The Death of NRx

Note: I have a new post up on Taki. This is a bigger brain essay on the nature of modern democracy. For something smooth-brained, I have a post behind the green door on the movie Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner.

A decade ago the left-libertarian, Arnold Kling, coined the term “neo-reactionary” to describe the on-line community calling itself the Dark Enlightenment. These were mostly fans of the blogger Curtis Yarvin, writing under the name Moldbug, but there were others writing about the same ideas. English philosopher Nick Land added some academic legitimacy to the project. He was the first person to use the term Dark Enlightenment in an essay of the same name.

In many respects, neo-reaction was a forerunner of the alt-right movement, in that it made on-line politics fun and interesting to a growing number of young white males dissatisfied with conventional politics. Reading the blogs and participating in the communities turned esoteric topics into a sense of community. Later, the alt-right would follow the same model, drawing in young white males around a more simplistic critique of modern liberal democracy and multiculturalism.

Of course, the alt-right also followed neo-reaction into obscurity. Almost all of the sites and characters from neo-reaction have either moved onto to other things or disappeared entirely. Curtis Yarvin has moved into the nationalist camp, writing for more mainstream sites. Nick Land has moved onto other things, having been exiled from the academy for holding unpopular opinions on taboo subjects. No one flies the neo-reaction or Dark Enlightenment flag these days.

While it is easy to see how the alt-right collapsed, the failure of the neo-reaction movement is a bit of a puzzler. Most of the bigger names writing on those topics were sensible about what they were doing. They avoided the media and did not have delusions of grandeur like so many in the alt-right. They were happy to stick to their blogs and forums. They even tried to practice good optics by avoiding the spicy language that is common in right-wing forums.

The first problem with neo-reaction, the one that probably led it down a dead end, is that they never got to the heart of the problem of democracy. They were good at criticizing egalitarianism and multiculturalism, but those are the leaves, not the roots of the problem of modern liberal democracy. Like all right-wing movements, they made the mistake of thinking that facts and careful analysis would be enough to counter the moral arguments that are the power source of liberal democracy.

Montesquieu observed that the engine of aristocracy in honor, while the engine of despotism is fear. In a republic, it is virtue. The citizen of the republic respects the logic of the political order and the institutions that maintain it. In liberal democracy, the engine is civic morality. Everything must point toward that vaguely understood sense that the arc of history bends toward the perfectly egalitarian society. Anything that opposes this, even reality itself, is assumed to be the enemy of democracy.

Another big problem for the neo-reactionaries is they often sounded like young men who spent too much time playing video games. Their image of aristocracy often sounded like escapism, rather than serious politics. Then you had the writing style of Curtis Yarvin, which gave the movement a cult like vibe. The meandering and cryptic writing style along with the insider language was more about building a cult of personality than trying to fill out an alternative set of political beliefs.

Probably the thing that did the movement in was the embrace of the term neo-reaction, which allowed the Left to define the movement. This is how the Left steals the moral high ground. They assume they are on the right side of history, following the arc to the final destination of society. Anyone that disagrees is a reactionary. The opposition is not based in logic, but in fear and ignorance. This recasts the dispute as good versus evil, smart versus dumb and moral versus amoral.

This is the reason that what we call the Left in America has gone from triumph to triumph since Gettysburg. Holding the moral high ground allows them to frame every argument without having to establish their claims. The choice of the opposition is to accept it and try to find a way to achieve other ends using liberal morality or simply leave the field entirely. The latter is what neo-reaction argued, if not directly, then indirectly through its escapism.

Neo-reaction largely petered out when the big names could not figure out where to go with it. Yarvin dropped out to make money in Silicon Valley and has now re-spawned as a nationalist. Land moved onto accelerationism, while others have moved back to the conventional Right. Much like the right-libertarianism of Hans Hermann-Hoppe and the citizenism of Steve Sailer, these ideas can only work if the Left goes along with them, which can never happen as long as the Left exists.

That said, these failed efforts are useful to anyone working toward an alternative to the prevailing orthodoxy. We learn more from failure than success. What all efforts to counter the Left have in common is the failure to appreciate that they faced a moral framework, not a set of ideas. You don’t talk people out of their beliefs. Instead, you offer a better set of beliefs, a better moral framework, one that allows them to believe they are on the side of angels.

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204 thoughts on “The Death of NRx

  1. Really miss the social matter blog, especially Arthur Gordian essays. Interesting disappearance, like the mists of Avalon swallowed it.

  2. well i hope you have a better column today, because this one is a snoozer. no build up to the big election at all (here). guess the book is coming along though….

  3. The reason why neoreaction failed is because they refused to acknowledge everything they needed could be found in Christianity.

  4. <b>Instead, you offer a better set of beliefs, a better moral framework, one that allows them to believe they are on the side of angels.</b>


    Upside: Predictive power, accords with reality. Millennia of brilliant intellectual supports.
    Downside: You will have to give up that vice (you know what it is) that both thrills and repels you.
    Bonus: You finally get to come home.

  5. Totally off-topic but its election-eve night so I think everyone understands. So, I’m listening to Rush via youtube (I know, he’s not for everone … different topic), and I got to thinking about Trump’s crowd sizes vis-a-vis Biden’s, and the polls (total BS), and the internal dielectic that results from this cognitive dissonance. I got to thinking that maybe this entire election process is just theater for the masses. A pious display of democracy, while the media relies on huge ratings for a presidential election that’s “coming down to the wire!”. In reality, the outcome has already been determined. Anyway, I’ll vote tomorrow, but I’ll be thinking about that, too.

  6. Ryan Landry was my favorite NRx author. He is back on The American Sun as an editor but his old blog, 28 Sherman, was one of my first dip of my big toe into the dissident right waters.

    I thought NRx died because it straddled the fence between the alt right and esoteric libertarianism. The latter is/was quickly dying out and the former demanded more than what the neoreactionaries were willing to commit to. I think that’s a lesson as well: you have to stand for something and the NRx crowd was content to be the guys under the bleachers flinging the occasional snarky comment. I think people want more skin in the game which the NRx crowd was intent on avoiding. In the end, it didn’t get them anywhere.

    The successors to the NRx are those guys who write meandering, painfully long essays on WordPress blogs nobody reads. It’s just chattering into the void as you read yet another 15,000 word essay on the fourth turn by Strauss and Howe. As boring and unimaginative and uninteresting these post-NRx blogs are, they give me a nostalgic feeling of pre-Trump dissident right politics. These guys don’t just cower when activism and optics come up, they just ignore the 2015-2018 era of the alt right altogether.

    The crater left by the alt right is deeper and wider than I imagined. The public I suspect is even more receptive to their ideas now than during their peak but they left such a radioactive smoking hole that it’s going to take a lot to recover the lost ground.

  7. How could the alt-right “follow neo-reaction into obscurity” if it never left obscurity in the first place?

    America’s official religion is rapidly metastasizing into something utterly toxic to civilization. Once the cities are all ransacked and burned to honor the false god of Equality, we’ll revert to a localized tribal society whose only law is that if you steal, break, burn, or spray-paint anything, your body will never be found.

    Any society of more than about 150 people (the “Dunbar number”), needs a common religion to hold itself together. Islam and Marxism are wholly unsuited to this, and Christianity has shrunk to a few tiny pockets of true believers who survive by pretending the last 200 years didn’t happen.

    I guess you could say that the alt-right failed to found a new religion to guide America back to sanity, but a guy like Jesus doesn’t come along very often.

    • To be precise, He comes around twice. And the second time is rumored to be late in the game, and rather unpleasant for many.

  8. A bit of news; apparently a bit of movement on real estate in Western NY. A surveyor told me he’s backed up a month.

    That’s bad news for those of us who live here, here comes the urban ruiners. I guess we’ll have to in a few years make the local police full time again.

  9. Without Moldbug, Land and neoreaction there is no Z blog, no new Right of any stripe. We’d be stuck with Lew Rockwell and NRO, between two sunken reefs.

  10. Creating a distinct and superior moral framework is essential, but it can only take effect in a separate and distinct nation-state. “America” is so subsumed into its anti-white fascism that moral reform is entirely impossible.

  11. IMO NrX failed mainly because it was nothing but hot air. An overly intellectual movement with a core tenet of passivism , that is doing nothing appeals to keyboard nerds and the occasional truth seeker type but is otherwise useless.
    Politics is a social and active business, ideas while they matter don’t need to be complex and so the NrX framework was of no value in getting things done whereas Trumpism with its silly MAGA slogan and its far from brilliant leader has been pretty effective even against heavy opposition because its social and active.

  12. #NRx is a Catholic-Jewish Alliance formed to attack America’s Founding Stock – the WASPs. @anglofront

  13. “Anything that opposes [egalitarianism], even reality itself, is assumed to be the enemy of democracy.”

    Z, that is one of your money quotes. Harry Browne once said ” reality always triumphs over politics.” The trouble is there is often a lot of collateral damage before that Victory is achieved, including even many partisans of the previous Revolution.

    • Many project themselves onto their leaders. Have you looked at females in this society lately? We are chock full of even skagier kamalas.

  14. For the last two years I was assured by the Alt Right’s version of Nate Silver that there would be a pivot to white nationalist rhetoric and dog whistles at the end of the election campaign because Trump “knows he can’t win without us.”

    I don’t know about you, but I have yet to discern a pivot.

    Let’s say Trump wins again, and with a larger share of the nonwhite vote. We know how this will be received and spun by Conservative Inc.

    But what does it mean for us?

    • I would agree with you about no real discernible “pivot” to White Nationalism, despite dog whistles and Black looting and rioting (prompted by a bunch of “White” anarchists … they know who they are). I’m afraid that White America (real White people … not the imposters) is getting long in the tooth, and statistically, there’s not as much fight in us as our numbers may suggest. I honestly don’t see how we avoid being another Brazil in 100 yrs. Just imagine what the media will get away with then.

    • Good question. Who knows, BUT Trump brings out a lot of whites who felt shut out of politics. The left’s withering assault on all things white tells the tale. If he gives those people a reason to care about politics, white peoples’ interests will eventually have to be represented, which is how it should be in a ‘democratic’ majority-white society.

  15. The alt-right was a project started by Gottfried and his (former) young Padawan Spencer that was as much an alternative to the failures (in their words) of paleoconservatism as it was to the failures of mainstream conservatism. In Paul’s defense, he almost certainly didn’t know his Padawan would turn to the dark side.
    “Probably the thing that did the movement in was the embrace of the term neo-reaction”

    Well, yeah and “Dark” Enlightenment – they seemed to revel in being “naughty” – this attracts unbalanced people as well as ceding the moral high ground.

  16. If there’s any good news about this, it’s that the left is slipping into surrealism as it hits up against the immovable objects of human nature and the laws of nature themselves. It’s happening everywhere, from gender to environmentalism. The left is practically showing you a penis and like the famous (((Rene Magritte))) painting of the pipe they’re saying “this is not a penis.” Most of humanity won’t buy that conditioning, no matter what background. It’s too absurd. Also, when the left hijacks “the science” to show that energy density doesn’t matter, and you can have a functioning modern society using solar panels and windmills, you run against the hard facts that make modern living possible. The greatest challenge of humanity is living in an incredible amount of poverty and discomfort while the left hits the wall.

    • I still feel like Trump has been missing easy dunks by failing to continuously paint the disaster in California as a Green New Deal preview.

    • I wish I was as optimistic that reality would bite the left in the ass, but the history of fanaticism shows that people can live under reality-denying cults, religions and delusions for centuries. Even in the USSR the subjected peoples didn’t believe a word of their reality-denying rulers, but had to live under their reality-denying edicts for 70 years.

      But I do agree that poverty and hardship are usually the things that shake normies at least back to reality. There were few BLM riots in Africa even though African police absolutely brutalize black people, unlike American police who coddle them. Denying reality seems to be a function of wealth and relative comfort.

  17. For all their cowering under stabby, rapey Africans and Muslims, it still seems like “a better set of beliefs” will emerge—is already emerging—in Europe before it does in America.

    I noticed that the dissident right in the UK has a lot of success re-centering “indigenous peoples” as native white Britons, and a similar re-centering around native white nationalities is occurring in the dissident right across the rest of Europe. They’re seeing a lot of success in calling for Europe to be open only to native ancestral Europeans, and there might even be a nativist pan-Europeanism emerging as a counter to the globalist pan-Europeanism of the last 2 decades.

    Look at Macron the other day: “Alignment with American multiculturalism is a form of defeatist thought.”

    America, contrarily, is seriously handicapped at being a colonial project from the start. The UK’s Patriotic Alternative method of re-centering “indigenous peoples” as native white Britons wouldn’t really work in the US, for example.

    Maybe we need to create a more compelling religion around our founding like the Europeans, but with a more clever interpretation of who gets to be “indigenous.” Despite our colonial origins, many of our founders were white nationalists, and this is something to be proud of, not ashamed of.

    Maybe we even need to look at La Raza’s success in creating the idea of a Hispanic “race” that purportedly has a birthright to Latin America despite them all being mixed or mostly-white descendants of conquistadors and 19th century white immigrants. We need a La Raza for whites in America; indeed we need to get to the point where “America” = “white” because as long as we are trapped under the current framework of “whites in America” you can just as easily argue “X in America”, X being any other group.

    Mexico’s and other Latin American countries’ success in creating the idea of a national race is noteworthy, to the point where everyone in these countries avidly seeks to marry or skin treat themselves into whiteness to “improve the race.”

    • europeans can’t build shit with macron at the helm. You have to look carefully at the people saying this supposed right wing stuff.

    • There’s always been plenty of nativism in America, but it’s also always been suppressed.

  18. “The Left in America has gone from triumph to triumph since Gettysburg.”

    Recently we watched “Remembering the Titans” about the integration of a northern VA high school in 1970. It portrays how most of us wished integration had worked out. I’m sure many liberties were taken with the actual story. Anyway, the Coach brings the team together by taking them to Gettysburg and telling the players that they are still fighting the same battle to bring everyone together.

    Lincoln and Gettysburg–the left has moved on to other heroes and sacred places. The right still reveres Lincoln and Gettysburg. Even Trump points out that Lincoln might be a better President than he is.

    • My favorite ironic integration disaster story, a few miles and few decades earlier. just Wikipedia Dunbar High, Washington DC.

    • Interesting tidbit – I knew a guy who had a chance to talk to one of the players from that team who worked at the school still. The guy told him the story was spot on except for the final game which portrayed the refs as trying to cheat them out of the win. Said the refs were straight and the game was never very close

  19. “This is how the Left steals the moral high ground. They assume they are on the right side of history, following the arc to the final destination of society. Anyone that disagrees is a reactionary.”

    I still don’t understand this part. So the Left says, “We’re the good guys.” or something, and people just go along with it which supposedly gives them “the moral high ground”?

    Why do I care what my enemies call me/my side?

    A little help, please.

    • I think it has more to do with ruthlessness. If you don’t go along with the Right’s idea of who the good guys/what the good positions are, you are mocked or ignored. If you don’t go along with the Left’s “we are the good guys” proclamation, you are destroyed.

    • Here is an example:
      Leftie – “You are a racist!”
      Conservative – “You are the real racist!”.

      The leftist defined the sin. The conservative accepted the definition and then did what he thought of as fighting back. The leftist just laughs.

    • I still don’t understand this part. So the Left says, “We’re the good guys.” or something, and people just go along with it which supposedly gives them “the moral high ground”?

      The trick is saying it constantly to schoolchildren without letting them see a single fact to the contrary. The hand that rocks the cradle, y’know.

      That’s been the pattern with every Socialist movement in history. They indoctrinate the kids as young as possible and by the time they’re old & experienced enough to break through the lies for themselves, they’ve already been replaced by the next generation of “youth movement” political zombies.

    • The media can paint someone any color that they want to paint them. If you say that you don’t condone immigration, they call you a “hater” … a direct ad hominem attack. This generates great emotion and registers with people, especially minorities and women (of all races). Your rational retort is never communicated with any force, and falls to the ground. Then, the media does that same thing over and over and over … tell the lie often enough and long enough … well, all of the people who shouldn’t be voting in the first place, start to believe it!

    • White Christian societies scare the small hatters to death. Earl Raab (no lightweight) notes this by saying that his tribe has successfully ended all possibility of an Aryan nation ever rising up again via immigration. ( This is the paranoia that motivates them. We are their only threat. We cannot have our own nation … that’s the bottom line.

    • Ahh, sorry … I’m on a roll … of some sort. Just look at this covid hoax … a complete media fabrication! Just in time for the election, of course. Half of each debate centered on this stupid Killer Virus. Its all planned. We know that, but “normie” American may not … certainly most women and Blacks don’t think that deeply, or are simply to naive. The small hatters lie to us every day, all day. Its not going to get better. Maybe Trump wins tomorrow, but its all downhill from here boys. This country has seen her better days. Sorry for the black-pill.

  20. Not very long ago the “Covid-19” situation would have been viewed by many as a punishment from God for ignoring his mandates, as it was for Lot’s daughters. Scientific progress has eliminated God’s responsibility of the misfortunes of mankind and become the source of all good in the world. Religion in the West is now mostly about the Golden Rule and little else. The mystery and ritual of religion is now considered to be in the same class as tree worship. The new religion, as advanced by the elites, is the democratic republic, where majority opinion has become sacred, as initiated, administered and enforced by the new priesthood, the legal profession. An example is the US Constitution, so simple a document that any Engllish-speaking person should be able to hold a seat on the Supreme Court. But no, a “justice” must have a comprehensive legal educational background and experience with previous Supreme Court justices, a kind of occupational nepotism that resembles the hereditary Levites of the Israelites.

    • Funny how science doesn’t take responsibility. There’s this random thing called nature that needs to be overcome. Stuff just happens, we’re doing the best we can!

      All things can be understood through science, but we don’t understand all things because the science hasn’t been perfected. Sounds familiar…

    • The supreme court we have now is more of Sanhedrin than anything else. If covid 19 was to ever look like a punishment from God then he really has lost his A game as far as plagues and such.

    • The new religion, as advanced by the elites, is the democratic republic, where majority opinion has become sacred

      it hasn’t though. it just looks like it because the bioleninist coalition has a common goal and all of them are useful to the lumpen-elite.

      The (former in the US) majority has been solidly ignored for decades.

  21. Exactly, imagine trying to talk these people out of their fanaticism:

    Whether they come in 4 days or 4 years, these bloodthirsty fanatics are coming. Antifa/BLM really do cry out in pain as they strike you.

    And of course they have institutional power, which is why the FBI Cheka is “investigating” the Biden bus non-incident but has given leftist domestic terrorists a pass for 6 months.

    • Up-voted for the simple reason that a picture is worth a thousand words. We need to identify the potential partisans for a counter-cause and get busy with the conversions. Going to have to fight fire with fire on this one – muh logic and muh reason can sit this one out.

    • Typical Leftist confession via projection.

      Going forward, people on the Right need to understand these are not flights of fancy.

      These are plans being outlined.

      And to think, people used to make fun of movies where the villain explained his plans in great detail.

      Art really does imitate life.

    • Looks like Bryan deleted his account after someone published his photo and employer’s contact info. (TBH, he got ratioed pretty hard.)

  22. I’d say they didn’t fail but served their purposes as tactics. Take accelerationism. It was effective when the Bros were coming up. Then the left took the bait and went full lockdown/riot. It served its purpose.

    Circumstances change, so tactics must change. The mantle you wear is often a tactic used by/against you, so flexibility is important.

    The danger is becoming a cynical partisan, which is why it’s important to keep sight of the principles you’re ultimately trying to advance. Admittedly a difficult thing to do.

  23. Yarvin has jumped the shark a long time ago. His original writing at UR wasn’t very good either. 90% of it was just verbal diarrhea.
    Nick Land is a weirdo, but his Dark Enlightenment manifesto is still a good read.

    I agree with Tarl that if Trump loses, something like the NRx will soon show up again. Possibly with a stronger identitarian flavor.

  24. One of the biggest mistakes of the 20th century by the US was reading the anti-colonial, nationalist movements of the third world as communist insurgencies that were part of the larger COMINTERN. The reality was, in Vietnam as in most other places, communism was an ideological place holder that enabled these movements to gain financial banking for their nationalism. People in Mozambique, etc did not really care as much about the international workers movement as they did about gaining their own independent state.

    The same is true of the modern left outside of white liberals. The rest of the coalition of the fringes does not care about the progressive white people politics. They care about getting things from whitey for themselves for the benefit of their own people. The white progressive’s folly is believing that these brown people are joining the left’s cause for the greater message rather than for the immediate benefit of their fellow brown people.

    Peeling away this understanding is the way in which we break most of the white left. Helping them to understand that these browns are in it for themselves rather than the greater project while also demonstrating to white leftists they are voting against their self-interest because the other groups reject their morality, is the way forward.

    Luckily, we don’t have to do much. If our theories on tribalism are correct, the cake will bake itself. All we need to do is prod it further to move it along. Leftism is doomed from the start due to its founding precepts and the aftermath of its failure will give us moral standing.

  25. You don’t talk people out of their beliefs. Instead, you offer a better set of beliefs, a better moral framework, one that allows them to believe they are on the side of angels.

    Exactly, though I’d argue that ultimately we need to go a step farther and show those beliefs in action, i.e. we have to create a community that lives by those set of beliefs.

    But that’s a much longer term project. In the interim, hit Whites where it hurts: Morality. For Whites, being on the side of angels is about being “fair.” God, do Whites love to be fair. Shake their confidence in being on the side of angels with questions of fairness.

    Why is alright to discriminate against Whites and Asians?

    Why does a rich black kid get preference over a poor White or Asian kid?

    Why should every other group be proud of their heritage while Whites are supposed to be ashamed?

    Why would you be in favor of hurting working class people of any race by importing workers to compete for their jobs?

    But, ultimately, trying to convince Whites to move closer to our side via verbal tricks will not be enough. We’re going to have to show Whites an alternate moral framework.

    Our opponents control every outlet/institution (media, schools, many churches, etc.) that Whites use to create a moral framework. It’s impossible to stay in that world and try to convince someone that your morality framework is superior.

    That’s why the NrX failed. You can see it everyday at Sailer’s site. Steve is great, but he can’t break away from that world. He makes fun of it, pokes holes in its logic and has completely failed to change its course.

    The NrX didn’t want to face the fact that we need to create our own world, that we need to build a community of our own, that we will need to leave behind the community (and friends and family members) that’s we’ve known all of our lives, that our ancestors built.

    It’s a brutal conclusion, one that I’m only coming to grips with myself. That’s what so many on our side don’t want to face. But it’s our only way out.

    • I’ll add using the term “anti-white” whenever you can and NOT using the word “racist,” which plays into their moral framework. (from “No White Guilt”–Jason Kohne) It’s a long road changing thinking and behavior, that’s for sure. At least things like BLM, antifa, and Critical Race Theory are giving us a more receptive audience.

    • Solid argument, however there are a few other ways out – unpleasant or difficult though they may be:
      1) violence that generates a palpable fear in the leftist moralists
      2) physical separation (our soil – their soil)
      3) our way of life / community is buried figuratively and literally.
      The election could determine which options are still open. I hope your conclusion remains viable

      • Violence isn’t useful if you don’t have a community first. Muslims use violence to gain control for their community, but they had a base first.

        For the medium term, physical separation will be about freedom of association and creating our own communities, not creating our own country. Baby steps.

        The Left can’t govern. That’s their Achilles Heel. Jews (and the new Jews, Indians) are at their best manipulating a system, not running it. Woke Whites are literally insane so they can’t run the show. POC (outside of Asians) are incompetent.

        I don’t know if the future is ours, but it sure as hell isn’t there’s.

        Our opponents are very powerful at the moment because they’ve inherited a reasonably functioning machine, but it will deteriorate under stewardship. In the meantime, the small number of DR need to start quietly building communities.

        As we grow, they will start to become weaker, allowing us to recruit more and build communities more openly. Now is the time for the grunt work of building the base.

        That’s why the Alt-Right failed. They didn’t want to do the little things needed to build communities. They wanted to be the head of a glorious movement. The Alt-Right was led by unserious people.

        Time to find serious men.

    • we will need to leave behind the community (and friends and family members)

      This is gonna hurt. One thing that reading history does teach is that many families, particularly poor ones, had to make awful decisions just to live. Even today, fractured families are commonplace – siblings not talking to each other, hatred for the father or mother. I have given your statement serious thought, and made a mental list of the people who must be given the boot. I like to think I know myself quite well by now, but it’s still going to be, as you say, brutal. My God see I have the mettle to do it.

      • We will lose brothers, sisters, parents, kids and spouses. That will happen. That’s how bad it’s going to get. People will get divorced. People will have their own children basically disown them. Siblings will never speak again.

  26. Much of the energy that fueled the Dark Enlightenment and it’s red headed step child, the Alt-Right, was subsumed into the more conventional politics of Trumpism. If Trump loses tomorrow, or in the coming weeks, I would not be surprised if Neo-Reaction makes a comeback.

  27. The moral framework of the left is, “Good intentions are more important than results.” And in this cynical time, virtue-signalling is even more important than good intentions.

    • At least government road construction and Paving jobs will be secure into the future. We probably won’t like where that Highway goes. 😈

    • From the country that started it all and left us with these pleasantries we enjoy now. We never did properly thank them for this travesty, any ideas?
      That said, our so called elites would have found some other way to take full control of us. Climate change wasn’t working fast enough.

      • From the country that started it all and left us with these pleasantries we enjoy now.

        It’s not their fault. We didn’t have to follow. The responsibility for this is 100% with the Western elites.

      • From the country that started it all and left us with these pleasantries we enjoy now.

        Should be obvious this is all a CCP gaslighting op to win WW3 without firing a shot.

        In the West, I wonder what the breakdown between those on the Chicom payroll and useful idiot fellow travelers is.

    • Removing mask mandates is crucial to how quickly we get back to pre-Covid normality. I’m thinking we will need a federal law that strongly prohibits mask mandates and lockdowns no matter how bad a pandemic may be. We must remove this arrow from the globalist quiver and break it forever.

      • Tyranny these days just gets outsourced to the private sector. If all the stores fearing lawsuits mandate masks its just as bad.
        You have to ban lawsuits as well and there is no way you will get the Democrats to give up power no matter what the cost. They are Leftists after all.

      • I’m thinking we will need a federal law that strongly prohibits mask mandates and lockdowns no matter how bad a pandemic may be.” Ha ha. Lotsa luck. A federal law mandating masks and lockdowns is far more likely.

      • “Nothing happens in politics that wasn’t planned ahead of time.”

        Don’t confuse the shadows on the wall with the ones making the shadows appear.

        Also, if you try to “wake up the others,” they won’t appreciate it, to say the least.
        –Plato, ‘Allegory of the Cave’, sort of

        • Also, if you try to “wake up the others,” they won’t appreciate it, to say the least.

          In most cases, you’re right. Always better to probe first, however. I have seen a number of people in my circle become amenable to certain discussions that would have been unthinkable even a year ago. For all the madness I see around me, COVID has at least made people question how trustworthy the state is.

          One gentleman I know, a regular reader of The Guardian, informed me with surprise some weeks ago that it seemed that ‘the papers were upset that COVID deaths had slowed down’. Perhaps next week he’ll figure out what goes into sausages.

      • The other day some old bag tried to mask shame me while I was standing on the sidewalk in a shitlib outpost of Portland. I thought she was going to have a seizure when not only would I not cower but made it clear I thought she was a ridiculous loon. Their were several other self-righteous masked weirdos standing around but nobody came to her defense. The whole scene was pathetic yet satisfying. This crap ends when enough people say no and not a moment sooner.

        • I have yet to be mask shamed. I did barge pass a doorman some weeks ago, who asked if I had a mask. I looked at him with hatred – being in a bad mood – and said ‘No.’. Upon my exit, he then told me ‘next time, mate, bring a mask!’.

          To be truthful I hate the pettiness of the protest. I have always been a careful man, and I resent the crudeness and the silliness of fighting over a mask. But it is more symbolic than anything else, although the whole charade really has gone on too long. On the plus side, COVID is causing a great boom for make-work…

          • COVID is causing a great boom for make-work…

            Pretty sure this is part of the Great Reset plan…

          • Yes. Good spot. Most corporations are probably already propped up up government funds and saturated with make-work. Automation is going to be a killer, coupled with the fact that remaining work will be high (ish) IQ. Got to keep the plebs happy, and outright benefits may be too much of a step down. First, do the make-work thing, then perhaps move them onto outright benefits and… Utopia!

          • Lots of people with high IQ, openness and neuroticism are also going to suffer. It’s about keeping the right kinds of smart people around.

          • This was inevitable though.
            Automation is advancing at an alarming rate and its not long, no general A.I. required, that the value of labor is rendered to low to sustain an advanced urban society.
            This has been an ongoing thing for near 50 years and while its fashionable to blame Greens, its not really them.
            Wages decline at about 1% a year as percentage GDP and housing and food go up.
            This means low fertility and when immigration is used to fill the gaps, wages go down faster.
            Mexicans in America who a couple of decades ago were highly fertile are now well below replacement. Every even partially developed nation is in a gradual population collapse spiral with the cities operating as NrX put it “In IQ shredder”
            No great reset can fix that. All it can do is keep the established rich, rich and the rest of us impoverished which is the goal.
            The ultimate destination for this is modernity go away over time and as cheap energy and brains go away, society gradually collapses. I see this now where the number of people capable of skilled careful work in say L.A. is critically low as of this year. We can muddle through but its slowly surely getting worse.
            Now long term, little can be done without a Caesar or at least an Authoritarian non Technophillic Right willing and bale to take power but in the sort term, it falls on us to make sure the Great Reset either doesn’t happen or is blunted

          • On the plus side, COVID is causing a great boom for make-work…

            Nah, I don’t really think so. Our society was huge on makework before. Half (and I’m being forgiving at just half) the corporate jobs out there are makework. Probably 90% of government jobs, too. And most service sector jobs exist only at the suffrance of a wealthy, indulgent society: nobody really needs yoga teachers, massage therapists and feng shui consultants.

            An awful lot of makework jobs have been lost. Yet I still think it is part of the Great Reset. They want as many people as possible to feel non-essential and dependent on the government for their survival.

  28. It’s not clear what beliefs are being offered up by the Dissident Right. What are they?

    What political structure is proposed?

    The Alt Right was all about “muh vague ethnostate.” Dissident Right as it stands, (seems to me) is closer to Citizenism.

    There absolutely ought to be, an actual proposed plan, for how to sort out people into groups where they are not subject to political arrangements that they don’t consent to.

    And with this caveat: if people, as in the good people of America for instance, are NOT allowed to sort themselves out — then SOMEONE has to be in charge, and rule. A vote for Trump.

    • It is perhaps not a sufficient, but certainly a necessary condition that freedom of association become as inviolable as free speech, exercise of religion and bearing arms. As it stands now, it is a practically voided right.

        • The Constitution enshrined it in writing. Not much to be done if we choose to ignore it, so it becomes a matter of political will.

          • Our Constitution was written for a time with more in common with King John’s Magna Carta than with modernity.
            Worse it was inherently Leftist and Minrachist in nature and was built to require framework of moral, religious and White people.
            It would be great for Amish folks but it won’t work for modern tech or modern White people much less most Non Whites
            We can get to White enough with a lot of unpleasant effort but the other two, religious and moral have to happen organically.
            We’d be far better with a new Constitutions that leaves the parts that work and if we can’t get an agreement than we settle it with with separation or with lead

        • A concrete system is like that group of black families in Georgia that purchased 80 acres to start their “black only” community.

      • I am probably just stating the obvious. Egalitarianism or collectivism tends to force people together into groups that have no natural shared identity, thereby guaranteeing internal friction that will lead to disagreement at best and in the worst-case Bloodshed. Ironically this will have the long range effect of fostering freedom of Association, if for no other reason than to reduce the body count.

  29. I can appreciate the power of persuasive arguments. With the left, however, you are facing an amalgam of fanaticism and moralism which cannot be reasoned with. For them, the destination is all that counts. And if the “middle” falters and begins to stray closer to our side, the left will suddenly change their destination, but the fanaticism will remain. I’m of the belief that the way to fight fire is with more fire. It’s why having a rabble-rouser like Trump is so important. He validates our convictions. He encourages the kind of people who are no longer interested in backing down from street mobs, and more importantly, he makes it popular to embolden politicians to stand up for us. Trump imbues his followers with dissident fanaticism. If our side has as much fire in the belly as the other side, we will win.

    • If by “fire” you mean weaponry (literally or figuratively), then yes, you fight fire with equal or greater fire. If by “fire” you mean conflagration, then adding more conflagration only escalates things. Conflagration is battled by removing its fuel/oxygen.

    • “With the left, however, you are facing an amalgam of fanaticism and moralism which cannot be reasoned with.”

      Your takeaway is correct, Sir. It can’t be reasoned with. It must be broken.

  30. This is why abortion is one of the ‘thermal exhaust ports’ of our enemies on the left. Baby killing is impossible to normalize in the way homosexuality has been and now tranny-mania is in the process of. Putting aside the practical benefit of how it works in the US today, I can’t think of a more emotionally powerful moral motivator. Presenting ourselves in steadfast opposition to baby killing (at least for us) should be a fundamental platform.

      • It does work (motivate political action through force of moral argument) Whatever this movement we are envisioning is called , it hasn’t adopted and evangelized itself even partially as champion of protecting the innocent of innocents.

      • Because while all the Churchian moralists are happy to go after the abortion clinics & doctors, they NEVER go after the mothers who demand and pay for the abortions in the first place.

        That would require telling a woman “no”.

        • This is what I mean by potential. There is significant pressure on the baby killers in some regions quite organically. Imagine if there was direction and moral support from a political movement with charismatic leaders and a network of support that prosecuted a campaign against the baby killer left using at least the same methods that are currently used against our movement.

        • Similar in many ways to the theory of the drug war – go after the supplier rather than the user (although drug users also get busted). Harder to feel sympathy for the drug user vs. the mother baby killer, but that is how optics work.

    • Legal abortion is one of the best things to happen to the USA since ww2.

      Without it, that 13% would be at 25%. White Christians can try the “we are all Christian” card but look to 99% Chrisrian rhodesia and south Africa to see what the future holds.

      • Thats why i said leave aside how it actually works in the us today. I don’t care about its practical advantages as a eugenics program in the past. I care that it seems like an emotional nuke ready to be picked up and used by those who would dare. It is morally indefensible from a normal person’s perspective. Everyone knows this in their heart. Make the others the baby killers , 6^6 gorrillion dead babies blood on their hands. See how it motivates. See what action people are willing to take to fight the enemy you have framed as baby killers. A frame they cannot shake off without alienating their primary base of electoral support.

      • It’s hard to say. Abortion and welfare (subsidizing single mothers) happened roughly at the same time. We’ll pay you to have kids as long as you kill some of them. The definition of FUBAR!

        • No. Abortion for those who don’t want kids, welfare for those who do but lack the resources,
          It was intended as a humane thing . While single mothers and divorcees are for the most part a blight now they were not yet a huge issue when the programs were created.
          You may not like welfare but its going nowhere .
          As for the anti abortion folks if you do get rid of it, I hope you don’t mind a less White vastly more violent and crime filled nation with loads more birth defects cause that is what you’ll get.
          And note Poland has a full no exceptions ban on abortion and the effect on fertility is nil. Its still 1.4 doomsday level.
          And its not millions of Polish girls going to neighboring EU nations either, Babies just don’t get born and until modernity ends, they won’t be.
          The best you can hope for maybe is a stable population either do to very careful economic management or a long period of decline after a collapse.
          Of course the abortion issue does say one thing, we need separate polities so the “no abortion people.” and the “sigh, abortion, ugh, oh well people.” can live according to the way they wish.

          • “White patients accounted for 39% of abortion procedures in 2014, black patients for 28%, Hispanic patients for 25%, and patients of other races and ethnicities for 9%.”

            ”Fifty-nine percent of abortions in 2014 were obtained by patients who had had at least one birth.”

            In other words, moms. White moms at that. Giving life, taking it away. I wonder how that affects a woman? (I have a pretty good idea.)


            Not a right wing, anti-abortion outfit.

          • Frankly I’m only interested in K selected Whites anyway, not raw numbers of unwanted throwaway kids or damaged good
            Whites make up roughly half of young people so its 75% young population percentile.
            Blacks are at 200% population per percentile
            Latinos are at about 150% percentile.
            Its not all that bad
            White Leftists who do most abortions might as well be a different race and this excludes eugenic abortion.

          • ”Seventeen percent of abortion patients in 2014 identified themselves as mainline Protestant, 13% as evangelical Protestant and 24% as Catholic, while 38% reported no religious affiliation and the remaining 8% reported some other affiliation.”

            ”The vast majority (94%) of abortion patients in 2014 identified as heterosexual or straight. Four percent of patients said they were bisexual; 0.3% identified as homosexual, gay or lesbian; and 1% identified as “something else.”

            I’m assuming a lot of those people aren’t lefties.

            “Some 75% of abortion patients in 2014 were poor (having an income below the federal poverty level of $15,730 for a family of two in 2014) or low-income (having an income of 100–199% of the federal poverty level).”

            So, straight and poor. Abortion sounds like globohomo. Killing babies isn’t the answer to what ails us.

          • If half the people who get abortions are religious, this doesn’t make them White/Right. What it does do is show that religions isn’t a big anti abortion impact and you may not be able to use it to persuade people abortion is bad.
            Poor people in cities are almost all Democrat voters, most non White. Thus not my tribe.
            Very little gay sex is reproductive thus gays weigh in at 1/10% population percentage which is a lot. No idea how many are Bi but 4% sounds about right. Of course almost all abortions are by the straight.
            While I agree with you, abortion is not the solution. Its also not the problem.
            Just to be clear, you are not getting that old tyme region back for some time. The current religious revival is woke and its contra reproduction.
            When it comes to babies these days, TANSTAAFL . You have to pay the costs, good wages stable jobs, stable families and in an environment where the free social capital is gone.
            Babies cost money and opportunity, that is reality and if you want babies, pay up. Society needs to stop freeloading.

    • You have an acute lack of awareness about how little the average white female leftist cares about this topic. You are appealing to a sense of morality that is utterly lacking from nearly half the population. These are amoral automatons whose own self interest and pleasure are the highest moral metric you can measure by.
      Have you been asleep the last 25 years? These women are -quite- pleased with baby killing and would have it no other way. Abortion is more of an Achilles heel for conservatives than a thermal exhaust port if you view objective reality clearly without the filter of religious dogma.
      There is also the very good point B125 made that it is a black eugenics program that has been rather effective.

      Roe v. Wade is not the hill to die on IMHO if you want to turn some of these programmed robots back into functional humans.

      • i don’t , i want our side and normals to be swayed to the same or even greater fanaticism as exhibited on the left for persecuting the various ‘isms’ that constitute their moral framework. If you can think of another moral dichotomy that has greater potential to galvanize true , lay down your life for the cause enthusiasm, I’m all ears.

        • Rather ironically Sympathy for the Devil is playing right now.
          Normie isn’t going to be polarized by abortion otherwise the last 40+ years of fighting Roe V. Wade would have riled them up already Most people love birth control and are fine with abortion.
          Hell a really large number of people on our side, me included may not like abortion but are OK with it since its generally good for our tribe.
          Fact is there are no issue that work for everybody. many people in teh US me included favor a more Scandinavian model other Anglo Libertarian.
          The only thing we generally agree on are less Poz, harder divorce at least for couples with kids, limits on immigration and a vague sense of Righter/Whiter/Better

          • perhaps, I’ll stop here. I just offer it as a suggestion to consider in light of Z’s closing thoughts today.
            “You don’t talk people out of their beliefs. Instead, you offer a better set of beliefs, a better moral framework, one that allows them to believe they are on the side of angels.”

          • Z is a wise man, problem is we don’t have a framework and the other guys do.
            However while there is a lot of work ahead for us to develop one, it can be done. Just make sure its checked by non autistic people and read by someone with an IQ no higher than 115 or its its going to go whiff over most people’s heads.

          • We do have a moral framework – you are responsible for the consequences of your choices, you have duties to your God, family, tribe and country (in that order). Problem is, most people don’t like that framework because it’s hard.

  31. Are there any posts anywhere on the internet or in print from NRx people under 40000 words? Marxists are more terse in their writing.

  32. Neither my father nor my grandfather were Christians, never attended church except to visit a wedding or funeral yet they had a sense of morality and honor and lived with that code in their lives.Why?
    The “ether” of traditional western Christian morality in the society around them?
    Why was that code of honor more common among men 60 years ago but now it has dissipated significantly?
    A possible view is that the religion and morality of progressivism now is the new ether. Progressivism is not ideas to be debated by good men progressivism is a form of the new Christian religion.
    To be believed.
    What replacement moral order or “ether” can we offer society? Except going back to to traditional forms of the Christian faith?

    • There was a college that created a unique program called Integrated Humanities. They would study the classics, read Latin, and even go ballroom dancing. Though it was an entirely secular curriculum, the college investigated the program because so many students were converting to Catholicism.
      They found there was no direct evangelism going on, but, of course, they shut it down anyways.
      If we want a new civilization, this would be a good starting point in how to mold our young people.

      • They found there was no direct evangelism going on, but, of course, they shut it down anyways.

        Exactly. This could have been the most honest and truthful enterprise ever, they’d still shut it down because some attendees made the ‘wrong choices’.

        Interesting link.

        • This sort of integrated learning experience does not need to be done through the traditional educational system. It is freely available to anyone with the energy and patience necessary to get it going.

      • Create all the alternative morality options you like, only two will endure the test of fire: faith and blood.

        Run the gambit from classical western civilizational ethics to this ersatz woke morality and you’ll not find an option that men will live, fight or die for with any longevity.

        When the horror begins, as it inevitably always does, faith and race only, prevail with any certainty. Men will burn for their God or their race (as represented by their kin group).

        “-Isms” may motivate some for awhile but a group that believes its time on this earth is transitory has sustainability for generations. Men and women that are willing to trade their lives and comfort for the immortality of an afterlife or the prospect of their offspring/people continuing on in perpetuity are the most resilient.

        Only faith and/or blood can provide lasting sustenance. All else only spices that fundamental nourishment.

        You want a movement that will last and succeed? Those are the only two metrics that count. Everything else may be intellectually stimulating but ultimately are piffle.

        • I view the Integrated Humanities thing as nurturing the bonds of faith and blood, which is exactly why the educational powers-that-be took it down. It is a great entry point for bringing people over to our point of view. One breaks the prevailing point of view with an entirely new one to substitute it with, not by simply poking holes in the prevailing POV.

          • Yes these things can be on ramps for recruitment. I’m not saying they are unimportant. For me personally, they are what inspire my love for Our People. Alone however, they amount to nothing. In some ways they are liabilities.

            We have a heretofore unheard of number of undigestable non-whites imported into Western nations.

            I’ll be cheeky, but this will sum it up.

            “I wish you wouldn’t tear down that statue of Lee, but I kind of get it. Just leave the statue of Washington alone, you have to look at him as a product of his time and… okay you tore that one down. I find that upsetting. Please stop, it’s important to… really? The Lincoln and Newton ones too? That’s baffling. Let’s be serious people, Lil’ Gangsta is not the musical genius that Mozart or Wagner were… oh, I can’t say that anymore? Um, that is upsetting. Wait, why is my daughter out there protesting and wailing about her whiteness… seriously, I find this very upsetting…”

            Or how about this?

            “Young mother, your child will be attacked throughout his life and denied opportunities because he is white. Here is a photo of Cannon Hinnant. Look him up.”

            “You there, Christian. Ever wonder why Basketball-Americans are allowed to gather and celebrate an NBA whatever but you can’t go to church? Ever wonder why every movie and television show mocks or shames your faith?”

            These are eternal and core issues in the hearts of men. Yes, let’s use Our history and culture to spice the Cause, just remember the main course.

    • You have to always remember: Lefty did the same hatchet job on Christianity that he did on the NRx and Alt Right crowd.
      I grew up in The Hive, and for over 50 years, my view of Christians was that they were sanctimonious, superstitious, hypocrites, and grifters.
      Then I took the Red Pill involuntarily rectally, if you catch my drift. I was forced to start rebuilding my worldview and moral foundations and I was blown away when I met actual Christians. They were nothing like the villains the Left made them out to be. As a life long agnostic/atheist…I started seriously studying them and their bible…and was astonished to see my a Maker, right under my nose.
      America could save itself right now, easily, by returning to its spiritual origins. Of course, that would force everyone to think and reset… and most of us, myself included, would be hard pressed to truthfully walk the Christian walk. Yet that is what we are eventually going to be forced to do. That walk will be much easier with God than without.

      • Blackpilled did a recent video on the film Saved. It’s a pretty blatant example of the anti-Christian indoctrination that goes on everywhere. I have been living with it all my life, and it’s just the water we swim in in modern popular culture. Even Christians, until they get blackpilled, don’t usually realize the extent of it. How many TV shows and films have you watched that included a hypocritical fundamentalist preacher character? Countless, for me.

  33. You don’t talk people out of their beliefs. Instead, you offer a better set of beliefs, a better moral framework, one that allows them to believe they are on the side of angels.” Agreed. But what IS the “better set of beliefs and better moral framework” that we offer?

    • Disagree. If you have familiarity with people who have serious addictions, they never give them up until they have hit absolute rock-bottom  Often after having done severe damage to themselves and others. Often times not even then. I have seen this firsthand with many people. I have no reason to think that changing core political or spiritual beliefs is any different.

  34. NrX is also an intrinsically passive ideology. They basically state that the only way to get a haywire system back to normal is to allow the current power centers to collapse through their own ineptness, then make an alliance with rising elites who work for your interests.
    Joe Schmo does not have access to rich elites, and there’s not enough energy in the ‘wait for collapse’ thought process to keep the energy flowing without real action.
    While the NrX people may be correct, an intellectual framework that eschews, by its very ideology, grassroots political activity is not going to live long.

  35. Articulate with clarity. So what is the foundation upon which the Dissident Right is supported? What are the foundational principles? What is the modus operandi of advancing the cause? And perhaps most importantly, what is the probability of success in this modern Brave New World of Progressive dominance in all the major institutions of power in the West?

    • I’ll take a swing at it: a return to classical conservative values. Dare I say it: a return to the days and ways that produced American greatness, peace and prosperity? A rejection of silly and suicidal social and fiscal policy?

      • So how will you take us to the Promised Land? What modus operandi do you recommend, and what do you estimate the probability of success to be?

        • You’d have to take some responsibility in getting yourself there, I’m afraid. You can start by getting off the couch and turning off sportzball.

          • Be careful. Now you’re reciting Libertarian dogma and that may offend our blog host. BTW, I agree that everything good begins with personal responsibility and hard work. Citizenship should be earned and everyone should have some skin in the game. No more free-riders and parasites.

          • Its awfully hard to get skin in the game when society has no use for you.
            In the end if you want that virtuous society of hard work you are going to have to square that circle with automation.
            Computers are so pervasive they can manufacture goods, run vehicles and even write headlines,
            Entire industries like newspaper classifieds have been replaced by a few guys in Silicon Valley.
            And yes sure there is some demand for plumbers and the like. We can’t all be plumbers or do auto repair.
            The inability of Conservatives to think past this problem and the overwhelming urge to stand on moral virtues instead of come up with a workable policy means that the Left will win, if not now than sooner so long as the technological base can be maintained.
            Despite what Looter Cucks think Conservatism is not an attitude, its a pro natal, pro civilization policy.
            We don’t have that and until we stop trying to conserve a corpse and start being Authoritarian Right, we’ll lose.

          • There are real obstacles ahead. Add to that; the lefties are very good at psyops. The men that founded your nation told you that all this could happen. The answer to all this is the same for you as it was for your ancestors. Liberty is a tree; and must sometimes be watered with the blood of tyrants.

          • Libertarians are only toxic if taken whole and seriously. Isolated tenets of their faith can be useful and even beneficial.

          • We already know that, AB. They have come for our free speech, and failed. If you are not on Gab, get on there and get your friends on there too.
            They’ve tried to grab your guns. In Pennsylvania they were met by hundreds of armed citizens daring them to get serious about it. The rest of us will have to pony up and do the same at some point.
            Finally, they are out of money and will need yours. Most of the blue states are already faltering. Lefty can’t handle money, and if you put any in front of him he will steal it.
            Lest I be accused of fed poasting – I do not advocate violence or harassment. (Only Lefty can do that and get away with it). To be perfectly clear – I advocate self defense, against enemies foreign and domestic. Most of us know who those guys are.

          • I’m not sure you and I are trying to build the same society.
            I have little interest in the Liberty focused society so many talk about
            Hell until a few years ago we had tremendous freedom to do anything and everything most of it destructive.
            Freedom comes after a healthy pro civic order
            Frankly I want to take away the freedom of easy divorce, hi potency weed , single mommie-dom , cheap labor and a host of other things so we can have a society where people get married young, stay married, afford kids and pass on American traditions.
            Let me give you an example of something petty that needs to go, a pet peeve of mine Ashley Madison which a site that promotes adultery.
            Now I don’t care what singles do since its too difficult to regulate top down
            Promoting adultery, a very destructive behavior in my Republic would be a serious offense and if we are going to shut down prostitution classifieds for very possibly fake human trafficking reasons than we should shut down as destructive adultery sites.
            Hell legal controlled prositituion would be much less destructive than that.
            And yes freedom of association. its a theoretical good thing that solves nothing.

          • You have offended the great and powerful Glenfilthie, AB!!!! I challenge you to a duel at dawn – would you prefer pistols or sabres?
            Of course you are entirely correct. We need to rebuild a foundation of morals and ethics in our lands, because without it, we’ll only end right back where we are now.
            I advocate a responsible society first and foremost. We will need to put a stake through feminism, faggotry, marxism, and if you guys want to hang the libertarians… who am I to argue? I’d rather fire them off catapaults and out of cannons – but hanging’s fine too.
            We will need a criminal code and people will need to see it work too. I am a fan of the death penalty, and the strap in schools. Our country cannot be rebuilt until our families and communities are.

        • Europe isn’t the issue but basically if we really want the work as moral foundation Conservatism, very tight controls over automation, trade and probably industry will have to be implemented.
          In essence Leftism has logical momentum but leads to misery and chaos.
          Liberalism leads to the same place with even more misery.
          Conservatism fails and leads nowhere since its an attitude not a policy
          And being Right Wing leads to whatever goals are set if it win. The key is the correct goals.
          Highly computerized , automation societies turn into bugmen hives automatically
          Forced Arbeit Mach Frie Right Wing no welfare state thinking leads to a poor inefficient backwater with less freedom
          Maybe there is a 3rd way. I don’t know. Choose wisely.

    • One step at a time. Before the child can run, he must walk. Once we’re up and running, we’ll sort this out. But those are good philosophical issues which we must address at some point.

    • “So what is the foundation upon which the Dissident Right is supported?”

      Discontentment with neighbors. There’s no overarching political theory that motivates it, it’s just a list of complaints about systemic inefficiency and/or excess.

    • My two cents: a return of patriarchal masculinity. Protective but not overbearing, tolerant but disciplined, quick to forgive. Something like that.

    • Freedom of association is usually cited as a central principle. I would add that, in the wake of the hugely insane response to Covid, we must also include, as part of that, freedom of movement, employment, and commerce. There needs to be an acknowledgement of the fact that anything that is actually so dangerous that you need to lock an entire society in their homes and prevent them from going to work, school, or religious services for weeks or months on end is basically the end of the world anyway. “Day of the Asteroid” rules should apply and people should then be free to enjoy whatever time they have left.

      It was certainly a huge loophole in our political system that a bunch of menopausal governesses and party hacks were able to seize more or less absolute power and in a way that conveniently outlawed organizing against them. The “lockdown loophole” is basically an easy end-run around EVERYTHING in our supposedly sacred Constitution. Freedom of speech? Fine but only online. Right to keep and bear arms? Fine, but we’re closing all the gun stores, gun shows, and firing ranges as “non-essential”. You can still bear all the arms you want – in your room, in front of your mirror… Freedom of religion? Sure, but only for the Church of Zoom.

      That said, the root of the Covid problem was not the governors but the craving of so many media addled Goodthinkers for slavery of some form. This craving has been nurtured carefully for generations now by media and the academy (from primary school to university). This suggests a modus operandi in the form of defunding and dismantling those institutions. There are many ways to achieve this that are completely legal and make use of the current political system but infiltrating candidates into the system who “get it” and know how to play the dog-whistle organ is essential. I believe Trump is such a man for all his faults. Speaking of which, don’t forget to vote!

  36. So we need a new religious purpose. Do you think Christianity can be resurrected(yes, I’m groaned while typing it) in the West, or are we going to invent something new. And do we have time to do this before being swallowed by the egalitarian slime monster?

    • “Do you think Christianity can be resurrected”
      That Frankenstein Monster could only be reanimated by a bolt of blue lightning. It’s as thoroughly rotted as our other institutions. Unfortunately, I wouldn’t bank on a religious revival unless it’s Islam. Hmm…Islam…

      I don’t think that there is a remedy. Our minds will evolve once circumstances demand; otherwise, we’ll keep staggering toward mediocrity. Maybe if a bunch of us moved to the middle of nowhere and created our own culture, we could gradually alter our genetic and psychological profiles.

      Some people think that there’s going to be a great war that will ignite these necessary changes; that even if we go down and die, our side will burgeon with bravery and valor. But this won’t happen — as a nation, we don’t want a civil war. We just fast forward to the left winning every battle so long as we fight by their rules.

    • The decline of Christianity tracks with the prevalence of democracy for the same reason. Orthodox Christianity teaches submission to higher authority, and is very hierarchical (and implicitly is a defense of monarchy, hence the “divine right of kings”). Well, when you have asshats like Louis XVI, king Henry and Czar Nicholas as political leaders and Alexander VI as a religious leaders, the moral authority of those leaders and their institutions is shot, hence why monarchies are dead, and the Catholic Church is really only revered by poor third worlders. While democracy and religious tolerance are not a panacea, they are much better for the human spirit and material condition than monarchy ever was, as leaders are credibly held to higher standards.

      • “While democracy and religious tolerance are not a panacea, they are much better for the human spirit and material condition than monarchy ever was, as leaders are credibly held to higher standards.” LOLOL

        • The Catholic Church has been (slowly, to be sure) purging pedophiles from the clergy, or otherwise nullifying their proclivities. This is because lots of Catholics have stopped going to church and donating money to it. This simply would not have been in option in monarchical France in the 18th century. If the clergy was abusive, your job as the laity was to take it and not complain.

          If monarchial policy led to food shortages and starvation, your job as a peasant was to deal with it and not make a fuss. Nowadays people get unemployment benefits and stimulus, plus extra access to food. The big peasant killer under a monarchy was tied to food shortages. The peasant killer in democracy is good excesses.

          Again, the current system government and religious tolerance isn’t perfect or ideal, but there’s a reason these systems triumphed over the previous systems, and it sure as hell isn’t because they were worse and less popular.

          • Have they triumphed? Monarchy has been around since ancient times, and only disappeared in a serious sense around the 18th-19th centuries. Multi-thousand year runs. Democracy has been around only in fits and starts, and usually croaks at the age of 200-250. We are seeing the at least the beginning of the end of the current democracy run, if not even farther along in its demise. Religious tolerance really doesn’t fare much better – like most types of diversity, it simply ends up in divisions within the community, as you can see by the recent “proselytizing” by muslims in France.

          • To be clear, I favor monarchy and Christian orthodoxy over democracy and religious tolerance. I don’t think the current arrangement is permanent, but I do think that if there is a return of monarchy, it won’t be hereditary or divine.

            Anyhow, my point was simply that while the current phase of democracy isn’t perfect, it is definitely better than what preceded it. There were a very large number of dreadful kings in Europe, coupled with lots of inbreeding which made things worse, as well as tons of bad clerics. I view this phase of history as purgative, but not permanent. The purge is necessary.

          • I think you’re giving credit to “democracy” for things can more simply attributed to improved technology, sanitation, food production, transportation improvements, etc… My life is vastly better than that of my ancestors in Germany because I have electric lighting, a car, a nice computer, and a flush toilet, not because the weed smoking retards around me can vote. In fact, it’s those people who are the biggest threat to my continuing to have any of that stuff.

            That said, it’s hard to see divine right monarchy being possible today. Some sort of tiered voting, where people’s vote is weighted according to their actual value to society would certainly be possible though. In fact this is probably the most “natural” form of human community, where one’s influence is proportional to one’s contribution. I realize that’s an “appeal to nature” but when creating a moral framework you need to start somewhere to avoid an infinite regress.

          • Some sort of tiered voting, where people’s vote is weighted according to their actual value to society would certainly be possible though. In fact this is probably the most “natural” form of human community, where one’s influence is proportional to one’s contribution.

            Plans for this are already afoot, and China’s showing how easily it can be done. The problem is that the parameters for who creates an “actual value to society” are not going to be what you or I assume them to be.

          • The Chinese social credit system seems to be designed simply as a means of social control so that saying and doing the “wrong” things makes it harder to find work, keep a bank account or place to live. What I’m talking about would apply only to voting and of course would give more weight to those who start businesses, grow food, start and maintain stable families. It’s meant primarily as a check on democracy’s tendency to turn into a way for the incompetent and stupid to vote themselves a share of the wealth created by their betters.

            I suppose you could imagine a weighted voting system that favored the parasites and degenerates. The problem is that it would crash and burn even faster than the current mess as productive people realized there’s no point in working or else just left the country.

          • What the hell are you talking about?

            Francis just endorsed gay unions. The weirdos he has been promoting within the church will choose his successor and will guide the malformation of new priests.

            Its more likely that the Catholic Church is about to be permanently captured by the lavender mafia.

          • Sure, but the papacy is not publicly practicing hypocrisy, not is it bought and sold like it used to be. Francis is a dullard that doesn’t appear to have the light of Christ in him, but hes also not having gay orgies while excommunicating homos. He would be better off enforcing higher standards on the clergy, but his attempt to rid the church of hypocrisy is a considerable improvement over the pre-reformation papacy. Papal behavior from the crusades to the reformation pretty much ensured a schism.

      • If you believe the theory of evolution,

        Then it clearly follows that humans, as a species, are highly hierarchical social animals. Monarch is a more natural fit with human nature than “democracy” is. Further, the larger and (ugm) more “diverse” the polity, the better some form of authoritarianism fits. Democracy works great for small homogenous communities. Less so as both factors increase.

    • Wokeness is the new religion.
      Christianity as we know it is the synthesis of Greaco-Roman philosophy and early Christianity. St. Augustine was a neoplatonist before he became a priest. Catholicism then spent the next millennium synthesizing Plato, and then Aristotle as the Arabs were beaten back, into Christianity as we know it.
      Christianity is over, God being dead and all. This revelation drove Nietzsche from a specialist in pre-socratic philosophers into what he became.
      Wokeness = Christianity + Democracy.

    • Left will take over Christianity or whatever you will invent. Like they always did. Until there is no defense mechanism against communism in general, all “we need our own” stuff is only left next target and will be taken over like previous ones.
      What we need is completely new approach and final solution to madness problem, not endless fighting and temporary symbolic victories.
      Absolutely the first thing to do is bust the “all equal” myth. Some people are bad and when bad people running things, then thing will be also bad even when the thing has beautiful name and glorious past. Like the Church or Universities or white homeland run by liberals like Soviet Union.

    • If you think of Christianity as a social movement that has a utilitarian purpose, then, no. People who think that way will never really understand Christianity and are incapable of resurrecting it — they’re the people who have torn it down in the first place. The people who adopt the form of Christianity but reject its essential nature are far more dangerous than people who straight-forwardly reject it outright, such as Muslims.

      If you think of it as eternal truth, objective fact that remains true whether there’s a societal consensus for it or not, then yes. Its resurrection is, in fact, inevitable, because it is the truth. The truth can be ignored or suppressed for a good long while, but running a society on ideas that have no truth value will eventually cause that society to fail.

      • “The real hidden motive behind egalitarianism was always to bring down the higher. Egalitarianism inevitably means cultural relativism and brings in its train a universal leveling down. Once the higher is no longer acknowledged as higher, a word which includes the sense of better, it is effectively destroyed and the lower dominates. When the ladder of being, traditionally described as a tree with its roots in heaven, is not recognised it falls down and human life remains at ground level, as now. Today there is no means to climb up out of this world into a higher one whose values are different. These will include any values of this world but seen in a new and transforming light. Egalitarianism won’t apply to the elites, of course, who will remain in control but it will be used as a way of preventing escape from that control by the ordinary man or woman.
        In ancient times, great efforts of asceticism and profound meditation were necessary to attain spiritual liberation. In the Kali Yuga (i.e. now-the fall apart end cycle) all that would be required would be to repeat the name of God with a humble and contrite heart. Conditions would be so grim that God in his mercy would allow just this one sincere act to be enough for salvation. Perhaps because to get even that far in such a degenerate time would imply great spiritual dedication. “ Paraphrased from William Wildblood—great last name!
        Our world of the material denies us our culture…..our ethnic culture, our local and neighborhood culture, our spiritual culture. Grasping for The Material for the illusion of safety.

    • There are still some good churches out there individually, but we can’t expect them collectively to be much of a cultural influence.

      You’d be surprised how many based preachers are still floating around Ontario, of all places.

      Christianity just lacks the muscle I’m afraid. We need to be in touch with both our primitive side, as well as civilized side, as the Hindus are. Life as an evangelical is too do-gooder for my taste.

      • The main point of Christianity is to prepare an individual for the cessation of his life on earth; it’s not a political constitution. If you take Christianity as a spiritual phenomena (instead of political or philosophical), it becomes readily apparent that the point of human existence is to please God by being like him, whether in a position of power or oppression.

      • Religion is a reflection of the people. It has a feedback loop which can be positive or negative, but that still starts with what philosophy is being pumped into it.

      • Christianity is the foundation and wellspring of Progressivism.
      • Christianity was a Judaic Trojan Horse pushed into the gates of the pagan West. You’re never going to out-moralize an SJW with Christianity because they are more Christian than Christians, they just leave out Christ.
      • You can put as many quotations from Jesus as you like in your email signature, but “It’s OK to be White” will bring flaming asteroids down on your head. Why?
      • Christianity is universal, just like Neo-Liberalism. Black Thugs, Muslim left-handed asswipe Terrorists and Chicks with Dicks are all the same in the eyes of the Lord. This does not help us.
      • Judaism, Islam, and Christianity are just slightly differing variants of the same corrosive life-denying death cult.
      • We have to become a people first, kick some ass, then we can make up an origin story, like every other successful tribe in history.
    • Skip over Christianity and go back to Celtic and Nordic beliefs. they still hold true today. No turning the cheek for those boys. Honor and integrity defined you, not money.

  37. The use of a moral framework allows the left to ignore or circumvent the legal framework every time. Charlottesville is a prime example of that. Trump at least understood this when he said, “There are good people on both sides.” But who the hell cares who’s “good” or “bad” as that can’t be established in court? If the “bad” people had a permit and the “good” people showed up uninvited, then the bad people were right and the good people were wrong. We’re a nation ostensibly governed by laws and really by whims. Well, duh, you’re saying, except too many normie conservatives still can’t get this through their thick heads. Or hell, maybe they can. I haven’t seen as many guys with the tricorner hats and town crier bells brandishing their laminated Constitutions lately. Maybe they’ll have their Washington Crossing the Potomac moment here soon, moving en masse on their Rascal Mobility Scooters to burn down the capital instead of to the Golden Corral.

    • Different people have different ideas about what’s good tho.

      There’s a lot of Americans — about half of them — who aren’t impressed with healthy strong blond haired babies.

      This other half of Americans is more impressed with gay sex (for instance). This other half will not be convinced, of the error of its ways. What do.

        • Morgoth had a good video podcast about this on Bitchute. The Chinese system rewards people becoming more middle class and forming families. Ours will reward the opposite.

          • I fully expect our social credit system will incentivize white men to eliminate themselves slowly via deviant lifestyles and substance abuse, or quickly via suicide.

            No need for anything so crude and obvious as those icky trains and camps.

          • It already does this. Especially young boys are pumped on medication that makes them non-masculine. Many young white people are using drugs (though this is not new). The only way a white man can atone for his privilege is to become a homosexual.

      • And this is why human society must be broken down into its smallest possible units. Those who substantially agree with one another–and agreement will largely cohere around race and ethnicity–should live together in their separate polities. And if white race traitors who worship non-whites, deviance, criminality and madness choose to do so, they should have their own nation that is awash in diversity and pathology. That state will be conterminous with areas voting for Joe and the Ho’.

  38. The “we’re good, they’re bad” argument is so simple that I think some of our guys are embarrassed to make it.

    But it’s easy, true, and you don’t have to spend any time researching your facts and logic.

    Just go for it.

    • He’s been pretty good on there lately.

      Also, Zman, if you open a “greatest hits” page on your web site here which includes at least your “Stuff God” and “Letter to CivNats” posts, I’ll send you a hundred bucks on SubscribeStar pronto.

      • You get to give Z Man money. In return, you get to read about old movies. It’s worth the $4.99.

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