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Human societies are like ocean going super tankers. They don’t turn quickly, and their movement seems glacial, but they have tremendous momentum. That’s how it is with change in attitudes. It is hard to notice, but then all of a sudden it just seems to happen and the force of it changes all sorts of other things. We’ve seen that this year. The Left and their ruling class backers had slowly decided they could no longer live with us as equals in society. This year that become stunningly clear.

Buchanan is right in that we are now a divided country that can never go back to looking anything like what passed for normal in the past. The managerial class has become class aware and they look at the rest of us as insects. The oligarchs completely support this view as it enables them to loot the middle class. Those normal hard working white people the alt-right types like to dump on are slowly coming to the realization that they are becoming despised minorities in America.

It will take a while, but change comes slow then quick. That has been the lesson this year in the managerial class rebellion. They hated us long before Trump, but as long as we posed no trouble for them they left us alone. After 2016 that attitude changed and finally we saw it spill into the streets and the voting system. Now the reaction and realization is happening on the receiving end of their fury. People who said 2016 was a Hail Mary by the dispossessed were more right than they knew.

Politics will have to change and white people will have to start using the tactics the unrepresented have used in the past. You see some hints of it with boycotts of woke companies pushing degeneracy. Those ad hoc efforts will need to be normalized and formalized going forward. Boycotting the GOP, for example, will be the last peaceful tactic available in the political system. If voting only results in more of the same, then the only logical choice is to stop voting.

That’s the topic for the show this week. It is one of those things that must become a topic of conversation among normal people. Changing attitudes takes time and the first step is to normalize the new idea as something that can be discussed. That’s the first step with boycotting as a political tool. Whitey is tuned to think voting is the only choice, so he will need to be re-tuned to think of other options. That happens with reasonable discussion in everyday life where people talk politics.

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This Week’s Show


  • 00:00: Opening
  • 02:00: Choices
  • 12:00: The System
  • 22:00: Legitimacy
  • 32:00: Coalitions
  • 42:00: Boycotts (Link)
  • 57:00: Closing  (Be Like Me)

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481 thoughts on “Boycott

  1. Ok, you have convinced me. I joined the Republican Party and cast my first vote as an adult for Ronald Reagan in 1980.
    I have switched to independent and am an done with them.
    There was another aspect to this decision though.
    All the stress and back and forth of watching, participating in and waiting on the result of a phony election spun by a giant fake news media is simply not worth it.
    Life is too short.

  2. Some of the comments here are just… wow… is the plan of the “Dissident Right” really no better than once again shuffling meekly into line behind a GOP that hates you?

    Someone below had a really interesting comment on how this is a weird moment in history in which so-called normies and AmNats seem more eager and mentally prepared for taking a risk and breaking from the GOP to do their own thing than most on the “Dissident Right.”

    The normies and AmNats are now more radical than so-called “dissidents”!

      • Falcone Sir He has a point.
        The world and our people are moving, the DR is mocking and ankle biting.

        To be clear – Fuck the GOP.
        Never mind the GOP, its our people in motion that matters.

        • He may have a point but it’s stupid

          but anyway, let him vote GOP to his heart’s content. I’ve better things to do

  3. Great discussion of an important topic, Z.
    Didn’t the Never Trump movement boycott the GOP in order to regain control of it from people who were pushing the “wrong” policies and the “wrong” candidates? I believe they thought they represented the true interests of conservative voters. And that movement clearly had many more assets and advantages than any brand new Don’t Vote campaign would ever possess.
    But while it helped defeat the Republican candidate in 2020 the same way a Don’t Vote movement promises to defeat the candidate(s) it targets, Never Trump does not appear to be about to reap political rewards. On the contrary, the everyday, average conservative GOP voter is furious with that entire clique. Tax cuts and free trade don’t appear to be coming back into fashion on the Right.
    There may be a lesson there.

  4. Boycott away, unless they play our way-the 17 State Faithful way.
    On another note: it’s important to look at what an enemy can do, not what their intentions are; our enemies intentions are indeed genocidal, capabilities are not.

    I think they showed us last year all the muscle they have, maybe they pick up some more Feds and DOJ lawyers next year, but everyone now see’s they are utterly politicized.

  5. You made a good case. However, I was already convinced. I wonder if you persuaded anyone – will check comments to see.

    • I was convinced. And yet I have been on the grapefruit 45 plan for 3 decades,and I’m still overweight…

  6. The root problem with your proposed strategy is that the ruling elite don’t care if white people boycott or not. You’re believing otherwise is falling into the classic trap of thinking that the left cares about some process for its own sake instead of it being a vehicle to gain power.

    We know that the ruling left doesn’t care about voter boycotts because as you allude to, tens of millions of whites were boycotting the election before Trump ran and he got them to vote in 2016 and even more so in 2020. But he was sui generis in appealing to that voting block. When he exits the stage the ruling elites will happily go back to ignoring those people. There’s a secondary example of CA. The general populace of is moderately center left. The politics is crazy hard left. Millions of people don’t bother to vote. The nut job Garcetti got elected mayor last time with something like 20% voter participation. And yet, no pols are competing for the absolute majority that doesn’t vote.

    Which leads to another issue. You are assuming that politicians compete with each other and at some level want to accomplish something. But professional pols only care about maintaining their careers – getting re-elected. They want to reign not rule. It’s more about public approbation and paychecks for them than achievements. They all play to the media, which allows that sector to set the agenda. They’ll happily do all that with a diminishing voter participation.

    • Maybe, the more and more people drop out, leaders or elites, but our elites, will emerge and begging to advocated for us. Secede in your mind and all that

      • Voter participation in local CA races is below 20%. – that’s 1 in 5 eligible voters bother and 4 in 5 don’t.

        The elected pols don’t give a shit as long as they stay in office. No renegades or political entrepreneurs are trying to appeal to those 4/5ths that boycott now.

        But I’m sure that boycotting more will work. At least it’s easy and effortless which seams the real core competency of the dissident right.

  7. I’m curious, but at what level does the boycott stop?

    I get that the Zman doesn’t see this, living under one- party black rule as he does in Lagos on the Chesapeake, but in a lot of places the GOP at the state level works pretty well. Sure, in deep blue areas like Lagos, California, and New York, the GOP is such an afterthought that they’ve become tame housepets to the Dems. That’s not the case where I live.

    Withholding your vote and letting the other guy win because it didn’t matter anyway has big consequences down ballot. A version of this happened here in KY during the last gubernatorial election. Our previous governor, Matt Bevin, was a jerk. He was divisive and rude, kinda like Trump but without any of Trump’s roguish charm.

    He lost to his Democratic opponent by about 5,000 votes while every other statewide office (Attorney General, Secretary of State, etc.) was won by the GOP by tens of thousands of votes over their Democratic opponents. Looking at the vote totals for governor compared to other races, it appears that between 60,000 to 100,000 otherwise GOP voters withheld their votes from Bevin, a boycott of sorts. *

    So we ended up with Andy Beshear, which wasn’t going to be that big a deal until the pandemic. In fairness, Handy Andy hasn’t run as wild with the lockdown nonsense as others have, but he’s still been a pain in the ass. He’s definitely in the Cuomo- Whitmer mold in terms of juicing the fear and control as much as he thinks he can get away with. Bevin would not have locked us down as much or as often as Handy Andy has.

    And, as a result of Handy Andy’s use and abuse of power, the GOP dominated legislature is planning to come back in January with a slew of bills to limit his executive authority when it comes to emergencies. This is something that nobody had to consider doing before the pandemic, so it’s good to be getting done now.

    My point is that perhaps some clarification as to what parts of “The System” a boycott is supposed to effect might be useful.

    * In the wake of the anomalies in the 2020 election, particularly for POTUS, the idea that the 2019 gubernatorial election in KY may have been a test run for the electronic voting shenanigans has arisen. Bevin is such a jerk that, at the time, the idea that he could barely lose while the rest of the GOP ticket dominated didn’t seem all that far- fetched. In light of the events of the last month, people are starting to wonder about that. It’s too late to do anything about it now, but it’s curious.

    • These are good points. I think the actions to limit governors’ power in Red States are particularly important. They could help make even more obvious the divide between fearful and masked states living under tyrants and more free ones. This would influence a lot of people and businesses in making decisions about relocation and be another step in the direction of partition.

    • Problem (for me anyway) is that you may never know when and if an election held is corrupt. If your local election process does any of the things that produced the last corrupt nationwide election results, then not voting in such would seem ones last recourse for the reasons so well stated here before.

      In nationwide elections, not voting may be in protest to other states’ corruption, *but* if your state has rules like general (convenience related) mail in/absentee voting, motor voter registration, balloting without ID being presented, lack of regular voter role purging, electronic tabulation provided by companies who do not produce their (proprietary) software for public inspection, lack of a reasonable multi-party before/after election auditing via paper hand count, and so forth—then your state is also part of the problem, whether you acknowledge it or not.

      That’s why I refuse to participate—whether or not any particular election has voting corruption in any particular race is not the issue, the *system* itself is corrupt. It has been degraded over the years to be that way by clever and duplicitous people.

      If either of the parties desires a return of my participation then they must change the system to make it impossible—as nearly as human factors and technology can make it—to cheat. This is not a problem of technology, it’s a problem of political will. Most everything I listed above has been talked about for years as potential problem areas, some for decades! Also, many modern 1st world countries do not even have many of the options we present to our public—precisely because such would taint the results.

      I’m betting nothing will be done. The party that believes that the end justifies the means *is* now ascendant due to this corrupt system. Quit now before they move to “mandatory voting” and your lack of participation will not even be noticed—they’ll simply vote for you. 😉

        • Yes, that was obvious from the beginning, Not issuing licenses to non-citizens was pretty much the standard until 20 years ago, then it changed and states began to issue—but they never changed the license type to indicate “non-citizen” on it—like they did for under aged drivers so they’d be quickly recognized if they were attempting to buy alcohol, or were attempting underaged admittance to venues and such.

          They then began, if not already started, to have a check box on the license application which asked if folk wanted to register to vote—with of course the small worded caveat that to check the box meant they needed to be a citizen. Hence we just legalized non-citizen participation in the election process.

          Just another example of the continuing corruption of the single most important aspect of our “democracy”, the franchise.

      • At the Federal level? Sure.

        At the state level? In some places, definitely. Other places it’s not. At least, not yet.

        Below that it makes a great deal of difference who your local leaders are.

        • Sure, but this is a discussion about national politics. The party of the local dog catcher or County Assessor is not very telling as to how he’ll do his job.

          But if a local pol has national aspirations, he has to pick either Vehicle D or Vehicle R to get him there, and he isn’t even getting inside the vehicle if he doesn’t sign off on the rules of the game.

          I think all of us see the pros and cons of “dropping out.” It works for me personally. I am going to set myself up for an uncertain future, and it will take all of my time and effort and I cannot be distracted by the Washington DC melodrama. And I speak for many.

  8. These 17 states, 16 are contiguous kept faith.

    And what they have begun cannot be stopped by SCOTUS, or any other hollow entity, it has a life of its own. If you want to move, or fight move there.

    The 17: Texas, Missouri, Alabama, Arkansas, 

    Florida, Indiana, Kansas, Louisiana, 

    Mississippi, Montana, Nebraska, North Dakota, 

    Oklahoma, South Carolina, South Dakota, 

    Tennessee, Utah and West Virginia. 

    The Heartland and spine of the country – And the Mississippi

    And New Orleans.

    And ports. 

    And food. 

    And borders on canada and mexico. 

    And oil.

    Moving? Move there. Pay no attention to SCOTUS, their power is past. The 17 are the future.

    • It is not going to last. As a Floridian, the writing is on the wall. The state is so flooded with migrants and northerners it will eventually flip. Many of these other states are in the same situation.

  9. I’d like to point out to all you whitetopia people that the only Supreme Court justice who might have considered giving relief in the Texas lawsuit case was Thomas, and Allen West has been the sole public figure so far to dare to utter the “S” word. Maybe character is a little better marker for what type of people you want in a society than race. And considering the radical far-left politics that are spewed out of our universities, including from practitioners of the hard sciences, maybe character is a better marker than IQ as well.

    • Yeah, let’s deracinate ourselves further and rally around one-in-a-million “characters” from the talented tenth! If you want to do that kind of MLK garbage, then conventional GOP politics are already there for you.

      What’s wrong with honestly organizing around White interests? Every other group already organizes like this, we’re just really late to the party.

    • If your intentions are genuine and you’re not just some operative, then take your message about “character” as the key to society and spread it to everyone except white people.

      Everyone except white people organizes and lives by race and ethnicity, and “character” does not enter once in any of their political or non-political decision-making. So they could benefit from your missionary work about “character”. Meanwhile whites are the only group that inordinately attempt to ignore race and live by “character”, and it usually ends up with them getting raped, shot, stabbed or killed.

    • No one buying what you’re selling. If blacks were so great their presence would sell itself and wouldn’t need people like you to push product so hard

  10. Boycotting is irrelevant if the Dems and many Reps are all bought by China and plan to call in Chinese military for the clampdown. It’s like Barbarossa but with Yuans not Panzers rolling east. All to grab resources and lebensraum.
    Explain elites rage at Trump and refusal to compromise.

    • The Chinese would be slaughtered if they did that. It’s not their style anyway. They obviously prefer to use our own people against us both in the form of obvious Manchurian Candidates like Creepy Joe and the Ho and the delusional white leftists who make up the urban mobs. It might make for an interesting way to remake Red Dawn though.

      • Do Joe and Ho presage CCP invasion of some type. Serious q. What would it look like, how could they do it?

        (I see a CCP victory as the final triumph by the Usual Suspects as shadowmasters. Not with them in charge, but as a world in turmoil.)

        • last thing China wants is trying to keep control of tens of millions of whites with guns and 10s of millions of ghetto blacks

          Not even our own government wants it, hence the situation we’re in

  11. I think Republicans in Georgia should go to the polls on January 5…and vote for the Democrats. Let’s see how the 3 conservatives appointed by Trump like a packed Supreme Court. 

  12. If they were willing to go to the trouble of rigging an election and spend billions of dollars to buy off politicians and big media, and spend billions on advertising, then voting must matter to someone.

  13. For anyone going to the march in Washington D.C. today, please be careful. Last night the Washington D.C. cops were explicitly protecting BLM/Antifa: they allowed the anarchists to run out and attack MAGAs, then to run back behind the lines of cops for protection so the MAGAs couldn’t retaliate. Expect more of the same tonight.

    Make sure to avoid BLM/Antifa AND the cops!

  14. Half the “dissidents” in this thread can’t let go of the GOP, which means GOP loyalty among normies is probably even stronger. To me this suggests that the future of globohomo America is very secure and that the “civil war” prattling among the Twitter commentariat is just echo chamber nonsense.

    There is no risk of civil war or other political upheaval. The country is remarkably stable, perhaps more so now than at any point since WW2. There were more anarchist bombings and political upheavals in the 1980s, that Indian Summer of good feeling, than there are now.

    The left has been mollified with Biden and will be perfectly happy larping as anti-White social media janissaries instead of fighting the 2%. The right is clearly not over the GOP yet. If anything, even the handful who are off the GOP train for now will probably jump back on board in time for the 2022 midterms or even in time for the Georgia special election. That’s how it always goes: people grouse “the GOP must die” in off-election years but everyone predictably gets in line in midterm and presidential election years. The left follows the same pattern, by the way.

    The future of the country as a diverse globohomo war machine could not be more secure. Social media distorts reality: far from being on the brink of any kind of disorder, we’re in a new era of good feeling.

    • it’s revealing how wedded conservatives are to process and ritual, over results. at least those who keep sucking gop dick are going to be extra sad when they get fukked in the ass anyway.

    • This actually may be the rare if not sole case where Normie is ahead of the curve albeit unintentionally.

      A friend I know to be both honest and to have access to the information has told me the Trump donors have closed their wallets. The GOP is terrified because what this portends for their future. I suspect they realize, as Z suggests, their socialism propaganda is bullshit but the grift isn’t working, either.

      Pure speculation, but Normie isn’t buying GOP propaganda and doesn’t have a clue about the Camp of the Saints option. A mass invasion has dissidents concerned. It had me concerned. Then the bastards pushed for amnesty and I thought why bother. Dissidents probably aren’t widely thinking about the betrayal part, only the mass invasion, which is concerning but won’t be stopped by a GOP-led Senate.

  15. Understand this – nobody give a damn if you boycott the election or not. The GOPe is not going to say “hmmm, whites didnt vote as much , we need to change!” The other side won’t care either.
    The Democrats have said they will give amnesty to at least 30 million people if they have all three governing bodies.
    The GOP might oppose and might thwart that and/or mitigate the damage.
    Boycotting this election in Georgia is suicidal, irrational nonsense.

    • Since you did not bother to listen to the show, I suggest you listen to the show. Maybe then you will stop spouting silly nonsense in public.

      • I listened to the show. It is a choice between a turd sandwich and a less smelly turd sandwich but that doesn’t change the fact that If we allow a mass amnesty to bring 30 million new POCs to the country it won’t matter what we do or how we boycott the elections to deprive them of legitimacy. They will truly have replaced and the GOP will continue their panderings to the browns. Rona McDaniels will be Rosa Gonazlez running her yap about how we need attract more of her co-ethnics to the GOP.

        A boycott will accomplish nothing.

        • FFS, if they are going to do what they want regardless of your vote, why in God’s name do you keep voting? What part of “your vote does not count” is puzzling to you? If your brand of unrelenting stupidity was effective, it would have triumphed decades ago.

          • How many amnesties have we had since 86? A few piss ant but nothing like Simson Mazzoli. Politics matter.
            Unrelenting stupidity is what the boycott campaign in Georgia is. I’m sorry but if you are too stupid to see that when a Democrat Senate legalizes thirty fucking million new POCs and hence the GOP dont give a shit about white votes anymore, then I don’t know what to say. That 30 million will turn into 90 million with chain migration. Dont get so caught up in your narrative to see that amnesty is about the only thing that can’t be undone. Those people will be here to stay. I just hope none of your Georgia readers take your advice.

          • Yep, Lee and others sold us out but it can always be worse. A mass amnesty would be worse. And, they might amnesty even with a GOP majority but I know for damn sure they will with a Dem majority.

    • The only argument for not sitting out the Georgia election would have been the Left intends to unleash the Camp of the Saint option. They very well may do it. Why this argument fails is that before the ink dried on the certifications of the elections of Lindsey Graham and John Cornyn, both started to agitate for amnesty. Mike Lee then poured more fuel on the self-immolation by expanding the H1B visa program.

      If the GOP burns, likely the country will as well. It is time.

  16. Finished your podcast, and you made a compelling case. I’ve always thought of voting as a tool to use when it works to our group’s interests, but you are correct about the effect of withdrawing our consent. Which leads to the point I posted before this edit:
    The United States desperately wants to maintain the illusion of democracy as a pretext for its imperialism. Boycott and harass, and a way to accomplish the latter is to let the rest of the world know what totalitarian garbage this nation really is.
    Not participating in the sham is a good way to accomplish this.

  17. The documents for invoking the Insurrection Act were probably drawn up before the case went to the supreme court. The outcome they got was the outcome they expected. An outraged citizenry will consider the falling hammer justified. It’s going to be lit.

  18. Trump is tweeting about the unnecessary vaccine now. I’m waiting for a tweet about the egregious SCOTUS ruling, but he has not yet done that .
    They must be telling him, “Look, if you go away quietly, we won’t have you arrested” (they sent his investigation file to NY State AG). But, they might arrest him, anyway … can’t trust them. Maybe Trump & Melania can make it to some place where he won’t be extradited.

    • Would they risk that, Trumps arrest, being the spark that finally causes the conflagration that both sides are itching to see?

    • It would not be a bad idea for them to form a shadow government in, say, Brazil and keep up a running critique about how evil the United States is. The Poles did this through World War II and, despite their betrayal, throughout the Cold War although the Jewish media tried to black out their message.

      • The government in exile gambit is a possibility. It also, insofar as it is more than a P.O. box, provides a definite place for dissident effort, money, and loyalty to go. The dissident community right now is an archipelago of blogs, podcasts, and streaming videos. There are definitely some larger islands and this is one of them but having a President and whole shadow government to rally around would provide us with a “mainland” if you will.

        • Trump was massively hamstrung when he was potus. once out of office he won’t be doing jack shit, except dealing with lawsuits and criminal charges.

  19. Yeah, you sold me on the boycott. I was semi-sold already but the reasoning is iron clad. This is overdue. No more turd sandwiches.

      • Why cancel your registration? If GOP, change to IND or something. But if you take yourself off of the eligibility roles, would you not be harder to detect/claim as a non-voter in the next election? May keep you off jury duty in your particular state however.

        • I’ll register back up if or when there is something local and meaningful to vote on. But not until then. Sometimes the winning move is not to play the game.

    • at least our tacos and burritos will be getting cheaper if they take over the senate. On the other hand many more disposable diapers will be tossed into our rivers or left at public park picnic tables

    • Very seldom does someone make such a persuasive case as Z did with this podcast. I’m dropping out as well, even when there might be an argument for strategic voting. No need to legitimize such a farce.

  20. How hilarious is it that all this stuff about Hunter Biden (and I believe China Joe’s brother) is coming out now? I wonder who that benefits…

    • It benefits the Usual Suspects. First it was Russia, Russia … now it’s China, China … Just pay no attention to the people who just stole our Prez election! I hope that we realize how monumental this is. Who would go to war for these bastards that just stole our election … I wouldn’t … but I’m too old, anyway. Turn it all off, and shut it all down … we just witnessed the death of America.

  21. Just a matter of time before my State turns blue and we’re ruled by some asinine mommy governor who won’t let us go outside cuz she’s afraid that we might catch whatever hoax-virus they’ve cooked-up at that time.

  22. Hey Everyone, Foxnews is reporting that SCOTUS just threw out the Texas case … it’s over. There’ll be no further lawsuits. It’s done & dusted now. It’s pretty awful … felt like someone died when I heard it live.

    • Well, we all get to REALLY find out what it’s like to live under a regime with no real legitimacy or rule of law. I’m reliably informed that its not great. Nobody believes in our institutions anymore, no matter how many magic shows get thrown out there. It’s over.

      These guys wanted it, they got it.

      • So we have a legitimately senile Commander In Chief as opposed to a mere doofus, crook, or conman. Never thought I’d live to see this day. Sad.

    • This was always gonna happen… anyone who deluded themselves otherwise was desperate.

      The GOP won’t even give you good judges, guys. Time to cut them loose.

      • yah, for all the turd suckers here going on against boycotting the gop because of muh judges/senate, here you go, a nice steaming shit sandwich. bon appetit, cucks!

    • Thomas and Alito dissented.

      Texas GOP Chairman: “Perhaps law-abiding states should bond together and form a Union of states that will abide by the constitution.”

  23. From other sectors of the interwebs, I am hearing that the US Supreme Court has refused to hear the Texas case. Is that true? If so, it seems to me that your peaceful options are running out fast.

  24. Political boycott will do zilch for the interests of White America – you have to hit the (pseudo-)elites where it really hurts: total withdrawal from the banking system; close your bank accounts, cancel all credit/debit cards.
    They will listen at once.

  25. I amend and even retract my earlier statements Mr. Z, boycott away – because NOW there is something…TX LAWSUIT: Ladies and Gentlemen: we have contiguous territory of States suing the Swing State Thieves along with TX.
    Texas, Missouri, Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi all border each other. South Carolina has a direct Red path through TN and other Red States, and Utah does have some RED help to the north/NE, and a Red path to the remaining, and may I say GENIUNE States of America.
    I’ll take it. Not sure where this is going if anywhere, but upon this …we can boycott the rest. I amend my earlier statements Mr. Z, boycott away – because NOW there is something…
    Do I think secession? If they tell Blue and the Pretender to get fucked, I don’t care what they call it. Not one for legalities or words.

  26. I think we may skip right past your option of boycott right into secession. With members of Conservative Inc like Rush Limbaugh and Ben Shapiro floating secession, I’m more hopeful than I’ve been in while.

    • I think you may have a point, and this is the spine and heartland of the country, 17 contiguous states with borders on Canada and Mexico, and ports, all the natural resources one could need.
      Look at this map.

      Texas, Missouri, Alabama, Arkansas, 
      Florida, Indiana, Kansas, Louisiana, 
      Mississippi, Montana, Nebraska, North Dakota, 
      Oklahoma, South Carolina, South Dakota, 
      Tennessee, Utah and West Virginia. 
      More importantly our people are moving at last, and we have land. Never mind SCOTUS.

  27. Also I would say that the problem with letting Dems win is that history is loaded with examples of absolute dictators who ruled in absolute isolation with no need to make anyone happy: Stalin, Hitler, Pol Pot, Mao, Lenin, Ghengis Khan and the other Khans, Franco, Mussolini, nearly every late Roman Emperor Diocletian onward, the Kim Dynasty in Korea, the Castro dynasty in Cuba, Khadaffi, the Saudi Kings particularly MBS, Napoleon, almost every Russian Czar, Jim Jones, and Xi Xinping.
    Suppose Harris comes to power? She could be the vengeful Ho of Babylon reborn and harrow the entire nation at will. Who exactly would stop her? The stunning backbone and iron will of people in their eighties or nearly: Biden, Feinstein, Schumer, Pelosi? The non-pozzed military leadership just aching to wipe out all White men? Cops?
    Worth noting LA City voted for Garcon to let all criminals out of jail, not prosecute any black ones, and go after cops for enforcing the law. Which they got and are very happy with. Lefty’s stuff is plenty popular don’t kid yourselves.

  28. I would add, you are not seeing the unique opportunity that Dem Governors canceling Christmas presents. Everyone knows that the Beer Flu panic is phony. That the stuff is bad for vulnerable people and reasonable isolation measures for those people are in order while everyone else lives their lives. But there are huge opportunities to be in the game to oppose canceling Christmas. Being part of the pushback requires Republican Party members as there is no other organization around.
    And yes, no one is more disposable than White people. The GOP does not want/need our votes, they are more than happy to be corporate lobbyists or tame media pinatas. As for everything else, we are replacable by H1-Bs from India or China, remote third world workers, and illegal alien blue collar labor. None of it will be as good but it will be orders of magnitude cheaper.
    Rather, we should copy black people. No group is more dominant or has had such a meteoric rise to total dominance. black people used violence and protest to get their way. Violence endorsed and protected by the authorities but using intimidation always works. It works better than voting.
    The elite depend on infrastructure. When an AWS worker fat fingered something in Nov 2016 half of the internet went down: Github, Heroku, Shopify, etc. It was down for most of the day. Our side should focus on making the elite as miserable as possible by legal steps to degrade and deny basic infrastructure that elites depend on as we can do without it more than they can. A Stalingrad or Hue “hugging the enemy.” Its not illegal for example to organize the homeless or inner city people to descend on Malibu and “occupy” the city like the CHAZ or CHOP in Seattle. I think people like Rob Reiner would welcome homeless addicts and LA Gang members into his home — he’s a great humanitarian just ask him. We can use intimidation to force compromise by the elites. Big Tech in a place like India is a joke — half the time the power is out.

    • Amid all the calls to cancel Christmas, there haven’t been many calls to cancel Hanukkah. Funny, that.

  29. Like the podcast,but I do not think you appreciate the unique and looming danger a Democratic Senate presents: a mass grave at the very worst and highly probable labor camps for most White people.
    Biden is old, senile and due to Son of Big Guy and Brother of Big Guy likely not to even take office as the Bay City Whore Roller makes her move with the backing of the crazy left. This is not Clinton or even the measured caution of Obama in 2016. Rick Wilson is calling for Cultural Revolution humiliation and labor camps. So too are Charles Blow in the Slim Times and Ibrahim X. Kendi in the Bezos Post. President Harris is highly likely to use a Dem Senate to formalize the camps and/or mass graves.
    Trump opened Normies eyes, but also provoked Leftie in speaking and wishing openly what had been forbidden to express. I for one would rather the corrupt betrayal of GOP Inc. to the tender mercies of the Bay Area Ho and her far-left pals.
    I never once heard under Clinton or Obama mass camps for us. I’ll be urging people to vote Rep in GA.

  30. I think Sir Z respectfully: that GOP’ers in the States that are still fighting – and there are at least 7 with TX fighting the election – should continue to vote. At least. Because they are fighting.
    The rest? A waste of time, agreed.
    I think you diagnose the problem in the American political context that would have been valid in the past, but in the light of 2020 is no longer correct: you are wrong in thinking it can’t get much worse…it most certainly can and did, and will.
    Build the Boycott, arrange and organize the Boycotts of whatever our people do – union strikes, whatever…then you boycott the GOP. You have us stop voting and hope something happens…that’s not possible absent something being arranged to happen. We cannot even peacefully assemble or lawfully attend church – the notion that under even the current levels of repression we’ll organize a party is highly unlikely.
    We are actively desired to disappear, making ourselves invisible is not a sound tactic or strategy. Again, you don’t apparently appreciate how bad it can get, yes it can always get worse, especially when you’re targeted with determined hatred.

  31. “…or a grotesque monster, like a libertarian but even dumber…”

    In the near future, in the camp that commies will build for wrongthinkers, dissidents will be spitting and coughing blood while lying on the floor and maniacally laughing at libertarians, put in the same cell, beating DRers senseless, still mumbling about freedom and pulling oneself by the bootstraps…

  32. Plus, the last three election cycles should have soured tons of voters’ attitudes toward the DNC and RNC, and how they narrow the candidate pool before you even get to vote. Mark Levin and other conservatives replying “Well that’s how the RNC does things so shut up and accept it”. Fuck that!

  33. The Brandon Bernard story is scary in how brazenly it reveals their attempt to legalize the BIPOC slaughter of White people. Bernard himself didn’t make it through the emerging murder-to-freedom pipeline, but John Weed’s killers did. So did Emily Jones’ killer. In less than a decade they will be calling for the release of Darius Sessoms, and he probably will be.

    • Bernard’s execution was an outrage, but not for the reasons they say. It was an outrage because after that monster burned two people alive, he enjoyed 20 years of cossetted dormitory living—at our expense—followed by a comfortable and painless lethal injection. In any serious country he would have been burned at the stake immediately following his arrest and quick trial. At least now he’s burning in hell.

      • Unfortunately Brandon isn’t burning in hell because you have to have a soul to go to heaven or hell. As the woke media constantly reminds us, these people no longer have souls, only “black bodies”.

  34. IMO it is premature to argue for a boycott of voting at this time. We are witnessing what is nothing less than the attempt by Globalist/Marxist class to takeover the U.S. I would want to see what the outcome of this struggle is before deciding.

    My sense is that Trump understands he’s playing for all the marbles here, and hence his unwillingness to back down. If Biden takes office in January the Commies in the Democratic party will cook up bogus charges and indict Trump and other members of his family. The Trump family will likely have to flee the country into exile if they wish to remain free. Imagine the irony of Ivanka Trump having to flee from the U.S. back to Eastern Europe to preserve her freedom.

    Trump has to fire AG Barr if he intends to cross the Rubicon. The Wall Street Journal reported that AG Barr knew of the Hunter Biden probes since spring 2020, but concealed them from the public before the election. This is precisely the evidence Trump needs to fire Barr.

    If Trump loses in the Supreme Court and subsequently fires Barr, all bets are off and we’re on the glide path toward civil war and a breakup of the Union. This is, quite frankly, long overdue.

    • And you’re planning to turn back this Communist tsunami with the likes of Cocaine Mitch, Miss Lindsey, and Pierre Delecto? What planet do you live on?

      • Boycott the GOP in Blue areas. Not the Red ones, and not in the just forming contiguous states of genuine America : I amend my earlier statements Mr. Z, boycott away – because NOW there is something. We have 5 contiguous states: Texas, Missouri, Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi and there are safe Red land marches to Utah and South Carolina. All together in TX lawsuit.
        When you have land, you can do what is necessary, you have something to defend.
        Boycott Away, but not in those States or any other State or even county, local government that is challenging the election. That really would be incompetent and even ruinous.
        But in the Pozzed GOP or Dem areas: fuck these people, and tell them if they want your vote they fight.

    • why replace Barr, it’s not like his 3rd bite at the apple will be any more productive. it’s odd to me that Trump never put reliable people in early, and just fired every appointee position in the government. better to leave a spot open, than have an obamaite in it.

      • The single greatest mystery of the Trump presidency is why he brought into his cabinet all these people who hated his agenda.

        The answer: Trump is lazy and delegated all those decisions to Jared whose hatred of the traditional people of the USA cannot be overstated.

        The kill shot against Trump supporters is the question: Why did Trump delegate almost all decisions to the evil Jared?

        • This is because as an outsider he didn’t know anyone and frankly him being a game show host and real estate mogul not a politician he didn’t know how things work or how to build a shadow cabinet. That is if he could get outsiders confirmed at all.
          He may not have even expected he could win.
          Ultimately its always been our job to fix this mess B.A.M.N. no matter what the cost
          And while President Trump bought us time and an economy to prep, his comforting manner , our naivete and other factors long before COVID 19 caused us to forget to organize which puts us behind the 8 Ball.
          A little part of me wonders if that is what the Q Anon Psyop was all about, to lure militia liable persons into a false sense of security so as they don’t get better prepped.
          Regardless after the Dominion fiasco we should all be aware that voting isn’t a fix, we are basically living “if it solved anything they’d make it illegal.”

      • Yes, he should have fired many people but many of his appointees have shoved it up his arse also. ACB and Kavanaugh come to mind.

    • When you say “Globalist/Marxist” you are trying to fit the world into a cold war paradigm that was never accurate in the first place.

      • Lineman: the world has moved on.
        5 of these states border each other.
        SC and UT have a safe Red path to the core around TX/AR/MI/MISS/LA.
        Never mind Jared, or Jew Hate. These are our people, and their moving on their own at last.

  35. Voting, at least in Federal elections, only serves to provide a veneer of legitimacy to a system which has long since been corrupted by special interests. It’s why I always tell people to pay attention to who always wins: that’s the locus of real power. Forget about that high school civics class. One could plausibly state that the real branches of government in in the United States are the Judicial, the Financial, and the Blackmail.

  36. I agree with your points about the Boycott in this podcast. We have been hurled into the outer darkness by our political system. It reminds me of the Berthold Brecht quote that the government decided to change the electorate in response to the electorate’s desire to change the government. Our government most certainly does not represent us in any meaningful way. They seem to be absolutely horrified by most of the things we would like to see the government do. So, there is no point in engaging with any of it anymore. Being Anti-political is a perfectly respectable stance to take toward the system. Democracy does not work here.

  37. My stream of posts today isn’t to disagree with the Z-man — he’s right that the system provides us with no good choices. What I mean to say is that I lack faith that his “last peaceful option” has any chance of success.

    And what comes after “the last peaceful option” has been exhausted? It is time to think about that.

    • I agree other than it has been time for a long time. The correct time would probably have been in the late 40s. We had better than 10 million men with lots of combat experience and the state was so much smaller and most of the worst stuff was still in the future. That is the lesson to be learned. You cannot wait until all the evil has already been done. Our grandfathers and fathers allowed so much evil to be done that it makes the job of modern “revolutionaries” near impossible. When we say that they have infected every single institution, what we are really saying is that every single institution needs to be rebuilt from the ground up. Only now our lands are filled with hostile foreigners who have had their every minor complaint turned into a life or death struggle where we are the bad guys.

      Every single thing that has been tried thus far has been an unmitigated failure. There has not been even a single period of time since the 40s when things were not actively getting worse, not even a pause. In addition, everything that needs to be done will be seen as evil by the peers of the revolutionaries. The revolutionaries are doing nothing to change this. Even so called dissidents cannot or will not raise their own children to instill the right values in them.

    • In law, there is a requirement to exhaust all available remedies before moving to the next stage. I’m not a legal positivist, and given the United States has devolved into raw gangsterism and is post-Rule of Law, the analogy may seem strained but there is a certain logic to the concept. Once we prove the United States is post-electoral politics and illegitimate and beyond repair, it will allow the rest of the world to stay on the sidelines as we get about the business of either dissolving or restructuring or possibly both. We all see how evil the Empire is, and only international considerations will keep it from moving toward more overt genocide.

      Z’s point about withdrawing from the system was spot on. He altered how I think about even strategic voting with this podcast. It is a tool to withhold for the foreseeable future.

  38. These people actively despise us. They never tire of telling us how much they despise us.
    Boycotts are for people who are being ignored. If we boycott their elections, they will probably try to pass laws forbidding us from ever voting again. If we stay home the GOP will launch another “why did we lose” investigation where they determine the “hispanics” are a natural conservative constituency. This is what they did after 2008 when they ran a traitor for the presidency.

    • let me explain this to you in as simple a way as possible: what you do doesn’t affect how the left acts or thinks. you think and act the way you do because you are a fearful cowardly worm.

      • Speak for yourself. I make the same point about the 2a guys all the time. Besides, read between the lines.
        I am saying a boycott will not work and that we are way beyond that point.

        • you are dismissing it out of hand. that’s a bad habit in general. you are demonstratively afraid of boycotting the gop, while admitting they are useless at best – and complicit at worst.

          • I’m not saying you should vote for them. I’m saying it’s too little too late. Allowing the democrats to do what they are going to do only faster is like throwing the frog right into the boiling water.

          • Its not fear amigo, its realism.
            The GOP won’t lose so much from our boycott that they’ll regret losing.
            They are natural born losers and so long as they can loot either in office oe hell with lobbying, they’ll do fine.
            If it does the GOPe swine who don’t have a conservative bone in theor body will either be lobbyists or run as democrats.They don’t care at all.
            Don’t get me wrong, skip voting and save the trouble but unless you are ready and willing to act acceleration just means gulag nex years instead of five years,
            A caveat the few in areas where voting works and that are on our side , please vote. Texas seems to have a spine as do a few others.
            Last I get the wake up the normies thing. They can be and are being awakened.
            Problem is you can’t outvote fraud. There are however other remedies if you have the spine,

  39. Protests and activism: The left will always outdo the right on activism. People on the right have jobs. They can’t spend all day sitting out in front of the capitol building, spray-painting statues and banging on drums.

  40. You may say Obamacare has “collapsed” but all the laws except the mandate are still in effect. The prices on all policies for the self-employed are through the roof. You pay $1300+ per month for a family policy that, once you substract premiums and deductibles, is worthless. You end up having to spend $30 – $40k out of your own pocket every year (because your premiums don’t count toward the max out of pocket expenses) before you begin to get any real benefit from all the money you are spending.

    And the only reason medical expenses are so high that you can reach $30-$40k in one brief hospitalization is because of the price inflation caused by the insurance companies

    Meanwhile employee plans appear cheaper, but their terms have all been rewritten to match the policies in the marketplace so they are similarly worthless.

    Obamacare may have “collapsed” but we’re all still hostages to it.

    • The first thing they did was to exclude independent docs from collecting insurance and admittance privileges to community hospitals. Then the community hospitals were absorbed into conglomerates.

  41. If we just stop voting, they are going to do whatever they want to do only all at once, which is probably a good thing for us.
    If we merely stop voting, it will encourage them. They will take it as demoralization. The only things they care about are pitchforks and torches and maybe, possibly, the safety of their wives and children.

    • And the safety of their mansions and stock portfolios, tarstarkas. You forgot to mention that. Most politicians are greedy basturds.

  42. The Zman says that if we walk away from the GOP, they have to follow us.

    But do they? That’s not what happened in California. They chose near-extinction and ghettoization instead. Remember, politicians are terrible people. All the venal climbers in California that might have been Republicans just started running as Democrats. The few hapless Republicans left out in the inland red areas have no power.

    The ruling coalition doesn’t care. It just means they don’t have to pay attention to those annoying White Republicans anymore.

    • Politics is downstream from culture, as they say, so what we do now will be picked up on by them later

      Use this as an opportunity and incentive to hunker down and get ourselves situated for an uncertain future. It’s not a boycott per se, but acts like one, and meanwhile we are fortifying ourselves and making ourselves a much harder nut to crack.

      We do this for a few years, we make ourselves invisible for a time, they will come back b/c they need us. The CA GOP is actually getting stronger now; it’s fairly small, but it is beginning to make up for that in intensity and organization. Pretty soon they will be party that actually sounds like something worth getting behind, especially if they keep up the rebellious attitude.

      • Breitbart was a drunk with a bad heart. How far downstream was you-know-who from the culture? Answer: he was the stream! Politics is power, culture is a hand job.

        • and pretending one has power by casting a corruptible vote is hardly power

          Put another way, the only way I will involving myself in any politics is if it is a means to better myself in real terms. Such as I donate to Mr X b/c it means I get something in return.

      • That’s gonna work great while Dominion is running the voting machines.
        I know its unpleasant to consider alternatives and frankly it fine to not think about it till after the inauguration but the vote is rigged and can solve nothing at this point.

    • Vizzini, what happened in CA was amnesty + mass immigration and *both parties* wanted it then and want it still. HUD director Ben Carson visited SoCal to celebrate people renting out their garages as apartments to people who didn’t make enough to rent an actual flat, but didn’t have to live in a tent under the overpass.

      • yes, it was Saint Ronald the II, who bequeathed Cali with 11 million new voters of the mexican persuasion.

      • So just like the rest of the country is experiencing, then? There is (unfortunately) no wall around California.

        I’m not seeing a good explanation for how the result will be different.

      • Exactly. We chart our own future now, who cares what the GOP does in return. We don’t need them.

      • 41:33 — “So we’re going to have to force that issue. Walking away from the GOP, well, forces them into to choices. They can either go into extinction, or they can chase after us, beg us to join their coalition, offer us a better deal.”

        If you’re going to try to correct me, try being right. And I hope you won’t waste my time quibbling over “follow” vs. “chase” when I was responding to an audio podcast with no transcript available and I didn’t present it as a direct quotation.

        As for “getting it” those words don’t appear in the post you are responding to or any other post I made today, so I have no idea what you are talking about.

        • you really are dim. the point of the boycott – as explained by Zman – is to discredit the system in its entirety. not to try and “fix” the gop. whether or not the gop acts on the boycott is incidental. maybe Zman can provide a comic book version of his posts, for people like you?

    • This happens in states Republicans dominate too. People run as “moderate” Republicans who would be Democrats in most of the rest of the country. Some are able to weasel their way into office and drag the party to left, usually arguing some sort of compassionate conservative nonsense.

  43. Last night (Dec. 10) I saw first hand what happens when people “boycott:” in this case, a tiny HOA annual meeting. Our community has perhaps 250 homes. Last night there were about 50 owners present. About 25 more are needed for a quorum. We haven’t obtained one in 14 years! Without a quorum, we can’t make amendments, we can’t even elect a board of directors. Of course, in this example of local governance, probably “apathy” is the problem, not a boycott. But this example can show two aspects of the “boycott” strategy: ignored long enough, the HOA (probably) would be disbanded at some point. Or more voters get involved and the government can do its appointed functions.
    Applied to the national level of course, the individual may as well stay home. Our government is a de-facto plutocracy, maybe verging on an oligarchy, and that’s only going to worsen.
    I’ve been listening to The Gulag Archipelago, a whole pill bottle full of black pills. Of the many lessons one might learn: when the terror comes, it is completely arbitrary and unpredictable. If you are a dissident now, you may as well continue being one. Keeping a low profile may not save you. Once they start “needing” to round up suspects, it won’t matter in the least to what extent you were gulity, or even if you were gulity at all. Anyone’s denunciation is all that’s needed. In some cases, they just grabbed bodies because they had a quota to fill.
    Soviets did ten years in Siberia (or worse) for matters as trivial as an ill-thought comment or joke, or even accidents. Solzhenitsyn also notes it was the criminals (“thieves”) who ran things in the camps. Also worth mentioning is the poltical prisoners, the Zeks, the intellectuals, the educated, were the hated class enemy and got the worst labor and treatment. The criminals in comparison were even considered allies of the revolution (at the least, they hated private property, so presumably that was an asset), and were coddled in comparison to the Zeks. In both those and other cultures in Soviet Union, dominated a form of “boycott,” the chilling logic of every man for himself, don’t trust anyone, and the utter uncertainty of even tomorrow, much less the rest of your life.
    Even if you were to claim that most of this book is narrative (it is), there must be more than a grain of truth in there. Solzhenitsyn himself mentions that problem of disappearing evidence, the obsessive secrecy of the Soviets, and he wrote in 1968! The horrors of Lenin and Stalin were appalling even to later Soviet leaders, and to socialists worldwide.
    The USSR has tens of millions of dead citizens to its credit, even ex- WW II, and survivors’ accounts show what, in the extreme, totalitarians will perpetrate on a society. Hopefully our country will not plumb those depths.
    Are we already seeing the early stages of this with the scrubbing of history (those wicked Confederate statues and names), of the purging of academia, business, government and even the sciences of those whose ideology is unacceptable, as well as the ever-softer-on-crime policies of many governments? It’s almost as if they are working from a playbook.

    • Boycotting is passive resistance. Have you given any thought to active resistance? Or perhaps, covert active resistance? Or perhaps, time-delayed covert active resistance? Or perhaps, time-delayed covert active resistance in conjunction with going on vacation to the Bahamas until the smoke clears?

    • Passive resistance is for honorable men either who have made an error or whose honor can be used toward your goals. When you are both men of honor but speech fails it should always be used.
      Our foes have no honor of any kind and the GOPe has no frith with us. In fact in its own way, the Left who have always been open about their hate for us have far more honor than the backstabbers at the GOPe.
      In the short holiday time before choices may need to be made, stay frosty and harden up
      Just understand the choice resist by any means necessary or either slavery or gulag is very near.
      You get only one choice so choose well.

  44. For those still debating whether or not to boycott the GOP, I suggest they consider this fact – the GOP don’t care themselves whether they win or lose! As it stands today, Cocaine Mitch and all his cronies in the Senate have won their races and the Establishment has even picked up a few seats in the House. Their donors are going to keep getting their beaks wet even if the Dems steal the seats in Georgia so they don’t really care what happens there next month.

    In fact, it’s easier on them if they lose those seats! They’ll be able to betray their voters on every single issue and just feed us their stock excuse – “How can we possibly deliver on any promises? We only control one-half of one-third of two-sevenths of the government! To do anything, we need your support in 2022 (24) (26) (28).” All they’re looking to do in GA is hit the voters/suckers up for a few post-election donations they can turn around and hand out to their usual coterie of consultants and grifters. If their voters turn out and the Dems decide not to steal those seats – great – and if they don’t and/or the Dems go ahead and steal them – no brown off of Romney’s nose.

    When you think about that, making the decision to boycott is the only sensible one to make. When you can’t be certain if the politicians running really care all that much about winning or losing, why should you bother showing up and voting for them?

  45. It’s quite the racket the uniparty has going, both in the USA and Canada. You had better vote Republican/Conservative or else those damn commies will implement socialism, expropriate everything and bring in the Gulags. Or, you’d better vote Democrat or Liberal or you can kiss access to abortion goodbye while the corporations expropriate everything and bring in labour camps. But then it does not matter which side is in, they do the same globohomo “diversity is our strength, open to the world ‘cuz white folks won’t do those jobs, feel guilty about the historically oppressed (blacks/natives)” schtick. It’s almost like we are only voting for a favourite globalist bureaucrat.

  46. I think its time we move to europe. The america i love was gone by the time i was born in the 80s. Everything since then has been africanized. Music, movies, politics, sports. What are we fighting for? Memories from the 50s? Europe is committing suicide too, but at least they arent 35% nonwhite yet. They might never be.

    • Who says they will take you. You think there is a sign at europes door that says all whites welcome? Your type of thinking is like the Californians moving to Texas by which they bring the same problems with them. With Californians moving, at least that is possible unlike your proposal.
      Makes no sense other than to let off steam.

    • At minimum, a reacquaintance with the Motherland and the Fatherland is in order for American whites

      The looking down the noses at Europe by white Americans needs to stop yesterday. If we are to get out of this rut, we need to get back to basics and that means getting to know who we are.

    • When the house gets infested with cockroaches, you don’t have to move to another house, you just start stomping on them. Yes, it gets a little messy when they squish, but it’s good exercise, and if you’re persistent, you will eventually make them decide to move on instead. The moral of this story is that nothing improves without hard work and determination.

      • The moral of this story is that nothing improves without hard work and determination”

        a forgotten idea

    • Another round of white flight isn’t going to fix anything. That’s exactly how we got in this mess in the first place.

      • That’s the problem with conservatism: it is unable to offer anything more than an embroidered philosophy of tactical retreat.

        The conservative response to pretty much every problem is to go hide in the woods. Doesn’t the plight of White South Africans show that even retreating to the countryside isn’t a solution: you just get picked off one by one by antiwhite marauders.

        “The problem with individualism is that you always get outnumbered.” – Jim Goad

  47. Politics will have to change and white people will have to start using the tactics the unrepresented have used in the past.

    Who are some of the “unrepresented” groups that have had success with boycotting politics in the past?

    All the groups that have successfully used any form of non-violent resistance to improve their lot have been protesting against Whites who have felt guilt for the lot of the “unrepresented” group.

    I do not think the new elite feels any obligation toward or guilt for the dissident right. They are willing to “help” rural Whites only so far as rural Whites acquiesce to the popular dogmas.

    • I like Z’s line of forcing the elites to put up or shut up: is this a government where white interests can be represented, but is ignored while it can be, or is it an actual totalitarian government where whites (and other working class people) just get the screws put to them perpetually. In the latter, getting unruly mobs to show up to force change is possible, but it just can’t happen while people still think that they can vote their way out of the situation.

  48. I was thinking about a post below.

    You know what ? Know what is a great idea?

    Getting a group of us to organize a trip to Europe. If we pool our resources together it won’t cost much, but it will provide an excellent getting to know one another and be something that we all remember for the rest of our lives. It might even become and annual thing and grow. Talk about forging lasting bonds !!!!

    And Felix can drive us around 😉

  49. The GOP is actually worse than the Democrats in many ways.

    The destruction of unions and the white working class was largely set into motion by the “right” in both the UK and USA. Same with deregulation. Pull yourself up by the bootstraps mentality.

    Here in Canada we have to listen to the globohomo message too but at least we get healthcare.

    Of course now it’s all fucked and both parties are equally bad.

    • Shit, canadian. should have known by the strangely stupid nature of your comments. Kind of relieved to learn this, actually. thought it was me….

    • uhm, the unions killed their own jobs. why don’t you fix canada first, before worrying about the US?

      • I’m speaking for the US here .
        Unions have their problems but allowing “capital” to cut wages year after year after year and to bring in cheap labor (trust me if capital didn’t want immigrants we wouldn’t have any) who were mostly Republicans till recently ruined America far faster than a few handouts to the useless.
        Oh and all that social decay, broken families? Easy divorce signed by a Republican.
        And as for the UK ? The current mess is Thatchers fault. Yes immigration crisis was caused by Labour but any time any mainstream Conservative gets elected not truly national/paleocons get elected, you wages will decline.
        The only reason the Republicans and other such have power is that the Democrats went full POC/POZ anti Christian and gun control.
        Had they avoided that, the Republicans would have been a rump party and we all would have been better off for it.

    • American manufacturing unions got great at making enemies and screwing over potential friends. Now that they’re just a shadow of their former selves I feel kinda bad for them, kinda.

  50. Pretty close to agreeing – you made a good case. Certainly I’m not going to die in an effort to keep Trump in office.

    The nagging doubt is that they’ll wreck America (the people, the land) not the USA (which is already finished) by bringing in half the brown and black people in the world. Not really worried about amnesty for the ones already here since they’re already here and we’re passed the point where we can win through (continent level) demographics/raw numbers anyway.
    THey bring ’em in, they’re probably not going back. Open to counterarguments here.

    • They’re too stupid to wreck America as a land

      Just get away from them and their poison and do our own thing. Z makes a great point that cannot be overstated; they need us WAY more than we need them

    • True, they will do just that.

      However they’re already doing that anyways. If the GOP supported immigration restrictions then it would be worth it.

      • I guess I can manage to beleive they’re crazy and evil enough to completely eliminate the border, to bring in 5 million legals per year, whatever.

        There’s the feeling what they do will be catastrophic and permanent.

  51. Maybe if all the legal challenges to the election fail and Trump is out, he’ll start his own party. If so, the GOP can be effectively killed in an election cycle.
    Otherwise this cold civil war probably goes hot in the next few years.

    • Trump may well remain a figurehead for our thing. Whether they leave him alone (which would be the most intelligent thing to do), or whether they try and make a martyr of him (hopefully no more than prosecution for one made-up crime or another), even if he dies unexpectedly, I think there is potential for (why not?) a new party.

  52. I’d like to take a moment to give a shout out to masculine polarity that keeps the forces of nature coursing through some of us from blowing up the universe.

    Thank You.

        • I will get downvoted for this, but I see in a lot of white liberals a potential for kinship. For example, busybody Karens have done me a few solids, albeit unintentionally. And they’re presence is garlic to the WOKE dracula

          Not the polarities you speak of, but wanted to get it out there. But yes, men and women need to learn to dance in tandem again.

  53. Here’s the problem I have with dropping out. It’s passive, and neither side of the ruling party will care.
    The example of Venezuela is a good one. Does Maduro really care if his fake election in boycotted? Either way, he still wins and still runs the country while the people boycotting are still subject to his whims.

    • Not passive if you use the opportunity and time and focus to better yourself and position yourself for an uncertain future

      It’s as manly as it gets

    • It is (way past) time for principled people to drop out. That leaves the unprincipled people living lives of expediency still in the system. We have all seen how a system operated on expediency, not principles, plays out. Get while the getting is good.

      • Yep, in a few years people will be looking at us as the true pioneers

        someone has to lead. They WILL follow.

      • Even the Soviets had elections. One memory is the Sandinistas thinking their popularity was such that they had an actual free and fair election and word was even their own soldiers weren’t voting for them. In that case it turned out to be a temporary set-back.

  54. I say drop out and get ourselves busy forming our own communities, strengthening ourselves, keeping busy doing something beneficial and practical outside of the system. Thus removed from the system we are both boycotting it AND bettering our futures.

    Wondering where everyone has gone, by the time they figure it out we are on a solid foundation and even if they do come crawling back begging for our stamp approval we are in a position to tell them No, don’t even need you anymore. We are quite content doing our own thing. Sorry. Maybe come back next year and we’ll see if we are interested in your product.

    Anyway, that’s what I’ll be doing.

  55. Trump really did pull in a lot of white people to vote whom never engaged in the system before, those people will not easily come back after Biden is sworn in on January 20th. Throw in many of us who were engaged but think that the Z and others in the dissident movement have a good argument for boycotting the system and the result is gong to be trouble for the GOP. And rightfully so.
    We must have political leaders who fight fir us and not “ low black unemployment”
    Trump’s weakness was that he had no pit bulls in his organization to populate the managerial state with. But he was a good showman.

    • I don’t watch tv, but my husband specifically told me not to buy vaseline because he saw their recent ad (and he routinely hates the ads even while he refuses to cut the cord, so it must be really bad). I hate all corporations equally.

    • Saw a commercial yesterday while spending time with wifey who watches old sitcoms, of a black dude and an Asian chick all cuddled up on the sofa lol. Can’t be sitting well in Koreatown but the message is clear. Everyone is going to be crammed into interracial quarters. Why I am saying sayonara to America as we know it.

    • A friend of mine has agreed with what I suspected, which is that (((Madison Avenue))) has gone back to pushing the white man/black woman motif. It went away briefly, while they doubled down on the black man/white woman mix, but it’s been back with a vengeance these past few months. I reminded him that black women, according to dating sites, are the least desired by a country mile, thus the message to white men is, “Here’s what you’ll be left with. Enjoy!” It’s just part of the demoralization campaign.

      Another ad I recently saw was for some kind of outdoor apparel and it featured 4 guys running through the woods. The leader of the pack was of course, ahem, a jogger. And when they got to the top of a hill he reached his god-like hand down and pulled up a white man to the summit.

      • The worst ad running right now is the Fanduel ad with the large jogger football player ambushing and assaulting a white soy male in his home, then chasing him from it.

      • i think the uptick in white male + negress ads is it was starting to cause blowback not having any black ladies in any of these ads. evidently the negress is even the last choice of the male mandingo!? that has to hurt…

      • That must be a terrible dilemma for a black man: Here he is in a relationship with a prized White female; how does he control that urge to flee a commitment ? 😀

    • Vaseline is owned by the Dutch company Unilever. They have a vast portfolio of brands. I will add them to my boycott list.

    • Rank Choice Voting worked great.
      Its an operator feature , Dominion software 11.1 user manual; Operator Rank Choices the votes- in this case changing them to Biden. Para 11.1 – btw I am sourcing an affidavit, no time to research the manual.

    • Extremely doubtful. In the power-wielding game politicians are mostly NPCs. An astonishing amount of legislation is written by lobbyists on the behalf of corporations and donors. Like Microsoft and Facial Recognition technology It’s called “model legislation.” This article and particularly the links at the bottom are a real education.

  56. Perhaps people here can enlighten me as to why white people appear to hate themselves so much? Are these people unconsciously part of a death cult? Have they gone insane? Are they suicidal?
    I am not persuaded that it is all the fault of university indoctrination as I don’t believe most people are that gullible. What part does Marxist thought play in engineering,physics,chemistry or mathematics? The answer is it is wholly irrelevant. I graduated in 2009 and we were always strongly encouraged to question everything said in lectures and written in course books. Critical thinking was of great importance. I find it hard to believe that since 2009 universities have all become not-beds of cultural Marxism.

    • Perhaps people here can enlighten me as to why white people appear to hate themselves so much?

      That has been a topic of conversation on this side of the great divide for a very long time. It’s as if everyone went insane after WW2.

          • I just watched a video on AMREM where they were talking about Pat Buchanans book earth of the West. They mentioned the publishing comany was skiddish about including too much race in the book because the ADL had made a public furor over a Georbbels book they withdrew.

            I’d love to read that book! I’m never accepting any thing written after 1965 as factual or philosophically sound any more

      • I think it long antedates WWII. The phenomenon of whites “going native” dates back at least to the 16th century. Now going native may or may not denote self-loathing, but it certainly indicates preference for the Other.

      • guilt. It’s just not fair, it’s not right that we have historically, and up to that trip to the moon, been so sucessful while black ppl remain dependent. Guilt, is the reason why white ppl hate themselves so much.

        • Yeah yeah, I’m told I’m supposed to feel guilty for all sorts of crap. Ask why and it’s the same schtick my parents used to pull on me as a kid – “don’t want to finish your veggies? Well, there’s starving kids in China.” or my favorite “when I was a kid we had it so much worse”. They meant well, but the tool is still shaming, only expanded across society as a whole by effeminate morons, and it still doesn’t answer anything.

        • Germans had enjoyed slaughtering whites long before then. From 1866 to 1939 the Germans initiated war after war against white countries/empires. Just think about the slaughter they carried out against Europeans.
          German philosophers like Arthur Schopenhauer, Nietzsche. Heidegger explicitly rejected Western civilization in favor of Oriental cultureand philosophy. Celebrity German lecturers toured Germany before WW1 castigating Europe and it’s inferior civilization.
          National Socialism which was a neurotic and intellectualized version of German nationalism explicitly waged war against the West and implicitly white nations.
          The Frankfurt School,Antifa all come from where?

    • The indoctrination starts much earlier than the university and is much more pervasive in other mediums, especially popular entertainment. Being a late X’er, I saw the changes while I was still in school. Maybe like a fish not knowing it’s in water, you just didn’t realize the propaganda you were imbibing?

      • One of my colleagues was bragging how one of her kids was proud most of the people in his school was not white.
        This wasn’t your typical lib either, but your run-of-the-mill normie.

        • If the rest of the student body was yellow particularly Japanese or Chinese, wouldn’t you say her bragging was entirely warranted? 💩

          • if the school had lots of asians, the normie mom would be bitching how they take up all the AP classes.

          • Assuming they don’t already. Quite a few high schools have apparently eliminated AP curriculums because hey, high-functioning intelligence is white supremacy. It’s my suspicion it’s the yeller people keeping these programs alive.

          • AP courses today are what we termed the “standard” curriculum in the 60’s. But then again, the schools were White, and the teachers had an IQ above room temperature.

        • I earn some of my daily bread as a college basketball writer. One thing I have noticed already this season is that halfbreeds and mystery meats who, last season had normal hair, have been wearing dreads, corn-rows and what not. Clearly, they are trying to distance themselves from white identity and to convince the gullible that they’re Joggers. Effing idiots.

        • tell that mom to encourage her kids to commit suicide, to show their full commitment to fixing the white problem.

    • Short course. Three generations of extreme affluence, combined with recent anti-natural (read man-made) evolutionary forces, have altered the trajectory of our species development. We no longer reinforce our ancestral robustness traits; and instead reward hive traits, comparable to parasite and insect species. Self-hatred and low fertility are nature’s way of self-correcting for this dysfunction. For extra credit, read up on colony collapse syndrome and the Mouse Utopia Experiment.

    • Perhaps people here can enlighten me as to why white people appear to hate themselves so much?

      White people don’t hate themselves. They hate other whites.

        • I don’t hate you, Felix. Stop being so childish 😉

          That said, when I’m in your neck of the woods you need to drive me to Billund. I have some business there.

          • Billund? Are you insane! That’s in Jutland!

            I don’t even want to know what kind of “business” an honest man could have in that godforsaken wilderness, but I recommend you bring all your guns. I’ve heard stories…

    • I believe there is a pathological altruism gene in around half of the global white population.

      This appears to be compounded by internalizing a perverse interpretation of elements of Christianity and rationalizing them as a suicide pact.

      The tale of the Good Samaritan would be the most obvious example of my second point.

      • There are church Karens, and secular Karens. The church Karens frown at girls for showing too much skin, and ask you if you’d like extra gravy with the Turkey at the church Christmas party. The secular Karens scream at you for not letting your kid be transgender, and give more money to refugees.

        When you go to any anglo-church with conservative values the parralells between the church ladies and the insane anti whites are shocking.

        I also think it’s a problem with white men – secular white men were chasing pussy from the 1960s while their women got more and more out of control. Now we’re seeing the result.

      • The most destructive biblical passage in my opinion is the parable of the rich man and Lazarus.

        The wealth generated during modern times broke the Christian mind.

        Many Christians feel immense guilt about the comfortable lives they live while untold millions suffer in poverty in Africa and other shitholes.

        They feel compelled to give their civilization away to the brown hordes lest they end up in hell like the rich man in the New Testament parable.

        • I think there is another angle at play, too. People are extremely interested in “keeping up with the Joneses” that they cross paths with. If they feel unable to keep up, they would rather shame Jonesey off his perch. First-world affluent passive-aggressive behavior. Others institutionalize the process to loop these people in, and it all becomes a formal movement and way of life. And here we are.

          • I’ve read anecdotes that claim adopting Third World children is the hip form of keeping up with the Joneses among Christians these days.

            ACB’s family additions being the prime example.

      • I say traits are on a spectrum- and some further along the spectrum can be emphasized or activated by culture triggers, specifically visual and verbal cues with stong emotion.

        Storytelling invokes the social, breeder hindbrain, and we tribe up.
        (Sometimes screeching and pointing is story enough.)

    • What part does Marxist thought play in engineering,physics,chemistry or mathematics? The answer is it is wholly irrelevant.

      You’re correct from a technical standpoint. The van der Waals equation won’t be caught lobbying for BLM. But the hard sciences are not very popular. The most popular courses and faculties seem to be the ‘easy’ ones; and as painfully documented in William Gayley Simpson’s Which Way Western Man most fields had started to be co-opted a fair while back. It seems that these fields dominated the social aspect of universities and given the meek nature of most scientists – most would acquiesce . Probably why all my instructors were involved in leftist causes.

      I do not know which field you graduated in, but certainly in the hard sciences one could be taught to question everything. But woe betide you if that curious desire leans into a political realm. Ask J Philippe Rushton or this dude:

      Hayek’s The Road to Serfdom has a brilliant chapter on how academics seemed to be the most susceptible to ‘the socialisms’.

      I am not persuaded that it is all the fault of university indoctrination as I don’t believe most people are that gullible.

      I would imagine that there is a genetic aspect to whites self-loathing. Perhaps we are more attuned to other people’s suffering. For all the hatred of the British Empire; it had rapacious capitalists, brutal colonialists, well-meaning reformers and hard but fair governors, I am not sure there has been an empire in history that has, outwardly at least, tried to take such great pains to be seen as kind. Won’t happen with the chink empire if it comes.

      • Ladies in college went from seeking a Mrs. degree to self-actualizing careers, because wise yentas advised them. How were they or we to know?

        College used to be a place where the smart displayed for mates- even smart girls with an honest interest could find a suitable mind, and knowledge too.

        Then the colleges discovered sports… next, selling lemon loans.

      • “Perhaps we are more attuned to other people’s suffering.”

        (Second reply; Hadn’t read thru, must off to work-)

        Oh man. Ab-so-lutely.

        This is our strength and our weakness, why we’re the Elves.

        Dang it, there’s a good article on how and why sociopaths climb to power, eventually taking over a ruling class.

        No time to find the link, sorry.

        Basically, they can read us, but we can’t read them- so they proliferate, manipulating the more community-minded all the way up.

        Other peoples can’t seem to cull their ‘paths, so those get the harems and their kids take the top.

        We hung enough of them, banned their close cousin reinforcement breeding and harems, so nice white betas could grow numerous enough to build civilization.

      • Just Wikipedia “Lysenko” and you’ll get a crash course on how Marxism (or rabid ideology in general; Communism certainly cannot claim the monopoly on institutional insanity) can pre-empt a hard science (in that case, genetics) when it conflicts with The Plan. They literally are at war with Reality. Reality will always win in the end yes, but its defenders are mere mortals and many have fallen in Her defense.
        I already made the point in another post: I’m wading through Gulag Archipelago. Early in their Revolution, the Communists foresaw no problem in sending the “Politicals,” the Bourgeoisie, the Intellectuals, to the labor camps (those who weren’t shot — yet), where they got the worst jobs. What better way, perhaps they thought, to create a classless society by putting the brains, the educated, to the jobs of toil, while criminals were rewarded with easier work, or even positions of authority? The downside of this, of course, is you greatly dilute the talent pool for those who actually have high value skills civilization needs.

    • For one thing there is heavy brainwashing starting as early as grade school. White children and especially boys are told that they’re evil and should feel ashamed of their skin color, heritage, and people.

      There is also the altruism gene as Geese pointed out. It has gone haywire in the modern age as these impulses used to be channeled into cooking turkey dinners for the church Christmas party and sewing clothes for less fortunate community members.

      I think they also get some perverse pleasure from hating other white people. Kind of like devil worship. They feel good being degenerates and hedonists.

    • Too far removed from the motherland, I see is one of the big reasons — lost track of their roots and wandering aimlessly susceptible to all sorts of (((mischief)))

      European whites hating on themselves is a form of Americanization and they are just cheap facsimiles of Americans when they do it. Comical even. It won’t last in Europe. In America it used to be important and part of one’s education, at least within the upper classes, to travel Europe and get to know and breathe in the air of one’s ancestral lands, it was a form of pride. Hell, even when I was a kid it was the dream of the liberals to study in France and sip coffee at Les Deux Magots. As went the American-European bonds went white American confidence and pride.

      Probably all by design. Getting white Americans to hate or sneer at Europe has been part of the program for a long time.

      Part of our thing must be to reintroduce all walks of life within white society to their motherlands. You will notice that American whites with a greater connection to Europe are also stronger mentally and spiritually, sometimes by quite an order of magnitude.

    • Knowing the answer to this very good question would be wonderful. A lot of the stuff we’ve seen this year like the black foot washing rituals and the obsessive wearing of masks even where it makes no conceivable sense, seems to go beyond the usual Leftist political theater. It’s real Jonestown stuff. I’m starting to think some of the ideas about pharmaceuticals in the water or plastic residues have a bit more than UFO and bigfoot level credibility. I just see anyone publishing convincing work on this stuff and I doubt most scientists could get a grant to study these ideas.

    • In college, especially Western ones where they teach you to think critically and laterally, yes it is hard to believe that colleges have become Marxist group-think. Though I suspect that is a right-wing media meme. I doubt that a majority of students are far-left. There is a very vocal minority who are, and they get ignored instead of challenged. (When I was 19, I went looking for beer and girls, not trouble.) These people act as if nothing you say will get through to them, so why confront them unless you’re the combative type? This is doubly true in an era where publicly aligning yourself with nationalists makes you an especially hot target. Would you want the wrath put upon you like Jaden McNeil can endure?
      To answer your broader question: white people are prone to mass movements. Since they are a high-IQ and industrious people, the mass becomes awful (as in, full of awe). It started with Protestantism and has taken forms like Communism and now Progressivism. The explosion of colonialism and scientific research is similar. It can land us on the moon, or it can lead us to having 20-year-old girls playing in a men’s football game.

      • In my experience (former professor, at several levels), most students aren’t left wing. Most are dullards who just repeat what they think teacher wants to hear on the exam, then forget it. But the small group who *are* left wing are, almost without exception, flagrantly mentally ill – in a decent society they’d be institutionalized. As such, they have the energy of true obsessives, which is why they win – you have to sleep sometime, and thanks to the free prescriptions Student Health hands out, they don’t. Fun times.

          • I could tell y’all some stories… like the time I had Snowflake present me a letter from Student Health obliging me to give xzhyr “study assistance.” They literally ordered me, the instructor, to help this kid study for my own f*cking exam. “Insane” doesn’t begin to describe it. If I had half the pathology Student Health proclaimed this student to have, I’d be in a little rubber room, making shapes with pudding. But, of course, Snowflake got an A+, since no one who has the f*cking answer key could conceivably get less….

    • Who strongly encouraged you to question everything said in lectures and written in course books? I finished grad school in 2005 and don’t recall any such injunction. If anything, it was quite the opposite.

    • Northern Europeans have a number of traits that are simultaneously the source of their strength and an Achilles heal.

      Among those are:
      High degree of altruism
      Outgroup preference
      An over abundance of trust towards strangers
      Deference to authority
      Strong moral sentiments
      A general level of childishness well into sexual maturity.

      These factors enable those Europeans to build complex market driven societies that were / are highly innovative. And they also inclined those people to explore, and migrate away from their homelands.

      But those same traits can shackle white people in a prison of their own mind and lead to them turning on each other. The latter may seam incongruous with some of the traits but consider that white people now openly hate other white people that are close to them and at the same time idealize people that are dissimilar. In the past several generations political parties have used those factors to gain power by exacerbating them and setting in motion demographic change via immigration that further compounds the negative aspects of the traits.

    • I think its a combination of self satisfaction with the accomplishment of the white world, the ascension of white women in public life, Liberalism/protestantism which the individual is tricked into thinking they are the center of the world, the complete acceptance that the races are all more or less the same, all religions lead to God, and too much sugar.

    • I think the current intensity of the insanity is directly related to college graduates entering management positions. The college experience is steeped with this garbage and the accelerating pace is set by the elite universities. Students learn literally nothing else under most degree programs; at least nothing of demonstrable value. So, after graduation, whether employed as a barista or upper management–they flex their college cred by showing off the only signifier they have from the entire experience–telling others how racist they are and everything is. Doing this marks them as part of the elite, and there’s zero incentive not to do it. Other whites who maybe went to state schools or community colleges emulate this. As a result, entire systems begin to change. The biggest non-revolutionary impact that we could ever have would be to utterly discredit American higher education.

  57. Barely tangentially related to today’s show but worth sharing, a friend sent me an article from gateway pundit yesterday. It has to do with the red house autonomous zone in Portland. I encourage you all to take 5 minutes and review this article.

    These people are past talking. They have lessons learned from their prior zones, and have refined their defenses including some clever discussions on area denial of vehicles.

    While one could argue that entrenched positions wont matter against “muh air force and muh tanks” or “we have all the farmers (go to your local co-OP and look at bumper stickers to see if this is true) so we’ll starve em,” these guys are flexing against the feckless local leo. Whether this is a warning to the pretender, a portend of the future, or something else, who knows.


    • Given the lesbian dominated city council, black police chief and Mayor Ted “Vichy” Wheeler (heh) our very own CHAD was inevitable. Portland- always the social climbing alsoran to Seattle.

      • worth noting mayor ted was re-elected by the people of portland – after all the mayhem. so keep that dog-returning-to-its-vomit example in mind when you see people crying on tv…

    • So just to bring you a bit back to reality land… That works only because the police who are controlled by TPTB are allowing these fucking idiots to ‘play house’ since they are mostly harmless LARPers. It costs little to placate them and let them LARP at revolution in a controlled small area. When you have the unofficial backing of all local government, and by extension, law enforcement you are good to go to ‘play at war’ basically.

      When an ‘autonomous’ zone pops up in some little town in fly over country they will have 48 hours to disband or the full might of the FBI, DOJ, ATF, etc. will be deployed against them including drone strikes, assassinations, more SWAT teams than you can count, etc. See the difference? This is a model for nothing because these are the spoiled trust fund ‘problem child’ sprog of the people in charge. You, Armed White Man with Grand Ideas, are an actual threat and will be dealt with swiftly and mercilessly so that no one else gets any grand ideas.

      • Rest assured, I have spent plenty of time in “reality land” and as such, won’t get into an internet pissing match with a stranger about it.

        With that said, I agree with most of what you said, despite you reading my comment about the feckless local authorities.

        However, if you doubt these folks are not learning from “playing house” you should spend some time reading history on the genesis of insurgencies.

    • Two cowboys, one from Laredo, one from Portland, are out on the range.

      They see a sheep with its head stuck in the fence. “Yee haw!” cries Laredo. “Me first!” And he runs forward, unbuckling his belt.

      A short time later, he says, “Hoo-wee, mighty fine! Okay, Portland, you’re next!”

      Portland looks at him, shrugs, says, “uh, okay, brah”…

      Turns around, drops his pants, and sticks his head in the fence.

      • You started it. 😁
         A Montana Rancher is vacationing in Australia’s Outback. He happens upon a Shepherd committing an unnatural act with a ewe. The American jokingly says ” you know back home we shear those.” The Aussie angrily replies “I ain’t bloody shearing this with nobody!”

        • Guy is hitchhiking a long way from anywhere. A trucker gives him a ride. The truck is hauling sheep and the driver gets to talking about them and finds himself worked up. He stops, gets out and gets a sheep.
          After pleasuring himself, he says to the fellow, “Your turn.”
          Remember, it’s the middle of nowhere. The rider feels pressured, and finds himself unable to perform.
          The trucker mocks him, saying “What’s wrong, city boy?”
          ”I don’t know, this just doesn’t do anything for me.”
          “Well it’s no wonder! You picked the ugliest one!”

    • Just another example of how the police, BLM and Antifa are all on the same side.

      Even after half a year of watching the police harassing MAGA people while letting Antifa and BLM riot and loot, the right is having a hard time accepting that the police and pozzed military are not on their side.

      Most recently, during the post-election MAGA march in Washington, the police once again let BLM and Antifa run wild, rushing in only to stop MAGA people from defending themselves. Later that night, the Washington cops were caught forcing MAGA stragglers through bands of Antifa in a brazen attempt to spark another Charlottesville. Expect more of the same from the Washington police today.


      • I went to the stop the steal in DC last month and the
        pathetic “thank -youz” people were saying to the police sickened me. The police laugh at conservatives like that. They stand around while BLM loots, and destroys my monuments, but will go and shut a restaurant down. Michele Maukin is an example of this silly thinking. I dont’ back the blue any more. They are not here to protect me.

  58. Having walked away, my distanced observation is the CCP has co-opted our banana republic government, triggering a paradigm shift. Chaos comes with opportunities that sometimes involve risks that have to be assessed before taking action. Observing how the problem is solving itself is a risk management strategy that can prevent time-wasting setbacks.

    The momentum pushes forward, but is it a pendulum that will swing backwards with equal force? This is the potential pitfall.

    We should utilize the invisibility assigned to us by the oligarchs to our advantage. Stealth is a winning strategy for the outnumbered ranks currently being shouted over and scapegoated.

    • Just observing the behavior of US pols, it would appear that the CCP owns the entire Democratic party and at least one-third of the GOPe.

      And yes, I acknowledge the unamed people are an issue as well. My perspective is that they have formed a temporary alliance with the CCP to undermine and destroy the historic American nation and its people.

      • I’ve wondering if they’re both working independantly, and ended up intertwining. From my experience the hat people are quite hostile to the CCP. (Ofc they do play both sides).

        The choices by the ruling class make sense when you realize that destroying the country is their goal. Naive righties always whine “it doesn’t make sense to legalize crack!!”

        Anyways, white guys are clearly suckers, some mediocre Chinese pussy is enough to make Swallwell throw away his own nation.

        • Anyways, white guys are clearly suckers, some mediocre Chinese pussy is enough to make Swallwell throw away his own nation.

          I knew you’d have a take on this as a guy still in ‘the game. I fucking marvel at how thirsty even powerful men in general are. The thirst is real. Heartiste (PBUH) mused on this often. The ‘situational’ alpha, a guy like Bezos for instance. More money than God but still a geek techie beta chump at the end of the day.
          As ‘toxic masculinity’ has been crushed out of society the true alpha is as rare as a black noble laureate these days. Guys that if you threw that pan faced slim but average looking asian girl their way they wouldn’t think twice about nexting her. I’ve tossed aside woman like that on the regular throughout my life and I’m basically a low tier alpha (80th percentile, but no ‘young Brad Pitt’ by any yardstick)
          As an example think about how Donald Trump, an -actual- alpha would have interacted with that sloot. He’d have pumped, dumped, and nexted her post haste. This is another reason they utterly despise him. Democrat males are the Virgin Loser vs. Trump who is the Alpha Chad. (you know the meme)
          Now that the weak men, the backstabbers, the connivers, the ‘Foxes’ are in control and all the Lions are gone it will be exceptionally easy to use attractive females to squeeze these men for all sorts of info. Back to the old ‘Weak men create hard times’ paradigm basically.

          • Like my TDS best friend, he sees an actual silverback gorilla, and begins screeching and hooting.

            And heck yes, there’s pu**y involved, the wife. He’s showing off for his female.

    • Meh, “muh CCP” is just another astroturfed conservative obsession and distraction. Listen to the full clip from that university Chinaman that Tucker dishonestly excerpted the other night. The part that Tucker didn’t show was when the Chinaman said that if they want anything done in the US, they have to go to Jewish intermediaries to do it.

      Conservatives will go “lah, lah, lah, I can’t hear you, CCP, CCP!” when you tell them the real threat is Israel, not China. China merely seeks to influence the US through Israel like any other nation.

  59. Common sense or visceral analogies help. For example, reading or viewing anything put out by the Mainstream Media is the equivalent of rubbing feces in your eyes. It stinks, induces blurry vision, and over the long run causes disease and blindness. No sane person does this. Ditto for voting. It creates a false sense of hope that distracts people from taking real actions needed to cure the ills of society. It is a form of masturbation. It feels good and accomplishes nothing. No civilization or society can long endure via electoral masturbation. Extinction is not a civic virtue.

  60. Sorry but I don’t agree with the not voting option. That would play right into their hands. They’d issue a statement saying:’well it seems the public no longer wishes to have any say in government business. So we’ll just make decisions without consulting you from now on.’
    I have been considering getting a stamp made which will read ‘ none of the above’ or something similar. Merely spoiling the ballot paper by putting an X next to every candidate isn’t good enough. We use pencil and paper here in GB and who is to say that someone partisan might not tamper with the ballot paper by erasing all but one of the Xs? Using indelible ink will get around this.
    Spoiling the ballot paper in an non tamperable way sends the message that people haven’t childishly abandoned all responsibility but are registering a serious long-term protest against the politicians. If enough people do this the media will soon pick up on the very high percentage of spoiled papers and something will have to change to re-enage the public with the political process.

    • That was covered. Listen again. They are ignoring your vote anyway, so you by voting you are endorsing it. You would not train a dog this way.

      • Sorry I’m at work so I haven’t been able to listen yet. But my dream scenario is a bunch of red states seceding, like the group of states bringing the Supreme Court action. But that requires Republicans at the local level. OTOH, the locals could be Lucy and the football.

        • A bunch of Red States leaving the Union is really the only half-way “good” outcome of this election. Otherwise things will spiral further out of control. At this point the USA is a bunch of goons in a speeding car all fighting for control of the wheel, the gas, the brake, and a pistol that one of them pulled and is now bouncing from one to the other. The car’s going in the ditch.

          • The chief problem with some form of red state secession–in the highly unlikely event it happens–is that most of the secessionary polities would still be infected with the pathogens that destroyed America. Take, for example, the state of Texas. An independent Texas would still contain AWR bastions Houston, San Antonio and Austin. At some point, West and North Texas would have to secede from the rest of the state. Still, secession would be a step in the right direction.

          • As a lad in the 50’s and 60’s Balkanization was presented as a warning, a very bad thing to be avoided. One nation, under God, Indivisible you fuckers! I repeated every morning.
            But the truth was hidden inside Balkanization. A true partition of peoples proved to be a very desirable thing for all.

          • AWR? All I got on the urban dictionary was a females “Ass to Waist Ratio!” WHat is AWR, and Pozzed, while youre at it!

        • DLS,

          May I offer an even better dream scenario, Sir?

          A bunch of blue states decide to secede and we have the legal and moral authority (and tools of the state) to crush them with violence.

          They used it to crush my ancestors, rich and poor Southerners alike, to much applause. Turnaround is fair play.

          Why not shoot for the moon… If we are talking dream scenarios, that is.

          • Don’t look at the states, look at the people. If the people end up in the streets sorting it out, how many, in any state, red or blue, would actually step up for the blue side? In their hearts, individuals understand that any semblance of a fair deal for themselves, personally, comes from the red state side of things. All the blue state mentality offers is a meat grinder where a few at the top get it all. In a real all-against-all sorting out, the blue side offers worse than nothing to almost everyone.

            Blue state supporters are there because the “gibs for all” thing has a lot of power in times of relative peace. When that peace is comprehensively destroyed, the blue state side has nothing to offer anyone, and people, in their heart-of-hearts, know it.

          • Good point. And how many whites are simply going along with the current social restrictions just to keep their jobs? Chaos relieves that pressure.

            And honestly, just how many people of all stripes wouldn’t get shadenboners watching YouTube collections of woke young white girls and antifa boys getting the shit slapped out of them when they start spouting off their dictats and venom? I get a stirring just imaging it.

          • It’s white, working class and rural vs. globohomo. Upstate New York has much more in common with our sside than the suburbs of Houston.

            In fact from what I’ve seen northern rust belters are putting up a better fight than the supposedly “conservative” southerners.

          • I sometimes wonder why people imagine the States remaining intact during their secession fantasies. Most of upstate NY and PA want out of the current arrangements. We may have to go to the county level when we contemplate new borders.

          • Thats what that Mark my words guy was suggesting. He has disappeared off the face of th earth. I think he might have been a fed. I got cancelled interacting with that group…

      • Not voting is a shaming tactic, and shaming tactics only work on people who can be shamed. But our elites are well beyond shame, and nothing we can do will ever make them feel any. So trying to shame them by boycotting their elections is probably the one thing that’s more useless than voting in them.
        You see this in lots of places around the world. Back in 1963, a Buddhist monk lit himself on fire to shame John F. Kennedy into doing something about Ngo Dinh Diem, and because Kennedy (whatever his personal sexual peccadilloes may have been) was basically moral and therefore shameable, he had Diem overthrown in response. But for years now, hundreds of Tibetans and other dissidents in China have self-immolated in protest of Beijing’s policies, and nothing has ever come of it because the Chinese Communist Party isn’t shameable and doesn’t care. All the self-burners have done is to waste gas.
        If you want to know what unshameables like the CCP really fear, you need look no further than Mao’s observation that all political power grows out of the barrel of a gun.

        • The theory isn’t to generate shame among elites incapable of the notion. The point is to remove their legitimacy in the minds of Our people.

          We labor under the notion that the State has a real monopoly on power and violence. Those two things are only as real as people believe they exist. Erode their legitimacy and, while dangerous, the State is not all-powerful.

          • Reread the last line of my post. As Mao said, all political power grows out of the barrel of a gun. If the powers that be find that they have no more legitimacy, then they’ll just use guns to get their way instead. Do you have a plan for what to do then? If so, don’t share it publicly here. But if not, then it’s time to come up with one.

          • It won’t. The simple reason is that time is on their side and no real organization exists to resist them. They are currently cementing their power over the media, education, corporations, government institutions and, most importantly, demographics.

          • That’s the “they have tanks, airplanes, warships and nukes!” argument. I doubt they’d dare try, but if they did I believe they’d have to be more worried about turncoats and sabotage amongst their own, primarily. Thoughts differ on that subject here, I understand, but I believe that’s the route it would take.

    • You are going to rely on the media to report things contrary to the narrative?

      You think spoiling a ballot “sends a message” to TPTB?

      “They’d issue a statement saying:’well it seems the public no longer wishes to have any say in government business. So we’ll just make decisions without consulting you from now on.’”

      When have they ever consulted the public? Brexit only got a vote because they were 100% sure it wouldn’t win.

      Put kindly, you are completely delusional.

      • I would put it more kindly, Madam. You are laboring under old illusions. Please keep swimming across to the far shore. We need more here and you will be welcomed.

        • Thank you- I rather liked “something will have to change to re-enage the public with the political process.”

          Haven’t listened yet. Still thinking about a recent friendly fire incident here at Chez Z.

          What’s happening in Cali, is coming to the rest of us, whether we want to hear it or not. Our rulers want this spread, and they also want us fighting each other. Belay that. We’re in a war.

          California is sinking under homelessness, joblessness, and disease. There is a backlog of 850,000 unemployment applications.

          L.A. is a plague zone. Personal sanitary measures are appropriate, because we can’t afford to get sick. Move? Where? How much? This is self-defense.

          Woke Cali cannot blame the culprits, so the Woke blame white people things- outdoor dining, going to church, Thanksgiving.

          4000 Border Patrol agents are laid off with covid; 17 have died.

          Whether it’s actually cooties19 or not, the huddled and diseased masses of Mexico, yearning to breathe free, are piling up on the border waiting for Biden.

          Where do illegals go? To Los Angeles. Also, blacks are having big underground raves, cuz black, making things worse.

          Yes, other nasties aplenty are out there, but none have been used against us like this. I applaud those who are more prepared, but none of us are ready for this blitzkreig.

          • Alzaebo,

            I see their literal bug as a feature. Their insistence that things not get better belays hope. What are they offering?The glaring persecution of the normal “white” things you mention above juxtaposed with the surrender of main street to hordes of diseased drug addled homeless. It is noticed. Everyone grumbles about the PC, but Leftie keeps piling it on.

            So now you must ask yourself what you believe. Some here say that the continued forcefeeding of the crap sandwich will break us all down into compliant peasants. I disagree. There is always a breaking point. We offer hope. Righteous hate. Justified anger. Brotherly love. The more chaotic they make Our people’s lives the more we can operate in, and capitalize on, that chaos. I believe in Our people.

    • If enough people do this the media will soon pick up on the very high percentage of spoiled papers and something will have to change to re-enage the public with the political process.

      We have had many supposedly important things in the UK that should have caused a complete overhaul of the political process. The media picked up on the immense number of disaffected British who voted to leave the EU. This result was sat on because, in my estimate, about 80% of MPs at the time didn’t like it. Plus, all of the institutions that are arms of government have huge numbers of employee that didn’t like it.

      And, as the US example shows, even in the event of a fiendishly fraudulent election, they will willfully underplay or ignore it because their side won. The most sensible thing to do is to accept the hollowness of this, and network to find like-minded people. Form stable social networks that don’t poke the decaying paper tiger of government, pay your tribute, and plan for the day when you may have to fight. Actually fight. I suppose it’s best nowadays to think of government as a local mob boss: some things are accomplished to great effect but it is best to avoid engagement with them were necessary.

      They’d issue a statement saying:’well it seems the public no longer wishes to have any say in government business. So we’ll just make decisions without consulting you from now on.’

      Now that would rile some souls. Perhaps it would even shake their faith in these historical institutions, that, after all, are only as good as the people who staff them.

      • Who cares what the so-called “media” picks up? Even supporters of the media slant on things know that the media is just a propaganda game now. People know the score very well, from their friends, neighbors, and their own eyes and ears. They take their different sides, knowing full well all the games that are afoot.

      • don’t poke the decaying paper tiger of government, pay your tribute, and plan for the day”

        “think of government as a local mob boss: some things are accomplished to great effect but it is best to avoid engagement”

        Huzzah. Sound warfighting tactics.

        Hunker down, do what you can, where you’re at, and plan to survive.

    • Warfare by psyops. If you want to discourage the natives from getting restless (read: rise up in violent rebellion), then give them false hope that the electoral system can be repaired, and at some mythical date far in the future, the sun will come up, the birds will sing, and all will be well in the world. And masturbating in the voting booth is a great way to accomplish that goal. It’s fun, feels good, can be addictive, and the privacy makes it socially feasible.

      • Jerking the vote. One more thing the dems stole from us when they went to the mail in ballot. Muh civic duty is not the same when nobody is waiting on the other side of the curtain. It may explain all those extra votes tho. Nothing like being wuhanned at home during election month to generate lots of nobodys watchin democracy with refractory down balloting.

    • Without the consent of the people, America’s standing in the world becomes a laughingstock.

      Consent = currency in world affairs

      And so you bankrupt them

      • CHesterton said the dead voting was keeping tradition in place…. Even if the confederate statues did indeed “represent slavery” (which they dont’) I would be for leaving them up JUST BECAUSE people that I can’t claim to be better than, or know more than, put them up….
        Statues are just an example, divorce laws, contraception laws, anti sodomy laws, anti mixed marriage, all traditions I have no right to look down my nose at

  61. The GOP should not be boycotted until there is a replacement, due to reasons of legitimacy and frankly our still childish, credulous American population. This is horrid, but the real world tactics and strategy that must be bowed to- it is absolutely a constraint.

    A degrading, insulting constraint, but constraints must be acknowledged and operated within.

    “Where’s your BAR?

    At the bottom of the channel, bitch tried to drown me.

    Find a replacement.”

    It sucks, and the bottom of the nearest channel in a just world is the best place for the GOP. But its not a just world.

    When your enemy wants to genocide you, disappearing voluntarily is bad policy.

    OTOH have faith in the Mad Libbers – they are going to Steal all the elections going forward.

    Unless they are too weak or incompetent to do so – I mean all the way down to the Statehouse level – they must do this or leave places, people and yes governments to rally around.

    When they keep stealing elections blatantly they will both destroy the GOP and finally convince the white masses they have no choice except to stop playing by the rules or perish.

    • There are a million reasons to keep doing the same thing again and again. Waiting for a savior to deliver an alternative to the GOP is not a strong reason to keep voting for them. We either save ourselves or we perish from this earth.

      • The Uniparty is very effective at marginalizing or eliminating any potential opposition. The only way to create space for a viable alternative is for one of the parties to die. Whites can make this happen with the GOP. There will be some pain in the short term, but it is better than waiting for a collapse that may take decades to come, if ever.

        • I think our situation is much worse than you, I certainly don’t think decades.
          I flat out said the GOP belongs at the bottom of a channel. < what do you want?
          But…just disappearing from view when the enemy wants to literally disappear you from the earth [kill us] may not be the deft move.
          I don’t believe in the scenario you present of collapse then rebirth= I think collapse might well be followed by massive repression and suffering, and our disappearance – period.
          There isn’t a resistance or protest movement in history that voluntarily walked away from a public platform into nothing – then reappeared as the rising Phoenix. Not in the face of repression and determination to the extent our enemies possess.

          I just don’t believe collapse without a replacement is viable, or even survivable. There must be a replacement to abandon what you’ve got…no matter how flawed.
          No, 1989 in the East did not just happen Sirs.
          Now having said that…build something else and they will come, and so will I.
          Say no – walk away and then what…Tea Party 2 will arise? No it won’t.
          We’ll vanish. Silently. Because your course is atomization and then silence.

          • The left keeps winning. And moving the GOP left, because the left won the culture through TV an movies. Does that mean the only way to create the conditions for an alternative is to create a culture for it to arise in.
            I can only envision a catacomb senecio of culture.

        • Don’t you think voting GOP. Now would only be so you could say, “don’t blame me, I voted for the Republican”???

      • We either save ourselves or we perish from this earth.”
        I completely agree. Completely.
        Now where we may disagree is that dumping them without a replacement is a good idea, you may counter reasonably that they preclude a replacement by their existence which sucks in the gullible…and here I have no easy answer, or no answer at all.
        What I may suggest is: let the Democrats completely delegitimize voting – and therefore let them foolishly kill off the GOP…which they are and will.
        You may also want to wait and see if not so much miraculously but from their own self interest and survival if perhaps the GOP or it’s successor is generated up from the State level; because there is movement that way with the TX lawsuit. Missouri, Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, South Carolina and Utah have formally joined Texas in its Supreme Court suit against Georgia, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin.
        Now I don’t believe in miracles either, but I don’t believe you de-establish what little organization you have until you have some sort of replacement.
        The Iraqis for instance when the Sunni were disenfranchised by De-B’aathfication far more than we have so far – when the Iraqi army and the Baath were sent packing they had networks and a ready made organization to fall back on -the Baath party and the Army. This isn’t an irrelevant example: the same idiots are doing the same thing to us – in stages. Oh yes, there’s far more disenfranchisment and unemployment to come…all of this is Deja Vu.

        Should people vote GOP? I don’t know, but only to undermine the actual ruling party – the Dems. They certainly shouldn’t believe elections or lawyers will save them.

        • The GOP itself is actively sabotaging any efforts at their reform or replacement. Maybe they HAVE to be destroyed to even Allow for an alternative to form..

    • They have been openly stealing elections in wa state for decades. We have mail in only & dominion machines. The GOP here did nothing. When they could have. Something is going to happen this time.

  62. It is truly bizarre that all the things Jews constantly hallucinate about happening to them are explicitly and constantly happening to whites. Imagine if instead of the monuments being torn down, groups were openly taking sledgehammers to Holocaust memorials and this was being celebrated and analyzed by media organs while these squads did it live on TV (sure you get a swastika spray-painted here or there in the wee hours of the morning, but I think we know who’s doing that). Imagine instead of constant stories about phantom nooses showing up at the doors of black students and athletes and politicians they instead every couple days interviewed someone in flyover country claiming some guy named Rosenberg pricked their son with a phlebotomy needle to get some blood to leaven his bread. I wouldn’t care or bother pointing out the hypocrisy if they weren’t so overwhelmingly represented among both those mewling about being victims while doing everything in their power to victimize the rest of us. I don’t like being this angry but even a domesticated housecat will fight if it’s trapped and has no choice. I thought when I got out of the Army that I would be able to relax, but it’s like that Bukowski poetry collection: “War all the Time.” Fine.

    • There’s the stereotype of the neurotic Jew and the reality of little self awareness. It’s strange.

      • Jews are a people whose identity revolves around suffering, both collectively and individually. Because Jews suffer–usually in their own minds–they believe everybody else is suffering, too. And because everybody is suffering, the civilization allowing that suffering must be annihilated. I think this is the primary explanation for why Jews are overwhelmingly Leftist.

        The unanswered question is why Jews developed a culture of suffering. That may be one for the anthropologists.

        • I’m guessing the Canaanites and all those other minor tribes genocided in the Old Testament don’t matter? Perhaps they have Nostalgia For Old Times and are just keeping up a tradition.

        • Because they had no home they developed the same habits and experiences in different host countries for almost two millennia. They see themselves as the perennial underdogs and cannot recognize themselves as overlords, until, perhaps, now.

    • 70 years of monopolizing, advertising, and monetizing Genocide(tm) achieved “Never Again!” and making “Noticing” completely forbidden.

      We’re so well trained that nobody dared point out that the entire cast and crew of the Russiagate follies read like the talent roster of SNL minus the obligatory funny black guy.

      As to SNL, last time I saw public Noticing was when Larry David pointed out the villains of #Metoo all had one thing in common. That got fixed… but fast. And Zman says the Tribe has a problem of not policing their own.

  63. i don’t see how the GOP survives this. And once they implode, the Dems will follow suite shortly after. And then new parties, and a new system, will emerge. That’s the thing about the election theft: it is going to kill both major parties.

    • Just like 1856. The Whigs had no reason to exist except to maintain the illusion of choice, so they died. The Democrats blew up 4 years later, because their only reason to exist – advancing slavery – had been achieved with Dred Scott, and so they imploded into increasingly radical factions. I forget what happened after that, but I bet it worked out ok.

      • Yes, exactly. If you eliminate the old parties, you’ll get new parties. Unfortunately, given that you still have the same national population you started with, your new parties end up dominated by the same interests and the same people as the older parties.

        You can even see that trend emerging in our current third parties. The Libertarians aren’t giving you any more options than the major parties. You can have Left Globalism, Right Globalism, or Libertarian Globalism. Somehow, No Globalism never makes it to the ballot no matter how may parties you have, the fluke of Trump notwithstanding.

        Same shit sandwich with a different choice of sides.

        Attacking the parties is a waste of time. More to the point to acknowledge the electoral system is dysfunctional by definition, and look to finding an adequate alternative.

        Must say, hearing the Smiths on a Zman podcast was a bit of a surprise.

        • Must say, hearing the Smiths on a Zman podcast was a bit of a surprise.

          Been in a rut on the music side, so I’m mixing it up. I’m approaching the annual holiday hiatus, so I’m thinking about what changes to make for the coming year.

          • If you’re delving back in the 1980s, you might want to check out The Replacements. Hardly an unknown band, but generally not played.

            Also, they definitely have the best title for a greatest hits album: Don’t You Know Who I Think I Was.

            Funny and very self-destructive guys – though I’m sure also typically lefty.

          • nominate “Answering Machine” for one of The Replacements greatest songs. Thematically it fits in well with morose Morrissey’s  songs. Like everything else you can hear it for free on YouTube.

          • Hidden classics:

            “If There is Something” by Roxy Music. A 3-part odd beauty

            “Seasons” by Skynyrd (sung by Rickey Medlocke one of only two songs from original band not sung by Ronnie; cool folksy song with nice guitar interlude)

          • Got a song for you: Bobcaygeon by the Tragically Hip. Give the rousing chorus a listen and I think you’ll agree.

          • I saw The Hip play many times in the mid 90’s, from a small bar in the Imperial Capital to festival headliners in front of tens of thousands in suburban Toronto. They were a great act for a while. But Gord Downie went out dripping with the poz and slobbering all over Trudeau fils.

          • I saw them about 30 times over the years, great band, a lot of great lyrics too. Strange to think we’ll never see them anymore. But yeah, gord was a lunatic leftie

          • Hitler was a vegetarian artist and right wing. Morrissey is a vegetarian artist and right wing. Just sayin’.

            (One of my favorite Hitler jokes: They say he was a vegetarian, but I don’t believe that because he was not nearly as pushy as they are.)

          • Goddamn, “just sayin'” is annoying as all hell. Grow some walnuts and own that shit. Anyway:

            I don’t believe that because he was not nearly as pushy as they are.

            Haha, I always liked that one. Guess proof he was no true vegetarian was he lost the war. I’ve actually heard a couple of no-broomstick-up-arse human vegetarian make that joke.
            Yeah, meat allegedly gave Adolf a really bad case of the farts.

          • i didn’t know until today that Twisted Sister did a complete Christmas album. Straight up lyrics with a metal influence. Good stuff.

        • Party politics is probably something mass democracy converges to in an evolutionary sense simply because parties abstract out a lot of politicking into a general purpose machine. These machines are more efficient than any individual politician except in times of crisis like this one and at the time Perot was running. Party backed politicians succeed while loners fail and die out.

        • I have to admit, I really kinda have a nostalgia for kommissars (given his politics, you could assume that’s the title of George RR Martin’s long-delayed “Game of Thrones” volume). Left-Globalism, Right-Globalism… reminds me of deviationists and wreckers and saboteurs. That old commie lingo, so soporific, yet somehow so menacing… stop me, I’m getting misty.

        • Must say, hearing the Smiths on a Zman podcast was a bit of a surprise.

          Morrissey seems to have become rather, ahem… based in latter years.

          • Always has been. The first Nazi Morrissey press hysteria I remember was in the late ’80s, and it can’t have been the first. His songs aren’t true stories or confessions, but he doesn’t lie or pretend in them, and sometimes the art police catch on.
            He’s not a Nazi, obviously, or right-wing by any sane measure. Journalists are dumb. He’s just an almost normal guy who knows that’s a shocking thing to be. As normal-guy attitudes and aspirations (and normal guys) are disappeared from public life, he stands out as uniquely “based.”
            Our cultural representative is Morrissey.

          • Moz had a decent song about fake news a couple years ago, with “Spent The Day In Bed”, but he’s always cast a jaundiced eye toward the fabulists. Twenty five years ago he was writing lyrics like this (“Reader Meet Author”)

            You don’t know a thing about their lives
            They live where you wouldn’t dare to drive
            You shake as you think of how they sleep
            But you write as if you all lie side by side
            Reader, meet Author
            With the hope of hearing sense
            But you may be feeling let down
            By the words of defence
            He says “No-one ever sees me when I cry”

            You don’t know a thing about their lives
            Books don’t save them, books aren’t Stanley knives
            And if a fight broke out here tonight
            You’d be the first away, because you’re that type
            And the year 2000 won’t change anyone here
            As each fabled promise flies so fast
            You’ll swear it was never there
            Oh, have you ever escaped from a shipwrecked life?

            So safely with your software, all miles from the front line
            You hear the way their sad voice sings, and you start to imagine things
            Oh, any excuse to write more lies

        • Interestingly enough, Morrissey – despite his, shall we say, idiosyncrasies – appears to be slightly dissident. His name pops up occasionally for what he says on immigration and multi-culturalism.

          I’d hardly call him one of us, but he seems oddly race aware for an artist.

          England for the English

          • A younger Morrisey liked to tweek the nose of English norms and society. It was also the times. Old Morrisey misses the days when England was English.

          • John Cleese also occasionally hints he is not entirely enamored with the blackening of ol’ Blighty.

          • “England for the English” was written apparently as a broadside against British nationalism. He also hated the Queen. But his music has been so full of old dreary Englishness for so long, he probably sees it as preferable to Pakistani dreariness. I’m awaiting his move away from For Britain and to Patriotic Alternative.

          • Another of Morrissey’s rather dissident songs was “Bengali in Platforms”. He got into some hot water with the British press over the song’s repeated refrain, “Life is hard enough when you belong here”, implying of course that Bengalis or any other non-Brit did not belong in Britain. Definitely worth a listen

          • I love “Bengali In Platforms”, it’s my favorite song off his solo debut. But as an American, some of the cultural references were lost on me. It wasn’t until later that I heard it didn’t go down well with the sensitive types in Old Blighty.

      • i couldn’t tell you were being sarcastic; looked like normal every day dumbness.

        what happened to the Whigs after the Civil War? they still around? When did the dems regain the presidency, after 1860? they kind of…imploded.
        not sure why you went to the effort of constructing a strawman…

        • I wasn’t being sarcastic – that was the other guy’s interpretation. I agree with you. This is the end of the 3rd American Party System. We’re watching a replay of 1856. With no reason to exist anymore, the Republicans, like the Whigs, are dying. The Democrats, like the Democrats of 1856, have achieved everything they set out to do, so they will soon collapse into warring factions. The only “sarcasm” is pretending to forget what happened after 1860, but that’s so lame it hardly qualifies as a joke. No straw man in there that I can see.

          • You are an optimist. Republicans have been playing along in their uniparty role for longer than I have been around. Let us recall that Republicans were formed as a radical party and revolution was their legacy but after only a decade or so the parties began swapping spit and positions.
            The two parties will die together with the rest of the country. Whether that will be a bad thing or a way forward may be determined by a few good men pursuading the millions suffering under bankrupt opinions they long took to be their own.
            It is as Tocqueville said–The world is not directed by long and learned proofs. All its affairs are decided by the swift glance at a particular fact, the daily examination of the changing moods of the crowd, occasional moments of chance, and the skill to exploit them. 

          • The Republicans rose as a radical faction with some very explicit goals. Within that decade you mention though ,we had a very brutal and costly civil war which removed a large section of the American Elite and gave the rest a chance to set their priorities for the next few decades.

            Difference for us is that there was an existing elite that was opposed to the shenanigans of the Northern Ruling Consensus, which made the nature of the conflict a territorial dispute with formal armies. Since this time around we’re not likely to have 2 competing Ruling Classes, or a radical political party which will be allowed to assert our interests, we’re in for a much different, less controlled, ride.

    • If American history is a guide, big things happen when the right fractures. Otoh if the left can’t stay united they get their butts kicked. Not necessarily an undesirable outcome.

      • Alas, we’re in a post-American environment, so I’m not sure American history is all that apropos anymore.

        • I have a hard time even watching old movie classics from a time America was white

          Why even bother? Look what has become of the place. It’s infuriating watching those old classics. But just a reminder that it’s time to forget that America and move off to a new frontier, a frontier of the mind yes but just as real.

          • To view anything–films, photographs, magazines, etc.–from pre-lapsarian America is to weep for what once was and what was irretrievably lost. But, yes, that beautiful country somehow led to the debauched, filthy and perverse society we now inhabit.

          • When I was in high school I went to Boy’s State. It was meant to be a week learning about representative democracy.
            They divided us into six ‘cities’ at random, then set up all manner of competitions, like boot camp. It was ridiculous. Most of the guys went along with it. I convince those in my city that this was stupid and pointless. We might ’win’ the competition but to what avail? We’ll never even see each other again.
            We quit competing. Didn’t make our beds, etc. Why have pride in being part of a random temporary collection of people who happen to be together and have nothing else in particular in common?
            This is now how I feel about the US of A.

          • I feel like a manager feels who used to work for Sears and then they decided one day to change everything about the store, the format, the advertising, wanting to take the place in a new direction with a new breed of employee. So I was let go, dead weight. And after I had devoted my life to the company. In short, America fired me. Nothing I can do about it, but don’t expect me to shed a tear when the company goes bankrupt. In fact I may jump for joy.

          • I jumped ship from JCP when they started crashing and burning from afrocentricity for another corporate chain. The lockdown killed us. After furlough, most of management including all of our HR people in the store were fired. Total chaos. Now before Christmas they are cutting hours and letting seasonal people go. I am looking for something else in anticipation of the inevitable.

          • This anecdote may have a little bit of relevance. In 1976 about age 14, I decided that it was not worth putting in extra effort to to get ahead. Partly this was surely the times. I lived in a suburb of DC. My father had just retired, as soon as he could from a fruitless career in government. Even in the mid-1970s at least in retrospect it was obvious that the rot had already begun in our country. Perhaps this was unusually palpable, Living so close to the federal capital. While my drug use was still a year or two in the future, and that certainly could not be an excuse, I had already seen friends at the same grade level get into the pot culture. I got this “why bother?” attitude. And I kept it at least in my early twenties when I finally snapped out of it when I enlisted.

          • in my experience, adding tequilla and weed to the mix, takes a lot of the sting out 😛 just change your POV on things. don’t cry for a lost past, just enjoy what the olde ones produced. who knows what Lady Fortuna has in store, for tomorrow…

      • The amount they can extract from the economy, and transfer to their constituents, will shrink rapidly, leading to internecine fights. Eventually the various ethnics start fighting and conspiring. Add on to that the blacks and mexicans are already engaged in ethnic cleansing – with the nigs being pushed out of most of the country.

        Keep in mind all of these people (in the dem party) are genuinely incompetent. Once they push out the white dem leadership, they won’t even be able to run a Zoom session…

      • Cannibalism is the hope. It just remains to be seen if their hatred of trad whitey exceeds their coalition of gib me dats groups.

      • If no GOP to unite against, the various factions will spin off. The AOC crowd has nothing to do with the Biden crowd ‘cept bitch about the GOP being White.

    • I have a friend who’s been a state level lobbyist for quite a while and is plugged into various GOP organizations around the nation. We’re having beers earlier this week, he totally acknowledges the fraud in 2020, and was talking up the importance of the GA senate runoffs. He didn’t have much response when I pointed out that if they’re going to rig a presidential election they’re probably not going to respect the rules of the Senate.
      Conversation quickly turned back to football.

    • TBH, I think that’s what’s behind the surveillance, censorship, and deplatforming infrastructure that’s taken hold: to prevent that from happening in any meaningful way.

  64. If the choices you want are not on the menu – than walk away.

    What are the choices that we on the dissident right want? Yeah – I get that politicians are lower than child molesters … but what do you want, Z?
    For now, this is the only game in town. Unless of course, you are an accelerationist. (I am not saying those guys are wrong… but I am not sure they are right either…)

  65. The other cup makes you monstrously hideous like Hillary Clinton.

    As soon as you said ‘monstrous’, Hillary’s face flashed in my mind. She really has become a symbol of utter disgust, to be associated with all bad words, in all places, at all times.

  66. I’ll admit I’m having a crisis of faith. As idiotic as philosophical Marxism is, it turns out that in the real world Marx was a self-fulfilling prophet – the “class struggle” is real, because Marxists *made* it real. And in the end, they’ll get The Revolution, too – against *themselves.* There are more talented, ambitious people – even now, after a century of mandatory “education” – than there are places in the apparat… and that’s *before* you factor in the fact that most apparat jobs go to Diversity, while the talented and ambitious tend to be, ummm, monochromatic. The triumph of the apparat achieving class consciousness is Skynet becoming self aware.

    • The greatest trick the Left pulled on us was to convince us that the opposite of Marxism was a classless society. That’s quite a trick, when you think about it.

      • Given that Marx’s explicit goal was a classless society? Yeah, hell of a trick. They were evil, those old Bolshies, but they weren’t stupid. Alas, our Postmodern Bolshies are both evil *and* stupid, and – worst – are Dunning-Krugerrands to boot. Even Stalin knew how to use the velvet glove. They don’t. I bet “voting” will be made mandatory here before too long – it’s important that Dear Leader gets 102% of the vote.