Generational War

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Generational politics has been a part of American culture since the middle of the last century when the Baby Boomers started making noises. Youth culture started in the 20’s during the Jazz Age, but really came into its own in the 50’s and 60’s. Today it is just assumed that each generation has its own unique identity. Zoomers, Boomers and Millennials are separate tribes with nothing in common. On this side of the great divide, “boomer” is commonly thrown around as an epithet.

One of the great ironies of our political culture is that whites are never allowed to play identity politics, unless it is generational identity politics. That because generational war is pretty much a white thing. Zoomers can rant and rave about the Boomers, because it is assumed that both groups are white. You never hear the gatekeepers lecture us about the danger of generational identity politics like they do with other aspects of identity like race, sex or even region of the country.

Putting all of that aside, there is a generational aspect to our politics that will be front and center in the near future. The Baby Boomers get grief for the cultural revolution, but in reality, they were just consumers of that revolution. Despite all the radical rhetoric, the Boomers emerged into adulthood with a high degree of institutional trust. The Left has a deep faith in government and the process of government. The Right has a deep faith in capitalism and the process of the marketplace.

This institutional trust is apparent across the political spectrum. The mainstream Left demands absolute fidelity to the institutions they control. For example, skepticism of the mass media is treated as a dangerous conspiracy theory. The mainstream Right was in a constant state of panic over Trump challenging the system. Even dissident Boomers maintain faith in the system. They are sure that getting the right people in the right offices will result in polices rooted in demographic reality.

This is to be expected. The Baby Boom generation came into a world that not only worked, but worked amazingly well. They were raised up in a high trust society with a booming economy. In their youth they got to enjoy a flourishing popular culture and in their adulthood, they were gifted a robust economy. Through their middle years, they got good schools for their kids and great health care for their parents. The system has been great for that generation, so their loyalty is sensible.

This deep trust in the system will only become more intense as the Baby Boom generation gets older. The first wave of Boomers is either on the cusp of retirement or already retired. Right behind them is the second wave that perks up every time an ad for retirement services comes on the television. What old people do not want is for things to change. Despite the obvious problems in politics, the culture and economy, the Baby Boom generation trusts the system. They have no choice.

Despite their vast influence, the Baby Boom generation will soon begin to give way to the next generation, which is the Millennials. Generation X is too small, and they have been shut out by the massive generation ahead of them. The Millennials are now ready to start taking up their place in American society. The first wave of that generation is approaching forty now. Over the next decade, as the Boomers head into retirement, their children will take over for them as the dominant generation.

Unlike their parents or possibly grandparents in some cases, the Millennials have a different lived experience, as the beautiful people would put it. They came into easy times like their parents, but they never had to fear war, recession, or the ideological threat of Soviet communism. They never had to think much about the system or trust in it in anyway, because the system was never under any threat. For them, the current order was just a part of nature, something taken for granted.

One result of this is an unrealistic sense of entitlement. You see this most acutely on the Left, where the new generation of radicals sound like spoiled children. Their demands are those of a toddler faced with a toy that is not working. They look around and demand to know why diversity is not blooming wherever they look or why there are things within eyeshot that hurt their feelings. Congresswoman Ocasio-Cortez is a petulant child, but also the face of the new American Left.

Another feature of this generation is an absolute faith in themselves. The doting of their parents and the hours of esteem building lessons paid off. Millennials are a wildly confident generation. This makes perfect sense. Things just worked out well for this group, especially those who entered the managerial class. As long as they ticked the right boxes, the treat came out at the bottom. A generation raised on participation medals reached adulthood highly confident in their ability.

They also have a deep faith in their sense of right and wrong. They start from the assumption that their desires are the moral high ground. Whatever they want is not the right thing in the empirical sense, but the right thing morally. This means they receive criticism and failure as a personal affront. Add in their sense of entitlement and this is not a generation built for struggle. They expect and demand things work the way they want them to work and that’s the end of it.

For Millennials, politics will be intensely personal. They define themselves by their lifestyle choices and the opinions they promote. Personal accomplishment plays a minor role, because everything that matters has always been here for them. Gesture politics is all about moral signaling for a generation that conflated everything into some aspect of their personal identity. This is why mainstream political discourse increasingly sounds like a fight between a divorced couple.

For an aging empire showing signs of decay, this sets up an interesting dynamic over the next decades. As the system begins to break in serious ways, the older generation will want to protect it at all costs. On the other hand, the people tasked with fixing the system will be their overconfident, sanctimonious kids. Compounding it will be the fact that the Millennials have come this far assuming the system is just a part of the natural world, like the weather. It does not require maintenance.

The generational war that is shaping up is not between the Zoomers and the Boomers, but between the Boomers and their kids. One side maintains a deep trust in the system, while the other has a deep trust in themselves. One side will demand the system be repaired and defended, while the other will take this as a personal affront. Meanwhile, the people capable of maintaining the system will be too old to do it, while the people tasked with it will be too self-absorbed to be bothered. Good times.

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429 thoughts on “Generational War

  1. Unfortunately, with the Deep State victory over the American experiment which came to a sudden thud in several corporate-named sportsball arenas in 2020, the Millennial generation will find that the same robust freedoms and opportunities their boomer parents/grandparents enjoyed will be unceremoniously removed, banned, or permanently shamed. The first casualty, simple rationality, will usher in a dystopian nightmare in which the Deep State will control all avenues of life, and classify all people on a life-killing caste system of identity politics. Covid will be used to control and prevent most travel and economic freedoms, the Internet will disallow all communication between people without the official consent of the Deep State proletariat, and finally, a necessary elimination of all infidels through a by-then massively popular Holocaust of gigantic proportions: hundreds of millions of formerly patriotic Americans will be executed through genocide. 2A will not save us, most people will have submitted and coughed up their guns, and all the holdouts will be arrested on the spot. Militia holdouts will simply be eliminated via smart bombs and by-then massive drone technology aided by AI targeting.
    It’s over. We are doomed.

  2. Trump: I hope Pence comes through on the 6th, if not ‘I won’t like him so much anymore.”
    Pence is shivering I’m sure.

  3. All this is the result of 50+ years of the cuntification of America, and the men who not only let it happen but embraced it enthusiastically.

  4. Poets fill the cup of the thirsty seeker with drunken splendor.
    Roger Reeves is serving up mason jars full of word salad juice and being praised for it.
    He has harnessed the essence of his being and shaped it into forms of disgust called words.

  5. Zman — if you are really moving away from WordPress can I suggest Comfortable Mexican Sofa (CMS hahah). Its Rails based so its logical and extensible, and can be installed anywhere you have ruby/rails/postgres. I have heard good things about it though I have not used it. [Wordpress really, really blows chunks].
    I’d argue that the Black Ascendancy is just getting going. Pretty soon all crime by blacks will be legal and most Whites will be fired but still liable for the White Tax for reparations. I don’t see anything but more ultra Wokeness until a “Uighur Solution” is found to the White people problem.
    Finally, the Cultural Revolution, the Arab Spring, the Iranian Green Revolution, and to some extent young people in Japan represent wars of generations between a unified people. Telling though that all these societies mostly have little cousin marriage. The Arab nations without the revolt of the young against the old still have cousin marriage and are tribal: the Gulf States, Morocco, Algeria.

  6. It was a different world, growing up in White neighborhoods before the jews opened up the gates of hell, flooding America with diversity. But blue collar versus white collar was always a thing, always there, ready to explode.

  7. “mainstream political discourse increasingly sounds like a fight between a divorced couple.”

    Now that is a great line and unfortunately true.

    Z’s take on Boomers is more accurate than most of the right’s take on Boomers but I would add two twists:

    Many Boomers grew up with a basic trust in the system but a feeling it was very corrupt. They felt that a lot of the bureaucrats and politicians were not friends to the American people. This helped give us Reagan.

    Unfortunately, Reagan was, in some ways, controlled opposition. He relegitimized the system for many Boomers on the right of the divide and got them interested in the empire again. Many Boomers were isolationist after Vietnam, just like most Americans were before WW2. Reagan got them cheering the empire again which paved the way for Iraq, etc.

    Now the trials and tribulations of Orange Man Bad have reignited a deep distrust. At first Boomers cheered “Drain the swamp” because they saw the real government and the media were their enemy but they still felt it could be cleaned up within the system. Alas, they didn’t see the real depth of the problem. Even the mania over gun ownership was a vote for the system while being a sign of distrust in the system. Boomers really felt that the courts and 2nd amendment could protect them and the cops and military will ultimately be on their side

    Now Boomers (and younger people I encounter) have watched the FBI, DOJ, CIA, Courts and you name it work against Trump. Boomers have always prided themselves on supporting the men in blue. Now they watch the police stand around as businesses are looted and Trump supporters are attacked while these same police arrest a man trying to open his business.

    The biggest change has been the voter fraud. The idea that you can vote your way out of it has taken a serious blow. Many boomers now cling to the idea of a third party or Trump running in 2024 but many have also been disillusioned with the system. The disillusioned squad will get greater if Georgia is stolen

    • The political outcome–a result widely perceived as fraudulent (and it actually was)–could not have been any better. The economic hits later this year will make the last of the True Believers even more ready to put a fork in the system.

  8. I got my stuff and fuck the other attitude is the usual human thing
    but don’t know why white people attacking their kin and ethnic community

    A long time ago, British imperialist brought Rohingya into Burma from India Empire
    Its usual imperialist tactics of divided and conquer, bring the mercenary tribe to oppress indigenous people
    Mongrelization of Culture/ethnicity for eradicating indigenous culture/history

    later, Jews renamed that tactics as currently called diversity
    but no one seems to ask about if that diversity is so good, why Jew didn’t practice for himself

  9. The most ironic part appears to be how smooth the transition between meritocracy to diversity mantra was able to be pulled off.

    Being a ’79 model, coming of age in the 80s and 90s, it almost looked as if equality of opportunity was the goal. Instead, the mask fell off and hasn’t been put back on for some time. To watch public character crucifixion for any who dare notice the charade, it is a wonder if actual public executions are not far off.

  10. This is an expansion of the old adage that grandparents/grandchildren get along so well because they both have a common enemy.

  11. What we learned from this thread:

    Z readers are mainly Gen X with a few based boomers sprinkled in.

    • If I had to guess I’d pretty much agree but then there are a lot of based millennials too, maybe 1/3

    • If only I could find a t-shirt indicating I’m a based-boomer to go along with my Bank of Dad t-shirt.

      • When applying to college, my youngest son was filling out financial aid forms (white with parents who have some savings -not a chance) and remarked “You guys live well below your means”. Glad he finished up and found a job as an accountant just before covid. Problem is, the firm does not want to hire any more people under the circumstances and he is being run ragged. The normal things a twenty-something would normally enjoy are off limits due to the lockdown.
        I don’t blame many of these young people, especially the young males for being angry/depressed.

  12. I really enjoyed this take on GenX:

    Psychologically we’re defined by this maxim: “We saw evil, we flinched, we never forgave ourselves for that.” That evil was the early ’90s and the Presidency of Bill Clinton.

    In the ’90s was too young to know how evil the Clintons were. I knew selling secrets to China was wrong, but I had no idea about Mena or the depth of the rot.

    • Very interesting short post about Gen x. I knew NOTHING of scraping to blacks in high school or even college. I watched the TV show DUkes of H, never even saw the movie. I remember arguing with a younger girl when I was in my 20s about how unfair affirmative action was to my brother who was trying to get into med school at the time. She would have been in that “late” gen x group, and was super snobby about it.

      Wonder if there is such a description of the boomers.

  13. Millennials Über Alles! My participation trophy is bigger than your gender pronoun and human nature is just a construct of the white male capitalist pig patriarchy.
    Will there be anything left for them to loot? (rhetorical)

      • Absolutely. The housing market will crater at the end of this year and if someone doesn’t own a home but has enough locked up in a 401k, it might be a good time to check out the tax consequences and get ready to snatch up a house. Because they are coming after your 401k, fast and hard.

        • Yep. I am fortunate enough where I am buying my daughter a house cash in Florida, but it will really be a family house. I plan on going there every so often. My parents/her grandparents live close by along with family. No way my daughter is going down with this sinking ship. She will have a roof over her head before her old man croaks, and it’s the least I can do. I figure with a roof over her head she can always find a way to make enough money for food or grow it in the yard since she has a few acres to work with. What happens to me after that I don’t give a shit, and I can die knowing I set her up with a roof over her head with zero mortgage debt hanging around her neck. I’m sure the vindictive fucksticks in government will say it’s not fair and come after it at some point, but that will be her battle.

        • Wealth among the non-elite will end up like the Soviet state assets ended up in the hands of the (((oligarchs))) after free market reforms and privatization recommended by experts sent by (((Harvard))).

      • Yes, Granny’s 401K goes the way of Granny’s vote ‘someone already voted for you Dear, go home now.”

  14. No one questions who they are or what they should do in the caucasian hive codon. The hive will survive against all odds.

  15. Zman, the Taki piece is a gem. They are all lawn jockies or obsolete farm equipment, and the woke white managerial caste is like those twee designers who try to repurpose this rusting detritus as ornamental art. A black poet who spouts nonsense is just like a broken plow repurposed as a mailbox, tawdry and booring. Once again you have captured the zeitgeist in an essay.

  16. This article is a massive crude generalization. It’s ripe for confirmation bias. “Oh, yeah, I know a Boomer/Millennial who’s just like that!” Well, I guarantee, I know a Boomer/Millennial who’s just the opposite, or not easily categorized on some simplistic spectrum at all. I don’t think the generalizations even have the saving grace of being widely true.

    • If pretty much everyone from a 15 year old to an 80 year old sees boomers in the same light, there has to be some truth to it, truth to the stereotypes

      And keep in mind that nearly everyone here knows there is a difference between a normal guy who just happens to be 70 years old and a guy that same age who looks and acts like the boomer from central casting you see in the movies

      If there were no such thing as a typical boomer there would be no TV shows or movies or music that was wildly popular among a good chunk of them

      • If there were no such thing as a typical boomer there would be no TV shows or movies or music that was wildly popular among a good chunk of them

        That applies to every age cohort ever (well, substituting plays and traveling minstrel shows for TV and movies if you go back far enough).

        It doesn’t apply to political opinions.

        • There are only maybe a half dozen core political opinions with various shades or sub-themes thereof, and their distribution is fairly consistent which is why you can poll 500 people and know within 2-3% how 50 million will vote. And why it was found that 30 or 31 students reflect the ideal classroom size because there are that many unique or semi-unique personality types and behaviors within a group context and after that they start repeating.

          We are a collective species, and we are hardwired, as it were, to have only so much diversity of thought. The outliers, the crazy geniuses, are the exceptions that prove the rule.

          I personally do not find it offensive that people are what they are and people are limited and beholden to their natures. I find it quite liberating knowing that the concept of “everyone is an individual” is a fairytale. It’s instead comforting knowing that you and I are never alone.

  17. Much Madness is divinest Sense –
    To a discerning Eye –
    Much Sense – the starkest Madness –
    ‘Tis the Majority
    In this, as all, prevail –
    Assent – and you are sane –
    Demur – you’re straightway dangerous –
    And handled with a Chain –

  18. The point-and-shriek generation is convinced the louder the sound of their feelings, the more social justice there is. Identity politics is the rope with which they will hang themselves.

    We think in synch. We see the image of a crime, we think the same thought. Thoughts have energy and have a way of becoming actions. The ungovernable paradigm is constellating.

  19. Why I read ZMan –
    Speaking (typing) as a boomer – and who was born in the most meaty part of it – that’s as good and succint a description as it gets.
    And then this…”people capable of maintaining the system will be too old to do it, while the people tasked with it will be too self-absorbed to be bothered… Good times -perhaps. Interesting times – for sure.

  20. When I finally looked up from my work and realized the culture had turned to crap was when Howard Stern was given a million bucks to MC a radio show. What year was that?

  21. They came into easy times like their parents

    Crime, divorce, single motherhood, drug overdose and suicide all skyrocketed in the 70s and 80s. Math and reading scores plummeted. Everything is worse than it was when you were a kid. Millenials were born into a sick joke version of the country you boomers were born into. Where were all of the fathers for the millenials? Where were all of the religious leaders to stand up against the horrible legal precedents destroying the family? You were buying harleys, racking up enormous personal debt during your midlife crisis, and shoving your parents into nursing homes to die alone. You boomers are the most self entitled spoiled brats in history, especially compared to your parents. I’m waiting for my mom and dad to start behaving like my grandparents and to start talking about virtue and meaning. Nope. Endless whining about their health, how much they hate waiting in line, sending meals back to restaurants because it’s not cooked right, stuffing their face with sugar and wondering why they’re on 10 medications a day. You are the people telling the whole world to stay locked down, increasing murder, drug overdose, suicide, and starvation in other countries, so you can live an extra few obese years in front of the TV watching brown hunter gatherers ruin your childhood pasttimes. Most of you are still broke too. You didn’t invest wisely or even pay off a home. You just kept upgrading to bigger and bigger house and car payments. Then you told your kids to just do the same thing, and go get a degree in english literature for $100k, because “doing what you enjoy” is the meaning of life. I have boomer family members who still complain that their dad never bought them a new car, 45 years ago, and say “that’s why I always bought what I wanted.” Such children. I have a multi-generation outline for the net worth of my descendants, but i’m sending my parents money because they assumed everything would figure itself out.

    I have immense respect for the generation born before the 40s, but you guys owe the whole world an apology. Your contribution to society and your descendants was promiscuous sex, drugs, rock n roll, obesity, divorce, and nihilism.

    This doesn’t apply to everyone, but if you didn’t raise your kids in a church, teach them the value of tradition, methods of investing and saving, then you were part of the problem.

  22. I also think the prevalence of electronic gadgets to make music fukkked up the younger generations

    Actually pounding a piano or playing a sax or playing a real set of drums does something positive to the mind. It puts one in touch with physical reality. Not to mention it’s endlessly enjoyable to make real music.

    So for you younger parents out there, buy a piano

  23. The more I think of it, I think the finger pointing and condemning of generations who didn’t do x or y is absolutely counter productive and falls into the hands of the ruling class.
    What we have among whites, reeks of class distinctions more than anything else. The professional whites or upper middle class to upper class are so socially and economically isolated they can and do embrace policies that have ruined the U.S. Voting wise they always tended to be liberal.
    These are the whites who supported NAFTA,having China as a trading partner and importing illegals to use as servants and laborers, etc.
    I look at the whites who ruined CA, most of them were from the get go in terms of income already at the upper middle-class level with lifetime sinecures in state and county gigs. They are the ones who made sure the Dems got into power in return for a fat lifetime payout.
    When you look at the effects of globalization on the American worker. It cuts across age groups, hurting both the young and old among the blue collar, middle-class and STEM peeps. So you can’t tell me that it’s one particular age group at fault. It’s more of a class thing. Because globalization/free trade/off-shoring came from the hollowed halls of investment banks, executive suits in transnational corps and billionaires who wanted more. Not some fat boomer with a rascal living off SSI.

    • Wokeness really is a deflection from the class issues that grow worse each year. It is a way to demonize poor whites and deflect attention from wealth inequality.

  24. Just finished reading the article at Taki. Outstanding. Z, I don’t know if you’ve copyrighted the term “professional black person” yet, but that wording should win a Pulitzer all by itself.

  25. i thought boomers had been retiring (and expiring) for a decade or more.

    wouldn’t boomer parents for the most part, have gen-x kids?

  26. But generational politics is also racial politics. The Boomers inaugurated anti-white racism and made it their credo, but the Millennial generation is not merely anti-white, but increasingly non-white. The tribalism which sprang from the 60s is now a weapon of hostile tribes. Anti-white racism is thus compounded along generational lines.

  27. How do you explain boomers who were apolitical, moderate or conservative until about 10 or 15 years ago but are now woke? I know several.

    • Because they have the most youth oriented culture of all. They’ve spent the last 40 years trying to recapture the lost essence of their youth. We live in their cultural mausoleum.

    • Same. .Conformity as a survival mechanism, maybe?

      The worst part is the only real pushback to the lockdowns, and it was limited, came from that generation.

  28. A lot of the people who are mislabeled as boomers are actually gen-x. Boomers are petty old and are not as heavily invested in politics as we may assume. The most influential people in politics and punditry today are generally gen-x or old millennials.

  29. The only generation that gets defined by what they did is the G.I./Greatest Generation. Everyone else gets slapped with a label based on circumstance (the Baby Boom) or vague appraisal or the next letter of the alphabet

  30. Zman, everything you said in this article about boomers and millenials I am observing as I finish out my career as a used and discarded gen x. The millenials expect everything to be perfect but they don’t participate enough to keep things going. When they don’t get what they want right away the whining starts and they give up on the system they think is going to support their rise to the top. The sad part is that the women who run things now are sympathetic to the whining.

  31. Totally off topic, but I’ve been buying more and more stuff from Viking-larp sites like Havamal Soap Products in recent years, just because it virtually guarantees that the owners are white, without needing to spell it out.

    • the BEST thing millennials did, and for which I am appreciative, is the whole farmers market thing and sourcing food locally. And using all-natural or organic products, be it soaps or what have you. But I have found that organic bug killer spray is shit. So give me man-made poisons, earth be damned.

  32. No, it hasn’t worked out for the millennials. Crazy housing costs, costs of living, health ins.costs (for no actual care) those dumb degrees that they paid 200k for and can’t even discharge the loans in bankruptcy. As an X-er I’m on the side of the millennials here. Sure, you have the talented ones doing well. But they always do well. The broad base of that generation is living in wage slavery and have every right to be upset. And our generation isn’t doing much better. It’s the boomers that have treated every other generation poorly. From the “don’t trust anyone over 30” mindset of their youth. To the “you’re lazy and good for nothing” mindset they had towards our generation in the 90’s, and now the terrible “communist” millennials. Why wouldn’t they be communist after how they were raised and the total lack of opportunity to build a career by falling out of bed, the way the boomers had it. F them. And by the way, I generally find millennials to be much nicer people through all of this. Nicer than the boomers would have been at this point.

    • I almost married a millennial but she had $150K in debt for an….ART DEGREE!!! Plus she threw fits in public, plus I found out Im still married to my adulterous slag of a wife….

      • I never cared for those true-crime dramas, but I really tuned out when I realized that 80% of them were husbands who murdered their estranged wife. They have the same tone as normies talking about Muslims throwing gays off of buildings: “Can you imagine someone doing such a thing??” Well…I think I can, and I don’t even have a very good imagination.

      • Daughter in-law had a $100K+ debt for a professional degree. Starting salary was 6 figures. Debt is now paid off and they live on *one* salary. Now that’s a good plan. She’s an ambitious person coming from a lower middle class background. That’s a keeper. Son recognized this intuitively I suppose.

    • Boomers treated EVERYONE like garbage, young or old

      They way they talked about my dad’s generation (he was born in 1940) like he was some fossil or oddity always bothered me. The way they treated their parents was abhorrent. The way they treated their own kids (latch-key) was cruel.

      And now they are getting a taste of it vis a vis the millennials and they’re playing the “woe is me” victim

      People DO NOT forget. Poetic justice to say the least. Again, the term “boomer” refers to a certain type of person of that age, we all know who it is, it doesn’t mean everyone of that age group but the stereotypical, conformist pos that is perhaps the majority of them.

  33. Just whatever you do Boomers, do NOT re-popularize the show Thirtysomething on Netflix or an ANY streaming service

    or the Gen-Xers will hunt you down


  34. Here’s good example of how we Boomer conservatives trusted the system. We kept working to overturn the 1973 Roe v. Wade edict imposing abortion on all states. Guys like Joe Sobran (b. 1946) wrote hundreds of articles against it, hoping for a good Supreme Court from a Republican president. Instead, we got pro-aborts Stevens, O’Conner, Kennedy and Souter. Even if Roe were overturned now, all the big states have imposed rabidly pro-abort legislation. And states like Virginia have gone from conservative pro-life, to rabidly leftist and pro-abort. Now we’re old and there’s just disillusion and 60 million dead babies.

    • The last issue that kept some whites voting was the Supreme Court. That’s off the table now, packed or not.

      • I now am sure that nothing much matters anymore. Not the courts or congress or the constitution. It’s over and we cant get it back

      • Jack, very perceptive. It is a talking point I now use regularly to illustrate an era of lawlessness has descended upon us. It is perhaps the best talking point now available for Joe Normie conversations.

    • Anyone else find it interesting that the rise of Limbaugh, Boomer-con extraordinaire, coincided with the speeded-up demise of traditional America.

      The thinking was that having a voice for traditional America would save it. Rather, its decline seemed to hasten. Add in Hannity and all the rest and the Left hit the gas driving the car off the cliff.

      Not saying there is a cause and effect. But the point and counter-point is definitely there.

      • I cannot stomach Limbaugh, but he was the first widespread non-Establishment voice and every effort was made to yank him from the air. The “Fairness Act” had been suspended a few years before, and until then it was nearly impossible for any diversion from the Left to be broadcast widely.

        I bring it up solely because it illustrates how long the rot has been building. It is quite likely the State will move against the First Amendment before the Second to re-establish total control of information, which it almost has now.

        • Yeah, at first they tried to kill him

          But then I presume the smarter among them realized he was actually good for their cause because he allowed people to vent, and people who vent become a spent force and less of a threat.

          Crazy. But we all need to keep this in mind. The more we vent, the more we’re spent. So stay vigorous !!!

          • This all applies to social media, too, and that comes with the price tag of being monitored and marketed.

        • There will not be any formal moves against any of it. The moves will be to remove the functionality of things. 1A is already dead in this manner, but it can be pointed to when people complain, as if it still actually means something. Clown World is a vague simulacrum of anything we have ever known, but with the guts of it removed and made inoperative.

          • the Soviets did not hate their own people
            Huh? Gulags, before dawn knocks on the door, Lubyanka, Holodomor, MG Vasily Mikhailovich Blokhin, etc.

      • Their philo-semiticism removed the last bastion of criticism of the tribe. Their blind defense of corporations and US military worship didn’t help either.

        • Very good point

          bottom line it is impossible to stand up for anything that benefits whites if you say (((they’re))) off limits. It also speaks to someone’s honesty and integrity if they are not even willing to entertain the thought that, yes, there may be some correlation between their rise to power and the decline of traditional America. Not even worth having a conversation.

    • Sorry, I don’t shed any tears along with the conservatives who lament all the negro abortion holocaust.
      If a woman considers having an abortion, she is obviously not ready for motherhood. If you need a law to stop abortion, the problem is with people.

      • What always goes unsaid is that blacks have a much lower appreciation for life than whites. Just basic observations tells you that life to them is cheap — on a comparative basis. Be it here or England or Africa. I guess the scientific minded would attribute it to their high infant mortality and their need to make lots of babies to keep their species alive. I suppose. But as it functions in white society is moral degradation and cultural poison. Knowing the scientific or evolutionary reasons for it isn’t going to save us.

  35. Far be it from me to defend the Boomers, who I have been complaining about my whole life, but the common GenX stereotype that Boomers are the author of all our misfortune is an oversimplification. The factors most responsible for our current decline, the Civil Rights Act of 1964, and Hart/Cellar, were put into place by the “Greatest” and “Silent” generations. No Boomer voted for these things. No Boomer voted for anyone who voted for these things. Yeah, the Boomers didn’t repeal them, which is a real failing, but they were not initially responsible. Also, the current cry that Boomers are stealing the youth of the Zoomers in order to save their own worthless lives is also misguided; mask mandates are most popular among Zoomers, least popular among Boomers.

    Hate the Boomers for their arrogance, their liplock on popular culture, and for their refusal to correct the mistakes of their parents, but as Christopher Caldwell points out, the Boomers get blamed for a lot of things that their parents actually did.

  36. There are not enough Gen-X’ers to keep the lights on.

    The relatively smaller age cohort in their forties and fifties know what a maual typewriter is and can use it. They understand what a computer processor is, how it relates to RAM and various I/O ports and can use it. They can fabricate incredibly precise parts using CNC tools. They understand if you don’t have coal/ gas/ uranium, then none of the above items will ever be made again and we will be back to clubbing each other over the head after we run out of ammo (or when that tiny spring breaks in their MSR). For even the best prepper, specialization will be the death of us.

    Darn it all: I liked this society (even with the hippies, divorce, drugs and degeneracy).

    • GenX was the last pre-all digital generation that used to play outside until dark and spent summers riding bikes rather than hiding in the basement with the Xbox.

      For me, we are past the point where I can say I liked society. I had a pretty good life under the old paradigm.

      I have no interest in the future being planned for me and all Dirt People.

      If that sounds grim, it should.

      • I had not previously thought of it in these terms, but children were the first to suffer lockdowns.

    • Hippies used to be cool

      Isn’t that something? I used to admire them, mainly for their music and their nuanced understanding of life as it related to me growing up in a changing world. They were good mentors and older brother and sister types. And they used to dream of hitting off to Paris to live life as an expat. They used to embrace and love western culture.

      What happened?

      • They grew up and reality hit them in the face.

        Free love (at that time) went against the very nature of women. They soured on it quickly. Boys grew to men and panhandling dried up as an adequate profession for survival—there being only so many smoke shops, comic book stores, co-opts, and such that could be started. The “turn on, tune in, drop out” generation eventually did—except in the opposite direction.

      • Hippies were the sons and daughters of the well-off. They became the Yuppies. The rest is history.

  37. I can see this generational pattern playing out in my work. The boomers generally are hard working and competent but with one eye on their 401k accounts. The millennials are more self focused and not as many of them are competent nor are many hard working.
    One thing both generations have been brainwashed into is that to be accused of racism is a terrible thing and the black person has been horribly treated in America, although this fiction is fading some with the reality of recent years.
    I see some kind of external event like a financial crash or foreign war doing real damage to the millennial generation and maybe their boomer parents in retirement too.

    • Probably no one is going to come out the better individually after a humiliating military defeat or severe economic crash, but either will benefit whites as a group as it will allow them cover to establish more autonomy and personal independence. Those most positioned to take advantage will be late X’ers and early Zoomers. Whether they will do so is another issue.

      In my experience, the last people with retirement assets outside of Social Security really are the earlier Boomers. Late Boomers and to a lesser extent early X’ers infrequently have them, but after that point it is rare to find people who do. the exceptions are federal employees. Social Security actually was cut during the Reagan era as people then in their teens then will have to work an additional year and a half to get full benefits. As I wrote earlier, the actual economic decline has been underway since 1973. There were a few head feints under Reagan and Clinton but those soon were gone.

      • Yes we can also see the public employee and teachers unions maintaining their healthy pay and job security with cushy benefits while private unions and the private sector employees get a measly 401k and continuous wage pressure downward. This cycle has been with us since around 1973 you are correct. I saw it accelerate in the 1980’s and after the year 2000.

      • Yep, as I’ve pointed out before, the myth of “rich” Boomers is a fallacy if applied to *all* Boomers. Look up the numbers of those who are described as the Boomer generation—77M.

        That’s 20% of the population roughly. The top 10% of the population has 80% of the national wealth roughly. Now if the top ten percent of the population were *all* Boomers, you’d still have half of them left out.

        I’d say the majority of Boomers are living hand to mouth like the rest of the country. They may be more supportive of our traditional institutions, but they fair little better economically for it.

      • You mean the 25 million undocumented pre-citizens are NOT going to save social security or medicare?

      • Jack Dobson – Thing is, no one ever had retirement assets historically, unless they were part of the top 10%. People worked until they died, or were cared for by their children when their bodies began to give out. The very concept that society as a whole owes you 25 years of paid vacation is very much a boomer attitude. My husband and I don’t expect to get anything from Social Security, and I’d love to see the Ponzi scheme dead and buried before it can bankrupt my sons.

  38. I never even heard the term Gen-X until I was in my late teens or early 20s. I didn’t know anyone and still do not know anyone who talks about themselves as being Gen-X. The only adults I have ever heard talk about themselves in such generational terms are Boomers and Millennials. When Silents and Greatest were still around in large numbers, you just never heard them talk about themselves in this way.
    It is a ridiculous identity. It is fake and gay.

    • I was born in 72, so i cant. Possibly be a boomer or a Millennial. I think the term x was coined from a novel about post boomers…X, on account that we had nothing to live for!

    • It’s fake and gay because the public presentation of what it means to be a boomer or millennial is fake and gay.

      Like I say, there are “boomers” and there are people who are simply 65 or 70 years old. By boomers I mean the people who do in fact self-identify with all the pop cultural stuff of that era. “Remember how we were during Woodstock?,” as if the only life worth living was the one the media fixated on. And they are legion.

      If any millennial wants to REALLY hate the Boomers, check out the show Thirtysomething. They all used to watch it religiously and talk about it like they were living the life of the characters, like some people did Seinfeld, another show I can’t stand. And do NOT bring up Ally McBeal.

      • That and Seinfeld.
        But I agree there are plenty of Boomers who never took the identity of Boomer or was a hippy or any other form of degenerate.
        Woodstock is actually a pretty good cultural icon for the Boomers. They screwed it up in every possible way and through the help of the community they hated so much got through the weekend without a bunch of them dying or other major catastrophe.
        They took that as thinking they did everything right and that peace, love, drugs, sex and lousy music could “change the world”

        • ^^^^ THIS

          I remember the movie Ordinary People also being one of those things boomers salivated over while eating bagels and talking in nice crisp smart dialect like that bitch on Seinfeld. But could wrong. On Golden Pond too? memory gets a little fuzzy

          • I mean, damn, L’il Duce.
            No love in this room.

            Ok, I’m out for shwarma and lattes.
            Who’s comin’?

  39. Social Security and Medicare will be ground zero in the Boomer’s last stand for ‘the system’. Monetary policy for my working years has been tailored for that in both the slow inflational squeeze and stockmarket bull run, but the music is going to stop. I can’t see them yanking the rug out from under the boomers but they have, and will continue to, slowly inflate away the benefits. COLA or not.
    Most Xers are cogent enough to not expect anything from either entitlement. Govt will uncap ‘contributions’ on the front end and means test it on the back end. The near term fight for Xers will be the upcoming public school retirees. Covid lockdowns knocked the wind out of the economy, and liberal states, cities and counties are poised to jack up taxes to make up the difference and keep services and pensions afloat. That will be the death blow.

    • Don’t forget the trillions in 401ks and similar retirement assets.

      I’m sure AOC, the Squad, and the CBC already have detailed plans how those should be redistributed…

      • That has been proposed for decades. However, I’m not sure how one could implement such. The 401k’s are invested in one form or another. I suspect most in stocks and rest in bonds. (Yes, there are any number of alternatives, but for discussion…)

        How does one attempt to take over a 401K without affecting the market? Hell, we already have the Fed buying half the market.

        • People tend to overestimate who holds what in the market. As of Q3 2020 the wealthiest 10% own 88.3% of stocks while the bottom 90% own 11.7%. So who benefits from the Fed injection of $120B a month of printed fiat money into the financial markets?

        • How does one attempt to take over a 401K without affecting the market? 
          by putting a “wealth tax” on it and reducing the overall SS benefits in proportion with the amount of being held; and if sold then put a tax increase on it sharper than normal “income”, after all it was allowed to accumulate “unearned”.

      • Instead of dropping out politically as Z has suggested, our side should join the libs in going after the trusts and other vehicles the wealthy use to shelter income from cap gains and inheritance taxes. Let’s see how woke the rich are when they have to pay for it.

        • Establishing a trust does not provide a way to avoid/decrease inheritance taxation. Their purpose is to lockdown an estate after the trustee’s death so that the final arrangements cannot be challenged in probate.
          “Step up in basis” however, does allow heirs to inherit equities at the value at the time of death. Ie. your father purchased Acme stock at $100/share, and when he passed it was worth $200. As the heir, you do not owe taxes on that $100 increase in basis, only on any gains over $200 when it’s sold.

    • Gen X here. Never expected/planned to get a dime of SS or Medicare, and planned accordingly.

      If the 401(k) ever gets “nationalized”, hopefully there will be enough time to pull it out and get it out of the US.

      50+ years of sacrifice, self-denial, scrimping and saving disappearing in a second tends to make some people rather irrational.

      I’d rather burn it all in a huge cash bonfire than hand it over to Uncle Sam. Fook that.

    • SSI is not a large problem as it has a cash inflow. Right now the cash inflow averages 73-77% of payouts. So in theory, a haircut on benefit payout of 25% immediately balances out the system. This is actually what the law states *now*. That’s not to say the system is a good one however, nor that they won’t change the benefit reductions to be income or wealth specific—such that the highest recipients ($3300 ?) get a 50% reduction and the lowest a $0 reduction.

      Medicare is another story wrt to promised benefits as the Boomers age and get sick and die. Covid has been a help here, complementing our more common flu season. Medicare however is not a White thing. Plenty of older minorities out there not wanting to trim it either—and neither do younger voters as they have elderly parents and would need to pick up the costs.

      The “solution” I see in the works is in a universal Medicare for all as Bernie and the Left propose. Not that it will provide better/cheaper care, but that it will toss everyone in the same boat and help mask the required reduction/rationing of treatment options required to distribute health care equally.

      • It’s interesting that you don’t even hear about a commission to study ways to “save” social security. SS used to be a core issue for democrats. With their core constituency young nonwhites who see SS as a program for old white racists, they are certainly not interested in getting their crap wages taxed for that. So much for “Immigrants are vital for saving social security”.
        SS ought to be funded on a pay as you go system and the “Trust Fund” done away with. Treasury bonds are the only practical investment option for the trust fund for various reasons. But Treasury bond is another way of saying we’ve spent it and we’ll pay you back in the future somehow.

  40. I used to think generational politics were a function of wealth: only rich societies could afford to divide themselves by arbitrary consumerist milestones, which is why generational politics didn’t really exist until the 1920s, as Z said.

    But when catching up with non-American friends, it seems like generational politics aren’t even that strong in rich places outside the US, like Europe. They don’t even seem all that pronounced in the UK or Canada when compared to the civil-war-like generational squabbles in the US.

    Are generational politics just more uniquely American garbage, like BLM, transgenderism or critical race theory?

    • But when catching up with non-American friends, it seems like generational politics aren’t even that strong in rich places outside the US, like Europe.

      True. Here in Denmark, the only officially labelled generation is the “68’ers”, as Boomers are called here, and the (overlapping) “post-war generation”, but the terms are rarely used. For a few years, us Danish X’ers were derisively called “The Meh Generation” by our parents, but that term went out of use somewhere in the nineties.

      Today, when referring to people of a specific age bracket, you use ad hoc terms like the internet generation, the facebook generation or the cell phone generation, there’s no real consciousness of definite generational fault lines like in US culture.

    • Technology is changing very quickly. I mentally think of Boomers as the Television Age People and Zoomers as the Digital Age People.
      Gen-X and Millennials are in the awkward zone of learning with pen & paper then working with Internet so we know how things actually work… and simultaneously, how things aren’t allowed to work anymore. My earliest Red-Pilling was when Windows 95 came out and all my MS-DOS programming skills became obsolete overnight. I hadn’t even graduated high school before getting the middle-management treatment.
      Similarly, Boomer TV was solely the Red Party line. Gen-X was the first to get alternative social media and Millennials practically invented dissent on the Internet.
      Methinks tech is a large part of the generational divides. “Boomer” is anybody blindly trusting Big Media and “Zoomer” is anybody living in a self-referential bubble of social media.

      • MS-DOS is not a programming language but an OS, and Win95 ran on a DOS platform – a lot of the DOS stuff was still very useful for at least a decade after Win95. If something went wrong, you could just drop out of Windows and work the problem from a DOS prompt.

        And if you had taught yourself a real programming language like C+, you’d still be good today. Also, the more programming languages you know, the easier it is to learn new ones, so learning a language that becomes obsolete is not entirely wasted effort.

        Of course all this is moot when pajeets are taking your jobs.

      • To be honest, a lot of the software upgrades I see on my phone, tablet, laptop seem to be just change for the sake of making things look different. Many add no functionality or ease of use and in fact, force you to reinvest time to learn something you used to know how to do just to retain previous abilities. I wonder how many software defects get introduced needlessly.
        It’s like a college roommate I hade that would occasionally rearrange the furniture out of boredom. He was a very smart mechanical engineer that later worked for … Microsoft.
        We probably have way too many software engineers in the bull pen.

  41. Great post, one of your best. I would add that all living things are creatures of habit, and our most enduring habits are those formed during the early years when your brain grows rapidly and hard-wiring occurs. Once upon a time, these habits were necessary tools that helped you survive and thrive in your ancestral environment. But then civilization happened, people started moving around a lot, and man-made environments put change on hyperdrive. The main casualty of this phenomena has been species’ robustness. Modern medicine suppresses awareness of this decline, and that exacerbates the problem.

    • I like the use of the word “robustness” to describe our species’ decline. I am noticing this in looking at the children I see around me, including my own grandsons. They have little pipestems for legs. They aren’t racing outside to be with their pals, playing war and running through the woods screaming at each other in some made-up game, not involving parents. The boys seem sadly limp and uninteresting. The girls are know-it alls, although I have been called this, too, on many occasions. At least they engage, but the boys are spiritless and just want to be left alone.

      • Don’t get me started. The helicopter mom phenomenon has done more to destroy this country than a nuclear war with the Soviets ever would have done. An entire generation of males has been neutered by the absence of hardship and visceral challenge during their formative years. Preventing kids from experiencing failure, disappointment, bumps & bruises, getting dirty (and especially schoolyard battling) is actual child abuse, not good parenting. God help up if we ever need to fight a ground war again.

      • This listlessness, plus the drug and antidepressant abuse others mentioned, are the signs of a defeated people. You’ll see the same stuff on any American Indian reservation.

        The worst drugs by far, though, are video games. Millions of young men are suffocating under that garbage, to the point that most AF and DR talk is just gamer slang and gamer memes and stupid gamer irony.

        Time for everyone under 50 to put down the games and the Cheetos, go outside and learn how to talk to women. That’s probably the only redeemable trait of Boomers: they weren’t sucked into video games and they still know how to interact in meatspace.

        • You can be good at talking to women but that doesn’t mean its going to help you.

          Young women are just as damaged, if not more than men. Alot of guys just give up. This is pronounced mostly in people under 25. Dating has changed alot even in the past decade.

          I’m good in the “meatspace” and get plenty of dates from online dating. The more women ive met the more misogynist I get. It’s just a shitshow and you start to resent women after a while. Apex Predator was ahead of his time in learning this.

          • Everyone’s experiences will differ but I find that so many young women are starved of masculinity that if you exhibit any, they will be all over you. The texts I have from many of these girls resemble more 50 Shades of Grey then Happy Days. Elaborating anything further would go against the family atmosphere of this comment section.

          • and young men have to understand that you “claim” a woman. You have to fight for her. You have to show some passion or else she must intuit that you aren’t serious and worth keeping. Yes, the flip side is you fight for her and lose and feel like shit. But that’s life. Even after all my years of marriage I still have to show some fight in me, that my woman is the one I wanted and she always will be worth fighting for. It’s quite beautiful and romantic, on top of it, and women love that stuff.

      • Having cell phones in my youth would have made it so easy to get enough players for a sandlot baseball game.

        • cell phones just as easily would have had players not committing for fomo or bailing midgame because someone else texted them. Nah, the game wasnt baseball it was childhood. Figuring out how to make something happen was the point. The pursuit. The success and failure. The coordinating and negotiating with friends and enemies to scratch out something fun or productive. Dealing with the collapse of said project or tenuous negotiated conditions being just as important as the game. Some of my most fond memories were of the serendipity of circumstance; a wont for baseball becoming a tree fort or other adventure, something forming from seemingly nothing. Its that ‘nothing’ that kids are no longer familiar with nor equipped to perform the alchemy of life. The have phones tho.

  42.  That’s because generational war is pretty much a white thing. You never hear the gatekeepers lecture us about the danger of generational identity politics like they do with other aspects of identity like race, sex or even region of the country.

    All going according to (((The Plan))) anything, anything, that keeps white people atomized & divided is an axiomatic good to these demonic entities. They are well aware of what the greatest (and really only) threat is to their continued world domination. They financed and propped up two of the worst brother wars in human history to attempt to eradicate Europeans. Same idea, different approach…

    • To a large degree the generational finger pointing is counter productive to whites. There have always been whites who embraced the “I got mine so f**k you ” mentality. The same way you can find white males who will happily murder their fellow whites for money.
      I think a lot of issues we do have are with upper class middle class whites who live such socially and economically isolated lives that they tend to embrace every insane feel good policy that comes down the pike.

      The lower classes are too busy trying to survive than indulge in that shit.

      • “The lower classes are too busy trying to survive than indulge in that shit.”

        Spot on. I’ve been saying for years that we’re in this “identity ” mess cuz things are too easy for this younger generation.

  43. And then there are those of us Boomers who have anticipated civilizational melt-down for a long time. We prepared for it. So don’t come to me with concern on your face. I don’t give a shit. The thing isn’t worth saving.

    • Me too. I hate labels, and the individual is not the mean. I’ve been fighting the insanity since hair on my balls, and I can still out ride most men 40 years younger. Identity politics is about who can whine the loudest; to wit, in a healthy society gets you a fist reality check, not more gravy.

    • There are any number of such Boomers in this group. I guess, we are an odd lot. Perhaps it’s our background that kept us so grounded.

    • The certain group of upper middle class, yankee boomers are the worst.

      Not all boomers are bad. However, most have the free market individualist bootstrap mindset, which is by far the most damaging ideology to our people.

      Even jared Taylor thinks that.

      • I was that way. My explanation for my change in views is that the experiments were conducted, the data is in and the hypothesis demonstrated false. This applies to free trade, corporate deregulation, drug legalization and immigration.
        Then I say, “When the facts change, I change my opinion. What do you do?”

  44. Millennials are a wildly confident generation.”

    This is pretty inaccurate. The main internet haunts of Millennials (Twitter and Reddit are the most prominent) make it pretty clear that that a large number of (white) Millennials take antidepressants and/or anti-anxiety medication. Possiblity even a majority of them do. They also talk a lot about their anxieties and worries, as well as imposter syndrome. They have little to no confidence. They are, however, exceptionally arrogant.

    • One of the most subversive elements of the medical-industrial complex is that you effectively aren’t allowed to criticize the generational spike in psychiatric concoctions for young people, or imply that the progress of the last fifty years had made people unhappier. Any honest assessment would lead to the entire Psychiatry and Sociology fields being razed to the ground and salted and their priests being exiled to the desert.

      • The pill spike is fitting, if not predictable. Millennials might be the only generation whose parents treated their childhood as a time of wonder rather than a training ground for adulthood. They weren’t allowed to fail or even face setbacks, so they have no ingrained coping mechanism. The drugs are a substitute for that.

        • The modern idea of childhood being for play and wonder in an abnormally controlled environment needs to die a horrifying death, and parents need to retake their place as primary educators. The nice part about the Covid nonsense is it’s forcing parents to do just that.
          I’ve met plenty of solid millennials, and the key similarity in all of them is high IQ and a disciplined family structure. I imagine the coddled ones feel internally after every setback like my 6-year old son feels after losing in Stratego, running around screaming about unfairness.
          He can learn to cope now or be crippled for life.

          • parents need to retake their place as primary educators.

            At about 7, the responsibility for a boy’s education must be taken away from his mother and given to the father or he will never grow up to be an adult.

            As a father, you can be a friend of the boy or a friend of the man but you can’t be both.

        • What. Do you mean by “drugs.” The drugs millennials take are almost placebos. They not get you high or anything. I wonder if they do anything.

          I was always hearing about greatest gen on tranquilizers and uppers. Wasn’t that “mothers little helper”?

          • If the context of my comment didn’t make it clear, a drug is an organic or synthetic substance meant to be consumed to alter a human’s biochemistry, particularly cerebral biochemistry

      • Pill-popping is one of America’s major pastimes, along with tax evasion and drunk driving.

        The (((ad))) industry has spent decades and trillions programming people to see good health as a matter of popping the right pills.

        I also like how they keep deleting forms of legitimate mental illness from the DSM inventory.

      • The pill spike is because the shrinks know what’s causing the depressions but they dare not speak against it. Demand no divorce or default-father custody? Tell society that women are happier in the home than the cube farm? Call out politicians and their owners for the intentional demolition of society?

        Or, “here’s a pill. Best of luck to you. I still got med school debts to pay off “

        • I am in my 20s. The mental health of our age group is appalling. It’s pretty much normal for people to have a mental illness. And the other people’s behaviours (lying in bed watching Netflix and smoking weed) reveal that many more are depressed.

          Also dating is a disaster. We’re past the point of hookup culture, it’s now “flaming tire fire” culture. Birth rates are going to plummet.

          Some make out okay but I’d say the majority are depressed and lonely.

      • What happens if there is enough chaos to disrupt the supply of psych meds? A significant percentage of the population going through withdrawal just as TSHTF.

    • True. Their confidence, as it were, comes from perceived approval. A confident man of the 1960s always bucks the trend to some extent. A confident man of the 2020s has a cohort of yass-queen behind him.

    • Before I was cancelled, all my customers were millennials. Besides being obviously very woke, they used contraception so the women could have a career, and they could lavish their children with exceptional educational and extracurricular experiences. As far as attitudes, they were all different,TBH.

    • Anti-depressants and anti-anxiety drugs are just slow mo versions of what the Sacklers did.

  45. It’s fun watching people of a certain age struggle with boomerism. RamzPaul, ” I’m Genx was born in 1963″. As if that makes any sense. Or the other, I’m a late boomer, born in 1955. We came of age……blah, blah
    Tiresome and pathetic. And yes, I was born in the 50’s, draw and quarter me if you will. When you are done with that bring the other charges against me:I am Catholic, white male, right wing, married with children and grandchildren. A lot to answer for.

    • The interesting thing is the current young generations didn’t “come of age” like previous ones did, which was under some blend of a fashion, music, film, or news-driven mini-period. The young generations are all tech- and news-driven. There are no mini-periods any more; the last one was ’round 1995 when Friends, Dave Matthews, and bowling shirts with goatees were the rage. You could step in a time machine and go back to any year in the past twenty and nobody would think you’re out of place, except for the communication device in your pocket.

      • Pop quiz: name a single show which is shown on TV network.
        I think “The Simpsons” are still on the air…that’s all I could come up with.

        Anyone else on this comment board have another common TV cultural item?

        The “Orange Man Bad” series doesn’t count since it was cancelled by the network exec’s.

        • The last TV show I remember watching while still in production was “Doogie Howser MD”. I think that was like 1989. The only time I’ve watched TV in the past 20 years is when I am at a restaurant and sportsball is on or at their airport and I am forced to hear CNN. If I was still working and traveling frequently, I would get one of those TV-Be-Gone universal TV remotes that are small enough to put on your keychain. It would make airports far more tolerable.

      • Even the haircuts aren’t a clue. You can see youngsters with buzz cuts with some fluff on top, 70s rock band hair, or just normal business cuts. I even see teens in the white leather mall-walking shoes. The techno-beat “music” is all computer generated crap though.

        • White shoes are popular.

          Every race and class has their own dress. For white guys it’s plain tees shorts, with moderately muscles arms. For brown guys it’s track pants and a fuckboy look. Black people is thug. White trash is white trash. White girls is 80s retro look.

          We are just consoomer bugmen.

          • Funny that you say, track pants are still the look for Slavs and Chavs, and they’ve been so for probably a couple generations now. I don’t see browns wearing this stuff…usually it’s sloppy dress like every other low-class white. But what pray tell is the fuckboy look??

          • In the toronto area they dress like slavs. The older brown guys dress nicely, with a tucked in shirt and pants. From what I hear they are kind of disgusted by the degeneracy of their kids.

            By brown I don’t mean mexican btw I mean indian, paki and bangladeshi. Maybe arab too.

        • Haven’t been to a mall in years except to get a cell phone issue resolved. Before that It would be to go to a Borders bookstore which has been gone for 10 years. Malls are geared toward females, teenagers, fags and minorities.

      • That’s because there is no white content for kids to consume.

        White kids listen to rap – but only losers continue listening to it as they get older and more mature. Tv is shit and geared towards obese african lesbians. Not surprising that white guys are tuning out.

        We see white girls dressing like it’s the 80s with faded straight, high waisted jeans. White boys often listen to classic rock, the same songs on repeat. There is no future for whites, only nostalgia for the past.

        • The 1980s were the last decade where White culture was almost purely, well, White. The movies, the TV shows, the music, etc., were made by Whites who didn’t openly hate Whites (though you can see the seeds if you look closely).

          It’s why I think the 1980s won’t die. It certainly isn’t because TPTB are catering to GenXers. It’s because young Whites who don’t hate themselves stumble upon life in the 1980s and say, hey, that fits me.

        • We see white girls dressing like it’s the 80s with faded straight, high waisted jeans. White boys often listen to classic rock, the same songs on repeat. There is no future for whites, only nostalgia for the past.


          All the young & fertile Gen Zyklon girls of my acquaintance are effectively historians of 1980s music.

          Recently I even talked to an older Millennial chick working the cash register at (((Staples))), and mentioned that the background Muzak on the ceiling speaker sounded like it was almost 50 years old [it was a BGs hit from the 1970s], and suddenly she launched into a PhD-level discourse on the Brothers Gibb.

          Millennials & Zykloners are simply aching for a White culture to which they can cling.

          • Those older songs are probably cheaper in terms of royalties.
            Do any of the young girls today have the bodies for 1980s fashions? I don’t even find many 18 year olds hot any more between the muffin tops, tattoos, piercings, green hair.
            I haven’t been to a strip club in 20 years or more. I am afraid of what I might see would give me PTSD.

      • Yeah, I noticed the same thing. The generation thing seemed to have stopped around the late 1990s. The technology has changed, but the look and feel of the people haven’t. A 25-year-old in 2000 doesn’t seem much different from 25-year-old in 2020. Dress the same, act the same, same view on the world, different phone and computer.

        It’s odd. It’s like they ran out of ideas or something. Or maybe they just found the spot that they like. Who knows.

  46. Today it is just assumed that each generation has its own unique identity.”

    I don’t know who first said this, but ones interests must not be mistaken for one’s identity. Each generation has it’s own popular culture and shared reference points, but it is only the shallowest people in each generation that turns it’s cultural references into a substitute for personality. And yes, I’m definitely talking about Beatles fans.

  47. Interesting that the Gen-X’ers are much more cynical than both Millennials and Boomers and less likely to take everything for granted. Probably might have to do with the collapse of the family they witnessed with their own eyes in heir generation, while the millennials just assumed the dysfunction was the norm, since that’s all they ever knew.
    Had an interesting conversation over the Holidays with my retired father and brothers regarding the police. My Gen-X brother is what would be considered a Bernie Bro was stating his disdain for the police, stating they only care about protecting the powerful. My dad chimed in stating they are mostly good people, blah, blah blah. I chimed in with Rittenhouse and he said, “well yeah, that was bad.” Then I stated that is the police backed down Antifa would be gone within a couple of days. No real answer. My brother and I probably have different thoughts who the police actually protect, but we both agree it’s not your average Joe.
    My youngest brother is an apolitical millennial living in Seattle, and it’s true he just expects the system to work and goes along to get along with all the madness.

    • The whole Bernie Bro phenomenon is interesting. Most are Gen-X, it seems. Some of the louder ones are Millennials, but leading edge. They seem to have a nostalgia for a politics that largely faded before their time. They sound like characters from 1970’s technocratic liberalism. They want to return to what they imagine was a good age for liberal politics, when they were in grammar school and wide lapels were the thing.

      • > They sound like characters from 1970’s technocratic liberalism.
        Given my brother was trying to push the idea of an A.I. that would perfectly allocate resources according to need, yeah, pretty much on the nose.

          • I like to think
            (it has to be!)
            of a cybernetic ecology
            where we are free of our labors
            and joined back to nature,
            returned to our mammal
            brothers and sisters,
            and all watched over
            by machines of loving grace.

      • The Bernie Bros are pure nostalgia. Both sides have huge nostalgia contingents. Hell, the GOP is almost completely made up of people nostalgic for a long-dead past.

        But I think that we forget the Dems have plenty of those groups. The Bernie Bros want a return to the 1970s where plucky leftists groups fought “the man.” Very old Whites Dems still think of the Dem Party as the party of working man. Older environmentalists (all White) remember a party of saving the Spotted Owl or something. A lot White women remember a party that protected their rights to work and kill unborn children.

        All those groups are as delusional as your typical GOP voter. And their all going to learn soon enough that the Ideological Age is giving away to the Demographic Age.

        Blacks, browns, Asians and Indian don’t care about socialism vs capitalism, class warfare, the environment or small vs big government. They care about their group, and gaining power and money for themselves.

        So many Whites are still stuck in a reality that no longer exists.

      • Since I am part of this cohort (Born in ’69), most of the folks that I know and associate with despise folks like Bernie and all he stands for. I’m not sure of the reason for this, the people I knew growing up came a from a variety of backgrounds. Most were working class and we had a smattering of other things thrown in; White collar, professionals, self employed, etc.
        My guess is – and it is the big complaint from our age group – is Bernie and his followers are on the “free shit” kick. Myself and most of the people I know have a HUGE problem with that! I went to college on the GI Bill and most others I knew who went to college paid for it out of their own pocket, or got loans. One of the major things about college back then, was there were no “studies” programs/degrees. Everyone I knew was in a STEM field, or got into marketing, computers was a budding field back then also and one or two went on to law school. I know two who got full-boat scholarships – one for wrestling and one for hockey, neither were black – and another kid who’s parents had their own business, so they paid for him in full, good on them.
        We remember the Reagan years (I know he made a lot of mistakes, let’s not go into them) the bombing of the Marine barracks, the hijackings, the Libyan bombings, Andropov openly talking about a limited nuclear war, but one of the things that I never thought about happened on this New Years Eve. Our family was at a friends house and they had “New Years Rockin Eve” on the tube. We were guests, so I didn’t say anything about it, but the garbage that was on was truly nauseating. Nothing but mystery meat type people performing what they called music. But at one point they showed a flashback to NYE of 1982 and “The Go Go’s” were on playing “We got the beat” (weather or not you liked them, or the song is irrelevant for the purposes of this discussion) and all the adults stopped what they were doing and watched them play. Many of the kids asked, “Wow, who are they?” and we told them who they were. But what was really encouraging was the fact that to a kid, they all said things like, “They’re actually playing instruments.” and “God, look at their hair, these girls rock!” that one came from the girls. One of the boys said, “Finally, some of our people to watch!” and all the kids said, “Yes!” and “It’s about time!”, that last line made my heart swell, just when I think they don’t notice, they surprise me. Later on I found all of them looking up the band on their phones and searching for the music as well.
        I was relieved that my kids have paid attention to what I have tried to teach them and that they “get it.”

    • I’ve noticed over the past several years that dissidents seem to be almost exclusively made up of Gen xers.

      I think the psychological profession came up with the idea of “oppositional defiant disorder” for us angry Gen X men.

      I’ve worked in healthcare management for many, many years and the blossoming of the ridiculous, non-productive, b******* departments, staffed almost exclusively by females is infuriating, bewildering and disappointing.

      I don’t have any data to back it up obviously but us Gen Xers definitely seem to be an angry bunch of m************. For good reason I believe as we straddled decades where there were real things to worry about such as mutually assured destruction and riding a bicycle without a helmet to seeing the rise of the participation trophy class and helicopter parenting.

      I’m glad to be a Gen xer however as we seem to enjoy swearing as well.

      • I think the defense industry could give health care a run for its money on the useless paper-pushing front.

        Speaking of health care, I love how they’ve racketized all aspects of WuFlu.

        My favorite new racket are all the overpaid, low/no-skill, “essential,” contact tracing and sanitizing jobs that are perfect giveaways to vibrants.

        It’s just another form of diversity tax in the end…

        • When I hear of an event that happened in a city I am unfamiliar with, I will look at its Wikipedia entry to get a sense of its demographics. Often the top ten employers are listed. Usually the top employer is either a school district or hospital system.

    • This Xer had a Hallmark card youth growing up on Main Street USA that was revealed to be a total fraud when I got to college.

      No idea why I’m cynical. None at all.

        • Fair point, Karl.

          Long story short, knowing what I know now from both sides there were fundamental issues during the first decade of my parents’ marriage.

          So, they had me and LARPed a happy marriage through the next two decades, then split.

          Ignorance really would be bliss.

          • So, they had me and LARPed a happy marriage through the next two decades” see a lot of sacrifice in what they did; they aren’t getting that time back. anyway, thanks for the answer…

  48. Happy Octave of the Holy innocents. I don’t get this Generational stuff. I’m 48. I thought I was Gen X. What does it mean that we are too small a generation to make a difference? Can someone give some dates to these generations? I’m all mixed up!

    Growing up, I remember consciously thinking that the institutions, especially government, education, medicine, were almost infallible. As far as politics, I thought that the fights between D and R’s were superficial. All of that trust has been destroyed for me and, given that I have a possible 25 years left to live, is a bit nerve racking. 

    • Same general story. Yes, we are Gen X. If you were in your late teens or 20s in the 90s, you are Gen X. At this point we have been kicked in the teeth financially every 10 years and never had much of a shot since now the Millennials go straight to executive level jobs. Basically I think we were doomed by waiting our turn and living in the shadow of WWII and Vietnam vets, who saw people our age as losers who didn’t deserve to be promoted. Now they see their grandkids in the workforce and they want them to be promoted immediately to successful lives. So, we got skipped. All I am looking forward to in about 20 years is being smothered with a pillow in a nursing home by a diverse staff that thinks I was a Nazi anyway. I will be amazed if we still get Social Security by then. Highly unlikely so far as I can tell. We really have been hurled into the ditch of history by our fellow citizens.

      • Let’s review those nasty financial shocks. This old Boomer took it in the shorts on every damned one of those beginning with the oil price shocks of the early seventies. Then followed the Carter recession, the Bush 1 recession, and the 2001 dot-com crash. The last one wiped me out. It took ten years to regain my fortune. I’ve been bullet-proof since 2010, having sailed right through the banking crash, and I’m never going to tempt fate again by allowing the system to put me in peril. My advice to you younger people is simple: stay the hell out of debt and always have four years of resources saved. Be prepared to move if you need to. Live simply until you can spread your wings.

        • Four years!?! Impressive. Always been a 2 year savings kind of guy myself.

          Young people are being heavily conditioned to rent/lease for just about everything. Zero ownership.

          Hard to believe Rent-a-Center wasn’t a thing until the mid/late 80’s. Everything’s for rent now…not an ownership economy, just a rent seeking one. Very sad.

        • Great advice. I was wiped out twice, in 2001 and 2008. Now I keep enough in cash to not care if the market goes up (I win) or down (I buy cheap). You have to stay in stocks, but never get greedy with you allocations.

        • At least I missed out of Vietnam and the draft. I also missed Carter’s reinstitution of selective service registration.
          I WILL get screwed over on social security and medicare.

      • Nursing home in 20 years?

        Andy C will have us all in camps and some of us in mass graves long before then!

        • I have already decided I do not want to be a punching bag for Jamarcus and Tamika the “caregivers” hired by the nursing home acquired in a leveraged buyout by a jewish private equity firm with a WASPish sounding name.

        • Remember, January 6th, President Xi and Vice-Presidents Emhoff and soon, Schumer, will have full control of the US nuclear arsenal.

      • I was born in 1964, so right on the X/Boomer line. I was in middle management for a globohomo firm, but now work for a small internet startup, where all the execs are millennials. Maybe it’s purely anecdotal, or the midwest, but they are very nice and value teamwork. No one really works very hard, but enough to stay in business. I have a GenXer under me who has been called into HR three times for hurting millennial feelings, but I have refused to fire her because she does a great job.

        • I was in a millennial company, a “creative” media company in Hollywood, and I could swear I was not at an actual workplace but on a movie set with extras pretending to work. They all had iPads or phones and would walk around staring at them, then sit down on a sofa and tap a few lines, then get up and wander. Or chit chat. No-one really had a desk. It was bizarre but did give me a laugh after I left

      • I had a job as a postdoc at a prestigious university following the ’08 recession. The president of the university gave the postdocs and junior staff a pep talk emphasizing that we should all feel good about having jobs at a great school and that when the boomer professors retire we will get to take their jobs.

        His advice turned out to be a funny joke because in my department the professors only left their jobs when they died! And of course the postdocs would be to old to be hired as professors.

        • When the Boomer professors retire, they get replaced by adjuncts making less than minimum wage.

          Don’t ask me how I know…

          • The adjunct racket is one of the main reasons I never pursued a professorship after obtaining my Ph.D. in 2005. It’s a mug’s game.

          • Hoe else are they going to afford a $400,000 salary for the Director of Diversity and winning football/backaball teams by giving scholarships to Devonte and Treyvon?

  49. Meanwhile, the people capable of maintaining the system will be too old to do it, while the people tasked with it will be too self-absorbed to be bothered. Good times.

    That’s pretty much the bottom line and why the United States will implode rather than have a slow, managed, Davos-approved decline.

    To your first point, generational politics is encouraged among whites and exclusively among whites because it is so divisive. The Left may cynically offer increased Social Security and other benefits to keep the elderly whites in line and their children and grandchildren all the more angry at them.

    • That’s pretty much the bottom line and why the United States will implode rather than have a slow, managed decline
      this should be a daily prayer, maybe tommorow will be the day when usa/globalism collapses and whites can become tribal people again.

      • It will be an answered prayer. The frenetic looting underway indicates the implosion is highly anticipated.

        • Reminds me of those movies where there are only a few seats available on the spaceship to take you away before the planet explodes and everyone is scheming to get a seat, forking over tons of money, etc

          I wonder if this sense of impending collapse isn’t much more than what you get when the world has been fed too much Sci Fi

          but then the evangelicals have been pushing this same thing for years, and even the popularization of Norse mythology is playing a part. Everyone waiting for the big battle of the end times.

          • It will be financial and lame, nothing spectacular so perhaps “implode” was a poor verb choice. Unfortunately it has no fictional element.

          • I have learned to trust my gut. Mainly because it has done me right my whole life. Not everyone is the same. My gut tells me something is a brewing, and my education in history, being pretty rudimentary but complemented with lots of travel and so forth, tells me we are in a fin de siecle — an expression that has always stuck with me. A snake shedding his old skin for new. But that’s as far as my gut goes. But my experience, and interacting with my dog, tells me whatever happens she will still be there giving me her puppy eyes trying to get a treat out of me, same as it ever was. Moral of the story, I have no clue what comes next BUT also sense I will be ok.

      • The status of the US Dollar is the EKG of the system. Learn to recognize signs of cardiac arrest.

        • there’s no guarantee economic collapse = end of globalism, this shit has nothing to do with importing non-whites to pay boomer pensions

          • It’s genocide, and has been well underway for almost 80 years now. Just think of AmerIndians being chased off the reservation every ten years or so.

          • Unless they have a great power to heard the cats and digs unleashed from the chais back into the global bodega, it’s likely to spiral out of their control.

    • I’d argue the Great Reset and 2020 are the Davos managed Implosion. They want us gone.
      Money they get from Central Banks. Who needs customers?
      We’re too dangerous and too hated to keep around.
      Anyone who imposes 2020 isn’t interested in our ‘human capital’.
      They fear it.

      • I think they are attempting something like the controlled demolition of the USSR. Does anyone really believe that the USSR folded just because of Afghanistan or the threat of Star Wars? Or that half-assed coup the “hardliners” launched against Gorbachev? Or that the chronically drunk Yeltsin’s heroic stand brought down the evil empire?
        The fall of the USSR was simply a reorganization putting the state assets into possession by the (((oligarchs))).
        A Soviet defector from the early 1960s Anatoly Golitsyn wrote a prescient book in 1983 “New Lies for Old”. He claimed the USSR would appear to fall but it would be a deception. He made a lot of correct predictions but the actual power dynamics behind it might have been missed. Instead of the USSR Communist Party it was international finance. Gee, look at who has done so well here in the USA.

  50. “Today it is just assumed that each generation has its own unique identity. Zoomers, Boomers and Millennials”

    Us Gen-Xers never get any love

    • Our generation is like the Silent Generation. Overshadowed by what came before and after them.

      • On a practical level, the Boomer managerial class has passed over Gen X and hired and promoted Millennials because they are cheaper and frankly more pliable. It is readily noticeable in private industries that management skews younger and older for this very reason.

        • People with high self-esteem like proteges. They really like proteges who based their self-worth on following the master. Look around politics and this is stark. At the top is a layer a geezers. Below that a sprinkling of middle-aged people and then a growing blob of Millennials.

          • That is very true. I had a boomer client who was always trying to mentor me whenever he hired me for a project. He had no experience in my field, and no knowledge of my priorities, yet he was always giving me advice. He really enjoyed being a mentor, to the point he was oblivious to the reality that I was simply humoring him by listening politely. Dropping him as a client was immensely satisfying, especially since he was blindsided by it. God, he was a self-absorbed ass.

          • I’m not so sure about self esteem, but I like having workers who want to learn the knowledge I’ve accumulated over the years (construction). There’s nothing like seeing the light go on in a young man’s head when he realizes the side of the line, and the kerf of a saw blade, makes a difference in the quality of work.
            But yes, I am approaching geezerhood.

          • One thing where you see boomer nostalgia is in the fan base for manned spaceflight. Boomers are probably so distraught over how screwed up the future has turned out that they seek refuge in having humans return to the moon to give them back something from their youth.
            In a way, this bonds the boomers with the much younger fanbois of Elon Musk. The adoration of Musk is cult-like.

          • Having taught college for many years, I can confirm this in spades: to the Millennial, “self esteem” means “ostentatiously following the rules, come what may… while stabbing any little bitch of a Becky who gets in your way in the back as deep as the knife can go.” They are as close to pure sociopaths as you’ll find outside the DSM. An entire generation of Tracey Flicks.

        • Yup.

          GenX is far too independent-minded and stubborn for the liking of most Boomers.

          • I asked my GenX son what he most disliked about the Boomer Generation, after he gave me a copy of A Generation Of Sociopaths. I was totally surprised to hear his visceral hatred of White Boomer Women because they aborted one half of his Generation paving the way for their replacement by open borders immigrants. The surviving GenX men are the toughest and most capable cohort in the USA. If anything survives the collapsing empire, it will be them who protect the core.

          • Yes, nobody has had more abortions than white boomer women.

            Abortion rate is wayy down compared to the 80s, and 90s.

            Of course it takes 2 to make a baby so… Yeah boomer men are just as responsible tbh.

        • I’ve noticed that too. Boomers don’t really seem to know what to do with GenXers. I find the Xers tend to end up in Omega type positions, or those requiring a lone-wolfish, hired assassin kind of attitude. The come in and get the job done after the teamwork/change management/brainstorming sessions produce produce little of value.

          • The box ticking is ridiculous in construction M&E now.
            We used to be able to circumvent that..
            Now have to wait till that bullshit is over to go to site and resolve it in quick fashion.
            I’m just surprised that some firms in my city figured out 20 yrs ago that having tradesman on staff would help.
            Although there are only a few of us.

      • Shadows are fine.
        Let the brats young and ancient steal the attention.
        Murphy’s Laws of Combat: don’t be conspicuous on a Battlefield.
        Goes well with: Tracers work both ways.

    • We had that decade where radio stations were adding X- to their monikers and playing Nirvana. And we’ll always have Friends

      • We have a lot of creative entertainment to look back on, but Friends is one of the last that I’d point to with pride.

        • Friends is one of the last that I’d point to with pride

          Hopefully that was tongue-in-cheek.

          • Seinfeld: July 5, 1989 to May 14, 1998
          • Friends: September 22, 1994 to May 6, 2004
          • Sex & the City: June 6, 1998 to February 22, 2004

          Seinfeld, Friends, and SATC were the jewels in the crown of the Frankfurt School’s drive to unleash snide snarky sarcastic Passive Aggressive Personality Disorder as a form of meta-sociological warfare designed to destroy White America.

          Those three Talmudvision shows were arguably as important weapons in the drive to annihilate the White Race as were Griswold and Roe.

          • Actually, being jew wise may make watching more useful. Just like knowing the rules for football (which I never did) would make watching Monday Night Football (which I never watched) more interesting.
            You would be more aware of their scatological humor, neurosis, self-centeredness, petty behavior and envy of attractive, accomplished gentiles. Then you can take Larry David’s graduate-level class.

  51. The young ones don’t understand that the boomers came in waves. My parents where at the leading edge of the boomers, and I was born at the very tail end.
    My grandparents voted for politicians that argued about how best to build a nation, how to care for the kids, and invest in opportunities for them.
    My own parents voted for politicians that want to offshore my job, import tons of human trash from the third world, and pull our wives out of the home and put them in the workplace. Anyone that disagrees is a racist, homophobe, sexist, etc.
    They still vote that way too. They get their info from the mass media and day time TV like The View and think they are informed and won’t listen to anything else. Fuck them – I am all for feeding them to the Solyent Green processors

    • I always talk about the generations in terms of cultural frame of reference. The spergs get hung up on date ranges, which mean very little. Someone born in 1950, coming of age in the summer of love, had a different experience than a person born in 1960, coming of age in Saturday Night Fever.

      • I think the funny thing about generational discussions is that it’s always about Whites, or at least that’s the implication. No one (or at least me) thinks of joggers, beaners, asians or any other mystery meat when thinking about generational issues. Geez, you’d almost think this former country is 90% White again…

        • To be fair most noggers don’t have real families unless you consider the welfare queens and baby momma things as ‘families’.

          • Dysgenic dynasties. And boy are they nasty!

            Already fifteen years ago, circa 2005, Charles Murray, in his infamous Footnote Number Forty-Four, was already seeing a cataclysmic drop in Kneegrow IQ, of 3.5 points, between late 20th Century Kneegrow mothers & their children:

            For many years now, I have been nursing a hunch that the Pareto curves in Da Projectz fall off like a cliff – instead of the 80/20 curves you get in White statistics, my guess is that in Da Projectz, the curves might look a whole lot more like 95/5 or even 99/1.

            In particular, I have long suspected that a tiny handful of Peak Gangsta Alphaz in Da Projectz disproportionately provide almost all of the seed to Da Baby Mammaz in Da Projectz [on WIC/AFDC/EBT/WTFE].

            And since no children in Da Projectz know with any certainty who Day Daddy really be, there are almost certainly going to be very large numbers of half-brothers & half-sisters [in Da very same Projectz] making children with one another in subsequent generations, and since we’re now about 55 years removed from Lyndon Baines Johnson’s Great Society, we probably have about three or four solid generations of half-brothers breeding with half-sisters, which can only possibly result in massive mental retardation [even by Kneegrow standards].

          • There was some hatestatistic floating around the manosphere a while back, that based on STD transmission and treatment, approximately 80% of black females mated with around 10% of black males. The AiA population is an extremely hypergamous harem culture, with all that entails.

        • That’s because nobody cares about what BIPOX think or do. The only people I’ve heard discuss generational differences in the black culture are Jesse Lee Peterson and Jared Taylor, both noting the fact that this generation of blacks are way more dysfunctional than their Jim Crow grandparents.

          • Imagine what your child would be like if they were born with an IQ of 85 but were told from birth that they are exceptionally talented, any failures are never their fault, rules don’t apply to them and that everyone works 24/7 on ways to keep them down.
            A joy to live with to be sure.

          • Yes. And that is pretty much the theme of Zman’s Taki column today:

            That is the key to understanding the resentments of the talented tenth. At some level, Roger Reeves knows he is nothing more than a decoration for the managerial-class whites who have manufactured him. Instead of wearing a red waistcoat and holding a lantern, he publishes authentic African gibberish for the benefit of whitey. He would probably be happier holding the lantern. At least it would be honest.


          • The Negro poet was channeling his inner Jim when he: “Once, I let a ghost ride me over a row of pews”

            Mark Twain
            The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn:

            Afterwards Jim said the witches be witched him and put him in a trance, and rode him all over the State, and then set him under the trees again, and hung his hat on a limb to show who done it. And next time Jim told it he said they rode him down to New Orleans; and, after that, every time he told it he spread it more and more, till by and by he said they rode him all over the world, and tired him most to death, and his back was all over saddle-boils. Jim was monstrous proud about it, and he got so he wouldn’t hardly notice the other niggers. Niggers would come miles to hear Jim tell about it, and he was more looked up to than any nigger in that country. Strange niggers would stand with their mouths open and look him all over, same as if he was a wonder. Niggers is always talking about witches in the dark by the kitchen fire; but whenever one was talking and letting on to know all about such things, Jim would happen in and say, “Hm! What you know ’bout witches?” and that nigger was corked up and had to take a back seat.  

          • an IQ of 85

            As noted above, towards the end of the 20th Century, Charles Murray was already seeing a new generation of Kneegrows with an average IQ of only 80.2; in Da Projectz now, several generations later, it would not be at all surprising if the average IQ of newborns was 75 or lower [and maybe even much lower].

            This idea that Kneegrowz in the USA still have an average IQ anywhere close to 85 is sheer nonsense.

          • That’s because back in those days, blacks were actually held to account for their actions, and Whites weren’t afraid to deal with them as need be, unlike today.

          • this generation of blacks are way more dysfunctional than their Jim Crow grandparents

            Kneegrow generations in Da Projectz last for no more than 15 or 20 years.

            • Final Jim Crow generation: Born circa 1945
            • Children: Born circa 1960
            • Grandchildren: Born circa 1975
            • Great-Grandchildren: Born circa 1990
            • Great-Great-Grandchildren: Born Circa 2005
            • Great-Great-Great-Grandchildren: Born Circa 2020

            By contrast, White generations [at thirty years apiece] would look more like:

            • Boomers: Born circa 1945
            • Millennials: Born circa 1975
            • Gen Zyklon: Born circa 2005

            So if you talk about the “current generation” of Kneegrowz having “Jim Crow” grandparents, you’re [subconsciously?] projecting White K-Selected sociological stability [30 year generations] onto Kneegrow R-Selected sociological insanity [15 year generations].

            I.e. you’re subconsciously making a very serious error of category.


        • That’s because most blacks never had a future anyway, so generational politics was meaningless.

      • You are entirely correct to do so. My parents, born in the early 40’s walked out of high school in to career level jobs. Dad quit in grade 10. Mom got her high school diploma and learned to type. From that they built a family, they had the big hobby farm, the new vehicles, the big RV, the vacation property in Arizona… and I got endless lectures about how they deserved it and how they worked really hard for what they had. Mom was a snivel servant clerk, and Pop flew a desk at the executive municipal level. They told me the only reason I didn’t have what they did was because I was stupid and lazy. I believed it for 30 years.
        When I got my first real job in my 30s, I was astounded by the resumes that were coming off the fax machine. Other young, white men like me, with degrees and diplomas – and pock marked resumes consisting of scut jobs and nothing else. I think that is what drives my resentment the most – their arrogance and refusal to think about their kids. When they hit the job market in the early 60’s there were apprenticeships, jobs, and business opportunities. When I hit the job market in the early 80’s youth unemployment was running 37%.
        Today they look at the soy boys, the cellar dwellers and their like and dismiss them contemptuously as even worse idiots than my generation was. They can’t or won’t see that they built the machinery that made those kids, and that they deserve the baggage they inherited.
        Whatever. They’ll be gone soon, and good riddance as far as I’m concerned.

          • Yes and no, David. If you go by dates, they are ‘pre-boomers’ by a couple years. But they certainly cashed in on the boomer demographic wave, and their attitudes, values, an culture is Boomer all the way.
            By contrast, I made the boomer demographic by 6 months, and my values and attitudes bear far more similarity to the Gen X crowd.

          • In some ways, the Silents were even more fortunate than the Boomers, and in my experience can’t understand why everyone doesn’t have a good job that pays well…

          • You’re certainly are not. I used to listen to Limbaugh whose listeners were almost all Boomers and they all parroted the same BS that Glen’s parents did.
            Those boomers embraced all the crap policies that ruined America for their kids and they couldn’t see it.
            To them globalization, off-shoring, down sizing, importing foreign coolies was a good thing. And if you complained you were a crybaby.

          • Yeah at some point during the boomer’s lives “low taxes” became “anything for GDP!” EVen if it meant baking our tax-payer funded military favors into trade deals that send millions of jobs overseas. The republicans completely folded on anything social and changed the party into the party of globalization. I support free markets locally, but internationally, there is no free market. It’s a bunch of governments subsidizing and bailing out there failing industries to win contracts and access to new consumers, hoping they can raise prices in 20 years.

          • I rmember rush saying something about trends in relocation, and that massive relocation meant prosperity. That was the first time I started thinking that his priorities in life could not about been straight.

            my cousins and aunt and uncle on my dads side lived on another coast, like my brother does now. I have no relationship with them. Thats not great for a culture…

          • Its outright toxic.
            One of these money above else groups American Enterprise Institute I think was pimping paying people to move to chase jobs in big cities since people decided that having a network of people to help them and a home was more important than money.
            Made me palpably sick and its one of the things that will be vexing for any DR run nation.
            Functionally Make it Here, Sell it Here, Buy it Here will have to be crammed down throats till people can live in place for their whole life for generations if they chose to do so.
            No immigration plenty of repatriation leads to stability.
            That kind of stability is society basically and without it you live in a gulag shopping mall.

        • I’m a huwhite male in a senior management role at a multibillion globohomo corporation. You get to see entry level jobs loaded with resumes with white guys with impeccable qualifications. Instead they’re treated as trash while HR fawns over a pee oh cee with a 2.5 GPA and changed majors four times. It is bleak out there for white people. Even white women are about the same status as white guys. The anti-white sentiments in Corporate America is blatant and obvious.

          • One other thing to add:

            One thing I see is that nepotism is blatant. Anti-white hiring practices limit what white college grads can start off with. So the parents of managers, directors, and vice presidents will urge HR to move their kid to the top of the resume stack. So you get a lot of sons, daughters, nieces and nephews getting the entry level jobs. Nepotism isn’t anything new of course but I’ll ask their parent about the job market and it’s the same story: their white kid did all the right things but didn’t check enough diversity boxes. Usually to get them to admit this you have to know them well and meet them after work to have a beer with them. It’s something that dares not be uttered in the office.

          • I’m an engineer that works in a similar corp.

            Your comments about resumes, pee-oh-cees, and nepotism are spot on.

          • For a while I wondered what would happen when diversity causes firms to fail but we got to see the answer to that this year with the Boeing bailout and PPP: tax breaks, bailouts, and free money. These businesses can just paper over their diversity-induced inefficiencies. So these businesses will never have to face accountability when they can barely function due to diversity rot.

            The upside could be that white people are going to be forced to be more entrepreneurial but financing options are going to be limited when banks discourage white-owned small businesses so therefore they can’t get a loan. As I said before, it’s bleak for white people.

            Unsurprisingly white girls are encouraged to go on Onlyfans as articles get rolled out about how girls can now make all kinds of money! That way their job options drop to nil because even in a world of Onlyfans and Drag Queen Story Hour, women still get blackballed if their racy pictures get discovered by HR. White guys don’t even get the option of prostituting themselves.

          • Yet the stock market will continue to rise, even as small-business North America falters. Globohomo’s markets are the government-subsidized rest of the world now.

          • I see a silver lining: the Han took over west coast real estate because it is all community financed. No bank loans, it is all cousins and kin lending money, and it works great for the group. We could do worse than to learn from them there.

          • Here’s the Great Reset in action:

            Boomers are the last generation to remember what the country was like when it actually worked for its people, so it’s hard to blame them for not really understanding that things like rule of law and free speech no longer exist. When they pass away, and all memories of the old US go with them, America will see a massive “stairstep down” in its ongoing decline.

          • I’m no boomer and 53 and I remember what it was like

            Growing up in Florida probably helped. We used to be the only ones on the beaches, my brother and our friends and occasional tourists with hot daughters. We had the place to ourselves.

            One thing I try to impress upon young people is how uncrowded America was back then and how that played into the sense of freedom and infinite adventure. Perhaps the biggest thing I feel bad for them is they will never know an uncrowded America and how awesome it was. All the other stuff that has been lost pales in comparison.

          • When I graduated high school in 1983, the U.S. population was 230 million.

            Today it’s 330 million, and the increase of 100 MILLION PEOPLE — grok that for a second — has been almost entirely nonwhite.

          • When I was a kid Florida had 6 million people and now it’s like 22 million, almost quadrupled

            And we had a beach house in perdido key which is on the Alabama border and there were maybe 10 houses on it. Today it looks like those pictures you see of Miami Beach — hi rise after hi rise. But even Clearwater Beach near where I lived in Tampa was a fifth as crowded as today

            I try not to look back and be forlorn but if anyone can imagine what it was like to have among the world’s most beautiful beaches all to yourself — it’s a hard thing not to get upset over and resentful at the people running this country

          • These firms are pushed to diversify faster and faster. Now that so much wealth is in the hands of places like Black Rock and Vanguard, they along with banks are urging to adopt diversity equity and inclusion plans. Not laying off white guys may mean the difference between getting a loan to cover payroll or not. As mentioned before, white women are increasingly on the chopping block as well. A common route for middle class white girls is the health care industry but as we see from the complaints about Tiktok nurses being too white, white women are on their way to getting disenfranchised. Their current value is being a wedge to drive off white guys and then it’s time for them to go too.

          • It’s basically all-white upper management gazing like benevolent overseers over the masses of stupid non-white employees and then patting themselves on the back for being morally virtuous.

            Corporations do not function all that well anymore, however when every corp. is declining at the same rate, people don’t notice as much.

            Anyways, one day the diversity is coming for upper management too. Being eaten last still involved being eaten.

          • And the very same disabilities that are imposed upon whites entering the corporate workforce are also imposed upon whites entering college. Whites are being winnowed out of the system in an effort to turn us into a permanent underclass. The Power Structure still has a long way to go to accomplish this, in no small measure because the gifted white race still finds ways to outstrip the brainless Hutus despite the discrimination against them. Nevertheless, unless the Power Structure is demolished, or better still, we create the ethnostate, whites will be an underclass within 25 years.

          • The key is to make Woke, Inc., suffer. The Covid lockdowns are about to strike a blow, and we need to pile on. If that means a temporary alliance with the Left to tax the hell out of them, do it.

          • That’s not what I am seeing up here in Canada – and granted, we are more progressive than you awful horrible capitalist pig dog Yanks…
            But our STEM fields are loaded with east indians and chinese. They can’t stand noggers either and they usually get pushed into the high profile PR type jobs, where they can be brought out when extra virtue signalling is required…

          • Actually in Canada it’s becoming known that many indian grads are incompetent scammers/liars, and chinese grads are CCP agents. If you talk to a tech recruiter they will tell you that they simply don’t get many white/canadian born resumes – white kids aren’t going into STEM. The psych classes are pretty white, though.

            However once an Indian takes over the department, that department will be filled with indians no matter what.

          • STEM is a good profession, but your earning potential tops out fairly quickly unless you jump to management or finance.

            Corps have plenty of ways to inject PoCs into STEM, typically via lower-skill Systems (cabling pre-made boxes together) and Project (chasing people for status updates) engineering type jobs.

          • I have them convinced to save everything they can for their first 5-10 years so they can be financially independent at 40-50, and do whatever they want. They don’t need to make top salaries for that.

          • If that is your plan, they will get beaten with the reality stick. It does not work anymore, and hasn’t since the mid-2000’s.

          • The way it was put to me early in my engineering career was “Engineering: Great profession, lousy career”.

          • Sure, but better than competing with lower end diversity for bureaucratic jobs with fuzzier accomplishment meters.

          • STEM is fine, but I’d push them to be entrepreneurial or at least what I’d call “problem solvers.” The vast, vast majority of employees – even very smart and/or highly educated ones – simply won’t step out, look at problems and figure out a way to solve them. They want to be directed and responsible only for what they’ve been told to do.

            Every business is desperate for problem-solvers, people you can say, “Hey, Mike, we got a mess over here, can you figure what’s the problem and what people you need to fix it?”

            Obviously, blacks and Hispanics are never problem solvers, but neither are Asians (too robot like) and Indians (big talk, no action). Neither are Millennials, who’ve never been forced to do anything on their own.

            Teach your kids to solve problems.

          • Agreed, but we all find our way into the door at some point. It’s what you do after that matters. But, yes, the credentials help to start.

          • That is exactly what I tell them: You get paid to solve problems or create something. The more difficult the problem or creation, the more you get paid.

          • Young people should go into their boss’ office and just say, “Hey, Bob, I just wondering if there was some part of your job that you’d prefer not doing. I could pick it up and free up some time for you for things that are more valuable for you to do.”

          • That is no longer true, outside of tiny mom & pop outfits. The current situation is they can batter themselves half to death working too hard, and they will see no promotion, gain, or even recognition; the favorer protected group will get it, regardless of merit or reality. Sorry, they are Untouchables. There ain’t no “pull yourself up by the bootstraps” for your melanin-challenged progeny in the modern job market.

          • If you work for government or corporations, you’re a whore for an unforgiving pimp no matter how comfortable your life is….you’ll die wondering why you did it, why you sold your soul.

          • I was often the one given such jobs. And I LOVED it! About the only thing I miss in retirement was the 10% of the time I had such assignments.

          • Nice idea in theory; but game your scenario out: “Sure boss, easy fix. Fire the diversity. Problem solved.” Not gonna work. When woke management worships the POC and refuses to see reality, “solutions” are not possible and copes must suffice. Or, perhaps you’re really a Cat Fancier and really thinking about an Endlosung. Mike from the Austrian division didn’t do so well with that plan either.

          • That’s why some of us go out on our own. Businesses need competent people to function, even if they have to hire them outside of the firm.

          • You’re arguing about how Paulus can hold the eastern front as the Red Army marches into Berlin. Go take a look at any major STEM employer: Boeing, Intel, etc. are all deeply absorbed into the Borg. It is too late, we can no more “retreat to STEM” than we can white flight our way to success. It hasn’t intruded, it has conquered.

          • Sometimes its irritating to read whining about no opportunity.
            Boomers weren’t in control in 1965 when the ball got rolling with the poc shit, that was the “greatest generation”
            They were steeped in leftist ideology due to the depression and FDR. And Trumans desegregation of the military
            Blax were still blax but not nearly as dysfunctional. Most of them worked & didn’t live on handouts, the resentment industry hadn’t mainstreamed.
            The early boomers did have a huge advantage in that the country wasn’t flooded with illegals and entire industries hadn’t been offshored yet. Think its true there were more opportunities for average people to live better than their parents had. I was a tail end boomer. Took a GED in 78 and went to work in a bunch of different blue collar jobs, construction, logging, fishing etc.. when I was young because I liked making my cars go fast, ended up in the auto repair field. Definitely never got rich was lucky in marriage and did work my ass off for many years. took chances and advantage of what ever opportunities when I was able to actually recognize them. was able to do ok, so far at least.
            I raised three boys, one airline pilot one Electrical engineer/software developer and a computer scientist. They are all definitely doing better than I was at their ages.
            By luck alone we happened to live in an area of the country that has for the most part been immune to the economic downturns and the gutting of industries that many other areas of the country have been ravaged by.
            I’m sure. That fact helped our family and as I said that part was lucky.
            However. There are a couple truths, There is no free lunch unless your born with a silver spoon in your ass you have to bust your ass.
            If the place your in isn’t happening you have to go someplace that is.
            Anyway I wish you all a better new year God bless.

          • Globalist says “hold my beer, challenge accepted.”
            You have no idea. Engineering is not exempt from this; computer programming is not exempt. “Harder o fake” – like a federal election is hard to fake? It is everywhere. “Muh STEM is based in reality” is not only a cope, it is now a falsehood: see, Boeing. Stop thinking the financial self-interest of the enemy will prevail. It will not. They would rather conquer us and rule the ashes, every single time.

          • That’s why, since the summer of 2020, virtually every commercial has an intact black family or an interracial couple.

            Propaganda only works if its subtle.

          • Yep, I spend my time counting the commercials wrt race. It’s sickening. Even when a White is featured—outside of miscegenation—it is almost never in a significant role. For example, a delivery boy to a large, Black occupied home.

            At least 50% of the commercials are Black based/oriented, perhaps 25% White, the rest a mixture of Asian and Hispanic and White. I’m kind of amazed there’s not more of a push for Hispanic based commercials. As a population, they are the largest minority. On the other hand, the race grouping termed “Hispanic” is pretty bogus.

          • AINO is black supremacist, not Hispanic supremacist. How and why Hutus got to the top of the status hierarchy is an interesting question.

          • Probably as good an explanation as any. However, the Injuns got the dirty end of the stick, too, and are hardly in the same category as the Hutus when it comes to cultural and political prominence.

          • They sure did, but dirty, rotten bastards though many of the tribes were, they did at least put up their dukes, got their asses ultimately kicked, got Rez land and pretty much left to their own devices. I think injuns have been out of sight, out of mind for so long, no one really much cares about them, other than to hit the local casino on occasion. Joggers on the other hand have been a visible blot/blight on the land and society in general for some time and have now become the pet dujour for many – much to our detriment. I doubt their so called favored status will be lasting a whole lot longer though.

          • Why I regret taking up the cudgels for them all these years. The ultimate insult was to get government bailouts for covid during the riots and turning around and donating to BLM.

          • I see this too. I’m an italian american polyglot, so I’m checking the ‘latino’ box next time I switch careers, just to see if I can pass.

          • Whites need to start swallowing their pride and check off as much diversity boxes as possible. Any potential Iberian ancestry? Check off the Hispanic box. Identify yourself as queer on your resume. Sure you might have a wife and three children but HR will be too petrified to ask you to demonstrate your “queerness.”

          • so is my Senior Senator despite her latest claims to the contrary; I know, I know she was just too modest.

          • With all due respect, I don’t need your frontline report to know this. All I need do is watch corporate commercials these past 20 years or so. The AWR fairly drips from one’s flat screen. Then there’s that massive support for the anti-white terrorist organization known as BLM…

          • Incidentally, I didn’t mean to sound snarky. Was just wanting to point out how obvious corporate’s anti-white animus has been all these years for anybody who was willing to see it.

          • That’s fine. There are a lot of people who still believe that it won’t happen to them until it does. Reminds me of the quote that it’s a recession when your neighbor loses his job but it’s a depression when you lose your job. I know people who have grumbled about the diversity racket but now get to deal with it first hand when their hard working son and daughter who did all the “right things” are effectively locked out of careers. Many instances are the children of the cloud people to use Z’s vernacular.

            The real question is if they will do anything about it? A lot of questions that white people are going to need to ask themselves this decade.

          • Blow Up You TV was advice from 1971. Its still good today.
            No TV, No Movies , No Media and the enemy has much less reach.
            This year Hollywood revenue declined 80% do to COVID 19 and economics and while they can always count on Uncle Sugar to bail them out even he if has to mint 1/3 of the money ever minted in a single year to do so, which he did.
            This doesn’t matter. Its like giving a man with cancer amphetamines and vitamins. He is still dying.

          • I sent about 380 resumes out to get my second job; my first professional job paid about minimum wage; i have a double major undergrad from a top 10, plus prof degree and license. I did not get into my 1st or 2nd choice postgrad because of AA (95+% admissions rate if poc, <2% if white). I paid 3x what the boomers did for my home to escape the blue city madness. It is rubbed in my face on a daily basis, not something “those uneducated slackers” have to deal with.
            The millenials take it personally because it is personal. The society laws of the 60’s 70′ and Amnesty 80’s are messing with the basics of my life, not just esoteric exercises in “the market.” These policies and laws are huge barriers to getting a job, getting married, having kids, and putting a roof over our heads. For the older cohort, the modern system has never been more than a speedbump to 401k growth.

          • If you think it’s bad in corporate America, you should see what it’s like in the academy. I spent 20 years as a professor with a terminal degree in my field, and for only two of those years was I employed full-time with benefits.

            My entire “career” (if you can call it that) I saw the dumbest and most incompetent Negroes and women promoted into good-paying, tenure-track jobs over white men, exclusively due to their racial and gender identity and their leftist politics. I got thrown off a search committee once when I objected to hiring a Negro with only a B.A. who had withdrawn from or failed 12 undergraduate courses and transferred from a selective undergraduate institution to one with open admissions.

            I got canned within a year.

          • Academia is the belly of the belly of the beast. Every terrible idea that plagues AINO can be traced to academia, albeit in many instances, French academe.

          • Maybe a neck trim? Truth is being insanely rich and isolated has allowed the US the luxury of dodging history for over a hundred years.
            The time is up and future USA will have to settle its differences by force. One people, one ideology maximum of 10% deviation per land, period, Long term, mandatory nationalism and if you don’t like it? Leave or else.
            That’s history and its coming like a rocket sled on rails right at us.

          • I dream of refrigerated trucks, full, going from every institution of “higher learning” to the Nevada test site.
            Where long deep trenches are waiting.
            Lol. In mine craft of course

          • That’s what I’m thinking about lately
            White women think if they remove white men, they will be the top
            Jewish and Black coalition never thought about giving any right to the their future sex slave
            But Grima cunningly hides motive and whispering white women to betray their kinds

        • That is kinda my story as well, except my parents weren’t mean about it. I knew nothing about the job market, I just assumed I was a loser for many years…

        • My parents were silents and shared your parents’ attitudes, but with a twist – they moved to DC when my father got a job with the government back in 1953. Everyone else they knew also worked for the government. When my husband and I (late boomers) chose to leave the Foreign Service and encountered economic difficulties thereafter, my mother was absolutely baffled. No concept of private business practices, no idea of what non-government gold-plated health insurance cost, etc. I have never even attempted to discuss the economic difficulties my sons have encountered; I might as well be speaking Greek.

        • most non-white parents make sure their kid’s well being, regardless of kids character
          I really don’t know why, especially old white people don’t care about their offspring
          Its like white tribe wanted to eradicate themselves

          white baby boomers will take necessary resources with them to the graveyard
          resources that their children need it to fight against anti-white politics
          that’s not so good riddance

          • Americans, especially Northern and Western Europeans were taught to encourage rugged individualism and the nuclear family for the sole goal of increasing consumption and increasing the power of the people in charge.
            The nuclear family is the weakest possible stable configuration of the family and is ideal for Big Business, Big Church and Big Government in ways that a large extended family , a clan or a tribe (in this case a network of families) is not.
            Throw in millions of economic migrants and you have the recipe for chaos and a fracturing.
            Now around here in So Cal some of the more affluent Hispanics have gone down the same path and have thus assimilated with exactly the results you’d expect, low fertility and family instability.
            The ones that have not as they come from places in which such behavior gets you dead as well as tribal and clannish Whites have a leg up on things.
            in time the survivors will go clannish too. You see that in the Millennial concept of Fam, you adopted real family who may or may not be related to you.
            Nature reasserts itself always and those who do not get back to basics, die.

      • Yeah, that is a great point. I always struggle with the millennial designator. There is a HUGE difference between the older Millenials vs younger because of the technological changes that occurred. The older went through all of school (and college) with no data on phones, limited text messages, no social media, and experienced the beginning of the digital age. The younger essentially experienced the digital age beginning in grade school. That difference is massive from the standpoint of how someone views the world.

        • Brah- Excellent point, not merely between older/younger Millenials but also between generations. Both my husband and I are fairly bright and capable and not technophobes, but we totally missed the beginning of the digital age because we were restricted to typewriters in our government work, for security reasons. Returned to the US and Windows and mice and were totally lost. Our son, on the other hand, began learning computers in Kindergarten. Enormous difference,

          • I don’t know about that as a generation, but my older kid (born ’92) loved that game, and played a lot of other computer games as well (started with Storybook Weaver at age 6). He also had a gameboy and played XBox with friends and now does tons on his phone, but he never lost his love for books and reading that we initiated when he was a mere infant.

    • A good, solid line of demarcation is whether a Boomer was out of college or had made it in a business prior to the 1973 oil crisis. The United States has been in decline a long, long time and the Reagan era really just papered that over.

      • My belief is that the nation peaked in September 1962 when JFK gave his moon speech at Rice university. It was downhill ever since. No, not particularly a fan of JFK. He set a lot of bad things in motion that would have caught up with him had he lived.

        • When they rolled the final credits on Johnny Carson- that was America’s curtain call, 1992. They just don’t make ’em like Johnny anymore.

        • That’s certainly the right timeframe. America’s peak was sometime from 1957 to 1965. That was the sweet spot.

          • For some unimportant reason I can’t recall, I re-watched “American Graffiti” the other day. It almost had me in tears. Southern California circa 1960 was the closest it can ever get to utopia… and those very people lit it on fire, then took a dump on the ashes, solely because they were bored (not least, the man who made “American Graffiti,” and every actor in it).

          • Indeed. To look back upon the beautiful society that was tossed into the cesspit is to weep. And George Lucas must be near the top of any dissident list.

        • Among the “lot of bad things in motion” that he set was allowing the formation government employee unions, I do not think the idiocy of that can be topped.

      • I was born on the tail end of the boomer cohort and graduated college in 83 with honors back when that meant something only to have to do the same job I was doing before I went (secretary) because we were in the first of many recessions. Interest rates on mortgages topped out at 16%. Flying was still very expensive (but a vastly superior experience to today’s Greyhound in the Sky nightmare). Credit wasn’t handed out like candy then so things like a properly functioning new car were a pipe dream for most middle class people even into their 30s. I remember believing my greedy parents’ generation stole/ruined everything and being very resentful about it. It wasn’t true then and it’s not true now.
        What we are guilty of is unthinkingly and gleefully embracing the cultural rot that has, 50 years later, morphed into the unimaginable degeneracy and anti-White battering ram on the lose today. Just like back then, there’s not much we can do about the sadistic Hidden Hand that guides the economy for fun and profit other than be aware and prepare as much as possible. But for sure we’re guilty of hedonism on a grand scale and raised our children to be even worse. May God forgive us.

        • Great point. Economy and great jobs are not everything. The severe downward spiral of morals is far worse.

          Divorce use to be taboo, mixed marriages were illegal. Now, you could be unemployable if you say that one should marry within their own race.

          Thats the tip off for me. How could something in one time be ok or evil, but a 100 years later be the opposite. Thats why I don’t buy the evil of racism. You can’t find racism in a Catechism before 1980. If the Catholic Church didnt condemn racism in the 16th century, how could it possibly be a sin now? There are new situations but not new sins.

          Racism is a new sin, ie, aint a sin. What were we talking about ?

        • You were one of those who had the first entitlement cuts, then. From memory, it is 67.5 to draw Social Security for anyone born after ’58 or so? This crap has been ongoing a long time. The advent of the cultural rot, as you pointed out, really coincided with the ’65 INA. Only now are we calling out the enemies.

      • I agree. Its interesting to note that the US hit below replacement fertility in 1972 and has stayed there since then. This is the year the oldest boomers hit age 22.
        Its also when the economic endgame started since the effects of easy divorce where only a year old and not ubiquitous and most women were still basically women.
        The US was also around 80% or more White than as well so it wasn’t yet immigration.
        This is not something that can be fixed though. Even in a hypothetical essentially White DR future republic is going to have to fight long standing cultural urges to push wages down and the pernicious effects of automation.
        It might be wise to do whaty we can and just accept that our social fabric can’t support a large population and wait till it shrinks to one we can.

    • This past summer I was talking to my boomer cousin out and about. I’m a late 40’s gen X and his takes on immigration and race are astounding. We live in a small city in the upper Midwest which was 30 years ago about 99% white. Well big ag has broke the local union in the 80’s and imported tens of thousands of Hispanics and changed the city so much that whites are less than 50% in the school district. Crime is rampant and we have broke and failing schools. My youth seems like a dream now. Well he’s retired and lives in an essentially all white upper middle class neighborhood and he thinks im a crazy racist for disliking the destruction of our town. Things are still awesome for him and his wife so in his view only a bigot would not want their jobs taken, schools destroyed and town a third world hell hole.

      • Yep. That is my parents in a nutshell. My mother accused me of being a fascist and racist when I told her that she might change her voting habits if 95 Somalis moved into her lily white retirement neighbourhood. They loved vacationing in Arizona where they could hire beaners for casual work at a pittance. They seriously don’t give a hoot about the kids and never have. I think for most, they grew up in an age of rampant materialism and chasing that almighty buck was more important than family. My mother bragged about being one of the first of the waves of women that left the home to go to work in the 60’s. I spent my formative years in day homes so the folks could give us a decent upbringing. I seriously wonder sometimes if I wasn’t better off for it…

        • Upon further reflection, we have to keep in mind that the Boomers faced incredible new advancements never seen before in the history of mankind: Plentiful food. Labour saving electronic appliances like vacuums, stoves, dishwashers, etc. The Pill allowed women to control reproduction. Housing and transportation were cheap and easy. They assumed that because they had it all free and easy… their kids would too.
          We have the advantage of 20/20 hindsight.

          • Hindsight is 20/20, and even if resentment is merited, I don’t believe it’s helpful.
            Let’s focus on “mak[ing] strong old dreams, lest this our world lose heart”

          • We Boomers were the first generation in all of (northern) human history that didn’t have to store food for the winter. The dream of millenia. Whatever you wish, just take it off the shelf, all you can. Men of the Golden Age.

            Of course we were going to screw it up. We were the first, how would we know?

        • Yes, upper middle class Whites love Hispanics because they allow those Whites to live like upper class Whites. What those Hispanics do to working class Whites is none of their concern.

          • “Yes, upper middle class Whites love Hispanics because they allow those Whites to live like upper class Whites.”

            That is the story of US big cities in a nutshell. See it in CA, WA, Nova etc. Its gets sooooo old seeing the neighbors with the BLM yard signs not lifting a finger to do their own yard work, house work, renovations, child care etc. They moralize to everyone about BLM issues while taking every advantage of illegal (or low cost legal immigrant) labor that hurts low income or middle class Americans.

          • I live on a neighborhood like that.
            A few weeks ago a jogger with a BLM shirt showed up trying to sell the magazine for the shutins scam
            I told him he wasn’t going to get a damn thing from me first because I ain’t falling for his lame ass scam. And second because I hate communist ass blm. Totally shocked the shit out of him.
            Then I told him the rest of the neighborhood are pretty much all liberals full of white guilt and he would likely do real well with them so get to stepping. And that if he or anybody else came back looking to start something i would LOVE TO GIVE THEM WHAT THEY DESERVED. I used the crazy white racist white man gambit to the hilt. My wife was laughing for the rest of the day.

          • Haha! That’s awesome. Last time that happened at our house we told the very glib young man he was wasting his time on the magazine scam. He looked confused but he and his sidekick went away quietly so mission accomplished.

          • One mystery from last summer remains why these BLM4ever types lured young Prog Whites into gentrifying neighborhoods and then turning on them.

          • Yep, what kind of White loser can’t be successful enough to pretend to love diversity.

            That’s the attitude of upper class Whites.

        • great point. My parents have this mentality, but they are still broke in their late 60s. Blew all their money on divorces and junk. Call me a nazi for talking about declining intelligence and supply and demand effect of 3rd world immigration.

      • I’ve seen this scenario a thousand times over. “I’ve got MINE, f you.” That’s the boomers.

        • “My youth seems like a dream now.”
          Quoted for truth by another Gen X-er.

          Same here. Gen X-er born and raised in what would unfortunately become Silicon Valley… Surrounded by orchards as far as the eye could see. Now its condos and McMansions and wall-to-wall a**h*les. My folks bought their house for $32k, in 1972. Now its “value” is roughly $1.5 million. And they wonder why my wife and I have been renting for the last 30 years… We missed the boat, never being able to accumulate a 20% down-payment since wages stagnated (between layoffs!) while prices skyrocketed thanks to massive Chinese dollars and insane Tech stock options. 25 years ago, a typical house in our neck of the woods was ONLY $250k, a 20% down-payment would have taken approx 100% of my income for 3 years. Now I’d only need to save 100% of my income for 2.5 years, but at 52, dont have another 30 years to pay a mortgage…nor could we afford the property taxes here. Literally the only people I grew up with that have a house, got it by way of parental gifts and/or loans. The have/have not divide between the Boomers and Gen X is staggering. The crazy thing is they did it living “normal” lives – barbers and telephone techs, mechanics and tradesmen, with the wives all at home raising the kids. I havent met many stay-at-home moms (or dads) around here in the last 25 years. Everybody works and nobody has the resources of the previous generation. So much for the Technical Revolution we were promised in the 1980’s!

      • That’s the classic upper middle-class white mentality in a nut shell and is why they vote lockstep for people like Hillary or Newsom.
        At their core they are selfish SOB’s who don’t care how destructive the policies they support as long as they make bank from it.
        This is how we got globalization and all it;’s attendant pathologies shoved down our throats. It’s how CA got turned into a giant shithole by Boomers who sold out the state so they could get a plaintium pension and salary packages.
        So when you see some grey haired fuck from CA moving to ID or wherever you are looking at the POS who destroyed CA. So welcome them they same way you would welcome a terrorist who has come to destroy you.

      • Full disclosure: I am a boomer.
        The other day my sister berated me for my racism and wondered why I was so angry about when my life has gone so well.
        She lives in a 97% white town a few miles from the rust-bucket shithole we grew up in that is importing impoverished refugees to stem decades of population declines.

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