Dangerous Escapism

Montesquieu famously explained that each system of government has a principle that animates the people within that system. In a democratic republic, the citizens, and presumably the office holders, are driven by the willingness to put the interests of the community ahead of private interests. While every society of sufficient size has factions, the interests of those factions come after the interests of the republic. This is the framework of what dissidents call civic nationalism.

Since the middle of the last century or so, this view of politics has been the exclusive domain of the Right. The Left slowly embraced the partisanship of interest group politics during the cultural revolution of the 1960’s. First it was the array of interest groups in the old New Deal coalition that dominated politics into the 1970’s. That has given way to what we call identity politics today. Meanwhile the Right has stubbornly held to the abstract concepts of republican virtue and civic duty.

One result is that a standard item in the toolkit of Official Conservatism has been the argument against identity politics. Initially, as the Left embraced race politics, this was mostly an argument against pandering to blacks. As the array of identity groups in the radical coalition has expanded, it is now a generalized argument against appealing to the self-interest of groups based on their professed identity. The claim is identity politics is bad for the country, as it pits one group against another.

Tucker Carlson is probably the most vocal opponent of identity politics. He does a bit against it as part of his standard act. The other night, according to this Breitbart piece, he warned people about what will happen when the military is fully woke on identity politics. He asked, “what if the current lunacy turns out to be more than a passing phase? What if woke race obsession is not a fad, but instead an incurable brain virus that’s infected our country’s entire leadership class?”

He then showed a clip of some television performers talking about what Joe Biden should to do to have a diverse administration. Carlson then went on to explain that the people being given spots in the administration are not qualified for the posts, in the sense they have the skills to perform the stated duties. Instead, they are being given jobs to tick boxes on the ideological tick list. He then asks what would happen if the woke warriors take over the military.

It is never fully explained, but the viewer is supposed to come away thinking that this would be very bad. Instead of transgender fighter pilots being selected based on their skill, they would be selected based on their choice of sundress. Instead of based black guy getting promoted for his ability, woke black guy will be promoted because he is really into his blackness. Girls will be installed into special forces units to satisfy the desires of Nth wave feminist, rather than on their ability to fight.

Carlson does not put it that way, but he carefully avoids the implications of what he is saying, as he likes living in a mansion. The truth is, a military composed of the sorts of people the Left says are the future will be a disaster. The promotion of female officers is already showing up in incident reports. The military brass is well to the Left of the American public and they are fully committed to diversity. It is just a matter of time before that institution looks like the rest.

The fact is, Carlson is peddling the same civic nationalist fantasy that conservatives have been peddling for generations. In the face of identity politics, they preach a weird combination of individualism and a sacrifice to principles the other side rejects. His “what if” question is about thirty years too late, as it has been happening since the 1990’s and is accelerating. The real question that needs to be discussed openly is how does one live in a world defined by identity politics?

So far, the stock response from conservative like Carlson is the same answer they have been giving for generations now. That is, white people in general, but conservative whites in particular, have to pretend this is not happening. If they just carry on as if that old republican virtue is the best, eventually the other side will tire of their fads, see the results and return to the civic nationalist fold. In response to the radical advances on every front, civic nationalism has become a cargo cult.

Worse yet, it is a call to docility. The civic nationalist argues that eventually, the truth of radialism will catch up to them and all the good citizens really needs to do is wait for reality to slit the throat of radicalism. Instead of matching the Left’s anti-white rhetoric with pro-white rhetoric, which would be really bad according the civic nationalists, white people just need to embrace their individualism and soon enough things will go their way. UFO cults have greater self-awareness.

At some point, the dumb idea stops being dumb and becomes dangerous. We live in an age where public figures, elected officials, brag about withholding the Covid vaccine from whites in the name of racial vengeance. Not long ago this sort of rhetoric was considered a white nationalist conspiracy theory. How long before some unthinkable racial assault on whites is the new fad among the ruling class? Refusing to accept this reality, as is common with civic nationalist, is suicide.

This would be fine if it was a private form of suicide. If civic nationalists, like Tucker Carlson, simply focused on the work product of the Left, leaving the rest to the imagination of his viewers, that would be fine. Living within the constraints placed upon him by his employer, but seeding the minds of his viewers with the reality of their situation, would be a great service to his people. That’s not what he is doing. He is explicitly telling his viewers to lie back and take it, promising it will be over soon.

Civic nationalism, like libertarianism, is now a form of escapism. It allows the believer to stand on the sideline, not only believing it is the moral high ground, but certain that what is happening on the field will go his way. The principles of a republic, not only have no place in a majority-minority society, they are a dangerous narcotic that prevents the user from accepting reality. Civic nationalism and its traveling partner libertarianism are more dangerous than the identity politics they claim to oppose.

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235 thoughts on “Dangerous Escapism

  1. Denial is a survival mechanism. Humans can only perceive a reality they are able to withstand. Considering the possibility of another person’s reality, even as science fiction, helps to temper the shock. Groupthink is an incubator for the survival of our haplotype.

  2. As always, “Hope for the best but prepare for the worst” applies. My personal perspective, looking back over my seventy years has led me to continue to vote for the best available candidates for all offices but never trust them to do all they promise while accumulating as much wealth as I reasonably can by honest means. (To coin a phrase, money means never having to say you’re sorry.) Meanwhile, living deep in deplorable territory as we do provides sufficient geographical cushioning against urban denizens of all sorts, especially joggers. Should things go kinetic, however, stockpiles of food, water and other necessities are in hand, along with appropriate implements of perimeter defense and the will to use them in defense of what’s ours. At my age, I really don’t care about personal consequences; the young’uns in my clan are equally bloodyminded, however, to my deep and abiding satisfaction. Having thus posted, I shall await the expected “OKBoomer/stupid civnat, etc.” retorts, but to them I say in advance that Our Lord God abides, and His eyes search the world seeking for those who love and serve Him. Be one of His, and let the devil take the rest.

  3. Carlson does nothing of the sort!. What is he supposed to do? Incite violence? At least he raises the issues and then its up to the people about whether they wish to remain docile or not.

  4. Eat drink and be merry for the dystopian hybrid Punishment Park, Red Dawn, Logan’s Run, THX 1138, Hunger Games, goes live if esteemed party member comrade kommissar Xi Biden gets across the smoke and mirrors finish line.

  5. Merry Christmas. Senile Joe Biden spoke the truth on a zoom call with “civil rights” aka blackety black black black leaders. “This country is doomed. And not just because of African Americans. By 2040 this country will have Whites as a minority.”
    Say hello to President Harris. Who will for her Indian masters pursue a relentlessly anti-White agenda … or will she?
    Right now I guess its Fang Fang vs. Nurse Kamala. As China and India struggle for the White House. China and India nearly came to war over the Summer over China’s advance in the Himalyas — China wants the whole range to control the water flow without which India is doomed. India being shambolic has only one play: the White House.

  6. At this point anyone who talks about ouroboroses, horseshoe theory, or solutions that end with laughing while the left magically disintegrates on their own gets called out. These people get very mad too when you do.

  7. More like another Reaganism, theory has determined goal to neutralize actual meaningful resistance
    It’s obviously another trick of ruling classes, make white people believe that they have an ally at the belly of the beast
    it’s so obvious that even Moderate mentally disabled people can figure out

    problems are majority of white people are mentally paralyzed most of the brain

  8. Why this sudden panic that the military is going woke?
    Because of some new policy letters?
    If that stuff worked America would be more Communist than North Korea. It doesn’t work. It is recited and discarded.
    All DOD did is update their mandatory propaganda for the current year. No one believes this nonsense, no more than anyone here, probably less. Yes, the military has the same HR department that everyone else has – although it does take up more time.
    The woke HR crapoganda has about the same effect on the military that it has on everyone else; numbing and irritating, occasionally alarming – except that it never seems to follow us to war, certainly not out the wire.
    That’s one of the pluses about actual combat and danger from the enemy-these creatures who torment all of us, as if soldiers were exempt from their torments – are not to be found even by accident anywhere near actual danger. Nor work usually.
    Do not give into Fear, especially of men in dresses.

    • BS. There are plenty of woke Whites in the military, or deracinated Whites who claim their Mestizo buddy bleeds red/white/blue, or who cheer when noggers buy guns because muh 2nd amendment. The best that can be said of the military is that there is a fairly large pool of civic nationalists. Very few will be explicitly White supporters, and almost all will follow orders to shoot evil notsees.

      • Yup.

        I’ve seen Facebook acquaintances that were former active duty Marines carry on conversations about how we’ll be better of under Xiden and that something should be done about Trump and his supporters.

  9. No young white man should EVER join the military or any civilian police force. This country has not been worth defending for at least 30 years. Just be armed to defend your family. It is every man for himself, especially now when the authorities intervene on behalf of those who would do you harm.

    • Counterpoint, there are technical jobs and skill training within the military, and being a veteran marks a white as “diverse”. That said, its closing on a decade since I’ve been out.

      • We don’t believe the PC now called woke bullshit now anymore than we did 10 years ago.
        Mind you it’s getting more annoying, and more ridiculous. They’re really not helping their left wing causes by becoming ever more Karen.

    • If your policy was followed there would be no white police and no white soldiers, nor I suppose white bureaucrats.
      This is not a policy for survival.
      Only a fantasy for survivalists.
      Not to worry, we won’t all quit- leaving you to enemies armed with everything from the precious AR [M4 actually] to artillery, tanks, and nuclear weapons.
      As for not worth defending well we live here and it’s the one we’ve got.

    • It it literal betrayal of your own people to have any connection to the United States military at this point. It seems, fortunately, that actual military families have awakened to the fact that service is now tantamount to treason.

      The State will try to cause its subjects to rally ’round the flag with a false flag operation in the heartland, but everyone will know the terror emanated from D.C. and will respond accordingly.

  10. “The other night, according to this Breitbart piece, he warned people about what will happen when the military is fully woke on identity politics.”

    The democrat party will soon be the equivalent of the CCP due to demographics and the American military will be its PLA enforcers. You’re already seeing the woke religion take over the officer core. This is scary stuff. The National Guard were kneeling before black supremacist racists this summer as they were destroying our cities and monuments.

    The signs are all there for this thing to go full Red Army.

    Consider the following (short list):
    Wokeness Comes To West Point

    I received the following e-mail today from an alumnus of the United States Military Academy at West Point. I am redacting the reader’s name to protect privacy:

    I hate to pile on to the theme of academics at prominent universities attempting to shut down intellectual inquiry in the name of anti racism, but this is another example of the trend that needs some wider exposure. The Left wing mob is coming for the service academies, and by extension, our nation’s very ability to defend itself from external enemies. As a West Point graduate (class of 2017) and a longtime reader of your blog, I thought I should bring this to your attention as yet another example of the madness that is afflicting our country’s elite classes.

    This letter needs some background explanation. It’s not like the Princeton Putsch that you described. The faculty at West Point are probably the most conservative of any public university in the country. I can attest to the academic openness and respect for free debate during my time at the school (2013-2017). The student body is (or was) generally conservative in an institutional sense. They are not right-wing fire-breathers. Cadets were pretty evenly divided about Donald Trump’s election. From what I could observe, so were the faculty. The Academy’s response to the unrest that has torn the United States apart in the last few months–spearheaded, I might add, by Lieutenant General Darryl Williams, the Academy’s first black Superintendent–was measured and appropriate for the amount of division in our country.  This is not an attempt by people currently in power to shut down debate by other academics. It is quite the oppositeIt is an effort by young leaders in the United States Army to force the Academy to bow to the Woke Cult and make the Anti-Racism the central feature of the Academy’s curriculum. This policy statement was apparently drafted by a group of recent Academy graduates (classes of 2018 and 2019).  These graduates all came from the top tier of the ranks of the Academy’s cadet leaders. Two recent valedictorians and First Captains signed this manifesto. (Other past First Captains include Douglas MacArthur, John J. Pershing, and William C. Westmoreland.) The other cadets all held high-ranking positions within the Corps of Cadets. They are the cream of the crop of the Army’s future leaders, the guys and gals that will become generals one day and will be expected to lead America’s sons and daughters in combat.


    Their actions are akin to those of the Red Guards in Maoist China. They are agitating to tear the Academy apart from the ground up and reorient its mission around Anti-Racism. The fact that our country’s future leaders believe in this nonsense is a sign that our military is in trouble, and cannot be relied upon either to defend our country or to safeguard the interests of all Americans in the performance of their duties.

    I don’t expect you to read this entire document or understand completely what’s going on here, but the plain English of it is easy enough for everyone to understand. Even so, I’ll add in a few notes for context on this document.


    I knew some of these cadets personally and professionally in the performance of my duties, but not well enough to be able to speculate about their motives. The document is filled with concrete policy proposals to address what its authors see as a major problem at West Point. The effect of these policy proposals is to cede control of the Academy’s entire curriculum from the ground up to black cadets in the name of Anti-Racism.  It is replete with so-called ‘examples’ of racism at the Academy, but most fall apart on close inspection. Minimally they do not substantiate the charge that West Point needs to be fundamentally reformed to address it. I interpret most of these anecdotes as pure innuendo and hearsay, totally devoid of context, and not indicative of an institutional problem (they were nearly all sourced from an online anonymous survey). They would not pass muster for any journalist attempting to investigate them. It is filled with buzzwords about ‘heteronormativity’, ‘Protestants’, ‘imperialism’, ‘Christianity,’ ‘white supremacy’, ‘Black bodies,’ and the like. I doubt that the writers of this document know anything at all about any of these things, but of course that will not abate their righteousness in pursuit of their holy cause.


    This document as a whole constitutes wholesale moral blackmail of the Academy, its graduates, and its present-day leadership. It consists almost entirely of a recitation of black grievances against whites, with a few token gestures to ‘Latinx’ and ‘Asian’ minorities, but nothing more, probably because it didn’t occur to the writers of this document that there might be more to American history than their single-minded focus on racism. I should note that the Academy is currently led by a black man (LTG Williams, himself a graduate with many years of honorable service) and that the Corps of Cadets itself has been led by black people (Simone Askew in 2018 and EJ Coleman in 2016) twice in the last five years. Black cadets are represented at the Academy in greater numbers than their proportion of the population. Of course, none of this is enough for the Woke Mob.


    Do not take comfort in the security which has hitherto been afforded to our nation by our armed forces. We have not been tested against a real enemy in many generations. When we are, leaders like this will not be able to stand in the field of battle. You have been warned.


    More On Wokeness At West Point

    I graduated from West Point in [date] and currently still serve. I was dismayed, but honestly not very shocked, with the 40-page manifesto fired at the Academy by the disgruntled former cadets. There has been a gradual shift at West Point in recent years to become more progressive, to include:


    -In 2018, inviting Ta-Nehisi Coates to spend two days at the academy, speaking to cadets about a variety of topics, with an emphasis on race. This is the same Ta-Nehisi Coates who wrote in regards to the police and firefighters who died on 9/11 “They were not human to me. Black, white, or whatever, they were menaces of nature.”

    -In 2017, Spenser Rapone, an avowed communist, was allowed to graduate from West Point. On his way out, he ensured everyone knew his world views in the form of a Che Guevara t-shirt under his uniform and a “Communism Will Win” sign in the cap he threw upon graduation.

    -This year, a “coalition” of graduates fired off a letter to the Class of 2020, blasting President Trump for “politicizing” the military in response to the protests, and urging them to question any orders that don’t fit their world view.


    All of this is truly dangerous, as we are creating generations of entitled, embittered junior officers who will reflect those values and spread them within the Army. As I read this list of grievances outlined in the manifesto, I kept asking myself “And then what happened?” Dropping snippets from anonymous surveys with no context and no resolution does not, and will never prove systemic racism. If some of the events did occur as stated, they are not remotely as terrible as the treatment of Henry O. Flipper, the first black graduate of West Point. He was “silenced”, wherein no one would talk to him outside of official business, for his entire four years at the Academy. He experienced true systemic racism, and he arrived on the other side. These nine former cadets wouldn’t make it past R-Day.


    From the top to the bottom, our military is rapidly losing its ability to make war in the name of progressivism. This week, GEN Milley, the Chairmen of the Joint Chiefs, told Congress that bases named after Confederate generals needed to have their names changed as soon as possible. I won’t attempt to unpack the history behind how Army bases received their names, but I will say it’s truly telling that GEN Milley chose to focus on that issue instead of addressing the Soldiers that recently died at Ft Hood (Vanessa Gillen & Gregory Morales, to name a few). In an interview shortly after the death of George Floyd, Chief Master Sergeant of the Air Force, Kaleth Wright, said his number 1 fear as the Air Force’s senior enlisted leader is receiving notice that one of his black airmen died at the hands of the police. I would think his biggest fears might instead revolve around losing air superiority to China or the EMP threat to our satellites.

    The military is trodding on dangerous ground when it ignores threats abroad in a misguided attempt to appease social justice. Command teams posting social media articles and videos decrying racism within the ranks, as happened after George Floyd, are unnecessary and frankly insulting. Treating the armed forces as if Jim Crow is still in full effect will only sow division, not heal it. And unless senior leaders stop kowtowing to the mob, we are in for some very interesting times ahead on the world stage.

    Here is the response issued by an anonymous poster (but almost certainly officially-sanctioned by a faculty member):

    What is the harm in taking things to the next level by working to eliminate racism, thereby creating an even more professional and respectful environment, one where trust and faith in leaders is even higher and where Soldiers will go to even greater lengths to fight for their country?


    Pentagon faces hurdle to women in Special Ops: ‘uninformed’ men
    “Pentagon documents stress that standards will not be lowered to accommodate women.”
    All 8 women fail Ranger School: Some Rangers say standards should change
    Pressure grows on Marines to consider lowering combat standards for women
    Marine Corps Quietly Drops Major Obstacle to Female Infantry Officers
    “Was It Fixed? Army General Told Subordinates: ‘A Woman Will Graduate Ranger School,’ Sources Say”
    The Inside Story Of How The Army Reduced Standards To Get Women Through Ranger Training
    There is a culture of lying at West Point. The Academy brazenly lies about its standards.

    “West Point boasted that it received 15,171 applicants for the class of 2016, but only accepted a fraction, suggesting an acceptance rate in the low double-digits, if not single digits, like Yale and Harvard. … It turns out that the school only received 2,394 “fully qualified and nominated” applications that year. Of that number, 1,358 were accepted for the class of 2016, resulting in an acceptance rate of 56.7 percent. He said he and other professors raised concerns about this, but nothing changed.”

    “As far as West Point only taking the “best and brightest,” Bakken notes that West Point and the equally lionized Naval Academy in Annapolis were ranked 111 and 112 in average SAT scores among American colleges and universities in a 2014 study. The myth is also punctured by the underperforming prep school and the athletic pipelines that bring otherwise unqualified students into the fold.”

    West Point teaches critical race theory

    As I revealed on @TuckerCarlson last night: West Point military academy is now requiring cadets to read “Critical Race Theory: An Introduction” and “A Critical Introduction to Queer Theory” in one of its leadership courses. This does nothing to protect our nation.



    Woke, vocal communist allowed to stay in the ranks because West Point was afraid of being called racist.
    “Army splits with West Point grad who touted communist revolt”

    “Our beloved Military Academy has lost its way. It is a shadow of what it once was. It used to be a place where standards and discipline mattered, and where concepts like duty, honor, and country were real and they meant something. Those ideas have been replaced by extreme permissiveness, rampant dishonesty, and an inexplicable pursuit of mediocrity. Instead of scrambling to restore West Point to what it once was, the Academy’s senior leaders give cadets more and more privileges in a seeming effort to tum the institution into a third-rate civilian liberal arts college. Unfortunately, they have largely succeeded. The few remaining members of the staff and faculty who are still trying to hold the line are routinely berated, ignored, and ultimately silenced for their unwillingness to “go along with the program.” The Academy’s senior leaders simply do not want to hear their voices or their concerns. Dissent is crushed-I was repeatedly told to keep quiet at faculty meetings, even as a LTC, because my dissent was neither needed nor appreciated.”

    Robert M. Heffington

    LTC, U.S. Army (Retired), West Point Class of 1997

    Space Force Sets Its Priority: Gender Neutrality
    The USMC officially bans Southern heritage
    Elizabeth Warren Vows To Overturn Military Transgender Ban On Day 1
    The far-left salivates over the prospect of using the military to battle the right-wing
    “Captain America fought a militia to protect undocumented migrants last week”
     Obama Imposes Affirmative Action On Navy SEALs
    USAF Recruiting Service Commander Declares Reducing the Number of White Male Pilots A “War-Fighting Imperative”

    White Female Marine General Claims the Military’s Diversity Is Our Greatest Strength Over the Homogeneity of Russia and China….
    *Note: How’d that work out for Austria-Hungary? Do they not teach history anymore? … actually, nope. Military history was dropped as a West Point requirement (see above).

  11. >Carlson does not put it that way, but he carefully avoids the implications of what he is saying, as he likes living in a mansion. The truth is, a military composed of the sorts of people the Left says are the future will be a disaster. The promotion of female officers is already showing up in incident reports. The military brass is well to the Left of the American public and they are fully committed to diversity. It is just a matter of time before that institution looks like the rest.

    From an anti-war , anti-imperialism angle this may be a positive A weakened military could presumably mean fewer wars, less defense spending , and a weakening of the US heteronomy, which I think many dissidents could support. . There is always a silver lining. Guys like Steve and vox day bemoan this but fail to see the possible positives.

    • In what way will it be a disaster compared to the fucked up Whores-for-hire that currently terrorize the globe?

    • Yes but this is a constant for decades.
      Yes, we have the same HR dept everyone does.
      Why would you think the military was exempt from HR?
      If the propaganda worked we’d be living in North Korea already.

  12.  It allows the believer to stand on the sideline, not only believing it is the moral high ground

    Sidelines?!? There are no sidelines. Luxury boxes maybe, but only for the rich and powerful few.

  13. The only people I know advocating doing nothing is the DR that offers whites nothing not even a bridge to get CivNats on our side. Red Pilled Civ Nats are left stranded on their side not knowing where to go.
    As for Tucker he is very constrained in what he can say as is anyone who is part of the MSM. Lou Dobbs found that out the hard way on CNN.Sometimes he blurts out what he really thinks but can’t follow up.
    At the TPUSA conference Tucker came out and stated the current system is dying, it cannot be sustained and warned folks not to invest in (like sending your kids to college where they get damaged for life) and to build a life outside of it.

    • Huh. Like Western Rifles SA blog, we can imagine a war, but give no thought preparing for what comes after it.

      I think that’s why the Zman doesn’t give bullet points, he’s laying a broader general philosophy of society and governance?

      • I think Z has repeatedly made that point that philosophy arrives after the conflict is over, and is imposed by the victors. At this stage, the name of the game is to become the victor. That is the focus, and no philosophical words ever stopped a bullet in flight.

        • race is real and has policy implications
        • sex is real and has policy implications
        • whites have a right to self determination
        • freedom to exclude is inviolable
        • There are no rights or freedoms without ah..er..bullet points, and pointed bullets.

          Oh it’s a fine list, but RwC has a point.
          Z doesn’t but many here are hostile to anything but bitchposting, and mock anyone who dares dream of more.

    • “The only people I know advocating doing nothing is the DR that offers whites nothing not even a bridge to get CivNats on our side.”

      Show us how it’s done, smart guy. The truths that are foundational to DR are anathema to normie culture. There is no easy sell.

      Jared Taylor, Peter Brimelow, and Z have built the best possible bridges, but to cross them requires the ability to think independently that most people lack.

      • Any attempt to try to get the comments board here to even consider anything beyond BitchPosting instantly results in accusations of Fed, Fedpoasting, nice try Mossad, etc.

        Be certain no one can show you how to do anything.
        Don’t worry, I won’t try.
        As for selling….selling what?
        Politics is force, not selling.

    • Z is very cagey. Well I understand.
      As for the commenters….they’d rather not do anything, and they have many, many reasons they’ll be happy to share.
      Ahem, yeah.
      BUT: The DR is a few hundred people sir, but it does serve a valuable Overton window function pushing the honest Right more to the Right – not that the Left doesn’t as well.

  14. Identity politics is the rope the left has been given to hang itself.

    Exhausted by unreasonable and unrealistic demands, a coalition of marginalized ungovernables is constellating. The woke will continue sleepwalking until carried away by the next black swan event. Their departure will remain unmourned.

    • How?
      How does this happen?
      What Black Swan of your lifetime did not benefit the Left?
      Perhaps the fall of the Berlin Wall, but that just opened their horizon’s to new approaches and unchained them from the Soviet Corpse. They also instantly all got very rich.

      Speaking of magical thinking and dangerous delusions, none is more dangerous than ‘this shall pass’. they’ll collapse, etc.
      We’ll pass first, and not naturally.

      • There’s nothing magical about a black swan event or ethnic bioweapons stored in cryogenic freezers in bioweapons labs.

        While we pray, they summon.

  15. Bravo.

    The only question in my mind is whether civic nationalism is a cult, denial, a fraud, or some combination thereof. My gut is Carlson is a fraud in that he knows the bridge was crossed long ago but he has to play along to keep his gig.

    Your primary point is quite important. The foolishness of civic nationalism has become a dangerous indulgence. Whites need to form unions and parties that represent their explicit interests and throw True Conservatism on the same pile as every other ideology that has failed. The attempt to deny Whites the vaccine proved white genocide is more than empty rhetoric and has to be fought foursquare, and outside the limited confines of a failed, corrupted and evil system.

  16. it seems to my poor simple mind that the answer to all this is the “hyphen”.
    We’ve “hyphenated” Americans until there is more hyphen than American. And so, we are no longer Americans at all.
    A hyphen joins words to indicate that they have a combined meaning. We are actually divided by this hyphen. Not joined in unity as Americans at all.
    Until we are Americans, not Afro-Americans, Korean-Americans, Native-Americans, Irish-Americans, Asian-Americans, Latino-Americans, Mexican-Americans and the list goes on and on, we will never have unity going forward.
    And so, we as a nation, will fall.
    Just a thought as I type this, I don’t recall in the past, say 50 yrs, anyone saying they were European-Americans.
    To coin a phrase “can’t we all just get along” as Americans w/o the hyphen?? A nation hyphenated will fall.

    • I’m sorry, grandee, I downvoted because I must. The world we were born to is gone, along with the future we expected.

      Many apologies. Different rules apply now.

    • Excellent, miforest, a roadmap.

      I combine it with Dutch’s observation that the old ways are returning… well, those old guys knew a thing or two.

    • Well his solution is form ethnic networks, ignore the laws.
      Can’t disagree, but I think it’s not enough.
      It is a start.

  17. A man who, today, attempted to live by the standards of the 1950s’ honest citizen, would go mad in a matter of days and be out of a job inside a week. And probably in jail.
    An expectation of sanity and honor from clown world is wholly unreasonable. The yahoos are not colorful exceptions or extravagant decorations, prancing and belching for show while competent men toil away in the back office to keep their damage confined to the purely optical. The system is now designed to let them have their way, because it is populated by them and people in awe of them, raised and trained to think them a vanguard to be accommodated and assisted in their every effort of sabotage and vandalism.
    The clown pill was the hardest to swallow and even harder to digest. A year and a half ago I was willing to concede its soundness on a theoretical level, but couldn’t bear the practical implications. I kept telling myself it was an extreme (and mostly facetious) doomer accelerationist’s position.
    Clown world is our life now. Inescapable, implacable and, in the medium term at least, inexorable.
    Join it if you feel cynical, strive to live outside of it if you feel confident, fight it if you feel selfless. Those are the only three options. Playing ostrich pretending it isn’t there is no longer tenable. Navigating it as a decent man with a stable mind is downright masochistic.

  18. Stop whining.

    What White people need to do is to insist on absolute, rigid quotas in all institutions and companies. The minimal categories would be race/ethnicity, sex/gender preference, religious affiliation, political affiliation, and whatever you like.

    So, the Women’s/Gender Studies Department at Harvard and every department at every university would have a faculty, staff, and student body that each would be 50% male, 70% white, 15% Hispanic, 12% black, 2% Asian, 97% heterosexual, 2% homosexual, 1% transgender, 30% Catholic, 2% Jewish, 2% Muslim, 40% conservative, 40% liberal, …

    Of course, this would also apply to the military, to corporate boards, to slates of political candidates, ad nauseam.

    • You think making the left live up to its own claimed principles is a thing . . . how quaint. About as effective as DR3.

  19. They always accuse YOU of what THEY are doing/planning.
    Re-watching some of Breaking Bad’s last season suggests our future: the Nazi gang (we know New Mexico is full of White supremacists, who are the power behind the meth trade, right?) has kidnapped Jesse and uses him as an enslaved “cook” to produce the high-quality Heisenberg blue meth.

    That’s the future they plan for us. No collapse, Whites will still be around to run things, just not under our own government. Hell, most of the woke/cat/wine ladies and soy boys can’t wait to expiate their guilt and build a new world by putting on the chains, like those Evangelicals crawling around on their knees with wooden yokes, asking forgiveness for racism.

    • If the event you haven’t noticed, cat-loving wine moms and their putatively male consorts already prostate themselves in religious fervor, throwing their worthless hides in front of even more worthless hides they consider more worthy ’cause Roots or Django, depending on their age. Their new world arrived long ago and now the hunt is on for all vestiges of that ol’ debbil Satan.

  20. I’ve been recently reading Solzhenitsyn so that heavily influences my opinions right now. But the Soviet Union is an excellent example of the heights to which irrationality can attain. The Communist state lasted about 73 years, encompassed a large fraction of the world’s surface and population, and did incalculable damage especially to its own subjects. Even the original Communist ideals, whatever their merits may have been, were compromised, subverted or tossed aside when it no longer suited the present needs of the ruling class! You can find plenty of other examples in world history, or even the present day, of out of control ideologies as bad or worse than Soviet Communism.

  21. Here’s the thing, a broad, settled, peaceful middle class is not the historical norm, it is an aberration, brought to you mostly by white, male Western Civilization. It was largely a 20th Century thing, best and most completely expressed in the U.S., but that phase of history is over now. We are back to tribal and selfish competition and conflict, which is the norm. We are sorting back into a 90/10 ratio of plebes to nobles, and the middle class is going away. Welcome to the kulak lifestyle, or something worse.

    It was a grand experiment that ultimately failed, in part by its own success, and also by its inability to understand or defend its unique and historically unnatural existence, where the bonds of common good and looking out for each other prevailed over the human nature of selfishness, and not stealing from your neighbor if you think you can get away with it was the behavioral norm (current election as a counterexample). Like fish in water, we have taken a broad middle class as some sort of baseline existence and cultural expectation. It is not, and people today, including many of us, forget this point. We are too marinated in our assumptions to actively defend something that deserves defending. Beyond that, generations have been brought up and trained to hate what sustains them. Cultures cannot thrive or likely survive when that is the case.

      • To take it further, every other group is in it for themselves, and the CivNats can’t comprehend that their cooperative and consensual middle class way of life is lost in the tribal competition for gibs and power. They are content to “wait it out” for things to “return to normal”. Ain’t happening. They cling to the idea of the middle class as something that must exist, and that will exist for them. The norms have all broken down, however, and the middle class experiment is over.

        Historically, our culture “leveled up” the community bonds and restraints that typically governed only small groups and local communities. Through careful construction and through observance of most of the resulting norms, something very unlikely to succeed was created, on a massive scale…for a while. But it takes a moral and civil populace to maintain it, and that is all gone now. The quick evisceration of the Tea Party movement was a good demonstration of that. Trump was a Hail Mary attempt to revive it, but that isn’t happening either, so he now serves as a martyr of sorts, in the movement to expose the rot. He has, inadvertently, done the job of exposure quite well.

    • The prosperity Whites have experienced since WWII is unprecedented and unnatural. The vast majority of humanity has always lived in poverty, squalor, and rancor. Whites built societies that eventually provided a small respite, by dint of generations of suffering, hard labor, and ultimately social darwinism. Now that the ratio of deleterious mutants has exceeded what the sane and productive can support, life is reverting to classic uncertainty and strife. Only in White communities will any White find a similar level of social support and like-mindedness. Only White communities have a chance of maintaining any sort of commonweal and better future.

      • America was actually quite prosperous and a good place to live starting about the late 17th century.
        Even Europe was better for about the last 1000 years, and Romans and Greeks lived better then than most Asians do now.
        I think we will suffer, war, kill and return to our historical norms in the end. Some dirty deeds between here and there, certain people can’t stay here.
        But if we fight we win, and we win all that’s important back.
        If we don’t fight given our situation we deserve to go extinct. We will.

  22. The journey from civic nationalism to this side of the divide is not always an easy journey but once it’s made the theatre begins to make more sense. We are slowly getting more people making that journey and the number will only increase with the amount of nut jobs and incompetents we see waiting in the wings as our national leaders.
    I have hope this time of year!
    Merry Christmas!

  23. There are several things I’m fairly sure of. One of them is that playing with identity politics is playing with fire, and that the other is making assumptions about groups of people often ends badly.

    Civic nationalism works just fine when you have a fairly homogeneous society with people born into it and steeped in it for generations. Taking people from a completely alien background and expecting them to take up those values is like trying to teach your dog to whistle. What you end up with then is having to play identity politics, and history tells us intense tribalism means warfare.

    The progressive and the civic nationalist have the same problem though. They have made faulty assumptions about groups of people and expect it to work. Does anyone really think that low income blacks and hispanics have any love for rich white liberals? The rich white liberals think so. Similarly, are the civic nationalists really convinced that low income people are intensely interested in the Constitution?

    • “making assumptions about groups of people often ends badly”

      Do you believe that, in general, men are taller than women? If you concede that, everything else follows.

      A large part of intelligence is pattern recognition.

      • Gee every day, when I walk to this spot, I get whacked in the face with a piece of wood. Wow, no reason for that to happen! A pure coincidence, it could happen were I to take any street! Dum dee dum.

        That’s basically white american since 1964.

    • Yes to all of this. And both the Progs and CivNats believe that they are safe behind those gated community wrought iron fences with the minimum wage security guard sitting in the booth up front. And if the Antifa riots should arrive at their doorstep, they faithfully believe that the police will intervene to save them (yes, those same PDs that are being de-funded and humiliated). And finally, they are completely oblivious to the reality that no one will mourn their loss if BLM decides to burn down their houses with them in it.

  24. Fine essay. But, if not ‘civic nationalism’ is there some other kind of ‘nationalism’ that might be better positioned to oppose the ‘radicals’? Something more White perhaps?

    • We’ve already passed the tipping point and we cannot “talk” our way out of the mess we’re in. As such, no discussion of macro ideas is going to be of any consequence when the boot of tyranny arrives at your door. The only ideas that should concern you now are the ones that will keep you alive. There is no cavalry coming over the hill to save you. It’s time to man-up and take responsibility for your own safety and well-being. And be serious about it. This is not a drill.

  25. The US Postal service is already falling apart from AA. Chances of your mail actually arriving at its destination on time are pretty much 25/75. And this is also with all the new advances in tech. Apparently the best computer systems are no match for Tyrone and Laquisha as the human element of the system. Even the computers must have negro fatigue.

    tells me I am probably safer with just me and a shotgun in the country. The odds that the military can and is able to protect me are right now maybe 50/50 but declining fast. Post Office is canary in the coal mine.

    • “I am probably safer with just me and a shotgun in the country.”

      That’s not working out for the Boers. A loner with a shotgun has no chance when a mob of diversity comes calling on his homestead.

      The right failed to crush Antifa-BLM in the big cities on the rationale that “it’s just the big urban cesspools so who cares,” so now Antifa-BLM are slowly but surely expanding their assaults to smaller cities, towns and suburbs.

      The right can’t just keeping running away because eventually even the countryside won’t be an adequate escape.

      • the boers are a totally different scenario. Right now I’d be safer in the country with a shotgun (and dogs and thick lines of trees, hills to mount to get to me) than I am in the diverse metropolis I live in. Let’s see one black person with the wits to even locate me. The American military has proven itself incapable of protecting me and my homeland from invasion.

        • You are correct, sir. There are still many areas in this country where rabid negroes, SJW’s, and BLM types would never venture.

          Living in a heavily wooded area with rough terrain and a sparse population of hard core rednecks will inoculate you from the madness. Not everyone’s cup of tea, but it is an alternative.

          For example, do a little research on Pushmataha County, Oklahoma. George Wallace won a plurality of the county’s vote in the 1968 Presidential Election and not much has changed there since then.

          That’s just one small example. Most of the State of West Virginia would also seem to qualify.

      • Let me add, that you are wrong on the right vs antifa. Where I live there are groups forming to fight those bastards. One thing about Los Angeles, maybe half the men have been in jail in one form or another for whatever silly to serious charge, so the fear a lot of suburban whites have of lots of things isn’t in play here. White dudes are tough out here. Speaking of the dirt people ones not the little faggy transplant from some college in the northeast.

  26. “Civic nationalism, like libertarianism, is now a form of escapism. It allows the believer to stand on the sideline”

    I surrender to the Z, the Libertarian party politicians have gone full Woke. Converged, hollowed out, Koched, they’re just another TPUSA astroturf for open borders.

    These fake affinity groups are a deadly pressure valve to bleed off racial identity.

    Hate Gab:

    “We can’t go back. There’s no ancient Irish-Scottish-English-German-Dutch-French homeland. We make it here or we have nothing.

    We’re White. This is our homeland now.”

    • Amash goes full open borders. His bill “..would decriminalize unauthorized entry by illegal aliens to the United States and outlaw their detention by border enforcement bodies.”


      I find it hard to believe that anyone really believes that open borders will make the country better, so I imagine what his ulterior motives must be. His biggest donor is a zionist.

      • Its not about better, its about rights. This country has spent the last 150 years discovering rights: rights of the Union, rights of women, or blacks of trannies. It doesn’t matter if it works or not, its God delivering a doctrine, a doctrine of rights. THere is nothign to contradict that!

  27. The advice in this post could not be more prescient. Engaging with the left on civic nationalist grounds is only getting white people killed and maimed.

    Identity matters, and white identity is the only thing large enough to stand up to the other identities. Individualism only condemns us to getting picked off one by one, like atomized Boers in their besieged farmsteads in South Africa.

  28. I’ve been reading for years that standards at West Point have collapsed and that it is on the cutting edge of Wokeness and especially anti-whiteness.
    I took flack for calling out Carlson’s cucking around race and “identity” True to the roots of the political word Cuck, nothing exposes them like the subject of race. His tokenism is absolutely embarrassing.

    • No no no, only disgusting dirt people like us will not be able to use petroleum products. The elite will remain untouched by the shortages and restrictions, for the better good.

      • We must please Gaia! Your SUV is killing her, you damned racist! Gaia is a planet of color and you just hate her because she’s green.

  29. Let’s not forget that there has never been a ‘white identity’, before. Particularly in Europe. We were all rivals and spent a couple of thousand years scrapping with one another intermittently. There was no need for a white identify. As for non-whites, there were so few in Europe that most people never saw one. It was mainly traders/sailors and those who colonized other countries that did. So there would be zero use for such a thing. Britain only took on migrants en-masse from around 1947 (I wonder who influenced that decision?)
    The philosophy of the ‘woke’ is really a rejection of enlightenment reason and all that entails. It values emotion, identity groups and raw power over reason, logic and the greater good. It’s still got a long way to run. I’m starting to wonder if it is some kind of yin/yang or masculine/feminine natural swing in society whereby the industrial revolution was masculine and our current ‘woke’ victim-oppressor society is simply feminine tempest running wild for a bit. Not sure though, so will have to think more about this.
    A white identity is certainly forming and if the west has a future it will belong to those people. There are also whites who simply can’t form this identity – this dog just won’t hunt – and never will. Just not in their DNA I suppose. That’s only a problem in a democracy, but as the ‘left’ are moving towards raw power and manipulation, then frankly it’s less of a problem going forward as we won’t need their vote anyway.

    • Britain only took on migrants en-masse from around 1947 (I wonder who influenced that decision?)

      David Abbott’s book Dark Albion: A requiem for the English has a very good chapter on this debacle. We never had to worry about rallying around our racial identity as we weren’t threatened because of it.

      whereby the industrial revolution was masculine and our current ‘woke’ victim-oppressor society is simply feminine tempest running wild for a bit.

      I think there is a lot of truth to this. Z’s essay yesterday contained a link to a female archeologist’s Twitter account. I spent some time investigating the sorts of people she ‘re-tweeted’ and ‘liked’, all of them women. All of them hot on the latest SJW fads. It is typical of a certain sort of female to move into a field and then bleat about how it is ‘hideously white’, ‘in need of change’ or ‘is backward’.

      But now you’ve started me off on this, almost every observation I have had involving women in the work place has been accompanied by the thought: ‘A man would not do this’. Be it gossiping, crying or an incredible unwillingness to shoulder blame, they do it all the time. Indeed it is a tempest, and it will smash head on into reality (as in fact it does frequently already).

      • That’s why the Women’s Equality Party and every female talking head on British TV wants more women on the board or as CEOs. Never Project Managers, head of Sales, CFO, Head Legal Counsel, or Chief Operations Officer. All those jobs have total responsibility (the buck stops there) and accountability. The board? Just authority without the other two. Perfect for the middle class feminists wanting the fast track to authority (sans responsibility and accountability) positions.
        But they still campaigned for and got rid of the grid girls in F1 and the same for boxing matches/MMA in the UK. Those working class girls can get back in lane and work at Tesco. How dare they think they can use their looks to better their position in life.

        • That last bit, that’s the female version of cockblocking. It’s old and middle aged women trying to block the sexual power of those young women. Just like the old and middle aged women vehemently oppose prostitution. It would be nice to get that part back again. Sex workers. What a euphemism.

          • Prostitutes are the ‘scabs’ of the sexual market place, in that they put a price on sex and give men options outside of the entitled failures that are most middle aged women today.

    • Let’s not forget that there has never been a ‘white identity’, before.

      Kipling would disagree.

    • They’re trying to shame expats now. Won’t work. I fully support any white guy leaving the West for work. As long as he marries a white woman and reproduces (missionary women?)

      Nobody is softer and on more dope than young white guys though, from my experience. They are going to be eaten alive.

      • Nobody is softer and on more dope than young white guys though, from my experience.

        Didn’t use to be that way. In fact, working overseas would bring some harsh realities to bear on most of these guys (who are often leftist). But just about anywhere first world is becoming Little America. The last ten years, though, the overall quality of the white western foreigner I meet overseas has really gone downhill.

    • Interesting concept. Better than scooping up 2nd tier “Prajeets” like our tech companies. Also, I suspect Chinese companies don’t have the bias against older personnel as exists in American companies. On the other hand, I don’t particularly want any more to do with China on any level. Given our new administration, I suspect however it will be in six months the same situation as before Trump took office.

    • This is not a new phenomenon. I have been watching this happen in the tech sector for at least ten years, but it has intensified over the past few years as the push for diversity has gathered steam. It’s been happening in the government contracting sector for decades.

      And it’s not just older workers, as the article implies. The diversity push at Big Tech has predictably resulted in lots of younger and mid-level whites, especially men, getting passed over in favor of lesser-skilled diversity candidates. Smaller companies and non-US companies are finding Big Tech to be fertile ground for poaching talent.

      I’ve been consulting at a fairly high level in the tech sector, mostly Big Tech and Big Defense, for almost twenty years. I would estimate that in Big Tech one out of ten people I work with are white. The younger workers are almost all H1B from India/Asia, mid-level managers are similar, upper-level managers are maybe 40 percent white. These Big Tech companies are not “American” companies in any sense of the word.

      Big Defense is a bit whiter because a lot of the positions require a Security Clearance, so the H1Bs are harder to deploy. Nonetheless, it’s shocking to see how much of our military tech is being developed by foreigners. We don’t stand a chance in the military tech race with China.

    • I view it as feeding the monster of globalism. US takes in Africans, Central Americans, Europe the Africans and other Muslims. And on and on. China calls whiteys in for their benefit and to embarrass the US. Mixing all the little bowls into the one big pot. It’s for our strength, you know?

    • Has anybody heard of a single CongressCritter advocating to bring back essential manufacturing (i.e., antibiotics, vit. C) from China? No?

  30. My assessment, and I’ll admit to being pretty cynical, is that the damage has been done. I’m so old it can’t hurt me much. You young folks are the one that are going to do the lying back.

  31. “That is, white people in general, but conservative whites in particular, have to pretend this is not happening.”
    I’m an old-fashioned traditional values kind of guy, “well-to-do” as used to be said, pretty much always have been treated as “gentry” where I live and am not the least embarrased by it, quite the contrary: it is fitting. 
    Given that “racism” isn’t a “thing” where I live (rural, central Argentina), my “identity” as a White (here, that means very European-looking) person isn’t paramount; what counts here is social class and formal education, accompanied by the high standards of etiquette expected by one and all.
    My identification with my peer group (locally limited) is total, cordial though I am with everyone. I’m now convinced this wouldn’t be possible in the USA, land of my birth and upbringing. If I were living there now, I suppose I’d have to get up off of my lazy 74-yr-old ass and get activist, about the last thing I’d wish to do, no denying it, but one I’d have no choice but to reconcile with and fight for the future of my grandchildren. Happily, I don’t have to do that, but y’all…
    Mr Z is correct: stand fast within your racial, ethnic, societal identity peers or risk seeing your posterity condemned to a second-class citizenship that under normal circumstances would be unthinkable.

  32. This post articulates my big awakening the past few years. I guess its a meritocracy, but in a religion of wokeness. If you are really good at wokeness, and talking about wokeness and coming up with new ways to mock and demean Whitey, then you rise to the top!

  33. As I’ve mentioned before, for generations, conservative Whites, if not all Whites in general, never had to deal with this issue as we were the dominant supermajority in this now former country. There was no reason to act according to our own group self interests as there was no competition. Different regions of the former country might have had their own ways of doing things, but there was still an overall American cohesion. Once the civil rights act was passed, Whites began being inculcated into looking out for others interests before their own. After decades of this indoctrination and refusing to see the writing on the wall as the multicultural paradise expanded into greater and greater divisions, here we are on the edge of the abyss – and it remains to be seen if the bad White superminority can wake up in time to carve something out of this wilderness – it had better start happening soon.

    • Right, I think that discriminating against Whites will be met with, “Hey, thats racist” from the likes of Tucker….

      • It took me awhile to figure out why Z would badmouth the DR3 approach, because it seemed like a good Alinsky tactic to use against the left. But I came to see how the left simply doesn’t believe they could ever be racist, and it’s better to go the “we are all racists now” approach.

        • Nope, other way around. “Racism” never meant a universal principal of discrimination based on race, it only ever meant whites discriminating against blacks. Discriminating against whites was never “racism.” This has changed to be explicit years ago in the wokeist lexicon. If you think they play by any rule except “victory by any means necessary,” you are mistaken.

        • It’s not that the left doesn’t believe they couldn’t be racist, it’s that they don’t CARE what you think of them. What matters is their opinion of themselves, as righteous and moral actors, and the tacit or increasingly explicit support of those with money and power. You can’t shame the shameless, and regardless there’s no shame in being a racist – i.e. recognizing biological reality and naturally supporting one’s own kin first. They hate you and want your children dead. Only fools care about scoring ideological points against their would-be executioners.

          • All the Left wants is power, and will adopt any approach to attain it. “Racism” doesn’t interest them one way or another unless it gives or denies them power. Once you accept this, you deal with them on rational terms, as an implacable enemy that either kills you or you destroy. There is no middle ground possible.

    • I always enjoyed Lawrence Auster’s writing on the Civil Rights thing:


      It remains a pleasure to read.

      There was no reason to act according to our own group self interests as there was no competition

      Yes. This is very true. I think that in this regard The United States is farther along than the UK (we’re still 85% white). Your statement is what goes through my mind every time I survey villages as a potential living location. A location to make a last stand. It does seem to me that a sizeable proportion of whites cannot accept what is coming, which makes them less receptive to my preaching. My question is ‘how much will it take?’ and it is here that I think the US will give the answer before The Isles.

      Unfortunately, the ones who have the greatest awareness are the whites who live with diversity, whites who live in: Tower Hamlets, Hackney, Peckham, Brixton &c. Those who live in rural locales, whilst quite conservative, will still balk at the idea of any ‘separation’ or ‘repatriation’ or even just ‘restriction’. The rot has set in deep. I feel compelled to quote Mr Auster in addition to citing him:

      In my view, the greatest single factor driving whites to national suicide is their false guilt over black inferiority. Because whites believe—as modern liberalism has taught them to believe—that all groups have equal inherent abilities, they also believe that the actual inferiority of blacks in almost every area of accomplishment and behavior must be caused by something bad that the whites are invidiously doing to blacks, or by something good that whites are selfishly refusing to do for blacks. However expressed, it all comes down to the idea that black failure is caused by white racism—the transcendent sin of the modern world. And because black inferiority continues, and is even getting worse, the conclusion is that white racism is continuing, and is even getting worse.

      • On a related note, Lawrence Auster’s First Law of Majority/Minority Relations in Liberal Society: The more egregiously any non-Western or non-white group behaves, the more evil whites are made to appear for noticing and drawing rational conclusions about that group’s bad behavior.

      • Perennial debate, hard to tell who’s got the worst of it and is further along despite the raw percentages. I’ve been watching YouTube selections of “Call the Sheriffs” & that other one, and it seems like 90% of the problems come with the muzzies. I’d hate to have so many of the kebabis in this country. It will become unendurable.

      • It amazes me how strong this voodoo is on the left. Sub-saharan Africa has about 40+ countries that are 100% black, and thus where white racism is impossible. Same with the Caribbean. They are all shitholes. Any civilization progress they have is solely due to white innovations. How lefty cannot see this correlation is quite astounding.

        • Still waiting for that heroin junky exfriend to just “wake up” one day and realize how terrible it is to be an addict, huh?

  34. It’s the great plea to that neutral arbiter that conservatives seem to think exists.

    “Reality” will not bring sanity back. Reality with the woke military will be drone strikes against racist rural rednecks. Bad whites are the new Taliban.

    Reality will assert itself on the normiecons and CivNats, when the white death camps start. It will not assert itself on radical leftists and make them change their mind about white people.

  35. Our vibrant future will be extended the same way the USSR was able to survive past it’s sell-by date: massive monopolies. We have one aircraft manufacturer, Google controls the US Internet and all advertising, Amazon all retail, etc.

    What will be different this time is that China is not woke and they have their own monopolies.

    I do not look forward to our new masters, but I certainly won’t shed a tear for the crudescent mediocrities who strip mined our country.

    • its a good point about the USSR. Did the 5 year plans or a massive centralized authority ever make for a good society? Well, at least we were told it didn’t.

    • Boeing is crap. You’ll know they’re serious when some senior executives go to prison, not before.

      Sad, too, because they really used to be an amazing company that put engineers first.

    • China advances because she doesn’t import low IQ. They don’t evangelize or think they need to save everyone, either.

      • True, but they don’t have creative geniuses. That’s why they steal all our ideas. This will probably be a two country dominated world for a long time.

        • Respectfully, the ones saying “they don’t have creative geniuses “ are the same corporate execs and senior politicos who sell US national interests out on a daily basis and have for decades.

          We’ve bet the farm on American “exceptionalism”. Hope it was worth it, because there’s no reeling it back in.

  36. I don’t own a TV, and have never seen a Tucker Carlson show, but I get the impression that he is a huckster trying to capitalize on the desperation of the anti-woke cohort of our citizenry. Now that the coup has succeeded, and a hard tyranny is on the march, these people need some glimmer of hope in order to stave off anxiety about losing their comfort zone. Rather than face reality, and do the hard work of rebellion, they prefer the illusion of false hope as their Soma. Only the return of real hardship will get these couch potatoes up and at ’em.

    • Tucker Carlson believes what he is saying, at least most of it. Mainstream advertisers have completely abandoned the show and most of the commercials that run during it are from the My Pillow guy and the people who sell upright walkers and things like that. He has relocated his family to rural Maine and does the show from there after antifa loons started banging on his door in D.C. one night harassing his wife and kids.

    • My only issue is that America was (IS) a really nice place to live. I LIKE fresh food, running water, reliable electricity and roads where I can safely drive 80mph.
      “Mad Max” and “12 Monkeys” was fun to watch: I don’t want my children to live it.

      • Heh. I must watch 12 Monkeys again in light of, ahem, current events. Of course, in the film they actually had a real crisis on their hands…

      • We have to share that all with the whole world now! White America stole all that stuff, we are told, and now the rest of the world wants it back!

        At least, thats how I understand the story!

          • There is a tiny ghost town in north central Washington named Wauconda,
            Last time I was there stopped into the post office, only one of three buildings with anything going on.
            Outside was a rental pick up with a water tote in the bed. Two melinin enhanced gentle men inside.
            Went inside to find another deadlocked person of color asking how to get a mailbox, post office lady didn’t know.
            So I told him parcel had to have a permanent water source such as a well before it could have an address.
            Wells in the area tend to be very deep and cost 10 to 15 dollars a foot just to drill. Then you still need a pump etc.
            We spent 46k for our well at 480 feet.
            Got lucky at 55gpm.

            Our neighbor went 800 and got a dry hole. Poor black bastard damn near turned white. Still laugh when I think about it.
            SOBs probably will get the cash through a go fund me with white women sending them or maby BLM will kick start it.

      • I think I’m an old fool who likes telling scary stories around the campfire.

        I love all we have in modern America too. Love it. No more whipping posts!

        Here’s to hoping we somehow continue to stumble along in this wicked, foolish, sinful world of continuing wonders. The wonder-makers ignore the bull and keep beavering away in the background.

      • The only way out is through. If you want your children to be able to have White children, let alone for those children to enjoy running water and reliable electricity, work for the betterment and separation of Whites everywhere. America is dead, not all Whites are . . . yet.

    • I’ve watched a few Tucker rants on YouTube. Since he states nothing that is not first discussed here—often long prior—he’s not my go to person for news and direction. However, I disagree with Z-man. I see nowhere a voice that says “sit back and take it”.

      Tucker simply has a line in the sand he does not cross wrt our current struggle. This is understandable for *any* commentator in the MSM today, and will continue to be so in the future. That’s the nature of things in an opposition controlled media—you must walk a tight line to remain viable to an audience.

      The question always is, “Does he punch right or left?” Given the great response his commentary produces in “normieville”, I’d say he’s an asset.

      • What’s that old Victorian wedding night saying?
        To paraphrase:
        ”Lie back, and think of true conservatism “?

        Because that’s the best the GOP has had to offer for decades.

      • He’s not scaring the normies.

        Wish to gosh I knew how to do that.

        How many burnt-out lefties, tired of obvious hysterics, begin to nod and say, “…someday, when we get back to normal…?”

        A hand held forth, back across the bridge.

      • @Compsci

        Tucker is cringy a lot of the time. I’ve trained my wife however to come get me every night to see what You Tube has on offer from Fox/Tucker. She remains baffled why I often throw shade on him. Normal people most of them just haven’t yet caught up to where we’re headed as a country.

      • Right. At least he’s edgier, or closer to the truth, than any other TV news person. He likes his job and wants to keep it, so he doesn’t go over the line. If he does he’ll be yanked and FOX will slide even further. A few years back I would scream at the tube because O’Reilly and Hannity wouldn’t even make the effort to go as far as Carlson does. Not much as changed. The paycheck, contract, and pension reign supreme. Same as the police force.

    • He’s Swanson family fortune rich and related by marriage to a US Senator. Plus he’s already reinvented his act once when he was shellacked on the old Buckley “Firing Line” show by John Stewart, of all people.

      Not that I don’t trust him…I just understand what he does is performance art, just like the rest of the Fox lineup. O Riley, Hannity…they’re just circus clowns, and the joke is on us.

      • And what is our side doing? We do even less than Tucker, hiding in the shadows and so lame we can’t even build a bridge for normies to cross over. Instead we hide behind aliases afraid of the Left.
        This is why I don’t slam Tucker,

        • Exactly! As I’ve said before, many of the folk we decry on this blog are doing more outreach than any of us can hope to do.

          These folk are not at our current level of understanding–and perhaps never will be–but I deem them useful. But I always remember, I am here–with Z-man and yourselves.

          I don’t follow Tucker, but somehow I arrived here. Hell, it’s been so damn long I can’t remember how or why, but I’m here. If any of you have a path to follow and recommend, then post it. I’m happy to spread the word.

    • Tucker is no huckster but he is limited by both his employer, his circumstances, and probably his own philosophy. I think Tucker actually believes civic nationalism will still work for this nation.
      I don’t beat up on Tucker much, he is not on this side of the divide but he brings attention to some truth that can lead people to make the journey.

    • Tucker doesn’t want everything to be about race. I don’t either, at least not in 87 percent White America, where the topic of race rarely entered our minds. Our communities, schools, places we shopped, etc were White, and blacks lived somewhere else, with some exceptions. That’s over now, and it’s a new world, and it’s all race, all the time. Tucker doesn’t want to play that game, but that’s too bad because that’s the game now, so he and the rest of us need to get on Team White or we’re going to lose.

      • A few months ago, Tucker talked about some topic where the leftists were defying nature. I don’t remember the specific topic. Tucker pointed out that “in the end, nature will win, as it always does.” Yet when it comes to race, Tucker wants to think we can have a color-blind multiethnic society, and ignore the ancient gravity and race and ethnicity.

        • True, but as they say on Wall St., the market can be “irrational” longer than you can be solvent.

        • But is what Tucker says in public on his show, what he truly feels or understands? One statment of the truth and he’s cast into the void–an ineffective non-entity. Is that ultimately productive?

          Or is it better to continue to point out the incongruities between Joe Normie’s “ideal” of a multi-ethnic society and the behavior of minorities within our current ethnic mix. Because if this approach isn’t, then I, myself, am completely at a loss as how to approach those Whites (Normie CivNats) whom I converse with on such matters.

  37. Glad I’m not the only one who gets tired of Tucker’s act. He can be spot on with some of his analysis but never takes that next step.

    • It’s impossible to take that next step and stay on any network with an audience. He will always at best be a gateway.

    • You do realize that censorship is alive and well in the MSM and if you bring up a verboten topic you’re finished.
      As it is, Tucker has brought a shit show on himself and his family for saying what he has. Which BTW is a lot more than all the anonymous tough guys on this blog who are terrified of being doxed.

  38. Coming to a city near you, The Purge 3, ridding ourselves of the white people problem.
    Well, not all of them just the middle and lower classes. They won’t see it coming.

    It was not suddenly bred.
    It will not swiftly abate.
    Through the chilled years ahead,
    When Time shall count from the date
    That the Saxon began to hate.

    When will this come? Now the Saxon’s hate has to be against his own kind and maybe some of the other (((ones))).
    Never forget the use of the diverse orcs is directed by our very own kind with some help from others, just useful idiots.
    This crazy Commie cult has to be taken on directly, not through politics. We have to act and organize a better resistance, one that self identifies. The hour groweth late.

    Second or third world awaits the U.S. if this continues, the country will not function let alone achieve anything without us.

    • I doubt any purge is coming. The world needs white people. Until light breaks through the clouds, just resist it. Become a surly bastard. Be funny about it though…no one likes a humorless prick. Embrace your role as the oddly racially-conscious white guy with weird ideas. It will attract some people your way. That’s what’ll make you cool and others lame. Don’t ignore the power of being cool and irreverent.

        • I meant irreverent. And when I wrote “humorless prick” I was thinking of the archetypal Fox News Uncle who ruins dinners with his caustic takes. That’s impotent rage. Irreverence can be a beautiful thing if wielded properly.

      • I’m doing what I can… My ancestors survived in the frigid woods of canada long before civilization and we can do it again. The collapse will eventually happen, it’s a question of how much damage it does on the way down.

        I’m preparing, prepping,learning, lifting, investing, spreading my message to normiecons, connecting – and hopefully finding a nice woman to have a large white family with. Not much else you can do.

        • Oddly, I find myself laughing.

          Laughter, at the end of the world.
          What could be more confident or irreverent?

      • Being “useful” is not useful if their actual purpose is to eradicate you. THEY HATE YOU. They want you dead. The bulley takes your candy to make you cry, not because he wants candy. They will laugh with genuine joy in the permanent darkness when the power shuts off for the last time, because you and your lifestyle need electricity. The cost is immaterial, because your destruction is priceless to them.
        The “the world needs us” presupposes a goal or standard needing to be upheld. They will happily live in mud huts, provided the bones of the last white are use to build the walls.

    • I’ve wondered if some Anglos are simply not genetically capable of being racist/tribal. The South is settled by Royalists and Ulster Scots. However Canadian-style and Yankee anglos just don’t seem capable of it. We are literally flooded with aliens and they still display out-group preferences (whereas some other whites like myself incline towards increased in-group preference).

      However americans are heavily armed and have the largest bad-white reservoir in the world. We shall see – from what I see and hear, many white guys are waking up since November.

      • We have to make loving to hate cool, because right now, loving blacks and browns is the really cool thing….

        • Hatred is a sin. The Bible says to love God and love others. White Christians need to realize, though, that the left hates them and there is nothing wrong with defending themselves. Many of them are guilty of self hatred.

          • Defending the innocent and resisting evil has been lost (thanks subversion of the church!) on modern Christians in the West.
            Clear distinctions between killing and murder. When I stand in judgement, I hope the Lord will have found in me a warrior that rested in His strength during the physical (animated by the Spiritual tools for Spiritual battles) resistance.
            Jesus was Lion and Lamb. We need to get our Lion on.

          • Hatred of evil is no sin. And biblical love is not mere sentiment, it is action. Loving someone is wanting what’s best for them. What’s best for all people is to live in homogeneous nations amongst their own people. The Bible specifically says that even the tax collectors care for their own families first – i.e. it’s a given that you provide for your own (family, nation, race) first. Loving others above your own is both un-Christian and unnatural.

          • Hatred is not a sin recognized by Christ. Do you forget the moneychangers, or the vengeance taken upon the Sodomites? Misconstrued moralizing by Mark does not contradict the actions of Christ.

      • They’re very capable, but their strong desire to avoid conflict and acrimony gets the better of them, and in this world that becomes an Achilles heel. Also, they got too cute with the ((()))) who now have them by the balls, as they sit there wincing with shit eating grins

        We have to accept that, as of today, that perhaps most of our anglo brothers and sisters are essentially too wounded or too discombobulated by trying to play the elegant ((())) they can’t muster up the energy and will to fight. other whites will have to get the party started. Eventually they’ll be ready, willing, and able.

        I hope.

    • If there’s a plus anywhere it’s in the demographics of the people who are killing each other off in the Dem strongholds. I think we need to redefine those killings as “retroactive abortions”.

  39. People need to understand that woke mob will be perfectly fine with any devastation they cause – economic or human – as long as it means that they are still winning. They have the same mentality as blacks in Zimbabwe or South Africa.

      • Ahh, GK, it’s already happening here or did you forget the destruction of our economy, closing of tens of thousands of businesses by force and the unemployment of millions of working class Americans and the apparent theft of an election by “Our Betters”?

        • But our Congress is fixing all this with the latest “stimulus” bill, right? Oh, sorry, they’re funding foreign border walls, regime changes, Pakistani gender issues, etc., with our tax $ and however much play $ they need to inject. On top of what you already mentioned. Big black pill almost every day now.

    • Animals—even Black or White—respond to pain. To assume Zimbabwe or SA is some how different, does not reflect reality. Zimbabwe is a basket case and has begun to attempt to bring back the white farmer. SA is still teetering and has a bit of a way to descend. But eventually, they will suffer a similar fate to Zimbabwe.

      Point is that the mob may indeed prevail in destruction, but it can’t live upon that. Eventually, they must come to terms with the folk who make/made their very existence possible. Destruction, I admit, is a quicker process than building, but eventually it has to end. Took 70 years for the USSR to right itself. I can imagine 2-3 generations for the USA.

      • And how far did Zimbabwe have to fall before they got desperate and tried to get whitey back? Those two countries prove my point.

        • We will be Mexico, not SA or Zimbabwe. The black population in the US is not growing. I enjoy pointing out to lefties that this is due to abortion. Our expansion is hispanic. Their IQs are not 100, but 85 is better than 65. Small comfort, I know.

          • What do you mean? Joe biden will ramp up refugee policies. Blacks will stream in from brazil. Eventually they will stream in from Africa. There are already thousands of african migrants waiting in Mexico to enter the usa.

            Black immigration is the final “blackpill” and this will happen in the coming decades, and dwarf all else. That’s the real reason for the pro-black propaganda.

          • Blacks in America have an average of around 85-88. Blacks in Africa have an average around 70. Add a couple dozen million of the latter and Compsci will get his wish of watching civilization collapse back to the iron age in a few years. Camp of the Saints is a how-to manual, a “To Serve Man” cookbook.

          • DLS, good point. I might add that Hispanics can’t stand Blacks either and also that I’m not aware of any large city in the USA being gutted like those under Black control. But of course, Hispanics have not approached peak population yet.

        • And aren’t they still there? The Zimbabweans still rule, and a toddler would know not to actually believe their promises trying to enduce YT’s return. If you think the “offer of return” is anything but a PR stunt and honeypot, you are a damned fool. “Sure honey, just come back, I won’t beat you this time.” Are you serious?

        • I put no limit or description of the “fall”. Just that at a point, the conditions are such that the country must balance the situation. We’ve not seen a situation where a country has suicided itself just to get Whitey.

          • We have. Surely you must admit that from the point of view of a normal white person, a country like Zimbabwe has been already destroyed. That it still technically exists is irrelevant.

      • A lot of talk here about the old USSR and Russia. Ironically, Russia might be the last hope of White/Western Civ (noticed I capitalized White). I think the whole US elitist/Europe/China axis is geared towards a planned gang rape of Russia. This is why the left obsesses with Putin and Russia and why they really hated Trump – they see them as major nationalist obstacles to their One-World Global Reset. China may only be playing along using the useful white idiots (small w in this case) until Russia is out
        of the way and firmly raped and pillaged. And it nearly happened in the 90s until
        Putin came along. I firmly believe the Axis plans on running out the clock until Putin expires (sooner than later they hope). But there’s still those pesky 2000+ nukes to deal with. Therein lies the Axis’ problem and W Civ’s hopes. Which brings us full circle – W Civ’s very existence could ride on Russia’s will to to use her nukes. Let that sink in for a while.

        • I read somewhere that Putin said South African refugees could settle in Russia. Has this happened? Is it possible for Americans to emigrate? I’m too old to learn a new language, but I am looking for places where my grandchildren could have a future.

          • Unlike the US, Russia is very serious about immigrants learning its language and history.

            There are multiple rounds of difficult exams that must be passed in each subject.

          • He invited a delegation of SA farmers to check out the area around Stavropol. Not sure if anything came out of that. I think the plan was for 15k white SA farmers.

  40. “The civic nationalist argues that eventually, the truth of radicalism will catch up to them and all the good citizens really needs to do is wait for reality to slit the throat of radicalism.” 

    I was an Ivy Leaguer during ’84-’88 on a campus that took pride on being on the leading edge of PC radical left identity politics. It was first time I was ever exposed to these people. Skipping over the gory details, I eventually came to take great comfort and solace in the fact that the second these freaks left their leftist fantasy bubble the real world would kick them right in the teeth, good and hard. Boy, was I ever wrong. They have remade society and even the corporate oligarchs in their own image. My head is still spinning.

    • Amazing, isn’t it? They won and we let it happen…this will ultimately unravel for them but how many of us are going to be ground to dust as it happens…?

      • Au Jus, saying “this will eventually unravel” is the same fallacy commenter Casey ran face first into when he thought solace in the fact that the second these freaks left their leftist fantasy bubble the real world would kick them right in the teeth, good and hard.”
        Nothing stops radical leftists but death. Nothing stops communists but death (but I repeat myself). The evolution of leftism in America from Wilson to Nazi Pelousy reveals that. Every setback becomes a new beginning, a new plan, a new narrative.
        As the “long march through the institutions” nears its finale we should be aware killing the enemy is the only way to end the enemy. I learned that little tidbit in Nam.

    • I eventually came to take great comfort and solace in the fact that the second these freaks left their leftist fantasy bubble the real world would kick them right in the teeth, good and hard. Boy, was I ever wrong.  They have remade society and even the corporate oligarchs in their own image.
      sometimes i think leftists are actual rational people but different compared to white nationalists, they’re supporting leftism cause globalism has been winning since forever, right wingers are losers, always have, always will be. If white nationalists would actually win some battles many white leftists would change sides.

      • Difficult to win when playing the game by the opposition’s rules. Or conversely, when the opposition does not play by your rules. As has been said, we need to “turn the board over”.

      • You’re not wrong …….. not yet anyway.

        Me thinks that the “real world” just hasn’t caught up with us yet. The slowly dissipating military power of the US is still strong enough to hold off major powers like Russia and China from making overt moves. The US empire’s juju on other forms of power *has been* reasonably strong as well – and the dollar has had a hammerlock on everybody else’s economy so that we’ve been able to dictate terms for many decades.

        All of that is slowly but surely slipping away – and it’s the “woke” idiots who are doing it.

        When I see US embassies overseas hanging rainblow flags on the sides of the buildings and I see that the latest Covid relief bill has money for trannies in Pakistan or something like that – I know it’s just a matter of time before all of that power unravels.

        I’m sorry – but I consider myself at least an amateur history buff – and I’m pretty confident that the current way of things has collapse written all over it. A military run by transgenders and “woke” military officers – simply isn’t going to do very well once it finally comes up against a military fully staffed by hard men.

        Once the Chinese run a few of those hypersonic cruise missiles into a US carrier battle group – we’re going to be faced with a Pearl Harbor-like existential moment. Either the wokey ruling class is going to go apeshit and totally collapse – or – there’s going to be at least some among the ruling class that see their heads on the chopping block and see the wokists as good candidates for the new concentration camps.

        Or maybe you’re right – and we’ll just become a new Chinese province before any of that happens. The wokists will do that – but the Chinese won’t tolerate their bullshit once they fully take over – so either way the woke will end up with their heads on the chopping block.

        In any case – I’m confident that “reality” will have it’s day sooner or later …. one way or another.

        • “Once the Chinese run a few of those hypersonic cruise missiles into a US carrier battle group – we’re going to be faced with a Pearl Harbor-like existential moment.”

          Already happened. The missile was Covid. Look how we reacted to that. The bribed elite defended China. 

        • Think you’re on to something; a student of history myself, we haven’t fought a “full-on violence” (h/t Bruce Thornton) since WWII, that is a war of no restraint (outside of using poison gas). Starting in Korea, ridiculous ROE’s were imposed tying the combat troop’s – & the higher ups – hands. I’m not sure the U.S. has the cahones to fight a “full on violence” war anymore. Obviously the biggest potential enemy is China, & even with a third rate military their entrance into Korea Nov 1950 made that war virtually unwinnable. Human wave after human wave assaults, they never cared how many men they lost since they had an inexhaustible supply. Same thing with the Russians during WWII. Granted – outside of a renewed Korean conflict – don’t see how U.S. & Chinese armies come into contact, so a naval & air war is the most likely scenario. They take out a few of our carriers/support ships with the Silkworm missiles, what does the ruling class do? Fold? Sun Tzu always said the best way to win a war is to win it without firing a shot, & that’s what all this Chinese espionage/subterfuge seems to be about. They’re gaming deftly, sneaky & behind the back. Chinese have always played the long game.

          • “Chinese have always played the long game.”

            They’re not that smart. PRC is the last major, openly Communist nation. Thus, when the Long March in America succeeded and our Communists took control, they sold us out to China.

            It’s not the PRC being super-smart and six-billion-dimension chess players. It’s them being the last available ally of USA’s Elites who want to betray America at any price.

            I suspect that’s why Ukraine is in bed with our Bidens, too. “I want to betray America to the Soviet Union when I grow up!” says the socialist, then when he grows up there’s no Soviet Union but the Ukraine made a decent offer.

          • That whole “inexhaustible supply of male bodies” thing – is just simply not true.

            Go read some actual history of WW2. By the end of the war – the Germans and the Soviets were running out of men and were sucking in males both younger and older than they would have otherwise.

            The US as well was pulling in more and more males and had relaxed their standards in order to be able to draft in more male bodies. I don’t think the situation was quite the same in the US as it was in other countries – as our casualty rates were nowhere near as high as Germany or Russia – but reading the history of the war in Europe in 1945 and there’s plenty of stories of new recruits coming in that were just simply not up to the standards of the earlier years.

            That’s one part of the equation why the US dropped the bomb on Japan. US troops were being shifted from Europe to the Pacific – and the expected casualty rate of a Japanese invasion would both tax US manpower – as well as create a really big political problem, ESPECIALLY once people found out that nukes actually existed and could have maybe been used.

            Neither Germany, nor the Soviet Union – nor the US – was made up of endless supplies of male bodies that could be thrown into holes in the ground.

        • I expect the introduction of zampolits on ships, army units at the company level and Air Force units at the squadron level. It will be glorious and greatly improve combat effectiveness.

        • Sure, eventually they will not be able to maintain civilization. In Rome, that took about 600 years from the dilution of citizenship (Hart-Cellar) to actual governmental collapse. You got 550 years left on the clock to “wait for reality to catch up?”

          • Just as there is a thing called velocity of money, there is also a velocity of information. It is a tad faster than in the ancient Roman days. I suspect it will take significantly less than 550, but it could still be beyond our lifetimes.

    • Yup, I think everyone is waking up to this. Makes me think the End Of Men ideas of (((Hannah Rosan))) were right. Competence has many forms, it seems.

    • The right pins all its hope on institutional process to “correct” or “fix” people, whereas the left simply remakes the institutions in its own image.

      When an institution fails to “correct” someone, the right’s response is to run and hide from the failed institution. Government doesn’t work? Run away and pretend you don’t need it (“I will never accept socialism, I’d rather give it to Israel!”) leaving the left to use it instead. Schools and colleges don’t work? Run away and pretend you don’t need them, again leaving the left to remake them in their image. Now that even big business is vilifying whitey, the right will be running away from them too.

      The only thing that matters is power, not institutional process, and if the right refuses to recognize and use power, then other people will claim and use it instead.

  41. Well, the good news is, as you allude to, how many large scale enterprises just won’t function efficiently when wokism is the main hiring criteria. I have just been doing a survey of some of the UK’s main publicly funded bodies, and they are going the way of wokism. It’ll be interesting to see how it unfolds.

    Most large scale corporations are already phenomenally inefficient, and that’s before ‘the wokisms’; so I see a silver lining to that cloud that identifies as a continent. So we have two main things: the lack of ability that comes about because of diverse hires, but also the immense amount of infighting that must ensue.

    It is true that whites will be under the cosh for a fair time to come, these vultures of course present a united front against YT. But I think it is going to be a tragically funny time to live in. Anyway, once a man realises the institutions he thought valuable are dead, he is freer – in a way – to focus on what comes next.

    • What comes next is servitude.
      Don’t want to live as a white slave keeping modern society operating for elites and their sub human attack rats ? Accountability lists. & operate small.
      Note. Today’s brass are woke.
      Window is closing fast.

    • You haven’t lived until you’ve had the east Asians and blacks in an IT group come in and separately complain that the south asians running the group are fucking them over by only hiring and promoting their brethren. Dumped that pile of steaming shit right into HR’s lap. Wasn’t going near it. But was quietly amused.

      • The H1-B began under GHWB about the same time he more than doubled legal immigration in the early ’90s. That visa took off, not because of any labor shortage, but because the programmers objected to Death March as a condition of employment. H1-Bs are serfs. Their employer holds their documents and they have no recourse when it comes to hours worked or employment conditions.

    • Yeah, we’ll share a chuckle over how low faceborg’s stock dividends are as we starve in a camp. Great. Such a wonderful triumph that sarcasm will be as we die.

    • It’s going to be a nightmare for us. We will be reduced to laboring serfs with no rights. Nothing to laugh at.
      Look the global Ruling Class has something very evil in store for us and they are working on a time table. Why do you think they want Trump out now instead of waiting for 4 years?
      Whites will either learn to fight back or eventually be exterminated – race replaced.

      • I fear that you’re correct – the evils and pain to be inflicted on white men will be far worse than even the most pessimistic dissident can currently imagine.

        Killing us straight up might be too merciful for the ruling class. They know they need us to keep society functioning – but they do not want to pay for our labour.

        • The white middle class guys are so darn demanding. Things like accountability, expertise, concrete results, pay for work rendered. So much easier to throw around EBT cards, make-work, fill-in-the-box jobs, and some Section 8 housing. More short term profit opportunities for them, too.

      • True enough. I would wager that, at this point, a half eaten hot dog bun left in the Oval Office for a month or so may be able to out perform all comers.

        • At least the most harm it might do is attract a few mice as opposed to the den of rats that’s been occupying that space for decades.

    • Better for whom, and over what time span? Do you want to face the moral combat of a guerrilla insurgency where you can get IED’d by a Karen and tossed into the Void while your side sits stupified at their Webers, or would you rather a moral version of pearl harbor, with the clarity and cohesion that brings? Waiting on “muh facts” to awaken our people has failed for 90 years in a row; do you propose continuing the same failure another century, or is a change necessary?

      • My fear would be a great morphing of the Lefties into “patriots” in a time of national crisis, when in reality they were the cause of the crisis in the first place. Look what those bastards are already doing within the current pandemic fraud.

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