absolutely zero support when people argue with the cops. There are only 2 possible outcomes when fighting with the police. The first one is you get away, at least in the moment. The other is you are dead or subdued. Once the incident starts the initial cause of contact is really only incidental. Police are specifically trained to continue to increase force. It starts with presentation of uniform and some nice sounding talk. It escalates from there to verbal commands.
        I have watched hundreds and hundreds of these incidents (not all ending in death) and just about every single one them could have been avoided.
        These people just have no idea about the escalation of force and how they are directly the cause for it. None of these anti-cop fools ever think of what a world where the average criminal gets to decide whether or not he has done something wrong and whether or not he should show his license or whatever the cause may be would even look like.
        If you have kids, teach them not to fight with the cops. Don’t believe the hype, they will shoot your kid even faster than they will shoot a black kid. Do some role playing with them. Teach them to assert their rights without coming across like an idiot and getting shot. The agents of the state are not your friends and they are not you kid’s friends. That is the unfortunate reality.

        • It’s equally important to point out that the Agents of the state or not your enemies, at least not at first. Just the same, it’s probably unwise to tell them more than your name, to show them your license your registration and your auto insurance. If they ask you any other questions you should probably just smile and remain silent.

          • I agree that they are not enemies, at least not by default. But it is amazing to me to watch people, normal white people arguing with cops and prolonging the contact by arguing. Prolonging a contact with the police can only go against you. The longer they are in contact with you, the more intelligence they can gather or worse, develop probable cause for a search.
            I saw a video on YT where the cop tells the guy “OK, you’re free to go” and then started asking him a bunch of questions about a supposed business the guy had and how he could get into it. The guy took it as friendly and kept talking to the cop. He got the guy to talk enough for the cop to develop probable cause for a search and ultimately took him to jail for drugs. This all happened after he told him he was free to go and no longer being detained.

          • There are plenty of YouTube videos that explain why talking to the police without an attorney is always a terrible idea.

  45. Even accounting for the fact that objectivity must yield to partisanship, there should be some truth content to the partisan rhetoric.

    I see a good example of this ‘truth based’ partisanship in the working environment. Two technologies are put forward as some sort of solution, each with it’s own merits. The opposing parties in most cases do have a list of the tech’s strong points and argue for it to such an extent, it becomes partisanship. This is fine, because neither is completely delusional and both have a grounding in reality.

    How can a sober minded person look on when some middle class white girl cries oppression in countries that have provided the easiest life that has ever been known?

    When younger, I always used to think that the truth would win out. But it doesn’t. The truth is for the elites and a handful of lower-downs and plebs who are clued up, but for the large mass of people it doesn’t matter. Take TV, for example: the stuff on it is so obviously garbage and at odds with reality, yet if you point this out to most they think you’re the mad one. Yes indeed, truth cannot be handled by many people.

      •  Why a down vote? I think the above statement is completely true. I like to say that you can deny reality or the truth, but it will eventually be back with the SWAT team. 👾

          • Probably, but it took several generations to get here. Why expect within a single generation (yours) to get out? If you’re extremely lucky, you may see/sense the beginning of the end before you expire.

        • I thought it was Christian doctrine being expressed. Apologies to all you not-yet-believers. 😉

      • When truth takes five centuries to win out it is of no use to me, or seventy years for that matter were I Russian.

      • Truth always wins out only in the eternal. This world is damned and fallen, and truth has no more power than the weapons held by the those who tell the truth.

    • “I always used to think that the truth would win out. But it doesn’t.” Indeed.
      I meander between:
      The truth is great and it will prevail a bit.
      -We will drown and nobody shall save us.

  46. “America is a fascist country now.”

    And Lincoln was the first fascist president. Adolf recognized this and paid tribute to Lincoln in Mein Kampf. He was Adolf’s favorite president.

    • You say “fascism” like it’s a bad thing. The question is, “Fascism for whom?”

      Whites will not survive without fascism.

          • Before we think about alternatives, we should acknowledge that whites are being destroyed by the sort of corporate state imagined by fascist theorists. That strikes me a necessary first step in contemplating alternatives to what is on offer. Given that the people in charge say the alternative to their preferred option is fascism, when their system is more fascistic than the supposedly fascistic system, sounds a lot like the sort of sandwich many here talk about a lot.

          • Because I am being attacked with a gun, I must renounce guns?

            If there’s a fourth position, I’d like to hear about it, but until then the strategies by which we defend ourselves are well known.

            The only strategy is I reject out of hand is, “individual freedom for every person on earth is our highest value.”

          • I’ve seen this come up elsewhere, our betters say “well you might not like X, but you certainly wouldn’t like Y!” For the sake of marketing they always label ‘Y’ as nazi-ism. Some (I’m referring almost exclusively to commentators on Gab) use this as a justification for 20th century style fascism, but it’s a bit of a false-choice as fascism doesn’t ensure the survival of our people any more than communism assures it’s doom. The belief that we should continue as a people is the primary issue, the political system is ancillary to that.

          • Fascism is a system that promotes the in group and suppresses the out group. Who is in and out is driven by the culture of the country that adopts fascism.

            So what you’re saying is that whites have become the out group in America. Which is not quite true. It’s more accurate that “good-whites” are the in group and that “bad-whites” the out group. With POCs somewhere between props and allies for the “good-whites” existential struggle against “bad-whites”. But the thing is that good whites need bad whites to exist.

          • I’m sticking with the political-economy of fascism. That’s a set of definitions that we can talk about objectively. Too many people create bespoke versions of fascism that just so happen to include the stuff they like and exclude the stuff they don’t like. The term “fascism” today is the true Scotsman’s best friend.

          • The point I tried to make is that the system we have today in the US could be anti- white or pro white.

            The problem is the political and cultural elite – not “the system”.

          • Agreed. A recurring theme in my writing is that politics is way downstream from biology, culture and institutions (history), which is the error of many who presently fly the fascism banner. Put another way, the alternative to politics is not more politics.

          • That was a sharp column. It linked to one of three articles that appeared last year under the title “Bioleninism.” I could not find the other two but want to read them. It makes perfect sense.

          • Jack Dobson said: “It makes perfect sense.”

            Indeed. Gather up the dregs of the earth, and turn them into a militant voting block. Then make damn sure the majority is so demoralised they can’t figure out how to defend themselves.

          • It actually is a created majority. In the West, and this is a Western phenomenon, this required Open Borders to overwhelm the former majority. I had previously thought of it as “left-wing bean counters” but Spandrell really tied it together in a convincing way. It explains why trannies became a thing out of the blue–to get the numbers up, members had to be manufactured. It is why pedophilia is being mainstreamed. The bodies are needed. Spandrell suggests other mental illnesses will be elevated as needed to add to the coalition.

          • Here is a link to an interview with the guy credited for the formulation of Bioleninism as a concept that explains today’s triumphant Left. He makes incredible sense: https://parallaxoptics.com/2018/12/11/on-bioleninism/
            Spandrell does address some obvious long-term problems with this type of coalition. Once the Left achieves total control, and it is close, the inherent hostilities among the groups cobbled together will surface. Among them are the left-wing Whites, who do hold the actual power, may not be able to keep it. Natural enemies such as Muslims and homosexuals will war with one another. But Spandrell proposes this ruling bloc can continue quite a while before this occurs.

            I don’t know that I completely agree with the previous last full sentence. It seems much of what is playing out in the streets is a battle between rising racial minorities and garden-variety upper middle class Whites who hold the actual power. In politics, AOC’s are replacing Crowleys. Battles between Hispanics and blacks are allowed to play out without intervention. White women are being cut loose from the coalition and as is their wont, they are trying furiously to hold on and becoming psychotic shipwrecks. And so on.

            Still, it is a damned fine explanation and it mostly holds up whatever few criticisms I have of it.

          • I understand spandrell has had a hard time keeping his essays up on the web, for all the obvious reasons. If you find his stuff, copy it in a form that can’t be erased so you can share it. Samizdat is coming back my friends,

          • I reject the Derbsian notion that our current troubles are a civil war between whites. Now that may have indeed been the case 50 years ago, but blacks, through dint of fanaticism and the willingness to use violence, have gotten out front of Leftism and now call the tune. And blacks, with invaluable intellectual support from white race traitors, have declared whites, tout court, the out group. If the race traitors believe they are still in control of their movement, they will soon be painfully disabused of that notion.

          • @Ostei – I have to disagree. Blacks have never been able to organize anything at all beyond the occasional huckster shaking down some company for a few bucks. I’m in the Derb camp on this one.

          • True. Blacks cannot organize, but without them the Left would be toothless and without focus. They are absolutely critical.

          • They’ve got a tiger by the tail, it’s plain to see; won’t be much when they get through’ with them…
            (apology to B Owens)

          • Most of the BLM “protestors” I’ve seen have been twenty something whites.

            The worst woke areas are almost uniformly white – SF – Portland – Seattle.

          • Yes. However, most of the serious violence and destruction has been authored by blacks. Regardless, there is symbiosis between the race traitors and the Hutus. Neither can be effective without the other. If we can drive a wedge between the two, and I believe that can be done, the Left will be crippled.

          • Yes, in the news lately is Seatlle’s poor beleagured Black female mayor, who wouldn’t conset to cut the city’s police budget by half, now her home is target of peaceful (so far) protests by woke white radicals. The comment that her (white) neighbors were watching, armed, brought a smile to me.

          • Fascism means solely “anti-communist” and nothing more. The following are historically “literal fascists”: monarchist Carlists and White Russians, nationalist democratic socialists like YKW, nationalist populist military dictatorships (pinochet), christian traditionalist autarkists (falange), imperialist corporatacracies (Mussolini fascism),and dynastic empires (Japan). The only shared characteristics are authoritarian strong central power (ie, the natural reaction to marxist revolution) and being anti-communist. Otherwise, the term is so overbroad as to be meaningless.

          • Z Man said: “…Given that the people in charge say the alternative to their preferred option is fascism, when their system is more fascistic than the supposedly fascistic system, sounds a lot like the sort of sandwich many here talk about a lot.”

            Despite what we all think, humans don’t have an endless number of behaviors in their genetic repertoire. And there’s only so many ways to build and run a railroad; all of which have ultimately failed. Why? Because crap works until it doesn’t. So if it’s not broke, don’t fix it. In the meantime, Western Civilization ain’t actually going anywhere. White Anglo-European Civilization has permeated every nook and cranny of planet earth. The melanin enriched will never be free of our white asses, we’re forever. Think about it. Everything you see happening in the western world today, is just another phase of the same old liberal enlightenment BS. Those freaks out there are trying to demolish White Civilization, with the ideologies and politics invented by White people. How crazy is that. Anyway, things aren’t getting better any time soon. So remember:


          • I wonder if what we’re seeing in the recent chaos here is simply the attempt, by the global corporate elite, to extend the kind of corporate feudalism that they often rely on in the third world to the US.

            Large corporations have long taken advantage of weak nation states with little national unity. They will buy off the local power elite and in some cases they will simply bring their own little armies of mercenaries to keep the kind of order favorable to them. I know from personal experience that part of “supply chain” training in big companies includes things like how to transport weapons across international borders.

            This might explain things like the defund the police initiatives that the big companies, while not openly supporting, have also not opposed and in fact tacitly support with their #BLM virtue signalling. The hysterical response to Beer Flu and all the other indications that the US is ungovernable may simply have convinced the corporatists that it’s time to move the “social bond rating” of the US from “shaky” to “junk” and treat it accordingly. It may be that we are not becoming Communist Russia or Nazi Germany so much as a continent scale Honduras.

            If this is correct it may be that the seeming globalist support for things like BLM and Antifa does not so much mean that they believe in Negro Communism as that they cynically support anything that further weakens the national state and national unity.

          • pozymandias said: “If this is correct it may be that the seeming globalist support for things like BLM and Antifa does not so much mean that they believe in Negro Communism as that they cynically support anything that further weakens the national state and national unity.”

            Here’s a 41 minute youtube video intitled:
            “The Base and Superstructure of Woke Capitalism.”
            I don’t think the guys an expert, but he has some great ideas.


          • I think you are letting the theoretical tail wag the pooch here, but I will say that the sort of left-capitalism we’ve seen for decades was according to some theorists an impossibility.

            So maybe a ‘multicultural fascism’ is something new under the sun. It’s worth thinking about.

          • I recommend you read Gottfried’s “Fascism: Career of a Concept”. Autarky and subordination of private, including corporate, interests to those of the state would seem to be the fundamental components of a fascist political system. Instead of being subordinate to USG, globalist corps are either calling the shots or in a symbiotic relationship. I think you are mistaking a few surface similarities between the methods used by the ignorant SJW bigots and blacks weaponized by globalist corporations and their parasitic institutions to advance their interests. I find it difficult to not see globalist neoliberalim as the antithesis of fascism.

          • I think we need a pinochet. Maybe for a generation or two. Then a transition into starship trooper republicanism. It will have to get bad before people go along with that. On the other hand, its looking really frothy.

          • I don’t think we need one, but we may get one. Alternatively, we could end up with corporate authoritarianism followed by disaggregation.

          • I’m okay with disaggregation. I think in such a world, the tribal lines become clear. Having some source of power hold these disparate parts together, either with ideology as we see today or raw force, is a bad outcome for whites. America, post empire, looks like early medieval Spain or France.

          •  Since both of those were World Empires, might looking at the post empire history of those countries be more relevant?  Or the UK? Since it has much more in common legally and socially with the USA, and also was much more recently divested of Empire.

          • UK up until recently never ditched the idea of nationhood as enthusiastically as the US. America became an empire before finishing the work of nation building. That’s going to make for a rough ride.

          • @Ben – they weren’t at the time. In Spain, the local Roman Spaniards kept doing things like they had been, while the Visigoths took over the local power centers. They became the counts, etc, while maintaining a theoretical relationship with Rome (by which I mean Constantinople).

            While they had a monarchy, it was mostly the local bosses who chose someone to manage the bigger institution. It was hereditary only theoretically, as I think only one or two times was a grandson of a king also a king.

          • Ideology in the old sense is religion. I think the attempt has been to hold the county together with economics. Not the easiest argument to make, but our constitution is a written contract, there’s patent law in it, etc. The country came apart over an economic dispute. America is a commercial empire, and so on.

            No time to be exhaustive, but if you squint hard enough maybe you can see what I’m saying?

          • The China Credit Score is coming to a social platform near you. Without question.

            Best summation of Twitter: “So, when I hit publish on this tweet, will I lose my job, friends, family, house, access to credit and banking, and the ability to feed myself? Sure, why not?!”

          • Even cynics will be surprised at how easy it is to implement and how enthusiastic white people will be for it.

          • It may be like it is in China: debt credit score on r’oids. The only issue is the enviable racial disparate impact, though our betters always have an “out” for such things which will mean that its meaningless as it’s shot full of holes.

          • He doesn’t necessarily have to be a Pinochet or a Franco, but for our side to win–and that means establishing the ethnostate–strong leaders, and ultimately one capo di tutti capi, will have to emerge. As of this moment, I’m not aware of such a figure. Events will provide one.

    • Lincoln was not fascistly holding together a nation-state…he was stubborn and misguided and the USA was never a nation-state. Prior to the 1960s, we have probably been more like Great Britain or Switzerland in that we are a loose collection of regions with a common heritage.
      I have a hard time seeing America as fascist. You could argue that the ubiquitous American flag and the military fetishism is fascism, but that’s dying out. The two-party system is not fascist. And the official civic nationalism or passport-Americanism of the past half-century is more egalitarian communist than fascist.
      Corporate fascism though…that is a thing in America, and it’s brutal, oppressive, and ugly.

      • Lincoln’s actions were exactly what Mussolini would have approved of. Corporate sponsors, central authority wielded in support of a nationalist vision, abrogation of rights of assembly & speech, use of violence to achieve control, little or no interference with business activity, greasing the wheels of industry to promote expansion and military power, promotion of propaganda in support of the Leader. Heck, Lincoln even wanted to deport non-whites. Am I missing anything?

        • From that list yeah, you could say he was fascist. But perhaps a paper fascist; isn’t fascism also 50% style and panache? From what I gather Lincoln didn’t do the Dear Leader bit, and I can’t imagine a frontier man of mid-19th century America ever thinking highly of authoritarianism. Gore Vidal did write that Lincoln started us on the road to American empire, though. So while “fascism” is a popular word nowadays, I think the more apt term is “tyranny” in the Jeffersonian sense. As for the non-whites, I don’t think Lincoln was doing a service for the ethnostate. If it were 1905 instead of 1865, he’d probably have wanted the Italians gone too.

      • How does the two-party system not facilitate fascism? America is definitely a corporate fascist country. I.e., oligarch ruled with large body of desperate, mal-educated peasants. Peasants that turn on each other to fight for the scraps. This is the fruit of the Libertarian tree: Corporatism.

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