Do Goblins Go To Hell?

After years of false promises, Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg has finally made the world a better place by exiting from it. Her near-death experiences had reached a number where it was starting to look as if she was immortal. She was in the hospital more than the typical nurse, but somehow always managed to recover. It turns out that her deal with Old Scratch did have an expiry date and the world rejoices. They announced her death Friday night, but who knows when she really died.

As is custom when a Progressive goblin dies, the liberal media will carry on as if she was the most important person in history. They had already made movies about her that no one watched, so they will all be wearing black armbands this week. Whatever funeral services they have for her will be turned into another circus. Maybe in honor of George Floyd, peace be upon him, they will drop her corpse next to his. Then pilgrims can pay respects to both on the same trip.

Ginsberg was the example of everything that has gone wrong with America. Her tenure as a justice was defined by her doctrinaire screeds against ordered liberty. The only reason she was on the court was due to the unwritten rule that at least four justices must be Progressive fanatics, preferably Jewish ones. Her career on the lower court made clear that she would always follow orders from the Left. She did not write a single opinion that was not known in advance.

Of course, the issue in her final days was the fact that she was nothing more than an animated corpse, but she refused to retire. There was no way she was lucid enough and competent enough to perform her duty, but the system allows a justice to stay on until they take their last breath. In theory, Congress can remove them, but that never happens, so the judges can stick around until death. With Ginsberg, it did not matter as all of her opinions were written in advance for her.

If one were hoping to reform America in order to prevent what appears to be a bloody breakup, the first place to start is the court. A new rule of Zeleucus should be imposed, where any judge proposing to overturn a statute or ancient custom must appear before a citizen’s council with a noose around his neck. If the council votes against the proposal the judge is immediately strangled. This would eliminate subversives like Ginsberg from the legal system in a generation.

After that, no judge should be allowed to serve past 75. There are plenty of people with supple minds well into their 80’s, but people near the end of their days should not be defining the future. Allowing a grand council of geezers to bind future courts and future legislatures is judicial entrenchment. There are no perfect solutions to this, but preventing people like Ginsberg from loitering on the court is first step. It gives each generation a chance to have their own court.

Of course, the dominant role of the court in our political life is something that would have to be addressed. Rule by robed masters with lifetime appointments is not only un-American, it is anti-Western. Rule by wise man or holy man is an oriental import that no occidental people should embrace. Judges and courts are for administering the laws that are written by the people’s rulers. Whether it is a representative body or a monarch, the laws are written by the sovereign, not the courts.

Because the Left subverted the court in the last century, we are condemned to have increasingly deranged nominating processes. The circus around replacing the last left-wing justice lasted months, so you can be sure the people operating death squads in our cities will put on a grand show this time. The planned colored revolution against Trump now has the perfect vehicle. Whoever Trump nominates will be the center of a manufactured revolt in the streets of Washington.

Despite what Mitch McConnell is saying now, there is a good chance that this gets kicked down the road. Both parties are pulling out all the stops to help Biden, so making the election about who picks the replacement for Ginsberg is the smart play. This will get the woke women out to replace the BLM and Antifa rioters, who appear to have run out of steam. The election can now be about female empowerment, rather than the right of non-whites to loot and pillage.

On the other hand, holding off the nomination could drive up enthusiasm for Trump, as even so-called conservative understands what is at stake. Gun rights people are already highly motivated to vote in November. Now that there is a chance to tilt the court their way for a generation, they will be hyper-enthusiastic. The social conservatives will also be activated by this news. Trump has signaled he intends to appoint an anti-abortion advocate if he has the chance.

In the long run, none of this matters. As we have seen with so many justices, once they get on the court their skin suit falls away to reveal their reptilian nature. Whoever Trump nominates will go native and do the bidding of the Inner Party. Like all of the other institutions, the court is only a weapon against the people now, never a weapon on behalf of the people. This is the result of being ruled by an alien elite. Still, Ginsberg is dead and Lucifer has another soul to torment.

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285 thoughts on “Do Goblins Go To Hell?

  1. Maybe a law that when a judge is overturned three times they’re dismissed? Or found to be legislating from the bench. Bureaucrats need their authority trimmed too.

  2. “This is the result of being ruled by an alien elite. Still, Ginsberg is dead and Lucifer has another soul to torment.”
    Alien in what sense? Non-human? If so, I would tend to agree with you; and these aliens seem motivated to sow as much discontent and violence as possible. We appear to be mere tools to them. The end product of the use of the tools is hard to fathom, but I’m convinced that the human race is powerless to stop their machinations no matter how much smart guys like the Z man rail against them. I left the US long ago, though, regrettably, where I am now is only marginally saner. I’m obeying the number one law of the universe…stay or get out of the way. I’m thankful that I still have the option to dodge things, but how long will that last? Hard to say, but given the level of debt the world economy is burdened with, and the utter destruction that would ensue if those debts are called in by our alien creditors, we all might be up the proverbial creek sooner than we think. If that world-wide default occurs it will be…Lucifer, here we all come.

  3. What difference does a rigged election make? Did Trump get a wall built? Did he repeal and replace ObamaCare? Wasn’t that what he ran on? Please. It is all theater.

    • Don’t forget stopping the endless wars in the Middle East. Win them decisively or come home. Stop being Israel’s golem.

    • 300 miles of *new* wall in now built. All the old wall has been fixed so that it is sound. Head of ICE predicts 400 miles by Election Day.

  4. I am just glad Ginsburg is dead. She was ugly at 20. At 87, she was hideous, the perfect symbol of feminism.

  5. The smart move is to nominate a woman and hold off the vote until after the election. The dems can shoo away many female votes by smearing the nominee. And they will smear the nominee.

    • I wonder about doing this, and holding some sort of “hearings” before the election, but being cagey about the timing of a vote.

    • None of this is meaningful if Trump loses and the Rep’s fold in the Senate. We now have two “iffy” Rep’s making noise in the Senate—preferring a virtuous defeat rather than a brutal victory. Odds are, after the election the Senate is 50/50. That means trouble.

  6. Just more of the usual BLM terrorism:

    One of the guys he shot was black, but that’s probably only because black shooters have such poor aim. He was probably aiming for a third white guy and missed.

    Just like in Indianapolis, BLM and Antifa are now busily doxxing the victims’ family and friends to terrorize them further.

    All while the FBI bleats about “white supremacy” being the biggest threat in the country.

  7. While I’m 76 and feel that I’m reasonably competent, I could acquiesce to the 75 year cutoff without much trouble. I would add, though, that there should also be a lower bound of, perhaps, 50 years of age. As I look back I note that the emotions roiling in the culture are quite influential to one’s thinking until about that age. The 3+ years of Trump’s presidency are instructive in that respect as it has become abundantly clear that if one waits a month or so, each of the serial “crises” we have endured have faded to nothing. If you gain nothing else from aging, you do, if you are at all sentient, gain patience.

    • I agree. I’d putt he minimum age to be on the Federal bench at 45 and the minimum SCOTUS age at 75. Further, to get on the Federal bench would require having been admitted to the Federal bar and argued cases in Federal court. We want Judges that have had a working career in front of judges and we want Supreme Court justices with experience as a judge.

      I’d also impose similar rules on the House and Senate. The minimum age for the House should be 45 and the maximum tenure ten years. Senate is 55 and mandatory retirement at 65. There should also be a ten year employment limit for employees of the House and Senate. That career staff is a much bigger issue than most realize. Add in a ten year limit on federal appointments and you get the turnover in the federal bureaucracy that we don’t have now.

      None of this will happen until after the revolution and the period of retribution.

      • We don’t currently have the bar requirements codified and I can’t see that it has ever been much of an issue. We’ve had a couple justices that never attended law school and if I remember correctly, they were not among the troublesome ones.

        I am highly skeptical of the idea that only lawyers are qualified to interpret the constitution.

        • Not asking for lawyers, but am asking for prior judicial experience such that judicial temperament may be judged. When the Constitution was enacted, there was little formal education in law and other career areas we now take for granted. If such requires a law degree, then so be it. But I’m not too well versed here.

          • Where do lawyers get their degrees? Academia. Who controls academia? Every one of our sitting justices is a graduate of a prestigious law school with a long judicial record. How has that worked out for assessing “judicial temperament?” Many of the worst judges of the modern era — Souter, O’Conner, Roberts, Stevens, Blackmun (I could go on) have been appointed by “conservative” presidents and gone on to be leftist or unreliable justices. I would rather have a principled non-lawyer in the position than a product of the US legal indoctrination system.

      • Term limits sound good on paper but don’t you think that the likelihood will be that the “brand” then becomes the de facto incumbent rather than the individual pol?

        For example, the party “machine” will simply decide who gets their approval and money, who is the best face of the brand, and voters be damned. It’s that way now, true, but a senator who serves a long time actually accrues some real power and influence that is independent of party money men and elders, and they have to contend with that. If shifts the balance of power to the entrenched incumbent and he gets to start calling some of the shots. Put term limits on him and it actually benefits the likes of Soros. Soros doesn’t care who gets in as long as they do his bidding, and with term limits there is no fear that a politician will become powerful enough to give him headaches and go rogue.

        I think this is why the politicians fight term limits, because they know if they can stay in there long enough and accrue enough power then they start becoming the shot callers and not Soros. It’s that same desire any worker bee has about becoming his own boss. yes, at first you have to kiss lots of ass and learn your stuff, but the dream is to be the boss.

          • Very true, but he is just one of many and only an example

            Point being, take away the threat of an incumbent accruing power and influence through a long career and that power then shifts to people like Soros

      • Agree for term limits for elected offices and staff, but the most important thing would be to remove the Supreme court itself.

        The simple idea than the ultima ratio is given to a bunch of ideological lawyers is nor republican neither democratic.

        Only the chief of the state or the citizens (by referendum) have the legitimity to decide, in a republic or in a democracy. Fuck judge’s dictatorship!

      • The only “federal” bar I know of is the patent one. As long as you are admitted to a state bar, you can get licensed in the federal courts. A large portion of the federal docket includes state issues under diversity jurisdiction, and a lot of state issues involve federal constitutional issues or statutes, as the “supreme law of the land” and federal preemption apply in state court as well. Very few lawyers practice exclusively in the fed or state system (usually regulatory or bankruptcy related). Honestly, experience “as a judge” is a bit overrated for appellate court levels. A trial judge yes – you are dealing with issues that an appeals court will never address. I am not saying it wouldn’t help, but a good appellate judge is one who can see the unintended consequences of a particular ruling. Sometimes, a lawyer who has to deal with those consequences can see them better than a judge who issues his opinion and moves on.

  8. Ginsberg gave true resonance to the phrase “fear the living dead.” Good riddance to the horrid old witch. The timing — weeks before the election — seems too good to be true for our “progressive” masters, who now have a new drum to beat. On the other hand, as Zman says, maybe it will backfire. If Trump does put forward a nominee — any nominee — there will be the usual riots, murders, etc. This in turn may swing a whole lot more normal people over in our direction. But one way or another, I am not exactly looking forward to the next few months. Stock up, get ready as best we can.

  9. Observing the caterwauling of the left about her replacement, I ask myself, when did doing what the agreed-upon rules allow you to do become beyond the pale?

    In 2016, the Senate refused to consider Garland, because the rules allowed them to.

    In 2020, the Senate will consider Trump’s pick because the rules allow them to.

    Someday (presuming the US doesn’t split apart first), the Democrats will control the Senate when a justice dies late in a Presidential term and they will consider a late term nominee or not, because that is what the rules allow them to do.

    The current outrage on the left is like a football team that is still ahead by one point after the opposing team scored a touchdown in the last minute of the game getting mad because the other team successfully went for the two-point conversion.

    “Yes, the rules allow them to go for the 2-pointer, but a field goal is the conventional play! This is no fair! It should be a tie at best!”

    But, no, that’s not how football works. You don’t get to protest legal plays just because they don’t benefit you. In fact, that is the whole point of the game/system.

    Likewise, it is the whole point of our system — controlling the Senate comes with certain benefits, as does controlling the House. Different arms of government contending against each other is the deliberate design. Once upon a time all the players understood that a rule that harmed them today would help them in a subsequent game.

    • Bolsheviks don’t care about Rules. Power is all that matters. Rules are simply weapons to be used when convenient. If Rules get in the way, they are discarded or simply ignored.

    • As Jim notes. Rules have nothing to do with anything here. The Left has no rules, they are simply using the Right’s virtues to defeat them. When the Rep Senate killed Obama’s appointment, the Dem’s cried foul and wanted the process to proceed to a conclusion post haste. Now that the Rep’s do the same thing, they take the other side and cry “foul”—as if they would not do the very same things themselves if positions were reversed.

      There is only one rule—and it is being followed by both parties—win at all costs.

  10. Slightly OT:
    Imagine what the Left will do if Trump causes Biden to collapse or go bonkers during their debate. Look it’s pretty clear Biden is so feeble he can’t be allowed to answer questions from the public and his vitality seems to be totally shot. It wouldn’t take much for the old geezer to go redlined and check out in some manner.
    I just don’t see Biden lasting long now.

  11. Still, Ginsberg is dead and Lucifer has another soul to torment.

    Nah, pretty sure he punted this one to heaven.

  12. not a demonology expert, but i’d gather goblins were already from hell. Ginsburg has been finally desiccated its human host and went back to where she came from.

    and yeah, maybe holding the last pick as bait for the base will titillate the base. but this holds for both parties. if Trump wants the nominee cleared now, maybe it’s because he will be seen as a doer. the other side might also feel defeated if the judge is already chosen.

    but yeah, can’t depend on judges. the chosenites were given kings for a reason, Christ being the true King of all. democracy prefers congresses and courts of phoneys dissolving the traditions that people want their rulers to enforce. so democracy gets what it deserves – to be alternating with occasional caesarisms and even dynasties, to restore popular order.

  13. I thought I’d caught out Z in an error, but he’s right:
    “In theory, Congress can remove them, but that never happens…”
    A quick Google reveals: “Has a Justice ever been impeached? The only Justice to be impeached was Associate Justice Samuel Chase in 1805. The House of Representatives passed Articles of Impeachment against him; however, he was acquitted by the Senate.
    Just for comparision, three Presidents have been impeached.
    As for the new nominee, I like the different viewpoints presented, but seems to me the most logical would be to nominate and ask for confirmation ASAP. Why? Well, the Senate is still just slightly Republican, something it may not be in four months. I don’t see what Trump would have to gain by delaying. The Democrats are such sworn enemies of all things Trump that they’d oppose the nominee, even if it were a transgender Lesbian Person of Color* from the 9th District with a solid liberal record. Seems their only weapon would be the fillibuster. If Trump could find a black, female conservative…hmmm….
    *Preferably certified as 100% caucasian ancestry-free by the US. Department of Health and Human Services

  14. This is a big fat gift for Trump. Unless he screws up royally, his re-election is now assured. (Barring some other wild, out-of-the- event, like a deadly virus.)

    Ginsburg’s passing doesn’t get Biden any more votes — money, yes, but votes, no. Anyone who was worried about RBG being replaced by Trump or Roe v Wade being overturned is already voting against Trump; they knew the old cadaver wasn’t going to last 4 more years a long time ago.

    On the other hand Trump has a terrific opportunity. He can name Coney Barrett but not nominate her, supercharging his evangelical, Catholic and gun-rights bases to storm the polls and mailboxes. (Whites constitute the largest group of non-voters in the country, by a huge amount. Getting more of them to vote this time is the key to Trump’s plan.) Naming her will also give the Left/Democrats a target to shoot at, and we know that during the Trump Era what categorizes his opponents are their helplessly egregious overreactions — Turn it up to 11! That will play right into Trump’s law-and-order campaign theme.

    Biden will be in a defensive (losing) position, attacking a woman and mother, and also being pressured to name his own nominee, who will have to somehow appeal to to his entire crazy base. He can only lose support, not gain any he doesn’t already have.

    • He can name Coney Barrett but not nominate her, supercharging his evangelical, Catholic and gun-rights bases to storm the polls and mailboxes. 

      I don’t understand what “name her” means. Announce she’s on the short list of possible nominees? Trump already has these “bases” pretty much in the bag, and if he then draws a line through Ms. Barrett’s name before the election, they will feel betrayed. Moreover she is not the SC justice we need.

    • “I am so happy she is dead and in Hell.” LOL. Your honest simplicity reminds me of those innocent movie characters like Peter Sellers in “Being There”, or Tom Hanks in “Big”.

  15. My bet that Trump fully expects the nomination get stalled in the circus, which will bring out his voters. A confirmation might bring out democrats. So he’s putting up some inoffensive female for sacrifice and saviing his real pick for January. One can hope.

  16. Trump should name two nominees.

    A primary choice, Barrett and a back up I’d she drops out or doesn’t make it for any reason. Munoz.

    The fact of two people will be a curveball for the left.

    it will also divide their attacks, and naming people of two different demographics it will have added electoral impact when the left attacks both.

  17. “After that, no judge should be allowed to serve past 75. There are plenty of people with supple minds well into their 80’s, but people near the end of their days should not be defining the future.”

    I’ll extend this sentiment to all forms of elected positions, from dog catcher to POTUS. I’m also for limiting the vote to White male property owners between the ages of 25 and 75, but I’ll settle for just the age limits. Lots of folks talk about how foolish it is to let 18 year- olds vote without having the courage to admit that the geezers at the other end of the actuarial table, with their demands for “Muh Social Security benefits” and the rest are just as big of a problem.

    • The way you end such voting (for gib me’s) is to restrict anyone who receives welfare from voting. That takes care of most all the parasites. Another wise expansion might be to restrict government employees.

  18. Now is the time for the right-minded to troll the tribe and their minions with a ruthless and undisguised glee, as well as all cucks going through the motions of solemnity.

  19. The idea behind lifetime appointment was to make justices immune to political pressure; of course, this assumed their role was not itself political: purely applying the law, or perhaps making necessary adjustments to changing times. The idea was not to create a class of Immortals. The relative shortness of life back then made it not likely anyone would serve into their late 80s (just like Social Security was set to kick in at 65, when most people would be dead).
    Although Marshall’s idea of judicial review was bad enough, today justices are completely political, and so really should be subject to national election (election by judicial circuit — each one supposedly oversees one or more circuits — would smack too much of the Electoral College for today’s folks,as would Canada’s system of appointment by region).
    But all these are work-arounds for the main problem: in the Olde Days people had, or were expected to pretend to have, what Spengler would call “tact”; a sense of proportion, decency, what have you, which would prevent them from overstepping in their decisions, or sticking around forever as if no one else could possible take their place. It would be unseemly to use ones office to ram through ones own political ideas (as opposed to fanatics and partisans, like a John Brown). Today, that’s just a quaint idea, like petticoats or spats. Today it’s all Who/Whom.

    • All good points. Let me add another. The original United States Supreme Court consisted of six justices because the Founding Fathers could not conceive of opinions reflecting partisan and ideological bias; it is a given they could not envision a fanatical Jewess sitting on the Court. The idea of a tie based on political bias was regarded as ludicrous when the Judiciary Act passed in 1789. Although they obviously were great men, the Founders are wildly overrated because Marbury immediately proved them wrong about basically everything.

    • John Marshall’s ostensible defense of “judicial review” was a big crock. In actuality, it was a cloth to cover the nakedness of his entirely political tactic to leave “stay behind” forces from the Federalist party in place by denying the Democratic-Republicans, winners of the vote for control of the Executive branch, to structure their workforce to permit the implementation of their policies. Madison dropped the ball by not going to the mat on this.

      So, thenceforward, the camel’s nose was under the tent, and only got way worse when JFK permitted the unionization of the federal workforce, in essence reversing the intent of past legislation (designed to make the best of the compromised Executive branch’s control over its own workforce) toward a professional, non-partisan civil service. But the incentive for the unionized federal workforce was to support politicians who made deals with them, and even increased their numbers. Reagan’s canning of the air traffic controllers remained a one off toward reasserting Executive freedom from political pressure from the unionized federal workforce, instead of the beginning of a fight back.

      And now, the stay behind forces, in conjunction with the unionized federal bureaucracy feel secure in staging a putsch against the elected President. What a surprise…

  20. In the long run, none of this matters. As we have seen with so many justices, once they get on the court their skin suit falls away to reveal their reptilian nature. Whoever Trump nominates will go native and do the bidding of the Inner Party.

    THIS! I still haven’t forgotten the betrayals from the “conservatives” on the court a few months ago. Remember how blackpilled everyone was then—now everyone’s forgotten that and excited about nominees as if it even makes a difference!

    I’m glad the wicked witch is dead, but I know there will never be a Scalia on the court ever again, so I’m not getting excited. Gorsuch and Kavanaugh are “evolving” to the left as we speak—“look, we hired the most black and women clerks in the history of the court!”—and whoever’s nominated will be even worse. So who cares, I’m still blackpilled.

  21. I find the death of this woman, so close to the election, to be divinely inspired. I think God himself considers this country to be a reality TV episode. He’s setting the next scene in the play. It won’t be a play with a happy ending, but one that serves a moral lesson, like an Aesop’s Fable (don’t do what they did). Hundreds of years from now people will use the term “don’t pull an America.”- meaning a massive flameout after world domination.

    • I’ve started to think Bismarck was onto something with his line about drunks, fools and Americans after this death, to be honest.

    • If we are in the midst of some Devine intervention, then that would seem a blessing. Such accounts are many in the OT and the people (guess who) were chastised, then forgiven, then restored. Things are pretty bad. As I see it, Divine intervention is perhaps our remaining hope. 🙁

  22. Four Jewish funerals, 29 honorary marches, and an uncountable number of memorial documentaries on NPR / PBS will be announced before the sun goes to ground this evening.

    When RBG’s passing was announced, I said in my mind, “God bless her soul.” Everyone, no matter how loathsome, deserves a chance to learn better on the Other Side. And that is the only good wish I have for her.

    So what now? The chess pieces are obviously realigned, though it may take a few days to clarify how. It probably brings us closer to the Big Blowup no matter how it plays out.

    Trump needs to proceed carefully, sift the advice he is given. This is no time for his usual impulsiveness. But in fairness, he does have a talent for rattling his enemies and drawing them into self-defeating actions. We’ll see if he can keep the boat upright on these churning waters.

    Trump needs to keep a parrot on his shoulder to remind him, as Mags Thatcher told Reagan, “Don’t go wobbly.”

    • As horrific as it portends to be, this also will be infinitely more entertaining than the former sports league known as the “NFL” ever could muster. Speaking of, which player will wear RBG’s name on their jersey?

    • Thanks for this. As a Christian, I can, as proverbs says “rejoice when the wicked perish”, but that doesn’t mean I celebrate her suffering, and consign her soul to hell–that is our Lord’s domain, and who can say the will of God. It simply means that I am happy she cannot commit any more evil from the bench; although it is a sober celebration, as I pray she has no exact replacement. As far as her eternal soul, I pray with compassion in the way that makes me a man and separates us from our blackhearted enemies: Lord, have mercy on her soul, and forgive her many sins. And in so doing, have mercy on my sinful soul as well.

      • but that doesn’t mean I celebrate her suffering, and consign her soul to hell–
        you want that bitch in Heaven?
        As above so below, jews love anti-christ, they picked him, they invoke him, now they can rejoice cause they’ll finally get together in hell

        • Who said anything about Heaven? I admit her souls’ futurity is bleak. For starters, she wasn’t baptized in the faith, nor was she born again in the spirit; and, so far as I know, she never called on Christ Jesus, although, who knows, maybe she did at the time of death. I mean, it’s not as if Jews have no idea who Jesus is. I simply stated that it is the purview of the Lord, and His alone throughout all eternity, to pass judgement on the soul; for how can I, a man who is himself sinful and hounded by the passions, pass judgment on anyone, especially when the judgement itself could be fueled by the passion of, say, anger. No, it is the Lord’s domain. Solely. But I was commanded to pray for my enemies, to rise above their evil and become a man, and, dammit, that’s just what I’m going to do. And nobody can take that from me.

          • Folks, Christians did not devise the concept of heaven. A Jew has no need for a Christian heaven because they believe in a “life/world to come”. Not sure if they conceive of it as we may, but they are not afraid of the end as being nothingness and strive to be worthy of it through their behavior in this life. Not all that different.

        • It’s like being mad at an animal.

          They will do what they will do.

          Slaves to their nature.

          Still, never forgive, never forget, ever aware.

          And much thanks, Eric, for that grace note.

        • I have enough to worry about with my own, so I would not presume to judge the state of her soul.
          But I wouldn’t want her odds, either.

    • This certainly opens up whole new vistas of stupidity for the Left to explore. The fact that the most volatile of the Leftist goons are basically drugged out criminals or borderline wammen makes it especially interesting as the Harris/Biden campaign probably has no more control over them than Trump himself. Trump, however, does get the next turn at the Master Console and can now choose which button to press.

  23. Bader the female version of Peter Pan finally comes home to her much anticipated Utopia. The golden carrot of “equality” she wasted her existence chasing here evades her there, too.

    • Mourning Her Yentaness like they mourned St. George.

      The 8th Circle of Hell is closed. Reserved for a victory party, RSVP.

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  25. I’ve thought for the last few months Trump likely would be re-elected but the outcome would not be recognized or honored. That is even more a probable thing now and–good, it further delegitimizes the United States government. Look for McConnell to cuck and burn down his deceitful, anti-White political party with him. This will end in flat-out civil war, something I’ve always discounted, and, again, good.

  26.  It gives each generation a chance to have their own court.

    given the state of judicial activism that has infected and corrupted most courts in the country, how is this not a recipe for more of the same?

  27. The problem was with Marbury vs.Madison. It was a flaw in the code that began to be seen as soon as the program was run. If we truly have a system of checks and balances, then the Supreme court can’t have the last word. The constitution should have allowed the majority of state legislatures or governors, through to stay or overturn their decisions. Only Andrew Jackson had enough contempt to stand up to them.

    • Yes. The concepts of federalism and checks and balances died with Marbury, well before the Civil War, and the United States became a zombie republic then and there. It is ending for real now.

    • In theory, a judge was supposed to be able to be impeached and removed for bad decisions.

      This option tried and failed in 1805 with Samuel Chase. The system already had a bleeding ulcer by the Jefferson Administration.

  28. The contingencies for dystopia revulse the mind. Dementia Joe wins; nominates Kamala to SCOTUS, replacing her with Stacy; dies; and the Aunt Jemima from Hell ushers in Woke Maoism. Or Trump, playing some of his famous 4-D chess, nominates some ersatz conservative black female who, upon donning the black judicial robe, achieves racial consciousness and goes woke so fast that the filing of writs of certiorari avalanches as kritarchy becomes the favored anti-republican tool of the globohomo elite.

    I, for one, refuse to dwell on the bowl of blackpills on offer. Stay focused. Speculation is futile, but one can reasonably presume that whomever replaces Ginsberg will not be connected to the success of Our Thing.

    • If Biden gets to nominate a judge, you can be certain it will be Barack Obama.

      Pretty clear in hindsight the main reason he brought Hillary in as Secretary of State to launch her for her presidential run was so he’d get a court seat.

  29. Why is everyone anti abortion on Zblog? Let’s do the math, without abortion the 13% would be the 25%. Hispanics also abort at a higher rate than whites.

    Becky’s dad will always find a way to make sure his daughter doesn’t have an unwanted baby. Even then anyone with a room temperature IQ can figure out birth control.

    Abortion is eugenic and, while it’s not a pleasant procedure it’s necessary sometimes. Yes, your life does take precedence over a fetus’.

    • You can include me among the pro-abort for the reasons you cited, but given the USSC might–might–preserve gun rights, I’m gleeful about the Jewess bitch’s fate with Satan.

      • Like I said. More people on the DR are pro-abortion than you might think, and most of it is due to demographic reasons. Like it or not, but abortion benefits our side on the whole. A drawn out fight over abortion may not benefit the republicans. The ideal judge would be essentially a race-aware candidate who supported abortion for the reasons above, law & order, state’s rights, anti-mass immigration (many reasons for this, including pro-environment and pro-working class wages) and gun rights. But I doubt such a judge even exists in this climate. Boomer candidates are practically civnats / religious conservatives or far-left liberal, all of them.

    • Abortion doesn’t have to be a “100% pro” v “100% anti” thing…except SCOTUS decreed it from on high. It was, and is, a perfect expression of our accelerating and ever expanding judicial tyranny. 9 freaks in robes telling the rest of the citizenry what they may and may not do.

      Original Roe v Wade theoretically left open the possibility for states to have local nuance, but subsequent SCOTUS decisions have shown that was clearly a lie.

      • Much agreed that this is a state matter. 10th Amendment on civil issues.

        Added bonus: SCOTUS would have no say on civil, state issues.

        The voters and interested parties- say, women, or anyone who wants representation- would have a much bigger say.

      • Roe v. Wade will eventually be struck down, as will other “fanciful” Supreme Court decisions, quite possibly with Justice Amy Barrett leading the way. For those who worry about abortion becoming totally illegal, fear not: It will always be widely available in Democrat-run states.

    • Agreed. Abortion is the closest thing we have to a eugenics program in this country. I am pro abortion for POC’s.

    • Against the unimaginable agony.

      We wouldn’t do that to an animal.

      Pro-486 and abortifacients, even if coerced. Nature miscarries all the time, to much sadness.

      Feeding Africans and Bangladeshis, opposing birth control in the third world, the do-gooders are setting up a monstrous crime.

      Japan is far overcrowded, yet abortion and welfare are illegal. Their numbers are dropping fast, this is how civilized societies do it.

    • This is the original sin of feminism. With no abortion, or abortionists forced to argue their cases before state legislatures, a lot of the teeth are removed from this evil (feminism).

  30. There is no requirement to have hearings for a Supreme Court nomination. Indeed, they were not commonplace until the mid-20th century. After the circus sh!t show that was the Kavanaugh hearing process there’s no reason to continue with this process.

    Trump should forward the nomination to the Senate and McConnell should schedule a vote immediately.

  31. A few random thoughts:
    Not all conservative justices become turncoats. Antonin Scalia stayed conservative (with a few lapses like the flag-burning case) until death. Clarence Thomas and Samuel Alito seem pretty consistent. What’s interesting is that liberal justices never change–the last possible exception was JFK appointee Byron White.
    Many states have judicial retention elections that give voters a periodic say in whether a judge or justice should be retained in office. In Iowa, for example, three justices that voted for homosexual marriage lost their jobs in the next retention election. Age limitations should be a feature for all elective and appointive offices–no beginning a term after 65 and mandatory retirement at 70.
    I’m not sure Old Scratch plans to torture RBG–more likely he has need of her elsewhere.

    • All good points. Let me add something, though.

      I always discounted the blackmail claims as unhinged, lunatic conspiracy theories like QAnon or whatever. That changed with the revelations about the FBI and IC involvement in the failed coup. Yes, they likely did blackmail justices and senators for years. But that operation may have been shut down. In fact, this may be the first election not decided by the Deep State in generations, and the first justice without blackmail material held against xhe.

      This is going to devolve further into civil war and Americans will be given the middle finger and all pretense of democracy will be dropped. Bank it.

      • It was rumored that J Edgar Hoover would visit high ranking, newly elected officials—especially Presidents—and go over their FBI files with them. The embarrassing stuff would be played down. The ending of the meeting would be to the effect that Hoover knew the file was full of all sorts of “scurrilous gossip” and “innuendo” and that as long as he (JEdgar) remained Head, such would never see the light of day. Hoover died in office after many Congressional extensions to the retirement requirements for FBI Director.

        I had my doubts (was very young and naive), then came revelations of the Trump and Comey meeting. Now, I’m not so sure.

  32. Progressives view the upcoming election (now made more urgent by the Supreme Court vacancy) as an actual existential threat (not hyperbole, they really believe it). As such, they will escalate from rioting into open civil war if the Dementia Patient is not named as victor on November 3rd. That is not a trivial matter. Do not be in a city in early November. No one is coming to save you when the crazy starts in earnest.

    • Yep. RBG’s death is kerosene for the conflagration. The formal end of America is weeks away. And note, even if the AWRs steal the election, Trump may very well foment civil war in an attempt to claim what is rightly his.

        • I imagine most, but not all of the brass opposes Trump. But just as important, I’m certain the overwhelming majority of the white rank-and-file supports Trump, as do all of the commandos and special forces. When it comes down to it, we will have some major military might on our side.

          • But do we have the will to use it? If the Brass is allowed to organize, they could defeat us. We’d have to get nasty at the right time and at the right people — fast. Republicans are cowardly dogooders, so I suspect not. I doubt anyone has even gamed it out.

            It might be better for Trump to contest the election and use his base of support in Red States to cut off blue areas from natural resources like coal and oil until there is an investigation into voter fraud or even announce the break up of the country to go be president of red states.

      • It’s fashionable here to talk about how useless and weak Trump is but by now he should be aware that if he appoints a new justice (and that’s what he is saying he will do – and quickly) his personal freedom and perhaps his life is in danger if he loses. Backed into a corner he may well decide to formally go for it, and command the parts of the military that he knows he can count on to smash the Left. He probably also realizes that a lot of his supporters have been itching to go into the nearest blue hives and fumigate them.

        • That’s right, pozy. Trump’s no fool. He understands the correlation of forces. Knows where his assets and liabilities lie. And he’s aware of our mentality. Trump may be counting on a grass-roots army to rise up and rescue him if it all goes hot. And if the AWRs really do screw him out of the presidency, it’s an army I will join.

    • I don’t really see how RGB’s death could have made it more existential – they knew she was on death’s door, and was not going to make it past the first year of the next President’s term. Whether now or in 2021, the Gig’sburg was up.

  33. This is so blackpilling… Barrett and her SJW black childs… Massive and uncontrollable fraud in PA, MI (and a lot of other states, I’m afraid)…

    Is there still any hope for DJT to win this election (AND the senate)?

  34. The Judicial Branch was broken from the beginning. It was known as early as Marbury v. Madison in 1804.

    Anglo-Saxon deference and refusal to exploit this flawed system are why it didn’t fall apart in the Republic’s first Century & a half. The Tribe did not have that sense of deference.

  35. If Trump nominates Amy Coney Barrett, that could seriously neuter the “female-empowerment” strategy.

  36. Chisel this post into stone tablets. There’s nothing left to say about Ginsberg, the Supreme Court and governance of the country in general.

    When archaeologists find those tablets centuries hence, it will settle all debates about why the USA blew itself up.

  37. Ken Star managed to find the female David French to replace her! Amy Barrett is on the short list and a female and she has 4 kids, two of whom are Haitian adoptees. But even worse is that her two adopted kids are the same age as each of her real kids. IOW, she cucked her own biological children to virtue signal. It is absolutely disgusting. By adopting children, foreign black children, at the same time of having her own, she cheated each of her children by diving everything in half.
    She is a raging SJW. Uniformed enemies are always preferable to traitors.

  38. It’s funny really, her worshippers will go on and on about her grand thoughts and utterances when you can get the exact same nonsense from a twenty year old Antifa hoodlum out on the streets.

    For all their preening the left has such pedestrian ideas.

  39. I remember Steve Sailer writing that so much of Jewish women’s rage over “Why can’t I find a husband?” gets channeled into moaning about a Republican war on women. In a perfect world, Trump would nominate the anti-Ginsburg, the nightmare of loony Jewish woman. A healthy-looking white woman (preferably blonde) like his new press secretary. This would remind all of those women who love Ginsburg of their husband’s Shiksa second wife, and then their heads might explode, “Scanners”-style. A Fox News bimbo at least can follow orders like a soldier, and would be more of a rock-ribbed than John Roberts.

    • My guess is Trump nominates Carlos Muñiz. Biden is cratering with the Latin vote and this would make life very tough for him. That and Carlos Muñiz is a culture warrior, so the social cons will love him.

      • Possibly. But more likely Amy Barrett will get the nod in order to swing female voters, especially after she is smeared and trashed by the Dems and their media.

        • How the DR has fallen.

          “So excited for the strong woman who adopted 2 black babies and wants to ban abortion!”

          “So excited for this based Hispanic pede! Surely he has the interests of Heritage America at heart!”

          How about a WASP

          • Politically, that’s just not on. Trump wants, first and foremost, to win reelection, and he will nominate the legal beagle most likely to help him win. A WASP won’t do it; a Messkin just might.

            At any rate, I’m not sweating this overmuch because America is already toast anyway.

      • Biden’s cratering with Hispanics is specifically with Cubans and South Americans living in Florida.

        Mexicans still hate Trump, which is why Arizona is going Blue.

        • That’s not what the data says at the moment. Hispanic males don’t seem to like Biden. Black males are also lagging in their support. Men of all races tend not to favor weak males.

          • I tried to do some digging on this, but the polls are only providing limited crosstabs.

            Monmouth polled both states and showed Biden leading 63-33 in AZ and 58-32 in FL (the later of which is inconsistent with other polls). I would not be comfortable drawing conclusions from so limited a sample.

            Most Hispanics here in the Southwest are Mexican and there’s no great public show of love for Naranja Man. Can’t speak for Florida, perhaps someone who lives there can.

      • The Colonel at SST suggests Barbara Lagoa.

        Don’t know anything about her but if she is the child of exiles…

        • As a rule, the names floated initially are never the nominee. That said, naming a Cuban woman would be a savvy political move.

          • Tradeoffs. We need allies, and we can live with South America.

            Before anybody shouts “Brazil!”, let me point out (((who))) is ruling the South American countries from behind the curtain. This goes all the way back to when they were fleeing Spain.

            We can turn the natives- their mortal enemies, the Spanish Catholics, did. All that needs be done is the naming of names.

          • (Where they gonna go? China, India, Africa? After we remind all what they did there?

            Push the Mosiach back to his spawning grounds. Before the year 6000, before their Plan is fulfilled. This is the year 5981.

            And Notorious RGB threw her last and greatest act- a Constitutional crisis- on Rosh Hashana! On Shabot, when no observant can use an electronic device!)

          • And just who are these evil Jews pulling the strings of those who just appear to be the leaders of those South American countries?

      • Agree that appointing a Hispanic male would be the smart political play but I don’t see Trump doing it.

        Trump came of age when civil rights meant black rights and that is where his passion remains. He seems to be gaining ground with Hispanics due to their lack of enthusiasm for black criminals. However I haven’t seen much enthusiasm from him to capitalize on that.

        He also loves Ivanka and probably wants to satisfy her by appointing a woman.

    • A white Christian women with normal kids that she actually birthed would be interesting.

      What’s Sarah Palin up to these days? Someone like her, but younger.

      Or just nominate Andrew Gillium and show what a joke SCOTUS is anyway.

      • Barrett would be good if she had stopped at 5 biological children.

        Her adopted negro babies make her a freak and a degenerate. Not fit for the role as far as I’m concerned.

        • Disagree. The two negro kids make her more confirmable and more loving in the eyes of bazillions of American female voters. So long as she rules like Scalia and Thomas, she’s good.

          • BTP, would you have trusted Justice Thomas, our only black Supreme Court justice, to do that hard work over the past 30+ years?

          • Says every cuck ever. It just confirms she’s a virtue signalling leftist pretending to be “conservative”
            However, Z linked a list for the running and apparently she is not on it. Drudge had an article she was still on the short list.

          • The Left loves putting her name out there, which is why I think she is just way to rustle their side. I also suspect Trump is not keen on putting women on the bench. His one good quality is his chauvinism.

          • I look at it this way: at least we’re rid of Ginsberg, and there’s already a more or less conservative majority on the court.
            Even if Trump nominates a hockey puck, we’re still ahead on this one. If he manages to nominate a Scalia or a Thomas, that’s just icing on the cake.

          • Nah. The court is safely left wing no matter who he nominates. “Conservative” judges LOVE to posture by writing scathing opinions when they know they will be in the minority. But when their vote actually counts, they lose all their courage and make a conservative case for whatever abomination is in front of the court.
            They follow Stare Decisis to uphold previous rulings while the left completely ignores it when it suits them. They create new precedents and the cucks uphold the new precedents in the future.
            This is why you shouldn’t rationalize such awful picks.

          • I see I have garnered 14 net-negative votes (a personal record) for noting accurately that female American voters will warm to Judge Barrett (and thus to Trump) for having adopted two Haitian girls. To those objecting about “cucks”, do you dismiss Justice Thomas and the decades of exactly right decisions he has made on the Supreme Court? The perfect is the enemy of the good, and you take advances where and how you can, small step by small step, as necessary for ultimate victory. As the Left has done for generations now.

        • “Her adopted negro babies make her a freak and a degenerate.” – Lol. This is why I always come back to this site like catnip. Ann Coulter is basically screaming Papist! as loud as she can. Which is great. About time.

          • Her Black babies might indicate a rejection of HBD science, therefore she may be inclined wrt continuing all of the delusional racial equality policies we’ve set in place over the last 50 years.

            On the other hand, close contact with such folk is what has brought me here. Wonder what she thinks when her children perform differently under close, daily scrutiny?

          • Compsci – you’ve demonstrated a willingness to learn from experience, despite previously held notions. Barrett will rationalize the radical differences in temperament and achievement between her biological and adoptive children, and will always give preference and benefit of the doubt to the Haitians – because it’s the ‘Christian’ thing to do.

          • Didn’t know they were Haitian. Unbelievable. Those people are still stained with the blood of the genocided whites. Madness!

          • That’s a fair challenge and as likely as what I’ve proposed. Christian thought—if you are strongly of that bent—might indeed overwhelm rational analysis. Faith is not necessarily rational as Felix (my atheist friend) readily points out on this blog.

            However, my understanding of Christian faith does not preclude belief in such inherent differences among the races. It does however, cause conflict wrt how to handle such differences and treat those races. However, we are not there yet, not even close. If/when we get there we’ll have even a longer discussion, I’m sure.

          • Egads- she’s the one?

            As long as she doesn’t remove her bosoms and then turn her own bio white kid by her husband into trannies, like Angelina Jolie.

            (Poor Brad. And poor Dad!)

            But still- nah. Not in a million years. Not fit to rule on any case, or on us.

    • Jewish women’s rage over “Why can’t I find a husband?”

      They can’t be bothered to put down the Ben & Jerry’s and spend some quality time on a Stairmaster?

      • When they get one, successful, handsome, and tall, they threaten to “cut his big cock off!”

        Betty Freidan- in her own words.
        Author of The Feminine Mystique.

  40. Upon learning of her death, I headed over to my favorite conservative hangout on the Internet, r/conservative on Reddit. There you’ll find normiecons extolling her tireless fight against the patriarchy and her amazing legacy. Further, you’ll read them tsk-tsk over Trump’s desire to appoint a new judge so close to an election. Muh virtues, muh honor, muh precedent, muh spirit of the law.

    To hell with all that. All that matters now is power.

    • You forgot “muh constitution.” I agree with you – all that matters now is power and I want our side to have it. Damn the torpedoes, full speed ahead.

    • That’s somewhat along my line of thinking. Have the Rep’s learned anything wrt tactics from the Dem’s, or will they resort to their loser ways in this nomination process? If the Rep’s allow their “virtues” to be used as a weapon against them, they will allow the process to roll past Jan 2021 and if Trump is a short timer at that point, give the seat to the new Dem Congress to decide.

      If the Rep’s have learned anything and grown a pair, they’ll shove their nominee down the throat of the Dem’s and at least secure a lasting SCOTUS “Conservative” position. The Dem’s have no principles short of attaining power. The Rep’s need to do the same or go home.

      I’m not hopeful, but if the Rep’s lose this seat due to “principle”, it should settle once and for all whether or not there is political chance of changing our current direction.

        • Reminder that Jews hate Christianity so much they created a substitute for the plus + sign in arithmetic because it looks like a cross.

          Hebrew Letter Alternative Plus Sign: U+0FB29

          • Wow, I learned something new. However, in my tenure at the Academy, never saw such used. Not denying the above, just grateful I was not made to swallow this crap as well as the thousand other daily “slings and arrows”.

          • It’s present in Israeli schools, so you can expect it to become standard here like CE and BCE at some point.

    • muh spirit of the law

      The spirit of the law is that elected officials get to exercise the powers of their office from the time they are sworn in until they leave office. There is no principle behind opposition to quickly replacing Ginsburg other than “Waaaaaaah!”

  41. Man, 2020 is the year that just keeps on giving. This upcoming election has to got be the barn burner of all barn burners. I fear for what is coming, but come it must.

    At least buzzy and mcstain are eternally burning in hell. Hopefully, there’ll be plenty of others joining them soon.

        • You have two months you can do a lot in two months…This is why I’ve been advocating for building Communities for so long because then where you are short others can help out…

        • Its always good to build community, war is a group effort.
          Some men just like war. In any case as ExPraliteMonk noted some kinds of war give men purpose and a war to build the kind of society we want would be the ride of of a lifetime.
          We haven’t had a war like that since the Civil War.
          I’m not enthusiastic war for I’m too damned old but even if Trump and the Republicans win bigly and they might , war is going to happen. You won’t be allowed to run.
          And worse they just steal our elections and frankly if we aren’t willing to fight at that point we deseve the camps.
          Either you are running the camps , in a country you hold with overwhelming power or running camps. Choose wisely.

      • I’m excited for it. 
        Bring it on.

        Me too. Men have been bitching that life has no meaning. How about saving Western Civilization? Is that enough meaning?

    • Reading the article, and then the comments did so get me down! Thank you so much usNthem for such uplifting Sunday reading in regards to buzzy and mcstain-to hell they go. May Dahmer and ilk give them eternal, just, and deserved recompense for their mortal fruits.
      It is the point where I think that it is only a brutal conquest of the feral green and blue haired vanguard that will finally and again allow white (or any color) silence to just be an individuals right to be silent and to be left alone as much a possible.

  42. The problem, though, is that this torpedoes their mail in voter fraud plan. Unless I misunderstand, the Court needs a full body to rule… so the nominee must be confirmed before the election. Which means the full Kavanaugh shit show, cranked up well past 11, in the span of 2 months. Two full months of incoherent rage heads claiming the nominee raped them at a Satanic biker rally back in 1981. The Left is screwed, big time. This just handed Trump the election.

    • There’s no requirement to have nine justices. The court can function with eight. A deadlock just means the lower court ruling stands, but is not a precedent.

      I don’t see the court playing much of a role in rigging the election after the election. The inner party already got the court rulings they need to extend the mail-in window. That gives them three days to manufacture the votes they need.

      • What happens when Trump sues, though? (As he must, given the Left’s open declaration that they’ll put him in prison if he loses). Another Bush v. Gore nightmare is in our future, but full contact this time.

        • There are some constitutional deadlines that will expedite the process. IIRC, the Supreme Court did not wait for the lower courts. They agreed to take the case before it had been heard by the lower courts. It was right after the Florida Supreme Court ordered the recount.

          That is an interesting precedent that could hamstring the Left’s plans. Does allowing mail in votes after the deadline violate the equal protection clause? Bush v Gore could be interpreted that way.

      • Agreed; the rigging is already taking place.
        Although the court may grant a writ of certiorari immediately if they desire.
        You can be certain that if they do, they intended to rule unanimously for Biden to “heal the republic” and/or “honor the memory of RGB”.

        • On the contrary, the new majority on the Court will rule solidly for Trump if vote fraud threatens to overturn the election. In addition, the next 4 years will see Republican majorities in Congress pass laws proposed by Trump that will make widespread vote fraud a thing of the past. (How? There are lots of ways. For instance, how does the social security administration keep track of who is alive and who is dead? Blockchain technology innovations could also play a part.)

          • The US is a country that possesses the technology to take a photo of you running a red light, then use OCR to read the plate, and automatically send you a ticket. At the same time, and not deliberately at all I’m sure, it cannot figure out a) who is eligible to vote, b) if the person at the polling place is actually the person he says he is, c) if he has already voted one or more times elsewhere, or d) if he even exists at all.

            So yes, an actually determined effort to fix voting in the US is guaranteed to succeed unless the people running it are part of the problem that needs to be fixed.

          • “Republican majorities in Congress?”

            Like your attitude, but I think the smart money says the Senate flips and the House gets even more (D).

          • ProZ, that’s the same smart money that said Hillary would win in 2016. 98% assurance! All the polls said so!

          • The polls were right. She won by the same national percentage they said she would win by. It’s just that Trump got lucky in a handful of states. He lost the popular vote by millions and the demographics are even worse now.

          • Well, lucky, not really sure. I think he used his resources well – campaigning more heavily in close states, less so in clear winner ones. Bill even warned the Hildebeast not to take Rust Belt blue collar whites for granted, as I recall. Her popular majority came from lopsided wins in blue states vs closer races in red states. Texas is a good reverse example – although most large urban counties went for Hildebeast, they did so by a small margin (say 55-45 or less). The rural red counties went by a larger margin for Trump (60-40 or more) which kept Texas red (at least on a state-wide basis). If you look at the largest 5 cities in TX, I think all have Democrat mayors except maybe Fort Worth.

      • This whole thing could end up being Pyrrhic Victory. What happens when a future democrat president controls both houses of congress and decides to nominate another couple of left-wing judges, or just keep packing the court with party loyalists who then rule the left can do whatever it wants — rescind the First Amendment, ban guns, ban the secret ballot, discriminate against Whites even more …. ? Sounds like America is headed to replicating China’s CCP-style government with the democrats in charge of everything from the media and government to education and the military.

        We know the far-left has it in them to do this. Remember when Joe Biden gave a speech supporting the filibuster only to turn around and nuke it once Obama became president? Remember when Obama was president and he tried to replace a conservative SC justice just as this guy is opposing now? Remember when Virginia tried to ban guns and appropriated money to build prisons to jail the opposition the moment they turned that state blue through immigration? There is nothing the left won’t lie about, no evil they won’t commit.

        Also, it may not be true the is SC issue will turn out to be good for the republicans if it is strictly a matter of abortion rights. This will energize the left i huge numbers. Even on the DR, there are a fair number of people who do not favor rescinding abortion because it is demographically good for our side (most abortions are by non-white groups, as crude as that sounds). On the balance, we benefit. Overturning abortion at the federal level wouldn’t ban the procedure, but it may very well lead to certain red states foolishly aborting themselves in a demographic tidal wave.

    • Yes. As one of Trump’s top advisors, I have told him to nominate Judge Barrett immediately. The Senate will handle it from there (Trump will have to explain to ignorant reporters what separation-of-powers means). The Democrats and their media scum will trash and smear her non-stop for the next two months, thus swinging millions of female voters to Trump. Nice.

      • I actually think that nominating Barrett could be a useful 2-D or 3-D chess move.

        Months of media trashing a successful wife and mother is not a good look for the Dems leading up to the election.

        The real problem is that Barrett moves left if she joins the Court. Sadly, that is an unknowable future.

        I don’t think nominating a Constitutionalist, anti-abortion mâle buys Trump anything. That will only re-energize the Left and provide a very useful, personal lighting rod for them going into the election.

        • I’d love to see an Evangelical Christian on there. Nominate Jerry Falwell just to own the libs. We’ve lost on the current paradigm anyways, might as well throw sand on the gears for lulz.

          A new era starts, with the possibility for redemption starts now as we enter the demographic age.

          • Evangelical Christians walked off the secular playing field decades ago to wait out the rapture. Any young Evangelical man of faith, drive, and intelligence in the past 30 years was counseled by his pastor to do “God’s work”: to either join an existing ministry or start a new one.

      • Barbara Lagoa, 1st Cuban-American woman on the FL SC, Trump appointment to the 11th Circuit Court, is on the short list.

        Imagine the Dims spending the next 40 days eviscerating a successful Hispanic woman. The fallout would be epic.

        • Why are you all assuming the left will screech about whoever Trump appoints? While they tend to be reflexively against whatever he proposes, they also plan long term. This whole thing centers on identity. Barrett, while a woman, is White and Christian (besides having a single issue fixation). But a Jew, a black, a hispanic, anyone whose core identity is not White European is automatically not on Whitey’s team. They know it, and the Dems know it.

    • how does the dnc give maximum effort to two disparate battles? they can’t, and they were out gunned when there was only a single battle. this is a grade-a disaster for the dems.

  43. any judge proposing to overturn a statute or ancient custom must appear before a citizen’s council with a noose around his neck.
    make it into a reality tv show

    • Perhaps this can be President Trump’s retirement gift in 2024. He can serve as the Emcee of the ‘citizen’s council, and instead of “You’re Fired!” he could exclaim, “You’re F**ked!”

  44. “The goblin judge is dead, what shall we do, lord soros!?”
    “Release the pro abortionist feminist hags!!”

  45. At this point whoever Trump nominates must know that they are going to be a martyr for the right and will have their entire lives up-ended even if they survive the nomination process. Who’s going to agree to that?

    Also I like how the left is threatening to burn down the cities if Trump nominates someone. I keep looking at my garden thinking about things for next year and then thanking I probably won’t even be here next year

    • Morning Whitney. I hope you’re planning on moving and not planning to kick the bucket-buy the farm!
      I could feel the shoe was about to drop….again. Barrett will probably be nominated and then the ugly rage-head harridans will take to the street with endless screeching that Barrett will stuff their uteruses slammed full of Bibles and sew their veined hairy legs and nether parts shut. What a great idea!
      Z….good thinking….thanks!

    • Everyone has something in their past they’d be mortified if the whole world knew. EVERYONE. It doesn’t even have to be illegal, or especially immoral…it can be garden variety human failure.

      In the past, one had a reasonable expectation that the very human mistakes that both make us relatable and give us wisdom would be buried in the mists of time.

      No longer. There is no privacy; our secrets are weaponized against us, no more so than on the SCOTUS. Where there is power, there are those who will seek to blackmail those in power. SCOTUS is utterly compromised by this sad modern reality.

      • True. What’s worst is that behavior that was perfectly, well, if not admired, at least understood (as Chris Rock said about OJ killing his wife, I don’t agree, but I understand), like frathouse hijinks, is now not only frowned on (hey, times change, ladies can show their ankle now!) but no one is given retrospective pardon. Everyone is judged (no pun!) by Current Year standards. Even Progs can be cancelled (#MeToo), and on a large scale, that’s why every past “hero” is being erased.

        • Although it runs directly contrary to the usual notions of “try different ideas or philosophies” or “learn from your mistakes,” given the near-certainty of permanent record-keeping as well as observation by present or future competitors, if it were possible, the best action a young principled person could take would be to decide on his core positions early in life and honestly display them and promote them, and let the chips fall where they may. Perhaps that is an upside to our surveillance culture. On the dystopian side is the not-unreasonable fears of Big Brother, but perhaps on the other side, as I blather above, it might force people, early in life, to decide on what should be long-term values, as well as what risky behaviors to avoid. Clearly, of course, one major loss will be to “try on” different roles because they already are unacceptable, or might be in the near future.

          • “When I was young, I prayed for justice. When I was old, I prayed for mercy.”

            Anyone who believes exactly the same things at 50 that they did at 20 is a fool who cannot learn, and lacks the most important thing age should bring…wisdom.

      • Just think of the treasure trove of dirty laundry google has. A huge percent of Americans visit porn sites. Don’t think judges don’t.

    • Amy Barrett is on the short list and I think the only woman. She is terrible. WORSE THAN GINSBERG! Just google her name and view images and you’ll understand why. If she gets divorced, she can marry David French.
      And of course, the left rule is that once a black or a woman sits in a seat, that seat is now permanently black or female. So she is the most likely to get the nomination.

      • Why stop there? A black, Muslim tranny who has had six surgeries to change back and fourth between one sex or another and who marries not one but four dogs.

    • If I was the nominee and willing to go through with it, I would request 72 hours lead time before the announcement to move my family into essentially witness protection.

      • Hadn’t even considered that. You’re right, of course.
        Every immediate family member of the nominee is going to get the full on Facebook flensing.

    • Is the Left burning down the cities such a bad thing? Have you not noticed that mostly they have been Democrat cities so far?
      I have no opinion on the upcoming election (if it happens). This certainly must be the oddest election year in living memory.

    • That’s actually a good note. Perhaps whoever is passed through that gauntlet will, if nothing else, better understand the nature of the left.

  46. So what happens if the election is contested and there are only 8 justices? I heard Trump has to leave office if the electors don’t do their thing by January. No idea if that’s true. Assuming Ginsburg didn’t die yesterday, is that the play?

    • The plan as best I can tell is to steal Michigan and Pennsylvania via fraudulent mail ballots. They are doing the Cook County Gambit. This is how the party stole the 1960 election from Nixon. In Illinois, they counted all of the votes with the exception of Cook County. The party then knew how many votes they needed to manufacture to give the state to Kennedy. Expect the same thing to happen this time in these states that have extended the mail-in vote deadline by three days.

      If that does not work, then they will shoot to delay the results in key states past the December 8th “safe harbor date.” States must certify their electors by this date. if they don’t then Congress gets involved and we know how that will go. Those states will be declared Biden states by Pelosi, regardless oft he actual vote.

      If that fails, expect mobs bused into Washington to stage a colored revolution like they are doing ion Belarus right now.

        • Republican assembly signed off on mail in voting last year. I thought they were crazy but in exchange they got elimination of straight ticket.

          Still not sure how I feel about it, because I don’t know what they were thinking. Were they willing to throw PA to dems in presidential elections in exchange for down ballot wins, do they have a plan to deal with mail in fraud, or are they just selling us out?

      • Do you think they will be successful?

        I don’t see how MI and PA don’t go blue, with the late counting, tbh. Unless Trump wins Maine, NH, Minnesota and Nevada which seems unlikely.

        • I think the most likely outcome is they rig the election and then laugh about it publicly. Pallets of newly discovered ballots will turn up in every close state.

          • …then laugh about it publicly.

            They would love to do this, like a bad Bond villain.

            “Look YT, we stole your country….forever!”

            <Insert KamalaCackle.wav>

          • Barring a genuine and profoundly undeserved miracle America is lost… with luck those of us who understand this have a few more years to arrange our affairs before the knives are sharpened and all the exits are barred.

            You should be abroad already or deep into planning to emigrate to a more defensible place. If you’re feeling heroic then arrange things to return IF and WHEN there is a credible separatist or (preferably) revanchist movement to join.

            We have a responsibility to our people but first and foremost to our families.

          • Nothing is lost. Whether Tump wins or loses doesn’t matter. What matters is whether white America wakes up in time. Unless or until that happens, we are in for rough times.

          • There is no “wake up” coming. Whites about to become a minority in a majority rules democracy. Other demographic groups will never vote republican, no matter what they say or how far to the left they lurch, because the democrat party controls finance and the media. They’ll demonize other groups as Uncle Tom race traitors just like they do to Candace Owens. It’s a very effective tactic considering other groups have been trained to see everything through the prism of race and “White Privilege.”

            Things will continue to get worse for Whites because the only way the democrat party can divert the rising POC mob from their rich white bank accounts and gated communities is to turn them against normal Whites with racist rhetoric. That’s what the 1619 Project is about. That’s what White Fragility is about.

            The elite are trying to signal their loyalty to the mob and energize them to attack others so they themselves will be left alone. The only solution is separation. Disagree? Then please lay out a detailed game plan for how we can win absent that. I’m betting no one can.

            I wish there were such a plan, but I’m sure there isn’t. Someone would have offered it by now if there were such thing.

          • They didn’t see it coming. The fact that they are doing it this time means they know they are going to lose.

          • They were caught off guard. I didn’t accept this notion until recently. I don’t know for certain that they can pull this off–I think they will–but if they don’t it will not be from a lack of trying. It will be hilarious the next time a United States official delivers a stern warning to Iran or China or Russia about democracy either way.

          • It is totally douche to reply to your own comment, so understood if that is your reaction. Still cannot resist…
            This is a total gift to Trump and the congressional GOP. Spent the evening fishing and it just hit me: this makes it likely Tillis in North Carolina gets re-elected (he was set to narrowly lose), and McSally, who was a goner, is back in play. Collins likely was toast already, as was Gardner, who actually may get a boost similar to McSally. It would have to be larger than I expect but it is still possible. The Senate likely stays Republican now, albeit with a narrower margin.
            Trump will benefit and could win outside the margin of fraud. Not saying it will happen, necessarily, but the left-wing going batshit over an open USSC seat will help him, and Evangelicals, Second Amendment folks, and others who rely on the USSC will crawl over glass even more now. The looney to come also will help the Republicans in the House.
            This is a real game-changer.

          • they did try, with the Jill Stein recount charade, and the whole Russian hackers thing.

            now they are more prepared. in 2016 they thought she had it, now they know better.

          • I believe they also tried to throw Utah in 2016 by putting Mr. CIA Egg McMuffin on the ballot. They tried rigging 2016 by recruiting an “ex” CIA officer to spoil the vote. Could it not be more obvious?

      • The mobs already have been bussed into D.C. and are in place the moment a USSC nominee is announced. This will be rather spicy, to say the least. And you have laid out exactly what the Left plans to do. Watch how quickly McConnell and Company fall into line after November 3.

      • This is why I’m trying not to get too emotionally invested in the election. Unless there are wild cards, it seems like it’s already been rigged for a “Whew that was close but we prevailed, and our long national nightmare is over!” ballot-harvested victory for the Democrats.

        Republicans did nothing to stop or challenge the Democrats’ trial ballot harvesting during the 2018 midterms. I think the fix is in yet again, so while I hope there are wild cards I think we should prepare to see Michigan, Pennsylvania, and other states get harvested for a Biden victory.

          • Trump is a normie. Trump will tweet then call his lawyers. He will not call his supporters – he’d rather lose it all then shed blood. If he had the stomach to put down a coup, or an insurrection, or a civil war we’d know by now.

            Trump in his politics is; a normie. He has extraordinary gifts- but normie politics.

          • I don’t know, and I’ve thought the same. It easily could erupt into war. One of the problems with the Right constantly accepting left-wing devilry is it makes the communists emboldened out of proportion with reality.
            The Left assumes complacency, and is naturally reckless as it is.

      • In most of the world the Cities report first: Rural precincts take longer to count. In the US the Cities wait to see how many ballots they need to count and keep counting until they get them.

      • Not to be the guy that comes in and sounds like a know-it-all but…
        If it goes to Congress because the Electors have not been sent, the Critters vote by state delegation not individual representatives. Commiefornia, the land of ballot harvests, and NY only get one vote. It is my understanding that Team Red currently has the edge in this vote. I would look really carefully at when the next Congress is sworn in.

    • Anything can happen; this nation is only nominally ruled by law anyway. The right needs to stop thinking “THIS time everyone will play by the rules”. Team R needs to ditch the Elephant as a logo and go with Charlie Brown having the football yanked away..again.

      SCOTUS is in many ways the worst offender; see Obergefell v. Hodges.

      But the technical answer is that a 4-4 decision would revert to the lower courts decision. Unless they leap in immediately…which they couldn’t help themselves.

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