The Black And Reds

Note: The Monday Taki piece is up and the topic is the moral dimension to the ongoing social war. There are a few new items up behind the green door as well.

The “Black and Tans” were a police force recruited by the British into the Royal Irish Constabulary (RIC) as something like a paramilitary force or a militia during the Irish War of Independence. The majority were unemployed former soldiers who fought in the Great War, but many were criminals and even prisoners. They got their nickname from the uniforms they wore. They were supposed to help the overstretched RIC maintain order and deal with the Irish Republican Army.

In reality, they were something like a mob of thugs unleashed on the Irish population as a form of state sponsored terrorism. While most had military training, there was no code of conduct to control their actions. They were known for their brutal tactics and their indiscriminate attacks on civilians in retaliation for IRA attacks on them. Because the men recruited into the ranks were young and had few prospects at home, they were happy to do whatever was asked to the Irish population.

This is a useful historical example to keep in mind when reading this Time article on how the oligarchs rigged the 2020 election. Most people have fixated on the audacity of posting such a piece. Usually, people who commit crimes try to conceal their actions, but in this case, the principles are willing to boast about it. We are in the midst of a great purge of our institutions of anyone who questions the legitimacy of the election and here we have these people confirming many of the claims.

The motivation behind writing that piece is spite, of course. The half-hearted talk of bringing unity after the election has not fooled many people. That Time piece makes clear that there can be no unity, because there will be no peace. As the article says, the point of rigging the election was to “fortify” what they call democracy, but which the rest of us call their permanent rule. They were prepared to use any means necessary to defend their rights and privileges from the people.

One of those tactics, of course, was the unleashing of mobs onto the public starting with the highly orchestrated George Floyd incident. This was a combination of Black Lives Matter, created by the Obama administration during his second term, and ANTIFA, created and funded by the Soros organization. One group allegedly represents the interest of blacks, while the other group claims to be the inheritors of the communist revolutionary spirit. It was blacks and reds.

This is the truly remarkable aspect of that post. For months, the evidence piled up suggesting the mobs were manufactured. There seemed to be someone or a group of people funding and directing them. Early in the Time story, it boasts “In a way, Trump was right. There was a conspiracy unfolding behind the scenes, one that both curtailed the protests and coordinated the resistance from CEOs. Both surprises were the result of an informal alliance between left-wing activists and business titans.”

In other words, the suspicions were correct. The left-wing terror networks that operate out of not-for-profits like Pro Publica and The Bail Project, funneled cash, supplies and instructions to the mobs on the streets. That cash came from the CEO’s and their money changers in Washington, Silicon Valley and New York. This money was offered in exchange for violent street actions intended to either provoke a right-wing reaction or embarrass the Trump administration.

This sounds a lot like what the British did in Ireland. Unable to win popular support in their crusade against Trump, they unleashed thugs with official protection to terrorize the population. State sponsored terror is a well-known tactic to control a population, but it is generally considered the bane of civilized government. This is the sort of thing you expect from authoritarian societies or occupied ones. It was something the Bolsheviks did after the revolution, which is ironic given the people involved.

A century ago, the Irish Republican Army figured out that winning the hearts and minds of the people made British occupation expensive. When the British could not recruit Irish into the police force, they brought in the thugs that became known as the Black and Tans. These thugs only made it easier for the IRA to win the public over to the cause and the IRA was quick to take advantage of it. Eventually, the British had no choice but to abandon the tactic and disband the unit.

Here in modern America, the situation is different, at least for now, so the Black and Reds are seen as effective. They have not been officially disbanded by the ruling regime, even if they have been sidelined. Recently, Antifa turned up in Washington, harassing diners and fighting with the police. They will no doubt be out this summer causing trouble along with Black Lives Matter. Unlike the Black and Tans, they have not been promised pensions or positions in the government.

Even so, it is a useful comparison. The British unleashed the Black and Tans because they did not see the Irish as humans. They were a population that had to be controlled, like wild animals or maybe prisoners. The people on the other side of the razor wire and in the bunkered communities of Silicon Valley and Wall Street look at the rest of us, especially the white population, the same way. We are no longer humans, so they are free to do as they like in order to control us.

The lesson is that in a social war, every event must be used to rally support for your side and put the other side in a bad light. The Black and Tans undermined the British position with both the Irish and British public, because the IRA made them the face of the British occupation. That is what must happen here. These mobs must be closely tied to the CEO’s and politicians directing them. The Biden presidency must be known as the Antifa presidency. Make them own their golem.

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123 thoughts on “The Black And Reds

  1. I’m curious if they’ve prepositioned those shipping containers around the country full of war toys for the ferel yutes. Thats what the NGO’S did in other countries they wanted to remodel.

  2. The oligarchs were validating the vote count with their little hat trick. We cheated, but we won, not we digitally changed the votes in a globalist sponsored election fraud. Lesser of two evils. We’ll see how that works out, considering everything was done on the internet under surveillance of military intelligence.

  3. The sole reason for the BLM/Antifa protests since Biden came to office is to create distance between the two.

  4. A bit late I know, but the opposition is all tribes, and its going to be interesting to see that play out. Tik Tok is now directly challenging Facebook on eCommerce, they have a deal with Shopify to have shoppable streams that directly competes with Instagram’s feature. And they have far more “desirable” demographics skewing young and non-White (the same, basically). Trump threatened to ban Tik Tok but Biden is all for them, being owned by China.

    Silicon Valley was stupid enough to think China would not eat their lunch. And likely more focused on banging their 20 year old interns (male and female alike) than the massive competitive threat with unlimited manpower and funds crashing onto their shores. But hey, Orange Man Bad.

    So Team Silicon Valley-India vs Team Biden Pols-China will be fun. Larry Summers warned that Biden’s stimulus bill will cause inflation to roar forth, and we are likely to see: A. Inflation making pretty much but the very rich hungry, cold, hot, miserable, unable to gas up or buy groceries; B. Corporate America get rapidly supplanted by China Inc. with what little American employment remains going overseas, C. Massive infighting between Pelosi-Schumer-Biden and AOC/the Squad/Kamala who are backed by massive amounts of Indian and Iranian money funneled into Saikat Chakrabarti (the guy really running the Squad).

    Not a one of these guys understands White people any more than Bruce Springsteen mocking Christianity for Jeep. [He made a commercial for Jeep telling Trump supporters they better kneel before Zod at the Sportsball Championship]. Meanwhile Elon Musk is being punished by the Biden admin for cheering on the Redditors at Wallstreetbets, he can’t run but he can fund a guy like DeSantis.

    • Canceled order for new Jeep pickup within 5 minutes of that commercial. Screw these companies. Looking at the Tundra now. Better quality ratings, and I have not been insulted by their messaging.

      • Jeep build quality is notoriously inconsistent with a high percentage lemons. The Tundra is a winner.

  5. No, this Time piece was published for reasons of spite … it was published to re-write actual illegal so that they could be portrayed as legal. The criminal was recast as the erudite and super-organized … is anybody really falling for that?

    Re-writing history is what the victors do. We rail against the media lies and distortions, but then, we believe these lies?? Zman, you’ve mentioned this behavior on more than one podcast.

    It wasn’t written for spite … not primarily, at any rate … it was written to cover their trails. Mail-in ballots and no signature verification may be all that was really needed to rig the election.

  6. Occupying forces never go over well, the natives just marinate in hatred. 20 years in Afghanistan, now we are Afghanistan. He’s the King of Nothing, waiting to die behind a barbed wired fence.

  7. I’m fuming tonight. The city of Columbus, OH has just closed access to the last three years of eviction records, because COVID. This means I will be prohibited from checking to see if applicants for my rentals have prior evictions.

    Naturally, the city council doesn’t have any skin in the game. If I get robbed of months of rent by a serial deadbeat, they won’t be coughing up money to make me whole.

    Rope. Lamp posts.

    • FYI, they’ve already extended the stay on evictions until March 31: “Keep your current deadbeats. Be unable to tell if your new tenants are deadbeats. Sucks to be you! Fuck off, deplorable!”

      • I wonder if the founders ever considering when they penned the third amendment that the government would be telling citizens, “Oh, no, the third amendment doesn’t apply, because we’re not forcing you to quarter *troops,* we’re just forcing you to quarter random deadbeats.”

        I like to think the Sons of Liberty would be out slitting some throats after hearing a line like that.

    • I thought your City Fathers had taken a page from Prince and renamed the burg as the city formerly known as Columbus.
      Seriously, the ‘academy’ is strong in that town…..I feel for you.

  8. From the Taki piece: “Salvation is communal, so society and every member in it will be judged by the soul of the worst member. Therefore, the hunt for the worst sinner in society must never end.” What a powerful message. From now on I will think of this as the “Code of Karens”, as their work is never done.

  9. At 3:oo, I found 60 comments posted ,about half the norm. There doesn’t seem to be a like/dislike feature either. I vote for the old system.

  10. The Irish Republican Army is “the world’s oldest, continually op- erating, unsuccessful revolutionary organization.” – “Urban Guerrilla Warfare” by Anthony James Joes

  11. I’ll up vote any comment that notes the lack of the ability in the new comments system to up or down vote.

        • Not just you in regards to the voting: I also miss that system.
          I guess our vote doesn’t matter on Mr. Z-Man’s blog, either…
          Granted, it IS his house and I certainly won’t complain so long as he keeps typing!

          • Ah, it’s back but now looks all weird with lots of blank space and super-narrow comment columns. As for the voting thing, I seem to recall that Z did some upgrades before and the votes got turned off for a while. I think it’s a system that’s not turned on by default so maybe he just hasn’t re-enabled it. As for the new look, well like I said, way too much blank space with giant left and right margins and yes, I liked the voting system too.

  12. The British on site in Ireland were mostly Scots seduced over to Ireland two centuries before as a colonist more loyal Protestant replacement population for the unruly native Roman Catholics. The Irish Revolution, therefore, was both an ethnic and a religious conflict.
    Some demographic success was achieved as the Protestant population grew to 25%. It didn’t last, as one wit observed the “ Roman Catholics procreate and the Protestant emigrate.” Today Protestants are only 5% of the overall Irish population, and even in the North will soon be a minority. Like the Protestant Scots in Ireland, birth rates, and demographics in the USA will also soon make whites a hated minority in their own country. (By the way a shortage of black police pants caused the British government to use army surplus tan pants for their new police force.)

    • I hope the voting will return.

      It’s an improvement that each comment is now shown in its entirety rather than being chopped at an arbitrary length, with the remainder only readable by option. But what has happened to the buttons for formatting with italics, bold, etc.?

  13. We’ll see what happens the next time some stoned black thug gets his chips while resisting arrest. I imagine we’ll see a whole ‘nother round of Burning, Looting and Murdering. The Power Structure may be partially funding these savages, but I still don’t think it controls them.

  14. Right on target. I love all the pictures of concertina wire in Washington DC. Maybe we should call Biden “Concertina Joe”. Not that he’ll be around for long…

  15. If you want to get spooky what’s to say that COVID wasn’t part of the same thing. The only reason I’m skeptical is that it happened in a lot of other countries and didn’t originate here

  16. Im mostly Irish and my wife is mostly Irish and we’re Catholic; I think we’ll do alright playing the IRA role in this new struggle. 😝

  17. FYI, I started using ExpressVpn last week, and now I get this message when I go to your Taki link: Your access to this site was blocked by Wordfence, a security provider, who protects sites from malicious activity.

  18. I visited Belfast in 1993. There was no doubting it was an occupied city. there were tanks in the streets. I got a scare foolishly trying to snap a picture of one.

    • The IRA and Sein Fein (sp) and the Troubles were a big deal in the 70s and 80s, even the 90s. Its amazing how our minds work. I just assumed that that was over with, new page. But here we are!
      Now I’m interested in the history of the Troubles…

  19. The Black and Reds eh? I didn’t watch but understand the dominant color theme of the Stupor Bowl halftime show was – you guessed it – black and red. It also brings to mind the hideous dress Moochelle wore at one of the inaugurations. That was a warning; last night was a celebration.

  20. I was shocked by the article and the headline, but I really shouldn’t have been. Modern propaganda is about narrative framing/spin.

    No, no no! There was no fraud this election, no conspiracy to steal the vote you backwater bigot! There was an “informal alliance” to “save democracy!” And that’s a good thing!

    We’ve all known that for the radical progressives, the end justifies the means. Which means, you can reframe any event–voter fraud, street-terror– into a just one if you tilt your head and squint your eyes just so. Lets just hope a good portion of the population will finally look around at how silly this all looks, start scratching their head and open their eyes a bit more. At times I’ve all but lost hope in the integrity and rationality of the average person, but this last narrative may be overreach, even for them.

  21. “The motivation behind writing that piece is spite, of course.”

    Yes, and arrogance/narcissism  And the reality behind that piece is that large numbers of people are so stupid and so uninterested that unless the Left explicitly states “Yes, we stole the election stupid!!!” in those exact words and unless all media plasters this on their headlines/front pages, the American people (most of them) won’t get it.

    • Twitter censoring anything hinting at election fixing. Arguments with all my lefty family and friends where they say its just a conspiracy election is fixed. Feels like I have disassociated with reality.

      Then Time publishes an “If I Did It” article, and no one talks about it! Libs are all quiet. Conservatives hapless, content to tweet “I told you so” but with no way to actually hold the opposition to account or actually plan to roll any of rigging efforts back for the next election. Conservative response is damning. When are these guys going to develop a spine and hit back?

      • Never. Let it go. Forget electoral politics and the faux-party contention. Stop trying to change the minds of fools using logic and facts. Don’t waste your time or your friendship with them. Live apart from the woke and help build a White community.

        • Correct. Every second spent trying to convert the damned is a second wasted; one that could be much better spent on positive pursuits.

      • The GOP is not fixable. It’s a handmaiden to the Dems and a tool for the corporate elite. All the high profile conservatives are just mouth pieces paid to keep the sheep from wandering away.

        Lets be clear half of the vote rigging was approved by state GOP officials who knew vote by mail encouraged massive fraud. This was seen in Orange county in 2018 where it resulted in every GOP congressmen losing their seat due to ballot harvesting. Same in Arizona and Georgia where GOP governors stood buy and allowed fraud to happen.

        Trump was also at fault for not pushing election integrity. In fact he fired Kris Kobach from trying to make voting more secure. And McConnell crushed Kobach in the last election by giving millions to his Democratic opponent.

  22. The best quote from your latest Takimag column:

    the moralizer is always a narcissist. Her claims to morality are always a con to disguise her belief that she is the ideal moral being and that only she can guide society into salvation.”

    I particuarly like the use of “her”, progressivism being a feminine ideology.

  23. If one wants an idea of what’s happening, I would recommend the book “The Final Pagan Generation”, only this time we’re witnessing the dying remnants of the final Christian generation and the ascendance of wokeism.
    The only problem is the new religion is performative and internally hollow. That doesn’t mean we won’t see a couple of generations of madness before it implodes though. The only question is how many whites will remain after the chaos.

    • What comes after for non-Woke Whites? Its clear Christianity is dying, for one thing it does not serve White people’s purpose which is to protect them from the fury of the White woke and the violence of non-Whites.

      Classical Paganism? Neo Viking gods? Worshiping a folk amalgam of superheros and real ones? I don’t know. But something will fill that Christian void, and for most Whites it won’t be woke. Woke is a luxury good. Only those secure in their position can afford self-loathing.

  24. Didn’t Biden say that ANTIFA was just an idea not an organization. And didn’t Chris Wray, the top law enforcement officer in the land say that he saw nothing suspicious or to be concerned about in the riots last summer that burned cities from coast to coast. These are men of the highest moral and ethical standards. It is really not our place to question our betters.

    • Top 3+ levels of FBI, DOJ , CIA and pentagon have to go. Basically, if the Republicans can ever win another election (unlikely, but wishful thinking on my part) they have to purge the security state. Chris Wray, Rosenstein and Barr were all Trump appointees/nominees. At key moments they all thwarted him. Anyone who has ever lived in DC for more than 2 years or attended law school at Yale/Harvard should be dismissed. Deep state guys need to be purged and other dudes appointed to these positions.

      • As long as McConnell is in place nothing will happen. He is totally crooked and hates the American people. This man prevented over 200 pieces of GOP legislation from the House to be voted on. He kept the Senate in session through Trump’s presidency to prevent recess appointments. He repeatedly gutted all immigration law changes from the House in the omnibus spending bills; he forced Barr on Trump; Kept Kobach from holding office in the Trump WH; protected Wray from being fired.

        He’s one evil POS.

  25. The reason the Time article was published is because the ruling class knows that we know they massively cheated, wants us to know they cheated and that we cant do a damn thing about it (so they think). They want to both rub our faces in it and get loud and vigorous agreement from the useful idiots on their perfidy. It’s commie 101.

    Remember when Clinton met with Lynch on that tarmac and they claimed they only talked about their grandkids? I’m betting that’s true, they only did talk about their grandkids. It’s all they needed to talk about, because the message was clear: we can do what we want and you peasants have no say in the matter. That message was heard throughout the federal law enforcement bureaucracy, leading to where we are now.

  26. The American version of the Black and Tans was effectively created when States enacted laws like Civil Forfeiture and the RICO Act.

    Police departments and local courts quickly figured out they could used them on innocent law abiding citizens for the sole purpose of funding their departments.

      • Americans can see it. But we, like the Germans of the last century, prefer to ignore it. Pass the beer and schnitzel please…

  27. Ever wondered why Irish dancing is so rigid from the hips up (but with all the very fancy foot work)? It’s because the British outlawed dancing among the Irish and if by chance they could see them through a window is just appeared as through they were simply moving about, but certainly not dancing. It was also much easier to see the Irish through their windows since the British cut down all the oak trees across Ireland.

  28. I think that the CEOs and Business Titans are intentionally trying to provoke a backlash in the white community so that they can justify even further crackdowns. From the start the gloating over the humiliation of white men especially that’s coming out of the media has been so mind bogglingly offensive that it’s hard to imagine how it couldn’t be an intentional campaign to just insult people as a provocation. I think the fact that they have all but ceased enforcing laws in most big cities, which has led to a skyrocketing of carjackings, robberies, and murders is also part of the terror campaign being waged against us. It really is like we are being subjected to trauma based mind control. America has really ceased to exist for me. This last year just completely imploded any idealism I had about our system of government.

    • Why would they need to justify further crackdowns? They are already doing whatever they want. 10 months of de facto martial law, biggest wealth transfer from poor to rich in history, open borders for rapists etc.

    • Watching the Super Bowl yesterday (yes, I watched it so you didn’t have to) further nailed down the thought that this is no longer my country and culture. At least Brady and Gronkowski gave us a reprieve from all of the black, black, blackety-black.

      • Thank you for your service.
        I read the Poet’s ‘poem’ the libs were gushing about online. She’s makes Maya Angelou tolerable to listen to.
        Compare her free verse word salad to someone like T.S. Eliot, and you’ll realize the people pushing her are doing it solely for humiliating us. There’s no way someone can’t see the difference in skill. It’s like comparing Rembrandt to a monkey throwing poo on a wall.

        • a monkey throwing poo on a wall.

          I’ve seen that one. A marvellous piece, very evocative of the subject matter and bringing to life the mystique of oppression under which mankind operates. I believe it was called ‘Africa: Then and Now’.

        • It really is pathetic. Everyone knows she isn’t worth a damn, but because she’s a jogger and can blab her garbage ebonics free (I assume since I haven’t actually listened to any of her crap), the good yts gush & fawn over her and as a consequence she’ll have a very comfortable pseudo important life. All us hoi poloi can also be enlightened by her brilliant oratory, “poetry” and countenance.

        • Haven’t listened to or read the jogger ‘poet’ but had Angelou shoved down my throat (essentially chosen by the college administration) for my college graduation commencement speaker. Look forward to seeing her dangling from a lamppost somewhere in my lifetime.

    • Good point. The hardest thing to resist will be the urge to monkey dance with oligarchy’s minions on the ground they choose. And why the nonsense at the Capitol was just such a disaster. Scared the bejesus out of them, but gave them all the excuses needed to wage full out war on 80m+ people. And if you think the Bank of America thing was an isolated incident, you are wrong. I’m seeing what’s next up close and personal right now. Better adjust tactics to fit. And while some have argued the “Green Zoning” of DC was a reaction to it, I suspect it was less retrospective, than prospective. A good money bet is there is legislation in the pipe that is intended to provoke a similar reaction and the justification to go full Monty this time. Be General. Buford–pick the ground.

    • Why wouldn’t the CEOs side against core America?

      CEOs and corporations get everything they want from both Democrats and Republicans and never have to pay for any of the bad positions they take. Only legislation that passed during Trump administration was the lowering of corporate taxes and he got no credit from CEOs for that. And, despite the jaw boning, Trump didn’t really threaten H1B, H2B or OPT visas. He also didn’t do anything related to anti-trust. Didn’t threaten carried interest tax loophole. And he didn’t threaten outsized pharma profits that only USA subsidizes. Basically, Trump and Republicans in general are a doormat to corporate interests. If they want to get treated with respect by libs in high power corporate positions they need to start threatening their businesses and money with power.

      This might look like:
      1. Appointing “America First” rather than corporate/Federalist judiciary. As a group, these justices aren’t helping much. Can’t keep handing this power off to McConnell.
      2. Continue to threaten neoliberal international trade, force key industry production back to US.
      3. Break up monopolies (Facebook disgorges, Instragram/WhatsApp, Google break up, Amazon break up at a minimum)
      4. Look hard at tax code to be creative about punishing high earners in hard blue states (sadly, I think dems are the high earners now, so its time for Republicans to start to threaten their money). I would suggest something like a >50% tax on incomes over $1m/year. This isn’t the 1970s, these dudes are voting blue. Throwing out SALT was excellent, but I would be looking for ways to continue to put tax pressure on blue places.

  29. As has been mentioned before, the overreach of the oligarchs is bringing more and more normies over to our side. As I’ve written in the past, my dad, who was a Teamster and truck driver most of his life, and who voted for the magic negro twice, is safely ensconced and redpilled. I did nothing but present the information and evidence. He and his wife worry about their two beautiful white grandsons.

    As the Orcs and Antifa continue to perpetrate chaos this summer, more and more white people will be pushed across the River. Have a towel and a warm beverage for them when they do make the trip.

    On a lighter note, an old, pasty white dude spanked a young, cocky mystery meat creature in the final sports ball game yesterday. Brady is literally old enough to be the other guys father. I followed it online, as I wanted to know if Brady would continue to run out of fingers to put rings on.

    I honestly didn’t know anything about Mahomes. I thought he was a good ole boy from the south. Boy was I wrong. He got together with the Kneeler,Capernick, after St George was canonized, to fight police brutality and RACISM!

    I understand now why the media get chubbies when talking about “The Next Tom Brady”.

    Sorry Shitavious, your boy shit the bed in the biggest game of the year. Maybe next year.

      • Hence mystery meat.

        Funny how his Wiki page doesn’t mention dear ole mom.

        Guess she was a “typical old white woman”.

    • I think that Mahomes actually had some pro law enforcement tweets he made as a teen that he was shamed into disavowing.

      • It wouldn’t shock me if Mahomes, in the relative privacy of the voting booth, pulled the lever for Cheetohitler. Of course, he would never divulge that publicly. Were he to do so, he would be drummed out of the NFL tout suite.

    • I think that Mahomes actually had some pro law enforcement tweets he made as a teen that he was shamed into disavowing.

  30. The article makes it clear that elections are no longer democratic exercises, but opportunities to build the ‘proper’ narrative. It’s not the result, or that it was stolen, but what the outcome should mean, that matters. This article is an attempt to sell the result to the populace. “Yes, there were shenanigans, but it produced the right STORY (or Myth), so the result was also correct.” We live in propaganda machines now.
    I’ve pointed out to a few liberals that the election was clearly stolen. Their answer has been that they do not care. In their minds, as long as Trump is gone, the election produced the right result. If they had to break a few laws, or manipulate the vote counts, well, you know that saying about omelettes and eggs.
    What we have is a lie that enough people are willing to swallow that Time can publish this article and expect support. That it rubs election theft in the deplorable faces is a bonus.

  31. These mobs must be closely tied to the CEO’s and politicians directing them.

    “But that’s a conspiracy theory!”
    Which is just another version of “that’s racist”. As long as these accusations sting, they have power over us.

  32. The Antifa Regime. I like that. And it is the perfect description. I keep hoping our Sulla or Caesar will soon appear to put an end to this monstrous charade of a legal government.

  33. I guess you missed the olive branch offered by Jeep through their puppet Bruce Springsteen yesterday. Our rulers and their minions are really confident now but also the most vulnerable. I hope the next few years we exploit that.

    Remember Eric Hoffer’s observation: The enemy—the indispensable devil of every mass movement—is omnipresent. Something they need always. As you said with the Irish where the British didn’t look at them as human. We aren’t even accorded that. As you have written often they do need an enemy and any white male or Trump supported fits the bill just fine. I hope they get it back good and hard. Half our work will be done by the left themselves as they will self destruct on many issues. 

    • Maybe. But don’t count on the oligarchs going anywhere soon. You’ll have to use some pretty heavy explosives to blast them out of power.

    • As a Jeep owner, that ad was disgusting. I thought that old turd looked familiar. That they’d preach unity using a washed up leftard douchbag like springdick was a real slap in the face.

    • I feel bad for whoever runs that chapel in Kansas at the Center of the lower 48 states. Although it is so out of the way maybe not to many brain dead libs will want to venture that after seeing that awful commercial.
      I had to laugh at the promos for the Queen Latifah reboot of The Equalizer. I went looking for reviews this morning and they essentially gave the show as much backhanded praise as they could. None would dare mentioned the absurd actions scenes featuring a 50 year old overweight woman disarming much younger men. Even the woke NY Times reviewer didn’t like it.

    • A no-talent has-been fake getting paid to brow beat the hoi-polloi during The Games on behalf of a giant global corporation: America 2021.

      Are you not entertained?

        • I wasn’t – haven’t in years, but I’m special in that I got an email from Jeep with that wonderful unifying video attached….

    • I normally hit “skip ads” as soon as the 5 second countdown ends but somehow, when I saw that snowy landscape and heard the music I knew I was in for some very specially craft-brewed corporate horseshit. What was it though? A car ad? No, not a mere car ad. It was a bold call to all of us to Boomer-up, pop in an overplayed cassette of Born to Run, and go back to sleep for another 30 years, so at this point forever. Somehow it actually made me angrier, which I didn’t think was possible. At least I was never a Springsteen fan.

    • That ad was frightening in its lack of understanding. It’s like some marketing executives asked themselves “What do the rubes like? Cowboys? Blue jeans? Farming? That dumb musician who did the small town thing? We’ll do that.” So out of touch. How dare these people use symbols defiled by their thugs for months on end and tell us to come back to that. There can be no going back for me. I’ll never again associate myself with that flag — ever. And I’ve gotten several of my neighbors to take down theirs. Oh, and it’s Toyota all the way for me. They have plants here. Support your local community.

      Pledging your loyalty to any of that is no different from the battered wife who runs back to the abusive husband. They’ll just do it again. Besides, the regime wants to flood that town in that ad with infinite foreigners anyway, so you’re wasting your time fighting for something they are destroying and will be gone soon anyway. “Lebanon” is prophetic in many ways.

      It’s sort of funny how the regime’s left hand doesn’t know what its right hand is up to. Releasing that Time article immediately undid the ad. Morons.

  34. It’d be great to make the “Biden administration” the face of antifa and own their golem. Unfortunately, with their ownership and control of mass media, it doesn’t look practical. The talking heads ignore and refuse to cover antifa/blm antics truthfully, if at all, so most people are fairly clueless as to what’s going on. Combine that with spineless supposed conservatives and GOPe pussies afraid to call a spade a spade, and we’ve got our work cut out.

    • No need to despair; it’s a sin, after all. It’s crucial to remember that Biden stealing the election has put him in the center of a pincer movement. On the one hand, the people who were defrauded of their views are all too happy to blame him for everyone of their problems for the next four years (i. e. he won’t convert his opponents). On the other hand, the people who legitimately voted for him did so with the expectation that he would fix all the problems Trump created. Since he can’t do that, and can only blame the former administration for so much, Biden is now in the position where he can only lose support over the next four years and never gain any. This is literally the most popular he will ever be as president.

      • “Four years”? Is Biden going to last four years? With that squinty old man rictus, and the advancing aphasia?
        To use a familiar historical comparison: he is their Hindenburg to Harris’ Hitler. She and her string-pullers are the real danger IMO.

        • You’re missing the broader point. While Biden may not be alive in 4 years, the ruling coalition will, and their ~60 million supporters will be expecting them to fix the orange man’s mess. The problem remains intractable, in that there is nowhere for Biden or his coalition to go but down.

          • I think you perceive the problem the Pretender and the powers behind the throne cannot –or chose not– to confront. While it promises for some difficult times ahead, we can only hope and pray that these issues quickly come to a head precipitating massive changes in an already totally corrupt and broken system. Meanwhile, enjoy the circus show!

        • Harris is as much of a puppet as Biden. There are people who will pull the strings whoever holds the title of President. It doesn’t much matter which one it is. Harris is too dim to be dangerous beyond the fact that she’s shrewd enough to allow the powerful to use her as a puppet. If there were no puppeteers she’d be outed as a laughable failure in short order.

          • Agreed. Harris was and remains a whore. She services whoever pays her however they want.
            Her handlers are the problem, but they may a swift, violent backlash this time. Hint: it is the same pimp Obama had, the National Security state, hated by just about everyone here and abroad for a range of reasons.

            I think the analogies to The Troubles are good ones but contemporary trouble does not necessarily involve violence. GameStop was a good example of what Anarcho-Nihilism*, which we must embrace, looks like.

            *My term; a better one will be embraced.

  35. This sounds a lot like what the British did in Ireland.

    A good piece, Mr Z man. But, you know what? I watched the very good film The Devil’s Own over the weekend and came to have far more sympathy with Brad Pitt’s character than any ‘traditional’ Englishman ought to. I guess, in the running time of the film, I saw many parallels with with today. In the grotesque government actions of The Troubles, somehow I saw that same malevolence today (of course not as directly violent).

    At the parents for dinner, I had a heated exchange with my father about this. You see, a few relatives of mine (all on my father’s side) served over there during those troubled times, one lost an eye. My point was not that I really ‘supported’ or ‘liked’ the IRA, but rather that there were many who thought fighting us a just cause. They stood up to a government they did not want, and thought to be tyrannical.

    I saw the lengths these men went to. I saw what I haven’t done, and maybe I would never do. I thought them brave and bold regardless of my country of origin.I thought them men.

    • I understand but counterpoint. Not directed at you personally but at the modern Irish problem.

      Northern Ireland was and is made up of a majority of the population who emphatically did not want to be part of the Republic of Ireland.
      The IRA, like the Loyalist gangs, and everyone but the British army killed more of their own constituency than anyone else.
      Next, after independence if you wanted to live in a free Ireland, IT WAS A BIKE RIDE AWAY. The first time round I could understand, there was no free Ireland, but an unwillingness to move 11 miles was apparently off the table, so let’s murder the shit out of a band playing in the park and cripple some Catholics who just want to be left alone and not support “the cause”. Erin Go fuck yourself.
      Finally, Eire itself didn’t really want Northern Ireland because of the aforementioned majority population, “say would you like to import a million angry Prods with experience in terrorism to be permanently grumpy in your country?”

      • Hoyos. An informative answer. Thank you. Although, I cannot help but see a parallel between:

        a band playing in the park and cripple some Catholics who just want to be left alone and not support “the cause”.

        And quite a large number of whites in today’s world, under our Western governments. It is a great shame, but I have a feeling that none of us will be left alone. In fact, the wish to be left alone seems like one that just cannot be fulfilled.

        • To be left alone, you’ve got to be willing to go to “Bumfuck, Egypt” just like the desert hermits did in the era of western Rome’s collapse. Very few today are willing to embrace a stark life of scarcity and hard-scrabble living, which is what that exodus required then and what it would demand now. At the very least, the events of the past year have been a call to set aside the soft, Netflix-and-chill lifestyle and toughen up a bit. I cannot control the chaos and insanity, but I can set my own body and mind in order.

      • Northern Ireland is a artificial construct, there are 9 counties in Ulster, Northern Ireland is made up of 6 of these counties so the unionists could have a majority, back in the day some unionists wanted NI to be even smaller, giving them a larger majority

        To say that Eire didn’t want the 6 counties is just wrong, up until the good Friday agreement the Irish constitution claimed NI as part of the national territory, this was only removed as part of the peace deal

        I suspect most of the angry really Prods will leave for the UK if a united Ireland happens, I also suspect some of them would return to Ireland after a few years, the UK is no longer the country they think it is

        • I’m not sure Republic of Ireland wants to reunite with Northern Ireland anymore. Republic of Ireland is now wealthy by creaming off tax revenue from rest of EU with a tax regime that allows for cheap corporate taxation for multinationals that want EU access. Power brokers in the Republic would see Northern Ireland as poverty stricken backwater with a conservative voting population that threatens the current status quo (as Republic of Ireland is full neoliberal globohomo now).

          Rather than reuniting with Northern Ireland, I might expect Eire politicians to be interested in taking City of London financial industry to Dublin if Brexit starts to impact cross border British/EU financial transactions.

  36. Those big piles of bricks that popped up near all these “protest” seemed pretty suspect.

    So what happens after the military purge? If the worldwide hegemony of the us dollar is only back up by the military this seems like a particularly disastrous move?

    • No problem, based on early signs the digital yuan is being positioned as the next reserve currency.

        • David Graeber wrote a book called, Debt: The First 5000 Years; I highly recommend it since it touches on this subject. One thing he discovered was that the domestic function of a currency is not generally related to its foreign function, which means a currency can be extremely useful locally even if it loses its status as a reserve currency. So, to answer your question, we should be fine. Also, America has a pretty lengthy history of operating on a gold standard, so it should be possible to revert to that if necessary.

      • There will be never digital yuan world currency. Chinese are tolerated only for counter balance US. When US Empire ceases to exist, everybody will throw Chinese over the board. Including Chinese themselves. There are serious problems inside China and this country may split as they did many times in the history. Actually we do not need world currency at all. Let everybody decide, whet he will accept as payment method.

    • I was on scene during a riot in downtown Chicago. Those piles of bricks were small pallets, that had to be staged. There was one on every corner in the loop.
      Funny how there is no video of the people who delivered them.

      • R: “There were fake votes”
        B: “Yeah but we hand counted them all and the number matched up!”
        R: “Who counted them, the same people making the fake votes?”
        B: “yeah, but what can you do.”

        It’s like the Epstein thing in that one would have to be a huge, clueless dolt to think that there wasn’t a conspiracy.

        • Serious question…

          How many ballots were forged exact number please…

          Who (please use a name) forged them?

          How were they signature matched if both a GOP rep and a Dem rep counted each vote by hand?

          It’s like you people are retarded…

          Next question… hope you woman enough to answer…

          Did you watch the my pillow man’s joke video?

          Did that resonate with you?

          Thanks so much. I love hearing how the other side deals with defeat…

      • Thoroughly debunked? By who, you? I was there till 5:30 in the morning, and almost every jewelry store had its windows shattered. When I first saw them I had to do a double take. What the hell were bricks doing on the corners?

        And I think you meant to say “Liar liar, pants on fire”.

    • IMPO, the Time piece was not their chosen play, but one forced by the widespread rejection of their chosen narrative that the doddering corruptocrat outdrew Trump. With such a large conspiracy, one of the many moving parts might boast (if they hadn’t already) and created a PR crisis. By trying to get in front of the story, they sought to shape the narrative and, by painting their interference as benign tyranny, put lipstick on the pig. What we do know is that an election was stolen. There’s also the matter of the SCOTUS cases of Sydney Powell and Lin Wood. Should they prevail in proving that #46 is a fake president, then there would be a different popular animus than that of today.

      The measures used to STEAL the election, constitute a conspiracy to defraud, and are not only Federal crimes, but State crimes. The GOP controls 26+ States and should initiate coordinated criminal inquiries in all of them to root out these tyrants. Once the press is part of a criminal conspiracy, their protection of sources goes out the window. Same applies to party hacks in GOP states like GA, WI, PA and Az… Also DNC personnel. Once the indictments are ready, if not before, the DOJ will try to assume the lead. That should be contested in court in light of their lackadaisical execution under Trump and their overzealous performance under Biden. I do not doubt that elements of the DOJ, FBI and other 3-letter agencies worked as closely as possible to aid Antifa, BLM and others to undermine the Trump Administration. They should be handled as weasels in the coop. Should the conservatives be able to execute this, there should follow a defenestration of these Present day river barons and wannabe polish magnates by prosecution, with their economic empires split, fined, regulated and nationalized to the point obliteration so as to defang these vipers.

      They started a war. It is up to the Trump GOP to play “High Noon’s” Frank Miller and put an end to it for our Nation’s benefit.

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