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Failure analysis is one of those things that most people do every day, but they don’t think about it that way. Much of what passes for a work in a modern corporation is exception handling, which is just solving the problems that occur when the normal business processes fail in some way. No one calls customer service to tell them that they are happy with the product and have no complaints. Those departments and the people in them exist to figure out what went wrong and remedy it.

At a higher level, smart people making big salaries spend their days trying to understand why complex systems produce unacceptable results. There are people who spend every day studying plane crashes, looking for the cause of the failure. Pretty much every quality control program is just failure analysis. The idea is to measure success against some ambitious standard and then look for the causes as to why the standard is not currently being met.

The one area of life where failure analysis is seldom used is politics. When the goals are not met, and they are never met, no one asks “How come this policy did not work as we expected?” Conservatives, for example, never think about why their side loses almost every fight with the Left. The ones they win are the ones the Left does not care about all that much, like moving commas around the tax code. In some cases, like emptying the jails, the conservative victory was really an own goal.

In conventional politics, this is fine, as failing is often a career enhancer. Failing up is such a common phenomenon in Washington that it is the norm. That’s because a politician failing to deliver for his voters is usually doing so with the blessing of the inner party or powerful influencers of the party. Success and failure within an established political order is defined as helping or harming the establishment. Modern Washington cares only about maintaining their cultural and political hegemony.

Outsider politics and reform efforts play by a different standard. Their very existence depends upon them succeeding. The same is true for outsider politics, where the game is to alter or overturn the status quo. Failure in these cases not only means there is no change to the established order, but often the reformers and their supporters suffer serious consequences. It’s why understanding failure is paramount for outsider politics and political reformers. Mistakes can be lethal.

Strangely, there is very little failure analysis in the graveyard of right-wing resistance to Progressive aggression. For close to seventy years now, all efforts to stop the Left’s march though society have failed, and no one bothers to think about it. Instead, it is just more calls to keep doing the same things over and over. Today, for example, so-called conservatives keep bellowing about the constitution, while they sit at home obeying lock down orders.

If there is going to be an alternative to the liberal democratic order, it must start with first accepting that all past efforts failed. That’s a difficult emotional hurdle for most, because it means questioning important assumptions. It is much easier to keep repeating the same chants than to honestly question your own beliefs, but if the trajectory of American politics is going to change, it must begin with accepting that the past is a graveyard of errors.

That’s what the show is about this week. Putting it together, it quickly became clear that it is a very big topic. I could probably do a couple hours on every segment. The failure of Buckley conservatives could be a multi-part Dan Carlin series. Sixty-five years of failure is a lot of failure. Still, a good first effort is to introduce the concept and maybe get people thinking critically about what has been tried and why it failed. The reason we are here now is the prior efforts did not work.

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This Week’s Show


  • 00:00: Opening
  • 02:00: The Study Of Failure
  • 12:00: The Recitation Of Failures
  • 22:00: The Buckleyites
  • 32:00: The Paleocons
  • 42:00: The White Nationalists
  • 57:00: Closing

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242 thoughts on “The Podcast Of Failure

  1. Have to say that maybe no one should be too surprised that the Paleocons were purged from the conservative ranks and replaced by Neocons since the Neocons are more in cahoots with the media, and can more easily use the media to smear Paleocons, prevent Paleocons from getting published, etc … the usual tactics.
    Somewhat related to this is the recent awkward moment on Fox where Newt Gingrich mentions that George Soros is funding the election of left-wing DAs. He was immediately rebuked by Harris Faulkner for mentioning GS, and then a really awkward silence ensued where it appears that Faulkner is listening to someone in her ear. She then says that we need to move on. NG is left somewhat baffled by the whole thing.

  2. With all of the recent racial strife occurring, I’m sometimes drawn back to the early 70s and remember my Dad telling me that there would be a race war sometime. My Dad was college educated manager, very conservative and almost stoic. The point is that it never happened back then, and I think that it’s less likely now with the current demographic situation. A bit off-topic so apologies for that.

  3. Both Dems and Reps start with a secular philosophy, and then add equality to boot … with this worldview, the adoption of the progressive agenda is inevitable.

  4. So, getting elected to the State House, then immediately running for Senate, then immediately running fro President, is crazy impossible?
    I guess that’s why some people think Obama was a manufactured Deep State stooge. Maybe Duke should have tried for the Nobel too.

  5. One of your premises is wrong.

    Buckley style conservatism didn’t lose. Not only that it actually won.

    Buckleyism by the late 60s was primarily about defending and advancing “capitalism”. At home and also in defeating communism. The democrats at the time were overwhelmingly anti-capitalist and anti-big business. The capitalist pig was their boogie man who wanted to enslave and poison the little guy. Much of their domestic agendas were designed to stick it to (or restrain) capitalist pigs. The labor laws obviously so, the environmental stuff too. But even a lot of the social stuff was to battle “capitalists” of their imagination by fighting “their” patriarchy and fear of strong women and gays and blacks.

    The buckleyites pushed back on all those fronts and slowly gained ground. The foreign commies were defeated with the collapse of the SU. The real fusion was the merging of democrats with big business – a type of fascist economics. BB accepted the regulations of government, Democrats embraced BB. The glue that holds it together is graft for the pols and screwing the little guy for BB. This alliance ramped up by an order of magnitude and more with the increasing importance of high tech.

    Buckleyism is disappearing because they won and got what they wanted.

    And the so cons and libertarian allies that were the other “two legs of the stool”? The libertarians are winning too, because they’re not a threat to the oligarchs and are a useful foil for the left.

    Which leaves the Social Conservative. Who got shit and shit on. The true losers in all of this. But truth be told. They were never anything but useful idiots for the Buckleyites. An easy lay to be fucked and discarded as they saw fit.

    The lesson is two fold.
    First, don’t be someone else’s useful idiot.
    Secondly, you might need to find and use some useful idiots to accomplish what you want through politics.

  6. I was hoping for another major insight by Zman to point us in the direction of success (aka not failing). But no luck. Not his fault though: The disintegration of societies—an incredible array of them—is a well-established pattern over eons in human history, and seems intractable (the origin of the problem may well be in our biology, in the way we’re wired).

  7. Excellent podcast, here’s hoping you do more in depth look at each of the topics. Also, I’ve never heard of the conservative movment starting afte ww2, fascinating.

    • I especially found the Paleocons and White Nationalists segment interesting. I always wondered why the Neocons beat out the PaleoCons when the base was much more with Paleocons.

    • lady luck just dealt DJT a wild card. luck beats talent, every day of the week (you are lucky) and DJT is both. like they say, a week is a long time…

      • This is just a friendly poker game, right? Now will Trump and McConnell play their hands the way they should?

      • The black pill in me thinks that this will only further the resolve of the left to steal this election. They’ll view it as critically necessary to continue their quest to overturn white society by judicial fiat.

        • Yes, but it heightens the awareness of everyone on the right, too. It is always easier to get a guilty verdict when there is a specific, concrete “why” for the crime.

          Otoh, Recess appointment, here we come, amiright?!?

        • The black pill in me thinks that this will only further the resolve of the left to steal this election.

          After a quick scan of Leftist Twitter I tend to agree with you.

          Almost immediately all kinds of “respectable” Leftist commentators are calling for arson, rioting, murder, and other mayhem across the continent.

        • let me turn your black pill red 🙂 the dems are really hosed now; they have a two front war on their hands and were already overwhelmed when it was a single front. if they go all out to contest the replacement — before the election — then they will unavoidably diminish their POTUS efforts.

    • Note the language of her dying wish: “My most fervent wish is that I will not be replaced until a new president is installed.” Installed? Looks like Ruthie let the cat out of the bag with that one.

      • Wait, a prime mover of the Great Replacement wants to keep control of her own replacement. Irony!

      • gives insight on how these people think. acts like she owns the job in perpetuity. filthy old bag of bones.

  8. A problem with any government program is that it immediately becomes its own constituency! Once established, the very employees of the government, as well as beneficiaries of the program, will seek to perpetuate and expand its power. Some problems can be solved, of course, and even governments are capable of some redeeming values. However, it is more usual that, in solving problem A, the program inadvertently creates (or worsens) new problems B and C. These, in turn, need new government money and employees to fix them, which leads eventually to problems D, E, F, and G, and so on.
    Even the best-intentioned manager will have conflicts: Who would willingly cut salaries, or reduce orders from suppliers, if it would affect your son-in-law, or your niece, or the government contractor run by your buddy from the frat at Yale?
    Think about it: have you ever heard of a government entity admit that it was useless, that it no longer served any purpose? Never. Efforts to eliminate agencies always come from outside. Similarly, have you ever heard of a legislature repeal a law? It happens, but pretty rare. No, the government, its laws and its regulations just keep growing, like barnacles on a ship. Until…

  9. What is the big failure of conservatism? Conservatives talk about policies. Free trade. Free markets. Low taxes. Smaller Government.
    The left talks about outcomes. Free education. Better education. Jobs. Free medical services. Higher wages. Safety nets.

    • Free stuff is always an easier sell than hard work. If you read up on Cargo Cults, those primitive islanders weren’t waiting for the white man on his magic ship or airplane to return and tell them how to cultivate the land, how to set up schools for their children, how to better govern themselves, etc. No, it’s all about the free stuff. We educated people can read such accounts and laugh at the credulity of these backwards people but the joke is on us, if we think that our culture makes us immune to such beliefs.

  10. Instead of looking at conservative failure, we should look at why the left is on a 170 year winning streak. Let me count the ways:
    1.they dominate the press
    2.they dominate entertainment
    3.they dominate education at every level
    4.they dominate the legal profession
    5.they dominate government bureaucracy which is expanding daily to fill the known universe.
    As if that weren’t sufficient, more recently the left has come to dominate HR, corporate Goliaths, and now tech.
    i am sorry, that is a huge amount of influence. Then, the entire cabal stifles free speech with political correctness. And now, we don’t have the right to peaceably assemble.
    The left has done more than infiltrate media, entertainment, law, HR, tech, etc. The left has destroy our local communities, our families, marriage, religion, and soon our history and our gun rights.
    Our side has little blogs here and there. It is like fighting the United States Marines with bow and arrows.

    • you are looking at things oddly. yes they have taken over many institutions and organizations. and are rapidly burning them all to the ground. which is good. the left is a symptom of weakness and decay, not victory. this is just a cycle in a never ending process of decay and renewal.

  11. The other question Zman or I guess they failed was the John Tanton movement for immigration restriction based on overpopulation. Cordelia May Scaife did fund this for a bit and NumbersUSA, FAIR, and Center for Immigration Studies tried to reduce the population growth without mentioning race. For their troubles the SPLC still listed them as hate groups and Congress would never get tough on immigration. I do think they tried the safest route but why they failed? I would think just because the Billionaires merged with the Lefts SJW Religions and these 2 forces were too powerful to stop.

  12. But the trend lines are important too. Look at who the Ds have at the top of their presidential ticket; a dementia patient and an affirmative action whore. In the world of our ancestral evolution, these deviants wouldn’t last a day, let alone long enough to reproduce. It is only in the artificial environment of a Federal Government that they can exist and flourish. Take away their Jackboot mercenaries, and they are nothing at all.

  13. While we’re on the topic of failure analysis, what’s the track record of right-wingers who’ve agreed & amplified media memes about “wignats?” How much mercy has that bought guys like Fuentes, Casey, Moly or RamZ? Still Nazis according to the media.

    On the other hand, Mark Collett manages this balance well and serves as a good example of how a guy more interested in advancing White interests than personal grudges or brand-building goes about his business.

    Why can’t the “positive identity” guys simply win by telling us what they stand for? Mark does.

    “The White Nationalists” is an ooga-booga label. Are we counter-signaling Greg Johnson now?

    Is there a meaningful description of the “bad wignat” we could match up with the “good Groyper” in order to weed out these awful people from muh Movement?

    Beyond “people we don’t like?”

    And no one is following Heimbach or any of the other boogeymen, so miss me with those replies. Reifying CNN’s parodic view of White Nationalists is a self-own.

    Are Groypers White Nationalists or not? If not, what do they stand for? If they aren’t WN, how are they different from the paleocons who already failed?

    No one is saying the less-than-hard Right has to agree with everything every vanguardist says.

    But their constant need to leverage their identity by negging the wignats puts the lie to the idea that they’re really about positive identity.

    And it’s why they will ultimately fail.

    Whatever the rightmost flank of the Establishment is calling themselves this week – whatever toes the line of “here there be White dragons” territory – they’re just another iteration of fence-trained paleo-conservatism with a dash of edge-posting.

    Those interested and invested in change are seek to lead and teach the middle class normies, not pandering to their media-mangled sensibilities for “incremental gains,” status & shekels.

  14. @19 mins in regarding exporting jobs: I know I’ve brought this up before, but when discussing drug supply chains and shortages during SARS-COV19 Ted Cruz said we have to start making pharmceuticals in India or Israel. That’s the absolute state of “conservatism” in the GOP today. Has there ever been a party so aligned against its own constituents?

  15. How It’s Done:

    Noble Princeton don declares Princeton drenched in racisms.

    Trump takes him at his word.

    Trump administration sues for the return of $75 million in federal funds, because Princeton is violating the civil rights contract.

    Every university, proudly drenched in racisms, trembles in fear lest the Orange Eye of Sauron look their way.

    Pure Alinsky.

    I think Donny wants to win.

    (Delightful details at Kunstler’s Clusterf*ck Nation.)

  16. Question for you Zman do you think Jared Taylor was the ideal man in terms of ideas and presentation and a good background, but his problem was by the time he came a long it was too late and by 1990 when he arrived on the scene it was too late to change anything? If Taylor had come along say in 1975 or 1980 with same presentation and had run for office would it have made a bigger difference? Taylor was never associated with KKK or Nazis and was friendly to Jewish involvement with him as well.

    • I think Taylor is a combination of too soon and too late. I think he was too soon when talking about white demographics and anti-white discrimination. Too late in realizing that mainstream politics is not an avenue for white advocacy. Over all, I obviously prefer his aesthetic, but where he and I disagree is on the civic nationalist stuff. Jared still thinks old American can be saved, while I think it should be pushed over the side into the ocean.

      • Yeah I saw Taylor debate an Israeli Journalist and still say he wants a diplomatic solution from the government now in 2020. At this point if Trump is as far as you can go and he has barely made a dent who can even win in the GOP going forward let alone have a Trump like platform and what Democrat would ever lower immigration or stop with the Hate Whitey rhetoric? The Ketchup is out of the bottle at this point and who even knows what a future solution can be. Link to Taylor interview below.

  17. The problem with “white nationalism” isn’t that it draws nutty people, it’s that the press is uniformly anti-white and has been for a very long time. No matter how many reasonable people try to represent “white nationalism,” the press is going to ignore these people and give you David Duke. Had Duke never posed for all those pictures, we would be talking about some other person and none of us would know who David Duke is. After all, we don’t know the names of any other 1 term Louisiana state senators from the 80s.
    I remember Morton Downy Jr and that show, it was on at night from what I can remember. The various talk-shows had the cartoon racists on a lot and they would stack the audience and the opposition guest with the most radical hyperbolic people they could find just in case the “white nationalist” was reasonable looking and sounding. This way the whole thing could be derailed with a fight or something.
    To this day the press can make a gang of dindu “teens” beating on an old man into the heroes and the old man (or even a woman) into the bad guy. It’s how a teenager being attacked by a mob is the bad guy and the mob the good guys who dindu nuffin and were attacked by the wrong-thinker (who, has no history whatsoever of wrong-think). Small children can be thrown of 3 story balconies onto a marble floor or shot point blank in the head, but it’s still not newsworthy at the national level and the race of the perps and victims is irrelevant. The press might not be as powerful as they once were, but they are still a very formidable and powerful opponent.

    • I agree control of the media whenever that was lost and totally lost not even neutral that was giving away the store. Essentially even back in the 1980’s the Left had the media and even a Jared Taylor or Pat Buchanan type was immediately called a supremacist or Anti Semite without much proof of how they fit those terms or definitions. A neutral Media would at least present Immigration moratorium positions as a different way of viewing how to run a country. Instead they say your demonic basically for holding that position. A fair media would at least present a White advocate as someone who is concerned about Whites becoming a minority, becoming attacked, discriminated against and fair game for anyone to attack. Instead no the Media always has to portray Taylor or Buchanan to KKK or slaveholders or Nazis with no real arguments to back it up and a dumb uneducated public is so gullible to this media’s avalanche of lies on the subject

      • Z on Duke: “It was a national story”
        And that’s why these movements failed. They had no control over what was or was not a “national story” and no way to break the frame.
        This is the country whose inhabitants have worn bell-bottoms and parachute pants. This is the land of Madonna, the pet rock, and Jazzercise. This is the country that break-danced while falling for the hetero AIDS hoax. This is the land of the social construct.
        You control the media, what gets projected on the back of the cave wall, and you control the minds of the masses. In mass politics, everything else is a detail.     
        You can have the community, you can have the arguments, you can have the memes and optics — and you need to have all that.
        But you will still lose every time if the other guy can use his media power to convince our people to wear leisure suits.
        This is why a direct confrontation with the tribe who controls what is on the cave wall is unavoidable.

        • Exactly. The power of the modern fake media to create an alternate reality for people cannot be overstated!

    • As someone who lived in Louisiana when David Duke was active in politics, I think we should cut him some slack. Most or all of the photos of him marching around in a Nazi uniform, etc. were from years earlier when he was a student at LSU protesting in “Free Speech Alley.” Basically, he was young and acting like a clown. Obviously, this was a very bad move that gave ammunition to his critics in later life.

      But when he was campaigning for political office, particularly governor, he had very well-attended rallies all over the state where he was well-spoken and rational. The news media would show the old photos but at these campaign speeches/rallies, there was no cross-burning or sieg heiling going on. Duke spoke more or less like a paleocon.

      Duke was very popular among white Louisianians. In the governor’s race jungle primary, he came in second ahead of the incumbent Republican governor, Buddy Roemer. Then, he faced the flamboyant, populist, former governor Edwin Edwards, who was notoriously corrupt even by Louisiana standards.

      Even though Duke was a Republican, the entire GOP establishment, including Reagan and Bush, begged everyone to vote for Edwards the Democrat. The popular slogan at the time was something like, “Vote for the Crook. It’s Important.” The state and national media was relentlessly negative and misleading about Duke and every political figure opposed him. While Duke was defeated (largely due to Louisiana’s large black population), he actually won a majority of the white vote.

      • Even if Duke had shown better judgement as a young man and didn’t pose for the pictures, they would have just had someone else who did pose for the pictures endorse him. They they use the endorsement to force him to cuck and then they ask why their policies attract such bad men. I don’t really know why anyone falls for it. Nobody ever asks the democrat why every criminal black in the state supports the Democrat.

      • I think Duke is a great case study. He did some good things. When he ran for the house, he worked hard and earned votes. A good lesson in politics we can use today. He also tried to make a good presentation. He was an optics guy. That said, he always felt the need to signal to his supporters that it was just a pose, which everyone else noticed too. I think his unwillingness to outgrow the small pond is another useful lesson.

        • At what point does a concern with optics lead you to fatally compromise core positions. At some point doesn’t a White politician whose purpose is to advocate for White people have to go bad optics in this environment?

  18. The first great failure was 1835-1861. Until that time most abolotionist were Southerners. Then for a quarter century the Puritins ginned up support for Uncle Tom and his plight into a frenzy through hard work and organizing. The Republican Party was born.
    The second great failure was 1906-1938, so many, many things. It’s a great credit to the original stock that the twisted versions of rule lasted so long as they did.

  19. Good podcast. The only thing I have to add is that white nationalist politics never would have gotten off the ground regardless of who was espousing them because there was no necessity to do so. White people were still entrenched as a large majority and even through the system has been failing since the 70’s, it still worked, or worked well enough. The ideas that are needed can only come through pain, loss and necessity. The 20’s will be very good for us.

    • I disagree. The necessity for white nationalist politics has been evident for a very long time, but the jewish media is able to characterize white advocates as crazy scum…..and Zman basically agrees with this assessment.

      • It’s been necessary, of course, but not a necessity. Two different things. The Jew media can’t hold a candle to nuts and bolts of reality and paying bills for living in reality.

    • Prior to the 60s, a type of white nationalist politics was America’s default politics. It was simply a given that Western civilization, including white cultural and political forms, was normative and correct, particularly in a nation that was 90% white. Alas, the AWRs successfully precipitated a crisis of confidence and conscience that created an opening for multiculti and the destruction of the country. We must recoup what was condemned and lost in order to create Whiteland.

  20. I made a quick comment yesterday about a particular burr under my saddle, and, like a typical dipstick, kept adding to it.

    I woke up realizing our good Vizzini is forced to deal with a serious problem, not of his making, and he has put a lot of skin in the game- rentals and kids.

    Conservatism’s early and probably biggest mistaken embrace has led to meth labs and now fentanyl madness- but we can’t walk that cat back.

    Just what a parent and landlord needs. What a nightmare. My sincere apologies to Vizzini.

    • (For what it’s worth, granddaughter’s psycho husband burned their trailer down on a fent binge- so of course she’s sneaking across five counties to go see him.

      I laughed. Hillbillies gonna hillbilly.)

    • I’m unknowing of his situation, but I’ve remarked before on his bottomless patience since I see him on normie-media all the time butting heads with libertariantards.

      • Vizzini deserves my respect, even if we disagree. I wasn’t paying attention, just skimming, and popped off. I sense he might have a situation on his hands.

        (And the hillbillies? Of course it was my property, otherwise it wouldn’t be funny. It’s also why he’s five counties away.)

        • Oh heck. Radio sez 544 overdose deaths here in Franklin County. That’s more than the annual traffic deaths for the entire state of Ohio.

          • My daughter worked up at Marion General for a year and tales of the hollowed out remnants of rural drug addiction that were in there every week, dying more every time they came through the system, are pretty hard to hear.

            She was at St. Ann’s in Columbus before that, but she was a labor & delivery surgical tech there and so the repeating story was all the indigent Somali women coming in and popping out their babies on the public dime.

        • No, no. No particular situation on my hands. Everything’s going great, actually. Just years of real world experience.

      • I just noticed something.


        Libertarians were the original conservatives. From back when nobody could imagine trying to ban farm products or bawdy houses, the early Twentieth.

        Today’s ‘conservatives’ are New Deal conservatives, along with their “open borders” slur.

    • Gosh, if what you’re talking about is your posts regarding drug prohibition, no apology necessary. Reasonable people can have policy differences. It’s not like you were all “Vizzini, you’re a moron and literally Hitler and your mother dresses you funny” aka the typical response on some sites.

      My views on drug prohibition have ping-ponged back and forth over the years as I get new information and new perspectives. My general position now is to be pretty light on possession, but pretty hard if there’s a case to be made for dealing, and on career criminals, whatever their offense.

      We have a handful of boys out here that everyone knows are the bad ones. We have a lot less crime than up in Columbus, but that probably just makes easier to realize that 95% of crime is probably done by about 5% (or less) of the people. Being lenient on them is just buying misery for everyone else.

  21. Z offers a critique of the right’s tactics. My only quibble with these views is that the substrate with which the actors work is probably more important than the tactics themselves. Maybe Duke had foolish tactics. More likely, the 80s weren’t going to alight with racist fascist political fervor even with the most skillful operators. I guess i would just caution that learning from our mistakes is obviously wise. But… what have been a mistake 5yrs ago may be the correct move today. Will say i have begun to doubt the view that charlottesville was a disaster/mistake. PS happy to note Z spreading some of that chaga money around on counter currents radio.

    • Or, maybe it is going to fail no matter when it was tried.
      The meta lesson here is probably that electoral politics is doomed to failure and that we need to concentrate on the culture and especially on young people. This is the one thing that the left universally does. They are ALWAYS trying to access children for their propaganda. If you propagandize children and get them to think a certain way fairly early on in their development, they are not political issues anymore, they are identity issues.

      • We are in a post-electoral politics era, hence the Left uses domestic terrorism among other tools. This is not to say from time to time electoral political involvement is not useful–it always is at the local, most granular level–but we need to think in cultural and societal terms as well.

        • Just imagine what our guys on a school board could accomplish! They could be banning degeneracy and anti-white courses and this ridiculous project1619. That is a few thousand kids who will won’t be taught this stuff.
          Now they are trying to give kids the vote! Giving 16yos the right to vote is on at least one state ballot this year! They will load the kid’s brains up with this crap and there will be near 100% turnout for kids because they will be voting right there in school!

  22. Our side is exceptionally good at recognizing the failures of the past. Just take whatever they want to do and look at the many times it was tried and failed in the past. The more of a failure it was, the more we want to do it.
    Whatever hasn’t failed and whoever advocates doing things without a track-record of failure is mocked and held up for scorn and ridicule.

    • Can’t sell the virtues of hard work, responsibility, and traditional values to a nation full of idiots raised on “Free Love, No Consequences, and Free Shit.”

  23. Not only must we analyze why efforts to halt The Madness failed, but we must also examine why the AWRs triumphed so completely. They obviously did many things right for their side. I’ve got my own explanations for AWR success, but the Right in general must dwell on this topic and learn from it. When something works, you copy it.

    • You have to assume EVERY grassroots movement these days will be infiltrated and ultimately coopted by the very same organizations that exist to preserve the current order.

      • But you can’t let that assumption paralyze you into inaction. Sitting around hoping that the Pit Fiend devours you last is not a winning strategy.

        • Of course not. I happen to agree w/ Darren Beattie that any group with aspirations to political power would be better served by owning a Media Outlet and the Blackmail Tapes than winning elections.

  24. Hyperindividualism ushered in the unholy triad of buttfucketry, abortion-on-demand and slamming dope. It grew exponentially in the aftermath of the Cold War with the practical death of collectivism and the group solidarity required to oppose it. Committed hyperindividualists vote for those politicians who, if they won’t outright give resources and license to all those self interests, at least they won’t throw any roadblocks in the way. Conservatives “say” they are going to stand in the way and shout stop; so it’s amazing any get elected in the first place. But if one does manage to slip through, he or she never “acts” as a roadblock because the system wises up the naive. TINVOWOOT.

  25. It is much easier to keep repeating the same chants than to honestly question your own beliefs.

    This definitely takes awhile to get to, the questioning of beliefs we have been conditioned to hold. People still don’t know how to respond to the simple question of, what happens when only one side plays by muh constitution & what is the point to argue about it with people who do not care a whit for not only its plain language but its principles? They look vacant and if they do respond further seem to short circuit.

  26. Just listening to to podcast at work in West Hollywood thinking about the David Duke tee shirt I used to have and wear casually to the store, to pick up my kid at school, basically anywhere without even thinking about it. Must have taken a little work to get it considering there was no internet. I viewed him as 70% clown. I wore the shirt because of the 30% and for the fact that it was somewhat of a “free country “ back then. Even the left would protect wearing a shirt like that. That brings us today. Just picked up a few black polo shirts a few weeks ago. I had the seamstress at the local (((dry cleaners))) sew a lovely Bundeswehr Edelweiss over the little man on the horse. I’m probably not going to get elected for office. I’m still doing my part behind the scene $$And I’m getting a lot of compliments on my new shirts.

  27. Pingback: DYSPEPSIA GENERATION » Blog Archive » The Podcast of Failure

  28. In studying revolutions it’s interesting to view how the factions change over time. The people who make the initial putsch are almost never the ones who successfully hold power when the smoke dies down.

    Two of my favorite case studies are the English and Spanish CWs. Taking the Spanish case the Falangists were a tiny minority of the Nationalist faction in 1936, but they were so adept at insinuating themselves into positions of control that when it came time to govern, and Franco found himself in Trump’s position from 2016 of not knowing who he could trust, they were present. Their interests may not be our interests but what they did worked. If you win and go home, you may not have won anything. You win, and then you formalize your power.

    • This is what I hope Trump will finally get. When he wins 6 weeks from now he needs to set about establishing institutional power for himself and his successors, very much like Franco, or perhaps as a more modern example, Putin. It’s a shame Trump isn’t just a little bit Putin’s puppet like the lefties say. Vlad could certainly teach him a thing or two about ruling a basically lawless and divided people.

      There’s been a lot of talk about that article in The Atlantic about how, basically, we need to vote for Biden or there will be (even more) rioting. Well, they probably got that part right. There will certainly be more rioting. Hopefully, Trump uses that as a pretext to not only crush BLM and Antifa but install his own loyalists throughout American institutions.

      The best analogy to the Left’s role in our society is that it functions something like heavy metal poisoning in the body. It has gotten everywhere now and infiltrated every tissue, degrading them all. The usual treatment for this kind of problem is chelation therapy. Basically a drug is administered that binds to the metal and then carries it out of the body. In order to work, the drug needs to go everywhere the poison did.

      The problem with Trump, and the cuck-Right as well is proceduralism. Z has discussed this many times. The idea is that one is supposed to go along with the “democratic process” even if it leaves you jailed, homeless, or dead. The rules were followed, the i’s all crossed and the t’s all dotted, muh constitution has spoken. We must obey. The Left uses these notions cynically but doesn’t believe them for a moment. The Left has always been outcome oriented. Historically they didn’t, and still don’t, care about whether they got voted into power or just walked in and seized it. This gives them a protean, amoebic character that the Right has always lacked. If the last 4 years have taught him anything (and they may not have) Trump must now realize that process is nothing, outcomes are everything.

    • I’ve been observing the current degredation in post-Falange Spain, and can only conclude they did a piss-poor job of securing a future for their progeny. Lesson for a future rightwing authoritarian: lasting success means full on elimination for the left; no stone left on top another, the ground salted, their women hauled off and their men ground to dust and their children adopted out. Carthage pt 3 must look like Desert Storm compared to WCN (what comes next).

      • Exactly right ER. The Right needs to mobilize, not just to beat back the latest of the Left’s golems (BLM, Antifa, pussy hatters), but to crush the Left and grind it into dust once and for all, ultimately on a global basis or at least throughout the Western world. This is the closest I get to a utopian vision – a world finally free of equalist and egalitarian religion, whether it takes the form of ultra-cucked Christianity or the secular neo-Marxism that pervades academia and the media.

        There’s something in the DNA of the modern world that make it uniquely vulnerable to radical egalitarianism that so far has guaranteed that the same garbage returns in some new form again and again. Some of us seem to think that the only way to break the cycle is to give up on modern science and technology. I’m of the opinion that we can and must save our modern technology but can only do so by rooting out Leftism at its core. If we don’t I do think one of these cycles of collectivist madness it results in will ultimately destroy our civilization anyway and send us back to a pre-modern existence. In fact I’m pretty sure that if the globalists get their way this cycle right now will be the last.

  29. The P.M.R.C. (Parent’s Music Resource Center), that was Tipper Gore’s group. I do recall Dee Snider from Twisted Sister tearing them up quite well in a hearing. They were shocked that a guy that wore makeup on stage was smarter than they were….I still have a button around somewhere that says, “F*k the PMRC”

    • Yeah, well look at that old Christian/Judeo Boomer get on about use of his song in a satiric video about throwing off your muzzle, er mask.

      First off, the guy is off base as Satire is a specific part of the Fair Use Doctrine, and the video easily fits into that description. But the main point is, this once “rebel” is just as much a part of the system now. You know, the system at war with the people.

      So fuck him.

  30. Some ideas have more consequences than others

    That’s a good point, perhaps if Paleos had a little more laser-like focus they would have had better luck selling themselves. Only people with pundit-level acuity (which is basically no one, alas) could keep up with them.
    Also on Buchanan being a nice guy, no better evidence of that than sitting next to Eleanor Clift all those years and yet somehow resisting the urge to strangle her to death.

  31. Walking out of bar last night I had to walk by black dyke’s table.  As I approached she stopped talking to her friends, side-eyed me and tensed-up till I’d walked past. All for the drama of it. I wanted to bend down and tell her, “The CNN commentary running through your retard brain right now has it ass-backward. I’m the one who should be tensed-up you dumb cunt.” Then slapped her in the head just to fulfill her fantasy.

    • try singing or humming “mama’s little baby loves shortening, shortening, mama’s little baby loves shortening bread”

  32. I may be missing something here, because I have not yet listened to the podcast. But the point of all the Uniparty players is to do and say anything, just to get elected, and then to help themselves to the personal gravy trains that accrue to the people in political office. Whatever it takes, to get the votes. We mistake their utterances for beliefs and values, or for things they will actually do, once they get into office.. Silly us. BOHICA, brothers and sisters.
    That’s why Trump freaks them out. He actually has beliefs, values, and ideas he wants to implement, beyond his own self-enrichment.

  33. The flip side of failure analysis is copying success. Maybe start small:
    Never criticize your own.
    Never talk about your own positions that are “problematical.”
    Develop and repeat effective catch phases, even if they’re meaningless.
    Never answer an opponent’s argument; immediately shift to a personal attack.
    Finally, laugh at the “sinking to their level” or “hypocrisy” nonsense.

    • This pedo thing is a bit of a boon since it reverses the accusation dynamic:
      Me to Lefty: “You support pedos”
      Lefty: *10 minute video and 1000 word article on why they do not actually support pedos*
      Me again: “Lol, you support pedos”.

    • Finally, laugh at the “sinking to their level” or “hypocrisy” nonsense.

      Whatever its original purpose, the end point of Buckleyite conservatism was this type of tone policing, and those types no longer have any actual influence.

  34. I’ve seen layoffs where the work still gets done and others where the work stops.
    I was in a meeting with a CEO after a layoff where he started demanding detailed reports on a sales sector that was tanking. Somebody had to explain to him that he had fired the people who collected that data and the people who analyzed that data a couple of months earlier. Since everyone in the room had to deal with the mess he made, it was fun to watch the Directors nicely tell him “tough shit”.

    • Was the contributing reason for the layoffs that the company’s competitors were also laying off staff? That sounds like a typical follow the herd CEO.

      • Not really. It was a relatively new CEO who came from a related (but not the same) industry. He was sure he knew more about hospital sales than the people who had been there for years. While a lot of changes he made were needed improvements, he screwed up hospital sales by the numbers. I was with the company another 6 years and it only got worse.

    • Middle managers are generally pricey and the first to go when a crunch hits, but a buddy noted to me that, especially in a manufacturing business, these are the guys who carryout upper management demands. The operation can generally coast along with the status quo for a bit with these people gone, but their ability to implement change or react to pressure is basically gone. This can lead to a downward slope of constant consolidation until there is nothing left.

  35. “Today, for example, so-called conservatives keep bellowing about the constitution, while they sit at home obeying lock down orders.”
    This is it in a nutshell.
    We are in the post-electoral politics era. If anything has become undeniable in the last four years, it is that the Empire’s pretensions to republicanism are long gone, and democracy is allowed only to the extent it is compliant with imperial pretensions. The American Empire maintains the façade of domestic legitimacy only to justify its militarism and interference with other nations’ sovereignty.
    In short, United States politics largely are illusory although we can use them as a limited tool to try to get from point A to point B. Hence, I will vote for Trump and hope he wins largely because his victory would force the State to further delegitimize itself either to prevent his election, which is the more likely outcome, or as a fallback, continue with the insanity of trying to delegitimize Trump as has been the case for the last four years.
    You did a great job with the podcast and each segment does deserve to be expanded. A few observations.
    If the goal of Buckleyite conservatism was to prevent Marxism on American soil, it failed badly. The United States has been culturally Marxist for about a generation now. It will soon adopt communist China’s economic system–crony capitalism for me, Marxism for thee. The nation will limp along until the dollar no longer is the reserve currency and will be little different from China unless something gives soon. The window to stop that could close as soon as November.
    Although the Paleocons correctly identified the central problem of the futility of traditional electoral politics, they clung to the decayed corpse of the Republican Party and avoided national populism. If Buchanan had endorsed Perot rather than Bush, we would not be here. Ever the loyal Republican, Buchanan could not bring himself to do what should have been done. We live in the toxic aftermath of his decision.
    The term “white nationalism” currently is used to describe any thought contrary to cultural Marxism. Once the Left consolidates power, the utterly corrupt federal judiciary and its law enforcement goons will prosecute anyone suspected of saying things it doesn’t like under the banner of anti-White Nationalism. We kind of there now. The only restraint is the international perception of the United States as something less than a police state is important to maintain to continue the aforementioned imperial pretensions.
    With all that written, we need to focus on local and state power and putting into office and positions of authority people who are not afraid to challenge state and national capitols. There will not be some interstate civil war, but the first rebellions will be intrastate in places like Oregon, Virginia and New York. Live in the places that formally and informally will divorce their culturally Marxist capitols.
    The United States is a zombie nation now, a powerful empire with very little domestic legitimacy, a nuclear-armed strip mall. Again, this is a post-electoral political era. Use the tools to the limited extent they are available, and recognize the limitations as well as the possibilities.

    • Trump’s struggles and the plandemic episode have made it terrifyingly clear how deeply China’s tentacles are embedded in America, and it appears at least half the US population is just fine with the situation.

      • …China’s tentacles are embedded in America, and it appears at least half the US population is just fine with the situation.

        I honestly don’t see where the problem there lies. The country isn’t yours anymore, if it ever was, so you can’t claim it’s an invasion. Same with immigration and the illegal migrant business. A split will happen somewhere, and coexistence will no longer be feasible. Whatever form that takes, I’ll not prognosticate, but the people who don’t belong on the side you end up on, heh, that’ll be obvious.

    • It will soon adopt communist China’s economic system–crony capitalism for me, Marxism for thee.

      This seems like another one of those “clever by half” strategies of our elites. That system barely works in China and it’s a country that’s exclusively full of people who’s ancestors lived under systems like that since pretty much forever. That plan isn’t any different from some African place suddenly saying that they’re going to do American style republicanism.
      Note: Not saying you’re wrong, just that it won’t work out like they’re hoping.

      • No, understood completely. This easily could be a case of beware of what you wish for. In fact, it likely will be. Those who enter into coalitions with Marxists to consolidate historically end up in front a wall and there is no reason this should turn out differently.

      • Isn’t that was was supposed to happen with Liberia, a transplanted piece of a young America? 😀

  36. from what I’ve seen in general people hate liberals more than they do the republicans, but white nationalism is a hard sell.
    Imo, the best candidate would be someone from the american judicial system who would advocate for its reformation.
    Basically a lawyer version of trump who shifts focus from economy towards injustices done in the courtrooms.
    Someone who’ll make it illegal to fire people for their political views or for their views in general(corporations firing white nationalists)
    Someone who’ll attack feminist courts, make it hard for them to divorce rape men(men of all races will get behind that)
    Someone who’ll make life hard for prosecutors who chase after owners(whites) who defend their proprieties from peaceful rioters(brothers and antifa fags)
    He should also address liberal monopoly of media & attempt to create an alternative. Trump does not care about the latter.

    • Great comment. The Orwellian-named “family courts” were the first use of State power to attack its new enemies, White men. The same happens with all men, as you point out, but take a look at the compliance with child support orders from blacks who father children with White women. There is no way that is mere coincidence.

      But attacks on the increasingly totalitarian courts by someone within that system would be very effective.

      • the first use of State power to attack its new enemies, White men.

        This, coupled with the incentivization of divorce and women joining the workforce has been a hideously effective tool to split white women’s interests from white men’s and turn white women against white men.

        A line I recently heard goes,

        “Why do white women get along with black men so well?

        They both think white men owe them something.”

        Looking around society in the Current Year™ I’m not sure that’s incorrect.

    • Best I can figure, you have to convince people of two things: culture and ethnicity are intertwined, and multicultural societies are unstable.

      People know these things instinctively, but they go against the melting pot myth, so it’s a hard sell. Yet here in 2020 reality is making a stronger case than any of us could. The case is for stability and happiness, and if it takes nationalism, so be it.

      Making the sale is more possible today than at any time in my life.

      • Making the sale as a normal, and well-presenting white helps too. I just drop a whitepill here, a whitepill there. Because I’m a normal guy and not a sperg with a nazi arm band, the white pills go down real easy lately.

        It’s social proof. “If this normal guy is saying it, it’s ok to think it.”

  37. At a recent YAF virtual event on cancel culture (with Prager, Shapiro and others like them), the top-voted question was about why they canceled Michelle Malkin. Matt Walsh is coming our way. Charlie Kirk too, after getting spanked by the groypers. Small steps, but this is a marathon. And yes, the key is that we’re not standing astride anything, we’re coming with our pitchforks to restore normalcy.

    • “Charlie Kirk too, after getting spanked by the groypers.”

      The Kirk guy is an LGBTQ? lobbyist and an oddball. Best comment I ever read about him, ‘he’s what older people think a young man should be like…’

      Kirk = Cringe. No successful franchise is being built around his ilk.

      • Also, my wife got Adam Carolla’s new book and I read it, continuing despite the opinion that is was garbage, from the get-go.

        Carolla is another one. He comes off as ‘our guy’ in his frequent appearances on Fox. But if you read his book, you’ll likely agree that he is another poseur. His parents hate Trump. Carolla is all in for everything the left loves, and makes many snide references to ‘our side’. You know, those “white nationalists” are so, so baaaaad, blah-blah.

        You can get your ass kicked out of mainstream Hollyweird but sorry, this is a Left Coast Guy through and through. I suggest Pepe not give this Scorpion a ride across any creeks any time soon…

    • I don’t know how far Walsh will go. He said on Twitter he is moving to Nashville with the rest of the Daily Wire staff as they relocate. He did make fairly rapid progress from defending Ahmed Arbuy as a “jogger” to three months later not falling for the George Floyd nonsense at all. I wouldn’t trust him, especially as long as he is tied to Shapiro.

    • OK, I watched that and feel like a second circumcision is in my future. The Groyper comments were excellent, and as Z suggested, that seder was voted down.

  38. “Galloping Gertie” in Tacoma. Too light a deck plus failed to install incline stays–ironically something figured out by Roebling Sr. and Jr. when they designed the prototype for the Brooklyn Bridge in Cincinatti back in….1869. Had FNMA as a client in the way back times. Always struck me how utterly mediocre the people there were, despite serving as the liquidity vehicle for 75% of the US mortgage market (at one point). Few if any of the execs would have lasted 30 days at any of the money center institutions here in NY. Easy to see why FNMA became the fish at the poker table in the mid 2000s. Stupidity is hard to overcome.

    • The great American philosopher Ron White got it dead right with his central dictum: You can’t fix stupid.

      It contantly should be at the forefront of one’s mind.

  39. I used to teach risk analysis to prospective ship commanders, and I’m constantly piledriving it with my kids. After a review of risk vs reward and deciding to pursue a calculated risk (Decision Making 101), the key point is knowing the difference between wisdom and experience. The wise man learns from other people’s experiences; he purposefully studies (and avoids) historical patterns of failure. But any dumb bastard can learn from experience. Then there are the dumbest of the dumb bastards who double-down on their failures, who try, try again, and chalk up repeated failures as bad luck.

    The question before us is whether the shakers/movers of Conservative Inc. are made up of the dumbest of the dumb bastards, or do they merely reflect their constituency? Chicken? Egg?

    • Then there are the dumbest of the dumb bastards who double-down on their failures, who try, try again, and chalk up repeated failures as bad luck.” Wait. Are you talking about Leftists, “Progressives”, Marxists, Conservatives or Liberals?

    • Very old wisdom:
      A wise man learns from the mistakes of others.
      A normal man learns from his own mistakes.
      A fool never learns from any mistakes, his or other’s.
      In our slowly fissioning democracy, the drift is somewhere between 2 and 3.

  40. Pretty sure that the oscillating bridge collapse is the Tacoma Narrows in Washington state.

    Charlton Heston was irate about Body Count’s song Cop Killer. That was released around the time of the LA Riots.

    He managed to get that song dropped from that Body Count album. The original CD became a $100-200 collector’s item.

    Body Count are a pretty good metal band. Ice-T explained the whole plan in their song There Goes the Neighborhood.

  41. > “Why have 70 years of efforts to push back on the progressive agenda failed?
    A: Female voters.
    There, I just saved everyone some time.

    • This is correct. Which is why there can be no solution within the current political framework. White future – if there is one – will occur in a country altogether different from the current one.

      Democracy is dead. It has failed completely because it’s a j***** circus. Only something more…robust…will allow us to secure our future.

    • Good comment! In addition to failure analysis, one needs to do root cause analysis. Opening voting up to women was the beginning and the massive move of women into the workforce in the 1970s (presaged by both world wars) undermined wages and the male provider role. Women leaders have been disastrous and, as the Z-man has noted, we are seeing the results of gynocracy in the hysterical overreacction to COVID-19 and the excuses for black and Antifa riot.
      I would add the expansion of the franchise to blacks, the privileges accorded them by the “Civil Rights Act” and racial preferences, and the massive third-world immigration that has taken place since the 1970s have changed the United States so much that no movement with even a hint of conservatism has any chance of success at this point.
      As another commenter has said, there will need to be some kind of collapse for a new movement to have a chance at succeding.

        • Women, and old women at that, were handed over the reins of western civilization but didn’t have a clue about what they were doing (evidence: look out window). I see something similar whenever there is a “learn to code” event or women in law enforcement, etc.: they can be good at going through the motions of what they’re told the position requires, but they actually have no idea about why they’re doing it apart from burning time or slaving away with their husband in an attempt to put their kids through college.

      • Indeed, much of the post-Civil War agenda that Zman remarked upon in recounting the Progressive era was a product of suffragettes and female abolitionists stoked by the “success” of Reconstruction. Those shrews, harpies and termagants ushered in Prohibition and a relaxation of immigration restrictions; and were rewarded with the vote just in time to support the quasi-socialism of FDR and the New Deal. The expansion of government bureaucracy over the past seventy years is nothing less than thinly-veiled welfare and childcare for the legions of unskilled women ushered into the workplace and a post hoc, attemped fix (failed) at addressing the subsequent destruction of the family.

        • One economic writer (Gary North I think) believed that an overlooked reason that so many joined the work force was the “opportunity cost” of being a stay at home wife. In the golden days (mid-20th century), wages were good and when more jobs opened to women (30s-40s) this was an enormous economic boon for women. Real wages stagnated in early 1970s and inflation has repriced things so that the two-income family is not so much the source of luxury it was in the 1960s but rather a need to keep the family’s head above water these days 🙁

    • No worries, when shtf women will remember they need men… and we’ll have to grit our teeth forgive them their intransigence. Ugh.

      • I beg to differ. When shtf we will have to take the opportunity to reign them in once and for all. One of the key weaknesses of Occidental Man – in my estimation – is his tendency to place woman on a pedestal. Our naive, gullible & chivalrous nature has been exploited by females since time immemorial.

        Just as all the other races of mankind exploited our sense of justice and fair play. They paid lip service to egalitarianism & behaviorism while never abandoning their own (extreme) ethnocentrism.

        We need to learn from our foes. We need to remove women from power and restrain them legally and socially. We need WHITE SHARIA.

        • No just the bible tells us what a women’s place is…Christians just need to quit being lukewarm and reign their women in…

        • I get it. I take a lot of heat trying to rein women in while almost everybody else seems to be trying to get laid. We’re still going to have to forgive them.

          • Unless we go full White Sharia and in that case we don’t.
            Revolutions can serve a powerful purpose and allow yoou to make the most radical changes you can get away with.
            We might try hard patriarchy if we like with basically no rights for unmarried childless women if we wish.
            The only question is do men want this and I a not sure they do. Some of the less hostile Gen 1 (1960’s here) feminists felt while the movement was for women it might also benefit men. It certainly does the Mr. Big types. Its rest of us especially the “delta” working guys that suffer though even they might not want the old system back.

          • I can’t be with someone I despise. It makes the sex and the relationship gross and enervating. That could just be me. So the project, for me at least, is reconciliation.

            Or maybe I’m just a beta male 🙂

          • Don’t put yourself down for not wanting sex or relationship without desire. It is gross and enervating. Nor is it beta to want harmony between men and women. Its how its supposed to be. Its just too rare.
            I personally don’t think reconciliation is possible as hypergamy is really hard to control. It will require harsh penalties to lower notch count and ensure fidelity at least in married women.
            I might be wrong though.
            To fix things will require either be a disaster zone of an economy (think after fall of the USSR at least ) with men on top or outright coercion, adultery gets you 36 lashes and 3 years in a labor camp kin of thing with serious restrictions and social pressure on unmarried women being promiscuous.
            In any case I don’t have any skin in this game. I prefer celibacy and being single to dealing with women.
            As the MGTOW like to say, the juice is not worth the squeeze.

    • Thank you.
      In marketing you never focus on the negatives of a product if you want it to sell. This is why those adds for various patent medicines always show shinny happy people doing shiny happy thing rather than the truth, you are likley suffering from something nasty and might feel a bit better. The truth, its expensive and often produces marginal results sometimes with hefty risks is a no sell.
      This means to roll back social changes when that means less perceived freedom isn’t easy and isn’t much of a message.
      And note this not just women here. MGTOW people call the old marriage system the plantation with good reason. For many its a lot of responsibility with meager declining rewards.
      What Our Guys fail to do is understand that while human nature hasn’t changed the world we live in has and is radically different than what came before . I don’t know how many people who start spouting social stats and policy suggestions about abortion or teen pregnancy that are from eons ago . Both BTW are at all time lows. Clown World managed to do something good for a change.
      Frankly it feels like that anyone on our side who starts spouting this trash ought to get a stun gun to the nuts and a hostile D.I. to scream “Its 2020 dumb ass get with the program”
      If we do this, instead of trying to claw back a society that it seems no one wants maybe we can get somewhere.

  42. The boxer Mickey Ward used to say, “You either win or you learn.” I guess the political version is, “You either win or you end up writing for National Review.”

  43. JK Rowling has been struggle sessioned into including a transgender character in her new book Troubled Blood. The mob is now dunce capping her for making the character a serial killer instead of a hero.

    • JK Rowling is one of the most entertaining things happening right now. I did a spit-take when I read that she made some transgender a serial killer. That is hilarious

        • “It rubs the lotion on its skin or else it gets the hose again.”


          Didn’t see your comment, Maus. Classic line 🙂

      • I give Rowling full credit for her essentially FU response. As a comparison, consider Diana Gabaldon, whose first few Outlander books featured an evil, sadistic homosexual. Her response to the outcry was to write a series of books featuring an 18th century English homosexual who was noble, brave, and loving (including what are supposed to be erotic love scenes for her female readers). She’s a decent writer who’s made a pile, but I now despise her.

        • So all you have to do is sell 100 million + books and be worth billions from the movie franchising/merchandising to tell “woke” to piss off?

          Truly, an inspiration to us all.

          (I’m actually sorta impressed she’s doing this anyway.)

      • “It rubs the lotion on its skin or it gets the hose again.” Been there, done that, got the tee shirt. Trannies have always been ridiculous and worthy of mockery. It is the recently accelerated push through acceptance to outright celebration that triggers disgust.

      • I saw an interview with her right at the start of the Hairy Potter phenom where a big piece of why she wrote the books was to teach her boy some of the lessons she thought he missed by not having a father around.
        She seems to me to be dead right on this, whatever her other faults.

      • Like it or not, JK is actually fighting to conserve something, namely the idea that there are two biological genders.

        Sadly, this is a lot more than most are doing for the cause.

        Of course the fact she is a successful billionaire author helps her do this, but there are lessons to be learned from this episode.

        The lesson that stands out to me is her narrow focus on this issue. She’s not trying to comment about anything else.

        It’s worth maintaining that focus because this is a bedrock issue for a healthy society and human race.

        • The lesson that stands out to me is her narrow focus on this issue. She’s not trying to comment about anything else.

          Single-minded focus is a lesson we all need to learn. My first reaction to Rowling was, “it is ridiculous we got to the point this has to be argued.” Given additional thought, though, that was a foolish response. We do have to confront these affronts to our basic humanity and past failures to do so have gotten us to the current position.

  44. it doesn’t help that most “conservatives” are giant pussies.

    it’s interesting how conservative politics has the same weaknesses as christian groups. it’s all just pretend with these people, they don’t actually believe any of the things they say (or are told). just a way to have a little club with cliques and so forth.

    • Like you say, they are either pussies or it is all pretend with these people, neither of which is a good look. The Left will fight tooth and nail for every millimeter of ground, the Right will simply bend over (unless the issue involves Israel).

    • Cowardice is a major issue. So is pragmatism.
      But the biggest issue is that we are functionally equivalent to an atheist in Saudi Arabia. By the time we reach anyone’s ears, they have been through thousands of hours of propaganda and emotional priming.
      Tucker was talking about project1619 and critical race theory last night. Talk about a day late and a dollar short. Glen Singleton’s Courageous Conversations has been a bedrock of education for a decade and a half and before that it was the same thing in a different guise. Education was one of the first sectors to be SJW converged and was being targeted as far back as the 1950s!
      Though I eventually changed my major, my year of college I was majoring in education. I was in a specific program that wasn’t the norm and my classes were heavily in that direction, though still general enough for things like social work and the like. The books were loaded with this stuff. It was one of the reasons I left the program, probably the main reason. Nothing made any sense. This was in the late 80s. Everything was already there, especially degeneracy and race consciousness in an anti-white direction. It was REALLY heavy on degeneracy. Drug taking, sexual degeneracy, anti-family, anti-monogamy etc. Though the details are hazy, I can recall a reading assignment that was handed out (it wasn’t in the textbook) saying that over 20% of children born to married women had a biological father other than the husband and that over 80% of married people cheat on a regular basis. I only remember it because of how much it struck me at the time. I was being trained to be the next generation of school teacher, social worker, counselor, marriage counselor etc to be anti-family, anti-heterosexual and generally antisocial, not to mention anti-white.
      Until this stops, nothing will ever change. Kids are spending 200 days a year sitting with the people trained like this. Then there’s TV and the movies and books and music. If they ever hear us at all, it is only after countless thousands of hours of this.

  45. The current kakistocracy is the love child of the swamp and the Maoist affirmative action replica. We are rapidly approaching the light at the end of this wormhole.

  46. Conservatives can excuse away failure because they win elections. The complete failure of those elected to govern conservatively does not occur to them.

    • Years ago I was at a conservative even in DC. It was one of those deals where the proles were allowed to mingle with the great and the good. I was chatting with someone from AEI or Heritage, I no longer recall which one. This was back in the Obama years, before the 2014 election. He said something along the lines of “It is vitally important that we win this election.”

      I asked him, “Then what happens?”

      He just stared at me for a minute then walked away.

      • Republicans went on to gain 9 senate seats in that election.

        Can you imagine what the Left would do after an election in which they gained 9 seats?

        • True, but what did the Rep’s do in that election with those seats? When they fought back and finally controlled Congress, what did they do?

          After a point, voting for the lessor of two evils rings hollow.

      • If only the average conservative, Republican or independent, understood how much these people hate them. Steele tipped hit hand, because, as an affirmative action baby he’s not that bright.

      • I heard once Newt Ginrich was bashing the consultants specifically Karl Rove for this 50 plus 1 strategy where he could win George Bush elections, but not know anything about Governing. The consultant such as Rove was a Bush adviser yet knew nothing about governing and only how to win an election by 1 point basically. It was famously Rove that broke the back of every Normie Republican I know by pursuing the most liberal Immigration policy Amnesty in 2005 and told Tom Tancredo never to darken the doors of the Whitehouse again.

      • It’s a peculiar aspect of right-wing psychological makeup (warrior/sportsman neurotype) that we can be easily tricked into losing by winning, i. e. fighting, winning and exhausting ourselves on the wrong battles. I write about this in one of my articles for Counter-Currents.

    • Conservatives can excuse away failure because they win elections.

      They win because they’re the shit sandwich and the alternative is shit sandwich with extra diarrhea.

    • Man, this is such a good comment.

      Remember all the excitement over Trump appointing “conservative constitutionalist” Gorsuch? LMAO.

      • I don’t know whoever believed that (though I’m sure their were many who did). What kind of altered my view of these DC fights was Sailer pointing out the ridiculousness of the Red Team vs Blue Team of the Scooter Libby fight, the fact that these are just largely personality contests among the reprobates of the nation’s student council.

    • As if that were their intention. It never has been. Both parties represent monied interests, dangling jobs on K-street and corporate board sinecures for those who “go along” while they’re in congress.

    • Equally, the declining proportion of the population that is even capable of participating in a civilized society, obey rules and laws, etc. There is a difference between being a “rebel”, which is kind of fashionable in US history, and being a dullard incapable of even the most elementary good behavior.

  47. The biggest reason for conservative failure is that it is reactive and negative, and tends to be narrowly focused. Many conservatives are mostly just critics of leftists, but don’t really offer a positive vision of their own. Others do have a positive vision, but mostly of specific policies (like the Fair Tax guy) that are presented in contrast with the current policies. Most of the time, conservatives are just small-minded reformers, and there just isn’t much going for that.

    • “but don’t really offer a positive vision of their own.”

      The main simple conservative quality that is often overlooked is….conservatives just wish to be left alone to enjoy their lives and families. That makes them an easy patsy to get rolled by the left and conservative grifters.

      My Commie parents never stopped working for utopia on earth, kept pounding to enact the 10 pillars of Communism. They were very unhappy people. After decades of atheism and scorn toward believers, when they were at the 11th hour 59th minute and 59th second with Old Scratch standing at their bedside, they both went into total panic and would not leave their body, clinging bitterly to the cliff face above the dark void of nothingness. I had to, 10 years apart, talk both of them across through their fear. Taught me a massive lesson. All that posturing and arrogance, only to panic at the end. Meh!

      This is a fundamental difference between left and conservatives. Looks possibly hardwired. Maybe the r/K selection. Surely I was dropped by the stork into the wrong house. Makes for a good story though!

      • That reminds me of something I’ve observed about both political activists and hyper-evangelical Christians, in that they tend to hate their lives and wish to blame others for their pain/unhappiness. This is true of dissidents, too. While it’s true that some of the misery afflicting our lives is beyond our control, much of it is not. And, we could probably be a lot happier if we didn’t worry about problems that afflicted other people instead of us (like antifa in Portland, for example). Most human misery tends to be self-imposed.

        • Well, if modern history has taught us anything, it is that if you ignore problems plaguing other people long enough, they will soon enough plague you.

        • Very truly said. I don’t understand the psychology of it, but it is a near-universal human need to find others of like mind, or in the darker forms of this, to enforce conformity to a creed (Islam is a good example: “Would you like to try our Prophet’s revealed truth, or shall we chop your head off tomrorrow morning?”) While there are positive reasons for human groups too, of course, surely setting out to “save the world” or “help people” urges don’t always lead to happy ends. Like the old saying, “If I thought someone was coming here to help me, I should run for my life.”
          It’s been observed that Judaism is one of the few religions that doesn’t proselytize. Just think of the implications of this: While conversion is possible, it’s not promoted. If the only alternative is having a shiksa or a shaygitz in the family, oy vey, love is blind, what can you do? 🙂 In traditional Judaism, there is enormous pressure to keep the tradiitons, the faith, and to marry within and keep much social and business life in the Tribe. It’s almost as if they have — or think they have — an ideal society they wish to keep for themselves and they wisely know that outside influences are likely to corrode a good thing. We may grumble about the Jewish conspiracy or whatever, but can we deny that some portions of Judaism have traditions of family, community, religion and society that most Gentiles could only envy?

      • I can’t help thinking about those—both Left and Right, but primarily Left—who forego having children because of the beliefs you described. To die alone among strangers must be the final horror in life in our modern society.

        Whatever your memories/experiences are of your parents, you did what was right and decent. They brought you into this world, you helped them exit this world. That is the natural order of things.

        • “That is the natural order of things. “ Sweet!
          And that line leads to the definition of conservative. Preserving, conserving and seeing/understanding/facing reality. An often smudged lipstick reality. The guy metaphor reality: Wake up in the morning after a drunken night of wenching only to to find a blouzy coarse broad in the bed, whereupon he stealthy exits door right. Learning is a lot like that. The left gets their fluffy bunny and unicorn visions confused with reality. Reality ain’t pretty…it just is. You either learn from it or you don’t. Notice how prevalent today many don’t think of screwup moments as an opportunity to learn. Just stagger on.

          The other quality my parents and the left exhibit is victimology. Victimology is pernicious. It shuts down one’s ability to function, lacks optimism and options, and blames others for failure. I consciously with clarity practiced developing a sense of gratitude until it was second nature. Gratitude goes hand in hand with being responsible for one’s life and one’s decisions, failure or success. Ain’t Daddy Govmint’s responsibility. This stuff is profoundly easy and profoundly easy to miss.

        • It’s a lot more complicated than that. It’s great if you make enough money to buy a house and for one parent to stay home. But in Endless Migration America it’s far more difficult. Especially with laws that preference even recent arrivals based upon their skin color. Not everyone has the skills or resources to establish themselves rurally. Not everyone is an entrepaneur. Most folks need to live where the jobs are.

      • Perhaps I did not realize how fortunate I was when, as each of my parents was dying (two years apart) we five children, our spouses and seven grandchildren all held hands, stood in a circle, turned off the machines and said the Lord’s Prayer. When I opened my eyes the monitor curves had in fact been flattened.
        My parents were believers. Two of my siblings were faking belief, but participated out of respect.

      • The Maoists would be proud you could publicly denounce your own parents like that on their deathbeds. Congratulations. Praying now.

      • Wasn’t it Voltaire who, on his deathbed, when asked if he forsook the Devil said “This is no time to be making enemies”?

        (If not, it should have been)

    • Nonsense.
      You can do meaningful failure analysis with STEM applications where there is a static environment, or a fairly consistent dynamic one where all the variables can be identified and quantified. Doing the same thing to marketing or politics is far, far more complicated. I don’t say this as a critique of you or our esteemed blog host – but what we see here is more akin to “Monday morning quarterbacking”, “Hangar flying” or looking back with 20/20 hindsight. Even so it can be useful.
      The problem was that conservatives – most of us – are critical thinkers. We can look at a current set of given circumstances and events, extrapolate, and game out the future outcome with reasonable accuracy. The Left cannot do this. That is why they are running a dementia patient and a vibrant whore in the next election. The left is literally on fumes. What we are seeing from the past is that the Left is won battles but will lose the war.
      In the BeforeTimes, there was no market for critical thinkers. Times were good, everyone had rising incomes, expectations and plans. The shortfalls of the Lefty world view were easily ignored, and Normie had sportzball on weekends, wholesome family events, and nothing to really worry about.
      Today, noggers will blow away an innocent white five year old kid, or throw them off high balconies – and the jewish media shrugs. But they will get right behind noggered thugs that get killed while violently resisting arrest. For every loon that sides with this, there are ten normal people that grit their teeth and fume. Today, Normie goes to work and answers to a menstrual or menopausal boss and copes with lunacy every day. When he turns on the TV to watch The Big Game, spoiled noggers tell him he’s a piece of chit because he’s white. His neighbourhood today is at risk from joggers and peaceful protests. Even in the big shitlib cities, there is a shift starting to happen.
      The political market has now changed. Look for that to continue and speed up. So much so, that I can boomerang this one on our esteemed blog host: so what happens when the DR is in charge, Z? Not trying to be a dink – but you were right when you said that libertarians are mostly arseholes that sit on the sidelines and claim the moral high ground. Do you think the DR has any real plans to go any further? If so… what are they?
      There will be no civil war coming… but there is going to be a reckoning. After the storm, people will be looking for a concrete and meaningful plan forward… and I am not seeing that from the DR as a group yet.

    • I would argue the conservatives have the bible. Thats why leftists keep inventing new goals like trans and illegals’ rights. Theyre making it up. The exact opposite of the liberal country we have now would be a christian ethics enforced society. People would get fired for promiscuity or being gay, jobs encouraged to NOT hire women so they can have more children and christian morals taught in public schools. It could do some good, even for atheists i think.

      • In other words you want to replace leftist fairy-tales with your religious fairy-tales.

        There is a reason why forbidding state sanctioned religion is the 1st item in the 1st Amendment.

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