The Rule Of Knaves

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It is an axiom of liberal democracy that the best way to distribute anything is through the mechanism of the marketplace. Everything from consumer electronics to pollution credits are subjected to the power of the market, under the belief that this is the best way to determine value. Of course, if everything is subjected to the marketplace it means everything has a price. That means something only has value if that thing can be turned into money in the marketplace.

While it may not seem like it at first, this is a very radical idea. For most of human history it was assumed that the most valuable things were those that could not be purchased at any price. Loyalty, honor, virtue, patriotism are just a few examples of things that have value, but you can’t put a price on them. You cannot put a price in your good name, for example, but you defend your good name, because it has value so dear that it cannot be purchased. It can only be given away.

The implication to this axiom of liberal democracy is that something only has value if you can put a price on it. Taken to its logical conclusion, it means those things that we used to assume you could not put a price on either lose all of their value or they get cheapened so they can be bought like any other item. This is the subtext to the Hunter Biden laptop from Hell. It’s not about the salacious material being dumped on the internet, but about what is says about the political class.

There’s no need to pretend there is a mystery here. Hunter Biden was selling influence and access to foreign players. He was hired into a no-show job by a Ukrainian oligarch so that oligarch could get special treatment from the Obama administration. He cut deals with Chinese Communist Party front men for the same reason. More important, there was nothing all that secret about his dealings. It was well known in Washington that he was trading on the family name. It was expected.

What the Biden story reveals, or maybe underscores, is that in Washington, everything has been for sale for a long time now. Those things that could not be sold to the Chinese or the Saudis or the Israelis simply had no value. This is something the Chinese have understood since Charlie Trie was a bagman for the Clintons. They have been buying up everything Washington has to sell ever since. This post on how the Chinese are buying up America details many of the lesser known deals.

The temptation is to write this off to normal human failings. After all, political corruption is the second oldest profession. That satisfies the need to reduce things to the personal and avoid looking at the larger picture. In this case, Hunter Biden is a degenerate grifter who traded on the family name and his father went along with it. If this were an isolated example, that may even be the right answer, but this is not an isolated case. It is just another example of a long running phenomenon.

For example, when Hillary Clinton was at the State Department, millions of foreign dollars flowed into the Clinton Foundation. No one ever asked about this or thought it was an odd thing. Even after she setup that e-mail server in the family toilet, no one questioned what was happening. It was just how things were done. Note that nothing happened to the Senators who made millions trading on Covid information that was not available to the public. It’s just the way Washington works.

Circling back to the Hunter Biden story, what has been revealed thus far is that the political class did not think it odd for the son of the Vice President to be cutting deals with shady Chinese nationals. That raises the question. Who else has been willing to make a deal with the Chinese? It’s quite obvious that Hollywood sold out to them and Silicon Valley, but what about Washington? If the Chinese will give crack head Biden millions, what will they give someone important?

Again, it is tempting to reduce this to personal corruption, but a guy like Joe Biden was not always this corrupt. He was a blowhard and a braggart, who often made a fool of himself, but he was not a crook. Nancy Pelosi, who is getting implicated in this Hunter Biden scandal, was not a crook. She was an ideological berserker, but not the sort to sell her office for a quick buck. Over the last three decades, even the ideologues have come to believe that everything should have a price, even them.

What is becoming clear is this is beyond personal corruption or even a culture of corruption in the political class. It is a new moral order that has arisen. Since the market decides value, that means everything has a price and those things that cannot be monetized no longer have value. All of those things that are required to make popular government work, like loyalty, honor, virtue, patriotism, have seen their stock collapse and they have no value to the political elite.

Montesquieu argued that the force that made aristocratic government possible was the love of honor. In despotic states, it was fear. In republics it was virtue. Modern theorists argue that morality is the spring of democracy. It may be that the driving force of liberal democracy is the absence of any moral code. The liberal democratic ruling class is one without scruples. The heart of the empire is an open air market where everything is for sale.

The question that naturally follows is how a society can function when it is rooted in perfidious treachery and the rule of knaves. What reason would anyone have in remaining loyal to a system where the people at the top of it are willing to sell your loyalty? Worse yet, they are willing to use their power to crush anyone that questions the propriety of putting everything on the auction block. Rule by knave quickly begins to look like the worst form of despotism.

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250 thoughts on “The Rule Of Knaves

  1. Oh please, every retarded moron in every democracy whines about the ruling class, but who put the ruling class there? Who voted them in?
    It was you, Boobus Americanus or Boobus Europa or Boobus Sapiens. The fact that sub-100 IQ Boobus Americanus, especially the “science” and “high edumacated” white collar monkeys vote for a corrupt racist crook like Biden, tells me all I want to know about “muh libruuul democracy”
    Trump is against “science” shriek the pencil-necked four eyed science cucks. Don’t worry your H1B replacement that bye-done lets in is pro-“science”.

  2. Honor integrity and discipline have guided white men for centuries. Look at the Celts. That’s why the bent nosed moneychangers are so hell bound to destroy it. Chaos and degeneration fits their needs…control and slavery.

      • Chicken and egg?

        Do they all have very similar consistent features (black hair, dark irises, and slanted eye shapes) because they are conformists ? Or did their conformity beget these similarities?

        Either way, doesn’t change the validity of your statement

  3. Zman says, “Climate change was build back better before there was build back better.”

    The Brits were recently making noise about a “New Marshall Plan”. That’s probably straight from the WEF. Not clear if it refers to British build back better or American build back better – where it’s on US taxpayer dime. The UK got a raw deal after the war compared to the rest of Europe, afterall.

  4. For a culture soaked in the subjective relativism of post-modernism, the corollary of your Rule of Knaves price theory is that anyone who isn’t being cozened with bribes and honey pots is essentially worthless. The guy who has no grasp of honor or virtue as objectively valuable human traits is left with the sour taste in his gut that a shitheel like Hunter Biden is more worthwhile than he is in the world’s eyes. That’s one hell of a black pill.

    • I have given them your word, and the world has hated them because they do not belong to the world, just as I do not belong to the world.”

      Also hard to swallow, especially in the materialistic age.

    • That’s the feeling I was starting to feel under Obama, that if you aren’t in politics or connected to the political establishment then you’re worthless.

      And my feelings weren’t unjustified. There was creeping sense the state was becoming supreme.

      My entire sense of Obama was this: “I made it to the presidency, if you can’t? tough shit. I got mine. If you can’t get yours, it’s your problem.”

  5. This is why I have the opinions I have. I’m very anti “honor the troops” and roll my eyes at “the thin blue line.” These are just enforcers of an unholy establishment. An establishment that would sell you out in a heartbeat. George Carlin used the term “the owners of this country.” They used to be smart and want the population happy, but that was decades ago when the threat of global communism loomed large. Today it’s every man woman and child for his or her self. That’s just the way it is, and the country is just a big strip mall of teaming tribes where it all happens. No individual can have honor when honor isn’t valued. It’s for suckers.

    • They still want the population happy. They just have believed their own bullshit about what happy entails, and thus made the population miserable.

      • I’m not sure they care at all about that. If they do, yes, it would be in the narrow confines of living in a cramped, overpriced condo with a cat, using public transportation and spending paychecks on overpriced sashimi.

    • One of the harder things for me is to let go of my respect for the military. Especially since my dad was a Marine and one of the most amazing men I’d ever met was an Admiral. But when my son joined the Navy and I started seeing where this all was going with all of the foreigners in the service, how blacks couldn’t even pass the swim part of basic training, how blacks were dancing on the lawns of the base like they were in the ghetto and no one said anything, that the captain of his destroyer was having sex with another guy (fraternization, but at least he was booted out I believe). And how the generals were kissing Obama’s ass. And how they can’t even win a war anymore. Crashing ships. Women in combat? WTF?

      • They’ll never win another war. Unless it’s against the Netherlands. Eventually the Chinese will make that clear when they take Taiwan in a few years.

        • No argument here

          And if Mattis was the best warrior we had? Yikes ! I wouldn’t follow that guy into a fight with the girl scouts

      • My late father-in-law was a career army officer, jump wings and ranger tab and all. And my husband, like you, had a hard time of letting go of that. But he now says it was all a waste – his father’s entire career, since the country’s been turned over to Han, pajeet, and sub-Saharans. None of the work or risk or sacrifice was worth it. This iteration of America isn’t worth crap.

        • Yep. And my sense of things is that our military members were used and their virtue and patriotism exploited, but every military person I know comes to a similar realization and doesn’t seem the least bit bitter about it, which I find good. Bitterness can eat away at you, and I’d hate to see the millions of decent former and current military embittered.

          What was interesting to me was that with the Iraq War against Hussein, every military family member, including my dad and father in law, were against it. The people pushing for it had never served. Out of respect and trust of my family, I figured they were right and never advocated for the war and in fact began to resent the people like Hannity who kept pushing it. I mention Hannity b/c he is the perfect face for those types of people.

          Turns out my dad was right all along.

  6. Leaving aside (in the Biden case) the issues of drug abuse or pornography: it’s not even clear that Biden (or his son) did anything illegal. I’ll admit I haven’t followed the case closely, nor will I. But the core problem remains: influence is for sale, and it’s hard to even make it a scandal anymore. As someone once said, and it certainly applies to politcal influence: “The real crime is what is legal, not what is illegal.”
    In the broadest sense, the Biden Laptop flapadoodle is no different from business as usual in DC. For instance, the roles of lobbyists and non-profits in DC and elsewhere are rife with opportunity for corruption influence peddling, all of it legal. For instance, there are restrictions on donating money to political entities. But donate a large sum to a favorite “non-profit” and viola! Instant poitical influence (indrect) as well as tax deductible donation! Now, the charities aren’t supposed to directly involve themselves in politics, but no law, so far as I know, prohibits them hiring the son, the daugther-in-law, or the friend from your frat at Yale, of a person you’d like to favor politically. Hell, it doesn’t even have to be a real job. Just make up a title. None dare label any of this bribery. And it isn’t, as long as the letter of the law is met and all the proper forms were filed.
    I’d like to offer another pespective on “priceless” vs. “everything has a price.” Consider the opposite of what Z discussed today: those things that do have material value but are treated by a person in power as though having little value. As we increasingly become authoritarian, decisions are made with tribal favoritism overriding economic or business considerations, if the latter will be considered at all. Of course nepotism, cronyism, etc. are eternal problems, but in today’s America we are increasingly seeing political ideology leading to the firing of the competent because they didn’t check the right boxes and the hiring of the “correct” person for their traits, not necessarily to include ability to do a real job.
    The enterprise, business or government, small or large, will likely deteriorate slowly. But sudden failure cannot be dismissed. Most likely they’ll devolve into a barely-functional zombie of past greatness. But at least human resources and the diversity department will be able to brag that they met their goals!

    • “I’ll admit I haven’t followed the case closely, nor will I.”

      Then how about not commenting on it.

      • I hardly did, but if you noticed, the rest of my post deals very closely with Z’s essay topic today.

    • They have texts and emails where Hunter lays out the apportionment of the loot. 10% for the big guy. Also Joe gets 50% of hunters salary. Apparently Hunter also pay some expenses.

    • I have to admit that, by your logic, ridding the country of treasonous vermin is actually patriotic self-defense rather than illegal. Whew, now my conscious is clear.

  7. Scotlands Robbie Burns wrote of it hundreds of years ago..

    What force or guile could not subdue,
    Thro’ many warlike ages,
    Is wrought now by a coward few,
    For hireling traitor’s wages.
    The English steel we could disdain,
    Secure in valour’s station;
    But English gold has been our bane –
    Such a parcel of rogues in a nation!

    • He was a liar.Henry VIII broke the Scots and let them keep their country if they agreed that he was their overlord. England liberated the Scots from the French during Elizabeth 1’s reign. They literally begged to be incorporated into England- she turned ’em down. Cromwell conquered ’em when they double-crossed the English near the end of the civil war they inititiated. Cromwell gave them back their country.
      The Scots ,again, begged to join the UK after they went bankrupt in a jealous fit trying to compete with the English colonies in the Americas.
      Scots claim they want independence but refuse to leave the union because they reckon they get more money from the English than they could squeeze from the Germans. More English want Scottish independence than the Scots.

      • You are right, Cromwell, about more English than Scots wanting independence for Scotland.
        We English say that if the Scots really, truly wanted independence then they would allow English people to vote on the issue. The Jocks would be gone in a heartbeat.
        Of course, the really funny thing about Nicola Sturgeon and the rest of the Scots wanting independence from Westminster is they are desperate to be ruled by Berlin and their vassal state, the EU in Brussels. Everybody wants independence from one thing but dependence on someone else.

  8. First the good news. Their numbers are quite small. We’re not talking tens of thousands, but at most several thousand that are the core of the disease; the key power brokers and sell-outs. There are over 200,000 highly skilled hunters in Wisconsin alone, and don’t get me started on Texas (no disrespect to the rest of the country). The solution is obvious. Only Jackboots stand in the way, and even that has a solution.

    • So when Bob shows up at your house after a stolen election wearing a MAGA hat and asking you to drop everything, leave your job, family, and mortgage, and join the 1st Wisconsin Militiamen, you’re going along?

      Normie ain’t doing that. Will require far, far more pain to get to that point.

      • No, and I would not expect you or anyone else to do so. I would ask, “What is the plan?” Explain that and I’ll consider your request.

      • I have advised repeatedly that the militia model DOES NOT WORK in this modern era. Do not go there unless you want a one-way express ticket to a detention camp. The vast majority of top hunters hunt alone. Take your Red Herring elsewhere. No sale.

        • What is a free market but millions of individuals making individual decisions?

          A hunter relative explained to me hunting law, that the state wants hunters to take ‘spiked’ deer.

          Deer antlers grow misformed, with a mere spike in place of one antler, due to excessive inbreeding. Herd health is restored when the defectives are removed from the breeding population.

          Somehow, that seems exactly right in our current dilemma.

    • Complete and utter fantasy. The 3%, patriots, 2nd amendment types etc are the most unreliable people there are.
      Even if they weren’t total cowards, they are totally unprepared to fight the cops. They have silly fantasies of shooting at the military doing confiscation round-ups door to door, like something in their tortured fantasies.
      The only thing they have ever even made any noise about is taking the guns while their daughters are turned into mudsharks and catwomen.
      Hunters and the rest of them all keep their rifles safely locked up in safes unloaded. They are completely irrelevant.

      • Intelligence matters (hunters check). Skill matters (hunters check). Stealth matters (hunters check). Motivation matters (when they come for your rifle, motivation check).

        • Motivation matters (when they come for your rifle, motivation check).

          What good are weapons when the only injury sufficient to motivate you to use it is the taking of the weapon?
          The founding fathers fought the revolution for far less than we tolerate on a daily basis. They would spit in our faces and call us cowards and worms. We deserve it.

          • IMHO they fought the revolution because screw parliament, we’ve got a good gig here ruling these places and why the heck should those hacks get a piece of the pie?

      • Maybe but when you look at a Trump rally with, say, 20,000 people in attendance and, say, if only 3% are willing to fight back against the impending “trannytyranny” that is 600 dedicated people in one place. Now multiply that with the number of rallies he held just in the last 4 weeks and you can have a serious opposition that would be very painful to suppress, admittedly painful to both sides.

  9. Their slogan should be “build back cheaper and gayer” That way their children will get the same opportunity when it collapses.

  10. Milo Minderbinder. “Catch-22”, written by Joseph Heller, was a playing out of Eisenhower’s warning about the military-industrial complex. Globoschlomo basically inhabits the things it fears, and everything is for sale. Have your bombers bomb your own side, if it pays the check. The last act is to entirely abandon the joint, in a rowboat to a far shore. The movie is a quick 2 hours.

  11. I worry that this Hunter story has no legs. It’s being circulated in repub circles but Joe Normie has yet to be persuaded of its authenticity. As a conservative myself, the whole thing just seems a little underhanded and is one giant whataboutism. Let’s look at this through the eyes of normie. 

    People remember Biden’s comment in the first debate about his son struggling with drugs and his pride in watching him overcome those issues. People are emotionally affected by stories like that. Then Trump comes along with this muckraking story and I can definitely see how normies will not only overlook it (because MSM won’t cover it, which is often all normie needs to see in order to trust a story) but will view it with disdain and frankly disgust. “Why are you dredging up this man’s son’s problems? What do his problems have to do with his father’s presidential bid or his ability to lead? Weren’t YOU also embroiled in a scandal regarding a certain prostitute while married to your PREGNANT WIFE?” I’m telling you guys, this story is almost nonexistent outside of Qanon, pol and some chintzy pro-Trump conservative sites. It just isn’t resonating with people. 

    • As bad a Joe is, I think it is hard for Americans to accept that the guy they have “known” for decades is a traitor.

      It’s even hard for me to accept that he is, for all intents and purposes, a Chinese asset

      That said, it is NOT hard for me to accept that Hunter is. There is no mental gymnastics needed for that.

      But then it make no sense that if the son is, that the father is innocent. That doesn’t compute.

      So there is some conflict going on here. But once that connection is made, that father is like son or son is like father, there is no turning back. It can’t be “unseen.” It was probably p too Trump to sell that, but he didn’t. Maybe he knows, as a salesman, it just won’t sell. Or maybe he, like many of us, doesn’t believe it himself? Or refuses to believe it?

    • As a conservative myself, the whole thing just seems a little underhanded and is one giant whataboutism.

      Let’s say you’re the Vice President of the United States and you have a crackhead son who saves photos of himself screwing hookers. OK, it’s not necessarily on you that your son is a fuck up.
      But now let’s say that your crackhead son who probably couldn’t hold down a job as fry cook at McDonalds is paid millions of dollars by foreign interests. Why do you think they chose your son?

      • Because they understand that a Reality TV show about the crackhead son of an American Vice President will get incredible ratings and bring laughter to the Han people.
        C’mon, man!

    • MSM doesn’t carry the story (Hunter Biden) much, and when it does they downplay. That’s to be expected. However, every organ of “news” I tend to listen to does play it up. Radio of course, Youtube, this blog, etc. You perceive possible backlash from Joe Normie coupled with incredulity. Perhaps. And of course, the Dem’s have wrote this off long ago.

      My reading of the importance of the Hunter story is to demonize the opposition ever more in order to drive the “Trump voters” to the polls in record numbers—not to convert anyone from Biden to Trump. It’s a “turnout” thing, not a “conversion” thing.

      Most outreach efforts I’ve received have been less of “vote for this or that Rep candidate”, but solicitations to “get your vote in”—and get it in *today*. Literally asking first if I *would* like an absentee ballot. Then reminding me to send it in *early*. Then telling me I can physically deliver it to one of a dozen drop boxes in town. Followed a short time later with calls asking if I was going to the polling place to vote, and what they could do to help me in that.

      Gawd I wish it was Nov 4.

    • It’s not “whataboutism” at all. It’s about a dipshiite son of a vp who knows nothing about energy getting paid 2 mill a year by Ukraine for a do nothing job in a Ukrainian energy company. It’s about dumb old Joe bragging that he got the prosecutor looking into the issue fired. It’s about Trump being impeached for trying to bring this to light. Kinky sex and drugs and adultery don’t resonate any more thanks to Bill Clinton but abuse of family privilege does

    • Nick Fuentes credited Michelle Malkin for pointing out Hunter in 2011.
      What is amazing the the wide range of boards of directors and consultancies he was involved in.

      That they are all doing this, and have done so for decades. The depth and breadth of institutionalized corruption is beyond astonishment.

  12. I think Joe Biden and Nancy Pelosi were ALWAYS crooks. These are the type of people attracted to politics.

    • Small time crooks

      If they were meant to be civilization-selling crooks, they wouldn’t be showing the signs of people broken morally and spiritually

  13. The elite have given us draft dodgers, bone spur victims, computer nerds who become multi billionaires, bug eyed creeps that own the Washington Post, and a army of feminists and homosexuals that follow the elite around and play in the power games.
    Of course we also got a good dose of the affinity network of the usual suspects all mixed into the stew, along with the Chinese Communist Party, now a wing of the Democratic Party.

    And we realize everyone is bought? Or at least the majority of everyone?
    We in the dissident movement have seen this for some time. Now the reality is beginning to reach the normies.

    • Actually the CCP is now a wing of both establishment parties. We should not be so hard on just the democrats.

  14. Remember how there was a moral imperative behind abortion — the morality being, a good and responsible parent dare not bring a soul into this world without making at least $50,000 a year? That’s a simplification to make a point. The point being, that there was a morality behind it, or perhaps an ethics or civic virtue, that financial responsibility must precede parenthood.

    Regardless of one’s position on that point, in time that was hardly the point. What drives the issue now is simply millions of not billions of dollars raked in from the sale of baby parts. Greed drives it now. Insatiable greed. Be it direct payments to the people on the front lines of the industry or the massive donations to politicians.

    As to Zman’s overarching point, I don’t think our elites can remain mentally intact and stable when in public they are on their high horse yammering about human dignity and rights and justice while in their off-screen moments they’re active in the baby parts trade. Something internally has to snap or break. A person cannot be of those two minds without some serious repercussions to his mental state and soul.

    That all said, best movie of all time is The Wizard of Oz.

  15. Loyalty, honor, virtue, patriotism are just a few examples of things that have value, but you can’t put a price on them. You cannot put a price in your good name, for example, but you defend your good name, because it has value so dear that it cannot be purchased.

    Oh, dear. Actually, those things very much have an economic value, and we have all kinds of civil and legal procedures to affix a price to them. It’s why we have libel laws, and civil judgements awarding damages to your good name. We even used to have criminal statutes covering things like “alienation of affections”. In fact, in the event of your wrongful death, your lawyer and the insurance company have a formula for calculating what your very life is worth in terms of economic value.

    Realistically, it’s hard to see how society and our legal system could function if we couldn’t put prices on intangibles, if for no other reason than we need to calculate compensation when they’re damaged.

    I know we all hate the libertarians, and for good reason. But on this point, they aren’t wrong. Cold and cynical as it may sound, if a thing has a value, then by necessity it also has a price.

    • Very good point, but it all also results in bizarre distortions, which begets an extreme sense of entitlement.

      Say Levontavius Brown loses his hand while on the construction job site (suspend your disbelief for a moment). He sues. Judge says the employer owes him $50 million.

      “Dayum” thinks his girlfriend. “Sheet. That some REAL money.”

      Now everyone in the hood acts like they are worth literally $50 million. And when they don’t get it?

      Reparations of some $10 trillion for all blacks.

      • I don’t even oppose reparations for blacks, at least not in principle. The problem is, it will never end. Any black kid born the day after will want his gibs. And the rim and jewlery companies will become reliant on the income and lobby life-long reparations.

        As it is, we have had reparations for at least 50 years. Whites are the only net tax payers. Fifty plus years of gibs has produced dysfunction and calls for even more gibs. This was just in direct payments. How much is the loss of places like Baltimore, Detroit, Camden etc etc etc?

        A one time payment that permanently closes the gibs and gives us control back of our cities would be a gift from God himself. They could use the reparation money to buy up the suburbs.

        • Tarstarkas, all points well taken. There is however in my mind, one point that overrides your practicality. The payment of reparations implicitly admits that the descendants of slavery and the Jim Crow era (all now eliminated for generations) are in some way, legitimate victims, and further that monetary reparations will compensate/repair the damage.

          The above would seem to fly in the face of HBD science and therefore does not address the root of the problem, which in essence is diversity itself. All men are not equal, equal men are not free.

          • Well, I agree. Blacks might be worse off it you only look at the negatives for them. But on net, they are WAY better than they would otherwise be.

            To be honest, I wasn’t looking at it from that point of view. I was looking at it more as a payment for white guilt that would make it go away and allow us to reassert control. A one time payment, if it were “one and done” would be money well spent. Of course, it will never be “one and done” and so it’s a moot point.

            It really is amazing to look at places like Baltimore or Detroit and other places like that in America that went from world class cities to third world hellholes in period of 10-20 years depending on the place. In that respect, nuclear bombs were less destructive. By the 60s Hiroshima and Nagasaki were rebuilt. Meanwhile the cities that helped build those bombs are still in ruins.

          • I look at our Americanized Africans as the fattest, most spoiled Africans that ever were, are, or ever will be again after this abomination of a multicultural empire becomes an historical footnote. No one else on this Earth including ANY of their own kind, would have died to free them, then let them stay and dyscivilize the place (the French have started calling the process ensauvagement), or tried to help them as we have. No one else will, ever again.

            They have burned their bridges with pretty much everyone but dwindling stupid white leftists. I think that if Trump wins the coming election, it will be because of crossover vote from all the non-African minorities who are displeased with both white leftist tolerance of African misbehavior and white leftist emulation of it.

            These people overwhelmingly vote for their own tribal, national, and racial interests. The white leftists running the Dem party have at least a portion of them reconsidering which party might better serve those interests in the short term. It will be interesting to see.

          • …and perhaps the saddest thing, whether to the starry-eyed Egalitarian when she finally swallows that red pill, or even the jaded race realist who still feels some compassion for the worse-off: there is only so much that can be done to help the Blacks improve their status, and most of what can be done may already have been done.
            While my above comment is clearly “racist,” may I note that the analysis can be applied to intractible problems far beyond America’s black underclass.

          • I don’t see how “Reparations for Slavery” could possibly be legally justified. We aren’t allowed to punish descendants of a criminal for an ancestor’s crime. I would think it equivalent that you couldn’t arbitrarily reward descendants of a victim for wrongs suffered. If such were ever passed, just imagine the precedent it would set. Anyone, no matter how far back in the past, who had a plausible case of victimization in his family tree could demand compensation. All that being said, it is still entirely possible, indeed likely, that a future (socialist) government would pass out the gibs, because catering to the favored group, you know.

          • I don’t recognize the victims or the perpetrators. In civil court you sue the actual perpetrators not the ethnic or tribal group they come from. Well at least it used to be that way.
            If we are to play that game then we need to sue for trillions in damages from the blacks.

          • I’m afraid Bilejones is right. I need new principles! 🙂

            Good luck collecting that lawsuit. Gold teef and rims.

            I was watching a G-man podcast the other day and he mentioned something called Afrofuturism. This conversations reminds me of this:

            It’s a collection of Afrofuturism shorts. This is unintentionally hilarious. Especially the third story.

        • I agree that some compensation to them is warranted. I agree in principle. Only insofar that if “equality” is what a country lives and dies by, it cannot be a hypocrite to such a grand extent.

          But we have paid them back through welfare, AA, cutting them slack, trying to hold them to a different set of standards that makes more natural sense to them and comports with their natural tendencies and so forth.

          Debt’s been paid

          • The debt was paid, but not by those who brought them at 10 times the price of an Irishman- because all the Irish slaves had died clearing the land. LeRoy just picked the cotton.

          • Liberian Beef Industry Council slogan (proposed): “Immigrants. It’s what’s for dinner.” 😐

    • and let me add too. You are a bit mistaken on your larger point. I know of many instances where a person was wronged and all he wants is an apology. Strangest thing is that many defendants would rather settle for a few million than issue a simple apology. Tells me that that apology is worth something. In fact, more than they are willing to spend.

      What does that say? It says that their honor is not for sale, or that it the person harmed isn’t worth their honor.

      • Good deductive reasoning. I would also add, in my understanding of a “true” apology—something rarely seen today with our political/business class—monetary damages, or “making things physically right”, would be naturally forthcoming and would not be a product of a court decision.

    • Actually, governments used the rule of law to impose an imperfect price construct on intangibles like personal honor to enforce their monopoly on violence. Prior to this legal fiction, men were all to conscious that private vengeance was the only exacting way to redress the damage to one’s honor. Most people are glad that this burden on civilization has been mitigated; so they accept the law’s ersatz substitution of a bloodless price as the measure of honor or loyalty’s worth.

      • Yes. Pretty sure America never had it, but before trial by judge or jury there was trial by battle. Just like on Game of Thrones, you or your hired man literally fought to the death with the opponent. I guess a lingering vestige of that was the concept of the Duel, but I don’t think you got the option to decline in Trial by Battle. There are good things to be said for our current justice system, imperfect though it may be.

  16. The linked article about the Chinese buying up important parts of the American economy is interesting. But haven’t we had this problem for much longer in the form of Jews who openly confess to being Israel firsters?

    Sheldon Adelson and Haim Saban come to mind. But they are just two examples of many.

    • Of course, in a healthy society, Las Vegas casinos and insipid children’s television would not be considered important parts of the economy. That Adelson and Saban were able to make that kind of money in those industries is a sign as to how sick and rotten our society already was when they started.

        • How many people know about BCCI, GS, JPM, CITI, HBSC, and their myriad convictions? They’re too busy trying to keep their heads above water. They just want a living wage and a reasonable commute.

    • Speculation: Jews are traditionally the people without a country to call their own. I’m aware that Israel has existed since 1948 yet this doesn’t change my argument. A large percentage of Jews have and will continue to remain in their Host Country (e.g. USA) for various reasons. Not the least of these would be, if they’re rich, they probably own large chunks of America, just as does any wealthy American. So yes, the USA’s Jews may feel an allegiance to Israel to varying degrees, even hold dual citizenship, but if they are rich they aren’t stupid. Whatever its strengths, Israel the country has never had a reputation, so far as I know, as an international tax haven or money hub on par with New York, London, Hong Kong, etc. To this day, I’d bet, the world’s affluent small hatters stash more money in Zurich than Jerusalem, even if the former accepted gold bars with an inexplicably high mercury content, from various dodgy depositors during WW II.

  17. As Lewis pointed out: “We make men without chests and expect of them virtue and enterprise. We laugh at honour and are shocked to find traitors in our midst. We castrate and bid the geldings be fruitful.”

    We’re approaching the end result of materialism. With everything having a price, pretty soon people themselves will have a price (again). A return to the Servile State, but somehow even worse.

  18. One consequence of globalization has been the transfer of trillions of USD to China as payment for Chinese made goods. So what do they do with it? Some gets invested in US T Bills, some gets used to buy real estate in lucrative urban markets (SF, LA, NYC, Seattle, London, Vancouver), some is used to buy resources from the ME and Africa, and some buys influence in corruptible regimes. The irony here is that the Chinese bought politicians in America with their own money. The libertarians who advocate for globalism can now be denounced as traitors, selling their fellow countrymen for filthy lucre. Sortez la guillotine!

  19. Alternatively, the elites think they are selling access and influence, rather than their honor and virtue and patriotism.
    Buying and selling access and influence have a very long tradition in American governing. Indeed, they arguably enshrined in the constitution itself. Doing so is an inescapable aspect of the America political system. So it’s not much of a stretch for these people to extend that Vertically to foreigners and also horizontally to family members and the bureaucracy.

    It’s been a long standing thesis of mine that republican empires morph into autocracies because the evolved structures and norms that supported republican government become obsolete with empire. American political corruption could be one such norm. It’s one thing for a local wealthy or business interest to finance a politician to represent their interests in DC. It’s another thing entirely for a hostile foreign power to do so.

    • Is this why they hate us? Hatred being the only natural response to their guilty conscience? Our faces are constant reminders of who they were, how they were innocents before selling themselves out. Now they have a form of syphilis of the soul that has made them insane.

  20. Another question arises. Who would now want to join the military and sacrifice his life for such a system?

    • I have wondered if that isn’t part of the PTSD that some servicemen come back with. I think most of the ones that join up don’t realize they’re supporting something evil until they get there and realize that they’re fighting on the wrong side

    • Kids that don’t see much of a job future, want food, a roof, and figure the experience might help them land a job when they’re out. American dream is dead for them.
      But there are a few patriots. They have Trump signs on their trucks and risk getting beat up for it.

    • That’s an interesting point. I’m at 22+ years in the Navy, and I can’t honestly say that I’d recommend it to my kids. My year in Iraq was a big eye-opener: I realized soon after I got in theater that my det was there b/c it was easier to send military members to Iraq than it was to change the peacetime-tailored contracting and fuel accounting administrative regulations. Now having worked in the Pentagon for several years, I’m inclined to think Smedley Butler’s “War is a Racket” was spot-on. Notice that among an organization that fosters a Pantheon of decorated generals, no one in USMC ever mentioned two-time MoH winner Smedley Butler. Notice how many retired flag officers move on to defense contractor jobs. Notice how we defend a $733B DoD top-line as needed for “great power competition” but allow a situation where a majority of needed antibiotics come from the great power competitor. One might suggest that it’s a not-entirely serious exercise. But it’s a lucrative one.

  21. Who else has been willing to make a deal with the Chinese?

    I’d say it should be obvious the MSM is in the Chicom tank.

    What reason would anyone have in remaining loyal to a system where the people at the top of it are willing to sell your loyalty?

    There is none.

    As Brad Pitt’s character says at the end of the film Killing Them Softly, “America is a business. That’s all it is.”

  22. Far be it for me defend the integrity of member of the Senate, but that story was overblown. Out of the four, the only one who did anything questionable was Richard Burr. Ron Johnson sold shares of a small company he had been planning on selling for months. Feinstein sold a small amount of stock in a company that didn’t take much of a hit and Loeffler has almost no input into how her investments are managed. She should have had it in a blind trust for appearances sake, but there was no evidence she instructed her brokerage to make the trades.

    • Your statement rings true, though probably because when it comes to graft, clever stock market trades are not a great vehicle for large amounts of guaranteed cash (I mean, unless you’re Hillary Clinton and someone sells you some stock options to their own stock at a set strike price).

  23. This is again reminiscent of late republican Rome. Where the entire senatorial class was engaged in one grift after another, frequently involving bribes from foreigners for influence.

  24. The explicit nature of this may be a new thing, but it was always implicit in the American religion of the worship of the immigrant. Russia or China or other real countries are great because of the mystic cord that connects the people who live there to the people who lived there hundreds and sometimes thousands of years before. America is great (Make America Great Again!) because you can come here and earn more money, provide for your family, start your own business, etc. Those are all good things, but they are bread alone. Hopefully the people at Trump rallies talking about socialism vs. capitalism know this is a different kind of fight, but are using the old language to veil that (the dread dog whistle), in the same way that people like Ocasio-Cortez say, “Economic and social justice” and they mean slit white people’s throats and knock over their statues.

    • The explicit nature of this may be a new thing, but it was always implicit in the American religion of the worship of the immigrant.

      Yes. This was always going to be an easy sell to Normie. The US is simply too easy to present as a country of immigrants; and that’s all you need to tell people. Never mind that some immigrants built more than others.

      That said, it remains to be seen how England’s almost entirely white 1000 year history will save her… But people here know that to call us a land of immigrants (which really is code for ‘black and browns have always been here’) is a bit silly.

      • But the reality is that blacks (Africans), browns (Spanish mestizos) and reds (so-called Indians) have always been present in the historical American project that became the United States. It’s just that America has always been like a high-stakes poker table, piled with natural resources, and open to anyone with the ante. The whites (Europeans) came, played better and the others lost their stakes. Envy has driven them to claw it back and keep a seat at the table; but ultimately that’s not in the cards.

  25. Welp – it’s obvious you can’t run a country like this. Hell – you can’t run a party run like that. Stick a fork in the Donks- they’re done like dinner. Every single point you made about the rule of knaves is true – but you left out the most important point: they eventually self correct. Eventually they are removed, or they remove themselves.
    To ensure a proper cleansing of the political class conscience, though – that would require real punishment for the perps as a warning to the others. It’s coming, eventually. There is no other option… and Leftie knows it.

  26. “At the devil’s booth are all things sold. Each ounce of dross costs its ounce of gold.” ― James Russell Lowell, The Vision of Sir Launfal.

  27. The critical questions are:

    1. Who took the video?
    2. Who had it and was using it as blackmail?
    3. Who else is being blackmailed?

    Any discussion of Hunter Biden (as with Epstein-Maxwell) without addressing the question of blackmail, and the obvious threat to any conceivable notion of national security, is either distraction or calculated omission.

    • At this point in time I’m not sure what the point of blackmail would be, there doesn’t seem to be any price paid no matter what these people do.

  28. Society can’t function in an open air market rooted in perfidious treachery ruled by knaves. Thus, the falling apart as we’re seeing in real time. Trump is seemingly the only person in that swampish hellhole (or anywhere slimy politicians thrive) who isn’t on the take and actually has the best interests of the country and people at heart – for the most part. I’ve lost any loyalty to this dog dump of a land mass. The only way it’s coming back is to see a bunch of these traitorous, seditious scabs incarcerated (at worst) or dealt with more forcefully, shall we say (at best).

  29. The moon belongs to everyone
    The best things in life are free
    The stars belong to everyone
    They gleam there for you and for me

    The flowers in spring, the robins that sing
    The moonbeams that shine
    They’re yours, they’re mine

    And love can come to everyone
    The best things in life are free

    And love can come to everyone
    The best things in life are free

  30. Sometimes the United States ruling class seems to be engaged more in a fire sale than participating in a corrupt marketplace. The attitude seems to be get yours while the gettin’s good. The amorality is bloodless.

    As for Charlie Trie, that sort of was the marker. Bush I began the betrayal of the United States on the altar of globalism. It is easy to forget, but the Clinton Administration did a 180 between its first and second terms. The first was hostile to offshoring, mass migration and foreign intervention. The second was full-scale globalism with the attendant deindustrialization, mass migration, and endless imperial wars. Trie emerged in the presidential campaign of 1996 and fully aligned with the Democrats. Establishment Republicans took their cuts too, of course, but were junior partners. Everything has gotten progressively worse. Federal regulators and law enforcement have become indistinguishable from the company thugs who beat back worker strikes and unions before the first World War, only the paymasters are the government kleptocrats who sign their paychecks.

    The estrangement between the American people and the United States government has become total and irreversible. Regardless of how the election shakes out next week, this only will intensify and those engaged in the really lucrative looting have the most to lose.

  31. “It is better to entrust the government to one than to many” Thomas Hobbes
    the more politicians(with executive power) a country has the higher the chance they’ll sell their people to israelites & other similar figures(universal truth)

    • I think that this is one of the most important points for any society to consider. Unfortunately, along with blank-slatism and other fads, the concept of democracy is embedded in the populace. I recall an instance where I was talking about the benefits of ‘single person rule’, and was immediately taken to task for not respecting what ‘democracy had done’. Oh, I respect it alright… It has wrought hell.

      I think that chapter 5 or 6 of Hayek’s Road to Serfdom has the best explanation of the problem of agreement between various parties. The idea being that people can endlessly argue the finer points of legislation making the whole process terribly slow. This is also what I see in large corporations, who are not known to be quick on their feet.

      Back to the Hobbes quote, it is interesting to note that even democratic systems can effectively act like ‘a party of one’. In the UK, this is the case with Brexit – I would wager that at least 80% or MPs have sympathies to the EU and this is even before we consider the money. In short, a large number of people just begin to act like one person. You no doubt have the same problem in the US.

      the more politicians(with executive power) a country has the higher the chance they’ll sell their people to israelites

      This is doubly true when Jewish identity, problems and history has been grafted onto the host’s being. Take, for example, how passionately many a non-Jewish mainstream pundit denounce anti-semitism – as if you have harmed their own children. This is part of the show of course, but I have seen this response from gentiles in private circles many times.

      • politicians have sympathies to their sugar daddies, apparently 80% of uk politicians are traitors, the definition of democracy is turning your country into a whore for foreigners to buy and s**t on, excuse my language.
        democracy with a white minority will be even worse

        • Only 80%? Do you want to know what legislation has recently received uniform bi-partisan support in the US Congress? 1: Condemning “Q” and 2: Giving Israel veto power over US arms sales to countries they don’t like.

    • But the many are merely a collection of “one”s. Functionally, there is no difference.

      • why would an absolute monarch sale his country? what does he gain from it?

        what can chinese offer him? huaweis and silk?
        what can some saudis offer him? instagram whores?
        why can’t israelites buy putin off?

        why would masons bother getting rid of kings if they were just as trashy as biden?

        • War debt to the same people bankrolling his enemies. Perpetual war and revolution are good for business. Can’t have peace and stability or the financial system would collapse. Near the end it’s obvious that’s what capitalism amounts to.

          • The Romanian also said everybody had enough, Romania/Hungarian Transylvania is rich, until C was forced to accept the loan.

            The Byelorussian said the same.
            Belarus was offered a large IMF loan to impose lockdowns.
            Belarus said, NYET, and presto they got a color revolution.

            Others from communist countries say they miss the low crime, the heritage and traditions, the families, that everyone had a job and place to live.
            They didn’t have much, but they always had enough.

            What struck me, though, was the near tears in his eyes, when he stopped his car in the Caucasus, inhaled deeply of the air, laid on the ground, and thought, “Home. This land, is my home.”

          • I’d be happy with re-regulation and periodic debt forgiveness. Just enough to keep the money men disciplined.

            Let the rich keep their mammon as long as they respect our liberty.

  32. I know I’m gonna sound like my old 1970s commie self here, but I’d have difficulty voting for a Senatorial candidate whose husband was the Chairman of the NY Stock Exchange, or whatever he is. It supports your point that the GA Republican party didn’t say errr… no, you can’t run, it looks a bit dodgy.
    Maybe Loeffler is our (to the extent I still consider myself a Republican) Ilhan Omar.

    • My brother, who lives in Georgia, made the same observation to me yesterday. Loeffler has no qualifications and the stink of inherited money is off-putting at best. Yet the Ga GOP elevated her to high office for no other qualification other than access to money and perhaps that she looks good on tv. Bizarre.

      • She and her husband both are transnational financialists who gave money to Romney. She is a globalist traitor.

        • Other than at the local level giving money to politicians strikes me as masochism. There are charities that do good work that could use the money and you’ll never be outspent by the donor class.

    • Honest Conservatives don’t want money men running the country either, Its one of the few things the Reds got right.

      • I like a doctor analogy. Dr’s have two primary functions: diagnosis (what is wrong) and prescription (treatment plan to fix what is wrong). Genuine right, as opposed to money-first establishment cuckservative, has a significant overlap with the left in diagnosis. It is in prescription where the left goes off the deep end. Their prescriptions fail every single time.

        • As I’ve noted before, Communist are very good at diagnosis but the only treatment they know is bleeding.

  33. I think its an important point, in that the typical “ideological berzerkers” are selling out on all sides right now. Anyone remember Dan Rostenkowski and the Post Office Scandal or the House Banking Scandal of the 80’s and 90’s? This was equivalent to stealing from the petty cash drawer, but you would never find these folks doing anything that would actually impact the nation’s national security.
    Due to the global economy and America’s central place in it, there is no other way to get rich in DC, aside from selling out the country or acting as a clerk in wrapping it up for your customers.

    • Rostenkowski, at the very worst in the modern age, would be forbidden from engaging in foreign lobbying for six months, retroactive to the date he was busted. What a quaint memory, thanks.

      • Indeed. When viewed in the context of present day Banksterism (where fines are paid with fiat money and nobody goes to jail for bribery, fraud, or money laundering) Rostenkowski is practically a model of probity.

    • Anyone remember Dan Rostenkowski

      A curio – I was dining with a friend at Gene & Georgetti the day Rostenkowski was released from prison. Rosti and three others sat at a table by us, it was only the five of us in the restaurant plus staff, formally closed. My friend represented the owner. Outrageous amounts of the best food and booze flowed and I heard candid talk seldom heard since. That was the day I learned how shite actually works in America, and how our history was manufactured.

    • but you would never find these folks doing anything that would actually impact the nation’s national security.

      Underlying all of the insanity of elites is high level Hubris. The idea that America is supreme and nothing will undermine or even challenge that supremacy. They don’t see themselves “selling out” to China or anywhere else. Instead they see themselves conning those rubes out of a few shekels.

      Biden inadvertently revealed that attitude months ago when he was asked about the threat from China and responded “China?, come on man, China ain’t a threat to the US.”

      •  The idea that America is supreme and nothing will undermine or even challenge that supremacy.

        For all the wrong reasons, it is going to be absolutely hilarious watching the diversity go up against China or Russia.

        Hell, I bet the diversity would struggle with Turkey in an actual stand-up fight.

    • Big Dan got shafted for having dipped into the cookie jar but that does not mean that everything got accounted for. We know that most people do negotiate down their indictment and skate away from the rest. I am not saying that Rosti had other issues, I do not know but I do not believe either that only big time urban pharmaceutical distributors get to plea down to a simple “non-violent possession” charge.

  34. Nihilism. When there is no check on our behavior, hedonism, greed, and selfishness is sure to follow. If there is no God to answer to, no higher authority, no shame, non-judgementalism, then morality is self defined, which means, anything goes. The mentality of a person who would pull it out and start working it in public! Patriotism, loyalty, selflessness, virtue, pride. What’s the point? Life is short, live it up, for tomorrow we die.

    • also speaks to the lack of desire to continue one’s family tree

      That to me is something I just can’t get my head around. How can anyone not want his family name or his own DNA or blood to pass on, ideally into perpetuity? Once you mentally and spiritually make a break from that, who knows what happens to the person. I can’t see how Mother Nature would take kindly to it. In fact my belief is that nature turns the person psychotic so they become so undesirable for mating purposes that life can rid itself of these strange defects. Cull the herd. We can’t have that death-lust gene circulating in the gene pool, says Mother Nature in her most imperial tone.

      • From one point of view, life’s sole purpose is to reproduce itself. Dawkins The Selfish Gene and I’m sure other books make this case very well. Evolution says, indeed that bad genes that do not favor survival tend to disappear. It’s also fair to call civilization a rebellion against Nature. Every time that we provide extra care for a person who suffers from a chronic, especially congenital, disease, we are being dysgenic (techncially, only if that individual breeds and passes on presumably inferior genes.) The argument is similar for other bad behaviors, even if there is not a clear genetic link.
        If I may be droll: Clearly, the trait of not having any descendants is the one most readily passed on to future generations.

          • True, but it does seem that the wisdom that comes with age does in fact benefit those of breeding age — completing the cycle

        • Yes, but then why would Nature instill in us a “caring gene” for lack of a better term if it were evolutionarily disadvantageous? One of those paradoxes….

          • Yes, but then why would Nature instill in us a “caring gene” for lack of a better term if it were evolutionarily disadvantageous?

            See my reply above here; John B Calhoun seemed to think that caring was LEARNED behavior, not inherited behavior.

        • Evolution says, indeed that bad genes that do not favor survival tend to disappear. It’s also fair to call civilization a rebellion against Nature.

          John B. Calhoun doesn’t say this in so many words, but it’s difficult to read Death Squared and not come to the conclusion that Calhoun felt mammalian nurture – and even mammalian copulation – to be LEARNED behaviors, not inherited behaviors:

          …Turning back to the end of Phase C, the seeds for eventual destruction may already be seen to have been sown. By midway in Phase C essentially all young were prematurely rejected by their mothers. They started independent life without having developed adequate affective bonds. Then as they moved out into an already dense population many attempts to engage in social interaction were mechanically disrupted by passage of other mice. Lastly, I have shown (Calhoun 1963) that in proportion to the extent that the group size exceeds the optimum, maximizing gratification from such interactions necessitates a decrease in the intensity and duration of such behaviours. This fragments otherwise more complex behaviours. As a result of these three processes (failure to develop early social bonding, mechanical interference with developing social behaviours and fragmentation of behaviours) maturation of the more complex social behaviours such as those involved in courtship, maternality and aggression failed…
          Male counterparts to these non-reproducing females we soon dubbed the ‘beautiful ones’. They never engaged in sexual approaches toward females, and they never engaged in fighting, and so they had no wound or scar tissue. Thus their pelage remained in excellent condition. Their behavioural repertoire became largely confined to eating, drinking, sleeping and grooming, none of which carried any social implications beyond that represented by contiguity of bodies…
          At this time only the ‘beautiful one’ category of males, and their counterpart females, remained at an age normally compatible with reproduction, but they had long since failed to develop this capacity…

          Point being that if Calhoun was correct [and if my interpretation of Calhoun is correct], meaning if human copulation & nurture are LEARNED behaviors [rather than inherited behaviors], then civilization is NECESSARY for the preservation of Nature, i.e. the rebellion against Nature would be on the part of (((those))) who sought to destroy civilization [a necessary precursor to Nature].


          • I suppose the Nature -over- Nurture interpretation of Calhoun’s work would go something like the following: At peak population density, only the most ruthlessly psychopathic of the rodent males & the most hopelessly narcissistic of the rodent females were able to fight through the masses in order to partake of sexual congress, but after several generations of selecting for those traits, the surviving rodents were so psychopathically narcissistic & narcissistically psychopathic that they couldn’t even be bothered to think naughtly little rodent thoughts about initiating copulation.

            In that interpretation, to the extent that “Civilization” was necessary to produce a hopelessly high density of population, it would indeed be Civilization which destroyed Nature.

      • So, all those thousands of men and women who chose celibacy instead of family to be of greater service to a wider community (the Church refers to them as saints and holds them up as worthy of emulation) were actually unnatural defectives? Western Civilization begs to differ. When you want to promote the positive good of increasing the TFR, why must you resort to negative generalities? Instead of trying to shame those who have decided against biological parenthood, why not talk up the joys of children and family life. As my mother used to say, “You catch more flies with honey than with vinegar.”

        • I get your point. My “answer” is that within any segment of the population are people who, in being celibate, provide a value to those around them. My uncle, for example, who never had kids, is an extra good uncle perhaps because of it. He has treated me as a son, which was a great benefit to me and gave me a different adult view of things my dad never could.

          I think there are people who know deep down that they shouldn’t have kids. For whatever reason. If they are comfortable with it, I presume it’s because it’s meant to be.

          That said, in the majority of cases it’s not meant to be. People force it upon themselves artificially, and that’s where the problems arise when people are fighting their call in life.

      • I’ll. Be one of those… Breaks my heart… I. Would love to be the father of 12 white Catholics, but the world is set up against that , thanks to no-fault divorce! Thanks protestants!

        • So much of the angst people have I think traces to a simple lack of comfort in the world around them. They feel naked and alone in a cold cruel world. And when you have a big family, be it immediate or extended, you experience a calmness and groundedness (I am sounding like Updike with these “ness” suffixes) that, no matter what happens, you still feel that people are looking out for you and that makes life so much easier to deal with.

          Out here in Los Angeles with so many people without family around, there is a stark contrast between those who grew up here and have family around versus those who don’t.

          • Family becomes more important especially as “diversity” increases. In an all white society of individualists you might get away with it but we are in an increasingly tribal world.

            White trash (i use the term loosely) always have a team to play for. It’s the atomized bugman who is all on his own. I always know I can go home, and my dad brothers uncles are always on my side.

            That’s why I plan to have a big family.

    • Nihilism is not required. Whether or not a God exists is a matter of personal faith. As I understand it, Hume and others showed that morality cannot be derived from nature. Or, you can’t derive an “ought” from an “is.” Ultimately, all morality is a human invention. For example, many of us would probably agree that poor people popping out babies they can’t support is generally a bad thing for society. But consider that Nature only “cares” about reproducing the species. Whether the new creature will grow up in apalling poverty or in a stable middle-class home are irrelevant; indeed, they are totally out of Nature’s control and entirely within the sphere of human values.
      By definition the moral system must be arbitrary, but that doesn’t mean it’s impossible to declare a standard, a point of reference. Even if morality is arbitrary, that doesn’t make it useless. The secular can still subscribe to many widely held moral beliefs. Stealing, killing, injuring, coveting my neighbor’s wife (or my neighbor!!!) and so on are things I strive to avoid, because if I do such things it will bring evil on my neighbor, just as I would suffer if he did those to me.

      • Whether or not a God exists is a matter of personal faith.

        Not really.The existence or not of God (however defined) is an absolute.What is a personal matter is whether to believe or not.

      • Right, nihilism is not required. A population of people can decide to live together and share a set of values, agree on first principals, and even decide that some things are sacred. It’s when others, who do not share those beliefs invade that population, that trouble and conflict begins. Sacred values confirm a willingness on the part of a group of people to share beliefs, even when such beliefs are unprovable. It is called civilization, and that population can grow and thrive if they are willing to support one another and to protect it.

      • “””Religious neutrality is an impossibility. No one can serve two masters. Either he will hate the one and love the other, or he will be subject to the one and despise the other. That is God’s word and therefore an article of faith… There are no neutral governments, no neutral schools, no neutral press, no neutral clubs, no neutral families … This applies to the life of nations. Periods of neutrality are periods of transition, of groping indecision. They are times of twilight between day and night. After the time of neutrality comes the time of service of one master, in which either Christ or Satan will be king. After the liberal twilight comes either the Russian night of persecution or the new Sun-Day of the Kingdom of Christ.”
        — Fr. Robert Mader, Cross and Crown

  35. It is becoming increasingly clear why Q-anon is so hated by the elite.

    “The Ticket” is not only offered, it is enforced.

    I just hope we can find our way back.

    • Q is hated because it’s believed, not because it’s believable. Q’s predictions have been wrong so frequently that, frankly, you’d have to be pretty dense to continue believing them. Elites hate Q because citizens now have articulated reasons to dismiss the (moral) authority of the government.

      • The media’s obsession with Q is bizarrely intriguing to me. My initial reaction to Q was that it was fabulist troll, latched onto by losing righties as a mis begotten hope / revenge fantasy. Which would be IOW just another tool of control by the establishment.

        But then the state media went berserk. Which is very odd and doesn’t mesh very well with my original thoughts on it.

        • Whether Q is real or not, the media is losing their sh!t and Normie is asking some questions. Both are positive and/or entertaining results.

        • Q always struck me as gay. But the media reaction to it is just awesome. As a psy-op against globohomo, it’s great. Sign me up!

        • While Q is mostly full of it, the nature of its posts automatically make readers ask, “well just how many pedophiles are in power?” Too many, to be sure, but not nearly as many as Q would assert.

          • Well then, the question Q is posing to normie civnat is: How many pedophiles in power is TOO many? One? Three? One hundred? Of course, the answer is “zero,” thus leading for a call to purge the elite.

          • That’s not what Q is saying at all. No one, except for brazen pedophiles, would say that any non-zero positive number of pedophiles is an acceptable number to have in power. Q’s message is that the ruling elite are all degenerate and morally bankrupt to an historically exceptional degree and Donald is the only doing anything about it. Consequently, the only thing you need to do in this fight is support the president, whatever that means.

        • It is psyop. It does not matter if the narrative is Santa Claus running a mating experiment of unicorns with space aliens; the point is that this narrative is delegitimizing the elite and setting the stage for wholesale replacement of the elite. This is the same thing as “me too,” or “white privilege.” The Enemy’s psyops narratives run from demonstrably false to straight up oogily-boogily supernaturalism, but THEY WORK. Tokyo Rose wasnt demonized because she was giving factually innaccurate information.
          “Pedophist Cabal” is the modern “let then eat cake.” Does not matter a single guillotine swipe if it is true or not.

        • It was bizarre when Hillary lost her hot sauce over Alex Jones, on the campaign trail. Seriously, of all people to worry about, she picked Infowars?! It was just too hard to disappear Asange. Shortly thereafter, AJ was disappeared by Twitter. Maybe Q is Alex’s “revenge”.

      • Elites hate Q because citizens now have articulated reasons to dismiss the (moral) authority of the government.”

        x a trillion

        • I thought “Q” was the same thing that was in the briefcase in”Pulp Fiction”.

      • Q is nutty but its easier for people to believe crazy things when the whole world doesn’t really make sense.
        As Z said, there’s nothing mysterious about the Hunter Biden situation. He was selling influence to foreigners based on his being the son of the VP. Joe was obviously involved. Why did he think foreigners were paying his crackhead son millions? A major political party’s presidential nominee is caught red handed in a scandal orders of magnitude worse than Watergate and that borders on treasonous. Yet the media won’t even talk about it. Unless you’re very young, you almost certainly grew up thinking that something like this could not happen in the United States.
        On the other hand, we heard nonstop from all of the official, approved sources about Russian election interference – a fantasy at least as ridiculous as anything put out by the most crackpot Q supporter.
        On top of all of that, we have the FBI and the rest of the permanent governing class openly working to overthrow a lawfully elected president. And then – I guess just to show us that they can get away with anything even if they make it obvious – we have Seth Rich and the Epstein “suicide.”

        • He received millions of $ in bribes from the Chinese Communists to write laws favorable to China and unfavorable to us. That is treason.

        • The thing you (not to beat a dead horse) are missing here is ALL of our enemy’s very successful psyops have been out and out lies, pure malarky, and yet they work! “McCarthyism,” Tawana Brawley, Tonkin Gulf, yellow cake, systemic racism, etc etc etc. They are all beyond-belief levels of stupid fantasy, but they have moved the world and killed millions and brought trillions of dollars to the shysters selling The Narrative. You got to get with the program: truth and believability are outdated nullities; the only thing that matters is success, efficacy, and power in an existential total war.
          They want you dead, your children raped, your women enslaved, and they think it is funny.

          • I’m not sure what it is you think I’m missing. I don’t disagree with anything else that you said.

          • So “truth and believability are nullities” is the root of the problem. Whether vampires or werewolves actually exist is apparently irrelevant. What matters is are you on Team Edward or Team Jacob. Who has more power? Whose “narratives” are more cool and edgy? Who pays better bribes? This is a recipe for unending struggle over tawdry scraps.

      • It’s funny, in a way. I’ve been telling my cousin for years that Q operates on the “it’s just over the next hill” principle. The latest revelation is just proof that full exposure is just over the next hill. I never tried to talk him out of Q, I just said things like, “If that happens, I’ll be thrilled, but I’ll believe it when I see it.” Of course, nothing would ever come of the latest QAnon post, and over time my cousin started letting go of that.

        I think what has the elites freaked out about QAnon is what I’ll describe as “the Tom Clancy effect”. What Clancy wrote was fiction, but he seemed to know the deepest, darkest, secrets of the US military. Back in the 1980’s there were people concerned he had a mole leaking him information. But what he wrote wasn’t from some super-secret mole he had inside DoD. He just used his head, thought of how he would do it, and wrote about it.
        Similarly, QAnon is like fan-fiction that accidentally lands on truthful things. Imagine NBC’s surprise, for example, that after hammering Trump about Q/pedophilia that a day or two later it becomes known that Hunter Biden appears to have child porn on his laptop. If NBC tries asking that same question a week later, Trump could easily respond with “I don’t know anything about QAnon, but speaking of pedophilia, that was found on Hunter’s laptop too.”
        Anyway, I refer to QAnon as basically “political fan-fiction”. If you write enough fiction, and know enough about how D.C. works, it won’t take long for the fan-fiction to become reality. That’s what has the elites freaked out about QAnon. It’s not that QAnon has some insider knowledge like QAnon claims. It’s that QAnon fan-fiction topics are actually going on in the real world…

        …and it perfectly explains their reaction to it.

    • After Epstein, even the apolitical are now thinking the ‘cabal of elite satanic pedophiles’ hypothesis sounds more plausible than the official narrative.

      • the normie majority doesn’t really wanna talk about it, they don’t care about the reality they find themselves in, don’t care about their history, everything is primal to them, they can only relate to their surroundings, they don’t know why current affairs are the way they are, events just happen for the sake of happening, it’s like with atheists who think universe just happened out of nowhere.

          • We hire representatives to represent our interests so we don’t have read and vote on every nitpicky piece of legislation.

          • Everyone wants to chill and grill but reight now nornie stopped watching ball which suggests things are getting as WRSA would put it “sporty” out there

          • Can you blame them? That’s much more enjoyable than obsessing over pedophiles and satanists. Obviously, if that’s their main concern, then perhaps they ought not have the right to vote, but it would be a bit strange to knock someone for not being interested in depraved and/or esoteric matters.

        • Honestly, they shouldn’t have to. Most people should just be able to live in their community with people who share their culture without thinking of anything happening thousands of miles away.
          The fact we need them to pay attention now shows how horrifying the current situation is.

        • Good dig there at the end! As one of those atheists, I wanted to respond something like: The Theists want us to believe in an intial Creator. But even if that could be proved, Science is justified in asking “Very well, where did HE come from?” There is no way to identify the first cause.
          With a goal to establishing a truce on such untimately unanswerable questions: Can all sides agree that the Universe is a certain way, even if we can’t adequately explain how, why, or what came before. Alas, even that is a tall order.
          It’s understandable, maybe even pardonable, that humans will dispute and sometimes do battle over unprovable beliefs. What I find far more discouraging is our propensity to dispute, often violently, matters that are easily (dis-)provable in the present world.

          • The last few hundred years can be seen as a crisis of authority. Liberal democracy first attempted to re-base societal legitimacy on the god of Reason during the French Revolution. Eventually this proved unworkable and so the present system of increasingly crass mass democracy developed. The ultimate arbiter of everything is now just supposed to be whatever 51% of whomever happens to be living in an area thinks is correct regardless of its reasonableness.

            The nature of the crisis is illustrated by an old bit of computer humor that I will quote in full**:

            In the days when Sussman was a novice, Minsky once came to him as he sat hacking at the PDP-6.
            “What are you doing?”, asked Minsky.
            “I am training a randomly wired neural net to play Tic-tac-toe”, Sussman replied.
            “Why is the net wired randomly?”, asked Minsky.
            “I do not want it to have any preconceptions of how to play”, Sussman said.
            Minsky then shut his eyes.
            “Why do you close your eyes?” Sussman asked his teacher.
            “So that the room will be empty.”
            At that moment, Sussman was enlightened.

            The point here is that naive attempts to eliminate bias or “incorrect assumptions” are doomed. Sussman’s mistake is that randomness is given privileged status as a starting point. In mass democracy we eliminate talk about God and now increasingly even objective reality (Reason) and substitute mass opinion. In fact, this just opens the door to every atavism that boils up from the dark primate nature of 50,000 years ago in man and especially woman.

            Even an atheist worshiping at the altar of Reason can understand that, for instance, flooding productive and orderly Western societies with masses of low-IQ foreigners is a Bad Idea. The God of Reason will veto such a plan. The God of Mass Opinion, however, is just fine with it provided all the votes were tallied.

            Let’s see, 12 women voted with 8 in favor of going forward with Operation Brown Tsunami. There were 11 men but one died in a war and the other was in prison so there were 6 men against and 3 in favor. That looks like 11 in favor and 10 against — Time to relieve the border guards of their duty.

            Ultimately you get a technological society of 10s of millions being run like a little African Big Man society from 8000 or 10,000 years ago. This is hardly “unbiased” in any sense but once this transition is made re-imposing civilization becomes a mammoth and probably very bloody task.

            From my point of view, the re-imposition of civilization is the task at hand though. We know the old metaphysical gods were up to that task and the God of Reason apparently isn’t. It may simply be that while some sort of religious impulse is shared by most people, the ability to follow even simple logic is not. Telling the average person that God doesn’t want you to slaughter your neighbor and steal his stuff is both easier and more likely to succeed than telling him that economic prosperity is best guaranteed by strong property rights and legal sanction against murder. Ultimately, if people are doing the right things it doesn’t much matter why.

            ** I’ve seen many versions of this story but this one is from

      • and the Andrenochrome thing was also believable

        Them bagging on Q, I think, is really them scared that the andrenocrome thing had a ring of truth to it

        • Elizabeth Bathory was centuries ahead of her time when it came to anti-aging treatments.

          • As a Floridian, in school we had to learn all about the Fountain of Youth

            This has been going on for some time lol

          • The Corps of Engineers long ago, mapped it, built a waterway and a dam, and now it irrigates a citrus orchard 🙂

          • I mean, we know Sandra Bullock (et al) smears severed baby foreskin on her face for “beauty treatments”; if you confess to that in public, what are you hiding?!?

        • The believable part is that the evil that animates the ruling class has no problem with child sacrifice. Whether or not they drink the blood for energy or whatever is allegorical.

          The fact is that we have scores of millions of our children imprisoned in a web of lies right now that is draining them of their vitality – their very futures, because Covid or Climate Change or Racism and so on.

          It is not the allegory that TPTB fear, in fact they often embrace the fantastical to keep the truth in plain sight obscured by the claims of the ridiculous and obviously insane.

          They fear normie waking up to the truth right in front of them.

          What works to the advantage of TPTB is that a big part of the truth of child sacrifice is that it requires the parents to be complicit in some form; those vampires have to be invited inside to do their work. This aspect of participation naturally creates a massive blind spot.

          Adrenochrome is laughable. Remote learning, OTOH, is just prudent given the risk of covid death.

  36. You do realize that at some point the sweat-shop of little illegal immigrant z’s churning out the torrent of content will be exposed, don’t you?
    Corbett has a number of pieces on the hell-hole that awaits Hoi Polloi in the new normal.

    • Corbett has a number of pieces on the hell-hole that awaits Hoi Polloi in the new normal.

      Get ready for permanent medical martial law, mandatory vax, and internal travel controls for starters.

      • I don’t know about that. For a long time my local multicultural department store broadcasted totalitarian messages in the parking lot demanding people social distance; inside the store, arrows were painted on the floor of every aisle telling people what direction they were allowed to travel. Both are gone now. I’m guessing they were removed because multicultural America isn’t much into obeying regulations and civic virtue. Many Hispanic countries, for instance, are famous for drivers disobeying traffic regulations, driving in the wrong lane, ignoring stop signals, etc. As America Hispanisizes, you’ll see the white left having a more difficult time controlling it. Case in point: the (white leftist) California governor banned fireworks displays over the summer but the residents of LA County totally ignored him. There are videos of mass fireworks displays over that city on July 4th.

        • When I think about this stuff I’m always reminded of Orwell’s 1984. In that book, about 85% of the population consisted of “proles” and 15% were Party members. It was only the Party members who had the 2-way televisions watching them at all times. The government didn’t give a fuck about the proles and let them do what they wanted.

          What I see is that it’s sort of becoming a mark of status for the vapid white bugmen around here to wear their masks everywhere and do exaggerated acrobatics to get out of your way if they see you coming and not veering off the path. The hispanic landscaping crews don’t do any of that stuff. Neither do white road crews or construction workers. In a bizarre way, showing that you have no freedom is a status symbol. When it comes to flamboyant displays of social distancing I’m also wondering if the people doing it are adopting a thinly veiled form of the Indian caste system where the lowest caste was literally “untouchable” by higher caste people.

          It also seems like some of this stuff is mainly intended for the “striver” class. These are the people who are Party members but far from the Inner Party. Every now and then the cameras catch Biden or Pelosi or some other ruling class stooge bouncing around unmasked and seemingly in high spirits. The idea seems to be to give everyone someone to laugh at. The strivers get to laugh at me, the hispanics, white rednecks, and other dirt people for our seeming “ignorance” of the !Science! about the Great Beer Plague. The Inner Party members go to their sex and cocaine rituals at the local Epstein Temple and laugh at the pathetic strivers who actually believe all the horseshit that comes over CNN at them.

    • A few posts back he posted a picture of his library full of monkeys and typewriters. No secret.

    • The infinite number of monkeys randomly pecking at typewriters is an ancient thought experiment. It’s true that given enough writers, that eventually everything that ever could be written will be written. Of course if you do the math, the numbers are truly fantastic, far more than would be possible in the universe.
      This theme is well explored, ususally with entertaining twists, in science fiction. For example, Jorge Borges’ famous short story “The Library of Babel.” In jest, this story is closest to Z’s dilemma: Even if you have all those primates producing copy, imagine the hellacious job the editor will have! 😀

      • Speaking of libraries … my local branch of the county system (open to each “customer” for 30 minutes per day) has an artistically designed banner behind the checkout counter:

        Knowledge Is Power

        How public libraries have degenerated in my lifetime. No longer are they intended to offer the building blocks of wisdom. They are knowledge factories, and knowledge is useful for power. The perfect authoritarian message.

        Not having been in the library since spring because it was closed for Con-vid Disease, I was shocked at the new template. The children’s section is practically as large as the adult section, and the selection for adults is much watered down, the fiction dominated by “graphic novels” (hip comic books) and products of those best-selling typists who crank out another potboiler or two every year. Lots of movie DVDs, of course.

        And of course, plenty of space given to meeting rooms and computers.

        In short, as I have written before, public libraries are now community centers in which books are increasingly meaningless tokens. I’m sure library management includes plenty of technotrons who would be glad to get rid of books entirely. After all, they’re in the knowledge industry and knowledge is power.

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