Social War In The Synopticon

Note: The regular Monday post Taki post is up. This week is a look at the vulgar circus we call Washington and the carny trash running it. There’s also some new content up behind the green door. This week I review the 1951 classic, A Place In The Sun.

When one takes a look at what is happening in the West, particularly the English speaking nations, the first thing to notice is the lack of vocabulary. Is this a civil war we are seeing or is it just cultural unrest? How should the sides be labeled? The people in charge of the institutions call themselves the resistance and their declared enemies are people devoid of any power, beyond numbers. Those people call themselves the silent majority, despite not being silent or a majority.

Just as the labels make little sense, the comparisons to fictional and historical examples do not hold up either. Is what we are experiencing like Orwell’s 1984? Not in any meaningful way. It may be closer to Huxley’s Brave New World, but our managerial class is nothing like the World State, in terms of intelligence and purpose. There is no Mustafa Mond in our ruling class. Similarly, the comparisons to authoritarian states of the past are nothing more than superficial.

While there is nothing new in this age with regards to the human condition and human relations, we live in a new age. Technological progress brought about by the microprocessor is changing the nature of human society. While Orwell could imagine a world where everyone is watched by the state, he could not imagine a world where everyone is watched by everyone. Huxley could imagine a highly ordered society controlled by a few; he could not imagine artificial intelligence.

That is the first bit of language that needs defining. The panopticon is a concept most know, as it is a trope in many movies. This is the world where a few watches the many, like in a prison. The guards use cameras, search lights and electronic detection devices to monitor the prisoners. The idea behind it is that the prisoners never really know if they are being watched at any moment, but they know that they could be watched at any moment, no matter where they are in the system.

America is now a synopticon. This is a term coined by Norwegian sociologist Thomas Mathiesen to describe a society in which the few are watched by many. While the panopticon is a one-to-many relationship, with the one being the controlling authority, the synopticon is a many-to-many relationship. Any one person can be watched by many, but also part of the many watching another. It is a world where everyone is an input devise, feeding what they hear and see into the system.

This is an important concept. It is a system. The people holding up their mobile phones and posting the results to their social media page are not operating as conscious agents of the state or any particular interest. They are just nodes on the system. The same is true of the various devices deployed to monitor behavior. The people installing them may have a reason, but that reason exists within the system itself. That surveillance video posted to the cloud is consumed by the synopticon as data.

Take a second to consider how many eyes are on you at any moment. If you own a modern automobile, it is tracking and reporting your driving habits. Your phone, of course, is tracking your whereabouts and the people you meet. CCTV cameras silently record your activity. Your web browser tracks your reading habits. The smart TV monitors your viewing habits. If you have one of the security devices or a smart home device, it is keeping tabs on you inside your home.

If you wanted to get a visual image of what your life is like in the synopticon, imagine a world where everyone is naked, lives in glass houses and can see that everyone is looking at everyone else. Now, imagine yourself observing that world and noticing that everyone is sure they are not, in fact, naked, living in a glass house and being watched all the time. In the panopticon, everyone knows they are being watched and by whom, but in the synopticon, people sense it, but do not see it.

Unlike the panopticon, where humans are looking for unacceptable behavior, in the synopticon the system does this on its own. For example, the system can examine the data coming in to model communities within society. Community detection algorithms can discover relationships within the complex nature of human societies. Further, it can begin to model those communities and predict behavior of the community, as well as the members of that community, from the data stream.

If you are at the top of the synopticon, this is useful technology as it allows you to reverse engineer social behavior that you wish to suppress. The vast database of human activity that is the synopticon can be used to analyze and understand the attachment members of a subculture have to one another. What commitment level exists among and between members. The value system that holds the group together and how it shapes their activity. This is called Social Bond Theory.

Another key concept to this new world is the social war. In agrarian and industrial societies, civil unrest leads to civil war or possibly revolution. A civil war is when factions within the elite draft the population into their dispute. A revolution is when a new elite rises up outside the old elite and attempts to overthrow them. A social war is one in which all participant groups can be at war with one another, but also in league with one another, for reasons they do not necessarily understand.

An example of this in the modern age is the Antifa phenomenon. They claim to be the heirs of Marxist anti-fascists, but they are not Marxists. They have no coherent ideology, beyond a juvenile form of anarchism. Their opposition is equally ephemeral, as there are no actual fascists in this age. Similarly, their sponsors are in a constant state of agitation, despite control of the institutions. The more they seem to control, the less control they feel they have and the greater their agitation.

What we are experiencing is a social war. Everyone in the system sense they are losing control of the social code that shapes behavior. They seek to regain control of that social code through the conventional means, but winning and losing those fights has no impact on their control of the culture. The imposition of bizarre new moral codes by the elite, for example, are a reaction to their sense of powerlessness. The growing bourgeois radicalism is also a reaction to the perceived loss of control.

That is the key here. A civil war is about control of the state. A revolution is about the same thing, with the added aspect of ideological conflict. A social war is about control of the social code, the invisible set of rules that govern human behavior. As the synopticon takes greater control of that code, the people inside find themselves at war with an invisible enemy, the system itself. This manifests as something like prison gang fights, where frustrations are directed at the visible, rather than the system.

The evolution of the synopticon appears to be a process, perhaps a runaway process, that has escaped the control of the creator. As the friction within society increases, as people are increasingly constrained by the social control systems, the synopticon evolves greater control. Modern society is looking like a boiling pot. The more it boils, the tighter the lid is drawn down. Inside, the increasingly aggressive and antagonistic conflict is causing the pot to boil more violently.

This is where we are now. It is not a Hobbesian war of all against all, but rather an increasing friction between members of society. This friction arises from their increasingly confined social space. It turns out that the old axiom about familiarity breeding contempt is true. Instead of a society becoming more cooperative as it becomes more integrated, it is becoming increasingly hostile. Meanwhile, the synopticon jams us all closer together, in all our hostile ugliness.

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207 thoughts on “Social War In The Synopticon

  1. Death to Amerikkka!
    Death to Amerikkka!

    Long Live AMERICA!

    This is a civil war. Perhaps even a new type of civil war; perhaps it’s a social war.
    The question is, are we on the cusp of becoming 1984, or Brave New World? Will our new techno masters enslave and genocide us?
    Or, are we on the cusp of something grand, a reinvigoration of the ideals of America… Freedom, Privacy, self-actualization, Wealth, Happiness and Safety.
    We can WILL that new/old paradigm into existence. I’m not in despair of the end of Western Civilization, not the corrupted version we have been under for seventy-five years. Like a phoenix, real Western Civilization will arise from the ashes of itself.

  2. Most of us know what it looks like when an animal goes feral. But has anyone ever seen a human go feral and live to tell it? This is the direction we seem to be moving in.

    • Sjh, it means on the Subscribestar sight for paying customers. Usually movie reviews.

      “Behind the Green Door” is also a sly reference to the movie that broke open the porn barrier, starring a girl made famous in wholesome “Ivory Snow” soap commercials. I believe that was the case heard by the Supreme Court, wherein one judge quipped, “I know it when I see it,” the First Amendment difference between art and porn.

      Such movies, then, were only available at so-named “Fine Arts” theatres, much like a stripper bar is called a “gentleman’s club.” As if.

  3. Does anyone find the whole COVID thing to be suspicious. I mean it happened almost right after Trump got acquitted the first time and when it seemed like Bernie might win. Otoh, because it’s affected the entire globe – I have a hard time thinking the Americans invented it.

    • It is a global hoax, a “crisis” excuse to grab power. And SO many people fear death, and cannot comprehend that they won’t live forever, are buying it hook, line, and sinker. Of course, the propaganda and forced “buy-in” is relentless.

  4. Possibly your most important essay yet.

    Any war does for me, this is intolerable. Also were ruled by weak psychopaths. The worst option.

  5. Z’s thing is a good description of the forces at play.
    It’s hard to figure out what to call this mess: the one goal that’s discernible is the destruction of White civilization.

  6. Hard times make Strong Men
    Strong Men make Weak Men (you are here)
    Weak Men make Hard Times

    See Byzantine Empire

  7. ” It turns out that the old axiom about familiarity breeding contempt is true. Instead of a society becoming more cooperative as it becomes more integrated, it is becoming increasingly hostile. Meanwhile, the synopticon jams us all closer together, in all our hostile ugliness.”

    We become more hostile because we are increasingly diverse, and difference, rather than commonality, is vaunted.

    PS–The Social War sounds very much like the Culture War. Whatever you want to call it, it has been going on, at various levels of intensity, since the 60s.

    PPS–There are many fascists in AINO. The overwhelming majority are part of the Leftist Power Structure. As their exactions, directed against whites, become ever more outrageous and flagrant, they threaten to create a fascist reaction on the right.

  8. We’re still in a Panopticon situation. Just because the Elites encourage us to spy on each other doesn’t change the fact that the Few are still watching the Many.

    I can’t read Larry’s browser history, track Bob’s online purchases or monitor Frank’s location on the weekends. It’s still the Powers That Be who are doing that and they have no interest in sharing those capabilities. We might start watching who THEY are associating with. Visiting where they live. Tracking their bank accounts.

    Although I admit, them being narcissists does mean that they often don’t care if we’re watching. As in Orwell’s 1984, the true power is being able to turn the cameras off at will.

  9. So much to think about here. I was reading an Op-ed piece on Al Jazeera today and the writer was complaining that the Chinese government is going to start requiring that every SIM card purchaser show id and have their personal details logged. They considered this to be an odious sign of how intrusive the Chinese government is becoming. The irony of course is that you can’t buy a cell phone/SIM card in the US anonymously either. The Patriot Act all but wiped out our anonymity. Know Your Customer laws made it so you can’t even buy bitcoin on Coinbase without an ID verification. The only people in America who don’t have to show valid ID are illegal immigrants. They can get a drivers license, vote, sign up for benefits and say their name is Pedro Gomez or whatever. What happened in America is that the ruling elites hate the fact that the majority of us were white, and the Boomers conceded every issue. It was truly a “give them an inch and they will take a mile” from the 80s to the present. So, we lost our country. We are actually unwelcome residents as Citizens in our own country. Crazy that this was done to us. But it worked. They stripped America of having any real meaning other than just a place to work and shop.

    • We are deracinated. Laws passed to make it impossible to work certain places, rural areas controlled by a few nearby companies that keep out labor competition, real estate churning and suburbanization forcing land sales with tax increases for “amenities” for suburbia. Wendell Berry wrote about it in “The Unsettling of America”. American farm collectivization was done this way. “Get big or get out”- Sec. of Ag. Earl Butz.

  10. “The evolution of the synopticon appears to be a process, perhaps a runaway process, that has escaped the control of the creator.”

    I’ve dropped this quote here before, however today’s post makes it fitting yet again.

    “There will be no more Stalins, no more Hitlers.

    The rulers of this most insecure of all worlds are rulers by accident. Inept, frightened pilots at the controls of a vast machine they cannot understand, calling in experts to tell them which buttons to push.”

    —Wm. S. Burroughs

  11. Both sides feel like they are losing the culture war. In a way that’s true. White people are at once getting more racist and conservative (on one side) and more woke on the other side. The wokeness attracts young people and strivers, however the bad white side produces more children.

    Either way culture war is just a white thing. Whites are dying and becoming a minority. Our culture and nations are dying. Non-whites don’t have culture wars or generational conflict, really.

    In the end both sides will lose because they each require a solid white majority to stay relevant.

  12. I loathe PoMo thought, but Sartre was onto something when he wrote: “L’enfer c’est les autres.” Social war indeed. Time to unplug from the synopticon for a while and retreat to the hermit’s cave.

  13. I’m not a fan of Joe Rogan, but I did listen to some of his podcasts before he became as big as he did, and as shallow and hallucinogen addled he is, this topic came up at some point. His take on it, in my own words, was that the pre-internet world is in collision with the post internet world. The pre-internet world is always attempting to make information out of data, because in the pre-internet world, data was limited. In the post internet world, with an unlimited volume of data, too much of this becomes useless information. Every shit post, false fact, etc. is elevated into something that our pre-internet society, still in control, deems “something that must be dealt with.” In a post internet society, in which the vast majority will be born after the internet came about, we will learn how to ignore the raging torrent of data streaming at us, only picking up the useful data. So in the future if someone goes on a platform and calls Candice Owens a “grifting nigger,” future, desensitized generations will just leave it be, scrolling past it. But in these times, entire internet police squads of neo-puritans. come out of the woodwork and ring alarm bells. So like a car alarm from 1991, it’s always going off in the slightest breeze.

    • That reminds me of something a grad-school professor said to one of my classes. The point of having 500+ pages of dreary academic reading to do each week isn’t that you’re expected to read and absorb all those pages, it’s to develop the skill of finding the important parts of those texts and discarding the rest.

  14. The Road Back (cont)
    Remembering when.

    The road ahead will be a hard and difficult journey, and mental toughness is an essential element to fortifying your determination. Positive reinforcement is the key to building a strong mind, and in a world gone mad, everyone needs a refuge; so create one in your head. Select an inspiring song, movie, TV series or other ideation of positivity and go there when you need bolstering. For example, in the movie Shawshank Redemption, an opera played over the prison PA system reawakens a glimmer of humanity in a population of broken men. Your personal theme song is your secret strength.

  15. Never been a fan of Breitbart – but Allum Bokhari’s piece on how America 2021 is like the Hunger Games I think is spot on. Jetson’s style technology masking hardly the decline everywhere else and in some cases making it worse.

    • I often wonder what would have become of Andrew Breitbart had he lived. I can see him backing Trump early on, like Coulter, but I don’t think he’d have abandoned Trump in the way that Ann did (perhaps justifiably). The past 12 months is where I have no idea what he’d have done. I can’t imagine his website would be so normie, though. He seemed to understand all too well what the left is really about.

      • If redpilling is a stage I would part Breitbart at around a 5 or 6. Sort of understanding the problems but still thinking about it in terms of red/blue politics. So basically the late stage finklethink before you break out of it.

  16. “Time for me to look at you and you to look at me.” – George Harrison from ” It’s All Too Much. ”

    And then they all became “Blue Meanies.”

  17. There is no Mustafa Mond in our ruling class.

    Logically, there almost has to be someone at the top of the pyramid. I doubt the mechanisms that selected for the most predatory and mercenary people in the world, stops working once you reach the to .1%

    Most likely, we simply don’t know who it is because his name has never been published anywhere.

    • i think the reference to MM is due to MM being portrayed as genuinely superior to the bulk of the Alpha class; he *had* read the banned works, and understood them – before going ahead and keeping them banned. So yes, some nimrod is “in charge” but they have no clue what they are doing.

  18. Our cars are getting worse than the phones. I was reading recently of a murder solved by a car computer that logged all the data about where the car was and when, down to what time the parking brake was engaged, where it was when that happened and even what time it was when the driver’s door was opened. It was not made clear if GM had this data as well as the car, but it would not surprise me in the least if it did.

    It’s not even that everyone is watching, it’s that everything is logged. Just how the new 2021 standard can be applied a 2012 social media post, all that old data is just sitting there waiting for someone to start looking closely at it. I got my first sail foam in the late 90s. I have no doubt that to this day every call I ever made in the late 90s, every place I ever went is sitting in some archive.

    • You know, sometimes the “bad guys” need to get away with it. That’s not going to happen very much anymore.

    • My new truck is accessible from an app on my cell phone from anywhere in the world where I can reach a cell tower. I can lock and unlock the truck, start it, check the battery and all sorts of other diagnostics—and tell it’s location on a map.

      Now if I can do that on an phone app on command, one can be sure that some gov agency can and probable does the same and stores such info for future reference. And I haven’t even discussed the small black box storage of driving info now found on all new cars, which has been discussed above wrt use in analyzing accidents or for discounts on insurance.

    • The archives are many, redundant, and distributed all over the planet. The US Federal Government still possesses the largest network of these (both resident facilities & via contract with private entities), but China is gaining fast and soon private business entities will dwarf everything else. And most importantly, it will only escalate over time. Data is now considered to be more valuable than oil.

      • If the Beverly Hillbillies was made today Jed Clampett would be mining Bitcoins instead of pumping oil at his homestead.

  19. Z: “While Orwell could imagine a world where everyone is watched by the state, he could not imagine a world where everyone is watched by everyone.”

    Under the spreading chestnut tree, I sold you and you sold me. – 1984

    • Julia & Winston weren’t watching each other waiting for a moment to call the authorities. Orwell definitely was aware of the ability to sellout each other once you’ve been arrested & tortured & destroyed.

  20. We live in a society where those who create and build are constantly exposed to market pressure. They do more and more with less and less.
    The government library in my midwestern leafy suburban paradise closed today AND tomorrow because it is cold out.
    …keep in mind the government definition of “open” is that blue haired single women put books on pickup shelves in a clean room (“COVID!!!!”) for a few hours and then unlock the door to let the slaves in to pick up their “free” books.
    No one in this group got laid off: instead they get a pension, health insurance, raise, cost of living increase.

  21. We all see how most people, even in a beautiful park on a sunny day, keep their noses in their cell phones. We need a movement to just throw them away.

    • Just do it!!!

      Seriously: Just do it. One of the pillars of persuasion is “social proof.” Another is “commitment and consistency.” Want to get rid of the phone, and make it stick? Make a pledge, publicly. I don’t want to suggest gumming up Z Man’s comments with our pledges to throw away cell phones, limit Internet use to 30 minutes a day, etc., but simply putting up a public declaration that “I, so-and-so, pledge to do XYZ” and urging other members of the community to hold you accountable would do wonders.

      (Hey Z Man, here’s a cross-marketing opportunity here. “Take the pledge, send a donation.” I’d happily do both. I’d set up a pledge site myself, but my blog has 20 readers. Yours has hundreds of thousands. If we all publicly pledged here to do X… I’ll get the ball rolling: I, Severian, pledge to limit my Internet use to 45 minutes a day henceforth, and to not touch my cell phone unless I am actually in the process of making or receiving a call. I’ve sent the Z Man $10 in an anonymous envelope to his PO Box as earnest money.”)

      • In return for getting the ball rolling, I ask that one of y’all ask me how my pledge is going, every single time you see me comment here (within reason, of course, since again we don’t want to be clogging Z Man’s comments with this stuff. I will also post a pledge on my own site and will update with my experience).

        • So what? As a social scientist, either he’s right or he isn’t. Experience, observation, every sales training program ever devised, and the whole PUA thing suggest that he’s right. I’m sure Leon Festinger was a flaming Leftist, too — a Brooklyn-born Jew who went into the social sciences; how could he not be? — but he was right, too. Every single STEM professor I knew in my long-ish academic career was a Leftist, and etc. Cialdini’s stuff *works.* Try it for yourself!

  22. They have not been programmed to hate their country via Big Idiot Box and Big Schoolmarm. Their cultural heritage remains homogenous and intact, not subject to the whims of prosperous, hysterical white leftists with Too Much Leisure Time, goaded and financed by elites who will eventually annihilate the fools when they are no longer useful.

    Watch this group of modern-day Russians of all ages, members of a sparkling Chicago cover band, sing lovingly a capella of their homeland.

    “That’s my precious mother country
    This is Rus.”

  23. Just as the labels make little sense, the comparisons to fictional and historical examples do not hold up either. Is what we are experiencing like Orwell’s 1984? Not in any meaningful way. It may be closer to Huxley’s Brave New World, but our managerial class is nothing like the World State, in terms of intelligence and purpose. There is no Mustafa Mond in our ruling class. Similarly, the comparisons to authoritarian states of the past are nothing more than superficial.

    History never repeats itself, but the Kaleidoscopic combinations of the pictured present often seem to be constructed out of the broken fragments of antique legends.

    Our antique legends include works of fiction.

  24. “If you wanted to get a visual image of what your life is like in the synopticon, imagine a world where everyone is naked, lives in glass houses and can see that everyone is looking at everyone else. “…

    You have described almost exactly the world of WE, the great little novel by Zamyatin, which I highly recommend.

  25. What you have described here is an ant colony undergoing a r err religious conversion. Unfortunately, that’s pretty accurate.

  26. Another, older way to describe the current situation is

    A Global Village

    Wherein everyone knows everything and everyone else. There aren’t any secrets for long even if people pretend that there are.

  27. Hmmmmm. What about countries like Japan, China and Russia? They do not seem to be developing the schisms we are…

    • They have not been programmed to hate their country via Big Idiot Box and Big Schoolmarm. Their cultural heritage remains homogenous and intact, not subject to the whims of prosperous, hysterical white leftists with Too Much Leisure Time, goaded and financed by elites who will eventually annihilate the fools.

      Watch this group of modern-day Russians of all ages, members of a sparkling Chicago cover band, sing lovingly a capella of their homeland.

      “That’s my precious mother country
      This is Rus.”

      • Are you guys seriously overlooking the fact that when they had the chance, the Russians killed at least tens of millions of their countrymen in gulags and through mass starvation. Unless of course you consider Slavs and Ukrainians to be a “different race” this Russia worship is complete nonsense. I mean sure, if a few people in America could just take over and starve the entire state of California into submission that might be a real step in the right direction. But it’s going to take decades of senseless brutality. Epic brutality. And I just don’t think we are going to be the one’s brutalizing anyone. Quite the opposite. I could see Mexico starving white people out of California though.

    • We need no other explanation than that these countries are basically racially homogeneous in population. We are not.

      We started going downhill when the White population dropped below 90%—and the ability to control/suppress Blacks was eliminated—and have been accelerating ever since.

      Perhaps if the drop had been slower and a time for assimilation longer, things may have been different. But now that perhaps 20% of the population is foreign born and perhaps 30% of those under 18 have at least one foreign born parent, we are doomed to disunity—just a bunch of squabbling ethnicities seeking dominance of their respective “cultures”.

      • I see chinese and indian people squabbling all the time. Someone cut in line at the elevator. A dispute over a coupon at Subway. Screaming and squawking. Like children.

        Filthy, low class and morally degrading for any white person to have to witness these incidents every day. I wish to never see any of them again.

        That is our future.

        • Yep. Way long ago, I remember a Jesuit priest—principal at an all male parochial school—remarking that whenever you mixed a “good” boy with a bad boy, you wound up with two “bad” boys. And so it seems with cultures.

        • I ordered pizza from Domino’s recently, and the people working there lost the plot completely. They were so swamped that they stopped tagging boxed pizza with the proper order receipt, which led to a complete snowballing of the clusterf**k. People were jamming into the shop, believing what their phone said, which is that their pizza was ready, but in reality not one of the young mystery meats working knew what was going on and nobody there was able to step up and provide the discipline and leadership required to get back on track. As a couple dozen of us boiled over while waiting for our food, I remarked quite loudly, “this is our future,” and paid attention to how that comment would go over. Judging by the quietly nodding heads, it seemed to be understood by several of the people around me.

          • I stopped going to dominoes after they apparently fired everyone white and hired only Punjabi staff. In fact I almost never eat out at major chains anymore – if I have to I make sure they at least hire Canadians (McDonalds seems to).

            But yeah, that’s about right. They can’t run a pizza shop, good luck running a country.

  28. It is not a Hobbesian war of all against all, but rather an increasing friction between members of society.

    Which is what makes community even more important. Living among, working with and being friends with those whom you can trust and whom you share not only a worldview but as Kipling put it, “hear the things I hear, and see the things I see” has become ever more important.

    Our enemies will never know that level of comfort because they are not a community. The tighter the vice grip becomes, the more Joe Normie will crave our community.

    • Was driving through the country last week. Stopped at a rural Tim Hortons to pee. As I was there a group of snowmobilers pulled up. Seemed to be a father – children or maybe father – daughter trip. Anyways, a group of tall, muscular and conservative white men with many blond children around. Beautiful sight. So peaceful and undisturbed. High trust.

      You’re right, this seems increasingly attractive for city folks living in vibrant areas such as myself. Even at the cost of nightlife, restaurants and attractive women everywhere.

      • The only women that I’ve met in the past two decades that appear even remotely sane grew up on a farm or ranch. Trying to find a potential wife in an urban area is the equivalent of playing Russian roulette with fully loaded semi-automatic pistol.

        • Yeah, I know. But in vibrant places there is an endless stream of non-white sluts looking for some white cock. Willing to do freaky stuff.

          Unfortunately I have been enjoying that lifestyle too much. I know it’s degenerate and destructive. I have 2 asian plates and an Indian one atm.

          • Ah, you’ve heard the lecture before. I had to do my time in “game”!

            Uhg, its so easy, or, they are so easy.

      • Being around non-whites and woke whites means being worried every second that you might break some rule and have your life destroyed. Even up to a year or two ago, that was a remote possibility. But that’s no longer true.

        Nobody wants to live that way. A community of your own people is the only way to avoid that. Even the occasional douche bag white who might want to inform on you won’t out of fear of being ostracized (or worse) from the community.

  29. In the old Star Trek there was an entity that invaded the ship that fed off the anger and hatred that it induced into the crew. It feels like the pandemic hysteria is doing the same thing and many small powerless people are using the opportunity to be the publicly the little shits they always were.

    I find my conditioned training in being a polite and mannered person is waning fast. The last two ventures into the public space has released the prick in me. I may get worse, but It will be controlled and effective.

    • Yes, I feel exactly the same way. I’ve always been a polite man by my nature, but the endless sloganeering, petty regulations and over the top reactions of most people are becoming too much to take. For every healthy 30-ish man that crosses the road or deviates from his path when he sees me coming, for every local bench ‘closed’ by the council to ‘stop the virus’, for every mask wearing dolt driving alone in xzir’s automobile and for every meaningless, vapid statement by some politician, it is increasingly taking a lot more to avoid the temper flaring.

      Although, Mr Aaron Clarey does claim that ‘sanity is the future of wealth’ so perhaps I’ll keep myself in check a bit longer. However, if we can be grateful to the virus for one thing, it is realizing just how many petty tyrants and do gooders our societies are composed of.

      “Stay Safe!”

    • Yesterday, an extremely well-attired black man slipped and fell on the sidewalk ice near me. He really banged himself up and was clearly in pain. He asked me to help him up. I just returned a vacuous stare. He got on his feet and was enraged, escalating to yelling at me for not aiding him. Finally, my smirk leaked out and I saw the reaction on his face. We both realized how it’s going to be among us in the future.

      I will not so much as micturate on a small hat or protected class member if they are blazing on fire. I was not raised this way and it does not come natural.

      • Your actions were wholly inconsistent with the mindset of being a Prince Among Men that the Zman describes and to which we should aspire. You knew nothing of this man other than he was a fellow human in need of assistance, and that he was black. Nobody here is asking you to invite the man to live in your house or befriend him, but refusing to help a hurting man get up solely because he was black is not acceptable. You made an unnecessary enemy in him and made our people look cruel and hateful to anyone watching.

        • He is already my enemy. Any one watching was free to render assistance directly. I mean what I stated in my prior post. We are at war.

        • Yeah, that’s a tough one. So yesterday we were discussing “snow removal” and “neighborliness”. Today we leave a fellow human being to lie in the street. Where is the line?

          Look, we see video’s all the time of turdworld nations where the citizens step over dead and dying people to go about their business. And sometimes, not even third world. Take China for example—if you’ve the stomach for such.

          China has lots of cctv cameras and they spot a lot of accidents and such. Half the people drive on or around the most gruesome calamities. Yeah, some folks do still respond. But the numbers of caring individuals don’t to match the numbers of uncaring individuals.

        • Yeah, silence is violence. A pitbull broke its lead and escaped its yard, managed to break its leg and was hobbling and howling around my neighborhood. Common sense says not to go near the thing and call animal control. I genuinely hate to say it, but blacks should be generally regarded the same. Just avoid them wherever possible.

        • This story goes back at least 20 years, but on one of my hot summer rides I came across an elderly & infirm black man trying to carry to heavy bags of ice back to his apartment. He lived on the third floor, couldn’t afford A/C, and needed the ice to keep himself cool at night. I stopped, carried the bags up 3 flights without a second thought. He was surprised and effusively grateful. I will always help another human being in need. It’s just who I am, and I will not let the current crazy change me.

          • I would do the same. But I also understand Handel’s response, or lack thereof. And, as much as it pains me to say it, we probably must begin to hate before we can save ourselves. It is a survival mechanism.

          • About 30 yrs ago I was working and my car slid on a snowy road over a hump of plowed snow on the berm, I was stuck and could not “rock” or push it off. About 150 ft ahead of me were 2 black guys who were also stuck, it was a bit of a sketchy neighborhood. They watched me struggling and ignored me. An elderly black guy pulled up behind me in a small pickup, got out and looked at me and then looked up the road at the 2 young black guys and said, “Those guys wouldn’t help you?”. I just looked at him and shook my head. He pulled my car off the hump with a chain in about 2 seconds. I gratefully thanked him and got in my car and drove on past the 2 stuck guys ahead of me. And so did the elderly black guy in the pickup, even though they were black “bros”. It was kind of funny, he just stared straight ahead and followed me down the road, while these 2 “no accounts” ran out into the road and yelled at him for driving past them.

        • One tiny item of recompense for the deluge of misery and death the negroes have visited upon us the last 50–odd years.

        • Your Moral Superiority and Self Congratulation will not stop the nigger hordes from raping you to death with your own golf clubs.

          Instead of posting your inane drivel here, why don’t you take the rest of the day to search the internet for information on the atrocities in Rhodesia, and those still ongoing in South Africa right now, as I type these words?

          You are as clueless as the zombie slaves who get their news from CNN and the NYT. Reality has yet to make any real dent into your awareness, by all appearance.

      • It’s a tough situation. I would probably help him up.

        However I’ve stopped being polite to aliens. I’ve started to get annoyed about the lack of english abilities and I’m as rude as possible to them. I pretty much just grunt. Or if they’re trying to talk to me I will walk away. I used to help and be polite to foreigners but now I’m the opposite.

        My manners with my own people are impeccable though.

      • I don’t agree with that.
        We should not ignore human suffering of someone who is just a fellow human.
        Not to say that we open our borders and let them flood our nation or spend all our tax dollars that we need ourselves supporting ungrateful peoples.
        But we do not need to be harsh or cruel in our daily lives and to not help the man off the ground just causes further unnecessary tensions in the society in which we must exist.

        • Greetings Boomer CivNat! You are exactly why we lost. Now, get back to spending your children’s inheritance. You decent person you. Who needs a self-backpat? You do!

          • “I was not raised this way and it does not come natural.”

            We’re all being pushed to do things we really don’t want to do. I’d be (am) angry too at going against my natural conscience.

            A tough judgement call indeed. Were there any ever-helpful yoofs of his own people around? I suspect there were.

          • Alzaebo – I know what you mean.

            But I find that my natural white kindness and nurturing is coming out stronger around other white people. The normal, non-woke ones. I just buy ppl chocolates and coffee. Play with kids. Chat up old ladies.

            However my empathy / kindness to non white aliens is going down to negative values.

          • “Greetings Boomer CivNat! You are exactly why we lost. Now, get back to spending your children’s inheritance. You decent person you. Who needs a self-backpat? You do!”

            Spot on.

            Just imagine! Whites are being openly demonized at the highest echelons of power and influence in this country, and these doddering old dinosaurs still think vomiting up their MLK, Civil Rights boilerplate marks them out as virtuous and upright.

            The kind of Strawberry Shortcake brainwashing inherent in these calls to grovel harder are how we got here in the first place.

            I am reminded of a line from Kipling, wherein his protagonist criticizes his schoolfellows by observing, “They’ve got no notion of sticking together!”

        • The emergency cards in airplanes suggest that you should help yourself before you can help others.

          White people are in an emergency situation right now and should help themselves to get out of it before even thinking about helping others.

    • I don’t leave the house. I love it. Screw the outside world. Now I’m on 80 acres but still, I don’t need coffee shops or restaurants. I’m done.

  30. The scifi world we’re living in, I like to think, is the episode of The Orville where everyone on a certain earth-like planet has a little up/down button on their clothing that is connected to a national counter, and your self-worth (or freedom even) is determined by what other people think of you. It’s completely hive-minded.

    • It’s a total ant colony. The French once described the Japanese as “ant people.” They are terrified to see that fits Americans now. And, yes, the United States and the rest of the Anglosphere are infinitely worse than the rest of the West.

      • I was at a large gun store last weekend in a red(ish) city in a deep-red state. A few months ago, about 25% or less would be wearing masks. Now it’s 95%. I have a bad feeling that masks are not going away anytime soon, possibly ever. We are all Japanese now.

        • I live in Japan so I can comment a little one this. You can actually go outside in Japan without wearing a mask and no one will berate you. If you are accosted the person is likely a geezer and reasonably assumed to be a little crazy. Recently, I’ve even seen more and more people going into grocery stores without a face diaper. Never seen one kicked out yet (though I’ve heard of mall security people politely asking some to leave). People are slowly starting to get tired of these stupid rules and it’s really only the gaijin and old fogies constantly watching TV you catch any flak from.

          • The Japs aren’t the berating kind though? Like Midwstern Whites, they’d rather die than be impolite. Or so I hear.

        • Oh, the good ol’ boys love masks! It was in a gun store in a formerly red state (we are now blue!!!) where I got yelled at the worst for not wearing a mask. A gun store….

  31. Perhaps the best way to describe this age is to call it the Age of Discontent. Work has never been easier, life has never been easier, entertainment is so prevalent that making a choice has become overwhelming. Life expectancy has peaked, the minimum standard of living is better than that which kings in the 13th century enjoyed. We have no famines or shortages. Even diseases have been mostly tamed, as have most catastrophic injuries. Travel is the easiest and most affordable it’s ever been.

    Yet, instead of congratulating ourselves for solving every problem that’s vexed us in the past and resting on our laurels, we’ve become miserable and angry, fighting over trivial things. This is literally unreasonable, and yet it defines our behaviors. How many of our waking hours are didn’t looking for reasons to be angry and upset, instead of grateful and content?

    • Specters are haunting the developed world today.

      Those specters are abundance and idleness.

      We likely will not survive them.

      • Yep. Except for the last 200 years or so, our entire hereditary development was geared to survive deprivation through hard work and forethought. Every generation had its genetic losers, and the species improved.

        • Fortunately, there weren’t enough genetic losers in earlier generations to cause much if any trouble. And they largely got culled off one way or another. Unfortunately for recent generations, the opposite is true – there are way too many, they cause all sorts of problems and they’re not getting culled. That needs to change.

          • The White man’s magic has removed the intelligence premium from survival.
            It has also freed women from biological constraints and loosed them upon the world.
            That’s a nasty combination.

      • I would suggest lack of community is more pressing factor. Humans are social. We haven’t evolved for the atomized lives we now live in the West. Smaller families (children, uncles, aunts, cousins, brothers, sisters) means fewer intimate social connections. This factor in particular is driving the modern insanity in women. Their adoption of social justice causes, virtue signaling etc on social media is a maladaptation to this modern illness.

    • Good point. I remember back to the golden age of the mass media, when they deliberately promoted agitators that generated nothing but anger and controversy amongst their audience. It juiced ratings, subscriptions and ad sales. “Shite sells” literally became the mission statement of the media. Actors could raise their profiles by awful outrageous behaviour and scandals because even negative publicity paid huge dividends. At one time, I will bet Anderson Cooper’s and Don Lemon’s biggest fans were redneck Christian conservatives who’d happily shoot both of them for a dime.

      It is a great time to be alive. The market is supersaturated with shit. The mass media will not tolerate anything but manure. Twatter and Bookface will kick you off if you are not shitty enough. Gab and Alt Tech live under a barrage of artillery because they offer their patrons a choice of not having to consume shit. Feeding your soul is a crime in their society.

      The current state of affairs will not last long. A reckoning is in the works as we speak. Trump was their last shot at peaceful coexistence. What happens next is on them. I suspect it will be a shit storm of biblical proportions, and it will not go well for our adversaries. Things can’t go on like this.

      • Perhaps. But perhaps it will be like a struggle of survivors in a life boat, where the conflict causes the boat to turn over, drowning everyone.

      • So true

        I was thinking last night that popular culture is like human waste

        It it supposed to be expelled from the body but instead they push it back in like cramming your face with your own shit

    • “Perhaps the best way to describe this age is to call it the Age of Discontent. Work has never been easier, life has never been easier, entertainment is so prevalent that making a choice has become overwhelming. ”
      Maybe humans were never meant to be slobs, me thinks physical activity produces well adjusted humans.

    • Someone said this in the comments a few days ago: If you can’t find food, you have one problem, if you can find food you have a thousand problems.

    • Our material excess has little influence on our mental condition. And we derive our happiness from our mental state. Our society, especially the white core America part of it, isn’t doing well. Life expectancy for example is dropping, particularly for whites. The cause of this is increased rates of substance abuse (see Fig. 1 in link below). This is a country wide problem, but particularly acute in New England and Ohio Valley states. The fact that this problem isn’t discussed much, and solutions aren’t more aggressively sought is terrible and an indictment of our society.

      We have built a society that attributes success or failure to the individual. People internalize this and when things go wrong they blame themselves. Our interpersonal networks are weakened and less capable of picking up people when they are down. Small families, separated by distance and divorce. Fewer close friends. People don’t believe in God or attend church, so the relationships and ethical systems that existed to offer help and discourage self abuse are neglected. And work is increasingly transactional, a trade of your life/time for money. Globalization and financialization of work means that career mistakes (wrong age, industry, degree etc) can be unrecoverable. Altogether, it feels like a bad deal.

      It would be nice if we had leaders that could speak to these issues and offer improvements. We don’t have this of course. Our leaders are distracted by other issues.

      • Out of curiosity, do you think that a government policy of mandatory church attendance would solve the problems you’ve identified?

        • Maybe. Not sure mandatory attendance is best path forward, but as society we shouldn’t be so quick to dismiss religion that supported westerners for thousands of years. Church provides community and ethical framework for dealing with real world problems. Attempting to solve these problems de novo, without this framework, appears to not be working.

          Most straight forward solution to problem of unhappiness is to increase personal connections and community. Easiest way to do this is to have a larger family. Having another child to love (and who will love you) is a big deal.

          • Fair enough. It’s easy to blame our “‘elites'” for taking a jackhammer to the foundational social pillar of Christianity, but it’s pretty telling that the proles mostly cheered this on and aided it, rather than resist it. An assault on faith will only succeed if the faith is weak at the start of the assault.

          • The moralizing we have to endure today is orders of magnitude beyond what existed in the fever dreams many leftists have about the Victorian age or 1950s America. It’s quite simply inescapable once you set foot out your door. Go to the store, to the zoo, to the ballpark, to a restaurant: the pozz beats you over the head like a cudgel.

            I’ve gone completely cold turkey on sportsball since the Wuflu stuff began and its’ been great. This weekend I was at a steakhouse with TV’s everywhere. The one I was facing had the NHL Network on (with captions, so I knew what was being discussed). It was the afternoon, so there was a magazine-type show on and the entire hour was dedicated to Willie O’Ree, the first black NHLer. What the hell do they do the rest of the month? And what about next year, just repeat the same story? In between interview segments with O’Ree, there were cartoon spots where some animated girl (of course) reminded us over and over how the NHL is committed to diversity and inclusivity.

            The only way it can get worse is turn the moralizing from passive to mandatory. The Navy appears to be taking the lead on that step, but everything’s on the table with today’s cloud people. I won’t be surprised if you need not only a health passport to fly but you must recite a pledge to actively support the airline’s corporate mission statement.

      • The only reasonable explanation of our rulers ignoring the opioid epidemic is because they want those people to die.

        • Stop. Just stop. Prescription pain medication abuse is a tiny fraction- and yet the zealots have forced millions of sufferers and doctors out of pain relief, because of the hysteria propaganda about addiction.

          Even an animal will gnaw its leg off to escape the pain.

          Fentanyl, elephant tranquilizer, and bathtub meth are the black markets killing people.

          This obfuscated war on pain relief is a crime against humanity.

        • I beg pardon, Mr. Rollins, the term “opioid” trips my trigger. It is abused.

          Even the time-release Sackler opioids were a decent idea. Too bad they were marketed by 3 card-carrying Communist psychologists, the Sackler brothers.

          It’s about the tradeoffs of pharma tech. Solve the problem of pain, first, then work from there.

      • Yes and if we are to build-up communities of our people, to shepherd a future for our children, these are the things we must purge and rebuild.

        Identifying the various problems entrapping us in the panopticon of progress is only useful to the extent those are then engineered out of building the future we desire.

        There are a great many on our side in a stalemate. They hate the financialization, weak social bonds, and hostility of diversity, but can’t stomach the personal risk to their lifestyles, status, and economics necessary to purge the matrix from their lives. They have great wealth and skills and love for our people but can’t find ways to orient their energy or wealth toward opportunities for our boys.

        So they wait for the vine to swing their way, for bitcoin f you money or for Saint Elon to buy half of Idaho and set up freetown or for reddit basement gamblers to break Jamie Dimons spirt and pave the way for big gains for the little guys.

        Meanwhile time enslaves them and their kin even more.

        Leaders will rise naturally from men who are willing to alter their own trajectories first. We will not have a top down Galt.

        This problem of livelihood is no small matter, but until our guys figure out that you can’t strip mine your backyard and grow trees for your grandkids it will remain a free for all; under the thumb of the overlords.

        So how does all of our collective knowledge of what is broken and evil, all of our agreement in terms of human nature and natural law, coalesce as IRL tactics and strategies to bring that vine into reach? To incentivize and facilitate the kinds of personal risk of change required to turn away from the machine and toward that future for our children? To cultivate congruence between stated values and choice such that an alternative to complaining of slavers while working for slavers is in clear view for those “red pilled” enough to see it?

      • “Globalization and financialization of work means that career mistakes (wrong age, industry, degree etc) can be unrecoverable.”

        This is an idea that I think does not get enough contemplation, but I may feel it more acutely than others because its something I have directly experienced. In the past I feel there *must* have been room for so-called late bloomers to still be able to make their way and succeed at a much greater clip. Now it seems there is much less leeway, and the choices you made when you were an idiot at ages 15 through 22 in regards to education and career hem you in more. I am not sure if this is correct, but I saw it first hand in how I was raised compared to peers with much savvier parents than my own, at least from an education standpoint. To say nothing of the fact if you chose to have a family (or it chooses you accidently), you REALLY chart a course of likely poverty or near poverty living.

        • There should be more flexible and faster options for getting an education. Sunk cost shouldn’t be so big. Again, DIE distraction sucks up all the oxygen in the education space so this problem won’t get solved anytime soon.

        • Mid-Late 20s here. You are absolutely right. The difference between winners and losers is shocking. About 20-40% from my year at high school have good paying jobs, luxury condos, travel alot. Myself included, it’s a much higher standard of living than our parents.

          The rest though are fucked, basically living at home, minimum wage, no chance for family or fun. Or living off their parents wealth.

          It really is revenge of the nerds. We are chads now. The kid who mocked me for not doing weed in high school live shit lives. I can afford to travel anywhere I want if this pandemic ever dies. No pulling yourself up by the bootstraps, after bumming around as a ski bum for your 20s, in this generation.

          • Buddy, you’d better learn to wear that prosperity with a bit more class.

            The Lord has a way of bringing young Zoomers down to earth, and with your post you have thrown down the gauntlet.

            Scary stuff, young fella.

      • Leaders? What leaders? We have evil manipulators, propagandists, psychopaths and soulless elites driving our institutions and public policy, fronted by frauds, con men, shills, liars, thieves, sociopaths, and cowards protected by a self-serving bureaucracy. So, no, government as currently constituted is not the answer.
        Moreover, where is the “moral and religious people”, not to mention independent and self-reliant, for which our constitution was designed?

    • Although the work may be easier, it is harder to get, both individually as an employee and as a concern seeking clients/customers. Fewer and fewer large enterprises are controlling more of the share. I think that is driving a large part of the discontent.

      • Most corps are run by tyrannical Karen’s. As a man you have to become a yes man. White women really are at the top of the food chain in this crazy environment.

    • Irrationality is a major component of human nature. That is one thing the postmodernists got right. However, because they are evil beings, the postmodernists celebrated irrationality and sought–successfully–to enlarge it. Indeed, so well has their project succeeded, that irrationality now owns the battlefield, and the consequences have been predictably horrendous.

  32. Our world today reflects certain elements of “Brave New World” (Huxley) and “1984” (Orwell). We have the extreme Scientism and aimless hedonism of Huxley. We also have the mass surveillance, thought crime, and Newspeak of Orwell. Remember Orwell’s idea of the “memoryhole”? We have plenty of that. And what about his “Two Minutes Hate”? We have that in abundance, though it tends to last much longer than two minutes. Donald Trump draws easy comparisons with Orwell’s Emmanuel Goldstein. Huxley and Orwell got a few things wrong, but they got quite a bit right. The current environment, of course, entails numerous aspects that neither of them foresaw, yet they deserve their due. The West is clearly turning dystopian.

    • It’s almost as if they’re picking and choosing the elements they find most effective from two separate dystopian playbooks.

    • Neither Orwell or Huxley got things completely correct, but their prescience is still astonishing. To get a more accurate picture of today from the authors of the past, you can come pretty close by starting with Orwell and Huxley and adding in Ray Bradbury’s Fahrenheit 451, Jean Raspail’s Camp of the Saints, and Christopher Lasch’s Revolt of the Elites.

      • All these authors were prescient because they simply understood human nature and expounded upon such. Where they may have missed their mark was in the particulars of the method of implementation or tools used in such. Technology advances after all, so I don’t fault them on that.

      • I’ve read Culture or Narcissism but not Revolt of the Elites. My hunch is that it has an early 90s New Republic or Camille Paglia anti-woke leftism feel to it. Is my hunch right?

      • Evelyn Waugh’s 1953 short story/novelette, “Love Among The Ruins” is another tale that got much right about the dystopia blossoming in front of our eyes. A synopsis:

        The protagonist, Miles Plastic, is an orphan who, at the beginning of the story, is finishing a prison term for arson. Crime is treated very leniently by the state, and conditions in prison are actually quite superior to those among the population at large, leading to an understandably high recidivism rate. Upon release, Plastic goes to work at a state-run euthanasia centre. The centres are not restricted to the terminally ill and are so popular that Plastic’s sole responsibility is to stem “the too eager rush” of perfectly healthy but “welfare weary” citizens.

        Miles’s love interest in the story is a bearded woman, whom we can assume is a stand-in for today’s transsexual.

      • i was thinking about Fahrenheit 451 recently. If you haven’t seen the movie from 1967 i think, give it a look see; it’s first class sci-fi.

    • I found both of these books very boring and tiresome. The only Orwell book I actually read all the way through was Animal Farm, and even that became more of a slog than it should have been. Down and Out in Paris and London was another slogfest. Road to Wigan Pier started off OK, but got pretty boring pretty quickly.


    • Let us not forget the Randian undercurrent from The Fountainhead as well – think differently? Have different tastes? F you, were going to publicly destroy you.

      • It wasn’t Roarke’s “differentness”, it was his superiority. That is hammered over and over, how superior and genius his designs were, and how the communists hate things that are superior and try to destroy them, even while acknowledging the superiority.

    • Always visualized Huxley, Orwell and Bradbury like the proverbial blind men in a room describing an elephant by touch – each describing a different aspect of it. Could probably toss a dozen more dystopian authors/works into that room.

      • “Could probably toss a dozen more dystopian authors/works into that room.”

        Yevgeni Zamyatin’s novel, ‘We’, always seems to get overlooked.

        It’s my understanding that ‘We’ inspired both Orwell and Huxley to write their own dystopian visions. Anyway, it’s got some gorgeous prose and is highly recommended.

  33. Vaclav Havels the power of the powerless describes the bureaucracy holding the Soviet Bloc in place similarly. It’s a good read.

    • It’s funny that Havel keeps being brought up in dissident circles. He was full on board with the globohomo stuff, though at times he seemed like a clueless useful idiot for western plunderers.

      • It’s true. And you know he met with Bill Clinton and then he met with Obama. There are things he could see so clearly but then other things that he couldn’t. It’s much like Orwell or Czeslaw Milosz who wrote a wonderful book called The Captive Mind. They could all see the death of the spirit in these oppressive systems and write about it so sublimely and yet they couldn’t seem to break themselves away.

        • Reminds me of comedians

          They can mock the ridiculousness of things, where you would think they “get it,” yet they fall for the same traps

          Always perplexed me

      • I want my MTV! How come you no me MTV?

        So, uh (my Obama rendition), er, how many questions about the WordPress SNAFU can one blogger handle??

  34. The covidian hysteria in all its permutations has certainly amped up the hostile ugliness. The masking rituals and now the “vaccine” garbage ensures none of this will ever go away, barring some sort of cataclysmic black swan event that once and for all allows the Augean stables to be flushed.
    Millions still out of work, thousands of businesses shuttered for good, yet stocks and housing are at all time highs. Something has got to give. The psychological damage to a large segment of the population Is going to have poor long term consequences.

    • The real problem with Beer Flu is how many hugely profitable rackets have been set up around it.

      Beer Flu is now too big to cure.

    • Went to the doctor’s with my wife for an ultrasound. Usually can get away with no mask for stores and pickup at restaurants, but I used a face shield as they are hard-line in any medical facility (and my wife doesn’t need the added stress).
      Was told there was a new policy that face shields were no longer accepted and everyone had to wear a mask. Just about punched the lady in the throat.
      The grift is never going to end, and it’s going to be continual doubling down until the system collapses.

      • The whole point of endlessly raising the bar with mask compliance is to lure you into an act that can then be used against you. It’s a form of entrapment. If you give them even the slightest excuse to react, LEOs will be summoned, you will be both persecuted & prosecuted, and your life will be forever changed fundamentally. That is a win for the Deep State. Better is to comply meekly and apologetically. Fool them into thinking you are sheeple. Then retreat to the shadows and fight back only on your terms & timing. Entropy from out-of-the-blue.

        • My terms and timing are now.

          There is only so much one can or should take. Here Tom, I disagree with you. Your recommendation taken to its logical absurdity could lead to folks bending and complying (groveling) without ever reaching and knowing when “your” opportune time comes for resistance.

          At some point your “gray man” recommendation becomes little more than willing compliance and in that no different than what TPTB desire. In short, they will have what they want and we will have willingly given it to them just like the sheeple we so decry.

          • Patience please. I am not advocating that we become wimps eternally bending the knee as broken men and surrendering our souls. No military sends raw recruits directly into battle. Training, sound tactics, and a winning strategy are all vital elements of a plan to defeat tyranny. Stay tuned. We will fight back, but not as canon fodder.

          • Without irony I’d like to see the training, sound tactics and winning strategy that Tom recommends.
            Do we enact it or wait like taoists for the inscrutable thing to emerge?
            I think it needs collective intelligence, but question whether that’s a function of text comments.

      • “Was told there was a new policy that face shields were no longer accepted and everyone had to wear a mask. Just about punched the lady in the throat.”

        I hear you, brother!

        I have neck problems that make wrapping those rubber bands around my ears painful so I like to use face shields too. Got into a shouting match with a Door Nazi at a hardware store because my face shield was CDC-approved but no longer State-approved. All I wanted was a light bulb….

        I finally switched to neck gaiters. The Karens seem to calm down if they cannot see your face, like wild monkeys, but now neck gaiters are being banned because Chinaballs have learned to fly through loose fabric but not tight fabric. Or something.

        • My place of work bought everyone gaiters in the fall, but in January forbade their use. As long as one understands the whiplash nature of the Wuflu dictates, one can laugh at it, but I’m sure it’s grinding down a lot of men. It’s men who expect rigidity in their day-to-day rules, women will buy into any sudden change if they can tell themselves they’ve got the moral high ground.

          • They want you accustomed to randomness and unexpected changes and shortages. You’ve had it too good and used more than your “fair share.” You need to be eating bugs and grass. And a constant supply of electricity is a luxury for the rulers, not the dirt people (we just got power back after 14 hours without, and it’s been between 45-50 degrees in our house, about 12 outside).

          • My mom spoke to her friend in Plano today. They’d “only” been without power for a half hour. I suspect such short interruptions are to acclimatize the populace to the concept. Later, the longer blackouts will be introduced.

      • Come to think of it, isn’t it rather shocking that we haven’t had any mass shootings since the imposition of the Kovid Kaptivity? One would think people would have snapped under the stress and gone postal. To my knowledge, it hasn’t happened, and we’re almost a year into this thing.

        • I’ve read of a few poor White kids killing themselves because they couldn’t handle the isolation. I’m more concerned about the ones who are hanging on – just how much are they being psychologically scarred. And the babies and toddlers growing up learning masks are normal and being close to people is dangerous.

      • Used to be, when (a person related to me) went to see the local chiropractor, the calls would begin to set up the next (unececssary) “appointment”.

        Call after call. It was purely ‘dialing for dollars’.

        Now, no matter what the perception is, our local medical practitioners are doing the same thing. Calling to set up “check ups”, “bloodwork”. Call after call.

        Dialing for dollars.

        With all the medical infrastructure needed for COVID, why all this calling to make money?

      • It won’t end as long as the medical providers and stores/companies are getting Covid money to play along. Medicine is run by non-medical crats now, and liability immunity has allowed them to basically practice medicine without a license, which is what this nonsensical and medically ineffective forced face covering is.

    • I will be taking Amtrak cross country in a few weeks. I called today to modify my reservation. You get like a 2 minute message about masks followed by a warning about improper mask wearing and that non-compliance is a federal crime where you could be banned from trains forever.

  35. I sometimes think that if the globohomo elite have any “social policy” goal at all, it’s simply to induce “learned helplessness” in the people. “Learned helplessness” is what happens in rats in a psych experiment where the experimenters completely divorce actions from consequences. Sometimes the rat does X, and gets a treat; the next time, he does X and gets a shock; another time, doing X gets him nothing at all. It’s never predictable, so eventually the rat just huddles shivering in a corner, doing nothing, until he dies. (This is also the “breakdown” stage of “brainwashing”). The synopticon seems to be a good way of accomplishing that.

    But humans aren’t rats, and though it *can* be induced in us, even the brainwashers had a prefab personality ready to be installed. Our rulers seemingly don’t — “huddle shivering in the corner, peons!” seems to be the whole of their philosophy.

    • It could very easily read ” . . . so eventually the rat, in his mask, just huddles shivering in a corner, doing nothing, until he dies.”

      • It is a tale told by an idiot,
        Full of sound and fury
        Signifying nothing.

        Well I’ll be damned. Shakespeare was right again!

    • I believe learned helplessness is the entire point of masks and lockdowns.

      Think of it as a sort of secular sharia.

      • in order for oligarchs to force-vaccinate the population they 1st had to impose the mask rules on them. The promise of living in a world without masks is now being used as bait, “if you don’t wanna wear masks then everyone must vaccinate! Those who don’t vaccinate are holding you back!”

        • Those who don’t vaccinate must be ostracized. They are the new “devil”—and we can’t have the devil in our midst.

          This seems to be where Great Britain is headed rapidly. Those vaccinated must show proof in order to join in societal intercourse. We will get there as well, courtesy of our high tech oligarchs and corporate overlords.

          They already have produced cell phone apps to prove vaccinations are current, airlines and cruise ships state they will require such to travel as soon as vaccines become commonplace, and so forth. Cell phone, or at least a vaccination “card” will become as common for entry into stores as the current temperature checks and masks are now. Imagine a world where going about your lawful business is akin to airplane boarding.

          • “But it’s not REALLY tyranny because it’s the private sector doing it!”

            I can’t wait to hear the libertariantards making this argument.

          • I have long seen the current airport model as some utopian’s dream of where actual society ought to be headed. I rarely travel by aeroplane. I hate it. The dramatic security measures and now the medical interlude. Quite why any holiday would be worth this, I do not know. Although, many people I knew travelled to resorts (prisons) in Jamaica. I found it funny that their entire holiday was – to me at least – one long prison transfer.

            Where possible, I would travel by car or train, and have done so frequently across Europe in the last decade. Of course, with the scary virus on the loose any excuse will be made to enforce more checks. Even a casual walk around the office suggests an overemphasis on safety: today, the HR lady (as HR ladies are wont to do) placed a sign on a door informing all that ‘The corridor behind this door has some boxes stored in it. Be careful!’.

          • Orange frog –

            I’ve always said that secure borders is much safer than airport “security” checks and TSA tyranny. The true moral of 9/11 is that open borders are deadly.

            Besides: 90% of the airport “security” agents were scowling Arabs + africans last time I flew. 100% of airport staff were Somalians. I hope I can be excused for not feeling super safe. Even with enhanced measures.

          • My friend’s stepdaughter in northern England called her in a panic a few days ago – there were trucks and soldiers in her street going door to door to vaccinate people (primarily the elderly first). She kept the lights off and the door shut. I’m not exaggerating and it is coming.

      • Funny . . . I think of masks as our dhimmi veils. The pun sweetens the phrase, but the association gives it its kick.

    • I think it’s more a modern version of bread and circuses.

      All of it is intended to keep people distracted and arguing with each other – to leave the ruling class free to loot.

      Along those lines, Steve Schmidt, one of the “hero’s” of the Lincoln project recently admitted that he didn’t give a shit how many republicans voted for or supported Trump or didn’t. It’s really a stunning admission that his whole act was just a griff.

    • It’s all prelude to depopulation. It was going to happen anyway. The delusional ‘elites’ are trying to guide it in a way that serves their interests. It won’t work out how they think it will.

      • By 2030 we’ll likely have ‘Children of Men’ due to the sterilents in the “vaccine” that is not a vaccine or a cure.

        Few hale babies being born.
        Welp, it had to be done. Better, maybe, than all the splodey stuff.

        What’s unanticipated is the social war. They knew what Thalidiomide was doing within the first year, yet continued to sell it for five years in 90 countries. (Sold as a way to calm pregnant women’s moods, ffs.)

        The bioweapnized flu propaganda can be rolled out whenever they wish. I expect we’ll all be carrying scorecards as to date, type, and brand as complicated at personal pronouns.

        How will any of this targeting work when everyone is watching everyone else?

        • were there ever any flipper babies at your school? i remember seeing a few around in the 60’s and early 70’s.

        • VD had a good post on it yesterday, i.e., the vaccine and a future coronavirus constituting a binary bioweapon. I could see that being the endgame, though I’m not sure about it being a Chinese thing. Rather, I’d bet they’re working with western elites, in a powerful position but not the driver’s seat, looking for their chance to double cross.

          • VD learned it from “Krazy Karl” Denninger who, despite his poo and bestiality fetishes, has nailed every aspect of the China virus from very early on. Denninger gets an A+ attaboy from me, as does Wm. Briggs, statistician to the stars. All hail to their names.

    • Not sure who’s more evil–the members of the Power Structure or animal researchers who would do that to helpless animals.

    • As I have been wont to say, insofar as humans are animals, if a zookeeper treated the animals with the same vindictiveness and hostility as our rulers treat us he would be sent to jail on animal cruelty charges.

    • Severian,

      About the rat fetish…ah..yes.

      The people ruling us are weak.
      They can try and are trying to channel Chavez and its not going to work. Someone else will be King Rat.


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