The Decoupling

Once you have been on this side of the great divide for a while, you end up in another place that is not obvious when you first make the journey. That is, you look on at conventional politics with a bemused detachment. Since it is obvious to you that it is all theater, you wonder why some of them put so much effort into the performance. Why does Elizabeth Warren, for example, feel the need to carry on like the champion of the little guy over GameStop? What is the point of this charade?

It could be that her script writers and directors have told her there are tribes on the Left that need to see this show. Maybe they think the Bernie Bros are starting to wise up about what is happening and need a booster shot. It is not as if she is going to follow through and do anything about the shenanigans. Even if she wanted to, she lacks the authority and she has no influence over those who do have authority. The SEC and FBI laugh when they hear a politician demand anything from them.

We live in a country where the FBI can manufacture evidence in an effort to overturn a presidential election and nothing happens. Thus far, one guy was charged with faking evidence to a FISA court. He confessed, as he was caught red-handed, but he received less than what drunk drivers get these days. He is a hero to the Bureau, because he took his pinch like a man. He kept his mouth shut and he learned the two greatest things in life. Never rat on your friends and always keep your mouth shut.

In the case of GameStop and the shenanigans surrounding it, the players are not punks doing small crimes like that FBI stiff. These are shot callers who bankroll the political system and control the economy. They already own dingbats like Warren and Ocasio-Cortez, so they have no fear of them. They probably have them on mute as no sober man would want to listen to those two for more than five minutes. Their prattling on about this issue is pointless.

This is the reality that has been brought home over the last decade. The election of Trump was that last desperate attempt by normal people to shake some sense into the managerial class, so they would start enforcing the rules again. Even people on this side of the great divide held out hope that this would be a wake-up call and the Overton window would slide this way, allowing for discussion of the root causes of the current crisis in the American Empire. None of that happened.

All you have to do is look back at posts here from a few years ago. Look at the comments and you see familiar names holding out hope that the investigations into the FBI would become a catalyst to reform. Even the most jaded on this side of the great divide had some hope. Not puppy dogs and rainbow hope, but the sort that thinks the people in charge will sense their interests are at stake and they will adjust out of self-preservation or maybe as a way to gain some advantage.

This is one of those changes for which we have no precedent. All of a sudden, we have a significant number of people who look at convectional politics as a joke. Instead of being angry and banging away on social media or sending off an e-mail to the nearest Republican, millions are just detaching from it. Outrage theater can only work if people are engaged in the system. We are in the midst of a great decoupling, where millions detach from the system and attach to independent systems.

In the past, the political culture provided for both satisfaction and dissatisfaction with the current policies. Those who were happy would get to see people inside the system being happy, so they could mimic them in their happiness, getting the same dopamine hit as if they were actually benefitting from the policy. Similarly, unhappy people could find a performer in the system being angry and outraged. They would mimic that behavior to get the satisfaction of feeling wronged.

Those of us fully decoupled from the system no longer get those neurological responses from the performers in the system. Their outrage and gloating strike us as ridiculous and bit absurd. A goofy old dingbat like Elizabeth Warren barely has comedic value. Watching her is like watching a 1970’s comic in a denim suit telling Nixon jokes. Similarly, Ocasio-Cortez is just a reminder of why you are glad you are no longer on Twitter. Millennial dingbats are a dime-a-dozen.

What we are seeing is a great decoupling. The shuttering of the social media sites to tens of millions of people breaks the connection. Many have ended up on Gab, connecting to a different social dynamic. Others are heading to other places like Telegram, connecting to boutique communities. Some will no doubt re-attach to Conservative Inc., but there is not much there to offer the person looking for a way to express their unhappiness.

The political system that has evolved to this point has counted on greater and greater engagement at increasing levels of emotion. What happens when those dials start moving the other way is unknown and unconsidered. When tens of millions shrug and laugh at the pleas from Conservative Inc. or mock the phony rage heads from the chat shows, how does the system respond? Turn up the volume? Send their crazies back out to poke people with sticks like they did last summer?

A new year brings new changes. The same is true for this site as we adjust to the reality of managerial authoritarianism. That means embracing crypto for when the inevitable happens and the traditional outlets are closed. Now more than ever it is important to support the voices that support you. Five bucks a month is not a lot to ask. If you prefer other ways of donating, look at the donate page. Thank you.

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226 thoughts on “The Decoupling

  1. The people have decoupled because the system is drained, and they are drained themselves. The branch gives no fruit, not even bad one. People were going on slow death, either living off the credit and dopamine, or pretending things could be changed without too much destruction. True, there have been good actions and martyrs before (meaning the ashlis and not the dylanns, and maybe the kyles if they avoid selling out), and they kept -and will keep- the sparks going until the big happenings accelerate.

    Now a big kinda 1905 happened on blessed Epiphany Day 2021, and the system has ceased to pretend having any answers other than the same lying narrative that guides them to death – they gave no divine guidance, so they will take any cheap replacement. True, maybe some Populist Inc. and/or visible 3rd party will be a peaceful front alongside some fellow travelers – but they must only be high-speed wide open gateways to the new system outside.

    God keep us hungry for more victory in the struggle; His reward is eternal, for us and the posterity saved.

  2. I think the biggest wake up call for me was that the bureaucracies – aided by cabinet-level appointees – blocked any meaningful declassification by the president. He had no power at all.

    • Is true, Bad? Wow. That would be insubordination. Chain of command. The is no difference between CNN and the bureaucracy. What happens when more and more people realize how corrupt our government is, and government has to use more and more force to keep us in line?

  3. I pretty much decoupled as a teenager over the Vietnam War. I realized how corrupt the system was and how easy it was to brainwash people. Obama being elected was the final stage in my decoupling because I saw the peace movement disappear and realized even the anti war movement was a complete con.

    But no matter how cynical I was, what had happened under Trump has raised my pessimism to a whole new level especially in how it made me come to terms with the JQ.

    I have no idea what will happen in the long-term because the future is always different than we think it will be but the next few decades will likely be bleak. However this is a stage we need to go through

  4. There are seven million people on /r/wallstreetbets alone engaging in financial open source insurgency. This is starting to look like a thing. It certainly has my attention.

  5. Z man, this de-coupling you are talking about is only happening in one direction, on the right, while on the left they are fully engaged as ever. Whether it’s a single black woman or $100 red wine drinking white mama, they are all fired up. Proof positive of this will be 2022 midterms, Republicans are going to lose seats across the board, after that I expect Democrats to be fully emboldened to push anything they want.
    The elders on the right need to urgently look to an example from other side of world- Pakistan. The Muslim elite decided to carve a country for them before the British left, at a huge economic cost, but they got a place where Muslims are not getting hounded down like they are in India now. The credit for this on their side goes to a single man Mohammad Jinnah. Way back in 1920’s he saw what was happening in India today, and successfully got a separate country. Who will be retro white America’s Jinnah today?

      • Someone here mentioned OANN, a site I’d never seen
        It is One America News Network.
        I looked at a report on the Gamestop ramifications.
        Here are One America’s authors for that report:
        (Reporting by Sagarika Jaisinghani, Medha Singh, Sruthi Shankar, Munsif Vengatill, Devik Jain and Anirban Sen in Bengaluru, Fergal Smith in Toronto, Anna Irrera, Saqib Iqbal Ahmed, Lewis Krauskopf, Chris Prentice and April Joyner in New York, Susan Heavey in Washington, Sujata Rao-Coverley, Tom Wilson and Thyagaraju Adinarayan in London; Writing by Patrick Graham and Nick Zieminski; Editing by Saumyadeb Chakrabarty and David Gregorio)

        It may be “One America” but it sure as hell isn’t yours.

    • I pray that the number of votes counted and certified in the 2022 election extends into the billions. Everyone should vote at least a dozen times and hundreds of times if you live in Chicago, Detroit, or Atlanta. And never vote Republican unless you first stab yourself in the back in a show of solidarity.

    • Lords what an excellent example. What in heck was the backroom deal between Jinnah, Nehru, and Atlee, we don’t know.

      Would we be able to sustain a million casualties on each side and still keep going, a la our first American Civil War?

    • Congressional Republicans might gain seats. Its one thing to discover ballots via mail-in for Statewide elections in Philly, another thing to discover them suddenly in rural PA. Or KY, etc. Ballot harvesting is a game two can play, and likely will.
      There is no shortage of Republican men who like being Congressmen. Its one thing for Paul Ryan to be happy to lose, he gets a cushy seat on the Fox Board. Rep. Cornhusker from NE gets … well basically nothing if he loses. Not even a small time lobbying position for the Corn Board.

    • America’s Jinnah would have to contend with a more dangerous enemy, who has big guns, infinite ammo, tanks, drones, and near perfect intell.

  6. Two additional points: If you read the fine print of what Pocahontas sent to the SEC, she’s actually blaming those Reddit millennials for the GSE “manipulation,” as if massive long funds weren’t helping them. Second, I like that a lot of these millennials and assorted financial rebels are turning to the silver market. While I don’t think they will succeed, just forcing the Comex to limit buy orders is a victory because it shows real-time rule changes that benefit insiders. Do they change the rules for JP Morgan when they get caught manipulating the market every five years? One by one, the scales fall from the eyes of all kinds of people, and we’re left with the naked reality that we’re governed by a corrupt kleptocracy of inferiors.

    • Warren’s reputation went into the toilet during last year’s primary. Nobody sees her as The Great Reformer so she might as well just cut the charade and be an open shill for Wall Street.

  7. Just the calmness I get from turning it all off for a few days and staying off woke social media like Twitter is eye opening. Then when I do turn it back on and see the reality of just how crazy it all it really is does change how I look at the world. Disconnecting is a real thing going forward.
    I use Gab to stay away from the loons and I read web sites like this.
    I have no desire to connect with them anymore and that includes Conservative inc.

  8. >Even people on this side of the great divide held out hope that this would be a wake-up call and the Overton window would slide this way, allowing for discussion of the root causes of the current crisis in the American Empire. None of that happened.
    That is the one thing that did happen. There are more people talking about demographics and biology than ever before. Sure, you might get yourself banned from YouTube or Twatter for it but no one cares about that anymore. Even Normies are starting to think about these things.

    • True. I think this is the biggest flaw with Z’s otherwise correct analysis. The non-stop attempts by the Left to re-legitimize their controlled opposition shows they know the window has irretrievably moved rightward. That movement will continue.

    • Yep, and if my memory serves, has not made us any happier. As an older adult looking back over a very long time period, I’ve concluded that as a child I was poor, lower class, and probably could be considered “White trash” in today’s world. Yet, I don’t remember wanting or needing anything, nor feeling poor or deprived. Never went hungry or was jealous of others who had things. Later, when I wanted stuff—like a car, I got a job. Minimum wage, but that’s how things got handled in those days.

  9. Decoupling feels great. Prior to doing so, everything felt terrible. TV wasn’t very interesting, social media felt like nonstop drama that became boring, etc. Unplugging and cutting felt like an obvious decision and I was in my 20s. Most people my age did it more or less. Back when I was younger, people would talk about what happened in the latest Breaking Bad and these days – nothing. Most people decoupled even if it was not a conscious decision.

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  11. Z – are you familiar with the teachers union in Chicago. I mean HBD means the kids might end up how they are anyways – but I feel that this has actual consequences. Like is this some extortion scheme?

  12. The interesting thing about Gamestop is to watch the leviathan fix the glitch that allowed the little people to pull one over on the parasite class. It will be quiet and no one will see it but this chink in the armor will be plugged.

    • True, but the United States markets have operated under the illusion of some fantastical lack of manipulation and transparency a long time. Revelation of the fraudulent nature of American markets is a hit that will have immediate and long-term consequences. The loopholes indeed will be plugged in the middle of the night but the reputational damage is severe and permanent.

    • There are a lot of large firms who made big money off of GameStop. Large equity firms like Vanguard are making a killing off of the short squeeze. Melvin Capital, Citadel, etc. are small fish compared to Vanguard and Black Rock. The government and powers that be may prefer to sacrifice guys like Andrew Left. There are bigger players that are benefiting which is why we haven’t seen much in the way of action. The moment Black Rock and Vanguard, with assets in the trillions, get inconvenienced, then you can expect action to be taken.

      My money is on these firms getting sacrificed, the people involved reform new hedge funds, nobody gets investigated and it all gets treated like a blip on the radar.

      • Agree there were definitely some big fish on the squeeze side of GME, most likely through massive call option buys.

        I have to wonder if they were running an op to get rid of Robinhood, who went zero commission, prompting the other brokers to follow suit, thus turning the retail side of the house into cost centers.

        They were never going to make it up on increased trade volumes, because learning to day trade is tough. Being profitable is even tougher. If you do it right, you shouldn’t need to make many trades per day. It’s simple math.

        • Back in the previous century I was an intraday trader, first at an investment bank boutique and then on my own. Stocks traded mostly in eighths (12,5 cents) and one could do quite well with four or five thousand share trades. Now? Digitalized and the spread is too narrow to make the risk worthwhile. I called it quits in ’98 (things had gone well) and have never regretted it. Anyone without prior “inside” experience who tries it now is imho a lamb awaiting fleecing.

  13. Read another Z-Man missive, buy another 1,000 rds of self defense. It’s becoming Pavlovian.

    Off topic: Turkish company, Sarsilmaz, has 9mm avail at $0.70 a round. Ammoland . com. Chewed up over 350 rounds, in multiple pistols, with no misfires.

    Don’t want to buy anything from Turkey and always prefer to buy domestic, but I have not been able to find. Fires clean (not like the Russian garbage). …and Russia is evil and they control my mind through Facebook ads…

    • In a sane timeline we’d be on polite terms with the Russkies.

      This echo hangover from the Cold War has been one of the most bizarre aspects of the past several years.

      At worst they are a competitor in the fossil fuel industry Xiden is about to wreck.

      Putin has a lot of empty land and a huge fertility issue. He can’t be excited about an ascendant China with population 1.4 billion sitting on his border.

      Even worse, China now has an extremely friendly, possibly puppet regime in DC that has already started ramping the Ukraine and Syrian trouble spots against Russia again.

      I can’t imagine Vlad being thrilled about this, especially because he has no clear successor lined up.

    • Agree we ought not to buy anything from Erdogan’s Turkey. Even with today’s prices, my son said that’s 3.5 times the average price, but good to know it hasn’t misfired so if he comes across someone’s hoard he’ll take it.

  14. How does the system respond? They pass more and more intolerable laws and enforce them with increasing heavy-handedness until you can’t ignore them anymore. Ricky Vaughn is already in a jail cell for posting memes. You and I and all of us are on the list too. Because of this, I don’t recommend decoupling from the system altogether, but instead concentrating efforts at the state and local level, backing people who support nullification (and eventually, secession) movements. This is the way.

    And of course, Prepare yourself and your neighbors to meet tyrants and their enforcers head-on personally if you must. Don’t end up like the prisoners in Solzhenitsyn’s labor camp, wishing you hadn’t gone quietly.

  15. I need to pay less attention to politics than I do. My problem is that these idiots aren’t competent (not in the way we need them to be) and *will* break the world. Communists always break the infrastructure of their nations – they can’t not, because they can’t allow the sort of people who can build and maintain it any authority. Ignoring these idiots may save my sanity, but we’re still going to die when the lights go out, when the water stops flowing, when you can’t get fuel and gasoline, when there is no food in the stores.

    (This is where someone chimes in about their backyard garden and how they’re totally going to survive on the ~10000 total calories per year you can grow.) No, (unless you’re a farmer with many armed friends) you’re not going to survive it. Most of us won’t. We are so overpopulated that the failure of our powered infrastructure will kill large fractions of us and wreck our land as desperate people burn and eat everything in the countryside.

    • Lack of readily available, cheap energy is going to prevent the Great Reset.

      Jim Kunstler has written about decreasingly available energy for years.

      Yes, he’s a ((())), but he makes many good points about energy and living arrangements.

      • Biden and Trudeau are going to destroy the North American energy industry. Alternative energy does not produce nearly enough, and is extremely expensive. Only nuclear can replace fossil fuels, but there’s an anti-nuclear agenda too. It’s almost like there’s a concerted effort to make us poor and ultimately freeze us to death or something.

        Anyways, it sure is a genius plan to destroy Canada’s only real industry, also very blue collar, while bringing in over 1% of the population in immigrants per year. No jobs, no energy, no money.

        Ugly times ahead. Dunno what the plan could be except for mass depopulation of the planet.

        • Absolutely.

          I was wondering if it’s possible for the effective parts of the energy industry, like coal and oil to localize or even regionalize.

          Something like, “go green all you want in DC and SF, but up here in Alberta and Montana we’re going to keep supplying folks with oil and gas.”

          That might be a large step on the way to some kind of secession.

          I hope people realize that these guys are so anti fossil fuel that they will come to seize people’s F-250s unless they can prove they are using them for work 99.999% of the time.

          Plan on minimum 10 year prison sentences for cheaters.

          • Alberta was only 69% white in 2016. In the 2021 census it’ll probably be low 60’s and that’s the “official number”. Non-whites always bow to globohomo. I wouldn’t put much faith in Alberta to do anything.

            The conservaCuck recently lifted harsh lockdown restrictions in a desperate bid to stave off a loss in the next election.

            In 10 or 20 years it won’t matter and Alberta will be minority-white. The current geographic situation will most likely be fluid since it’s white people that matter, not current lines.

      • The main thing to remember about energy is that it’s cheaper to harness than create, at least when done right. I’m in the process of designing a home to build, and the main thing I’ve learned is that it is way easier to work with nature than against it, and most homes built before WWII consistently incorporated those notions into design. It’s quite the rabbit hole to go down, but it’s pretty interesting how easy it can be to heat or cool a house that’s laid out and designed properly.

        • There is a reason high ceilings and multiple quarters were the norm. Why open concept is a concept that won’t last a spike in energy costs.

          And older homes were built around the human animal and his patterns and tendencies. Things were arranged with that in mind. Then the better architects gave form to function and built the house outward from a human center with pleasing aesthetics. And it came together as an organic whole. Today houses are built to look good in photos but meanwhile have no human soul or core; they will put 80% of the space into the kitchen and living or “entertaining” area in one big open ballroom but then leave you with tiny bedrooms. And not high traditional 9-10 foot ceilings but atrium ceilings with that g-dam railing along the loft; try cooling that in the sunbelt where they are building these things.

          Nah, I won’t buy a house unless it was built pre 1950 or so. Plus the materials and workmanship were 2 to 3 times better. Some of the Georgian style homes from even earlier are beyond gorgeous. Victorians will cost you ton when you need to replace the roof, but they are gorgeous as well.

  16. This piece is absolutely on the money. I dutifully make my daily trips to places such as OANN and Citizen Free Press, and shake my head and chuckle that those sites are still wasting time talking about what’s going on in the Imperial Capital. I suppose there is some modest value in knowing what idiocy and evil is in store for us, but expending emotion on these things is silly, and it is now foreign to me. I–and I suppose just about all of us–have transitioned from the realm of policy to the realm of ideas and action. Whatever the archons do is of little interest to me; what intrigues me is theorizing the causes for the present conditions, and hypothesizing future approaches which ensure they do not recur in our new polity.

    • I watch no tv. Other than a handful of DR sites, I read little online. My view of official reality and the narrative for normieland is scrolling through the headlines at the DailyMail online – my version of flipping through People magazine. When I want gritty reality, there are a number of Telegram feeds with original footage of world events. Otherwise I am content for now to isolate from the degeneracy with the hope that my future holds a genuine White community.

      • The great thing about Twitter or Telegram is the real-time feed, without waiting for layers of editors to approve the propaganda.

  17. This week, the GameStop fiasco will end in one of two ways:

    First, the GME/AMC/etc buyers capitulate and the little guys get scalped by the rich. Again.

    Second, the short squeezes continue into the weekend. Markets get ugly through Friday. To avoid another LTCM crisis, the Federal Reserve steps in over the weekend with bailouts for the firms who are short. They also coordinate rule changes with the stock brokers and exchanges to destroy the Reddit speculators. The crisis ends with stocks back to highs the following Friday.

    Scenario 1 or 2 could drag out for a few weeks. Regardless, the bitter pill normie will be fed will force millions more people who are already perched on the edge, falling off. Populism will explode. We will have more opportunity to drive people into our camp.

    Never let a crisis go to waste.

    • GME will end in tears for most of the little guys as the (((central banks))) make the (((hedge funds))) whole.

      Expect Congress to ram through new restrictions on retail trading that make it nearly impossible for retail to do anything other than buy and hold an S&P index fund for 40 years minimum.

      Of course, the new regulations will be, “for the children.”

    • The interesting thing here is how the system responds to the second punch, which is the silver squeeze. The silver market is the definition of a rigged market. The insiders betting short are about to have a bad week.

      • i don’t know about silver. Last time it went parabolic in the early 2010s it came back quickly. The time before that, the Fed also stepped in and made billionaires into millionaires.

      • The feds probably will intervene, further highlighting how truly fraudulent the markets have become.

      • It’s impossible right now to purchase physical silver online. I’m not smart enough to see all the possible implications.

        • I’ve noticed as well. Lot’s of waiting for foreign shipments to arrive. But is it a manipulation or fear from people wrt current printing of dollars?

      • What does this mean?

        “This is huge– Much bigger than anything being talked about–China’s interbank overnight repo rate hits 10%”

        “China is in play” “This is the reckoning”

        The thread:

        Is it irrelevant trader chatter- ‘every day is Apocalypse Day’- or is this system contagion spreading, the dreaded counterparty collapse?

        Maybe financial fragility will stymie their Great Build Back Dumber before they can crash fuel and transport.

        • Update. Many apologies, just chatter. The usual hair-on-fire hype; the dollar isn’t crashing, the lights aren’t going out.

          Think of me as somebody’s stupid chihuahua. They bark at anything.

          The last sentence holds, however, system fragility contagion is spreading; I can only hope their grand schemes become an endless sideshow of putting out dumpster fires. The gulags seem a bit more distant.

        • Uh, the overnight interbank repo rate hitting 10% is a huge deal.

          That is exactly what happened to US overnight interbank repo rates in September 2019, just weeks before reports of a, “…deadly new virus…” began surfacing in China.

          US overnight interbank repo rates hit 10%, possibly even much higher than the typical 2-3% rates in September 2019 and the US Fed had to step in as the lender of last resort.

    • Aren’t those kids screwed because they can’t use the platforms to dump their stocks (for profit)?

      Or did I hear that wrong?

      • They aren’t really screwed, they were putting a couple hundred bucks en masse into deeply out-of-the-money call options which will expire soon, worthless.

        They’ll be screwed when they get locked out of their accounts and can’t switch them to another platform, and yes, locked out of collecting enough profit to fund a dissident movement.

        (PS- call options are a bet and a claim on stonks going up.)

        • Agree. I bought a few GameStop and AMC stonks not because I am hoping they moon but because I am hoping to get in on a class action lawsuit. People blow more money on a weekend partying than most people spent on these stocks. It’s just a cultural moment. Like everyone buying a ticket to the super bowl or everyone getting wasted at a Van Halen concert. I mean seriously we are talking about a few hundred bucks. Not exactly life changing. Good for the kids who bought several hundred at $5 and are now sitting on a pile of cash. Nothing about money really matters one way or the other anymore.

          • It seems to me that the point of these small purchases is not to make money so much as it is to hurt people, certain specific people, people who need to be hurt as much as possible as often as possible. I think of it this way – it’s a better investment in the future than giving the money to the GOP ever was.

  18. When tens of millions shrug and laugh at the pleas from Conservative Inc. or mock the phony rage heads from the chat shows, how does the system respond? Turn up the volume? Send their crazies back out to poke people with sticks like they did last summer?

    Likely the last without state-sanction this time. If the State were rational, it would allow the disengagement to continue to snowball and just ramp up the grift. In fact, as we see with the financial manipulations, the Ruling Class would be perfectly content to also disengage and accelerate the looting and, in fact, has done so.

    The problem is to get to this point, the Ruling Class entered into an alliance with actual Leftists to destabilize the social order and pave the way for the Triumph of the Hedge Funds. As you point out, Elizabeth Warren and AOC are total phonies who appeal to besotted wine moms and braindead Millennial girls, but there are elements of the actual Left that cannot be controlled. These types will poke folks with sticks, including those who have used them like two-bit whores. It may be quite bloody and it will be entertaining to those of us who have withdrawn our consent.

    • Oh, don’t worry — Presidizzle Heels-Up will nuke the “protestors” from orbit. Rioting is only socially just when there’s a Republican in the White House — burn OUR shit, and we roll in the tanks. First come the March Violets (happening now); then the Night of the Long Knives. It took the original Nazis a few years to get to that point; with modern information velocity, I bet it’ll all be over by this summer’s riot season. I’m just worried I’ll get a double hernia, laughing so hard at the First Black Female President curb-stomping “Black Lives Matter” so hard it’ll give Bull Connor wood in the afterlife.

      • The truly dangerous ones are not the astroturfed upper middle class Whites in Antifa and BLM, along with the darker hangers-ons, gathered to protest riot. But, yeah, that image of Harris nuking BLM is awesome and that very well may happen, too.

      • Still chuckling over Bull Connor with a woodie in the afterlife. I also liked “Summer Riot Season”. Yeah, I kind of like the ring of that. Rioting as the new national sport. Why play baseball in the stadium when it’s so much more fun to burn that mofo down?

    • the wine mom stereotype seems like a relatively new one. Like when I think of a garden variety white suburban mother – I think of someone like Marge Simpson.

      • Perhaps they always existed but went unidentified as a group. My personal experience is that (over)educated middle-aged drunk and drugged up white women are at the root of an awful lot of western society’s troubles these days.

        • They really started to rear their heads in the 2012 election. One of the tools Obama used to win was restarting the 1992 “War on Women.” It used to be treated as a given that suburban moms and suburban women in general voted Republican with their husbands but this cohort of Gen X and Early Millennial women fell for the agitprop hard. Virtue signaling as social currency has really poisoned this group. Even the ones who still voted Trump in 2020 virtue signaled hard about BLM, criminal justice reform, etc. It’s painful to see.

          • Gen-X women were always garbage. Back in my 20s when I was still trying to find a “good” one I always got the feeling that even the churchy ones couldn’t really commit to the ideal of marriage and family.

            Maybe it’s that we had all just been through the 1980s and the Reagan years but the crazy days of the 60s were only a generation back. You got the feeling that many of them were torn between these worlds. They wanted to marry Alex Keaton (Michael J. Fox’s best known character) on the one hand and on the other they wanted to become a drunken drugged-up slut like their mom and leave their husbands to join a cult in California.

            Later in life it became apparent that they preferred the cult. Perhaps Obama was some sort of clean-cut Jimi Hendrix to them.

  19. A big change with the shift to different social media sites, for people of different political viewpoints will be the closing of any residual mutual understanding.

    The Left hasn’t for a long time had any understanding or knowledge of right wing talking points or beliefs. These are misrepresented, if they are even mentioned in the legacy press. Lefties on platforms like Facebook were quick to unfriend or block anyone who didn’t show enough enthusiasm for their pet projects, or who challenged them, or who supported the wrong group.

    This left most of those on the left as completely ignorant of those on the right. They projected themselves, or imagined evils to paint the right with.

    People on the right, live in a swamp of left-wing ideas. Most TV, newspapers, schools, universities, workplaces are thick with establishment left ideology. People on the right are not right wing because they haven’t seen, or don’t understand the left-wing view point. They are right wing because they have rejected it.

    Once the right start to move away from platforms controlled by the left you are going to see the ignorance of the left, spread to the right. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, left wing thought doesn’t offer much, but it is something we need to be aware of.

    One problem with people on the right is, just like the left we tend to project. While the Left project themselves onto the right calling us evil or whatever, people on the right tend to assume the left are just ignorant or misguided. The right needs to remember just who and what the left are, and not fall into the trap of projecting the enemy as who we think, or want them to be.

    • Well, if the cat vs dog analogy is to hold up, yes the cats are getting it a good few licks and have the dogs dancing to their meows. But at some point that cat is going to be a rag doll in the dog’s jaw until the neck is snapped and little meow meow is on the floor a quiet lump of fur.

  20. Chris Caldwell had an interesting observation on this outrage theater in his book. He was talking about the conservative habit of, maybe not outrage per se, but the sort of mockery of the Left. Like, braille instructions being required at the drive-through window of a bank. The conservative response was, “Getta loadda this: braille at a drive-through. True story, heh, heh.”

    His point was nobody on the conservative side seemed to understand: this is what losing looks like. Same thing with the outrage theater and the double-standard theater and all the rest of it. We’re getting our asses kicked, and the response was head-shaking or outrage, but it was never anything effective. We got played, a lot of us. But now: now we understand.

    • So very true. For many years I tried to tell people on our side that the instances of academic lunacy that occasionally appeared in the MSM were no laughing matter, regardless of how laughable they were. I told them that academia was simply a prefiguration of a coming America. Not enough people listened. They just chuckled and kept on grilling. Not many are chuckling now.

    • Bongino is the perfect barometer of the crazy in Conservative Inc. He alternately rage rants between voting harder (now called STRATEGY!!!!), and that he will personally kill anyone who threatens political violence, and that hurling snark at DC insanity is working because then you get to laugh hysterically at them.

    • The face of failure and getting your clock cleaned and not knowing it is Steve Sailer

      It’s always that smart high schooler type of response and droll mockery from a safe distance. Stuff your dad would also laugh it; come to think of it, so much of conservatism seems to be a young man thinking of what he can say and believe to impress his father.

      Yeah, we know all these lefty people are idiots, but even I started to see way back in the 1980s that mocking them doesn’t work. So I dropped out of “conservatism” as it were. But it kept on with the same methodical argumentation and droll commentary; it became a genre really, or what could also be called a racket. Sailer never figured it out. Now he’s a man out of time.

      Aside: Man Out of Time is an excellent song, from Elvis Costello’s Imperial Bedroom. I ask people to give it a listen.

  21. The Republican Party needs to die first. Why? Because the guy that stabs you in the back is a thousand times worse than the guy that punches you in the face. Ancient wisdom.

    • It is happening. Someone who I both trust and is in a position to know says small donors to the GOP have all but disappeared, and given corporate money now goes to the Democrats that is a sign of imminent irrelevancy if not outright death.

      • May the carny barker’s only hope at rejoining the system, the “Patriot Party” GOP reboot, wither on the vine. Tea Party Lite is following the script.

        For cripes’ sake, the Jan. 6th crowd assembled so he could lay out the Kraken’s evidence before them and the national jury on live TV.

        The carny barker not only refused to fire the Swamp, he hired the Swamp, and then left them in place.

        Pure Cloward-Piven tactics. Before overwhelming a government’s response system, creating “demand”, take the time to get your people in position to promise “order.” Fooled me again.

        • That’s why I hope he gets tanked in the impeachment hearing. Watching the GOP stab the corpse of his presidency should not only end Trump’s prospects, but the GOP’s as well. It would be even better if dissidents started donating and voting Democrat as it makes it hard for them to scapegoat problems onto boogeymen. It’s like a two-step dance of destruction.

          • I actually don’t want Trump tanked. He will try to further drive the GOP to the Right, only because he has seen what a fraud it is (as he was, to an extent), and people will boil with fury as they see how rigged our “democracy” is as it stagnates towards the Left.

      • I can confirm this. I have a couple friends I made in the 2016 election who are high up in a state GOP. They are broke and desperate even though the GOP has the Governor and both sides of their state Congress. They have not seen this in the 15 or so years they’ve been officially with the party. They see their goose as cooked and believe it will have downstream effects to state and local levels.

        • I believe donor lists are public record. It wouldn’t surprise me if small donors were simply too afraid to put their names out in the wild and face possible retaliation; several attempts have already been made to catalogue neighbors with Trump signs and the left has fired people for making campaign donations…and even for having gab accounts.

          Such a phenomenon is a hallmark of authoritarian societies — fear of reprisal, which is why third world elections tend to carry the risk of civil disturbance: lose and the enemy will punish you. Curse Donald Trump for picking a fight with the left, then running away like a coward. It has only emboldened them while leaving us to face the consequences without support.

          • I would curse him but I really don’t think he knew what he was getting into. He wasn’t a crusader to begin with, so why fault him for not slitting throats?

          • Trump is the loudmouth construction worker who complains about mexicans at the local bar, who somehow became POTUS.

            Trump is Trump, he’s neither good nor evil, he tried his best but what totally outmaneuvered and unprepared. Frankly by 2016 it was too late for anybody to reform things.

            He’s but another log on the fire, that is burning brighter and brighter each year.

          • Another thing to note is that this Governor made a declaration of how much they are in support of BLM and wanted to look at further criminal justice reform. However the small donor dollars dried up right after. They did some research and yep, it was their Governor’s support of anarchotyranny that caused the sharp drop in donations. They’re now struggling with large donors who see more bang for their buck with the Democrats.

            Here’s the kicker: they believe it is ultimately a tantrum and that their base will come around next election. They are banking on their voters forgetting. This is why abandoning the GOP is going to be so essential. They’ve learned nothing and hope that MUH SOCIALIZMS is going to be the winning ticket. They want to treat 2015-2020 like a bad dream they can just forget. Never let them forget.

  22. (((Modernity))) itself is coming apart at the seams, unable to reconcile its many inherent paradoxes.

    I’m currently rereading “Mein Kampf”. Adolf Hitler saw this dynamic at play 100 years ago. The same rot, the same players. His diagnosis was correct as were his subsequent actions. This is the true tragedy of the 3rd Reich.

    (((They))) ushered in modernity just like they ushered in everything else: to weaken us and warp our spirits. To turn us from honorable men to corrupt golems, desperately searching for our next fix.

    I’m going to call a spade a spade: The National Socialists had the right of it. And none of us will ever be able to break out of this monstrous cycle unless we accept that fact.

    They were right. And we need to relearn the lessons they learned 100 years ago. For we were compelled to unlearn them. The vile, venomous madness of our contemporary dystopia is the inversion of everything they stood for.

    Imagine it: They were able to clean up Germany in just 3 years. By 1936 it was a beautiful, clean, healthy, and prosperous country. If you remove (((them))) from power, society can snap back rapidly.

    This is Berlin in 1936:

    So let’s do it.

    • Mustache Guy’s observations about the Habsburg Empire, Vienna, and democracy are remarkably easy to map to our current situation.

    • My Italian grandfather summed it up for me like this. And I have said this a few times before, but for the new arrivals:

      Fascism was the Catholics and Communism was (((them)))

      And everyone understood it. There was no mystery at the time.

      • You can definitely see on Fox News that they are pushing a right wing Catholic agenda and most of them are Catholics but the zinger is that they sold out to the other guys and so it’s just a grift now. Isreal being our closest ally in the Middle East and a staunch defender of democracy and all that.

    • Had a piano fallen on Hitler in 1933 the reforms already introduced would have obtained the same or better economic results and would not have required infinite imperial expansion. As a bonus, the whole country might have been spared the orgy of idolatry, the German protestant church would have survived and oh yeah, a bunch of people would have survived.
      This is partly because there was no where to go but up and the collapse of the Weimar republic would have cleared the way for the German people to shake off the cobwebs their royal cousins had draped all over them.
      It’s just a good rule of thumb; when you are dealing with someone who wants his photo on every surface and his name on every lip you are dealing with a fanatic. Combine that infinite energy with some pretty common and obvious observations, slap a snappy bunch of symbols together and voila.
      I’ve got no time for advocates of any one party state, even ones that are revolted by decadence.

      • And I’ve got no time for being demographically replaced or ruled over by hostile aliens. I’ll pick up any tool in the toolbox. The sturdier the better. I don’t care which, so long as something useful happens.

        Anyway, you forget that there were many powerful parties who profited off a Germamy in a prostrate state. France, not least, or any of the other states that German territory was parceled off to, in an attempt to ring Germany with states that could never be freindly to it without giving up what was taken. Add in the profiteers in Berlin. No, only an extraordinary figure could, or did, pick Germany from the gutter.

      • Had a piano fallen on Hitler in 1933 the reforms already introduced would have obtained the same or better economic results and would not have required infinite imperial expansion. As a bonus, the whole country might have been spared the orgy of idolatry, the German protestant church would have survived and oh yeah, a bunch of people would have survived.”

        Your mistake is in the assumption imperial expansion was Hitler’s goal when most evidently it was not. His numerous invasions of other countries might suggest otherwise but I invite you to study the context of these actions.

        I see the necessity in all of them. From Poland (atrocities vs ethnic Germans) to Norway (The UK was planning on invading it herself) to the big one, USSR, (Stalin was planning to overrun Europe).

        No, it is precisely because Hitler’s policies were so effective there was no chance whatsoever the Third Reich would ever be left in peace for long by (((them))).

        This is partly because there was no where to go but up and the collapse of the Weimar republic would have cleared the way for the German people to shake off the cobwebs their royal cousins had draped all over them.”

        It would have absent intervention by foreign powers. But that’s just my point: Hitler fought this titanic war not because he wanted to but because he had no choice. Many a time he tried to find a way out of it but ultimately found none.

        This the German resistance – those fools around Staufenberg – found out to their horror in 1944 when they approached the Allies (secretly). They asked what kind of terms Germany could expect once they had removed the “monster” Hitler and were brutally rebuffed.

        This then is the lesson: it was *never* about Hitler per se. It was about taking down the one country that had dared oppose (((their))) order. Study the animus of postwar (((plans))) for defeated Germany and this becomes rather apparent.

        The Morgenthau Plan is a well-known document of this. And of course Morgenthau was one of (((them))). Less well known, however, is the Kaufman Plan. Another (((person))) that called for the sterilization of all Germans and/or keeping German POWs as slaves while settling African men in German to breed with their women.

        Does this sound familiar? Because it should…

        A partial version of the Kaufman Plan can be found here (the rest has unfortunately been purged):!

        • I own Germany Must Perish in book form. It is hideously, stunningly hateful and proves beyond all question that (((they))) project all their Satanic hatred and inhuman malice unto us.

  23. Exactly 30 years ago I was a young Marine in an infantry battalion in the middle of a battle. We were near Al Wafra and got caught up in the unplanned, confusing Battle of Kafji. The thing is, I believed it all. I believed in the Republic. I was willing to fight and die for it. And I was wildly optimistic about this country’s future.

    Watching it become decadent and corrupted over the decades has been painful. Detaching felt like a betrayal of that optimistic Marine, but I think I’m there.

      • Any vet, but particularly a combat vet, will be the nucleus around which a force of normies will assemble—and there are millions of such men still around and from the time before society as a whole became poz’d.

    • The precipitous rate of collapse following the end of the Cold War is one of the strangest features of the present situation. It is as if, once the Evil Empire imploded, any checks on domestic madness vanished, and we, in turn, became Evil Empire II.

      • Yes! I have noted that many times. The Soviets put a hard stop on how far left western politicians could drift. Never dreamed we’d lose the Cold War by winning it.

      • Rome had the same fear in the run up to the third Punic War. It was thought by some that destroying Carthage would leave Rome without a challenger, thus resulting in it’s moral decline. Some time later, after destroying Carthage, Rome degenerated into an empire and critics would spend the next four centuries talking about the steady decline of Roman values before the whole exhausted thing simply collapsed under pressure — of a type the Republic would have repulsed, or tried to.

    • Watching it become decadent and corrupted over the decades has been painful. Detaching felt like a betrayal of that optimistic Marine, but I think I’m there.

      You & me both. We must keep at the forefront of or thought that the betrayal is THEIRS, not ours. You, me, and hundreds of thousands of other sincere veteran patriots have been stabbed in the back by the ruling and managerial classes. Our traditions, our people, our religion, and our culture have been targeted for annihilation. The Constitution has not stopped them and neither has good-faith debate. They are nothing but will to power and hatred.

    • My dad was a Marine. He went through the same decoupling. He is now probably more cynical about the whole thing than me. My son served and still does but switched branches (big puddles to little puddles) and I try my best to show him that love of country I had all those years of his growing up. Man I used to love this country. I would cry every time a Wounded Warriors commercial came up and curse GW. But somewhere along the line the romance died.

      • I contributed to Wounded Warriors in the oughts. For this reason, they still send me lots of material.

        I want to say, “Take all that money you’ve collected and get those poor kids out!”

  24. I just searched Telegram for groups in my city.

    The largest is a 250-member furry meetup.

    The next largest isn’t even ten percent of that size.

    I hate this timeline.

    • People are going to have re-learn how to organize themselves. This is a big challenge. At least two generations now have been raised in the custodial state.

      • When I was i freshman and junior in high school, we had a club (won’t reveal its name lol) but our thing was to organize dances and so forth. We all had our roles. Mine was to just get out there and get word out that we were throwing this huge party (we’d rent a hall or facility, etc) and would be having live music, DJs maybe, food, etc. Only $10 cover. I’d go to the Cuban neighborhoods. The “white” neighborhoods, up and down. Drumming up business. Creating a buzz.

        Then my friend’s little brother who was given the same task was always saying why can’t we just put up flyers.

        I said ok you do that, I will do it my way. And guess which way worked? Lesson for the ages.

      • Quite true. I’m a bit older than you but I remember growing up when the lodge system was in full force and we had computer and gun clubs and HAMfests. Basically all sorts of groups a young man could belong to and network.
        All but the fraternal orders have faded away(mostly due to social media). Though all they need is a infusion of young blood. But there is nothing stopping some enterprising young men from restarting computer and robot clubs or for that matter hiking groups and the like.
        Nor is anything stopping us from developing our own underground banking system like Muzzies, Armenians and Chinese have.
        These can become a nucleus for developing communities of like minded people and in emergencies can be used a support system for those in need.

        • The hawala system is a splendid idea, but a strong trust network is necessary. What seems to keep it from taking root in the USA is lack of trust but perhaps more importantly an insufficiently organized community network. Given what passes for gov in the USA, subsidiarity should receive far greater emphasis, sez I.

        • I’m in Oregon and a huge problem around here is just getting anyone to do anything in person, even with the silly masks and social distancing nonsense. I tried to organize a gun club of sorts last year but gave up when no one showed up for shooting events. I’ve ranted here before about how even (or perhaps especially?) the whites here seem paralyzed by fear. It’s incredibly depressing and I’ve simply given up on everyone here and am stepping up my escape plans. Oh well, I just bought a little HAM radio. I don’t have the licence yet so I’ve only just been listening. Seems to be mostly Morse code. I need to learn a lot more about this stuff.

          Our society has been deliberately broken down over the last few generations. The lockdowns here were the final death blow to everything left outside of government or work. Our churches cucked to the Covidians almost immediately and are obviously part of the problem.

      • I don’t live in the USA, but if I did, I’d wish to do precisely that and fast. I’ve been where I am for 17 years now and while we haven’t the problems that now exist up there, I made a point of assimilating early on and have now been cast in the somewhat improbable role of “sensible elder” and am often asked for input on municipal matters. The best part of this is that this village has a strongly independent streak so I’m happy to add my two centavos and encourage mask-casting, distancing rejection, hugs and cheek-kissing as of old, shunning urbanites…

  25. One sign of decoupling is the number of people who have cut their cable. I did so a couple of years ago. I don’t miss it. At all. On the rare occasion that I do see mainstream TV, it is pathetic and greasy–like grimy drive through fast food. The mixed race ads, the wildly wrong demographic representations and the silly perverts pretending this is normal bare no resemblance to what I see in my unconnected everyday life. It is satisfying to just quit paying attention.

    • Yes! THIS. WE cannot really consider ourself resistance if WE allow our enemy to pipe in his NLP through a portal into our home base.

    • I can’t deal with the monosyllabic, autistic, max volume screeching that is a constant feature of today’s network TV.

    • I share Zman’s feeling of alienation but not merely from politics. I look around at the fearful, face-diapered women still glued to their phones and I know we are different species. I notice all the Han and Pajeet drivers around me and know I have no country. Other than when with my family or a few dear friends, I feel utterly separate from any sort of communal life, as if there’s a clear but very distinct barrier between me and everyone else who thinks there’s an ‘America’ or a ‘normal’ or a future.

      • I can sympathize, I’m in the same predicament. The few friends that are still above ground have the same issues.
        I would suggest you find a way of building a community of like minded folks. Start a club of some sort, it can be hiking, may European History, something that should interest whites of a conservative bent.
        As for possible recruits, make friends at the local gun or hunting club or MMA gym. Make up some business cards or pamphlets to hand out.
        It;s what I would do if I was physically able to do so.

  26. If they were smart, they’d restart sportsball posthaste. Find some willing dupe to play the Tim Tebow role, and have a “National Conversation” about it. It would be a tough sell to the Branch Covidians, but it can be done (I’ve got great ideas and I work cheap; call me, Fed goons!). But they’re not smart – so very, very not smart – so they’ll stand on the accelerator. This is the freaks’ Woodstock; they’re all in.

      • My 1st reaction is to agree 100%, but think of the photos of DC, razor wire topped fencing and troops everywhere. What in fact are they afraid of?

        • You’re overanalyzing them. They aren’t afraid of a specific threat. They are creatures of fear and hate, that’s all.
          Why are the Guardsmen positioned on the outside of the fences? Because some of them voted for Trump, thus the Elites want a fence between them and their protectors. A Guardsman spinning around and shooting them in the back when they least expect it, is exactly what the Elites would do in his position.
          “The wicked flee though none pursue.”

        • Good point. However, it is possible that all of that razor wire is merely a form of propaganda designed to whip their base into a foaming frenzy of fear and hatred for the so-called “white supremacists.”

  27. I am not only detached, I am numb. It occurs to me that China may actually be the Black Swan that takes down the Judeo-Puritans. But what comes next? Something worse?

    • Xitler is the real problem with China.

      He’s managed to supress competitors and keep his nation focused on external enemies.

      He’s been quite effective at doing that. He also has massive street cred being a princeling of the CCP founders that was disgraced and lived the prole life in a labor camp.

      Unfortunately, the CIA, like the rest of the federal government, is owned by China. They won’t be sponsoring any Color revolutions there.

      • Correct about the CIA, but I am not a China triumphalist, as a preface. That out of the way, the Ruling Class has attached itself to a country at least as screwed up as the United States. Neither nation over the next decade will be seen as serious.

    • Beijing at most wants the US as a kind of vassal state. They don’t want or need to take down Washington. It’s probably laughable to the Chinese how malleable our power-brokers are. Very few Chinese poobahs would sell their country for a white lady or a bank account, but how many Americans would do the inverse? Depressingly many. Though at this point, if I had to choose between Chinese overlords and American Neoliberal overlords, I’d have to think about it.

      • Yeah it’s disgusting.
        I decided long ago that p*ssy for the sake of p*ssy is never worth chasing after.

        Like the native Americans traded away their land for firewater and glass beads, the white man traded away his nation for some yellow p*ssy and some fiat paper currency.

    • China is actively recruiting every gifted engineer and talented STEM graduate to do R&D around the world. Huawei alone employs well over 50,000 top non-Chinese engineers, physics, and programmers worldwide. Their 5G network will have network effects that make Google look like a child’s science project.

      The US is importing millions of illiterate dirt peasants who’ll work under the table for cash and serve as neo-serfs..when they’re not driving drunk or raping your daughters.

      I’m no fan of China, but American deserves its 2-3rd rate status that’s coming it’s way much faster than you’d expect.

      (Recommend “You will be assimilated, China’s plan to sino-form the world” by David P Goldman, aka “Spengler”)

      • At my corp they’re recruiting literal 3rd world savages non stop in the pursuit of diversity.
        Not even “educated immigrants” anymore.

        Anyways departments are 2x overstaffed compared to projections and still don’t work. The white guys do everything anyways.

        Can’t blame a guy for saying fuck it and heading to China. I’m getting fed up too.

      • My thinking has always been that if talented Americans had a viable option to leave for somewhere else, let the free market do its magic, and America was faced with a brain drain then they would start to listen.

        In our so called free trade era, companies are free to go wherever they wanted. But not the people, the workers; try to leave for Europe, for example as my brother did, and they will sic the IRS on you and hound you relentlessly and cruelly. Like a woman scorned.

        I know everyone says, for example, that people are leaving California in droves and so forth, but I also know the state agencies I deal with for various licenses will bend over backwards for me b/c they know they need me here. I’m a great customer for them, as it were. It’s weird how the people on the ground know the score and know they need productive people, despite what the mouthpieces say.

      • Blame our business community for the importation of peasant foreign labor and treating it’s STEM folks like toilet paper.
        Those bastards never had enough money, they bought off Congress and every clown sitting in the WH after Eisenhower.and opened our borders. Then in the 90’s came the H-1B’s,which never stopped even under Trump.
        The Chinese were never big players until Clinton and the uniparty made them a member of the WTO and gave them PNTR status. Boy did Wall Street rejoice and began the massive transfer of industries to China along with IP worth trillions.
        Our spooks were well aware even in the 80’s what a threat that China posed and even back then had the largest espionage network in the U.S.
        But those guys were old cold warrior types not the current globohomo Ivy freaks and AA loons that populate the agency of today.
        They also knew even American born Chinese could be easily flipped because of their tribal loyalties to China. But it did not stop even the CIA from hiring the buggers

        • Agreed, but it really accelerated with Kissinger under Nixon. He opened the Pandora’s box by normalizing relations with China and the US (until Trump) never thought that maybe there are some unintended consequences.

    • Read up on what John Titor said about the future. Is it probably just an urban legend? Yes. But it’s weird how it seems closer to plausibility now than it did 20 years ago.

  28. Back in the late Bush 2 years, a few dorks at places like Slate and Salon discovered a term from Spengler (the real one, Oswald): “Caesarism.” They didn’t understand it – they thought Bush, and of course Trump, were going to “cross the Rubicon” – but it’s a good idea for all that, because this is it. I’ve been calling it “something like bastard feudalism,” but the concept is the same: people treating conventional politics like a joke and forming bespoke “affinities.” It could end in actual warlordism, like China in the Twenties, but probably more like the Troubles in Ireland, or simply like “the old neighborhood” back in the days – the Feds can rant and rave about whatever, but doing anything in our neighborhood relies on Rocco and Vinny and Vito down Mulberry Street…

    • I suspect the future may be something like Spain after the Roman Empire. The Visogoths technically controlled their kingdom, but the local power centers really controlled things. In our case, we are seeing Silicon Valley, Wall Street, the Intelligence Apparatus and the Media seize control of the state. The result will be a techno-feudalism. Instead of people tied to the land and therefore a lord, they will ne tied to the information networks.

        • You are accessing this discussion through an information network.

          I am tethered to the internet insofar as I get 80% of my information about dissident politics from it. If it was successfully shut down, I would be mostly blind.

          • you’d find another way to connect. Don’t ask me how, but things like the John Birch Society flourished somehow some way despite being banned from TV and so forth. These things just happen, perhaps because of how humans work and how likeminded somehow gravitate toward each other. It’s almost telepathic. Yes, internet does make it much easier tho. BTW I am not comparing us to JBS, just using it as an example that comes to mind. A better example may be the secret societies predating the American Revolution.

          • I grew up in the pre-internet era. Finding information was no problem, you just had to put in some effort.We had libraries, BB’s, local clubs, HAM radio, local newspapers, the lodge system etc.
            Back then you either got good at researching and networking or you floundered.

          • I remember looking up topics on microfiche in a public library as a boy. Somehow, I never came across Pierce, Duke, or Rockwell.

      • Maybe yes, maybe no. There is a fascinating artile in the New Yorker, about the Cultural Revolution. Link at Instapundit. Coherent right up to the end where the author links Trump to a modern day Cultural Revolution (its the reverse of course). The cultural revolution happened because Mao was sidelined from power by an evern more bureaucratizing Party and PLA and tapped into the lower classes feelings that Communism was not working out for him. Mao himself was a utopian idealist wanting a “flat” unmediated society. Himself as Great Leader, everyone else a peasant.
        The Cultural Revolution wrecked China — he had to reach out to Nixon just to keep the place going. All the elites were killed or sent to live in caves like Xi Xinping (lived six years in a cave). Wrecked nationalism and trust in the Party with everyone, people only trust their immediate family members now. And it only stopped after Mao died — it just kept going. Because Mao egged it on and there was massive lower class resentment.
        I think the idea of neo-feudalism is going to wreck itself on a Reverse Cultural Revolution. The people in the Intelligence Services, Big Tech, Fortune 500 are going to continually attack the Deplorables AND MUST DO SO for the dopamine hit. A blue haired lesbian has literally nothing else to live for. The Deplorables being more numerous and now totally distrusting the State are going to hit back in various ways to the point where nothing works. Big Tech might run for a while but if everyone switches to cash or barter their Middleman approach fails. In France, Macron had to cancel another lockdown. Polls show most people would ignore it and it would cause another riot. Most restaurants are now open in defiance of bans. Its like Prohibition. People obeyed for a while. Then massively did not.
        Its not as if Wal-Mart has anything but cheap Chinese garbage not even worth their “low” prices.

        • Deplorables being more numerous and now totally distrusting the State are going to hit back in various ways to the point where nothing works.
          I’d guess that many Zman readers are also Morgoth fans already. But here’s a link to his latest where he describes the above, particularly the GameStop affair as Anarcho Populism.

      • Another analog is Sicily. Over the years it was theoretically taken over by the Moors or the Bourbons, among many others But they only occupied the buildings of government and had official titles. They had no hold over the people. Incidentally, why the “cosa nostra” formed. It was “our thing” for the locals and what protected and financed them and kept their communities alive. Even though it too, like all human organizations, became corrupted and had to start looking for underhanded ways to finance itself as democracy and banking slowly became the more acceptable and trusted options.

  29. I have to agree that the shenanigans in the political realm no longer make me angry. I just feel disappointment, especially as everything they are saying is fake, ghey and lame. It is all nothing but a show meant to reduce my intelligence and I want no part of it. It reminds me of that Divine Comedy print by Gustav Dore showing Virgil standing up to the demons in hell. (Inferno, Canto XXI, Line 72.)

    • I agree with your sentiment, but feel a heck of a lot more than disappointment. There need to be significant consequences for what they’ve been putting us through and are still putting us through. These retarded asshats can’t be allowed to continue on this way. Maybe their antics causing so many to detach from the system will kick off the process of ultimate retribution.

      • Totally agree.

        Not one of the people running these psychotic hoaxes has suffered any consequence of note.

        If you want to get really angry, get on flightradar and look at all the private planes flying around.

        • the consequences will be their meltdowns in public and the world laughing at them. I do not know AOC, but the one thing I suspect that this chick can’t deal with is rejection. In this case rejecting the notion that she is to be taken seriously.

          Yeah, it’s not as gratifying as them getting arrested or swinging from a lamppost. But it could grow and evolve into something perhaps similarly gratifying. But it’s in fates’ hands now.

        • Anyone who has flown commercially in the last few decades has seen his flight experience degenerate yearly. Throw in the mask mandates and you have the perfect hellstorm. Anyone who can possibly afford to fly privately is now doing so…even many who can’t really afford it but just need to stay sane and keep traveling.

      • There is an excellent book by Frank Sheed, a modern American translator of Augustine, called “Theology and Sanity”. Its good to remember reality: everyone is going to go before the Judge someday.

        I can get caught up in the excitement and genuinely interesting times we live in, and we DO have to have an interest in the temporal realm. But because today is Septuagesima Sunday, and as we prepare for Lent, its good to sobered up, and remember that all wrongs will receive their just punishment!
        For them, but for us too.

    • I was angry for a short period. Now no longer. What makes me anxious is whether such anger has been replaced by calm acceptance, or demoralized despair.

      • You don’t need to be anxious. Both are perfectly reasonable responses. Accept that and the anxiety will diminish and take the despair with it.

    • For me it’s like an old girlfriend trying to get me jealous by flirting with someone. It worked when I cared, now she just looks ridiculous. I got a new girl now and have moved on. The games don’t work anymore. And she knows it but just can’t help making a fool of herself.

      The analogies between our government and a woman just don’t go away, and with both ignoring them is what you do to gain back some leverage. And self-respect.

      • The gov is a gynocracy. Globohomo is a woman.

        Hence the reason they can’t step back and make rational choices like Zman mentioned in his post. Women don’t assess, change course, or step back in the moment with the longer picture in view.

        They only double down.

      • Agreed on the analogies that won’t go away. The more unpleasant aspects of femininity present themselves whenever our rulers engage with us. Nothing to do but laugh and walk away.

      • The American public reminds me of a battered wife. The politicians and the media keep beating her down and abusing her, and she just keeps taking it. They’ve brainwashed her into hating herself and they’ve convinced her that she’s powerless, so it never dawns on her that she deserves better.

        But maybe some are starting to wake up….

        • That’s a good point. I’ve seen a few encouraging signs and almost all of then include overhearing folks at the bakery, pharmacy, food store, all saying, more or less the following, “Well now that it’s been proven that elections are also a rigged game, let’s start looking at what’s next.”

      • It’s going to be interesting to see what the govt/media et al do to FORCE us to re-engage, even at a totally fake lip service level.

  30. how does the system respond? Turn up the volume?

    Speaking at least for Ocasio-Cortez and her isomorphic copies, the approach does seem to be an ever increasing theatrics, e.g., her latest accusation of Cruz sending people to ‘murder her’.

    Currently, there does seem to be a bit of a ‘bubble’ for this type of theater; the insanity of the behavior is ever escalating. Perhaps they are worried about losing any fame before they are able to cash in? The bleeding edge of the theater garners the most spotlight.

    • I agree that a mass decoupling will lead to more theatrics. Look no further than the news shows. They’ve been losing eyeballs for years and been losing sobriety along with it. Get ready for more breathless charges by the usual suspects, and a fight or two may even break out in the Sacred Temple of Democracy. But while that might have led to civil war in another time, in our time of decoupling, it’s just more silliness you shake your head at.
      There will always be a market for political theater, like there has always been a market for wrestling and soap operas. The hope is that only dullards and cat ladies pay attention going forward.

      • Kill your TV. It exists solely for the purpose of propagating despair and defeatism among the sane, and confirmation bias among the parasites.

        • My new gym (no masks required, woohoo!!) is much smaller than my old and the tvs are pretty hard to avoid while doing cardio. Just from an occasional glance I learned that Napolitano was right and right-wing White terrorists are our greatest threat, and BadThinkers elected Marjorie Taylor-Greene who must be expeditiously removed from office. Oh, and there’s a family of Mestizo mariachi players facing eviction or deportation so idiot White women must rush to help. Why I Stopped Watching TV years ago.

    • Yeah I just don’t care anymore at all. I used to be outraged at whatever the Libturdz were doing, I even volunteered for the local Normiecon party, etc.

      I see them all as actors and scripted clowns now. I’ve taken more active interest in my daily life – spending more time with friends, family, and being more active in the church community. And of course redpilling our people and promoting our interests, where possible.

      I dunno if this decoupling is good or not. On one hand it reduces legitimacy. But they might just use the lack of pushback as an excuse to go further. Either way I’m out of shits to give about politics. Next time I’m “involved” it will be exclusively in our racial interests, and might look alot different than the old politics.

      • If Americans think their government and society is a charade and a joke, and express it by ignoring it top to bottom, yes, the government’s first repose is probably going to be to think they can do whatever they want now. Woo hoo. Let’s let her rip and go full tyranny. I share your concerns this just might happen.

        …..but. There’s always a but

        The loss of legitimacy is a problem for them b/c the world will see it as a problem. What if America starts a war and no one shows up? What if Biden’s UN person is out there giving speeches about how America is the beacon of democracy and morality for the world and the whole place erupts in laughter? When this country is preaching human rights while people like Mackey are in a federal pen? When they see the same thing we do and the emperor has no clothes?

        My guess is that China and Russia know the score and know that people like us are the real brains and reason America was great. Because they are competent they recognize it in others. They probably know our government is a joke, and their suspicions will only be confirmed when the smartest and best Americans say Yep, sure is.

  31. “We live in a country where the FBI can manufacture evidence in an effort to overturn a presidential election and nothing happens.” The FBI doesn’t care about justice, it is only focused on leverage to use against anyone who gets in their way.

    • The FBI is the genesis of the American version of Jackboots. Never, ever trust an FBI agent. Yes, there may still be a few honest men living in the outlying field offices, but most are hardcore True Believers, and you cannot tell which is which. I would like to be able to say that the “fox is now guarding the henhouse”, but DC has become a cesspool of corruption and degeneracy, so there is no henhouse.

        • I know a husband and wife FBI team and they say never ever trust the FBI.

          I once joined an amateur theatre company because my wife wanted it, herself never a thespian although I have been on stage since I was a small kid, and our first cast party my expensive camera was stolen.

          I went on a rampage and discovered the camera inside the purse of, you guessed it, a FBI agent. Ultimately it would be shown she snapped tens of photos of her gang, expecting to walk off with the camera and film. I held an instant public trial and following “conviction” she admitted the crime but ended, “yeah well I’m FBI, whattaya gonna do about it? I will effing have you killed.”

          Seth Rich probably would have challenged her, I did not. I had my camera and snappies.

      • I May have told this in a previous post, but it bears repeating.
        Long ago in my first role call,(retired from the circus), a crusty old gent with a briefcase held together with duct tape walked up to me, and without knowing who I was, the first words out of his mouth were,”Never trust a Fed”.
        Truer words were never spoken.

        • My grandfather was a street sergeant for 40 years in my local PD. He often said the same thing about not trusting the feds.

    • Doesn’t anyone remember J Edgar? He did this to every important politician elected. He pulled the Trump stunt with the unverified dossier that Comey did on every incoming President. My suspicion is that had Trump agreed to role over and play ball at that point, he’d still be President.
      Why this has not come out is beyond me.

      Basically, Hoover had an intro meeting with these pol’s and went over the dossiers the FBI had on them. These dossiers were of the preliminary investigative type which included all the unverified dirt, innuendo, gossip, made up shit—as well as facts obtainable.

      Hoover would always discount the dossier and play “good cop” by stating that such vile trash would never see the light of day while *he* was head of the FBI. And as we all know, Hoover was exempted from retirement rules by Congress every year until he died in the job. The FBI has been corrupt since it was formed (by Hoover) and is the US equivalent of the KGB sans perhaps the CIA function.

  32. Only a fool believes they can predict the future or what’s coming down the pipe in the near term but I will say it’s going to be spicy. Honestly I would have never guessed at the speed of our current acceleration and I was one of those saying and thinking that the smart play for the elites was to calm things down. Not only have they failed to do that they seem bent on stepping down on the acceleration gas pedal. The past weeks mask off moment of international (((hedge fund managers))) stomping out the little guy is an idiotic move on their part. Only fools show their hand as they did. 2021 is shaping up to make 2020 look like a pleasant dream.

    • The Ruling Class has unleashed some forces it cannot control. Their best bet, and what has been attempted, also was to disengage and accelerate the looting, the former of which is happening. They made alliances with others who have different ideas and are not controlled frauds like Warren and AOC.

    • Important for us is also to “de-mystify” or “deconstruct” what is part of the American mythos: predictions and prognostications. This is legacy of what we had assumed was a capitalist country where guessing right on the future could equal big bucks. The small entrepreneur guesses right on a trend and is rewarded with money from heaven and gets himself on the cover of Inc. The wily gambler, the entrepreneurial risk taker, the “futurist” and how Gingrich has always positioned himself. Notice how prevalent references are to Nostradamus in our society. The sustained popularity and sway of the Book of Revelations, what on other societies was always secondary or tertiary in the overall Biblical hierarchy but which takes precedence in America. All those business shows predicting the future on which stocks one should bet on. How Rush, for example, fashions himself as an oracle and has people on the edges of their seats waiting for his reading the tea leaves of where America is heading; he has literally made a fortune from it. Johnny Carson had the good sense to mock the idea.

      It’s a waste of our energies. In today’s world where things are rigged, it’s a part of our past that no longer exists. So when you feel that urge to play soothsayer, recognize it for what it is and drop it like any bad habit. Morally, it is wrong. Life is to be lived. Uncertainty is what makes us strong. God wants us to be strong and to thrive and multiply. This aspect of Americana is actually a heresy. If you can predict then you are presuming you are a God. Won’t end well. So worry about yourself and the things you can control that may extend out a few months. But don’t kid yourself.

      Sunday’s Sermon

      • Durandal, this is a profound and insightful comment. Thanks. I’ll keep an eye out for your comments.
        BTW, I wish Z-mans comment platform gave you the ability to search old comments by a given author, the way you can do on Unz.

        • I see it’s Falcone I was replying to. Thanks Falcone.
          Durendal, your top-of-thread comment is solid, too.

      • And yet, for the people you decry, things are changing. Their Overton window has moved. Rush, for example, before Trump never spoke of race—at least not directly. Now his diatribes are full of “Whites this, Whites that”. The same for many others that we often mention. Gingrich as well, IIRC some of his interviews. Where Rush goes, he bring millions of followers—and he goes in our direction.

        • I haven’t listened to Rush in quite some time, but harkening back to Z-man’s podcast on Friday, the one thing he was always very good at was playing the everyman. You had the feeling that, despite his millions, he’d be at home tucking into a fish fry at your local ethnic social club and wouldn’t mind the company one bit. If he’s bringing up race, he’s probably sensing that it’s a topic currently playing on Main Street.

        • Rush made his money on the premise that he could guess the future. His whole thing was he is proven right 99.9% of the time.

          ”you watch, the next they do is going to be this”

          that was his appeal. And even why I liked him. But that was also a time when playing riverboat gambler or being the wizard who can predict trends and stocks still had currency. That mindset grew out of something else. No one else in any society sits around thinking they can predict the future or glorifies the gambler to where he becomes a national archetype. Don’t get upset with me, I’m just telling you that that stuff grew out of a country where you could gamble and win big, at the casino or in life, to the point where prognosticators became a cottage industry. and now it’s a racket but increasingly ridiculous because of the growing realization that those days are done and the game is rigged. Why even bother with trying to guess where the winds are blowing. Waste of time.

          Rush didn’t move the Overton window. We did. He’s following us.

        • It’ll be interesting to see how Rush saying the w-word is going to fare versus the GOPe who desperately wants to form a “minoriteam” of leaders who look like they would come from a Benetton ad. I suspect that El Rushbo, in his final few months of life, knows that whites have to start thinking of themselves as an interest group like any other. A shame he didn’t advocate for this 20 years ago when it really mattered but I’ll take what I can get.

      • Solid, Sir. As I said the other day, we are on a colision course with madness. Almost nobody sees the event which ignites the changes so why try. A while back everyone here was sure offing some Persian general was going to bring about Armageddon. Attempting to know the mind of God and His plans is an even greater hubris.

        We needn’t be idle or lackadaisical in the interim. Harden your friendships and alliances, your body and plans, and above all your resolve and heart.

    • In horror movies you can kind of tell when something is about to happen when the orchestra keeps getting louder and louder. When it abruptly stops, that’s when the boogeyman suddenly appears out of nowhere with an ax. We’re at the “music getting louder and louder” phase.

    • Washington DC’s Capitol area is now an armed camp. TPTB expect something to happen. Could be TPTB have plans regarding nullification of the 2A and what the proles may do in response.

      • The Left knows what to do with power: seize more. They already have a sheaf of those bills pre-printed, such as HR 127, the odious “deprogramming 2A believers” type policies.

      • Do you think so Carl or is this them just warding off the Orange voodoo? Or perhaps they think the theater adds to image of danger they are trying to portray for the masses?

      • The fact that I read in a few places today that the armed perimeter they set up has now expanded outwards quite a ways is a telltale sign. The “official” word is that since the 2nd impeachment sham trial is approaching, “authorities” want to be ready for any trouble.
        I wouldn’t be surprised if we saw another false-flag event in order to justify the rounding up of people they don’t like, as well as the excuse they need to begin registration/confiscation.

        • If you comply with orders to disarm from these pussies, the firearms were useless anyway,

          But that order is not coming.
          Our actual orders; “Don’t let them hurt us!” 😱

      • No, they are not grabbing at the 2A, they are scared shitless by cosplayers from Jan 6 and are clingy to NG. They’ve lost America and just want to keep DC. You’re looking for Stalin?
        Sorry, we just got some scared old people who overreached, and their scared shitless.

        Their mistakes continue; you can do anything with bayonets but sit on them…and yet, they do. They’re just too scared to think now, and its not getting better.
        The NG has no such orders, no means to execute them, and would not carry them out. Sorry, the NG is just guarding an old folks home…sprinkled with some color like AOC.

        The Negro soldiers have quite noticed that they become a vanishingly rare species once you enter the Green zone, except for cops and custodial staff. The Legend of the Deep State and the Omnipotent Tech Lords will hold the ?? next?? at bay for awhile, until people realize they’re just nerds and lawyers who overreached as well.

        We’re guarding an old folks home inside a haunted house.
        Sorry kids, the enemy peaked.
        The Death Knell is when they had to reach for outside provincial troops while tens of thousands of military are in the NCR/National Capitol Region- who said NO.

        It’s all inertia now. They drew the sword then choked.

    • Like a little 6 year old in a crowded room, waving a loaded pistol about. Our government is just as immature, reckless, and unpredictable, but they have guns, tanks, and nukes.

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