Into The Void

The Great War not only devastated the physical structure of Europe, it destroyed the legitimacy of the political infrastructure as well. Once the legitimacy of the ruling class was gone, their authority was gone with it. After all, the war was not a natural disaster beyond the control of the ruling class. It was a disaster created by a ruling class that could not explain why the war was necessary. When they tried, no one could believe them, because they had lied the world into war.

The people, looking around at the devastation, wanted to understand why this terrible thing happened to them. The trouble was the people they would naturally look to for answers no longer had the trust of the people. They had squandered their legitimacy waging a pointless war. Into the void of authority came the liberal democrats, the communists and the fascists, offering their own narrative to explain the past and define a future better than the present. The rest is history.

This is a useful thing to keep in mind as the current ruling class of America counts the votes in the presidential election. Every election is pitched as momentous, but that is mostly nonsense. The choices put in front of the voters are always vetted by the ruling elite, so the results are known in advance. The exception, of course, was Trump in 2016, which is why we have been subjected to close to five years of shrieking by the ruling class about how Trump is a threat to their system.

This election could very well turn out to be devastatingly important. For starters, this is a rare case where both sides are sure they will win. Usually, both sides know what’s coming long before the vote. The eventual losing side may have some false hope, but when they lose they are not surprised. This time, both sides are not only sure they will win; they think they will win big. This is despite an unprecedented media barrage offering no possible way for Trump to win on Tuesday.

Both sides come at this from wildly different perspectives. The ruling class radicals backing the Biden campaign are sure they are the product of a meritocracy that has earned the right to rule. It is so obvious that no sane voter would choose any other system, but the one that puts them at the top. It’s why they remain convinced that Trump won in 2016 by appealing to the dark forces. There’s simply no way that a legitimate democratic system could have picked Trump.

This time they have used every weapon of the system to make sure those dark forces don’t prevail. They have bullied the pollsters that serve the political industrial complex into giving them useful polling data. They have used their media to flood the zone with fear, uncertainty and doubt. The same tools they use in their color revolutions abroad have been deployed here. If Trump wins, then it means the system, at least the rule-based system, is no longer of any use to them.

Ironically, if Trump wins, the people supporting Trump will conclude that the people in charge are no longer legitimate authorities. The polls, the media, the analysis, will all be viewed as an orchestrated lie campaign. After all, the best and the brightest of the system said Biden was a metaphysical lock. The result of a Trump win will be that both sides agree that the system is rotten to the core. The Left will seek to destroy it while the Right will stand aside and let them do it.

As Stalin said, it is not the votes that count, but who counts the votes and it is the people counting the votes who are the issue on the ballot. If Biden wins, most sensible people will assume shenanigans. Joe Biden has spent the final weeks of the campaign mumbling to empty parking lots, while Trump is speaking to stadium sized rallies in the key states. The same observations that lead people to think the polls are a lie will lead them to think a Biden victory is a lie.

It is heritage America that is the engine of the Trump campaign. These are people who get misty when they hear God Bless America. They believe that they are fighting to maintain the greatest system in the world for the greatest country in the World. All they have to do is vote harder and the bad guys will be driven from the field and the America they love will come back to herself. If their monumental efforts fail, then it means the system has failed. Their America is lost.

The irony of the Left making war on these people is that without these people there can be no Left, as there is no establishment to support the Left. Those huge crowds coming out to cheer for Trump are what makes liberal democracy possible. If they are finally cut off from having a say in how things are run, then the system begins to falter. Many of those people coming out for Trump will simply drop out, but many will look around for an alternative to the corrupt system they now distrust.

One of John F. Kennedy’s script writers said, “Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable.” This is the subtext to this election, as both sides go all in on this election. For the Left, a Trump win means they are free to make total war on the system and the people who support it. A Biden win and the veil of ignorance drops for millions of heritage Americans. One side will decide that peaceful revolution, even peaceful reform, is no longer possible.

The truth of democracy is it makes everything political. Even the smallest act becomes a moral signifier, indicating which side you are on. This is because politics forces everyone to be a partisan. In order for democracy to work, everyone must participate, which means everyone picks a side. Partisanship turns everyone into the enemy of someone, often people they do not know. A country full of enemies is not a country, but a forest full of dry underbrush waiting for a match.

This is an election where one side will ultimately conclude that the system itself is no longer worth respecting or defending. The Biden camp is much closer to that point, maybe even resolved to it, but still pretending. The Trump side is not there yet, but inching closer. There is no result that can leave both sides satisfied that the system worked as intended. Like the period after the Great War, we are entering a crisis of legitimacy, which begins with the election results.

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283 thoughts on “Into The Void

  1. I’d be happy to see some of the blue states leave. Texas could send them all that precious dumb-versity they allegedly love so much. I certainly have nothing in common with idiots who vote for an outright communist like De Blasio or the meatball governor. Ditto for the left coast. Maybe we could keep eastern California.

  2. “The exception of course could be Trump in 2020.” Could be, might be, hopefully will be, another shocker election for the elite both here and across the globe.
    As most pundits are generally committing to nothing but how “close,” the election will be, I’ll take them at their word just as I took them at their word for their made in the USA Russia, Ukraine and impeachment testimony; just as I believe their COVID claims-a global product.
    It’s time. If the election results are as close as it is being preached, and if it really looks like Trump has won-but for the “uncounted” COVID mail-in ballots, Trump must just declare himself winner and let the chips fall where they may. The games have to stop. It should be abrupt.
    This will result in the riot cities going absolutely bezerk. As Trump is lame duck, and about as early in a term as possible-the morning after election; Trump should immediately show dominance in the riot cities citing insurrection. He should send in federal forces and round them up.
    No more insurrection. No more destruction of peoples properties and hometowns. No more kids glove treatment to feral adult aged humans that act out like little little Chucky dolls–no matter how the chattering classes pee their pants Trump must assert himself. It must be now or never. This is a political turning point and I hope he takes advantage of it.
    If Trump loves America he might at this stage,assess its friends and enemies inside and out. Look towards Sulla’s closing statement in his epitaph for guidance
    “No friend ever served me, and no enemy ever wronged me, whom I have not repaid in full.”

  3. WWI was the beginning of the end for white people. It got people to entertain crazy and suicidal ideas that we struggle to shake off a century later.

    I hate to fall into the trap of “the most important election” but I think it is, at least for this time period in America. 2016 was the Flight 93 election but the powers that be did not take Heritage America seriously. The last four years have seen active attempts to snuff out that energy from 2015-2016. If Trump still wins, even if he is a Zionist shill, shows that Heritage America isn’t going to go down without a fight.

    Trump is not the answer to our problems but he’s a useful middle finger to the state, the inner party, the media, and all the institutions who have been rubbing their hands since the 1960s to get rid of us. It’s why I voted Trump even though I know he’s just going to go back to licking Israel’s boots if he wins. Boomercons are going go back to sleep to consoom and grill but more are going to be aware of just short the short end of the stick is. Let us not make the same mistakes from 2016 and capture Heritage America’s desire to want to thrive.

  4. As always God will be the final voter and only His vote counts. If trump wins perhaps God has given us a reprieve because He wants abortion to end by law and the final count known so He can measure out justice accordingly. At a later date and in another way.
    But if He elects Biden I think it will be safe to say time is up and pain will commence immediately. Because those that could have stopped infanticide with force but chose cowardice are to get another chance immediately in a river of blood, sweat and tears. And while we’re at it we can correct other instances of rebellion against our original founder. In that we have allowed Satan to run wild in our schools, courts, agencies and entertainment choices.

  5. The Great War spelled the end for monarchy. The collapse of anti-white fascism could do the same to liberal democracy.

  6. “..if Trump wins, the people supporting Trump will conclude that the people in charge are no longer legitimate authorities. The polls, the media, the analysis, will all be viewed as an orchestrated lie campaign.”

    Most realists came to the logical conclusion that “those in charge” are not legitimate long before this Election began. The lead-up to this Election did help to enlighten some of the low-information voters though.

    The propagandists earned their name — they have already been discovered to be an “orchestrated lie campaign.” But in the past year or so, their propaganda and behavior has become so ridiculously obvious that it’s pathetic. No mercy.

  7. i wonder how many blue state voters will go for Trump, as a way to protest the lockdowns? haven’t seen this mentioned anywhere else…

    • Quite a few. I would be a bit surprised if Oregon went Red tonight but there’s enough hate here towards the Wicked Witch of Salem (Kate Brown) that it could happen.

      I think earlier this year the Cloud People were looking at their “analytics”** and concluding that the only thing that could stop Trump was a weak economy. So they set about creating one and actually succeeded best in states like OR which weren’t going for Trump initially anyway.

      The problem is that while the masses may be dumb, even weak minds are surprisingly good at figuring out who and what hurt them. This is actually one of those basic things brains evolved to do. It’s like running up and punching someone in the stomach and then telling them “no, I didn’t hit you, it was the orange kid over there” even though it’s obvious that the orange kid wasn’t around and you were. The thing that’s hard for even the most biased Lefty to deny is that Oregon’s economy was pretty damn good on Jan 1 and is now completely wrecked. They also know that Donald Trump didn’t burn Portland or call off the police when the crazies were doing that. Everywhere you look in this state you see smoking wreckage and it’s all got these big obvious blue fingerprints all over it.

      ** Ah yes, analytics. A lot of Lefties REALLY believe in that shit. For them it’s a kind of, what to call it… datamancy, perhaps. Reading the tea leaves – with computers.

  8. This is my worst-case scenario:

    Trump wins and the left’s reaction is either muted or ignored like the summer riots.

    The right does a few gloating victory laps and promptly goes back to sleep.

    Four years from now we face the same set of problems except all the white people are 4 years older.

    • The thing that blows away all the conspiracy stuff about deep states and men in volcanoes is that the smart play all along was to cut a deal with Trump. They could easily have co-opted him like the GOP did to the Tea Party. Instead they have gone bananas fighting him over stuff they used to support.

      The truth is, the best result for dissidents is Biden winning an obviously rigged election. Millions would suddenly wake up from the American dream. That said, I’m hoping for another miracle.

      • The lack of cutting a deal with Trump (that we are aware of, anyway) demonstrates the mediocrity of the elites. They just aren’t that smart.
        Or maybe they tried to cut a deal with Trump and he told them to pound sand.

        • A lot of that is Trump’s fault. They did try to cut a deal with him over an infrastructure bill. What did genius negotiator do? He chased them out of the room and then ignored the issue. Why would he do that? Because funding that bill required reversing his tax cuts for the rich, at least some of it. Trump abandoned populism within 48 hours of the election. The guy even tried putting Mitt Romney in as Secretary of State.

          • what if your assessment of Trump is completely wrong? it would mean more than just bad judgement; it would mean you were/are severely mentally ill.

      • Why cut a deal? It was theater. The ultra-rich got their tax cuts. Almost every adult border-jumper was issued a work permit . DACA stands. E-Verify was abandoned. What puzzles me most is that he railed against the Saudis from 9/11 until he ran for office. Then he pulled out his veto pen to override both Houses to allow Raytheon to build a plant in Saudi Arabia.

    • Antifa and the woke aren’t that young and in a normal society even an urban modern one would be buys having kids by now. and too busy to riot.
      OTOH Gen Z is very Conservative more than us Gen X types and while its racially mixed, that matter less than the fact they are Trump Republicans at the core, many are DR.
      They will be of voting age by the end of T2.
      Doesn’t mean anything can be fixed but odds are the US will be over by the 2030’s anyway. The DR’s job is to grab power and land.

    • The right does a few gloating victory laps and promptly goes back to sleep.

      This is why it’s critical to get involved in patriotic education.

      Don’t believe me?

      Go look at what the Left has achieved after over 60 years of control over the educational system.

  9. I may have a perfect illustration of the Zman’s point.

    So, here is little me, wondering if I can get back across the bridge tonight-

    While King Cuomo is helplessly running signboards asking us to denounce ourselves, er, to call 511 for our quarantine status. While Manhatten is boarded up stem to stern, at that.

    You betcha, Your Manliness, Lord Andro. You bet your sweet bippy I will.

  10. Talk of the elite’s hatred reminds me of Barton Fink:

    In fact, Fink’s creative accomplishment gives him such a massive ego boast that he manages to cause a small riot at a dance hall after boasting to a group of sailors while possessed by delusions of grandeur and screaming twaddle like, “I’m a writer, you monsters! I create! I create for a living! I’m a creator! I’m a creator! This is my uniform! [points to head] This is how a serve the common man.” As to what caused Fink to act in such an unbecomingly hysterical fashion, a sailor dared to kindly asked to “cut in” and dance with the same girl he was dancing with because he was “shipping out tomorrow” and probably wanted a little female warmth before going to war. Undoubtedly, Fink probably deserved the same treatment that was unleashed on Kenneth Anger’s character in Fireworks (1947) by a couple of suavely dressed sailors, but luckily for him he only received a single punch to the face. Arguably, in no other scene does Fink’s hypocritical contempt for the so-called “common man” become so unbearably glaring, especially since the young military men are going to risk their lives in a war that involves rescuing European Jewry, so it is only fitting that the viewer receives the therapeutic relief of seeing one of the prole sailors punching him in his loudmouth. Of course, it will take more than a punch to knock Fink down a couple pegs, as he is a mensch that has a hard time suffering humility.”

  11. I’m feeling good, had a nice lunch, then read the old Zman for my dose of harsh reality…
    Either way this goes, I think its good for our side. As he says, either Trump wins and it defers the collapse by a few more years, or Team Biden steals it and the veil of ignorance drops for everyone.
    Let the games begin.

  12. Dr. Mantis and Chicago Rodent both point out the long lines in their respective enclaves (rural GA and Chicago).

    I hope and pray the GA voters are lined up and voting, efficiently and in mass.

    From first hand experience and as a former neighbor of Mr. Rodent, the IL voters are lining up because they don’t know how to plug in the voting machine.

  13. Edward M Luttvak has a piece up on American Mind about how Petraeus ghostwriter is pushing for a coup. He rates it highly probable.
    If when will Gen Miley just hand over the keys to Hunter Biden? Or grab power for himself? Will we see Reverse Pinochet? Helicopter rides for straight White men?

    • To quote the Critical Drinker ” ‘Nah, it’ll be fine”.

      Republicans don’t marshal in force, even though they’ve an insane amount of guns. They just quietly grumble and accept what they’re told. (and buy more guns)

      Democrats marshal in force, but only to burn their own cities down and to get free sneakers and TV’s.

  14. In five years the left will decry the loss of the civic nationalist conservative. “What happened to the respectable country first GOP” they will shriek.

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  16. Here in the deep red Blue Ridge Mountain county in north Georgia where I live, there are huge lines snaking around the block.
    I hear similar reports from other deep red counties. Anecdotal sure, but interesting.

    • For some reason, they’ve not yet contracted the number of polling places—even though elections are now 80%+ mail in. There are few lines. I suspect a contraction in the next election due to shortage of poll workers, this year very critical due to Chinese virus concerns and the age of volunteers. Even worse, I could see a move to simply make everyone vote by mail.

    • Here in Salt Lake, one of the major polling stations seems pretty packed.

      More interesting was the group of 25+ Mexicans standing on the corner waving huge Trump 2020 signs and the blue-cop US flag. That was a bit of a surprise.

      • Why not? He’s promised the AA’s a $500B Platinum Plan. He’s promised Latinos the American Dream Plan. The people who elected him in 2016. . .?

  17. “The truth of democracy is it makes everything political. Even the smallest act becomes a moral signifier, indicating which side you are on.”
    Not in a homogenous ethnostate. Then the small acts, a walk in the park, a picnic, a shopping trip, a community celebration, are enjoyed without recourse to politics. Only with the blessings of diversity, and the requisite socialism that diversity always brings in tow, is everything, even a smile (Covington), politicized.
    “You may not care about politics, but politics cares about you” has much greater force in a diversified state where politicians don’t exist to serve the people’s interests but serve only as Change Agents.

    • Indeed. Remember when Reagan used to sit down with the speaker of the House in the Capital bar punching down Scotch and working out deals. We were a White nation then and the joys of diversity not yet fully realized.

      • A certain type of conservative would point out that having two Micks (Reagan & O’Neill) sit around deciding our fate while getting drunk is exactly how things went wrong. That’s what “nativism,” Know-Nothings, KKK, prohibition, etc. were all about; Gangs of New York stuff.
        Wanna talk about HBD or family values?
        It was a brisk February evening in Dixon, Illinois in 1922. Returning home from a basketball game at the YMCA, 11-year-old Ronald expected to arrive to an empty house. Instead, he was stunned by the sight of his father sprawled out in the snow on the front porch. “He was drunk,” his son later remembered. “Dead to the world … crucified.” Jack’s hair was soaked with melted snow, matted unevenly against the side of his reddened face. The smell of whiskey emanated from his mouth.”

      • Regan enacted the largest amnesty this country had seen. GHWB enacted H-1B and OPT (which like DACA, are not legislation, yet are never challenged.) Bush also more than doubled legal immigration w/ the Immigration Act of 1990. The GOP are not your friends

    • Wow. Wow. Forced mixing is why ‘democracy’ fails, and here’s proof:

      Thailand, Columbia, Japan, Iraq, Israel, Gambia, Romania- it doesn’t matter whether they’ve had kings or democracies. The people and culture remain the same.

      The Zman is searching for peers to help our people get past the shoals. Can there be a political adaptation to counter, or to help us adapt to, the largest cross migration in history?

  18. Republics have a shelf life. Sorry about that, it was a hell of a run. And it really was the last best hope of mankind.

    • I honestly feel that Whites are the only hope for this living world, and its highest achievement. It may be that Heaven is majority White- that is what I still mean to measure.

      This belief hit me like a hammer when watching a youtube trailer for the movie “Tenet”.

      It has a black protagonist, but look at everything- EVERYTHING- around him, including the means to make and distribute the movie itself.

      • “Tenet,” was predictive programming to normalize the idea of black 007 as well as Denzel’s kid’s audition for the role of 007.

  19. If Trump voters didn’t figure out over the last 4 years that we cannot fix this by voting, nothing will ever convince them. If the Democrats steal this election with shenanigans in the urban sections of the swing states, they will issue empty threats about how the left won’t like it when we stop obeying and then promptly go on obeying.

    • “If Trump voters didn’t figure out over the last 4 years that we cannot fix this by voting, nothing will ever convince them.”

      I’m not I interested in them. It’s their children and grandchildren we need. Think long game, Brother.

      • This is why we need the schools and nothing will change until we learn what the left learned 80 years ago. While the right was fantasizing about guns or collapse or people waking up, the left were rolling up their sleeves and getting to work. Worst of all, we are financing all of it. Not just the schools either. We fund planned parenthood, we fund abortion clinics, NPR, we fund the activists out rioting, we fund the schools indirectly too. All those wacky xirls all do government financed “work” published in journals libraries and schools are required to purchase at a large cost. Everything the left does gets at least some funding from government tax money.

        • Trump’s banishment of critical race theory is a good (mostly symbolic) shot across the bow of the institutional Left and suggests a course to follow. There’s nothing wrong with guns, physical training, prepping, or trying to get based candidates elected. Our task becomes much easier though if we can stop government funds at all levels (and corporate profits) from going to the Left.

          The next thing Trump could do in his second term would be to defund NPR. Again, this is mostly symbolic but strikes a demoralizing blow at the type of white pseudo-intellectual who props up the Democratic Party. It’s also something that blacks, latinos, and other minority components of the Dem coalition don’t care much about. OMG, Trump just cancelled that whiny-liberal-Jews-and-white-people news program!!

          Other things that could be done might include student loan “reform” perhaps with a partial loan forgiveness along with much tighter rules about just what kind of things the government will (effectively) pay you to study. Electrical engineering? Sure. Genderqueer Pschodynamics Theory? Not so much.

          • Defund National Public Radio? But then who would broadcast twenty hours a week of bluegrass in our Nation’s Capital? (Yes, really, at least they used to.)

        • Tars,

          Yes sir. We need to push private, religious, and home schooling. Voucher programs. And yes, we lose to may of Our young to the propaganda but I am here to tell you that many of the youth are open to rebellion.

          • I don’t oppose those things, but they are fundamentally unfair and will never affect a large number of people.
            If you send your kids to private school, you are still paying for public schools.

    • they will issue empty threats about how the left won’t like it when we stop obeying and then promptly go on obeying.”

      That’s it in a nutshell.

    • My guess is that Pennsylvania will be contested up to the supreme court, which will then give it to Biden. Swamp monsters look out for their own. A final fick you from the elites to Trump and his supporters.

    • I’m not sure anyone has a handle on how anything plays from tonight forward. One thing to keep in mind is that individual opinions can change profoundly,when one’s lived life is changed by the matters of the day. The little movies on our heads play all sorts of conjured up things (for people on all sides, including ours), but when neighborhoods burn and people physically get called out or non-personed at work, then things change fast. Buckle up.

    • You might be amazed how many rules can be disobeyed if you do a little investigation 😎

  20. Tucker Carlson talked about this in his opening monologue last night. Such a big driver of this is the elite, coastal hatred of just about any white person living over 100 miles inland, except for people in spots like Madison, Boulder and Austin. While I’ve seen more of Ohio than PA, whenever I’ve landed there I see white people who were thrown overboard by the system years ago. The operators of the system not only don’t feel sorry for them, they actively hate them. So much so that they put Lady Gaga in a redneck outfit next to a pickup truck to mock them…just days before the election. And when these people inevitably hate them back they’re beside themselves. How dare you hate me! How ironic is it that our “democracy” would be so rife with classism that it would put Victorian England to shame?

    • That was my thought watching part of the Trump rally in Traverse City, Michigan yesterday. They love Trump because the people that hate them hate him and Trump doesn’t hate them. The left won’t accept the results if Trump wins and it could be the first steps towards separating the country and potentially getting some freedom from the coastal elites.

    • They’ve remembered tribalism.

      Rational debate or best intent doesn’t apply- the old wiring has kicked in.

      It probably is an instinctive response; they suspect, communally and without words, that resource shortages are on the horizon. War is nature’s way of saying “I’m taking yours”.

      • I’ve been nursing a bit of a conspiracy theory about “The Green New Deal” — The people pushing it know it can’t work. All those wind turbines won’t really produce the energy we need for industry but it doesn’t matter. The point is to strangle the economy from energy starvation slowly over time rather that all at once in a way that may cause panic and rebellion. The overall point is to gradually downscale our lifestyles and expectations (though not their own of course).

        This would fit in nicely with the tendency of a lot of cloud people to place inordinate faith in their own smarts and ability to control hyper-complex systems like economies, global climate, energy production, etc…

        • I advocate the kind of Egalitarianism sometimes seen in movies: A leader makes a suggestion and then one of the good guys puts a loaded pistol to his head and says “after you!” If only the real world provided more opportunities for this. I guess I’m a romantic at heart.

    • Interesting point. Does anyone have actual historical data on the hatred of the Victorian elite? The cultural stereotype (movies, TV, novels) is a bunch of snooty bastards twirling their mustaches, but were they? Brit elites were big on morality, improvement, etc. Of course, some of that was hypocrisy, some was meddling, but they thought they were doing good for the poor etc.

      Our elites simply hate the lower orders and wish them dead. On the principle that “They always accuse YOU of what THEY are doing,” I would assume the media stereotype of the “heartless Victorian elite” is an intentional smokescreen for what the media elite really thinks of us.

      • Interesting point. Does anyone have actual historical data on the hatred of the Victorian elite?

        Through the 1850s and the 1890s, it seemed that Victorian upper classes, and many schools were keen to endorse ‘masculine Christianity’. Considering that the tenets of this involved physical prowess, I would have imagined it chimed well with the working classes of the day; and I think therein lay the key – both rulers and ruled has a more common set of values than today.

        Some of the last viceroys of The Raj were well known for their enthusiasm – seen in private correspondence – for betterment of the people. Naturally, you had rogues and swindlers, but from all my readings I would genuinely say that in the times of the Victorians that ‘ruled/ruler’ relationship may have been as healthy as it could ever get.

        Our elites simply hate the lower orders and wish them dead.

        Most of our elites today are cowards. Prominent Victorian elites were masculine men. This tends to make you more effective at dealing honestly with people and not skirting the issues. I have always thought that one reason that our elites hate us so much is because they haven’t got the balls to actually fix things.

    • Re: Lady Gaga

      I’ve realized that the cloud people have simply forgotten what normal human interaction looks like. I was watching some lib TV show on Netflix. The dialogue between the 2 black characters was so cringe – it wasn’t real, it was a caricature of what an AWFL thinks 2 black bros act like. Same with Gaga.

      Even see it in the corporate world, the senior managers have this bizarre way of talking that is not normal. We see the same thing in the hate hoaxes. Caricature of what they think racist rednecks are like. Clouds have totally lost the plot

    • Tucker has pointed out repeatedly that it is a class war going on and the elites are using race baiting as a cover for it. But yeah the upper classes hate us so much they want us dead and gone. They don’t even bother to hide it anymore.
      For god sake they are letting the Chinese dump Fentanyl and other synthetic opioids into the country to poison the lower classes, letting big pharma load us up on Oxy, etc,
      They attack the family unit and whats left of our communities.
      They import millions of 80 IQ savages and make degenerates and blacks part of the protected class so they can make our lives a living hell.
      They are on the verge of making pederasty legal. See Newsom’s law he recently signed that allows gays to bugger teenagers with impunity.
      War has been declared and our side still thinks we have decades to prepare.

  21. Early Sushi Vote totals at Dagostino’s, NYC:

    Orders for Donald Trump Sushi outnumber Joe Biden Sushi

    >Sushi Vote

  22. This is the first time in my life (I’m late 50s) that I’ve voted straight Republican ticket. Traditionally I’m a little-L libertarian, note the small “l”. Or if none on ballot, perhaps a third party. Not this time. If nothing else, sites like Z Blog have convinced me this is a very important election. Let’s hope it’s not a replay of 1860’s 🙁

    • First for me too. I don’t care who you are, if you in any way identify with the pedocrats, you’re automatically disqualified. Also, if there were two choices in a non-partisan race, and I didn’t know who they were, I defaulted to the male.

      • This is a good principle to use and one I used myself on this ballot. There was a local race with 5 people I knew nothing about, 3 men and 2 women. I checked out the 3 men first and then the 2 women. No one really said much about what they wanted to do. Here, they just have the candidate’s actual application form online as a PDF. They write in a brief bio by hand. I picked the male who seemed like the most “serious guy” and had an unambiguously white name. I found out later that one of the women was a self-identified “latina” running a really well funded race-card campaign.

    • Not sure why I vote anymore. Perhaps force of habit, or perhaps it’s a vote for the process, or a concept of Democracy, long gone. This vote will not accomplish much is my firm belief, just postpone the inevitable day of reckoning.

      Not been to the polling place yet. But I’m sure the masked Karens there will assure that the rest of my day is spoiled. If anything interesting occurs, I’ll report back.

      • Don’t despair. Attempting to buy time is a worthwhile mission, not necessarily a forlorned hope.

      • I vote for the history books. If they exist, they might note that a number of ancient whites objected to their slow replacement. Amidst all the propaganda, 2% of Canadians voted for a party that wanted to lower immigration. That is what jared Taylor’s original goal was too.

  23. The irony of the Left making war on these people is that without these people there can be no Left, as there is no establishment to support the Left”

    It’s like blowing up the foundation of your house because you don’t like the cabinets in the kitchen. That’s a malicious strain of stupid.

  24. I showed up maskless to vote at 6 a.m. ; I was eighth in line. The first guy in line claimed to be from another precinct but insisted on voting here. He preoccupied the poll workers for nearly a half hour preventing the rest of us from entry. He barely spoke English, probably a Mexican. Once the line moved it was stretched around the corner.

    #2 in line was a millennial female. She was still arguing as I left because the vote counter rejected her ballot. She had marked her choices with dainty check marks and could not be brought to understand ovals apparently. No joke.

    Every voter except me wore the face diaper. The very pretty blonde poll worker “encouraged” me to wear a mask. She escalated, and then an obese chick told me I would have to vote curbside. Then the tubby negress in the winnie the poo pajamas complete with bear ears dragged herself from the free donuts and coffee and lied telling me I would need to cast a provisional ballot. Finally, a tall, well-spoken White fellow supravened and handed me a ballot and pen. The black dude behind me complained that I must be “disqualified” because I wouldn’t wear the mask; I got to overhear him receive a lecture on the right to vote as I voted.

    The line circled around the block as I left the area. Every single person I saw, including cyclists and dog walkers, wore a mask. Many looked at me with fear or disdain. It was quite depressing having been reminded why Illinois is effed. Thus endeth this field report.

      • I’m on the wrong side of the divide. Until The Covid, I led a hardworking but sweet lifestyle just a little north of The Second City Comedy which, incidently, is now up for sale. If I can have my lifestyle back, and I am skeptical, I would like to stay. Winter is a must for me inter alia so where to go, where to go … it won’t be downstate for me and mine.

        • Is your practice portable? I would be happy to speak with you about some locations. Post an anon email and I will contact you.

        • But go you must. Wifefu can still bill her 2200 per annum remotely now. You could be in rural Alabama for all it would matter for (her) muh career.

          • I am grateful for the positive messages. Thing is that, since we couldn’t have children, I perceive a need to do stuff which ordinarily isn’t possible elsewhere aside from a central location like Chicago/UAL. (We’re high-end subscribers to Lyric Opera, CSO and Art Institute inter alia, my money; her money airports and jetsetting; I am an early flounder and yumper at a local skydiving outfit.).It’s too complicated to explain here now at this time, and who truly GAF, but I literally was born centuries past my prime – I was born to be an explorer who rocks to Beethoven as a consequence. Innate for me and mine.

    • That was actually a fascinating little microcosm of what America, writ large, now actually looks like in a terrifying number of regions. Our future of mongrels, mystery meats, clueless millennial and zoomer girls, and mask cucks. Be afraid…

      • I was purely factual on all counts. After I voted, the wife and I enjoyed coffee in bed together and then napped a little. We got up for business and I looked across my side only to see my semi-auto rifle and pistol and my combat vest crammed with loaded mags and even a mollied stabbing knife. The contrast of bliss and horror has kinda made this day already unpleasant, which is why I am escaping to here again.

      • Hi Range, glad you and Basic Husband are well. All is fine for us here along enemy lines. Speaking of which, we need our own in all the places, not just in our own redoubts (speaking as a person living in a purple frontier area of highly self-segregated California). We can’t concede anyplace to anyone. There is also information to be had. For example, in my neck of the woods, the Biden operatives have been ringing doorbells and putting up yard signs at the blue homes, just these last few days. No Trump signs, but American flags have sprouted up everywhere in response. No red homes want to be singled out, attacked, or doxxed. But who can fault an American flag? No Trump signs, but the non-Biden homes are all driving pickups and Jeeps now (3 at my house). Games being played, positions taken, things understood but left unsaid. It’s rather fascinating how it all plays. And my local experience is telling me that the lefties around here are coming from a position of profound misunderstanding of how their virtue signaling and rude behavior actually appears to Normie. The righties had figured out the silent game all along, and have been playing it well. Even Normie is figuring it out, what it takes, and how to play the silent grey game. The left has completely lost Normie, around here, from the looks of things.

        • Dutch,

          Howdy, Sir. Not too far down the road from you and out in the boondocks (relatively). Nothing but giant Trump flags flying all over here and not a single Biden/Harris sign. I imagine you are correct, there are probably plenty of non-Progs in your area but they feel unsafe to profess their political leanings.

          • Hey PM, yup, “up the hill” in red California, it has been a Trump party up there for at least a month. I’m sure it will be really rocking and rolling tonight, no matter the vote outcome. Between the horn honking and all the dogs getting perpetually worked up, it will be no sleep for anyone, I am sure. The valley will be lit. The whole Trump thing has been a lot of fun, and people love having fun. It’s as if having a good time is not allowed any more, thanks to all the cultural prudes.

        • My voting place was empty. I usually vote in the evening, but I had some free time this afternoon. It’s usually not line-around-the-block busy, but you have to wait. No waiting today. Hope enthusiasm is low for Biden. I’m in a blue area and I have seen literally 1 Biden sign around here and no Trump signs.

        • Traditional values have gone to hell. Here in East Buttplug® FL, there are still relatively few Negroids, thanks be to [insert choice of Deity], but Blacks on skateboards? Really? And on Monday I saw a Black family (?) (multi-hued hominids, woman was whitish…) get into a very fancy Pick-up with those spiky rims. I don’t know trucks, but I would guess easily $50-60K? Ah for the good old days, when you didn’t need to see the driver to know who was driving the lilac purple BMW 700-series with fancy rims at the local Popeye’s, nor to guess where he likely got his money 😀

    • I just voted a little while ago in my little rural township house. No lines. Only White people. Everyone wore a mask, because there’s a mask mandate in Ohio, and so did I because I just wanted to cast my damn vote, not get in a pissing match with the deputy sitting by the door.

    • This is actually a bit encouraging to me. The dumb millennial chick, the illegal, the black dude trying to implement his own little mask-based Jim Crow system, the huge amount of fear and stupidity on display, it all does something very important in a place like Chicongo – it wastes time. By this evening the lazier ones at the back of the line who got there late will be wandering off like Biden looking for his slippers and TV remote. Who needs the Klan to suppress the vote when the disorganized, selfish, and stupid Leftists do it for us?

    • I was in the local Wally World this weekend, and of the couple hundred customers, I saw one other guy without the fag rag. As he and I passed we gave the knowing-white-guy nod to each other.

      What kills me is when the virus spreads through a community that already has a mandate and the usual suspects all complain that it’s because people didn’t take the mask requirements seriously enough, when simple observation shows that its use is nearly universal. The fact that it’s a useless totem never occurs to them. It’s simply got to be something else.

  25. Putting all else aside, even the polity my ancestors’ generations helped establish and keep, this one is for the survival of my nation.

    Enough cynicism, then. To honor their efforts, and to preserve liberty for posterity, it’s time to do what needs to be done— and that starts with my vote.

    One last chance for politics. If it counts, I’ll be elated. If it doesn’t, so be it, I’ve prepared as I could.

    Buckle up and let’s get it done!

  26. Trump has been wonderful for waking Joe Normie from a very deep slumber. Trump supporters now understand the hatred that media feel for them. They’re also starting to see that the institutions that they once trusted – police, FBI, military, etc. – are not as clean as they once believed.

    This is a major change. It’s one thing for the media to be biased, but the FBI or CIA. Those are bedrock institutions for Joe Normie. If he starts losing faith in law enforcement, he starts losing faith in everything.

    • “Once the legitimacy of the ruling class was gone, their authority was gone with it.”
      Yes….this is the great inflection point…the day of the great turning. As the ruling overlords either attempt to or succeed in stealing the election, more normies lose faith in the legitimacy of the ruling class.
      Z—for many of us, first thing this morning we popped open your blog, read and pondered on the collapsing world. Thank you for your thoughts and this site.
      Z Folks—what a fine smart well-spoken group of folks to read and inspire. Am grateful for you! Nothing more to add to your analysis. Act locally-think G…..well, so much for that.
      Noticed that Laurence Fox has started a new political party in UK called Reclaim. Reclaim the Britt Heritage. How well will that work when normie resists waking up to a nation of Orcs. No reclaiming nothin’ as the Orcs storm in and rampage. As one Orc stated…..we didn’t tear the wall down. You left the door open.
      Another near-future inflection point.

        • Dear Sir…..Sweet! Both well and nary a sniffle. Quietly hunkered down in Southern Utah surrounded by sheep, real sheep and sheeple. Wishing you well in the southland. Stay aware of who and what is around you. Best wishes!

      • So, a Briton tries to do something beyond post on a blog and you use that as an excuse to trash the effort and repeat a lie by the other side. Illegal immigration is not a myth.

        • Jake,

          Skepticism doesn’t equate to trashing. Range is bonafide to Our cause. If you read what she is saying again you’ll note her skeptical take is with Normie and and not Fox. I applaud your enthusiasm and optimism… but slow your roll and pick your targets, Trooper.

          • Thanks, Penitant, Range is 100% on point.

            The Fox fellow is all about that “reclaim our sense of fairness” Libertie, Equalitie, Fraternitie tosh.

            We’re being front-run by the professionals again.

      • (Side note: Laurence Fox is the Benny Shapiro of Britain, a snake wearing a tricorn hat. A false front- and paid to be, that’s the real treason.)

        That aside, huzzah, Range! You inspire as well.

        • Thanks, Alzae! As for reclaiming Britt or American heritage, we ain’t reclaiming fecal matter until we get pushed scared to face the salient fact They The Uninvited and H-1Bs have triballed up and want our slice of the pie, after hating on us and wanting us dead.
          As for Laurance Fox, I do enjoy his pugnacious delivery to the All Woke, yet Let’s love our Heritage and make a home and love on everybody is naive at best. Though naive may be a place to start as you watch your Pie Piece get taken and punched in the snoot.

    • Citizen, lefty gaslighting was originally directed at us, then at Normie. We were wise all along, and now Normie has wised up. They are only gaslighting their own side now. How will that play out? (AoS just posted a great piece on this)

    • We should be kinder to the FBI and other institutions. If it weren’t for the FBI, who would have investigated a rope pull in a Nascar garage as a potential hate crime against a Negro? We need more shining examples of such competency in our government 😀
      (I still wonder if this was an urban legend, but 400K Google results says “probably not”)

  27. The tribe yearns for the “good old days” of their Messiahs – Lenin and Stalin – who they helped murder FIFTY MILLION across Russia and Eastern Europe. But those do not count, since they were mostly only Goyim…

  28. One of John F. Kennedy’s script writers said, “Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable.”

    That tickled me so; good one. And good article.

    • It was probably Sorenson who wrote that line.
      I think there was a conspiracy behind the JFK assassination (and coverup) but I don’t think it had anything to do with Vietnam or Cuba, ending the fed (which he wasn’t going to do) or the oil depletion allowance. They got the Vietnam war and lost it. Nothing was ever done about Cuba. The oil depletion allowance did go away. Somebody didn’t like their treatment under JFK and thought they would get a better deal under LBJ. Whether it was LBJ himself, LBJ loyalists or some other group, the matter was so urgent that it couldn’t wait until the 1964 election. I doubt it was largely a CIA operation as they were incompetent. Plus they had control of enough journalists and media outlets to leak out enough damaging personal info on JFK to sink his chances of re-election.

  29. Joe Biden has spent the final weeks of the campaign mumbling to empty parking lots…

    Some people have suggested he has onset dementia. He could very well be seeing those parking lots full.

    • who knows if he even sees the parking lots. he might be back at the pool, life guarding with Corn Pop.

    • Either Biden was chosen to deliberately throw the election to Trump or he was chosen because they thought they could go with a choice that was safe enough to win but with a short enough life expectancy to be soon out of the way.

    • I have had more than one person who I previously respected actually counter that suggestion with “no, my grandparent had it and was much worse so I’m comfortable with it and do not believe he really has it.” Oh, well thank you for putting me at ease.

  30. Excellent.

    Those huge crowds coming out to cheer for Trump are what makes liberal democracy possible. If they are finally cut off from having a say in how things are run, then the system begins to falter. Many of those people coming out for Trump will simply drop out, but many will look around for an alternative to the corrupt system they now distrust.

    From your lips to God’s ears. The best possible result would be for Trump to win and it be denied to him and these types realize what happened. If that occurs, and I suspect it will, some necessary recalibrations will commence.

    If they are finally cut off from having a say in how things are run, then the system begins to falter. Many of those people coming out for Trump will simply drop out, but many will look around for an alternative to the corrupt system they now distrust.

    Again, to God’s ears. My biggest fear is Biden is put into place and tamps down the oppression. It is unlikely given the near-psychotic impulses of the American Left.

    This is an election where one side will ultimately conclude that the system itself is no longer worth respecting or defending. The Biden camp is much closer to that point, maybe even resolved to it, but still pretending. The Trump side is not there yet, but inching closer. There is no result that can leave both sides satisfied that the system worked as intended. Like the period after the Great War, we are entering a crisis of legitimacy, which begins with the election results.

    The Left has attempted a full-blown revolution under the patina of institutional legitimacy, gutting the Rule of Law while singing praises to the Constitution. It will stop with the pretense if it comes up short. If the Left prevails, the Trump side will start down the same road based on how my much repression it faces.

    Today is the last day of the American Republic, or what little remains of it, regardless of the outcome. Both sides have decided the other is illegitimate and doesn’t deserve to be in the same coalition. That always ends, eventually, in one way.

      • What’s your point, and I mean that in a much more general way? You are a cantankerous old contrarian twat liked by virtually no one here and contribute nearly nothing of value other than sh-t tier hot-takes and trolling. Surely you can do better and more satisfying work on the Breitbart forum, right? Thatta way—> *holds door open for permanent exit*

        • Not to defend Karl, as there is not enough time or good reason, but is Karl any more ridiculous than burning America for the last 6 months for George Floyd? Karl’s value for me is twofold – what not to say and that we are not angry or unreasonable enough to combat the enemy we now face.

  31. The US Government an uncle of mine told me was just a giant Ponzi scheme. To keep the scheme going you always have to have so many new people brought in. This is why Rich jerk-offs use every resource to attack any immigration restriction position as immoral and just no matter what demonize the person advocating it. Must be part of why the ADL and SPLC are so well funded despite being so illegitimate because the rich have to keep this massive Ponzi scheme going.

    • uh, that makes 0 sense. how does bringing in millions of diseased sub-100 IQ 3rd world turd stuffers keep an economy going?

      • Our currency is fiat (not backed by anything tangible like gold), propped up by being the world’s reserve currency (others use it as medium of exchange for international trade).

        Foreigners overwhelmingly receive government handouts, from Head Start to subsidized business startup loans which the ruling elites pay for by printing more money. All of these immivaders BUY goods and services, keeping the economy going as population of real Americans, real French, real Italians, etc diminishes. It is a kind of Ponzi scheme.

        Globalist ownership of the money creation and its injection into the financial system and the economy is the linchpin of their control over the entire West.

        • This is why another friend told me once even though is is more complex and a longer fix the financial system is maybe easier to bring up to even a left wing normie you know because the fact we have to run up deficits then constantly talk about growth only through bringing in more people to consume is very unstable. We have to consume poisons too like Big pharma drugs, fast food, and other unhealthy behaviors all because this system is so much reliant on consumer spending and that is even the consumption harms us. GDP grows even as we the middle class gets poorer and the rich get richer. Wall Street does well when the rest of us get poorer. This is not a healthy financial system and seems inevitable to collapse at some point. A financial currency backed by something seems much much healthier,

        • others use it as medium of exchange for international tradeothers use it as medium of exchange for international trade


          These days it seems as though the economy is more dependent on cash/credit flows, transactions, and fees charged on transactions rather than cash reserves and asset to liability ratios.

        • Exactly. A nation which provides the world’s reserve currency must actually run huge trade deficits to sustain this position. (see Triffin’s Dilemma) Initially it was to buy oil. Now most of our manufacturing has been off-shored for this purpose. This means more corporate profits, cheap imports to hide inflation. Most of the money that cones back goes into government bonds which keeps taxes low.

          I wonder if this will unwind if the fed tries to impose a digital dollar. The reason being is that a digital currency is easily tracked and controlled by the US government. Many foreign users would see this as a huge liability.

          • The good news, if there is any, is that our debt will never have to be paid back. And history says it won’t be. And that’s just fine with the powers that be. As long as somebody is paying interest, and somebody else is collecting the interest, the status quo is just great.

        • You do realize along with the brown skins come the cartels and gangs that are just as organized as the cops and far more powerful and reaching. And they will do to the U.S and elites what they have done to Mexico.
          They will simply walk into places like the Hamptons, Greenwich, Aspen, etc. Murder the elite and take over.
          That’s our real future. Not one where the Jews and WASPs are lounging on their palatial estates.
          FWIW the cartels are already operating in the U.S. and growing every day. .

      • The Cloud People honestly believe that the Third Worlders are going to willingly work and pay taxes to support the Social Security Ponzi.

        • Do they really though.

          They seem to be smugly virtue signalling about whites becoming a minority and why this is a good thing.

          That’s the lie they sold to earnest, logical, trusting white America in the past. It’s all about control, they’re scared of us.

        • Nope. Do not assume ignorance is more likely than malice from our rulers. They want to drain them dry was well as us.
          Its kind of remarkable: our rulers think 1984 and Brave New World were how-to guides, and Monopoly is how you do an economy. Literally, everything they do in governance they learned in grade school.

        • When Steve Camarota published his study of immigrants (legal and illegal) and welfare he found that most immigrants do work, but the work is overwhelmingly unskilled and low-wage so they both use benefits and generally have no income tax liability. (They also sent close to $70B to their home countries last year.) It could be ended with E-verify and taxing remittances, but the current system benefits the ruling class so. . .

        • Cloud people to Whites: “We need third world immigrants to keep social security solvent.”
          Cloud people to third world immigrants: “Whitey is trying to fuck you over. He OWES you.”

      • From a moral perspective, it’s called “virtue signalling.” Why, we must help all these poor unfortunates victims of war and oppression all, seeking a better life where they can word hard. From a business perspective, it’s called “cheap labor.” From a political perspective, it’s called “new Democrat voters.” From a white nationalist perspective, it’s called “national suicide.” 🙁

      • In a ponzi scheme (sometimes called multi level marketing), the key to profit is to find someone who will do work that you can collect a cut from. The goal is not to sell a product yourself, out to find salesman, from whom you collect a portion of their commission. They want to find people to sell things on their behalf, and so forth. Obviously, any business that’s predicated on sales more than delivery is destined to fail eventually, so you have to be really stupid or really greedy to join up. Guess which category third world immigrants fall into…

        • You decribe the modern economy perfectly. It’s almost as if it is designed to benefit a people who produce nothing but intercede in everything. I wonder who that could be?

      • Because our economy is based on volume of debt transactions. Does the substance of the debt or transactions matter? No. Its why I can “buy” a $1700 iphone on a payment plan, which installments i pay with a credit card, then “refinance” those credit card transactions with a third lender through the CC company. The system makes money by shuffling debt transactions. More people, more debt, more transactions means wall street makes billions (trillions?) more.

      • We have a debt-backed currency. Whereas once a dollar represented a certain amount of gold, now $1 represents a dollar that someone owes someone (Yes, it’s circular) . You need a lot of new people to put into debt to sustain that.

  32. Once again, YES to all of this. Now connect the dots. There will be Crazy and there will be a Jackboot response. History is a guide to what comes next. New rules, new restrictions, a roundup of non-conformists, and off to the detention camps (just ask the Uyghurs in Chinese Mongolia). Yes, it can happen here too. Be smart, be safe, survive. Go dark, be patient and opportunistic. Don’t join into the manufactured pleb-on-pleb warfare. The cancer cells are still few in number, and that should be your focus.

    • > and off to the detention camps
      We have a soft version of these. It’s called diversity and sensitivity training.

      • Agree. There is no need of concentration camps, at least at first. Based on your non-conformance to acceptable political views, your job, you career, your income, your friends and associates, your business needs or contacts, may all be revoked, often without the slightest legal recourse (even now.) Already we have instances of water and power cut-offs to non-conformists, even if it was for illegal house party in Californicate. Why put someone into a detention camp if you can have them living in a tent in the woods by the highway instead? They are just as much out of commission in the latter case, and much less cost in materiel and manpower.

        • Exactly, and this is why TPTB are so insistent on not allowing us to create our own communities. Their power over us relies on everyone’s compliance.

          If a heretic can get a job with a sympathetic company, a bank account with a sympathetic credit union, a credit card with that credit union, allowed to buy a house in sympathetic neighborhood, buy goods at a sympathetic store and get invited to parties by sympathetic neighbors, the TPTB lose their power over us.

          The TPTB are actually quite vulnerable. They are not the dedicated killers of past revolutions. They prefer soft power because they are soft. If violence is required, they will farm it out to mercenaries – and mercenaries are notoriously unreliable.

          They can dole out punches but can’t take even a small hit.

          • This is why churches, restaurants, gyms, cafes, concerts, and pubs have faced the most onerous lockdown restrictions.

            I also agree that there probably aren’t any Lenins or Stalins among TPTB. Kamala might try to bark some orders, but no one is going to follow them.

          • There are plenty of Leninists and Stalinists among TPTB, but they lack V.I. and Uncle Joe’s malevolent competence.

    • Everyone tries to do that in a war, Tom And they die by the millions anyway. If or when the culture war goes hot, there will be no safety on the sidelines.
      If it comes to it – pick a side, and fight smart. A man has to consider his honour too…

      • If it comes to that, I expect that many people would just as soon die in their homes. I would not expect to survive, but I will take as many of the bastards with me as I can.

      • I have never advocated for staying on the sidelines and waiting out the chaos. Quite the opposite actually. But in order to fight back, you must first be alive. Then, in this modern age, you must be smarter in order to remain alive. Ask anyone in our modern military and they will tell you that if you can be targeted, you can be killed (no exceptions).

    • off to the detention camps

      NZ already has Beer Flu camps.

      The UK is seriously discussing Beer Flu camps.

      • Too many white people. It’s going to be much harder here where the white population is approaching 50%. I mean not that they’re not going to try to do it because they want to put white people in camps but it’s going to be really obvious. And then all the sudden we have freedom of Association. Solzhenitsyn the only people truly free in Russia were the ones in the gulag

      • And Canada, that little Commonwealth place above Detroit.

        Why does the Yukon remind me of Siberia? The opportunities in logging and uranium mining, maybe?

  33. We could say it is Bi-partisan to say Super Rich Oligarchs like Sheldon Adelson, Soros, or the Koch Brothers bribing politicians to do horrible policies to the middle class and always ignore what the voters want is the biggest problem. Politicians are like actors or paid whores who simply sell-out to the highest bidder.

  34. It is time to call our esteemed blog host out:

    “The Left will seek to destroy it while the Right will stand aside and let them do it…”

    Are you speaking for the Dissident Right when you say this?

    • I think Z is saying that the rule of law is dead, and Barr’s DOJ/FBI is too corrupted to do actual justice/policing. There are no adults left in the room, DC is a cesspool of pretenders and eunuchs. Waiting for the cavalry to come over the hill is a fool’s errand.

    • Yes really. The DR will do nothing but rollover. Look the DR isn’t composed of “fighty:” types as they have been told they are not wanted in the movement.
      Why do you they view people like Kyle Atkinsson or the guy that had taken a head shot in Colorado as fools?
      As far as I can figure it, the DR strategy is pretty much to do nothing and hope the Left implosed and they can just walk right in and take over.
      They don’t get hope isn’t a strategy and the Left will not implode,

  35. The PA Attorney General explicitly stated on Twitter there is no way Trump can win his state. You know, the guy who is supposed to ensure proper protocol is followed for elections. The well has been poisoned before people even started voting and only a Trump landslide will stop this election from being a complete shitshow.
    One of the strangest things about social media is the inability of the left to just do their shenanigans in the shadows anymore. They are so in their own bubble that they all preach their corruption and can’t understand how badly they are delegitimizing the very institutions that are giving them power.

    • I fully expect Soviet American media to declare a large Biden win at 9 PM so they can spam it all over the 11 PM news and send normie to bed on that note.

      It’s all just part of the normalization process, comrades.

      • The early results to watch are Georgia, North Carolina and Ohio. Trump should be leading all three all night. Also watch how long it takes the networks to call Indiana for Trump. It is the first state to close, most of the state closes at 6:00 PM eastern, if they hesitate on calling it, we know they are trying to play games with the results.

    • If Trump carries FL, NC and both WI and MI, he doesn’t need PA. That’s 278 electoral votes there. And these states are doable.

  36. I think Z is right about this being a bellwether moment for the normiecons, which is showing up in the voting enthusiasm.

    Everything I’ve read so far this morning is pointing to record turnout in a country where usually the majority of people can’t be assed to get up from the couch, so it seems like Joe Six pack on both sides of the fence is realizing this one is for all the marbles in deciding what will come next.

    • Except it’s not. Democracy follows demographics. Trump is a rear guard action, at best slowing the brown wave advance. Trump is extremely useful for waking up Joe Normie but not much else.

      Win or lose, we will still become a despised minority with all the joy that entails.

      The feel of this election is one side getting angry that it can’t get on with putting us in our place and the other side almost unconsciously waking up to that fact.

      • They will NEVER inherent America. By the time the brown hordes are completely in charge, even the shitty America of today will be gone. They might want America, but they will get Brazil.

        • Remember, the “elite” are globalists, “people from nowhere.” They don’t want America (Cuomo to Trump: “America was never great”), they want to solidify their rule; Brazil is not just OK with them, it’s the model. America is only a marketplace, source of raw materials (not even of labor anymore, it’s all outsourced), a landing strip. Life in the Hamptons or Martha’s Vineyard will continue as usual.They already live better than we do (by their standards) and that will only get better as we are replaced by compliant brownies to clean the pool and cut the lawns.

          • Martha’s Vineyard will either be the site of our national open air nuclear waste repository, or New York, Snake Pliskin style for the former nobility class. Maybe both at once.

        • That’s what the old school Dems – Schumer, Pelosi, etc. – never understood. They flooded the country with 3rd worlders to get the votes to take over, but they want to rule 1980s America, not the crap hole that it’s becoming.

          They also never understood that their mercenaries might turn on them.

          • A nice white lady was telling me that she just wants everything to to back to normal.

            I told her nicely, normal is never coming back. “Normal” is only possible in a white, anglo-assimilated majority society.

            White conservatives will fare better in this new world than white liberals – hicks in a Tennessee trailer park are much more Brazil than AWFLs. The world will get much more chaotic, violent, and competitive.

        • This is why I don’t like the “despised minority” talk I hear on this site a lot. Oh, I know it’s good motivational propaganda but the reality is that Trump isn’t the rearguard of anything. He is, hopefully the (political) front-guard (heh, avant-garde) of a new polity just now forming. I added the political as qualifier lest anyone think I’m suggesting a “sit back and let Orange Man do it” approach.

          • I think he’s both, Pozy. Trump is the last gasp of heritage America, and the precipitating figure for the creation of a new ethnostate, which will be both cause and result of “America’s” formal collapse.

      • Yep. Win or lose, Trump will help wake up Joe Normie. However, given the Trumper’s I know—including wife, a win by Trump will simply put the majority back to sleep for four years. A win by Trump unfortunately will be read by many of those folk as confirmation that the political system works and can be used to fix itself.

        So how does a Trump win wake up Joe Normie? That all depends on the Left’s reaction. If they ramp it up, then the ground remains fertile for DR types to convert the Normies.

        • The idea is the left has loosed its dogs already, if Trump wins, the national-level cabal cannot stop the puritan purity spiral occurring on the streets. 4 more years of ever-more rioting, terrorism, left wing death squads, etc. will wake up a hell of a lot of normiecons.

        • And if you wake Normie up then what? It’s not like our side has anything to offer whites. No game plan, no manifesto not even a FAQ for noobs. At best our side is great at throwing kids like Kyle Atkinsson under the bus or go stone silent when some patriot gets shot dead in the streets.
          And all our side can do is piss on guys like Jordan Peterson who did more to reach out to young white males than our thought leaders could ever do. We should have used his approach as a template but no that was too hard…

          • There was nothing remotely wrong with that comment. It’s all true. My only guess here is that you got triggered because he indirectly called out your butt buddy VD. If you want to hear about Qanon, Trumpslides, and a jealous beta crowing about people more popular than him (Jordan Peterson), head on over. The poster is correct to note that jealous loons on this side of the aisle have done next to nothing for us while actively sabotaging those who have for petty reasons.

          • The guy running a publishing house and a subscription streaming service that has given a home to many people who have been shut out by the mainstream is jealous of the drug addict with the crazy slut daughter? Sure.

            Peterson, like every other member of the “Intellectual Dark Web,” is fraudulent goods.

          • Well, how can anything I say stand against an airtight argument like that.


            Maybe next he’ll tell us all about Kyle Atkinsson.

        • A friend of mine makes the same “Back to sleep” argument. Y’all arent wrong. I find myself falling on the side of building/inevitability. Inevitable that the Progs will only continue/increase their assaults against us, moreso with a Trump victory. Fine. Our People haven’t had enough of a taste of the hate that awaits them. They’ll be served more. Some will sleep but more will seethe. This plays into our favor.

        • Maybe when Trump explicitly throws his base under the bus during his second term in a way that 5-D chess explanations can’t defend some will wake up. There was some of that during W’s second term with immigration and Wall Street bailouts.

      • Waking up Joe Normie is a lot more important than our side typically gives credit to. I think we all lapse into this “demographics is destiny” fatalism at least occasionally, but it makes one forget that trends have and can change rapidly in response to unanticipated events.

        I mean, in 1960, 90% of whites would hace assumed America would be a white country 50 years hence, and the demographics would have supported them. But in 2010 we had a black president celebrating the downfall of white America. Demographics may have a lot of sway, but it isn’t always destiny.

        All it takes is a few unexpected events, and the demographics can change quite rapidly. While Trump has been disappointing himself, hopefully he can pull off another upset today and force a few of the left’s leaders into stroking out tonight, which could change the course of the river just a little.

        • Demographics are only destiny in a democracy, which itself is a hot-house flower. In the real world, demographics are just an impediment and are subject to radical change.

          A little over a hundred years ago, Whites stood astride the world. To say that we were dominant doesn’t do the word justice. We were the equivalent to space aliens in terms of advanced technology and organization compared to everyone but the Japanese.

          Yet, here we are. History is not linear. If 10% of Whites anywhere in Western Europe or the Americas woke up and banded together, there would be no stopping us. A hundred million Africans, Muslims or Mexicans would be brushed aside with relative ease. That’s a fact.

          Demographics matter for what was known as the United States of America. They don’t matter to us.

          • Your comments bring to mind my general experience around lots of Mexicans.

            If I am alone, they act all in charge, but the minute just ONE other white guy shows up and we acknowledge one another, the energy merely between the two of us becomes large and pervasive enough to totally demoralize the Mexicans. Must be an instinctive recognition that only a few white guys can overpower lots of them.

          • I live in Irvine CA where it is roughly 45-45 white/asian with a smattering of others. I was in a neighborhood emergency response training class given by the city. In each group it seemed that the white guy was selected to be the leader.

          • Hey C – you know it’s Chappaquiddick Ted we have to thank for the influx of 3rd Worlders; his 1965 Immigration Act, designed to import exactly the type of people the Dems could get on the Federal dole & keep there. It was – in effect – importing voters.

          • Generally agree. Grossly over-simplifying here, probably but I think White Hubris gets the blame for the moral deterioration the West has seen since the 19th century: Whites had conquered Nature and saw no reason to not try and bring the lesser races into Mount Olymus too. Doesn’t this explain colonizations, liberalization of voting and other rights, etc?

        • My money is on hard times convincing a hell of a lot of the recently-arrived they can do better elsewhere.

          • Immigrants in canada are not happy. Firstly they complain that there are so many other immigrants. There are also few good jobs. There are few social opportunities and no culture. These are valid complaints despite me having no sympathy for them. Kinda like those people who were promised riches in Oklahoma only to find mud fields.

            They come for now because of the gibs, but our immigrants are entirely of the 3rd world low iq variety now, Chinese immigrants are staying steady and now India Nigeria pakistan etc are growing sources. My guess is that top level wealth non whites will be leaving by 2035, Chinese immigration will be 0 or even in reverse, and whites will be increasingly leaving for Europe, south America, even USA and east Asia.

          • One thing our side never seems to acknowledge is that these immigrants are miserable. Sullen. Angry. Bitter. And supposedly they are going to take over America. Supposedly the future is theirs. They sure don’t act like it.

            Meanwhile, even though our world is being taken from us, we still have a lot of people on our side who are energetic, hungry, focused, determined, generally happy.

            Moral of the story, there is a LOT of HYPE surrounding these immigrants and making them out to be something bigger and better than they are.

  37. All elites that came after the Great War in Europe were worse than the old elites. Destroying the Habsburg monarchy was a mistake.
    That being said, the sooner the current system is destroyed and the elites are replaced the better. We have increasingly less to lose…

    • I live in proximity with some of them. They are completely aloof to us normal types. You seem them occasionally flying around in jets and helicopters, but they never appear personally at public events…fairs, rodeos, civic stuff. They are aristocrats. Bad ones.

      • I’ve done security work in Europe for the those types. It was a rare time when my principle was aware what day it was or that they even had pants on. Back in the ‘80s cocaine was big and I always kept some tissues in my pocket in case my guy walked out of the bathroom with white strings snot hanging out. The wives were usually so schnozzed and coked up they’d forget who their husbands were. Utter trash.

        • I see copies of that thing walking around Portland all the time. The “1950s librarian” look is even more of a giveaway than neon colored hair. The other Smugs in that thread were pretty awful too.

        • In 1849 Austria could not beat down the year old revolt in Hungary, an agricultural backwater in Eastern Europe. It took Russia to save Austria from humiliation; that is not a healthy empire.

          • And yet it was one of the centers of European culture all the way until WW1.

            What you mentioned ended with a the Austro-Hungarian compromise. It wasn’t the end of Habsburgs.

      • I recently finished “July 1914” about the diplomatic buildup to WW1 between the assassination of Archduke Ferdinand and the declaration of war (a period of about 6 weeks). In every nation concerned the government officials were both grossly incompetent and notorious liars. Lying even to their own heads of state. Had the Czar and the Kaiser been put in a room together without their advisors there would have been no general war. While all the nations bear some responsibility, I found France to be especially loathsome.
        There is also a discussion of the Austro-Hungarian empire suggesting why forcing together a polyglot of different nationalities, ethnicities and religions is futile.

        • Another wonderful History Book about 1914 is “Thunder at Twilight.” It takes place in Vienna and is mostly drawn from contemporary newspaper accounts as corrected by scholarship later. But you read what they were thinking and saying at the time. It centers around Vienna 1913-1914.
          They were all there, not just the Hapsburgs, but Hitler, Stalin… Lenin. All the players.
          When the War began the Austrian Emperor essentially went into early retirement, seclusion.
          He knew it was over. There is some evidence the Tsar and the Kaiser did as well.

      • That’s a fair reading. When the Hapsburgs had to set up a dual monarchy with Hungary (Austria-Hungarian “Empire”), the handwriting was on the wall.

        The whole structure was rotten to the core by the time WWI rolled around.

        Late 19th and early-mid 20th century politics are …. complicated. Lamentably not studied much by Americans.

        • Was it? Were the Hapsburgs doomed? There are many who think for all its flaws the Austro-Hungarian Empire was still the best solution for south/central Europe and the Balkans.
          By the polyglot metric it should have disintegrated centuries earlier, indeed never come into being.
          It certainly should not have survived the Protestant/Catholic schism-which of course it did.

  38. The next step is logical, just as it was in 1860: separation. But if one side feels it has the power to stop it, we’re off to the races again.

    • Unfortunately, we are well past the point where an Article 5 convention could do this amicably and thoughtfully.

        • Sadly, this is why the Article 5 solution can’t work. Our side would trust the GOP to represent their interests only slightly more than the Democrats, which is remarkable given that the Dems are now a bunch of multicolored Maoists. Purging the GOP, admittedly something we should have been doing for 4 years, is the essential task no matter who wins.

          • I wouldn’t say can’t… unlikely more like it. And too risky to put all the eggs in one basket.

          • The GOP is taking note, I’ve seen many positive words from them. Lindsey Graham talking about traditional family values and that theres a place for young women in traditional roles.

            I doubt its sincere but they are taking note. However when Trump is gone they probably lose the charade and go back to swamp alligators.

          • Tell me who else the GOP has that’s like Donald Trump. I don’t see anyone, so I wouldn’t discount the republican establishment when it comes to rigging future elections with approved candidates. They successfully primaried Steve King, and there are lots of gullible republican voters out there.

            I wouldn’t be surprised if they nominated a Niki Haley and Dan Crenshaw ticket for 2024. Of course, they’ll go down in flames … which is the point. They’re the loyal opposition that puts on a good show, plays the bad guy so voters can feel good about the approved democrat ticket, loses, and then is rewarded with payouts behind the scenes.

            It’s all a ruse to keep the legitimacy of this corrupt system going. They’ll run on a platform of attacking whites, more wars and money for special interests, and supporting tax cuts for the rich, which is what the ruling class wants, while grandma boomer who extols “the legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King jr” on Facebook will fall for it hook line and sinker, just like always. We on this side will once again be left marveling at the idiocy of the masses and the power of propaganda.

          • Some other things that are dead: Dad wearing a hat and going to work. Mom wears a dress, stays home, cooks, cleans and minds the chldren. Children are respectful of adults. Rebellion is chewing gum in class. People go to church on Sunday. The neighborhood is lily-white. The only blacks in the home are on the Aunt Jemima syrup bottle or Uncle Ben’s Rice box. Maybe some tradesmen or delivery workers allowed during daylight hours.
            Perhaps these will again exist in some future, but not without a lot of grunting, heavy lifting and, er, “wet work.” 🙁

          • Lindsey Graham talking about traditional family values and that theres a place for young women in traditional roles.

            Pied Piper singing a comforting delusion to quell the masses. Nothing more. Notice how that fake “traditional family values” stuff is just more of the same recycled rhetoric from the 1980s that utterly failed in the end, does NOTHING to address our current concerns, and does not threaten the interests of the ruling class. It’s just a means of diverting attention from important issues using rhetoric that’s safe and nonthreatening to the ruling class because it will never be adopted.

            That same guy supported (probably still does) mass immigration for years. He’s responsible for our situation more than almost anyone else because he’s an imbecile who really thought Chucky Schumer was being honest about Hispanics rewarding the GOP for amnesty and mass immigration. Lol. Soon enough he’ll lose his seat due to the demographic change he promoted. Same with Georgia, Texas, Florida, and North Carolina — all of which will be blue states before 2030.

            Remember California? It was a red state until 1992. There have been plenty of chances to learn the lesson of demography, but the republican party didn’t because their leaders and donors didn’t care to learn. They got there’s in life, so screw everyone else: Weee, outsourcing and tax cuts for the rich! Country being invaded, our voters being displaced and racially discriminated against? Weee, let’s run a campaign on “muh socialism” and “lowest black unemployment in history.”

          • Purging the GOP, admittedly something we should have been doing for 4 years, is the essential task no matter who wins.

            The GOP has been busy purging you. Guys like Jeff Sessions and Steve King. You really think that’s a realistic option considering their power, money, and institiutional control over the republican party? Besides, state governments will be representing us in any Article 5 solution. The corrupt national GOP would be largely shut out and the state governments are 1) more susceptible to being replaced by ideologues 2) nominally more on our side. It might work. You never know until it’s tried, so please stop making excuses for doing nothing in the meantime.

      • How do you know that? Has it been tried? Honestly, this sounds like yet another excuse to do nothing, like everything the right has done for decades — endless excuses.
        >We’ll do nothing to oppose the left. Instead, we’ll mindlessly vote in the next election for the lesser of two evils and hope that solves everything.
        >We’ll do nothing to oppose the left because we have all the guns. We’ll just sit back until they cross some ill-defined red line, then we’ll win the fictional war because we have all the guns. Never mind the fact that the government has a million and one ways to take enough of them from the right people to prevent that.
        >We’ll do nothing to oppose the left because we can just “build our own communities.” Never mind the fact that the government will destroy those communities with immigration, propaganda and diversity requirements the moment the are detected.
        >We’ll do nothing to oppose the left because our future, ill-defined, communities that exist purely in our imaginations will thrive because America is turning into Brazil. Never mind the fact that even the most corrupt governments in the world like Zimbabwe successfully broke up White communities and chased them off their lands.
        >We’ll do nothing to oppose the left. Instead, we’ll accept their values and claim “No, you’re the real racist!”
        >We’ll do nothing to oppose the left because … we can’t have separation … cuz reasons!
        Excuses, excuses. Run out the clock with excuses for doing nothing until it is too late because the boomers don’t want to lose their retirements and comfy middle-class lifestyles in the ‘burbs, even if they have to curse future generations to maintain it.

        • Where did I say I advocated doing nothing? I simply stated that a peaceful decentralization using an Article V convention is not a realistic path. As others above have pointed out, we could not rely on the GOP to look out for our interests. The most realistic way is to have states increasingly ignore federal dictates. If dem states can do it for immigration and drug legalization, republican states (for lack of a better term) can do it for fair housing, welfare, schools etc. Almost all of the federal dictates imposed on the states benefit the dems. They have far more at stake.

          • Where did I say I advocated doing nothing?

            It was implied when you rejected a viable solution out of hand while offering yet more red herrings in your reply. For example:

            The most realistic way is to have states increasingly ignore federal dictates.

            Why would the republican party look out for your interests here but not at a constitutional convention? Seems like the same deal. Further, your proposal is not a viable solution because the left controls the federal government, finance, and the media — even the police and military, increasingly; that’s why Blue States can get away with ignoring federal dictates. Red states, on the other hand, would get slammed into oblivion with lawsuits, federal embargoes on aid, harassed with FBI, and media coverage under your plan. The predictable end result is that the GOP would betray you while mass immigration continues to make that party nonviable in all 50 states.

            we could not rely on the GOP to look out for our interests.

            And as I pointed out, that may not be the concern you think it is. You never know until you try. You reject the Article V solution because it might actually work, and you don’t want that. You’re offering false hopes in an attempt to distract the audience from the one viable option in the room: separation.

          • It’s also a mistake to extend other’s words logically, or to say ‘it’s implied’.
            Listen to what they write, say.
            Don’t read into others, it’s a double mistake. One it will be in error, two you’ll piss people off to no gain.

            Having said that, this is 100% do nothing around these parts, they are very leery of going beyond bitching.
            But that’s the entire Right.

          • This is a far-fetched scenario, but why not? If we ever get the much ballyhoed total destruction of the currency, this would put the central government in a quandry. Money is suddenly (more likely: over a period of many months) worthless. This would be a disaster for the economy at all levels. But the point is it would force local cooperation, and, perhaps, give more power to individual States. Of course, the Feds would rush in with some replacement fiat money, but by that time their credibility might be zero and the money no more reliable than Argentina’s.

    • Separation, yes. But before or after the conflagration? That is the question. We pretty much always return to this dilemma. In the last Civil War, the issue was the same. One side wanted to have a friendly divorce, the other would have no part of it.

      • I have been on the separation train, but I think now it is only for buying time and sorting things out. This whole thing is more existential. Someone will man the helm of the state, and the others will be thrown overboard. It’s simple. The rest comes out of that starting point.

    • I, too, am confident that allowing our enemies to consolidate their gains thus far and affirming their right to rule our people caught behind enemy lines, while we gather in easy-to-isolate small communities for their next offensive, will convince them to cease their attacks and coexist with us peacefully forevermore.

      Seriously, there’s no point in fighting our enemies if our first move is appeasement. There is no chance for peace. No chance for separation or coexistence. No safe harbor in which to wait out Current Year. The feminists, looters, tyrants and cultural arsonists will not stop until they are forced to stop.

  39. The Great War not only devastated the physical structure of Europe, it destroyed the legitimacy of the political infrastructure as well.

    And the cultural infrastructure as well. Witness the last hurrah of the glorious nineteenth century:

    You think that’s going to happen in the coming war?

      • Maybe. But we also have to consider California or Brazil or Mexico. Building our own communities works in any situation.

        • You know if Biden wins that becomes impossible. Even if we do build our own communities it will take many decades.and by that time this land will be alien to whites and hostile as well.

          • It’s never impossible. As a country gets more brown it becomes more corrupt. Brown people are generally not ideological, if a couple white guys hand him some money he will go away.

            The only way for the elites to maintain their order is either 1) literally hire every remaining white to work in police and bureaucracy or 2) hope the Chinese will do it. Remember that Europe is browning very fast; they will soon cease to be powerful too.

          • It’s impossible. Otherwise, explain to me how the White farmers of Zimbabwe successfully opposed their dispossession. Even totally incompetent governments can break up White communities, so you’re wasting your time with that idea. Part of me thinks that’s the point when posters use this excuse — run out the clock until it’s too late.

          • Trivial distinction. The result will be the same. I could offer countless other examples, but I’m sure you’d have excuses for them, too. Let’s forget the entirety of American history post Civil Rights Era when countless White communities, including entire cities, were busted up.

            “It will be different this time.” No. It. Won’t. You will only get communities with national separation. Anyone who says otherwise is poorly informed, delusional, or a fed sowing misinformation in an attempt to divert attention from ideas that will work until they can run out the demographic clock.

          • Community formation is a necessary precondition for the formation of a nation. It is a means, not an end.

          • When someone goes around calling everyone who disagrees with them a Fed, I become interested…in the skeletons* in their closet.
            “Fed” is the Anti-Semitism and dass raciss of the new right. The new right of course being former leftists who woke up and realized one day they were white.
            Go be a leftist, they’re more into denunciations. Also you’re certain to meet actual Feds, they are quite Marxist now.

            *said skeletons usually being of a chemical love affair nature…

          • I think you are forgetting the fact that the Whites were dramatically outnumbered and were suffering from embargoes and bans imposed by a United Nations eager to cast them as pariahs. We still have the numbers AND we embargo, not the other way around. Doubting Thomas.

          • And? Fire forges steel. We are not trying to cast fine bone china here. You dont really think you are going to see the end of this struggle, do you? I won’t, but neither do I expect to. And my hope and belief doesn’t suffer for that knowledge.

        • Exactly right but that takes unity and goals which the leave me alone coalition has short supply of…It seems people won’t leave the comfortable until they are forced too…I hope that comes from the left losing their mind when Trump wins because that will be a little better than the other…

      • No, Franco was too lenient. Pinochet was small peanuts. Polpot was not systematic enough. All rot will be purged. There will be none of the Falange’s exceptions for the artists, the teachers, the government workers, or the union halls based on a mistaken idea of social utility and balance this time around: every potential enemy will be reeducated and evaluated, and all actual enemies will be expropriated and then physically and permanently removed from our nation.
        Mercy to the guilty is treason to the innocent.

        • During my expensive “recreational” Spanish Literature MA program, in one class, una profesora said that more Spaniards died after their civil war than during it. I have no reason to doubt her. Franco was a bastard. He did mellow with age somewhat, even turned over the keys to a democracy after about 40 years. Spain has slid well downhill in the ~45 years since. Given Spain’s turbulent history (makes the USA look like Switzerland), I would lay money that there will be another very bloody war there sometime in 21st century. Where’s El Cid when you need him???

          • >>> una profesora said that more Spaniards died after their civil war than during it. I have no reason to doubt her. 
            Your profesora’s comprehensive memory and/or agenda can be reasonably doubted.The Wikipedia numbers are that roughly 300,000 republican civilians and combatants died during hostilities, and 160,000 nationalists.
            No doubt, more than 460,000 Spaniards have died “after” the Civil War, but her statement as quoted is extremely imprecise; the conclusion I suspect we’re supposed to draw is that, post-war, Franco had hundreds of thousands of non-combatants killed.
            Given the passions involved I find the above to be conceivable, but not terribly likely.

      • Yes. And no. Seeing the aftermath of the Great War makes me want to scream no more Brother Wars to the sky. Then I think of all the pink-haired harpies and smug soy-sexuals wearing the same skin suit as me, backing BLM against their own people… and I think, okay, maybe just one more Brother War.

          • I do not advocate unilateral violence, and I am sure you don’t either. We mean “target” in the sense of isolating and legally interfering with Our opponents. Having issued that disclaimer… nah, target the media propagandists first. Close the lying mouth first and the stage for deranged women to broadcast their virtue signaling and much else falls into place. My two cents.

    • I doubt it will look like such. Those in the trenches were there because the were put there. They had no animosity for the most part. Whatever way the war turned out, their lot in life would not change. That’s the way wars were—pissing matches by the elite, with the general population mere pawns in the game. That’s why we can call it a brother war—race issues aside.

      If the cold war heats up to a hot war, we know what’s in store for the loser. It will be existential in nature, and that always entails extermination of the other side. The sides have been chosen for us. We only wait for the spark to ignite. Whitney, Epaminondas have read this correctly.

    • Not only the political and cultural infrastructure was devastated. So was the general populations ability to produce leaders and citizens with courage to conviction to just do the right thing.
      My justification for such a statement? Just look at the Brits inability to protect their daughters from middle eastern grooming and rape gangs or the inability of France to control neighborhoods where the residents are all from middle eastern or African countries, whose cultural values don’t even come close to indigenous values.

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