The Oogily-Boogily Men

A foundation item of modern Gospel scholarship is something called the Q-document, which is a hypothetical manuscript of Jesus’ sayings. The gospels of Mathew, Mark and Luke are called the Synoptic Gospels, because they include many of the same stories, which suggests they share the same source document. There is a theory that all three writers relied upon this unknown source document. The Q-document is the collection of common stories in all three of these Gospels.

It is an interesting theory because it rests upon some things we know about human behavior, in addition to the textual evidence. For example, we know that the first written texts were based on oral traditions. The stories and legends that were passed from one generation to the next were written down at some point. We know the Gospel writers were not firsthand witnesses. The Q-document allows scholars to fill in some missing pieces of the puzzle based on what is known.

A similar sort of detective work can be used in this age to try and understand the beliefs of our ruling class. At first blush, the things they say and do run counter to the normal explanations for political behavior. Often, what they say runs counter to their own interests, suggesting some unknown motivation. Of course, many of the popular fads with the great and good are best described as superstitions. They have no justification other than a primitive fear of the unknown.

The place to start is with the Russian conspiracy myth. What started out as a ham-fisted way for the Clinton campaign to shift the focus from the e-mails being leaked on-line, quickly manifested into a raging conspiracy theory. The FBI and CIA knew there was nothing to it, but it was a useful cover for their shenanigans. This patina of authority, however, allowed it to become something of a cult phenomenon among the chattering classes and their followers. Russia was the bogeyman.

What no one stopped to consider is what it was the alleged conspirators were plotting to do way back in 2016. Supposedly, they were interfering in the election, but how exactly was that supposed to work? No one ever said, but what we can infer is that the plot was designed to prevent the Left from getting something important. It went well beyond Hillary Clinton, as the plot is an ongoing enterprise. The conspiracy is part of a great hidden battle between the forces of light the forces of darkness.

Now we have the panic of the QAnon phenomenon on-line. The various tentacles of the Left are trying to remove all references of it from the public square. People into this hobby are being thrown off social media platforms. Media airheads are demanding politicians denounce QAnon. The Left has anthropomorphized QAnon into a sort of super-villain running a secret army. In fact, Q is now an international super-villain, organizing the bad guys all over the world.

Like the Russian hoax, they never explain what they think this is or why anyone should be concerned about it. To normal people, it is just one of those weird things like believing in space aliens that people do for some reason. To the Left, it is the gathering of all the dark forces in the world into one great heathen army. This dark army intends to stop the Left from achieving their goals. This is why the Left has always been at war with QAnon and must defeat him in the end.

A goofier version is their obsession with the Boogaloo Boys. This is supposedly a secret cabal of men wearing Hawaiian shirts, no kidding. They are supposedly plotting a second civil war for some reason. Of course, the government dutifully feeds into this nonsense, but never bothers to explain how supposed Boogaloo Boys turn out to be members of left-wing groups like Antifa. The power of the Hawaiian should never be underestimated.

The same thing happened with the Proud Boys. The left has been obsessing with these guys for years now. This fan club for Gavin McInnes has been transformed into an invisible army the Left is sure is lurking around every corner. Amusingly, the group is full of gays, Jews and non-whites, but they are called white supremacists. Like the power of the Hawaiian shirt, mere membership in this group can turn a gay Puerto Rican into a Neo-Nazi terrorist. That’s some powerful juju.

Slightly different, but related is the Covid panic. The public’s initial concern was warranted as the media exaggerated what was happening and the government was as inept at handling it as they are at fixing the roads. People were wise to be a bit cautious and take steps to limit their risks. Then, as the reality of Covid became clear, normal people relaxed and the Left turned it into a supernatural force. The same people living in fear of Gaia now check case numbers three times a day.

The Covid panic on the Left combines strains from the other items mentioned into something of a morality play. You see, Covid is not just a manageable virus like so many others that are a part of our world. It is a sign, perhaps even a punishment, sent to cleanse the land of evil. The Left is convinced that voting out Trump will relieve the land of this great plague. Covid is now another manifestation of the great evil opposing the great and the good in their quest to reach the Promised Land.

What these items and many others have in common is a belief on the Left that they are in a great end-time struggle with a mysterious and sinister force. It has the ability to change how people vote and turn them into enemies of their own interests. Like George Soros, ironically enough, it uses its power to turn small groups into powerful armies in the war against the great and the good. The great enemy of the one true faith is not people with different ideas, but evil itself.

Eric Hoffer said, “Mass movements can rise and spread without belief in a God, but never without belief in a devil.” Having conquered all known enemies on earth, the Left is now without a natural opponent. It is forced to invent supernatural ones in order to maintain that necessary fiction required of all mass movements. Having rejected Christianity and Western tradition, they are creating an ad hoc set of myths and legends to explain the world and their role in it.

Interestingly, this new oogily-boogily is mystical in an oriental way. The great evil at the center of it is never spoken of directly. It’s as if it is taboo to mention it. Instead, they focus on the manifestations of this evil. What gives the dark forces such power is they cannot be quantified with language. Instead it is just assumed to be the origin of all that they fear. The Left is now bound together by a mystical belief in something they cannot describe, but they are sure exists.

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249 thoughts on “The Oogily-Boogily Men

  1. We started feeding the wildlife. When they couldn’t get all they wanted, they destroyed your house to get it.

  2. For the record; We aren’t a “fan club for Gavin McInnes”. We’re simply men who get together and enjoy one another. The Boogaloo Boys is a stupid joke we made up before we were all kicked off Facebook.

  3. We are being controlled by a very feminine energy with all of its love of drama, hysteria and safety. It is very easy to manipulate.

    I increasingly find men on the left to behave like hysterical teenage girls.

    • I agree. I was struck by how Peter Strzok the FBI’s head of Counter Terrorism and one of the prime movers in the Coup to remove Trump, sent 20,000 texts in three months to the FBI lawyer he was banging- that’s real teenage girl stuff.
      On the plus side, he was far too busy to do his real job of manufacturing exploding mohameds so there was none of that nonsense during the past four years

  4. By skillful manipulation of their most primal emotions, QAnon has brought tens of thousands of childbearing white women to within a degree or two of separation from Mike Enoch with regard to the usual suspects.

  5. *Cough* Both Matthew and John were apostles–DIRECT eye-witnesses to most of Christ’s activities here on earth. IIRC, Mark’s Gospel is a transcript of Peter’s tale.

  6. I refer you to Mircea Eliade’s Myth of the Eternal Return:

    The primitive… cannot conceive of an unprovoked suffering; it arises from a personal fault… or from his neighbor’s malevolence… but there is always a fault at the bottom of it[.]

    I say that the left is a Great Reaction, a lurch back to the primitive.
    People do this when things are going wrong. They reset back to the beliefs that worked. In the old days.

    • I have to wonder to what extent the good whites’ embrace of the African has metamorphosed them into the African

      I see it as a form of Godly punishment

      • Oh, there’s no doubt in my mind that America has been Africanized. And this is but one demarche in dismantling civilization and replacing it with egalitarian savagery. They imagine, anyway, it will be egalitarian.

    • Leftist primitivity is a reaction against the Enlightenment. The Leftists seek to take us back to pre-rational times, before even, the existence of civilization. In such an environment, they fancy, the Other was not exteriorized or oppressed. The human race was one primordial stew. Yes, the Leftist actually sees this as some sort of progress.

  7. You know what this means? More flyers touting the Ooogly Boogily and Proud Boys in libtard neighborhoods. Then to make things spicier maybe a few extolling the virtues of being white.
    Maybe mail some Hawaiian shirts to local libtard factorums,with a simple note that says “It’s coming”.
    Make up a Proud Boys recruiting flyer featuring a photo of Erich Von Stroheim. The photos of this man are every Lefty nightmare.
    It’s times like these makes me wish I was living near Malibu or Berkeley instead of a desert community.

    • Just trying to understand, why is the image of Von Stroheim, every lefty’s nightmare? Are you saying Lefty’s are all anti-Dentite’s? Von Stroheim is clearly a Dentite to all but Helen Keller.

    • Just trying to understand, why is the image of Von Stroheim, every lefty’s nightmare? Are you saying Lefty’s are all anti-Dentite’s? Von Stroheim is clearly a Dentite to all but Helen Keller.

      • Just trying to understand, why is the image of Von Stroheim, every lefty’s nightmare? Are you saying Lefty’s are all anti-Dentite’s? Von Stroheim is clearly a Dentite to all but Helen Keller.

        • Just trying to understand, why is the image of Von Stroheim, every lefty’s nightmare? Are you saying Lefty’s are all anti-Dentite’s? Von Stroheim is clearly a Dentite to all but Helen Keller.

  8. The media and government here in France are just as bat-shit insane about COVID-19 than are authorities in the United States (they may impose a second “confinement” to destroy what’s left of the French tourism economy). And given the level of coverage that the French government media is giving to the U.S. election (a major story a night!) I wonder if they are also somehow dedicated to the defeat of Donald Trump.

    • To what extent is that France acting on its own versus what Brussels demands of the French elites? Is there really a difference anymore?

      • Your point is a good one, but I personally don’t see the hand of Brussels in the curfew, mask wearing and probable second confinement. Sweden did pretty well with far fewer restrictions. This seems to be a home-grown hysteria.

        • France has long been the most progressive country in Europe, at least in terms of its cosmopolitan worldview, so it makes sense the mind virus is strong there. Scandinavian countries bought into it because they were smart, and there is a strong correlation between higher IQ and progressivism, as most of us know. France is progressive because their genome has collapsed and they’ve become a nation of weak degenerate hedonists. Even before the hordes of third worlders, France was like the NYC for intra-Euro migration. The non native surname diversity has been staggering, for 50 plus years.

          • Just trying to understand, why is the image of Von Stroheim, every lefty’s nightmare? Are you saying Lefty’s are all anti-Dentite’s? Von Stroheim is clearly a Dentite to all but Helen Keller.

  9. I can’t argue that the Left and establishment (same thing) have grown nuttier and cultier every moment. Look back at say, mid 1990’s comic strip Doonesbury. Making fun of nutty actresses in cults was a staple of the jokes there. Or look at a 1995 Wall Street Journal edition — most of the writers were men and and things were less insane.
    But I think much of the explanation of the Left’s insanity and cult like behavior is that they are mostly women. Look at the FT paper. Today’s edition has aging lesbian Patti Waldemeir discussing how much she enjoys her anti-racism daily zoom calls where black people scream at and about White people. True she’s an aging lesbian with two adopted Chinese daughters, but Reese Witherspoon told Waldemeir hold my beer and is trying to top her about how much she hates White men.
    Back in the 1930s this was Aimee Semple McPherson, in the 1970s the People’s Temple and such, in the 1990s Crystal Channeling and the Harmonic Convergence were a thing.
    Not so oddly most of the Dem/Establishment ideology is lifted out of grifters self-help books appealing to the less than 5% in looks White women. Its the same grift Oprah played for decades.
    The reaching for the devil is just the outgrowth of the female-centric cultism. Note most male-oriented “cults” or organizations have metrics / awards to demonstrate mastery. Scout merit badges, medals, pins etc. to demonstrate status and achievement at a glance. A military man with a chest full of medals on parade has his relative status immediately confirmed to everyone else. With female cults its how devout one is to the folk beliefs of the cult and how much hate there is for the enemy.

  10. “Interestingly, this new oogily-boogily is mystical in an oriental way. The great evil at the center of it is never spoken of directly. It’s as if it is taboo to mention it. Instead, they focus on the manifestations of this evil. What gives the dark forces such power is they cannot be quantified with language.”

    Perhaps “oriental” but really, just plain old Judaic. The Jewish god forbids graven images and even his name is forbidden, leaving only the consonants JHVH but pronounced Adonai (My Lord; hence THE LORD in most translations, as well as the ignorant “Jehovah” which combines the vowels and consonants of each).

    • This Russia Today author offers his explanation.

      • The third listed possibility…that masks eliminated the flu…is what we heard in this State a few weeks ago. Head doctors said we might *keep* mask mandates as they probably are good for the flu as well. In short, we are being prepared for a permanent clownworld.

  11. A similar sort of detective work can be used in this age to try and understand the beliefs of our ruling class. At first blush, the things they say and do run counter to the normal explanations for political behavior. Often, what they say runs counter to their own interests, suggesting some unknown motivation. Of course, many of the popular fads with the great and good are best described as superstitions. They have no justification other than a primitive fear of the unknown.

    You cannot understand the beliefs of the ruling elite without understanding the role of both organized and unorganized Jewry in perverting our culture. It’s like trying to understand the warping of space/time in the neighborhood of a Black Hole without understanding the Black Hole itself.

    • If one assumes that the ruling class wants the rest of us at each other’s throats, it all starts to make sense. I suspect the underlying notion is to encourage the rest of us to aggressively thin the human herd, by our own hands. Then they can more easily implement their “building better” (applied totalitarianism laced with eugenics) off of the few struggling survivors that are left.

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  13. We know the Gospel writers were not firsthand witnesses.

    Really? Matthew the tax-gatherer wasn’t there for at least a lot of it? John, the “beloved disciple?”

    I’ll give you Luke and Mark, who likely got what they wrote from Peter and Paul.

  14. Every nonbeliever has his own theory.

    Some think christianity is a myth, some think It’s astro theology, some think It’s jewish conspiracy, some think It’s roman conspiracy. Some nonbelievers think Jesus never existed, but believe apostles existed, others think apostles did not exist either etc.

    Also, many efforts have been been made by nonbelievers to find Jesus grave, they really wanna disprove His resurrection, but they can’t, so they try their best to come up with New dumb theories to torment christians.

    If they had any proof they wouldn’t speculate so much, point is if israelites/atheists do not have any proof against christianity despite the enormous efforts they’ve made to disprove it then why doesn’t the doubter make space for Jesus in his heart, what does he have to lose? Isn’t that the rational choice? Why risk it if Jesus haters can’t come up with definite proof against the religion of the european people?

    • Haha! Oh my gosh, how I used to absolutely scream at you people!
      My gods, you rubbed me completely the wrong way.

      Then I thought, wait a minute, why am I reacting like this? And began thinking, for some years, about the roles of language and emotion.

  15. Actually, Q consists of material found in Matthew and Luke but NOT Mark. The theory is that the authors of Matthew and Luke drew on both Mark and this hypothetical Q document.

  16. This is all part of the Long March which started, as some will tell you, with the Constitutional Convention and the machinations of Hamilton engineer a strong central government. The American Lenin(Lincoln) just added the icing to the cake.
    Whether or not the Golden Golem pulls it off, things will continue to unravel, especially in the Blue Hives(witness Philly over the last few days). We won’t have time for Internet Salons extolling free-market platitudes and BOR worship. We will be fighting for our lives against ANTIFA and other (((forces of darkness))). Bleib ubrig.

    • Bleib ubrig!

      Please, for Gosh sakes, by all that is holy, please please please explain briefly what the heck “Bleib ubrig” is.

      I can’t find it anywhere, not even at the WRSA nation.

      • Mr. Alzaebo: The German phrase, “bleib ubrig” is from the great non-fiction work by Cornelius Ryan: THE LAST BATTLE. As the Russian hordes approached, Berlin, Berliners knew what was in store for them. When they would meet and talk on the street, they would part with the phrase: “bleib ubrig.” It literally means: “stay whole” or “remain together”. The idiomatic and best translation would be: “Survive!”
        Debate is a luxury we no longer have time fore. It is all about survival. You cannot reason with these armies of darkness which are ready to destroy what is left. Remember the observation of T.E. Lawrence: “An opinion can be argued with. A conviction is best shot. Bleib ubrig.

  17. Dear Zman, you wrote “No one ever said, but what we can infer is that the plot was designed to prevent the Left from getting something important.”; would you please elaborate what you meant by this?

  18. I have always operated under the assumption that the times operate like a pendulum. Perhaps the south of the 50s, where blacks couldn’t eat at the lunch counter, had swung a little far. Today, where it is taboo for whites to advocate for their own interests, that it has swung too far in the other direction. That the corrective is to simply to break the taboo on whites advocating for their interests. Provide some push back for the over reach of the present age. Right the wobbling vase.
    Post like this and, other recent readings, make me understand that we may have to address this at a more fundamental civizational level. Ahhh, I’m lazy in this is going to be a lot of work.

    • Perhaps the south of the 50s, where blacks couldn’t eat at the lunch counter, had swung a little far.

      Or, you could look at the lunch counter separation as a balance. The South was far from perfect but we did achieve a peace of sorts mid-century, regarding race separation.
      Southern blacks were not prevented from all lunch counters, only White ones. They had an entire society of their own that they engaged in. And by many accounts, they flourished until Libs (a la Democrats) got into the Race business.

      • I suspect keeping blacks from white lunch counters contributed to the success of black lunch counters. Once blacks could sit at white lunch counters the black lunch counter owners were at a hopeless disadvantage, much in the way that Korean beauty suppliers have crowded out their black competitors.

    • “That the corrective is to simply to break the taboo on whites advocating for their interests.”

      Not a lot of work at all- that right there will do nicely.

      Whites Have Rights Too

  19. I have never heard of this “Q Document,” and I don’t see why it would be necessary. The Gospels were all written just a few decades after Jesus’ ascension, when there would’ve been plenty of eye witnesses still alive. Not to mention the fact that the authors were inspired by the Holy Spirit to write them.
    Jesus fed 5000 families with just five loaves of bread and two fish. Thirty years later, the majority of those people would still be alive, and them and all their neighbors would all know whether or not such a thing had happened.

      • Nope. Gospel of Matthew was written around 66-70 AD, and Jesus ascended when He was in His thirties. That would put plenty of people mature enough to understand and recognize Jesus squarely in the middle age range when Matthew wrote his Gospel.

    • Allegory. That’s a parable about how the Word is spread.

      Mercy doesn’t need magic. It has a magic all its own. Christ’s words are not made invalid by his humanity.

      Are some saying if his body were not a demi-god, he would be wrong, his words false?

  20. We are the product of our experiences. Thus, to the Left, if you remove all influences you can get to True Humanity. Which will be innately good. This goes back to at least Rousseau and his first public essay.

    So they want to raise genderless babies, they fear any “triggering” events, they encourage transgenderism, or at minimum they try to destroy any outward signs of femininity and on and on.

    They hate themselves and they can only see their life experiences as leading up to the twisted creature that is them. So they seek to destroy everything that made them and to instill a fear of life itself in the youth.

    • Yes, part of the nirvana is raising the kids in a bubble. These are the ones that have the little free book libraries on posts in front of their houses. I’ve been inserting copies of Mein Kampf into the little cabinets at 3am. You have to get your kicks somehow in this era.

      • Yes, part of the nirvana is raising the kids in a bubble

        The Left fights so hard for birth control and abortion because they want to separate icky reproduction from getting off.

        Leftists are orgasm-worshipping novelty seekers that can’t be bothered to have healthy families and children.

        They’re fine with half-jogger test tube babies assigned to parents by random lottery. It also facilitates all the grooming and pizza ops the Left can handle.

      • LOL! Imagine if “It’s Okay To Be White” were a children’s book like (((“Heather Has Two Mommies”)))!

  21. At the end of the day the Left is about egalitarianism. They mostly don’t believe in an actual heaven and are desperately attempting to create heaven on earth. The reason those pickup driving rubes in fly-over-land are so hated is because they’re seen as a stumbling block to this unattainable ideal. To them, life doesn’t have to be messy. If it wasn’t for these Trumpians we would all be basking in free health care, a safe planet without weapons, etc. If only the leftist had enough unfettered political power, the earthly nirvana would be in place. What’s making them angrier is that many of them are getting long in the tooth, and desperately want to see this nirvana before all goes black like when the Terminator lowered himself into the vat of molten metal. Theirs is, at its heart, a crisis of faith, and a manic drive towards the sunny uplands of paradise in a vain hope that “the science” one day gives them a cure for death itself. The Trump-tard is literally standing in the way of a fountain of youth in their earthly paradise. Who wouldn’t fight for that? AOC, like a prophetess, can even see visions of this paradise. It’s so reachable! Just grasp it!

    • a vain hope that “the science” one day gives them a cure for death itself

      This would seem to explain the transhumanist aspects of the Great Reset.

      • Biomedical stocks are on fire with these promises, it’s “the new internet!”

        I agree with Wirth- they are consumed with the oldest, strongest urge: “See, I done told ya so!”

      • I’m just hoping that Nancy Pelosi elects to have her newly-deceased head cut off and frozen. It would be great in a crab-trap!

  22. One of the underappreciated defects of a democratic open society is what you might call its cognitive exhaustion.

    There are so many fictions and lies, and they change so quickly, that they just wear people down cognitively.

    Hell in 1984, it’s implied that people were only changing the “we have always been at war with [X]” once every few years.

    But now people are expected believe new lies and fabrications almost every day.

  23. The “great evil” for the Left are Whites and any faint manifestation of White culture (other than the material prosperity, of course, which the Left takes for granted). It seems that the Left has no qualms against speaking about this; particularly the brown and “chosen” Leftists. Certainly the hatred of Whites in the USA has reached the level of a religious hysteria, but the rootless foreign vermin ruling over us are quite open about this.

  24. Well… speaking of the modern gospels” one is that these 2nd Amendment “boomers” are a joke. That their thoughts of standing up for the country, personally, using their large collections of arms is a pipe dream. Leftists love to diss them. So-called “right wingers” of the bowtie and non bowtie sects love to diss them.

    The prevailing and applicable scripture is that they will be ‘put down’ by the LEO community, lickety-split.

    Not to put too fine a point on it, but in history, police units have been some of the poorest performing in military settings. Continuing, from last night’s events in the City of Brotherly Love:

    “Other footage shows dozens of people chasing a large group of officers down the street…”

    As reported by the NY Post.

    To do the slightest digging:

    ” The Philadelphia Police Department (PPD) is the nation’s fourth largest police department, with over 6300 sworn members…”

    From the City’s own site.

    You can find the video, of these PPD men and women fleeing in terror before “dozens” of young white women, their spaghetti-armed soi boys, and their African American foot soldiers.

    The result of this show of cowardice? Putting aside that the police chief and mayor both sided with the irregular forces making war in their streets, there was looting and the destruction of property.

    It is accepted on faith that the LEO community will put down any insurrection. Really? If the daughters of affluent leftists and nominal fathers can rout the PPD, what lends one to accept this as “gospel?”

    Extrapolate last night’s defeat of a unit of 6,400 by “dozens” to the other half of the same coin, that those Boomers and their fantasy is just that, in the form of the current military. Outside of the handful of “specials”, what makes one believe that the Woke generals won’t just see their Woke forces also flee the moment they face actual resistance beyond droning Afghani farmers? Not to mention that these same, lightly armed farmers could not be defeated in what is 2/3rds of the way to being the next Thirty Years War.

    The so-called “conservatives” and the “right” have accepted so many parts of the leftist gospels that they should not wonder why they are weak and demoralized. Muzzled.

    • A real life anecdote. I’m riding along one day in the big city and come across the following scene. Crippled deer in agony in the right-of-way blocking traffic (probably broken back from auto strike). Five of PD’s finest standing around it in a circle waiting for animal control. Three are significantly overweight, one a female about 5′ 2″ and I doubt could lift a sack of potatoes, two are ethnic minorities, and one is black. All are armed and could end the deer’s misery immediately, but are prohibited from doing so unless the deer attacks them first. Five officers/cruisers at this call?

      • My wife had a neighbor who got a sharp knife and ended the misery of a horribly injured deer; he was of course, dragged before the local magistrate for this sin. Not sure how that ended though.

      • Pretty much fits what I have seen in my travels. In the state of CT, they have a law that mandates that a LEO person must stand at every construction site on a public road. Great jobs program for LEO folks. Countless scenes of bored cops standing around doing nothing.

        Every day.

        And usually they are surrounded by 15 or more people “working” at the site, where invariably most of THEM are standing around doing nothing for long stretches.

        It’s heroic.

        Surely, the “faith” tells us that we need cower in fear with the thought of someday facing an adversary that consists of these people and their ilk.

        • Not intending to be disrespectful of LEO’s, but the fact is they will not go against a potentially violent crowd unless they have overwhelming superiority (men and equipment) wrt the crowd. Add a few individuals hidden with rifles, and I guarantee you, nothing will happen. They simply are not trained for—and therefore unwilling—to engage hostile actors. Such encounters are for the military.

          • I up-voted you, BUT many police SWAT teams would be happy to take on small number of bad actors, even if they have already used full-auto weapons to kill or wound multiple victims. At least they are in the inter-mountain West. Regular cops – no; SWAT cops – yes.

          • I have a friend that is SWAT and will have to give you that. This person is cut from a different cloth than regular LEO types.

          • If they have no protocols for riot control, then it is hard to imagine why the NYPD needs 35,000+ LEOs, Philly 6,000+.

            I cannot find any excuses for why leaders and their enforcers in uniform cannot control what appears to me – and KNOWN to me as I have my ears to the tracks — are a bunch of young white women, soy men, and the inner city people they ‘activate’ for their endeavors.

            Our local police department is armed to the teeth. Armored cars, etc. The NYPD and their ilk are militarized.

            My point was about their MORALE. In Philly, the fled before a handful of rioters. Sure, one on one, in uniform on the roadside they are all tough and in charge. Their cheap ploys for self-admission, “dah you know why I pulled you over, maam’ and all that. Them ‘letting you off with a lesser…’

            Get three or ten of them on one, they’ll get in and get their shots, baton strikes. But any show of real force and the body of people that make up the modern LEO community are cowards, weaklings. They do not uphold the law. They do not protect citizens. They just follow orders, Nuremberg-like. Write tickets. Hide. Cower.

            Really a sad bunch and no reason to fear them in the event society breaks down. They will hide at the bottom of a hole like scared, green soldier.

            When and if they show me more of a spine, civic responsibility, I will reconsider. Right now, the left Vs. the LEO is watching your enemies have at one another. Why get in the way?

          • I never said police in all situations couldn’t not, only that they are only willing to act in those situations where they can muster overwhelming force. SWAT is a smallish unit of most departments.

            Look at any of the recent riots, smallish in reality and you see little to no effort to control, only to contain rioters to certain areas. These areas then become a “free fire” zone where the rioters do as they will, while the police block side streets, stand back and watch. Once and awhile they’ll dash in and arrest some clown. But riot suppression is not really practiced.

            Now I admit, so far we have a confounding factor of weak-willed political control of the cities that are the worse of these examples. But I’ve seen it in other areas over the years. If a largish crowd turns ugly on the police, they will retreat every time.

  25. The traditional view of the 3 Synoptic Gospels: Matthew has traditionally been attributed to St. Matthew the Evangelist(also called Levi), one of the 12 Apostles, described in the text as a tax collector (10:3).The Gospel of Mark is attributed to St. Mark the Evangelist ( Acts 12:12; 15:37), an associate of St. Paul and a disciple of StPeter, whose teachings the Gospel may reflect. Luke was a faithful friend and travel companion of Paul, and it is often supposed that he wrote his Gospel under Paul’s direction. Luke and Paul knew some of the Apostles.

    • Thanks. Paul blamed poor handwriting, and his sermon writers were his clerks, Simon and Lucius- who may have been Luke.

      It was Paul who organized the early Church along hierarchical lines, similar to Roman military, wasn’t it?

      (Side note: I see all the Bible as political literature. More, I see all religion as political in origin, with a bit of cosmological speculation and special promises to lend authority.)

  26. I think the common denominator of Prog mysticism is a guilty conscious. They have an internal knowledge that parasitism is anti-human, but no will to resist the hunger. Trump in a lame duck term of office is more than just their worst nightmare, it’s an existential threat. What if the host rejects the parasite? Where will they go to feed? Will they starve? NO MORE GRAVY, THE HORROR!

    • “One of the lessons of history is sometimes nothing is a very good thing to do, and always a clever thing to say”. Will Durant

  27. If you believe you are a collection of thoughts, sensations, and perceptions your destiny is suffering.

    If you recognize that what you are is that which is aware of thoughts, sensations, and perceptions, you can rest in that, as your spiritual self, acknowledging the Inexpressible Mystery as real and tangible.

    • You sound like every introduction to Buddhism I’ve read. I’m now book smart” enough to say: Everyone by default does live a life of “suffering” (more accurate:” “dissastisfaction,” or “disappointed with things as they are.”) The inborn skeptic in me notes that Buddhism, like most (all?) religions and most advertising, must first find a chronic problem (perhaps inventing one if necessary) and then offer the magical solution to it! That’s one “attraction” of agnosticism/atheism/existentialism: these offer no mystical salvation. “This is the way the unvierse is, make the best of it.”

      • Zen Buddhism is not a “religion” but rather a practice based on certain Buddhist ideas, at least in its simplest form, which is purely personal. It has metaphysics, but once learned and experienced, no more needs be said about them. One reaches one’s angle of repose and goes on about one’s daily worldly business.

    • Can we at least admit there’s a good case to be made for the soul not existing? Seems like one of those things that we think should exist, so we say that it does.

      • Thank you Lanky, this is not any religion, this is simply nature of mind.

        Are you thought, or are you that which is aware of thought? Ask yourself, and sit for a moment with that.

        You are like all 7 billion of us, that which is aware of thought. Is that which you are, that which is aware of your entire experience, physical or non-physical?

        Soul is a mystical word, but what it points to is right here in us every moment, intimate with all experience but not made of experience.

        You are that which is aware, and it is not physical. When you recognize that, you are no longer cut off from the Source. You open the door to the Source.

  28. Being that everything about this new religion seems to be an inversion and overturning, is it safe to assume the faithful are at least somewhat consciously evil, and they don’t speak of the central ‘evil’ because it’s good?

    I remember watching friends convert back in college. They knew what they were doing and were ashamed, but for them, at least, it was a career move. Younger people brought up in it might not know better and need to be kept that way.

    • the thing is, which is always the case, lots of people will buy into the new religion, imagining that with their newly minted diploma and in the spirit of being born again they will climb to amazing new heights but find, in due time, that their magic carpet ride took them only to the other side of town where the C-students they tried to escape in high school instead took the land route and are moving into the house next door.

      • Most of them are doing very well, but their fortunes are tied to the empire. Didn’t seem a solid foundation to me, still doesn’t. Wouldn’t want to work for Evil, anyway, who cares what it pays or the status it confers.

  29. I am getting up in years but have spent my life moving through various forms of Christianity, all the way from Catholicism to a form of Pentecostalism to a middle of the road protestant form of the faith.
    I have made my peace now with the metaphysical, but I can say that my observations of the new morality of the left is every bit as oogly boogly and nutty as anything in the wacky side of Christianity that I have seen. Actually it’s worse.
    Good essay.

    • Your spiritual quest, if it can be called that, echos mine. In my life, I’ve either been raised in, two mainstream Christian traditions (Protestant and Roman Catholic) and have pieces of paper so attesting. I’ve read widely on religion and philosophy. Currently dabbling in Buddhism. I call myself an agnostic atheist; intellectual honesty leaning to the former, as I cannot prove a Deity’s existence or non-existence any more than the next man.
      Mr. Giddy, I may be making an assumption here, but I compliment you on having arrived at your belief(s), presumably, through experience and thought. Contrast this with how many people get their religious, and indeed, many of their core beliefs: from their parents. Not to be questioned. It was just there.
      Just a quick self-test: if you hold strong religious faith, it’s the same faith you grew up with, isn’t it? How many people go through life convinced they’re right, but never stop to question their beliefts, to examine the evidence that should underlie those beliefs? Very few. “It is error, not truth, that shrinks from inquiry” said Thomas Paine.
      As you well note, crazy beliefs are not the sole property of religions. They are amply represented in our current political and social morass.

      • Science tells us they can describe events that followed one millionth of a second after the big bang.
        What happened one millionth of a second before the big bang?
        What ever it was, that meets my definition of a transcendental God. Other characteristics can be argued about but the first verse of John: “In the beginning was the Word and the was with God and the Word was God” With the understanding that Word was a translation of “Logos” – the idea of structure and order makes perfect sense. Mankind, and especially White men have been unpacking this ever since they ate of the tree of knowledge: i.e. differentiated from apes..
        The left seeks to destroy it.

      • A personal side note to you, Ben-

        You’ve travelled a lot in South America. I’d like to hear more of your observations. That story about the armed guard by the door was some dammed interesting stuff.

        Come to think, I’d love anecdotes by all the travellers. Bring it, lads and ladies!

  30. The best phrase to describe the new left is “post-rational progressive.” It combines the reality that they are without reasonable logic with the understanding that they are a movement akin to religion.

    The part that worries me is that all religions tax society to some degree. Whether through direct methods like a tithe or expectations like the sacrifice of a goat before a feast even the sacrifice of time in spending your whole Sunday worshipping the lord.

    Our old religion was venerated despite the tithe, or one tenth of one’s income and an entire day spent in worship. Alone, that amounts to about 25 pct of your “utility” outside of the religion, being taxed.

    With the woke religion of the post rational prog, we are not even close yet to being “taxed” that highly and it suggests to me we are going to endure far worse in the future. I also would suppose that that taxation level can vastly exceed 25 pct before anyone really gets angry.

    We are in for a very long, torturous ride fellas.

    • Get ready to have your pension, Social Security, and 401k seized by the Feds for,

      “muh reparations !”

    • A tithe is not a tax extracted through threat of external punishment, but an expression of obedience to God and morality that is entirely voluntary. Likewise, a day set aside in honor of one’s God was largely voluntary, except in rare and remote times and seasons when zealots exercised political control (e.g. the Puritans of 1600).On the other hand, who here would object to seeing the ducking stool come back into vogue?

      The assertion you make here are not far removed from the wild-eyed frothings of the Nu-religion you ostensibly decry.

  31. Last Sunday the Left’s version of flying monkeys alighted on a high rent outpost of Portlandia (Lake Oswego) for the purpose of intimidating White people out for a stroll or enjoying a cup of coffee outdoors on that sunny Fall day. They insisted any unfortunate soul they encountered swear fealty to the Sainted Negro lest they be condemned as the ultimate evil in their miserable worldview – a racist. They insinuated they would hunt down one woman’s children at the (too White) local high school when her response was to silently record their histrionics.
    Anyone who doubts these lost creatures are acting out some twisted morality play should take a look at the video of these embarrassing antics.

      • It’s known locally as “Lake NoNegro”. There’s no easy way to get there from places Dirt People can be found without a car, and that’s no accident. They have carefully avoided having any bridges built from the down rent SE side of the Willamette or even the hint of a dreaded light rail spur even though half their denizens no doubt work in those ugly downtown high rises where the legal and financial tribe members toil. It’s a 25 minute drive from the freeway or Downtown Portland on 2 lane roads in any direction. It is, of course, very “progressive”’ and the very model of a modern Nimbyville.

  32. Feels as though this is a confluence of the myriad independent grifts run by the Clintons, Bidens, DC in general, et al fearing exposure with the need to whip up the “True Believers” as a defensive strategy with, in this case, a Russian Devil. No grand conspiracy, just a lot parallel grifts and no shortage of ambitious bureaucrats happy to look the other way, take personal benefit once out of office, or use the cover they provided (think McCabe) as a means of career advancement. The clumsiness of it all simply indicates the utter mediocrity of these individuals. Absent an incurious press–the whole Biden thing is about the simplest unwind I’ve ever seen. The catalyst for all of it was unknown unknown in the form of Trump (or as Z would say-“The Mule”) upsetting the equilibrium.

  33. What you’ve described is an out of control raging neurotic, and like all such, prone to project madly the rage inside onto others.
    There is not much hope in reasoning with such people. I don’t see any way this fever exits the society without a crisis.

  34. What gets me about the Russian hysteria, is that, in addition to being a figment of the leftist imagination, Russia is also a real country with real people and dangerous weapons systems. What on Earth must they be thinking about this gibbering lunacy?
    I remember watching with horror at the leadup to the 2016 election, when Hillary Clinton wanted to start a war with Russia using Syria as a flashpoint. It came out of nowhere! It would serve no interest of the United States to casually launch an existential world-war.
    I’m worried that our ruling morons don’t really viscerally understand that any of these places exist with independent wills except as pawns in their internal court intrigues.

    • Good point. Strange days when our political ruling class likes to play chicken with a nuclear superpower for popularity points and the rest of us are left to depend on the adult restraint of a Russian Oligarch to avoid armageddon.

      • Putin is a smart man and a nationalist. Russia went through the horrors of WWII and in general communism. Putin understands what *real* war is and is content to win without a physical struggle. All he needs do is to sit tight and let us implode.

    • at the leadup to the 2016 election, when Hillary Clinton wanted to start a war with Russia using Syria as a flashpoint. 

      If you’re old enough to remember the 70’s and 80’s, it was always “No More Vietnams.” It was political poison if voters thought you would get the US into another war in Southeast Asia.
      After the Iraq fiasco, in a sane world, any presidential candidate would have been reassuring voters nonstop that he/she would never let the US get into another war in the Middle East. The rational political move for Hillary would have been to pin Iraq on Trump as a Republican.
      Instead of distancing herself from war in the Middle East and tarring Trump with the reputation of the last Republican president, that lunatic was bashing Trump for not wanting to get involved in Syria. As if Iraq wasn’t bad enough, she wanted another war but this time involving a nuclear power.

    • And the media totally ignored this, I think the Russians along with a number of other countries were reading Hillary’s emails, they knew what she was planning for Syria after the election, so they were moving their largest ship the Kuznetsov to the Med to protect Syria, the media only reported on this to mock the Russian because the ship was having engine problems, I realise that Russia is not the Soviet Union but they do still have a dangerous nuclear arsenal, any some other key capabilities, its worrying that idiots like Hillary think they win a nuclear war with the Russians

      Its also sad that I find myself no longer supporting the US in so many International conflicts, IMO the Russians are now the leaders of the Western World

      • Her email server was in a closet behind a dry cleaner. If they didn’t have physical and electronic access to it, everyone in their intelligence agencies would have been fired by the old KGB Colonel.

      • >>>IMO the Russians are now the leaders of the Western World
        As the Third Rome, Russia does (and should) consider itself a civilizational leader, but I doubt they would consider themselves part of the ‘western world’.
        While still wealthy, the West is culturally moribund, and possibly entering a permanent decline. Christendom will soldier on other forms (e.g.Orthodox and Hispanic), but current cultural trends in the West are sufficiently negative and anti-Christian that the final demise of the West-As-It-Is would be no great loss to humankind. And IMHO the triumph of an anti-Christian West would be worse.

    • The secret to culture war- you get your enemies to kill each other.

      A nuclear Brother War would finish the caucasoids off in a final holocaust. They won’t be targeting Mexico City, Lagos, or Dimona.

  35. “Having conquered all known enemies on earth, the Left is now without a natural opponent.”
    That may rhyme with the NRx boys and their belief that what we are seeing is a purity spiral. I believe they may have the right of that one, because when Lefty isn’t tilting at windmills, they fight amongst themselves. Their internal feuds are just starting too; preppers: check your stocks of beer and popcorn!
    Speaking of them, how did the NRx boys escape Lefty’s righteous wrath?

    • Most Lefties can’t get above the reading level required for Bronze Age Mindset, let alone anything by Moldbug.

      • When I was into these things, reading level and measurements thereof, the average American was at a bit below 8th grade. Recently, I’ve seen studies measuring Freshmen in college at 8th grade level, and I’m not surprised since we’ve had 40 years of general decline in higher ed since I studied in the field.
        This is not a trivial failing. If you can’t read at a college level, you can’t partake of many of the great ideas in publication.

        • Or out of publication, for that matter.’s old book scanning has been an amazing thing.

          • I highly second your recommendation. History is being rewritten at a frenzied pace. You need to read some of the old writings (pick your area) to get some idea of the truth. Winston Smith was *not* a fantastical fabrication of George Orwell—he lives today.

  36. I see over on Vox’s website, he’s got a post referencing a daily mail article about how the regular old flu bug all but disappeared in the Southern Hemisphere this year. Gee, I wonder where it went? Maybe got wiped out by the vaunted covtard virus. Or maybe, it’s just another flu variant – wow, who’d a thunk. In a saner time, all these ridiculous leftard conspiracy theories would be laughed out of court. But too many of these whack jobs actually seem to believe all this shit and they have way too much power, making them fairly dangerous.

    • There’s now a tendency to diagnose anyone with “flu-like symptoms” as having the C19 virus even though usually the diagnosis would just be flu. The other, somewhat darker aspect here is simply that C19 killed off a lot of the same people who normally die from flu before the flu could get to them. This is consistent with both flu and C19 being only really dangerous to people who are already very sick and probably near death.

      • Pozy, I see you’ve been doing your reading. Spot on. We’ll have to see how they eventually spin this to their advantage.

    • Can’t have a good ol’ hellfire sermon without a prediction-

      Uncle Joe won’t be hospitalized or jfk’d.

      Covid will get him. It’s dangerously dangerous, you see. He gave his all in one last act for the Party.

  37. And let me add something that I think dovetails with Z’s overarching point.

    Doesn’t one get the sense that all of this has taken on increased urgency? That there is a race against the clock? Anyone ever see the movie Bram Stoker’s Dracula where at the end the good guys are racing against the sunset to impale the final stake into Dracula’s heart. It’s an amazing scene if you haven’t seen it.

    Some of it is undoubtedly that many of these former hippies are nearing death and feel their life’s ambitions and dreams of utopia are slipping away so they must hurry, as if life promised them they’d be the ones to bring about the utopia. It’s their fate.

    And notice too this fascination with UFOs. Almost like trying to get the last prized seats on an intergalactic Noah’s Ark that will save them from some great flood. Notice the elites having doomsday bunkers built for them. They must sense some final hour approaching. Even relative youngsters like Kamala want on board. They must escape before the flood.

    • Some of it is undoubtedly that many of these former hippies are nearing death and feel their life’s ambitions and dreams of utopia are slipping away so they must hurry, as if life promised them they’d be the ones to bring about the utopia.

      Never to mind. In their passing, these deceased hippies bring my idea of utopia ever closer. More of that please.

      To your point of urgency, I agree. It does seem that way – for both sides. If we’re still using the largely meaningless terms of left and right, both sets of peoples in my acquaintance sense something is wrong and that, that something, is fast approaching.

      I myself have felt this urgency, as I am now thinking things that only a year ago I would not have. Planning for contingencies that I never thought I’d see. It is worrying, especially when considering loved ones, but at the same time strangely exciting.

      • Fin de siècle

        Yep, there is churning going on all around us and everything being reshuffled for a new era.

        There is definitely something going on. But it’s just about how humans will choose to reorganize themselves. I used to get excited about it, say a year ago I was feeling it, but at the end of the day we aren’t going anywhere, we are stuck on this planet, and no UFO is coming to take us away. But it does all make for some good entertainment.

      • Is it wrong to hope for mass aneurysms if the Donald is re-elected?

        Asking for a friend.

        • I plan to have a video watching binge of those “Lefty Tears” videos. The ones from 2016 were awesome. I expect to see blood spurting from their eyes and smoke coming from their ears this time around.

          • I can certainly see Joe and Kamala wearing robes with moons on them, and giant horned headdresses, invoking the chanting crowd.

        • Conan! What is best in life?”

          “To crush your enemies — See them driven before you, and to hear the lamentation of their women!”

          Listen to the barbarian. Enjoy next Tuesday.

    • Agreed, they are panicking for some reason. Even if they had just sucked it up and let Trump have 4 years, they could have continued the slow boil and by now we’d be gone.

      Instead they went batsh*t and exposed themselves. I still don’t know why, they are so close to winning.

      • Agreed, they are panicking for some reason.

        Are they?

        Half the country appears so brainwashed they think masks and lockdowns are the best thing ever.

      • Instead they went batsh*t and exposed themselves.


        There is logic to this Israelite choice

        When Hitler invaded israelite russia they had to nationalize the country a little(to mobilize russians), this created a Domino efect which resulted in Current Day russia.

        Israelites fear any form of nationalism that might lead further down the line to them getting exposed. That’s why they hate Trump, they want to stamp out any White nationalist reemergence, which he represents, for better or for worse.

  38. Then, as the reality of Covid became clear, normal people relaxed and the Left turned it into a supernatural force.

    I have just spent half an hour talking to a young colleague – perhaps in his 30s – whilst he wears a personalized mask. Frankly, I have now to check my urge to punch him out. The daily reminders of normal people buying into this sometimes gets the better of me. However, on the bright side, many I know now just accept it is has all been daft. The thing is, the people who still cower are actually what we’d classically call intelligent people – but what is the good of smarts if you cower from everything in sight, as these people will no doubt continue doing.

    What these items and many others have in common is a belief on the Left that they are in a great end-time struggle with a mysterious and sinister force.

    It is the same as always with these types. They want to ‘change the world’, ‘to make a difference’. All this feel good garbage is music to many people’s ears. It is indeed a humanitarian tragedy that the average leftist is simply not content to work a day job and spend time with his/her/xers family.

    • I have acquaintances who are dumping me because I informed them that I intend to vote in person without a mask. (I urged them to do the same.) Who would consider such a thing? Yes, masks may not prove efficacious. People want to feel safe! How dare I. We won’t bail you out. I’ve been warned. I am disgusting.

      • When you pause to think about it, it is insane how partisan people can become over the most trivial things. I include myself in that. My reaction above to my colleague is not, to me, indicative that we live in a healthy society – the easiness of polarization is staggering.

        Your example also illustrates this point. I am only to happy to extrapolate this point; it is not unreasonable to imagine your same ‘acquaintances’, in two years time, remembering this crime and dobbing you in to the authorities. Once again, examples from real life can help us enlighten a few other to the fact that these are dangerous times – the ease of polarization is a decent place to start.

        Anyway. Good for you. Get outside – another luxury that could hastily be taken away (as we’ve seen). I’d like to hope you don’t risk attack for your mask stance, but depending on your area who knows. I have found I don’t respond too kindly when pressed about mask wearing.

        • Yes. A month or so ago the city publicly stated that poll workers would be instructed to “strongly encourage” mask wearing but no voter would be turned away for refusing to don the diaper. Some precincts may establish special procedures for addressing dissidents. It’s all largely ad hoc, purposely, but I expect not to be arrested unless an incident of violence occurs. My great concern escalation by fellow voters in the event a line forms and not the poll workers. I have already written a script that I intend to chant like a mantra.

          • I would be a bit concerned, especially in Illinois, that going in as a mask dissident would immediately flag you as a supporter of Orange Hitler and your ballot would get “lost” somehow even if everything goes peacefully.

          • It’s a raised middle finger to the D’s here, not much more. I suppose my vote against Kim Foxx and in favor of O’ Brien might matter. I am also a friend of Judge Curry who is seeking reelection. And there’s a referendum to enable a massive tax increase that would force us to move to another state if implemented. But my concern is violence, specifically, violence by a boomer male I must defend againt. I could lose my firearms by court order when I might need them most if I respond, and I’ve already had a few boomer males, big guys, behave extremely aggressively over my refusal to don the diaper.

    • When I lived in Germany a long time ago, I used to joke that the Germans were so intense about politics, saving poor countries and, especially, saving the environment because so many of them were neurotic.

      Everyday life for them was torture. They needed something to distract them from themselves.

      • Germans = frustrated Romantics

        Trees wanting to sing

        But when they do sing, when they do breathe air through those trunks, say with Beethoven, it is often unparalleled beauty

        • Yes, people are wrong when they say the Germans are efficient, emotionless drones. They’re perhaps the most passionate people that I’ve met. But it’s a passion that boils very deep.

    • Frankly, I have now to check my urge to punch him out.

      I feel the same way about the noodle-armed, 20-something, goodwhite soiboi walking around here with his kente cloth mask.

    • “The Obstacle is the Way”.

      If China is to believed, they’re at 98% pre-COVID domestic air travel levels. There’s no way this could be happening unless China just said “fook it”, and have accepted that Covid just isn’t what everyone thinks it is.

      The US will get there, eventually, because it has to. But the damage the preventative measures are going to cause may well rip this country apart, as well as tailspin us into Great Depression 2.0.

      • Or, China was playing their part in return for something.

        A passion play. The Zman has explained passion plays before, that they are designed to evoke profound feelings of fear, then acceptance.

    • Unless it’s a place where masks are mandated I just refuse to talk to anyone wearing one. You can’t understand half of what they’re mumbling in those things anyway. I think some of them actually enjoy making you ask them to repeat things. It gives them a hit of Smug, which I’ve determined is what Goodwhites smoke instead of crack. Why yes, you’re having trouble understanding me, that’s because I’m wearing MY MASK OF VIRTUE, why aren’t you, sinner?!?!

      • Reminds me of today, lunch. Only place I can handle is a fast food drive in. Rest have potential for mask enforcement.
        Drive in order taker on speaker can’t be understood—due to her mask. I simply lost it today after a couple go arounds, finally yelling, “Can you understand me?” Some gibberish was spewed, so I took a chance and responded, “ Don’t answer, don’t speak, don’t ask me for additions, just listen… here’s my order…”. “I’ll pay and pick it up at the window.”

        I figured the worse that could happen is that they’d say at the window they don’t have my order and at least I’d get to drive out of the damn line. But low and behold, an order was waiting. Still couldn’t understand the cashier, but I paid and took the bag and drove off.

  39. Living in the land of Karens (and Karen-like men let’s call them Kens), I can now see how much they missed a serious religion in their lives. (By “serious”, I mean even the church-going Karens and Kens go to very accepting churches which lack the social punishment aspect.)

    Karens and Kens lived to police their neighbors, talk about who’s following the rules and who’s not, and stay in the good graces of the higher moral authority. In our modern, secular world, they lost that.

    With Covid, BLM and scary Right-wing groups (foreign and domestic), they’ve reclaimed that birthright. I’m not too sure willing they’re going to be to give it up.

    When people say that we’ll go back to “normal” after a vaccine is discovered or Covid just peters out on its own (to levels even insane people can’t hide), I wonder. For the Karens and Kens, this new world is normal (and very natural) for them. I’m not sure that they’re going to want to go back to a world that was very abnormal and unnatural to them.

    Basically, they’re the equivalent to a born-again Christian or Muslim who goes hardcore, and I don’t know too many born-again Christian who go back to their old way of living and thinking.

    • You’re on to something here.

      Covid is now another manifestation of the great evil opposing the great and the good in their quest to reach the Promised Land.

      This dovetails with something I posted a few days ago. Ever since Trump won in 2016, the world has made no sense to the Left, because we are not all dead and broke, women are not chattels and there are no concentration camps full of the suffering. Hitler must do these things but he hasn’t and most people seem to be doing well enough over the last four years.

      Along comes Fake Black Plague, and now the Left has the means to force everyone to be, at a minimum, miserable, and at worst, suicidal — with the bonus of destroying the livelihoods and future of millions. The Left even gets to force everyone to wear scarlet letters by way of magic voodoo masks. Flu Manchu was a godsend for lapsing shitlibs, beginning to lose faith that we live in hell on earth.

      • The masks are the big tell in all of this. They tip you off that this is about more than a flu-like bug that’s a bit worse for the old and sick than a normal flu.

        They needed something physical, something public to distinguish good people from bad people.

        • Unfortunately then, there are a helluva lot more “good” people than “bad” out there. The schlubs in my Texas city have been wearing the Karen Kloth morning, noon and night for the past 7 months and show few signs of shedding it. Bloody idiots.

      • Amazing that the woke media seizes on Flu Manchu during an election year- and that there’s a spike during the critical last days of the election!

    • Karens and Kens lived to police their neighbors

      This is why they love the Muslims so much. Lots of community policing among the Ummah.

      • The fact that the face masks are eerily similar to a Niqab doesn’t seem to register with these people.

        • So which will it be? Some friends and I were palavering on this subject. Some say these plague masks and measures will remain if Trump loses because it is just too juicy of a social control tool for the Left to give up. I lean towards the “Great Victory” over the Covid if he loses the election. Downplayed death statistics (like military deaths and homelessness figures during the Obama years) and a Joyous Reopening once OrangeManBad is gone. Any wagers or third options?

          • Yes, it’s a tough call. So many on the Left enjoy Covid in a way that BLM and spooky White nationalists just can’t satisfy. Can they give it up as a reward for getting Orange Man out?

            I think that they will give it up, but they’ll be looking for something to replace it with. It’ll be hard for them to go back to their secular lives.

          • “I think that they will give it up, but they’ll be looking for something to replace it with.”

            They seem to be getting a taste for talking about civil war. Let’s hope they aren’t that stupid in their craze for the next greatest thing craze.

          • I think if Biden wins masks will become the least of your worries. Re-education camps for Trump supporters, gun confiscation, extreme mass immigration (to suburbia) and who knows what else. The great reset will take place. The elites will basically have complete world control.

            But yeah, things are never going back to normal. I’m interested to see what trump does if he wins.

          • I don’t think the Karen Kloth is going anywhere. All of the Kovid-deputized despots are enjoying their newfound powers far too much to relinquish them. Either we rebel, or the face diaper becomes part of our physiognomy.

          • Third option-If Trump wins the election almost immediately they will come out and say they have a vaccine for Chinese flu.
            They will tell everyone that it is highly effective but as with such a nasty thing as Chinese flu it most likely will not work one hundred percent of the time(that way all the old people can still die of the flu and pneumonia).
            They will not make it mandatory to take the vaccine but they will administer it to everyone who wants it free of charge as quickly as they can.
            Here is where it gets interesting. The vaccine is inert. It’s nothing. This way they can give the illusion that the problem has been taken care of, the country can open up again and things can begin to get back to normal.
            There is not other way out. How can they say that they made a mistake? They all have to continue this Chinese flu charade until the end of time otherwise all their heads get put on pikes. This is their only way out unscathed.

          • Reminds me of a cartoon where a boy asked a girl to pull her mask down to see what she looks like. The girl replies “not until we’re married.

    • Your Karen’s and Ken’s are the people living in Deed Restricted Neighborhoods and high rise apartments and condos with Doormen.

  40. I have a hunch on the origins of the Russia hoax

    I bet you that Hillary ran a focus group with suburban women and found there was some discomfort and possible resentment, perhaps lingering suspicions, with Donald and his foreign wives with their Russian sounding names (I know Melania is not Russian, but talking about your typical suburban housewife in middle America).

    And knowing Hillary and knowing women and their ways, I bet she got her little pea brain working and thought she could score a serious hit on Donald by concocting up some story of Russia. And slobbering fools like Brennan, who would do anything for a woman’s attention, Hillary knew would join along and contribute their little bits to the fable. It was probably like a big party where everyone brought forth their ideas over pierogis and vodka.

    • Probably over thinking this. That may be a part of it sure, but Russia is full of fairly homogenous unapologetically white people. That alone makes it a target for the wrath of the death cult left. They learned the bitter lessons of (((bolsheviks))) a century ago.
      We are just now getting our brutal education…

    • I’ve always suspected that women hate Melania for being hot (no idea if politics makes any difference here – do blue women hate her more, less or the same as red women?), but there’s also the possibility of a social-proof angle: women have higher affinity for men with hot women than for men with average or ugly women.
      So it’s not clear what it nets out at.

  41. Nihilism will have its dues. And vacuums tend to be temporary. We’re regressing at present, falling back into history, primordial history of the synthetically ugly sort.

    A blend of barbaric, prehistoric matriarchy with I-phones and Orwellian control of the sheeple. Effeminate bugmen telling strapping gym bros to check their male privilege and, bizarrely, the gym bros actually cowering in fear of these creatures.

    Nature is on its head. The apotheosis of Kali Yuga.

  42. I’m sorry, but an entry with this theme can never be considered a top-tier post if the phrase “invisible nazis” doesn’t appear anywhere in the text.

  43. The Left makes sense if you view them as a heretical offshoot of Christianity. Replace Jehovah and Jesus with The People and the rest falls into place. From original sin (whiteness, greed) to an apocalyptic end of times transformation (revolution) ending in paradise. The origins of Lucifer’s evil is the same – rebellion against the one true god.

    • Christianity offers redemption, salvation and forgiveness. The new religion of the left only offers condemnation and a permanent status as a second class citizen to whites. There is nothing redeeming about what the left is telling whites. I can’t imagine anyone becoming a Christian if they were told they could never go to Heaven because of the color of their skin, yet many whites have joined the multi faith with no opportunity for salvation.

      • Knowing quite a few Whites who have adopted this new religion, I think that I can clear this up. They don’t believe that their dusky friends are talking about them specifically when they demonize “Whites.”

        I realize that it’s crazy since their dusky brothers-in-arms never distinguish between good and bad whites, but that’s their thinking. The just assume their talking about Badwhites. It’s really quite bizarre. They believe that they are part of the Rainbow Coalition. Even Karens who are made fun of for being Karens don’t see it as being directed at them personally.

        • Thanks. That would fit with their level of narcissism, but it is still a bizarre belief. Especially when there is so much evidence non whites will make no exception for them. Many must believe they have fallen short of serving their masters and deserve the rage.

          • Barnard,

            I’ll give you the core of the issue. It is because they do not know fear. Know it at a visceral level. Haven’t experienced it truly because modern life is largely bereft of the common perils of old. They can play these games because they really don’t think their pets will eat them and they haven’t looked gruesome death in the eye. It’s a game. Something to break up the monotony and give purpose.

            It’s the same reason you read about people getting washed over the falls at Yosemite or falling into the Grand Canyon every year. It’s a trip to Disneyland for them. Or it is supposed to be they believe. Thrill simulation. The warning signs on the edge of the falls and the low rusty rail is there just to add to the “danger” vibe.

        • It’s worse than that – in many of them, it’s a self-hatred (combined with a hatred of Dad).

          • It’s good for us in the long term. We’ll go through a fertility bottleneck and the worst elements of society will be removed over the next one-hundred years. Self-haters don’t breed. Bye.

        • “They don’t believe that their dusky friends are talking about them specifically when they demonize “Whites.”

          Yes this, and some of these lefties take it one step further with the mock-Christ self-sacrifice bit. The washing black feet mania that recently occurred and the “acknowledgement” of their white privilege charades. They dont mean themselves really but they like the role of the lamb taking on the sins of the bad whites.

          It is a disgusting mockery of His sacrifice and disgusts me on too many levels to make a count.

          • Yes, even the ones supposedly doing penance are repenting, in their minds, for the sins of others. They are ashamed of other Whites’ racism and wish to show that shame publicly.

            Therefore, their penance is, in fact, not penance at all, but a very public shaming of other Whites. It’s simply good old fashioned virtual signaling. But make no mistake, the joy they feel degrading other Whites knows no bounds. They will take this as far as it can go, including the destruction of lives and inflicting pain.

      • The Left does believe in redemption — it is found in the secular utopia that will rise when Marxism is–Finally!!–really put into practice. Heaven will be here on earth when everyone is equal!

        • When we are all equal, there will be no work, no war, nor want.

          From the ashes of this fallen world, a New, and Perfected, One World will arise!

      • There’s heaven

        It’s a fancy manhattan penthouse or Swiss mountain retreat and getting to hang out with Harvey Weinstein and having sex with angels in the form of 12 year old girls and boys

        • Liberals used to like to say that American conservatives just see themselves as “temporarily embarrassed millionaires” and that that’s why they opposed high taxes and heavy regulation of business. There’s always been some truth in this though it’s a superficial and materialistic interpretation of people’s preference for freedom and responsibility.

          The other ideological side to this is that, largely through mass higher education, we’ve also created a class of people who think of themselves as temporarily embarrassed Obama/Hillary/Biden/Harris cabinet members, or maybe just working in some posh think tank in DC where they get to hang out with the powerbrokers and their kids go to elite private schools while they shop in Georgetown on weekends.

          I see a lot of these people here in Portland. They went to school for some vanity degree and then spent years after college working in retail, coffeehouses, or other shit jobs. Finally, they got their “big job”… shuffling grant paperwork at some Soros funded NGO in a run down office building where you need to watch for used needles near the door. They make about 45K/yr and rent a hugely overpriced flat in a decaying brick apartment building that will become their tomb when the Cascadia subduction fault gives way.

          In their own way, they are as far from their dream as the redneck Republican in his trailer park. The difference is that the redneck is at least on the right track. No, George W. Bush was never going to sit down and “have a beer with him”. His ideals of private enterprise and hard work though did actually have a (small) chance of making him rich. What’s more, his prosperity did not need to come from impoverishing others.

          The think-tank wannabes of the Left, though are fantasizing about one day getting to where they make the decisions about how to redistribute the pie (taking a big slice for themselves in the process of course). This is the old zero-sum game of socialism and it doesn’t create nearly enough big pie wedges for all the little commissars who want them. What to do with all the disappointed and disgruntled Party members after the revolution?? Then there’s the racial angle. This new American Soviet they are creating doesn’t just want to liquidate the Kulaks (BadWhites) but potentially ALL whites. This has got to make at least some of them very nervous.

      • The Left has pulled off an incredible feat, really.
        Not only have they utterly convinced their consort, be they black, female, gay, etc., into believing in an operating system that at its base is at almost complete odds with their own human natures, thereby consigning them to unfulfilled lives seeped in misery, they’ve actually got them FIGHTING, tooth and nail, for more of the same!

    • It’s a reversion to the ethos of paganism, if you are talking about the process whereby some victim is identified as the source of the existential crisis. How does Thebes fix their plague, threatening the existence of the city itself? Well, they find the guilty one who is at once a parricide, a regicide, and guilty of inc**t, blind him and cast him out. With the source of the crisis punished, the city is saved.

      For us, the source of our problems is the sin of racism. Fortunately, we know why that stain is with us and who it is that is guilty of it. Tearing those guilty ones limb from limb will fix our problems, you’ll see.

    • If you want a picture of Future America, imagine Wall Street and Hollywood stomping on a human face… forever.

  44. “What these items and many others have in common is a belief on the Left that they are in a great end-time struggle with a mysterious and sinister force.”

    And that mysterious and sinister force is reality itself.

    • It was, is and will continue to be a war with reality. This is probably the best way to describe a leftist – a reality denier.

      • Several good comments here. Some warnings, however: While we like to call the Leftist a reality-denier (and often, indeed, he is), others, and that includes us, are no more immune to that failing than the average foaming-at-the-mouth Egalitarian you derisively laugh at. It is a universal human failing to be convinced his own ideals are right and good and therefore, anyone who disagrees with him must be wrong at the least and evil at the worst. Rarely, verging on never, does a man stop, examine his principles against how well they square with reality, and adjust accordingly. I guess I’m just a spoilsport, but I say if you are afraid to test your claims against logic, reason and science, that indicates you aren’t very confident in their veracity. And probably with good reason.
        One of my favorite Nietzsche quotes is (approximately) “If you plan to fight monsters, see to it that you don’t become a monster yourself.”

        • While we like to call the Leftist a reality-denier (and often, indeed, he is), others, and that includes us, are no more immune to that failing than the average foaming-at-the-mouth Egalitarian you derisively laugh at.

          True. I will happily dismiss scientific evidence if it impinges on certain rights that I think a good society ought to have. I will happily dismiss logic and reason for the same. But all leftists take this further – I may be forced to concede your point about the viability of say, nuclear power; but I am never going to be mad at you because you think trannies are oddballs.

          Rarely, verging on never, does a man stop, examine his principles against how well they square with reality, and adjust accordingly.

          It is a pleasant and ideal scenario. I do this a lot in my hobbies. Sounds daft, but technical things like wood-working and programming require it. Although, people often don’t go to war over different techniques in these fields. But in human relations, I’d say it is more of a flaw to follow logic over emotion.

          I guess I’m just a spoilsport

          Heh. Not at all. Your points are valid. But for me personally, in my younger years, I think I was undone by relying too much on logic when it came to dealing with humans.

          One of my favorite Nietzsche quotes is (approximately) “If you plan to fight monsters, see to it that you don’t become a monster yourself.”

          Did old Freddy boy mean that we ought never to become monsters? Or that once we have become monsters to defeat monsters – we make sure to revert back to normal? If it was the former, was old Freddy boy ever jumped by a couple of youths outside a kebab shop at 2:00AM? You fight on the same terms as your enemies. Forgive me if I sound ignorance here, I’ve never read Nietzsche so am genuinely inquiring into the context of the quote.

          • Sounds like a different translation of the Abyss line.
            “When you stare into the Abyss, the Abyss stares back into you.”

    • In a sense, then, if reality can be defined as Mother Nature, and these people are working on the assumptions of Christian morality and impulse, albeit devoid of Christ himself, that this looks like just another Christian assault on paganism. Twisted as it ay be, but the spirit of it is the same.

    • They’re at war with nature, and therefore with Nature’s God. This is easy to see in all sorts of ways. I always liked Noah Webster’s original definition of the word “Sodomy”: simply “a crime against nature.” No need to try to explain it beyond what it actually is.

      • They’re at war with the Theory of Evolution.

        Pointing that out to Progressive is always good fun, given their “we believe in science” mantra.

        • It’s both God and the theory of evolution they work against. God clearly made different people groups with different traits. Evolution/nature also created different people groups with different traits.

          It’s also just plain old common sense lol. If I see a bear, I have a gut instinct to help me survive. Same goes when I see a black person. They think this survival instinct is bad.

          • When I lived in New York and visited NYC, I could walk around Chinatown all day surrounded by 100,000 Chinese and be perfectly at ease. But every time the Metro North train just stopped for a minute at 125th Street(Harlem) I was instantly on edge.

          • Try walking into one of these huge, spontaneous Trump caravan rallies.
            Feel the fear.

            I swear, some future historian will combine those videos and title it, “Triumph of the Will”.

          • You failed to speak of the stop before 125th st—that’s where all the remaining Whites got off. 😉

          • I’ve told the story many times of the time my mother came down for a visit and we all went to a nearby state park for a family picnic. I had six children at the time and they asked whether they could all go down to the swimming hole about 75 yds from the pavilion where I was cooking hamburgers. I gave them permission, and away they went. About 20 minutes later a car load of blacks and a couple of rough looking whites turned onto the road adjacent to our spot. My mother noticed them immediately and was trying to get my attention when all of a sudden my kids – the older ones with the younger ones in tow – came running in to the safety of their father’s protection. To which my mom reacted in almost disbelief. She said to me, “wow!, there’s no chance your kids will ever get into a bind when bad people are around.” I just chuckled and replied, “not under normal circumstances, no.” She then asked how I’d trained them to know when danger was around, and I answered, “I didn’t train them to know it, mom; we just don’t beat the common sense and natural instincts out of them and turn their brains into mush, that’s all.” My mom said to that, “hmmm.” LOL

        • The Theory of Evolution has been disproven by genetics. And indeed the leftists are the biggest proponents of the theory anyway. The Theory of Evolution is the core of their dogma of materialism, that life is not a divine creation but a random quirk of the randomly driven material world. It is the essence of their demoralization campaign.

          • It hasn’t been — at all. Lay off the VD, please. The guy isn’t half as smart as he’d like to think. He believes Qanon is real, so he’s obviously he’s not that bright. The evidence for evolution by natural selection is overwhelming. And much of that evidence comes from genetics. Endogenous retroviruses, for example. Closely related primates have these bits of genetic code indicating a past viral infection in a common ancestor which then diverged over time into separate species which also carried this same sequence. There are many other examples. Claiming evolution has been “disproved” is just signalling your appalling ignorance on the subject.

            “indeed the leftists are the biggest proponents of the theory anyway”

            Educated people with IQs above room temp.

            core of their dogma of materialism

            Conservative normies are some of the biggest materialists you’ll encounter. Always grilling, chugging beer, selfish, overweight.

            that life is not a divine creation but a random quirk of the randomly driven material world. It is the essence of their demoralization campaign.

            It’s not. Probably a majority of Chinese and Israelis are secular. Same with the Japanese. Their socieites are doing just fine. What’s truly wrong with Western society is that the vast majority of the population are rubes unworthy of the utopia you imagine. Culture is downstream of biology. It’s not lack of adherence to magic and superstition that’s the problem. The population itself is the problem.

          • Claiming evolution has been “disproved” is just signalling your appalling ignorance on the subject.

            What foolish talk. I have merely provided a claim, with no further elaboration to demonstrate either an abundance or lack of ignorance on the subject. You, however, have done just that, bringing such irrelevant arguments such as Qanon or beer chugging, attempting to discredit your own caricature of those who disagree with you through character assassination. Then you find a third party to project your own intellectual superiority complex onto. However, you betray your own mindset, which is that anyone who disagrees must be an idiot.

            To elaborate my claim, not only do I put forth that the theory of evolution has been disproved by modern genetics, but has been done so in five major ways. Each in itself is sufficient to discredit the theory of evolution. The proofs are above-and-beyond what is required however, because there is simply no evidence to back the theory of evolution: only endless conjecture.

  45. “Having conquered all known enemies on earth, the Left is now without a natural opponent. It is forced to invent supernatural ones in order to maintain that necessary fiction required of all mass movements.”

    Honestly, reading the histories of various leftist movements makes it clear that all of their movements were based on fighting a supernatural opponent. The temperance movement, for example, imbued alcohol with a malevolent spirit, like it was a magic potion. The abolitionist movement was very much a moralist movement, not an economic one. American progressives are just puritans without Jesus; they hate the devil and see him everywhere. They are good at casting out demons, as it were, but they never practice forgiveness. Christianity didn’t ever take with them, they are pagans through and through.

    • A vestigial Christian mythos hangs over everything about them

      Same with atheists whose morality has all the outlines and assumptions of Christianity but no Christ.

    • They learned a lot from prohibition. The main thing they learned is that without a bunch of people whose high incomes rely on prohibition, the voters will demand an end to prohibition. The great small gov party launched the war on drugs with a massive increase in the size of government and all new agencies tasked with prosecuting the war.

  46. “What these items and many others have in common is a belief on the Left that they are in a great end-time struggle with a mysterious and sinister force”

    I also believe this

      • And interestingly enough, those fanatics seem to congregate in media professions of one sort or another. They seek to promote their faith to a wide audience in any format that makes itself available.

        • Good point. I always assumed the media and Hollywood were leftist because they are comprised of gay drama queens. I didn’t consider they go into fields where they can evangelize. This also explains their dominance of academia, corporate marketing and HR.

          • While quite a few of the usual suspects are homosexuals (yes, I’m thinking of CNN), I believe the essence of the Media-Infotainment-Politics Consortium is, in fact, the Drama Queen.
            Many “normies” can take or leave the opportunity to appear on TeeVee, or see their name appear in Newspapers of Record, but to some individuals, this sort of exposure is absolutely addictive… and essential to any self-respect they might have.
            I don’t claim to understand the psychology involved, but I suspect that these folk feel some sort of giant defect or hole at the center of their life and personhood, and must have public adulation to fill it.

      • Well, that’s the question. Are the fanatics taking over from the merely clever. Can the David Brooks types control their underlings?

        The last generation of Progressives were more about taking control of the country and tweaking it, not dismantling the whole system. The upcoming generation wants to blow it up.

        • Huh?

          As compared to what?

          The “last generation of Progressives” you refer to ARE the ones who dismantled the whole system. We used to have a system that (as designed by the MEN who came up with it) largely prevented the kind of power concentration that we see today in the Federal government. Furthermore – the federal system made the states much more independent of the Federal government than they are now.

          I’ve read the way it used to be described as ” most US citizens in the age before the Progressives came along – had their main contact with the national government as their interaction with the US Post Office – other than that , the federal government was a non-entity in the lives of the citizens”.

          It was the “progressives” who blew that system apart by tweaking and dismantling all the vestiges of the previous order – all the while wearing the original design as a skinsuit over the centralized power structure that they created.

      • seems they have always run our society

        As you and others have well charted, the yankee puritanical streak runs through everything and takes on different forms

        Striking to me that even after a few centuries we haven’t been able to shake it

      • Yup. It seems like there are an army of Jans of Leiden running around turning a lot of our cities into mini-Munsters. May they find the same fate.

      • Whatever self policing mechanisms within the two major parties that once existed have completely disintegrated.

        Biden? Hillary? Trump? GW Bush II? Dole? Ridiculous choices all.

      • “Interestingly, this new oogily-boogily is mystical in an oriental way. The great evil at the center of it is never spoken of directly. It’s as if it is taboo to mention it.”

        I’m not so sure of that. The Left is pretty clear that the Great Evil Force is whiteness, and they speak about it all the time. “Racism” and “sexism” and “homophobia” are all traits of whiteness that must be purged. 

      • I believe that we’re in a struggle for our people.

        While I believe personally it’s a battle of good vs evil, I’ll try not to cloud my judgement with those emotions. To win, you have to be clear-headed and humble. Every once in a while, I watch this clip from Bruce Lee. (Yeah, it’s a chessy, dubbed movie, but his ideas are spot on.)

        “The Enemy Has Only Images and Illusions, Behind Which He Hides His True Motives. Destroy the Image and You Will Break the Enemy.”

        • While I believe personally it’s a battle of good vs evil

          As precise a description as any I can think of.

          And to match your fine quote:

          We are dreamers and visionaries while the liberals have become tired and scared. The liberals have lost the ability to dream and to evoke great emotions; all the liberals can do is to administer this ever growing misery and desperately cling on to the remnants of their waning power.
          Our dreams are nightmares to our enemies, we are believers and our enemies are left with desperation – we have faith, they have fear.
          No matter how the liberals try to deny it, we are already in their nightmares, no matter how they try to resist, deep down they already see their own demise.
          Uneasiness turns into worry and worry into a full-blown panic. The liberals can already see this path before them. When the liberals try to warn people about us they always paint a picture of a sinister, relentless and cunning movement – a force of nature more like – that feeds on the turmoil, desperation, anger and hardship the liberals themselves have brought about but cannot cure.
          In short the liberals subconsciously already admit that they are the disease and we are the cure.

          • Only the DR offers Whites a future. The Left offers first subjugation and then extinction.

        • Agreed, that mysterious force the elites are so scared of is just white people. The whiter they are, the more scary. They’re so terrified that they decided to import hundreds of millions of non-whites to dilute our power, at the eventual expense of their own prosperity and safety.

          White people esp. NW euros do have a certain energy and it is quite intense particularly when it’s un-pozzed. The kind that would reach the moon.

        • As a man who spent three years at war I can attest we do not “have to be clear headed and humble” but rather ruthless and merciless and convinced of your cause. There is no other path to victory. I know, I was on the losing side.

          • Quite true. But being clear-headed about your opponent and yourself is extremely important to winning at anything.

            However, you are correct. At the moment, our opponent is far more merciless than our side, willing to destroy lives, imprison and even kill. Are we ready for that?

          • When you fight for the world’s only superpower you have no need to be humble, you can just steamroller anyone who looks at you funny.

            It’s a different kettle of fish when the enemy is stronger than you.

          • Ruthless and merciless isn’t a problem for the US military. Never was. Especially these days since it’s all push-button ops. I suspect you’re referring to Vietnam. I don’t know, what, in your three years in, that you actually recall, but things were bad in the end. That “merciless and ruthless attitude” you wag your finger about? That’s all the military had left in the end – high body enemy body counts and hamlets burned; not to mention all the broken veterans cast off and POWs left behind. There was no clear mission. No reason to be there.

          •  I know, I was on the losing side.

            For non-Americans, “losing” means enemy soldiers are in your country, buying blowjobs from your girlfriend with nylons and chocolate.

    • The Devil is not really that mysterious. His goals are plain – destruction and damnation. Not really worth our time to think about him. Focus on Christ instead (who has already won the war!)

      • Why do we have to blame “the devil” on what is obviously a human failing? Seems like yet another conservative cope / excuse to do nothing. Think about it. If everything is all “the devil’s fault”, then there’s really nothing you can do about it except keep your head down and go about your business. You don’t really expect to be able to beat a genius supernatural, nearly omnipresent, being in a contest of global chess, do you? This mentality more than anything is what allowed this nightmare world to happen.

        Conservatives deluded themselves into doing nothing because they thought they were up against an unbeatable foe when, in reality, there were viable solutions to these problems. One is red state secession. It solves practically all of your problems over night, but watch someone make an excuse for doing nothing every time this option is presented –>

        … have more kids (but live under tyranny for a century in the mean time), build communities (all of which will be subverted by the national government), “we’ve got all the guns and they can’t be taken away” (there are ways of getting enough of them), “we’ll win the next civil war because we’re the ones who know how to use guns” (tell that to the patriot crowd who got owned by a well-trained and coordinated antifa in Portland).

        Conservatives would rather do nothing and end up living in a tyranny than save themselves. That’s the real reason you lost, not “the devil.” Grilling and chilling is just too important to some. Comfort + excuses > freedom + work. The “devil did it all” is really just a rationalization for that human failing.

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