Doctor Stupid

There is an old line about how some things are so stupid that only educated people are willing to believe them. Sometimes it is phrased as the smartest are the ones who believe the dumbest things. It is one of those aphorisms that is often used to dismiss arguments or ideas that are unpleasant. Most clichés and sayings are conversation enders, not conversation starters. On the other hand, there is a kernel of truth here and you see it in this gem from a Dr. Rachel Pope.

As we know from the great Doctor Jill Biden, there are a lot of very stupid people walking around with the label “doctor” in their profile. Another good rule is that when confronted by someone insisting you call her doctor or she puts that title in her social media profile, you are most likely dealing with a stupid person. It is not always the case, as there are smart jerks in the world too, but people who wave around their titles like this tend to be narrowminded and remarkably insecure.

In this case, it appears to be warranted. The claim that there is no genetic basis for skin color is laughably ridiculous. There is a genetic basis for all observable human characteristics like skin color and eye color. That is why we have no cases of two Irish parents giving birth to a Chinese baby. Children look like the people who made them, because they inherit the genes of the people who made them. Things like skin color, eye color, facial features and so on are all genetic.

This is not complicated stuff. Five minutes on a search engine gets you hundreds of studies explaining what is basic high school biology. If Dr. Rachel Pope is so haunted by multicultural taboos that she cannot bear to think of race differences, she could find studies like this one that examine the genetic basis of African skin color. You see, all of the gene combinations for skin color were present in humans from the start, so she could claim that skin color is a genetic response to environment.

If that first tweet was not embarrassing enough, she follows on with a truly deranged claim that there are no indigenous people in Britain. By her definition, there are no indigenous people anywhere. Humans did not spring from the soil by magic and they did not stay in one range. The story of humans starts with populating every nook and cranny of the planet. When people with an IQ about room temperature say “indigenous people” they mean those who settle a place first.

Of course, where Dr. Rachel Pope and her coreligionists in the denialist cult reveal the depth of their stupidity is when they insist race is skin color. The only people who insist this are the people in the science deniers cult. People familiar enough with the human sciences to accept the great diversity of man know that race is a general shorthand for a large basket of measurable human traits. These baskets of traits largely conform to the big geological divides on our home planet.

That last bit may sound awkward, but it is a good way of understanding how it is we have so much diversity in the human animal. If one hundred thousand years ago a group of aliens scooped up a few thousand humans and transported them to another planet, those humans would have adapted to their new world. They would no doubt have evolved unique characteristics because their world required it. No one would pretend that they are not different from earthlings.

It turns out that humans are the product of mating decisions made by their ancestors going back a very long time. Evolution worked on humans just as it does on everything else on the planet. When people migrated to a new environment, they quickly began to adapt to that new environment. The reason Africans have a genetic defense to malaria, but Scandinavians do not, is malaria is not present in the north. Thousands of generations of adaptation are why we have so much human diversity.

What makes this strain of stupidity carried by Dr. Rachel jaw-dropping is the people afflicted with it never shut up about diversity. From the comfort of their whites-only enclaves, they harangue the rest of us about diversity. The term “white privilege” has become a passphrase for these people. Yet, if race is not real, then white is not a logical construct, as it assumes race is real. Similarly, diversity cannot exist if there is no genetic basis for the human differences, we call race and ethnicity.

This brings us back to the beginning. The denialist is always someone who is educated, but also strangely stupid about the obvious. They tend to have inflated credentials in fields that are not particularly taxing. Archeology is a little better than education or psychology, but it is not a STEM field. There is a sense that their credentialism is a defense mechanism rather than a trophy case. That is also why they fall for every nutty fad popular with the modern intelligentsia.

Biological denialism, the refusal to accept the observable and measurable differences in humans, may be the ultimate expression of the aphorism at the start of this post. It is an idea so stupid that only pseudo-intellectual poseurs believe it. It signals to the rest that the person believing it is willing to accept on faith whatever nonsense is running through that particular subculture at the moment. It is an act of submission, showing that the person will never question the tenets of the subculture.

That is an important aspect of the modern intelligentsia. Membership is not just about holding the right beliefs. Those are important, but they change quickly, so what is most important is the willingness to accept the most absurd beliefs. The man who starts wearing a dress, claiming he believes he is a woman must be met by his fellows with absolute acceptance. That is the point of the pronoun stuff. When you address the guy in the sundress as “them” you are a true believer.

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293 thoughts on “Doctor Stupid

  1. Your view of evolution seems to be inverted. You have the environment contributing before it actually does. Darwinian evolution comes about through random mutations to the very specific instructions in an organism’s genetic code. There is no feedback from the environment on this level. The changes are purely non-directed occurrences. After the change the environment then finds the alteration either beneficial or not. If a human was put into a completely new environment he or she would stay the same as long as there were no serendipitous constructive alterations to their code. In the case of skin color it would not be a single change, either. It would be a fairly long sequence of random changes that occurred in just the right order in just the right sequences of code over time. The likelihood of that happening I’ll leave up to you. Again, the environment plays no role in the changes to an organism’s make up. It only judges them afterwards.

  2. Those are important, but they change quickly, so what is most important is the willingness to accept the most absurd beliefs.

    This is probably the worst thing about living in a totalitarian society: you never know when the current fad’s expiration date is; thus, you’re constantly playing a game of musical chairs that could get you left out of polite society. There was a Marvel actress (Black Panther) who was recently canceled by the mob for merely repeating what Kamala Harris campaigned on for months: “don’t trust the vaccine because Trump.” Now that Biden is in charge and the left wants to steal credit from Donald Trump (and because they want to cut ahead in line*), vaccines are all the rage. Her life may be ruined for merely repeating yesterday’s dogma on Twitter. The goalposts shift so fast that one can never be certain if anything said today might not become verboten tomorrow.

    *Politicians don’t get to cut ahead in line elsewhere — the UK and Canada, for example. In the corrupt USSA, politicians cut ahead in line but cover for this by getting vaccinated on camera so they can claim they are really doing a public service.

  3. If the human soul is a mirror designed to reflect the likeness of God, what image represents what the soulless dark triads call god. What they see is not what we see.

  4. Affirmative action has crammed low IQ or irrational women and minorities into thousands of positions of influence in the west. Now we’re dealing with the consequences. This is why I think a religious nationalism would be more sustainable. If we have an ethnonationalist movement, women would still find a way to ruin it. Religions seem to do a better job of relegating women to their strengths, while also encouraging that we aren’t “unequally yoked.”

  5. Gov Newsom appointed Sec. of State Alex Padilla to Harris seat. He must be nervous over the recall.
    Gop politics are over. Dems are ahead in both GA races.
    however time to up the China-India war within Dems. Join Blm in demanding all execs there are black: Google, Microsoft , Twitter, Facebook etc. Blacks are our holy sacred cows so Sundar Pinchai should be fine with it.
    as a Deplorable i would rather see a black than competent Indian running Google and so would China.
    let’s make their coalition fall apart.

    • “As a Deplorable i would rather see a black than competent Indian running Google and so would China.”

      That idea has a kind of crazed, what the hell kind of brilliance. After all, one implicit part of the demand for immigrants is facing up to the fact that even if the bleks were higher IQ, there just aren’t enough of them; hence we must import Indians. But this is the inherent racism of the meritocracy idea, and the tech SJWs should be called on it. Since racism delenda est, blacks should be appointed to all high level positions, regardless of any “competence” requirement (which are likely racist anyway).

      • “That idea has a kind of crazed, what the hell kind of brilliance.”

        It does! He says speak to them in their own language.

        If they can invert, why can’t we? It’s like stealing their rifles when we have none.

        “…there just aren’t enough of them; hence we must import Indians”

        I see you’re fluent as well!

    • If American dissidents joined the Democrats en masse, I reckon they could do all manner of mischief and no end of wrecking.

  6. Oftentimes when we refer to some freak in a sundress as “them” or whatever in the workplace or public. It is out of fear of being doxed or losing ones job and being blackballed.
    That’s the thing about the management class, they have the clout to impose every sort of insanity imaginable thanks to their control of the police and courts. Defy them and you can lose everything.
    As to why the management class went off the rails. I blame secularism. By getting rid of God they created a massive void that was filled by a toxic mix of Nihilism, Marxism and Post-Modernism that they picked up in higher ed.
    To me the take home is this. If we want to have our future full of mentally and emotionally healthy whites. Don’t send your kids to college.

    • They didn’t get rid of God.

      They have one, but he is not yours, and speaks to them in a different language.

  7. We observe those trapped in their wormholes of fear and learn from them. They are colonizing a cultural entity embodying the consciousness they project. We have only to look at the gods they create to know who they are.

    • You betcha- the Aztecs were one of their colonies with no white men to stop them, until the sailing ships showed up.

      That was a side where the Ba’al ze Bub worshippers won- that hidden substrain that runs the abortion/pedo industry to this day. They even wrote a Book about those early civil wars.

      *(Deleted segment. I shouldn’t be posting, but am, driven by rage.)*

      What we did for the monstrous Iroquois, we should do for them, before their “vaccine” quackery destroys us all.

      We were their Scourge, but now, they are ours.

  8. I address the guy in the sundress as “it”; when I’m done laughing of course.(They don’t like that part).

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  10. Dude, what are you tryin’ to do with this “noticing” truth speak? You’re gonna shut down the Xirl Science pipeline. Then how will we amuse ourselves with pompous stupidity that is so bad it’s hilarious? Think of the Friday podcasts before you shake all this low-hanging stupidity fruit from the trees.

  11. She follows on with a truly deranged claim that there are no indigenous people in Britain.

    The Rachels, Sarahs and Noahs invented deconstructivism, so it’s not surprising they’re using it as a genocidal weapon against White people.

    The “there are no indigenous Britons” assertion is used in the US too whenever someone expresses White positivity. The Rachels, Sarahs and Noahs bleat “You’re not White, you’re Irish. You’re Italian. You’re German.”

    Bitch, you’re not running around shrieking about Italian-American privilege or Irish-American supremacy. I know I’m White because you attack us for being White. White Americans truly are amalgamated mutts.

    But that’s how these chameleons operate: they use deconstructivism to prevent Whites from seeing themselves as one people. These same chameleons are quick to claim “fellow White” status when lecturing Whites, then they switch and claim nonwhite status—which is accurate—when lecturing other nonwhites.

    • There are even indigenous Israelis, most of whom have been expelled from their land.

      Just spitballing here, but this psycho probably does believe there are indigenous Americans and Australians. It is time to use any means necessary against this one-sided War on Whites.

        • I was speaking to the 80+ year old Lebanese mother of an old friend this weekend. She grew up in Lebanon before marrying a Lebanese American man and still has a large family and property holdings in the old country. Anyway, we were talking about visiting the Church of the Holy Sepulchre and the town of Bethlehem, and she told me that the Jews who lived in the Middle East prior to the creation of Israel were decent people; it was the arrival of European Jews that turned everything on its head.

    • Em Jones , j*w-hunterd, does this too, he claims there is no such thing as the White race. Halsey, who I find arrogant, in a conversation with cotto say Denys white people exist too…

    • Yeah I was gonna ((())) on Rachael but it gets old.
      If someone is on twitter tell her the Jews are not indigenous to Israel.
      I can’t get on twitter no way no how, I think i may be on a NSA level ban.

      • Canaanites were there first, for 2000 years. The Pharoahs had blond and red hair.

        I was wrong about Sumer.

        WE were Sumer.

        When the meteorites obliterated us there, they saw their chance.

  12. The problem is broader. We here can ridicule the “science deniers” who claim that (for example) “race is a social construct” (attributed, I think to Gould’s The Mismeasure of Man.) Race, psychology, genetics and so on are susceptible to being studied and conclusions drawn. In other words, these fields deal with the real world, and proofs for or against certain hypotheses can be run. You may get cancelled and your career ruined for investingating various things, but the underlying scientific method is still valid, and makes no ideological distinctions on its own.
    Yes, the denial of objective reality is an ongoing problem. But I’m not letting people here off so easily. You may be the most “objective” level headed person, maybe even truly educated. Yet many of you will go to a tax-exempt building once a week and avow that there’s an invisible man in the sky and a lot of other hogwash. Perhaps you really don’t believe it? Then you’re lying to yourself and others. Do you believe it, really? Without proof? My point here is not to trash religion. But you get no points to critique one irrational belief while holding several of your own.
    Some philosophers claim that science and religion are “non-overlapping magisteria.” I think in layman’s terms that means that we aren’t supposed to inquire into religious claims because they are non testable. Some aren’t, but many are. Any religion’s claim about a real-world occurrence (e.g. a miracle) is, in principle, testable. Hume dealt with this in “Miracles” and not surpisingly, his conclusion was that we should doubt claims that run counter to the laws we know about how the universe works. Popularity isn’t proof. A book of legends from a tribe that wandered around in a desert thousands of years ago may be fascinating literature, but it’s a piss poor way to run your life, if you accept its precepts unquestioned.
    Quote from Z: “Humans did not spring from the soil by magic.” Very true. Yet the Judeo-Christian belief would have us believe than God created man from dirt. Even modern biology, very broadly, would say something like, “No Man did not magically appear, but is the result of billions of years of evolution of life, from simple to complex.” A perfectly valid question then is “where did life start?” The honest answer is “We don’t know.” But we can speculate that it really did start from non-living matter. This doesn’t mean it was magic, that a God exists, etc. It just means what it says — we can’t explain it. There is surely an air of mystery, even awe there: can we doubt that we originated from inaminate matter? “How” or “why” are still unanswerable.
    We now return you to our regularly scheduled program: The ongoing war of reality vs. what some groups wish to be true.

    • “We can’t answer the question”

      Meaning: their bar-bar irritates me just as my hooting irritates them

      I mean, who da fkk sez?
      The authorities on both sides who themselves cannot? That makes them an authority?

  13. Once upon a time, stupid got you dead before you could reproduce, and that made the species stronger and smarter. Nowadays, in our modern civilized culture, stupid gets you elevated to an artificially high status, where you may become a contagion to the sane. This is an evolutionary pathology, and it is killing us in slow motion. We have conquered the natural environment and eliminated the ancestral feedback mechanisms that ensured stupid was purged rather than recycled and reinforced. That is the core problem that we must face or we will continue our slow decline into becoming an insect-like species.

    • 40% of children died for most of human history before the Industrial Revolution, more for children born at the bottom and less for children born near the top of society. That’s a ruthless clensing. Further, high functioning parents had families as large as the parents who were most lacking. Now that’s flipped and so are we. (Ed Dutton)

    • Evolution selects for fitness. Smarts was formerly an important measure of fitness before being overtaken by white guilt, pathological altruism, and virtue peacocking.

      • We need to bring back fist fighting. If a man in a dress accosts you on the street and demands that you refer to him as a “them”, the natural evolutionary response is the punch in the face as hard as you can. That response is actually an act of kindness because the idiot needs to reign in his crazy before someone takes him out permanently.

    • We have temporarily “conquered” the constraints Nature used to impose. Being temporary, alas those enabling conditions will go away at some point. Then the harsh process of natural section will begin anew. Even some imagined “insect like” species would still need to be fed, housed, watered, etc. and none of that appears by magic.

  14. Another good rule is that when confronted by someone insisting you call her doctor, you are most likely dealing with a stupid person.

    Or a German. Very big on titles, the Germans. If you have two doctorates, it’s the height of rudeness not to title you “Herr Doktor Doktor Krull.” And without the snickering, please!

  15. That last paragraph makes a profound point worthy of remembrance and repetition: that the marker distinguishing our “intelligentsia” class is not any given belief per se, but the docility to accept whatever belief is currently being endorsed by that class.

    IOW, it’s not a matter of the facts, but of moral character.

  16. The first time I encountered this was in the form of “how does black skin cause x” MIC DROP!!!
    This is a level of stupidity that just shouldn’t exist. This is how you know they are dishonest and not dumb.

  17. Intelligent is not the same as educated. You can type so fast the keyboard smokes, or write code like a bandit, but you cannot figure out how to make fire in the forest, and no one wants to help you because you’re such a jerk.

    • One of Buddha’s teachings: a man wants to build a fire. He has a “fire stick” (I guess: stick spins, friction ignites tinder, etc.) and a choice of woods: green wood floating in water, green wood on dry land, old wood in water, seasoned dry wood on dry land. The long discourse is question and answer: Would you expect him to start a fire? The answer is, of course, “No” until the last case. Also in the first three, the man would be exhausted and frustrated, and produce no fire.

  18. Anti Racism has formed into replacement for Christianity.
    I see it in the upper class white enclaves in my city whom a significant number were marching for BLM this summer.
    But those suburbs remain lilly white.
    Its like having the New England Yankees around in every part of America. Preaching morality and starting violence against the bad whites, we bad whites are all Confederates now.
    Those Yankees still live in lilly white Vermont away from the riff raff, only now Vermont is the upper class white suburbs across America.

    • They worship at the alter of anti-racism but can’t see it in their own quest to obliterate everything concerning Whites especially our history and good name. That’s how dumb these Dr. Repeaters are.

      • O they see it! They know what they are doing. But they have to give it a scientistic quasi-religious bent to it to completely justify what they are doing; to mask the little pangs of conscience they still must feel.

  19. Sorry to be that guy, but Orwell really knew what he was writing about:

    I tell you, Winston, that reality is not external. Reality exists in the human mind, and nowhere else. Not in the individual mind, which can make mistakes, and in any case soon perishes: only in the mind of the Party, which is collective and immortal. Whatever the Party holds to be the truth, is truth. It is impossible to see reality except by looking through the eyes of the Party.

  20. I actually think these credentialed people are as stupid as their beliefs. All it takes to get credentials is an ability to parrot back little details for a test and a see / hear nothing system compliance to slug through years of schooling and debt. They are that stupid. That’s why they obsess on nonsense and then expect all the stupid, dirty tradesmen to save their ass when the toilet backs up.

    • I have a masters degree in a non-stem field. And my feeling about the soft science PHD’s was that they were able to get along with the faculty, and play the game of the faculty. Thats it. Women are particularly good at that.

    • The point about these stupid beliefs is that they’re meant to be stupid. In the past high status people wore stupid and impractical clothing to advertise the fact that they didn’t have to work. Today, thanks to the industrial revolution that no longer works as a mark of status, so people adopt stupid beliefs. Woke beliefs are a honest marker of high social status because you can only maintain delusional beliefs about something if you can avoid the reality.

      • Please allow me to retort: Stupidity-for-stupidity’s-sake isn’t the point, it’s just a bonus. The real reason the road to tenure only takes left turns is purely mercenary: Only “original” “research” gets published, and in the Humanities, at least, all that was worth saying has been said by some Dead White Guy at least 100 years ago. Shakespeare ain’t writing no more sonnets, and we’ve pretty much figured out what caused the Civil War, so if you want a PhD in English Lit or US History, respectively, you’ve either got to unearth something totally new… or just make up some politicized crap. Thus Ubangi war chants are better than Shakespeare, and the real cause of the US Civil War was the simmering homoerotic sexual tension between Lincoln and Davis. &c.

        • in other words there are just way too many people have versity (uni-, di-, tri-, etc.,) training and are looking to do something with it; indeed.

          • That’s my experience. Even the die-hard SJWs who just love them some European-style “free college” will admit, off the record and with a few drinks under their belts, that the vast majority of college “students” have no business being there. They have no idea what they’re going to do with their degrees, they are uninterested in the subjects, and can’t do the work in any case. That’s not just a knock on students; the system has been perverted. Unless you’re going into law, medicine, or something requiring big-league math, there’s no point to attending uni. They’re doing a job they were never intended to do, very poorly… and it’s at least Alanis Morrisette-level ironic that these professors, who are commies to a persyn, are only doing it for filthy capitalist lucre.

          • Unless you’re going into law, medicine, or something requiring big-league math, there’s no point to attending uni.”

            McLuhan, himself a college professor, pointed out that universities were created so as to give students access to collections of manuscripts in monasteries, and thus were essentially made irrelevant with Gutenberg. However, there’s something to be said for give and take with colleagues, experts, fellow students, etc. if only to prevent you for getting too far off course (no pun). With ZOOM that last barrier falls, and people are indeed discovering that there’s no point to paying 1000s to send you kid or yourself off to a four year drinking, screwing and propaganda binge.

          • The university is our society’s appendix. It had a purpose a long time ago, now it just gets inflamed and occasionally bursts and spreads poison throughout the body politic (the rioting over the summer for example). Eventually, people will decide to just cut the damn thing out but not until it nearly kills us all I’m sure.

        • While I was just doing it for fun, you are quite right. One branch of literary analysis is to attempt medical diagnosis or psychological analysis of characters, either historical figures (“Was Hitler bipolar?” etc.) or even fictional ones! In fact, for one paper I did just that: I analyzed a few Spanish langauge novels for characters that seemed to have PTSD trauma. Mercifully, I remain unpublished 🙂

          • I remember seeing a book on something like “PTSD in the Napoleonic Wars.” Interesting, I thought, since I didn’t think that was a thing back then. Turns out it was some goof from the English Department, doing a “character analysis” of War and Peace and suchlike. Which is fine in its place… but the catalog blurb made it sound like actual, you know, history.

          • On another topic, I briefly tried to determine how many academic papers are published. At least a million a year. That doesn’t even include books, magazines, etc. The amount of material published is mind-boggling. Just by the laws of averages, the bulk of it must be mediocre to garbage.

  21. My sister was talking about some degenerate the other day who engaging in some elaborate gender pretending ritual and my sister was working really hard to get all the pronouns right. It made her sound like some sort of mental defective who didn’t understand how to use language and I finally said you sound like a crazy person. She flew into a rage. But I knew she would because she is pathological liar with rage issues who gives money to the Church of Satan and treats baby killing like a Sacrament. You know, typical leftist

    • working really hard to get all the pronouns right.

      Yes, just like Dr Rachel Pope. I noticed on her Twitter she was most keen to provide them. They are: she/her, as in

      She’s a dirty wokist.


      As Jamarcus and DeShaun forced her to strip at gunpoint…

      Pronouns are important, see?

    • Search for the most ridiculous and incomprehsible jumble of a woke sentence and lay in wait to use it conversationally on sis for the next incounter.

      • I think it may have been something done by Sokel or Nassim Taleb, it was a site that generated post-modernist sentences that sounded cool.

    • I’ve heard people speculate that some of the value of religious systems, particularly those, especially Judaism, that are focused on codified holy books is in terms of evolutionary “peacocking”. The idea is that being skilled in manipulating and understanding the things like the Talmud was a way for men to demonstrate high intelligence in a society that lacked advanced science and technology.

      I’ve often wondered if what we call wokism is really just a new kind of Rabbinical thinking for people who don’t have roots in Judaism or a faith in God. It becomes a game of one-upmanship among the pozzed to keep all their pronouns straight and call each other out for imagined offenses against the ever-shifting dogma of The Current Year.

      I read a funny post (here I think) about some group of swingers in Philadelphia who had come up with an elaborate protocol for having orgies with Covid in mind. It’s quite a trick figuring out how to properly be a sexual degenerate while showing the required amount of fear and panic about the dangers of the Coof. These people must lead lives that are just sort of an elaborate kind of performance where everyone is both the audience and the actors and you are judged on how well you follow the latest script and how clever you are about finding ways to do whatever the hell you want to while appearing “holy”. Covidism in particular seems to lend itself to solving problems analogous to that of enjoying yourself on the sabbath while still being right with God.

    • If someone wants to be referred to as they/them, what is the plural for of they/them when addressing a group if they/them?


      Fook me. No country for old men, that for damn sure.

  22. Reminds me of Gene Wilders character working as a waiter after he had been driven out of the medical field for sleeping with a sheep! “I’m a doctor! I’m a doctor dammit!” Haha! Say what you will about j*ws, they are funny…

      • Jews, like joggers should only have entertainment value for the white majority – and even then only in small doses.

        • Brilliant solution, actually, nobody tops Rodney Dangerfield.

          They weren’t known for particular brilliance until the 20th century, being regarded as Roma Gypsies.

          Rabbis sternly forbade their students from learning German science as beneath them- notice how they flipped that story right around as part of the post-War propaganda.

          Germans used the living sh*t out of “J*wish science”. 1500 Jsh officers in the ranks made sure war plans failed- who would they be more interested in subverting?

          Anybody else notice how kabbalist Goebbels had the same low, slung-back ears as Speer (of Die Sturmer) and Eichmann (fellow tribe member Morrell’s co-administrator at Auschwitz)? The genetic tell.

  23. “There is an old line about how some things are so stupid that only educated people are willing to believe them.”
    The midwit phenomenon is real. The highest IQ profession is MD and the average IQ of MD’s is only around 120. The other educated professions go down from there. In ages past the right tail of high IQ types had an outsized influence over their profession but as everything becomes more democratized and converged the great unwashed center comes to dominate. This means that people just clever enough to earn a credential yet incapable of critical or independent thought dominate more and more fields. They drive out the genuinely competent (remember James Watson?) and inject the propaganda they’ve been soaking in their whole lives into everything. This does not bode well for knowledge and technology in the long run, or as our host likes to say, “This won’t end well.”.

    • For context, an IQ of 120 is sufficient to be an engineer of competent quality, as in, they will be able to design a basic bridge that will not collapse but will lack the cleverness of solving unique problems.
      Doctors on the lower end of the median can probably keep straight the ‘standard of care’, but if the standard is stupid or illogical, they will still not question it.
      The diversity candidates at the very low end (20% tail) probably is more likely to kill you than help you.

      • The midwit problem is made much more dangerous by the death of curiosity and initiative.

        Our current year arrogance, end of history cloud culture means the problem of credentialing not only grants midwits license to erode the Truth with their own particular stupidity, but achieving parchment status means they have sufficiently dulled and stunted their natural curiosity and healthy skepticism in exchange for the piety of the prog religion. Their status cemented in their compliance.

        The Renaissance man is an endangered species. Many younger men I encounter dont seem at all interested in how things work or why things are done the way they are done. Even things adjacent to their area of “expertise”. Not good.

        The 110 IQ guy who reads history, learns how things work, builds and fixes, grows and cooks, tests his knowledge on himself and corrects accordingly, and is both humbled and inspired by what he does not know of the world is much more valuable than the 130 IQ man full of hubris, too arrogant and insecure to let the unknowns rest in his mind, who has been trained to just reduce the mysteries and the cumulative knowledge of his historical betters into Narrative.

        • A human being should be able to change a diaper, plan an invasion, butcher a hog, conn a ship, design a building, write a sonnet, balance accounts, build a wall, set a bone, comfort the dying, take orders, give orders, cooperate, act alone, solve equations, analyse a new problem, pitch manure, program a computer, cook a tasty meal, fight efficiently, die gallantly. Specialization is for insects.
          — Robert Heinlein, Time Enough for Love

        • The Renaissance man is an endangered species.”

          To the IQ nerds and STEM fetishists, the RM only existed because people were so ignorant “back then.” There was practically no knowledge worth a damn, hence you could study it all; not that you knew anything.

          Now that we have STEM, your worth as a person depends on your IQ, which is demonstrated by your being a physicist. (Applied Calvinism). You must spend your time learning more and more “real knowledge” about less and less (more = uncertain, perhaps even non-mathematical).

          As for culture, politics, and other low-IQ girly stuff, the Tribe will take care of that for us. Strange how the high-IQ Tribe flourishes in those areas; almost as if it’s part of some plan…

          • Four and eight year degrees were based on that fact that in that time, you could read all the books in existence.

      • There are a lot more affirmative action doctors (and everything else) than anyone wants to believe.
        Anyone who thinks the colleges are not practicing affirmative action not only in recruitment, but in graduations is sadly mistaken.
        Remember, this woman is every bit as much a doctor as any other person with the right credentials.

        Read Michelle Obama’s thesis from Princeton entitled “Princeton-Educated Blacks and the Black Community”
        It’s not just the football players.
        This is after getting “high school diplomas” in schools where an A means “showed up once in a while”
        Or the graduation scams. Or entire school districts without a single student tested as grade proficient in math and science.

      • Puts you in the upper 10% (about at 90th) of the population. It’s enough to get you a good percentage of the national wealth when used properly.

        • It’s a little vague. Above 130 tends to be the “here be monsters” part of the map. Wais-IV tops out at 140, and accuracy over 130 decreases to essentially “gee, that’s high” rather than a specific quantitative evaluation.

    • I’m reading In The First Circle (basically a spy novel, set in 1949) by Solzhenitzyn. If his description of Stalin is even partially accurate, it shows how an average man of no particular talents, through a series of historical acidents, choices and “right place, right time,” coupled with his ruthless personality, can lead to said man rising to power, one of the world’s most powerful rulers for decades, leading a nation horribly wrong with costs to human life of its own citizens well into the millions. I believe the Lysenko affair happened on his watch, tangentially relevant to Watson’s field.

      • Really smart and capable men always appear lucky. You don’t rise to such heights on a hierarchy by getting lucky. At least some of it was no doubt his ruthlessness, but at some point ruthlessness(alone) becomes a hindrance. When the power structure does not feel secure and might be arrested and killed at any moment for no reason whatsoever, the underlings have no reason to allow you stay in power.
        Stalin was not an ordinary average man.

        • Point taken. But (at least as Solzhenitsyn gives a “biography” of Stalin in this novel…) he didn’t receive much formal education, certainly not at university. He trained to be a priest! I think you underestimate the role of chance, of luck, in world events. Thousands of well-educated people, those (un)lucky enough to not be shot, ended up in labor camps because they were “enemies of the people” or for similar nebulous “crimes.” Having teams of former professors, doctors, engineers, teachers or other elites cutting down trees in Siberia, laboring in mines, or smilar drudgery is not an enlightened way to move one’s nation forward, yet that is precisely what the Soviets did.

    • haha “The highest IQ profession is MD”
      let me introduce you to a few physicists and mathematicians.

  24. Z recommended a podcast on Greek history. One of the episodes was on, yup, White privilege and the classics! The podcaster, who sounds like he is in his 30s, invited on a Latin language scholar, who also sounds like a millennial, and who devotes his free time to combating hate groups and White supremacy in the classics. I wasn’t aware of it, but apparently there are dissidents who look to Greece for models of an ethno-state.

    Besides liberally using the term hate group, this guest used the ADL and SPLC and some lady’s book about white supremacy during the trump era.
    I would recommend the episode, because these two knuckleheads never really defined racism or hate group or White supremacy very seriously. They also seemed to be pushing the idea that Greece could have been a black nation! One other problem is they were critical of scholarship before them, which they seemed to say was racist, or not multi cultural enough, oversights that modern woke scholarship was working round the clock to correct!

    Ive run into the idea that the world has always been multi cultural and its only the 19th century that wasn’t. What I would always ask is, are blacks superior in the 40 yard dash, or marathon running? Can anything be judged as better or more superior, if yes, then can we measure achievement by different groups.

    Maybe I’ll send in a comment to the caster.

      • Since people are talking about names and titles, I must say Judge Smails is an awesome handle, much better than any Dr. nonsense.

    • “I wasn’t aware of it, but apparently there are dissidents who look to Greece for models of an ethno-state”

      Lots of groups have looked at ancient Greece as a model for governance, in whole or in part. And ancient Rome as well. You’d figure given how these ancient regimes ended that people might think twice about imitating them.

      • There are good reasons “The Classics” were studied more until fairly modern times. Greece, later Rome, are the foundations of the West. Yes, other cultures have their contributions (China, etc.) but those buildings in DC are designed as Neo-Classical and not Ming Dynasty for historical reasons…
        Your final comment needs a comment 🙂 Can you provide a example of any ancient (or not so ancient) regime that did not end? Why should ours be any different?

    • Jeebus. From Black Vikings to Black Greeks to Black Mozart to Black Victorians.

      Note to Neanderthals: you really should’ve hunted down that last little pocket of Erectus hiding in central Africa.

  25. There are two kinds of stupidity out there, fellas. There is the honest, genetic stupidity caused by defective parents or other environmental or genetic factors… and then there is the plodding, deliberate idiocy put up by people for it’s shock and outrage value. And yes, women are more susceptible to it than men. You can’t have a conversation with them either. They will be idiots going into it, and they’ll be idiots coming out.

    • I think its gross pride too. And they MUST adhere to their inconsistent world, and coming up with more gibble gabble to add to their foolishness is really all they have

    • They’re just not serious.

      It’s all a soap opera or stage play, dress up, fashion points. The guy stuff is magical scenery.

      These girls really could use some time on the farm or ranch. Actually, I think the red tent, isolation during their period, and midwifery, would reaffirm what’s most real and important to them, as well as the innate sisterhood they miss.

  26. Even worse than calling oneself “Dr.” is when they use their first name, like Dr. Drew or Dr. Phil. Yeah real folksy.

      • I am summoned.
        Mantis Toboggan, M.D. Now, you want this young man to live, you’re gonna have to gimme some aspirin, a roll of duct tape, a bag of peanuts, and four beers.
        It’s Always Sunny used to be the most depraved, hilarious, un-PC show on TV. Now it’s woke too.

        • Doctor, you are forgiven. The AP Style manual states that your title is valid in non-technical print and as a descriptor since you hold an MD. Others such as myself are not to be given such status. And that is how it should be.

          This is why the whole Jill Biden thing is such a farce. Even the MSM media knows that her title as “Doctor” is not appropriately used outside of immediate academic publication.

        • Depravity is actually very PC. Remember, the SJWs want to tear down everything beautiful and true.

          A ten-year-old boy in drag stripping for degenerate faggots stuffing dollar bills in his underwear is stunning and brave.

        • Yeah, they turned the whole “Mac is gay” theme from a hilarious lack of self-awareness to a Pride special. Never tuned in again. Actually, the rot was there from the start; they were supposed to be the worst people on Earth, but they always carved out an exception of “racists”. (“The Gang Gets Racist,” but also little bits like “hiring slaves”, “racist” woman in old age home, burning all of Dennis & Dee’s grandfather’s mementos because he was an actual Nazi, etc.) The contrast btw their White world and real Philadelphia is especially ludicrous this year.

          • “Mac Finds His Pride” ruined me on the show forever.
            However the show did give me the line I always use about politics
            When has voting ever helped? Who am I supposed to vote for? The Democrat who is going to blast me in the ass? Or the Republican who’s blasting my ass.

          • Countless formerly popular characters have been gaywashed in recent years:

            1. Starlord (Chris Pratt’s character from Guardians of the Galaxy) was made canonically bisexual and polyamorous in the comics. Starlord was always intended to be heterosexual straight male.
            2. Hercules kissed a young boy.
            3. Harley Quinn was given a lesbian fan fiction romance with Poison Ivy in the comics and cartoons. The far-left screeched when she was turned back into a heterosexual. The character was, according the creator, not a lesbian and was “just friends” with Poison Ivy. Of course, the far-left didn’t respect that and appropriated a character that did not belong to them.
            4. Iceman. Comic book and cartoon character turned gay.
            5. Several other miscellaneous characters. One includes a woman who is supposed to be a heterosexual who wanted to mate with Superman. They turned her into a lesbian and had Wonder Woman escort her to a planet where gays are not allowed to marry. They end up overthrowing the straight White male government and tearing down their statues, imposing their leadership on the population by force like a dictator. They retcon the series to state the first king and queen were two lesbians (not even possible for obvious reasons).

            The number of straight White characters race, gender, and orientation swapped leads me to believe there is some animus involved. Batman is black now. They genderswapped Thor and race & genderswapped Iron Man. Brie Larson’s Captain Marvel stole the title from a man. They also ruined Captain America by letting a black racist turn him into an SJW who attacks rural (racist) conservatives in the most recent comics. Batwoman, a white straight woman with red hair, is now a black lesbian in the CW show. ETC.

    • It’s amazing how often it works, though, even at this late date. Pretentiousness aside, I was always afraid to use my title out in the real world – I figured someone would punch me (“he’ll know the reason why”). But waving your title around works great on SJWs. I’ve been able to cut all kinds of lines at SJW-infested places like bookstores – make way for DOCTOR Severian! They of all people should know better, but hey, if it helps me throw sand in the gears, I insist on my full academic titles. I think i’m going to start wearing the stupid robe and chef’s hat around…

        • That’s Dr. Severian, PhD, to you sir!!! (Damn it, now I’m really starting to get into it. What’s my doctorate in? Penology. My dissertation was on the discursive formation of truth and penitence. And so forth. Holy tap-dancing Allah I’m a nerd. See what you started, DOCTOR Marko – if that is in fact your real name?)

        • For some reason, this reminds me of how when Reed Richards first meets Dr. Doom he fails to make the connection to his old pal Dr. Victor von Doom. Like, hello, how many Dr Doom’s do you think there are?

      • The Germans have it right on the titular nonsense.

        Real (medical) doctor: Herr (Mr.) or Frau (Mrs.) Doctor

        All other academic PhDs: Herr or Frau Doctor Professor

      • I keep reminding the missus that a chiropractor is a “doctor” in exactly the same way I am a “doctor,” and I have the robe to prove it.

        • It’s sometimes useful when dealing with Lefties. The dumber ones still like to throw around the fact that Rachel Maddow is a “doctor.” Hey, so am I! I guess they hand those things out like candy, eh?

        • Like NPR’s Mr. Science, I like to tell people that they can believe me, because I have a master’s degree…in SCIENCE!

        • To introduce a related topic; I recall that Bush’s AG, John Ashcroft, supposedly insisted that his staff refer to him as “General Ashcroft.” To “Not that kind of Dr.” we need to add “Not that kind of general.”

    • Here’s a gem from those goons at Salon:

      “Writing last week at the New Republic, Mark Oppenheimer railed against our reference to Maya Angelou as Dr. Maya Angelou. Though she has over 50 honorary doctorates, Oppenheimer apparently believes…”

      They’re saying her fake “honorary” doctorates qualified Angelou to claim the address of doctor in public. Normally, people have enough humility not to do that when they receive an honorary degree. Should we have called Mr. Rodgers “Dr. Rodgers“? He also received an honorary degree in 1982 (but never claimed it publicly, unlike the megalomaniacal Angelou).

      BTW, psychopathic traits like serial lying also have an evolutionary basis. Science has shown the far-left to be much more likely to have them. One reason they don’t like to discuss group differences is that they might be forced into an examination of their own behavior: they are prone to lying, hypocrisy, Machiavellianism, and cruelty. For the far-left, there is no wrong act if it’s also convenient for their interests. Thus, they lie about everything.

  27. I remember an academic colleague telling me about a book that absolutely *destroys* the “myth” of race, proving beyond a shadow of a doubt that “race is just a social construction.” The author’s very impressive scientific credentials? She was the Something-or-other Professor of Black Women’s History (her actual title) at some cow college.

    • Even the denialists with genuine credentials in the human sciences take to avoid debating the issue with people who know the material. Instead they posture on-line or chat with other denialists about their favorite straw men, like the skin color nonsense. At some level, most of these people know they are spouting nonsense, but the nonsense is the currency of their world, so they submit.

      I go back on forth on whether we are entering a dark age or that maybe we are about to exit one. The denialists look a lot like Tycho Brahe to me. There’s also the mystical aspect to denialism.

      • Darkness-wise I think it’s like we’re at the part in Pitch Black where the solar system’s gravitational resonances stabilize and the tides lock and the eclipse can never end.

        No one will remember. Our descendants won’t believe we existed. We’re already idiots compared to our recent ancestors. In a few centuries, maybe only a couple, the last human mind will have the last human thought. It’ll probably be a crime statistic.

        • Perhaps, but I believe at worse a trimming down of human population. A return to the soil and subsistence living. Followed by a repeat of evolutionary growth in intelligence an ability. And it will be much quicker than to first rise from darkness.

          • well if things revert to subsistence living, there will be considerably more than a trimming of the human population.

          • For 20 years I dreamed of the Warrens, vast, polluted ruins populated by weird savages.

            Now I know why.

            But- I also dreamed of the Tunnels- crowded, different, yet still modern… and White. We’ll make it through the bottleneck, the Forge.

            We whites have done so before, we are meant to, as the living Hand of the Increate. The rest were simply combinations that didn’t quite make the grade to fulfill the highest function- the transmission layer.

          • To go beyond the atmosphere’s constraints, whether Heaven or Mars.

            Note thou that only whites created the concept of Heaven, because that is the physical reality. The rest recycle in the purgatorio within the ionosphere or the base substrate of suffering, the hells- and their stories reflect this.

            We don’t blame the lungfish, nor the aquatic stay-behinds; yet, the scandalous things they said about each other!

      • I’m not saying it’s *strictly* a female thing, because lord knows there are lots of Dr. Stupid, PhDs, among the menfolk, but it pretty strongly correlates. One of my favorite ivory tower stories is: A female colleague –in a STEM field — needed help moving a couch into a new apartment. A buddy and I got over there and spotted the flaw in the plan right away: The couch was a good six inches wider than the doorframe.

        We pointed this out to Snowflake. We even busted out a tape measure. To no avail – she insisted that it would fit. We actually had to shove that thing at the door **until the wood started cracking** before she’d admit it wouldn’t fit…

        …and then she was super-pissed. At US. For not being able to make it work. I told her that both math and physical strength were just social constructions anyway, so you’re on your own, have fun.

        (n.b. nobody ever believes my best “inside the ivory tower” stories. They’re just too over-the-top. But I swear it happened).

        • OK, enough on women. Here’s a male story exactly the same. Faculty member in dept redesigned/customized his own office furniture. He ordered a Steelcase table top “1 inch wider” than his office (wall to wall).

          I and a couple of others were asked to help him move it into the office. After a bit of exasperation, I stated “The table is too wide, how did you order this length?” He sheepishly said, that it was the closest length they had in the catalog!

          I told him all he needed to do was call Steelcase and they’d make/customize any length he wanted. His response, “Well, I thought I could squeeze and extra inch somewhere.”

          This faculty member is no dummy, yet he ordered a table knowing it was 1 inch too wide for his office! I won’t relate his accomplishments to protect his privacy, but I can guarantee everyone reading this is the better off for his work and would know so if revealed.

          • But there was a happy ending. The table top was brought to the next door instrument shop—the place where all that fancy special lab equipment academic egg heads dream up is fabricated—and a couple of inches band-sawed off the end of the table top. Sides were reattached and the table installed as per design of the office area.

        • Once upon a time, when our culture was healthy, a woman pitching a fit in demand of a stupid act, would quickly get the back of the hand. This not only solved the core problem immediately, but this feedback mechanism helped her to become a wiser, and therefore more beneficial member of the community.

          • I’d have thought so too—that’s a male response. But after some experience in reading of these things, I think it’s the desire of some—not all—women to *be* hit. Complex psychological interaction to be sure, but I believe a lot of women desire to be hit in order to play victim to escalate the conflict. These are the “crazies” we so often read about.

          • When a woman gets a corrective hit (token smack, not brutal punch), her amygdala interprets the act as a reflection of her bond with the man (daddy complex). In another sense, it’s also an act of investment in the relationship for the man because he doesn’t have to start over with a new female every fucking time she gets crazy fit.

          • The late Sir Sean Connery said much the same once. It was not remarked upon much at the time.

            It is a different world.

        • well, it was your fault, in the same sense that it’s the school’s fault that Black children don’t learn nothin, or it’s the White cop’s fault when a Black man gets arrested.

        • Having no father in the household is why women these days have such unrealistic expectations of men.

        • I did that with an airline pilot!

          We tipped the couch on its end, on a broom, and sideslipped it in with cardboard protecting from scrapege around the bend.

      • “the nonsense is the currency”: and we Outdated are still trading with pieces-of-eight

        “the mystical aspect”: Geist, a chicken-or-egg question of influence

        (Honors to good Screwtape’s ‘oogily-boogily’, as the immaterial layer generated by living nervous systems is only a broad storage medium like DNA; its cross-communication we perceive as ‘other ways of knowing’, the sixth senses, of our God speaking to us

        We are leaky radios that generate our own stations per genetic groupings, the gods of each people; thank you for reminding me it is the physical, the practical, that has the most impact)

    • On the rare occasions where I try and discuss the issue, I find that the best way to explain racial differences among humans is to bring up dog breeds. People can let their mental guard down a bit if you’re talking about non-humans.

      All the various breeds are dogs but to say that they’re the same or equally capable at different tasks is insane. Also, the names and classifications of each breed is, of course, a social construct – I mean, somebody came up with the name Great Dane and defined its characteristics – but that doesn’t mean that Great Danes don’t exist.

      • Our sciences have turned into yappy female Chihuahua’s telling us a male Great Dane is now a female Poodle if we cut off his penis.
        Its insane where we are going in the west.

      • Yeah but that’s where it falls apart also because a liberal white women love Pit Bull mixes. It’s because they think they can tame monsters.

        • I’ve more often heard from women that pit bulls are “misunderstood” and get a bad rap. It’s their owners who make them mean, they say.

          So, yeah, exactly what these women think about blacks, except that they are willing to live around pit bull mixes but definitely not blacks.

          • Yeah except they would never say the same thing about a Golden Retriever would they. We accept that golden retrievers are a breed that is good with children, uniformly nice, and will eat voraciously with the rare exception

          • I’ve thought of the bleks as like those noisy, yapping, biting little lap dogs the old style rich ladies had. They run around, barking and biting and shitting on everything, but if you point this out (“noticing” as S. Sailor would say), they get very offended at how rude you are about poor little Pinky.

        • liberal white women love Pit Bull mixes. It’s because they think they can tame monsters.
          Pokemigrants, gotta catch them all

        • Yeah, if you see an AWFL and her probable walking towards you on a trail just turn 180 and proceed in the opposite direction.

          You can thank me later.

      • Dog breeds, or talk about physical characteristics. Everyone agrees that african men run faster. So why could there not be cognitive / temperamental differences too? Evolution stopped at the neck?

        • Q: Why are all black men so fast?
          A: Because the slow ones are in jail.

          I must stop. This is just so bigoted. I will write to Dr Rachel Pope and beg forgiveness for this sin of sins.

      • I used to do that as well. In class, in fact. I’d start with Basic Becky, since for a while there dog ownership was a major status thing in sororities. “You probably have a husky,” I’d guess, when that stupid “Game of Thrones” show was popular. “Not a chihuahua? Why not?” Let her ramble on for a while, with my “objections” getting more and more absurd. “What if you just fed the chihuahua a lot? Wouldn’t it get to husky size? Why not just throw it out in a snowbank, to get it to act like a sled dog?” etc. Then I’d go with “So we all agree: Dog breeds are NOT a social construction….”

        The smarter ones got it right there. The dumb ones needed some further prodding, but eventually I got the entire class to admit that there is this thing called “genetics,” and it has some measurable influence on appearance and behavior. At least in dogs. Alas, they couldn’t make the leap; they’d stick their fingers in their ears and just shut down rather than attempt to explain to me why humans alone, of all the animals, are not subject to this “genetics” stuff. “Ah well,” I’d mutter in a stage whisper, “I guess Intelligent Design is right after all.”

        [In case you can’t tell, I sometimes miss fucking with college kids’ heads. It’s also obvious why I never got on the tenure track, eh?]

        • Yeah, evolution is another fun gag to play on the other side. (And, yes, I know there’s a lot of controversy about life just spring from the murky sea, but I’m using the common phrase Theory of Evolution to talk about natural selection because that’s what people think that it is.)

          Progressives love to feel that they’re on the side of “science” and they love to mock those stupid Christians who reject the Theory of Evolution. (Darwin Fish, anyone?) So when I say that humans evolved like any other plant or animal, that we adapted to our environments, they’re heads explode.

          “Well, it wasn’t enough time to make a real difference” which is easily mocked or “It’s only skin deep” which even they know is laughable.

          The cognitive dissonance created from “I believe in science” and “Evolution doesn’t apply to humans” is fun to watch, though I can’t say that it ever convinced someone change their mind. But it might help some fence-sitting fall our way.

          • Good point. And, as one of the resident Unbelievers here, may I point out that your example of the supposed science-affirming Woke denying the reality of race (that is, the denial of verifiable evidence for ideological purposes) is no different from Religion’s denial of worldly truths at odds with Dogma? The age-old war between the Ideal (mind’s reality) and the Real (objective reality), in philosophy, going back at least to Plato.

        • Cleverly done! I don’t waste time talking with most people, but if I did, I’d copy your approach I’ve understood the usefulness of comparing dog breeds, but didn’t think to use the specific suggestions re feeding/size and environment/behavior. As you note, though, facts don’t convince anyone, particularly when you’re dealing with what is Satanic fervor.

      • You are clearly a breedist. I’m sure with enough training and government grants, my Mastiff will be as good going to the burrow after the rats as your terrier 🙂

  28. As you’ve said in previous posts, Z, it’s like some sort of insanity has infected these people. How they come up with these beliefs and apparently actually believe them is jaw dropping. A great culling will be coming down the road.

    • Archaeologists are SJW lunatics. I knew a bunch in grad school. Ask them about human sacrifice. They’ll have huge piles of evidence staring them in the face, but deny it, because the Noble Savages couldn’t possibly have done it.

      • It used to be that the mark of an intelligent man was into either archaeology or anthropology. Thomas Bruce for example absconded with Greek artifacts because he thought the British would take better care of them Based!

        • There are many examples of important historical artifacts that only still exist because foreigners (usually the British) took them away before the Muslims could destroy them. Images of living things, etc. they equate with idolatry.

      • Yeah i have a friend who’s an “archeologist.” Works 3 days a week, smokes weed every day and his wealthy conservative parents send him money. But boy does he love talking about how slavery still impacts american life today. He lost his mind when I quoted the bell curve.

    • well, ask yourself how archaeology is stem? no math, no science, no engineering. just a lot of guessing.

      • NSF lists Archaeology under the “Social Sciences”. However, I don’t have as low of an opinion of such “science” as those posting here. I’ve interacted with a few pretty good folk in the field.

    • I never see it listed as a STEM field. Look at the undergrad requirements and you see little in the way of math and science. It’s mostly an indoctrination into the beliefs of archeology. It’s why it is included in the humanities. It was originally the study of humanity’s physical past, but like the rest of the humanities, it is now mobbed up with multicultural twaddle.

      • It’s typically American to denigrate the humanities because the subjectivity of their studies and interpretation can’t be resolved through numbers. The Yankee has an infatuation with numbers, based generally on the fact that numbers are what are needed to evaluate financial dealings. Money is of the most importance and in Yankee Land if there isn’t money involved, “Who cares”? Nobody needs to know about any of the crap that comes out of the study of anthropology because it’s of no use in making the payments on a BMW lease.

        A few years back a German banker was giving a major policy speech that included a quote by Goethe. Everyone in the audience was familiar with Goethe and probably many of them were aware of the quote itself. This could never have happened in the US. There is no figure in American philosophy, if such a thing even exists, that corresponds to Goethe in Germany and Europe. If Janet Yellen had quoted Mark Twain or William James on a Federal Reserve question they would start measuring her for a strait jacket.

        The significance of STEM fields, besides their likelihood of better monetary rewards for their practitioners, is that there are definite rights and wrongs, corrects and incorrects, no subjectivity involved. A given geometry problem has only one correct answer. Oddly, one of the most rewarded professions, however, is not in a STEM field. That’s the law. The very best, most highly compensated attorneys, have many correct answers.

        • I think this is fair point. I’m not sure about the money part, but we need the humanities. We need art. ITs just that nut jobs have used these academic areas to lend credibility to their dangerous ideology

        • This is an interesting point about the cultural illiteracy of Americans. I’d generally agree, but the Yankee stuff I’m not so sure about. There may be other influences there as well.

          The real benefit of being in STEM is you are wrong a lot. Every day you are fixing your own errors or stumped by some problem. It’s hard to get carried away with yourself.

          • Yep three boys. Electrical engineer computer scientist & an airline pilot
            Did ok for a drop out grease monkey. Didn’t have to push them much, just served as a good example of what not to do.
            This place has the best commentary I’ve found. Always a little better informed spending time here. Thanks all y’all

        • The Yankee point needs expansion. Aren’t they known as “The Jews of Europe”? The humanities were doing just fine until a certain Tribe shoved its way in. That’s when we went from Emerson (the American Goethe, and btw Nietzsche’s favorite then-living philosopher) to the likes of a Judith Butler or Stanley Fish. Believe it or not, in the 40s (?) Lionel Trilling was denied tenure at Columbia because of his Tribal status. Today even WASPs are comically aghast at recalling such “prejudice”:l imagine, thinking that English literature could not be trusted to a Tribesman. The results show that no, it can’t. As always, NAXALT, but the Tribe sets the tone for the rest. The Tribe is also happy to encourage the “Only STEM matters because numbers” mentality (here and on Unz) because they control, as always, both sides: science through math, humanities through bullshit. “Keep playing with your numbers, goyim, while we take over literature, ethics, politics, religion, and all the other subjects that “don’t matter.”

        • the humanities are denigrated because the people involved (“gate keepers”) have corrupted them beyond redemption.

      • My wife is an archeologist, and a very good one who has made a career in museums and field work. But trust me, it most definitely ain’t STEM.

        • Just because it is not STEM does not make it worthless. It used to be a great field for people with a curiosity about the human story and a desire for field work in weird places. Like all of the humanities, it has been swamped with cray people pushing political agendas. It’s a shame because it is important work.

          • Unlike STEM fields, the humanities were always based in academia rather than business. Their research is still difficult to monetize. A turning point was reached, however, with Johnson’s “Great Society” and would-be collegians that didn’t know if they were getting the right change for a candy bar purchase were able to study for a decent job. The trouble is that the jobs were exclusively in the public sector. GE and US Steel didn’t need employees with criminology, psychology or sociology degrees. But academia saw an opportunity to open whole new departments to produce those grads and ship them off to US states and counties where they could distribute Democratic largesse. This entire economic complex has had huge effect on the American mindset.

          • Not in total disagreement here, but your explanation does not completely explain the preference corporations give a degreed graduate (in any field) for hiring.

            Yes, you don’t hire a Psychology major to design a bridge. However, why would you necessarily prefer a college graduate for a secretarial position?

            Brayan Caplan does a prettyy good job discussing this conundrum is his book: “The Case against Education: Why the Education System Is a Waste of Time and Money”.

            The point Caplan makes is that such preference is part of the push-pull driving folk to spend vast resources into wasteful activities like advanced education.

          • We’re probably discovering right now how valuable expensive, institutional education really is. At one time the only method of acquiring knowledge was to get it personally from someone willing to share it. That required being in the same place as the source, usually an educational institution.
            This is no longer the case. A high percentage of the total of human knowledge is available to a ten-year-old in his bedroom, often from some of the same figures found in the elite colleges. In a practical sense degrees don’t mean much anymore, if they ever did. This also means that a person can delve deeply into the humanities without being put into financial peril. In terms of available knowledge we’re in a better position than anywhere ever, if we want to be.

          • You are conflating intelligence with knowledge. You can ship every college textbook in existence to Papua New Guinea, and it will make no difference (other than some warmer fires and cleaner bottoms). The financial point of modern credentialism is to select for intelligence. That is why we have the current attacks on the mechanisms that make such selection possible (grades, SAT scores, etc).

          • Yep. That is one of the points in Caplan’s book. Sitting on your ass through four years of wasteful enterprise in college is a proxy for business to select on certain characteristics—like intelligence, but also certain personality factors.

          • The financial point of modern credentialism is to select for intelligence. 


            Modern Education began as religious indoctrination. And it still is, just it’s become ersatz pseudo Christian as opposed to orthodox. As such, it selects for gulliblility and conformity over “intelligence”.

            The entire structure is an elaborate operant conditioning contraption. Parrot back whatever is shoveled at you and get a pat on the back, gold star and Letter Grade mark that elevates you above the benighted members of your little society that won’t or can’t do the same.

            Repeat continuously for twelve to twenty years and the person that emerges will blindly accept anything that an authority tells them – as demonstrated by the CoVid hysteria and the positive correlation of submission with years of education.

          • Well said. Essentially, academia and most government have become “make work” programs for highly-degreed, highly-indebted drones, many of whom argaubly bring little of value to those organizations. Over a period of many generations, the education system has, so to speak, become a factory with a high price tag, to produce people who fit the old saying “It’s not what you know, it’s who you know.” As evidence, I submit the astronomical prices parents willingly pay for prep schools (e.g. Dalton) and the Ivy Leagues. Do you receive a better education there? Probably not? Do you get to rub shoulders with the Elite? Yep. This is essentially the thesis of mentioned yesterday, Murray’s Coming Apart.
            Edit: no, I’m wrong. Murray deals with cognitive stratification, the higher IQ elite vs. the dumb and average common folk. But the result is still largely the same: outrageous tuitions seem to gain one more social access, than education.

          • It is also professional cache and resume distinctions. At a prior employer, when I met the lead boss from a different office, his first comment to me was “you’re (Bob’s) (University) guy? You must be the smart one on the team.” And I got into post secondary school essentially based on the name of my undergrad institution, though to be fair I was completely average at that institution.

          • Originally, most humanities were driven by patronage. Historians charted the rise and prestigous lineage of the current rulers who paid for their sinecures, artists painted whatever the rich or rulers would commission, literature and playwriting ditto. The idea of “independent academic humanities” came about a little bit before the equally farcical idea of “independent journalism,” and has the same deficit.

          • Overlooked: until probably well into the 20th century, virtually all University education was self-paid. A lot, perhaps nearly all, of those who achieved the higher degrees were from society’s upper classes. They already had lots of money. If you read their biographies, you’d find that most famous scientists had other, or at least earlier, more mundane careers or education specialties before they parlayed what often started as a hobby into being a world-class authority on butterflies, ancient African civilizations, whatever. Then, as now, nobody works their way through college just to get a degree in paleontology.
            A corollary to the above statement, which I think is generally correct, would be: probably the majority of those who complete a BA/BS or higher degree today do it with the expectation of using it to aid an existing career, or it’s a requirement for a specific career. They’re pursuing a job, not a hobby. Hence, the astronomical amount of student debt.

          • Sprinkled all across the American Mid-west are small private colleges created by 19th century European immigrants. The impetus for this was the necessity for the training of religious leaders of both Protestant and Catholic communities. Second generation immigrants were also sent there by their parents not in order for them to acquire skills for jobs that didn’t exist in the agrarian society but to simply make them more knowledgeable human beings, to make them better people.
            Only recently, when government policies provided tuition stipends for veterans and student loans became guaranteed did tuition become a financial commitment similar to the purchase of a house.

          • Excellent point, uni got into the business of selling lemon loans- and of monetizing sports as the marketing department.

          • The STEM vs non-STEM argument is a red herring. It assumes the value of a field of study arises from the certainty of its methods. The more certainty, the more “real” its object of study is. Hence the idea that humanities are a bunch of smoke and mirrors.

            The real value of a field is the nature of its object. As Aristotle said, the mind becomes what it knows. If you study theology, you become divine. If you study philosophy, you become wise. If you study biology, you become an animal (Darwin?) If you study geology, you become…

            That’s why English schoolboys were forced to study the Classics. People were held in high regard as scholars of anything, of course — Herr Dr. Eng. — but the field was also important; a theologian, a noted archeologist (Furtwangler’s father, for ex.), etc. was held in higher regard, as people whose minds/spirits (Geist, hence Geisteswissenschaften, rather than our “humanites”) were especially cultivated. This is the German “obsession with titles” that the philistines on Unz are mocking regarding Dr. Biden.

          • I’m glad to see that we longer have to travel from the Z-man’s site to find someone so full of shite.
            Levity was always lacking here, your satire is welcome.

          • Look, the average joker is spending a lot of time and money in college. STEM fields have the potential to provide a path to lucrative employment—which is needed for the average person paying/borrowing his own way through school.

            I’ve never put down a humanities major if such is right for you. Pseudo degrees like Black Studies, and other non-sense aside. I’ve never regretted one course a I’ve taken in Humanities. If that’s your thing, go for it. You’ll be a better, if not poorer, person for it.

      • Archaeology, like the rest of our intellectual culture began with the best intentions and some of the best and brightest men. I actually suspect that the “hard sciences” could potentially still colonize most of the soft sciences and humanities if the will and incentive were there. You see this concept sometimes in science fiction. Asimov’s Foundation novels were essentially an investigation of the notion of “psychohistory”, which Asimov imagined as a sort of rigorously mathematical science of history allowing one to predict historical events as reliably as chemical reactions.

        I think the reason certain fields of endevour became systematized and mathematically rigorous was that it turned out that some things were easily reducible to a few simple mathematical expressions and computable with the kind of computing machinery available in about the year 1700, i.e. abacus and pen and paper. Those fields that were not readily reducible to these terms were gradually colonized by various faddists and cults and took on the premises of the ideologies espoused by them. We see the endpoint of this process today where the explosion of credentialism leads to the cultivation of brazen nonsense as a way for rather stupid people to get letters attached to their names.

        Some of the super-secret AI research going on today must be an attempt to see if computers can discover some iron laws that might apply to things like history or even economics.

        • The whole “psycho-history” idea is a great example of the Judaic mindset. A group of hidden, all-knowing scientists who beneficently control things from behind the scenes… hmmm, who does this sound like? Like the contemporaneous “super hero” idea, it’s Judaic crypsis.

          Apparently, only fellow Semites pick up on the dog whistle:
          My Book – the one that has stayed with me for four-and-a-half decades – is Isaac Asimov’s Foundation Trilogy, written when Asimov was barely out of his teens himself. I didn’t grow up wanting to be a square-jawed individualist or join a heroic quest; I grew up wanting to be Hari Seldon, using my understanding of the mathematics of human behaviour to save civilisation.” —

          • I never really thought of superheroes as crypto-Jews. It’s an interesting idea. It fits well with the idea of the superhero as being someone “special” who finally gets the better of the tough guys using his wits and eventually even defeats them physically using his sooper powers. Perhaps there’s an element of Jewish revenge fantasy in all of that.

          • Next thing you will be claiming is that Issac Asimov was a Soviet Jew 🙂 In fairness, the Foundation series is monumental and probably for the SF fan a must-read.

    • It’s not natural science or based on the same. Even STEM turns stupid when the human element gets embraced.

    • It is essentially a combination of history and sociology, wrapped up into histrionic just-so stories. A “science” requires the use of the scientific method. Archeology does not; it is essentially history with even less accurate research methods (see “pots not people” which has subsequently been refuted by DNA studies). Also, Jerad Diamond is on the same shelf as Tom Clancy and John Grisham, literally and metaphorically.

  29. This is simply what has filled the void left by abandonment of religion. But with the hubris that all things can be explained by their theories rather than leaving some things as mysteries we cannot explain. Yet, as you demonstrate, virtually every “explanation” is a circular torpedo run.

    • This is simply what has filled the void left by abandonment of religion.
      wrong, this curse has plagued old school evangelicals as well, many have tried to convert native americans(who were constantly murdering europeans) into God fearing christians. A few centuries later native americans still aren’t christians and they live segregated from other americans.
      Israelites simply took the anglican missionary spirit and channeled it towards inviting all sorts of non whites into their countries and granting them citizenry. It has nothing to do with italians or irish who are blamed for ruining america’s values and all that crap.

      • I think you missed the point. I’m not particularly religious, but understand there are always x-factors that will always be beyond my ability to comprehend. Make a living in a business where we use enormously complex modeling to quantify events–and despite having some Fields Medal quality quants, we’re still often badly wrong. Leftists live in world of utter certainty and no doubt.

        • Yes, science is a process and not a destination. Ongoing experiment and analysis can produce nuggets of increasingly accurate insight (which we call knowledge), but never a final determination of “truth.” Asserting otherwise is a denial of reality. And in a health ecosystem, denial of reality gets you dead, not a Nobel Prize.

      • I was just talking about this With a friend. Why did some races not convert? American Indians, subcontinent Indians, Africans, Chinese. Very tough to convert them. Although, the conflicts within protestantism is kind of a problem with evangelizing, and for the above, I was speaking more of Catholicism. But the White race has been given abundant supernatural graces and that shows with the conversion issue….

      • Israelites simply took the anglican missionary spirit and channeled it towards inviting all sorts of non whites into their countries and granting them citizenry.

        Their countries? No, their attitude toward immigration is much different in their country.

      • I’ll agree in the sense, of course the generations of Italians and Irish are the least of our worries at this point.

        • Eh. Would New York and Chirac/IL be leading our national train off a cliff without those lovely diverse hordes of low IQ disfunctional, drunkard, antisocial papists?

      • Both sentry and Saml are correct, because “we” didn’t abandon religion, our elites did, intent on tearing down our temples to rebuild their own on the foundation.

        Our culture has become the Welsh knot- one most certainly does Knot get ahead speaking that old dialect. Our elites used to, but no more.

    • Another problem with these whack jobs is social media. If the idiots got nothing but ridicule for mouthing these idiocies, they’d shut up fast enough. But there are plenty of co-tards out there who will enthusiastically agree, stroking their fragile egos. A generation ago, this moron probably wouldn’t even be a “doctor”, but if she was, her blatherings would confined to peer related journals that the vast majority would never see or give a shit about.

    • My theory has been for a long time that the basket of fads we associate with the managerial elite is just filling that void left by a formal religion. Humans are believing machines.

      • You make a very valid point. I would also like to commend you on the topic of this article, as I used to work with a female such as you described above. What an insufferable c%nt! I know, I know, this is a family show, sorry! She fit right into every category you have mentioned in the past: Single WF, over 50 and childless and she took great relish in correcting the men in the office about every little – what she considered errors – in everything.
        Anyway, she too had the tile of Piled Higher & Deeper and wielded it every opportunity she had. One day a new police officer was assigned to the office (It was a government benefits department) and the two immediately clashed. She made it clear that she was part of his chain of command and that if she gave him an order, it was to be obeyed and he politely, but forcefully let her know that she couldn’t order him to do anything and if she had an issue with that, she could speak to his captain.
        One day he had to escort someone out of the building and afterwards he began to write his report regarding what happened. Said harpy comes over to his desk and announces that she need a copy of his report as soon as he was finished with it “forthwith” was how she put it. He politely informed her that she could get a copy of his report after his superiors had reviewed it and signed off on it and that this might take anywhere from 6 to 10 business days. After which, she would have to go through proper channels to obtain a copy and provide a valid reason for asking for it.
        Well this got her panties in a royal knot and she immediately launched into him reminding him of how he reported to her and so forth. I give the guy credit, he sat there all calm and nodded to her every now and then, not losing it, as I would have. She ends the tirade with, “I ought to know about rules and procedures, after all, I have a PhD!” The cop looks at her for a second and asks her what the PhD is in and where she got it. She pompously says “Not that you would know about this level of education, but it’s in public administration and I earned it at SUNY Albany.” Well this cop bursts out laughing and says, “Seriously? Public administration? So you paid all that money for a PhD in being a bureaucrat? God, even I could get one of those! Oh and before you give me the line about how a knuckle-dragger like me has no right saying any of this because of the job I hold, I have a degree in computer science from Manhattan College madam.”
        She stormed off and never came near him again, at least as long as I was there.

    • And to be fair,, I get the same feeling about evolution and IQ that dissidents use to explain things. I don’t see why it is so impossible to believe that God made the races different, and some better at at some things, some a lot better at a lot of things.

          • What God appears to hate is losers. You only got one talent and you buried it? Yoink. That goes to the guy who grew five into ten. Explains Africa pretty well, for starters.

          • The root word in “equality”, “equity”, and all the other poz euphemisms for communism is also found in “equilibrium”. It is equilibrium that “God” (secular people just say “the universe”) hates. Life is a process of disequilibrium. When your body is finally in equilibrium with the environment you are dead or what we scientificos call “em-Bidened”.

            Right now billions of neurons in your brain are out of electrical equilibrium with their surroundings. This means there’s a small potential difference across the cell membrane and this is what allows it to fire. Think of it comrades, every cell is a little pocket of inequality. Inequality is bad, evil, and oppressive, therefore you see, life must be eradicated – QED.

      • Yeah my view is that God did make all the races different, and separate – and there’s nothing wrong with that. Strengths and weaknesses of the collective as well as the individual should be tolerated and allowances be made.

        The problem is that most christians also believe in the blank slate stuff. It’s not a new thing, nor only a secular one. Perhaps it’s an anglo-saxon / nordic problem? You don’t really see other white groups with such a zeal for equality.

        • The blank slate belief that many Christians hold comports perfectly with their idea of universal salvation. In practice, many Christians believe that being saved will change feral blacks in to law abiding, suburban white people who love the Constitution. In actual practice, you just get voodoo Christianity.

        • I read the dominican Don Prosper Guernger’’’’s liturgical Year a freind of Pius IX and written in the 19th cent. He frequently talks the gifts of different individuals but even of different races. But the silly blank slate idea has made its way into people self identifying as Christians

      • God did not need to make the races different, all we need is to assume he made an evolving and changing earth for men to live upon. From that would be required that all men adapt (via evolution) or perish.

        I don’t have all the answers, but then again I don’t believe in a 6000 year old earth, nor do I believe Belief and evolution are incompatible.

          • Yes, that would be a better description, but formal training was in Catholicism. Parochial school in those days was a blessing given the diminishing state of public education even then.

        • Well,, you can’t beleive in the inerrancy of scripture an beleive in evolution. 7 days is not 7 1000 year eons. How can there be night and day in a 1000 year eon. Also, evolution in philosophically impossible. Something cant’ come from nothing. An arm is an arm, theres no such thing as a pre-arm. Its an arm or its not.

      • You stole my line, “God made me a smart, good looking white man for His own good reasons. Don’t blame me.”

    • This Rachel might be a superstitious credentialed believer in Science!, but a lot of higher-ups spouting this nonsense are malicious, not religiously superstitious. They are maliciously deconstructing and demoralizing white people to exterminate them. By denying us status as a legitimate people they are laying the groundwork for genocide.

      This example shows how academia and Science! are working hard to deny us status as a people with rights. Meanwhile, big business and government are working hard to deny us labor and income. Meanwhile, health care is working hard to deny us health care. (Regardless of how necessary the supposed vaccine is, the point is that this racial hierarchy precedent will be applied to all other health care going forward.)

      Can we not see where this is going? Many of these people are being genocidally malicious, not merely stupid or superstitious. Some of the credentialed hangers-on may be the latter, but they’re being led by people who know exactly what they’re doing.

      • That Reuters piece is dripping with racial hatred. Laughlin wrote about “used white guys” as if they were little more than obsolete garbage. Interesting how they deleted the original article too.

        In Trump’s single term we saw wokeness explode from a Tumblr echo chamber to full-on EFF style racial revenge. In four years we blew way past Brazil to become South Africa- how’s that for accelerationism!

        • Things really are speeding up, eh.

          I’m seeing alot of depressed looking white guys. It must be hard for normie white males to cope.

          On the other hand I’m also seeing alot of pissed off white guys who look ready to fight.

          National review will be making the conservative case for white genocide in 2022 at this rate.

          • If or when white men decide to take the gloves off. Skin will be the uniform sans intel on white neighbors.
            To paraphrase uncle A, if white men do not take action they will deserve their fate. Subs will go back to caves.

    • I think it may also be due to the decline of community and the rise of individualism. Of course, there’s a chicken-and-egg debate to be had about those two.

      However, in a society where everyone is just an island unto themselves, then if follows that you free to define yourself and that that choice must be respected. If not respected as such, there is no moral basis on which to reject it.

      Hence, if I don a sundress and claim to be woman, who are you to tell me that I am not one?

      • A wise man once said “No man is an island.” In my lifetime, given my curmudeonly personality, I added to that: “Yes, but I’ve got a damned long, narrow peninsula.”

    • what about the historical abolitionist like Exeter hall? It’s pretty clear to me that most of them were devout Christians & evangelical Christians, and many of them, seemed to be biological denialism. They thought that the brotherly love commandment of Jesus meant that slavery needed to be abolished & blacks given the same status as the whites, even sometimes with violent insurrection (Jamaica, John Brown etc).
      I’ve been reading more about the civil war. And a look at pro-slavery literature shows that they had to contend with the biological denialism of the abolitionist, and made many points in arguing for a naturally lower intellectual capacity for blacks [of course on average]. They also had to make the point that slavery wasn’t a sin (presumably because many abolitionist were devout Christians)
      That is not say Christianity caused biological denialism. Just that I’m very wary of “void” theories, that most social & ideological change is due to the voids being filled. I think it’s just harmful ideas grow due to a variety of reasons and these ideas themselves are the problems, not due to some vacuum hermeneutics. This also applies to pagans who say Christianity lead to the harmful ideas that befall the west today, another “void” theory.

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