Reno To Damascus

As the Trump story arc reaches a conclusion over the next few weeks, there will be a lot of writing and talking about the meaning of the last four years. The racketeers of the conservative movement have already concluded that the last four years were just an anomaly and they can go back to the same old rackets. Like career criminals, they learn nothing from the past. Others appear to have been chastened by the experience and are coming out of the other end questioning their old ways.

One of those post-Trump men appears to be the editor of First Things, the conservative religious journal founded by Richard John Neuhaus. The editor, R. R. Reno, published this in the old left-wing magazine Newsweek, in which he sounds more like Pat Buchanan than the typical conservative. In fact, his essay probably would have been accepted by the old paleoconservative journal, Chronicles, as an olive branch to mend the three-decade rift between First Things and the paleos.

What makes Reno’s post interesting is that he was a fervent anti-Trump advocate the last four years. He participated in the now infamous National Review symposium, in which they demanded the rules of the Republican Party be changed to prevent Trump from winning the nomination. His contribution was to offer up the left-wing slur that Trump was a fascist in a business suit and that the people supporting him were stupid and disgusting. They were “trumpster diving.”

There seems to be a great deal of spiritual distance between the 2016 R. R. Reno and the 2020 R. R. Reno, at least in tone, if not substance. In fairness to Reno, he has not been a running dog lackey of Conservative Inc. He has been more of a barking dog around the conservative caravan, as it follows the Left from fad to fad. Often a critic, but never an opponent and always there by the caravan at each stop. He is a critic of conservatism, but one welcome at their events.

This is not a new posture by Reno. During the 2016 Republican primary he made some very sensible observations about Trump and the dynamic in the primary. While most of the conservative racketeers were in the streets rending their garments to show their liberal masters, they were horrified by what was happening, Reno noticed the obvious and was willing to say it. That said, he made sure to underscore that he thought Trump was a “dangerous figure in our public life.”

This is not the first time the First Things crew has struggled to maintain their position as friendly critic of conservatism. Back in 1992, they found themselves in a similar spot when Bill Buckley was purging the paleocons. Most of what First Things claims to support fall on the paleo side, but the money and good living were on the neocon side, so they threw in with Buckley. As George Washington once said, no man is so virtuous as to refuse the highest bidder.

Now, to be even more fair, Reno and the First Things crew could simply be working the same racket they have for years. On the one hand they advocate traditional conservative positions on culture, economics, politics and so on, while publicly opposing anyone that attempts to build a political movement on those issues. They supported the Buchanan message, but not the messenger, for example. They sympathized with the Trump voters, but opposed their candidate.

We will know soon enough if the social conservatives from Conservative Inc. had an epiphany during the Trump years. The rally scheduled for January 6th in the Imperial Capital is both unprecedented and a harbinger. Unlike the Buchanan or Perot movements, the Trump movement will outlive its founder. The people who voted for Trump did so knowing that the time for reform is running out. Many now think it has run out and it is time for something to replace the corrupt system.

Where the establishment social conservatives like R. R. Reno come down with regards to things like the America First movement, led by Nick Fuentes, will reveal if they are just running the old grift or have had an awakening. CPAC is next month in Orlando Florida and AFPAC will be holding their event there at the same time. Last year AFPAC drew hundreds and this year will be even bigger. The people getting tens of thousands in the streets of DC are building a genuine movement now.

For social conservatives like Mr. Reno and the First Things crowd, Fuentes and his groypers should be their ideal vehicle. They can be a little coarse, for sure, but that’s true of all young people. Otherwise, they make a clean presentation and are not afraid to express their Christian faith as part of the politics. While the First Things people are at CPAC next month, they should consider swinging by AFPAC. Mr. Reno could sit down and have a chat with Fuentes. It can be arranged.

The question for social conservatives with regards to politics is what compromises should be made in order to participate in the system. This was the dilemma faced by Buckley and his conservative movement. In their case, there was no compromise they were unwilling to make in order to have a place at the table. For social conservatives to avoid the same fate, they will from time to time need to back someone who is willing to go inside and flip over those tables.

That should be the takeaway for someone like R. R. Reno. Trump was always an imperfect leader, but he was available and willing to go inside the Temple and toss over those tables. He was never a savior, just a disruption in the system. The people who voted for Trump understood this, for the most part. They knew if he busted things up, then it would open the door for the social changes long advocated by social conservatives and the writers of journals like First Things.

The great mistake of the American Right was to accept the proposition that the Left gets to pick their leaders. The Left told them to jettison Buchanan and the paleocons, so they did and got nothing for their trouble. One lesson of the Trump phenomenon is that this does not have to be the rule. Social conservatives can pick their own leaders and make their own tables. That should be the lesson to the leaders of social conservatism as they come to terms with Trump.

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270 thoughts on “Reno To Damascus

  1. You sell Reno short – to his credit, he came out for Trump before the election, and coined the Never NeverTrump movement that opposed the Krystal- max boot crowd. Also his Return of the Steong Gods and Resurrecting the idea of a Christian society are books that are worth reading and will be read in 50 years. This time in history has been unique, and Asking a Trained Theologian to ride the waves in this political maelstrom is not realistic. Personally,I asked him for his advice on giving a workshop to a Catholic college’s executive staff on diversity and inclusion (which we both think is bullshit) was masterful and grounded in practical ideas and Spartan adherence to truth without concern for caution –

  2. White American should worry about is not a GDP point, but enslavement at this point
    regardless of the election results, white women’s assumed ally will soon treat white women as exploitable object
    IDF’s final solution on White American will be be introduced with a round of applause 

    Japan is fucked thanks to the White American’s occupation, All kinds of Western degeneracy rampage on here
    Meanwhile insectlike like Han-Chinese and Korean who immune to the Anti-Racism become victors of white ethnic suicide
    And wait for it, Brain-dead white people in Georgia vote GOP again
    Yep, a republican girl from Illinois will make Georgia brown again

    • Lol, south korean fertility rate is 0.85, and DROPPING every year. That means every generation will be shrinking by 65%.

      Idk if they’re controlled by globohomo but they’re on a path to suicide just like us.

      • Every single developed and many semi developed societies on Planet Earth has low fertility though as of 2019 SK is 1.05 not .85 not that this matters a lick. Heck it might be lower than .85 do to COVID induced lockdowns
        Its not globohomo doing it though its a contributor.
        The real cause is simple economics. Modern economies ironically support smaller population each year do to the efficiency trap caused by technology and urbanization.
        Now mind you cities have always been population sinks dependent on the countryside for enough people to hold the line much less grow what happens when you run out of countryside or that countryside gets depopulated do to lack of jobs?
        The obvious, fewer and fewer babies get born.
        Its not a new issue mind, the TFR has been in decline since the 18th century mainly do to early modernity and reduced infant mortality. In fact a good argument could be made that the baby boom was an outlier event and our natural TFR of less than 2 was reached in the 1930’s
        Now even the Hermit Kingdom of North Korea is below replacement
        This suggest to me that humanity has reached its carry capacity and of the few groups still growing, Africans and some Middle Eastern groups will sooner than later either end up like Iran with low fertility or die of starvation as catabolic collapse occurs.
        Instead of the teeming future cities so beloved of SF, the future may well be way more akin to 1910 with a much smaller more rural population mostly of highly religious people and high fertility people.
        The US might basically be Amish Paradise which if you were hoping for Star Trek with less creepy Leftism or maybe Starship Troopers will be a great disappointment.

  3. Trump in GA Jan 4: “Somebody came up to me today, Kelly, and they said, “Sir, you way up in four years, nobody can come close to me.” I said, “I’m not interested in four years, I’m interested in like eight weeks ago.


  4. I’ll take officially Illegitimate government and no Constitution in exchange for the Big R.
    I don’t mean Republican.

    No Constitution=No Laws.
    And no ROE.

  5. So in the several years I’ve read the Zman, there’;s been an explosion of acronyms and initialisms – most especially with regard to various sub-groups of the Right.
    Anybody got the start of a list of what is current, what they mean and where the boundaries and exceptions are?

    • I’m still trying to find out what the different color “pills” mean

      red pill, black ill, white pill, blue pill

      I just nod my head and act like I know what people mean

      • Red pill = you’ve woken up to how things really are; equivalent to an epiphany.
        Black pill = you’re a defeatist or a nihilist who thinks things are going to end badly regardless of evidence to the contrary.
        Doomer = equivalent to “black piller.”
        Blue pill = you’re not yet awake; this means you’re still operating in a fantasy land, still believing the propaganda you’re told.
        White pill = you accept that things might turn out well or the future will be okay.
        SJW = ankle-biting mediocrity who thinks she/he/it can either get by in life or cover up his/her/its past crimes through false appeal to virtue; often takes the form of pretending to care about racial minorities / gender issues to an unrealistic degree bordering on obsession.
        SJWs are statistically more likely to be effeminate in their online activities (they love gossip and doxxing people) and they are disproportionately sociopaths and serial liars. They are self-loathing and desperate losers who think it’s okay to be racist if the target is from an approved demographic (men, Whites and sometimes Asians if they are trying to get into Harvard).
        They are famous for stabbing each other in the back to get ahead. They hate the female form and work to cover it up in movies, books and videogames. However, they love naked men for some reason.
        They are obsessed with thinking they are victims, which leads them to embrace racist conspiracy theories like “White Privilege.”
        Doxxing / Doxing: you reveal someone’s identity to the public hoping to cause them harm — loss of employment, social shame, or physical violence.
        Antifa = personification of the phrase “fascism will come to America, but it won’t call itself fascism, it will call itself anti-fascism.” They are mostly evil people to who do evil things but justify their acts (terrorism, doxxing, arson) by claiming they are fighting people who had it coming.
        Antifa logic: Punching Nazis is good –> my enemies are Nazis –> punching anyone I don’t like is good –> those who oppose my punching support Nazis.
        There is a strong suspicion that the FBI has coddled this group with the intention of using them as foot soldiers to attack conservatives and anti-government protestors. Local DAs often drop charges against them or reduce serious violations to probation (the bike lock assaulter).
        For years, state and local governments have taken information given to them by these groups and used them to prosecute or doxx members of the right. Thus, the suspicion they are proxies of the deepstate, including the letter agencies (FBI, ATF, CIA, etc.).
        The purpose of antifa is to deprive law-abiding Americans of their fundamental rights of assembly and speech indirectly. The democrat’s federal government is limited by the First Amendment, so antifa is a work around.
        Antifa-government links are established by noting lenient prosecution, positive media coverage, denials by the FBI and democrats of their existence (despite them having common symbols and organizing over social media).
        These losers think they are “fighting the man” when, in reality, they are fighting for the man and his interests.
        Cuck: you’re a weak person who tolerates your interests being railroaded by other people. You’ve come to accept it and, sometimes, even enjoy it. Synonymous with coward, loser, weakling, punk and masochist.
        CivNat: a person who divorces ethnic, racial, and religious identifiers (among others) from civic life, thinking that mere allegiance to nebulous principles and the constitution will be enough to bind society together.
        White Knighting = defending women or feminists thinking it will gain you status with them, usually for amorous purposes.
        JQ = Jewish Question. This means “what do we do about the Jews and their negative influence in society?” Encompasses questions of media influence, gatekeeping, social issues, the Israel Lobby, and foreign policy.
        LARP = pretend to be something you’re not. Example: Qanon. Boomers pretended to be undercover agents working against the government on behalf of the people.
        Deepstate = a high-level cabal that exerts extreme influence over the government and media apparatus, often to thwart the will of the people in the name of special interests. They rarely obey laws and act immorally.
        FED = FBI comment poster
        Glowing = you’re giving off FED vibes
        Fed posting = FBI comment meant to either entrap readers in a scheme to commit a crime or to serve as a pretext to get a search warrant on said website or to smear their reputation.
        Grillin’ and Chilln‘ = you care more about money and comfort than you do about principle or enduring hardship for principle.
        Landlord = getting money is the only thing you care about.
        Wagecuck = a slave to money and the mundane process of attaining it (boring job).
        Deplatform = euphemism for “ban.” The totalitarian left uses this term to cover up their suppression of free speech and assembly.
        Hotshot = young / stupid person eager to risk it all to oppose the deepstate / political correctness / etc, usually with disastrous consequences.
        OpSec = operational security. Practicing good internet privacy to prevent personal details from leaking. Alternatively, counter-intelligence used to doxx people.
        Based = you’re willing to break taboo and tell an uncomfortable truth.
        Kek = similar to based.
        Kekistan = a place where based people reside telling truths society doesn’t want hear. In Kekistan, political correctness and lies are banned.

      • Its a matrix reference,

        The red pill Unpleasant Truth
        The blue pill The Narrative
        The white pill Hope (think Dr. Steve Turley here)
        The black pill Despair (this blog some days)

        • A true Reactionary may be black pilled, but he knows “reforming” the system is the system’s plan for survival, and that it must first die before progress can begin. Which is white pill, if you believe the sytem will die.

  6. Government lawya Levin on the radio was an anti-Trumper “conservative republican” as well. This third rate Kabuki Theater has grown stale. The GOP charade wing of the Uniparty hates Trump and traditional Americans just as much as the CPUSA.
    That is so cute how the derp state minions think that the unity czar will wave his magic wand and we will all get back to happy motoring while driving over to the global shopping mall for some hecho en China tchotchkes with our EBT cards that Bad Touch Biden just charged up.
    They are just that clueless and feckless.

  7. Let me add that its quite possible that Biden will extradite Trump and some of his officials and low level military to Iran (to be executed of course) for killing Soleimani. That would solve his Trump problem, intimidate the deplorables, and allow outsourcing of killing dissidents — extradite them to Iran. In return Dem Party connected people get to launder all that Iranian money.
    It would be a symbolic move to crush Deplorables and pressure to do so would be immense. As is Defunding the Police, making all black crime legal, gun grabs, camps for Deplorables (already in the works in NY State), etc. We might even see some mass extraditions to Iran of various Deplorable people. Including Ted Cruz, Hawley, etc. Biden has to shore up Romney as leader of the Washington Generals, people like Cruz have ambitions to actually win.
    Certainly the Iranian Leadership is going to demand Trump and some of his party be handed over to them. You can see the emerging logic — get rid of opponents by extradition.

    • That’s very silly . All of this is extremely unlikely and would result in an immediate ultra violent unwinnable civil war and a complete global economic collpase that would make Covid 19 look like the sniffles and a mild recession
      Its one thing to arrest a guy like the Proud Boys leader on an existing warrant and a gun beef and quite another to arrest millions of people all armed, all fearing just that scenario and many urban combat veterans,
      And yes the DR and allies is behind the 8 Ball on organization but its being fixed and tomorrows festivities will help.
      We just need a basic set of goals beyond leave me alone. Things like marriage reform , trade reform and the like.
      And note this means not taking no for an answer, the GOP hustle has always been we tried. Sorry and they half ass it,
      These goals become non negotiable and B.A.M.N. when you can do that and you are willing to pay the high price you win or if destroyed, you lose.
      Either way is better than waiting to board a box car.

      • When people say they hate you and want to kill you believe them. Dr. Jill and son of big guy are stupid. Stupid is right up their alley. They can always call in Chinese troop s for help.
        nothing and I repeat nothing is beyond these guys. Look at the stolen elections and Great Reset.

        • I do believe them. Its just impractical for people to do that.
          The situation is such that all ten of the living Sec Defs are worried enough that the troops of all races BTW would back Trump in a coup that they are more or less publicly threatening them with jail time if they do.
          That tells me the system is unstable.
          And note its simply impossible for every policeman and soldier in the US to handle a real civil war if all of them were willing to fight which man, probably most would not.
          Its also unstable in China too.
          My reasoning is that food rationing is becoming a thing or at least its no longer allowed to show off food waste and since China just vanished Jack Ma who is a rather important person . Its become unsafe to say anything bad about the party which wasn’t the case within limits, a few years ago.
          Hell maybe all the rain China is having will take out 3 Gorges and thus China’s manufacturing base . I’m neutral to negative on the idea happening, Chinese engineering can be very good but its more possible than what you are suggesting.
          Doesn’t mean there are globalist plays going on or things will get really bad only outright genocide is nigh impossible at the current level of readiness and I think readiness will go even higher.
          Tomorrow will tell us much. President Trump pulls off his hat trick and GOP wins in Georgia, we have a shot at making something work and a four year reprieve.
          He fails and its civil war at some point very soon possibly this month though it won’t be a fast army to army thing, just bits of this and that you’ll never see reported till it grows into a wild fire.

  8. Zman — sorry if Reno does or does not embrace Fuentes its irrelevant as the Roman Senate meeting in AD 550. The real action will be the deplorables making ourselves heard ala Jose Bovee by turning out the lights. Over and over again, until Nancy Pelosi watching $20,000 worth of ice cream melt in her twin SubZero refrigerators comes to the conclusion that some compromise on the road to Uighurdom for Whitey is required.
    If the time for politics is over, its over. And its over.
    Dems are 60-40 favorites to win both seats in GA via fraud. Go whole hog for defunding the police, Green New Deal, Great Reset, Whitey tax for reparations, etc. The way to stop that is not talk and not violence but making big shots miserable.

  9. People should be hounding filth like the Reno’s of the world for the hopefully short time he has remaining on it.

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  11. I saw this thirty years ago when I was on active duty. It was the run-up to the ’92 election and most of the senior O’s & NCO’s were openly talking about voting for Perot. Being young and low on the totem poll, I kept my mouth shut and listened to what these men had to say, most of them were veterans of multiple conflicts, the big one being Vietnam.
    Most of them were going to pull the lever for Perot for the simple reason that they felt GHW Bush was the perfect “corporate man” and lost a tremendous amount of respect for him over what happened at Tienneman Square and his public declaration of not supporting the protesters. His statement of, “Stability is the name of the game here.” really pissed these guys off and I remember both our XO and Sgt. Major saying, “If Reagan was still in charge, the first words out of his mouth when this started would have been, “What can we do to tip this over and get rid of the communists?” Instead, we get this board director who doesn’t want to make waves and all of these poor bastards who stood their ground will be disappeared forever, pathetic.”
    I asked the Sgt. Major what we actually could have done and both he and the XO told me that Beijing was really on the ropes because of the protests and that the discontent was far more widespread than everyone thought/knew – something that was never reported in the news, big surprise there – and that friends of theirs in the intel community said that families of the ruling elite were gathering at airfields and flights were being prepped for the party elite to flee. They had intercepts of calls to friends/relatives in the states, telling them to stay put and watch their backs. I was told that the agency was in contact with the dissident groups and was ready to get assets on the ground, but that Bush pulled the plug on everything.
    They knew that voting for Perot would most likely mean that Clinton was going to get elected, but that a “message must be sent” to the party. That always stuck with me. This is not the reason I voted for Trump. I voted for him for a few reasons, the first being that I was really enjoying watching him verbally kick the elites in the nuts/teeth every day and watching them flop around unable to respond. The main reason – as well as the most important one – was very simple and best stated by my late cousin, “His enemies, are our enemies.” I wasn’t sure what he was going to be able to accomplish once he got elected, but I knew it was going to be fun to watch. Trump’s lasting legacy, I believe is going to be getting the elites in this country to drop the act and expose their absolute and unbridled hatred of the average American. People I know who didn’t vote for him in ’16 did vote for him this time around and have become very vocal about the fact that we are ruled over by people who despise us. What we do about it from here, no one is sure and I believe this is due to the fact that most of them were shocked beyond belief at the rioting and how the “good guys” not only aided and abetted these scumbags, but went after anyone who dared defend themselves against them. Other than telling the boys in blue, “Sorry, I didn’t see anything.” I’m not sure what can be done.
    BTW I would like to thank you Z Man for your year-end podcast, as you mentioned the book “Heirs to forgotten kingdoms”in it . I ran across that book while searching for something else around three years ago, but forgot about it and never purchased it, thanks for the reminder.

    • You means the globalist pedophile elite? Well yeah.
      In any case Greta wasn’t working as a spokesman and the poor girl needs a rest anyway . Raising an autistic kid like her in that sea of fear was child abuse in my mind even if there was nothing untoward.

  12. What exactly is a “social conservative” these days anyway? The term is getting more and more amorphous as society marches onward streaming degenerate Netflix and porn. Is Hillsong Church socially conservative? As they have mind controlled slaves in the basement? Are Mormons socially conservative as they want to fling open the doors to a billion (literally according to Glen Beck) people? It’s no wonder that so many paired well with Trump, as Christianity in this country is stone dead. I guess it’s about abortion right? The GOP would have been unelectable by the 90’s had millions of knob heads not been snuffed out in the womb. Abortion, arguably, extended the life of democracy by about 20 or 30 years. I guess that makes it even more evil, as we now kid ourselves that it all rides on those two GOP ghouls in GA. And notice more and more of these “evangelical” pastors somehow re-writing scripture to include Adam and Steve. We’ve reached a point where the atheist TRS crowd is actually more socially conservative than current social conservatives. And while they have their quirks, they likely don’t call their wives “mother” like Mike Pence.

    • I forgot about the clown Beck and his support for 1 billion people in the USA. That’s worrisome because a bunch of moronic normie cons still listen to junk he spews. The whole system feels like it’s an unstable house of cards, especially in regards to foreign invaders. When you have Glen cuck recommending a flood of foreigners but they “must honor muh constitution” then it feels like impending doom.

  13. Heed my warning, young people: no political movement can succeed unless it is able to meet in the public square from coast to coast. Control the streets and you will win. At ALL costs, you must control the streets. You must be able to assemble in public.

    • Too late. We have lost control of the streets. You may not assemble in public. They have BLM, Antifa, local police, the media. What do we have?

      • You forgot to include Soros funded local DAs, the federal surveillance apparatus and FBI infiltrators.

        • You’re right, but i didn’t want things to sound too grim. We still have the second amendment, we still out number them, and T won the election.

          • “We still have the second amendment.” Have you tried buying a gun or ammo lately? I live in red Missouri, and all the gun stores are out of stock, and ammo costs a fortune. The left will soon learn the way to kill the second amendment is through regulations, government buying up supplies and banks deplatforming gun manufacturers and retailers.

          • Yeah, i stopped doing much target shooting for the high cost of ammo. Expect to see ammo taxes go up. Arrows still cheap, get a bow, learn to shoot a slingshot, swing a battle ax.

          • Battle axe?!?

            ROLF. “You’ll chop your foot off, kid”.


            (Seriously, I miss target shooting as well, for exactly the same reasons)

          • A proper battle axe is about the size of a hatchet and very effective under the right circumstances.
            Knives and shivs and bottles of corrosives or gas or hundreds of other nasty things are just as useful though
            The ammo shortage though is caused by regular people and mostly first time buyers not plotters. I tend to believe the makers, they simply can’t keep up with the new demand.
            Basically normal supplies are 30-50 rounds per person at any given time of production, all brands.
            Now millions of new people are arming up with 9mm and 5.56 and 308 and other handgun rounds and everyone is hoarding so supplies are stressed
            Now if you need a gun or ammo now you might look at less popular calibers like 7.62×39 and .40 S&W and off brands. There seems to be a fair amount of that left at decent prices.
            The thing is though, unless you are are willing to fight for a goal , its useless. Why bother. All defense and no offense means you lose.
            My advice is stop reveling in your helplessness and get to work on goals, personal, family, group and national.
            Do whatever you can that is legal first and after that? Its on you.

  14. God, what I would do for a pol party that proudly advocated traditionalism. Like, imagine a pol saying something like “A man should work and a woman should raise his children.”
    That is the way.

  15. First Things has been running its mouth for 25 years now. For those too young to remember, the magazine caused an outcry among the intelligentsia back in 1996 with its infamous “end of democracy” issue, in which several writers suggested that the US government had become a regime (fighting words at the time) without legitimacy. This caused much wine-chewing among people like Leon Wieseltier and the New York Review of Books crowd, making for months if not years of furious essay writing.
    The frisson of dancing with dangerous ideas — and then dialing it back — has been a specialty for decades there. At the end of the day, however, they return to their offices overlooking Firestone Library at Princeton. Any political movement that would destroy the current order of things is unimaginable to them, and any political actor in this time is wise to ignore their natterings.

  16. I think the gatekeepers occasionally redpill themselves. They start chatting with the barbarians outside the gates and start thinking, “hey, these guys are all right.”

  17. Reno’s book Return of the Strong Gods dangles a few toes, and maybe even a finger, outside the Overton Window.

    It’s a really good redpill book for normie-ish conservatives and/or Christians. It has a general air of respectability and good production values, but if they read it, it will move them a step or two in the hard-right direction.

    (Same with Deneen’s Why Liberalism Failed.)

  18. I have no illusion that the GOP or “conservatives” will see the proverbial light. They are all bought and paid for by their (((globalist))) masters and will sell every single white American down the river. I honestly don’t see how our current situation improves or how we take back the country until the GOP and democracy are torn out root and branch.

    • These assholes in GA such as Kemp and Raffensberger must be totally in someone’s pocket, I mean deep.

      I listened to the transcript of the Trump call, but I had read the affidavits 2 months ago. We all saw the tape.

  19. Last week I found my 16 year old son watching Jared Taylor. He’d tuned in to listen to Nick Fuentes speak at American Renaissance. My older kids have been gradually introduced to Radio Derb, etc. but Fuentes has become a considerable resource for them.

    • It is my sincere hope that every white boy under age 20 realizes they have inherited a hellscape with no future. It is only then that, en masse, they simply won’t care about the ‘rules’ anymore. Mass movements break inertia and promote action. Based f-cking zoomers can turn this around because they have youth & time on their side and literally NOTHING else to do since they are invisible to the system, by design.

      An invisible army of very pissed off high IQ men is nothing to play around with, yet the Left has created and is currently laughing at this situation. What did I say a few months ago? Incel Terror Squads is where it’s at. Better to burn out brightly with a 20:1 body count than to slowly fade away cooming in the basement. We should be so lucky…

      • Apex Predator should lead them then…yes, seriously.

        Let my people show balls and I will be out there, but not alone. It’s not fear, it’s just not being…sordid ending.
        In Fighting there is Hope.
        I quite have hope of fighting.

  20. Republicans are the moat around the communist castle. It’s time to cancel these invertebrate grifters.

  21.  Trump a “dangerous figure in our public life.”

    Which if you define public life as public sector he was, only just dangerous.

    As for social conservatives – I sympathize but all gas, no pedal.

    • They allowed themselves to be subverted in the 60’s with non profit status for Churches and later even more by the Country Club not realizing that the Country Club economy is crippling for all working people.
      I kind of understand it, far too many Protestants are defacto Satanists who believe in Prosperity Gospel and other works of the Devil.
      A perfect example, a Good Friend of mine was asked by his Close Buddy to help with a repair at his church. Now the Close Buddy was a security officer at the church and a cop so its not like Good Friend was some bum off the street, These men had worked together and been close for a decade
      Good Friend goes and does the repair which would have cost the little church thousands. Close Buddy introduces the Pastor who literally says “Who is this smelly laborer in my church?” This is the exact opposite of what Jesus would have wanted.
      If this was an anolomy, no biggy but its really common and a lot of Churches have the same attitude. Its bad enough that if I were Churchy and didn’t want to go Catholic I’d rather take services with the just out of prison Christians. They might be dirt poor and a fair number of them semi repentant doped out scumbags but at least they are actually trying to Christian.

  22. It will be interesting. The people who make First Things possible are precisely those who have benefitted the most from globohomo. Sure, they want to see no abortion and stronger families, but that would necessarily mean social pressure against women in the work force and curbing their political representation. Well… These guys are all married to Amy Coney Barrett, more or less, and would find the concept of strong patriarchy offensive.

    They are at that place where you have to make a tough choice. To will some end is to will the means to achieve it. When it was possible to believe that the means to achieve their end was simply making good arguments and voting like you really mean it, well, no problem. What they are going to find it that they don’t really want what they say they want.

    They are on the other team.

    • Yeah, the time for reasonable argument and voting harder are a long ways back in the rearview mirror. Other, more “hands on” measures are pretty much the only way forward now.

    • They are running a new grift not unlike the one the Buckleyites did for decades. Events have spiraled out of their hands, though.

  23. The Georgia run-offs should be interesting. Some of the smarter Democrats may understand that they need to fluff the illusion of Republican viability in order to preserve their own legitimacy. At least split the difference and let the two tribal candidates win. Con Inc would no doubt declare that a great victory for liberty, and the integrity of the institutions.

    As a practical matter, it makes little difference to the Democrats whether Mitch McConnell gets to continue to line his pockets. On any given issue they can pull Romney, Murkowsky, Collins and such. The pantomime of “bipartisanship” is probably worth more to them than formal control, but it is hard for Democrats to resist going for the jugular.

    I envy them that.

    • At this point it seems they’ll go full tard – in for a penny, in for a pound. It’s all been so blatant, especially this year I can’t see any pulling back and then we’ll see what, if any reaction there is.

    • They’ll likely have to rig it in favour of the Republicans… I think enough Republicans are staying home to swing it Dem.

      I’d love this as a middle finger send-off to Mitch before he goes to hell. However he probably doesn’t care, he’ll just get a lobbying job when he’s out of the Senate.

      • Elaine Chao’s husband has known how his bread gets buttered for a very long time and legislates accordingly. Sadly his voters are mostly still in “the other guy is worse” trap. “Who always wins” and “what never changes” are questions everyone who still believes in voting at the national level should ask themselves.

    • The GOP must be destroyed.

      Remember, they ran the table in 2016…Congress, Senate, and the Presidency.

      Speaker Ryan got his tax cut then went to make his millions as a lobbyist.

      That’s it. That’s the enduring Trump/GOP legacy. All the Trump executive orders will be gone within a month.

  24. I’m a fan of probing all along the front to find weakness and then hammering those weak points, so I’m fine with trying to get Reno (and other GOP thinkers) more to our side. Who knows what we might gain.

    But we can’t forget that the old game is over. The country’s demographics ensure that. Soon, either Florida or Texas will go blue. A Dem lock on the presidency and, eventually, the Supreme Court and, of course, Deep State.

    Getting the GOP to become the America First Party would help our cause so let’s do what we can to make that happen. But it’s just a means to an end.

    • Well said, but they don’t need Florida or Texas. They have protected fraud in Detroit, Atlanta, Pittsburgh and Milwaukee. When no one in the establishment even tries to explain counties with greater than 100% voter participation, what is the limit on ballot stuffing? We will never see another GOP president under the current system.

  25. I’m actually shocked of even the prospect of Reno meeting with Fuentes. I’m happy to hear that its a possibility, while I don’t think it would happen….

  26. > Now, to be even more fair, Reno and the First Things crew could simply be working the same racket they have for years. On the one hand they advocate traditional conservative positions on culture, economics, politics and so on, while publicly opposing anyone that attempts to build a political movement on those issues.

    Bets on racket, as a person who read the magazine for years.

    First Things was all-in in supporting Iraq and Afghanistan, even to the extent of going through bizarre contortions of Just War theory to justify it.

    This article shows they still don’t get it, and still seem to believe that dementia Joe is actually the guy who will run the show.

    If you look at their list of best articles, we have the secular monks article that says:

    “It seems that something outside the domains of economics and ­sexuality bears on the question before us. My hypothesis is religious. The men I have in mind are “secular monks” who embrace a secular “immanent frame,” ascetic self-possession, and a stringent version of human agency. This secular monasticism may be generating a new kind of celibacy.”

    Yes, of course, men aren’t having sex because of an ascetic self-possession. Notice they can pinpoint a social issue (low birth rate), while avoiding any discussion of reasonable solutions, or, heaven forbid, criticizing women. Just man up Monks!

    Another is a review of Douthat’s book, which, in typical fashion, states the problems of cultural stagnation and low-birth rates while running away screaming from anything pointing to any solution outside stale principled moderate takes.

    While they have transitioned to modernity better than National Review, Reno and First Things is still part of the boring old guard who will never change.

    • Yeah, I think you’re right.

      Problem: low birth rates

      Solution: Uh, a tax cut, maybe? School reform?

      Wake me when they publish an article that says low birth rates are cultural suicide and they are what happens when men fail a shit test imposed by women and give women what they say they want; that the solution is to create whatever conditions are necessary by whatever means are necessary to un-fail that test. They won’t. They can’t.

      • Birth rates are only a “problem” due to mass immigration. Since the Industrial Revolution and the transition from an Agrarian Economy to an Industrial one (throw in antibiotics for good measure) the economics of having children changed.

    • Yes chet when the conInc or churchian tradcon right take on social and economic issues they always assume the leftist frame.

      Which is to say they completely ignore the war on boys and white men as a necessary element of the destruction of the west.

      Hand wringing and pontificating on “whats wrong with our boys” with squid ink and magical thinking leading to such genius as “man up and marry that slut.” Or like here, “you will be celibate, and you will love it!”

      The left wants white men as tax cattle and to know they are cattle (the future is a brown female). The conInc wants white men as tax cattle under the delusion that they are farmers.

      Their solutions always amount to building a better beta draft horse. To smother the spark of manhood before it can light the torch.

      Restore masculinity and natural sexual polarity. When this is the goal as it should be, it becomes clear what must be crushed.

      Civilization simply cannot rest atop such a fundamental lie. What they fail or refuse to see is that destroying the architecture and institutions that propagate the lie is the straightest line whereas the cost to maintain those serpentine structures of evil that propagate the lie is some exponent greater than just burning the witches in the town square today post haste.

      These men without chests who transact in prog status with the future of our boys are modern day slavers. Worse than the violent raiders who capture boys in combat, they feed on the natural goodwill and intrinsic male virtues to convince boys to enslave themselves. And their genius is to recognize some resistance to this as the actual problem to be “fixed”.

      These cowards use the inverted moral hierarchy of evil for their own worldly gain. The “complexity” they cower behind in their feigned efforts to conserve are just facades masking their fear for their own status.

      The solutions are simple, as is the truth that there is good and there is evil. Perhaps its not easy, but its simple.

  27. From what I’ve seen, Conservative Inc. is scared sh**less of social conservatives. They fear that if socon ideas get traction in a campaign, most voters will flee the Conservative Inc. candidate. The funny thing is, D.J. Trump proved them wrong by welcoming socons into his coalition and not scaring off moderate voters.
    The key to a viable path forward for conservatives is to provide a clear alternative to failed liberal policies and especially the failed corrupt politicians of the Left.

    • Con Inc secretly hates social conservatives. In fact gays are highly over represented amongst Con Inc’s “intelligentsia”.

      If most social conservatives actually met some of these retards they would form their own party.

      • Some of the more based gays, who understand there is more to life than who you sleep with seem to be assets for Western Civ.

        Thinking of people like Ric Grenell and Douglas Murray.

        Maybe I’m reading the situation wrong.

        • Maybe, but I like to remind people that we don’t need based tokens to justify white positivity. I guess their support is appreciated but they always must be kept at arm’s length.

          I worry that there are signs the AF movement is heading down the road to being co-opted by based tokens or even blatant grifters like Ali Akbar. They’re used as a veneer for milquetoast “Catholic” civnattery. I pray AF rejects the impulse to turn into just another neutralized TPUSA, but that is always the risk when you try to infiltrate the GOP. People have been trying and failing to infiltrate and convert the GOP since the Moral Majority in the 1970s.

          • Let’s be honest.

            If Nick fuentes wasn’t co-opted he would be un-personed, not verified on twitter.

            Just my opinion. I still like him, for now, but expect him to gradually become the new charlie kirk.

          • Idk, I guess by globohomo. Whoever decided to de-platform jared taylor, alex jones, r/the_donald, etc.

          • Someone once said, might’ve been Greg Johnson or Mike Enoch, that the best way to check how likely a movement is to be co-opted is to see if they’re willing to advocate for white people by explicit name. You don’t even have to talk about the JQ, you just have to be willing to say “white” just like the other side does.

            The argument is that if a movement cloaks support for white people in civic nationalist abstractions for easier populist consumption, those inherently timid abstractions eventually turn inward on the movement and make it vulnerable to TPUSAization. Members start believing and practicing the civnattery only to find themselves led around and distracted by deradicalization agent-tokens and fellow whites. It’s harder, but still not impossible, to be co-opted if you talk explicitly about white people. You may still get determined deradicalization agents, but they’ll have to work much harder to steer your message and goals.

            The recent history of the giant disorganized blob known as the “dissident right” shows much of it doesn’t yet have the courage to explicitly advocate for whites, and therefore is extremely vulnerable to continued subversion. For example, we all known exactly what is meant by advocacy under the guise of “America First”, “Legacy Americans”, “Heritage Americans”, “Founding Stock”, “Indigenous Americans”, “Patriots”, “Working Class Americans”, “Catholics” and all the rest. But cloaked language like this always results in reversion to civnattery: the next thing you know you’re voting for the “multi-ethnic working class” GOP.

          • Co-opted by whom? The establishment despises these guys. There are no grandees of Conservative Inc. rushing to join these guys as we saw with the Tea Party. The Left has no interest in them. So who is it you think is co-opting AF?

          • Z has staked his claim. We’ll see how this plays out. I wouldn’t place the bet that he has.

          • Somebody is certainly trying:


            It’s pretty naive to think these people won’t be co-opted. Somebody in the establishment will try it, eventually. Hell, they flew over an Israeli advisor to their prime minister to co-opt American nationalism under Trump.


        • Ric Grenell (and Murray): Homosexuals will always disappoint you. Ultimately, their loyalty is to homosexuals.

          Douglas Murray: Incurable Civnat. Saw him on Dave Rubin (another homosexual) and the Hoover Institute recently. He wants to keep the right on the plantation. He took a little trip around America and thinks he can therefore lecture us about all our failings. He’s no Alexis de Tocqueville.

          He’s very superficially appealing to the right, because he criticizes all the easy targets on the left.

          But, like most Civnats he thinks that identity politics can be suppressed, and, consequently, he is opposed to having Whites have an identity.

          He accepts all the premises of globohomo, just disagrees with the final consequences. He imagines it is possible to stop the train before it reaches its final station.

          He appeals to these imaginary sane voices among the elite to “reassert their rights as adults.” Of course, these people don’t exist. The “adults” among the elite are completely on-board with the hysterical rabble. He’s living in the ’80s, imagining there is a class of sensible, moderate adults that can just reign in the excess.

          Of course, in his perfect world, we’ll still be obligated to say that homosexuality and feminism are great, as if that won’t lead right back to the same excesses.

          • Very correct about homos. They’re a tribe that’s even more tightly knit than any ethnic group. They have a “secret handshake” that can readily prove who’s legit and who’s not.

        • The gays are the same as the jews, if they support you that nice, thank them for the support, but NEVER let them have power or control over anything important

          But some of them are nice people, some of them are clever, yes true, BUT NEVER LET THEM CONTOL ANYTHING IMPORTANT

      • Relentlessly reinforced social conditioning from childhood, I suppose. I guess one could point out to the normie that the “R” team ran on repealing and replacing O’care for years, and when they had the chance did SFA. Or bringing back Glass-Steagall (both paties ran on this in their respective platforms in ’16) but it never even made it to committee.

    • That viable path must include some form of economic populism or you can forget about winning the Rust Belt. Tax cut rhetoric doesn’t cut it because White conservatives aren’t a big enough demographic to win national elections anymore. The GOP lost some winnable states because conservative Whites aren’t even large enough to overcome the defection of working-class and populist Whites. Same with the growing minority share which is repulsed by these polices. Doubling down on socialism rhetoric and spiking $2K checks because “manna from heaven” will result in an election loss in future America every time. GOP INC is going to find that out soon when they lose both Georgia races and the Senate with them. They really should have passed that $2k check.

  28. DC is a cesspool of corruption, and hiding that reality is Priority #1 for the Uniparty. And with the overt theft of the 2020 election, most people now know that voting is not a solution, but rather a debilitating distraction. So what to do about it? Well, the people of the Comfort First Imperative will jaw-jaw, analyze, explicate, and masturbate. Thus is the desperate defense against taking tangible actions. But there is also the Plan B fringe element that prognosticates a coming storm and collapse. For them, hard men are needed to make hard choices, and that doesn’t happen by accident. And the first choice is . . . to which of these two camps do you wish to dedicate yourself?

      • Would that it be so, but the reality is that many of our fellow travelers are too soft for hard action and they can best serve in other proximate ways. The goal is to bring down the corrupt edifice that is looting our economy, exporting core jobs while importing servant/slaves, imposing a two-tiered justice system, and guarding the looters against grassroots retribution. As an example, we need to train the CFI couch potatoes to become insidious termites. DC desperately wants to bribe you for your worthless “vote”. Demand the highest bribe you can get and sell at least a dozen of your “votes”.

    • “Jaw-jaw is better than war-war”.

      Anyone rooting for mass civil unrest needs to start reading their Selco Begovic.

      • Tens of millions of civilians died during the 20th Century because sheeple choose to walk placidly into the detention camps, gulags, and gas chambers rather than fight back against the monsters that would kill them with ruthless efficiency. No thanks, not for me.

  29. Not saying I agree completely with E Michael Jones, I am a former Catholic but a protestant at heart, but E Michael Jones point about the Christian church being very weak in the later half of the 20th century is true. The Hayes code in Hollywood was a real thing that limited some of the degeneracy poisoning our culture. I remember my Catholic grandmother actually fearing and respecting the Catholic church. I also remember on the Protestant side people who were not Christians actually paid attention to Billy Graham and his opinions.
    Now we got a communist Pope in Rome and Joel Osteen on TV with a $50,000 denture job asking for money.
    The Christian church having reduced status and incompetent leaders has something to do with the degenerate state we find ourselves in.

      • All prayer and talk, just right to life for doctrine and dogma.

        No throne, no altar.
        Where there is a sword there is civilization. Where there is an altar the slide has begun.

      • Yes, I am ok with others in that movement. It’s just not for me. I think we should ally with other travelers on the dissident path as much as possible as long as those people we travel with are ethical.
        I would rather travel with a ethical atheist than to travel with a Christian grifter. But if the traveler is a Christian and ethical that’s all the better.

      • Church Militant was popular a decade ago, but lost credibility when Vorris spent the first few years of Francis’s pontificate defending him and attacking anyone who criticized Francis.

        It was whispered that a large monetary donor was influencing Vorris’s constant defense of Francis.

        Not sure if Church Militant has changed its tune in recent years, but I hardly hear anyone talk about it anymore. I certainly have ignored them.

    • I understand that I will incur eye rolling and snickering from z’s fan base, but there are those of us who belive that we have not had a pope since 1958. Vatican II could not have been a CATHOLIC council. It contains contradictions, errors and full denial of Catholic dogma that no pope has the capacity to promote to the Church. The pope is incapable of leading the flock astray, because he is the mouthpiece of God. (Ill wait for the laughter to subside)

      If you see the world from the view that we have had no living voice of the Chruch in 60 years, the degeneracy we see and the helplessness we feel makes sense….

    • A lot of what we are seeing now is simply Nature filling the vacuum resulting from large scale rejection of community and the positive aspects of Christianity in the West.

      • I’ve always thought that there is no room for atheism, in the long term.

        Europe especially, can either go back to Christ or it *will* become Muslim. There’s no middle ground here, something will fill the void.

        • Around 21% of French babies have a specifically Muslim name. Probably another couple of percentage points of babies are also Muslim; they just have a name that could go either way. In essence, France’s future is already close to 25% Muslim. Non-Muslim Africans probably account for another 5% or more of births.

          Legal immigration to France is ~300k to 400k a year. Almost all of those immigrants are between the age of 18 and 37. There are about 18 million French in that age range so France is changing it young population by 2% a year. If half of those immigrants are Muslim and/or African, that population is increasing its share of the young population by around one percentage point a year.

          Muslims also have around 2.5 to 3.0 kids compared to ~1.5 for ethnic French, so that will increase the Muslim/African percent of birth every year.

          Basically, in 25 years, there’s a reasonable chance (indeed, a high probability) that the majority of children born in France will be Muslim and/or African. In fact, it could a substantial majority.

          Granted, France will still be majority White at the time, so maybe, they’ll hold on for a bit. But as those Muslim/African children grow up and become the majority of the under 40 population, they’ll destroy France.

          The ethnic French have less than a decade to stop all non-White immigration or it’s over in 25 to 50 years. I seriously doubt that they’ll do anything. It’ll be weird knowing that France is dead before anyone realizes it. It’d be like knowing someone has cancer before they go to the doctor.

          The U.S. has its problems, but Hispanics and Asians don’t compart to Muslims and Africans.

          One decade. That’s all that the ethnic French have left. The alternative will be submission or civil war. Crazy that it’s come to this.

          • That’s tragic.

            Jean Raspail and Houellebecq seem like prophets now. Although to be fair anybody could extrapolate the straight line from simple metrics, but it seems like nobody wanted to.

            I’m sure England isn’t far behind. Or Germany. Demographics move fast, especially when there are large fertility differentials.

            One good thing about the usa white population is that its fertility was between 1.75 and 2 (until 2010) so is much younger on average. And conservative whites are still having many babies.

          • England is in better shape that France – or the US for that matter. But a little over 10% of births in England are Muslim and probably another 10% or so are non-White.

            Around 1/3 of births in England are to mothers from a foreign country. Granted, Poland is the top country, but the next six are non-White, so probably 20 of the 33% are non-White.

            Of course, you have non-White mothers who were born in the England, so my guess is that ~25% of births in England (less for UK as a whole) are non-White with 12%-15% of the total births being Muslim.

            Immigration seems to be around 250k. Granted a big portion of that is EU or Commonwealth, so let’s say 100k non-White. The UK population is 66 million, similar to France so, again, ~18 million in the 18 to 37 range. Basically, the UK (and even more so England) is increasing its non-White young population by ~0.5% a year through immigration, mostly Muslim, Indian and African).

            Given birth rate differences, births in England (not UK) will be ~20% Muslim and 20% non-White in 25 years, probably sooner.

            That’s a lot better than France or the USA, but you’re still looking at disaster another 25 years down the road after that. England can still salvage a future, while it’s mostly over for France. The USA is different due to the fact that our immigration is mostly Hispanic and Asian. We’re looking at becoming Mexico or Brazil, which is terrible, but France is heading toward Lebanon or worse.

            Muslims and Africans are civilization destroyers. Hispanics just make things crappy.

            But England is only one generation behind France. England is in better shape than the US for now, but its current path (though fixable while ours is not) is worse.

            Germany is in the best shape of all, but they’re so deep in the Kool Aid, they’ll likely catch up quickly.

          • The US is the most post white country.
            Only Sweden comes close to your population replacement levels.
            I’m not sure about Canada either.

          • A lot of White countries are basically doomed in terms of keeping what they once had. That’s not really the discussion anymore; it’s what comes next.

            I’d rather be dealing with Hispanics and Asians as I try to carve out a place for our people than Muslims and Africans. Granted, we have plenty of Africans of our own but not too many of them are west of the Mississippi.

            USA is a big country. France, not so much. Even though the % of Whites is more in France (for now), I’d rather take my chances here. England really can save itself, so can Germany. France can’t. We can’t. But England only has one more generation before it’s too late for them as well.

            Sweden is pointless. Their population % that’s White doesn’t matter. They quit a long time ago.

          • Oh, and Canada. It’ll be majority non-White – not births, population – by around 2040. I’ll give Canada credit, they really made up for lost time in the dispossession race. They’ll likely beat Whites in the U.S. despite our huge head start.

            Canada is also interesting because it’ll Asians and Indians who become other major minorities. At least White Canadians were smart enough to not import too many Muslims and Africans, though I’m sure they’ll still be a big part of the population.

            Unlike the U.S., Canada went for importing an over-class rather than an under-class, though with H1-B and heavy Asian immigration, we’re trying to catch up.

            God, we’re a stupid people.

          • Our non-white population is heavily concentrated in certain areas – namely toronto, and vancouver.

            Unfortunately the cancer is now spreading to smaller cities.

            Asians and indians have a very low birth rate (lower than whites, and much lower than rural whites) but the immigration rate is so high that it doesn’t matter much. Rural ontario white TFR = 1.6-1.9 , non-white approximately 1.2. urban white seems to be 1.4-1.5.

            I’m interested to see what happens. “Integration” is not really possible anymore because there just aren’t enough whites around.

          • The left should already start penning their apologist pieces for when the muzzies torch the Louvre

        • Is there ever any “going back”? The faults within Christianity overran it and are presently fully exploited by it’s enemies. If the New Testiment had Ten Amendments perhaps that could have added a few centuries to belief but in the end, as we have otherwise seen, it wouldn’t have mattered.

      • Agreed. While this doesn’t apply to the manipulators, “anti-racism,” “climate change,” and most SJW causes are religious substitutes.

      • Since spiritual religion has been rejected by the educated, scientific class it’s no longer relevant in the great scheme of things. It’s been replaced by the worship of “democracy”. There’s evidence of a process akin to the Reformation of the early 16th century in the failing religion of phony democracy today. In those days the establishment of the Roman church couldn’t eliminate the apostasy in their midst because they didn’t understand the cultural changes around them. They survived but in an attenuated form, surrounded by various Protestant sects with individual leaders having their own divergent ideas.
        It seems a similar process is taking place in the democratic religion. Many parishioners, all over the world, are dissatisfied with the current state of democracy, its applicability to daily life and the priests who administer it, the government, courts, regulatory bureaucracy, etc. They don’t have the answers either but are unwilling to trudge along worshiping an idea that no longer makes their lives better. At least during the 16th century they could take solace in an eternity at God’s side if they accepted him. Few now believe that to be the case. They would like to receive their rewards now, while they’re still alive.
        Hundreds of years in the future, should mankind still exist, this era will be compared with the Reformation. An evaluation of the aftermath won’t be available until then.

  30. White Americans either scare the elites into reform or it’s a slow decline into 3rd world shithole poverty.

    Check out the history of the Scarborough neighborhood in Toronto. A white working class neighborhood in the 50s, ethnic dumping started there. First blacks in the 80s, then Sri Lankans. They formed gangs and started killing each other.

    Today it’s a low income shithole for all races, and only 25% white, mostly white trash. Slow decline into poverty and now full of low-agency people who don’t care. Coming soon to every neighborhood. Globohomo compliant.

      • Yeah.

        Hordes of dark people, brown and black, waiting for the bus to take them back from their minimum wage job to their crumbling apartment or house crammed with 9 aliens (formerly occupied by white working class families).

        It’s just starting, in my opinion. Whites have run out of track to flee to.

  31. Reno is exactly the same person now, as he was 4 years ago. Nothing new will come from the right, which has been effectively MySpac’d out of contention. What ever new comes along, will come from the left splitting, not the right evolving.

    Looking forward to the GOP being blown out of the water, election after election, until they are no more.

    • There will always be sheep, willing to be led by those in charge. I welcome milquetoast cons like Reno and Anton and even Hawley…they help people to our side, and may even give us the blow-up or schism in the GOP we need. Have enough of them, and then Fuentes et. al. starts looking merely radical rather than untouchable.

    • Not necessarily.
      We are in the endgame now. The noggers are rioting in the streets. Law and order is failing in the big liberal cities. Rolling blackouts are part of every day life in California. Hollywood is a moral, artistic and intellectual wasteland. Sportsball is no a nogger soap opera. Our sons rot in the basement playing video games, their fathers are losing their jobs and will not be able to support them. Mass foreclosures and evictions are right around the corner, and the flop houses and soup kitchens won’t be far behind. Things can no longer go on like this.
      There is a reckoning coming, where people will reap the consequences of their voting habits – good and hard. Conservative worldviews have much to offer the poverty stricken, depression era citizen. What we see of the modern left is going to be swept away like so much floatsam. The left will – of necessity – purge itself of it’s nastier lunatics and sociopaths. The right is already working on that and therefore may be in a position of power depending on the timing of events.
      Reality will reassert itself soon… and modern leftwing ideologies will not fare well.

      • Will reality reassert itself soon? Even if it does, will things get better or will people just be willing to acknowledge the truth a little more, but otherwise be powerless to change things? Venezuela is still a basketcase, despite the horrendous conditions there. Zimbabwe is a basketcase. First world Rhodesia is gone and won’t be coming back because demography is destiny. Same with Venezuela — chased off the smart fraction. Same with Lebanon — chased off the smart fraction. Same with Cuba … Same with America?

        • Americans are not Venezuelans or Cubans or Africans. The ones that count are armed, intelligent, and many have had direct experience fighting similar enemies in other countries. Our blog host has compared our rulers with the mischievous sorcerer’s apprentice – they are literal playing with sociological forces hey can’t control or understand.
          We shall see, of course.

    • The GOP is counting on millions more democrats to flee to Rinoism as the result of uninhibited leftism plays out. That could happen, but it will only replicate the same sorry state of that party. Win win for the Left. What’s best for the left is to keep the controlled oposition around.

  32. The idea that the “system” is just going to go back to business as usual is completely out the window. The whole costume has been torn off and all that remains is to see what replaces all these treasonous schmucks and how it’s done. Will it merely be dabbling around the fringes or wholesale destruction? I’m voting (figuratively) for the latter. There’s a dust cloud rising just over the ridge.

    • Have men like Reno ever risked anything? I would say Buchanan has, and the paleos. Reno seems like a man who has found a safe niche, but oil never do anything to get himself called a bigot or a racist.

    • This is not a systemic problem, either in the US or up here in Canada. It is a people problem. And it was indirectly caused by We The People too. We don’t check our leaders, we don’t demand accountability or transparency from them – and of course they are going to run amok.
      Politicians will have to be shot, or hung, or otherwise punished for what they do or it won’t stop.

        • >they’ll pay for our social security
          >they’re just like the Irish
          >natural conservatives
          >Israel is our best friend
          >we have to fight them over there so we don’t have to fight them over here
          >Just vote and everything will be alright
          >but Adam Smith said …

          …we did much of this to ourselves

      • We are not betrayed by poor or evil leaders and a degraded public, these are the inevitible products of full democracy (universal suffrage). Inevitable. In 1789 one-eighth of the population was eligible to vote. Thirty years later, a quarter. 1860, all white men, and the shit hit the fan. Now add Africans and women and tell me how this could be any different. It is futile to speak of leaders and citizens. This form of government is open season for the most manipulative and repulsive individuals, and it repels the very best men. As it should.

      • Not just politicians (federal and state). Additionally, high-level corporate execs (especially Big Tech and advertising); professors, deans, chancellors, uni presidents and provosts; Hollywood producers, directors, actors, screenwriters; media moguls, reporters and editors; overseers of major cultural institutions such as museums, theater companies, galleries and orchestras.

    • Z is right about not voting. It delegitimizes the system and it will cause the GOP to lose. Reno senses that the GOP is going to lose Trump voters, not the Dems but to not voting. He knows that will doom the GOP. (It’s actually already doomed due to demographics, but he’s too much of CivNat to see that.)

      I suspect that he’s sincere. But his “nationalist” ideas show how hopeless the GOP has become. A nationalist who can’t even use the word immigration isn’t exactly much of a nationalist.

      I’ll leave you with this quote from Mr. Reno, which show just how much he’s willing to fight for you:

      I urge Republicans to leave to Democrats the ugly habit of denouncing our fellow citizens (“racist,” “bigots,” etc.). 

      • Yeah, seems like Z-man is hinting at rapprochement and the possibility of redemption. Sorry, it’s too late. After this last “election”, I’ve quit the game. Only folk I’m willing to believe are those who’ve stood the test of time in their beliefs and predictions—the rest are grifters, pure and simple.

        • Our ranks are stocked with people who used to be on the other side of the great divide. I’m fine with converts, as long as they are converted to this side and not demanding we cross back over and convert to their side.

          • Reno can be useful whatever his motivation if our side is careful. If he speaks with Fuentes, that give legitimacy to the America First movement and give Normies permission to think about its ideas.

            That alone is good. If Reno truly embraces the movement. That is also good. If Reno starts trying to gatekeep in obvious and illogical ways, i.e. Shapiro chastising identity politics while wearing a yarmulke, and is called out on it, you’d hope that might wake up a few Normies along the way.

            A con man isn’t particularly dangerous if you know he’s a con man. In fact, they can be very useful.

          • Wow. That Reno must really pack a wallop if his holy touch confers legitimacy. Personally, I’d never heard of the blighter until reading this here article by Z-Man.

          • Neither had I.

            I’ve never really read much of Conservative Inc., so these guys could be huge or nobody. But I figured that if Z knows of the guy, he’s probably A) a grifter and B) potentially useful.

            I’m in favor of anything that helps get our word out and get Normies moving toward us – as long as we don’t have to sell out for it.

          • Errrrr… for us slow kids: can you dumb it down for us and explain the title of this piece?

        • I think that you take advantage of any situation that you can. If you can get Reno to publicly speak with Fuentes, that’s good for our side. It gives Normies permission to look at the America First movement, which moves them a bit closer to our side and gets them thinking in new ways.

          No, we’re not voting our way out of this, but anything we can do to bring people to our side or even just closer to our side is a good thing.

          Nothing wrong with using a grifter to further your cause, just understand his motivation. He’s using you to stay relevant; you’re using him to get people to our side. When he starts trying to gatekeep, it’s time for him to go.

      • Election boycotts are a key tactic used for decades to delegitimize South and Central American governments. Think about it. If you participate in an election, you are giving the outcome legitimacy, win or lose. It plays into the sense of fairness most people have: “since the other side accepts bad election outcomes for their side, we should play fair when we lose and do the same for our candidates.”

        It’s a bit lit a company’s TOS: in exchange for use of someone else’s product, you agree to limit your behavior and accept moderation (because, in theory, this is applied fairly to all).

        However, by not voting — and by publicizing that fact — you short circuit that logic. Since you didn’t participate, you are not obligated to accept the results, especially if you claim the results are unfair from the start. Psychologically, that’s very empowering because it frees you of any restraints you might have had previously. If you can’t win, then why bother playing fair, by the other guy’s rules?

        The left already went down this path when they refused to accept the legitimately elected republican candidate Donald J. Trump — spreading lies about the man and trying to undermine his administration with illegal leaks and coordinated negative media coverage. It’s only fair and logical for the other side to now reciprocate. They had their resistance, now it’s time for ours. Civil disobedience, coordinated leaks, and tactically delegitimizing their system (even to the point of cooperating with foreign adversaries) is now called for.

  33. There will be no reconciliation. America is broken, unless conservatives want to be ruled and represented by queers, menopausal harpies and harridans, and socialists. Conservatives of whatever stripe or tribe may be willing to talk and compromise. The left can’t. They will tear the country apart, and tear themselves apart unless they are stopped. Only a Pinochet or a Stalin can prevent that now.

      • A Stalin, a glorious Stalin…. we can dream.

        You existential meta-cucks don’t deserve a Saint Joseph Djugashvili.

        You’re not worthy.

        • I suspected you were a loon from your first post. At this point there can no longer be any doubt.

          • Any chance he might be Exile?

            I mean no offense to Exile as he was one of the most erudite commenters here. Along with yourself.

          • Thank you, LM. No, HM is not Exile. I “know” Exile to a certain extent, and he is an entirely sane and rational man.

    • Yes, America is broken, but is it our job to fix it? We didn’t break it.

      …but maybe we did.

      What is truly the difference between “I want to be left alone” and “I will watch as the Left takes over every single facet of my life”.

      My great-grand father, grandfather, father and I were born in a free country.

      January 6, 2021 will either be the spark that rekindles the fire of liberty or the last pathetic wheeze of a conquered people.

      • Shame on you. A free man – talking like that?
        No, you will not sit on your hands and be conquered. Consider what’s in store: mass unemployment. Endemic foreclosures. Breadlines. Soup kitchens. Flophouses. The noggers will start hunting when the welfare runs out. Add to that: the only way to address problems of socialism – will be more socialism, of course! More censorship, more surveillance, less privacy, more gubbimint intrusion. Of course you’ll fight.

        • People fight for a moral cause.
          This is why the left attacks, relentlessly, drawing in recruits with promises, rewards, small victories, and righteousness.

          They can show real gains with real rewards. The side of bread with butter is proof they’ve won God’s favor.

          So, we’re the outlaws at the bottom of the castle hill. I’m hoping we have some folks with military history or targeted marketing in our ranks who’ve studied this.

          • The ‘roof top Koreans’ put the run on noggered rioters and looters that strayed into their neighborhoods. Those are the best fighters the left has.The rest are screeching wahmen, queers and soys. Your tactics will not involve taking hardened targets like castles.

          • Noooope. His name was Seth Rich. The best fighters the left has are probably HRT/SRT big blue city pd teams. I’m also sure they have wetwork guys that if you knew what they know, you’d need to change your panties. A couple billion dollars will buy you a lot of trigger-pullers. Do you think the institutions of law enforcement were immune from the March Through the Institutions? Study the Spanish Civil War some, it is within spitting distance of the situation we have here in the AFKA USA. Much of the special police went with the commies.

          • The differences between us and Spain are so vast as to defy comparison. To begin the left does not have the proles, the police, or the army, or the vets.

            Neither do we, for there is no we… but Americans self organize very very fast. I have quite seen this …

          • To begin the left does not have the proles, the police, or the army, or the vets.

            They have all of that. They have the military leadership, the police will do what they are told, the letter agencies will go soft on leftist violence and prosecute those who defend themselves, and countless DAs have been installed by Soros. They also have the youth; despite popular misconception, it is that demographic which fights wars and revolutions, not granny boomer and her husband’s gun club. Most vets are also midwit IQ civnats who are more concerned about their paychecks than honor or freedom; they’ll do what they are told. The proles also gave Biden a popular vote victory over Trump by several million.

          • Those are the best fighters the left has.

            Fantasy thinking, that’s all that line of thinking is. It’s a cope to avoid admitting an uncomfortable truth: we’re heavily outmatched by a well-organized enemy who hates us along ethnic and class lines, and we’re going to lose under the current arrangement; the future could be awful for our people.

            Reality: Antifa spent all summer running conservative patriotards out of the cities. They were protected from prosecution by the regime establishment while our side was arrested and prosecuted for defending themselves. Hundreds of statues were destroyed, billions of dollars in property damage occurred and this side of the political aisle was powerless to stop it. The situation will grow worse.

            There was a publicized incident this past summer, Portland or Seattle, when a group of conservative “ex-military” went into this area and was destroyed by a crowd of well-armed and coordinated antifa using near military grade equipment and tactics; the patriotards beat a quick — and embarrassing — retreat. I believe VD covered it. One of his commenters pointed out that American military without air support is not much better than your average Afghani militia.

            … but you don’t even have the military.

            Wokeness Comes To West Point


            More On Wokeness At West Point


            The left can harass and even assault US Senators and get away with it at this point (Rand Paul). Tucker Carlson had to flee DC when his family was attacked. What fighters do you have? Seriously, point them out.

            The left has the youth due to republican economic unpopularity and demographics; a majority of those under age 16 are non-white. They have the institutions, the media, the finance sector. The democrat party is now essentially the equivalent of China’s CCP, but much less competent and more racist against the native population.

            You’re on the losing side and you should acknowledge that with a change of tactics instead of retreating into fantasy and underestimating the enemy.

          • And cretins like you are our worst liability.
            They have affirmative action hires in the constabulary and the military. They’ll get fragged as soon as the culture war goes hot.
            As will guys like you, most likely.

          • There have been those types around who’ve offered advice over the last four years only for it to be rejected in favor of “trusting the plan” and Q conspiracy idiocy. You can lead them to water, but …

        • Thanks for the kind words, Mr. Glenfilthie. I pray (man, I NEVER used to pray about anything) that I prove worthy when my mettle is tested.

          …on a positive note, i’ve trained the wife to be a pretty good shot, the youngest is a crackerjack on the 12 gauge and the oldest field strips and cleans all of our home defense items…

      • America cannot be fixed because it no longer exists. All efforts now should be devoted to separating from this reeking carcass.

    • Sounds like someone’s been reading the now-defunct Jim’s Blog. I could never share his enthusiasm for Stalin, to put it mildly.

  34. I’m ashamed to admit it, but in a perverse way I kind of hope violence is inflicted on the Trump supporters in D.C., just enough to spark violent riots throughout the nation. The propaganda organs are setting this up as Charlottesville II, the D.C. police and National Guard are preparing to defend and assist communist terrorists, and BLM and Antifa are waiting to attack. It’s a perfect storm and could ignite nationwide strikes and riots from our side for once.

    • While I wish the Trump marchers every success, the only thing that will be unleashed by violence is more keyboard ninjas and chairborne rangers.
      As with Charlottesville.

      • FYI: this sort of taunting has really lost its charm. I get it, really. If were weren’t all such such terrible sissies, the blood would be up to the horses’ bridles by now. Please give it a rest.

      • The most effective warriors of the future will operate from the shadows, and most definitely not reveal themselves publicly for easy persecution or detention. This is the reason that natural evolution favors the camouflage trait is so many species. Get smarter if you want to survive.

          • Not so. It’s always an evolutionary arms race in such matters. A full beard and wraparound sunglasses defeats facial recognition technology and putting a pebble in one shoe defeats stride matching technology. There are many more such hacks. People need to be trained as such, or do as they do in Hong Kong and tear down the camera towers.

          • A mask and sunshades will defeat most face recognition, too. That’s why I’ve been supportive of wearing surgical masks during the wuflu outbreak. Honestly, I’ve been at a loss to understand why you guys don’t want to wear a mask in public. I’ll wear one long after wuflu disappears. Why make the government’s job easy? Make them work for that data they illegally collect.

          • Plenty of Gen 3 night vision is available commercially.

            After that it’s a matter of OpSec and imagination.

          • Wranglerstar did a review of the cheapest night vision monocular on Amazon.
            It was a $150 and performed pretty well. You wouldn’t take such a thing to war but out for a frisky walk when you are on a budget?
            Why not.

        • Out evolving them is the right path.

          Every thought seeded in their subconscious will one day become their reality. Keyboard ninjas rule.

        • JD, I want for you to be right.
          It looks like people are ready to break the pattern.
          But, up till now, there is a pattern.

          • No doubt retreat gas been a consistent pattern. Maybe it is wishful thinking on my part but this has the potential to explode on them. It is a given the police and Antifa will target the protestors but, and yes it is a hunch, this has actual potential for repercussions.

          • It is possible that the Law & Order crowd in FedLEO has noticed and will change accordingly. It is therefore possible (questionable if “likely”, certainly not certain) for a different outcome this time. Last time, we all saw the local DC police doing the catch & release followed by en mass dropping of charges by the Soros DA of charges against the Soros’ militias. Feds have their own prerogative in DC on federal property, and can make federal instead of state cases. Prosecutions by less-partisan or even centrist AUSA’s instead of Sorosian local ADA’s will result in much different outcomes. Put a couple thousand leftist militiamen, er, uh, “milita-xirs” in federal prison for terrorism and conspiracy charges, it’ll change things in a small but real way.

          • As with all upheavals, it’s always the same until it isn’t. There were no Jacobins decapitating parisian nobles in 1770, so would you therefore say there were never Jacobins plying the National Razor? The only way to make Crispin’s blackpilling theory come true is to stop showing up – a self-fulfilling prophesy of defeat.

      • Look the conditions that spawned the men who went toe to toe with Pinkerton goons and NG thugs and later fought in WWII came from hard backgrounds where back breaking labor either in factories or the farm was part and parcel of life.
        You only find such men among the blue collars today.. The college men who push paper all day are not and will never be fighters of any sort.
        And to openly fight today is nothing short of suicide for whites. The police are now the enemy of the people. The courts and DA’s will hang your ass if you knock Antifa heads.
        Whites are better off hitting infrastructure that supports the ruling class. It’s next to impossible to protect and gives our side the biggest bang for the buck.

    • Congressman Hawley’s wife and child were attacked in their DC home by Antifa/BLM while Hawley was in MO. As far as I know police did nothing. FBI hasn’t sent 15 agents to investigate as no garage door ropes were involved. 2nd Amendment has been voided by DC’s black female MAYOR. What power America’s mayors have. Gonna be an interesting year. Wear your mask, serf.

      • Has any GOP senator spoken out about the violence against Sen. Hawley’s family?

        I crack myself up.

        People are selling short the probability tomorrow may cause the SHTF. The Left and their blue thug assistants probably won’t be able to restrain themselves and there are people there willing to inflict violence on their attackers. And I’m more cynical than most here, too.

        • It’s not “the Left and their blue thug assistants.” There’s much less control there. It’s the blue establishment left, and the not-yet-establishment red far left. They are connected but not the same. I doubt the blue left could actually stop the red left from doing what they’re going to do tomorrow, even if they wanted to.

      • Rand Paul also took to Twitter to whine that the DA in Washington won’t be pursuing any investigation into the BLM thugs who attacked him this summer.

        There is a trend on Twitter of “XYZ’s Posting Their L’s” accounts where “XYZ’s” are journalists, lesbians, professional black people, etc.

        Whiny “I’ve been bullied by Antifa! Wow, just wow!” posts from conservatives like Hawley, Rand Paul, Carlson and the rest could honestly be “Conservatives Posting Their L’s” or “Republicans Posting Their L’s.” They’ll cry like bitches about being bullied but they’ll never do anything about it.

        • They’ll cry like bitches about being bullied but they’ll never do anything about it.

          What should they do about it?

          • There is an opportunity going forward for an ambitious politician to capitalize on the angst and resentment of Trump’s removal. As Zman said, the GOP at large hasn’t learned a thing.

            New Men, willing to risk it could harness that growing untapped energy in the chaotic years to come. The old regime is primed for dethroning if a neo-Sulla is out there.

            I won’t lay my hopes on any white knight rescuing us, even should someone take up the challenge, but we can utilize a potential ally just as he will be trying to use us. Opportunities abound.

          • To start, maybe they could at least stop handing out tax cuts and visas to the tech platforms that are booting them.

            There’s plenty the GOP could be doing so I will not sympathize with these scum one bit.

          • The GOP establishment is on the same side as the Democrats and any opposition is mostly just enough to keep the rubes in the system.

          • Hire an attorney and a good PI, and sue them. Find their sources of funding, and roll it up. “Quasi-RICO civil suit” like they did in the 90’s and aughts to the 1st gen whignats, until the funding that puts them on the streets is gone. It worked for the far left , it can work for the right against the 5th Gen ComIntern.

    • That will work only if the normies back away from the victim mentality. You aren’t helping the cause by getting yourself pummeled. You help our cause by pummeling the other guy in a situation that is sympathetic to you.

      • Something Greg Johnson has absolutely right is this also is a moral cause. But, yes, violence is necessary as a response.

    • The courtesy to burn cities and start wildfires is available only to the left. Look at what happened to Enrique Tarrio yesterday, and that is after a summer of ‘kill whitey’ messages scrawled on smashed statues.
      To quote Dr. Captain Barf on Twitter, “Remember, Antifa is simply the street terror arm of the state. You can’t mimic their tactics because state support is the foundation of Antifa.”

      • Yeah, if anyone’s inclined to downplay Tarrio’s arrest as a contained example from one of those hopeless big city police departments controlled by the ADL and FBI, just remember that this crap is spreading to suburbs and small towns too.

        In the “don’t mess with Texas” town of Weatherford, Patriot Front guys were jailed for putting up stickers. In Iowa a guy was thrown in prison for 16 YEARS for burning an LGBT flag. And don’t forget the suburban cops who slaughtered Duncan Lemp in his sleep: he was the REAL Breonna Taylor.

        It seems like less than 3 years ago we were smirking over the police terror in the UK, convinced that it could never get that bad in the US because we had cops and the military “on our side”. Yet here we are. Back the blue, right?

        • The US has had police terror for longer than three years, it’s just become harder to ignore for American Exceptionalists. Waco was not the product of a constitutional republic.Plea bargaining innocent people into accepting “only” a five year sentence for literally nothing is tyranny.
          No-knock raids, asset forfeiture, and an insanely high conviction rate for those prosecuted by the Fed demonstrate that the problem has been systemic for a long time.

        • In Iowa a guy was thrown in prison for 16 YEARS for burning an LGBT flag.

          That was because it was his last strike in a “three strikes” state. The guy was no beacon for the cause. He was just an asshole who caused trouble one time too many.

          • We’ll never avoid the Enemy’s goal of the Glorious World of Next Tuesday without guys who laugh at doing a month in county for punching in some lefty’s teeth. It’s how the left got so far, and it’s always a part of how they win. Every time, every left-wing takeover and revolution, the same cast of far-left characters with wrapsheets longer than their arm are a key factor in their success.
            Do not abandon your own people, even if they are rough-and-tumble (unless they are traitors). Next thing you know, Vizzini’s going to be saying we should be calling the Revenuers ’cause some neighbor’s got a copper pot in his yard…

          • He isn’t “my people.” He’s Adolfo Martinez. He has two prior felony convictions. Yes, I think hate crime laws are bogus, but he’s a habitual troublemaker. I am not obligated to throw my support behind every low-impulse-control moron who acts out, especially an Hispanic one.

          • That was because it was his last strike in a “three strikes” state. The guy was no beacon for the cause. He was just an asshole who caused trouble one time too many.

            Assuming the kkk0mmenter is not JIDF [which is an exceptionally bad assumption to be making at the (((Zman))) blog]:

            This. Is. Why. We. Lose.

          • Not my people, not my problem is part and parcel of what makes the DR the DR. Whites and a few Friends of all races only and guys like that probably don’t qualify.
            Don’t get me wrong , what happened to the guy was wrong , the flag stomping was a victimless crime .
            We need certainly 3 strikes reform to serious life threatening violence or residential burglary only with dropping strikes over time being the ethical way to do that but he’s not our guy just because he dislikes LGBT people.
            It takes a lot more than that to be one of us. And no a Hispanic surname or a criminal record don;t disqualify. Its a way of thinking., a world view I doubt this guys shares.
            As for why we we lose because we don’t have any goals or more accurately are unwilling and unable to use collective force to those goals.
            No one is given power, you take it by any means necessary.
            And yes I know elections. After the systemic voter fraud against President Trump does anyone really think that we can vote our way out of this.
            A society willing to go all out fraud on a tepid reformer, turn civilization itself off over a nasty flu and mint 1/3 of the money in US history in a single year is not going to change to elections, period and sure as hell won’t accept real reform.
            Mao was right, all power flows from the barrel of a gun or more accurately, the will and goal to use those guns together to common goals.
            I can’t blame people here , this is a place with the demographics or a younger retirement community or Germany but that’s how it works.
            You don’t have that?
            That is why you lose.Not refusing to back guys like Adolfo Martinez who aren’t one of ours.

          • How do you know those strikes were justified?
            The Left is not wrong in thinking the US justice system is rigged against the poor and until very recently non Whites.
            The only way to fix it is to eliminate guilty pleas completely and take every single case to trial even the most guilty jogger gets the full 12 man panel on the smallest offense. No judge trial option, its automatically going to the jury box or its dropped.
            This will crush the system but its supposed too.
            The system originally worked alright sometimes with a White Christian Society, the so called Moral and Religious people but things have changed as have the number of offenses, many of them entirely justified being illegal.
            It can’t work with the current population of tribes at each others throat and if we aren’t going to go boog and simply make our own lands, we need something to tide us over and to put an end to anarcho-tyranny.
            Ultimately only the most heinous offenses like toxic waste in the water or rape get prosecuted and the cops only get called when there is a body to be moved.
            Its 3rd world but unless we force the US to order, we are there anyway. Might as well get a weak state too.

          • I don’t know if the strikes were justified, but I know people. I have lived and socialized among poor people, rich people, White people, black people, city people and country people, Easterners, Midwesterners, Southerners, Rocky Mountain people and Californians.

            And you know what? It’s really easy to avoid getting three felony convictions in a lifetime. I’m currently at zero. Sure, there are a certain amount of unjustly convicted people, but that’s not the way to bet. I’ve known way too many felons.

        • The worst was the small town Wyoming sheriff who arrested an anti-mask protester for telling the local mayor to, “eff off.”

          Real bunch of badass cowboys, yessir.

        • See Stephano’s post: while there still are some “based” sheriffs in small towns—and they often only get pushed out or are forced to resign after any “based” actions—be prepared to face anarcho-tyranny even outside the big cities.

          Remember that this is the perennial weakness of conservatives: they downplay or look away from the evil in the big cities under the assumption that it could never spread to small town America, then they’re aghast when the same evil spreads to their comfortable retreats.

          • The cops in small towns are at least 50% relocations from big city LEO; astoundingly, changing the magic dirt they are walking on for their beat does not change their morality, social norms, or political beliefs.

          • Cops follow orders. If those giving orders are normal human beings, they will behave in a reasonable manner. If those issuing the diktats are AWRs, they will attack whites for defending themselves against Hutus. And those giving the orders tend to parallel the local political culture. Cops in Lubbock will behave very differently from those in Portland, assuming Portland still has a police department.

        • But all cities do have police who are beholden to the chain of command that pays their salaries. They’d shoot you just a fast as the Gestapo would. After all, they’re all government employees. That’s why they give them guns you know.

          • It depends on the mayor and council who pays their salaries. Generally you are right, but I can think of several towns not two hours from D.C. where Antifa would get their asses thrown into jail toot suite.

          • Particularly on a force where the officers are non-white. Filling a YT full of lead is a signing bonus for them.

            I noticed in Toronto that the vast majority of cops out enforcing social distancing tyranny at protests and businesses were not white. Possibly because the white cops turned down the assignment.

            Expect more and more non-white cops on the force carrying out anti-white actions with glee. The blue are not your friends.

          • Two paths going forward in Our future w/regards to police forces in the future.

            We must form communities where we are their paymasters.

            Where we aren’t, police services must be made aware that sticking to arresting criminals and eshewing political arrests is a good path for them to reach retirement age so they can enjoy those golden years.

          • Will never happen. That’s the boomer fallacy: money does not beat morality. Financial incentives are never enough to fight back against the social, sexual, and self-image/self-esteem power of being on the Correct Side of History that is part and parcel of left wing morality.
            Minimizing police power is our best option: no really, defund the police. The Boers had the sense to get rid of their nukes before they lost control. The law enforcement institution of the area-formerly-known-as the USA is a formidable and deadly tool. We should not let the Enemy inherit it intact.
            NWA said nothing wrong. What good are the cops to a law abiding, Christian white male of any social class? They’re glorified assistant insurance adjusters at best. I’ve been attacked on public trans, beaten half to death by a leftist riot, burgled, threatened by a child rapist on parole, and even where the cops weren’t the cause of it, they did jack $hit (bonus round: guess the race of the perps! Notice I said “race,” not “races.”). And don’t even think about defending yourself; you are gravely mistaken if you think you and your melanin-enhanced attacker are equal before the law. They’re the new aristocracy, dontchaknow. But you better believe, John Law has always been right there with his hand on his piece to give me a ticket for going 55 in a 54 on a deserted country road. The modern law enforcement officer is just the alternative minimum tax to compliment the income tax of Diversity. I would be better off if no cops even existed, and if you ever get Culturally Enriched by Diversity, you will share my sentiment. They do not protect us, they do not serve us, and they never will.

          • Minimizing police power is our best option: no really, defund the police.

            And the military. It’s quickly turning into the democrat party’s PLA enforcers. Best to limit their power before they start to abuse it.

            Wokeness Comes To West Point


            More On Wokeness At West Point


          • Smacks too much of libertarianism for me. I disagree with you on one point, pay does matter. I agree that morality plays a part and will grant you that… as well as the admonition that we must redefine common morality. You miss the third leg of the little stool you and I have built here; peril. We can call our trifecta to manage police forces MMM. Money, Morality and Mortality.

          • Redneck dude,
            You guys act like bad asses until you need the police. Then you cry for them. Can’t have em’ and not want them. Most libertarians are pussies.
            Cop in south Georgia for 35 yrs.

      • The concept of anarco-tyranny is old news to us, but a new discovery for most. Michelle Malkin, who should have known better, discovered it this summer when the police hysterically allowed Antifa to assault her group that was demonstrating in favor of the police.

        People are learning.

        • Yep; stay out of blue territory. Denver is a no-go zone; if you must go, carry heavy and get out quick, and don’t go there between 3 pm Friday and 7 am Monday. MM’s subsequent rallies were not in Denver, she right quick picked up the learnin’ the Denver PD was putting down.

    • Trump supporters have been attacked since the earliest rallies in 2016. (Antifa Eric Clanton was caught on film opening up peoples’ skulls with a bike lock. He got probation. You know who went to jail? The guys who defended Trump’s supporters (Proud Boys, RAM. Every group that opposed Trump was given “space to destroy.”) And who was named the biggest threat by the Trump DOJ? Hint: it wasn’t Antifa.

    • I’m starting to think that the entire ZMan kkk0mmentariat is nothing but JIDF AI bots spawning dueling genetic algorithms to see which bot can spread the moast demoralization to the goyim.

      In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if ZMan himself were a JIDF AI bot [he’s definitely at least a retired j00ish professor of psychology from somewhere in the greater SUNY system, or maybe Brandeis].

      OTOH, if I’m wrong, and, say, maybe 75% of the poasters on this thread are ostensible White male Christian traditionalists [with only 25% being JIDF AI bots programmed to demoralize], then White male Christian traditionalism [as it’s understood & experienced & practiced by you meta-cucks] is an existential darwinian weakness which is about to drive your bloodlines straight into extinction.


      You meta-cucks do not deserve to see your bloodlines flourish.

        • Who put the bee in your bonnet?

          All of the poasters I’ve read in this sorry-assed excuse for a mass spiritual suicide.

          You people make the Jonestowners & Heaven’s Gaters look like rank amateurs.

          Assuming you’re real, and not just JIDF demoralization agents faking meta-cuckery, then you meta-cucks simply do not deserve to persist in the gene pool.

          And come January 20th, the Frankfurt School is gonna make damned certain that you & yours never breed successfully again.

          • For all of the opprobrium heaped on the Frankfurters–and I heaped plenty myself–they actually had very little to do with the sorry state in which we find ourselves. If you seek the intellectual roots of AWR, you should look at the French pomos and their epigoni rather than the Frankfurters.

      • Trump lost.

        It’s ok. IT’S OK. There was “No Plan to Trust IN”, there was no “Pizza Gate”, there will be no “Crossing of the Rubicon”, the “Storm is NOT coming”.

        Just good old fashioned election fraud, as American as apple pie, now amped up with the power of billionaire big tech which will make future voting even more pointless.

        All the Congress-critters and Senators “objecting” to the electors are playing to their base, nothing more. They’re not remotely serious.

        Never thought I’d say this, but I’m genuinely curious to watch to see who on the “right” will out-meltdown the crazy woman “Noooo!!!!!” screamer when Trump was inaugurated in 2016.

        • They’ll just make up a conspiracy that Donald Trump is still secretly president and running the government from the shadows with Qanon helping out, then claim it was all part of the plan. Anyone who points out how dumb that is will be called a “blackpiller” or a “defeatist.” Then they’ll be some fed in the comments telling people to “just do something and keep fighting.” VD will then be found dead next to a cup of purple kool-aid and Jordan Peterson’s new book on masculinity.

      • Dude, you’ve lost your mind since the Chateau Heartiste days. You are now the guy that sees j00s in his sandwiches. NOT a good look. You can recognize the outsized influence of certain groups without running around pissing into the air on everyone because they aren’t throwing roman salutes around. Relax… JFC.

      • Too late my white superior genes are spreading far, already have eight with #9on the way.
        I. pray every day. Several times a day for the chance to cylto ilk such as you.
        Keep your boots on

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