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A funny thing happens every four years around this time. People get tired of following politics and things get a bit quiet. In the before times, the ad blitz on radio and television is what did it for most people. By the last weekend of the election it was almost all political ads depending upon where you lived. Today, with everyone immersed in mass media, it is just a general fatigue. That’s why the show this week is about everything but the coming election. It’s a bit of a housecleaning show.

Election fatigue may explain why more and more people are voting early. Once they vote they can ignore politics with a good conscience. The civic impulse is strong, even with the crazies on the Left, maybe more so with them, so getting this obligation over with allows for the mind to shut down and stop consuming politics. If someone mentions the election they can just say, “I already voted so it does not matter.” it seems like a good way to head off any proselytizing.

Of course, the Left tends to dominate early voting. There was a survey kicking around that showed that 81% of people who will vote for Biden voted early, while only 32% of Trump voters planned to vote early. This makes some sense. The Left is all about immanentizing the eschaton, so early voting allows them to enjoy the fantasy they are sure will come true on election day. Conservatives, in contrast, approach elections with a sense of dread and foreboding, like going to the gallows.

That is the one innovation Trump has brought to politics. His rallies are like rock concerts, where people go expecting to have a fun with other fans. Holding these in the final weeks of the campaign works as both entertainment relief and social proof to the people still unsure of their choice. The visuals are very good optics. You can be sure that the political consultants will cook up Potemkin versions of these. The difference is they will be completely fake, maybe held on a Hollywood sound stage.

Even so, the election madness is coming to an end. It looks like the story is following the 2016 script with the polls “suddenly getting tight.” Biden plans to spend the final days in places we were told were safe just a week ago. He will be mumbling to an empty room in Minnesota, a state that has not voted Republican in almost 50 years. It has nothing to do with their polling. That’s ridiculous. He is six million points ahead in the polls and a metaphysical lock to win on Tuesday.

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This Week’s Show


  • 00:00: Opening
  • 02:00: What About Todd? (Link)
  • 12:00: Blacks In The Forest (Link)
  • 22:00: Bloodsuckers (Link)
  • 32:00: Stupid Conservatives (Link)
  • 42:00: Climate Anxiety (Link)
  • 52:00: The Stoop (Link) (Link)
  • 57:00: Closing

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160 thoughts on “Old News

  1. I have it on good authority that “El Dio de los Mueltos” (the “Day of the Dead”) which would normally be celebrated tomorrow, November 1st, will this year be celebrated by Democrats on Tuesday, November 3rd. “By hook or by crook”; for Democrats it’s not just a saying, it’s a major political strategy!

    In other news, (I’m quoting a piece on Huffpost)

    House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said Friday that all three Supreme Court justices appointed by President Donald Trump should recuse themselves from cases tied to potential election disputes because they have already demonstrated that they want to make it harder for people to vote and have a conflict of interest because Trump nominated them.

    “I don’t trust the Supreme Court one bit,” Pelosi told HuffPost in an interview. “Even the court cases they have decided in our favor, they said they will revisit, and it’s just appalling.”

    Think I’ll let Mitch McConnell respond to that

    “We live in a constitutional republic. The legitimacy of an outcome does not depend on the feelings it provokes in politicians. Legitimacy comes from precedents, rules, and ultimately the Constitution. 

    Democrats want President Trump to keep repeating that the election will be legitimate regardless of whether he wins. But here in the Senate, the very same people are saying that our vote on Monday will only be valid if they like the outcome. Our Republic cannot abide any political faction making ‘illegitimate’ a sloppy synonym for ‘we’re not happy.

    Reckon the same principle obtains regarding who ought to recuse themselves? I seem to recall Justice Kagan failing to recuse herself on a matter in which she was HERSELF DIRECTLY INVOLVED! Yup, the Z Man hit the bullseye dead center when he wrote

    The partisans are an ends justifies the means mode of thought. They are unconstrained by rules or convention. In fact, they are not limited by what they said last week, as last week was a different time with different goals. 

  2. The discussion on this thread made me look up Stoop Nilsson. A cursory perusal of his (?) site reveals that he (and I say that because he honestly looks like a female transitioning to male), reveals that, in the end, the guy offers no value to society. The guys description is a bunch of meaningless attributes.

    in a balanced society, the guy would be eaten by wolves.

  3. I too am pretty much done with any kind of political news for a while. I think everyone has had a chance over the last 10 months to say everything they wanted to say. I have listened. I am tired of listening. This whole “let me start my sales pitch by insulting or terrorizing you” way of approaching politics has been the worst. Unfortunately I think the vast majority of our fellow citizens are such morons that there is no other way to get their attention so we are going to have to learn to live with this kind of politics forever. Democracy only works if you have a certain type of engaged, stakeholder citizenry though. We will probably never have anything more than tens of millions of renters, most of whom don’t even speak a common language, begging for government handouts from now on. There is nothing to talk about with such people.

    • I watched that before going to bed last night. Bad idea. We’ve got some bona fide lunatics determined to bring dystopia out of the world of fiction and into reality in our midst.

  4. Camping and hiking require some physical fitness. Going uphill hauling an extra three or four hundred pounds would have to be a deterrent.

  5. As far as websites with paywalls, use the excellent Brave browser and turn off scripts in the preferences.

  6. Z, your Stupid Conservatives segment was excellent. These people, and Libertarians too, infuriate me to no end with their cowardice and capitulation. I recall your aphorism — “If you see a Libertarian, beat him. He will know why.”

    Look at this year’s riots: whatever one thinks of them, the LARPY guys in “our thing” who made mistakes or got burned from 2016-2018 actually stayed away this time. But since the elite need their “white supremacist” boogeyman, the Libertarians happily swarmed in to fill the void. An army of Garrett Fosters paraded around in camo, sucked black cock (“We support BLM!!!”) and were used by the FBI.

    • From the comments:

      Dr Mike Yeadon yesterday with Anna Brees on Youtube. In summary: there have been NO excess deaths from all respiratory illnesses for 4 months now. Many tests are false positives, this would go away in 3 weeks if people stopped rushing for a test. This so called Pandemic was over by the end of Summer. What we have now is a FRAUD. 99.74% of people do not need a vaccine because this is a mild illness for them.

    • Right? But on a serious note, 2% is a lot more than it sounds. When thinking about these people, and how many you can deal with living near you, 0% is obviously a utopia, but even 1% in a smaller town ends up being a lot more annoying than it sounds. Tenths of a percentage point become deal breakers. Think about a fairly small town of 10,000 people. 200 is WAY TOO MANY OF THEM. 100 is a lot! Allow me to play make believe for a moment to make a point- If I were to design a country or ethnostate, and someone put a gun to my head saying you have to include a small minority of them, whose population could never go beyond replacement, .5% would be as high as I could go. That decimal is extremely important. In this age we conceptualize things in percentages and in huge scales, for obvious reasons, but going forward, we may want to reconsider. A couple dozen joggers is about my limit in a small-medium size town.

      • Zero is the correct number. ZERO. You let in the nice well-spoken credentialed couple and they will be the camel’s nose under the tent to let in the snarling underclass.

        People fall for sample bias EVERY DAMN TIME. Exploitation of most people’s ignorance of statistical thinking is a staple of propaganda. It’s not most people’s fault: we are simply under- and mis-educated because of the low standards required for diversity equality.

        Joseph Sobran: “In one hundred years we have gone from teaching Latin and Greek in high school to teaching remedial English in college.”

        • Public high school, 1980’s, west michigan; top 4 in the state. Latin and ancient greek (which I still read surprisingly well) all four years. Algebra 9th, trig & calculus 10th, linear algebra and theory 11th, leading edge computer science taught by the local lab, and discrete maths in 12. I held the “smart jock” title and fulfilled the role pretty well.

          Earlier, public elementary school. I was given lead role, father Crawford (dad) in our 6th grade play, “It Happens Every Christmas.” The Christian Bible passaged frequently. At our elementary school, everybody in the community invited, and lots of old folks attended. The principal wore his national guard uniform to school.

          The times they have changed.

        • I agree 100%. I’m trying to keep my expectations lower in case things don’t pan out for us, but you are absolutely correct, ZERO is the correct percentage. I know all about the brothers, cousins, nephews, nieces, aunts and uncles all of the ‘nice’ ones inevitably have, from first hand experience unfortunately, or maybe fortunately I suppose. Fool me twice? Nope.

  7. Stoop! Wasn’t there a Bowery Boy named Stoop? Along with Slip and Satch?
    Stoop! The love child of Hillary and Richard Spencer!
    Stoop! America turns its lonely eyes to you!
    Stoop! Who read Allen Ginsberg’s America (“America! I’m putting my queer shoulder to the wheel!) and a career of service was born!
    Stoop! What more needs to be said?

  8. The Trump Administration has been like America turning on the kitchen light in the middle of the night. The cockroaches have been revealed. The choice for America now is do they start stomping them or turn off the light and go back to sleep.

    • Excellent analogy.
      It will be lit AF watching the Left telling the public to go to hell as they drag the election into the courts and threaten and cajole judges all the way to the White House.

    • I once found a roach so big in my kitchen, that I didnt even kill it. I just left the apartment and it was gone when I got back.

      We will see what the American people choose. The nice white ladies certainly just want to go back to bed.

  9. The collective message of these stories is that there’s stupid, which I understand because different people have different endowments, and then there’s insanity, where some suffer from clear mental breakdowns. The distinction is that stupidity can be tolerated because its actions are usually localized and its consequences swift, so its impact is self-limiting and preventive deterrence is rarely necessary. That’s the four Smiths. On the other hand, insanity spirals out untethered from reality; taints the lives of many randomly and chaotically, often when they have no intended connection to the agents of that insanity; yet it typically provokes a therapeutic response instead of a deterrent one, so the insanity must first be suffered and then understood and forgiven with a sort of enforced compassion. That’s Stoop Nilson, who in former times would have been burned as a witch. It seems like the levels of insanity are ratcheting ever upwards at an accelerated pace. The “airmiles” of green beans? For f**k sake, are they fresh and reasonably priced? Yes, then buy; no, then don’t. Existential crisis in the grocery aisle averted.

  10. I really liked the commentary about vibrants now having a God-given right to hang around white people.

    I believe Sailer noticed a similar phenomenon in the context of the US’ primary educational system.

    • The non-whites themselves enjoy being in whites’ company. They are quite eager to add in a white person to their social circles. It seems to add status to them – yeah this white guy is hanging out with me – same as they lust after white women. Of course, this is all dependant on being good looking and relatively wealthy. To them white trash are lower than scum.

      It’s just part of our new status obsessed 3rd world society. Whites would be well advised to learn that status signalling is now the most important thing socially.

      That’s why whites shouldn’t despair and get down. Our people conquered the americas! Be the best version of you and there are so many opportunities, many are simply biological in nature. You are a king, act like it.

      • However they also like to shit test whites, they will make fun of you for being white or whatever. It is a strange dynamic, most whites don’t understand because they either white flighted or get despaired with changing demographics and can’t see through media lies.

      • Now I don’t like the Fellas being around any more than you do. However, there is one situation where you should be tolerant. This is more likely to happen in a school or work setting, but I guess could happen anywhere. That is the case of the Oreo. While a statistical rarity, it’s a fact that there is that Talented Tenth, the black person that, to all appearances, has white values, skills and intelligence. Unless an adversarial relationship already exists, you should befriend and cultivate such a person. He is probably as grateful to be around tolerant (?) white folk as he is to be away from his, um, tribe.
        That doesn’t mean you have to introduce him to your unmarried daughter, nor that you invite him to go hunting with you. The goal here is to make him as white as you can. By doing this, you will be sowing fear and discord among the enemy camp 🙂

  11. Every new offense comes with the unshakable feeling that people are going to get fed up and stop pretending and going along to get along.
    But Stoop is just the latest offense. Just wait until you meet Stoop’s older brother, an avowed child and animal “lover”
    Accepting the latest offense does nothing but ensure the next one.
    In a sane world, Stoop, Samantha (Isom) and the rest would be part of the beatnicks and “artists” strung out on heroin in the ghetto. Instead, they are the middle class bureaucrats making our lives hell and imposing a cost on the rest of us.

  12. Z, I noticed at the beginning of the hiking segment you pronouncing the word “strong” like the former first lady does “shtrong”. You have to get out of Lagos before its too late.

    • I have a sneaking suspicion our mutual friend is a Jewish man with a taste for dark meat. 😆😆

  13. thanks for election break Z, had a good public madman laugh at Starbucks this morning after reading a story about some blacks trying to get into Disney World with a loaded (one in the chamber)9mm in the lovely ladies pocketbook. In the photo she’s wearing a Tupac shirt and he’s sporting the “look at my bloomers “double knit ensemble with backpack full of chips look. I’m not a fan of the four fingered mouse who seems to have a hard time managing his money and always needs more, but if I was forced to go to a place like that ,mr Springfield wouldn’t be on the list with the sunscreen.

    • The nine was just to keep they keedz quiet. Point it at ’em, sideways of course, and say loudly POW! Latrinashanecqua and Kang Dontavious Shitavious, IV, done hush right up.

  14. Zman,

    The guy who wrote that article at UnHerd re SJWs and the American Revolution is the guy who used to be known as PT Carlo on Twitter.

  15. What about voter fraud, Z. Last time I asked you thought it was inevitable that the dems would find enough ballots to win. You think Trump is gonna pull another one off?

    • I’m calling this a toss-up. In a fair election, he wins handily, but our elections are riddled with corruption now, so who knows.

  16. Re: racket

    The future for us, especially young men, basically falls along these lines. It’s all about influence/clout, for social media influencers. For others, they’re running some scams or rackets or side hustle. For the lower IQ, it’s selling drugs.

    Everything is a racket and everyone has some scheme, indicative of our 3rd world descent. Corporate world is filling up with h1b and strong wahmen leaving men (of all races) left to scheme. White guys in particular don’t seem to have either the tribal ability or the scheming ability, which is where I believe many problems for our people come from.

    • Someone over at Sailer’s blog pointed out that the main issue with White guys is –

      Pathological Individualism

      • I was thinking the rest have Pathological Tribalism.

        No matter what Scuzzy-G does, they tribe up on his side.

    • It’s all about influence/clout, for social media influencers.

      Young women all over the world are making a mint on social media.

      they’re almost as useless as the trader featured in this week’s podcast.

    • Yeah, but white men make excellent soldiers and mercs — the original freelance employees — so there’s always that path when the excess racketeering inevitably leads to war.

      • Now imagine what hard, mean, heartless bastards the whites will be when:

        1. They’ve been shat on for a few generations.
        2. The guards realize they have the guns.

        May all of the Others’ worst nightmares come true.

  17. No early voting, no mail in voting, absentee ballots for deployed military and the bedridden only. Everybody else shows up on election day, presents their ID, and gets a paper ballot. Voter rolls updated every September, notices sent to those removed. Presto!, free and fair elections you can trust.

    There, got that off my chest.

    • also: purple ink on the fingers, so you can’t drive over to a neighboring state and vote there also.

      • Dying someone’s finger with ink that lasts for a week or so is actually a very simple and effective hedge against voter fraud.

        It is easy for the poll monitors to verify the dyed digit. No one trying to commit voter fraud is going to intentionally dye their finger for the poll monitors to see.

        As an added bonus, it provides the involved citizen with a bit of visual virtue signaling to go with their, “I Voted!” sticker.

    • With you all the way – but first let’s severely limit the franchise. No voting rights for government employees. No voting rights for those accepting government benefits, or receiving income from government contracts. Then hang all the lobbyists.

  18. In regards to these fools that assess the cost of air miles green beans in the supermarket. I deal with a small German company (nine employees) for certain tech items. The owner was smugly bragging about how when he deals with the chinese companies in manufacturing, he concluded the carbon footprint of shipping by train rather than air was the right thing to do. Takes far longer but he sleeps better. The look on his face was one of, is anyone going to give me a pat on the head?

    • Goes back to the neutral arbiter thing. All whites think there is one.

      He thinks the neutral arbiter will pat him on the head of being green. Normiecons think that by howling about the hypocrisy of the left, the neutral arbiter will step in and do something somehow.

      In reality no, the Chinese just laughs at dumb roundeye and that’s about it.

      • (“the neutral arbiter thing”–

        a particular bit o’ brilliance, helps me a lot. Thanks, tip o’ the hat)

        D. Wright, that right there is yet another entire course in economics. We’re going to have to rewrite everything.

        (Hey, D-Right would make a nice rapper name! Yo yo yo muh brutha, ‘sup widdit?)

  19. Go hiking quite often in parks near a large city. Never saw many blacks, but Indians now proliferate everywhere. Most seem to be high-caste brahmins and actually stay quiet and clean up after themselves, but anyone who has been to India will testify to what happens when they hit critical mass.

    • Indians are weird that way. There used to be a pajeet restaurant near me, where the backend would be just utterly trashed out during the day, but spotless come nightfall.

    • Indians can do well and help maintain a white built society, as long as there are enough whites to keep things running. They just can’t build one.

      • Depends on the caste they come from. They maintain a nuclear arsenal and have designed their own jet fighters. There are Indians and there are Indians.

      • You are forgetting two vital things.

        1. They are not us.
        2. They never forget, and always prefer, their own people.
    • Went camping in a Western NC park last weekend. The campsite nearest to us had a large group of Asians who circled their SUV’s like a 19th century wagon train. They covered the SUV’s with a giant tarp and set up their battery operated TV’s, radios, their huge propane stove, etc., etc. We are totally effed, America. Enjoy.

  20. Interesting part about the leftist/hippy type outdoors associations. A commenter yesterday (or the day before) posted a link to a North Face video with Alex Honnold – The New Normal. I was very much into climbing when younger and the ‘scene’ – at least since I had been there – was always very pozzed.

    In fact, some of the climbers/boulderers/mountaineers that I associated with had that typical hippy vibe – easy going – dare I say it: libertarian. I enjoyed the climbing, but I always felt an outcast, many of these people just seemed to want to escape any measure of responsibility. I often found the attitude to their own children was very ‘hands off’, in the sense that they just didn’t seem to care too much. Some I knew, even in fatherhood, seemed clueless and without direction, and these types seemed quite normal in those circles.

    In short, I am surprised North Face didn’t jump the shark far sooner, but I am not surprised by the actions of the hippy hikers and their ilk.

    • That’s a shame. It’s a dangerous hobby. Anyone willing to get out in nature and rock climb has conscientiousness and could be a net positive for society. Probably the type who should want some responsibility.

      I get the impulse to drop out, and I did so to a degree in my 20s, but then I got to thinking that was part of the problem. Maybe too late to make a big difference myself, but younger people should consider it.

      • Maybe too late to make a big difference myself, but younger people should consider it.

        I don’t know about that. If you’re here, you’ve done the hard part. For what it’s worth, even if you are hounded to the ends of the Earth – you’re not deluded.

        Once you’ve realised that there is a problem, preparation is key. It may not save us, but still, it is something. You are one more person not spewing leftist garbage; and this outlook is vital to young people that may fall under your stewardship somehow. Especially if you have your own kids.

        That’s a shame. It’s a dangerous hobby. Anyone willing to get out in nature and rock climb has conscientiousness and could be a net positive for society. Probably the type who should want some responsibility.

        Yes. It is a shame. It is a very arduous sport and even some of the players at amateur level were impressive enough. I used to train indoors with a guy in his mid 50s who had one of the most impressive techniques and physiques I’d seen. But as B124 mentions below, it is a sport full of ‘shitlibs and hippies’.

        • Youth is wasted on the young, and that wasted youth is what got me here, so maybe you’re right. I hope having to learn things people used to take for granted serves my generation and those after us in the long run.

          I really think the hippie types who aren’t total losers have the potential to be, if not righties, at least responsible liberals. People you can disagree with but still tolerate. Be it education or affluent parents, there’s a lot of nurture keeping them from realizing their potential.

    • National parks and hiking are generally for shitlibs and hippies, hunting and going into some random woods is for right wingers. I have never met a single hiker or rock climber who wouldn’t bitch at me for not saying BLM.

      Of course the jogger stuff is annoying, but shitlibs are just pozzing themselves again. Just like urban minneapolis being destroyed, or blacks being bussed into urban schools. Liberalism really is a mental disorder lol.

      • I don’t even know what hiking is

        Out here people will say “I’m going hiking” which means they go strolling along a dirt trail by the Hollywood Reservoir

        We used to call that “taking a walk”

        • Falcone: Go check out Los Padres National Forest, an hour up the 5 Freeway, north of LA. You won’t find the typical LA “hiking” crowd out there.

      • You would think there is considerable overlap between the stores that sell hunting gear and those that sell camping gear. Yet there is none whatever. I notice that Arc’teryx sells tactical clothing for soldiers & cops, but does so on a totally separate web site.

    • The North Face is pushing the WEF’s Great Reset.

      They have made all their sponsored athletes make a public pledge to the Reset.

      It’s all so North Korean….

    • Yeah – there was a climbing documentary i saw a while back that outlined the history of the sport, noting that the parents of the Boomers were just trying to chill in the parks with their towed RV, while the noble Boomers were doing real climbing and transforming it into something amazing and authentic.

      • I have tremendous respect for true mountaineers, i.e those who are willing to challenge the peaks of the Himalayas, Andes, Caucasus, etc. It’s probably the manliest sport. At least it used to be. Nowadays I think you can take an escalator to the summit of Everest, so, like everything else, it’s been dumbed down.

        But your garden-variety hikers are little more than AWR softies.

  21. i understand the Z’s weariness about discussing this years election but for those interested in some good analysis and predictions go over to the Cotto Gottfried You Tube stream.
    Cotto does a good job on this stuff although his audio is sometimes low quality.
    I keep telling Cotto to get a decent microphone but I keep telling Nancy Pelosi to lay off the vodka too.
    Neither is successful.

    • Cotto does a good job on this stuff although his audio is sometimes low quality.

      Cotto’s audio is ridiculously bad. To me, it’s impossible to listen.

  22. Why are there so few people of color hiking and camping in our national parks?

    Hiking’s a white thing. This keeps them away in addition to the fact that they don’t seem to like it. Perhaps if there is a government check at the end of the route, attendance would boom.

    • Now, I can prove that the Black man is the smartest man in the world.

      Every winter, newsflash: three ice climbers trapped on the mountain!

      Desperate rescue attempt!

      And they’re always… three white climbers.

      The Black man, chillin’ in his crib, be sayin’, “Go up there?! You crazy? It’s snowin’! No, HAIL no, I ain’t goin’ up there!”

    • You’ll also note that Hutus aren’t heavy on the ground at Mostly Mozart festivals. Given their musical tastes, I cannot imagine why.

  23. Not many black people go camping!


    Its a problem!


    Because its racist!

    It’s racist that blacks don’t want to go camping?



    • Went camping on Kentucky Lake last week. Everyone we met were salt-of-the-earth Dirt People. Everyone was armed. Everyone was red-pilled. Everyone had tangible skills and knew how to take care of themselves. These are the people that strike fear into the heart of the progressive.

      • Well they strike fear when they are unified and have a purpose…Alone they are just targets for the left…I’ve been going out and talking with people that are flying Trump flags or have signs in their yard and you would be amazed at how many of them are our guys they just don’t know where to direct their energy so they back Trump because he has the organization… Trying to learn and do something hope others can as well…

        • Lineman – massive upvote on that point. You’re absolutely correct … knowing where to direct our energies is crucial, which is why I think polititainment is a waste of time. Tools, skills, & neighbors are where it’s at. Kudos to you for building those local alliances.

          • I think we only use politics to further our goals locally…I voted for Trump because I think I can do that under him easier than I could under a Harris admin…

        • Vet carefully before you trust. Our deceivers know a lot about how are exploitable. I have suffered this.

        • What I am hearing more and more lately is that our next move is going to have to be to try to flip the Senate to our guys, or at least candidates who are not swamo creatures and who are committed to our broader goals – end replacement immigration, force big tech to stop censoring and deplatforming – by Primarying the Republican races. That means identifying the candidate in the first place, maybe the hardest part, picking a populist Republican who will challenge a Republican incumbent for the Senate. After that, it means getting out your wallet and contributing heavily to this guy’s campaign, getting in the car and showing up to his rallies and being really loud and vocal – in other words show the Republican Party Machine in your state that this guy has broad support and they had better take him seriously. After that campaign hard for him, knock on doors – Republican doors – and explain to people that the incumbent has been telling them what they wanted to hear for years while stabbing them in the back, but that your candidate is going to do what we elected President Trump to do.

      • Count your blessings. Last time I camped (car camped), my neighbors were young White people. Not bad in itself and I even liked their music, but even I draw the line at Black Sabbath at 5 AM… 😀

  24. Elections remind me of how I used to approach Monday Night Football … I’d watch one quarter of a boring game then opt for early-to-bed. I could always check the score in the morning – even see the highlight film.

    Let’s see what happens on Nov 4th and make adjustments as necessary. Would probably be a good idea to have an online “cart” filled with necessities (e.g. toilet paper, ammo). If Biden wins click “Complete Order” ASAP.

    • I am absolutely fascinated by the American election. It used to be that the dirt bags and the palm rubbers operated from the shadows – and got away with it. Now that whitey is finally catching on to the grift and walking away from the games with rigged rules – these swamp creatures are coming out into the light and trying to pull their chit in broad daylight. It really is incredible when you see some of these ridiculous people out in the open without their media fart catchers and lickspittles to spin them and shine them. Pelosi’s antics were worth the trip alone. Watching Nadler shit himself on camera? And then Biden vapour locks when he and his son’s shenannigans and perversions go public?
      I ask you, Dissidents: how are you not entertained? Trump’s gonna win. Heritage Americans are getting sick and tired of losing to nutters. You dissidents here do NOT sound like lunatics. Have faith.

      • I hear you but I still prefer the post-game highlights. Maybe it’s an age thing … as an adult I’ve watched this “game” through 10 election cycles, each one of which was “the most important election of our time.” The actors change, the plot doesn’t.

          • Agree. But for those who just recently (i.e. the Trump years) swallowed the red pill, there’s no need to rally those of us who saw where this was all headed back in the 90s. The few and proud of my generation have observed the critical mass building for years. Most of us are prepared. Allies are welcome to the party but we don’t need the hectoring.

        • The Media, Academia, Hollywood, the Medical establishment, and the Deep State/CIA /FBI have declared your White Male ass an enemy of the State. This election is the most important of our lifetime. Full stop.

          • Sure, OK, we’re on the same team … some folk on this blog have a hard time with the notion of alliances. You’ll have to excuse me for recognizing my status as “enemy of the state” about 25 years ago. Trump exposed the traitors, but those same traitors have been around a LONG f’ing time. If you’re just now recognizing this, welcome to the party. Feel free to get enthusiastic or anxious about the election returns, just give me leave to read about it the next morning. Either way we’re allies, OK?

          • In 2016, I went to bed at my usual time. Never watched TV or listened to radio for election results. Informed the wife, under no circumstances to wake me or inform me as to results. Slept like a baby as they say. On the other hand, wife stayed glued to the TV and in the morning when she sensed I was rousing exclaimed, “TRUMP WON!”. Some things never change. 😉

          • This election is extremely important, but only from a psychological standpoint. The cathexis of defending/destroying trump is so intense that, regardless of the outcome, the two halves of the country will be out for the other half’s blood. This election could catalyze the house of card’s collapse, but make no mistake–America is already stone-cold dead. If the 2020 election doesn’t put it in the grave, some other event will. It’s just a matter of what and when.

        • Nonsense.
          I’m 56. I remember an age when Corporal Klinger and Stoop Whatsernut were jokes, not credentialed professionals and role models. I remember when noggers got shot in the commission of a crime, and people laughed and thought it was great.
          You’ve finally got a candidate that will at least talk about immigration. You finally have one with the courage to flip off the press. Remember when Nancy flipped off Trump and decided to go on a junket to the Middle East to suck off the moslems? Trump grounded the plane and told that drunken bitch she wasn’t going anywhere until she got some of her work with him done. This guy is not the new boss, same as the old boss. If I am correct, and Whites are finally waking up… this could be a historical inflection point.
          I strongly suspect he has a sharp eye on you dissidents too. I’ve seen guys like our esteemed blog host, Heartiste, and others Gabbing and blabbing about issues… and their verbiage turns up in a presidential tweet or remark. Never in my life have politicians of either party ever given us so much as the time of day. He makes the Left lose its chit.
          The pendulum is beginning to move. Watch closely or you’ll miss it!😊

          • “Watch closely or you’ll miss it!”

            Sure, I’m watching, albeit skeptically. Just nowhere near as optimistic as you, and surprised that you’re of my generation without having devolved into political cynicism. We’re nearing the end of the “gabbing and blabbing” phase … it probably gets a bit sportier from here on out, with or without Trump. Kudos to him for “outing” the enemy but this won’t be his fight.

            Sometimes we’ll see a comment here like “We’re not gonna vote our way out of this” and it will get 75 upvotes. Why??? Our side KNOWS where this is all going, and Trump is helping with the acceleration. Well and good – IF you’re ready, armed, able to contribute to community. Knowing the basics of small-unit tactics would be an added bonus.

          • I sense it as well. As I’ve remarked previously, talk radio—national and local—is now filled with discussion of “White” this, “White people” that. In short, race aware. Such was never before discussed, except possibly in the negative, as short awhile ago as the Obama era. The logical follow on will be discussion of group differences and from there an understanding of the problems of the day involving diversity.

        • Yep, wash, rinse, repeat. The only variation is how fast the elected official break their promises made to the electorate.

        • I think I can confidentially predict a lot of Drama.

          Then nothing much.

          Unless the Left overreaches, and makes a mistake.

          Truth is they hold the playable cards. The govt is quite in check, the masses are in check (see COVID) the Right doesn’t actually exist in any viable organization that can dethrone the Left. Mind you the Left is already at their limits of real power; Gulags take right wingers. The Left holds the cards. Be hopeful ~ the Left however is insane and does not know the limits. Reality to them is what they tell each other …should they tell each other they can reach for raw force…

          … then perchance they’ll be a viable opposition to them created at last. Maybe.

          Short version; if they keep playing Fabian the Left will keep growing. Should they attempt an actual violent overthrow or repression ~ perhaps at last we’ll stand. We’ll have a long hill to climb, starting with nothing but atomized groups at best and only a common dislike.
          Our numbers and arms are encouraging, and that is all.

    • maybe that was the case in 2008 and 2012 but this election will a clincher all the way to the end. do democratic operatives really think trump ahs a 10% chance of winning. no way.

    • “Adjustments?” By then it’ll be too late to adjust the windage 😀
      In one of the week’s amusing reversals, Wal*Mart first decided to lock up the guns & ammo but quickly reversed themselves. My guess is the goods are selling fast enough to outweigh the risk of looters. Also, it was free publcity.

  25. Congratulations Stoop! As soon as I saw that picture, I thought of the villain from a story I drafted a while ago about the Spanish Civil War.
    Originally they were going to be unambiguously male, but I think someone like Stoop fits better!

  26. The last thing I want to see in the forest or any national nature park are damn joggers. It’s jarring enough seeing them wandering around our sub 10% city. They’re like frickin roaches.

      • You know what will get black people camping? Civilizational collapse. One generation they will be living outdoors under the stars

        • under the stars in the mass zoos where we can drive through and toss them treats from the sun roof, watch them race for it like gazelles, well, except for the hottentots. Sure, they’ll still be murdering one another in full daylight but it will be with sticks and stones and we’ll just tell our carload to avert their eyes and keep the Nikes out of view.

    • It’s hilarious to go to any of the more bourgeois outdoor clothing websites these days.

      The product models are all the most bizarre forms of mystery meat, making them the sort of humanoid one never sees outside an urban center, much less in the great outdoors.

      • REI cracks me the frack up. I get their emails and snail mail promotions – you are exactly right. While all their customers notice the amusing fairyland composition, I suspect most view them as aspirational.

        • L L Bean is right up there as well. Case in point, ad in magazine for clothing. Family in their L L Bean flannels. One White male adult (father), one Black female adult (mother, Caucasian features) holding White, red haired toddler to her chest, One White 10yo boy, one dark Black 12yo female, one 6ish White girl.

          Yep, the “new” all-American family—suggestion courtesy of L L Bean.

          • Are you absolutely certain she didn’t make those films just to pay the rent? Weren’t just a shitload of jobs for actresses in German films at that time at best and even fewer for actresses that didn’t parrot the party line.
            I suspect she made the films all the while thinking to herself, “Do they think anybody is actually going to BELIEVE this Scheisse?”
            Course, I’ve been known to be wrong, on occasion, and this wouldn’t be the first time.

          • C’mon. Ya can’t blame a guy trying to make a buck for trying to appeal to a wider market. I doubt either the execs at L.L. Bean or the Madison Ave wonks really believe there are families like that. They’re just trying to make a buck by appealing to the widest possible market. They know damned well that if they don’t portray a vibrant group using their products the FULLY WOKE execs at the magazines won’t let them buy ad space. I suspect that the principle of “go along to get along” is more common than we realize these days. Or, as Jefferson put it

            all experience hath shewn, that mankind are more disposed to suffer, while evils are sufferable

        • I just checked out REI’s site. I live in a highly diversity enriched city and I am guessing that the site uses location data to dynamically populate the content because… yeah that picture of people enjoying the great outdoors bears absolutely no resemblance to how Hip Hop and Black culture presents itself at all. It’s like the nicest version of how suburban white women wish to see black people. It should also be noted that Public Transportation exists in large part because black people can’t get anywhere without it, so it’s unlikely they are going to be driving a 100 miles into the country to find a nice place to picnic. They can’t even make it downtown to work without massive government subsidies supporting them on their journey.

          • Come to think of it, I can’t think of a single time I went camping that I ever saw a fellow tent-dweller who was a jogger. Hispanics – sure! Memorial Day weekend Garner State Park is full to overflowing with “Hispanics”. But joggers? Nah. Don’t see many of them at swimming pools or water parks, either; come to think of it. What do you reckon THAT’S about?

      • Agreed and pathetic. Yeah, I can just see a “family” of orcs in their Ford 350 diesel pulling a thirty foot 5th wheel into the woods. LOL…

    • Don’t worry. Joggers simply don’t go to the National Parks. Spent last year visiting a number of them. Rarely any joggers. A Hispanic or two, and lots of Chinese—I assume visitors. The rest White, This would seem to be in line with the constant efforts of the National park service to make the park system more minority friendly. Won’t work, unless you think the slit trench toilets in Arches National Park attracted the Chinese. (All it did was creat congestion around the remaining “normal” Western toilet facilities.)

  27. When Americans respected divine mandates it thrived. Now that it doesn’t we experience new levels of disorder that were unimaginable even weeks ago.

    • God’s work truly is beautiful: Turkey incited beheadings and other Islamic terrorism across France, and the very next day Turkey was hit with a massive earthquake and tsunami.

      Allahu Akbar!

      • During the beheadings there was a comment from some woke wahmen “comedian” making the rounds to the effect of “maybe to avoid these tragedies we bigoted westerners should stop caricaturing the prophet, kthxbai.”

        I thought the comment was very interesting in its complete cowardice and capitulation. For generations comedians—especially (((comedians)))—have been blaspheming Christianity with the crudest, vilest commentary while claiming to be “edgy” and “provocative” and “controversial” and that “there isn’t a single line I wouldn’t cross.”

        But a couple beheadings and stabbings from Muslims and these “edgy” shitlib woke comedians clam right up.

        Islam doesn’t belong in the west, but I will give it this: it is a muscular, aggressive cult that knows how to defend itself. By devolving into a passive “turn the other cheek” joke, Christianity is hemorrhaging believers and is unable to defend both itself and white western standards against pedophilia, sexual degeneracy, abortion, the avarice of laissez-faire capitalism, and so on.

        The lesson here is that the only thing woke shitlibs respond to is fear of retribution. If Christianity regained the ability to impose punishment on its threats instead of its current constant capitulation, maybe it could be a beacon for white people—especially white women—again.

      • Regardless of the factaul basis of a religion, or more likely, the lack of one, can anyone deny that once our nation had much stronger shared beliefs, traditions and institutions? Of course it did. Those are what we’ve lost. Diverse is worse.

        • Paul Craig Roberts just posted a column that points out that the US is a dead man walking because the minds of most of its youth have been stolen, and with it the future of the US.

          • That’s a problem, but they don’t/won’t control the reverse racism they’ll (White youth) will experience as they traverse the new society and partake of diversity. Nothing is more of an eye opener than to work in a diverse environment and see the mediocre hired or promoted ahead of you.

            But of course, I understand PCR was probably painting with a broader brush.

      • This is why the deep state/media caterwauling over Uighurs keeps falling flat. No one will admit it so baldly, but deep down everyone implicitly understands the Uighurs deserve it.

        Now the deep state/media is bitching over how China suggested France should follow their lead:

        I think China is correct, and France should take their advice. Deportation is preferred, but camps are a necessary first step for deportation.

        • Same goes for the Rohingya in Burma.

          France was far too soft on their hijra for too long. Now look where they are at.

        • You make a good point. Nobody likes to talk about this, but part of the Woke agenda may be to make Whitey suffer. That is, in their minds perhaps, eventually Whites are the second class citizens, discriminated against, similarly to how Blacks etc. used to be treated. By many human reckonings, Whites “deserve” this, since it was Whites who mistreated others in the past. We run into the ethical problems of after-the-fact. Is it fair to punish a person or a people alive today for the sins of their fathers, or great-great-etc.? Of course not. In fact, it’s illegal (in USA). But sadly, that doesn’t keep humans from wanting revenge. There is a name for all this: the blood feud, or the blood libel. Our current and likely future dilemma is all the stranger because Whites brought it on themselves, advocating civil rights etc. I expect the irony of that is lost on most Whites, certainly on most non-whites.

        • France invites Muslims in, has all of these problems that France brought onto themselves, then takes to mocking their religion … what sense does that make? Quit the kid games and just deport them … somehow.

        • The thought of the Africans and Muslims trodding underfoot the ancestral lands of indigenous Europeans saddens me. Every time I see these people in Norway or Sweden or England, etc., my first thought is, why are they there?? Same goes for the encampments of Somalis in Minnesota and Maine. But I know why they are there … and I think you do to. Can’t say it here, though.

        • deep down everyone implicitly understands the Uighurs deserve it.

          Red China is killing Uighurs, “harvesting” their organs and selling those organs to rich Mud-slimes. It’s the biological equivalent of a government-run chop shop. Nobody, but NO-FREAKING-BODY “deserves” to be broken up for parts. Organlegging – even when practiced and officially sanctioned by the central government of nation states – is still a crime against humanity!

          Do you disagree? Do even Mud-Slimes deserve to be broken up and parted out?

    • After the French Revolution religion came back strong.
      For as Charles Duff put it- atheism was the parent of disorder, and disorder of anarchy. He was speaking of the elites.

      When this is over religion will return. The elites we have however are dissolute Jacobins, thankfully with little stomach for danger. They must however depart.

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