Conspiracy Land

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Something that seems to be a part of every revolution and great period of social unrest is that a cloud of suspicion descends on the society. The people, through distrust and ignorance, no longer understand or trust their rulers. The rulers, because of insularity and obstinance, no longer understand what is happening in their society. There may be factions in the public that view one another with suspicion, so they are not able to properly evaluate one another, adding to the chaos.

One thing that happens when people can no longer trust their rulers is they are ready to believe anything. The French Revolution and Bolshevik revolution, for example, had periods where crazy rumors rocketed around society. We are seeing this today with the QAnon stuff and the election lawsuits. The former was mostly escapism for unhappy people on the left-side of the bell curve. The latter was escapism for the civic nationalists who are one step from exiting the system.

In both cases, the role of these rumors and wild theories is to distract from the reality on the ground. People really wanted to believe Trump was the answer to the failing system, so they were willing to accept increasing ridiculous explanations for his inability and unwillingness to follow through on his promises. The people into this stuff are not sitting around compulsively cleaning their weapons, surrounded by stocks of MRE’s. They are highly engaged citizens who believe in the system.

Suburban civ-nats are not the only people indulging in escapism. The cosmopolitan loyalists have their own Harry Potter version of reality. You see it in this ridiculous video put out by the Tubby Tyrant of the Tidewater. Hogan is backed by the Chinese Communist Party and the neoconservatives, who think they can slither back into power and it will be the Bush years all over again. Republican escapism is built on the idea that everyone will just forget about the last four years.

You see, in this fantasy, Trump is expelled from their midst and the people rally to their banner, prepared to return to a world of old fashioned toadyism. Those sober-minded Republicans will be at the helm again, promising tax cuts for billionaires and endless wars for Israel. After all, that’s what Edmund Burke and Reagan would do. Of course, their masters promote the idea, as you see in this post. Ross Duothat’s role is to promote conservative’s official role in the farce of politics.

You’ll note that no where in that post or any of the writings of these people is there any consideration for why any of this is happening. That Duothat post should have been accompanied by this picture. While lots of white people are no doubt indulging in fantasy in the face of the massive corruption we are seeing, they are doing so for a deeper reason than just escapism. There are real problems that are not going to be papered over by installing the Pretender Biden.

Reality avoidance is not just for the little people. The reaction to the Covid-10 pandemic by members of the plutocracy is another form of escapism. Bill Gates sees himself as a trusted wise man in modern society. He has been out front promoting the latest fads on the coronavirus virus. Why a retired computer executive thinks he is an expert on pandemics is a mystery, but a bigger mystery is why he thinks the world at large trusts his judgement and advice on this issue.

This is probably the most remarkable aspect of the pandemic. The people in charge are completely unaware of the fact that hardly anyone believes them. Even the people wearing their masks to bed think the rulers have botched things. We’re not seeing public surveys on the handling of the pandemic, as it would be a waste of time and it would contradict the fantasy. The people at the top really think they are beloved by the public and it is a small bunch of hooligans causing trouble for them.

To some degree, it really does not matter what anyone thinks, other than the people in control of the institutions. They have the monopoly of force, so they can impose their reality on the rest of us. We see this with the election. The media and tech oligarchs are erasing any questions about the election and will carry on as if the Pretender Biden is a wildly popular hero of the people. They are even trying to sell him to religious people as a “church-going Catholic” who also believes in infanticide.

The thing is though, and this is the great irony of liberal democracy, is that the system needs the fantasy of self-rule to operate. The middle-class has to believe that their votes matter and the market place is always right. These efforts to suppress public debate in order to repress skepticism over the official narrative do more to undermine that fantasy of self-rule than the wild rumors. QAnon believers will keep believing the plan is still real. Take that away and the scales fall from their eyes.

This is why social unrest comes with wild rumors and conspiracy theories. The dynamic of distrust leads to various forms of escapism, which creates a barrier of confusion between the rulers and the ruled. The people at the top, rather than face their own role in the crisis, indulge in their fantasies. The people at the bottom look for explanations as to why things are not as they were promised. The desire to impose an official narrative creates more distrust, leading to more conspiracy theories.

House slaves like Ross Duothat hope that the escapism is a substitutive for real action, but the ongoing street theater says otherwise. The far Left was promised a revolution, so they will not play along with the fantasy. Now the populist Right is getting a taste of street radicalisms and they like it. A new populism is being born in the streets during these election protests. Lots of unhappy people in the streets, feeling the rush or revolt, will have time to share their theories with one another.

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365 thoughts on “Conspiracy Land

  1. The problem is that normies believe that the marketplace is always right not only in terms of money, but of ideas as well. And thus too many buy into the official fantasy, and worse, believe the votes always reflect that. Deep down it’s the house slave fantasist’s fear that the freedom awarded by truth will be too hard and/or tough to handle. Thus the fantasist takes the poisoned apple, and pretends the snake is being truthful in saying the fantasy will make you god. Reality brings freedom by allowing our mind to be at ease with being children of God. And if God’s reality pushes His children to fight for their lives against the heathen, for His glory and their posterity, so be it.

  2. “The people into this stuff are not sitting around compulsively cleaning their weapons, surrounded by stocks of MRE’s. They are highly engaged citizens who believe in the system.”

    Those people surrounded by ammo have no faith in the system, neither courts or elections. They’re snickering as they watch the whole thing come down, as they been imagining it would. This is all confirmation of what they believe.

    However, it’s important to remember Zman isn’t surrounded by ammo. Zman thinks, to at least a certain extent, we can work within the system, and avoid a total collapse, and I personally disagree with him about that. The collapse is the event that precipitates change. There is no Spring without Winter.

  3. In 2016 Trump had a Republican majority in the House and Senate, and still couldn’t his Wall done. Surely that says a lot about the Republican Party. Treacherous friends are worse than open enemies.

  4. Link is not working, somewhat related Disney + is planning a reboot of Firefly, but “family friendly” and presumably without the prostitute character. Or Joss Whedon who has hilariously been called Ray-Ciss by that Cybore actor from Justice League. Whedon’s a male feminist — uber liberal who used his feminism and producer status to sleep with all his starlets, his idiot wife found out years later. [He looks like a human-potato hybrid]
    That’s a desperate ploy. Looking for a cheap property they own (check), dirt cheap to produce (sets and not much fighting, check) with a pre-existing fanbase (though tiny, I think 15 people saw the movie version) and recognizing that movies and theaters are dead, dead, dead. I really do think that with coordinated boycotts and rumors (subliminal Chinese messaging to turn your kids gay in Disney + content) the DR can help drive Disney into bankruptcy. Since Epstein did not kill himself and Trump did not lose anything is possible and believable.

  5. For the scholarly amongst us, I would recommend Andrew Joyce, Ph.D., at The Occidental Observer. Very good writer and, although I forget the details of his journey, I seem to recall that his was a slow migration on the JQ that took several years to culminate to its present stage. Of course, he references Kevin McDonald, who Zman, quite naturally, has pilloried in some podcasts.

    • This is all so strange to me because in my day it was common for academics to talk about the Jewishness of writers or ideas and the effects of their Jewishness on their work that said, it was also common to dislike Jews and say as much openly.

      time is a strange thing, but in time these things just changed

      I also feel bad for the younger set for whom these things are like a forbidden fruit suddenly handed to them My grandmother for example hated them and she was the norm.

      point being there is nothing new in any of this. What seems like a forbidden fruit to young guys is an old shoe to others. Deep down everyone gets it. And people also get that fixating on them is not an answer We are better than them they know it, we know it deep down, Sure, you can punch down to the competition. But what does that say about you? Speaking rhetorically. Challenge yourself Set a goal for yourself and stop thinking of them They’ll just bring you down to their level

      • I agree with alot of what you wrote … and appreciate the advice. I just want to say that it’s not about hating any group, but just identifying group behavior (I sound like K. McDonald now) and knowing effective ways to address it. I think that most people, if they knew, would consider it a strange thing for the wealthiest ethnic group in this country (world?) can, with a straight face, accuse Whites of White supremacy … while appearing to be White, (((themselves))). Think Jake Tapper.

        • i hear ya. It’s crazy what they get away with.

          Perhaps because I was raised not seeing them as equals, always seeing them as these alien people, they don’t get to me as much as they probably should. I’d be lying if there weren’t times when I phoned my dad and bitched to him about how I can’t friggin stomach them, because my dad has had to deal with them a lot too. He understands. There’s no good reason we should have to live among them. There really isn’t. It sucks.

          I don’t have any answers. I’m just fortunate that I am able to not think about them except on those days, maybe 10 times a year, when I have to deal with them. But I can assure you, we are not alone. No one likes them. At some point the pent up anger is going to blow.

  6. Sometimes, I can’t help but see Zman as controlled opposition. Always going into glorious detail about all of the secondary issues, but never going to the root cause. Sure, Trump wasn’t perfect (ex:H-1Bs), but maybe he had to play the game to get re-elected. Maybe I’m a fool, but I think that he was genuinely fighting against the globalists. But, you can never win if you never identify the target. I think that Zman knows exactly where all of these progressive movements have sprung. How about an article on the Frankfurt School and Cultural Marxism?

    • The ((())) question gets talked about enough. They are what they are. They’re a bit of a scummy breed, everyone knows it. We are better off not letting them bring us down. Because they will. That’s their job.

      • I appreciate your reply … its good to have alittle back-n-forth. I just think that whatever we try to do, and whenever progress is attempted, it will be targeted by The Usual Suspects and will be infiltrated. If their tactics are not identified, and yelled from the rooftops, or not written in the sky, it will, more than likely, succeed every time.

        • Of course it will be targeted. They’re hired mercenaries. The elites bring them to do their dirty work, be it collect taxes, or in our case keep us on the plantation as debt slaves or whatever you want to call it. If there is a God, and if there is righteousness and justice in the world, which I think there is, they’ll get what they have coming to them. They’re rotten people. But they serve a purpose. Their job is to weaken us. They’ve essentially been hired to do that.

          why do the white elites hate us so much they’d bring in these people to torment us? I don’t know. I’m just done dealing with it and why I’m basically dropping out for a time. There is too much to be for. Life is too precious to let them ruin it. Fuck em.

  7. Zman keeps bashing Trump and I think that he’s just wrong. It could be said that the first two years of Trump were infected with people not wanting to get too close because not everyone knew that the Russia collusion hoax didn’t have legs. Then, when that hoax started to lose steam, Trump probably realized that he had precious few friends in DC, anyway. So, he was stymied at every turn, but still needed to get re-elected. Zman doesn’t seem to understand that a lame-duck Trump would’ve been a new ballgame.

    • All that may be true

      but trump tried and failed. He couldn’t even stop riots. So what we want of him is beyond the power of any one man, Tough pill to swallow, but there it is. Now we know we were all naive to think one man could solve all these problems. Now we know better. Live and learn.

  8. My daughter just walked into my library while I was listening to Zman on Cotto.

    She asked what i was listening to. I said “Zman, I love Zman. Great podcasts.”

    She seemed very interested

    So my bet is you got a new fan, Z. And I’m sure her boyfriend will become a fan

  9. Whatever theories might be out there, here is what the leftists send around, from an email today — I am tapped into their network – from the great Amurrrican, Stacey Dash, oops, Abrams.

    “Hard-working folks”, “justice”, “American values”, “social justice” … as they collapse the society, they spare no buzz-phrase. Not to mention, another “Reverand”… for good measure.
    (Liberal Person Targeted),

    In a moment, I’m going to ask you to make a donation to Reverend Raphael Warnock’s campaign for U.S. Senate in Georgia. But first, let me explain why I am proud to endorse him and why your support is so critical.

    In 2018, we built a diverse coalition of hardworking folks from all over Georgia, especially Georgians from marginalized communities who felt unseen and unheard. Our fight was rooted in the belief that poverty is immoral, that Georgians deserve access to affordable health care and that the economy ought to work for everyone.

    The fact is, people in the White House and the U.S. Senate are failing Georgians of every political party, every race and every region.

    The Republican Party’s divisive agenda – and systematic voter suppression – goes against everything we stand for as Americans. But here’s what gives me hope: All around the country, good people – including many folks who have never been involved with politics before – are stepping up to fight back and defend American values. We have the grassroots energy we need to restore this nation’s democracy – and if we all do our part to elect leaders who share these values, I know we can make our vision for the country a reality.

    That’s why I am so excited Reverend Raphael Warnock, a champion for Georgians in the fight for justice, is running for U.S. Senate. Reverend Warnock is a strong leader, a pastor and an advocate – and he would be the first Black senator our state has ever elected. If you are as ready as I am to support Reverend Warnock’s campaign, please give $5 or more right now to become a Founding Runoff Donor so we can flip Georgia blue and take back the Senate for Democrats.

    Reverend Warnock knows the incredible movement we built in Georgia in 2018, and he’s determined to build the energy we need all the way to the ballot box in January. He’s ready to fight voter suppression, ensure that health care is protected and expanded and break barriers to opportunity so that future generations know that the sky is the limit.

    For the past 15 years, I have watched Reverend Warnock lead on issues of social justice, economic access and voting rights. We stood shoulder to shoulder on the toughest fights, against opponents who used their power to belittle and erase their fellow Georgians. He’s dedicated his life to public service, and I know without a doubt that he will be a strong advocate for folks in every corner of our state.

    But if we are going to build momentum and flip Georgia blue, we need to show Reverend Warnock – and a Republican Party that thinks they can steal this seat by spending millions of dollars and suppressing the vote – that we have a grassroots movement strong enough to win. That is why I need supporters like YOU to help us get this campaign off the ground.

    So please, (Liberal Person Targeted), will you give $5 now – as much as you can spare – to help Reverend Warnock win this Senate seat, flip Georgia blue and ensure our constitutional rights are protected in the years to come?

    Thank you for your support.

    Stacey Abrams

  10. To get actual real change voting is useless. Of course its useful to make the enemy expend energy and money in places like Georgia but they will cheat anyway.
    A couple of observations. First most people value the homey, ordinary things and their own ability to pay bills and have a good time more than grand political ideas. The elites are stupidly forcing the Great Reset and a dramatic loss of living standards for White people so that Chinese people can have more. We ought to call them on this in conversation with normie — normie has to eat bugs so Chinese people can eat the food America produces Bill Gates Zillionaire said so. Second, the Great Reset has many of the Pozz Purveyors strugging.
    Pr0n0hub had its CC processing pulled by the NYT and Nick Kristoff. [I thought Lefty liked pedophilia? So many are pedos. Confused??] Now Disney is poneying up enormous sums for streaming based on Star Wars and Marvel just as they announced “Gender Neutral” Star Wars kids toys/outfits and that Star Lord is now gay, punishment for Chris Pratt being Christian and not showing up at a Biden fundraiser.
    A boycott of Disney over Starlord being gay may seem like a trivial thing, but for a lot White dudes this stuff matters like changing the Cleveland Indians to the Gender Neutrals (announced today, well the first part anyway its Cleveland Baseball Team). Disney is vulnerable — they are “burning platform” (Nokia) with cable channels and having to spend a ton on streaming while charging below what cable brings them. Time to make them feel pain.

  11. uh- Stephen Miller on Fox & Friends says “an alternative” group of electors is also voting today:

    “As we speak, an alternate slate of electors in the contested states is going to vote and we are going to send those results to Congress.”

    He goes onto to say the only hard date is Jan 20, and there is enough time to effect a Remedy.

    I have no idea how serious they are, it is at least setting the stage for what ever is next.

    • My understanding is that republican electors in GA, PA, and NV have sent ballots for Trump. Have not heard confirmation from MI, WI, or AZ, but I suspect they will do the same.

      The President of the Senate (Pence) opens the envelopes and counts the votes. Pence is under no legal obligation to open the envelope from the Democrat slates of electors. He can simply choose to toss the Democrat envelopes in the trash, open the Republican envelopes, count the votes, and declare Trump the winner. The Democrats will scream bloody murder, but there’s little they can do about it.

      This is why I left a comment a few days ago that it’s premature for GA voters to decide to stay home in the Senate runoff. The Republican party still has a chance to correct this situation. If they find the grit to do so then they deserve to have the Senate. If they don’t then the Republican party is as good as dead.

      As a bonus, this move by Pence could likely trigger some of the deep blue states to secede, or even start a civil war. Bring it.

      • Boycott alone will not, we aren’t Dindus. Boycott does withdraw legitimacy and may have the GOP chasing us, but probably not.

        Power is not money, power is its own bottom line. To withdraw and think this has any effect is dangerous and foolish, to withdraw from their silly game to play our own serious game is still dangerous but not folly.

        • Yeah, but on a purely personal level I am all about boycotting the GOP

          Maybe it doesn’t amount to much, but what it does is free me up to get to things much more important in my life. I think spending my 30 years as a GOP loyalist while never getting anything in return is reason enough to take a second look at things and refocus my energies.

    • Boycotts are a very good start, see my Disney comment above, particularly the streaming services which have huge start up costs and not much revenue compared to cable.
      But we also need to be a non-violent Viet Cong. Violence allows the clampdown, but non-violent aggression makes things costly. As Obama said, get in their faces. At the time and place of your choosing. Always create fear and uncertainty among the enemy.
      And to spread rumors, particularly if they are likely true:
      A. The Chinese Military will be invited in by Jill Biden to put most Deplorables in camps aided by Apple and Google Big Data.
      B. Christianity and especially Christmas will be outlawed by Dr. Jill (always refer to her this way, it makes people think of Dr. Phil that Oprah phony) because the Chinese demand it.
      C. The police are being abolished and replaced by Chinese military personnel.
      Generally, that the Bidens depend on Chinese money and power as a foreigner’s tool. This has the advantage of being generally true. It was the generally true accusation of the VC against South Vietnam.

  12. It might be where I live, but there are many true believers in the Church of Covid here in the Northeast. Mask wearing is off the charts, and unlike even in thoroughly cucked Minnesota, there is, other than the indispensable Howie Carr very little opposition to the Covid panic.

    • Out herein sunny CA the mask wearing conformity correlates with a neighborhood’s “WalkScore”

      Wherever WalkScore is low, say suburbs or small towns, people aren’t much into it.

  13. “Lots of unhappy people in the streets, feeling the rush or revolt, will have time to share their theories with one another”.
    That exchange of theories ought to make for compelling observation, or even more so actual participation.

  14. Speaking of rulers and their petty indulgences, I noticed an article a few days ago that said Biden’s people will bring in guys with Hazmat suits to fumigate the Whitehouse after Orange man is gone (for the virus of course). This was a bone to liberals who love the idea of a “cleansing.” Basically a cleaning of the alter of power. For anyone who thinks Trump was the child emperor while the “adults” are coming into the room in January, this article shows that juvenile petulance is the rule now, not the exception. There are no adults in the room, and won’t be until whatever massive crisis hits like a tornado.

  15. I’m far more tolerant of conservative civnats than most people here, but Kurt Schlicter’s column today is beyond insufferable. The tldr is: get used to Biden; secession is bad; conservatives need to “get fighting for the Constitution, using its provisions twice as hard” (that’s a direct quote); buy my books.

    The good news is that these guys are not fooling people anymore. Approximately 50% of the comments are calling him out as a fool.

    Millions of Americans are putting their toes in the water.

    • Cuckservatism is dead as a dodo, to use another bird reference. Buffoons such as Schlicter think if they Ghost Dance really, really hard, the police state will disappear and we’ll be run by regular James Madisons. The fucking idiot probably will support Biden’s regularly planned wars for our Greatest Ally. The jackass will learn in short order how much people have grown to hate the New Evil Empire.

    • Kurt is comfortable and while he Right Wing enough to mouth off, no way is he going to rock the gravy boat.
      Until proven otherwise, all hat no cattle.
      To be more generous he’s seen urban warfare and knows how bad it can get so I can’t entirely blame him.

  16. I wouldn’t say whats going on is a result of democracy per se, but of a oligarchy that has went full on crazy and declared war on the lower class whites.
    Trump’s win in 2016 freaked them out and his half-hearted attempts at fixing parts of the system, enraged them even further and they blame the MAGA peeps for it. Even though he jettisoned all the nationalists and brought in Bushites and Obama era hacks.
    In regards to election fraud. Trump deserved the reaming he got. Kris Kobach in 2017 was trying to get Trump interested cleaning up the voting system. Instead he let McConnell and the others crush his efforts.2018 was a warning of things to come and Trump ignored it instead dropping the hammer on state GOP officials to keep ballot harvesting and other fraud techniques from happening like in Orange county CA where the Dems flipped it fraudulently.

  17. Z – how come you call Biden the pretender? There are bad things about Biden but I feel like he didn’t scare the normies the way HRC and to a lesser extent Obama did.

    • Kamala will take care of the scare part

      But Biden is still a pretender. No way he crushed Obama in vote totals

      • Yes. He wasn’t as despised by the right as Hillary, but he wasn’t as loved on the left. His “speeches” drew dozens of people, most of them DNC staffers. No way he got 81 million votes.

        • The “D” primaries were very instructive. The Party kept changing the rules until they achieved their desired outcome: a corrupt dementia patient, and a person who bowed out after round one, due to lack of support. They had candidates w/ more support and did their utmost to quash them. It’s so weird.

          • The D’s promoted people who would go with the back-room program without question, and got rid of the more popular candidates that might have turned out to be stubborn about promoting their own ideas, instead of unquestioningly working off of the back-room script.

        • He got 81 million votes – from about 60 million people. Instead of combing the cemeteries as in the past, they let the “register to vote” drive bring the names to them. Guarantee there are many of the newly registered that cast a ballot without knowing they did. High tech matched ballots to unused names for the rest.

  18. “People really wanted to believe Trump was the answer to the failing system, so they were willing to accept increasing ridiculous explanations for his inability and unwillingness to follow through on his promises.”
    Trump was the fragile spark in a bed of dry tinder. All he needed was a puff of breeze, the tinder would have caught, and the blaze would have roared. Instead, he got pissed on. Sometimes by Our Guys. And they ran their mouths as the spark fizzled out.
    And now they can be heard with the answer: “there is too much dry dead wood! What this fire needs to get started, is some gasoline and a couple kegs of black powder!!!”

    somebody wake me up when the fire’s out… and it’s time to rebuild…

      • You’re speaking to one of the points that sometimes gives me the awful feeling this all just one giant kayfabe op.

        • I’ve been having it out with a fellow on an old timey wrestling board about the recent Three Card Monty election. He fancies himself some sort of erudite centrist (obviously leans left but will frequently post links to Reason Magazine). He’s not dumb, but he’s adamant that the election was not a work. The problem is that Trump campaigned on the wrong message — e.g. calling Biden a socialist — and that caused voters to break from him to Biden. For someone who understands what kayfabe is, he’s alarmingly unwilling to admit its existence in the real world.

      • trump’s true nature has been revealed, he has no excuse for promoting vaccine, trump and his family are pure filth, glad democrats stole the elections.

      • Its natural and healthy to trust your leader even if he is an idiot at times.
        A complex society in which no one can lead or be trusted will break down into warbands and tribes very quickly as the most violent, smart and charismatic rise to dominance.

  19. The sane are deeply and justifiably angry, so go out into the woods and scream for a while to vent. Then calm down and get to work. Your job now is to survive the madness. If you live in a city, move to a rural area or small town. Learn to be self sufficient as much as practicable. Become innocuous and invisible by appearing boring and predictable in routines. Inside your mind, become hyper-aware and think creativity. Become fit and able and play out potential scenarios in your head. Think of yourself as an antibody in waiting.

    • Computer and electronics in general are making people crazy

      Walk into a Best Buy with all of that competing electricity and you can feel the brain begin to soften

      Staring at a computer all day with electricity being jammed back into your brain can’t be good

      Getting oneself back to nature is a definite solution to the madness

  20. “it really does not matter what anyone thinks,”

    In fact the opposite is true. This is a spiritual war: the stakes are damnation with the majority who follow Satan; or to stand apart as an individual (in 2020 the churches are with the majority) and joyfully accept the salvation offered by Jesus. So, the *only* thing that matters – in the long run, which for Christians) is eternity – is “what people think”.

    • My mom asked me the other day if I was going to go to the Christmas vigil mass at our family parish. “I need to know because you have to make a (Covid) reservation.”

      I have no use for a church that won’t assert its spiritual duties in the face of temporal pressures.

    • The last mass I attended was a Jesuit channeling Bruno every mass from the very altar, making sure everyone knew he and the naturally lisping, clearly somewhat dysgenic (so vulnerable) choir boy were a thing. Flaming and Proud and fsking the choir boy (who may have been “barely legal”.)

      That’s the real Church.
      Yes this was recently.

      No, I won’t be praying for the sinners.

      Spiritual War 🤣🤣🤣🤣

      Lets have the real thing for all the points Alex, and we’re way past Double Jeopardy.

  21. More interesting than the distrust, at least with record to Kovid, is the trust. Why, despite overwhelming evidence that the danger of Kovid is wildly overblown, do people continue cringing and cowering as if it was 1370 and the Black Death was raging? Why, despite the obvious fact that Karen Kloths are an ineffective defense against a largely illusory threat, do the masses continue with the mask masquerade?
    I believe the chief reason is that people fear the notion that the Power Structure cannot be trusted. They want desperately to believe the present is just like the old days when one could, more or less, trust what the government, media and medical establishment said. Foregoing that trust means, among other things, that people are forced to rely upon their own good sense and intellectual candlepower to make sense of the world, and not many people have the confidence to do so. It also means we are living in a deranged society where reality is up for grabs and the Power Structure is, to a significant degree, evil. That means abandoning the idea that America is still the good ol’ US of A. And most people, unfortunately, are as yet unwilling to give up on the American dream, which is now merely an insipid fantasy.

    • Around by me, it’s mostly immigrants who are buying into the Kovid

      These people trust the government, being more or less part of it

      Struck me as pretty funny that at the outset it was all the Mexicans who otherwise don’t mind breaking every law in the book who were the ones so diligent and compliant with St Kovid mask orders

      • A friend of mine told me that he ran into a federal attorney at a bank after the mask BS started and was chatting with him. The Fed said rather ruefully “This is nuts, I’ve put people in prison for less than this.”
        Truth is wearing mask makes them feel like a bandit or outlaw. Its fun and legal for a change.
        Put on scarf and a ballcap and viola, Watchdogs chic. Same for some nerds.
        What is interesting is few Black Hispanic or Whites are willing to take the vaccine.
        They suspect its not safe and the medical people taking it now censorship or not will let everyone know. Docs and Nurses aren’t robots and if they or colleagues start getting sick, the info will spread.

        • What is interesting is few Black Hispanic or Whites are willing to take the vaccine.
          when you’re dependent on welfare you don’t get a choice

          • They always have a choice. Riots work.
            FWIW I’m seeing alot of the vaccine is safe agitprop on YouTube which tell me few people trust this which is a good think and is going to make 2021 more interesting than it already is. Ugh.

    • I believe the chief reason is that people fear the notion that the Power Structure cannot be trusted.

      I think this is pretty accurate, after all, being paranoid and not trusting most authority figures is tiring and frustrating. It does actually take a lot of mental energy to be skeptical about stuff. It’s hard.

      • Stockholm syndrome
        Stockholm syndrome is a condition in which hostages develop a psychological alliance with their captors during captivity. Emotional bonds may be formed between captors and captives, during intimate time together, but these are generally considered irrational in light of the danger or risk endured by the victims.Wikipedia

    • Exactly right. It’s fascinating now, seeing those old shows from the 1990s like the X-Files. Back then, we thought they represented a popular fear of a too-powerful government. From 2020 they look like wish fulfillment fantasies – we can only dream of a government competent enough to hide space aliens. Nowadays they can’t even plausibly rig an election, or even not get caught flagrantly breaking their own stupid mask rules.

        • I remember being taught the book in high school in the early 80’s. It was probably predictive programming.

        • To be fair to Honey Pot, I think she’s got the wrong equipment for “me love you long time” to work on Swalwell. Dude looks gayer than a tangerine in jean shorts to me.

    • “They want desperately to believe the present is just like the old days when one could, more or less, trust what the government, media and medical establishment said.”

      When exactly was this? If the media was ever trustworthy, it was at least a hundred years ago and probably a lot longer. Remember the Western press covered up all the crimes in the early days of the Soviet Union. We are just lucky enough to be living during a time that the public is losing the trust we never should have had in them in the first place. They have always been the lying press.

    • Believing in the Coof is partly a grasp at some sort of normalcy, and of continuing to want to depend on leadership as being good and competent. But there is a peer element to it as well. If one’s peers are all up in the Coof thing, then joining in the Coof party is just really easy to do. People always under estimate two things. One is the power of joining their crowd of peers, and two is how important it is to keep up with the Joneses.

  22. Trump walked in and handed his populist agenda over to the GOP funeral directors and insurance salesmen and put his son in law Jared in charge to oversee his appointments. What did they do? Contacted Bill Kristol for advice? Yes, pretty close to the truth.
    Trump is now paying for not having a team of throat cutters ready to go when he walked into the swamp.
    What happens now? No, I don’t think Trump is Julius Ceaser. I think we stew and we percolate for awhile and either we bow to liberal democracy or we create our own organizations and separate world as mentioned in the Taki article.
    Trump ain’t our guy with the sword. He is still coming. I hope.

    • To be fair, I cannot think of a single throat slitter on the right he could have appointed. The left is full of them.

      • Yes, I agree, thus our problem with the current GOP. I have no use for them as they are currently populated at the top.
        The leadership of the current GOP is worthless.
        The people who vote GOP on the other hand, many are decent people who do not understand just how worthless their party has represented them over the years.

      • I beg to differ, there are plenty of throat-cutters on the right. The problem is is that they only take out the knives and get serious when there is a conservative challenger from within their own ranks. Ask Chris Kobach.

    • Trump is a CivNat who is unwilling to go beyond the guardrails. Normie is quickly learning where that gets you.

    • “Discrimination against political views and race is illegal”…said 99% of Americans who know nothing about CCP membership.

      I’ll give this to the CCP…when they rule the world (if they don’t already), it’s going to be because they earned it. 2 million plants worldwide!

      I doubt the US has more than a couple thousand fluent US loyalist Chinese speakers on the payroll.

      • The unexplored point is that it would be easy to use fluent Mandarin speakers to fool the Chinese. No Chinese ever expects a waiguoren to speak their tongue. I speak decent Chinese and the reactions I get are almost comical. Once during open swim at the local college, two Chinese students had to use the lanes on either side of me. As I was taking a break, they were talking loudly over my head. I turned to one and asked her in Chinese if she’d like to change lanes. She then shouted to her friend, as if I wasn’t there at all, “this person just spoke Chinese to me.” And she said this in Chinese, as if I hadn’t just demonstrated that I would understand what she was saying. That’s not an atypical reaction.

        If we could train a few hundred infiltrators to speak fluently but act like the aw-shucks, “they’re treating me like a king!” business types, they could probably glean a shit ton of information.

          • I’m not remotely angry at China for doing what is in their best interest.
            Its our greedy treasonous elite that deserve our hate not Chinese who are behaving in a patriotic manner to their own nation.
            They all need to be sent back buts just business nothing personal.

      • Its already out in English if you want it. There are around 56K American members on the list apparently.

          • I apologize as it seems I was in error. the list of US nationals hasn’t been translated as yet or isn’t out.

        • I do wonder if US Fortune 500 companies will even look at the list and do a little double checking against their hiring roles.

          Probably not. The biggest companies in the US are by far the most “woke”.

    • And yet, here in SoCal, multiple local small business communities are staying open and nothing is being done to them. The lesson is, cooperation and unity of purpose within a community is a force multiplier.

      • What was done for those SoCal small businesses that were the targets of the burners, looters, and murderers?

        How about the SoCal restaurants that choose to fully open?

        How about those SoCal movie theatres that choose to run films on all 18 screens and declare its patrons need not don a face-diaper?

        • Liberty Mike, it’s a real mixed bag. The only thing that has worked so far (in Carlsbad, Oceanside, and Temecula), is that an entire neighborhood small business community decides to stay open. Emphasis on “so far”. The random restaurant or gym, the authorities take them down. I’ll be checking out Chula Vista in person tomorrow. I’m hearing rumors that everything is quietly open down there, too.

  23. We’re not seeing public surveys on the handling of the pandemic, as it would be a waste of time and it would contradict the fantasy. The people at the top really think they are beloved by the public and it is a small bunch of hooligans causing trouble for them.

    We are still getting typical job approval polls for Governors. They are a lot higher than they should be in most cases. Cuomo took a post election hit, but is still at 56%. Whitmer had 59% job approval before the election. I guess you could argue every sane in person in New York has left the state or won’t answer a poll like this. Andy Beshear, the Democrat Governor of Kentucky still has an approval rating of 53%, so isn’t just confined to blue states.

    • Were these the same polls that had Biden +17 in Wisconsin?

      Everything is fake, polls as well as elections. Might as well be reading astrology signs to predict public sentiment.

      • They may well be fake. I was responding to the comment that they aren’t polling the pandemic, they might not be polling it directly, but it isn’t showing up in generic job approval numbers they are still running.

    • I just took a random poll of my immediate family and I am at 75% approval. My poll is more free of bias than the ones you are looking at.

  24. From what I see, the media is more fiction than fact—I guess that is why they refer to the news as a narrative. 
    You have to trust your eyeballs first.
    In my case, I own a well-located building that housed a very popular, casual restaurant. The building is grand, the restaurant was simple, with excellent local food and reasonable prices. 
    Covid shut the place down and street riots chased most of the customers away. The owner who supported a young family and forty or so employees ran out of money and is gone for good. 
    There been no rent since the shutdown in March, although the local government raised my property taxes by 15%. Since I don’t have a mortgage they won’t be able to take the property from me and I’m just sucking up the costs that don’t go away.
    Since the building is well located, the space has been coveted by larger corporate restaurant groups for years. Although I like supporting local, small business, the only available tenants today are the big guys. I signed a new lease—it actually pays more than the previous tenant. The new restaurant is going to cater to the rich—the prices will be three times what they were before. None of this is right or just.   I believe my experience is happening everywhere.

  25. The whole country has gone mad. It seams everyone is delusion sally detached from reality. Perhaps that’s the real legacy of the information revolution, everyone lives in their own virtual reality – shaped by their imagination regardless of reality. Not sure how well it will work when people’s personal VR bubbles intersect.

    • It’s funny to come across this comment as more and more I’ve been wondering if there’s something to the idea of solipsism. But that’s most likely just the side effect of being gaslit 24/7.

  26. Vote GOP! You get:

    – judges who look the other way on election fraud

    – millions of h1b scab visas to steal your jobs

    – jobs the h1b don’t take are sent to china in crooked trade deals

    – violent african felons let out of jail

    – platinum plan

    Yee haw! Principled conservatism!

      • I can’t remember exactly – was it the 90’s or early 2000’s when the “Mean People Suck” bumper stickers started appearing. The SJWs have been hating on us a long time.

        • “Hate Has No Home Here” is the contemporary analogue to that one. The AWRs never tire of telling us just how gosh-dern sweet they are.

    • A couple of weeks ago SCOTUS was discussing Deportation Relief. Gorsuch opined that the illegal in question “wasn’t using a Social Security card to defraud anybody of anything, but just to get a job.” FWIW, I’ve been the victim of identity theft. Nobody in LE will help you, even when merchants, etc. have cctv with the perps on film and are willing to help.

  27. All very true and on point.

    One clarification- in America by Constitution, law, administratively and in fact there is no monopoly on the use of force. As indeed we see in the streets.

    There’s never a monopoly in fact, just some regimes legally make it so – but in our regime not even legally. That’s if the elites could trust the troops and police rank and file – they can’t. Generals can be bought and are, so with Police Chiefs- but the rank and file know and loathe them.

    Had we a leader, a biter instead of a carny barker ….

    History suggests leaders come when they see a people and an army leaderless and seething.

    No one told Trump you can do anything with bayonets but sit on them.

  28. Dear Penthouse: I never thought this would happen to me, but I kinda miss the Clinton years. Give me a grifter over a cultist every time. When Billy lied to you, at least you knew he was getting something out of it (if only the weird sexual thrill he obviously got from knowing that you knew he was lying). The Media, meanwhile, were straight up about lying for the Cause – cf. that bint who proclaimed on national tv that she’d be happy to service Clinton “for keeping abortion legal.” Media people these days are Red Guards — they really *believe* this stuff, and they’ll keep believing, even when tomorrow’s Official Lies directly contradict the Official Lies they themselves “reported” today. It’s lunacy.

      • Yeah, but I needed an internet handle decades ago and that was the first book I saw on my shelf. No deep significance, except that I was dumb enough to do a sci-fi thing on the Internet without thinking through the implications. Tells you everything you need to know about my judgment.

      • (Shhh. Yes, and he regrets it.

        The analeptic alzabo thinks it’s an excellent choice. The beast believes our esteemed adept would prove most creative in his approach to managing aristocratic clients.)

        • All true, but at least they weren’t insane. Either one of them would’ve outlawed abortion in a hot second if you paid them enough. A lot of these lunatics these days are True Believers. To paraphrase Chesteron, or CS Lewis, or whoever it was – there’s always a chance you can buy off a grifter or a gangster, but you can never be free of a True Believer (well, there’s ONE way…)

          • “Of all tyrannies, a tyranny sincerely exercised for the good of its victim may be the most oppressive. It may be better to live under robber barons than under omnipotent moral busybodies. The robber baron’s cruelty may sometimes sleep, his cupidity may at some point be satiated, but those who torment us for our own good will torment us without end for they do so with the approval of their own conscience.”
            -C.S. Lewis

      • Reinventing govt gave us govt by contracting. Bill realized Bioleninists couldn’t get any services delivered, so our actual govt services are long contracted out. This created the actual Toll House Super Zips Corporatist shadow govt which is what we are facing.

        You may add to the precious benefits – war logistics, wars dirty work, Intelligence SIGINT and HUMINT.

        Surely you can’t see Evan mcMullian in a gunfight, for instance?

        Bill also let his crew be the money launderers for the Rape of Russia, and we see same characters usually small hats in the various Ukraine Dramas.

        This also is where any actual muscle could come from – in theory at least.

    • Clinton was a likable guy from Arkansas.
      He got his kicks in Hot Springs whore houses as a kid.
      A good ole boy that was nice to your face but would screw you in a New York second. He opposed LBJ but Clinton was a lot like him.
      Now we just got aliens ruling us who make no effort to cover up their corruption.

    • When BillyJeff was Gov he turned a blind eye to the Iran-Contra drugs/arms smuggling operation out of Mena, AK. (He later called GHWB “Dad.”)

    • I’m guessing he has an important point to make and cut him some slack he’s doing this for free in his spare time.

  29. Start passing out pamphlets that address specific chinks (()) in the globalist armor. The vaccine is a good place to start. Even the news networks can’t spin injecting this gene-altering, rabbinical precum as a prudent health decision — let alone with exactly zero longitudinal studies. Start there. “I’m not anti-vax, but clearly this is something different. Just because they’re not forcing us to take it today doesn’t mean they won’t try to force us to tomorrow. When that day comes, it’d be best if we all knew each other and had a plan.”

    • I just started working the Post-It note angle this past weekend. I printed out a sheet of 5160 sized stickers, each one with a short saying, and put them on Post-Its, which I have begun leaving on items in large stores. “It’s OK to be white”, “Masks are juju”, “Happy Xmas (Covid Is Over)” and others.

      I definitely need to add some vaccine-skeptical phrases. If anyone here has any suggestions, on any topics, please let me know.

        • Z-Man mentioned he had a friend who did this, that’s where I got the idea.

          So I keep the note pad in my coat pocket. I peel one off with my hand inside the pocket and palm it with the sticky side facing out. Then I grab an item from the shelf, pretend to read it while casually pressing the note against the back side, before returning it to the shelf. I try to put it behind one or two of the same item so that it won’t sell for a few days/weeks. I also tried to pick items that women would be more likely to buy.

    • I was just in a gift shop/stationary store/costume rental place. As I was looking around I noticed there were Kwanzaa cards in the card aisle. I had an “It’s OK to be white” sticker next in the deck and I thought it was tailor made for the Jogger Christmas, but then I had a moment of inspiration and I attached it to a Hanukkah card instead!

  30. The Hogan video is pretty funny. Quite the word salad with lots diversity thrown in for good measure. I forget how clueless these people are. If he (and his handlers) think that message is going to work going forward, I suspect that they’re in for a nasty surprise.

    Boycotting people like Hogan would be a very effective tool. The GOP needs to die to help wake up CivNat Whites. They’ll see that no matter how badly the GOP does in elections, it won’t acknowledge them or take up their issues.

    • Notice the Hogan video has comments disabled. Worse, it has the thumbs up/down ratio disabled. Kind of says it all. If anything, the video will have the opposite of the intended effect.
      Sounds like another grifter Lincoln Project-esque organization burning dumb millionaires money.

      • When comments are disabled on a site that hasn’t blanket-eliminated them, you know they were going against the preferred narrative.

    • Hogan thinks that, because he managed to win as a Republican in Maryland, his career arc is a viable template for the future. See, Reagan won 49 states, so…

      Everyone is working on a fantasy these days. The only people telling the truth are those who point out nobody is coming to save you. And half the people who post those memes don’t really believe in, either.

    • Same.

      If I can’t see it with my 2 eyes then I assume it’s false. And I’m high iq lol. Not a great sign for the state of the empire.

    • Why having pets is a key to retaining one’s sanity

      All of our human drama means little to them as they just keep being cute and hungry and help me, at least, keep perspective

    • You’re not wrong, in a way. There are just so many grifters in key positions these days, each working his own angle that you can be damn sure you won’t benefit.

      Every day I see this in the micro-realm: dealing with project managers who just blow hot air, needless HR paper shufflers, overly unionized workers. And this is in my industry. There is no reason to think this doesn’t carry over to The Pentagon, The FBI, SIS, GCHQ, Washington or wherever you fancy.

      It may not be an ‘op’ but it sure as hell isn’t working for our benefit. But we knew this already. Still, it is always bad when we think that society is everywhere and at all times on the take.

  31. a minor aristocracy we call the managerial class 
    Can someone explain this term? I have heard Paul Gottfreid use it. Can someone name 5 members of the managerial class I might be familiar with. Thanks in advance!

  32. Why I think Biden as POTUS is a good thing. As someone has said, 2021 is the tar baby. Let that stick to Biden and the Dems. Whatever is bad for Dems is good for me.

    • They will blame every problem on Trump and take credit for ending the shutdowns and “beating” Covid. The media will help them churn out propaganda to support this narrative every step of the way.

      • They will but the people won’t buy it

        hence greater and greater detachment between the cloud and the dirt people. The old tricks won’t work when people are facing the prospect of being homeless

          • I have been around for too long and have seen too many cycles

            The idea of financial collapse in one’s life has a way of focusing the mind where blameshfting won’t work when people demand results

      • Everything FDR did was worthless. Unemployment was still above 15% at the end of his second term. It took the devastation of Europe, and the boost to US industry to rebuild it, to pull us out of the depression. Yet, he was loved and trusted during times of crisis. Owning the PR organs can cover a lot.

      • They damm well sure won’t remember the “10 million jobs returned, no new foreign wars” part.

        Remember how rosy things looked last year?

        • I am truly thankful that Trump didn’t give Bibi his desired war with Iran. When it comes to “jobs returned” the Bureau of Labor statistics tells a different story. I’d be more than happy to see the links proving otherwise.

    • A Biden presidency is a bad thing, period. Claiming that the Dems will finally have to own the blame for their policies is particularly thin gruel. The only reasonable way to evaluate a presidency is whether it results in a material improvement in all its citizens’ lives in a more-or-less equal measure. Our lives will be worse under Biden, and his presidency is a bad thing. To say anything else is simply dishonest.

  33. Much of the last four years is well on its way down the memory hole. Other than “Orange Man Bad” and COVID, what will be remembered? The media certainly ignored all else.

    • now that I think about, yeah, other than covid and election year mischief in 2020 what will trump years be remembered for? Nothing really happened other than media hysterics.

      I’ll have to think about it

  34. In Re: QAnon. I’ve never seen a clearer real life case study of the book “When Prophecy Fails” -L Festinger than otherwise sane conservatives “Trusting the Plan” and “The Storm is Coming”. It’s literally crazy.

    Also: Increasingly obvious people “listen” to Gates because he’s RICH (and generous), not because he’s SMART. He is smart (in a narrow area), but who wouldn’t “listen” to a intellectual gadfly who also is willing to write huge checks to your organization if properly flattered?

    • Back in the 1980s and 1990s, Gates fought both Washington and the media because he felt like everyone should stay out of his business. Therefore, he was disliked by Washington and the media.

      But then Gates discovered that showering both groups with money via charities, political donations, jobs, speaking fees, etc., made you wildly popular. It also allowed you a power and influence well beyond the computer industry.

      • No worries. After Gates’ time has come, his legacy will be felt in the form of mandatory, poorly timed updates to your Windows OS. The man truly is evil.

        • Not a Windows 10 user, are you? Don’t blame you. Balmer gets a lot of flack for his time at the helm, but damn did things really obviously go downhill after he left.

          • My day consists of booting up Windows 10. Then SSH ‘ing into Linux VMs. But of course, all companies love MS, so we have to put up with their stuff. Didn’t mind the Office suite though, back when I used to be a VBA whizz. Nifty tool set. Now it’s mega bloat.

          • Every single time Microsoft updates its OS (also Office) it’s a major headache and loss of productivity for Businesses that use the software.

    • Gates has been funding research into Viruses including in Wuhan for years. That explains his panic, his fear is palpably true.

    • He was – and as usual a good discussion. The man is prolific between his daily columns, the weekly podcast, Taki and the occasional outside interviews. Been one of my best net finds ever.

  35. When they tabulate unemployment numbers one thing goes missing. All the business owners and self employed don’t get counted when their careers are cancelled. That is a substantial number. Of course the official tabulations are not accurate but still needs to be said.

    • Yep, and that’s why the economic geniuses (I.e. 20 something analysts hired by mega firms) were caught by surprise at the higher number of unemployment claims in the past month

  36. Why a retired computer executive thinks he is an expert on pandemics is a mystery, but a bigger mystery is why he thinks the world at large trusts his judgement and advice on this issue.

    It isn’t uncommon for men who have great success in one area to think they are experts in everything. Gates is far from alone among his peers in that regard. They also trust each other as experts regardless of what the results are as long as it makes them feel good. Jeffrey Sachs is considered one of the most influential economists in the world, Gates has worked closely with him in Africa, Poland is the only country he has worked with that doesn’t hate Sachs for making their country worse and that was 30 years ago.

    • Being surrounded with slobbering sycophants hoping to catch a few crumbs from the billionaires table helps too.

    • Also true of anyone who fancies xzhyrzelf a professional intellectual. I spent umpteen years in the ivory tower, and even with all that experience it never ceased to amaze me how the most clueless people carried on. What should our defense posture be in re: fishing rights off the Saskatchewan Reefs? They have never heard of any of those things, but they are metaphysically certain they’re right about whatever they just made up. And the further the “expert” got from a right answer discipline, the more vehemently certain xzhey got. There are no more puissant armchair generals than people who wrote their dissertation on the gendering of adverbs in the Maori-American Poetry of the Later Middle Ages.

      • “There are no more puissant armchair generals than people who wrote their dissertation on the gendering of adverbs in the Maori-American Poetry of the Later Middle Ages.”

        LOL. So very true. And as regards Maori-American poetry of the late middle ages, my personal favorite is “Troilus and the Lexus” by Chinuwi Romney-Dole.

    • Wasn’t Gates’ dad associated with the CIA? Or was he the lawyer for the Rothschild?

      When Gates was 19, the board of IBM called him to a meeting so he could do a presentation of MS-DOS or Basic (caveat, my memory’s a tad fuzzy.) He had bought DOS/Basic from a college roomate for $70,000.

      The industry standard was a language called CPM. The guy who invented it decided to go windsurfing instead of making his pitch to keep CPM at the board meet; IBM adopted DOS, and 19 year-old Gates went on to become the richest man in the world.

      Who knew an electronics nerd had such exquisite knowledge of commercial licensing?

      • It didn’t hurt Gates that his well connected mother served on the Board of United Way of America with the CEO of IBM.

      • CP/M. Operating system, not language. They were, initially, very similar. I suspect MS-DOS ripped off a lot of concepts from CP/M.

        I don’t know if the surfing story is true, but indeed whether to go with one OS or the other was pretty much a toss-up, and fortunes were made and lost on that little decision.

        • Also Microsoft licensed its OS, Apple didn’t. Thus the PC took off (especially in terms of 3rd-party software development) while the Mac remained “niche.”

      • Woops, sorry, I should’ve put “go windsurfing” in quotes. I meant to supply a quality conspiracy theory.

    • The prime example of this mindset is one even normie can understand and I have used to some effect. Consider the meddling sportsball owner. He made a billion doing xyz, but his ego doesn’t allow him to not override the decisions of his underlings who have dedicated their lives to assembling effective teams, thereby ensuring mediocrity at best and likely consistent failure at worse.
      Gates track record in various disciplines (I am not an expert on him I admit) lead me to believe he is just another guy like this. The only difference is instead of sportsball its immune systems or poverty or whatever else makes him rock hard and allows him to feel his genius crosses all time and space.

  37. Why a retired computer executive thinks he is an expert on pandemics is a mystery, but a bigger mystery is why he thinks the world at large trusts his judgement and advice on this issue

    Gates most probably just relishes bossing people about. With all that cash and all that clout, he could attempt to remake the world in his vision. Perhaps as a way to get revenge for all the times he was stuff into lockers at high school. Popular psychology of course, but probably on the money.

    • You had some nice rhyming going on to start!

      introduce the word “lout” and we got ourselves a decent little ditty 😁

    • Popular psychology is “popular” because it often expresses what is known and requires no explanation, so yes, there is almost certainly a component of the stuffee’s personality that is resentful and vindictive. They didn’t call it “revenge of the nerds” for nothing. The USA now has an entire bureaucratic, media and academic class composed nearly exclusively of nerds, male and female both. When forced to deal with them personally, one must be careful not to remind them that outside the building, their nerd status will reassert itself and their repressed shame will come to the fore once more.
      On the money and everbody, Gates included, knows it.

    • Gates has an inferiority complex paired with too much money. He has the power to make the world obey and the insecurity to need to prove it… constantly.

      If the Proud Boys walked into his mansion and gave him a swirly in his own, gold-plated toilet, he’d probably go insane.

  38. Well, I wouldn’t say jibbering joe is a lock for inauguration – but I guess we’ll see.. On another note, a fine example of the haves vs the have nots, is worthless, two bit mouth breathing jogger ho cardib asking all her fans if she should buy dat $88,000 dolla purse. Bitch gotta have its bling.

  39. “What happens when those mortgage forbearance plans expire? Delinquency rates remain at levels you see in a severe economic crisis. How about those late rent payments?  Those problems are not getting better with jobless claims going up.”
    unfixable, you need to get rid of non whites to resolve these issues, which won’t happen.
    what will happen is us turns into brazil, europe turns into middle east.

    • I imagine all these rent/mortgage forebearance proclamations will be extended, of course causing more landlords to go under. The fed will just keep throwing $$ at the mess until it all implodes, which should happen soon enough. Real change will start happening then and the cloud people ain’t gonna like it.

        • Always does

          Why we need to implore people on our side to hunker down, get their finances in order, bat the hatches, and be ready to weather the coming storm

          Wasting time and energy on GOP politics won’t save them for what’s coming

      • The rental thing is Chinese-proverb “interesting”, as it has the potential to turn every urban area into Detroit: if the landlords go belly up, all their properties will become unmaintained slums. Perversly, I bet Section 8 housing keeps booming, as the gibs get paid even when the working man is living in his car. Our cities will be no-go zones that make Fallujah look like Mayberry.

    • YTs will immediately be evicted en masse.

      BIPOCs get to squat forever.

      Cornell’s new flu jab policy is paving the way for this.

      • Good God.

        In Ireland, the Irish native-born are “sleeping rough” (homeless) while Africans fresh off the NGO passenger boat are given fully-appointed apartments and houses.

        The vax… the vax will be the excuse.

    • The only White Pill to be gleaned from current events is that the crash and burn catharsis will now happen sooner rather the later, which means the bottom will be higher and less damage will be done on the way down.

    • Our ruin isn’t a bug, it is the core feature around which all the other features are utterly contingent, such as elite survival, along with power, money, perks.

      They’re fighting for our lives.
      They know they’re in a battle for survival, we just noticed our vote doesn’t count.

      But yet our people are moving so matters are greatly improved.

      • Our ruin isn’t a bug, it is the core feature around which all the other features are utterly contingent, such as elite survival, along with power, money, perks.
        i wouldn’t count on that, israelites have prospered in middle eastern countries before, they especially love it when miscegenation takes place, it weakens the host country, which results in secular jews returning to their rabbis. Also, south americans aren’t a real threat to them.
        israelites usually offer gifts and promise riches to rulers in exchange for tax collection rights, not to mention israelites can also sell white slaves to whoever offers them money, the more christian the better, they’ll get boners from it. Which non whites are gonna say no to that?

    • This is an interesting blog with a lively comment section I’ve been reading off and on since before the last housing bubble popped. These guys predicted it then, and they’re now saying disaster is near.

        • Really? I read on zerohedge that the collapse happened in May 2020. Also November 2019, and July 2019, October 2018, etc. I’ll believe it when I see it.

          • that was not my prediction, don’t want economic collapse to happen, it’s not as if globalists will go away if they ruin economy.
            truth be told soviets were just fine after they starved the ukrainians to death, globalists won’t be removed if economic collapse happens.

          • It reminds me of Gordon Chang, who has enriched himself for a couple decades on predicting the collapse of the CCP. He still gets trotted out as the stock China detractor on cable news.

  40. In a way, it’s a relief to have the hysterics and shrieking of Orange Man Bad in the rear view mirror. Now we get to watch Biden/Kamala and CNN and the rest of the idiots in the media deal with the coming housing bubble bursting and the economic mess from the pandemic, along with the increasing amount of pissed off normies shaken into reality dealing with the coming antiwhite policies.

    • All current events bad news is blamed on the previous President, all current good news is explained by the current President. Doubly so with a Democrat in office.

      With the US press corps, it has always been thus. Worse now as the press is monolithic and journalism is dead.

      • Yeah, it’s hard to imagine joe and da ho getting the blame for anything bad that happens under their watch. He could nuke Iran and it’d be Trump’s fault one way or another.

    • Watching the news of any sort is brain poison and should be avoided at all costs. And that’s not escapism or avoidance; it’s mental health preservation. The “news” will only make you angry and confused. It’s debilitating, not educating. Your goal now is to get stronger and smarter, not stupider with ulcers.

    • Don’t underestimate the fireworks that are going to ensue within the Democrats themselves. In curious contrast to Trump when he came in as an outsider who was co-opted by the establishment swamp, Biden is career swamp and so to speak he made a deal with the Devil with the progressive Radical Democrats who may not be easily placated

  41. It’s amazing how delusional Trump is. He can’t seriously think he’s running in 4 years. That he will live to see that as a free man?? So weird.

    My standard response when anyone starts talking fearfully about covid is to say “oh you know a lot of people that have died then?” I got to say it’s really amusing because of course the answer is always no they don’t know anyone. And then they start talking about the vaccine and how everything is going to be better in a few months and I just say “no it’s not” really calmly, smiling even. They have nothing to say because they know it’s true. They’re just trying to get me to agree with their fantasy world.

    • And then they start talking about the vaccine and how everything is going to be better in a few months and I just say “no it’s not” really calmly, smiling even.

      Yes. The precedent has been set. A full year ago nobody would have even suggested ‘lockdown’ as a viable thing to do. We would rightly laugh at individuals fervently wearing their protective visors, maintaining the 2m distance and arguing about whether it should in fact be 2m or 1.644m.

      The future sure is going to be interesting; like well trained troops no doubt the populace will respond in lockstep when the next chink virus comes. Covid-24? We know the drill. Stay indoors. Wear the mask. Clap for the NHS.

        • That’s essentially what they’re going for.

          London is being threatened with hard lockdown because the British government is claiming to have found a super-duper new strain of Beer Flu.

          Ooga booga!!!

    • My standard response when anyone starts talking fearfully about covid is to say “oh you know a lot of people that have died then?”

      Be careful with that, because more and more people are dying of Covid and there will be plenty of banner-wavers.
      No, I’m not saying what you think I am… In the not-too-distant past, people frequently died at old age or from cancer or disease. Their passing may have been hastened on by a co-morbidity like pneumonia, influenza, common cold, or any number of relatively minor things that are nasty when the system is already seriously compromised. Everyone knew this and it wasn’t especially remarkable. That has changed with Covid.

      Now, if your beloved, terminally ill with invasive cancer, 85-year old grandmother finally passes, but with Covid on-board, she will forever be known as a “Covid Victim”. Covid is what finally killed her and every single family member now has that banner to waive and will effectively end your counter-argument.

      It’s best to be avoided, because any follow-up response will fall on deaf ears.

      • When gramma starts dying from the vax the Covidian argument will immediately flip to, “Lol, old people die all the time, silly.”

      • Be careful with that, because more and more people are dying of Covid and there will be plenty of banner-wavers

        dying after have a “test” come back positive is not the same as dying from the WuFlu.

    • He’s gonna run from his jail cell in a fraud election where Kamala gets 800 gorillion votes and wins in a landslide victory. Lol.

    • I tried that. Didn’t work even when it did. One guy in the circle had a housemate whose mother’s friend died of COVID (and a lung transplant) and everybody else nodded sagely.

      There is no convincing them they’re wrong. They are separated from reality. You can hear the talking points and non sequiturs coming. “You can’t argue that face masks don’t block some of the aerosol droplets of your breath. Therefore, masks stop the spread of disease, which is also why you need to social distance.” Actual conversation.

      • whose mother’s friend died of COVID (and a lung transplant)

        Haha. Lung transplant. And a respiratory disease.

        Only person I know of second hand who died with COVID was already dying of pancreatic cancer. I also know of a guy with lung cancer who tested positive and they made him stay overnight, but by morning he’d had quite enough of that, thank you. Checked himself out and by the afternoon was out on his tractor working his farm.

        Yes, this virus is serious stuff.

    • My standard response when anyone starts talking fearfully about covid is to say “oh you know a lot of people that have died then?”

      Most of my kids are super-based, but I have one daughter who is extremely conventional in a lot of ways. I was at the grocery store with her the other day and I kept flaunting the masking laws and she kept saying stuff like “Dad! Pull your mask up!” So, I’d pull it up a few seconds and then let drop down and go “Oops! Help! Police!” and she’d say “Dad!” But it was cracking her up. Normally I don’t wear the mask at all, but I have to take baby steps with her, reminding with her all the time that the system is a joke and the authorities don’t deserve our obedience. I remind her all the time that she’s at no danger at all from COVID.

      She’s the one kid that wasn’t homeschooled the bulk of her education — at her insistence, and it’s amazing the effect the world’s propaganda has had on her compared to the others, but even she can’t help but see the lies when they’re right in front of her face. She just wants to be a conventional, normal kid. She’s the stereotypical “normie.” It must be really hard for her to have aggressively defiant parents.

  42. Why a retired computer executive thinks he is an expert on pandemics is a mystery, but a bigger mystery is why he thinks the world at large trusts his judgement and advice on this issue.

    Madame Ceausescu claimed to be a doctor, as does Jill Biden. The former was illiterate, and the latter doesn’t seem ready to attend a MENSA meeting in any capacity other as an invited celebrity guest speaker. Gates would do well to recall the fate of Madame Ceausescu as he cozies up to Dr. Biden. Dr. Ceausescu had much more power and protection than Gates ever will.

    The economic reality is there likely will be a catastrophic collapse after the forbearance on federally backed mortgages ends January 1, 2022. Yes, 2022. They know what is coming. Gates would be wise to spend tons of his fortune on buying up any memorialization of his role in the Covid response. New Zealand property ain’t gonna prove much of an escape in the end.

    • There’s no mystery. Get out of the dissident-right bubble and the sad fact is most people don’t see grandfatherly Bill Gates and “Dr.” Jill Biden as being bad people. Same for Fauci. Those on this side of the great divide are cursed with hateful cynicism and most people just want to goddamn grill.

      • Aren’t these people pushed forward by a sytem which destroys you if you speak outside a narrow corridor of talking points?
        The average person is aware of this and I doubt they have any great affection for the people who are associated with this arrangement. I think you underestimate the sheer amount of effort that the average person expends editing themselves to conform to the pack.
        Normal people are extremely cynical in that they have no values other than repeat the majority view and don’t be incorrectly conspicuous. Fear and dishonesty maintain the status quo.
        The “romantics” are the dissidents who step outside the pack morality despite the inevitable costs.

    • “…there likely will be a catastrophic collapse after the forbearance on federally backed mortgages ends January 1, 2022.”

      I don’t know what ‘forbearance’ is, could somebody briefly explain what this means, or means to us, please? What’ll happen?

    • The fate of the Ceausescus, as in they were all shot? LOL, get that thought out of your head, that’s just pure comeuppance delusional fantasy. Won’t happen. The Gates’ of the world today simply don’t exist in the realms of existence where anyone who has ready access to them will harm them, let alone any of common stock. In fact, given today’s conditions, be careful throwing around such flippancy.

      • Gates and his ilk have extremely well-paid, extremely comptent 24/7/365 Security teams.

        Heck, I bet the lowest paid guys on Gates’ team are worth 7 figures.

        • All of his security are ex-Special Ops and alphabet agency traitors who took their 30 pieces of silver to sell out the United States and the CivNats that worship them as heroes.

          • No one should worship these professional killers because like attack dogs they can be turned against us and have been – like at Waco and NOLA where they confiscated guns from gun owners at gun point.

      • The fate of the Ceausescus, as in they were all shot? The Gates’ of the world today simply don’t exist in the realms of existence where anyone who has ready access to them will harm them, let alone any of common stock.

        The same was true for Ceaușescu until it wasn’t.

        • What happens when that 7 figure salary becomes just a stack of paper and a can of beans is a valuable commodity?

          • What happens when that 7 figure salary becomes just a stack of paper and a can of beans is a valuable commodity?

            That is a cope, our rulers aren’t dumb. The mercenaries will always be taken care of.

        • The same was true for Ceaușescu until it wasn’t.
          you mean the foreign funded revolution?
          are the israelites gonna organize revolution against themselves?

      • Anyone can be gotten to if one is willing to devote the resources to it.For the longest time Gates flew first class on common carriers. Because outside of the tech world he is a non-entity to everyone else.
        He even did his own shopping at the local store as well.
        Even if he now protected by a bunch of juiced up goons like Zucky has. They only work in a stable intact society.where folks aren’t actively gunning for ya.

        • Karl Denninger pointed this out: only a national government has the money and resources necessary for a presidential level protection. Everyone else’s security detail is some level of compromise that depends on operating within an intact society.

        • Yeah, I remember when someone used a telephoto lens to photograph Zuckerberg picking up his own dogs crap in an outdoor stroll.

          If instead of a telephoto lens fixed on Zuck, it was a scope….

      • The day before the Ceacescus achieved room temperature, they were convinced they also were untouchable. They also had more reason. It came from inside, too. It always comes from inside.

        The only fantasy is invincibility.

    • Consumer demand is likely to suffer huge blows soon as government aid for mortgages and student loans ends and the economy remains crippled by rolling lockdowns and just the fear of political instability. What demand remains may be funneled into, shall we say, “unusual” avenues. Thinking of getting that 84″ 4K TV back in March? Now it’s likely to be an AR-15 and a cache of emergency supplies. This is a setup for classic deflation and depression.

  43. > We are seeing this today with the QAnon stuff and the election lawsuits. 
    While the idea of the lawsuits getting anywhere are the stuff of fantasy, as anyone can see with the clowns on the WI supreme court, it carries with it a propaganda victory. Even though the cases ARE solid, I’m pretty sure both Rudy and Trump are aware they will all get shot down, but what they succeed in doing is give cover for legislatures to override the election based on the general perception corrupt and weak courts. In the case they do not succeed, it makes Trump more of a martyr of a broken system, which will help his possible run in 2024.
    The refusal of the Supreme Court to even hear the case was a horrific mistake. Even if they denied it 9-0, which was likely based on the fact the state legislatures have all the power in selecting electors, not the popular vote, the optics were awful, and made it look like they wanted to ignore the clear issues with the election and the judicial system in general. That all three Trump appointees refused was just the cherry on top.

    • Trump will be 78 in 2024, and there is no way big tech will ever allow a populist not of their making to ever run again.

      Trump is a failure anyway…no one man without the backing of a national party can make big changes, so it’s not all his fault. The president is a creature of the system, and the system is irreparably broken.

      I won’t waste time (or money) backing the GOP or Trump ever again.

      • I hope he doesn’t run again. If he can avoid prison, he would be much more effective as a kingmaker for the next generation and blasting the Liz Cheneys of the GOP. It’s just a matter of if his ego can handle that role.

        • In spite of it all, I think we owe it to him to keep him out of jail. I hope he’s not naive enough to be making deals.

    • All legal avenues must be exhausted to establish the fact that there is no longer any law.

      This is where we begin.

      • I do think that is the utility of all this courting process. I doubt Trump has the stones to do that thing that he should do, but demonstrating how far within the normal bounds of law he has gone makes what is essentially our point for us.

        When you hear some person say they would die for Trump, what you should hear them trying to say is that they would kill to stop the sadistic overlords who rule us. I think all the Q-Anon-ing and the rest of the conspiracy theories are how people cope with a nation moving from order to chaos. Trump has always been a symptom, never the cure. He will probably go away quietly in January, and what comes after will be much worse for everyone.

      • I interact with a group of conservative/CivNat types.
        They had total faith in the system. Trump was the savior who was going to win in a landslide. The election fraud shook their faith in the system but then they latched on to Amy Coney Barrett and the gang setting everything right. Now that they can’t deny that the lawsuits have failed, they’re finally giving up on the system completely.
        People who were all about “voting GOP to save the Republic from socialism” now are saying they’ll never vote again.

        • He did win in a landslide, that’s the thing isn’t it? It’s hard to point to any future elections when it’s obvious that even a blow-out victory will be negated.

          • The Civ/Nats I know now dream of a third party led by Trump that will combine dissidents on the right and left. They can’t acknowledge that the widespread voter fraud that has been sanctioned by the courts will render a third party impossible.

      • Why? To kill time? All the “legal avenues” and “peaceful options” read like Underpants Gnome plans.

        1. “Resist the state with this legal/peaceful option
        2. ???
        3. Profit!
    • “In the case they do not succeed, it makes Trump more of a martyr of a broken system, which will help his possible run in 2024.”

      Why does this insane post have 23 up-votes? If Trump can’t fight the corruption and hold onto his current Presidency in what world does he have a chance in 2024 when he’s out?
      If this stolen election is allowed to stand, there is no next time where we have a chance of winning at the ballet box. Ever. Even with Trump.
      I see so many on the dissident boards talking about “we’ll get’em next time!”. Those people are nuts. Do they doubt the steal is real?
      All of our future efforts should be dedicated to sowing distrust among the NPCs, tormenting bureaucrats, and generally throwing monkey wrenches into the machines workings. Go steal a copy of Rules for Radicals ffs. Bring it all down. Secession works too btw. Anything but what we currently have.
      Is it going to to take watching big Ag sell all of our food to China while our children starve for you to get the picture? All while the media lies about it? Guess not. We’ll get’em next time!
      I think seeing so many of my fellow dissidents have hope in a 2024 election is the most black-pilling thing I’ve seen since the election itself.

  44. “How can the stock market be booming when the economy is being cratered by lock downs?”
    We are watching an orchestrated wealth transfer from small businesses to large connected ones.

    • Not exactly. The stock market is booming because it is entirely driven by the feds money creation, not the underlying health or lack thereof of the company’s whose stocks are traded there.

      Thats largely been the case since at least 2009. It’s just become painfully obvious this year.

    • But they’re going to Build Back Better! Translation: less White businesses, more black businesses because they need to “champion justice and redress the intersectionality of systemic inequalities that exist.” (World Economic Forum-speak.)

    • The Covid lockdown will end as soon as every other business closes and everything you want can only be bought at Amazon or Walmart.

      • If I need a specialty product I search to see if it’s available on-line from the manufacturer. Without fail, the first links in the search are Amazon and Walmart. Sometimes the manufacturer doesn’t show up until the second page. And this is using DDG.

    • If Trump does decide to go dictator, I’m hoping one of the things he does is a multi-trillion dollar tax on the large companies that have benefited from the criminal lockdowns. He could even encourage our schadenfreude and sense of irony by calling it, oh I don’t know – “Build Back Better!” and saying that it’s “reparations” to small business for the damage done. Hilarious and delicious too. Maybe some things like Google, Amazon, and Facebook could just be nationalized outright. That and watching Zuck, Bezos, and Dorsey marched off to the camps would make for a beautiful New Year and springtime.

    • Here’s the plan.
      Everything will be made in China.
      Everything will be sold by Amazon and Walmart.
      Everyone will be happy because you are either rich or sedated by Netflicks, spectator sports, and porn.

  45. The cloud people luxuriating in the atmosphere inside their Overton bubble haven’t noticed the bees from the hive below skating on their rainbows.

    A spoonful of sugar helps the anarchy go down.

  46. I have a large group of friends from a local church that is very conservative. By in large that have all been MAGA guys and big supporters of the GOP. To a man over the weekend they all have admitted that the Republicans have never actually supported them or the issues imported to conservative Christians. The shenanigans with the election and the Republican response has stripped away the last shred of support for them or honestly for liberal democracy. I was shocked and I now believe that things have been set in motion that will probably make the last century look like a boy scout get together.

    • I was dubious that a Trump loss due to widespread fraud would discredit the nation but hopeful. I’m glad to have been wrong in my skepticism. American Yellow Vests will be interesting.

      • Have to admit I thought they’d whiff again and he’d prevail but it doesn’t look like it. Why? He’s relying on lawyers and lawmakers, he long ago marginalized (and allowed to be marginalized) the people who got him elected. Trump gave MAGA to the establishment losers. I still like the guy but he’s enjoying the consequences.

        The worst part is he’s painted himself into a corner where the only way out is to go dictator like his enemies always said he was. A countercoup by Trump would only be the last act in the movie.

        Frankly it would be better if he rides off and does no more damage. Let the winners figure it out.

        • Well maybe up next…the Donald goes to Florida nad the Desantis gives him a pardon for all existing and future crimes. The Donald is no longer compelled to return to NYC by extradition force.Personally, I hope he just stays in office…fuck ’em

        • So, let the left do the damage instead? You act as if there’s a peaceful way out of this.

          Damage needs to be done.

          • Poorly worded. I meant the winners from ‘16 who were marginalized and censored the last few years. Trump tried to go establishment right up until the last couple of weeks and it cost him.

    • Boomer radicalization is real.

      I know one 60 year old former civnat who has done a 180 since the election. He was promoting tax cuts and legal immigration (must be legal!) before.

      Now, he’s yelling that the Republicans need to start committing fraud to fight back, calling them cowards, and says that you can’t fight fair when somebody wants to destroy you. He’s also suddenly developed a skepticism about immigrants, to the point where I’m telling him to tone it back in public, lest someone overhear the badthink. Crazy.

      • It’s time to be less openly radical then. At the risk of being a dick, I’m avoiding all things boomer, or maybe it’s better to say I’m participating in nothing they’re getting heavily involved in. They will never trust the ‘kids’ to lead, they were taught that capitalist patriots were fighting a losing war against the commies, and I have full confidence they’ll play that role. Time to hitch up to our own wagon.

      • My son tells me two former liberals he knows are now more for Trump after all the criminal acts. One woman has elevated Trump to crazy god like status. All in their thirties. Take from that what you will.

    • Visited the parents yesterday, had a talk with them. Told them they have to realize the Constitution is now completely dead and the law isn’t going to save anybody. To my surprise they agreed.

      • I’m envious that you have family members that are conservative. Almost all mine are lefty, and I have to bite my tongue constantly.

        • I’m actually the ‘liberal’ of the family. Which is to say the only one crazy enough to stick my neck out, at least until recently. It’s kind of interesting that they see things more like I do, but also uncomfortable. I’m actually worried for them, because they’ve always avoided conflict. Not that I’m some badass, but I’m trying to give them a crash course. Proud of them though.

    • Typical collapse scenario similar to Soviet Union. With Gorbachev in charge, there was massive enthusiasm and optimism. Only to turn bitter disappointment very rapidly. Like probably now in the US , in late Soviet Union our folk also had a big hope to long awaited reforms until general public understood that system is so rotten and corrupt that nobody is able to reform it. At the very end, our public opinion turned also 180 in very short time. After 1917 our people were aware what may happen, when society is blown up. Within weeks in summer 1991 people against blowup became people pro blowup. This rotten monster must be gone and now we are ready to take risk. Big systems sinking like big ships. In the beginning, things are very slow, in the end very fast. Soviet Union was rot for decades, everybody were used to it. And then, within 3 days, it was gone.

          • Oh, you’ll care, all right. Your pension and savings in the world’s reserve fiat currency wiped out, joggers looting a raping at will while what’s left of the state declares emergency powers and communist DAs go after you for even having the means of defending yourself because it’s a hate crime to do so.

            Remember how bad the collapse of Germany was during Weimar… and yet the government still had the power to arrest Uncle A and throw him in prison for the Munich putsch.

            Collapses are rarely as neat and tidy as we wish them to be. The collapse of the USSR may have been an exception… bit of course a lot of people paid the price in the previous 70 years.

          • Whatever happens, happens. If I survive, I at least have a chance to see Western civilization revived. Much better than watching it slowly bleed to death over the last 30+ years of my life.

        • I would be much more afraid that it will look like the first three or four Decades of the Soviet Union. Read Gulag Archipelago or other history. They rounded up everybody whether old communists, Trotskyist, real or imagined spies, anyone who could conveniently be denounced, even war heroes from World War II. Nobody was spared and it cost the lives of tens of Millions. If something comparable were to happen here they would round up anybody from us Conservatives to the most liberal Democrats of today. You don’t have to be a real criminal or enemy, you just have to be an imagined One, or somebody in a party office has a quota to fill that week.

    • To a man over the weekend they all have admitted that the Republicans have never actually supported them or the issues imported to conservative Christians.

      I have lurked on freerepublic for the last 20 years. They have been saying the same thing forever. It doesn’t matter, they have the memory of a goldfish, and they always forget the anger and betrayal by the next election

      ”2024 most important election evah!”

      • Normally I would completely agree with you but so much has changed and so many veils have been lifted from normie eyes that I believe they won’t forget.

        • I’ve never seen my elderly parents so disenchanted. THey usually agree with me just to shut me up, but now, unprovoked, are saying they will never vote again

    • All of the national congregations are run by SJWs. I expect no help from the churches, at least at the national level. The churches are going to try to tamp down on your friends. They will require strong leadership.

    • Well, given what seems to have been the historical situation with the Boy Skirts, I imagine it has many parallels to things that happened last century, specifically in the oval office and on Epstein’s island in the 1990’s (and Berlin in the 1920’s).

    • The people in charge have forgotten that faith in the system is the only thing that keeps the system together, and that is why they attack that faith. It’s a sign of the end times.

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