Modern Narodism

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The political reactionary is an essential component of left-wing mythology, going back to the French Revolution. In fact, most reactionaries are an invention of Left, so they always have an enemy. It is why they tend to go on murder sprees once they gain control of the institutions. The hunt for counter revolutionaries and running dog reactionaries provides fuel for permanent revolution. Once the revolution runs out of enemies, the revolution loses energy and collapses in on itself.

Even though the term reactionary has been abused by the Left, used as a slur against critics and opponents, it does not mean there are no reactionaries. The Thermidorian Reaction was a real thing. The Restoration of the French monarchy was, in part, a reactionary development. The restoration of the monarchy after the death of Cromwell could be classified as a reactionary event. After all, Charles II did order the body of Cromwell to be disinterred and displayed in chains.

While the Left owns the term, political reaction is not just a right-wing phenomenon nor is it strictly political. It can be argued that socialism and communism are reactions to the Industrial Revolution. After all, it was the Marxist who popularized the term. It was an 19th century pejorative for the current state of the world at the time. Various forms of socialism were a reaction to the sudden growth of a new class, who gained their wealth and power through the acquisition of industrial capital.

Narodism, which was a socialist movement in pre-revolutionary Russia, was a reaction to both the rise of capital and tsarism. The Narodniks, as they were called at the time, were a form of agrarian socialism rooted in the idea that the wealth of Russia was in the peasantry and small craftsman in the countryside. Initially, they were a reaction to the size and scale of the tsarist system of rule. They soon evolved into a reaction to the growing power of capital, just like other socialists of the age.

The interesting thing about the Narodniks is they were more than just a political or economic movement. They were a cultural movement as well. Faced with the sheer size of the tsarist system and the rapid cultural changes promised by the growth of industry, their response was to go back to the cultural roots of the people. The term Narodism comes from the word “narod”, a word equivalent to volk, which is a term familiar to most on the dissident right.

This is something relevant to this age. The technological revolution has allowed the managerial state to grow into something inconceivably massive. We live in an age in which there is little privacy. The eyes of the system are everywhere, even in our homes and in our private conversations. There is no way to escape the unblinking eye of the surveillance state. One force behind the current unrest is the growing sense that all of us are subject to the unwanted gaze of the managerial state.

Another aspect is the rise of the new class. Like the sudden appearance of the capital class in the industrial revolution, we suddenly have a new powerful class that gained its power and wealth through the capture of information. This new class did not get rich by building a better mouse trap. They got rich capturing an information bottleneck or a monopoly of some information service. Michael Bloomberg literally got rich from a monopoly on information to the financial service sector.

Another parallel to the Narodniks we are seeing is the “back to the people” approach by the various tribes on the dissident right. The Narodniks adopted the traditional clothing of the rural people and worked hard to portray themselves as the vanguard of the authentic Russian people. We see something like that on the dissident right. There is a desire to return to a more authentic way of living, rooted in local community. Like the Narodniks, the dissident right is more cultural than political.

The thing is though, the argument in favor of the Narodniks being reactionary falls apart when you look at their overall goals. They may have wanted to “return to the people” in a cultural and spiritual sense, but they did not want to return to a past system. Their program was a departure from the past and present. A proper way to describe what they imagined was something like a return to a point in the past and a do-over back to this point, but with a different set of choices.

This is something that kicks around the dissident right. There is an understanding that there is no going back. Even if you could restore things back to some point in the past when things were better, the roots of the present lie in that past. Liberal democracy is the fruit of American history. A do-over would most likely lead us right back to where we are now. In this regard, modern dissidents are more realistic than the Narodniks in that there is no idealized past or population at the center.

In this regard, civic nationalism is closer to modern reaction. They have created an idealized and largely fictional past. It was a series of innovation by their enemy that sent the country off course. They believe that if we just return to “our constitutional principles” everything will magically get back on the righteous path. Not only do they want to rip the past seventy years from the history books, but they would also like to remove all of the history that makes their imagined past plausible.

One last note on the Narodniks relative to this age. For the most part, the movement was a failure in that it failed to achieve any of its goals, other than the assassination of the Tsar in 1881. Their effort to educate and train the peasantry into a revolutionary force was a failure. The Narodniks were mostly urban intellectuals who had no understanding of the peasants. The assassination of the Tsar lost them whatever support they had among the people.

What they did, however, is lay the groundwork for what came next. Their idea of building an alternative base of power outside the system was adopted by 20th century revolutionary movements. Their tactics also informed others. Their organizational style and use of small group tactics were also a forerunner. Their ideas on generating debate outside what was allowed was an important contribution. They understood that the people needed to be reconditioned before they could challenge the system.

This is the final parallel to modern dissidents. Much of what goes on in dissident politics is a debate about challenging the prevailing orthodoxy. While we do not have peasants in the traditional sense, we do have them in a spiritual sense. Rewiring how they think of themselves and the system that created them, the “converting normie” thing, is an important part of dissident politics. Like the Narodniks, this must happen in small groups using non-traditional tactics to work around the system.

This is why the Narodniks and modern dissidents would fall outside the traditional definition of reactionary. The initial energy is a reaction to the changes in the culture brought about by rapid innovation, but there is no desire to return to the past. Instead, these movements are pre-reactionary and proto-revolutionary, a transition phase in the response to the current age. Dissident politics is a rejection of the modern and what created it, with a vague understanding of what comes next.

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122 thoughts on “Modern Narodism

  1. “Dissident politics is a rejection of the modern and what created it, with a vague understanding of what comes next.”

    Pay attention to James Howard Kunstler. We shall soon have a peasantry of the old school and the future is the horse and buggy, the riverboat and town fairs for barter.

  2. south Africa continually has blackout since 2007 when the number of power plants being “unable to operate effectively”
    that’s what wonderful rainbow color diversity worked, literally depopulated civilized people and replace with primitive quality of people
    new power plants in Limpopo only provided electricity to industrial complex own by the Chinese

    apparently the same thing happened to the Non-white State of Texas’s Power Grid went off line because of cold weather
    America already leeches the south Africa levels of degradation, and parasitic rulers still thinking that the world is their sandbox

    I’m going to blame certain ethnic group who had been brain of American society quite long time
    Bernard Baruch, Kissinger, Brzezinski, Lawrence Summers, Kushner, every god damn administration has a key advisor like them
    Notice something?

    • Yeah, we’re well into elder abuse territory now.

      If the guy wasn’t a known creep and life-long parasite I might even feel some sympathy.

  3. I’m speaking about the early 80s when this began. In-groups have changed and restructured for the current zeitgeist but the concept remains the same.

    I was a skateboarder in the 80s. It was a counter-culture movement as I remember vividly. That sub-group was notorious for vandalism, smoking, drinking and “fighting the man”. Skateboarding in and of itself was nothing more than a sub-strait for the culture to manifest around. Just as the resurgence of “hippies” in the 90s as a bunch of Gen-X kids were following the Grateful Dead around the country in an effort to evoke a new wave of counter-culture. Dressing and acting the part was the signifier of what in-group you belonged to.

    Yes skateboarding like any other pseudo-sport requires dedication and skill, but for the vastly large majority of the kids skateboarding is far more of an identity as a sub-group than it is a hobby or potential career.

    There is still a guy in my home town at the age of 45 that I went to high school with that still skateboards around town in some type of peter pan divorced reality. When you talk to him he is obviously trying to re-live the past as a “cool” guy and cant possibly give up his identity as a skateboarder because for him its more than just a plank of wood with wheels….its way of life, membership to a group. That is what marketing has done. It created sub-groups with strict identity rules and elevated them past healthy concepts like family, community and national identity.

    • Ah, that makes sense. What’s old is new again, then; the young skaters today are still defying authority but this time, with healthier outcomes.

    • “Marketing” works on people who pay attention to it, but there are those who don’t. The latter group is made up of those who are likely to want little to do with what passes for “woke” folk, nearly all of them without an original, sensible thought in their well-washed brains.

  4. Cultural movements were captured by highly paid marketers and influence peddlers in the early 80’s. Where once there was just a salesman selling you an item based on need now enter the marketer….

    …The marketer and her corporate engine were able to capture an entire generation (Gen X) with slick commercials driving the need for in-group inclusion and sub-group identity with colorful and highly engineered vehicles like MTV and fashion conscious outlets like GAP, Swatch and Benetton . This ramped up the idea of being “cool”. Were you a skateborder or a metal-head? Were you a prep or a jock? Reinforcing this was the critical rise of celebrity worship of all types including actors, musicians and athletes who would echo and bring credentials to your identified sub-group.

    Of course as Gen-X aged these sub-groups had dormant political leanings baked into in-group identity. Skateborders and metal-heads had the drug culture, jocks and preps had the soccor-mom karens and cuck sportballs fans. They were still being marketed to, continuing to direct their sub-group identities, but with more of an adult twist and sophistication.

    In order for us to reclaim the narrative for our culture as Whites, or more broadly, Americans, we need to begin to tear down the perceptions of in-group think. When we can get the younger generation to begin thinking of celebrities, fashion, promotional campaigns and collective lexicon as “uncool” we can begin to reduce if not destroy the highly sophisticated marketing engine aligned against our collective interests as a people and nation. Once that form of narrative control is ridiculed and mocked I suspect normal inclinations of racial identity and local political needs based on day to day life will fill the vacuum.

    I know it may be a grotesque example; but the ‘autists” at 4chan have had some varying success over the last few years deconstructing the notions of “cool” and “uncool” as it rests with the younger culture, and then extrapolated into a political ideology germinating into older age.

    • “This ramped up the idea of being “cool”. Were you a skateborder or a metal-head?… Skateborders and metal-heads had the drug culture”

      How many skateboarders have you known? Drugs are the recreation of choice for people who, as a rule, don’t go outside to play. Skateboarding requires skill. Developing skills is not something that the Powers That Be ever encourage, let alone weed and pills.

      I predict that when California’s lockdowns are finally defeated, it’ll be the skateboarders and surfers that we’ll have most to thank. Already they’ve been the first to spite the Lockdowners.

    • Awesome- good analysis of the battlefield. We need marketing in the TikTok age. We need to be… no, we ARE the cool kids, the bad boys who make history happen.

      We’re the Movement now.

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    • Its been a week since they updated, at least that is what is displaying for me. I’ve been wondering if its related to all the global warming snow storms.

  6. “There is a desire to return to a more authentic way of living, rooted in local community. Like the Narodniks, the dissident right is more cultural than political.”

    To the extent that this is true, it echoes the fascist rejection of overly scientific and rationalized modernity. European fascists and protofascists believed that rationalization produced extreme social homogeneity, where everybody gravitated toward and thus lived according to scientific specifications. There was no true diversity, no creativity, no risk and no spontaneity. Instead, people lived in accordance with numbing bourgeoise conformity. Their highest ideal was the acquisition of material wealth for purposes of ostentation and status.

    Fascist or otherwise, I must say that these critiques had merit 100 years ago and they have merit now.

  7. The key to our future is finding and cultivating ethical men with leadership capabilities in our movement, men who have purpose and determination.
    Not grifters.
    And it helps if our men have a bit of swagger and are good communicators.
    We have one of those men authoring this site, he is getting older, and we need more young men coming up.
    The vacuum in good leadership within Conservative inc has been exposed, the Ted Cruz fiasco is a prime example, these guys are dumber than a box of rocks and not good leaders.
    On our side we must build parallel societies and build anything we can get away with building but above all we must build it with quality people and learn to see the Richard Spencer’s and the grifters like him and refuse to follow them.
    Cultivating good moral ethical leaders must be a priority now going forward.

    • The problem is that all the “good” white male leaders were swept away into finance, coding, and cities for decades. You can walk around a rural area and see that, while it is quite white, the human capital can be quite, errr, low.

      I also believe that this is changing in the coming generations, unless your iq is over 120 you are basically screwed as a white male. Given skyrocketing rents, increasing vibrancy (violence) in cities, and anti-white hiring practices, more and more smarter white guys might be forced into a different path.

      Just need to keep them away from drugs, suicide, depression, and porn which is unfortunately seeming to be the escape for white men rather than facing the harsh truth and working towards a better future.

    • Re: Ted Cruz. He’s been around plenty long enough to have known better. Maybe he has a K-street job lined up, or a sinecure at a university?

      • Nah, just a return to the old way of doing things.

        Republicans are the evil, miserly old white men at the country club who cackle at the thought of poor people freezing in texas.

        It’s all scripted. Trump brought them off script but they’re reading it line by line again.

        • Whatever. He’s done. Whether they should or not, Optics Matter. With regard to Politicians they matter most when your constituents are suffering and you bugger off.

          • I’ve never been a fan of the Cuban/Canadian Cruz, but I think he’s being unfairly slandered here. Poor optics perhaps, but I don’t want a political representative to hold my hand or ‘feel my pain.’ Personally, I would not venture to Mexico, but Cruz was doing what a man is supposed to do – look out for his family’s welfare. Sure, politicians always enrich themselves and the rules don’t apply to them, but how would his family remaining in Texas without power have ‘helped’ anyone? This attitude that leaders (natural or elected artificial ones) need to be our friends and counselors is weak and sick. I don’t want a winning sports team invited to the White house, or the President to emote over the latest ‘tragedy of the day’ inflicted by nature. That’s what a woman would do, not a leader and a man.

          • He’s done because texas is like 30% white now and it will be rigged for Beto in the next election anyways.

            Republicans are back to being the cuck / stupid party. It has always been their job to be losers and cruz’s optics are perfect and we’ll planned when you view it from that lense.

  8. I’ve never heard the term as anything other than a slur against reasonable people who don’t support the latest progressive insanity.

    If you don’t think a man in a sundress is a woman, you might be a reactionary.

  9. Successful revolutionaries lie in wait for a crisis point. Sometimes years. No one even knows how many Russians were lost during WW1. They were humiliated in Poland in 1916. A weak Russia was further weakened and broken by that war. I strongly believe that our beliefs (common sense) won’t really catch fire until our tranny filled military is humiliated somewhere, fall of Saigon style. Maybe Afghanistan? Maybe Syria? Maybe the CCP rolling over Taiwan? It could also take the form of an eventual currency debasement, perhaps at the same time.

    • Yes, I agree. There will be some form of collapse followed by chaos and an attempted authoritarian takeover (rise of a new from of covert tyranny). This will likely trigger a proto civil war and some serious efforts toward secession by many states. And this will inevitably lead to deadly clashes between patriot militias and well-meaning (but dutiful) LEOs & NG units. Amidst this chaos and battle fog, opportunities will arise. Rather than take an unnecessary bullet on a militia battle line, why not strike from the shadows at the heart of the problem. Precision rather than brute force.

  10. Uncle Screwtape would ask his nephew, ” how many souls have brought to hell?” and, “how did you do so?”

    The enemy knows what our weaknesses are. Flesh, stimulation, apathy, boredom.

    Dear Z-man readers, I ask you “how many souls have you brought to this side” and, “how did you do it?”

    My current number is “zero”…but I’m working on it. Even the suburban/ urban keyboard jockeys who can’t change the oil in their car (and are reading this site & comments instead of working) have SOMETHING to offer. If you have nothing to offer, LEARN.

    My wife and sons know how to operate defensive machines. I’ve introduced my few friends and their children. For the first time in my life, I have something to offer beyond myself.

    If cube monkey like me can do something, then the smart-good looking folk reading this webzine can as well. Build a still. Learn to stitch. Find a REAL church/ school / boyscout troop.
    Strive to find your inner-Lineman.

  11. Rewiring how they think of themselves and the system that created them, the “converting normie” thing, is an important part of dissident politics.

    This is huge and difficult. We have to remember to give it to Normies in small doses. You can’t come at them with ethno-nationalism right off the bat. We need to keep them in their comfort zone while expanding both their vocabulary and their view of what’s acceptable thought.

    For example, I like the phrase “Equal Rights for Whites.” It’s short and easy to remember. But, more importantly, it keeps Normies in their comfort zone with “equal rights” while getting them to think of whites as a group.

    • I would possibly add the usage of the term ‘anti-white’ which I have found very useful; and far more well received than I would have thought. Covid overreach and the crushing of freedoms is also a great play. I have taken to asking people “How did you celebrate Christmas last year? With no family around you? That is the ‘new normal'”. Once again, positive responses. Of course, if you know of local business that has been crushed then this can be used too.

      Another one which I intend to try, is to constantly link – with no comment – articles detailing horrific crimes. These crimes will have all been committed by blacks, just let them read it themselves with no judgement on your part. Fortunately, many papers still seem able and willing to name offenders. Perhaps there are only so many Ekilou Okigbo’s one can see linked to crime before the reality starts creeping in. That said, I haven’t tried this tactic yet so it may backfire.

      • Anti-white is also good. Normies won’t shut you out mentally if you stick with “equal treatment.” We first need to break down their unwillingness to think of whites as a group. Once that barrier is gone, we can move onto making them think about freedom of association, again, not breaking away, just being free to hang out with whom you choose, whether that be whites or other groups.

        • Many white people have just never considered themselves as their own group with group interests. Certain key words and ideas like anti-white, in group / out group preferences, talented tenth theory, and NAXALT really plant seeds in their heads.

          Especially when it’s coming from a respectable white person, spoken in a calm, rational and non spergy manner.

          It’s a slow process but these are thoughts that many white people have never even considered.

          • Whites didn’t need to think in group terms for centuries. We were the government, the society, etc. We had no real competition.

            Now, we do.

      • I’ve done this with good effect with a dear friend. She is devout Christian who professes to ‘love everyone,’ so I constantly forward her stories about the latest black-on-White atrocities. VDare has actually had a good roundup each month for the last few – all those local atrocities that never make the national news. She’s always been both a Christian and a country girl ready to defend herself and her family by whatever means necessary, but this has significantly helped make her aware of just how pervasive and constant the black/White macroaggressions are.

        • Probably an even better method is to forward fewer stories about violence, which people can rationalize as not affecting them personally, and send more about racial discrimination and humiliation of Whites.

          The Coca-Cola story about brainwashing their employees to not be White is a good example. It’s something that’s easily readable and evokes a sense that society is against us. Defining your group as “against another, especially one that wishes to harm us” is much more effective than just trying to scare people; it’s worked for the Jews. Vdare tried the “scare the boomers” strategy for years and it didn’t work. Now Biden wants to amnesty millions of future democrats and the GOP may not be able to stop him. They rejected identity in favor of civicnationalism, directly espoused in a lawsuit previously filed by the organization against the NYT IIRC, and they lost as a result. Cheap scares won’t do the trick.

          Make your friend realize she is White no matter what else she may think and that she’s the victim of hatred and discrimination. With violence, she can rationalize it away, but systemic oppression is something she cannot simply wish away or escape from by moving to a new town. It’s everywhere. She may not think she is White, but society does. Use that to your advantage.

    • “We have to remember to give it to Normies in small doses. You can’t come at them with ethno-nationalism right off the bat. We need to keep them in their comfort zone while expanding both their vocabulary and their view of what’s acceptable thought.”

      Agree 100%. As Kirk Lazarus said, “Never go full ethno-nationalist in the beginning, or you’ll come home empty handed.” I call it “bread-crumbing”, tossing seeds. Just give them something to chew on, something that might sprout into an idea later, or even the inspiration for an idea. The biggest task is to lead them subtly “to their own conclusions.” People will only accept ideas passionately when they think they discovered/formed it themselves.

      Its usually a thankless task, and you may never rest in the shade of those seeds. But it’s most effective with normie acquaintances. It’s low effort, low investment–if it doesn’t stick, ah well, you didn’t say too much to risk your reputation anyhow, there’s always next time.

  12. The Narodniks did indeed prepare the ground for what came next, and what came next was Communism, a system that killed more people in its first year in power than Tsarism killed in a century.

    It’s not enough to destroy the present system, although Lord knows that is necessary. We have to make sure that what comes next is an improvement. To assume that any change is going to be good is to indulge in a right-wing form of Obamaism. And the first step is to know what we are fighting FOR, as well as against…

    • “We have to make sure that what comes next is an improvement.”

      This is exactly why I don’t want a Collapse. It’s not that the current authorities are acceptable, it’s that their designated replacements are even worse.

      • The collapse is inevitable. As evidence, I submit the current crop of DC politicians, their endless & exponentially growing deficits, an unstoppable election fraud machine, a complicit Supreme Court, a plan to amnesty 40 million illegals, and the “science” justifying 67 gender variants. What comes next is indeed unknown, but the Good Guys won in 1776 and it can happen again.

        • Yes a good outcome can certainly happen, but only if we make it happen. It’s not a slam dunk. Hating the present system is necessary, but it’s not enough. Pure hatred and nihilism get you Russia 1917. Faith in God, wisdom, faith in the future and courage get you 1776. That sounds pretty idealistic for me, but it can happen.

  13. there is no desire to return to the past.

    Maybe not return to the past, but to a past. That’s what Trumpers are about: back to the eighties where black people meant Eddie Murphy and Bill Cosby.

    We have people larping as pagans and not being laughed at. Dissident right imagery is about blondes in traditional dresses, trampling the wheat fields and petting cows, castles, crusaders, Vikings, you name it.

    And frankly, if you could beam me back to the eighties, I’d take it no questions asked.

    • Maybe not a desire to return to the past, but rather an ethnostate. Prior to the 1990s most Western countries were ethnostates. Imagine a world where Don Drapers continued existing…we’d still have Apple Phones and PCs maybe, but we’d have an singular cultural dynamism behind it rather than a mush of diverse interest groups and foreign capital feeding off the carcas of Draper’s world.

      • Good point.

        But that’s not how many ethnats see the future; they don’t want the stars, they want to have their own Petit Trianon, their little play-farms.

    • Trumpers/CivNats will do anything to avoid crossing the line of racial awareness. They want all the goodies of a 90% white ethno-state without the ickyness of viewing themselves as a people and defending their land from other peoples.

      They are spoiled children.

      • They’re cowards

        And how can anyone be a CivNat when no one in the system even pipes up about how it is wrong an immoral to be bashing on white people. Has anyone said anything about it? No, they sit by and let those people steamroll us

      • Expressing this desire (especially if you are UMC living in a coastal city) is absolutely forbidden.

    • Petticoat Junction actress Gunilla Hutton were mistress of black men
      going back times so you can revisit dehumanizing and degrading white society, but that’s another escapism and submission

      My fucking god, 10 million of white people who love their ancestry is too much to ask?
      Is it really impossible to find 10 million of healthy white people do build up ethnic community?
      Then why are you here?

      you can go back 1957 if you want, I just watched Leave It To Beaver
      and It was terrible to know how things so fucked up

  14. Everyone’s favorite Dinesh D’Souza is out talking about starting up a new university system. He’s talking about An America within America. A distinct and separate community of the likeminded. An entirely new infrastructure of education and social media owned by conservatives so we can never be cancelled.

    …..sounds familiar

    And so the grift has begun

    Be aware

    • Celebrate this! When a dodgy Pajeet realizes the way to grift off Civ Nats is to hustle for a parallel system, it shows how much things have moved our way.

      • It’s partly for the grift and partly for the control. Remember what they did to national conservatism under Trump: they flew in an Israeli foreigner and adviser to their PM to define what the movement meant. Predictably, the guy organized a conference where he banned guys like Peter Brimelow from attending and denounced “racism” (meaning: your group’s identity … he was fine with his own back in his ethnostate). Grifters like Shapiro and D’Souza simply want to define terms favorable to them and gatekeep ideas which you aren’t allowed to hear. Watch for them to start asserting your movement has no place for “racism” in it (meaning: White identity), that “demographics don’t matter, ideology does,” “we support legal immigration, not illegal immigration,” and “we embrace the legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King jr.” I wouldn’t be surprised if it turned out there was a state agency supporting them in their efforts after all these groups were found to be led by fed informants.

    • And it will last as long as some NY venture capitalists “invest” in it and start changing things. It almost happened to Gab. Jared Kushner’s group wanted to invest into Gab and Torba knew how badly Kushner screwed over Trump so he told his minions to go pound sand.

    • Yes, it’s a grift, but it could be good for our side. Getting whites to start thinking in terms of creating separate systems is what we need. Also, creating those separate systems weakens the dominate system and shows how to create a separate community.

      Yes, it’s a diversion, but it would move people closer to us. The key is to keep them moving instead of settling in and going back to sleep.

      • Perhaps.

        As our esteemed blog host has said, though… historically our adversaries go on murder sprees. In east Europe they killed millions. In China and the orient they killed tens of millions. They are talking openly of doing the same here and are actively ginning themselves up for it. While he’s doing that… we are talking about parallel or separate institutions.

        If you did that, they would be a raised middle finger at Leftie. If they worked and worked well (and we know they would), Lefty would be driven into a homicidal rage. The same way noggers are by the success of white culture and the failure of their own.

        I think the DR really needs to think more tactically than philosophically at this point. The boogaloo will be upon us sooner rather than later…

        • Yep, it’s not joke.

          Normiecons are still giggling about the “socialist millenial snowflakes” when in fact these people are highly dangerous, as seen in russia and china.

          • It was cringe when Con, Inc., constantly laughed at the likes of AOC. She lies with impunity and would have people mowed down in a nanosecond for the crime of disagreement. We remember the likes of Pol Pot not because of the books he authored. The snowflakes are quite dangerous and ready cannon fodder for their handlers. Listen to people when they tell you they want you exterminated. Exhibit A was the vicious, senile fool interviewed today as the puppet USAG

      • Or not. Guys like Ben Shapiro are working hard to divert your attention away from your communities and to their civnat gatekeeping operations. It’s not a coincidence this guy started his well-heeled movie machine the instant we brought up the concept of creating our own communities. They’ve done this before.

        They did the same thing to national conservatism — inserted themselves into our thing and tried to redefine it for their purposes and to exclude us.

        occidentaldissent: made-in-israel-national-conservatism-hosts-rome-conference

        occidentaldissent: kosher-nationalism-is-nothing-but-zionism

        counter-currents: hazonys-anglo-hebrew-nationalism

        When we say “build parallel systems” we mean “build parallel systems for our people” specifically; we want to be able to create and congregate among ourselves and our communities safe from outside interference. We don’t mean a replication of civnat cuckservatism.

        How much do you want to bet Ben Shapiro’s effort makes anything about our people’s identity?

        Here is a review of his first effort:

        “Benny Shapiro and his suckling Jeremy Boreing bought the film, slapped the Daily Wire name on it, made themselves “executive producers,” and paywalled it on the Daily Wire website. Let the con begin! Ben and Jeremy … began promoting the movie to their rubes as a “conservative must-see! Only $14 to support the kind of film that reflects OUR values!”
        Except there’s nothing even remotely rightist about the film. Just the opposite, in fact. It’s typical lefty Hollywood pap in which the young feminist heroine and her noble black bestie defeat evil white Nazi teens who shoot innocent minority students and sexually torture the (also noble) Latina Spanish teacher while spewing racist insults. In one scene, as the lead Nazi kid forces the survivors of his rampage to blockade the school cafeteria doors with lunchroom tables, he boastfully proclaims, “See, it’s not that hard to build a wall.”

        Somewhere out there are MAGAs who lost money on the wall grift only to lose more money paying Shapiro for a film that mocks them as Nazis for wanting a wall.

        On Jan. 4, the mainstream trade publication Deadline ran a softball promotional piece on the Daily Wire’s pay-per-view presentation of Run Hide Fight. … The left wants you to be bled dry. Yes, spend your money on becoming a Daily Wire “insider.” Yes, keep trusting Bannon, and when he asks you to write that next check, do it! You’re carrion, and the left is cheering the vultures.”

        takimag: the-con-is-back-on

        So that’s what we can expect. Don’t fall for it. Too many already have. Although, it’s not hard to blame them. The police state deliberately banned Shapiro’s competition in an effort to drive traffic to his channel. Same with Crowder. They only want you to see approved propaganda that doesn’t threaten their interests.

    • The idea of parallel institutions has been around since at least the 90s. It’s not a bad idea, but unfortunately, those allegedly on the right possessing the money to bring it off, would much rather devote their millions to Harvard so they can get their name on a wall. As long as rich “conservatives” are this stupid and selfish, parallel institutions are stillborn.

  15. The point about how the assassination of Tsar Alexander II also killed the Narodniks is a solid one and deserves attention. The peasants revered Alexander as much for his role as spiritual leader as reformer, which he was. His death at the hands of an alien ideologue was a bridge too far. The Bolsheviks understood this and murdered the Romanovs in private and blamed the Whites.

    The takeaway for us should be not to denigrate Normie’s conception of history and the Constitution no matter how ludicrous. Instead, correctly point out how his rights, traditions and faith were deliberately murdered by the new rulers. Let him understand the things he wants and reveres were stolen and cannot come back under the current regime. Events actually are accomplishing this. Just formulate the narrative around the sorrow and outrage at the loss and the need for a new paradigm to replace what was.

  16. We can’t go back to a theoretically better time, but can we at least get back to a more traditional way of thinking about things? Such as men wearing dresses and claiming to be female or two dudes getting “married” is actually insane It seems the best way forward is to get more people thinking about some of these cultural issues in a normal/rational way rather than just going with the flow. Divorcing oneself from MSM agitprop would go a long way.

    • “the best way forward is to get more people thinking about some of these cultural issues in a normal/rational way rather than just going with the flow. Divorcing oneself from MSM agitprop would go a long way.”

      You’ve just described the major goal of the dissident right–“converting the normie”– since 2014/5. I think these efforts have been stagnate since late 2018ish. That’s when the realization set in: the MSM, the enemy is so powerful, and the normie is even more indoctrinated than we had anticipated. We thought we could win quick victories with shock-troops, but have realized we are fighting a war of attrition in our enemy’s vast territory, with far less resources and manpower.

      The last few battles, The Summer Riots, the Covid Scam, the Presidential Election/Fraud and the “Faux Insurrection” showed promise early, but did not convert nearly as many normies as initially anticipated. In fact, we may have lost ground.

      I personally have shifted my overall strategy. Forget the normie for the time being.We will not win this war of attrition this year or the next. My immediate goal is to try like hell to join or form an IRL community of like-minded people, and try to build that small community outside the system. Let the Left make mistakes, and point it out to normie when possible, but don’t expect much from them.

      Maybe I’m way off the mark, or just projecting my own experience onto the entire circumstance/movement.

      • I think we should focus less on normie and more on young men who probably think they should be on the left but who have an independent spirit and are figuring out where they really stand. So many young guys who to me look like they could be lefties turned out not to be, to my surprise, and very receptive to DR. Skate or surf punk types. Gamers. Guys into indie music. Car buffs. Goes on and on.

        • Interesting you mention the car buffs. When I first started at my place of work, I had a colleague who immediately I thought of as a leftist. It was based in his having an earring in a ‘faggy location’. Plus, other things. But primarily the earring.

          Turns out he was a tinkerer on his car and loved to race motorbikes. He has been the man I have made the most headway with of late, particularly in light of the shamdemic. I have broached all manner of subjects with him, including dropping this line: “The problem with liberalism is that it is at war with reality. The belief that people of different sexes and races have the same abilities is false; that they can be anything they want, is false.”. He didn’t protest.

          • “The problem with liberalism is that it is at war with reality. The belief that people of different sexes and races have the same abilities is false; that they can be anything they want, is false.” He didn’t protest.”

            Sometimes people don’t protest cause they wanna end the debate/discussion as soon as possible.

            Also, that’s such a low bar, but I guess if you were to make one step further “Hey, you know joggers and israelites behave like parasites?” he would have probably freaked out, anything beyond that makes you a comic book villain “Whites ought to segregate from them, you know? Non-whites are being weaponized against us!”

      • I think we’ve definitely made progress, but yes are disappointed at it’s very limited pace. It’s just a hard sell to get normies to buy into the idea that pretty much everything that they take for granted is a lie.

        • “It’s just a hard sell to get normies to buy into the idea that pretty much everything that they take for granted is a lie.”

          You got that right–it sure is a hard sell right now. I don’t understand it, as the culture is revolting to me at this point. I honestly don’t know how you can’t see it/feel it smack you in the face and rub your nose in it at this point. But normie just will not see it. They will delude themselves as long as they can remain personally and immediately comfortable. They refuse to look any further than their current comfort level–true New Age Zen masters, eternally in the moment!

          I’ve tried selling the “think of the kids” and the culture/society they’ll be forced to grow up in argument, and yet this doesn’t seem to stick.

          Maybe I cohabit with too many sub/urbanites. The GF and I are really trying to parlay a permanent work from home situation so we can expand our potential to move to more rural areas. One would think our message would be easier to digest there.

          • Perhaps in the face of the immensity of the cultural horror, many of them have adopted apathy as a defense.

        • Plus, normie whites skew older. They are temperamentally disinclined to take on the discomfort of fighting the powers that be, because they have a decent IRA or pension at risk.

          Personally, I don’t bother with normies. My life experience has taught me that intensity 1) can break monoliths and 2) doesn’t scale at all. A precisely delivered blow can be more destructive than a steam roller, if done right. Thus, overwhelming force is not simply a matter of numbers.

      • I’ve suggested here for a few years now that people quit wasting time trying to convert normies. Inertia is extremely powerful, and constantly reinforced by most people’s insanely high intake of electronic media. Absolutely try to build/join an IRL community. Work on your own health (physical and mental) and that of your immediate family and closest friends (and if they’re woke/leftist, they’re not your friends, no matter how long you’ve known them). The most receptive to the DR recognition of reality are young White men, most of whom have been raised being told they’re garbage and their ancestors and civilization were evil. And don’t expect instant results. My oft-repeated desperate desire to move is actually finally bearing fruit – my husband is still not financially ready to commit, but he’s started watching back-to-nature and small farming videos on his own time and sharing them with me (our recent stint without electricity and how relatively well I had prepared and we coped – and helped our son and his wife without power or water – made quite an impression on him). Baby steps.

    • Indeed we can go back to a time when such crap as men in dresses and fags marrying would have been considered the height of depravity. Instead of throwing the past into the garbage can like the DR does it can be used as a reference of what can be and should be.

      It really wasn’t that long ago this poison was not tolerated. It is because of 9 black robed goons and the DOJ who issue a continual stream of cultural fatwas enforced by angry white men with guns did it come to pass. As well as demographic destruction of Whites.

      And none of them, work for us, they never have.

      In fact most of the insanity can be traced back to the actions of a bunch of unelected judges, bankers, business tycoons and elites behind the MSM ramming one toxic cultural decree after another. A real group effort as it were.

      So much of the cultural rot the American people had to endure for the last 60 plus years was promoted by this small select group of powerful men, It wasn’t democracy that wrecked our country it was them. Democracy was always their glossy front man who kept people from looking behind the curtain.

      • Democracy may not have been the catalyst for America’s destruction, but it did dam’ little to retard it.

    • Connect the dots. Covid panic kills off airline passenger traffic & revenue. Lost revenue leads budget cutbacks. Cutbacks lead to reduced maintenance. Less maintenance leads to more frequent equipment failures. Not rocket science.

      • If corp revenues are pared back, and older white mechanics are cashing out in early retirement, a corporation “commits to diversity” so the regulators and lenders will throw it a lifeline of credit.

        (Then the share buybacks begin, fluffing management’s golden parachutes.)

        • “They say once upon a time, people could fly through the air. Of course, those are probably just stories.” — Our Descendants

          • NYC will be atlantis in the future.

            People lived in giant towers, lived into their 80s and flew across the world.

            Just legends of course; everybody knows that’s not possible.

        • This +1000

          From what I’ve been able to dig up, the two key issues are 1) layoffs to maintainence workers and 2) all dry storage is full. Regarding the latter, planes apparently cannot sit for extended periods of time in a humid environment or they need overhauled in order to fly. The cheap way to deal with this is to warehouse them in someplace in Arizona. The expensive way involves a rather convoluted form of shrink wrap. Also, lots of pilots are out of practice.

    • Just watch what happens if they are foolish enough to pull any of the planes in storage and attempt to return them to service…

    • Leave any airframe sitting idle without maintenance, even in the friendly climes of the dry Mojave and you’ll have problems. The Air Force takes months of depot-level work to regenerate aircraft sent to Davis Monthan. I wonder of this airframe received a cursory inspection at best. Like anything mechanical, airplanes and their seals and hydraulic lines and other components don’t like to sit idle. Seals fail. Lines freeze or get clogged. I just wonder if the issue was FOD from an ingested bird.

    • The short version is: Financialization; Mergers; Outsourcing. Since 6/13 Boeing spent more than $43.4Bn, not on productive investment, but on stock buybacks. They outsourced their software development to $9/hr “engineers” in India. The investigation into the 2018 and 2019 crashes of the 737Max yielded these internal memo gems:
      “This airplane is designed by clowns, who in turn are supervised by monkeys.”
      “I’ll be shocked if the FAA passes this turd.”
      “This is a joke. This airplane is ridiculous.”
      “Jesus, it’s doomed.”
      “Would you put your family on a MAX simulator trained aircraft? I wouldn’t.”
      Anyway, Boeing’s priorites have shifted.

    • After reading some Zero Hedge comments I think these failures may be part of an intentional op to wind down mass commercial air travel to aid the implementation of the globo-fascist neo-feudal society as part of the Great Reset.

      • Canadian airports are entirely staffed by Somalians and the “security” agents are all angry looking Arabs and other assorted hostile parasites. 1/10 is a blue hair lesbian.

        I’m more surprised that this *hasn’t* gone wrong yet than anything else.

        Everything does point to planned destruction of the modern world, leading us towards a “fascist neo-feudal society as part of the Great Reset”.

        • Look at the silver lining: if we can’t fly to third world, then the third world can’t fly to us. Junking planes will probably do more for border security then the orange one’s wall.

      • Doubtful. The problem with low IQ but high ability noticers is that they tend to connect dots that shouldn’t be connected and seek complicated answers when simpler explanations will suffice. The Chinese aren’t giving up commercial aviation anytime soon. By 2030, they’ll have a serious competitor to Airbus and Boeing. They’ve sent more than $70 billion on the effort over just the last 10 years (officially that is; unofficially it could be even higher). You don’t just spend that kind of money only to throw it away on some harebrained Western scheme. So, that theory is DOA. More likely: nuAmerica just can’t do what it used to be able to do with these demographics and this corporate culture. Add in the stress from Covid downtime and probably some older White male retirements (and maybe even faulty engineering) and you have about 90% of your answer.

  17. “Like the Narodniks, this must happen in small groups using non-traditional tactics to work around the system.”

    This is really the only viable way forward that I can think of. It is a long game, the other long game option being a ‘reverse of the march through the institutions’; and given the general nature of the traditionally minded man I don’t think this possible. A man who thinks that community ought to be build from the ground up is going to find it a hard task to absorb himself fully into an enemy institution. Indeed, this option must surely be off the table because those of a traditionalist mindset are in fact _so_ different from Wokists.

    Working around The System is the way to think of it. Keep an eye on it and spot where it can be used to your advantage; just today I have had some fun with HR Health & Safety… these people don’t actually like it when you make them do something: “Sorry, but I don’t think my screen is at the right height, could you adjust it please?”. Sure, it’s petty, but it also a form of preaching as both parties know how pathetic it is. You can _feel_ the make-work. Finally, there is a lot of strength to be drawn from seeing The System as it is. This is what many normal people still have trouble with, and it is doubly troubling because the insanity is now too hard to hide.

    There is a commenter here who always talks about the MSM pumping out stories that will make you despondent. That will cause you to resign yourself to ‘progress’. It is very important to recall, at all times, that most of that in MSM is not necessarily representative of where one may live. I was discussing with the wife at the weekend this very fact, when you get out to rural areas you get a totally different sort of person – although unfortunately there are still plenty of woke whites. But there were no fearfully masked people. The first half of the battle really seems to consist of these two steps: first, remove yourself from the MSM’s reach; second, get out of big cities. My goodness, just go if you can – these will make you despondent too.

    Naturally, after that you’re going to need to select a place where there is either a strong existing community, or one that can be built. I have found in my travels that many people – particularly from the ages 45-80 – are receptive to my horror stories of city life. “You mean, you _see_ drug deals in the open?”, “Ten people were stabbed in your area over the weekend?”, “Why do so many people fight over food in the supermarkets near you?”. Each tale comes with it’s own hint as to who is responsible. I say tale, but these stories are true, however I wouldn’t be averse to making them up – Mr Normal needs propaganda, so be sure to give it to him.

  18. “The term Narodism comes from the word “narod”, a word equivalent to volk, which is a term familiar to most on the dissident right.”

    that’s interesting cause if an eastern european calls someone a neroda or a năród it means he thinks the person is a simpleton, the word is derogatory.

    • I wonder if it’s earlier usage is why it is a derogatory term now. Maybe it is just one of those words for simply folks that can be used multiple ways.

      • i looked it up, it’s true that back in the day narod had a different meaning.

        narod = someone capable of withstanding hard times or hard weather

    • The meaning of “neród” in Romanian is oafish, blockhead, dolt. foolish, silly, nonsensical, etc. Much like “simpleton.” In Romanian (not slavic) and all slavic languages that I know of, “narod” means “people (of a common type and culture), “nation,” and the like. In Polish, you have naród, narodowo, narodowość, and narodowy. “Birth” happens to be narodziny.

  19. There is no alternative ruling class to replace those now in charge, and the fates of the tea party and the “MAGA” people show this clearly. So I think the way forward is building that alternative: Encouraging home schooling (and if people can’t do it, providing them with resources to combat the public school indoctrination action); supporting businesses and people on our side, as Torba is trying to do; and as a fellow named lineman insists upon here, and rightly so, building communities where we are. Tintermediary institutions in our culture, the social, religious and youth clubs, so to speak, have fallen away. We need those back. Those are places where people learn to be leaders, and to recognize good leadership in others.

    • “supporting businesses and people on our side”

      Well, after reading Jim Goad’s Counter Currents entry today, I am going to have to stop drinking my once monthly can of Coke. Coke gone Woke – although that has probably been true for years now.

      On the plus side, I discovered that a fruiterers near me, that I thought had gone out of business due to the ‘Wuhan Virus’, has actually survived. The owners are white and don’t seem to hate themselves.

      • Every single global corporation worth its salt is hopelessly woke. Coke hardly has a leg up on some of the things I get from my even larger corporation.

      • Virtually every major corporation in the West–and especially in AINO–is anti-white. And generally speaking, the larger the corporation the more anti-white it is.

      • The woke corporations are actually great motivation for me to improve my diet. Mcdonald’s? BLM. Dominoes? All staffed by punjabis and also BLM. Coke? Anti white.

        I try and eat healthy and put as little money into the supply chain as possible. Remember that grocery stores lose money on flyer items – if you stick with flyer items you can eat meat every night on the cheap and cause a loss for the store every time you shop there.

        On rare occasions when I do eat out, I identify local shops that are still run by white folks. Generally italians / greeks still have some fast food shops in the family and I’ll get a pizza slice from there when my will breaks down.

        • “Remember that grocery stores lose money on flyer items – if you stick with flyer items you can eat meat every night on the cheap and cause a loss for the store every time you shop there.”

          LOL. How diabolical!

          • It’s called a loss leader. Flyer items are loss leaders, to attract you into the store for the sale and then most people spend on other crap that more than offsets the loss.

            Grocery stores make their margins on selling processed and packaged junk food.

            It’s called ‘perimeter shopping’ – shop the perimeter of the store for the fresh stuff and skip the packaged goods aisles in the middle.

            Unfortunately every grocery chain is also woke so I put them at a loss when I shop (and give my health a win).

  20. The Road Back (cont)
    Stop chasing the plastic carrot.

    The grifter charlatans of Conservative Inc. desperately want you to believe that voting harder will definitely, positively, take-it-to-the-bank, next-time-is-the-lead-pipe-cinch, guaranteed way to elect non-RINO Republicans to federal office. And as soon as the inevitable backstabbing begins, these hucksters will convulse into spasms of mock outrage & snark as their defense against having sold out their fan base once again. How many times will Normie fall for this con? Until he has no job, no income, & no comfort zone remaining. Get on the reality train now. Don’t be the last dolt holding the bag at the end of the line.

    • There are plenty of people who have finally awoken to this fact. However, the usual suspects are still peddling the line, “We have to vet good, solid candidates for 22/24”. This afternoon, a co-worker and I went to grab lunch and he had on a talk radio station in his car. Said host was interviewing someone (I can’t remember who) and they kept saying the same thing, “We really have to concentrate on getting good candidates elected in 22/24.”
      Virtually every caller they had on after the interview said almost the exact same thing, “You guys keep peddling that line about “next time” and you don’t get it, there isn’t going to be a next time. They stole two elections and nothing was done about it, what makes you think we’re going to take back both houses in 22 and the White House in 24?” Which of course, they had no response to because there is none. Based on what they’re doing to anyone remotely involved in what happened on 01/06, the future looks bleak. My apologies if I sound too “black pilled” here, but other than going into hiding like the early monks after the Vikings began their world tour in order to preserve what’s left of our civilization, I’m not sure what we can do, other than start very small. Our side just keeps getting more and more shitty news.

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