The Ride Never Ends

The reboot of last year’s big political flop, otherwise known as Trump Impeachment, hit the big stage in DC this week. The Senate kicked off the show with a debate about the constitutionality of the whole thing. The old rule of vaudeville was that you start every show with some jokes to warm up the audience. It is good to see Washington bringing back the old traditions for their political dramas. To the shock of no one, the Senate voted in favor of the claim that this nonsense is constitutional.

The one thing missing from this reboot is the boggle-eyed lunatic who was the master of ceremonies for the first one. Adam Schiff is sitting this out. There is some debate about whether having a paranoid schizophrenic be the star of the show was the reason the first try at this was an embarrassing flop. They also had the fat guy who poos himself in public as the co-star. The whole thing turned into a poorly made version of Dumb and Dumber, which is a problem when you are putting on a drama.

The early reviews say this reboot is looking like the high school version of an old Broadway musical. The writing is good, but the people playing the roles are far too small for the costumes they are wearing. Even without Trump looming over it as a reminder that our politics have long ago descended into farce, the idea of impeaching a man who is out of office is too much to overcome. The public is mostly ignoring it, despite the month long hype about the imaginary insurrection.

Like so much the shadowy cabal that runs this place has done over the last several years, this stunt just serves to undermine the system they operate. In a world where massive election irregularities are ignored and dismissed by the politicians, it is tough to take those same politicians seriously when they bang on about their democracy or imaginary threats to it. If they were really worried about their democracy, maybe they would do something about the voting system.

What this looks like is theater for the people inside the wire so they can be reminded there is a wire, and it must be maintained. The green zone they have erected for themselves is not simply an overreaction. It is a symbol of the spiritual and cultural divide between the people running this place and the rest of us. The hive minded have now created a physical manifestation of their world view. From now on, people inside will be made to show they are loyal to inside, not outside.

Putting that aside, the thumbless people behind this farce are creating a new set of problems for themselves with this. American politics has always been a game of bad cop worse cop. One side tells 20% of white people they will push through some nation wrecking scheme, while the other side tells 40% of white people that they will not roll back the last nation wrecking scheme, but they will stop this one. This has kept white people engaged in a process that has slowly dispossessed them.

The rigged election and the response to it broke this system. Despite the Republicans pulling all the usual tricks in an effort to scare their voters in Georgia during the special election, many of those voters stayed home. The old gags did not work, because the election put the lie to those old gags. Impeachment promises to hammer home this point to tens of millions of white people. One party hates them, and the other party really hates them. They do not have a voice in this system.

We have already seen some Republican Senators shed their skin suits, revealing their scaly natural exterior. Six of them slithered over to the other side, coiling around the legs of their master, to vote in favor of this farce. You can be sure they will be voting to convict when the time comes. Conventional wisdom says the Senate will not get the votes to convict, but given the state of things, that is not a good bet. The GOP would love to be rid of Trump forever and this is how they do it.

If you assume that a third of the GOP senators hate Trump and his voters, that is roughly 15 votes right there. Then you have the deluded members who think they can inherit that vote if Trump is forced off the stage. They think their kinder gentler populism will win the day. Then there are those who are taking bribes. The level of corruption in Washington is such that we have to assume all of them are on the pad. Maybe the ChiComs tell them to support a conviction.

Either way, the whole thing will most likely further undermine the Republicans as the security fence for the Democrats. This is very bad for the political class, as it further reinforces the notion that there are now two sides. Those inside the razor wire green zone and those outside it. Given the general cluelessness of the people running both parties, this is a very dangerous environment for them. They need to people trusting in the system, even if they do not trust the people running the system.

There is one interesting side story to this. Trump put up a solid defense of himself in the first impeachment circus. He hired competent lawyers and treated the whole thing with far more respect than it deserved. This time he has hired a B-team that is more concerned with melodrama than the process. It may be that Trump would welcome a conviction and disqualification. This lets him go back to being a gassy blowhard on-line, without having to deliver any of the things he promises.

Another bit of subplot here is that the larger show that was the “great fortifying of our democracy”, which looked a lot like coup, is coming to a close. This is the last bit of the drama the new regime can use to distract from reality. That reality is they own the mess they created in their effort to overthrow the system. The crumbling economy, the Covid fiasco, the bloated financial system, all of it. They will not have Trump to kick around anymore, so they will own what comes next. Good luck with that.

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123 thoughts on “The Ride Never Ends

  1. Zman this reminds me of the term Political Theater. As you said once and very intelligently that congress today was like a bunch of paid actors Basically everything they do is like a paid performance for their corporate donors pay them to perform.

    • It’s literally a puppet show openly acknowledged. There is real comedy, like Nadler crapping his pants, but most of the time it’s just in-your-face cringe.

    • During Desert Storm, a Marine detachment faced off against a battalion of Sadam’s Republican Guard that was hunkered down and waiting for a frontal attack. A Marine psyop was used to draw them out by broadcasting messages insulting their manhood. Sure enough, dozens of them came charging out of their trenches to defend their honor and prompting punched their tickets to virgin paradise. That is exactly what the Deep State is attempting now with the new impeachment farce. They are attempting to incite anger and rank stupidity among dissidents and lure to slaughter. Don’t fall for it.

      • First of all, TomA, I love your posts and messaging. But it’s over and we lost until some organized group starts killing or else the system itself implodes. Like me, few if any sane folks will step up and undertake aggressive action. I’m a Christian. I honestly don’t want to murder and would rather be a martyr — almost. But the Juice dominance is colonization pure and simple and at some point undetermined I will act in concert with my brothers. I just don’t see it happening in my lifetime. Our men have become women and our women have become pretend men. How to fix that.

  2. My guess is that Trump is convicted. The Republican Senators loathe him and want to get back to the business of losing and having corporate tax breaks. Sassy Ben Sasse is angling against Mitt for that role (as Chief Wormtongue). After conviction, its highly probable that stripped of Secret Service protection he will be extradited to Iran along with some SEALs and drone operators for killing Soleimani. To encourage the others so to speak as the new Affirmative Action Defense Secretary purges the military of all White men. This will restart the Iran Deal and the huge amount of Iranian money to launder in the US (which is the premier money laundering destination btw).

    What is new is that the ruling class does not believe they need legitimacy. At least not from anyone but young White women (they want to sleep with) and people of color (whose approbation they require in order to sleep with their female interns). Technology and a “virtual gulag” will take care of the deplorables. No power, no internet, no banking, not phone service, no mail service, no employment, nothing. In the meantime, $1400 for every illegal alien!

    • What is new is that the ruling class does not believe they need legitimacy.

      What they are seeking is everyone publicly proclaiming they are legitimate, though. From what I’ve gleaned from the D.C. freakshow underway, the main concern is people not calling The Pretender an illegitimate president. They actually did everyone they force to call Biden legitimate knows he was fraudulently elected. I’m not as gloomy, though, because this is going to spark a nasty backlash of some sort, certainly more significant than selfies in the Ho House.

      • this is going to spark a nasty backlash of some sort

        Wish I shared your optimism. But I see folks are now wearing multiple masks and cutting ahead in line to take their experimental shots and hand over their personal medical information to big business and government. I don’t see it, and the evangelists for the persecution, company C-levels, are universally against us based upon my own interactions with them. They are highly organized and were openly discussing forced injections and vax passports back in June. I sincerely hope this juncture is the darkest before the dawn but my fifty cycles around sol tell me the only reaction by the deplorables will be to hunker down, wait it out and wait for the self-destructions which they expect to survive somehow. Time will tell.

        • Reluctantly agree. I am astonished (probably shouldn’t be) at the number of sober minded (at least I thought they were) friends, relatives, acquaintances. clients etc., who either have or absolutely intend to get the jab(s). Coupled with the mask wearing ritual, it’s very discouraging. We badly need an existential black swan event to knock this runaway train off the rails before it’s truly too late. The hour is very short.

        • The business exec people are evil.

          We see it at my corp. All white senior leaders gazing benevolently over their army of “diverse” “talent”. The diversity is just trying to muddle through the weekly BLM propaganda meeting without saying something offensive so they can get back to their desk to do nothing all day.

          They are psychopaths , not even alpha males, most are squirrelly betas and agressive Karen’s.

          • Got an email today from LL Bean celebrating black history mumph. Yeah, all those back to nature outdoorsy joggers. I quickly unsubscribed. The cancer has metastasized and the patient is close to terminal.

        • Not optimistic at all, to be clear, but eventually this will happen. I’m quite sure TPTB are shocked people have accepted as much as they have.

  3. I remember the likely apocryphal story of Khrushchev, Stalin and the two letters. It offers an interesting insight on our time.
    The story goes that Stalin told Khrushchev that if he got into a situation he couldn’t solve, he’d need to look in his desk drawer for the first of two letters that would give him a solution. This letter said “Blame everything on me, Stalin.” It worked like a champ. Until things went south again. Nikita found the second letter and it said “Write two letters, Stalin.”

    I think we’re going to be in the first phase relatively quickly. Inflation is going to hit us like a ton of bricks, along with the COVID-related supply chain meltdowns. It sounds like it isn’t all rainbows and puppy dog tails in the Ruling Class’ coalition of the non-whites and the sexual deviants. When the economic bomb really drops, regardless of all of this fake liquidity being pumped into the system, the Ruling Class will likely take the blame. They’ll own it all without being able to hang it on the ORANGE MAN.
    Then it’ll be time for the second letter, but I don’t see Creepy Joe and his Ruling Class handlers following the sage advice.
    What follows next is anyone’s guess. But when large swaths of the population are starving, can’t pay their bills and have nothing to lose, I think we’re going to look like the Dark Knight Rises with the plutocrats being dragged out of their mansions.

  4. All of the warning signs are in place, the set has been built over 50 years, for a national tragedy. Some galvanizing, overreaching incident that turns the country upside down for years. What comes to mind is something between 1980’s Colombia and 1990’s Yugoslavia. Only set on a vast, Continental stage. We can put nothing past the deformed creatures we’ve elected. Because the electorate is deformed themselves.

    • I keep thinking about the period around the beginning of the Great War (or WW1), which was the last time the entire 1st world international system (financial, economic, political) collapsed on itself mostly due to stupid, arrogant, out of touch ruling class. Led to 30 years of devastating war, upheaval, economic depression, and the loss of empires.

      I think the modern US’s closest analogs to that time period are the UK Empire and Austria-Hungary. The UK Empire because we attempt to project military (especially naval) power across many disparate shithole lands, and Austria-Hungary because rulers viewed as illegitimate by much of the population attempt to keep a multicultural empire together. The ultimate outcome of that upheaval was pretty bad for both.

  5. Off topic but recently Z suggested throwing sand into the gears instead of supporting Republicans in their bad cop worse cop routine.

    Is there an advantage to registering as a Democrat and voting in their primaries?

    I’m not real imaginative but seems like there would be more possiblilities for F-ing things up for them vs. just remaining registered Republican. It’s not like we’re going to get to vote for Mussolini in the next Republican primary.

  6. I have been looking at places to live outside the US, and think it is a decent option for riding out the shit show going on in the US. Most of them are just too 3rd worldy (for me at least) but Europe has some decent places.

    • I’m in the process of buying a cabin (very) deep in the woods; then, if it happens, I’m just bringing some people with me and calling it a day. We make it if we make it.

  7. It really is amazing in so many ways how clueless these “leadership” tards are. Few gave a crap about the last shampeachment effort and fewer still care about this one. These morons truly must think life as we know it would come to a screeching halt if they weren’t able to shine the awesomeness of benevolence over us all. Now, if they do attempt to make a serious move on the 2nd amendment, we could then see things get really real.

    • “The 1st Circuit Court of Appeals sided with the police, stating that they should have the right to seize guns without a warrant in the case of “threats to individual and community safety.””

  8. Compsci, in the civilized world’s not-so-far-off past, nobles who whored out their land were enthusiastically executed.

  9. Do you think some democrats want to dial back wokeness not because they have any fealty to conservative christian america but because they don’t want to damage electoral prospects.

    If Tom foley or dick gephardt were in charge the dems would never lose a national election

    • Now the push is “this rise of Christian Nationalism”, so I don’t think they’re worried about the Evangelical vote.

      They’re getting quite open about what they want- the erasure of Badwhites. I don’t know how Christians are going to handle the cognitive dissonance.

      I myself feel as helpless as a worn-out Gilded Age factory worker whose priest simply told him to pray harder.

  10. I find quite fascinating the metamorphosis of comments now across many blog sites, questioning the behavior of Trump! He had the power of the presidency and began in 2019 decrying the potential of fraud in the upcoming presidential election. He, however, never took any action whatsoever! He had his Lincolnesque moment and unfortunately failed. One can disagree with the actions of Lincoln at the beginning of the civil war, but he in his own way stepped up to the plate, so to speak, and chose to preserve the Union, rightly or wrongly! Trump was full of rhetoric and absolutely no action, and we have been left with the results of his actions. By his actions and Rhetoric of his campaign and presidency, he put the corruption of the entire Federal system into high gear, never once exposing to light the corruption. He seemed to have a weakness in choosing men about him in the political sphere, with the exception of business men! If my memory serves me correctly, Obama fired every federal prosecutor when he came into office! My children, grandchildren and great grandchildren are at risk for what this man has done to this country. I personally will have pause in the future in voting for him again!

    • I don’t wish to be rude, but whining is neither manly nor a solution to what ails us. Pitch a fit about Trump if you must in order to vent your spleen, but at some point you have to either man-up and be proactive or surrender your gonads. Just sayin’.

    • It’s getting linked around, but this (long) article will confirm a lot of suspicions:

      Trump loyal to a fault to people who didn’t deserve it (and not loyal enough to people who did), Trump providing poor leadership, Trump not really knowing what he wanted to accomplish and how: it’s all in there. However also in there is the fact that Trump appears to be a genuinely nice, respectful, and intelligent fellow who wanted what was best for the country. The enigma of his contrasts will never be squared, and really, it’s not worth trying at this point; it just is what it is.

      • I agree as kicking a man like Trump when he is down is siding with the mob and thinking by doing so be spared their wrath.
        The bottom line is there is nowhere to scurry and hide like a frightened mouse in the western world as the morlock army is on the march and they ain’t stopping for squat.

      • There were 4, or 5 chapters in that series which you’ve summed up quite well. (Rudy G in particular comes off as Nadler-esque)

        All very sad. All very true.

  11. Things change slowly until they change very fast.

    Waking Up To Reality (cont)

    At the root, our problem is biological. Technology has wrought unprecedented abundance & affluence, and produced a temporary illusion of a post-scarcity society. Most importantly, this new artificial environment has all but eliminated the natural gauntlet of fitness selection responsible for the peak of our species’ robustness. That is reversed now and we grow weaker with each passing generation. At the limit, this likely means either an eventual colony collapse & rebirth of fitness selection, or a slow managed transition into a docile and obedient sheeple. We can do better than become a domesticated herd animal ruled by overlords.

    • And the feminists will be lining up for alphas. I hope I’m around to enjoy that particular episode of the reality show “Eating Crow.”

        • Well, congratulations to him for staying on message while Eve, uhhhh, bit into the apple.

          Forgive me if I have already posted this on this site, but there was a study back in the naughts that caught my eye. It explained that the birth control pill fools a woman’s body into thinking it is pregnant. Thus, she is no longer on the prowl for an alpha, as nature dictates when she is off the pill and functioning normally,. Instead, she is seeking someone to take care of her in her pregnancy. And therefore, even though she is not pregnant, she finds alphas not to her liking, and takes up with a beta, who gets her pregnant and passes on his beta genes. There was a later study trying to debunk it, but I am convinced the original study was really onto something and is one reason for the surfeit of betas.

          Considering this cooked into the witches brew of feminist rantings and the liberal domination of the media and education for at least sixty years, I smell T-R-O-U-B-L-E. And I would remind you, I’m a girl telling you these things.

          • 2 things that make you go hmmm:
            1) the birth control pill and alpha/beta male dynamic
            2) from the link – how much practice has she had biting into…apples?

    • Agreed. The abundance and wealth has created an r selection mentality and given reproductive advantage to those already predisposed to r selection. I think, in Europe anyway many of the K selected people were culled in the 20th Century wars so the r shift happened that much quicker.
      K’s are naturally more trusting and altruistic which is a disadvantage in a world of free resources (with an elite that runs finance and media), but an advantage when needed to organise against r groups who are low-trust.
      This swing does fit Sir John Glubbs essay regarding the stage of empires – outburst, conquest, commerce, intellect, decadence (I might have missed one but you get the picture), the hard times/strong men/good times/weak men/hard times cycle. Also AC wrote a book on r/K shifts which fits this cycle also.
      These are all very similar but from slightly different perspectives but at least we know where we are.
      Next stage – what to do about it.

  12. I knew a left wing professor in college who said something that always stuck with me. His theory was that Reagan was still at heart a New Dealer and that he was attacking unions (his words) in the hopes of fomenting a left wing revolution from his post in the Oval Office. The argument was that even if he wasn’t doing it consciously, it was his subconscious aim. The parallel here is that I think all of the people mewling about Nazis and fascism and a rightwing insurrection, whether subconsciously or not, are doing everything in their power to create everything which they’ve hallucinated but has not yet happened, namely their comeuppance. An impeachment of the opposition while they’re packing their bags has a Treaty of Versailles quality to it. Or, if the Civil War is your thing, this would be like Grant not only asking Lee to surrender his sword, but to shine a black soldier’s boots in front of southern womenfolk. “With malice toward all.”

    And just like the Allies who sent their African colonial troops to patrol the Ruhrgebiet, our formerly white culture is a once-industrialized, now demilitarized zone where savage subalterns wield the whip-hand on behalf of the master class. Ebert and the Weimar government didn’t have Netflix to keep the people from going ape, and Trump’s successors are weak rhetoricians compared to Hitler (or Mussolini) so maybe our rulers get lucky and avoid their comeuppance and we’ll just sit still for it because we’re enervated and distracted (and honestly, still well-enough fed).

    • Mainly, they’re like a bunch of vicious high school girls who can’t quit backbiting the beautiful cheerleader who moved out of town because Dollar General promoted her dad to District Manager in Omaha.

  13. The vaudeville line had me laughing aloud!

    The other issue wi5h the rulers is that they know that the country voted for trump.

    Like your piece referencing Northern Ireland, the country really is occupied!

  14. (((Schiff))) and (((Nadler))) might be “absent” from Impeachment 2.0, but make no mistake about it, the Tribe is behind this one, too. (((Raskin))), the leader of the House impeachment delegation, was on the floor of the Senate in his yarmulke actually sobbing about how all the Members thought they were going to die on Jan. 6 — as if they were about to be loaded onto cattle cars, or something.

    And of course (((Schumer))) is, as Trump so eloquently called him, the “head clown.”

    The impeachment sham should be clear-cut proof that the American people are being Palestinianized…

  15. Mystery Science Theater 3000 should pay attention to the current impeachment proceedings. Should be plenty of material there for a few new shows.

    • What a shrewd mating of the arrow and bullseye, Doctor Droll. But I wonder if, for the first time, the absurdity of the screenplay would be so bad as to leave the MST 3000 guys totally speechless.

  16. “They will not have Trump to kick around anymore, so they will own what comes next.”

    Regrettably, I think that Mr Trump’s name will be dragged through the mud for some time to come. It is true that they do own it all now; but the loathing of Trump is so strong and their support so convinced of his evil, that his name shall not be retired from the rhetoric anytime soon. At best for this dirty class of parasites, they can fire out their old trope of ‘we had to fiddle and diddle to save democracy from Orange Guy’.

    In any case, seeing that the system is irredeemable – and seeing that it is being noted by others – we know that any future white population ought not to rely on it. That clarity, I hope, has been a beneficial thing, although to most here it was known for a long time that ‘we cannot vote our way out of this’.

    On the plus side I have found two potential converts to the cause. I took some time out of my busy schedule handbrake turning my car in the snow covered car park to consider: “Is it better to link these people to The Z Blog now, or perhaps a bit later?”. One is closer to the other regarding the race issue, both have been turned highly skeptical over the Covid drama. The things that I am finding open ears for, the comments I can now make, seem to be a good leap in the right direction. Turning off that media fire hose, and speaking to real people is imperative.

    • The small hats that write our school history books will seal Trump’s fate as a villain for every coming generation.

      • Side note on “The small hats that write our school history books”:

        That would be Ghislane Maxwell’s father, “Israel’s Superspy” and Mossad-backed “media baron.” He bought the primary schoolbook publishing company.

    • Yeah, given the hysterics of the left and the gop this past 5 years, it would be quite easy to keep blaming trump.

      Look at the H-man. He’s still very useful to our masters!

      • As I have been reading here for around 3 years now, I was aware of how snake like the GOP were and are. However, yesterday I was listening to a Sam Francis AmRen talk, in which he detailed the transition of the traditional conservative movement, into what it is now. The detail in that speech, the people named and their personal transformations were fascinating. Dr Francis seemed to identify the cause as a ‘need to be accepted’, and my goodness does it ever ring true.

        Of course, much the same has happened with all formerly conservative UK parties. About the only one that had the fortitude to hold out for the ‘rights of whites’ was the BNP.

      • Falcone made a joke yesterday, “why don’t we try blaming the Boomers?”

        I chuckled, then realized: we Boomers were brainwashed on WWll atrocity propaganda, the faith-based religion of ‘the most documented Event’, but the kids can’t relate to such ancient history

        They were given a World War of their own, along with faith-based “most-documented events” such as global warming, colonialist racisms, and now The Pandemic-ocaust.

        And sure enough, a Bad Moustache Man has arisen. Trump is Hitler, and Boomer white people are Nazis!

        The youngers will hiss and boo and avert their eyes, and wonder at our strange super-science of pure evil.

    • The odd thing about the ruling class hysteria over Trump is how profoundly they misread his psychological makeup. All he craved, really, was elite approval (particularly from the media); Trump would’ve been pretty easily manipulated into doing whatever the ruling class wanted. I guess the insult of his election to their self-insulated class was too much to bear.

      • “The odd thing about the ruling class hysteria over Trump is how profoundly they misread his psychological makeup. All he craved, really, was elite approval (particularly from the media);”

        If he had indeed craved this approval, were there not better ways to go about it? I stand to be corrected here, but from memory he made some of his most memorable remarks early on in his campaign. Even at this point, it was clear that he was never going to be accepted by the elites – his famous remarks about the ol’ Mexicans tarred him forever as a ‘bigot’ or ‘Nazi’ or ‘literally Hitler’ or whatever you fancy. Even at this early stage, he appeared to double down and wind them up again and again. Not that I didn’t enjoy this.

        Having said that it does seem that it is very much a need of many ‘conservatives’ to be accepted by the elites of society.

        ” I guess the insult of his election to their self-insulated class was too much to bear.”

        This is no doubt true. The talking heads of Big Media both in the US and the UK could not believe it. It seemed as though democracy had broken. How dare the people even consider this man! It was indeed for many of these types an Earth shattering event. It reminded of the immediate outpouring of celebrity ‘I had no idea there were people like this in my country’ interviews that were two-a-penny after UK’s referendum on EU membership. Incredible times indeed.

      • I don’t think he craved elite approval. As Z has said before, all the elites needed to do was co-opt Trump and make some silly deals and turn him into a Reagan.

        Instead their hatred of white deplorables is so great they destroyed the entire illusion of democracy and red/blue team.

        • You said it better than I did; all the elites had to do was give Trump the illusion of some victories and they could’ve gotten a ton of what they wanted. Instead they decided to torch what was left of institutional credibility because, I dunno, the guy puts ketchup on a steak.

          • It’s heard to remain elite if your club accepts riff raff like Trump. And the (((elite))) still got tons off victories for the homeland.

    • OrangeFrog: “my busy schedule handbrake turning my car in the snow covered car park”

      Hahaha! ‘Tokyo Drift’ is one of my favorite movies- I taught myself evasive driving in a $400 AMC Pacer with no hood (bonnet) and bald tires.

  17. If the economy crashes, and it looks like a better than even prospect given the maniacs now in charge, the real radicals will be jumping for joy. It will be their time. We all need to think very hard about what comes next, and where we need to be living when it happens.

  18. Anything that further delegitimizes the government and further makes White Americans want to see it toppled is a good thing. It is noteworthy that like the last impeachment this one has made filthy Jews its face. Hopefully Ziocucks start to find themselves as hated as the junta. The GOP’s unforced implosion is pure gravy. My God what cowardly and predictably stupid fools they are.

    To reiterate, the goal has to be to make the Ruling Class as miserable as possible. Forcing their whores to huddle behind razor wire and put on a freak show really doesn’t effect them directly, but that image blasted around the world does make them uncomfortable. That’s a good start.

  19. “The crumbling economy, the Covid fiasco, the bloated financial system, all of it. They will not have Trump to kick around anymore, so they will own what comes next.”
    There will always be a Marjorie Taylor Greene for them to blame for all the country’s problems. That they get any traction with this at all is a demonstration of the pathetic mental capacity of their base voters. The media would let them get away with blaming Trump for at least two Presidential terms, they never made Obama take responsibility for anything in eight years.

    • Good point. This means that any vocal opposition to them is proof that trump and his followers are “still a threat to democracy!”

      • Hi-ya!: “…any vocal opposition to them is proof that trump and his followers are “still a threat to democracy!””

        Boy howdy. Last night I heard a rush to defend those noble paragons of poverty and patriotism, Dick and Liz Cheney. They’re Real Republicans!

    • “The crumbling economy, the Covid fiasco, the bloated financial system, all of it. They will not have Trump to kick around anymore, so they will own what comes next.”

      No they won’t. Obama put the blame on Bush (and raycisms) for 8 years. And never admitted to a mistake.

      • Obama should have been thanking Bush for getting everything teed up for him. Of course now Bush gets to literally slobber all over Michelle (have you seen the picture of them cuddled up together, Bush with his eyes blissfully closed?). What a perfect encapsulation of the times, the corporate man surrendering to the radical black, although there is an argument that the corporations are just using the blacks to dispirit the whites.

        Can’t remember where (was it here?), but I saw the funniest comment the other day; “I saw a white person in a commercial the other day. Did anyone else see it?”

        • Well it’s working. I got a flyer in the mail yesterday from a British Company called Celtic & Co and the model was only English if one believes the Chedder Man rendering. Straight into the trash it went. It was dispiriting.

  20. To me it is obvious that Trump is not the real target but one half of America and it’s populist soul is. Maybe it is also another diversion from what is accelerating in real time, the collapse of this country, first and foremost the economy. These people are not pretending, they are scared.

    While doing all this, somewhere a backlash may occur, someone or group will gain political force and challenge them in a way not foreseen. Not that likely though since traditional political solutions are pretty much gone. An international challenge, economic collapse, or catastrophe may blind side these assholes.

    • You could almost hear the quaver of terror in their voices.

      They aren’t scared of our sacred democracy. The same bozos who got rich selling our comparative advantages to China now realize three words: “silicon chip shortage.”

      Chips are in everything. Our cars, our water systems, our power, our military equipment, everything.

    • Yeah, pretty much what I’ve been thinking. I actually do think Whitey, well at least a significant part of the smarter ones, will wake up soon enough but the path for a lot of them is sort of like that “stages of grief” thing. So you start with stage 1, sportball & grillin’ and Fox News. Even though things are moving at least 100 times faster now than they were 2 years ago it’s going to take even fairly astute whites some time before they’re posting here and arguing about white/black/red pills.

      By contrast, Russia, China, and a host of other nations have had entire branches of government devoted for years to planning exactly what to do if/when the American Goliath started to sway and swoon. I actually wonder if they’re suffering an abundance of riches now. They may realize that they actually have a whole friggin’ MENU of options now for how to take the giant down when they had always assumed they would only get one or two at a time.

      By the way, none of this is meant as neocon paranoia and a call to rally round the old flag. It’s naive to think though that other nations are just sitting there playing Call of Duty while idly noting that their greatest adversary is trying to decide whether to shoot or hang himself.

      My soon to be hyperinflated money right now is on the economic asteroid strike though.

  21. They think they’ve won (and maybe they have) so they’re just flexing on us now. It doesn’t matter if white people no longer care. They’ll just flood every nook and cranny of the country with refugees and Guatemalans. The USA and Canada are *finished*.

    Sorry for the morning black pill. The white pill is that there are still hundreds of millions of white people, enough of us need to stay steady and maybe by 2100 things could change again.

    • Correction: hundreds of millions of white people, but at least half of them are brain-damaged and effectively non-white. But 350 million ain’t a bad start.

      • That’s why I said enough white people need to stay the course lol.

        Many white young people especially men are infected with ebonics and black-worship these days – not look boomers are much better with their tv and sports all worship.

        But we need a remnant of people to stay strong and we can outlast them

        • “But we need a remnant of people to stay strong and we can outlast them” – Speaking of the remnant, here is a nice reading of an 1930s Albert J Nock essay on the importance of addressing the small remnant of thinking people instead of the masses.

        • I’m a part of this remnant, and I’m having kids. The weird thing is I don’t know anyone else in my age bracket (late twenties) who are doing the same. It’s almost as though a certain class of people is being manipulated into adopting genetic deadendism.

          • Yea the birth rates seem super low for white people. TFR is supposedly 1.5 for whites but to me looks like 0.5.

            The only “consolation” is that non-whites seem to be having even fewer kids these days – of courses given mass immigration it really makes no difference at all.

    • The next step is to punish rural areas with vibrancy through farmland for blacks, refugee settlement, and more opioids.
      The positive part is people are much harder to manage outside cities, remote work makes employment easier, and minorities tend to not want to live in small towns.

    • I wish we had upvoting back. I would upvote this sentiment.

      Unfortunately for us, everyone in politics knows the Demographics have irreparably shifted. The geezerly white dude who was once the breadwinner silent majority is now retired. The birthrates for white people tanked. We are not in any way the future of the United States. And our numbers are diminishing everyday. The people who are constituting the majority now and more in the future, will just vote to send themselves money until the whole farce crumbles. We will end up being like Mexico or Brazil. But the good thing about that outcome is that once the whole game has changed into just being about grabbing as many of the resources as you can for you and yours, nobody is going to care about “justice”. We will be free to battle it out in the streets for what we want without the cops being involved. The irony is that law enforcement is holding us back right now. Once the government runs out of money and can’t pay for law enforcement, we are completely free to remorselessly take whatever we want just like everyone else does.

  22. Trump’s slim chances at re-election in 2024 were forever destroyed by his cowardice in his last days regarding pardons. He’s simply not a dangerous man anymore, nor even a potentially dangerous man. His weak defense shows even he doesn’t care that much, and impeachment would probably help his brand as a martyr of the swamp more than hurt it.
    There’s already a rift between the sates and D.C. as State GOPs are censuring and anathematizing the likes of Cheney and Sasse. The only future of the GOP is on the state and local level where they start to ignore the dictates of D.C. If it breaks down more than that, we will start having de-facto right wing no-go zones for police and military.

    • There really isn’t a future for the GOP or electoral politics, but this state/federal rift is a great development

      • This rift between State and Fed’s, how does it fix corruption in elections? Elections are controlled by counties within the States. Here, in AZ, the election results have all sorts of irregularities, yet when the GOP legislature ordered ballots and machines to be impounded for forensic audit, the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors (Dem’s) told them to take a hike. And it seems the GOP legislature could not even muster a vote to have the Board members arrested for contempt.

        The fish may rot from the head down, but it does not stop at the tail. GOP is completely rotten down to the core. Whether is retains some credibility at local levels remains to be seen. But from my viewpoint, it needs to dissolve in some visible, fundamental way before I begin to believe their BS again.

    • The Deep State desperately wants to foster or foment a manufactured civil war or foreign war; solely as a means of killing off freedom-loving alpha males and enabling a dictatorial police state. There will be upcoming CIA sponsored false flag OPs (both domestic & foreign) in which covert “leaders” will use stooges and useful idiots to incite violence (similar to the Jan 6th OP). Don’t play their game. You will either be killed outright or do centuries in prison.

      • The only response to any state-sponsored war of any nature is to riot or, in the alternative, laugh. Do whichever is the safest and most destructive to the system.

    • Instead of:
      “But as long as he pays his taxes”

      We’ll get:
      “All these unemployed or unhoused white people. They’re just a drain on our democracy.”

  23. I have lived I a handful of countries over the course of my life so I understand what it means to be an expat – to be able to function successfully on a day-to-day basis in a country that is not mine and not “for me” – to have no fundamental rights or political representation, just permitted to live there as long as I observe the local laws and customs. More and more, I am feeling like an expat in America. The system here is no longer “for me”; I am not part of “the people” this system is now oriented to. The open fraud of the last election kind of sealed the expat feeling for me. This place is not mine; I’m just living here. As far as the New Democratic Republic of America is concerned, I’m just allowed to remain and go about my business as long as I stay in line and don’t upset the real citizens of the NDRA, which is fairly easy to do these days. So I just pretend I’m living in a country similar to the old Republic, but with much more corruption, more crime and violence, stranger and stranger customs, and no representation for me.

    • Healthy way to view it. Give the junta nothing take everything you can from it, and enjoy the freak show.

    • Well said. Another way to view this is that we are now merged with Mexico, and the citizenship of 70 million people who were born here has been stripped and handed to those who weren’t.

      • hm… that’s a bit overcomplicated for my simple mind, and I don’t go to Mexico.

        Every now and then, my wife sends me a link to one of those HGTV type shows or articles about retired White couples who move down to Mexico and live large on the waterfront for a tiny fraction of US costs.

        I always reply with the latest news report of a US Whitey getting robbed, kidnapped, raped, or beheaded South of the Border.

        Back to the expat thing, I lived in Korea when they “impeached” their corrupt lady president a few years back. It was nothing to me, no skin in the game. Same for Trump – I really don’t care what they do or don’t to him, he’s just the former leader of a country I happen to live in, he’s nothing to me.

    • I’m a longtime expat, assimilated to the extent possible being foreign born. My son (also an expat but with an Argentina wife and children) and I go about our business with none of the prejudice that would exist against us if we were livng in the USA. I find this hard to credit, but I know it is so. Best of luck to all internal USA “expats” who are in fact more like internal exiles from what once was a “homeland” that has been usurped. A great wrong has been done to y’all.

      • Montefrio – as I indicated above, I would never move to Mexico or any other Central American country. However, Argentina has alway fascinated me – it seems like the most European of South American countries. I have considered trying it out for a bit. How’s the cost of living, political culture and the attitude towards Whites there?

    • I anticipate massive increases in expatriation and renunciation in the coming decade, especially among middle-class whites. It’s going to become painfully obvious to even the most patriotic of civnats that they have no political representation in this country. Once you realized that you have been dispossessed of your nation, it’s difficult to find compelling reasons to remain here, and all US citizenship gets you is global tax hassles.

  24. the idea of impeaching a man who is out of office is too much to overcome.

    They need to impeach him because they can’t go after him in a real courtroom since he’s done nothing criminal – or at least nothing considered criminal for a Cloud Person.

    But they need him in jail because that way his voters can be persecuted for being accomplices in his “crime.”

    • Yes, “they do not have Trump to kick around anymore”.

      They have us. The creep of persecution will quickly run out of fuel chasing down Twitter dissidents and Capitol invaders and without cheeto emperor that fervor will find its way downhill. The basket will expand.

      White deplorables are the cotton of the left. TPTB won’t be planting seeds of unity anytime soon when they still see so much whiteness; the spigot of pocs wide open to harvest it.

      The “feature not a bug” comes to mind as normie and others who found orange man to be too mean or crass, thus deserving of the unrelenting ire of the cloud and blind to the greater implications, will have to quickly come to terms with the fact that it was never really about Trump. He was an avatar for what must still be destroyed.

      “Perchance he for whom this bell tolls may be so ill, as that he knows not it tolls for him; and perchance I may think myself so much better than I am, as that they who are about me, and see my state, may have caused it to toll for me, and I know not that.“

  25. I know we hem and haw on this site about “rule of law” and it’s disappearance. Another blatant example is the line in The Constitution that says “the Chief Justice SHALL preside over the festivities”.
    They make no pretense about just making shit up as they go along.
    It’s always good to avoid legal entanglements, but more so now for people on our side. It really is like a bad B movie regarding law at this tone in history.

    • Since Trump is not president, the rule does not apply here. The fact is, the court has made it clear they have no interest in the impeachment process. The Senate can do what they want, as far as the process. The punishments are limited to removal and disqualification. The one grey area here is whether the Senate can disqualify a private citizen. That has very serious implications that the court may seek to curtail.

      • In a way it would have been awesome to have the USSC participate to further delegitimize the system and show what a fraud the judiciary is, too. That aside, the runner-up prize of the Chief Justice declaring this a farce is awesone.

        • Yes, but killing off the GOP is the fastest path to redemption and rebirth. One could argue that the most honorable thing to do if you’re a Republican Senator is to commit political suicide. Nevertheless, I also think they are cowards and will shirk this opportunity to do the right thing.

        • I believe the GOP ends regardless of what happens to Trump in this farce.
          The standing argument of the GOP to keep us alive and we’ll get our shit together and do what you want really doesn’t fly anymore.

      • The outcome of this show trial could easily be argued to fit squarely within the definition of an Ex Post Facto law and perhaps a Bill of Attainder as well. Both are explicitly prohibited by the COTUS. If SCOTUS cares about the rule of law and the impact of precedent, they have adequate justification for cleaning up the aftermath. Should they decline to do so that will speak volumes about what really matters to TPTB.

    • That video of Nadler shitting himself on stage in front of a crowd is a classic. I saved it off to show my kid when he gets old enough to understand what his dad is talking about when he describes living in clown world.

      That is – if his dad doesn’t get picked up by the FBI in the mean time. After I saw him crap himself I felt I just had to send him a mega-pack of XXXL adult diapers to let him know I understood his pain.

      Amazon confirmed the package was delivered to his office. So far anyway – no white vans in front of my house or calls from agents.

      • FYI
        I looked it up on YouTube and they still have several versions posted. The first one has a dumpy tuba soundtrack that is hilarious.
        Watch while you can.

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