The Plague Jab

Note: Last night I watched the classic bad film Reefer Madness. The review and commentary is behind he green door.

In ordinary times in ordinary countries, the prospect of a vaccine for even a nuisance ailment like the Chicken Pox would be welcome news. After all, one measure of society is the technology to improve human health. In a technologically advanced society, members not only live longer, the quality of life is better. An extra 20 years as a feeble old man is not exactly a reward for a life well-lived. Therefore, the promise of a Covid-19 vaccine next year should be welcome news.

As with everything else, it seems, the news of a possible vaccine just reveals how deranged and bizarre life has become in the West. The majority of Americans are highly skeptical of the vaccine. If people were honest, you would find large majorities unwilling to take the vaccine at all. Even in the medical professions, where faith in their own skill is beyond reality, close to half distrust the vaccine. It does not help that the rulers feel the need wrap the vaccine question in their racial madness.

That is the first gate in the vaccine story. Since few people have the knowledge or aptitude to assess the risk involved in a medical treatment, it comes down to how much they trust their doctor, the drug companies and the system. If your doctor has always been prudent and reliable, then you trust his judgement. If your doctor has an unpronounceable name and looks a lot like the guy working at the convenience store, you are less likely to trust his judgement.

In the case of the vaccine, there is no reason at all to trust the government. They have simply lied too often about too many aspects of this virus. Compounding it is their communications organs have been staffed by demented sociopaths who lie for the sheer pleasure of it. The only way anyone we could trust the media is if they are the first to be inoculated. Even then, it would probably be a fake vaccine, so we would need some way to ensure they are getting the real jab and not a fake.

This is why the vaccine will be mandatory. Another aspect of liberal democracy is the rulers respond to well-founded distrust of them with coercion. In this case, we will be getting the Orwellian freedom passes. In the U.S. they will have some bland bureaucratic name because our managerial elite is functionally illiterate, but the Brits retain their pithiness, despite it all. As a result, these new internal passports proving you are up to date on your Covid jabs will be used to compel compliance.

What does this mean as a practical matter? What they are plotting is a system where everyone is issued an innocuous looking card with a vaccine stamp and date. When you get your booster shot, you get a new stamp with an expiry date. Oh, you are unaware of the regular booster shots required? You see? This is why this vaccine is a miracle. It will require you to give Big Pharma a check several times a year. Your doctor at Acme Hospital System Inc. will also be getting her beak wet.

If you think you can just blow this off, think again. For starters, there will be a massive public relations campaign to shame skeptics. Old people will be shown lining up for the jab and famous people will demand you get the jab. Soon, private business will demand proof of the jab before they accept you as a customer. Want to fly on a commercial airline or ride public transport? Papers please. Want to attend a public event like a sporting match? Papers please.

What this will become is the terms of service for citizenship. In fact, it will probably be baked into terms of service edicts. If you want to use Netflix you will have to prove you are up to date on your jabs. Of course, Big Tech will be there to make this simpler with tracking software for your now mandatory smart phone. That paper card they will be issuing will be replaced with an app for your phone that will be required if you want to function like what passes as a normal adult.

If this sounds a lot like fascism, you would be right. This idea vexes the anti-Semites and neo-Nazis, because they demand fascism only mean cool uniforms and camps for people they don’t like. In this age, it will mean dreary clothing styles and camps for the people the managerial class does not like. It’s also going to mean the implementation of technology to control every movement of the population. You cannot organize a proper resistance if you cannot organize at all.

One novel aspect of managerial fascism is the promotion of cranks and kooks to discredit legitimate opposition. Over the next six months, the media will promote kooks insisting that the vaccine is a mind control devise or that it alters your DNA in order to make you docile and compliant. These paranoids will be promoted, because most people will dismiss them. This tarnishes all resistance to the new regime. It is a tool of managerial fascism that works every time.

What the Covid-19 panic has revealed, and continues to reveal, is the managerial elite has no respect for things like the rule of law, individual liberty or any of the other foundation items of consensual government. To protect democracy, they will rig the election process. To keep us free they will strip us of our rights. In the name of inclusion and diversity they will exclude anyone who disagrees. What we are seeing is that the real plague on our society is the ruling class.

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401 thoughts on “The Plague Jab

  1. Chicken pox is only a nuisance illness if you’ve never had shingles…..pray you never have shingles.

    • my dad had shingles

      My mom says his back looked like lava, blisters, etc

      He was in agony for a few weeks

  2. I wouldn’t trust 1 of these motherfuckers to pick up dog shit in my yard let alone stab me with jewjuice, fuck em, they’re on the wrong end of a swinging pendulum. Hell is awaiting those who deserve it.

    • How many of these were the same ones who wouldn’t enforce federal immigration procedures aka sanctuary city policies because mango hitler? serious question. A lot is being made of the pushback, but seems like a lot of these areas aren’t exactly “patriotic” when it comes to borders, language, and culture. Yet the wuhan has them making “statements”.

      • Hinge points are what they are. Immigration unlimited does not immediately affect people like canceling Christmas with lockdown 3.0. People are tired of lockdown theater and Sheriffs are elected.

  3. Over the next six months, the media will promote kooks insisting that the vaccine is a mind control devise or that it alters your DNA in order to make you docile and compliant. These paranoids will be promoted, because most people will dismiss them. This tarnishes all resistance to the new regime. It is a tool of managerial fascism that works every time.

    I know better than to bet against Z’s prophetic voice(s)…well crap.

  4. I don’t know why you even brought up anti-semites and nazis, everything going on is in line with what we have been saying, whether it’s about the government, media, economy, take your pick. Calling what you don’t like fascism is just mediocre conservative boomer shit like calling everything you don’t like socialism or liberalism.

    The only thing that vexes me (since I otherwise agree) is that you think any self-respecting white man would have a ‘pass’ to go to watch some negrolatry sportsball match.

    • “I don’t know why you even brought up anti-semites and nazis, everything going on is in line with what we have been saying, whether it’s about the government, media, economy, take your pick. Calling what you don’t like fascism is just mediocre conservative boomer shit like calling everything you don’t like socialism or liberalism.”

      The Protocols were just a vicious fake, haven’t you heard? Next time there is a lull in the ongoing White Dispossession Tranny Faggot Mind-Control Moloch Carnival and Inner Party Extravaganza Fun-Fest, you can do an internet search that EASILY dispels the accuracy of the forgery as nothing more the merest happenstance! Silly fools! Just look out your kitchen window and see the multitudes of ways the Protocols were a lie!

      Of course, there have been 16 anti-Nazi / Holocaust ‘documentaries’ released on Netflix since the time I began to type this message (along with 0 (zero) documentaries detailing the killing sprees of the (((Communists))), so the Thought Leaders who dismiss the only political ideology that ever even came CLOSE to dislodging the (((hand))) around your throat are well-armed with arguments that prove you wrong. WRONG!!!


      • Thank you for informing me of my racist misconceptions. Since I was not attending this week’s Moloch Carnival due to a debilitating Covid Infection (and without a sense of smell, the brimstone and feces-in-the-street just isn’t the same) I SHOULD have researched the topic on Google first. I will confess my failings at my next struggle session. I can never earn my gender-reassignment at this rate! I would hate to never move on past State-Enforced-Homosexuality.
        Oh G-d! I didn’t mean to say hate. Of course I can only love. I feel I should go publicly take a knee while in full HAZMAT suit to make up for my hetero-gression.

  5. Re “Mandatory Vaccines:” Some wag on the Twitters the other day mentioned that the “My Body, My Choice” folks seemed to have vanished overnight.

    • I’ve already had this conversation with a liberals over masks. It rings hollow to them. The hypocrisy doesn’t even register. Not even when they retort “not when another life is involved.” And this is why conversations don’t matter. Just raw power. Political. Social. Monetary or otherwise.

        • Unless it’s a wanted pregnancy then a miscarriage is a tragic and saddening loss of life (see Chrissy Teigen).

          Of course, I dunno why we are still complaining about muh lib hypocrisy, that’s a feature not a bug. They love rubbing our noses in it.

          This compounds with the classic women’s idea that whatever they want in that moment is what’s morally right.

  6. “What this will become is the terms of service for citizenship.”

    How do you create such insightful columns every single day?

  7. Ha! From a wicked smart poster on another board:

    They have tested apples and bananas and found they have the china flu.”

  8. There are more questions than answers. Why now, when we are close to herd immunity, and why push the most vulnerable to the front of the line for an experimental vaccine.

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    • I’m not a credentialist, but none of these people have a background in science and/or medicine. They’re doing an “appeal to authority” but seem unaware of the “replication crisis” plaguing even studies in the hard sciences.

      • There is the issue of the phrase

        “Minimal burden of wearing a mask”

        How in the hell does he even pretend to know the burden it imposes on others.
        Arrogant cocksucker.

  11. There’s an upside to having a doc with an unpronounceable name who looks like a convenience store clerk: He brings with him the cultural habits of his country of origin. I intend to take every possible exemption to avoid the “vaccine,” but when that fails, I’m going with baksheesh. Tell me Rajeet Pajeet el Achmed, “MD,” won’t take a bribe…

    • As Bram Stoker’s heroes moved ever eastwards to reach the castle of Soros, er, Dracula, it was “baksheesh”, “baksheesh”, “and more baksheesh” to get anywhere. Do anything.

      Although fictional, I doubt the nature of man as chronicled, including the undead Count Soros, er, Dracula, has changed one iota. And just who stole the Widow Stoker’s intellectual property over a technicality, pray tell?

    • Being a doctor just got potentially very lucrative.

      Of course Ahmet Majeet might not take *your* bribe. He’ll make sure that his cousins and family get exempted first, if he’s going to risk his ass.

      • Half of the American underclass is on oxycontin. They have no problem finding docs to write them scripts for their “fibromyalgia.” I have to assume that the same docs who hand out opiates like candy will have no problem “vaccinating” me. If hillbillies and Diversity can find such docs, surely we can.

  12. I’m curious, Z-Man, which sectors of society do you include in the ruling class? Seems to me that, in toto, it’s a rather large group, not confined to Washington, Wall Street and Silicon Valley.

    • Ok, I will bite.
      My list includes the local slum lord that is getting rich off renting to illegals … while he is chum with the local mayor and police department … and code enforcement … that have looked the other way for years. Cars with out of state plates, and many of them on single family home driveways. Piles of mattresses dumped out front for the town to take away.

      That’s one.

    • There’s the Jesuits as major players; both Fauci and Pope Francis are Jesuits. Also, every ethnic group that isn’t autophageous from La Raza to China.

    • Here’s the thing about medical trials: You can’t test anything on kids, pregnant/nursing women, etc. That’s probably much higher than 50%. Now you have to get into the weeds of medical research and double-blind studies. The participation protocol for studies often involves room-and-board for the duration or just a stipend for the locals. Neither way matches how most people live in their everyday circumstances.

    • Like some banana republic that has obvious fake elections and a fundamental lack of law & order? Oh, wait, that’s us now.

  13. A lot of people (i.e. Rush/Hannity tier conservatives) talk about all these liberal ideas and how they are paved with good intentions and misguided. But what if its intentional and that failure is actually success.
    I feel that there’s an ulterior motive to people like Gascon, Boudin, Krasner and a few others occupying the top echelons of law enforcement in our major cities.

    • Perhaps because every time an ulterior motive has been assigned to people such as those, it has turned out to be true, in the end…

    • Crash property values.
      Chicoms/Soros/who ever is at the top buys them up.
      Re-organize the cities and society in their image?

      But yeah, the radical DAs are not some college girl yelling “BLM”. There clearly is some agenda behind this all.

  14. Partial Canada calender:

    12/31: Secondary Lockdown

    February: mutated Covid-21 wave

    Hospitals overwhelmed

    Third Lockdown

    Full Travel Restrictions

    Q2: Transition to UBI

    Late Q2: Supply chain breakdown

    Q3: Military deployment: checkpoints in cities and roadways

    • Was just thinking about this leaked email.

      I’ve wondered if this whole COVID-19 is a psy-op. Release some non deadly virus and people think it’s a joke. They release COVID-21 next year, and badthinkers think this one is weak too. Instead, it kills them all.

      The fact that we think everything could be a conspiracy is not a good sign about the direction of our society, as Z said. But just like with -19, I will be cautious about -21 until inferences can be made.

  15. Even if everything about the vaccine was totally above board and honest,and it totally worked, with no side effects, I still can see no logical reason why anyone under the age of fifty who had no serious illnesses should get it. The fact that it is seemingly going to be mandatory for everyone is highly suspicious, at the very least.

    • I mean, it is only reasonable that everyone chip in and have 330 million people pay $250 each for the vaccine, than to make Boomers pay $750 each for 110 million shots… The boomers will literally sell their progeny off via accidental infertility to “spread the wealth around” while simultaneously decrying “muh socializms” – just you wait, it’s coming. Not that the boomers here will, mind you, but the group will.
      “The Boomers will cry out about socialism while nationalizing your healthcare savings account.”

  16. “There will be no curiosity, no enjoyment of the process of life. All competing pleasures will be destroyed. But always— do not forget this, Winston— always there will be the intoxication of power, constantly increasing and constantly growing subtler. Always, at every moment, there will be the thrill of victory, the sensation of trampling on an enemy who is helpless.If you want a picture of the future, imagine a boot stamping on a human face— forever. ” – Orwell

    • I thought that was a Cuomo quote, sorry He loves stomping the little guy while regaling in breaking his own rules.
      Plus, pierced nipples, as a signal of … deviancy to his fellow deviants.

  17. Consider the first 50 million Americans vaccinated as a phase IV trial. Unless in one of the designated risk categories, you are not likely to be part of that trial. I enjoy reading the racial disparity advocates splitting between “us first” and “not us.” Perhaps the same people are saying both, trying to have their cake and eat it too.

  18. I highly recommend Scott Adams episode 1211 that was recently aired.

    What little hair he has on his head catches fire as he goes off on Pelosi. A good watch.

  19. I’ve had Covid19 for two weeks now. Middle aged. In good cardiovascular shape. Used to drink too much. Luckily I cut back in early autumn. The fatigue is pretty bad. The first week is the worst. Then the fatigue slowly gets better. On day 13 and 14, I’m started to feel like myself again. Covid for me has basically been slight shortness of breath, mild head-cold, with heavy fatigue. Energy depletion is not as bad as with flu. But it’s significant. Or to use the vogue term of the day, “meaningful”. You’re pretty much stuck in bed for a week. Yep, that’s freaking meaningful. It gets depressing. Then 4 more days of being really tired and wanting to lay down all the time. I’m no expert. I’ve always cursed the masks but still thought it was a good idea. And after going through Covid, I’m even more in favor of them now. OK with laws enforcing them. It’s a hassle. I don’t think it’s more complicated than that. I ask my fellow Dissidents here, to be judicious about what you’re dissenting about. It’s often a fine line between being a badass dissident, and being a weenie. Wear the freaking mask for a little longer ok? Being sick sucks. Do what you can to make your fellows not sick. That’s not a political position.

    • Whatever I had in late 2018 was the worst of my life, and may have been a form of Covid. If you recall that year around Christmas everyone in So Cal was always coughing for months. I finally caught it and it made me pretty light headed and i was coughing all the time etc

      I think I may have even had a seizure, but I was coming out of a dream and couldn’t be sure of I was dreaming it or it was happening

      Anyway it went away without vaccines or drugs and I’m probably better off for it from an immunity perspective

    • Hope that you’re getting better, Frip. I utterly disagree about mask laws, but I can see your position.

    • were you pro-mask before getting ill? were you wearing a mask when you fell ill? why not put a rock on our heads (if we are engaging in rituals)?

      • Yes, I’ve always been grudgingly pro-mask. To answer your question about acquiring Covid; I probably got it by going to independently owned bars where no one had to wear a mask. Sometimes these pubs would have lots of people inside. People get drunk and communicate through a kind of talk-barking. I picture lots of sickly droplets in the air. I was pretty much asking to get Covid. I think my subconscious was like, “Let’s just get this over with, shall we?” Also, there’s a lot of surface contact at bars. With drink glasses and utensils. Table tops, bathroom sink nobs, door handles, pens, money, etc. Whatever the bartender has touched…and all they do is touch things…you’ve touched along with her. I tend to rub my eyes out of lifelong habit. Anyway, I’m glad it’s over and perhaps I’m immune for a while. I’ll just say this. You forget how crappy being sick feels, until you’re sick again. Then you’re lying in bed feeling like fevered garbage and you’re all, ‘yeah, government is full of shit, but not completely full of shit.”

    • All the people i know who got covid wore masks all the time and some just basically hid indoors. My mother just called me and they have another case in her retirement complex. That place has been in lockdown for months. So what can we really do but live on with common sense precautions.

      btw, they won’t say who has the virus, resident or staff. Could just be another nefarious control mechanism. Glad you’re feeling better. None of the ones I mentioned had serious issues.

      • The spread seems rather independent of lockdowns, masks, and other measures. Only the short term rate of spread (and the level of resulting area immunity going forward) seems to be affected by those things. There is a certain “let’s get this over with” mentality, at cross purposes with the “never let a crisis go to waste” thing going on.

    • So you had the flu?

      Boohoo, I had a sinus infection 20 years ago that was far worse than anything you describe. I mean, golly–did your fraginas ache during this horrific trial too?

      I already wash my hands and avoid spraying snot on those around me. I have not been spraying snot and making others ill for many decades now, long and long before Mammy Government said so on the Teevee. Your experience may be different. I don’t know.
      I’ll say this, though–if I was allowing refugees into my fortress after a Collapse you would be denied entry based on this post alone.
      If you see yourself as some kind of dissident–look again.

        • As stated elsewhere, masks only work when they’re used responsibly by people who are sick; but here you were in a pub (let’s say) around people who were being irresponsible and going out-and-about while sick. Now, forcing them to wear a mask is going to make them magically responsible? They’re going to be prompt about switching out their proper mask every couple of hours instead of, say, wearing a diseased kerchief that they’ve been coughing into for days?

        • “Just wear the mask.”
          Yes, that’s the line they always spew. Why do you spew it so as opposed to a measured answer? To whom is your allegiance?

    • So fucking what?
      Effeminate illness describing and extending your own feeling a bit fatigued to logically requiring global masks is a pathetic position. You should be ashamed.
      Be a fucking man and stop sniveling about your own fatigue illness and others can look after themselves.

    • I just got over Covid. Mid 50’s. Still drink just the right amount daily, it is part of my E. European makeup. Cough, no lack of energy, just the opposite, could not sleep as the meds, including Benzonatate and Hydrocodone cough medicine that my GP put me on kept me up at night. Used that up time to get caught up at work.

      My wife did not catch it although same house and bed, no masks. I rate it as about 40% of the last time I had the flu. Used an inhaler for the first time, luckily they basically give those away using coupons online; even a refill was free although I did not exceed the listed doses..

      My GP also had it, and his wife did not catch it nor did any of his kids in the same house.

      That is my experience, one person. I do not plan to mask alone outside or in my car, that is for neurotic women. Will NOT take some vaccine that might even have a .001% risk since even that risk outweighs the benefits.

      You mask. You take the jab. Let me know how it goes.

    • Gee, sounds like when my husband and I both had the flu when our older son was about 3 and extraordinarily rambunctious. We took turns lying on the floor keeping track of him while the other lay sick in bed. For about 10 days. And, amazingly enough, no one wore a mask! No one wrote articles about us or cheered us as heroes! And we didn’t even die! Try your guilt-tripping scold mode on someone who gives a f&&k.

      • Try your guilt-tripping scold mode on someone who gives a f&&k.” If you people weren’t so easily triggered you’d see I’ve been pretty even keeled here. I said the flu fatigue is worse. I’ve said nothing dramatic about my Covid experience. And pretty much just said it would be nice if people wore a mask. You’re one of the few women I’d truly enjoy beating the shit out of. Like, beat you. Wait 10 minutes for you to come-to again. Then beat you more. We’d do this for about 5 hours.

    • “Do what you can to make your fellows not sick. That’s not a political position.”

      When that is verbatim what the government says to justify sending threats and jackboots into your home, it absolutely IS a political position.

    • Several kids died in my state from the regular ol’ flu last year, and yet nothing, now, when some boomer might miss a bingo night or two it’s time to lock up the whole country.

    • Best wishes to you Frip. (I conclude that you got covid because you stopped drinking heavily. That’ll learn ya 🙂

      Z folk, don’t slag Frip for sharing his experience.

  20. They should call the COVID committee managing all of this the Committee of Public Safety. What this amounts to is a country with a rent seeking economy. They think they can grow the economy by expanding the rent seeking. In reality, it’s the opposite. The government can’t break a million windows and expect more economic activity because thousands of glass installers need to be hired. The rent seeking never stops. And they get off on the control. They especially like sneaking off to private parties at restaurants while the plebes are masked up getting fast food.

  21. I will not take the vaccine
    Even if it’s coated in margarine.
    This vaccine will likely bring me harm
    So it’s time to raise a big alarm.
    I don’t care if I can’t fly on a plane
    Or go watch sportsball in the rain.
    I refuse to take that accursed shot
    Even if it costs me a lot.
    I will not comply with this mandatory scheme
    That is every bit of the ruling class’ dream.
    I wish these bastards would just leave me alone
    And let me live my life unfettered at home.
    How can they be believed when they’re always wrong
    And even Van Morrison is ripping on them in song.
    How compliant these Blue Staters must be
    To not have their rulers hanging from the nearest tree.
    2020 feels like it was written by St. John of Patmos
    Especially since our rulers demand we take every dose.
    They sow division without a care
    Their depravity and evil is without compare.
    I’m supposed to pray for their immortal souls
    But all I can wish is they spend eternity raked over the coals.

    I’ve reached my upper level limit with all of this. It’s bad enough that we all have to wear face diapers. It’s bad enough that TV and other media have been blackwashed and “critical race theory” is the only acceptable viewpoint. We’ve had an election stolen in glare of spotlights and still our media (the Pravda-like propaganda organs of the ruling class) gaslights us with “there is no fraud, nothing to see here.”
    We aren’t voting our way out of this, but I don’t know what the way forward is, absent divine intervention.

  22. Only matter of time before Amazon and Costco are selling vaccines in bulk on the shelves next to CBD Oil and Aloe Vera

  23. At some point, a critical mass of US citizens will come the realization that the unholy trinity of Fed/Wall Street/Tech Oligarchs has already become a soft tyranny and the hard version is just around the corner (think bubble bursting/economic collapse scenario). The sleepwalking will continue until a real boot is placed on everyone’s neck, but we need not remain idle in the run-up to full scale tyranny. Get busy now. There is a paradigm that can beat this menace.

  24. This whole thing makes me wonder if they are going to start doctoring long existing vaccines to start injecting secret ingredients.

    I have never been an anti-vaxxer. I will not take the chink-flu vaccine, now I will have to start distrusting the others as well.

  25. Seems like I heard this somewhere before:
    And he causeth all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond, to receive a mark in their right hand, or in their foreheads: And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name.

  26. With our newfound obsession with flattening curves and preventing virus spread, why aren’t we shutting down gay pride festivals to prevent HIV spreading?

    • That’s what a lot of us were asking back in the 80’s. Of course, if Covid were a disease that somehow had a connection to gays,or blacks, or any other “victim” group,we would be told that are chance of dying from it were miniscule, and to quit worrying. This is the tack the Left was taking back in January and February, back when the disease was associated with Asians and Communism, and before they realized the opportunities this :crisis” offered for a power grab.

    • It’s the same answer as to why the Floyd protest/looting sprees were allowed, but the lady sitting with her family (socially distanced) watching a schoolboy football game was tased and dragged off by a Mall Cop for not wearing a mask.

  27. The only thing necessary for the continued Triumph of Evil is for good men to keep obeying The Laws.

  28. You cannot organize a proper resistance if you cannot organize at all.

    Well that’s a hypothetical, no one wants to organize. They just want it to end.

    It won’t end until all resistance including thought is ended, but more immediately until we have 50 state Uniparty. I mean; 2020 is the new normal, and Nov 4th 0400 the new Gold Standard of elections.

    They will not and cannot, must not allow any opposition formally or informally in the GOP (🤣) State Houses. That would be a serious mistake and lapse on their part.

    The elections of 2020 and universal mail in ballots is already and will be the norm until power is consolidated, this will go on for at least a decade. Its 2020 every day until we’re all dead, or crushed.

  29. For what it’s worth, I guess I will be a crash test dummy regarding mandatory vaccinations. There is no way in hell I’m going to allow it.

    Cant fly? I’m afraid of flying and heights.

    No sportsball for me? Watching a bunch of chimps run, jump and throw a ball isn’t my bag.

    Cant go to the store?

    Thats what family is for.

    I’ll let you all know how it works out.

    • I’m not taking it either

      Just bought wife the Bullitt Mustang. That thing flies. That will be my transport

  30. I’m worried they’ll try to make me get it because I’m in the Army. I’m just gonna tell them my mom had an allergic reaction to it, so I probably shouldn’t get it either.

  31. I heard a co-worker yesterday declare that he hopes our employer makes the vaccine mandatory. But then we are in Canada, the country founded by the English who ran from freedom, and the French, so it’s not unexpected. Depressing, but no longer surprising.

    I thought I was deeply cynical about the sheople in 2019, but this year has shown you can never be cynical enough about how many people will enthusiastically embrace their own slavery.

    • “the country founded by the English who ran from freedom, and the French, so it’s not unexpected.”: God love the Boomers.
      If the US was the Land of Freeeedom we wouldn’t be in this spot.

  32. Last time they put out an emergency vaccine developed in record time (H1N1), a bunch of people in Europe got narcolepsy.

  33. How do free men get rid of the infernal pests of our current ruling class? This is the challenge of our age. Creating an effective resistance that can overcome the kooks and cranks the KGB, I mean the FBI, will send to infiltrate our every move.
    What is the answer in a technological age?
    That is the million dollar question we all seek answers for.

    • I know Z and many here like to beat up on the libertarians but I have to say that at least some of their ideas are becoming more relevant by the day. I’d say there is an aching need, in the US and around the world, for a movement of people who value personal autonomy, freedom of speech and religion, free assembly, free association, and freedom of conscience.

      The problem is that the libertarians’ obsessive focus on government as the only threat to these things means they turn a blind eye to some of the most egregious things going on, for instance in Big Tech. Here’s an article that extols the actions of science journals in denouncing and retracting papers that fail to tow the equalist line in everything. Every day, you see something like this that shows the Western world is losing its mind and its soul. The great spirit of adventure and truth seeking that has built the modern world and taken us to the edge of interstellar space is being replaced by a spirit that shrinks from uncomfortable truth and wears a cowardly mask of fear and submission with perverse pride.

      At some point we will need to find those who value and are willing to fight for freedom in real life. We CAN free ourselves and our world from the freakish tyrants who have risen to power and the mobs of hysterical women and gutless men who enable them. These are not people acting from inner strength and peace. There is a kind of mass insanity stalking the world – perhaps great numbers of people are so socially atomized that they now crave every new imposition like junkies needing their next fix.

      We cannot guarantee that our organizations will be free of infiltrators but perhaps we can take heart in knowing that the ruling class at its core is a weak and self-loathing. These are not strong people but very sick ones and the tyranny they have planned for us will not be some drab but orderly Brave New World or 1984. It will be a never ending replay of 2020 with fresh chaos and madness around each turn. We aren’t just fighting for freedom but for civilization itself. We’re not up against Stalin here so much as Cthulhu.

      • The biggest problem for libertarianism is that it only appeals to a small number of Anglo men and no one else. Therefore, you can only impose libertarianism by violating the NAP, which is a delightful irony.

        Only when we can found a country of independent, 110+ IQ Anglo men does libertarianism ever have a chance of being realized.

        • Well, yes, I’ve sometimes joked that most people would need to be frog marched into freedom at gun point. I’m not calling on most people though. What we desperately need is a core of strong and determined men to fight to restore our civilization as a whole. I don’t think it needs to be explicitly WN but simply an unapologetic defense of “white values and civilization”. The important thing is to raise a united front against the tide of infantile and abject dependency and credulity towards media and government. We must start building or rather rebuilding the core of Western civilization around masculine virtues of individual autonomy and courage.

          I’m so tired of hearing from people in /our thing/ though that we can’t organize because anything we do will be infiltrated and subverted. I just looked up how many agents there are in a certain federal alphabet soup gang. It’s like 12,000. If even 5 or 10% of white men joined an organization devoted to fighting ALL the nonsense on ALL fronts there would be no stopping it. By this, I mean something like the NRA for “freedom issues”. Local chapters would fight things like lockdowns, mask orders, vaccine mandates, and business closures. The national organization would challenge government AND corporate overreach in the courts and through typical mass movement methods like marches and rallies. Enemy media could be targeted for pranks and harassment. States and municipalities could be given “freedom scores” just like the NRA does for gun rights. However this thing evolves, the important point is start it.

          Here in Oregon we can’t seem to do any organizing for anything because even supposedly right wing people are terrified of defying our insane governor’s edicts about gatherings and masks. This is in spite of the fact that there’s basically no enforcement of this stuff. These are people who routinely break the speed limit in their cars despite there being very real enforcement and penalties for that. Honestly, I think the inability to properly assess and quantify risk has spread from the crazed Karen population to even a lot of our own people.

  34. Come on, man, the use of “fascism” for the more accurate “left-wing totalitarianism” is driving me nuts.

  35. At my age I don’t even buy green bananas. Having said that the Boomers sure have a lot to answer for.

    • Congratulations! You have won the highly coveted Non-Sequitur of the Year Award! I like blue ants.

  36. Does anyone remember back in the 70’s (and maybe later) when travelers in SE Asia had to carry a little yellow booklet with your vaccination history. The cholera vaccine had to be boosted every six months or so. If you arrived in Singapore or Jakarta (for example) with an expired vaccine, you were taken to a room and jabbed before entry was allowed..

    • I have a Yellow Card.

      The difference is that it is voluntary and not tracked in a centralized database.

      Getting the Yellow Fever vaccination makes sense, because we know that is a terrible disease and we know the vax works.

      Neither of those things are true for WuFlu.

    • I remember such an incident. Buddy and I were prepping to go down the South America. We got all these shots at the public health center—except for one—smallpox. We were told that according to WHO, smallpox was eradicated. My buddy was no dope and fluent in Spanish and had access to publications. We left and came back a few days later with newspaper articles about smallpox breakouts in a couple of regions. Took a few days, but they got the inoculations in. We were probably the last couple of Americans to get vaccinated in the US. And no, it was the real thing, I still have the scab scar on my arm to prove it.

  37. I am related to a young pulmonary doctor, and I know him well. He insists that the masks help and should definitely be worn. He’s also kind of a country boy and is skeptical of leftists. I’ll wear the mask in public buildings based on his assessment.

    • This is a conversation I have frequently: they do work: if someone is sick and they wear a good, clean mask that is changed out once every several hours (or after touching it) it will help keep them from making other people sick. If you’re not sick it will do nothing (as, obviously, it won’t keep you from making other people sick because you’re not sick yourself, and the mask is not an effective filter against airborne viral particles if you’re around someone who is sick). So in a very strict sense the masks do something, but as a practical matter they’re worse than useless.
      Now, I tell that to people, they nod and say that makes absolute sense, and then promptly forget what I just said.

      • I’m less at risk for a cold now because all the non-White enrichers, who coughed, sneezed, and spat in public, are now staying home or going masked. Those of us who wash our hands and follow sanitary guidelines learned in the ’60s are generally healthy. Amazing, innit? And if someone has a comorbidity or asthma, too bad, so sad. Stay home and leave me alone. People die every day. Deal with it. It’s not “THE VIRUS,” it’s a virus, one of many. And I have zero f8(&ks to give for my presumed ‘neighbors’ or ‘fellow ‘murricans.’

      • I asked my doctor the same question and cited studies to the contrary, got no response. It is probably simply an emotive response. Physicians are by and large a lazy lot and protect themselves from law suit by robotically accepting “best practice” pronouncements from authority figures, like the CDC.

        If I get those responses—especially to why I must wear a mask (as opposed to voluntary, personal health concerns)—I usually respond with asking why they think they have the moral authority to demand I sacrifice myself for their benefit. This usually ends the conversation as they have no depth in such understanding. To this effect, I give thanks to Ayn Rand. 😉

      • There are literally hundreds of mask efficacy studies available online. I’ve read a few of them and they seem to agree that an appropriate mask (like an N95 respirator) properly worn is effective. Surgical masks worn by sick people prevent larger droplet spread–which is a good thing, but don’t filter out small virus particles and don’t protect the healthy from infection. It’s a mixed bag. Frequent handwashing, and keeping serum Vitamin D levels up is probably more effective.

    • I wear a bandana

      That it is going to save my life is a huge stretch for me

      And when did something that costs $0.50 save anyone’s life? Seems anything that life-changing would cost a pretty penny

      Put another way, if masks cost $25 each would anyone wear one?

    • i call BS on this comment. “related to”, “know him well”; uh yeah, that happens a lot with relatives.

  38. I met up with college and old friends over the weekend; both engineers. Both were very excited about a vaccine rolling out. I asked if they found it odd that a vaccine, something that usually takes years to work out all the kinks and make sure side effects aren’t worse than what you’re trying to cure, went from concept to deployed in under a year. Would he sign off on a bridge design that normally would take several years of construction but was built in six months? Would the other trust a database that had been allowed to skip the major tests? Both agreed they would not, and then both wanted to change the subject. People haven’t even gotten the vaccine yet and it’s already messing with their heads.

  39. If this sounds a lot like fascism, you would be right. This idea vexes the anti-Semites and neo-Nazis, because they demand fascism only mean cool uniforms and camps for people they don’t like.


    “Wait, you’re telling me I can’t have free speech, property rights and rule of law in the new Reich? Why didn’t anyone tell me?”

    • because they demand fascism only mean cool uniforms
      What’s the point, a Hugo Boss comes once in lifetime.

      • no one is going to better those SS uniforms. HB would not be able to keep them in stock, if they started making them again.

      • “Fascism” is notoriously difficult to define.

        My best definition is that the government is specifically set up to serve the historic population.

        Fascism is not perfect. It suffers from the problem of being subverted, but every government is vulnerable to that, even small government federalism, as the history of the USA demonstrates.

        • But in the US we have a new, Leftist form of fascism, whose purpose is to serve the minority population–blacks in particular–and to subjugate the historic population. Having said that, the 1619 Project is arguably an attempt to make blacks the historic population.

  40. Everyone should plan on permeating the airwaves with non-stop fear porn of people getting hurt by the vaccine, no matter how implausible the vaccine actually hurt them. Relentlessly saturate social media, tell all your real-life friends, pepper the conversation in the checkout lines. Make it so rampant it drowns out the deboonkers. Make them forcefully silence people and then treat them like martyrs.
    This is not the time for facts and reason, or even about being right. It’s the time for scaring the normies about the vaccine just as much as the media has over covid.

    • I like to open with, “I wonder what the vaccine really does?” to see if anyone takes the bait.

      If not, I’ll toss out sterilization/terminal cancer/genetic wasting disease as prompts.

    • Cornell U. is exempting “students who identify as Black, Indigenous, or as a Person of Color (BIPOC)” from their mandatory vaccine requirement. Pfizer (!) has warned pregnant and breastfeeding women against taking the vaccine. So much for “mandatory.”

  41. >we start a war in Afghanistan and to “win” allow the “good” warlords to sell opium to finance the war

    >lots of that opium makes its way back to the US

    >high school friend develops heroin habit and is forced to go to rehab

    >friend comes out of rehab and joins marines to turn life around

    >friend goes to Afghanistan several times and kills lots of “bad guys”

    >friend comes back and copes with war by getting back into heroin

    >friend dies of heroin overdose

    >bad orange man tries to end war in Afghanistan and is stopped because orange man bad

    >war over hell hole enters its 20th year

    >media: look, a girl kicked a ball 31 yards

    clown. world.

  42. This is what they are going to try to do with guns as well. There will almost certainly not be any kind of attempted national confiscation that would set off a civil war, at least not for another couple of decades. What will happen is that there will be a huge effort to make gun ownership difficult, expensive, and stigmatized, the Tobacco strategy” if you will. Of course, the NRA still exists, and can be counted on to fight this every step of the way – no such organization exists with regard to Covid – yet.

    • They will just ramp taxes and fees on guns and ammo to the point they are prohibitively expensive.

      Examples will be made under the new tax laws, neatly side-stepping the 2A.

    • All they have to do is make a law that any use of a gun by non Authority is illegal. So you shoot and kill someone in self-defense breaking into your home you still committed murder

      • I think you are both right. One, make gun insurance a requirement, and make it prohibitively expensive. Two, make it illegal (in practice) to use it. Just see those who tried to defend themselves again Antifa types. I care not what the law says, I care about the Soros funded DA that prosecutes.

      • Yes, in most places in Red states you are still pretty much OK using a firearm in self-defense, but make sure that you stay out of the blue cities (stay out of those anyway, for oh so many reasons). Look at that poor bastard in Omaha, persecuted unto suicide for shooting a drug addict attacking him. It doesn’t get much redder than Nebraska, but Omaha has lots of blacks, and lots of democrats, so…
        That’s why the guy who calls himself “Anti-Dem” is right; who your local sheriff and Chief of Police are is a lot more important than who is president, they decide how the law gets enforced. Local elections are the most important.

      • If said intruder is non-White, that’s already the ‘law.’ In the UK people are not allowed to be unkind to the gypsies (the real ones, brown people descended from Indians who are illegal immigrants) that squat in their houses and change the locks. Said gypsies also like killing the ducks, geese, and swans in English parks and cooking them.
        Noggers are increasingly doing the same (squatting in houses, changing the locks and getting papers to prove they’re the new legal owners) and the force of the fedgov will soon be behind them because middle-class home ownership be rayciss.

      • In such a scenario one hopes never happens and note I’m just informing not advocating for, that will stop when people start taking out unlawful authority or if they can’t get to them, their kids , family, friends, favorite eatery anyone near them.
        Its a bit Cartel Justice but its highly effective and has happened in so many places as to be almost routine.

      • As long as they can keep raising money for doing it, sure they will. Look, I have no illusions about the NRA and their motives, but it’s a simple fact that the freedom to own and defend yourself with a gun is one of the very few freedoms that has actually been expanded in the last fifty years, and the NRA has had a lot to do with that, and that in the face of snobby ConInc types looking down their noses at them. If conservatives had had any brains (which they don’t of course) they would have tried to copy the NRA’s success. Fat chance…

    • how did all those guns help with the election? prayer in school? abortion? etc etc etc reminds me of the ersatz Holmes Story “The Dog That Will Never Bark”…

      • The NRA’s job is to promote gun rights, which they have done well, in fact gun ownership is the only area where the “right” won some of the culture war.

        So stop punching right and tearing down a successful organization.

      • I’m not sure if gun people will fight either but the election isn’t resolved nor is any possible backlash to the theft,
        It might surprise you that a lot of people including right wing gun types care nothing about school prayer or abortion.
        I’m in that list. Many of us are not much more religious than our Blue counterparts or at most aren’t going to church . Nor do we think that the State needs to promote prayer.
        Some of us, me included are fine with abortion even if they don’t much like it and while its not polite to admit, I think voluntary eugenic abortion is far more good than evil. No more Down’s Syndrome is a very good thing.
        Also there were a lot of places where abortion clinics were rendered no longer viable. It got to be a big enough issue that Clinton used the FBI to break up groups.
        They won that fight as much as could be won given the nature of the issue . Abortion itself is at an all time low and mostly in Blue cities. The morning after pill and the social changes took care of much of the rest.
        Heck we even won Teen Pregnancy. Its lower on an absolute basis than in 1940 when we started tracking it despite at least a doubling of the population.
        And we didn’t do this by moral prating, hiding knowledge, We did it with comprehensive sex ed and Teen Mom.

    • They don’t have to do anything but continue with existing strategies. It’s already monumentally expensive to train a good rifleman … a few thousand rounds down range equates to several thousand dollars. If you shop for critical reloading components you’ll find that powder/primer/brass is hard to come by – critically so. I can’t afford to smoke $5 packs of cigarettes, nor can I afford a couple hundred bucks for an afternoon of 5.56 plinking. TPTB minimize possibilities of open conflict if most people have only one or two magazines of ammo for their $2K tacti-cool rifle.

      • The ammo supply problem is probably the same asshole hoarders that are making TP unavailable around here again.
        You may want 2k rounds for training but there is only so much material and manufacturing capacity to go around. From what I can tell nearly all the plans are at full capacity and no one has reported suspicious buyers grabbing up the supply. Just new buyers and panic buyers on an stretched supply chain.
        Ammo is out there even at places like cheaper than dirt, just a bit pricey compared to usual.
        I doubt this won’t be a rifleman’s war anyway. Its mostly going to be close and dirty work and frankly a pair of pliers will be far more useful than an AR far often than not.
        Don’t get me wrong, if you can get a rifle in some off caliber or any caliber which still has plenty ammo out there and get good with it, all the better but there are loads of options, legal and otherwise to resist if it comes to that.
        Don’t despair.

  43. “If you think you can just blow this off, think again.”

    But damn it – that’s my goal. At some point we all need to choose a threshold – a Rubicon – that we’re committed to holding. Another Rubicon (coming shortly) will be the move for gun registration. Don’t register your gun? No problem, you can’t have a driver’s license. It’s coming. For those who aren’t anti-fragile, now might be a good time to work on it.

      • I think this is more a happy side effect than the intent.
        The economy is in freefall and Keynesian theory needs money to have velocity.
        Its basically static now and there are no policies that can be implimented that will work to get growth.
        Its classic Marxist Late Stage Capitalism which is kind of like a monopoly game where one guy owns almost everything. The economy won’t work.
        As for paying for UBI, it will have to be money printing as there is no tax scheme that can raise enough and any attempt to get more revenue will result in layoffs galore.
        This will create some inflation or so its hoped but if will, who knows,. Mostly it creates more misery.

    • I would argue that the Draconian implementation of the Covidian Rules should be the Rubicon Event, as you suggest. And that should be the trigger for fighting fire with fire. Wouldn’t it be awful if warehouses caught fire and burned down, or transport trailers disappeared overnight, or manufacturing facilities suffered egregious maintenance failures? Incrementalism can work both ways. Near the end of WWII, nearly all German tanks were breaking down regularly because the slave labor building them did very poor work indeed. A careless smoker can be your best friend in the new war against tyranny.

      • Agree. What’s the point in wearing a Molon Labe hat or holding 2A rallies if the selfsame constituency wears face diapers and lines up for vaccines? I’d be happy if a lot of our people simply took up civil disobedience … at least that’s a tangible start.

      • So many accidental and awful things could happen. Nice group of Hero’s On The Front Lines Of Healthcare you got there. It would be ashamed if something happened to them. All of them.

        • You beat a tyranny with a cellular insurgency. As an example, imagine the lone janitor on night shift who everyone thinks is slightly retarded and totally ignores. He has keys and the whole building to himself, and months to determine where the cameras are and are not. And multiple by tens of thousands all over the country. And we’re not even talking about the maintenance men yet. The jackboots can’t lock up everyone and still run a country.

          • Ancient wisdom. Maintenance men make the best saboteurs. They get invited in, guards have no idea what these guys are doing, and they can time delay any outcome into months after they have left town. Think outside the box. Sometimes being an innocuous peon is the greatest power of all.

          • That’s why I will never, ever mention the small shed at the bottom of every cell tower, because it’s the air-conditioning to keep those switching boards cool.

            It has to stay about 40 degrees, but nobody needs to know that.

          • The morphic resonance is getting louder. We see the same image, we think the same thought. We achieve multidimensionality by sharing perspectives. The hive becomes the nation. The future looks like us.

  44. If one wants a primer on what is to come we have copious amounts of movies and books describing our dystopian future. There are usually a few general themes that run through most of them, none that would surprise anyone here. Even Black Mirror episodes are especially good on this, seeing that the types that hate us and freedom are similar to these monsters.

    Entrance sign to all western countries: Abandon hope all ye who enter here.

    • On the one of the Gili islands off Bali in Indonesia, there are no police.

      Seems pretty free to me.

  45. I am always reminded of the saying (Z will remember by who) that all wars could be avoided with the judicious killing of just 100 people.

    The mossy oak militia adds conscripts every day as the unemployment lines grow.

    Dont expect any sympathy from the 80 million Trump voters when CNN announces that an armed mob overan the NY Times headquarters, shot it up, burned it, and left no one alive.

    • Don’t expect sympathy if a 9/11-type event happens, either. Expect a combination of skepticism and glee.

      • heh. I laughed when some CNN cockroach said something like “Trump’s refusal to concede is going to cause another 9/11!”

        NYC had the sympathy of us all on that day. Now, when it happens again, I’m rooting for Mohammed. He is but the lesser of the enemies attacking us. If it weren’t for the globalist vermin in NYC (alas, metastasizing into the rest of the country as the filthy creatures flee their fouled nest) , we wouldn’t have an Islamic problem at all.

    • Don’t expect any sympathy from the 80 million Trump voters when CNN announces that an armed mob overan the NY Times headquarters, shot it up, burned it, and left no one alive.

      Yeah, sympathy is the very last thing I would feel.

    • Muslims have no hesitancy when it come to this type of thing. The Charlie Hebdo shooting was over some stupid cartoons. As a result, they are pretty much left alone.

    • That saying comes from this classic:

      The Pig Trap

      The taxi driver’s passenger, an ‘executive security’ honcho:

      “These people are playing with matches… I don’t think they understand the scope and scale of the wildfire they are flirting with. They are fucking around with a civil war that could last a decade and cause millions of deaths… and the sad truth is that 95% of the problems we have in this country could be solved tomorrow, by noon… simply by dragging 100 people out in the street and shooting them in the fucking head.”

  46. That paper card they will be issuing will be replaced with an app for your phone that will be required if you want to function like what passes as a normal adult.

    This already exists with auto insurance. Allstate gives a discount if you install an app that tracks your location and speed. If you disable it, you get email reminders to turn it back on. The coming government app compliance will be more intrusive than a discount and an email.

    • Progressive has a GPS-enabled box that gets installed in your car to track your driving habits and get you discounted rates.

      Yeah, no.

        • Problem is—or will be—when the “voluntary” users of such tracking reach a critical point and then such tracking becomes mandatory for the issuance of the policy.

          Case in point. I don’t use a cell phone. It is cased (Faraday cage) and mostly turned off. I’ll break it out for emergency travel and such, but not for steady use. However, I am now finding any number of software services used, like logging into brokerage accounts, that require two stage authentication. Fine, good idea—however the second stage (after pw) is an authorization code *only* sent through a cell phone text message. The assumption being that cell phone usage is now universal.

      • So long as you get a discount nobody cares. True Consoomers are legion now who care nothing about personal privacy whatsoever. Anyone who spends half their life starting into a screen and/or taking pics of themselves cares nothing about having their lives tracked in a Truman Show like fashion.
        I learned this by observing how many of my own friends, acquaintances, and family have voluntarily installed a ‘Telescreen’ into their home. Echo Dots and Alexa. They all have them and not only that, they paid for the privilege!
        Amazon assures us that it is only recording when you say ‘Alexa’ and believe me, you can trust Amazon implicitly. So you just installed a recording device with unlimited cloud storage that records your every spoken word in perpetuity, I’m sure that will never come back to haunt you.
        They are all in on the “if you have nothing to hide the who cares” bandwagon. Compliant, pliant, ignorant, consumer sheep. They’ve nearly achieved their goal. We here, the people that remember a different world that wasn’t even really that long ago are a fraction of a fraction at this point. Enjoy your panopticon open-air prison and servitude plebe.

        • Enjoy your panopticon open-air prison and servitude plebe.

          Heh. Bentham would’ve loved all this!

          The other day I went round to tell the Pajeet neighbours to keep the noise down on the TV. Pajeet says he doesn’t have a TV. He then says, ah, it must have been Alexa. Great…

          You’re spot on when you point out (alarmingly) just how many of our number, young and old, go all in for full blown consumerism. Consequences be damned.

        • This. I never relax in my car anymore. I know it is a monitored and controlled place and I hate it. As soon as this lease is up I’m buying a slightly older used car, without all the electronic spying and control built in.

  47. You do not have to pass a law to make something illegal. I am glad that you nicely articulate my views – that the vaccine will be mandatory to do anything. There will be no law (probably), just soft tyranny.
    For those who are concerned about the technical side of the vaccine, those will never be addressed by media. As you articulate, certainly they will parade kooks to discredit any reasonable objection (in the same way Flat Earthers are used to discredit anyone who believes in elite collusion). I am no expert, but I am beyond the average prole in knowledge of genetics and theory of mRNA. The issue I am most concerned with is 1)We actually have no idea how the human body really works. We can describe processes, but our bodies are so incredibly complex, the law of unintended consequences is no doubt coming into play when considering the amount of interplay between every element of our body. People think it is as simple as “we inject messenger RNA, it is synthesized into proteins.” If you think our body is that simple, please say “mitochondria is the powerhouse of the cell” and consider yourself a cellular biologist. 2) Autoimmune diseases are extremely likely to spike as a result. 3)Inductive reasoning will finally be killed. In the same way childhood illnesses continue to grow as mass vaccines increase, the defense is that there has never been a study proving it. Well that is because the study has not been objectively done. But anyone who doesn’t need a weatherman to know which way the wind blow can say that such a strong correlation (and there is) does hint at a causative relation. Any observations of a spike in autoimmune disorders, that many will see tangibly (unlike the disease itself) correlate with the vaccine, will be shut down with studies funded to ‘prove’ the opposite. Anyone using inductive reasoning will be hit with the ‘science-denier’ appellation.

    • Also, the nanolipids that are used to protect the mRNA as injected are not being studied at all for safety. If I am not mistake, they are trademarked secrets that we cattle are not even allowed to know about. This reminds me of the Roundup issue. It wasn’t so much the glyphosate that was dangerous; it was equally the solvent that allowed the chemical to penetrate the waxy layer around the leaf. But since the solvents were listed as ‘inactive ingrediants’, no study of their safety was ever done, and glyphosate was approved by studying it in isolation, not the actual complete product.

      • Reminds me of 5G. A read a fairly reasoned piece where the author said that it might be possible that 5G radiation is bad for the eyes, basically baking the delicate tissue there since it is not nearly as robust a barrier as skin. I went looking and could find…nothing, no one even bothered to check. I suppose when people start getting eye surgeries 10 years earlier it will be just “one of those things” or they’ll blame it on the hole in the ozone.

        • I thought Elizabeth Holmes and her pet wog both did?

          The Theranos idea is interesting and I wouldn’t be surprised if it becomes reality at some point in the next few decades, but that entire debacle illustrates just how gullible the elites are that run our country/world. There’s surely a lesson for dissidents in there, a blueprint for the Trojan Horse that gets us behind the levers of power.

    • Anyone who states even factual objections will be labeled a “kook.” It really shouldn’t be a factor in one’s decisions. Increasingly it appears both Beijing and their puppets in D.C. introduced this virus intentionally into the United States. Of course, such speculation is “kooky” until it isn’t, then it becomes “dangerous.” About the latter, they are correct.

      • Chinese spies are very imbedded in the US system. This cute little honey trap named Christine Fang was sleeping with Eric Swalwell and a bunch of other so-far unnamed elected official including an Ohio mayor. Seems like they just shipped her around the country to compromise weak men.

        • Remember all those Confucius Institutes?

          Sharing Chinese culture and studying for degrees were never the real goals.

          The real goals were studying Western society for weak points and relaying any valuable info to the motherland.

    • They don’t need laws.

      They can dump the enforcement burden on private businesses and make examples of resisters one-by-one.

      • Not even enforcement, just free market. The hammer and anvil of public-private joint-venture control over “the market” assures that the prole consumer buys product, buys license to buy different product, or pays tax to defer buying of product until later. Free market has many choices for consumer.

        “Private” health insurance providers will simply price-in the not-mandatory vaccine. Gubmint subsidizes cost of vax to bake in profit to them and they pass that on to us in the form of “free” covered vax. Gubmint backstops vax badness for both pharma and insurance.

        Meanwhile if you don’t vax, congratulations your premium is 2X plus wuhan plague might not be fully covered by your policy please see exemption rider. If you like your doctor you can keep your doctor of you take vax.

        Gubmint PR money flows into private media to shame and scare the consumers to do the right thing. Everybody gets paid. Lotsa fiat moves around. Consumer gets to “choose”. Freedom intact.

  48. We’re already in the early stages of a covidian dystopian nightmare – people are going bonkers and will gladly clamor for the jab while obediently continuing to wear their face rags. It’ll be solidified pretty much forever if we don’t deviate from this highway to hell. God help us.

      • The ‘dream’ of 1984 was that the totalitarians had finally found the “secret sauce” to perpetuate their oppressive system indefinitely, which is unrealistic, fortunately. Part of the reason we’re even in this mess is that even an oppressive place like China cannot get their people to stop eating bush-meat or use semi-modern animal husbandry techniques.

        • “Part of the reason”… The other part is that the Wuflu virus just might have been weaponized with “never happen in nature” aids-like grafts into the virus, which is what some Indian researchers claimed early on, before they were shut down and non-personed. These days, given all the controls over the permitted narrative, I am not ruling it out.

          • Since Fauci owns 4 patents on the damned virus, and directed the building of and research at the Wuhan lab, “weaponized” is a certainty.

            They were eating bats from a cave 900 miles away in winter? Pangolins?

            Guailo please

  49. This is going to be the death knell of the travel and leisure industry. Which is what our rulers probably want.

    • Exactly. Travel limits are the totalitarian wet dream. We may get a wall at the southern border after all, but it won’t be to keep people out.

    • Well sure. They’re tired of having all the pretty places filled up with ugly people. Now they won’t have to worry about the hoi polloi messing up their View.

      • That’s right.

        Why should Brad Pitt have to stumble over us plebes in St. Tropez every summer?

      • Wasn’t Harry Reid overheard complaining about having “to smell the tourists” lining up to see the US Capital Building. Years ago I remember reading about the well heeled growing tired of lower class day trippers crowding up Aspen.

      • Pretty much

        Intentional or not, every rule an reg in California has the effect of driving up home prices so they become ever farther out of reach for the dirt people

        • In Cali it’s blatant class warfare. Home prices go out of sight while middle-class residences are turned into high-density worker ghettoes.

          They might outlaw beef but never the concept of the cattle ranch.

        • They’ll keep the ghettos for their pets but live in sprawling Hearst style estates. We kept thinking the Reconquisda would be driven by hordes of illegal Mexican peasants. Actually, it’ll be the return of the Old Spanish Californios noblemen… they’ll just have yid and Punjabi sounding names this time.

        • The rulings in California and NY serve one purpose. Drive the existing population into surrounding states so they act like a spreading infection.

          They are well aware that these people are the same twats that welcomed in all the reality denying BS and will promptly go and vote in the same people that caused them to leave in the first place because feelings.

          They are nothing but locus of infections in the same way universities are.

          Cuomo and the others don’t give a shit if the city become a smoking ruin. It will spread the poz plague and that is all that counts.

      • Right. Its these same vermin that have marred the rural production areas of California with endless wind turbines but squashed the ones proposed off the coast of Martha’s Vineyard. The culling cannot come soon enough.

        • I have no idea what you mean. I have, however made sure to get rid of all cullottes from the homestead…

    • Definitely. The cloud people despise the fact that all of the cool, interesting places on earth are easily accessible to middle class travelers.
      That’s all going to come to an end.
      Can everyone here believe that just a year ago we were all significantly freer than we are now, and most of the population is simply going along with it?
      I knew most people were sheep, but only when it’s in your face every day is one overwhelmed by the realization that our society is built on sand and the high tide is rolling in fast.
      And why the rush by our elites to get their dystopia started? The cloud people seem obsessed with rolling all of this out as quickly as possible, despite the fact that there are more holes and glaring contradictions in their programs than one can count.
      It really is like watching a bad movie.

      • It’s everywhere, on all levels. There are no more secret swimming holes, fishing spots, hunting places, special outdoor groves only you know about and how to get there.

        The smart phone, and the search engine, killed the joy of discovery.

        • bingo. I was watching the notebook on Sunday and I noticed that that type of story couldn’t happen today with all the technology.

      • “The cloud people despise the fact that all of the cool, interesting places on earth are easily accessible to middle class travelers.”

        Meh. My wanderlust experiences have shown that Normies either don’t go outside at all or go to the AAA-rated places in order to take selfies. Neither they nor Elites want to JOURNEY. This in 2019, not just 2020.

        I’ve also been to those Aspen mansions of the Cloud People. Nobody lives in them. They’re just investment properties.

        The Cloud People want to possess all the good things of life but they are unable to enjoy them. I was happier hunting for crawdads in the roadside crick of my youth than they are flying hot tubs into Davos to plot world conquest. They think restricting travel is a way to steal happiness, a concept they don’t quite understand yet hate because we have it and they don’t.

        • Most people don’t like walking more than a half a mile from their car. Any tourist hotspot has a big clump of people near the cars or bus/train station.Walk for more than 10 minutes and you’re free of the madding crowd.

    • Damn, no more basic bitches who say “travelling is my personality” on their tinder bios.

      In seriousness though – upper middle class shitlibs hit the hardest by retarded measures, as usual. They’re gonna find out real fast that they are NOT part of the elites (I’m sure they’ll rationalize it though).

      • So long as they have a way to identify with the elite/aggressor—by consuming what they’re told, by relishing tales of hurt done to loser-class Americans—they’ll think they’re in on it.
        We’ve seen them celebrate when tech & finance ban normie-cons, when 130 IQ farm boys are quota-ed out of the good schools, etc. They feel themselves doing it.

      • Dammit! So close- the dream is to make a check, hit the airport in whatever city I’m in, throw a dart at the map, buy a ticket, and just GO.

        I was finally this close, dammit dammit dammitall, man!

        • When asked to show your vax card, slip people a few bucks to look the other way

          Works pretty much everywhere

          • Falcone, I believe that the immense scale of bribery… think almost Nigerian levels could be a nice little upside for us. Trying to balance complete and efficient totalitarian control whilst having a subpar third world populace always on the take could open doors…

          • totally agree

            Not going to be easy running a 1st world compliance system with the BLMers they have working for them

            Brings to mind the grocery store with all the fancy bar code readers etc. You get a Latina girl in there flustered by a flood of multiple items and she can’t keep up and ends up letting things slide through and giving you things without ringing them up.

      • Good point B125. You say I may see an end to the endless girl-news stories about how “she is traveling in her converted school bus” (or towing her tiny house). “Alone with her dog, a roadtrip discovering herself across this great nation…”

        • Yeah but that will also do away with the truly uplifting & hysterical ones about how she and her life partner got decapitated because they thought biking through Turkey was a strong play. Cannot stop laughing whenever I hear those.

    • Somebody hasn’t taken their mandatory virtual vacation to the Maldives. An Amazon Travel Experience Concierge has been dispatched to your location to help facilitate your many happy memories.

    • Sigh. Yes.

      Diverless cars won’t work until the unpredictable human drivers are off the roads. Traceable, “ride share” Uber ONLY societies are a totalitarian states wet dream.

      Travel is freedom. Must. Curtail. Freedom.

    • It will be like the “housing bubble,” where the same people who allowed/created the problem scoop up properties for pennies on the dollar. Cycle. Rinse. Repeat. Wealth transfer upward accomplished.

      • Was in Newport, RI with wife. Pointed out mansion row, and that those people snapped up distressed properties galore during “the Great Depression”.

  50. In rural Canada, there are alot of pissed off-looking white guys. And they just seem different now… very quiet, determined, and ready (but we don’t know for what). A different attitude than the ignorant sportspuck redneck one that was so common before.

    How much resistance will happen? I’d imagine our 3rd world doctors could be easy to bribe. And some churches will try to resist the mandatory vax. Anyways, it seems like Alex Jones and co. (Or maybe the book of Revelation) were right all along.

  51. It won’t happen, of course, but it would be hilarious if Obama, Bush and Clinton did take an actual vaccine on national television and fell to the floor, wreathing in agony before they were taken to a Bethesda care facility for the remainder of their worthless lives.
    On a more serious note, if the vaccine kills or maims people, expect targeted assassinations to become wildly popular. They probably would be anyhow, but this would increase the appetite for them. Non-astroturfed riots and violence will ensue immediately if this vaccine proves fatal or harmful. Let’s hope the “right” areas of cities burn if this happens.
    One factor you didn’t really address, Z, is nothing better illustrates a low trust society than having to coerce and terrorize citizens to take a vaccination against the Ooga-Booga Flu. A purported nation this drenched in cynicism and hate isn’t long for it.

    • I saw that they are already reporting a fair amount of adverse reactions in Great Britain already and they started vaccinations yesterday.

    • Adverse effects of the vac will be treated like election fraud. The media and the bureaucracy will stamp it out as conspiracy.

      While pharma has long had immunity from damages, the gubmint will on occasion compensate someone or their family. This practice may have to increase. Whats a few more prints? I can also see how it would dovetail nicely with UBI just as medicaid or SSI “disability” does.

      What will be a interesting to watch – and perhaps provide an opportunity for our side to stoke division and disruption, is the “intersectionality” of the wuhan pox and poc victim narratives.

      Their reliance on the old poc victimhood is just another coercive crutch that reveals the weakness of their ideas. How it infects covid narratives is no exception.

      Systemic raciss means covid impacts pocs disproportionately. So pocs should be first in line for vac.

      Problem is pocs are already deeply suspicious of white mans magic and are superstitious in general when it comes to miasmas like racism or wuhan.

      Plus they aren’t exactly big on self-care beyond hair. There will likely have to be gibs attached.

      Personally I am more than happy to give my dose to a guy like Juicy Smollet who deserves it because black n gay.

      But maybe there are a lot of rumors floating around about how it is causing erectile dysfunction of muh dik and dehydrated eggs. The white man is trying to control blaq bodies!

      Alas, it would only likely drove up the cost of compensating them, but it would be amusing. Which is something.

      • All I can say is thank God this is disproportionally killing men. According to some statistics (yeah, I know) you could almost call this a man’s disease. Nobody really cares. Were it killing even a slightly higher percentage of women than men we would never hear the end of it. There would be endless girl-power, save the girls, strong girl survivor… signs, drives, commercials, billboards, etc. We already get enough Lookee-Me-Me-Me women shit in this society to gag an elephant.

    • Was it that traitorous twit Piers Morgan who took an actual flu shot live on tv then got sick a few days later? Haha. They’ll never leave something like that to chance again.
      I can see personal grocery shoppers as a growth industry (there’s always opportunity in war!) since that activity is one of the true necessities that will probably be targeted as verboten for those not having a “Freedom Card”. Evil bastards.

    • I had a similar reaction to that announcement, only in my version, the three fall to the floor writhing in agony and then lying still for a couple of beats, then jump up laughing and say “psyche!”
      These people are just too serious. We need a president with a sense of humor, now that the tv comedians have lost theirs.
      Trump, bitches!

    • No one believes senior politicos will get this vaccine.

      Their staffs/visitors are screened, they don’t go out in public with the great unwashed, and they get top notch medical care at Bethesda with Drs who’s names end in “-stein”.

      I’ll believe it when one of them dies from vaccine complications.

        • Because the actual transmission of a sufficient load of virii to infect someone is hard to do, and it helps if the intended victim is an “at-risk person”.
          The September Florida Co-vid deaths (149 for the whole state) had a median age of 83. That is, as many older than that as younger.
          A recent N.J. study of two hospitals with high Co-vid death rates showed that of those who died, over 80% had Do Not Resuscitate orders in place. That is, they already knew that they were dying BEFORE they got the Wu-flu.
          John in Indy

  52. Heh. Covid again.

    We had an electrician come in to do our PAT testing, and I was speaking to him about this. He seemed to agree that it was all an overreaction but then fell back on the old crux of ‘well, it _is_ real, I have a friend who knows someone who died of it.’ I countered with the epic suspension of freedoms we use to have (remember when you could get together with all family members at Christmas?)… his response was ‘tell that to someone who can’t breath.’.

    I would never dream of crushing other peoples freedoms or even bothering them if I was ill, aside from the doctor’s appointments. I cannot fathom the mind of someone who thinks that this whole lockdown business has been worth it.

    He then told me to watch something about a 1918 flu epidemic (pandemic?) on Youtube… he said that a quarter of the population of the world died during this. At this point I considered everything he said suspect, and he wasn’t a bad chap. But I could see that he still held onto the ‘if it saves just one life’ mentality.

    Great. Got that of my chest.

    • Them: “Tell that to someone that can’t breath”

      Me: “You mean like George Floyd?”

      That knocks them off their high horse usually.

      • Ha. I’d love to have played that card, but I was foolish even broaching the subject to begin with. The work environment may not be too appreciative.

      • “I can’t breathe”

        Anyone want to talk about the anaphylactic reaction some of the vaccine test subjects are having?

        Looks like the Epipen sales are going to go through the roof…

      • Reminds me of the chemistry teacher in NoVA who was recently suspended after asking a question about the element with atomic number of 10, along with the hint: ““George Floyd couldn’t breathe because a police officer put his ____ George’s neck”
        Answer: neon

    • I think you and I know the same electrician. He came onto my property about six months ago to do a job OUTSIDE…and wore a mask. I told him he didn’t have to wear a mask for me and that I preferred he not wear a mask on my property. We’ve known each other for a decade, yet he insisted on wearing it. We parted company on less than good terms and I don’t plan on hiring him again.

      • At work we have an electro-mechanical model of Pat Buchanan that walks around the office reciting some of Pat’s gems from days gone by. Need to make sure he’s working.

        In the UK, PAT testing is ‘Portable Appliance Testing’, got to do it on all the laptops, adapters etc.

    • Count me in as a vaccine skeptic.
      Mass governor Charlie Parker err… Baker, in his presser closing the state back down yesterday told a story about two couples who were supposed to be meeting at a restaurant for dinner, but the outdoor seating was full. One couple, Charlie’s pals, made the decision not to go inside, leading to an acrimonious parting. Well, the couple who went inside…wait for it… tested positive for COVID! I don’t know if he opened up for questions, but mine would have been- “Are these people actually sick?” And “could we have the contact info for these people”? Dollars to donuts he made the story up. What a buffoon.
      Cuomo, Whitmer, Walz, Baker, Mills, Newsome, etc… all would have trouble running a fast food joint (not all that easy- I did it once upon a time)
      Notice, too, Anders Tegnell is coming under scrutiny, the lynch mob being led by Swedish academia and the Swedish press, which makes ours look like a gang of neo- nazis.

      • Heh. The wife used to work in a fast food joint. She loved it. Hard work but good camaraderie.

        The thing with the vaccine is: don’t force me. I don’t like being forced to do things for threats that are invisible to me. I’ll take my chances. Problem is, as we all know, when the democracy is voted for and staffed by children we get dragged along in the current.

        This is why focusing on a simpler, less consumer driven life and adopting the mental mindset of scarcity is so important. It is the first step and can save you from immense depression when things ‘normies’ take for granted require you to jump through multiple vaccine shaped hoops just to get the subscription for.

    • people die from colds, flu, everything, all the time. doesn’t mean we all have to wear masks and shit down the economy. i bet this guy is a bad electrician,,,

  53. It is funny that the places where I see the most rebellion against masks are places heavy in farmers and ag workers — the livestock auction, the feed store, etc. And it includes a really high percentage of older farmers who are in higher-risk categories.

    I suspect there be a fair number of vaccine rebels in that group, too.

    • If anybody understands pandemics, herd immunity, hygiene, supplements, and vaccination, it’d be cattlemen. Tell ’em about treating the herd for pinkeye.

      • Yup.

        The entire mask and vax hysteria is based on normie ignorance about viral transmission.

      • Less topical, but also ask the farmers about monoculture. If we’re going to become Kalergi’s mud blob to end racism, that- monoversity- violates Mother Nature’s iron law.

        In a monoculture wheat field, one blight, plague, or rust will kill the entire field.

    • I’m one of those older farmer types and I can tell you that my cohort doesn’t buy the BS. Probably because we’ve had lifelong harassment from the EPA and other agencies. And the agencies just show up, drive onto your property without permission, investigate whatever and put you through hell with fines. Since the Obama years, the agencies are diversity staffed–full of the clueless, radical and resentful.

      • We’re getting a similar issue in Australia with African and Middle Eastern health inspectors that will actually make stuff up to justify their positions.

        • Not far from the mark. Way back when, I worked in a factory on the production line. We were told that OSHA was coming by for inspection. We were cleaning up the various “messes” that would get us crosswise with the Fed’s, when the production manager told me to leave what I was straightening out alone. I later found out that there were several instances of such minor “violations” than were *always* left for OSHA to “find”. This was because OSHA always dug deeper and deeper to find something to cite in any inspection. Give them a few minor violations and they can show they’ve done their job and would go away quickly.

          • I like your production manager’s thinking. We can use that sort of thing going forward in Our cause. Hide in plain sight. Bait and switch. Diversion. I’ve been studying up on British deception operations in the world wars as a lark. Such a clever bunch. It’s hard, as a man that tries to be truthful, to think like that. Alas, we may have to become adepts.

          • When I worked in a butcher shop, the idea was to leave a couple of obvious but meaningless violations in plain sight. The inspector would write them up, call it a day at that point, we would fix them, and everyone went their merry way. They would dig until they found something, so give them something easy and meaningless to find. Not posting all the required health/employment posters was an easy one.

      • Why does it not surprise me that the government does random things to make food production more difficult.

        • Random? They came out with an entirely new set of rules, the Food Safety Modernization Act, a few years ago that greatly enhanced their ability to shut down your place of work. They no longer have to find evidence of product adulteration, they merely have to posit that you were producing under conditions that might have led to adulteration, a completely subjective conclusion.

      • Since the Obama years, the agencies are diversity staffed–full of the clueless, radical and resentful—mediocrities!”

        There, fixed it for you.

      • You are not kidding. In my business dealing with the strength that is empowered diversity is a major problem. And it seems, like TV commercials, wall to wall diversity. I shudder to calculate the cost in manpower hours to these low IQ BIPOC, I mean POX.

  54. I don’t know. I am shocked by the number of normies who are super excited about a vaccine. I can’t hear tell you how often I hear can’t wait for the vaccine so we can get back to normal. I don’t know what world these people are living on but they’re my neighbors

    • Yeah, it’s a goddamn fantasy land out there. It really is, I just want to smack these people about, quite honestly. The weakness and fragility is epic. But the more that the lie is repeated, the more the gullible will fall for it.

      It is like dealing with children.

      • If the people were adults rather than children, they would not be susceptible to such nonsense.

        • It’s not too wide of the mark to say that “America” is the largest nursery school in history.

    • Escapism has become the national past time. The same people chanting that we have to vote harder are saying we have to trust harder.

      • I am having a very hard time trusting even sources that I once considered solid. As a rule of thumb it seems that individual bloggers at least aren’t hampered by editors and other officials getting them to toe the line. Of course they can be de-platformed.

        Another good rule of thumb is whether the subject is heavily politicized. Sort of why the Wikipedia entry on aero-elasticity is no doubt much more trustworthy than the one on FDR.

        Peter Hitchens, even though The Mail on Sunday is compromised on many things still seems solid on most topics he is allowed to mention. But he’ll be gone soon.

      • I think a big part of the escapism is really just “If you I do what you want will you please piss off and leave me alone?”

        I mean, they won’t, but that’s what the hope is. Our new global anthem should be _Let’s All Make Believe_ by Oasis

    • I may end up finding one of those doctors with the unpronounceable name. You know, the kind that would okay 19 year olds medical marijuana cards for glaucoma. You don’t think Dr. Serengapatam won’t be happy to take $50 or your insurance money and then sell his now spare dose to someone else. Like the masks, there are advantages and disadvantages to the new clown world paradigm.

      • In the same way women used to try to find shady doctors to perform abortions, we’ll recruit shady doctors to fake vaccinations.
        Ironically, the problem is it will be arguably more legally dangerous for the shady vaccine doctors.

        • Fake vax will only work until they roll out some kind of dye that glows under a combination of wavelengths or nanoscale biochips that work like miniature RFID tags.

          Same with the cards. Cheesy paper cards are for quick rollout and rapid conditioning of the rubes.

          They are feverishly working on adapting chip-based cards and a central database to ensure no one can fake the vax card.

          Eventually they will be able to code your vax status into the biochip mentioned above.

        • These quacks have more to lose than you do and their avarice is legendary. They get paid AND they can sell off your unused dose?

          Clown world wants to import these pretend doctors, I’ll use them to pretend to comply.

        • That’s fine. Chuck it in the trash can Dr. Arapaiamanesh and put the number down on my travel doc.

          Systems, like anything else built by humans, are easier to circumvent or destroy than they are to build or maintain.

      • If you find one, lemme know. I fear it will be much more than $50 to escape being branded with The Mark.

      • Exactly. There’s also an opportunity for the forgers that sell docs to the illegals. Growth industries.

      • The cards are really on the table when the political elite are officially allowed to gather, party and so forth while the plebes will still be distancing and masking. They will make this law because necessity.

        • Doctor, what are your current beliefs on the seriousness of covid and the efficacy of masks and lockdowns?

          If you were medical dictator, what would you do?

    • A society of Cyphers. “Just put me back in the matrix…” These are the same people who complain about the wuhan getting politicized as they call for moar coercive gubmint regulations to help rationalize their fear feelz. The growing “great divide” is becoming less metaphor and more of a reality every day. The big jab in the arm for all of us will be in having to come to terms with the facf that people close to us are choosing the gubmint issue “juicy steak” and that in doing so they not only exist in a different reality but that they are demonstrating that the comforts of that antireality are something they will protect at all costs and are thus a threat to us and ours.

      • they not only exist in a different reality but that they are demonstrating that the comforts of that antireality are something they will protect at all costs and are thus a threat to us and ours.

        A few hours after an extended family chat on Sunday, this reality landed on me hard. They (elder parents, sibling and their kids) are irretrievable. And worse, they become enemy combatants when things get hard. I’m still wrestling with how that’s going to play out. It’s good we don’t live near each other.

    • It all comes down to trust. We don’t trust the media or politicians or these so-called experts and they do.
      If you trust these people and believe what they say, your neighbor’s attitude makes perfect reasonable sense.
      Trust is the covid divide.

    • It will all work to our advantage the first time—after vaccines become freely available—masks and lockdowns are required for the “season”. At which point the normies (some anyway) will see they’ve been played.

    • They aren’t excited about the vaccine per se, they’re excited about the return to normalcy. The vaccine has more or less ended the justification for masks and lockdowns.

    • That’s what I’m seeing too. Normies are super excited about there being a vaccine out there.

      I think it’s important though to not touch the third rail of conspiracy theory stuff – and start talking about things like sterilization.

      There’s more than adequate and indisputable information out there to inject a high level of distrust into the typical normie head. I usually do something like the following:
      ” you know …. this vaccine was rushed into production. It usually takes something like ten years to get a new vaccine fully tested and into full human use – this one is out in what – something like 4 months? From what I know – it’s some sort of new fangled technology too – some sort of genetic code manipulation or something like that. Not sure if they have really had the time to test that thing fully. I have heard that a couple of people have died during the trials – that pretty much always happens , so maybe nothing much to worry about. Still though – the way I figure it is I’ll just wait it out for 6 months to a year – I’ve survived this long without one – I’m sure I can do another 6 months no problem. There will be a bunch of dumb people who run out and this stuff injected into their body – then we’ll really find out what happens. I’ll just wait to see how that turns out. I don’t feel like being a Thalydomide test subject”

      If they’re a normie -they were just thinking “I’m going to run out and get the vaccine!!”

      I just told them I thought they are dumb – and I’ll sit around and wait to see if they grow a second head before I do anything.

      • Are you kidding? Screw the Normies. Let them go ahead and take the vaccine. The best thing we have going is this thing’s probably a disaster and people are going to start having really severe symptoms and and then something else unpredictable will happen but let them go first. More of them the better. It leaves less vaccine for you and me

        • No – I’m not kidding. But I totally agree with what you’re saying: the more normies take the vaccine and then end up dead because of it – the better it is for me. But…………. I also think that is a bit of a sensitive line to balance – you need to have a sufficient population of idiots willing to off themselves – as well as a sufficient population of people willing to push back on the whole thing once the die off starts.

          What I think trolling normies like I’m suggesting is doing – is giving a shove to those who are on the fence, while the totally brain dead will just get pissed off – not listen – and get themselves shot up anyway.

          The perfect situation would be IMHO , to have a population of skeptical but still on the fence people – who you told that things were going go really badly – who then have friends, relatives …. etc…. all dying from taking the vaccine.

          That would give you maximum anger for minimal input.

          The truth of all of this is that we won’t win the fight by ourselves. You will need allies. Telling somebody beforehand “don’t do that or it’s going to end up really badly” – and then having it go badly – is one way of gaining converts.

      • Calsdad-

        I am a nurse at a large hospital in the US. Lots and lots of research going on here with regard to COVID, the vaccine, etc.

        I do not know a single nurse who wants this vaccine right now, if ever.

        It is critical that we steer clear of conspiracy theories. There is an abundance of reasons for people to refuse this vaccine. When people ask my opinion, I talk about:

        1. How hard the scientists have worked to create the vaccine BUT a year ago, few even knew about this virus and it takes YEARS to know how drugs/vaccines affect people and they simply have not had enough time. Do they really know how it affects elderly white men who have had kidney transplants? Black women with sickle cell disease? Anyone of any race with various autoimmune diseases who are battling cancer? It’s important to paint the picture of the various combinations of genetics and illnesses and how it is impossible for them to know that this vaccine is safe.
        2. I ask people if they have talked to their primary care doctor about their risk from COVID given their age/health status. If they are 30 and healthy, do you need to inject something that is this newly developed?
        3. Depending on the situation, I talk about the concern with government and businesses mandating something like this. We are absolutely prohibited from forcing patients to take any medicine or undergo a surgery even when we know they would benefit from it. We are required to get their consent for everything. Even after consent is given patients can still get up and walk away. So what is different here?
        4. There are lots of infectious diseases out there. Just think of the STDs out there. Do we force people who have them to do anything that makes it impossible for them to spread that STD? No. We just advise the patient and the public at large on how to avoid infection. That’s it. So what is different here?

        The reliance on conspiracy theories will destroy support for the many legitimate reasons we have for fighting against any sort of mandate or any pressure to take this vaccine.

  55. The Daily Mail had a article a few days ago about how the Pfizer CEO isn’t even sure it prevents transmission of the virus. Yet they are positive about the effectiveness of the vaccine against adverse affects of the virus. I asked my libtard brother how it was possible that a vaccine could have one property without the other- it would make it the first vaccine in human history to prevent death but allow transmission. He had a bizarre theory about it being a mrna vaccine, but I think occum’s razor suggests the opposite. The simplest explanation is it just doesn’t work at all.

    But following on the CEO’s comments, it sounds like not only you are going to mandatorily get this vaccine, but it’s not going to stop the covid lockdown public policy as it doesn’t actually prevent transmission. The best of all possible worlds for our ruling class, isn’t it?

    • It is possible to still carry and therefore transmit a virus after being vaccinated for it. For example, the seasonal flu shot is about 40-60% effective. You get the shot, but your immune system does not respond or does not create the memory cells that produce the antigen.

      The evidence to date says the mRNA vaccine does not last very long. They are talking about people needing booster shots every six months. If the vaccine is not 95% effective, which almost a guarantee, then we will have half the vaccinated not actually immunized and some percentage of the formerly immunized losing their immunity.

      • I had Coronavirus back in March/April; I had virtually no symptoms .. I felt like I was coming down with a cold for about six hours one day, then it subsided. My wife had a moderate fever for ten days, stepson had mild/moderate pneumomia on and off for a few months. Neither was hospitalized. Both tested positive via nasal swab (in April). Both had weird sense of taste & smell (still do, nine months later). I’ve had nasal swabs and blood tests since early August (couldn’t get unrelated medical care without being tested), nasal swabs always negative, blood antibody tests ~4.5 on a scale of 1.5 – 8.0 (below 1.5 = no antibodies, 8.00 seems to be max amount). In other words– no symptoms &recovered & immune & not contagious. I never wore the mask, I’m out & about every day all year, not worried about the disease, only concerned about the zombies in Brooklyn, 95% who wear masks; occasionally they yell at me, kick me off the bus, or out of the store. <shrugs>.
        Oh well, life during wartime.

          • The rushed flu vaccine of 1976. Read about it. I would love to see this blow up in their faces with class action lawsuits.

          • They may indemnify the makers through some Congressional action. Let’s not forget our legislators are whores for the most part.

            An ersatz example: you can discharge debt through bankruptcy but you cannot discharge your student loan. Something along those lines.

          • The Congressional backstopping was in place before vaccine development got underway. RFK’s campaign against forced vaccination has real merit. The very first value-added activity for his bloodline.

          • This is OT, but it used to be the case that student loans could be discharged in bankruptcy. It was so abused that the law was changed. (Back in the 70s/80s there was a point where the entire Boston City Council were defaulters.)

          • Yeah, several young recruits in basic training had their lives destroyed by it. Of course their families were screwed over by the pentagram.

            They made sure to get exemption from all liability though. They know they won’t be punished for their crimes.

          • Won’t. Can’t. Big pharma generally immune to lawsuits stemming from vaccines.

            Pharma gets the profits when they develop/sell it; taxpayers fund the payouts when they F up. Isn’t it fun to write the laws?

            Normal vaccines are covered by Vaccine Injury Compensation Program. (NVICP). Payouts courtesy of the US Taxpayer.

            Covid Vaccines covered by similar program: Countermeasures Injury Compensation Program (CICP) – much the same; taxpayer funded, big pharma immune.

            Interesting reading available on US Gov HRSA site.

          • You see the slip and fall shysters on TV every day. They are licking their chops over this “vaccine.”

          • A class action lawsuit.

            This touching belief in the law, this pure and simple faith in rules.

            How sweet.

            This will no doubt happen after SCOTUS demands and rules a recount in the swing states.

            A case SCOTUS will refuse to hear on procedural grounds, with no dissent, 9-0.

          • I’m certain the side effect will be on fertility. The Gates family passion is population reduction.

          • We don’t even know what the true mortality rate is – it’s all been corrupted by the fact that hospitals are getting paid to check off Covid-19 on the reason for death.

            Even the mainstream news though can’t get around telling some tidbits of truth that should really make you question what is going on. For instance – I have noticed multiple newscasts over the last few weeks where the ” Average age of Covid deaths is 81″ is quickly scrolled by on the lower panel.

            You don’t really seem them expounding on that little fact very much though.

          • I think it’s something like 78.4 – it is different for men and women. Point is – the AVERAGE age of death – is 81. You can also go look at the population distribution by age – and the numbers are very heavily weighted towards younger people. So …. when you factor that in as well to how that 81 years old average could have been calculated – it shows pretty clearly that there is very little risk amongst the younger age groups.

            If you also factor in that many of those deaths attributed to Cornholeya virus were likely because of other causes – they just checked the box for the virus to get a payment – it REALLY REALLY starts to make the whole thing look bogus.
            But as Zman pointed out – people are just going to start screaming because of the propoganda beaten into their head by the MSM. I don’t see any way of fighting this – except at a personal level – which means directly with the people you have the most contact with.

        • Btw, I knew several people who died;
          an elderly mother of an acquaintance.
          a 4th-stage bone cancer victim, shunted between hospitals, nursing homes, and hospice.
          two bar owners late 60s- early 70s, unknown if they had comorbidities.
          neighbor’s brother in California.

          • Another piece of the puzzle to consider – is that I have seen evaluations done of the overall death rate – and what they found is that the expected overall death rate – has not budged. In other words – there doesn’t appear to be any “extra” deaths out there – because of Cornholeya virus.

            I should probably save this stuff when I run across it – so I can bolster my points. But honestly trying to keep ahead of all the bullshit just gets tiring at times. I run across the articles – read them to see if I’m missing something in my skepticism of what is going on – and move on.

          • Sounds like you read that Johns Hopkins study that was spiked. It made a shambles of the notion that a quarter million “Americans” have died of Kovid.

        • A good friend of mine who was in her 50s and healthy caught the disease in March and was sick for six months. She needed to go to the emergency room several times (although she never had to be hospitalized overnight), and still isn’t back to 100%. This isn’t most people’s experience, but it isn’t that rare either. So the disease deserves respect.

          • It’s literally the flu. If you have never done anything to take precautions for the common flu but want to mess your panties over covid, you are either a moron, a liar, or you have been duped by moronic liars. I know J. Stewart was a fancypants boy, but at least live up to the bravery of your moniker’s namesake and be a man.

          • So let’s see, who should I believe here: a good friend I’ve know for decades; or some internet rando who tells me it’s “literally the flu”? Who to believe… 🙂

          • Well, let’s turn your question around, shall we?

            An acquaintance of mine committed suicide last July. He closed up all the garage doors, started his car, and asphyxiated himself. Death certificate read: COVID-19.

            The local jail had close to 100 ‘cases’ over the last 9 months. Why, they did super official, brain swabbing ‘tests’ and everything! They quarantined these cons in their own wing. Not a single one was seriously ill, just the usual cough and sniffles you would expect from head colds and the flu. No high fevers, no shortness of breath, no loss of taste and smell. Not a single one! No one died, all recovered after a regimen of zinc and vitamins.(The kind of thing you might prescribe for, oh, I don’t know…head colds and the flu?)

            The local hospital has an entire wing dedicated to the Brainwash Virus. Last time I was on the floor (three weeks ago, that was) they had a grand total of 2 patients. No deaths.

            So, who should I believe? Some Internet rando who cannot figure out it’s a scam by simple observation and evaluating the hysterical lies that surround this psy op? Or my own lyin’ eyes and the ability to think for myself?

            Spoiler alert: I’m going with my own lyin’ eyes and the fact that every person who believes this Covid stupidity still shops at Wal Mart and eats at Jack In The Box in the midst of the ‘deadly pandemic’.

            EDIT : I wore the same cloth mask for 6 months when I was working at the jail. I worked nights and therefore ignored the ridiculous PPE requirements while giving direct care to these inmates in the Turr’ble Turr’ble Covid Wing. People who the tests claimed were 100%, unquestionably INFECTED.

            I washed that mask once, sometime back in July. Handwashed it at my kitchen sink with a little Tide because it was getting a little gunky. That mask is still on my kitchen counter; I take it along whenever I’m headed into enemy territory and I know wearing one will be Commie-forced upon me.

            And I am not sick. Never felt better! The virulent deadliness of Covid 19 is a total fraud for pussies and the easily controlled.

          • Anybody who is concerned that this disease is not being taken seriously – should squarely point the finger of blame at the authorities and ALL of those people who are trying to ride on the back of this virus – to shove their own agendas down people’s throats.

            The amount of lying going on is truly spectacular. And I spend much more time on this than most people do – reading articles – trying to figure out what is REALLY going on…. etc.

            Given the potential massive downside to believing the crap coming out of the elites in charge – I think it’s entirely prudent to just adopt the attitude of “this is all bullshit – the virus is nowhere near as bad as they are claiming it is” – and then move on with your life.
            That sort of thing translates directly into people saying things like ” the virus is not even real” and ” the vaccine is there to make you sterile” – along with all of the other stuff people ignore as tinfoil.

            If there wasn’t so much goddamned lying and so much of what is going on that just seems to be a power play to gain ultimate control – we might be able have an actual sensible conversation about what best to do. But when you’re driving everybody out of business and out of their jobs and they’re losing everything – it’s not unexpected that they would start getting a little bit unreasonable in response to hearing excuses.

          • We’ve got a fraudulent health crisis, just had a fraudulent election and are plagued by a fraudulent media establishment. We live in a simulacrum, not a society.

        • I find it very interesting that you say your wife and stepson both had a weird sense of taste & smell .

          I have a toddler in daycare – and last year I think I came down with pretty every single illness known to man because of that exposure. It’s something the pediatrician warned us about, but it was just sort of brutal being sick all … of …. the …. time.
          One of the last things I caught was some sort of weird cold or flu around mid-November 2019. The thing was – this was obviously some sort of respiratory illness as I was coughing up crap from my lungs for probably 3 weeks – but the thing that really got me was that I had a very strange taste/smell in my body for that period of time. I’ve told this to other people – and they also said they had something “weird” around that time – and they also had the strange taste/smell sensation.
          I can’t even put a finger on how to relate what it felt like – I want to say “metallic” but that isn’t it. I’ve actually tasted metal – and this wasn’t that.
          When I tell people I had this weird shit in November – they totally dismiss it as “must have been something else”.

          I noticed though that the CDC rolled back their estimate to when Cornholeya virus showed up to December of 2019. So they’re closing in on when I think I got it.

          • my wife reports that celery tastes like gasoline; as do most foods with fat in them .. butter, cooking oils, cheese.

          • And people given Tic Tacs they believe is medicine recover fully.

            Subjective claims like the gasoline Celery are not terribly convincing in the midst of this War of the Worlds psychological assault.

        • Dec 2: President-elect Biden “This virus will kill 250,000 by January. Because people won’t listen” (paraphrasing, but very close)

          That’s one more than Vietnam’s worth of deaths every week for 4 weeks.

          Clearly not happening yet…where are the mass graves? Where are the ecstatic adulations of Biden successfully getting us to “listen” and drop the projected deaths?

          Something doesn’t add up here. 250k over and above other total US normal death rates is an 11% spike. It would be totally obvious…everyone who be losing a loved one or family member.

          • Well once you factor in the delousing camps for the dissidents, they may get 50k dead per week.

          • 250k over and above other total US normal death rates

            Who said it’s “over and above”? It’s a matter of difference of which box gets ticked.
            The WHO changed the rules back in March. A death certificate (a document that’s been standardized globally, it seems) has two sections. Section one lists the events and actual cause. If Section 2 of the death certificate includes covid, covid killed them according to the new WHO fatwa.

            These instructions on how to fill it out in the UK explain the difference .

          • Yes. That’s the part about “numbers don’t add up here”.

            Total death numbers in the US lag about 2-3 years. We won’t truly know how much the deaths “spiked” until at least 2023. If ever.

          • Because “people aren’t listening” is the perfect excuse. It’s vague, sanctimonious, and impossible to remedy — gov’s sublime triad. They’ll just keep saying that we’re in trouble because we’re “not listening” to them. First, People are indeed listening, often at the cost of their livelihood; second, are they even listening back?

      • This mRNA technique is experimental and hasn’t been used on humans before. Virus vaccination is usually an injection with a dead or weakened virus, mRNA “vaccine” is injection with some crap they whipped up in the lab, in this case they did it in a huge hurry – 8 months development and testing rather than the usual 10 years for a much simpler “dead virus ” type of jab. – look for the summary at bottom of that page.
        Vaccines are great, but I don’t want this one till everyone in government has tried it for a couple years minimum.

    • Is it permitted transmission that meant we would not have to wear a mask anymore and we wouldn’t have to social distance so they can’t have that happen because then we can organize

      • According to our betters there are and will never be circumstances where we are not required to wear masks or social distance ever again.

        For our safety.

      • What whitney said. If they’re vaccinated, they should be immune and unafraid, right?

        But then, I saw the billboard in Albuquerque- some AWFL saying “I wear the mask to protect my little brother with asthma.”

        You just don’t CARE enough, do you?

      • I mean, sure you can; they’re just going to have an electronic record of everyone that attended and everything that was said….

    • I think we will be lucky if the vaccine does nothing.

      What’s more likely, is that the vaccine causes sterilization, or death, or cancer, or something. Perhaps only for certain races. It would likely build up slowly over time, every “booster shot” builds up to eventual infertility.

      Or perhaps a 5G microchip. I would not recommend taking this shot if at all possible.

      • I wouldn’t put any of it past ’em. The Zman is right and makes a great point about us kooks, but he is also far too trusting.

        Actually, if it’s just a totalitarian grift, that’ll be the good news.

        • That’s my suspicion: BigPharma has this, thus far, unused vaccine tech that they’ve wasted buckets of money researching and they finally have an opportunity to cash in on it. The fact that every authority of any sort is just a sock puppet for them makes it easy to pull off.

        • There are all kinds of “conspiracy theories”. TPTB will always promote (secretly) the dopiest, so as to discredit them all. For example, Oliver Stone was conned by Fletcher Prouty into incorporating the silliest JFK theory — Jim Garrison’s “rogue homos from the CIA who all lived on one block in New Orleans” — so as to discredit all the others.

          It’s always amusing when self-appointed “gatekeepers” ban “conspiracy theories” so that we don’t seem like nuts; yet a majority of Americans endorse skepticism about JFK and 9/11. Whose optics are they concerned with?

      • What is a 5G microchip, has nanotechnology gotten so advanced that they need something more that the cell phone leash that “everybody” is already carrying?
        Is it a mind control device, sorta useless since most people can’t use theirs anyway, or does it reveal our inner thoughts to our overlords?
        I remember the panic over swine flu, if I remember 3 people died of it, and 450 died from the vaccine. I can’t be scared of this bug, but I do acknowledge

    • The best-case scenario is that it simply doesn’t work. I, for one, don’t understand how the mRNA molecules are supposed to find their way to the ribosomes after entering the cell, or how they resulting spike proteins are then to make their way out of the cell and into the bloodstream. My guess is that the mRNA portion will have the same effect saline solution. The more worrisome aspect will be the “adjuvants” and other nonsense they might be adding to stimulate the immune system.

    • I saw another article from them showing some 91 year old man that got the first jab. Now he can “hug his grandkids.” I’m sure they’re thrilled. His interview was a high level propaganda piece.

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