Feudal Excess

The paleoconservative thinker, Sam Francis, developed the concept of anarcho- tyranny, which is when the state tyrannically regulates citizens’ lives yet is unable or unwilling to perform the basics of rule. For example, the government put speed cameras and red-light cameras up, in order to catch small violations, but if your car gets stolen, the cops will not bother looking for it. The tyranny is the micromanagement of the good citizens while driving. The anarchy is ignoring the car thieves.

It is a great framing because it is both true and easily validated. It is one of those observations that reminds us that conservatism was not always a collection of toadies and flunkies validating the latest Progressive fads. The Right used to have smart and thoughtful men genuinely concerned with the direction of Western society. They also had the courage to honestly examine what was happening. In other words, the current crisis did not sneak up on us like the fog.

Putting that aside, the paleos focused mainly on the management side of things with regards to anarcho-tyranny. Police departments are an easy example, but a similar process happened with regulatory agencies, large corporations, the academy, and the mass media. In fact, they saw these as tectonic plates of the ruling class that were slowly converging. Of course, this is what has happened. All of the power centers are occupied with the same sorts of people.

Something similar seems to have happened to the political class. It used to be that politicians spent a lot of time pretending to know the issues so they could connect with their voters. The old expression was that all politics were local. What that mean was the politicians needed to spend time among their voters, discussing the issues that concerned them. This was especially true of representative. Congressman put a heavy emphasis on being back in their districts.

You do not have to go back to far when it was rare for a politician to talk about big ideas or abstract concepts. Presidents, when giving national speeches would blather on about the meaning of America or the importance of patriotism. The rest stuck to things like making the roads better, fixing up the schools and helping business. The Democrats would talk about worker rights, in the context of higher wages. The Republicans would talk about less regulation so business could succeed.

In the 1990’s, a common thing was the town hall meeting, which was not really a town hall meeting. It was an expression for when the representative would show up in his district and take questions from his voters. This was the chance for the politician to show how much he cared about the local issues. The way he did that was by having a detailed knowledge of the facts. If someone asked about the roads, he knew all the bills and bond issues related to road repair.

This is no longer the case. In fact, the last time you are likely see your representative in person is when they are running as a challenger. Once they win office, they become an avatar on-line and on television. They never venture out among the people and the old town hall idea no longer exists. For a while they did conference calls, but now they are staged Zoom sessions with actors asking questions. In fact, Congress could now be doing its thing on a sound stage in Hollywood and no one would know.

On top of that, the avatars now talk in riddles. They lurch from one emotional crisis to the next, speaking about it in a creepy overwrought language. Minor misstatements are described as “horrendous” and “terrifying.” The primary feature of our politics now is that every ant is an elephant, and no one dares speak about the herd of elephants standing in the room. Anarcho-tyranny in politics results in emotionally charged drama over abstract concepts and ruthless ignorance of anything specific.

This is one reason the political class flew into a panic when Trump came along in the 2016 election. For all his bombast, he was talking about real things in practical terms that actually matter to people. When he spoke of immigration, he talked about rapists crossing the border and illegal aliens killing citizens. Trade was about China ripping off the country and reducing wages in the process. Trump was a throwback to the old-style politicians and that terrorized the current politicians.

This is something else the paleos touched on, but never fully explored. The managerial state not only becomes self-serving as it matures, but it also becomes inward looking, a self-contained culture. Once it becomes class-aware, as we are seeing today, it becomes rapidly insular. The dual purposes are the moral signifiers inside the system and maintaining the barrier between those inside and those outside. These work in concert to further isolate the system from the general society.

This is why our politicians sound increasingly deranged. Not sounding like normal people is very important inside the system. Who they are is not us, so they are constantly looking for ways to signal that to one another. This is why they are now barricading themselves into a green zone in Washington. Most likely, this will begin to happen at the state level. Americans will be ruled by pod people living and operating inside special zones guarded by razor wire and armed men.

The last phase of anarcho-tyranny may turn out to look something like colonial occupation, where the people in charge live in fortified towns. They use their control of the system to maintain the illusion of power, but in reality, it is all just a very expensive drama that has no practical impact, beyond the cost. The practical aspects of life are handled by corporations and ad hoc associations. Managerialism brings us full circle to a firm of feudalism with material excess.

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242 thoughts on “Feudal Excess

  1. Very interesting picture in the first paragraph. That kind of also sums up Jordan Peterson’s observation that we live in a time characterized “by inertia and ignorance.”

    Please don’t hit on me for mentioning his name. Ugh.

    • Jordan Peterson is an interesting guy. So much praise and so much censure has been heaped on him it’s hard to see anymore

      • I too don’t agree with everything he says. However, there is something about Canadians who stand on the border, both literally and figuratively, of the United States that can actually see the forest for the trees. Marshall McLuhan made similar “outsider” observations.

        • It’s so long ago but people forget how he got his notoriety. He stood up to the tranny brigade when he was just a professor in the university and he knew all about cancel culture He said he consulted his wife before he stood his ground because he knew that he could lose his job, they could lose everything. That takes a level of bravery that not many people possess

          • Correct. And, he used that cancel culture against itself. To my knowledge, he and maybe Trump and a handful of others have been able to do this.

          • Alternatively, he made a huge bundle of money IN SPITE of the risks he took.

            Dunno’. Most who publicly go against the zeitgeist are crushed into fine powder and never heard from again.

          • Peterson didn’t really go against the Zeitgeist. He staked out a position one notch to the right of utter insanity. That’s why the leftist media deemed him a member of the “Intellectual Dark” web like Bret Weinstein, Ben Shapiro and the other grifters who help keep the right on the plantation.

          • He’s done a lot more for young white guys than our people did and had the guts not to hide behind a alias.

          • You have to keep in mind that Peterson isn’t against the left. He just wants the left to moderate its more outrageous craziness in order to be more successful.

          • If he is not against the Left to your liking, then fine. But he is against the Left in calling out many of its excesses and taking a public stand against them.

            My general thinking of the comments above is that most people have not the slightest ideas of really who JP is except what they hear from second hand accounts and his detractors.

          • Is it really that special to stand up to trannies and SJW freaks? Sure, there’s some courage and common sense, but it’s become a dime-a-dozen. People are acting like such a person is a god, patriot flagwaver, iconoclast, culture warrior, superhero, orator, Aryan visionary, all kinds of hyperbolic reactions and media attention. And then most of them turn out to not really be that interesting or paradigm setting…or worse you get another hothouse Ben Shapiro. And we keep doing this over and over and over again.

      • Our buddy VD is back attacking the guy, fresh from dropping Qanon and pretending he had nothing to do with it. Drama queens like Vox and the circular firing squad they form around them serve us poorly. Whatever Peterson has done wrong, it’s nothing compared to the “trust the plan” and “cross the Rubicon” nonsense pushed by Day for years. Peterson has done more for our demographic than Day has. Keep that in mind when people attack him.

        • You know, I’ve never vox day but every now and then he, it, them, I don’t know, pops into my line of vision and it is never good

        • Our esteemed blog host often refers to those dummies that take part in the neoliberal morality plays by dressing up as nazis and capering for their crowd. Watching Vox … I think he wants to brand himself as some kind of antihero or something. It plays well to the cellar dwellers, the soys and the incels which is good…no one on our side is actively pitching to that demographic. He is a good introduction to dissident thought for otherwise good kids being marginalized by Globohomo. Unfortunately – beyond his target audience… the guy looks and sounds like a fag with personality problems and often becomes a liability to the movements he takes part in.

          • I think he wants to brand himself as some kind of antihero or something. It plays well to the cellar dwellers, the soys and the incels which is good”

            Shutup Gamma! You are not a Smart Boy, you are a Secret King, your IQ can’t compare to mind and you are now banned. (returns to sycophantic circle jerk previously in progress)
            The standard response and the words of a very confident, true ‘Sigma’ (read: gamma), and well adjusted human being. Like I said before, he is clown shoes and getting worse every year.

          • OMFG. I’m still laughing. We started talking about the Dark Lord so I passed by his blog this morn. In one post he craps on Peterson for getting punked by the media. “What did the moron expect???”
            I guess some dude in the comments noticed that VOX always will talk to the media – and he has been punked as bad or worse than Peterson was! Now he’s screaming and gobbing about low IQ and midwit idiots.
            The man is an entertaining clown to be sure.

          • My favorite thing was reading him crap on conservative grifters for being toothless book peddlers then turning around and starting a publishing company. That said, there is some value in his advice to build our platforms. It’s hard to live securely on someone else’s land

        • I agree that Peterson deserves praise for standing up to tranny tyranny, but don’t forget that he thinks white advocacy is immoral.

          • My only real exposure to Peterson was that Joe Rogan interview that made the rounds, but I’ve always wondered if his stated dislike of white advocacy is a cover since it would seem to run counter to the rest of his philosophy which can be summed up as “positive tribalism”

          • Peterson didn’t talk about white advocacy until about the time he went on the speaking tour promoting his book. It kind of came out of nowhere. I remember him mentioning Lewontin’s fallacy (he didn’t call it that, and he didn’t refer to it as a fallacy or false, etc) when talking about race. My view is he was instructed to disavow if he wanted the book published and promoted. He knows too much about IQ for him to not know the truth about race. Just my opinion.

          • He wrote a blog post justifying Jewish ascendence in so many fields with higher natural IQ. The pandora’s box he opened was big enough to drive a truck and he just feigned ignorance. I’m convinced it was a Straussian move to hide his real thoughts under an acceptable cover.

          • I consider Peterson useful, he sends people in the right direction. for example, once he starts talking about IQ if people dig a little deeper certain facts can’t be ignored, when he talks about Solzhenitsyn, an interested person might read the Gulag Archipelago, and then wonder why are we not allowed to read 200 years together.

          • No. He was anti white-advocacy from the very beginning. I was following Peterson at the very beginning when he first uploaded that video about refusing to use the pronouns. I saw the video about 2 days after he put it up.
            That video went viral and then all of the sudden he showed up on a bunch alt-right YT channels. Tara McCarthy, Millennial Woes and a bunch of other ones. NOBODY mentioned that he charged these guys to get him on the shows.

            Each one of these people brought up white advocacy and each time he explained why white advocacy was evil. Of course, they also asked about the little hats.
            It was a couple of months after that when Metokur did a video on Peterson and what a grifter he was. He exposed the fact that he was paid to appear on all these “shows” and that he was peddling a $5 personality test. This was after crying on Dave Rubin’s “show” which is how I initially began losing respect for him. But the Metokur video exposing that grifting was the final nail in the coffin for me.

          • Please get out in public and promote white advocacy for all to see. Oh that’s right, that’s something others do while you hide behind a alias and smoke a blunt.

          • And a correct opinion.

            Seems we have a bad habit in this group of denigrating anyone who is not screaming race differences and White advocacy loudly and consistently. You know, like all those others who have marginalized themselves to smallish audiences or been cast into the void—and even then we still argue over their bona fides.

            Nothing like a martyr for “the cause” to get us on his side. That they may be ineffectual in the movement is never a cause for concern, as long as they appear virtuous in their belief and to the right of us. Sigh.

          • That’s always the litmus test to decide if someone is on our side or not. Now, not being on our side, doesn’t mean that they can’t be useful or even an ally or that we need to trash them, just that we understand whose side they’re on.

            Peterson is great for getting whites to stop cowering and push back against the anti-white propaganda. Our job is to grab those people bring them to our side of the great divide rather than falling into the colorblind CivNat trap.

            Even gatekeepers like Shapiro can be useful.

          • Exactly. These people here are trashing JBP because he’s not showing up to work (at the University of Toronto) in a swastika armband?

            JBP was one of my first redpills. I loved that he was standing up to the tranny brigade and I didn’t like the idea of having to use all these ridiculous pronouns. It was that simple. Over time I’ve been brought over to this side.

            Normies can’t go from normie to Dissident overnight. It starts with a respectable university professor standing up for basic common sense.

          • All of his classes at the University were filmed. Watch what he says to his students—especially wrt IQ and how such logically entails differences among people wrt life outcomes.

            You don’t need to state the obvious that racial groups are different. That will come from simple observation as these students gain life experience.

            What JP refutes is that IQ is a false measure and meaningless. We know this is untrue—and more, but those lies are still the main arguments being touted in the academy.

            For this alone, JP deserves our respect.

          • Normies can’t go from normie to Dissident overnight”

            Our side isn’t practical. We have our own battles over purity. The left has always had an array of spokespeople to serve different audiences. This was true when I was a kid in the 60s. You had every type from Walter Cronkite to street revolutionaries and everywhere in between.

            I became a dissident during the Vietnam War but didn’t have a coherent philosophy or worldview to back it up. Reading Thomas Sowell in the local rag was a big early step for me in separating myself from the left. Ann Coulter took me further and paved the way for Steve Sailer and Derbyshire who in turn led me to pundits like Z and AA.

            Most people I know who are thought criminals followed some similar path often involving Alex Jones or Glenn Beck.

            It is up to us to form some coherent strategy to help others make the journey from the Petersons to full reality. Unfortunately our own love of fantasies and infighting gets in the way

          • Peterson is a big supporter of the globalist project. He just wants it to moderate itself in order to be more successful.

            He doesn’t want people to recognize their racial or national identities. Instead they should clean their rooms, take their pills be good little citizens of the regime.

          • Peterson is a big supporter of the globalist project.

            I’ve not seen that, I’d be interested to see what you did.Please post

          • Search for his contributions when he was working with the UN. It takes me a long time to find those citations every time I go looking for them and I’ve never bothered to save them.

          • VD is infinitely better than Peterson. I found Z through VD because he sometimes features snippets of Z’s writing on his blog.
            While I always thought Q was retarded, VD is right about keeping morale up and that Q is probably more accurate than the official narrative, which is always a lie.
            Peterson is an absolute wreck. It’s rather ironic that he tells the young men following him to ‘take their pills’ and then claims to be made into a vegetable by taking pills.
            Peterson is every bit as anti-white as Ben Shapiro.

          • I don’t think he’s anti-White. We live in an authoritarian police state that can jail you for your Tweets. Peterson knows what he can say and get away with, and I’m okay with that. Our side demands absolute truth, but that’s not possible. practical or even wise. Peterson tells as much truth as he can get away with and maintain his public position.

            I like Paul Ramsey’s description of the situation: we’re all in this together and we all do that which we can. Some people are good writers, so they should do that and avoid street theatrics. Some people are funny, so they should stick to making memes. Some people are in public positions to tell just a little bit of forbidden truth. That’s a good thing, even if they never tell all of it; some people will then take the initiative and find the rest on their own. Collectively, we can have influence.

          • Peterson is not a man choosing his words wisely, which is something I expect people allegedly expressing dissident views to do. I expect them to not make fools and clowns of themselves.
            When asked, he specifically says white advocacy is evil and is playing “identity politics” which we are supposedly above doing. There are much better ways of handling questions like this if you want to remain in the mainstream.
            Plus, Peterson wants to play a game where he pretends to be “edgy,” but also wants to be “mainstream” But this desire just makes him useless.
            While I wouldn’t say he appeals to the dissident right, he does appeal to people, especially young men who are just to the left of us. Peterson is a horrible leader. There is nothing about him that says strong male leader. He cries in front of large audiences. He doesn’t even look good. He’s a druggie and obviously mentally unstable. He continuously throws his audience under the bus. He even went as far to say Brett Kavanaugh should withdrawl from consideration for the SCOTUS and then chickened out and deleted the tweet when his audience called his cuckery out. He wasn’t even man enough to defend his own decision to advocate another man cuck.
            He is such an attention whore that when his wife got cancer, he had to make himself the star of the show by claiming to not sleep for like double the world record. He claims in his book to have cannibalistic incest dreams!
            The guy is a clown. He is the living embodiment of globohomo and what it does to men.

          • Yeah, we get it, you don’t like him. But like him or not, he has done more for the movement than you and a 100 like you can ever do.

          • You can say the same thing about Ben Shapiro.
            It’s not that I “don’t like him” There are people I don’t care for who I would not say anything like this about. Greg Johnson and Ramzpaul are good examples. Not my cup of tea, not really shills, grifters or gatekeepers.

          • Feh, a bunch of non entities hiding behind alias whining about Peterson. At least the man has the cajones to go out in public and even debate the Left on their turf. And help young white guys get their act straight.
            Gee, who do I take more seriously, the man who stands up and pushed the boundries as far as he can without risking the FBI and DOJ jumping down his throat.OR the guy who hides and demands Petrerson commit seppaku on TV\ to satisfy his ego?

          • You have to remember where he comes from and what his environment was. He was right in the middle of The Hive. He worked in a facility that exists to take good kids – and convert them into NPC drones, lesbians, faggots, marxists, trans/pan-gendered degenerates… and destroy any intellect or morality the kids had. For such a man to arise in such a place was unthinkable. Further, the kids listened to him. When they tried to destroy him he flourished.
            The journey to this side starts and stops in different places for different folks. You may not agree with him on everything… I don’t… but he can defend his arguments quite well based upon his experiences and environment.

          • Dude ANYONE who publicly pushes white advocacy in public is dead meat and will be made a non-person.
            It’s the same reaon we all use aliases here.

        • Vox has proven himself a shameless Gamma, attacking Peterson, even trying to profit from it. Worse, he swallowed the Q Anon hook on Trump so deep, he will never recover.

          • The sooner it is understood that we are already under occupation, the better it is going to be.

            A “community” of two or three men who can trust each other and act together to drive up the cost of occupation in meatspace while remaining free to act another day is what we want.

            There is little to be gained by wasting time on nonfactors (e.g. Vox Day). Better to follow the recent statements of men like David Kilcullen, and dust off the shelf that contains Stuart Herrington, Alistair Horne, Tom Barry, the better memoirs that came out of Iraq and Afghanistan, etc. And above all FM 3-24.

            Our true enemy is weak, decadent, paranoid and yet rightly fearful, and he deals with losses of any kind poorly (see GameStop). Intelligent action of one sort will provoke unjust collective retaliation against the innocent, which will encourage general and genuine community formation faster and more effectively than anything else.

            Intelligent action of another kind will direct such retaliation away from our people and towards the tribes within the enemy’s coaltion, always aiming to divide them against each other and get them to do our work for us by driving out as many of our people as possible.

            Make no mistake: there will be an insurgency of a kind. The only question is whether it is directed by or against the occupiers.

        • None of Vox’s minions have bothered calling him out on his Qanon hysteria either.
          Once it became clear that there was no plan and the good guys weren’t coming to save the day, he dropped the topic like a hot potato.
          VD obsessively focused on Q for 3 years, and then nothing.
          No apologies, no backtracking. Nothing.
          VD sometimes hits the right notes, but he is a very strange guy with a weird personality.
          I can’t believe he’s actually married.

          • Given he bans nearly everyone who doesn’t (as we used to say in high school) get on his jock, yeah its hard to be called out publicly.

          • What, exactly, would that do? Why should he apologize? He was wrong. We’re all wrong at one time or another. He had unshakable faith in Trump. I just don’t see this as a major personality defect.
            I daily read VP. I disagree that he obsessively focused on Q. I would have stopped reading if that were the case. If I wanted to read Q, I would just go to the Q website.

            Once it became clear to all that there either was no plan or the plan failed, dropping it was the right thing to do.

          • As for Vox Day and Q, he kind of was obsessed. It seemed like 1 out of 3 or 1 out of 4 posts were about Q. He also stated that mass arrests would happen, and considered doubters as idiots. And referring to Trump as the God Emperor, well…that’s just silly.

          • The weird, cult-like mentality his sycophants exhibit is such a turn-off I was forced to quit reading VD. I never cared for his delusions of godhood to begin with, but the comments would sometimes generate some entertaining heat.

            It was people like you who would brook no criticism of VD’s increasingly bizarre behavior that finally drove me away for good. The brown nosing of his fanbois is genuinely nauseating. They adopt his jargon and vie with one another to see who can scream it loudest in the comments. MIDWIT! GAMMA! PLEASE LOVE AND APPROVE OF ME, VD! SAY I’M SMART TOO!

            Jonestown was probably brimming with similar types.

          • Did you call anyone a midwit? Did you declare you were following VD’s advice and waiting two days before evaluating Trump’s latest blunder or betrayal?


            Well, there’s your problem!

        • Meh. Vox has his place despite his personality issues and penchant for conspiracies. I can’t figure out if his over the top counterattacks to criticism is petulance or a tried and proven successful defense. He does a good job working through personality types but takes it too far IMO. Either way, he’s another magnet drawing people to Our cause and mercilessly attacking gate keepers… so I weigh that in the balance when reading him. Of Peterson, I can’t say. Im not a 30 year old teenager in need of purpose and am quite comfortable in my own skin… so never had much interest in him. I will say I do not approve of his fake it til you make it approach to Christianity. Otherwise again, meh.

        • Yeah, must admit I find vox’s attacks on jp offputting in the extreme. Also got banned over at his blog for suggesting him and z reconcile. I really wish the dissident right weren’t so cranky. I do like what the njp is doing.

      • Those on our side of the line see only the refusal to acknowledge the race and jewish issues.
        I think he has decided that these are issues where the price is just too high, and I’m fine with that.
        He has many valuable insights and contributions.

    • There was a guy who stood up for me when I got in some minor jackpot a few years back. A full-on, “If he goes, I go,” sort of thing. To say he had some personality flaws is an understatement, though. To this day, whenever anyone speaks about him, I tell them that they are free to critique his actions, but that I won’t speak one word against him, neither will I tolerate a character assassination. That’s just the way it is.

      That’s JP, for me. I get it: gatekeeper and crazy diet nonsense and slutty daughter and addiction and weepiness and muh individualism all the rest. I get it, really. Who did more for us than he did?

  2. It is a great framing because it is both true and easily validated.

    I had a reminder of it a week ago. Some relatives of mine had an attempted break in at their shop. The perps wheeled some large ‘industrial’ bins out in front of the shutters of the shop – for cover. They then worked behind them to cut through the security shutters, and fortunately didn’t get far. This was on a suburban high street.

    When they called the police, they were told they’d be called back. They weren’t. The law seemed most uninterested, and upon the relative in question calling back, they were informed that there was not much they could do. Apparently, some of the CCTV was not working but the local council had refused to allow the fuzz to inspect it’s camera array. I expected as much. They didn’t.

    Apparently, the CCTV was installed as a measure to prevent crime. Nowhere in my experience have I ever seen this to be true, and even the ‘scholars’ of this subject seem to doubt it. And this is the most tepid part of Anarcho-Tyranny.

    • “High street” you say? This was either in the UK or you are from the UK. If this was in fact in the UK all that is necessary would have been to tell the authorities that the perps are spray painting anti-Muslim slogans. They’ll be down FULL SWAT faster than you can say “aloha snack bar.”

      • Indeed I do say ‘High Street’ as I am from the UK. Interestingly, the same shop, along with four others, had been vandalized a few nights previous. I thought as you thought, if a naughty soul had done the dirty on the Mussulmans then the coppers would’ve been very interested and would’ve beared down upon xir with all the vigour of Muhammad upon a hareem of captured white girls.

      • The UK doesn’t have SWAT teams. There are similarities between the UK and the US in terms of civilizational collapse but we don’t share all of your negative characteristics.

        • On the other hand, here we’ve barely gotten started on arresting people for mean tweets. They still have to dress it up and call it “election interference.”

        • I see today or recently a woman was arrested for singing in her backyard. In many ways, Britain is much further down the road to perdition than our former country.

          • No doubt. Brits are not allowed to use physical force to defend themselves in the case of home invasion.
            Brits are expected to just stand by passively as someone enters their home with force and steals… or does God knows what else.

        • SWAT teams were an invention of LA Daryl Gates police chief. The concept took police departments by storm. Hell, we made TV shows where they were the stars. We were a more naive country in those early days and in the midst of our first drug/crime wave after the 60’s morality collapse.

          Be glad you don’t have them and never let them be formed, no matter the pretext. You might be able to avoid them, we couldn’t as we’ve just too many vet’s of the sand wars joining police departments here. They just love playing soldier.

          • The tendency of people on the right to blindly support whatever the enforcement arm of the police state is doing, is frankly, baffling.
            I follow a couple of cop channels on youtube and the crap these guys will defend is mind boggling.
            The lying press says the cops are a bunch of racists shooting black guys for no reason whatsoever and so the right thinks they have to defend the police no matter what they do. It’s very sick. They support the militarization of the police and they even support cops covering their faces and blanking out their names on their name-tag and badge. This is getting widespread too. If a cop needs to anonymous because of undercover work, then they need to stay undercover. Cops wearing full face covering is so offensive I didn’t think the right could defend it. But they do.

          • If you believe in the nation, you tend to support the people who ostensibly uphold its laws. The Grillers believe in the nation. Or, they used to.

      • It’s also quite common in New England. In my town the street with all the shops is called “High Street” (We also have a Centre Street and a Cinema-Theatre.) All the names are either English or transliterations of Indian dialects. Our cops will still come out for property crime, but when you read the police blotter it’s the usual PC stuff. “Youths,” “Suspect wearing sneakers and a hoodie ,” etc.

    • Oh, yeah. I’m an urban landlord so I deal with a lot of break-ins and vandalism. The police are there strictly to provide insurance documentation. Useless. Got drug dealers and streetwalkers on your block? They won’t do anything about it.

      • This does bring up an interesting question about who has the right to police the community. It is a late innovation of ours to say that it is the Police who have the exclusive right to police; and finding that they decline, what should happen next?

        But I’m merely hinting at both the problem and the solution. In Spain, and other place I suppose, until relatively modern times, justice was an individual & family role. The system was literally that, if you were wronged, you’d go to the market and declare a vendetta against whomever.

        Vendetta, from the Latin root meaning, “lay claim too.” Vigilante, also from the Latin meaning, “to keep awake.”

      • Even with video evidence of property crime and clearly identified shots of someone’s face, the police won’t do anything unless you can identify the criminal. Then they even have to go to the trouble of finding him. Of course any vigilante action taken by whites to defend themselves or their property will be prosecuted.

    • When police departments shirk their duty to protect the community and fight crime, they become part of the problem, and should be regarded as such. Ancient wisdom.

  3. Why do pols avoid contact with voters? Because that is not how to get elected. So how do you get elected? Money. How do you get money? Say the things the people with money tell you to say. Do the things they tell you to do. Once the media knows you’re bona fide, you were selected by the monied, then they will control public opinion for you.

    • What? But The Guardian and The Washington Post say I have Democracy!? My vote counts. And if I wish to change The System, then I shall do so! How can we defeat Climate Change and Systemic Systematic Pneumatic Racism without Democrazy?!

      On a serious note, yes, that is a succinct way of putting it. I may read this to my newborn son each night. Don’t want the lad to be a compleat delusional.

    • Gov. Whitmer of Michigan has a record breaking millions in her re-election campaign fund now.

    • Yep. Over the past 50 years, elections have moved from the ground to the media. For that, you need money and access.

      Of course, now, it doesn’t matter because TPTB decided white voters were a pain in the ass, so they simply imported enough non-white voters to make our votes worthless.

    • Interesting topic to bring up, Karl. Near my area where I take a walk at lunchtime a camera was put up in late 2017. It was burned in early 2018. Fixed around the same time and burned again in early 2019. It was then removed. I thought: good on you, whoever you are.

      • This is a nationwide and very well known taxpayer fleece. It is all around DC too and anecdotally I’ve heard others complaining in other cities. (Boston, etc)
        It is a double dose of f-ckery on the taxpayer. Not only are you getting squeezed by being taxed for the new road building project, you are getting more squeezed because a project that should take a year and cost 3 million dollars takes 6 years and cost 40 million. They don’t care you are the inconvenienced one, and you are paying for it.

        Then to rub salt into the wound, since these are ‘construction areas’ they take a 55-65mph speed limit and knock it down to 35-45mph at ALL times. Then setup some nice cameras on the side of the road with a ‘Fines are Double in Const. Zone’ signs. They’ve just installed slot machines every mile or so that always win and pay out BIG for the gubmint. Anarcho-Tyranny indeed…

  4. The tyranny is the micromanagement of the good citizens while driving. The anarchy is ignoring the car thieves.

    let me put it this way: white man’s microaggressions are dangerous cause it could lead to holocaust, but non-white macroaggressions are healthy and natural cause it’s racist to force them to stop.

    let’s take sweden as example: white women have the right to go against their own men for any minor offenses(imagined or real), but when they protested against mass rapings nothing happened.

    • One of the key components of so-called “social justice” is that negroes are above the law. A second component is that anything that triggers blacks must be suppressed with maximal prejudice. This is what Africanization looks like.

    • “The Masque of the Red Death” should be required reading for all Branch Covidians. Of course, they’re doubtless too stupid to understand it.

  5. Covington’s Northwest series is fun reading if We want to see what having colonial occupation with “Bremer Walls” looks like in local zones, while the dirt people mill about their former city.

    • Europe has a rich and educational history in the evolution of fortress walls and the means to smash them; the trebuchet and the cannon being two such innovations. But we now live in a high-tech world in which drones and guided missiles can be manufactured in your garage with a homemade 3D printer. Ain’t no wall high enough.

  6. The Right used to have smart and thoughtful men genuinely concerned with the direction of Western society.

    The Right has devolved into nothing but a collection of grifters and scam artists. Take our buddy Ben Shapiro, for instance. His Daily Wire is hocking a “conservative Hollywood movie” made by a bunch of #NeverTrumpers which does nothing but make fun of the audience while reinforcing the Left’s narrative. Here’s David Cole’s analysis (a reminder that some Jews have decency enough to tell the truth):

    A company called Rebeller hired a bunch of NeverTrump conservative scammers to “make movies in the Trump era for the audience Hollywood ignored.” They finished one film over a year ago, a “plucky young girl defeats school shooters” actioner titled Run Hide Fight. But just as they began to hawk it, the entire enterprise collapsed when a minor was raped by a production exec (d’oh!).

    Rebeller folded and Run Hide Fight faded to black, in the can but unseen.Until last month, when little Benny Shapiro and his suckling Jeremy Boreing bought the film, slapped the Daily Wire name on it, made themselves “executive producers,” and paywalled it on the Daily Wire website. Let the con begin! Ben and Jeremy (who appears to have marked the Wire’s move to Nashville by purchasing a toupee that resembles a cow pie) began promoting the movie to their rubes as a “conservative must-see! Only $14 to support the kind of film that reflects OUR values!”

    Except there’s nothing even remotely rightist about the film. Just the opposite, in fact. It’s typical lefty Hollywood pap in which the young feminist heroine and her noble black bestie defeat evil white Nazi teens who shoot innocent minority students and sexually torture the (also noble) Latina Spanish teacher while spewing racist insults. In one scene, as the lead Nazi kid forces the survivors of his rampage to blockade the school cafeteria doors with lunchroom tables, he boastfully proclaims, “See, it’s not that hard to build a wall.”

    Somewhere out there are MAGAs who lost money on the wall grift only to lose more money paying Shapiro for a film that mocks them as Nazis for wanting a wall.


    I’ve noticed Benji has a long habit of subtly mocking his boomer audience. He tells lots of Jesus jokes and has occasional bouts of stabbing conservatives in the back.

    Psychopaths and Duping Delight

    “the pleasure we get over having someone else in our control and being able to manipulate them”.

    Psychopaths often see their whole life as one big exercise in getting away with things in plain sight, and there is a twisted kind of pleasure they get in being able to get away with so much outrageous behavior and lying.


    • I’ve noticed Benji

      That could be your problem, old son. Noticing this entity. It is true we need to keep an eye on the enemy, but these grifters serve only to wind us up even further. Plus, they’ve not got the real power.

      Some years ago a friend was telling me about the Amazing Benji. The friend said that he ‘trashes’/’owns’/’destroys’ the left. My words then to him were: ‘Yeah, but he’s not our people.’.

      • Benji got his fame by copying YouTubers owning SJW college students in reaction videos. It’s all fake. He’s backed by big money people for the purpose of co-opting legitimate grievances and channeling anger back into unproductive endeavors like cutting taxes for the rich and “democrats are the real racists” nonsense. The powers that be sensed a cultural fad, then attached this guy to it and proclaimed him the leader, then shifted the conversation back to supporting things those kids opposed. It’s a classic control tactic. Remember the movie Braveheart, when the Scottish nobles pledged loyalty to the king? Coopting a few powerful nobles and proclaiming them the leaders of those you wish to control has been used for centuries.

        Meet the new boss, same as the old boss:

        Ben Shapiro Attacks The Dissident Right


        Who is Ben Shapiro?


        Ben Shapiro is a media personality created by a Hollywood producer who has risen rapidly through associations with Breitbart, David Horowitz’s Freedom Centre and the Shillman Foundation, among others. The latter is funded by the “ultra-Zionist” tech mogul Robert Shillman, a board member of the ‘Friends of the Israel Defence Forces’ which in turn bankrolls the likes of Horowitz to spread fear of Islamo-fascism far and wide, and promote military interventions in line with what they perceive to be Israel’s interests, as well as persecuting academics insufficiently respectful of Israeli policy, while claiming to be champions of free-speech.This can coexist with the promotion of ‘conservative’ ideas insofar as these do not conflict with a neoconservative agenda – so quaint ideas like a just-war theory to which more than lip-service must be paid, defence of a confessional state, critiques of usury and contraception etc. tend to be excluded, while opposition to abortion is broadly supported. It is a little difficult to describe the agenda as neoconservative, despite the origins of the term, because Ben Shapiro seems clear that to use the term ‘neoconservative’ at all is to be guilty of an anti-Semitic slur.




    • It’s impossible to listen to that chipmunk for more than five minutes. Why is “conservatism” such a miserable failure? A Jvvw, a Mormon, and a WASP walk into a bar….

      • Dunno how you do it bro. I saw the cover shot with the str0nk wahmen protag and her plucky negro buck sidekick and my eyes immediately glazed over. I can’t consume propaganda like that. It could have been Gone with the Wind tier writing, cinematography, etc. but the black male / white female mindf-ckery that is being rammed down our throat is beyond my limit.

        • Well, it was topical, so I wanted to see what the fuss was about. At least via torrent I wasn’t enriching them. The poz goes deep in that film — they make a point of showing all the White male authority figures and White male students to be cowardly and/or ineffectual. The only White man who is given a partial pass is the heroine’s father, who is treated as kind of a crazy, loose cannon anyway.

          • “… they make a point of showing all the White male authority figures and White male students to be cowardly and/or ineffectual. “

            And this is not true?

        • Yep, and it’s literally everywhere. It can be limited, but not completely. Even then, you know it’s going on, which is a pisser on its own.

    • Send them an email in which you state that if they first send you $14 in cash, you will consider watching their movie. If they receive a few million such emails, they might refrain from such nonsense in the future.

  7. Unfortunately, these retarded clowns are placed into their positions of power by average voters/people – so there’s plenty of blame to go around. Now that voting is increasingly seen to be a waste of time, the real question is what the hell is it going to take or what will be done to get rid of these cancerous carbuncles once and for all?

    • That is the hell of it, isn’t it. We The People made They The Politicians… and we fully expect them to solve the problem that we made. But all we do is bitch about it and nothing gets done. We just point fingers and that’s it.

      • Which I guess is why z, and all of us question democracy. Z wrote something on legitimacy that really turned a page for me. Kings are seen as legit because the system and the people who accept the system acknowledges blood as the sign of legitimacy.

        in our system, it’s seen as a fair election. It really knocks “democracy” or even republicanism off its high modern sophistication horse.

        if elections are rigged nothing about modern politics has ANY value

        This was anew concept to me

        • Nothing new here. I might add that it’s not *if* elections are rigged, it’s the *perception* of honest election results that matter.

          We have everything backwards (deliberately of course) in opening the voting system to all sorts of “innovation/modernization” and challenging detractors to prove fraud under the revamped system. Perception is reality and that perception seems now to be that the system is corrupt by more people than not.

          The trick will be to see if folk fall back into habit and attempt to vote their way out of the situation rather than explore alternative avenues of change.

    • The politicians that vie for your vote have all been pre-selected by the donors that fund their expensive campaigns. All the choices are bad.

  8. In the end, it is an inversion of legit, holy, medieval feudalism. The real Church also replaced by sterile pagan wokeism and it’s own rites.

    Like that ancien regime when it got perverted by the Enlightenment to allow peasant abuse, or the colonials when likewise they became too insular yet too dependent on their servants, the current managerial system will also be toppled by increasing the (bloody) sand in the gears.

  9. I copped a massive fine a few years ago right before Christmas for not stopping at a stop line, which I’ve got to be honest, had no idea about, silly me. My only crime was slowing down, almost to a stop, checking for oncoming traffic and continuing. It was so scummy because they absolutely new that, without a stop sign, most people would just, you know, use common sense and do what I did.

    Meanwhile, I regularly observe the dindu imports fresh into town getting five finger discounts at the local supermarket whilst a well meaning but incompetent security guard tries to take care of the situation to no avail.

    • If shoplifting has been legalized in your town it’s time to join the fun.

      The white man needs to realize that rules are for suckers. “Doing the right thing” leads to being robbed.

    • Funny, because, where I live, almost nobody actually observes stop signs in residential areas. And there’s never a cop around to bust them. I suspect ignoring basic traffic laws is a sign of descent into Third World status.

  10. Americans will be ruled by pod people living and operating inside special zones guarded by razor wire and armed men.

    I’m just an incurable optimist, I guess. I keep thinking about Our Glorious Supervisors behind the razor wire and armed men, and thinking, Gee, that sure looks like a prison fence. And the significance of those armed men depends entirely on the direction in which their attention is focused. Which way those guns are turned. We could easily replace those armed men, if necessary, or simply explain to them which way to point their weapons. Then, with the perimeter secure, don’t even send in food. Let them eat each other. Let Jerrold Nadler maintain his bulk on a nice haunch of Nancy Pelosi, rare. Let Mitch McConnell chew his fingernails until he gets up to his elbows.
    You may say I’m a dreamer. But I’m not the only one. I hope someday you will join us, and the world will live as one.

  11. You mention Paleos often with respect mostly. Whatever they did as an intellectual class was far more than anyone else, but did we ever really elect one? Ron Paul as a paleo-libertarian but I am truly drawing a blank. Nominated yes, as in Pat Buchanan.

    • Perhaps you were still in elementary school when ‘Chronicals” was the best political/cultural commentary going. Fleming, Wilson, Francis and the best commentariat even before Taki went silent.

      • Perhaps your reading comprehension needs a boost. I just said when did we elect a paleo.
        By the way I have been a subscriber of Chronicles since the 80s. Long after elementary school.

    • Paleoconservatives failed for the same reason White identity faded in the 1960s and 70s: Whites needed to broaden their coalition to win national elections for the republican party, which is a diverse coalition of Whites spanning thousands of miles, different cultures, incomes and regions. That meant anything divisive had to go, such as the Confederate flag*. That was made all the easier by virtue of the fact that the demographics back then permitted republicans to win national elections by being race blind (something the democrats never were).

      Now that America is a one party state like California due to immigration, there is less of a reason for White conservatives to moderate. Thus, the (shocking) rise of tacit White identity on social media as of late. On YouTube, for example, there is a whole industry built around reporting anti-White racists in Hollywood and the media. It’s not positive White identity — yet — but more of a negative reaction against racism … but we are getting there. Any kind of video titled “Star Wars author makes racist Tweets against Whites” would have been unthinkable when I was a kid. The loss of republican electoral viability is what’s really going to get identity movements among heritage Americans going. Why bother being race blind if it gets you nothing?

      *Note: It’s not a coincidence that the Confederate Flag became taboo around the time when Republicans started to have difficulty winning presidential elections in the 1990s and early 00s (W. Bush lost the popular vote in 2000 and then won re-election in 2004 by the smallest margin in modern history, even with heavy Hispanic pandering). The republicans began shedding more and more in a desperate effort to maintain viability. But now that doesn’t matter anymore because there is nothing they can do to win. Even offering minorities a trillion dollars in free money didn’t work.

      • It worked enough to give Trump the election. He increased his share of minority votes from 2016, but somehow magically lost. But even if Trump wasn’t cheated, it would have been a temporary victory after expending much effort.

  12. As I observe the transition to the rule of Resident Biden I see that a lot of whites calm themselves by looking at their 401k balance. As long as our feudal system gives them a growing 401k balance along with Netflix, Amazon and sportsball I think we just coast along with the green zones ruling us.
    I do see more red pilling out there but nothing yet strong enough to change anything. Many of the whites I talk too still plan on voting there way out of this while Denzel Washington pats them on the head.

    • As someone who has a modest amount in the ol’ 401K I never found the attraction. It’s one “pirate event” (carrying the point from yesterday) from being a zero (or worth zero). Some theoretical bucket of money is nothing to get excited over, but yeah I see people do it all the time (the same people are probably scratch-off lottery fans). Myself, I’d rather wake up and find my people have a future and my 401k worthless than continuing with the current charade.

      • Yeah, but if retired, you need to eat and that entails an income of sorts. But you’re right. If you look at your 401K and your home value and that’s it, you can wake up one day, brutally impoverished.

        • I meant to put in a caveat of “unless you happen to be consuming your 401K”. Even for some like myself in their 40s that money is very, very theoretical at this point, however I can’t not play it due to the incentives

      • Started mine early, figured it was the responsible thing to do. Put it in high risk since I was young and it was Bush’s goldilocks economy. Had a few thousand in it. Then the financial crisis hit and it literally went to less than $20, slowly dwindled to zero. I didn’t think it possible, but there it was. Swore to never voluntarily give another penny to those degenerate gamblers. So now I’m in precious metals.

      • I buy my stocks directly and pay taxes on my gains when I sell. That way the money is mine and no government strings attached. Further, I do not trust the government not to ransack a 401k account when the finances have collapsed. I guess we will know a few years prior when the media starts demonizing greedy hoarders with their 401k accounts, and yes it wil be framed as more evil whitey keeping POC down.

        • My personal take on wealth is that it’s only “really real” when it is rooted in something no more than 1 or 2 steps from primary production. I’d rather have a million dollar share in an oil company than a 50M share in some tech company that packages and home delivers sex toys or weed candy or some other degenerate frivolity to give hipsters something new to do with their sail foams.

          Also ownership is essentially nothing more than a claim. Claims are backed by trust, force, or some mix of both. This is why I don’t really get goldbugs, at least most of them because they don’t take delivery of “their” gold. It remains in a vault somewhere that only somebody whose name ends in Stein has. Are you personally part of his (((trust network)))? Probably not. When we talk about SHTF day(s) what are we really discussing? Among other things it’s a mass breakdown of trust. It’s a lot of people simultaneously breaking a lot of promises they made to other people. When trust is gone, you’ve only got that other thing I talked about.

          • Yeah, everyone is different. I only buy stocks where I think I can make a decent profit in a year or two, then cash out. Otherwise, I like property. I always have. And I plan on accumulating as much as possible of it. I do own silver and gold coins but the main reason for this is so I don’t waste the money on other things that won’t hold value, so when I have a spare $1000 to $2000 laying around I will buy some silver and gold. Better than blowing it on a stereo or something. I know I am not going to make a killing on it, but that’s never my goal.

        • Truthfully, if the government’s finances go sideways and there’s a huge economic decline, the retirement accounts will be about the only thing that can be taxed. You can’t tax poor people; they don’t have money.

      • Bingo. Every two weeks the gumperment takes money from me under the guise that it will be there when *they* say I can retire and begin collecting my cheese allotment. Many of us realize it won’t be there when that time comes. Many of us are pretty pissed about it. Unfortunately, we still need to operate within the ever tightening noose of woke society to keep a roof over our heads because we haven’t built up the aforementioned 401k. Older guys on our side take for granted their ability to turn off the tv, ignore the social media, retire when your job institutes mandatory white shaming sessions. I’m not saying we need to sport the hottest memes and dominate the hashtags, but older guys on this side need to at least be tuned in so they can understand what the younger generations are up against. We youngsters on this side still have a lot to lose, but its becoming less and less every day.

        • When I think about all the young people who took on a mortgage to go to college and learn to save the world, and the others who grew up on FPS games and have been fighting hajji for 20 years, I wonder what tptb thought they were creating.

          That’s a lot of betrayed idealists and trained killers to be giving the shaft.

          • I’m fortunate to be an only child from a two income household of frugal parents, but spending six figures thinking “you get out of it what you put in” only to be laughed at and told “you’re not one of us and you never will be” is a pretty harsh lesson in the world of the elites even if you come out of it debt free. So many idealistic friends jumped on the big four accounting firm bandwagon thinking they could someday be VP over the current partners’ daughter’s hubbies only to realize 45K/yr for 100 hour weeks is their destiny. Many of us outsiders come from fathers who fought in Vietnam and other recent pointless conflicts initiated at the expense of poor whites, and they would die before they let their sons join the sham that is modern military. That being said, they still taught us important lessons. And how to shoot. Lots of good lessons and how to shoot… I’m happy to get the shaft early on, it builds character like high school sports. But it gets me some kind of excited to know I’m gonna give it way worse down the line. I fully plan to save the world, just not the way my gender studies professor thought I would.

          • Yep. As for me, I watched the Soviet Union collapse, the Rodney King riots, the economic gutting of NAFTA, the transfer of American capital to China, the sham War on Terror. Went to college to study biology and make the world a better place until I figured out science isn’t what I was told and my career would likely consist of creating things like covid in the lab.

            Now I’m watching commies take over the US, China eclipsing the US, the so-called plague, the formerly proud working class dying from the real opioid plague, the emerging War on Health, being told whites are the problem. Not the world I created or would have created, not the world I was promised. So if I veer into ‘let it burn’ territory sometimes, that’s why. It’s not my story, not our story, and yes at some point soon we’re going to have to take the reins and do our thing.

            But at least I got out of college for only the price of a new car 🙂

        • Well, the older guys won’t have to worry about losing their jobs, so they will have a certain freedom to act. Their main concern will be getting cut out of the banking system.

    • You are correct. There will be no mass awakening until real hardship returns and the Comfort First Imperative has collapsed into ruins. The best we can do in the short-term is corrosion from the shadows to help speed the decline. The DC corruptocrats want to buy your phony vote and allegiance. Demand an exorbitant price and sell it by the dozen.

    • Denzel Washington is a based black man who actually cares about the welfare of his people, which is an admirable trait irrespective of race. Watching hundreds (or thousands) of black men mowed down over of the last year due to lax policing just so some college-age Leftist White kids could larp as anti-racists while keeping those same black people out of their schools and neighborhoods probably rubbed him the wrong way. Notice how the same people demanding we “defund the police” also weren’t asking us to “defund the neighborhood watch” or “integrate private schools.”

      • I wish Denzel the best, he is probably a decent man, but I want my people to stop seeking approval from blacks to stand on their own.

        • Denzel IIRC has a deep religious background. He’s one of the talented tenth with a moral base. A freakishly rare bird these days.

          • Rural blacks are generally religious, squared-away, hard working folks. Urban blacks are, well, you know….

          • I guess that’s why you never hear him rabbit on about politics, unlike every other Hollywood putz. A good rule of thumb is that every celebrity who keeps quiet about his politics is to the right of center.

          • He actually did opine on politics once. he directly addressed the deplorable condition of the black family, and called to account the absence of fathers in the black community. I suspect he received extreme backlash for his honest and admirable observation and refrained from speaking further on the matter for financial reasons. Hard to blame him. Unpopular opinion, I know, but as they say: you don’t have to be faster than the bear, only faster than the slowest person running from the bear. In his case, a casual mosey suffices.

    • Yes, I have heard more red pilling out there. But those same people already seem to be losing steam.

      • But there’s a ratchet effect. The next naked display of anti-white contempt will trigger the t-cell memory that’s now existing inside them.

  13. Police departments are an easy example, but a similar process happened with regulatory agencies, large corporations, the academy, and the mass media

    Interesting. What are some examples of anarcho-tyranny in these domains?

    Perhaps anarcho-tyranny could be stated as a general phenomenon of management, roughly as follows: oppressive control of situations that may be controlled, disregard for situations outside of control.

    • The CDC will jail you for not wearing two masks on a plane, but will completely ignore the health status of any and all third worlders coming into the country.

      • Yes, of course jailing or, more generally, the behavior of AGs/DOJ is a canonical example (with obvious instantiations taking place last summer).

        If we are generalizing anarcho-tyranny beyond the state (say to large corporations, academia, mass media, etc), then what are some interesting examples?

        • The Ayatollah Khomeini can call for exterminations on social media, but you can’t talk about election fraud. There are a million examples, but it boils down to allowing select demographic groups unfettered rights that we do not share.

      • There was an interesting detraction brought up after Fauci proposed the “if one mask good, two mask better” fallacy (gawd that guy is stupid). One researcher in mask design said, no it isn’t since the two masks prevent/restrict breathing through the cloth, which in turn causes more air to escape around the sides of the mask—around the nose, cheeks, and under eyes—thereby defeating the intended purpose of the mask as a filter.

        Our public health officials have zero credibility. They are both disconnected from the people and the current science.

      • Yes. Tuberculosis. Diphtheria, measles whooping cough, and a disease that may be a form of polio all have all have reappeared in the last ten years.
        Not to mention lice outbreaks now being common. When will typhus and smallpox & cholera reappear? Only a matter of when not if.

    • “What are some examples of anarcho-tyranny in these domains?”

      In California, I must pay a fine for not having health insurance. The fines go into a fund for health care for illegal immigrants.

      • “Illegal health care” floored this Californian, as did “a woman was arrested for singing in her backyard.” Behind the razor wire, their entire career is based on manufacturing Lilliputian strings.

    • I got more. California passed legislation that you (meaning South Americans, for whom this is apparently a cultural thing) can run a mini-restaurant out of your home and it’ll be exempt from health inspections. Try that if you own an actual restaurant.

      In Los Angeles, ((City Councilman)) Bob Blumenfield decided to install between 50 and 75 ‘tiny homes’ for the homeless in a parking lot next to a family-filled neighborhood. The expected crime rate was so high that his proposal included a police substation and “drug and mental health services”.

      In fact, everything California does about the homeless is anarcho-tyranny. I remember the local governments closed the beaches for tourist season but still let the homeless camp there… mask-free!

    • A running tally of personal or noticeable examples is the most effective sales tool I can imagine to build a lasting groundswell.

      We’re awash in disinfo; we have a million things we can point to to spark that “hey, he’s right!” gut reaction. So suck it, Breonna Taylor, cuz No Irish Need Apply.

    • More like micromanagement of compliant citizens, total avoidance of non-compliant citizens. Thus, mask mandates for normal people who want to shop but the release of criminals sure to health concerns (in particular, it’s ironic that TPTB don’t feel like they could enforce a mask mandate on, say, someone in jail for robbing a bank).

      • I get frustrated that there won’t be WLM riots and murals of Ashli Babbitt spray painted on buildings and streets all over the nation, but I understand it. White people just aren’t wired that way, and the elite would never allow it.

  14. The deadly game they play.
    Waking Up To Reality (cont)
    Tens of millions of Americans are heavily armed and viscerally angry about the overt theft of the 2020 election, and that’s a non-trivial problem for the Deep State. So what will they do about it? False flags to instigate a civil war, pit patriot militias against LEOs/National Guard in a war of brutal attrition, kill off as many alpha males as possible, and pave the way for the arrival of the Jackboot Corp to restore “order.” Alternately, there will be a manufactured foreign war to divert, distract, and diffuse civil anger and unrest. Either way, they keep the plebs fighting among themselves or cowed by a phony external threat (Russia Russia Russia). Don’t play their game.

  15. Not as lyrical or tuneful, but:
    Imagine all “the practical aspects of life are handled by corporations and ad hoc associations. Managerialism brings us full circle to a firm of feudalism with material excess”. Above us only sky…..

  16. My car was ripped off a couple years back by illegal immigrants (on the evidence) and it was a second nightmare dealing with the cops and the insurance company. I keep up my cars, so that one was worth a lot more than the book value of the check they sent. Years later the car actually was found in another city. The insurance now owned the car, which now was non-operable. But I went to collect any valuables not stolen. A third nightmare. Yeah, I know it’s like that scene in Lebowski. That really is how they treat us.

    • I’ve always been darkly amused by the complete lack of action on the part of police in regards to car thefts since they’re always used to perpetrate some other crime. Locally it’s usually “white guy gets car jacked on the west side, thieving homies then shoot up opposing homies on the east side, but the thieving homies can’t be found because they were driving a stolen car”. It’s amusing since this should be one of the easiest robbery cases to solve. It’s not like they’re stealing someone’s Playstation and hiding it in their house, they’re out driving around in the damn thing for God and everyone to see.

      • When Guiliani first became mayor of New York City, car thefts were averaging about 120,000 cars per year (out of approximately 2million cars registered in the city .. 6% of the vehicles stolen each year).
        By the end of his second term, car theft was down to about 35,000 per year.
        So, it can be done; it just takes the will.

        (BTW, annual murders went from 2,200 down to 500).
        The previous administration was headed by David Dinkins, our first black mayor.

    • I feel your pain – but also point out that you likely lack the skill set to deal with both cops and insurance people in these cases. Not meant as an insult, as these are not parties that are, let’s say, designed to be ‘user friendly’.

      As an experienced negotiator, I have an edge. Just fact. So in cases of any adverserial negotiation, which these are, the approach as I have been trained, and put into practice, is to look for the pressure points. Off the git-go, you need to elimiate, or dilute the home field advantage. Be perceived like a nobody, get treated like one.

      What cops and insurance people avoid more than anything is work. What all humans are concerned with, reputation. Come at the parties named based on those two things, and see how things move along more in your favor. I could go into much more detail, but no aim to self dox.

      When cops perceive you know somebody, they treat you much differently. Make it your business to create some relationships – every local judge is also a local lawyer. Hire that guy to amend your will. Many cops cut lawns. Even a one time yard cleanup builds contact.

      Do the legwork if dealing out of town – look up who is in the town’s system, court employees. I once got a kid out of a MAJOR speeder by contacting the local prosecutor, in a city 100 miles away, outside of the court system and plead the kid’s case. He let the kid off with driver ed, no points.

      If you don’t have the above in you, fine. Be a serf for life, make movie references and take it up the p-o-o-p chute.

      • On the few occasions in my life when stopped by police, I always made it a point to read their full name on the badge and then repeat it verbally so they knew that I knew exactly who they were. Be polite and stare at the name badge an extra second or two. They notice those things and prefer to avoid unnecessary hassles just like everyone else.

        • On the two occasions I’ve been stopped, after we are done, just before he walks away, I’ve said:
          “Tell me officer, when you do this, what do you think peoples opinion of you is?
          Do you think they are more or less likely to help you when you need it?
          I’d be interested to know.”
          On both occasions I got no answer. They just walk away.

  17. When Scott Garrett was my Rep I would see him at town events and parades. He seemed like a normal guy. So they gerrymandered our district, now my Rep is a Democrat from the other side of the state who couldn’t find my town without a gps.

  18. Not that I always agree with him, but Rand Paul seems to be the only member of the Senate who speaks like a normal person.

    • Remarkable how “normal” one can sound when speaking honestly, from the heart, rather than trying to say what you think your audience wants to hear.

  19. Back in the early 80s my parents moved from out of state to an outpost of NYC. In short order their home was burglarized. In addition to terrorizing their elderly poodle the perps stole my dad’s unregistered (in NY) pistol (a souvenir from his time in Korea) then subsequently used it in a robbery. The pistol was traced back to my dad. Guess who got arrested in this scenario.

    • Yep, what did they finally do for the illegal possession charge? I’m used to getting off the plane (in NYC, when I still flew) and seeing the myriad of signs telling me about a 5 year mandatory jail sentence for my firearm.

      • He had some connections so no jail time. They may have even dropped the charges. But he was cuffed and taken in. That indignity was more than enough punishment for him not registering the thing within 5 minutes of setting foot in that ridiculous state. I’m pretty certain the melanin enriched perps served no time either and weren’t even charged with the initial burglary. The entire affair was ludicrous.

  20. Under feudalism the serfs paid 1/3 of their income in taxes. So in many cases, especially in CA and NY, we already have a worse deal than serfs.

    • They paid a tithe to the church – about ten percent, and were obliged to do labor for their lord a few weeks a year. They weren’t even conscripted.

      We’re taxed A LOT harder than they were.

  21. Great essay. A good question would be, what led to the isolation of the ruling class, and their ability to skip the town hall meeting. It seems like it has only happened in the last 10 years

    • The partnership with big media. Why do the work and be forced to share air with the peasants when you have an army of talking heads to tell the world you did the work better than its ever been done while simultaneously telling the world that your opponent diddles kids and eats live babies while screaming the N word. People used to watch local news that covered local issues and reported somewhat fairly but now everyone tunes into the propaganda arms of the uniparty. They’ve also imported enough low IQ voters to maintain power without needing support from people who would ask them real questions in a town hall anyway, so reasonable people can kick rocks for all they care.

      • I often preach kill your TV, but the reality is that all living things are creatures of habit, and most people will continue their TV viewing habit until they die. Politicians know this and consequently the MSM alliance will remain a fixture of our broken political system. You must confront the battlefield as it exists, not as you wish to be.

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  23. I like the phrase Jesus uses in Matthew 23, when criticizing the hypocritical pharisees, which were that era’s version of the modern politician: “You strain out a gnat but swallow a camel.”

    We had a brief, glorious period from the late 1700s to mid 1800s, which was a great historical anomaly. We have been reverting to the mean ever since.

    • Yep, we often recognize sea changes *after* the fact. But, that works both ways. Perhaps someone will write in a couple generations that now was a positive sea change in the present predicament we find ourselves in.

  24. Another awesome post with a lot to think about. As for the Stop Light Cameras… Cities need to raise money. Taxes don’t work because poor non-white people don’t pay very many taxes, and our cities consist of almost no one but poor non-white people now. So cities needed to find a way of generating a lot of cash quickly, hence the cameras and automated ticketing policies.

    But then that highlights the bigger issue at the core of Z Man’s post. When he talks about how politics used to be and how it represented people’s true interests, he is overlooking the fact that poor non-white people don’t see the past political system as a positive rational thing at all. They see colonialism and slavery and wars fought by Europeans all over the world. They were always on the receiving end of a crappy deal. So, they are emulating “power” as they experienced it: irrational, angry, violent grabs for cash. I don’t think we will ever have a situation where we are in the majority here again and as such we are always going to be on the receiving end of the worst excesses of power hungry morons.

    • Anarcho-tyranny relies upon reasonable people’s tendency to feel obligated to play by the rules. Case in point … DC no longer prosecutes people for Metro fare jumping, and cops won’t arrest anyone for doing it. Yet there I am, paying for each ride (well, not now due to tele-work) even though I have no reason to do it. If normal people stopped mailing in their red light camera cheques, the system as a revenue generator falls apart. Until normal people are okay with being publicly criticized, this regime will continue. Until white people don’t melt when called “racist” nothing much is going to change.

      • Just as a note, in Ohio red light cameras have no legal force and yet people pay the stupid things all the time. Supposedly the collection agency can place a lien on the car title but I’ve never had that issue, possibly because the tickets are rarely sent to collection agencies (I have to think the recovery rate on collecting a charge from someone ignoring a speeding “ticket” (it’s not areal ticket) is exceedingly low).

    • I thought he was just singing the song “WAP” – I guess an obese puerto rican mongrel has the pass though.

  25. OT: I’m sitting through all-day Zoom Navy diversity training. It’s just horrible. We are going to get our asses kicked.

    • Get up and walk out. Be the change you want to see in the world, as the usual suspects would say.

    • It will take the loss of several of our aircraft carriers and their escorts for the adults to take charge and get serious about war fighting. It’s the American way of combat.

      • Who would then police the seas? Globohomo’s mercantile power sits on a shaky pyramid of force projection: cheap shipping looking at less fuel, outrageous insurance, and real pirates. Perhaps the Chinese cargo carriers can put up razor wire around their decks.

        Waitaminute. Idea! We need money. We need sand. Why are we letting Somalis in rubber boats get the action? The Americas were founded by white dissidents, smugglers, and buccaneers!

        Idaho? Hell, let’s take the seas!

    • Please share some gems about what you’ve learnt. Have you become a better person? If I still see your comments here at Z Man’s, I’ll know that you haven’t.

      Just out of interest, were the participants all masked up despite being on Zoom?

  26. The simple answer. If you fine a law abiding citizen for oh, say, speeding he pays the fine and helps fund your pension. If you attempt to serve a warrant on an accused criminal he may shoot you dead. In which case you don’t get your pension.

  27. Good essay, I think you present the reality of it clearly.
    My point would be that we are entering dystopia and need to save ourselves somehow. I am all for the “anarcho” part of the phrase you used. I think we need a radical decentralization worldwide; but especially here in the empire.
    We could get started by a simple act of some US state or portion of a state leaving the Union and becoming their own political unit.

    Who would stand against California leaving? Or, East Tennessee for that matter.

  28. Final sentance typo
    “Managerialism brings us full circle to a firm of feudalism with material excess.”

    sb Form

    delete this.

  29. Need I say it? Outstanding article, as was “Pirate Age.” So clarifying. Hats off to our host and to the commenter who brought up A-T yesterday.

  30. Does anyone know when did the era of the town hall ended? I have never attended a town hall event but, by recollection, I think they became less common after the 2009 health care debates. Seems like interest groups got organized enough to send people to pressure congressmen even in the most remote home districts around that time.

    Also, as usual, libs are more organized and effective at creating personal pressure on politicians. You can see this in hard blue west coast cities. Seattle socialist city council member leads a crowd of anarchists to Seattle mayor’s house (an address which, because, she was federal prosecutor prior to mayor was not publicly available). Mayor declines to pursue second term. She was a terrible mayor of course, but I wonder if having a crowd threatening her in front of her house played a part in the decision. Same thing in Portland OR. Mayor has protestors inside his apartment complex targeting him and in separate incident gets sucker punched by random antifa guy while eating dinner.

    • You believe the bullshit from Marketwatch?

      There’s a bint on the food channel, Ree? Drummond whose husband has a 300,000 plus ranch in Oklahoma, She seems to do cook a decent steak, he didn’t marry her for her looks.

      I doubt if he’s in the top ten.

      • Bile, you are not making sense . who would I have to get the same information from for you to believe it? are you saying that gate is not getting control of a huge portion of the productive land? you tell me , what percentage of us agricultural land is owned by the Chinese?
        attacking on of many sources of info without any real rebutal is not worthy of this site . maybe you would be more at home on breitbart.

  31. This change from the real to the abstract in politics also gives me an appreciation of yet another aspect of the political genius of Covidism. Covid is the perfect tool for today’s politician since it gives him a ready made “real” issue that is nonetheless 99% a matter of LARPing and thus just another abstract rage-point. It’s also something about which all sorts of human emotions can be simulated. Does Senator Wormtape need to show he’s an angry tough guy? How about an angry rant about his callous opponent’s lack of sufficient Covidian virtue? Does he need to show his “compassionate” side for the Jane Winebox crowd? Bust out the onion powder and get those tears flowing about all the INSERT-VICTIM-GROUP who died of Coof…

  32. The American government has been a racist colonialist government since Brown v. Board and the ’64 “Civil Rights” act. It’s chief victims are the white population.

    Racial issues have allowed the Ruling Trash to override democracy, fair justice, and the Constitution.

    Despite all the overwrought blather about morality it’s really all about keeping whitey on the plantation and available for exploitation. That exploitation keeps The System going, thus it is doomed to fail in the future because of demographics. The parasites will overwhelm the hosts.

    White racism is denying non-whites access to whites.

    “Anti-racism” is the new form of racist colonialism – just a fraudulent excuse to stay close to the targets of your robbery.

    American culture has been anti-white since the ’60s and genocidal since the 90’s.

  33. “The primary feature of our politics now is that every ant is an elephant, and no one dares speak about the herd of elephants standing in the room.”

    Never heard little hats called elephants, but OK!

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