Who’s To Blame?

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Over the holidays, the great Jared Taylor was on one of the many live streams that pop up during the that time. He was asked if as a Southerner, he found some pleasure in seeing the statue toppling mobs now turning on statues of Lincoln. The irony of nonwhites going after Lincoln as a white supremacist is hard to miss. Taylor demurred, saying something along the lines that he abhorred any attacks on whites or white history, even if the person in question made war on his ancestors.

It was an interesting answer as it touches on the central problem of the current crisis we see playing out in America. Who’s to blame for it? The basic starting point of problem solving is to identify the problem and then identify the cause. When the mortgage market fell apart a decade ago, people blamed the bankers. Some people blamed the credit agencies or the regulators. There was plenty of blame to go around, so lots of people were blamed, but no one was punished.

In the case of the ongoing pogroms against white people, there is not much talk about who is responsible for it. Part of that is due to the prohibitions against white people talking about being white. One of the great ironies of this crisis is that the media is filled with invective about white people, but you will never see a white person start a sentence with “as a white person.” Whiteness is a thing that is only allowed to be a hobgoblin in the minds and mouths of the anti-whites.

Getting back to the Taylor example, he cannot laugh at the mob turning on Lincoln, because Lincoln was white, but that would apply to the mob as well. If the people doing the toppling are white, then the Taylor rule prevents a pro-white partisan from blaming them for it. An inescapable fact of the current crisis is the people leading the anti-white pogrom are often white or white presenting. Giving white people a pass on partisan grounds creates a problem when trying to assign blame.

This is why the anti-white pogroms have met so little resistance thus far. On the one hand you have the taboo against white people taking their own side. On the other hand, you have the face of the anti-white program being white or white presenting. If all of the anti-whites were black, then the problem of assigning blame would be simpler, but the leading anti-whites are almost always a pale face. The chief racketeer in the grievance rackets is a white woman named Robin DiAngelo.

The attacks on white people are just one example. The financialization of the economy starting in the 1980’s has created a massive wealth disparity. America now has an invisible over-class that owns almost all of the wealth. What they do not own directly, they control through what amounts to regulatory capture. They control the institutions that set the rules on how you can use your property. Inevitably, those rules favor the greed heads that control the financial system.

How did this happen? Who is responsible for it? Conservative will say that you cannot blame capitalism or free markets. Just like the taboo against whites taking their own side, they enforce a taboo against questioning the current economic order. Similarly, you cannot blame rich people, as that’s class warfare. If you do not like the rich people running things, get rich and challenge them. It is a version of build a better mousetrap so the world will beat a path to your door.

The Left side of the political class has an answer. They say the reason for the massive wealth disparity is white privilege and systemic racism. They focus on the white and white presenting faces running the corporations. This is a dangerous game for obvious reasons, so it is deliberately made absurd. The result, however, is white people are left with two choices when wondering who is to blame for this. They can either blame themselves or celebrate their dispossession.

This shape shifting that prevents the people from identifying the cause of the problems that plague their society is the result of democracy. When everyone has a vote, either in an election or in the economy, then everyone is to blame for the result. Don’t like woke capital? Don’t buy from it. Don’t like woke government? Don’t vote for it. The fact that no one actually voted for it or demanded it makes no difference. The blame for every problem is the imaginary neighbor who is demanding it.

This is one reason for the increasing unhappiness. It is not just the problems people can see all around them. It is the fact that there is no acceptable cause. People are left to blame themselves and their neighbors. If everyone is to blame, then everyone is the problem and everyone is in a war with everyone. The democratization of a society means the democratizing of blame. Self-hatred and self-loathing become the creed of the majority, with only the minorities are able to find a suitable enemy.

This is an unnatural condition as people are naturally inclined to find the source of their unhappiness and make that the focus of their anger. Eric Hoffer noted that “mass movements can rise and spread without belief in a God, but never without belief in a devil.” Get enough angry people together with the raw material for a shared identity and they will find their devil. This is what makes being in the ruling class a dangerous game right now. It is why they are stacking the sandbags so high.

This is usually where the conservative pops back in and says it is wrong to pin the blame on people when the problem is systemic. The thing is though, the people at the top of any society have a duty to the system that creates them. They are the stewards of the system. The ruling elite of our liberal democracy are responsible for economic and cultural troubles underlying the current crisis. It is their failure to do their duty as a ruling elite that has led us to this point. They are to blame.

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116 thoughts on “Who’s To Blame?

  1. Since I hate the “new” comment system, I’m quite content with this one… actually, this is the first time in ages that everything has worked, and I don’t need to do all sorts of annoying extra clicking around to read complete comments.

  2. The American people past and present, asleep at the switch for generations are to blame. As elected politicians are our employees, hired by the people by majority vote and their salaries paid from our tax dollars, then we’ve for generations collectively have been piss poor bosses letting our employees run amok when they should have been fired.

    Since the progressive era of the early 1900’s until today it’s been one generation making mistakes compounded by the mistakes of the next generation. One generation after the next building on the blunders of the previous with the size and power of the managerial state ratcheting up a notch more each time. But every step of the way with Mr. and Mrs. Normie cheering it all on.

    The peasant is a servile type who wants and needs a strong master to lead him, betters to grovel to and a deity who affirms the master’s right to rule to worship. This is what the majority of the present crop of servile muzzle wearing Americans has degenerated into.

    Therefore, in the end, liberal democracy in a way wasn’t a failure after all as it gave the normie peasants the strong man managerial master they’ve always wanted and government as a gift bestowing, earthly mother-goddess-protector they can worship.

    • “The American people past and present, asleep at the switch for generations are to blame.”

      Wealthy donors and the media decide which candidates we even recognize or get to vote for. We can’t vote our way out of this.

      We can blame the American people for not finding a way to get money out of politics, but that’s a tough problem.

  3. What is the genesis of the white people bad narrative and what is the real motive. Will the consequences be intended or unintended?

    The Dunning-Kruger Effect coalition lacks the self-awareness to understand how this is going to end.

  4. At some point, phony science began to be used to promote ideologies that weren’t based upon fact. The average human wasn’t scientifically sophisticated enough and didn’t have the information to evaluate computer models. The first great fraud of this nature was the bogus tragedy of the shrinking “ozone hole”, first discovered by Mario Molina as he sat in front of a computer screen at Cal Irvine in 1974. The ensuing teapot tempest that included live television coverage of blind sheep staggering into rocks came to an abrupt end when the Montreal Protocol, eliminating chloroflourocarbon refrigerants, was signed in 1987. All the chloroflourocarbons ever manufactured are still in refrigeration equipment or have leaked into the atmosphere, none of them were recovered and shot into space. Yet we hear that the international pact has allowed the ozone hole to shrink to a normal size, whatever that is.

    This fraud worked so well, allowing refrigerant and equipment companies to exact windfall profits, that a close look was made at other potential frauds. The next super fraud was AGCC, anthropogenic climate change. It was geologically-speaking minutes ago when a mile-high continental glacier covered much of middle North America. Once again, climate modeling, a computer exercise, was used by the Michael Manns of the world to scare autistic teens and provide regulatory bonanzas for both big business and government.

    While the climate terror is still with us and its ultimate price has yet to be determined, the next mega-fraud was perhaps the greatest of all, in that it has seriously affected the lives of almost every person on earth. That’s the Wuhan flu, a disease that generally carries away septuagenerians that are already on a short list for a trip to the funeral home. Nobody actually knows anything about the details of Covid-19. They’re just making stuff up as they go along. This monster fraud has given governments a blank check to do whatever they wish and has been the most successful swindle in world history. We won’t know all the ramifications of its success, perhaps for generations.

    The latest big fraud, one that’s been in action for over five years, is the US national election of 2020. If the Biden swindlers were sincere, of course they would welcome any investigation or audit that proves the senile old guy’s victory over the anti-deep state reality tv star. But they’re dead set against it. We know that this changes some things but we don’t know what and how much.

    None of us knows for sure what the next mega-fraud will be but the path is clear. The plans are already being put in place.

  5. Somewhat OT, “Mayor Pete” is demanding … anal covid swabs for people to travel domestically on airplanes, buses, and trains. Not kidding.

    • Jews count only one thing: lineage. No matter what you believe, you are a Jew if you are a Jew. Their race is their religion, whether Hasidic or Communist, or Donmeh, or Marrano.

      The written works are surface expressions, mutable and fleeting. ‘Tis the physical foundation that endures the long millenia: our race must be our religious identity as well.

      Mercantile or Soviet atheism is a temple torn down, a hole to be filled with another race’s stories. It’s the same as English Protestants banning the very cloth and clothing of the Polynesians that they might be forced to absurdly dress themselves only in British wares.

      Semites, African blacks, Chinese, Japanese, Indians dot and feather, Mestizos: all have proven this to be true. Their myriad denominations mean naught to me, yet make up the whole of them. They will fight to keep their roots and tree alive.

  6. There’s lots to go around, but no one is going to like it:
    A. Women, and the feminist shift of power to women as both empowered and victims at the same time. Feelz uber alles: a dead toddler on a Greek beach leads Mutti Merkel to import 10 million muslims with predictable results.
    B. Social media that makes women nuttier than they would be otherwise, often by approbation from junk celebrities.
    C. Loss of religion, both Christian and Jewish. Protestants, Catholics, and Jews when they lose their individual religion (at least for Christians, don’t know much about Jewish religion) substitute as ZMan noted communal salvation in a debased, folk Calvinism.

    And of this I want to emphasize. It started in the late 1960s as the left played Lifestyle as a Rebellion as Marxism was clearly then viewed as stodgy, stale, and unhip. Some of it is harmless: Trader Joes fills a need for people tired of global corporate sameness (even though it is a soul-less global corporation underneath). Much of it is not — the need for a greater lifestyle fix more and more leads to toppling statues in the hope that black people will like you and thus your life has meaning.

    The biggest factor is the religion shaped hole in our elites lives. They entirely depend on the approbation of blacks and the glitterati (same thing) and find salvation communal. Their problem is that their elite religion does not scale. Its fine for Bill Gates to hate White people and only help blacks. He gains status and blackwashes his evil deeds which are many (he was a frequent visitor to Jeffrey Epstein’s “Fantasy Island” and there is a picture of him and Bill Clinton with their arms around one of Epsteins child prostitutes, then age 14). How does an accountant, plumber, or retail worker gain status and blackwashing? They don’t so they won’t adopt the new religion — which only casts them as irredeemable devils and gets them nothing but groveling before any black person they meet.

    • It started long before the 1960s. Roots of White progressivism go back much further. And the Jevvs started pushing for Christianity and God out of the public square as soon as they got here. Check out the 1906-1907 school riots in New York, and the comments from Jevvs in newspapers around the country (from Portland to South Carolina) in support of the New York Jevvs). It was all ramped up in the aftermath of WWII and you saw it coming to full flower in the 1960s, but don’t mistake that for its origin point.

      • And the concept of America as a “Melting Pot” was introduced by a newly arrived chosen in about 1907.

      • As I’ve stated before, you can trace the beginning of the end as far back as you like. Richard Weaver descries it with William of Occam’s nominalism. But you could go back to Protagoras, if you like. The point being, something awful and unique happened in the second half of the 60s. The pace of America’s decline–if it was even declining before then–quickened dramatically from ca. 1965 onward.

    • And who promoted Feminism and the counter-culture movement? It wasn’t us.

      Who promoted and funded the war against Christianity? Again it was the tiny hat squad.

      Who promoted Marxism in the West? Again the point hat squad.

      Who pushes for demographic destruction of whites? Again the tiny hat squad.

      Who runs Hollywood? It ain’t black women, they are just front peeps.

      Who funds the Democratic party? Over 70% comes from the tiny hat squad.

      Who promoted the endless wars in the ME and the Color Revolutions? Hmmm I sense a pattern here.

  7. My explanation for “who’s to blame” has two parts.

    First, the tribe has subverted every country it has ever occupied and in ours it often has controlling influence. They dismantle the culture of the host country and they commandeer the financial and media chokepoints. Although they have internal disagreements, they are a cohesive force against other groups. The tribe essentially won World War 2 and the world and want to dispossess us, if not consciously then instinctually.

    Whites are lowest in ethocentrism and can be socially engineered and incentivized by short term gain to attack their own.

    • That’s a magic explanation that fails to explain the same phenomena in Israel (where it is totally destructive), Japan (where there are no Jews to speak of), Russia (where Jewish oligarchs are under Putin’s control), Finland, Chile, etc.

      Jews when they owned Hollywood completely made “Yankee Doodle Dandy” … now half or more execs are black ladies. How exactly does that help Jews?

      Modernity is an acid that both gives real power to nations that embrace them: nukes, ICBMs, space programs, advanced weaponry and genetic engineering, and eats away at communal bonds and national/ethnic pride. Without sane limits every society ends up with a vicous spiral of virtue signaling, be it Cultural Revolutions or toppling White heros statues.

      • Just because you can find some phenomena that aren’t directly related to my explanation does not invalidate my explanation. I’m not saying the two forces in my explanation are the only forces in the white world, I’m saying they are the most consequential.

        You’re known for naming women as our biggest foes, yet everyone knows that women are mostly conformists who follow direction. You never answer who is giving these weak-minded people direction. My explanation provides an answer.

      • At the same time ‘they’ made “Yankee Doodle Dandy,” they made a lot of other movies with very familiar subthemes. Watch them again, carefully. See who’s the good guy, what passes for acceptable thought. The seeds were carefully planted and watered over decades. Why I increasingly cannot watch even ‘old’ movies. And rather than the countries you single out, ask about England or France or Argentina. Check who runs their media and finances. It’s not confined just to the anglosphere, Whitney. You will find this wherever you find them. Check who’s responsible for opening the borders and flooding Ireland with pajeets and blacks. It really is every.single.time, and that’s not a ‘magic explanation.’

      • Since I agree with both Line and Whiskey, I say that “magic” depends on who opens the door, sets the tone, steers the ship- or who HAS set those foundations in the recent past.

        Subsets, inbreeding groups, will always dominate a larger group because of their cohesion and focus. The hierarchy depends on who’s at the top of the tree, and who they learned their tricks from.

        The same mechanics of human groups are replicated over and over, for sure- but our concern are the groups and their individual members at work, here, and now.

        By the way, the “multiculturists” have gotten their foot in Japan’s door, just as they have in Iceland. “You need our finance, or labor, or a civil right, or our marketing acumen, or our advice, or our weapons supply, or our criminal ties,” or whatever gets them in.

        Of course the the power-mad deviant subset has the same effects in Israel, it’s a pirates den and hideaway.

        Yankee Doodle Dandy and black ladies? Both are sheep’s clothing…and Putin is dying, prevented for some odd reason from naming a successor.

  8. “If the people doing the toppling are white, then the Taylor rule prevents a pro-white partisan from blaming them for it.”

    I can blame them because they are race traitors.

    As for the argument that, if you hate the rich, just become on and challenge them, it is fatuous. That’s like saying, if you can’t stand Beethoven and consider him criminally overrated, become an ingenious composer and knock him from his eyrie.

    BTW, Z-Man, it appears you don’t believe in the old adage that people get the government they deserve. I do. I think America’s decline, for instance, tracks pretty closely with the degradation of the electorate.

  9. Not sure if anyone has thought about this yet so want to throw it out there.

    But why not blame the Boomers?

  10. I’m a big believer in the boycott. But our current reality has the Fortune 500 in lockstep on this. So what’s the point of boycotting P&G products when Unilever is just as bad? Same crazed people. The elite self selects. It’s at its heart nepotistic, which a main feature of human nature. Our current, brittle elite has been hermetically sealed in social hothouses their entire lives. At no point, fro pre-kindergarten to the sociology degree, to the P&G HR Department have they ever seen reality. I just got off a conference call with some of these people. Their Achilles heel is that they cost any organization they occupy more and more money just by existing. They’re net money losers, and lots of it. Think of how many more pallets of Crest toothpaste P&G has to sell because they employ these people. The financialization of the economy is insidious precisely because it allows all of this to keep functioning.

    • A lot of these people are true believers. They think their woke-ness is completely normal and healthy in the same was that Anderson Cooper thinks eating ass is normal and healthy. And will likely teach the child he bought the same…

  11. A side note on iconoclast destruction, the statue of King Louis IX in St Louis was designated for destruction by the usual suspects and their black proxy army.
    E Michael Jones came to St Louus and rallied the Catholics to the statue and the blacks refused to attack the Statue with the Christians and their rosary and cross symbols standing around it.
    My point is?
    Blacks are both superstitious and some are Christian.
    Maybe draping a cross around Lincoln statues might have some benefit?
    I doubt it though, the statue of Louie IX is prominent with a big white man on a horse holding a cross.
    It looks imposing and to superstitious blacks they might possibly thought retribution from ghosts could harm them?
    Or this guy on the horse was some past KKK grand dragon?
    Interesting story though about how this statue was preserved.
    So far.

      • I don’t think they would stop due to a group of people praying in front of the statue. But the attackers did pause when they observed the Catholics in this case. A larger mob or a mob of entirely white Antifa may not have.
        I just thought it was interesting

        • That is interesting. It’s the organizers who need to be doxxed.

          We forget that there’s a culture war in the nonwhites too; their cultivated ‘leaders’ sell out their own as readily as do ours.

  12. It has to get worse before it can get better.
    Waking Up To Reality (cont)
    Why? Because we are creatures of habit, and after decades of affluence, the Comfort First Imperative is a very powerful habit. Until our environment changes, and brings real hardship back to Mainstreet USA, most Normies will continue to wring their hands rather than roll up their sleeves. As such, the coming collapse is the cure because it forces awareness and action. You cannot sit on the fence or tilt at windmills when the larder is empty or the house is on fire. DC is working its ass off to force the collapse ASAP. Helping them achieve their goal means a sooner and higher bottom, and less pain over the long run.

  13. We have been subjected to many centuries of literature that call us out as individuals, responsible for our own situation each individually. So we are taught not to envy the possessions of others but to make our own prosperity and suchlike. On the other hand we are being subjected to a whole world of truly hateful people who see our possessions as being ill-gotten gains. They are encouraged to see us as a group, not as individuals. I don’t see any way out of this problem. Our leaders want us to suffer and they want to impose misery on us for the historical crime of racism. We do not have access to any means of resistance other than retreat. I think we are defeated and slowly, one-by-one being destroyed. There is no one coming to help us.

  14. Sure, there’s plenty of blame to share nowadays, but who set the wheels in motion in the first place? How did whites come to hate themselves? Do you think the mainstream news and entertainment media had anything to do with it? If you try, you can recall dozens of TV commercials featuring a stupid white person and a smart black person. The smart black person was using the right product or service, and the stupid white person was using the wrong product or service and came off looking like a fool, while the black actor stands by, shaking his head and rolling his eyes at whitey’s stupidity.
    Do you really think this was just random comedy for comedy’s sake? Isn’t it odd how the roles were never reversed? Never! Not once! That, plus all that Norman Lear-type “comedy” was an absolute psyop against whites. Throw in a bunch of Sydney Poitier and Steven Spielberg movies, with their sneering Central Casting white racists and saintly black protagonists, and there you have it!
    Dr. William Pierce was once asked, if he had the absolute power to do anything, what would he do? His answer? Wrest control of the mainstream media away from the Jews. This decades-long media psyop has had a devastating effect on the minds and everyday lives of our people.

  15. To be anti-white you don’t have to be non-white. Our enemies are anti-white. Anyone who wants our destruction is anti-white and should be called out as such. As for blame, does it really matter at this point? We recognize the problem and each must do our part to work ourselves out of this mess. Build communities, build families, and get the children out of the brain washing factories as much as possible.

    • “To be anti-white you don’t have to be non-white. Our enemies are anti-white. Anyone who wants our destruction is anti-white and should be called out as such.”

      Well said, as is your final sentence. The Zman is right to blame”the ruling elite” in general, that sells.

      We can point out that they clothe their greed and their class war in open racism. One group alone.is their Devil.

        • (Dang. Sorry. Miss you, edit button)

          Better: “anti-white” crosses all the lines, too: class, caste, denomination, party, language, borders.

          It’s the raw, naked truth. They don’t hate anybody else.

  16. As with all gov’t malfeasance, the problem is We The People. Chit house loans were made to worthless noggers because Jimmeh Carduh noticed that blacks didn’t own their own homes because racism. The other race groups piled on the easy credit bandwagon and the bankers had no choice. If they didn’t comply, we the people would shit on them and call them racists, the eeeeeevil 1%, or whatever label we could stick on them.
    There is big money in race whoring now – it’s an industry… as are it’s spinoffs – poverty and stupidity. There is nothing more tragic now, than the idea of an unemployed social worker or community organizer.
    This is why this problem will never be solved. We created it. It would be like asking a democrat to balance a budget. Most Repubs can’t understand the concept today either.
    It’s up to Darwin and Murphy now, and it won’t be long. Race and financial realities will reassert themselves soon. Start prepping now.

  17. Its the Yankee’s fault for being religious nut jobs without a religion. Its the Southerner’s fault for bringing blacks here in the first place for cheap labor. Its Lincoln’s fault for making the war about slavery for a propaganda coup. Its John Wilkes Booth’s fault for shooting Lincoln before he could deport them all to the Caribbean.

    Lots of blame to go around.

    • Southerners did not bring blacks to North America. The English and Dutch did that. And once black slavery was established, it was legal in all 13 colonies. It was Southerners who banned the importation of black slaves under the guidance of Thomas Jefferson. From then until the War for Southern Independence, Northern states made more money from slavery than Southerners. Fact.

      • Ohhh, that’s good. All this time, I had thought the South was all fullla ‘groids. I musta been on drugs.

      • And regardless of blame, the enormous stockpile of obsolete farm equipment from that misguided policy – remains a great burden to this day.

      • Well put- and profits mean power in politics. Politicians are bought creatures.

        When money is mobile, not tied up in land and lineage as with landed gentry and manorial titles, it becomes predatory mercantilism fueling the individual ambitions of malignant narcissists.

          • Dammit! And to mention the “English and Dutch” were Judeo-Puritan shippers. Their East India joint stock Companies really do seem to go back to the Phoenician navies.

  18. Yes, Z-Man, the ruling elites are mostly to blame.
    We depend on a competent elite. But they can fail. One prime example is WWI when the aristocratic elites of Europe nearly destroyed western civilization. Another recent one is the 2008 mortgage crisis (in large part caused by reckless lending to uncreditworthy minorities) that nearly brought the world’s financial system to its knees.
    Look at our current ruling class and see and where they stand on many of the most critical issues of the day. They support (1) BLM, a radical and violent organization, (2) open ended lockdowns that crush small businesses, (3) open borders, (4) reckless deficit spending, (5) political censorship (just to start). And (something that we might be uncomfortable about) they are mostly white (John Derbyshire’s “good whites”).
    And what is particularly scary is that they act as a nearly united front.

    • Those self styled “elites” would be just rich guys without being able to buy politicians to point gov’t guns at us. The problem is the rise of the massive unelected and unaccountable, lifetime installed bureaucratic administrative state and it’s facade of blackmailable, pedo-compromised pols, which are the only ones who are allowed to be “elected”. And now they brag about it all.

    • Europe was nearly destroyed in WWI because the US and the UK just had to force liberal democracy down everybody’s throat.

  19. ***”Don’t like woke capital? Don’t buy from it. Don’t like woke government? Don’t vote for it. The fact that no one actually voted for it or demanded it makes no difference. The blame for every problem is the imaginary neighbor who is demanding it.”***

    I hate the impossible burden one constantly has placed on them these days by fellow liberal plebes. “Youtube is censoring rightwingers? Build your own platform!”
    “You built your own platform? Well, you need to censor it and curate the content to become a carbon copy of Youtube!” “No, that’s not free-speech, that’s hate-speech! Shut it down! Shut it down!”

    These people have bought the propaganda hook line and sinker. Their fight against their perceived demonic neighbor blinds them to the larger problems, the bigger players involved. They can’t stand a chance with those players, that powerful elite, so might as well pick a fight with their enemy. At least then you’ll be on the side with the impossibly bigger guns and you can celebrate victory while they mow down your neighbor… and your entire neighborhood with it.

    • All they have is propaganda. They have no knowledge. Real knowledge would hurt their heads. Alll the threads, twisting and fraying and coming together and coming apart. It hurts my head. But at least I have some experience doing it. And a structure in which to deposit bits and pieces. They have no Foundation. They mock the their ancestors and the rituals. They don’t just hate being white or black or a furry or whatever, they hate being human

      • “They don’t just hate being white or black or a furry or whatever, they hate being human”

        Damn, that was a good way to put it. They fight for all things diseased, degenerate and inhumane. And they project all that vile, self-loathing onto us. Surely we are the demons, not them!

        “Call that man a woman, let that child cut off his genitals, kill that baby, destroy all races in the world, eat your bugs you horrid bigot!”

  20. > How did this happen? Who is responsible for it? Conservative will say that you cannot blame capitalism or free markets. Just like the taboo against whites taking their own side, they enforce a taboo against questioning the current economic order. Similarly, you cannot blame rich people, as that’s class warfare. If you do not like the rich people running things, get rich and challenge them. It is a version of build a better mousetrap so the world will beat a path to your door.

    Just in case you thought Conservative Inc. would at least pay lip service to populist economic policies, Prager U is here to prove you hilariously wrong.

    Capitalism Wins, with Nikki Haley: https://twitter.com/prageru/status/1358794716645453826

    I think it was Z who said everything going on with Washington D.C. is so over the top and absurd that we could not ask for a better outcome for deligitimizing our rulers. If the right keeps doubling down on this idiocy and gets curb-stomped the next two elections, we might see a new political dynamic unfold.

    • Made it almost halfway through. I guess she’s already started her campaign for the 2024 nomination and Prager is backing her?

      BTW, are all Prager videos written for 3rd grade level comprehension skills?

    • Republicans must be taken down first. Why? Because the guy that stabs you in the back is a thousand times worse than the guy that punches you in the face. Never, ever vote Republican again unless you first stab yourself in the back as a show of solidarity with the future you are voting for.

    • Well, when you have a small-hat “White presenting” pushing a true-blue-all-American pajeet, you can either laugh or cry. Pass the popcorn. (And please stop giving clicks or money or time to Prager U or any other coninc grifter).

    • I had a great comment in reply, but of course this thing won’t let me publish it. Too many links, maybe. Just look up PragerU’s funding if you want the TL;DR.

      Short version:

      PragerU videos are meant as propaganda. They are well-produced and funded by the same billionaires who fund other gatekeepers like Ben Shapiro and TPUSA. It is not an organic operation, and it has been noted that they spend an incredible amount of money in ads.

      PragerU funding:

      “Much of Prager’s early funding came from the fracking billionaire Wilks brothers, early Ted Cruz donors who sat out of the 2016 general election. … the Wilks brothers own the conservative website the Daily Wire and are reported to be considering a bid for Glenn Beck’s the Blaze.”

      “PragerU spends a lot of time and money figuring out how to push people to its content. It spends more than 40% of its $10 million annual budget on marketing. That includes targeted campaigns on Facebook and Instagram, preroll ads on YouTube, and a 1,250-strong high school and college student volunteer team called PragerFORCE, who flog Prager content on their social feeds. PragerFORCE members aren’t paid, according to Strazzeri, but they are rewarded with shares from the main PragerU Facebook account, which has nearly 3 million subscribers.”

      Turning Point USA (TPUSA) funding:

      “Some of the biggest donations came from rich families in the Chicago area, where TPUSA is based. From 2014 to 2016, the Ed Uihlein Foundation gave TPUSA $275,000, including $175,000 in 2016. … Richard Uihlein, the founder of a lucrative shipping business and president of this foundation named after his father, is a Republican mega-donor and a “free-markets, smaller-government crusader” from the Chicago area … which supported Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker; the Tea Party Patriots Citizens Fund; and Club For Growth Action. …”

      The list goes on. It’s revolting.

    • “If the right keeps doubling down on this idiocy and gets curb-stomped the next two elections, we might see a new political dynamic unfold.”

      This is what I’m predicting. Romney losing is what made Trump possible. He checked all the boxes of Conservatism Inc like Reagan did … and still lost in a landslide due to demographics. The voters then abandoned that ship for something new, something closer to what they really wanted in the first place. It’s no longer possible for an 80s conservative to win a presidential election. There aren’t enough voters for that due to the disastrous immigration policies they supported, and Trump’s 2020 throwback campaign of “muh stock market” proved that. Ronald Reagan himself would lose in a landslide. These trucons nominating* yet another throwback just to spite the voters and having that candidate then lose in a landslide is only going to enrage them even more. It’s nuts for any of these shills to think Halley really has a chance. The only explanation for them pushing her is that they want her to lose (or don’t care), but lose in what they consider the appropriate way: not challenging their donors’ pet issues like media monopolies, the military industrial state, woke racism against White Caucasians, not letting too many Asians into Harvard, infinite immigration, political correctness, and tax cuts for billionaires.

      *The Regime is so brazen now that I think we need to look for them rigging the republican nominating process. Who is to say Time Magazine’s cabal won’t also “fortify” that nomination process, too?

  21. I was quite happy to see the Lincoln statue come down. They also took down Teddy Roosevelt, Junipero Serra, and other assorted progressive icons of yesteryear. The point has been driven home to the elite that their icons are not forever any more than anyone else’s. And that has to give these jetsetters one more reason for being a bit uncomfortable behind their walled enclaves. They have a wolf by the ears.

    • Those are important figures of our history. Doesn’t matter if some of them were bad guys, they’re still part of our history. Also, never forget that the reason the Left deletes its own history is because its history is always unfathomable cruelty. They can’t afford to let anybody remember what happened last time they were in charge any more than they can afford to let anybody know what life could be like outside their gulags.

        • Don’t tell me the MLK Jr. statue in D.C. will need to be removed because (wait for it) some anonymous sources have whispered that he had some ‘toxic masuclinity’ traits and didn’t always treat the ladies with common decency and ‘respect.’

    • I’m glad TR set up the national parks, even if this act was progressive or suboptimal for business.

  22. So there’s good reason the ruling oligarchy keeps babbling on about our democracy. The infamous Jeep Super Bowl commercial being just a good example of how we must all come together in the middle and accept the oligarchy’s decisions because it’s who we are as Americans, see?

    An aristocracy that becomes tyrannical is an oligarchy, and it is right and just to hate them. The thing is, the distant corrupt oligarchy is distant, but it relies on subsidiary corrupt oligarchies that are closer to you. Your state is also run by a corrupt oligarchy, as is your county and so on. It may be true that there aren’t any hedge fund managers who are /ourguy, but plenty of locals have enough cash and connections to replace the lower level oligarchs with better people. Maybe that’s where to start. If you have a few million bucks and are in a position to help, are you helping? If not, you are part of the problem.

    • I have a few million bucks. I am age 50. Nobody in my dysfunctional family helped me earn the few million bucks. You gonna change my adult diapers as I age, brah? Do a stats analysis of my few mill compared with Gates, Bezos, Fuckerborg and Klaus (consider Miles Mathis’ workup on Klaus). Their money crushes a few mill even collectively-applied. It’ll be arms.

      • LOL. Agree, Snuffy. Been there, tried that, just on the very small level of the local skool district, an experience which red-pilled me BIG-time. These controllers are everywhere, their tentacles in everything. They have it down pat, and most folks have no idea when they object, go to “hearings” (which are useless exercises with zero effect on anything, but useful for ID-ing the “resistors” then isolated, marginalized, threatened with SLAPP letters, and then neutralized. The game is rigged at ALL levels, and the average a-political dumbed down (skooled) joe is just now waking up to it. Most folks are just trying to work, make ends meet, get supper on the table, kids and laundry washed. These crats and “business leaders” have all day long to connive and figure out ways to steal the poor man’s lamb. The poor man has been skooled and prompted to defer to their “expertise” and “leadership” for decades….and now these “leaders” have handed us, and the country, over to the CCP.

        • Yup.

          The Left’s Long March was complete several years ago.

          They are just flexing on is now.

          Better to build our own institutions and platforms.

        • One fella mentioned years of attending school board and city council meetings. He said it was exhausting, time-consuming, and fruitless.

          For leftwing activists, it seems to be their version of sports. Perhaps that’s why it becomes their vocation or career.

          • Because technology has made administration easier (basically, computers eliminate the need for lots of administration jobs), the supply of administration jobs has decreased while population has increased. This means administration jobs select for single-mindedness and ruthlessness.

          • I was an activist back in Northern California and I found the long, 3+ hour city council meetings exhausting. At some point, I just can’t take it anymore after a 9+ hour workday plus commute.

            I think PJ O’Rourke said that the people who can withstand those interminable meetings win.

        • I wouldn’t call it the CCP, but otherwise excellent comment. A friend of a friend tried to put a toe in local politics with the same result as yours. It’s why I’ve always sneered at those here who say get ‘involved with the process locally.’ They have no clue how much $ and influence is already involved in something like a city council seat or the school board . . . (she says as she daily drives past signs urging her to vote for “Han” or “Pajeet” or “Woke woman”).

  23. A video out there of Jared Taylor talking to some Japanese people that come to visit him in fluent Japanese. Truly amazing.

    • Yeah, the best part of that interview was the Japanese presenters’ shock when Jared informed them that other white people were his greatest antagonists in his fight for White rights and representation. The two women both gasped in shock. “How absurd!”

      • Whites are the only people on the planet who have a very large traitor class. Betrayal of one’s own people is aberrant. But then, we’ve always known white Leftists are damaged.

    • His Japanese is beautiful, too. You wouldn’t hear it unless you know the language yourself, but he speaks in a way more common with the imperial household.

        • At 72 he can also do push-ups on his fingertips. I hope he lives to 100 because we aren’t exactly growing soft-spoken, cultivated, hWhite advocating Chads on trees these days.

        • At 72 he can also do push ups on his fingertips. I hope he lives to 100 because cultured, well-spoken. HuWhite advocate Chads aren’t exactly growing on trees these days. I don’t want to think about life apres Taylor.

  24. The greater condition has snowballed and then imploded to the ridiculous point that every adult and wiseacre teenager is responsible. One nation within nations has been there before: the Phoenician Navy, the small hats, the fur hats. WTF is it these folks always play the leading roles?

    • Because the native ruling class in white countries – have always hated their own people in the lower classes – this goes back to the middle-ages when the nobility hired Tiny hats to become the middle men between the ruling class and the despised proles. They become the tax collectors and money changers for their white bosses and enrich themselves in the process.

      Case in point. A few months back there was a article on revolver news about the rich in NYC bemoaning the lack of foreigners to work for them due to Trump’s immigration restrictions. Now they could hire competent whites but they refused because these lower class whites would see how nasty and f -upped the rich really were and pass judgement on them. While illegals were just happy to have a paying job. This is the same mentality at work that started in the Middle-Ages.

  25. We whites have been a source for fomenting this for centuries and bringing it on ourselves. There must be something wrong with us to be hated and expelled over a hundred times from host countries.

  26. Well, I’m sure Xi, Un & Putin all have DC’s coordinates down pat – launch away boys. On the other hand, why bother when they can sit back with bags of popcorn and enjoy this clusterf*** of a former nation’s demise.

  27. In his family-therapy practice. Dr Milton H Erickson found that if the family dynamic was unsettled and dysfunctional, there was inevitably one person who was the stirrer, the trouble maker.

    I believe there is a small group of people who are causing the stirring. They may also had huge influence in our financial/media/political system, to which we can now add social media.
    If only we could work out who they are.

    I’ve been watching the ‘Europa – the last battle’ series on Bitchute. It is amazing to read about the seething hatred towards Europeans (particularly Germans) that certain people had in the early 20th Century. The pot gets boiled slowly I guess.

    • I think if you’re having to play coy with assigning blame to that group, the problem is more your people for letting it happen in the first place.

    • Yes, that is the essential White Pill. The number of people largely responsible for the destruction of our culture, society, government, and economy is actually quite small relative to the citizenry of the USA. They possess cunning and monetary resources, but little else. And the walls that protect them can be fleeting and illusory. Just ask the French nobility prior to the revolution.

    • Well yeah the number of real shot callers is quite small and most connected to one particular ethnicity. All them could easily fit in a high school gymnasium. What confuses people is that they are smart enough to use front men(pols) and astro turfed bogey men to distract them from the real boss class.

      It’s defense via obscurity. Pierce the veil and you see most are quite vulnerable.

  28. What’s going to be hilarious is “the new Transcendentalism” or whatever they end up calling it, when Dirt People start making a virtue out of necessity and therefore take our aging hippie rulers’ pro-Green, anti-consumerism message seriously. I recommend Jeffery Herf’s “Reactionary Modernism.” Yeah it’s about Those Guys, but the mystical back to nature stuff that fueled such a large part of their movement is almost completely ignored. An organization like the Promise Keepers from the mid 1990s would clean up in Occupied America, if they could avoid the obvious traps that doomed the original (mainly, “never talk go the Media” and “treat your scandals the way the Media treats theirs – just say ‘that’s been debunked’ and refuse to talk about it”).

      • I would love to read your take on ‘Reactionary Modernism’. It’s a brilliant book that changed and informed my take on the intellectual history of the 20th century, which is commonly focused on Leftist thought and very little attention paid to Rightwing thought.

        That book also introduced me to Ernst Junger, one of the most fascinating men of the 20th century.

        • The best excerpt I found was in the Goodreads reviews:

          “science disenchants the world but technology re-enchants it”
          “Reactionary Modernism
          Herf opines that the German rightwing suffered not from too much Enlightenment, but too little, noting the lack of a liberal tradition in Germany, which industrialized without a bourgeois revolution on behalf of the industrialists.”

          The latter quote seems to mean: No slaves.
          The Germans didn’t participate in the Jewish slave trade, as did the English Protestants and Spanish Catholics.

          • Addendum: The Louisiana Purchase from French Catholics gave the slave traders a colony, a razzia or raiding base, from which they could expand their trade to dominance of a new industry, King Cotton, access to the central rivers region, and continued slavery amongst the sovereign “First Nations” (Indians) of Quebecois Canada.

            (New Spain held the West, New France held the Middle, New Britain held the Coasts of North America)

        • I’m submitting that the the slave trade and its prime practitioners affected our cultural psychology, economics, and politics more than did philosophies of the Enlightenment, or Marx’s concepts of Kapitalism-Socialism-Communism.

          Political philosophy seems to keep forgetting the prize: money, and the power that comes from it.

        • Ooo, did the Zblog get a frisky, new makeover? Hubba hubba!

          But seriously, White men need to expel White women from politics and from having a public voice. Problem solved.

      • Serious guys have been looking at this for a while. If you want someone local start with Whittaker Chambers. Or if you want to look at someone French, Charles Peguy. Then you could try Gregor’s, Faces of Janus, Marxism and Fascism in the 20th Century or Roger Griffin’s, Modernism and Fascism
        The Sense of a Beginning under Mussolini and Hitler.

        Executive Summary: Right wing Modernism and it’s Left wing cousin all lead to the same end.

        • In theology, modernism is the “synthesis of al heresy’. But I don’t know what it is politically.

    • Brilliant, I’ll start to do that: ‘No sorry, that’s been debunked and proved as false.’……..’who by?’………’here on this website’……..’but that’s your personal website’………’yeah, like I said fully debunked. Now about that other thing’..

      • I really like that tact. I’m going to add that to my post-it note campaign. Something along the lines of “Tony Fauci was right? That’s been debunked.” No specifics, just make them waste time trying to figure out what I meant. It helps that in this particular case, it’s true.

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