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This is always a funny time of year. There is the long run up to the holidays that starts in November and concludes in January. In election years you have that as an added bit of excitement. Then it all comes to an end in January, the dead of winter for most of the country, and people go on a bit of break. This year the denouement came a bit late due to the fake election and fake inauguration. The entirely peaceful excitement around the fake inauguration was an added bonus to the season.

Now, we are in the dead of winter. You can see it on the streets in the parts of the country that have winter. Here in Lagos, the streets look like peak lockdown all of a sudden, in that there are few cars out during the day. It has been snowing here a bit and the schools remain closed, but it is extra quiet now. Who knows what the people are doing when not out on the roads, but the people in charge assure us everything is under control and we are all in this together. Trust science.

This dead spot in the calendar has always shown up on-line, as well. The slowest traffic month every year is February, January is pretty slow too. March is always the busiest as people seem to come back to life as we head into spring. Humans are still hardwired to the natural rhythms of our environment. Spring is the busiest time on the site, then things slack off a bit for summer, as people get out and live. It ticks up for the autumnal excitement, especially if there is an election.

This being that dull spot in the calendar, this week the show is about some more contemplative topics. One of the things that is striking is just how open the new ruling regime is about their hatred of white people. Those over the age of fifty, maybe over forty, remember when such talk was used as satire. It was ridiculous to think that white people would be treated like second class citizens. Here we are though, and most people are still struggling to process it.

Of course, the people on the other side of this transaction remain a mystery to the sorts of people attracted to right-wing politics. Right-wing people try to understand the partisan mind in the same way they understand the normal mind. They start with the assumption that the partisan is motivated by self-interest. The trouble is the partisan interprets self-interest to mean their cause. Everything they are is defined by their membership in the cause. It transcends everything, even their life.

It is a good time to think about all this stuff. The Pretender is staggering around drawing smiley faces on executive orders written by his staff. The media is waging war on imaginary insurrectionist. The health Nazis continue to play make believe over the coronavirus stuff. Otherwise, not a lot going on, so the show this week is about some of those topics. Since these topics require a little more thought and analysis than a new story, just three topics this week.

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  2. Znan, I use direct download and am getting file called Rambling Man Vol 2. I think I got it jast week too.

  3. Does anyone know what a groyper general is ? I’m watching a nick interview and he keeps referring to the groyper generals.

  4. on your point on jews and fascism, Pinochet also was not anti-semitic. Jews who remained in Chile were not bothered by Pinochet, unless they were Marxists, and Pinochet had good relations with israel.

    And you correctly noted Franco refused Hitler’s request to deport Spainish Jews to death camps, and they remained in Spain, although Spain did have certain unpleasant restrictions on Jews, but unlike rest of Europe none sent to the camps.

    You correctly noted the Mussolini did not take sever actions against Jews in Italy or Italian territory, none were sent by him to death camps, although there were discriminatory laws passed. And his Jewish mistress was the mother of Italian fascism. below is article from left wing Israeli hareetz newspaper.
    The Jewish Mother of Fascism

    Margherita Sarfatti was known in Italy as Benito Mussolini’s mistress, but she was much more than that. She was his ideological companion, planned the ‘March on Rome’ with him, wrote articles in his name, edited the Fascist Party organ and wrote his first official biography.
    Send in e-mailSend in e-mail
    Saviona Mane
    Jul. 5, 2006

    ROME – Everyone in Italy wanted to forget the “Duce’s other woman”: the Fascists, because she was Jewish; their opponents, because she was Fascist; and the family, because she became an embarrassing historical burden. As a result, Margherita Sarfatti’s story slipped out of the public awareness, and along with it her central role in Italian fascism and the Duce’s life.

    Today, more than 60 years after the Fascist dictator was executed, Sarfatti’s descendants prefer to view her as an intellectual and a patron of the arts, who worked to distanced Italy from the Nazi danger and was forced to flee to Argentina when Benito Mussolini implemented the race laws. They did not hear from her about the 20 years in which she shared Mussolini’s doctrine and bed. Or about the 1,272 letters he wrote her in those years, and which disappeared. No, they are not in her private archive at her home at 18 Via Dei Villini in Rome. At least, that is what her granddaughter, Ippolita Gaetani, who is in charge of the archive, told Haaretz in an exclusive interview. An American cousin, who is also named Margherita Sarfatti, is convinced the letters are in the hands of the Rome cousin.

    Many visitors have recently called at the luxurious building in Rome – journalists, researchers, writers (“Italian Night,” by Nicole Fabre, a novel in which Sarfatti is a leading character, was recently published in France). It is a lavish patrician building in ocher, which is a three-minute walk from Villa Torlonia, the Duce’s official residence – three minutes from the villa’s back entrance, it should be noted. “The villa is being renovated,” says a smiling young woman who is working in the courtyard, “but you can visit. Go around to the other side, it’s worth it.”

    At the home on the Via Dei Villini in Rome, a gilded bell, a vast black gate, a double wooden door, an elevator in an ornate metal cage, a broad marble staircase. The door is opened by Ippolita Gaetani, a spare, blue-eyed woman of 66, who has a determined, no-nonsense manner. The apartment is spacious, sun-washed, and furnished with classical restraint. The documents and photographs of Grandmother Margherita are housed in one room, in the center of which is the “Holy of Holies”: Sarfatti’s desk. On the wall is a famous portrait of Sarfatti with her daughter Fiammetta, painted by Achille Funi. Next to it are shelves laden with her notebooks and diaries, and a chest with 12 huge drawers.

    Before the interview gets under way, the hostess receives a phone call. “I am being interviewed for an Israeli paper,” she apologizes, and adds, “No, no, the ‘good’ paper.” Ippolita Gaetani and her two sisters, Sancia and Margherita, are identified with the Italian left and are quite active on behalf of the Palestinian cause.

    Ippolita was 21 when her grandmother died, in 1961, at the age of 81, but never asked her about her past, about her affair with Mussolini or her role in the Fascist movement. And Sarfatti, she says, never volunteered information on the subject. She talked about art, recited Dante, Shakespeare, Edgar Allan Poe and did crosswords in Figaro Litteraire. “After the war there was a deep collective repression, people tried to forget, did not boast about it. There was a kind of self-censorship. People are only now starting to talk about that period, and also about my grandmother,” Gaetani says.

    When did you learn about your grandmother’s part in Mussolini’s life and in the Fascist movement in Italy?

    “Very late, at the age of 17, 18, and from friends. It was not talked about at home. There was repression in Italy. Everything was imputed to the Germans, all the evils, the race laws, the persecutions. In my home, too, everything was imputed to the Germans. When I grew up and started to read, I understood that f ascism and Nazism are interchangeable. My mother did not think so – she continued to say that fascism was all right until it cozied up to Hitler.

    “In my opinion, if the blacks and not the Jews had been persecuted then, many Jews would still be fascists … In fact, it is the same today. Many Jews in Italy are fascists, because fascism is far closer to today’s Israel; they are persecuting the Arabs. If you go to the Rome Ghetto today, you will see that part of the Rome Jewish community is truly fascist, fascist in its mentality, in the head. And the situation in the Middle East complicates matters. They accuse everyone who speaks out against Israel of being anti-Semitic. And in Italian politics they are far closer to the right than to the left.”

    Encounter with history
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    Her mother, Fiammetta, converted to Christianity in 1930 and remained in Italy with her family even after Margherita and her son, Amedeo, went into exile to Argentina following the implementation of the race laws. But Sarfatti feared for the well-being of her daughter and her grandchildren, and after Rome was conquered by the Nazis she made long-distance use of the few connections she still retained from her days of glory in order to ensure that no harm would befall them. Thus Fiammetta found asylum in a hospital, disguised as a nurse; her husband, Livio, who was not Jewish, went into the underground; and their children were sent to Catholic convents. Margherita’s older sister, Nella Errera, did not fare so well. She and her husband, Paolo, who officially denied their Jewishness, were arrested in 1944 by the S.S. and sent to the camp at Fossoli and from there to Auschwitz. They died on the way to the extermination camp.

    The coffee is ready and Gaetani pours it into a demitasse.

    Did your grandmother talk about the past or feel responsibility for her sister’s death?

    “Not with me, not with us, that was taboo at home. She may have had qualms of conscience, but either you commit suicide or you decide to live. People lived with worse things on their conscience. She was actually involved with art – it is not that she harmed or informed on anyone. On the contrary, some historians say that as long as she was by his side, Mussolini did fewer horrible things. She herself did not do anything bad to anyone. That her man was scum – of that there is no doubt.”

    The dramatic story of Margherita Sarfatti’s life begins with a tranquil, happy childhood in the ghetto of Venice, where she was born on April 8, 1880, the youngest child of an affluent religious Jewish family, the Grassinis (the father of the Italian writer Natalia Ginzburg was her cousin). The lovely girl with red hair and green eyes and insatiable curiosity was raised in a protected setting and surrounded by love, especially on the part of her grandmother, Dolcetta Levi Nahmias, a “woman of valor,” in the Jewish term, from whom she learned to live in the present and not get caught up in the past.

    “Oh, God,” she would mumble every night in a prayer she made up, “make me learn how to be happy and learn how to be grateful for all the good things you have given me.” To be happy, at any price: that was the motto that propelled her throughout her life. At the age of 18, despite her parents’ objections, she married Cesare Sarfatti, a Jewish lawyer and socialist, who was 14 years her senior. The Sarfattis had three children: Roberto, Amedeo and Fiammetta.

    However, she found life in Venice too confining, and her husband was also eager for a change. The couple moved to the nerve center of Italy – Milan. There Margherita began to carve herself a place in the intellectual elite and to become active in fields which until then had been male prerogatives: journalism and art. To that end, she opened her salon every Wednesday to the city’s Who’s Who and gained the reputation of an impeccable hostess: beautiful, witty and vivacious. Her home became the center of the artistic avant-garde, the melting pot of Futurism, and later of the Novecento Italiano movement. The leading artists, writers and politicians were regulars in her home.

    “A kind of acute sense of smell impelled me toward gifted people,” she wrote in her memoirs, which are really a collection of episodes about her meetings with preeminent world figures, including the inventor Guglielmo Marconi, Pope Pius X, president Franklin Delano Roosevelt, Albert Einstein and many others. Israel Zangwill, whom she calls the “Jewish Dickens,” and Ze’ev Jabotinsky, the Zionist Revisionist leader, were also among her acquaintances.

    “She was an educated woman, very attentive to the cultural fashions, a manipulative woman, ambitious and uninhibited, with a singular talent for self-promotion (a talent she showed also after her son died in World War I, appropriating his death as another means of self- promotion),” says the historian Dr. Simona Urso, from the University of Padua, who has written a biography of Sarfatti.

    The dramatic pivot of her life – the encounter with history – occurred in 1912, when a young, uncouth and unknown journalist named Benito Mussolini was appointed editor of the socialist journal Avanti, for which Sarfatti wrote art criticism. At 29, he was three years younger than Sarfatti, an ardent socialist from the provinces, a charismatic womanizer with a gift for holding his listeners in thrall with his talk. Sarfatti spotted a “glint of fanaticism” in his eyes and was immediately drawn to the power he projected.

  5. Z it’s been two day since the wife and I listened to this (Friday morning tradition now).

    From memory, you suggested that leftists use “facist” becuase of projection (not your exact words). No doubt some truth.

    It seems to me they use it for effect – it is meant to imply “Nazi” (what the average person pictures when they hear “facist” – quite of few people couldn’t tell you who Mussonlini even is). Why don’t they just say “Nazi?”

    For one it’s too easy to discredit since Nazism is a more specific thing in most people’s mind and there are visible (albeit LARPers) Nazis around for people to see (not in real life -on the web or CNN). Also they have to save a word for the REALLY bad people that might come along. They can’t save “devils” because they’re atheists.

    • The Left has a long list of words that mean “bad people” on the other side of the walls. Almost all of them are a form of projection. It’s is not a conscious thing with them. It’s just a natural result of their self-loathing. It is how you can torment them if you have one in your circle. Casually call something they like “fascist” and see what happens. The word fascist triggers a Pavlovian response, but it collides with the other Pavlovian to the thing they are suppose to like.

      One I discovered years ago is this one. debating a liberal acquaintance, I said he was trying to impose his morality on society. I thought he was going to have a stroke. This was a guy who liked to claim Evangelicals wanted to impose their morality on women. When the tables were turned, he went bonkers. I still laugh thinking about it.

      • Is why our Moms warned us about getting into discussions regarding religion, and Wokism is a religion, make no mistake about it.

      • Since its Valentine’s day, a little nostalgia. I could always tell when my Jewish liberal ex was feeling bigoted by his “You’re a racist.” RBF.

  6. ” Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Businesses initiative is providing up to $130 million to the endeavor, but the program aims especially to help minority-owned businesses in a region that has struggled to address deep poverty and racial economic disparities” (abc news)

    That’s how financial sector justified their action
    pirate claim that it’s for racial justice and we are the robin hood, of course, most of prey go to pirate
    and black mercenary and white liberal are wanted to join the piracy

    Next stop will be a new reparation program and surprise, Blackrock and Goldman Sach will lead the Sherwood Forest

  7. This anti-white phenomena is going to have a lot of unintended consequences, with the most significant one being the collapse of the federal government. Dems cannot even manage a city so how can they possibly manage a continental scale country?! They can’t. Their incompetence is the key to freeing the people of North America. There is going to be a tremendous amount of opportunity, rebuilding once they are out of the way.


    “The dissident is trying to get out of Plato’s cave.
    The rationalist is trying to furnish it. “

  9. The diversity grift is so successful, blacks are demanding the return to segregation. It’s causing a profound identity crisis in this community, and the greater the perception that they are disappearing in otherness, the louder and more irrational the screams. Instinctively, they know they are culturally being swallowed by the unknown, correctly perceiving their obsolescence.

  10. As Zman is prone to doing, he gives The Usual Suspects a pass on why the term “Fascist” is used today as an extreme pejorative. Of course, it’s the media that has laden a perfectly harmless form of government, in and of itself, with images of men cladded with small mustaches. And the (((media))) does this for all of the obvious reasons … but, to Zman, this fact remains so obscure that it hardly warrants any focus … a bit strange. Also, to take the Times article seriously is an example of something Zman talked about on previous podcasts … a syndrome where we don’t believe one thing that we read cuz its obviously false and then take for gospel the next article. The Times is just doing a CYA piece to cover the voter fraud illegalities … isn’t that obvious?

  11. The harder the left hits us with the diversity hammer, the stronger the tribal instincts are forged. Left wing cancel culture, meet right wing cancel culture.

    • I wish I would have been awake when Pierce was alive. Respect to you. His recordings are important.

  12. Snowplow Face: “This is also kind of weird. Back in the city, people don’t sweep other people’s walkways for nothing.”

    Ummm…fat, bad liar, yes they do. And back east if you’ve got a snowplow, it’s almost a given that you’re going to plow your neighbor’s driveway too. I like how she’s aware of how shitty and weird the article makes her sound. So she turns it around, i.e, “I’M not the weirdo here. Didn’t you know, (ladies), that a guy who plows your driveway is like, super creepy.”

  13. Two quick observations ;
    The reason Liberia doesn’t work the same as the United States, even though they have the same constitution us that it’s full of Liberians.


    The Dean Martin rendition that you played is my favorite. Thanks.

    • I get your point, but some folk outside this group and unknowledgeable in HBD science might not. The reason Liberia is Liberia is that it was populated by room temperature IQ Blacks, repatriated from post civil war US. In that matter, Liberia is little different from most other Sub-Saharan African non-functional Black States—except that their populations were “home grown”, rather than imported.

      • A relatively minor correction/clarification, although it has import. Liberia was formally established in 1847, hence the Capitol of “Monrovia.” The process started in 1820. Literally no one anticipated blacks would remain in the United States after emancipation. This included more intelligent and educated blacks.

        The import is that at the outbreak of the Civil War, the assumption was blacks would be returned if the Union won. It is highly likely Northerners would have opposed the war effort if they thought otherwise. It remains somewhat disputed that Mr. Lincoln had dropped repatriation as a goal after the North prevailed. The greatest import was that it showed no one at the time operated under the delusion Africans could live successfully in a Western country.

        My guess is today’s Leftists, like the Radical Republicans before them, see blacks as tools for vengeance rather than a net for society. The Radicals probably would have fully supported repatriation, too, if they had seen The Great Migration would flood the North with blacks. If Progressives thought blacks would take leadership away from them, you would start to hear race realism in that corner.

        • There was a big difference between anti-sllavery sentiment and abolitionism/racial equality ideology in the North before the Cvil War. Virtually no one believed a bi-racial society was possiblle, much less desirable.
          Grant tried to buy the Dominican Republic during his presidency specifically to be a US territory specifically for the freedmen to settle.

  14. “The partisan is the bane of the civilized society.” Some neighbors of ours placed a large banner on the front of their home counting the “covid” deaths. It went up in the spring and they meticulously updated it each day. They are both public school teachers and devout followers of the left. The sign was ridiculous, particularly over Christmas. People would drive through our town to see the Christmas lights/displays and many appeared to mock the death toll. The banner disappeared just days before the Biden insertion in January. They also happened to remove all of the “RESIST” bumper stickers from their vehicles.

    • Z’s narrative strikes me as muddled. First, he draws a distinction between the partisans and the good, nice neighbor people. But second, the good, nice neighbor people must shun the partisans. That sounds to me like we are partisans but on the other side, which I support. I don’t want our side to ever disregard the truth, like the partisans that we oppose, but we are still partisans. No quarter with our enemies.

  15. the woman in the snow plow story is very scary. What kind of people did pol pot get to murder 2 million innocents in Cambodia? people like her.

  16. “Guys, you’re being indignant. Don’t listen to what Mussolini had to say about Fascism. After all, Fascism can mean anything. Here, listen to this jew. He’s the world’s leading expert on Fascism.”

    Bravo, Zman, you’ve outdone yourself!

    • I’m starting to revile Z Man. Can you imagine the things he would be saying about Wignats if they were involved in the Capitol Riot?

  17. “The Revolution Was” (Garet Garrett on the New Deal). While the Alt Right was crooning and swooning over Evola, Heidegger, and other European weirdos, the Left stole Fascism out from under them. Frankfurt School “cultural Marxism” isn’t about drag queen story hour, it’s about attacking the middle class in the name of High Germanic Kultur (Adorno, Horkheimer, Marcuse). Stop dreaming of “how we’ll settle our scores with the Enlightenment when our fascist govt takes power” because theirs already has.

  18. I just completed a work-mandated diversity training struggle session. Creepy and orwellian. Wish i could link it for your edification. They pushing the proactive snitch culture hard. Short of a 1200 word essay, can’t really express how bad it was. I can clearly see where this is going, nowhere good. Oh they have started blocking bad think sites too. Got a bad warning that an essay by a soviet dissident i was going to read may violate university policy. WTF

    • This week I got an email from the HR person at a client. I was told that I would have to provide documentation that our company has a diversity training program or submit to one of their diversity training programs. I forwarded it to the CFO and told him that we don’t have one and will not be going to one.

      He asked if I would be willing to just like and say we had one. I said I would not. If it meant losing the business, then so be it. We’ll see what happens. My guess is they find a way to ignore this new policy. I work with one of their other vendors who has taken the same stance. Enough is enough.

      • Excellent. I’ve drawn a similar line in refusing to subscribe to a Woke cause my profession demands although it is cloaked as a suggestion. Everyone, to the extent they can, has to do this. At a point this shitshow will collapse

        • Or, you can charge double, or triple the price. Folks with Biden signs or BLM signs on their lawns get “special” pricing.

        • It brings up the question in my mind, what composes a bona fide sensitivity course? I bet I could develop a curriculum that would get 90% support from this group and 0% support from woke folk. I’m wondering what would happen if, indeed, you said “yes, we have such a course”. Would they ask for a syllabus, or what organization taught or developed it? Seems that’s where they’d have to go if they were serious about such matters.

      • Sadly Zman I think you will lose the business. And the other vendor also. The reason is that HR has the whip hand, and that is because the Biden Administration is rolling out all sorts of anti-White quotas and demands for diversity etc. to pay off their diversity allies who helped steal the election.

        Really, everyone must pay the black tax in ever higher amounts in every walk of life. There is no limit to the tax we all must pay.

  19. Yeah I saw that article in the LAT. And its how the Left, i.e. the post-Christian neo Calvinists work. They abuse those lower on the status position and suck up to those higher up. A good example is Joss Whedon, the creator of “Buffy the Vampire Slayer.” He’s in the news recently as one of his actresses, Charisma Carpenter, recounted her treatment when she got pregnant: harassed and fired. No one did anything and she carried a grudge for 20 years. Unloading on him in connection to the Ray Fisher thing (“Cyborg” in the Justice League movie) who complained Whedon was racist when Whedon was brought in at the last minute to finish and reshoot portions of the movie after Zack Snyder was semi-fired (Snyder’s daughter committed suicide 3/4 through filming but he was likely going to be fired anyway). Carpenter got on Twitter and recounted her treatment (which as nasty).
    Then former Buffy star Sarah Michelle Gellar tweeted her support and noted she no longer wants to be associated with Whedon and that he ran an abusive set. [Whedon treated her like crap calling her fat, mocking her etc.] THEN another actress (the one playing the other lesbian) added her 2 cents saying yes his sets were abusive and toxic, another actress chimed in, and the actress who played Buffy’s kid sister noted that Whedon was barred from being alone with her after an incident (at the time she was 15-17 years old). Then another actress on the set chimed in (she was a frequent guest star) noting the same thing.
    There was a game people played of “who slept the dude” (he looks like a human / potato hybrid) and who did not in terms of their treatment, featuring in subsequent projects, etc. Their characters were not made to look bad, but good, promoting their careers, etc. Whedon was outed by his wife in divorce proceedings for sleeping with many of his actresses — he was a male feminst.
    And for my mind on our side there are two very important takeaways from this:

    A. These guys act in awful ways, in the worst of human impulses, because their higher morality of politics as religion allows them essentially indulgences for treating the people around them like crap. See Martin Luther King who explicitly justified his abuse of women on the grounds he was crusading for civil rights.
    B. The victims nurse grudges for years because such behavior creates real harm.

    We probably won’t pick up most of the people from B. But even a few can be key. It would be most useful to look at the past victims of powerful men in the Wokeistocracy for potential recruits to our side of things. Revenge is a powerful motive.

    • Great comment and much to digest here. The guy you described remarkably well is a blend of sociopathology and religious zealotry. He lies and deceives for the greater good and because he is certain the ubdermenches never will fact check him in the way you did. These types are incredibly dangerous and now control all levers of life, usually in the capacity of foot soldiers. The rare semi-intelligent federal cops often are this type. This is a consistent aspect of totalitarian systems.

      While we plan for the future, in the short term watch people like him who are in your life, however tangentially. At best they are informants willing to lie to see you destroyed.

      The research you did shows the current limitations of the censorship regime and cancel culture. While it is improbable most would do as you did, there are many who will. How the State tries to thwart this is unknown but the ready availability of information is a threat to absolute control as the post-Guttenberg Church learned.

    • here’s the mchungus interpretation of all that: every one of those actresses are shitty people, and part of the ruling claque. so is wheddon of course, but he is doing god’s work by cornholing and abusing these skanky whoores. same as weinstein; hooray for harvey!

      • Yes and I caveated that, no actress is going to be very worthwhile to our thing. However, the head of KPMG just got canned. He was on a company wide Zoom call and he told junior staff to quit playing the victim card (direct quote) about working conditions in Covid-19 and questioned (gasp) unconscious bias being a factor in KPMG hiring and promotion.
        He was canned the next day.
        There is a man who is useful to us. He has skills and a huge network of contacts. He likely has nothing to lose.
        The corollary to the abuse of subordinates by the Wokeariti is the constant pressure to toss people overboard to appease the woke and move up in careers. The fired KMPG head was replaced by … two women. Both factors can produce useful converts. Such as the White male Democratic strategists who are now irrelevant due to cheating. What future do they have in their party? They could be important in our thing — as long as they are carefully vetted.

  20. About that heffer that complained about her neighbor plowing her driveway, can you imagine what it must be like to be that nice person that plowed her driveway and this is how she rewards them? I think about them a lot

  21. A glimpse inside the mind of a troubled Progressive

    On an investing website, I got in an acrimonious debate with someone. The topic broadly speaking, was electric cars and the power grid. He variously called me: stupid, behind the times, a bot, and using a fake acount. He left me with the impression that he was an immature, confrontational man with no knowledge of his field. For various reasons, I was interested enough to browse his message archive (thousands of messages). I quickly discover that he is, in fact, very well informed in the topics of discussion (EV, alternative energy, investing, etc.) By his writing, he is obviously an educated man. He claims to be an engineer and nothing technical he discusses would contradict that. But here we get to the conflicting part:

    He clearly holds extreme political views. There’s nothing wrong with that; we do the same here. But he makes accusations against the other side that are at best hyperbole, at worst outright lies. For example, Trump’s and Republicans failure to stringently lock down during the pandemic are premeditated murder. The rioting of last year was entirely caused by the Republicans. There are other claims, but that one’s sufficient.

    Perhaps holding such views in politics and social issues could be excused, but what can’t be are some of his engineering slips. For example, he claims that vehicle charge points cost only $50 to $200 each. I did a quick google and the actual cost would be roughly $600 to $6000 each, depending on model. I haven’t checked, but you’d probably be lucky to buy a normal wall outlet for $50, much less pay an electrician to install it. Well, maybe accounting or project management aren’t his thing. Still, being off by a factor of ten or more is a pretty big screw-up for an engineer.

    While most of his technical comments sound reasonable, occasionally there’s a glaring exception. For example, he claims that battery weight makes no difference makes no difference on level terrain, but only on upgrades. Now, I’ve only had high school physics, but friction is always present. A heavy vehicle requires proportionally more power to keep in motion than a light one. Again, perhaps this can be forgiven, since yes, relative to climbing a grade, to maintain a level velocity requires almost no power. But not zero. But I cite this as shading the truth, and perhaps less pardonable because it is a technical argument, no subjectivity at all. Rolling resistance is a real feature of the mechanical world, predictable by equations, and it raises my eyebrows when an engineer, by inference, claims it doesn’t exist.

    Finally my point. Here is a textbook stereotypical Progressive. He ticks all the boxes. He even lives near San Francisco. Outside his area of competence, his world views are often clearly irrational. He’ll make claims that are demonstrably, or likely, untrue. Finally, his debate style is more like a grade school bully. I was by far not the only recipient of being called stupid, behind the times, a bot, a fake account, and many other colorful terms. His worldview on all matters is correct and not to be questioned. Dogmatic. Again, he clearly has authority and objectivity in some discussions, but it’s disquieting that such an intelligent man works in a critical field. We can only wonder how many more there are like him.

    I’ve probably been “muted” by him by now, but I did compliment him on his clear knowledge of technical topics, and admitted that I’d been wrong on a few points, and I’ve learnt a couple things that are relevant to the field.

    • Leftists are notorious liars and status seekers. The times when he was untruthful likely relate to some point he was attempting to score. Studies have shown leftists to be more manipulative, deceitful, and Machevellian. My feeling on the subject is that leftistism is an evolved social strategy akin to psychopathy; being bad is beneficial if it also gets you more children, and both strategies lead to more offspring than being a normie truth teller. Remember, humans have evolved to do things that benefit them — lying to an enemy is just one of them. Being honest is sometimes a bad thing if it decreases your social standing. Ultimately, this is why the right lost America: they fought with one hand tied behind their backs because “principles” while facing an enemy with no such restraint — willing to do anything, including lying, to win.

    • that person is mentally ill. there are a lot of those types here in cali. they are so prevalent now, it is eerie and spooky; but in a real life way, so it’s not fun like in a movie. had to drop a friend from HS recently because he had reached terminal irrationality. felt bad about losing a friend, but it’s all down to his behavior.

    • I’m a retired engineer and sadly I can report that many of the recent STEM graduates are not only mind-damaged by woke indoctrination, but also lack common sense (which is actually quite dangerous in my profession). As an example, my nephew (mech. eng.) took an extracurricular class in solar energy application and came to me extolling the virtues of this technology for mainstream electricity generation. After listening to about a half-hour of detail on how it would work, I simply asked him what he planned to do at night. He then got a serious look on his face and said . . . “Oh, I hadn’t thought of that.”

  22. The segment on Jennifer Heffernan… this is exactly what I’ve been saying in regards to community building. Or at least the converse.
    As you reach out to your neighbors and build alliances you must also extend the unwelcome mat to these types. Her driveway should remain uncleared. When the tree falls across her powerline, she deals with it alone. If you own a business in town you don’t serve her. Politeness or common courtesies don’t fall upon her. Treat her as a witch among you, for that is what she is.
    At first she’ll wear your scorn like a badge of pride, upping her odious behavior. Eventually though, as life becomes more difficult and her reality more untenable, she’ll leave in a huff. A huff, but gone nevertheless.
    Match your scorn for these types in equal measure to your love and neighborliness to your people in your community. It will sweeten the burden of having to be ugly toward the Heffernans you must drive out. But do not suffer a witch to live among you.

    • I’ve become convinced that this is one of the chief rotting roots of our democracy: white people’s inability to be impolite to those who want them dead. Voting for X won’t mean much if we continue to politely tolerate Y. For example, voting for a new slate of school board members won’t mean much so long as people tolerate those on a school board that mandate the reading of “Heather Has Two Mommies”. OTOH, there would be no need to run up the black voting flag in order to combat such idiocy if the school board members knew that they were just making an ocean of mortal enemies from their neighbors.

      • Well, most white Americans have grown up in the Christian tradition. One of the tenets is loving your enemy, which is where that attitude comes from.

    • I’ve been saying this for at least a year now! You can’t actively refuse to serve a Leftist due to their political beliefs, since they can and will sic the State on you — bake the cake, bigot! But you CAN find all kinds of interesting, creative ways to make their lives miserable. Let’s say you’re a mechanic, and Karen brings her car in for an oil change. “Gosh, I’d love to help you, but as you know, our wonderful new Biden administration — peace be upon them — has mandated that all new bottles of motor oil sold have not more than 30 parts per million of unicorn piss. And wouldn’t you know, I just sold the last old bottle. I’ll probably have some new come in, oh, sometime around July. Maybe September. Want me to pencil you in?” Take every single opportunity to fuck with them, but do it Mafia style — they know, but they don’t know, that you’re doing it because of their politics.

      • Political persuasion is not a protected class. But you are correct, there isn’t any need to give them the “why” of their shunning. Simply shun them. Let them return to their own with horror stories of the hideous rubes that ran them out on a rail. Let them be a warning to others that would come and poison what you are trying to build.

      • or, you can change her oil and put a few iron shaving in too. loosen things a little. if you are a baker, well then you can make your displeasure very personal (think Brad Pitt in Fight Club). in for penny, in for a pound.

  23. Zman, off topic but I remember you did a show last year about propertarianism. I searched the site but nothing comes up.

    I wasn’t familiar with the term. Dutton interviewed Doolittle recently. Dutton really had him on the ropes the first half then he let up and it was a good discussion.

    When Doolittle resorts to “that answer would take to much time” and “you wouldn’t understand”…I was not impressed with propertarianism.

    A mile wide and a inch deep.

    Which show or blog post should I look for on this site? Thanks,

  24. “The trouble is the partisan interprets self-interest to mean their cause. Everything they are is defined by their membership in the cause. It transcends everything, even their life.”

    Hence the New Left apothegm that “the personal is political.” And when the New Left has total control of society, they put this assertion into action with the result that college and professional athletes become Leftist billboards and reading can prevent you from getting a home loan. Welcome to Utopia.

    • From JL Talmon’s 1952 “The Origins of Totalitarian Democracy”

      “The totalitarian democratic school, on the other hand, is based upon the assumption of a sole and exclusive truth in politics. It may be called political Messianism in the sense that it postulates a preordained, harmonious and perfect scheme of things, to which men are irresistibly driven, and at which they are bound to arrive. It recognizes ultimately only one plane of existence, the political. It widens the scope of politics to embrace the whole of human existence. It treats all human thought and action as having social significance, and therefore as falling within the orbit of political action. Its political ideas are not a set of pragmatic precepts or a body of devices applicable to a special branch of human endeavour. They are an integral part of an all-embracing and coherent philosophy. Politics is defined as the art of applying this philosophy to the organization of society, and the final purpose of politics is only achieved when this philosophy reigns supreme over all fields of life.”

  25. Thanks for the mention of Gottfried’s book. Took the opportunity to download the Kindle version. A way to ease into the long weekend. Stay warm there in Lagos.

  26. Re: Fascism

    By pure coincidence I listened to your podcast and later on the way to work caught Glenn Beck. He had on Bill O’Reilly as a guest. As an aside, I recently have listened to more conservative talk radio just to hear the Civ Nat hosts struggle with the realities you laid out and simultaneously try to deny was is obviously underway in the United States. I don’t put these morons in the same camp as the phonies at National Review, to cite an old example, because the former at least believed some of the nonsense they spouted.

    Anyhow, O’Reilly offered that he was glad the Proud Boys were being unpersoned but wished the same would happen to Antifa. Beck is an absolute lunatic and dry drunk but it was obvious he (a) caught the contradiction and (b) was too cowardly to push back fully. Beck only countered that he and his guest also had been accused of incitement to violence. O’Reilly snapped back that was not true because he had never incited violence so, therefore, he had not been accused of it. This was said without irony. Beck ducked the obvious and then pointed out the Gina Carafano situation, in which she had been fired and banned for pointing out dehumanization always is a precursor to genocide and something comparable is underway in the United States. O’Reilly called Carafano’s observation “stupid” but offered she should only have been unpersoned a week or two.

    I cannot think of a better distillation of Cuckservatism’s response to the descent of the United States into pure, unadulterated fascism. O’Reilly always has tended to be fascist-lite, so he just thinks things have gotten a little out of hand. My take was Beck knows what is taking place and is, per usual, too big of a pussy and wimp to acknowledge it or push back against its enablers.

    So there in a nutshell are the two wings of contemporary Civic Nationalism: some acceptance of fascism but a bit of concern it has gone too far, and pure cowardice in the face of it. I don’t know which of the two are more dangerous.

    We eventually will have to accept the remnant Civil Nationalists into our camp as events will force many of them to convert, but just like reformed leftists they never can be fully trusted. You are correct that most people on this site were at some point civic nationalists, but anyone who continues at this point to drink that Kool-Aid, however more slowly they gulp, is either unreliable or a potential traitor if the heat gets turned up, which it most assuredly will.

    • O’Reilly, Beck, Hannity, and a few others have always thought of themselves as cutting edge, when in fact they have always been years behind.

    • O’Reilly is a bully at heart and he assumes that his arrogant scowl will fend off the Antifa mob if they ever show up at his doorstep. Methinks he’s in for a rude awakening someday. And Beck is convinced that he is the next Messiah and is perpetually offended that others have not yet recognized his divinity. I occasionally listen to Bongino podcasts as my barometer of Conservative Inc. My favorite example of their brand of crazy is that Bongino will come to your house and beat you up if you don’t join with him in rejecting “political violence.”

    • On the other hand, it’s been very interesting to see the steady creep toward the dissident right by AoSHQ. Yes, they’ll always be soft on the JQ, but there’s been a lot of talk about “anti-white” this or that. And just in the past 24 hours they’ve advocated pirating of intellectual property because it hurts our enemies, and the continued printing of money so long as it hastens the inevitable collapse. The days of “we’re better than that” are well and truly dead over there.

      Similarly, today I watched a video of Enoch Powell being interviewed by Dick Cavett, one that was posted just a month ago, and the replies — several thousand already — are overwhelmingly in praise of Powell’s prescience. If we really only need about 20% of our people to band together and rise up, we may already be very close to that number. It’s going to come down to having the right man/men at the helm.

    • The obnoxious blowhard was unleashed because Gina Carano had the outright audacity to compare the unwoke to the Most Sacred, Most Holy Victims. How dare she. Sacrilege!

  27. Interesting to see yet another comparison between MAGAs and radical islamic groups. I suspect that normal white men, and Evangelical Christians are going to be the new Taliban in the Harris/Biden administration.

    Still have no idea what their plan is. It’s like they’re trying to force white men to become violent so they can kill us all. Probably the same feeling Afghan villagers get when a drone suddenly bombs their village to shit and they have no idea why.

    • Anything implicitly white is now the enemy. If whites don’t commit a terrorist act they’ll just manufacture one. We don’t have near the infrastructure or will to fight it yet. The next couple of decades is going to be bunker down and build.

    • “Still have no idea what their plan is.”

      Their plan is religion. The atheists hate all religions because they are competitors to “the State is your new god” and they have a special hatred of the Christian West because we won the Cold War.

      Not that we actually won the Cold War, but Christian America built the workers’ paradise that Communism always promised. Therefore, we must be deleted from history.

      • Gunner Q, that is top notch. Our nation of heretics delivered on the false religious campaign promises made by others. That is unforgivable. “We stole it.”

  28. The driveway lady was a real kick in the gut.

    Generosity and helpfulness is very effective with getting apolitical people and even mildly left-of-center people on your side, especially if you can drop some subtle messages while helping them. The ideologue needs to be treaded the same way as known Stasi informants are.

    • Assuming the good neighbor is aware of the reaction of the sociopath next door whom he helped, I wonder how she’d react if he would (assuming he could) undo all the work he did in clearing the driveway.

      • Her complaint is that they’re “Blue Lives Matter.”

        Well, the guy’s wife is a cop.

        I can absolutely guarantee the cop wife is thinner, hotter, and prettier.

  29. Are you still going to AFPAC this year? I guess a real can of worms was unleashed last night between Patrick Casey and Nick Fuentes.

    I’m growing more and more convinced that we do have to be local only, underground and no internet when we want to do dissident politics IRL.

    • I’ll probably be there. I’m playing it by ear, as there is a 50-50 chance it gets cancelled. I have other reasons to be in the area, so I can wait and see. As far as Nick and Patrick, these things happen when someone gets very famous, very fast. I’m surprised there has not been more of this, but it was inevitable. I know both, so I’m not taking a side or even thinking about it. It is none of my business.

      • Thank you for the reply, appreciate it.

        It’s hard to know all the sides of everything and what to believe. You’re right in that its none of your business, my business, or anyone else’s. With any movement, there is going to be some amount of palace intrigue.

        I feel personally bad asking about it now because I try to be more about ideas than events and people, like the one article by Greg Johnson on CC.

  30. As we transition from a foul year to one even worse I find myself in a state of funk. My confidence is all gone and replaced with fear and, I’m ashamed to admit it, a bit of despair.

    They say the night is darkest just before dawn but I have to wonder: are we approaching dawn of sorts or eternal night of horror and nightmares?

    With magic fleeting and so much hope revealed as a mirage, I dig in and hold on by my bare hands. Desperately, I try to claw my life right out of the maelstrom that is our era.

    We are cursed for being intelligent, tortured by knowledge, betrayed by our eloquence, possibly doomed, and slated for extinction.

    Grimly then…we carry on.

    • You have a weirdly cheery avatar for that comment.

      This is when faith comes in handy. Q’s plan failed but God still has one. And I know, if you’re not a believer that just sounds stupid. I was raised as an atheist and it was a long time before I shed it. And it almost seems false when you’re in despair to turn to God. It’s like you’re giving up your intellect but really that is the time to turn to God. He is real, the promises are real, and you will find him if you seek him

      • God isn’t the answer. Indeed, man’s belief in God led to enlightenment ideals that became slow growing tumors in our government. “All men are created equal.” A fine and noble thought from people that believed in creationism. Science has shown this not to be the case. There are people that are smarter, stronger, etc. Yet both today’s American leftists, traditional communists, and even civnats chase this declaration hopelessly (rather ironic for the first two considering their strong inherent atheist tendencies). A dissident right that rises needs to declare “all men are to be treated equal under the law.” It’s a small but important distinction.

          • “All equal” is another one of those profound, deceptively simple philosophies.

            It is an answer to the Divine Rights of kings and aristocrats, a check on the narcissism of the upper branches.

            It is a rod that humbles and tempers the sociable, and a rod of abuse and bias when swung by the pathological narcissist.

            All equal before the law, a lawyer’s exploit- or before the Law, the ultimate judge?

    • Yes, I feel your anxiety. I’ve likened it to a man receiving a terminal cancer diagnosis or a man on death row. What to do with the time left? How will it end? Will suffering increase, decrease?

      All sorts of horrible thoughts can and will creep in. I guess it depends on your personality. I try to compartmentalize and keep busy. Find an activity, lose yourself in it. As TomA continues to remind us, if your activity improves your mind, body, or economic outlook, you are working for the “cause”. Try to remember—your suffering is part of their plan to break you, demoralize you, weaken you—to make you ineffectual. Don’t let the bustards have the satisfaction.

    • The Deep State is first trying to pick the low hanging fruit by sowing despair among the sane, and using MSM to accomplish this goal. Kill your TV now. Secondarily, they are using the power of the Federal Government to enact insane policies & proscriptions in an overt attempt to instigate a civil war. This would be their green light to go full totalitarian tyranny. Third, if they can’t instigate civil war, they will manufacture a foreign war. Don’t play their game. It is quite normal to be enraged by this evil, but your duty is to convert that rage into an intelligent & winning response. There is a tutorial running here. Use it.

    • Don’t despair for any length of time, Brother. Sure, a little for things that are lost, but then move on. Focus on what you can influence in your life and leave the rest as noise unworthy of your consideration. Mrs. Whitney is right, open your heart to God for solace and lean on His strength (it is boundless) for the hard work that will need doing ahead of us.

      You are blessed to live in times of trial and Our cause is just. What more can a man ask for?

    • Fuck your mind. Move, put 1 foot in front of the other. Look around, what needs doin, what needs fixin, what needs cleanin. Fuck the world, create your own and make it Right.

    • well, has anything bad actually happened to you? where i live there is a constant and real threat of fire. houses a mile and a half away were evacutated. but. my house didn’t burn down, so i don’t fret over the threat of fire every second of the day.

  31. I was standing outside a sandwich joint in SoCal yesterday waiting for my lunch when a white guy about my age ( late 50’s) dressed in identical dickies work clothes, his blue mine gray came walking up. It was like seeing a ghost in a mirror. We both smiled and acknowledged the absurdity of how this chance meeting was now so rare for many reasons, we both had a company issued American flag on our shirts. And we were white guys fixing things in California. We are mechanics , not technicians. We both loved what we do, and we are on the endangered list for reasons Z is so good at identifying.I’m on my own now. Union or not. The few white guys left in my trade are desperate I’m sorry to say. And wouldn’t hesitate to whip out dumb phone a snap a pic of something the could send to the boss to get ahead even at the expense of another white over 30 year union member. I started noticing this kind of stuff when the Harley Davidson decals started showing up on the bumpers of Japanese trucks..

    • Interesting take on Fascism vs communism (he calls it the Russian heresy) by a priest in the 30s. I am so disillusioned by my education, that I’m not willing to throw fascism out as pure evil, which I think communism easily could:

      “Fascism is the arch enemy for the protagonists of the Russian heresy. Fascism is a word that should stand for a political philosophy which is practically applied only to the Italian state. The word should signify this and this alone. By the Communists and their sympathizers the word is completely wrested from its proper sense and is made to stand for anything they object to. It is in their diatribes a term of abuse levelled against all “those who stand for any one of the giant traditions of Christendom.””

      • “applied only to the Italian state.”

        Rome resurgent. No wonder the Communists went completely batsh*t insane, they were hearing the hoofbeats of 70 AD.

        (PS- Stalin’s mother, 2 wives, and mistress were J**ish.)

  32. The Waffen-SS Handschar which was formed by the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem, tied to the Muslim Brotherhood, and operated in the Balkans. The Caucasian-Mohammedan Legion were Muslims from Soviet territories like Chechnya.

      • “The beginning of the end for the waffen ss”

        That’s true, they were an all-volunteer force, the Knights of Europe. 1/3 were not German, the continent’s first European Army.

  33. The Road Back (cont)

    No one person can fix the world, but everyone can maximize what God gave them. Start with an honest self-assessment, both mental & physical. Focus on just a few pros & cons, and commit to making small incremental improvements as best you’re able. Don’t be deterred by setbacks; persistence will prevail. Your goals should be to get wiser and stronger, and age is truly irrelevant. There is a role for everyone in the coming battles, and nothing correlates with success more than a hard body & sound mind. You still control yourself. Win this battle first.

  34. I think we are all on the same page regarding minority ethnic rule. All these beat downs and proscriptions may be enforced by many of them but they are just little orcs being used by other whites. Well some kind of white group anyways.

    • Yes, this has always been a white on white fight, now using various proxy groups. Somewhere, up in the lofty reaches, the very real haters are driving this inexorably forward pulled by the real and concocted groups’ engines of older hatreds and craziness.

      I think back to where in our culture this must have started: Competitive cliques amongst the revolutionary cadres who hated the ones getting notoriety or ruining their business arrangements, and so were dead set against the independence project? Insufferable self absorption and malice towards the unwashed, lesser folk who populated the small business and working classes they saw as beneath them? Rejection of an aristocracy and monarchy that denied them those avenues for recognition and “something to do”.

      My recall of American history is getting a little rusty, but I recollect it was New England blue bloods who opposed the fighting against Britain during the war of 1812. And, likely, it was only the moral cover provided by slavery (along with a drive not to let the dirty commoners escape their control) that made them stir from their salons to raise regiments for the “War of the Rebellion”.

      But it seems to me it’s always been a certain element of the white folks who are driven to this. And I don’t think it began with Jewish folk …. I think it’s more of a class awareness — a simmering revulsion, hatred and rejection so deep we’re getting hit with it now.

      • Teddy Roosevelt was an outlier — his obsession with the manly life and the worthiness and virtue of the common working man must have driven his native class crazy, as evidenced by the non-stop propaganda war against him. Most of the rest of them did not and would not be budged from their urban haunts and social connections.

      • I’ll throw my theological opinion in the ring. Its common among trad. Catholics, to view the Renaissance as the beginning of the pulling away from a society infused with and informed by Christianity.

        The world was, for a thousand years, a Catholic world from top to bottom. Most aspects of life were informed by the Faith. Heck, I just read that the world “carnival” is from the day before a fasting/abstinence day!

        So, as society gets further and further away from its ideal, the dark and Middle Ages, it almost is like the Hegelian dialectic, except it only goes further away from a society informed by the Church.

        So theres a norm, that has held onto some aspects of a Christian society, like say contraceptive devices and abortion are illlegal. Thats rebelled agains, and then you get a new norm, that keeps some traditions. Like, only men and women can get married, then that norm is rebelled agains.

        Thats what it seems to me is happening.

      • I agree it started with us. Without the outrageously abysmal working conditions imposed by men who flaunted palatial greed, the anarchist newcomers who started organizing in the 1880s wouldn’t have had such a wedge.

        • Example: Leon Czolgosz (“Shol-gosh”), the man who shot McKinley and had a thing for Emma Goldman.

          At ten years old, his job was carrying red hot bottles on a smoking wooden stick, fresh from the glassblowers, to the annealing oven. He worked 72 hours a week.

  35. Regarding the traditional ways of white or western forms of government this quote from Burnham’s Suicide of the West :
    When I am the weaker I ask you for my freedom because that is your principle but when I am the stronger I take away your freedom because that is my principle.
    Louis Veuillot
    ( I couldn’t find anything of note in Jonah Goldberg’s book of the same title 🙂

      • Paul turned me on to a book I’m in the middle of reading right now. Mussolini a new life by Nicholas Farrell. It’s over 500 pages, it’s very readable for a politically unsophisticated dirt person like me who enjoys history. I’m looking forward to reading his when I’m done with this one.

      • Pat Buchanan went full CivNat in his latest article. It could have been written by any NRO hack. The horizon grows ever darker.

        • Pat is eighty years old and for the last few years he is not much of use to the cause, pretty hard to care to bother with his output anymore. It happens but it doesn’t take away from all his contributions.

          • Paul Craig Roberts has hit his sell by date too.
            In a review of Global Research (a favorite lefty site) he says
            ” The website’s assessment of President Trump has not been very accurate as Global Research tends to regard successive US presidents as tools of the military/security complex, Israel, and other powerful interest groups that punish the rest of the world for the benefit of Washington and Israel.”

            It really is hard not to laugh.

        • Pat Buchanan isn’t intentionally CivNat, its just when you are of a certain age, you become fixed in a frame of thinking.

          He knows the truth about the world (if he didn’t, he wouldn’t have been Sam Francis’s good friend and gave the eulogy at his funeral).

          The guy served in administrations of three presidents. He lives in Arlington VA. He’s worked on CNN and MSNBC. He primaried against HW Bush and Bob Dole.

          When you’re that deep in that world for so long, you have a certain predisposition in your heart to feel the way you do about things (which includes the CivNat idea of America). The fact that he still has his foot dipped in dissident ideas (just a little) and isn’t a total swamp creature is remarkable and a testament to his character.

      • Good review in its accuracy. You were wise to skim.

        LIBERAL FASCISM also was godawful, but it at least did cause a few cucks to re-evaluate their political history. The richest irony is Goldberg plagiarized the dreck from the Claremont Institute, it was revealed many years later.

        • Liberal Fascism was mincing, featherweight piece of fluff. Goldberg spent more time apologizing for saying mean things about liberal fascists than he did actually saying mean things about liberal fascists.

      • Well, I just re-read it.You should do more than just like your review, you should be proud of it.
        You gave me, in fine prose and some lovely vicious digs
        “Newly discovered book of the Torah” everything I need to know about the book and all the reasons why not to read it.

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  37. Watching our overlords forces me to confront the question: “What would they be doing differently, if they were actively trying to provoke an insurrection (a real one)?” I don’t think they are (though I do think they’re dumb enough to believe it would be a good thing for them if it happened). Rather, I get the sense that they know they’ve got the wolf by the ears… and their grip is slipping. Nothing they do are acts of strong, confident powers who intend to rule over a stable system. Everything they do looks like the panic fire of guys who see their position collapsing and about to be overrun. The question is, will they succeed in (unconsciously) provoking armed resistance, or will they turn on themselves first? What a fascinatingly stupid time to be alive. Feels like 1934 must’ve.

    • I hope that it will be the infighting that does for them. But it’s a close call. Although, it is obvious to me – from personal experience, as well as study – that diversity is not really a strength. Not when you hope to have a stable polity at least, I mean, look at all the freakish views and beliefs that one can encounter these days, and that are vaunted by the MSM: veganism, anti-racism, climate change alarmism, being a furry, wanting to bugger mountain goats, believing in 782 genders, accepting that Gorilla Glue can be used on your barnet… crazy stuff. And whilst it is true that there has always been some measure of diversity of thought, how can it be held together with so many crazy peoples? Yes, it is close, by I reckon the infighting gets too much.

      • I’d say the only thing some diversity is good for is restaurants – and that isn’t clear cut either.

        • It’s called a cookbook. No need to give away your entire country for that.

          I got tired of ethnic slop anyways. I’ve come to enjoy my meat & potatoes.

      • Diversity–within a single political umbrella–is the devil. It is the source of virtually all strife and conflict. How could it not be? People do not fight because they are alike and agree with one another. Now, as you say, a certain amount of diversity is inevitable. Hell, inasmuch as no two people are exactly alike, diversity is inherent in individuality. But, with that understood, any sensible society will mitigate diversity to the best of its ability. AINO has done just the opposite and in the process destroyed itself.

      • That’s why I think they’re (subconsciously) trying to provoke an actual armed rebellion. Without “hate Whitey,” the Coalition of the Fringes has nothing to keep them from falling on each other. They all hate each other almost as much as they hate us, which is almost as much as they hate themselves.

    • Rather, I get the sense that they know they’ve got the wolf by the ears

      Delusional coping

      The modern right are the most disgusting cowards in human history. The right has spent the past few decades vigorously denouncing violence in all forms.

      In doing so, you have advertised to your enemies that they can do anything they want to you. They can abuse you in any way with the full knowledge that any on the right who attempt to push back will be stabbed in the back by the self righteousness pacifists on the right.

      Today’s degraded state is the direct consequence of your disgusting behavior. You had better get comfortable with your chains.

      • The Left having the wolf by the ears has nothing to do with the “Right.” As I said, they’re probably dumb enough to think that provoking “the Right” into an armed response would work out well for them, but they’ve got the wolf by the ears no matter what the “Right” does or doesn’t do. They’re flailing around in panic despite controlling every single institution. Despite getting away with the most brazen political crime in American history (which they’ve admitted to). They’re a coalition of groups who hate each other; they’ve got an acute-onset case of what the Japanese called “victory disease” back in WW2.

    • I too question what is the grand plan behind all the random actions. Maybe they never expected to win, and so never made plans on how to govern. Might also just be one faction sabotaging another, repeated cross the country. They can do what they want, so why do these things?

      I notice how cuomo is now being savaged, same with newsom; they are being removed from contention, early. it’s going to be fun watching the internecine fighting.

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