Past Comparisons

Way back in the old days, politicians in trouble with their voters would often be described as “tone deaf” by their less harsh critics. They were in trouble because they no longer had the ability to hear how they sounded to their voters. They would say things that were maybe acceptable behind closed doors in Washington but should never be said in public. Maybe they were prone to saying true things that were best left unsaid or that confirmed things people suspected about the guy.

That is not an expression you hear these days. No one care about how one sounds to the Dirt People, as that no longer matters. What really matters is how you sound to the Cloud People, a lesson Donald Trump learned. The media no longer talks about this either, as they are just as self-absorbed as the rest of them. The result is our politics is now constructed behind soundproof glass. On one side are the politics actors, performing their routines to piped-in cheers from the crowd.

On the other side of the glass is the rest of us, watching an increasingly bizarre political theater performed by increasingly grotesque actors. One performance this week was the arrest of Douglass Mackey, the pro-Trump on-line personality who played the role of Ricky Vaughn on Twitter back in 2016. He was arrested and charged with the crime of disrespecting the regime. The weirdos on the other side of the glass now think it is a good idea to arrest people who hurt their feelings.

The other show was the collusion between the Biden White House and some hedge fund pirates to prevent retail investors from making money at their expense. Instead of letting a few of these guys sink to teach the rest a lesson, the regime swept in and forced the trading platforms to manipulate the market so the bog players could get out from under their bad bets. We literally saw the head of NASDAQ say that they had to manipulate the market so big players could be protected.

This is what the old guys used to call tone deaf. Of course, in our new woke society, “tone deaf” is probably the name of the new Secretary of Housing. Putting that aside, for no reason other than spite the regime convinced millions of people that they no longer have first amendment rights, and the financial markets are every bit as crooked as their elections. They are doing this at the same time they are babbling about the need for unity after they rigged the last election.

It really is an amazing time to be alive. Most people reading this are over forty, so you remember when it was radicals on the college campus claiming that America was a lie and that a cabal of sinister players really ran the country. The people saying this never ventured off the college campus and were happy to live off the system, but they were sure the system was a lie. Now, those people are in charge and not only were they right about the system being a lie, it is normal people saying it now.

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  • 02:00: Pre-Revolutionary Reformers (Link) (Link)
  • 17:00: The Isolation of Our Rulers (Link)
  • 32:00: The Foreignness Of Our Rulers
  • 47:00: Kim Philby (Link)
  • 57:00: Closing (Link) (Be Like Me)

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283 thoughts on “Past Comparisons

  1. I dare say Snowden is not languishing in Russia the way Philby did. Exposing the lies and manipulation of the ruling class for the benefit of people in the West differs in kind to the evil Philby represented.

    Snowden is in a damn site better position than Assange, who is truly languishing in the free world!

  2. “It really is an amazing time to be alive. Most people reading this are over forty, so you remember when it was radicals on the college campus claiming that America was a lie and that a cabal of sinister players really ran the country.”
    Holy shit! The hippies were right! 😆

    • Except that the hippies all have tenure now, and are now telling you to trust the Government Man in the Dark Sunglasses, since he’s here to keep you safe from the Deplorables. Who but the CIA and FBI could ever keep Putin’s dirty mitts off us, and oh yeah, the Russians are the bad guys now. Might as well throw in the RAND Corporation and the Reverse Vampires while they’re at it — “we’re through the looking glass here, people!”

    • No kidding. Back in the day they hated/fought “the man”. Now they either are the man or love the man. Please Mr. man, I promise to wear my mask for ever, may I now have another jab? What a bunch of pathetic pricks.

      • Yeah, masks forever. I find that abhorrent, but it seems to be going in that direction. As far as I can deduce, the current “vaccines” are not really vaccines in our traditional sense. The traditional sense of a “preventative”. I certainly never took Smallpox or Polio vaccine with the thought they would not prevent catching the disease.

        Word I’m getting from Great Britain is that their vaccines might be only “good” for as little as four months *and* they do *not* prevent catching—or spreading COVID-19–only ameliorate the symptoms of the disease. Sort of like the ad’s on TV for over-the-counter drugs like Tamiflu. That’s not a cure, but a recipe for enslavement. Somewhat similar to being looked on Heroin—you do just fine until you need your next “fix”.

        • The so-called “vaccines” are worse than that. My mother-in-law got the jab on Thursday, and less than 2 hours later my father-in-law (who also got the jab at the same time) found her unconscious on their bedroom floor. She had a massive stroke and is hopefully recovering.

          Of course, the doctors won’t admit any connection between the jab and the stroke, but my common sense tells me otherwise.

          We must remember that no profession in the history of humanity has killed more people than doctors. You were more likely to die in a Civil War Army hospital than on the field of battle. Medical “science” has always trailed well behind scientific discovery. When Albert Einstein was developing the theory of relativity, physicians were still bloodletting.

          It will be interesting 100 years from now to see what medical practices people look back at and laugh at. We give these quacks way too much deference.

          For a much more recent example of doctors killing people, see:

          • I’m not getting that thing unless it’s pretty much forced on us one way or another. Even then, I’m going to have to think long and hard about it. Nobody, and I mean nobody has a clue what the long term side effects or consequences of this might be, and yet people – plenty that I know – are lining up and hoisting the sleeve.

          • Yep. My grandfather was a surgeon and was a good one and said he was just a mechanic essentially. He had no illusions, but he had a very good touch and good hands and made a great surgeon. It’s an art more than anything, But today “science” is the new religion so people give deference to doctors they used to give the priest or pastor. But even that is going away b/c people are finding out that doctors can be lowlife scumbags too.

            Great going modern doctor. You managed to destroy the prestige of your profession in one generation. Yay.

  3. Someone probably already said this, but since I didn’t read through all the comments, here it is: We need a 21st century version of our own storming of our own Bastille. If those f-tards thought January 6 was a big deal “insurrection”, just wait, bitchez…

    • That dried up old bat Pelosi crowing about her $50k refrigerator-freezer and $50 a pint ice cream on national TV should have been the Marie Antoinette moment.

      It wasn’t because at least half the people in this nation are tards and our national animal should be the jellyfish.

      • I know. You look around at how everything is so F’d up and wonder how everyone else doesn’t see it as well. I don’t know, maybe many do and are just afraid to express it… Something has to give. I swear to God, I’ve never felt this way in my entire life – hopelessness…

      • A Marie Antoinette moment is too dignified, too quick, and too merciful. Witches should be burned.

      • Hehe, and we all surely know that Marie Antoinette loved her adopted country and its people! Its the secularist revolutionaries who wrote the history and calumniated her!

      • The population as a whole is simply not smart enough to see through the MSM propaganda bombardment. Had the MSM pounded Pelosi and her ice cream debacle as they did anything anti-Trump, we’d have a rebellion of the peasants—and the same goes for a lot of the Republican shenanigans as well!

        It’s hard to admit, but that’s the essence of it. Democracy can’t survive in a society configured as ours is today because it doesn’t match the abilities of the type of people participating in it.

  4. “…and then science made us parents.”

    This is a line of dialogue from the execrable Will Ferrell/Julia Louis-Dreyfus vehicle Downhill (2020) that I had the misfortune of stumbling across while on the treadmill this afternoon.

    I feel it perfectly summarizes the attitude of the typical UMC SWPL Hollyweird Marxist on so many different levels.

  5. Zman, I disagree with Mitt Romney’s appearance. He looks presidential/senatorial. That’s the problem. It gets him elected by his female admirers. On the inside however, he is without a doubt a snake. More men than women see right through the facade to the slime within.

  6. I don’t know if these rulers of ours really believe their own “unify the country, attack on democracy, etc.” bs (I certainly hope they don’t, at least not most of them). It seems more like:
    1. gaslighting, and they may be insulated enough to think it works; and/or
    2.they don’t need to care what we think, and this is their way of rubbing it in our noses to show how much power they have, and how little we have.

  7. The climate change people are the nuttiest. They almost universally have a big single home in environments where heat and air conditioning are needed 8 or 9 months of the year. They think Tesla is going to save the world. It never even occurs to these people that if you gave a Tesla for free I couldn’t keep it nor could any of my neighbors. There’s no place to charge the thing! People who live in big suburban houses have a garage and a driveway.
    California has both outlawed gasoline cars and mandated that their last nuclear power plant be shut down!

  8. Let me add, I don’t think that combo will scale. Even pozzed military leaders will revolt with the importation of Chinese as it threatens them. We are already seeing with Gamestop sand in the gears — its about hurting hedge funds as much as making money. Massive food inflation and hunger during the Great Reset means possibly an army of 5 or 6 million besieging Washington DC and the crack up of the nation.
    Swalwell promised to nuke Nebraska to implement gun bans. So that’s the indication among these people as to what they want — a fight to the finish against the Dirt People. He wasn’t punished for that but promoted too. The elites WANT a fight. They think Special Forces scale out to a continent from a highly concentrated area in Iraq or Afghanistan.
    I would not be shocked to see food rationing and Biden/Harris demand people kill their pets and go on cockroach rations, and states like Texas and even possibly New Mexico just secede and possibly ask to join Mexico. Its that bad. But clearly these people want to eliminate the Dirt People completely and are spoiling for the fight.

  9. Not sure what the point of the Philby business is. Of course he’s a scumbag, he’s a spy. Swap out “Americanism” for Communism and he’s one of our spies.

    Arguably the Russians were better at this kind of humint that the West, but only because they’re Russians, not Communists or any other mere ideology. It’s in their blood.

    Bond was always insistent that he was a secret agent (on her Majesty’s Secret Service) not a crummy little spy selling secrets in an alley. (The “spion” part of SMERSH is a mistranslation, it means something like “wrecker” not spy; the woman who narrates “The Spy who Loved Me” is mistaken). Le Carre based his career on exploring Smiley’s awareness that he wasn’t different from Karla, he just had more money to play with.

    • Well Philby was part of the elite, so they naturally assumed he of all people won’t never turn red, and yet he did, another one of the 5 was the Queen’s cousin I think

      Communism was a hell of a drug back in the day, just like social justice is today

  10. Z — the argument I hear from people in Silicon Valley that I assume is what the ruling class says generally is …
    “We can use total corporate control to punish everyone we don’t like, even 100 million. No banking, internet, cell phone, power, water, or housing for them. We can use Special Forces to steadily eliminate those we really don’t like, and put the rest in virtual camps i.e. homeless on the street. In the meantime we can import 100 million Chinese to run things for us.”
    And that is what is different: A. total integrated corporate control, B. the Feds and Special Forces as strike forces, C. a call on massive and unlimited Chinese manpower to run things.

    • The overreach we’re seeing may be due to the fact that many of the core people in our ruling class are true believers in the “tech changes everything” ideology. Even those who are well aware of history and what usually happens to people like them may be insulated from this knowledge by their “yeah, but I know JavaScript” ideology. Their tight connection to the CCP may also have them convinced that they can run the Western world like China. Their autistic tendencies may also prevent them from understanding that ordinary whites (not to mention all the dusky hued tribals they’ve brought in) are very much not Chinese and won’t be ruled that way.

      • I wrote on this just today. What we’re seeing is the result of a group of people who have never felt themselves to be other than 100% physically safe at all times. (Indeed, as Z pointed out the other day, safety is a fetish for them). The Robber Barons could only be so bastardly, given that they had live-in Dirt Person servants who could murder them in their beds. Our modern-day overlords have never even physically laid eyes on someone who doesn’t share their values 100%, from K-thru-PhD. All it would take, I sometimes think, is for these freaks to get randomly socked on the mouth by some Dirt Person shouting “What’s the frequency, Kenneth?” The first time it happened, they’d go nuclear with the “domestic terrorism” regs, but after a few more times, when they realized such “safety” is in fact an illusion, they’d begin to rethink a few things… such is my hypothesis, anyway, though in the spirit of unity which our Totally Legitimate Overlords have commanded we obey, I hope nobody tries it out.

        • There is this late episode in Breaking Bad where Walter sneaks into the house of that former partner couple of his who stayed in the firm and hence became filthy rich. Then, he has two of Jesse’s old simpleton drug buddies point laser pointers at them, unseen and from a distance, scaring the living sh*t out of the pampered technology lords couple and making them promise do to whatever it was he wanted (something with securing his son’s future financial well-being, I believe).

          For some reason that scene popped up in my memory a few times lately.

  11. Good show Z. All your talk of the French Revolution reminds me of what Tallyrand said of the restored Bourbons after Napoleon.

    “They have learned nothing and they have forgotten nothing”

    Seems to ring true today as well.

  12. I don’t know if you mispronounce names as a subtle dig or if you really don’t know how to pronounce them, but the P in Psaki and the final “s” in Jacques are silent. It makes my ears hurt, it’s a sharp contrast to how intelligent and learned you are, and is not a good look.

  13. “Would it surprise you if our leaders became talking in their own political Esperanto?”

    Next segment:

    “I’m not sure that is English…”

    • They already do in a sense: the uptalking, the Woke references, the self-satisfaction inherent in their sentence structures.

    • VoxDay’s own lawsuit against Patreon was basically thrown out of court so I would definitely take anything he says very very seriously. He also hasn’t given up on Q because the actual date is in March for the big purge. And just like when the comet that was to destroy the earth passes by a NEW date will be announced for true believers.
      That guy is clown shoes defined and he becomes more & more unhinged each year. He has a couple cross over posters here that seem normal is about all I can say good about him.

      • Vox Day never sued Patreon. He and Owen Benjamin encouraged the fans of Benjamin to file arbitration claims against Patreon over Patreon banning Benjamin from their platform. Patreon sued them in California state court. It appears the final result is all sides dropped their claims.

      • Yeah, there is way too much, “plan trusting,” over on VD’s blog.

        I thought the mass arbitration claims against Patreon might have turned into a useful sand-in-the-gears lawfare exercise, but it appears I was wrong on that front.

    • Vox always tells me that he’s smarter than me. Sure, maybe.

      Am I the dumb guy because I doubt that Trump was anointed by Jesus as our Savior and that he’s waiting, like Cthulu, to rise again?

      Trump was a carnival barker who exploited working class complaints until he could hand over the operation to Kushner. Deal with it.

  14. It’s theatre of the absurd. @ what point does it all collapse? It’s lie after lie after lie except we’re being forced to accept The Their Narrative to the point of complete & total self deception.

    • What’s truly bizarre is that we know they’re lying, and they know we know they’re lying.

      They don’t care. They baldly lie in our faces anyway. How sick is that?

      • I sometimes go back and try to figure out my personal “Red Pill Moment.” I’ve got a lot of candidates for the incident that finally pushed me over the edge, but a strong candidate is watching Bill Clinton lie (pick any occasion his mouth was moving). You knew he was lying, and he knew you knew he was lying, and not only did he not mind, he actually got off on it – you could practically see the bulge in his jeans growing, the more lies he told. And this was the Great White Hope of all good-thinking people! What a wake up call.

        • What you articulated was explained to me thus;
          when the left breaks the law;
          gets away with it;
          knows you know they got away with it;
          and rub your nose in it;

          it it proves their power.”See, I broke the law, got away with it right in front of you, and there’s nothing you can do about it.
          Silly peasant”.

          Or something like that.

  15. Reference the statement that reform needs the support of some segment of the elites — I do think something different is going on here in the USA due to a peculiarity of our mythology: This is the the fact that we believed that “We the People …” held the reins of power in this ” …new order of being…”.
    Whereas in most revolutionary situations, this holds true, in this looming crisis, we enter into it believing that WE stood on an equally elevated level as those we held to be elites.
    Now, yes, I understand all the rejoinders to that belief. Nonetheless, there is a thought out here that this is OUR nation, our culture, our system, our history. Therefore, there is a belief that we we are in a morally defensible position to build and execute a real resistance.

    • Re: “this holds true” above — to clarify, this here refers to the statement that real reform requires some slice of elite support.

    • Reform is shorthand for a non-violent form of change that utilizes elements of a functioning political system and self-interested cultural biases. Z is largely pursuing a grassroots avenue of reform, and I hope he succeeds, because the alternates generally involve significant pain. In the event that reform falls, the most common historical contingency is a form of a revolution via popular revolt, citizen militias, or secession. I suspect that there are now tens of thousands of men chomping at the bit to sign onto to a militia today, and these numbers will only grow over the next year. Now remember that over 600,000 hard and good men died during the American Civil War, and more than twice that number were grievously injured. There is a better way.

    • Like “it’s now who votes, but who counts the votes,” it’s not the law, but who applies the law that counts.

    • I have no legal experience, I think Vox is right

      Robinhood fucked over their clients, thats as clear as day, but don’t be surprised when the case ends up in court, and some (((Judge))) just kicks it out because, reasons

      We say this plenty of times with Trump, its ALL a rigged game

  16. Heh. Ton Def as Secretary of Housing. I like it.

    And, yes, the radical nuts are now in charge. They rioted and destroyed on behalf of free speech, which was nothing more than a ploy to gain power so they could eliminate free speech. They condemned capitalism tout court, but now that they are in charge, make the robber barons of the late 19th century look like Elie Weisel. They spent decades shrieking about McCarthyism, but ol’ Joe never did to the commies one one thousandth of what the AWR archons are doing to whites and anybody of consequence who dares question the Power Structure. It has been said that all Leftist animadversion is projection. It is true.

  17. The Reddit hive codon has been activated. They are bankrupting as many hedge funds as they can. Chairman Biden’s regulators are strafing the dissidents with illegal regs, but the Reddit hive is gathering momentum. The communist crime cartel has momentarily lost a battle, but this war will rage on.

  18. During the presidential nomination process the media made it a point to ignore Tulsi Gabbard. Now she’s no longer in office and some statement or warning from her is almost a daily occurrence. What’s up with that?

    • Gabbard is truly scared, I think, and it probably isn’t political opportunism. She and her family opposed gay marriage in Hawaii after their state supreme court imposed it. They forced the issue onto the ballot, where voters overwhelmingly decided to retain the traditional definition. Interestingly, her father was a prominent Democratic state senator. Nonetheless, the same left-wing tactics we see today were employed against Gabbard and her family in the aftermath: they were threatened, harassed and eventually the business they owned was forced closed after relentless mostly peaceful protests. She briefly became a Republican more or less as a protest against what they experienced.
      Gabbard is a leftist but not a totalitarian. She recognizes what is happening here on the mainland and across the West because she previously lived through it in the late 80’s and early 90’s.

      • Although most of her positions are conventional leftist, she did stake some reasonable positions on foreign policy and some domestic issues. She was by far the best the Dem field had to offer in 2020. Unfortunately, that made her too far right.
        I think her biggest flaw was sincerely thinking that the little people actually mattered rather than using that as a stage prop.

  19. It must get worse before it can get better. Ancient wisdom.
    Step #4 Waking Up To Reality
    First & foremost, you must become aware that you are being relentlessly bombarded with insidious misinformation and memetic indoctrination on a daily basis from many communication vectors. This is being conducted as an intentional mental infection and manipulation of group behaviors. The goal is to reprogram most everyone into hive-minded sheeple that innately conform to a manufactured mindset and then surrender free will as a mandate for ongoing citizenship. This assault is a slow, relentless cancer of the mind and it kills robustness. The end-state, should you choose to acquiesce, is a Karen or a cuck.

  20. Rules are for you, not for them. The minute the rules stop serving them, they change the rules.

  21. Ugh. Mitt Romney vs Ted Kennedy? That’s not something you brag about. Faced with that chit sammich, I’d wouldnt vote at all.

          • He’s a great guy btw

            We were in Italy and he was sitting by himself in a public square /piazza. I guess Italians didn’t know who he was, but we did and he had my wife and daughter sit down for a quick chat and let them take pictures with him. In Positano, I think it was.

      • Romney is a rank sociopath with especially vicious tendencies. Like other sociopaths, he tends toward self-destruction, which is his Achilles Heel. I assume he isn’t on drugs or alcoholic due to his religion, so something else is making him dangerous and prone to self-immolation. Evil? Probably.

        • I think he is a closet case on top of it

          I don’t know if you saw the video of him in the airport being approached by an angry voter and Romney’s first response was “put on your mask” but said as a passive aggressive threat that if you didn’t he would scream for security. It was a total woman move.

        • Go back and look at Romney blowing out the candles on his birthday cake. The video is out there somewhere. He blows them out one at a time.
          I think he is some kind of nut job.
          Like he tortured those working class people whose jobs he wiped out at Bain Capital while himself getting rich.
          No heart, just eliminate those peons.
          Romney belongs in DC. He is as cold as an iceberg and not self aware.
          The goofy Mormons gave us this shit. I hope they have the capability to see what a complete nut job they gave the nation?

          • Who knows with Dominion……how many of those clowns were really elected? I no longer believe the Kenyan was elected the second time, and am doubtful about the first time.

      • I recall Lawrence O’Donnel (sp?) on the McLaughlin Group just saying something like “ugh, no, not Romney” back when he was running for governor. It stuck with me since it didn’t seem to be a policy or partisan issue for him but actually a character issue (amazingly enough), like hearing that his drunk brother-in-law would be showing up for a get together. How bad were the leftist candidates that Romney beat them.

      • Ted Kennedy was the worst kind of corpulent machine-political POS and he killed someone, so if murder is the worse than being a neoliberal shill, I’ll have to give TK the edge on worst person.

        • He also helped shepherd through Hart-Celler and was the cretin who lied on the senate floor about it not changing the demographic make-up of the U.S. Eff him.

          • To this day, I get angry all over again when I remember what you bring up.

            I do laugh when I remember him, during the W-era amnesty push, singing some song in Spanish and being spectacularly out of key.

            As the poet said, “Like a drunk in an old midnight choir.”

        • A lot of this started with him – “the elite” being above the law.
          fyi – just heard Kevin Clinesmith – the guy who physically altered emails to make it look like Trump “colluded with the Russians” just got 12 months PROBATION.
          Justice is dead folks. Irretrievably dead.

      • Who’s to say you’re wrong, Z. I thought you were nuts for wanting to vote for Kanye West and look how that turned out…!😂👍
        Maybe we should have compromised and JFK’d both of them…

      • “I voted for the old drunk with a song in my heart.”

        Was that before or after he swam away and left that young woman to drown after driving drunk into a canal? Yeah, he was a real class act. And yet, the current crop of DC criminals is arguably worse.

        • That’s the point. Kennedy could have been murdering puppies at my polling place and I would vote for him over Romney.

          • Romney is a disciple of Harry Reid. Both are pedophiles hiding behind their Mormon faith and shield. It doesn’t get any lower than that. So yeah, I concur.

      • Letting a woman suffocate at the bottom of a lake while you spent the next 24 hours pondering the impact on your political career is pretty evil. Mittens is a fake, lying traitor, which is a different kind of evil.

        • The victim of Kennady could have avoided it by not banging a married man.
          We are all victims of Romney.

  22. Ref the Robinhood debacle, and further proof we live in bizaro world – Democratic Sen. Sherrod Brown, who is set to become chairman of the Senate Banking Committee, announced that he will hold a hearing on the GameStop situation. Rep. Maxine Waters, D-Calif., also announced a hearing in the House Financial Services Committee.
    With those two driving their Klown Krazy Kars through Kongress – there really is no tellng what kind of krack up ensues (I am not optimistic).

    • AOC and Rashida Tlaib have called for congressional hearings into market manipulation. I support them in their cause, but with caveats.

      Since I believe their deepest motivations are anti-white, it will be interesting to see how they steer an investigation into market manipulation into anti-white, pro-plutocrat conclusions.

      If this spectacle occurs, I hope that it will wake some of our people up.

      • they are gong to steer it into some kind of gibs for dark people, perhaps by framing it early on as an online retail trading world that minorities are excluded from because they don’t have free internet — or something of the nature.

        They will “circle it back” to something to do with race.

    • Yeah, negros/democrats to the rescue – what could go wrong – or more specifically, what could possibly go right?

  23. I have to say that as someone who was a leftist all through college and who used to complain that Bush The First was the director of the CIA and all of that, it was definitely in the context of the US government being THE global superpower in my mind, where the leaders were all reliably chamber of commerce types, i.e. The Man. So I never felt endangered by going to the WTO protests or Protesting against the Republican National Convention because it was all mostly a Chomsky-ist fantasy where we were going to make things fair for everyone. But now that I am older… well the people at the top so plainly have no desire to make things fair for everyone at all. They just want to substitute out the Chamber of Commerce guys with a crowd of Woke lunatics who, like the Z Man says in the podcast, have no interest in us, don’t talk or think like us, and don’t even like us. And that really changes the whole game entirely. I never wanted to be ruled by a foreign people even when I did want to stick it to The Man. You really do end up seeing life a lot differently as you get older. Unfortunately, when I was younger I would have told this older me to suck it. Life. Sheesh.

    • Do you see many of the well meaning “Chomsky-ist”s coming our way? What changed your perspective?

      • I moved from a small town in the midwest where everyone I ever met was white to a huge city that is 70% non-white out of pure idealism and the desire to find a good paying office job… and then I actually met a lot of the people who hitherto I had been brainwashed in to believing had just never been given a chance in life and I pretty much realized that race realism is absolutely true. Not in a good way. In a really shocking, disappointing way. They victimize each other with violence and crime in nonsensical ways that are truly astounding. And then I started searching online for what could explain the bizarre disconnect between what I had been brainwashed into believing and what I actually saw in reality. After a few years, I ended up here. I would say the book The Heart of Darkness is essentially exactly what I experienced.
        But I also have to say that one of the big things that “red-pilled” me is that you can’t actually talk about any of this in real life at all no matter what you have experienced. If I would have been allowed to just admit to someone that what I was seeing was upsetting and horrifying, I probably could have been saved in some sense. But you are not even allowed to acknowledge what you see on the street every day here.

    • What’s that old line, if you’re young and not liberal, you have no heart. When you’re old and not conservative you have no brain, or something like that…

      • Given what’s transpired in the last 50 years and the amount of information available today I’d revise that quip to “If you’re a liberal you have no brain. At any age.”

  24. Caught a minute of CBS news last night after dinner. I really wanted to see how they covered the GameStop story. They got to it around 20 minutes into the broadcast, which is extremely telling in its own right, and treated it almost as an amusing human interest story. The “head financial correspondent” who filed the story, of course a woman, managed to do a Skype interview with what we were told was a typical reddit/gamer-type. He was right out of central casting for a laundry commercial, a dust mop-haired mystery meat who looked as if he hadn’t bathed in a week. She concluded her story by admonishing viewers that getting involved in these kinds of trades is something to be avoided, since you could lose all your money.

    It has to be deliberate gaslighting, right? They can’t possibly miss the forest for the trees this consistently.

  25. Heh. You’re right about the pronouns thing. I was just thinking today, having occasion to browse StackOverflow/StackExchange. The number of contributors that list their pronouns is actually quite large, there do seem to be quite a large number of people in the IT world in that Elite bubble, spiritually and morally if not physically.

    It is totally bizarre:

    Mike Jones
    System Administrator – here to help!

    • I’ve been in tech for decades. Back in the 20th century, most of my colleagues were nerdy “leave me alone” libertarian-ish types who mocked political correctness.

      I see all the changes Mr. OrangeFrog reports and all I can conclude is that the media/schools are very good at molding people.

      It’s so sad to see an effeminate young man who wouldn’t have been that way in a different time.

      • Don’t assume they drank the kool aid. Lots of that stuff happens by default. This nonsense got started in academia, and they used to fill in default pronouns for people (until the act of such assumption became, inevitably, problematic). Corporate America usually lags a decade or so behind the ivory tower, so it might be happening without this guy’s knowing. (Alas, I got out of the ivory tower before that brief glorious moment where they let you input your own bespoke pronouns; I was going to set mine to “Elvis Presley” and “The King of Rock n Roll,” then frame correspondence from the U addressed to me as such).

        • You’re more modest than me. I want to list my pronoun as “Sex God” or “Smartest Guy in the Room,” although I must concede that “King of Rock and Roll” is pretty cool. (I’ve got great memories of my Dad playing Elvis.)

      • I think it started way before that with the androgyny in pop music, say Jagger or Bowie.

        I also suspect that fake boobs had some kind of altering effect on the male psyche. I remember in the early 90s that a lot of guys were into chicks with “bolt ons” I remember Playboy going from only natural boobs then over to fake boobs all the time; for me, it was a bit disturbing actually. It was actually the time I found myself feeling increasingly detached from the culture. But then the tranny thing started. Almost as if the fake boobs on women made it seem that gender was just a matter of swapping out old part for new parts as if we were merely dolls. There was actually a phase where the thing to do for guys was to hit up a drag show — and always with an air of expectation that they might have to see what it’s like to get a BJ from a guy who looked just like a girl but no biggie, right? She has boobs and looks like a chick, after all. Close enough.

        Sure, no biggie… Perfectly normal male behavior….

        Perhaps there’s a connection. The rise of fake boobs with the culture acceptance and fascination with trannies.

        • It’s odd for me to like the a lot of the music of Jagger, Bowie, and even Elvis, but find myself agreeing with all the “uptight,” “judgmental” Christians who denounced them at the time for the effect these artists would have on our society. Those critics were unheeded prophets.

          As well, insightful thoughts on fake boobs and ironic tranny shows (a few of which I attended back in the day) laying the groundwork for our current sexual dystopia.

          • The transitioning from melodic music to rhythm based, throwing out classical for drumbeat singsong rap.

  26. the successful reformer always has support from the elites

    An excellent point, one needs elite buy-in to even begin to start reforming anything. However, the right, let alone the dissident right, has no buy-in from elites or ‘legitimate’ institutions. In fact, as you point out in the second segment, there is a sort of absorbing state, where those that become elites never cash out; even the purged (say, the old paleos) seem to always be looking to rejoin, or at least stay in the orbit of ‘legitimates’.

    This is what concerns mean about the new regime: yes, they are increasing isolated from the dirt people, and are putting on increasingly complex and insane performance rituals. However, since they have captured all of the institutions, too many people on our side of ‘the glass’ take their cue from them.

    • Necker was a swiss banker
    • revolution brought napoleon to power
    • Napoleon handed over France’s finances to bankers from Switzerland

    ahh, the good ol’ days when templars(swiss bankers are their descendents) competed with the israelites to see who is better at sowing the seeds of european revolutions, makes sense considering it was in Israel where templars learned their craft.

    • Nice. Hail, and well met fellow crusader! It is funny watching the paper pushers hoard the gleaming gold in various crypts, init? All the while telling the peasants how obsolete the metal is…

      • they were doing the same thing wrt land

        “Oh you don’t want or need acreage anymore, we are no longer an agrarian society, there is no wealth potential in owning land, we are an information society”

        And people bought it hook line and sinker and decided becoming a renter in the city working in the information and tech fields was the future

        People like Gates and Ted Turner meanwhile are buying up land like no tomorrow

  27. When it comes to the subject of the way people talk about politicians. I feel it occurred somewhere in the early 2000s. I would also say that social media has played phenomenal part in pushing this attitude among the people. Now, one can observe a politician/celebrity as readily as they’d observe a colleague – so naturally, the language used to speak about and to them changes.

    Mind you, I’m only mid 30s, so perhaps this was just the time I became aware of it. No more ‘Mr Johnson’, but rather ‘BoJo’ or ‘BloJo’ or ‘Boris’ or whatever you fancy.

    • Interesting point about how people refer to politicians. Not sure how much of a part social media has played vs. the influence of a general degradation of the moral fiber of society.

      How many times in a day do you hear someone addressed with sir or ma’am or Mr. or Mrs. _________? I am certain it is not as frequent now as it would have been 30 or 50 years ago. Of course, folks also used to bother with actual clothing rather than pajamas to go to a store. In general, people were ashamed of receiving assistance for housing and groceries. I can’t count the number of times that, upon first meeting someone, I’ve been assaulted by the letters with which they are afflicted so they can be prescribed X, Y and Z pharmaceuticals. Yes, the specifics of those medications is without fail soon to follow.
      There is no decorum anymore. And while certainly, social media has encouraged an unhealthy level of comfort between the celebz and the morons who have such diminished inner lives that they NEED TO KNOW!! what brand of TP their favorite whomever uses, I still blame Clinton.

      • Well put. The degradation and decay of everyday living has been ongoing now for a good 50 years or more. TV and social media have played a huge role.

    • No more ‘Mr Johnson’, but rather ‘BoJo’ or ‘BloJo’ or ‘Boris’ or whatever you fancy.

      I like Doris.

    • Where I used to live I went to watch a suburban parade of some sort and who was walking down the path waving at the crowd but Dennis f’n Kucinich with no (visible) security detail. He’s his own kind of fruit-loopy, but it struck me that I hadn’t seen anything like that before or since.

      • Back in the seventies, Danish PM Anker Jørgensen took the bus to work every day and I’ve seen him alone in the streets several times myself, shopping or taking air or whatever.

        And the queen of Denmark, Margrethe II, used to shop at the local market near her summer residence in Graasten without a security detail at all. (Except, of course, all the locals who all knew her and who’d flay and eat alive anyone who laid hand on her.)

        • Harry Truman was famous for taking his “walks” around the city during busy times and high pedestrian traffic. Of course, that was after leaving office. None-the-less it was often shown on TV news spots. Never a mention of physical danger, but always a story on keeping oneself physically fit.

          • Yes. Politicians and celebrities going about their daily business in public was the norm only thirty years ago in most of the Western world.

            Now they’re locking themselves up at Petit Trianon because people boo them when they go to the opera.

        • Quite the contrast with Murrica Felix. Here, in a lot of places, the question would be whether a politician who wandered into a crowd would be flayed and dismembered first or if someone would just walk up and shoot him. The truly hilarious bit is that in the more vibrant places it would be his own voters who ripped him apart. Afterwards, they would be heard to say “dat ol’ white dude we just killed was who now?”

          • Quite the contrast with Murrica Felix.

            This is the upside of monarchy: our head of state is not a politician, so she has a 90% approval rating. Our Wise and Benevolent queen has been mentored by Elizabeth the Great herself, and has queening down to a tee: shut up and wave to the crowds.
            Even republicans – small r – in Denmark has an asterix in their creed: *except for Denmark.

  28. It really is like campus. The few people I still keep up with in academia are baffled, utterly baffled, as to why enrollments are dropping and schools are cutting programs. The idea that college is a positional good has never occurred to them, nor the related idea that one can simply choose not to participate. They will be begging in the streets and *still* mystified. Our Rulers, of course, feel they can MAKE us participate… and the only way they’ll find out otherwise gets awfully sporty, awful fast.

    • There’s a good case to be made that “diversity” is about bringing in unqualified students and their sweet, sweet federal student loans.
      Then they figured out that they could do the same to unqualified whites too. Just like they did with mortgages leading up to the ’08 crash, but with better PR.

      • That academics now have to huddle in fear of their students and mind their mouths (for fear of not being up to date on the latest woke proclamations) …after decades of spewing leftist filth to our youths unfettered… warms my soul.

        • Yeah, it’s hysterical. I’ve written a lot on the joys of teaching the #Woke. And I got out long before the current madness, which in turn is just the tip of the iceberg now that the Bidenreich is installed. They have no idea of the planet-sized asteroid that’s about to crash on their heads… it’s awesome.

          • You like that? I got a million of ’em. The tones clash a little bit, because these were of course Soviet, not that other thing, but I refer to the Bidenreich’s enforcers in BLM as the “Negro Kangs Vengeance Department” (NKVD), and the Just-An-Idea shock troops rioting in Portland as the “Sodomites, Pedos, Trannies, Ergotists, Sociopaths, Neurotics, and Associated Zoomorphs” (SPETSNAZ).

        • One would think that’s the case. But I’m unaware of many instances where a prof, tenured or not, was fired for trespassing upon dainty woke sensitivities. And if these cases truly are rare, they are rare for the simple reason that profs were always the most virulent AWRs in the country and are always more than willing to become even more so.

          • They don’t get fired. But they get reported all the time, and they’re such jellyfish, they immediately grovel. So no, they don’t lose their jobs, but it does cause them pain… Which, frankly, is what keeps me rolling out of bed in the morning

      • When we were saving for our kid’s future education – we were totally on board with the college thing – I kept thinking tuition costs have to level out at some point. They can’t keep going up as there has to be a point of diminishing returns, right? Well, there certainly are, but with the feds/schools pumping loans to get into those uber expensive baby sitting operations, there really was no end in sight. Looks like there might be now and it can’t come too damn soon.

    • College is basically useless other than those institutions that guarantee a pathway into the ruling class.

      That’s what, two or three dozen out of tens of thousands of institutions out there?

      • I would not say college is useless. I’d say it is oversubscribed. The figures for the younger population having some college education is probably over 50% today (40% last I checked). That compares to 6% or so before WWII.

        Between these two extremes lies some magic mean. If we assume an IQ of 120 for a degree in a rigorous STEM course of study, that would entail a population of no more than 10% for enrollment. OK, not everyone need be an engineer and of course, there are Fine Arts students as well who benefit from college.

        Perhaps we consider an IQ of 113 or so, which leaves us 20% of the population for enrollment. 20% figure sounds about right with what I consider the purpose of college to be. Of course, that’s not the general consensus—which now seems to be remedial education for the typical HS graduate.

        I’ve read articles stating that an individual with an IQ of 104 should be able to graduate from some college in some major—provided that control their behavior and warm a seat for 4 years. Is that really what college if for—yet another four years of mastering little to nothing of societal benefit?

        • You want the truth? You can’t handle the truth!!! Nah, just kidding, but with the caveat that this is the truth as I see it, based on a long, varied, but now several-years-concluded collegiate teaching career: At this point, I’m quite confident it’s possible to graduate college without doing much of anything. Not even “control your behavior and warm a seat.”

          Exhibit A is, of course, the Knee-grows, as the Prime Directive in the ivory tower is “Thou shalt not fail the Diversity.” Those guys can do whatever the hell they want, up to and including murder if they’re a starting skill player in a revenue sport.

          But Exhibits B-thru-infinity all boil down to “disability,” which is defined as “whatever you can get Student Health to sign off on,” and since those creeps are obnoxious even by the ivory tower’s world-class standards, you could probably figure out how to say “I just don’t feel like going to class” in Medical Latin and they’d give you a slip.

          I could tell you all kinds of stories, but they’re so ludicrous you’d never believe me. For instance, I, the professor, was once ordered to provide a “disabled” student “study assistance.” For my own fucking exam.

    • hmm the evidence though still shows attendance and debt at record levels . As long as college provides a significant wage premium over no-college. I do not expect much to change.

      • That’s the thing, though – it doesn’t, and it hasn’t, for a long time. I’d be interested in seeing the numbers. I suspect they’re cooked in all kinds of ways (e.g. lumping attendance at trade schools, getting AA degrees from JuCos, people “attending” online college, etc. getting lumped in). I have never once, in my entire academic career (decades), heard administrators do anything other than bewail declining enrollments. New PhDs can only dream of even adjunct jobs, and as for the tenured faculty… I have a friend at a “teacher training college” whose department just got lumped together with about five others into one “Department of Humanities,” because of lack of enrollments. (They’ve also been openly told to dumb it down, because they’re facing stiff competition from the local jucos). Something doesn’t pass the smell test here…

      • The problem is the wage premium comes with very little related value. You can get the same education as a four year degree by reading about 50 books on your own. The colleges are basically job accreditation tests for corporations, because to actually implement job IQ testing would be racist. A degree basically tells the corporation that the graduate can show up on time, and has a reasonable amount of intelligence.

        • But they’ve killed that metric, too, since college is now for everyone (and will be even more so when the Bidenreich arrives at the “free college for everyone” part of the Liberal fantasy list they’re determined to enact in the first three months). Pretty soon you’ll need a Master’s to work at Starbucks.

          • Let’s hope they don’t water down the degrees that much. But yes, at the current rate you’ll need a 4 year degree to work as a barista. See AOC for support of this hypothesis.

        • Yep, and that has been studied and shown via scientific analysis, read Bryan Caplan, “The Case against Education: Why the Education System Is a Waste of Time and Money
          Caplan is an economist and touches most all the salient points of our post secondary education madness. He especially charts the value of degrees in certain areas and the waste of resources starting college, but not finishing a degree program entails.

      • Not really when you see psychology, sociology and English majors working as secretaries and baristas or some equally low level gig.
        What I think they are doing is lumping the STEM majors into the mix in order to boost the what the supposed wages of those graduating with degrees in the humanities and “studies” make(which is next to nothing).
        Even worse these grads are coming out with $100k in debt right out of the gate. So even if they land a decent job they are saddled with the equivalent of a mortgage payment every month for the next 20 years.

        • If you borrow 6 figures, your starting pay should be 6 figures. Anything else is a mismatch. I don’t fault the student as much as the society that allows them to make such decisions. These kids after all are completely ignorant of finance.

          Last I heard, Biden wants to forgive the first $50k, which takes care of about 60% of the debtors, leaving those with high debt—but high professional prospects (doctors, lawyers, etc)—to pay back their loans.

          I don’t find this out of line either. Crippling young people with debt is an economic societal negative as well. However, such forgiveness has to be combined with a complete overhaul of the student loan system. Loans need to be based upon student ability, major, and earning potential after degree completion.

          Also, not-for-profits must be held accountable for student graduation and employment. A degree mill is a degree mill. Right now, only for profits, like “ABC Academy Beauty School” are being held to such standards.

      • The question is how many of them actually graduate. I know some universities here in CA are at capacity but the attrition rate IMS is around 50% or more. Even in community colleges the attrition rate is quite high once you remove the remedial classes from the equation.

        • Yes, I’m sure attrition is pretty high across the board. How could it not be when half of the enrollees are borderline illiterate? But is that attrition higher than it used to be? Is it enough higher to cause financial pain? I’m not sure.

        • It’s not a question. Those figures are known. First year attrition was usually 40%, then there are rates of non-graduation after 5 years. In short, last I was in the business, you were looking at 40% or so getting a degree once matriculated.

    • One good thing that may come out of the current insanity is the destruction of the university system. There are at least 10 times as many people in college as would actually be able to make any use of it, and that’s assuming that they were still making an attempt to teach anything. The academy today is little more than an indoctrination center designed to produce the armies of mindless drones needed by large corporations. An auxiliary purpose is that current students provide a ready made, taxpayer funded mob that can be mobilized by the elite to produce staged “events” for the official media to cover and thus drive whatever agenda they need to push at the moment.

      • They’re trying very hard to blow themselves up, that’s for sure. I left the ivory tower several years ago, but I keep in touch with some persyns still inside, and the consensus plan among colleges for dealing with China flu seemed to be: “Mandate students’ physical presence on campus, but force them to take classes online while wearing masks everywhere. No sports, and punish them if they congregate off campus or go to a bar.” Modern kids are lemmings, so I have no doubt lots of them complied, but hormones win eventually…

        And with the Pretender in the White House, the Left is going to spike the ball and do a touchdown dance, which on campus means that the already insanely in-your-face indoctrination gets amped WAY past 11. I remember the first Obama year; fall 2009 was the most fun I ever had on campus. The freak flags flew… and the Left of 2009 had Spartan self-discipline compared to the Left of 2021. It’ll be a laff riot.

        • I was hoping the pandemic would break the back of the University system by showing students they don’t need this crap. But then again I’m an optimist in this regard.

          Oh, and your description of how the University system handles students in this pandemic is spot on. It describes my old institution to a tee.

      • 10 times is waaay too high a figure. One tenth the student enrollment would place us back at pre WWII levels when we were not the technological society we now are. But I’d agree, we can easily show we have 2-3 times more students than we need to educate at such levels.

        • Well, I was assuming that the K-12 system would be reformed as well and returned to a level of quality and competency similar to what it was around WWII. I don’t really see that technology really requires that much more formal education. Certainly, if you’re going to teach people advanced computer science, synthetic chemistry, mechanical engineering, or something similar, you need something beyond high school. I don’t have the data and perhaps you do, having been in academia, but are the “hard science” majors much more than 10% of enrollment?

          As for making “well rounded” people by teaching young people history and philosophy and all that, I agree in theory that more than a 1/10th could benefit from that. In practice, though, the “humanities” are dead, entirely replaced by poz, feminism, and po-mo ideology.

  29. Z, because you’re a good lay historian and sometimes it’s nice to get away from the topical and current (especially now) it’d be interesting to see you do a post or a podcast on the “Great Man Theory of History.” No doubt certain things would have happened without the larger than life men who supposedly helmed them (the Vormarz Revolution in Germany didn’t need a central figure). But Trump, for all his faults (and maybe in part because of his faults) was able to make the battle lines crystal clear in a way that Buchanan or Perot never could. It’s an interesting question to ask, though: what events were going to happen no matter what, and which ones only came about because of a Tamerlane or Napoleon or Hitler?

      • I clicked on this link to read the thread and it was from 2018. What do you know, a GameStop reference in the thread. Spooky.

      • That’s a good post. This is also a good time to read Witness by Whittaker Chambers not just for all the information about the ideological rot in positions of power but how they were able to communicate under the radar. I feel like that’s going to be relevant

    • The sophisticates would argue that individual people have very little impact upon history. For them, Great Men are merely epiphenomena of deep structural forces such as climate and geography, race, class, or increasingly, language. If Hitler hadn’t done what he did, somebody else would have come along to do the exact same things. For the most part, I disagree with this position. IMO, there are individuals who are so distinct, unique in very powerful ways, that they can set chains of events in motion which alter the course of nations and even humankind. I am coming to see, for instance, Michel Foucault as the critical figure in America’s collapse. Had he never existed, I think it is quite likely that America would still be a very livable nation.

      • I would actually agree about Foucault but the destruction he caused was very far down the line of causality from his direct intentions. He seems to have been mainly interested in living a comfortable life as an academic and may have regarded his theories as clever grifts directed towards the larger goal of – well let’s let him explain it

        I wasn’t always smart, I was actually very stupid in school … [T]here was a boy who was very attractive who was even stupider than I was. And to ingratiate myself with this boy who was very beautiful, I began to do his homework for him—and that’s how I became smart, I had to do all this work to just keep ahead of him a little bit, to help him. In a sense, all the rest of my life I’ve been trying to do intellectual things that would attract beautiful boys.

        So to put it as crassly as possible, he set out to have lots of buttseks with pretty boys. Then somehow he ended up destroying America? To me this does suggest that our destruction could have come from almost any direction. If you build a plane with weak steel and one day it just falls apart in the air, they may find, in putting the wreckage back together, that there was one particular crack that widened and broke it up. There were probably a lot of little cracks though. Was there something special about that one fatal crack or was it just “lucky”.

        • Actually, I don’t believe Foucault set out to destroy America. Nevertheless, his philosophical system–and the affiliated systems of manifold other pomos–was adopted wholesale by American academia beginning in the 60s, and has since metastacized throughout “America” with catastrophic consequences.

      • This is Jordan Peterson’s assertion as well. He states the influence of Foucault and Derrida upon our intellectual classes and academia and poisoned the well so to speak. Derrida for example was welcomed at Yale and other Ivies where his teaching took root.
        And it does explain the Nihilistic and Po-Mo bent of the Woke legions that our centers of higher learning now disgorge upon society.
        I would also agree that had neither men existed. That the U.S. would still be very livable.

        • Don’t get me wrong. I’m not discounting Foucault, Derrida, and the rest of the Pomo squad. I do think they invented a form of sophistry that’s almost impossible to counter. Ultimately, it’s just a really elaborate form of solipsism. Heartiste was always talking about how solipsism is the typical philosophy of women so it’s fitting that modern philosophy chose a form of it as its method of suicide. It’s also interesting to note that a flamboyant homosexual invented it.

      • Entropy. There are just too many ways things can go wrong and over time, they do. The energy inputs required to maintain a system, trust, good will, confidence, pride, charity, godliness, hard work, virtue, fairness, freedom, are overtaken by greed, jealousy, violence, sinfulness, war. Like a cross country road trip in an old patched up jalopy that always breaks down somewhere in the Rockies.

      • Yes, is why are at a moment facing great peril. A charismatic, wild eyed, monomaniac – a Mussolini may see an opportunity here.

  30. Cheating, stealing, crime, and lying are all on the rise and are signs of a low trust society and a casualty of ethnic heterogeneity. Government replacing words and persuasion with the whip. We have used up almost all of our good will, our trust in things, our social capital. How can we build back trust without destroying and replacing the whole corrupt system? A more ethnically homogeneous society would help. We used to be able to close a deal with a handshake. Today even marriages requires lawyers and contracts.

    • Great points.
      > Today even marriages requires lawyers and contracts.
      And not just family law attorneys. These days any man seriously considering getting married needs to put all of his assets in a trust before hand.

    • How can we build back trust without destroying and replacing the whole corrupt system?

      In a nutshell? You can’t. So build. Community, individual resilience and personal networks. Build what you can while you can and realize that eventually you will have to defend it. You will not be left in peace. And when they come, your defense must mean smashing them and all their works.

      • Do you think people will do anything unless they are forced to Brother…I’m beginning to doubt it but that doesn’t stop me from trying…

  31. There’s more to share price than trading volume, and there’s more to the recent market moves than Reddit. Something evil is in the air. Perhaps the catalyst for a financial pandemic?
    Is it time for the game to stop?

    • I saw two things in the past few days, that I’ve never seen before..
      At one point, when GME was halted, the bid was $250 & the ask was $9,999
      The other data point is that a single company, AMC, traded over a BILLION SHARES in one day, certainly some sort of record. (Geez, I remember days when the entirety of trading in every stock on the NYSE was only 7 million shares).

      • I cashed out. Transferred my money out and everything. I have a feeling this won’t end well for the dirts. But perhaps that will be to our advantage.

        • Too much to lose is what got us here. The younger set don’t have that problem, in fact, have been frustrated by those clinging to their stuff rather than their freedom. It’s an explosive mix.

          Meanwhile, tptb are trying to run the Great Reset, which will do little to put down the yearning for freedom, probably intensify it, really. It makes you wonder. Do they not realize the rules will change in the coming years, or are they afflicted with the same fear of losing their stuff?

          • Who are these people “yearning for freedom?”. Are they the same people Jorge Bush and the NeoCons told us about? Asking for a friend. …

          • The people who saw what happened at the Capitol and thought, ‘Hey, somebody finally did something.’

          • I’m convinced the Great Reset will ultimately implode due to a lack of infrastructure and cheap energy availability to support what those lunatics are proposing.

        • My 401Z sits in moderate risk as an inflation hedge. There will be no big market correction down since that would require large portions of debt to be wiped out which the Fed can no longer allow without having the wheels come off the system completely.

  32. One of the reasons it is an amazing time to be alive is that our rulers have insured that they no longer need to care what the masses think. This has made them more blunt, transparent and deranged.

    All those who are same can do is watch the show and throw monkey wrenches into the gears and profit whenever possible. The investment rebels have done a good job of all three

    • Kind of refreshing in a left-handed way – you can’t pretend they’re talking out the sides of their mouths anymore. With all the boldness these people go forth with now, it’s still amazing just how goddamn dumb they are; on almost every level.

      • Why worry about sounding a little “tone deaf” to Norman Normie when every day american life is a pageant of absurdities and perversions? His cherished institutions are maligned and his ancestors made cheap villains in a Tarantino white-murder film fest. His daughters are to be hailed for their slutiness and bitchiness while his sons are to be reviled and shamed unless they wear dresses. His vote doesn’t count and he’d better keep his mouth closed to uttering any truths if he wants to keep his job. On the TV he is the baddie and the butt of every joke. His church is closed for the covid but it doesn’t really matter because when it is opened they use a mocked up puppet-Jesus to echo the bullshit morality he sees on the tube anyway. He can’t even check out with some sportsball without at least nibbling a dose of woke feces if he wants to watch his favorite Africans chasing a ball around a field. His town is now full of immigrant faces that look nothing like his own people, and gosh darn it ain’t they better and truer Americans than him? Thats what he and his children are told anyway.

        Why would he possibly notice some shenanigans with a few stocks and hedge-fund managers? Everyday life is a blaring strobe light carnival funhouse of insanity. And why would TPTB worry about seeming a bit tone deaf on this latest trickle of unfairness when they’ve gotten away with a full firehose of sludge to the face of Mr. Normie for years now?

        it’s still amazing just how goddamn dumb they are; on almost every level.” Dumb, Brother? Understatement of the century.

        It seems peaceful separation or a return to some sort of sane normalacy is beyond the pale. Hell, TPTB can’t even remain graceful in their election coup, they’ve declared Trad white Americans on par with Mohammedan terrorists and are guiding the security apparatus of the State to root them out.

        They’ll push and push until they are forced to realize their “soundproof glass” isn’t the same as bulletproof glass. Tone deaf? That’s rich. Its a collision course of insanity and they and we are all madmen now.

    • The insularity is happening all over. The media shut down comments and now they are shutting down decent on their favorite platforms. Silicon Valley and Wall Street are insulating themselves from the marketplace. Sports leagues have been trying to insulate themselves from their fans.

      • Corporations have spent a lot of money and research on advertising trying to gain customers. It’s developed into a science. Now they’re turning all of that on its head by giving the customer the finger. Is it that important to them to become woke? Apparently it is, and they’re willing to pay the price.

        • They’ve made the calculation that white consumers aren’t the future so they are aiming toward a new customer base. That sense of things really hits home when I see new arrivals all jazzed up for the future. For these new arrivals, America is still a thing and something they are going to immerse themselves in.

          I wonder if this is how it was for the WASPs and Protestants when the Ellis island crowd came over, they saw their America being taken from them and turned on its head. But for the immigrants America was still this thing of amazing future promise. I know the popular culture at the time really shifted hard to the new immigrant class, be it music by Italians like Sinatra, or movies filled with new faces, etc. Valentino was HUGE in his day; I remember playing Trivial Pursuit and the question was who had the biggest funeral in the 1920s or something and said Rudolf Valentino and was right. Everyone was shocked that I would know that lol. But it was just a wild ass guess.

          I remember a professor saying how at the time that movies were perceived as being the entertainment for the staff and maids and so forth. And that there was a revulsion by the “whites” at the time over Bogart who was perceived as too almost Mediterranean with pouty Italian-like lips; he was not the man of the Protestants, that was for sure.

          My point I guess is that the corporations have this prior cultural transformation in mind when they see it as necessary to shift their focus and bet on the new arrivals as their future. Maybe they are right. Whatever the case, we no longer matter. We’ve been laid off and management has brought in new staff and is taking the company in a new direction.

          • I agree. They’re pushing us aside to make way for the new customers. I saw that a couple of years ago when I attended an NFL game and then an NBA game. During breaks in the action, hip hop type of music was played very loud, trying to rev up the excitement, which seemed like an attempt to appeal to a third world audience. Even popular music itself has moved more toward rap/hip hop. Increasingly in sports and entertainment it’s becoming apparent that it’s not our culture any more.

          • Over the past 15 years I’ve been taking in a couple of Idaho State University football games every year (trivia: Holt Arena on ISU campus is second oldest indoor stadium after the Astrodome). Up until a couple of years ago the music played was country and classic rock. Now it’s all hip hop. I recently saw a white guy in a lifted mud splattered pickup driving down the road blasting rap. This is still a pretty rural area. In my day it would have been Hank Williams Jr. blaring.

          • People in the south have been saying that forever. That was the complaint about Elvis nearly seventy years ago. It shouldn’t be a surprise that rednecks go for rap given that both genres trace their roots to southern culture, and both are pretty intermixed (cf. A history of sun records in Memphis, e.g.). The truth is, there is no “white” culture, just a variety of ethnic cultures (like Irish, German, English, etc.). There is American corporate culture, but it’s not white so much as bland and inoffensive.

          • But those ethnic cultures overlap to form a white culture. Elgar is British, Berlioz French, Beethoven German, Vivaldi Italian, and Prokofiev Russian, but they all tie in to a common white culture of classical music.

          • It’s the exact same story at Texas Tech University in “conservative,” white West Texas.

          • AINO has been Africanized in virtually every way. We’ve traded Western civilization, the unquestionable apex of human achievement, for Neolithic squalor and primitivity. If this fact doesn’t prove that the country has gone sailing around the bend and into the abyss, nothing will.

          • We’ve traded Western civilization, the unquestionable apex of human achievement, for Neolithic squalor and primitivity.
            you didn’t trade anything, others did it for you.

          • you could at best argue most people are dumb and ignorant for trusting the elites of the tribe with the well being of their society, but men have to work to provide for their families, they don’t have time to investigate conspiracies.
            And if they know the truth what then?
            They don’t have resources, they don’t have special training, they don’t know how to overthrow governments, they have no leader, what are they supposed to do? Protest? Risk their job in order to cry in the streets like bitches?

          • If white people hadn’t started going along with all of this AWR crap in the 60s, your questions wouldn’t be remotely relevant. We are almost 100 percent complicit in our own demise. The Little Hats were just one factor of many in this sorry story.

          • Yeah I notice that too.

            It’s not meant for me. So, I just don’t spend my money there.

            I wish this decision were hurting them financially. But seeing how the clueless white masses reacted during the Toronto Raptors run to the finals, despite the marketing being *clearly* not meant for us… Well it’s kind of a blackpill.

          • The difference, I think, was the WASPS knew the feds weren’t going to take their shit and give it to Eis Islanders.

      • Good point. The comments sections to newspaper articles first started to disappear seven or eight years ago. That was a real harbinger. Apparently avoidance of dissent instills the belief dissent does not exist.

      • It’s like breaking your leg and then overdosing on portion pills to stop the pain instead of healing it. Once you cut off feedback from an injured extremity, you begin a course that ends in calamity.

      • I have witnessed first hand the consequences in corporations when the Good Idea Boss culture rules and the ceo is shielded from all dissent. The company inevitably goes down the toilet. The only people who prosper are the ones with a better stomach for politics and less drive to do a good job. For every Steve Jobs who was blinded by ego but brilliant there are 1 million other leaders who get lost in a house of mirrors without a reality check.

        Given that all the acceptable Narratives are already built on lies, the only question now for me is how bad it will get, not can it be saved

    • Except they do have to care. One news item that’s come up recently is how the big ad players for the super bowl are pulling out this year. The NFL backing BLM and other degeneracy is in the early stages of self destruction. As this trend continues, ad space sells at lower prices and distributors (TV channels) find their contracts unprofitable and try to renege. Revenue for the league drops, players’ salaries decline, and bad teams start going under. Now, not all industries are as susceptible to angry masses as sports entertainment, but the notion that elites can rule for very long while ignoring or oppressing the people they rule over is simply wrong.

      • The one that gets me is baseball. This is a sport that practically begs white people to show up for it, and yet…
        I think Z had mentioned that the monetary feedback loop just does not exist for sports right now. They get most of their money from broadcast deals, and there’s nothing to replace it so he broadcasters will keep paying. Likewise ad budgets haven’t been hit so that money has to go somewhere.
        I don’t know though, it may be an instance of death by a thousand cuts instead of a sudden loss. First the bars by the ball park will go under, then the sports radio stations, which are just long running ads for sport concerns, will switch to a different format, the merchandising sinks, the goodwill in the community to pay for a new parking lot goes away, etc. In five years or so when they’re on the outs they’ll realize that drastic action is needed but by then it will be too late.

        • There is now way MLB isn’t f***ed.

          They do around $3B in gate receipts with 81 home games:,265M)%2C%20Mariners%20(%24315M)

          Add on another who knows, 20%-40% for concessions, memorabilia, and parking? Say they are out $4B in revenue with empty stadiums each year. 2019 MLB revenues were $10.7B. That’s nearly a 40% revenue loss.

          Remember, aside from the NFL, the other major sports rely heavily on gate, concessions, parking for revenue. The NFL can squeak by since they only have 8 home games and massive TV deals compared to the others.

          Further, since ratings have been shitty across the board since COVID, they are having to pay back some money to networks, and future TV deals will not be as rich.

        • Baseball is embarrassed by how white it is. The same can be said for NASCAR, golf and symphony orchestras. White, ironically enough, is the ultimate dirty word in AINO, and nowhere is this fact illuminated more clearly than in traditionally white nodes of the culture.

          • I know – it’s just pathetic these days. The powers that be in these sports (and other businesses) look around and say “uh oh, we haven’t got enough color around here – got to do something”. No matter whether that “something” will boost the bottom line or not. Appearances are all that matter now.

          • Sports teams enable gathering, shared identity, camaraderie, a reminder that there is something outside of the communist religion/Oligarch-Morlock engineered Transhumanism. That cannot be allowed to stand. We are into the isolation, atomization and destruction of humanity…by whatever means.

        • The feedback has a delayed relay, in the form of broadcast deals. The league gets guaranteed money in the form of broadcast licensing payments and then the broadcaster had the market risk of covering the cost of licensing by selling ads. If they can’t sell enough ads, well that’s not (yet) the leagues problem. Once the licensing agreement is up for renewal, that’s when declining reasons gets brought up. I think the thing that dissidents struggle with is understanding that this battle had to be prolonged and drawn out because the people who control pop culture and entertainment are operating on 5-10 year plans, which means we have to too.

      • You are right that there are areas where the elite are vulnerable but those aren’t sufficient to upend the system. All sporting teams are owned by fabulously wealthy people. During the pandemic and BLM hoaxes their networth has soared.

        Think of it as a portfolio. Even if one stock sinks it is the overall return that matters of the portfolio. Besides the elite gain considerable status by openly hating their white working class fans. The oligarchs have become heroes to the democrats by “speaking truth to power” and funding the faux left

        Eventually they may dial back the hate whitey in sports but by that time no one may care one way or her other

    • The Gamestop fiasco may prove to be the ultimate win/win. Sure the rebels might not get to cash in properly but the efforts to protect the big players will probably hurt them more in the end than letting them suffer the consequences of their arrogance would have. The reason is that all these elite financial scams absolutely require hundreds of small lesser fools to feed each insider. There’s no big payout in the casino for the Whales if the minnows aren’t stuffing the nickel slots with coins. The minnows may now swim away forever or at least until the game is convincingly purged of the crooks at the top. Without the minnows though, the Whales starve to death.

        • All of it, though is contingent on the same dynamics. Lots of little guys have to play the game to feed the crooks at the top. I hope they loot everything now as fast as possible and discredit the entire financial game to the point where the typical “small investor” is a guy stuffing cash and gold coins into his mattress and hoarding bullets and food.

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  34. Watching my normie friends and relatives become radicalized has been shocking. Our leaders screwing the little guy over in plain view has been eye opening for everyone and I really don’t think they understand the forces they are unleashing. It seems like the speed of acceleration is ramping up continuously now. I really do believe that anything is possible.

    • That “anything was possible” thought came to me after the knee on the neck nogger released the summer of love. So the election didn’t phase me at all.
      Nuclear war? Camps for dissidents? Roving gangs of food looters? Really, what could someone say is off the table in the year zero!?

      • Yeah, a lot of things are going to blow up in the regime’s face

        Insert an obvious joke about Kamala

      • Absolutely nothing is off the table in year zero. What’s shocking is that even normal people see that now so that there isn’t anything like “a normal middle class person” just going about their business anymore.

    • This. I’ve witnessed it among my normie friends too, and it’s all happened within the last 3-4 months.

      • It feels like events are speeding up. I told my husband a few weeks ago that things would start to happen at an increasingly rapid pace. The forces, the traditions, the institutions, all of the things that would put brakes on destabilizing events, all are crumbling before our eyes. Now I’m shocked when a day goes by that something that was once unthinkable does NOT happen.

    • Meanwhile in my neck of clown world the neighborhood old hen busybody society is readying a recall petition to cancel a newly elected local politician because someone with way too much time on their hands and an overestimation of their own virtue found some of his old tweets objectionable (“racist!! xenophobic!”). I really hope I’m home when they come knocking petition in one hand pearls firmly clutched in the other. Stupid insufferable bitches.

      • You nailed it: “someone with way too much time on their hands” –
        Think that’s where a lot of this insidious nonsense comes from. If we were still an agrarian society nobody would have the time for all this BS.

        • Yep. Some formerly milquetoast people around me are even advocating dissolution. For the first time in my life, I realistically could see some form or variation of revolution/secession. Obviously those usually don’t work out well for anyone, but the raw stupidity slithering out of D.C. may make it inevitable.

          This first manifested with long-time military families telling their children and grandchildren that they would be disinherited if they joined the service of the D.C. government. Now it is rampant throughout the civilian population. Turning D.C. into Tiananmen Square, to borrow a wise analogy from Z, has not produced the expected reaction. People are even angrier.

          With the preface I hope they don’t, these insular morons seem poised to spark massive civil unrest. It is hard to tell whether it is intentional or rank stupidity. Maybe it is both.

          • Those military families are looking at it wrong. The military has become an enormous grift. My younger brother just got out of the military. He did 5 years in the navy as an electrician’s mate. He learned a valuable trade and can troubleshoot generators now, and he never left San Diego. Now, he’s claiming about 50% disabled for PTSD (for a guy that overdosed that he wasn’t even close with), a shoulder injury he got riding a mechanical bull (but claimed it was on the job), tinnitus, and insomnia. He openly admits its all a grift, and is extremely healthy and functional. He’ll be making $1500+/month for life. It’s not just the moolinyans doing the grift either, our people are in on it too. He said basically all the guys on his boat are in on this. Look at the numbers. Disability claims since Obama rubber stamped the process is about 50% now, compared to 20 years ago when it was about 25% (and far less than that the generation before). Sometimes I get mad at him because I have that old school, take no money or help from anyone attitude. Too many of us have that attitude, though. The system relies on it. If our people truly start to embrace the grift too though, the system falls apart. I guess he’s throwing sand better than I am.

        • Yes. This isn’t about just economics anymore. It’s about the potential attempted genocide of whites in AINO.

      • That world was a little bit different wherein the system basically said that they would maintain the status quo in exchange for people allowing themselves to be screwed over in trillions of invisible little ways (Bush’s line of destroying capitalism to save it, etc.). Now the system is just a prison guard tormenting the prisoners in exchange for maybe not being tormented quite so much, or maybe not. The math doesn’t work quite so well this time around.

      • Back then it was just hatred of the banks and maybe a smattering of politicians, mostly on the right, as the Dems were not yet on the side of global capital. Now everyone and everything is fair game, and even Republican voters are seeing how everything is crooked, including sainted capitalism.

        • It seems like capitalism is the new communism, in the sense that lefties were always swearing communism would work, but it just hadn’t been implemented correctly. Maybe capitalism can never be implemented correctly as well, and like communism always ends in the gulag, capitalism always ends with monopolistic corporate fascism.

          • The problem is government. It works with weak, decentralized gov’t restricted to enforcing contracts, that kind of thing. Powerful central gov’t with tentacles in every aspect of life via a non-elected regulatory state. When that happens, you get the unholy alliance of rich oligarchs buying government favor….or just buying the government, like has happened in the US.

          • IMO, the problem is concentration of ownership. There isn’t much difference from ground level whether a gaggle of communists own everything and can take everything you have, or a gaggle of monopoly corporations own everything and can take everything you have, or a bunch of aristocrats own everything and can take everything you have.
            Back when nearly everyone owned their own small business concern (farm, shop, cottage factory, whatever) and large businesses weren’t in total control of all infrastructure, we had freedom. That was the world where all the old libertarian formulae about markets and choice actually applied.

      • I’m still in transition myself. Frankly, I didn’t want you people to be as right about everything as you ended up being, because where do you go from here?

    • “Watching my normie friends and relatives become radicalized has been shocking.”

      Watching my normie friends and relatives REFUSE to become radicalized has been shocking. N.o.t.h.i.n.g. will stop them from loving Big Brother.

      • This is also true. Boomer dad, who is a good man, thinks the senator from West Virginia is for some reason going to hold down the fort until the cav arrives in two years. I would be lying if I said it does not make me sad, despite its predictability.

        • He is stuck in the same political theatre drama he has known all his life. It’s a tough pill to swallow that all the talk radio and voting were pointless wastes of mental energy.

        • Yep. The old “wait until 2022 or ’24 and we’ll show ’em” is truly pitiful nowadays. Those horses left the barn years ago.

      • Yeah, I agree with you.

        I’m reporting back from the West Coast and I gotta say that my lefty family and friends don’t seem to have moved any more right. Big time moral sunk cost fallacy. I keep asking, “Have you seen the streets of Seattle and Oakland? How can you say things are going in the right direction?” They acknowledge the problem but can’t admit that it has anything to do with the elected officials. Somehow their self worth is based on their morality, and the mindset is immune to facts/logic.

        • It is a religion, a faith. Communism is pagan power/state worship. That is why they are irrational. It is faith based, their priests in the media tell them what to think.

    • I absolutely wrote the same thing before seeing it was already posted. Its shocking to me. Then again, while I knowingly had been headed this direction, the past year clarified lots of things for lots of people.
      Edit: I also want to add as an edit for emphasis, a clarifying event for lots of folks I know was the “Fiery but peaceful protest” caption in front of a burning building on CNN. That was pure dystopian fiction for all to see, distilled in a single screen.

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