The Narrative Void

“Humankind cannot bear very much reality” is a line from a T.S. Eliot poem that has always been popular on the Right. While the Left does not have a monopoly on utopian thinking, it has never embraced realism. The Right, on the other hand, has always had an element that accepts the reality of the human condition. Not everyone on the Right or even a majority. One reality of the human condition is that most people, even the sober minded, prefer the escapism of fantasy to reality.

The fantasy view of politics is most obvious on the Left, of course. Much of what constitutes our current politics would best be described as a paranoid delusion or maybe even a psychotic break. Six weeks on and official Washington is still playing the game of make-believe over the January protests. For five years they were convinced that invisible Russians using mind control rigged the 2016 election. Left-wing politics, which means mainstream politics, is just a long conspiracy theory.

Another thing that is made obvious with left-wing reality avoidance is that it is deliberate, something of a cottage industry. There are people who invest all of their time patching up the fantasies and inventing new ones. Here’s an example from the conspiracy site Vox, about how Progressives are trying to “catch-up” to right-wing media. The absurdity of the post is not rare. These fantasies are churned out like shark’s teeth in order to have a steady supply of new fantasies for the Left.

This is something most on this side of the great divide get about the Left. They need a devil to oppose in order to have a rallying point. The absurdity of claiming Trump was a secret Nazi was never noticed, because they needed him to be their devil. Since their devils are always imaginary to begin with, they need to be churning out new ones, because eventually the imaginary ones are no longer useful. Progressives have been plotting the final showdown with the Devil since the Mayflower.

The American Left is really just escapism. It always has been, but in a post scarcity world where even the poorest people are materially safe, the escapism has had to conjure increasingly bizarre rationales. Whether it is invisible Russians, invisible Nazis, invisible Klansman and now invisible insurrectionists, the fantasy requires a villain, so they will conjure one when one does not exist. The Left is Dungeon’s and Dragons for mentally unstable, upper-middle-class white people.

Escapism is not just the domain of the Left. Libertarianism is the most obvious form of it outside the Left. In fact, the escapism is so strong it is possible to place libertarians on the Left, next to the orcs and wizards of Progressivism. The political spectrum would then be realism at one pole and escapism at the other. The libertarians generally accept the reality of math, so they would be somewhere between the midpoint and the end point where we find the modern American Left.

In case it is not obvious, the escapism of libertarianism lies in the fact that you can never have a libertarian society. Hans-Hermann Hoppe has explained at length how it is impossible to go from a modern society to a libertarian one. Even if you sort that puzzle, there is no way to maintain the libertarian society within libertarian theory. Put another way, the libertarian society is like any other fantasy world. Its appeal is in its impossibility, not in its plausibility. It is escapism.

For at least half a century, the Republican Party has been built on the escapism of what we now call civic nationalism. Evangelicals, for example, unhappy with left-wing social changes, organized to get their people elected. They finally got one of their guys in the White House and he did nothing for them. The reaction to this burst of reality was the Tea Party movement, which was really just a civic nationalist reaction to the failures of the Bush administration. It too crashed on the rocks of reality.

Donald Trump was the ultimate civic nationalist and he got nothing done. Part of the anger at Trump and his voters is that they accidentally proved that civic nationalism was always a big lie. The fake anger of the Left was always about their escapism, not anything Trump actually did in office. The real venom comes from the GOP, who sense he ruined the game for them. The Trump phenomenon ruined the fantasy of civic nationalism, removing that form of escapism from the system.

This is a truth that the core of the dissident right has always grasped, but never found a way to exploit. Most people, especially people in politics or cultural movements, are not interested in reality. They want a story, a narrative, that makes them the good guy fighting the selfless fight against the bad guy. Politics in general is not about reasoning from fact to some new facts or truths. It is not about making broad generalizations based on observable truths. Politics is about storytelling.

This is the great lesson of the interwar years. The people on the winning side knew the war was a horrible blunder committed by their rulers. Because they were on the winning side, they had an easy story to explain it. The bad guys were to blame, even if their own rulers were reckless and stupid. Ultimately, the fault lay with the losers and they would be made to pay for their crimes. The losers, in contrast, had no story to explain why their rulers lied to them and “stabbed them in the back.”

Into the void raced liberalism, communism, and fascism. Liberalism could blame the old rulers, but it suffered from being a story told by the winners. Communism told a story that failed to include the facts of the war. Communism was always a story about the future, not the past. Fascism, in contrast, offered a story that included the past, the present and a future. To the modern ear, Hitler sounds like a raving lunatic, but in his time, he was a master storyteller. He made fascism a pleasant fantasy.

This is why our present is full of bizarre conspiracies and fantasies. The Left has total control of the institutions, but they keep churning out new fantasies, because they cannot square the circle of who they are. How can the underdog also possess the high ground of society? How can they have control of the institutions, yet the system still suffers from institutional unfairness? The Left is spiraling into madness because its plot has an unreconcilable contradiction at the heart of it.

We are living in an interregnum of narrative collapse. The various right-wing fantasies, like libertarianism, conservatism and civic nationalism have collapsed. Those stories no longer make any sense. Only old people cling to them. The Progressive story is in the process of narrative collapse. The explosion of conspiracy theories and subcultures is due to the hole at the middle of a politics. The future will belong to those who create a new story that adequately explains the past, present and the future.

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194 thoughts on “The Narrative Void

  1. Acronym was one of the election fixing companies. Their incompetence screwed up the Iowa Dem primary that had Bernie tie the Globohomo Buttigieg. The CS was supposed to win but Bernie’s true vote total came out. Caused a mess. Meanwhile the dementia patient who got 85 million votes came 5th. Or maybe 6th. Uh huh.

    If we haven’t woken up by now I doubt that we will.

  2. Falcone said opportunities about future generations might have chance of Jobs, cheap real estate
    But he never thinks about Job market were rigged as much as election, there’s a racial quota system definitely discriminate against white people
    cheap houses are already here if you like live with joggers who hate you

    here’s video that young white women encounter the joggers, and suddenly jogger asking an apology without context
    apparently being white women are also evil as white men so kneel for blackness
    she just had to say about most white people were came to America around late 19 centuries to early 20 centuries, so knock it off that father’s sin is daughter’s sin crap

    its like she seated chairs of forgetfulness
    like Theseus and pirithous, she doesn’t know who she is where she came from, where her interests lie in
    if a jogger asked sexual favours for social justice, she might accept it

    there’s no opportunity for younger white generation, only humiliation and danger for both physical and psychological wait for them
    white boomer generation has money, they should fund dissident movement

  3. I wonder what Z-Man’s epistemological position here. Is a politics grounded in reality possible? Or, for whatever reason, are only political narratives, divorced from reality, the only possibility?

    • good observation, he ended the article by saying the narrative that’s closer to reality will win in the end, like when trump became president simply because he spoke more truth than the globalists, so one would think he believes politics grounded in reality is possible, but if the narrative/story is created by man then it ain’t really reality is it?

  4. “The future will belong to those who create a new story that adequately explains the past, present and the future.”

    Unless prevented by those who scream “conspiracy theory” at anything that contradicts the Established Facts.

    • My dad ran for State Rep about 20 years ago in a district that had voted for state-wide office republicans by wide margins, but the incumbent Rep as a democrat. My dad’s idea was, “if I can get all those people who voted for the Republicans for Gov and Senator to vote for me, I’ll win by a landslide.” Needless to say, he didn’t win by a landslide, in fact he didn’t win at all. The Democrat incumbent had inherited the seat from his dad and for some strange reasons people kept saying “but that was Charlie’s seat” and at that point, facts were worthless. My Dad would say “Charlie (Last Name) voted for state funded abortions” and then show them the state’s version of the Congressional Record to prove as much. Response, almost always was “Oh, Charlie wouldn’t do that” and then no amount of data/rhetoric was going to change their minds. My dad’s brief political career serves as very stark reminder that the CivNat “Mr Smith Goes to Washington” view of politics is wholesale nonsense. Charlie X had a narrative that he was entitled to that seat, and my dad never offered a better narrative.

      • Facts don’t matter because ppl know that all politicians lie. So people go with the prettiest lie. ” i know all politicians lie, but i prefer this guy because he tells prettier lies”. Santa Clause beats the Grinch and not only at Christmas time.

      • Vox Day has a lot of issues, but he is spot on that emotional rhetoric is the best tool to achieve victory in the arena of public opinion.

  5. “Ultimately, the fault lied with the losers…”

    This is why one should always read a text out loud.

  6. The Tea Party was a cargo cult, imagining that dressing up like Tom Jefferson and throwing tea bags around would somehow restore “muh Constitution.”

    • I can’t fault them too much. They wanted to repudiate Bush administration. I think they helped do this. I imagine they were super angry at their party having nominal control of politics in US for most of the 2000s and not accomplishing anything. Big tax cut followed by big deficit. Medicare part D bailing out drug companies on the federal dime. Wars started and not finished. Followed by development of a intrusive police state (Patriot Act). Followed by failed immigration liberalization. On top of empty economic growth juiced by low interest rates and housing speculation that collapsed in 2008. Really, anyone in office as a Republican during those years really should do some soul searching to understand the mistakes that were make and their role in allowing them to happen.

      Have I missed anything?

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  8. “The future will belong to those who create a new story that adequately explains the past, present and the future.”

    Adam Curtis comes to the same conclusion in his new documentary “Cant Get You Out Of My Head.”

    • the future will belong to those who have children , the more children, the more of the future you get. remember this above all else my DR friends.

  9. The narrative was collapsing when ugly people replaced attractive white people and none of genuine science and economic improvement

    Literally, you can see that Hollywood no longer available to produce good movies
    there’s no new space shuttle, no improvement on electricity generation, the people of the world witness how Texas got blackout due to bad weather
    Electric vehicles are a joke, can’t travel long distance and still unable to find a proper way to recharge

    last decade Media advertise new technology, which is people using the internet from a cell phone
    whole academia and journalist call it a technological revolution
    but, It’s just people wasted time and money on another distraction

    ruling class has to repeat the ludicrous narrative that smart people laugh their ass off
    They wanted to replace the superior object to an inferior object for insane hyper ethnic-centrism
    The outcome is everything become inferior, even average joe no longer tolerable to the system

    • Your post reminded me of Dr Bruce Charlton’s ‘The Story of Real Science’, along with his contention that this real science was most probably an unexpected blip in the past, caused by many factors combined. It is a long read, but interesting:

      I actually found the article reassuring in many ways; not least because if what he says is true, it may put the brakes on AI research as well as genetic engineering. Another thought that kept going through my mind was that his idea of ‘real science’ probably also paralleled the idea of a ‘real society’ (for want of a better term). Perhaps Victorian England, or 1950s America was just such a society, fleeting, by no means the norm, and not destined to be repeated any time soon.

      “The narrative was collapsing when ugly people replaced attractive white people and none of genuine science and economic improvement”

      Indeed. Many good looking whites have now been replaced by bloated black/mystery meat in adverts. The other day I saw a clothing brand advert featuring a stoutly built negress, looking very barrel like. To top it off, she had the most ape like face one can imagine… it’s all rather trying sometimes, old fellow.

    • In 2003, one could fly the Concorde from JFK to CDG in under 4 hours.

      A single Rolls Royce Olympus turbojet on that aircraft produced a maximum of 140 kN dry thrust, and 169.3 kN of thrust in afterburn.

      Now we have Boeings with engines that randomly explode, sometimes as soon as 30 minutes after takeoff.

      A single 737 MAX CFM LEAP-1B turbofan produces a maximum of 127.62 kN dry thrust and 130.41 kN max takeoff thrust.

      Commercial aviation is just one of many areas where we seem to be travelling backwards in time.

  10. Probably vastly over-simplified: the Left (Frankfurt School, commies, call them what you like) gradually took over our institutions because they preyed on the conservative/Right’s sense of fairness. A century or more ago, wasn’t it reasonable that first the freed slaves, later women, etc. should have rights (to vote, etc)? Of course it was. As time wore on, it was argued (successfully, eventually) that just because someone was an anarchist, a Communist, a socialist, should not result in his being imprisoned or less harmfully, being denied a job in academia or government. This, in part, explains the Left’s “march through” (actually, taking control of) the institutions. Well, for the most part, they have won control. As Z has said (?) they no longer have the Establishment to fight, because they ARE the Establishment.

    Now, what did the Conservative have the the Left lacks? As Z’s essay today notes, I’d call it a slightly firmer grasp of reality. In essence, the rational mind has ceded its territory to a bunch of lunatics or at best, idealists who are intent upon imposing their views on reality, never mind that tradition, history and sometimes even the sciences argue that most of their plans will fail.

    Not for the first time in history, we truly are in a fight to the death not just between conservative – liberal, Repubican – Democrat, etc. but literally, a realist vs. an idealist view of Reality.

    We are in an ever-more dangerous period. I don’t know how things are going to work out, but it won’t be pretty.

  11. The one part of the Right that has succeeded is the gun-rights people, despite the idiocies of the NRA. That right is far more secure than 50 years ago. The movement overall has great numbers guys, like John Lott. They have great lawyers. They organize against opponents. They’re OK with Democrats on their side, such as all those in Montana. They keep pushing state-level gun rights, especially concealed carry. And they push the crime issue big, insisting the only way to defend your family is with your own armamentarium. Learn from them.

    • They succeed because they had a well-defined and achievable goal easily understood by normal people. It was singular, so it was hard for others to co-opt it, as frequently happens on the right with amorphous groups like the Tea Party. Adherents were also willing to reward politicians with donations and work to primary them if they ran afoul of gun rights. The NRA is similar in many respects to the ADL, except the latter advocates for their ethnicity instead of gun possession rights. If you want to win the future, you should copy this example. Not having a simple, realistic goal and a willingness to reward allies and punish enemies is why conservatives lost.

  12. Memes showing the story that’s currently being created. Trump won in 2016 in many ways because of the awesome memes circulated. When you look at recent far right memes, you see a lot of women walking through grain fields, and basically an almost Amish like rejection of the modern world. Ironically, in my area of CA, you began to see this on the left about five or so years ago. These young millennials wanting to go play farmer John in the countryside, drinking from mason jars, etc. Of course the hippies were the first to do this around 1970. I think the future will be a rejection of modernity altogether with both right and left movements. An amish like austerity. I’m not sure what to think of it. I never liked Tom’s of Maine toothpaste. There’s also a vibe from these back to the country movements that says “we’re going to tax the shit out of you until you live like us.”

    • Nah, there’s too much grift in it for it to drive people to a similar lifestyle. That would ruin the game for the grasping LARPers. They want you to admire them from afar. Before long you’re in a hipster supermarket buying “Hippie Johnny’s Farm Fresh Organic Drain Cleaner” while stroking the boner you get from being told you’re saving the world. Virtue by proxy.

    • Tom’s of Maine or Bob’s Shoes — the ones where your purchase of the vegan (non-animal hide) “shoes” will forward a similar pair to someone in the Third World or something, as if those are what the poor folks are yearning for, not Chinese-crafted Air Jordans! Azz-wholes.

  13. “The Left is Dungeon’s and Dragons for mentally unstable, upper-middle-class white people.”

    You keep coming up with these hysterical one-liner’s. And true too.

    • Actually, I suspect you may be onto something. With the alleged winding down of the deadly virus, people will still want to fret as if it was last year. Hence ‘The CoVid Show: LARPing the Apocalypse’, which follows the progress of various US based Branch Covidians as they try to live their lives in the terrifying absence of Covid. A form of escapism perhaps?

  14. The internet’s role is hard to understate. Suddenly, everyone gets a platform. The narrative can’t cast its spell in the noise. A couple of generations now have grown up in that noise and have a different way of seeing the world because of it.

    Older generations grew up with the narrative from the TV. Antifa and Q are the two groups of younger people who still buy narrative. Antifa presumably because of the education system. Most of the Q people I know are vets who were indoctrinated in boot camp.

    • One thing, for certain, the Digital Revolution did was increase narcissism and sociopathology. Both have always been with us, and the television age produced a milder but similar form, but magical beliefs are much easier now for people whose self-worth is far less than their friends on Facebook indicate.

    • You actually know Q people? I have yet to meet one. I was figuring they were just another leftist boogey man like the minions of “White supremacists” we keep hearing about whilst watching blacks and rich white kids burn and loot cities.

      • A handful, yeah. All but 1 are military vets. There has to be some kind of military psychology whoever runs Q is tapping into. I’m convinced Q is the right wing equivalent of antifa. Puppeteers winding people up.

        Maybe intel spinning a civil war narrative, who knows? Q said we’re watching a movie.

      • In relation to Q, I read a story a few years ago which speculated that in the 2016 election military intelligence outmaneuvered the CIA to install Trump over Hillary in existential battle for the Republic. If there was any truth to this it appears that MI lost. Q was a coping mechanism for Heritage Americans who held out hope that there was a group of white hats working behind the scenes to save the country. I’ll admit that the level corruption revealed by the reaction to the Trump administration has been stunning to me. It pervades every area of our society and I am still trying to come terms with it and move forward.

        • I think it could be an attempt to lead the opposition. Revolution is in the air, might as well make it YOUR revolution and run it aground, or at least keep people chasing ghosts like with political theater. That’s my current thinking, anyhow.

      • I know one Q person. Its hard to tell how seriously she takes it (i.e., true believer vs. enjoying the entertainment value). I sort of see her situation as being someone who has limited control of their life but is hoping (via following/believing) in this intricate conspiracy for a positive ending.

        In some respects Q Anon is the modern equivalent of the 19th century American Indian ghost dance phenomena (see link). That movement ended with the massacre at Wounded Knee. Lesson I take is to be positive and optimistic rather than desperate, and make good/realistic plans.

      • BTW over on the other side of the fence people are freaking out because QAnon has made inroads into the usually overwhelmingly left-leaning wellness, yoga, and spirituality communities.

  15. The narrative that collapsed, leading to the interregnum we currently inhabit, revolved around American exceptionalism. And for the dissident right that collapse also included the collapse of white exceptionalism as the root cause of American exceptionalism. What I mean is that we were all raised to think America was a safe, fair, altruistic place where people enjoyed prosperity because of white people being unusual among all races in exhibiting these qualities. And then America was unusual among nations in that we were the shining city on a hill, the reflection of the people who inhabit it and a light unto the world.

    But now that we are not a nation of white people for the most part, the shining city on a hill thing just got majorly creepy. Now the shining city on the hill is telling everyone their kids should switch genders and everyone should get an abortion and throwing in some heavy handed racial narratives to boot. In short, the shining city on a hill was hijacked by low IQ people who want to use the magic to their benefit. That freaks the world out. The message is too weird.

    And now we are just another country like any other country. The olden days ideas about the morality and excellence of white people has been flushed down the toilet. Nowadays you might as well just be a triggerman working for a drug lord. If you crossed the border illegally you would be considered some kind of modern saint whereas a hard working white man with a wife and kids is consider to be some kind of horrific nazi.

    And so it’s over. The spell has been broken. Hence, the interregnum. The new narratives that are emerging are universally perceived to be Orwellian nightmares.

  16. Don’t be surprised when someone does come along who means what they say and is able to harness what Trump unleashed. Someone very much who can describe the past, present and future.

  17. If (to dust off another chestnut) reality is that which does not go away even when you stop believing in it, then we have to recognize that due to demographics something like an Ocasio-Cortez presidency is not only not crazy, but probably inevitable. Not only does she have numbers, but she’s got narrative and emotion. She understands that she can stand in front of a chain-link fence and claim Honduran women are (maybe) getting forced hysterectomies courtesy of ICE and that she will accomplish more with her lies and weepy photo op than one-hundred “conservative” think tanks in ten years. She also offers her base something substantive in the form of gibs. It’s not complicated, but it works. A pirate can keep a hundred barbarians under control by promising them that once all the conquered have their throats slit, the booty will be divvied up between the members of the victorious group. After Kamala laces Joe’s Metamucil with strychnine, I expect Ocasio-Cortez to start making her play. Yes, I know she’s stupid and crazy, but those are assets in majority-minority America. We’re not quite there yet, but with close to fifty percent of white people siding against white people (along with “white” money and “white” media) we’re already heavily outnumbered and outgunned. I’m not blackpilled, but you don’t win a battle by pretending you have more soldiers and cannons than you do.

    • that’s good news, the world would become a better a place if small rotund latinos take over american institutions

    • You only need numbers if you’re planning on fighting a conventional civil war. We tried that once and it killed off hundreds of thousands of alpha males needlessly (on both sides BTW). Killing off alphas does not make the species stronger or smarter.

      Collapse>Chaos>Cure only requires a few thousand skilled and motivated antibodies. And most of the antibodies are on our side.

      • “Collapse>Chaos>Cure only requires a few thousand skilled and motivated antibodies. And most of the antibodies are on our side.”

        It took the Soviet Union 80 years to collapse, and that was before modern methods of control such as social media and artificial intelligence. An entire human lifetime and countless millions were carried through that nightmare. What you’re advocating dooms 100 million normie Whites and their children to tyranny for a century. And I see almost no evidence of these antibodies of which you speak. Whites are the least ethnocentric group, and they are completely disorganized and unwilling to fight for their group interests. Secession, on the other hand, preserves our freedoms in the here and now. It also leaves open the possibility of creating a new order based on our current economy and technology; no need to wait for Mad Max and build up from that nightmare. So obviously, one of these two options is the superior course of action, yet it gets no traction. It’s a mystery! … or maybe not. Reference my comment about conservative collapse copes above. Hint: it’s a rationalization for doing nothing, not a serious suggestion.

    • Deception has a time honored place in warfare. A little known part of Washington D.C. Civil War history: on the Virginia side of the Potomac, in Ft. Marcy [Park] later briefly made famous in 1993 by Vincent Foster’s most unusual “suicide,” during the War, the Confederates lacked real cannon. So they cleverly painted logs black and stuck them over the walls. The Union on the other side of the river thought they were real cannon.

    • Credit where credit is due. The Bat-Eared-Bolshevik has given more orgasms to more middle-aged White women than any other male since Liberace.

  18. The Road Back (cont)
    The angle of the dangle.

    In classic covert ops, a dangle is a vector for disseminating disinformation. It can take many forms, but usually consists of an agent masquerading as a traitor and being run as a double. With dangles, there’s always doubt, and oft-times unforeseen consequences. Now multiple by millions of useful idiots playing secret agent and you get the current suicide pact of our homegrown color revolution. This scam would be genius if not for its scale-driven self-destructiveness. Your job therefore, should you choose to accept it, is to cheer them on. Go lemmings go!

  19. Question: “How can they have control of the institutions, yet the system still suffers from institutional unfairness?”
    Answer: Racism in the morning, racism in the evening, racism at suppertime.
    Like ketchup – goes on everything.

    • Indeed. But what is your position on Gorilla Glue? Is this racist? I think that ketchup definitely has something of a ‘White Supremacy’ vibe.

      • Yes, and as a fan of Gorilla Glue, I cite the fact that it only comes in yellow (Asian) and clear (Caucasian) is proof that it is racist 🙂

      • Alas, I’m white as can be and thus unable to provide a valid assessment on the all important question of whether Gorilla glue, and ketchup have racist connotations.

  20. “The fantasy view of politics is most obvious on the Left, of course.”

    Then why are almost all of the conspiracy’s theories believed by the Right?

    • They’re not. Russian collusion. Institutional racism. White privilege. Global warming. Covid. Our politics are controlled by left-wing conspiracy theories.

      • But would you agree, generally speaking, America leads the way when it comes to conspiracy theories? It’s like a national obsession.

        • You have your Chancellors and a servile population. We have our Conspiracy Theories and a dumb as a bag of hammers population. I call it a push.

        • Among Westerners, sure. America does have a lot of dumb people, who don’t handle complex science or economic principles at all. From what I can gather, though, the Middle East takes the cake when it comes to conspiracy theorizing.

      • Read the FT. Sign up for a trial subscription. This is what the EU/UK “Davos crowd” believes. Then tell me that leftist crazy ideas are unique to America. (Man-made global warming, that COVID is a horrible pandemic, etc.)

      • To be fair and balanced, Qanon can be safely placed under the column of right-wing fantasies. But it doesn’t excuse those trying to shove left-wing fantasies down our throats.

    • At the risk of conflating ‘a fantasy view of politics’ with ‘conspiracy theories’, I shall take a stab at answering your question.

      It has always seemed to me that those who believed these conspiracy theories were often of the Right. But many of these theories were ‘harmless’, and even if they weren’t, most of these believers had little power anyway. Small scale theories believed by people with little power.

      The Left have been in a pretty solid position for a long time now. They have power, and they believe (or pretend to) that ‘race is a social construct’, ‘that there are 56733 flavours of gender’ amongst a whole host of other things. The power they have means that these ideas become the drivers for their policies; for example, when psychiatry associations beat down males with ‘toxic masculinity’ tropes.

      You will have a better conversation about human nature – the key driver of societal change – with a ‘Rightist’ than with a ‘Leftist’. Perhaps, put more succinctly, it may be better to believe in ChemTrails than in ‘race as a social construct’. At least ChemTrails can be thoroughly debunked.

    • The conspiracy theories with the greatest traction and number of follower in my lifetime have been those surrounding the Kennedy assassination and then the 9-11 truther conspiracies. Throw in the half baked blood of oil Meta conspiracy that threaded into all of the above.

      All were conspiracies of the left, believed not just by internet trolls but also journalists and cultural icons. Hollywood Movies (plural) were made pushing those conspiracies over the decades.

      • Agreed. Yet, I would add that the most dangerous and damaging, on an ongoing basis, are the collective delusions. I’m not sure “conspriacy theory” qualiifes, but take for instance, the original aims of Civil Rights. Blacks, women, whatever marginalized group, deserved a hand up, equal access, equal rights, etc. Good in theory, but didn’t it often fall short in practice? Yet it is all but illegal to point out the stark failures of many of these programs. For example, Blacks have about six times the murder rate of Whites, are dead last in educational achievement, at the bottom of many other ‘vital statistics,” etc. But to point these out gets you branded a racist, a white supremacist. Often corrosive to social networks and careers. We are many decades into this charade. Now, it’s gotten to the point where “diversity” is preferred over competence, even to the point of openly (and surely illegally) discriminating against Whites and Asians. It may not be a “conspiracy” (it’s pretty much out in the open, the real “conspiracy” is that GoodWhites must not talk about it, so a conspiracy of silence), but isn’t this a mass delusion? Now the Progressives don’t even pretend the goal is race-blindness or “equality of opportunity.” They all but concede that (as Neitzsche said) “Men are not equal. Neither shall they become so.” (Thus Spake Zarathustra). So cronyism, favoritism is in, objectivity is out.

        I could cite you other examples, some even afflicting the Conservative, but I’ve made my point.

        • Yes all of that is just flat out crazy. Delusional. But more along the lines of religious belief than conspiracy theory. In my mind there is a difference. For example, the pathological honesty and altruism of normies is religiously motivated – not driven by some conspiracy.

    • The most delusional, unhinged conspiracy theories were and remain on the Left. How to quantify who by percentage believes the most is difficult, but the most insane beliefs belong to them: Trump/Russian collusion, End of Times Climate Change, and my candidate for craziest, Systemic Racism against Non-Whites, are pure madness. And, yes, the Left believes these things. Their manipulators may not, but the rank and file do.

    • calling something ” conspiracy theories ” is pretty much saying ” I am too Dumb and lazy to question the narrative that was spoon fed to me by our rulers , so don’t bring up and real facts and what they might mean” . so go back to sleep Karl . think about soccer and celebrities’ sex lives like you’re supposed to Karl.

  21. The problem with the left and its fantasies is that they create real life “solutions” for them which often have deleterious effects on their targets, such as us.
    If Trump had one effect above all others on the left, it was unmasking these looms and driving them loonier than ever. Their decent into madness is remarkable . As Z said, they control virtually all the levers of power, yet are being attacked from all sides by evil racists, nazis, klansmen & other assorted bogeymen – it really is hilarious – but they are dangerous in their delusions.
    Civnattery, as well as being outed as a fraud, probably unintentionally by Trump also lost its yugest supporter and trumpeter in maha rushie. It’s day is done whether many know it or not, and it’ll be interesting to see what DR version arises from the ashes. Something to look forward to if I’m still around.

  22. The Tiger Woods car crash has given the media an opportunity to at least attempt to put the focus back on bread on circuses. They are running with it so far. Given how far gone we are now it is only a short term fix for them, but they have to do something to take the focus off the regime.

    There was an interesting turning point this week with Conservatism, Inc. where they have now turned both barrels on High Priest Fauci. Some of them seemed to have honestly believed up until very recently he was a good faith actor only offering his best recommendations for us. What fools.

    • don’t fall for this crap Bernard. they are just reading the polls. not a dammed thing about fauci has been learned in the last year. They are only coming around to “support” their base AFTER they are in a position of helplessness. there isn’t a dammed thing they can do about fauci now . notice how they were fine with him when they were in the positions of power ? yeah, no hearings on him of public calls for trump to dump him then . But now that there is not diddly shit they can do, they will come arround to where their “base ” was 90 months ago. Now all we have to do is send them money and re-elect them and you will see them right back to being fauci supporters again .

  23. Loved reading Tucker Carlson’s recommendation that the elites sending their children to the the Ivy League schools (gathering places for the offspring of the rich) now get a dose of their own social justice medicine by having those schools going forward ONLY accept the children of those in the bottom income levels, even those who are in this country illegally! What an AWESOME idea. Furthermore, the rich kids can truly learn about Die-versity, Inclusion and Equity (DIE) by being put on a bus to their jobs at a poultry-processing plant in remote Iowa. Greenwich is going to freak out with this!

    • Yes, even the most ardent Woke Leftie (white snowflake wasting Daddy’s tuition money at a post school, be it secondary or college level), a committed supporter of the Cause, be it BLM, Antifa, or whatever the flavor of the week is, will get a jolt of reality eventually when he/she/xe finds that he/she/xe has been sidelined in favor of a Shalquisha, Felontavious, Rajeet, Maria or Oogily-Boogily, for a favored place, or indeed any place, in that student organization, job or political campaign.

    • I’ve seen several college basketball teams sporting the word “Equality” on their uniforms and warmups. I wholeheartedly agree. And in the spirit of equality, I think those basketball players should make the first move. Hence, they should acknowledge and renounce their basketball privilege, and cede their scholarships to the basketball-excluded, namely their university’s graduate students in physics, chemistry, and mathematics.

  24. The left narrative collapse reminds me of a photo on HP’s main page where they mention “fight the power”; but what power? It doesn’t make any sense, not that the left is big on such things but even kids eventually realize that there is no “snipe” and that the real villains were the adults looking to distract them for a bit. Here is that photo:

    • The Left’s raison d’etre is destroying all status quos. It they admit that a status quo is good enough to justify preserving, then they’ve put themselves out of business. And, for that reason, they must always “fight the power” even when they wield that very power. It is the sort of existential antinomy that only the deranged can reconcile.

      • Watch a 2 yr. old that likes to knock down (but never builds) a tower of blocks some other kid built.
        You’ve just seen The Left all growed up doing what they do best.

  25. The biggest foe of fantasy is reality. Economic collapse is barreling straight toward us and that will make delusion a luxury. The boogeymen of the ascendant Faux Marxists and the remnant Alt-Right will give way to deprivation. It will become quite difficult in the days ahead for the White upper class to LARP and play Dungeons and Dragons (good stuff, Z) as the strip mining of the middle class moves upward to support vibrant foot soldiers. Things will get real as the lives of the Ruling Class themselves become miserable, the acceleration of which should be everyone’s goal.

    The Boomers will be mostly gone by the end of the next decade, and the generations after them have proved even more craven and worthless when challenged with pandemic porn and Critical Race Religion. There will be reversion to feudalism marked by appalling banditry outside communities of Whites in isolated pockets. Plan to be in one of those places and ready to fend off bandits and feudal lords, which as opposed to White supremacists and insurrections will be quite real.

    • Meh still waiting on this collapse.

      I think things just get shittier and shittier every year, until we all live in a depressing swamp with no economic opportunities or upward mobility.

      • Mr. B125,

        Where does the decline line intersect with the collapse line?

        When I was a child, men were walking on the moon. People flew to London or Paris in a few hours, 7 days a week.
        Classical music was played on multiple radio stations, all day long.
        Hippies were despised.

        Wars, riots and bellbottoms included, I was born during the peak of human civilization and accomplishment (plumb a line between 1967 and 1973).

        My sons only know this world from the history lessons I have given then. I shudder when I contemplate the world & culture my parents, the Boomers and my peers are leaving them.

        Time to take another friend to the range. I may not be an Armstrong or a John Glenn, but by God, I will not leave my sons a fetid swamp as my posterity.
        …unless I can turn the swamp into a cranberry bog…

          • Statistically the area around me is 30 – 40% white. However, it seems like once whites reach a certain % we just stop going out. Because the mall is like 99% non white. So is the bus. The parks are full of dark kids. Where is the 35% of whites?

            Staying in, watching Netflix, ordering amazon and Uber eats.

            Just like Z, I live in the future (actually just the present) and once these old Italian boomers running everything smoothly croak, the demographics will become much more evident.

    • White Pill time. The collapse IS the cure, and it has always been thus. All living things are creatures of habit, and habits die hard because they must actually die in order to enable a new genre of our species to arise. Once upon a time, nature did this culling and it was slow but relentless. Accelerationism is not about getting to the bottom quicker. It’s about implementing the cure more quickly. Once you focus on the disease, the problem becomes much easier and more expeditious.

        • While I lurch to and from accelerationism, I can confirm that the desire to see normies suffer is the suspicion that nothing short of that will wake them up to reality.

        • Wrong on 3 counts. No one I know is obsessed, but rather existentially committed (big difference). The infliction of human misery has already occurred and been implemented by the psychopaths currently running our government, social & news media, big tech, big banking, Wallstreet, & Hollywood. They haven’t yet reached the notorious levels of a Stalin, Hitler, or Mao; but give them time & they will get there. And, just to be clear, misery is not the goal. Not even close.

        • It’s a cope like everything else the right does. Rather than formulate their own plan, they placate themselves with fantasies like “the collapse”, “Qanon”, and “trust the plan” as an excuse for doing nothing in the present. They don’t know what to do and don’t have the courage to do it even if they did. They’d rather grill and chill and hope someone or something else takes care of things for them.

          • Exactly.

            The collapsists are living a fantasy too. A decidedly left wing fantasy to boot. It’s just a variation of Marxism’s predicted “revolution” which will be a short sharp event dividing a utopian future from a miserable past-present.

            The collapisists just change the word revolution to collapse and as the apocalyptic event that will usher in utopia. And note that they all say it’s inevitable and close at hand. Just as Marxists do. Which also means that they don’t have to do anything to bring it about – because inevitability – just survive the turmoil.

      • King Dollar is the barbed whip of the American totalitarian. They should be more guarded in abusing it but they seem hell bent on destroying it. If we were a normal country with a normal currency that would be enough to render the oligarchy impotent since we’re not a normal country, and only a collapse will bring that about.

        • That’s not true. Lots of South American countries are economic basket cases but yet are also oligarchical tyrannies — masses of poor at the bottom, a police state at the top that defends a wealthy few. No freedoms, no respect for persons or property. Remember that when some false white-piller tells you to “trust the plan.”

    • We’ve been on the verge of economic collapse since the 70s. This model has utterly failed. Maybe it will collapse, maybe it won’t, but I’ve been hearing about the imminent falling sky for my entire life (perhaps the wamen are holding it up). Rome was debasing coins for hundreds of years.

      OTOH, it is difficult for me to imagine how they will keep the police state going through any major economic collapse should it actually happen, especially if they cannot just print the money.

      • They will give food and housing and career opportunities to the police and nothing to anyone else.

        • You can guarantee a lot of enforcers when they and their families have, via their presumed loyalty to those in charge, priority access to anything scarce. When that scarcity is food, potable water, and personal safety. you vastly increase your potential pool of recruits. Think of what you would be willing to do to feed your hungry, crying children. This sounds exaggerated to modern American ears, but most people – even most White people – just aren’t that smart. They don’t plan ahead. I stocked up ahead of Texas’ recent ‘weather event’ and had plenty (and am blessed with a gas cook top and hot water) and did fine. But I did stop in the store for one or two things Thursday (and the cold/snow started Sunday) and the shelves were literally bare. And I’ve noticed, since my boys were small, all the mothers sending kids to nursery school without a jacket or hat, because they assumed they’d all stay indoors all the time.

          Plan accordingly.

      • Rome’s debasement of their coinage and the resulting inflation should be illustrative to the dissident right.

        The debase began at the height of Roman power in the 2nd century and reached such absurd heights that Diocletian stabilized the Empires taxes by levies in kind – actual goods and services completely bypassing monetary taxation. Then about a century later they returned to monetary taxation under Theodosius.

        The empire continued trudging along all through the inflation and collapse of their monetary system and was actually doing much better in the 5th century when empirical control ended in much of the west.

        The lesson is that no inflation and monetary problem will not end a military empire.

        • Far more important in regards to the collapse of the Roman Empire lies in the demographic change brought about from barbarian invasions. This sapped civic strength, turning a largely unified populace that once fought off Hannibal into one that no longer had the will to preserve the Empire. The monetary theory is just a means to avoid embracing this reality. If money were the end all and be all, Rome would have collapsed sooner. The Chinese civilization has been conquered, impoverished and humiliated … yet it’s still here in some form or another. Reason: China remained Chinese, so there was always the potential to build back and recover from disaster. Rome, on the other hand, ceased to have a Roman identity — which had been maintained even under the Empire for centuries. By the end, Roman Emperors were appearing in foreign dress on their coins. Rome was no longer Roman. In the words of historian Bryan Ward-Perkins (paraphrasing) “the barbarians killed Rome.”

  26. This is one of those pieces that I would love to steal and submit as an OpEd in my local paper, which has turned decidedly left over the past four years.

    I’ve said this many times but I am really looking forward to the book.

  27. “The future will belong to those who create a new story that adequately explains the past, present and the future.”


    My family, my people, have a rich history, accomplishing endless feats the world had never seen.

    My family, my people, are being persecuted and blamed all the ills of society, even as we are the glue and engine that keeps that society working.

    My family, my people, will once again be proud of history, will form our own communities where we can rule ourselves and be free of discrimination.

  28. “The Left is Dungeon’s and Dragons for mentally unstable, upper-middle-class white people.”

    Fuck, that’s funny

    “Politics is about storytelling…The future will belong to those who create a new story that adequately explains the past, present and the future.”

    Adequately might be the right word, the old preachers presented entertaining stories to the public, some more sophisticated than others, enough to give people some hope, churches/temples built their entire theology around those stories.
    I predict the new religion will have aliens in it, a priestly race class and a new Moshiach. I just hope Ctulhu and Nyarlathotep get mentioned in the new age(cause why not).
    I can already see the people of the future praying to israelites who saved the world from Covid(they’re already bragging about it, they’re behind the vaccines). I hate this piece of shit planet.

  29. “Politics is about storytelling.”

    True, but for my money it’s more about control and graft.

      • Storytelling is how you acquire that power and wealth and how you maintain them from those who wish to take them back. Otherwise, the advertising industry would be a lonely profession.

    • Complete anarchy is only temporary. People will develop new hierarchies either through cooperation or through violence or through coercion or some combination thereof.

    • As mentioned above, anarchy is short-lived. Mainly because organized hierarchies are force multipliers, which means that even a small organized force can readily defeat a larger, chaotic element.

      • This is something all the blackpillers here should remember – and why the ruling class is so terrified that a core of whites will start organizing, dropping out of consumerism, and relocating to areas that have more freedom and prospects than the Blue hives. History is basically a story of well organized, intelligent, and determined minorities dominating much larger groups of stupid, lazy, disorganized people sleepwalking through life. I think most of us here are familiar with a certain group, let’s just call them the Irish, who exemplify this principle.

    • Anarchy is a fantasy. The Roman Empire didn’t collapse, it broke apart. The constituent parts mostly still functioned, which is why most feudal titles were actually administrative posts from the Roman Empire. No matter how bad things get, no matter what happens (EMP, nukes, whatever) there will be sheriffs and county administrators holding things together if for no other reason than personal survival.

      • The other point is that for the majority of ordinary people the collapse of the Empire improved life, as they were free from the imposts and dictats that it imposed, they were winners.
        You never hear that of course because History is not really written by the winners, it’s written by the literate and the media class then enjoyed a monopoly that ours are losing.
        The Z-man’s scribbles will endure, no matter what comes next.

        • Very good points from both of you. Right now our empire is a poorly balanced centrifuge and its operators have decided that the best way to deal with all the funny grinding noises it’s been making is turn the speed control up well past where it’s ever been before. This is certainly to be encouraged. More and more people are going to be seeing the US federal government and its empire as a net negative.

        • That’s a myth debunked by historian Bryan Ward-Perkins in his book “The Fall of Rome”. For most people in the West, the collapse of the Roman empire resulted in a much lower quality of life: lower life expectancy, smaller populations, less stability & greater violence, reduction in literacy rates, and the loss of numerous technologies — among other examples. There are multiple lines of evidence that demonstrate this fact. For example, the skeletons of farm animals in post-collapse Rome saw them shrink compared to their halcyon days of the empire, indicating a reduced ability to feed them.

          “The Roman Empire didn’t collapse, it broke apart. The constituent parts mostly still functioned”

          No, it collapsed. Stop repeating that myth (which originated with Leftist / revisionist historians). Its constituent parts did not function to the same high level of the empire.

          “No matter how bad things get, no matter what happens (EMP, nukes, whatever) there will be sheriffs and county administrators holding things together”

          Try staying in Monrovia after dark to see just how false that could be in future diverse America. Even here we have boomers stuck in their 1970s 85% White worldview.

          “The Z-man’s scribbles will endure, no matter what comes next.”

          No, they won’t. The police state will nuke this website and use AI to remove all distributed works across the internet at nearly the speed of light. Technology makes dictatorship easy. Ask China.

          • Nah, you’re just wrong.

            The “collapse” of the Roman Empire in the west in the 5th century (traditionallly dated 476) was just parts of Italy and Spain along with all of France. The Empire continued in the East and reintegrated most of Italy all of N Africa and most of Spain by the mid 6th century and held them for another hundred+ years before the pre-Islamic Arabs conquered those areas.

            There was no collapse in living standards and population. There was a gradual decline, which had already been happening for many 100s of years before 476 and continued on for many hundred more.

            So yes populations were much smaller in 900ad than they had been in 200ad through tThe Mediterranean Basin, however that was a 700 year decline – a timeline longer than Europeans have known of North America.

            Was the average person living in Gaul in 490 better off – more prosperous than his father and grandfather had been forty or sixty years earlier. Absolutely. Same for most living in Italy or Spain or North Africa.

          • “Nah, you’re just wrong.”

            Nah, I’m correct. I’ll happily take the word of a respected historian who provided evidence over some internet nobody like yourself.

            “The “collapse” of the Roman Empire in the west in the 5th century (traditionallly dated 476) was just parts of Italy and Spain along with all of France”

            Which was basically the entirety of the Western portion of it at the time. Could you be more dishonest? BTW, nice effort in trying to make yourself sound more knowledgeable than you really are by providing the date (which, ironically, is debatable).

            “There was no collapse in living standards and population.”

            There was both. Ward-Perkins provides extensive evidence — forensic, archaeological, etc. I could quote volumes from the text. I have it in front of me. Further, the “gradual” argument is nonsense. Something need not disappear overnight for it to be a collapse. Clearly, 5th century Rome was not 1st AD Rome.

  30. Trump is trying to get back on Facebook and Twitter. So pathetic.

    What I can’t get over is how everything still continues to function in this massive fantasy world that has no basis in reality. I mean we are seeing cracks. Boeing having to ground all those planes, Texas, the fact that math is now racist is obviously going to have terrible repercussions but still it’s functioning. On sand! But I definitely understand the desire to get in a fantasy world. I normally read non-fiction and I just recently read the entire Trilogy of Lord of the Rings and it was so pleasant I’m thinking about doing it again.

    • It may take a while to slowly devolve.

      For example, the Roman Empire stopped being mostly well-run once Marcus Aurelius died. Yet it chugged along nominally in the West for another 200+ years. Sure, there were periods of Making Rome Great Again (Diocletian, Constantine), but as our blog host has noted, those were probably periods of a drunk falling down the stairs and hitting a landing, righting himself for a while.

      Obviously, in the modern age things seem to happen more quickly, but this apparatus built by our forebears is very strong. And Rome never trusted its apparatus to the tribe and their jogger minions.

      • Plenty of barbarians though, and those barbarians ended up overrunning the place.

        Rome was a military empire. I’d guess that had as much to do with its resilience as the slower pace of life. America is more of a commercial empire, and its tendency to sell out is probably accelerating the decline as much as the pace of the modern world. Kind of like how Athens had a brief period of domination.

    • “Trump is trying to get back on Facebook and Twitter. So pathetic.”

      he’s probably running out of money, melania is getting restless

    • one of trump’s worst disappointments is he didn’t fire that mendacious troll fauchi. there were so many people he should have tossed out.

      • Yes, especially considering that he fired Sessions, then later endorsed Tubby in the primary. Somehow, there are still people nattering on about The Plan.

    • We are taking “critical fraction” here. What percentage of the population must be high IQ the keep the technology functioning? Since the largest block to glean high IQ folk from is White, as that decreases, so too does the ability to maintain the CF.

      Boeing’s problem was less technological as conceptual in their assumptions regarding their users. We might use them more as an example of “pathological egalitarianism” in pursuit of the capitalistic dollar. They made airplanes that were basically so automated that one needed only to press icons on a screen to take off and land—that is, until a freak occurrence in weather and temperature. Then it took a trained and experienced pilot to take immediate manual control and pull the plane out of an automated, computer controlled death spiral.

      More than one US (White) pilot experienced this “problem” and successfully controlled for it. Seems, no third world pilots have. 😉
      So what we are seeing wrt Boeing today is their attempt to make their plane’s automation “idiot proof”. I have complete faith that our current genetic downward spiral will produce even better idiots in the future.

      • You nailed it. Now expand across every sector of the economy, add in an aging infrastructure and ever-increasing dumbed-down populace, and you have clown world on steroids – coming very, very soon to your own family.

      • “More than one US (White) pilot experienced this “problem” and successfully controlled for it. Seems, no third world pilots have.”

        There was – and I think it is still being produced – a Canadian TV series called ‘Mayday!’ (here in the UK known as ‘Air Crash Investigation’). Of all the times that pilots were judged to have acted in a manner that saved lives, all (as I recall) were white. Furthermore, all (as I again recall) had extensive experience flying. They were hobbyists. They were former military pilots. They loved to fly.

        From memory, one of the most impressive was this one:

        It was one of the most impressive things that I had ever seen, despite the fact that there were still many fatalities.

        • A couple exceptions. Although only 4 people out of 524 survived, the pilots of Japan Airlines Flight 123 made an incredibly valiant effort to save their plane after the vertical stabilizer detached from their 747. The plane was doomed but they pulled out all the stops and kept it aloft for 15 terrifying minutes, doing everything they could. It sounds crazy to credit them when there was such a loss of life, but these guys displayed incredible calm, bravery, and ingenuity.

          Also, China Airlines (Taiwan) flight 006. The pilots did a very commendable job pulling that plane out of a 30,000 foot dive over the Pacific and managing to drag the severely damaged aircraft to a landing in SFX.

      • Agree.
        The White man has created what I’ve heard described as “an “O” ring society”. One dependent on honesty, trust and competence but where a failed “O” ring can have disasterous results.

        The people capable of running and maintaining such a society are being replaced.

  31. I honestly think that only after this decade we will see some changes, the 2030s is going to be the end of the Boomer age and new politics, narratives and ideas will emerge.

    • That is a huge part of America’s problem IMHO. Look at all the old geezers! They have NO grasp on reality OR the narratives they are trying to push… which is why the contradict themselves so often. FFS – Pelosi, Schumer, Biden and any number of others should literally be in a home.

      It’s not the be-all, end-all answer… but a good start.

        • So did I but I’m not an old geezer who has NO grasp on reality OR the narratives they are trying to push… which is why they contradict themselves so often. I realize the election was stolen and let me tell you something YOU don’t know: It was stolen back in January 2020, not on November 3.

          Once the left weaponized the flu the die was cast.

          • Some folks retain mental acuity into their 70’s and sometimes into their 80’s… but most folks start to decline in their 60’s. Geezers like Biden and Pelosi were morons in their hay days – and those qualities don’t age well.

            Here in Canada we have younger politicos like Justin Turdo and his femcnut hag squads and vibrants. I shudder to think what those tools are going to be like in their autumn days.

            Suppose I should worry about myself too, come to that. At least I will have the sense to hang up my skates when I can’t keep up anymore…

          • kind of almost like there were some very fortunate coincidences for the left , who wanted trump gone , the GOP donor class, which wanted trump gone , and the woke oligarchs who wanted trump gone .
            heck , it couldn’t have worked out better if if they had planned it .

          • In response to Hoagie:

            That’s how the whole thing is beginning to take shape in my mind

            They used the China Flu to cheat.

            Also, the Biden election needs an asterisk next to it, sort of like the Lakers for their win last year and for any win in a strike year, for example. Yes, they won, but there needs to be an asterisk explaining the atypical conditions and events surrounding it compared to all of the other contests that had nothing similar going on.

        • You nailed it: storytelling = “narrative.” Increasingly in the institutions, it’s the narrative, the personal experience, that is valued over all those stuffy, inconvenient facts that were discovered over a period of centuries by the hated White European Male. Science is welcomed by the Far Left (except when it can be cherry-picked to support their current narrative, of course) about as much as a shaker of salt is welcomed by a garden slug 🙂

          • I remember seeing NBC News ads saying Brian Williams was telling America’s story. They threw it right in your face, yet most obviously thought they were getting pure veritas.

      • I’m not sure.

        They might have a poor grasp on reality but it’s still quite comparable to millenials’.

        In my opinion I’ve no time for intergenerational blame games… Let’s be honest, white people are majorly deluded in every age category. It’s our job to redpill people into dissidents, starting with the 10% remnant of white people regardless of their category.

        Expecting people based on their outward characteristics (aka white rural conservative) to be dissident is barking up the wrong path. There is no typical dissident. Lets get to work together.

        • Dissidents by their nature do in fact tend to be more sophisticated and less provincial than the typical white person, for better or worse.

          • I disagree. Dissidence is based in being able to see reality and that is something hard working ordinary people whose lives are based on understanding the reality of physics, weather, logistics, costs etc are able to do as well, as a percent population, as those more sophisticated urban folk. There appears to be, simply, those who buy into the various cults and those who don’t. The point is what is best for our people as the battle for power, resources, control breaks tribally.

      • Most of them have been living for years and years, if not a couple of decades now, without having to work because of the overly generous combination of Social Security and the fake propping up of the Stock Market for 401k payouts. They have no idea what life in the real world is like for most of us these days. Everyone is going to emit a collective sigh of relieve when they are gone. Their influence on politics has been awful and all of their wealth is a result of pumping up the debt to something like 30 trillion bucks while leaving the rest of us as the ultimate bag holders.

      • Irrelevant and rather silly blaming Boomers for every ill. Given that our vote at the national level has been irrelevant for at least 70 years.

        You DR guys are as bad as your typical republican whom you spew venom at. You guys act like your vote actually meant something instead just giving a patina of legitimacy to a rigged system run by people who have always hated your guts.

        In terms of grasping reality, you kids who sucked on the teat of the internet since you were born have no fucking clue how controlled information was prior to the internet. News sources back then were 3 major glossy rags along TV News,. local newspaper and the NYT and WSJ. Anything else you had to peruse a host of obscure and expensive newsletters that were mostly bullshit.

        • A lot of this comes from their parents who thought that they had conquered reality itself and allowed (or even encouraged) their kids to be complete idiots. As a boomer acquaintance said of Playboy, it was an excuse for the men of the age to look at their neighbor’s daughter.

        • >Given that our vote at the national level has been irrelevant for at least 70 years.

          Well, helluva’ job Boomers did in doing something about that. What were you doing all that time? Yelling about those obscure newsletters full of bullshit?

          At least those who come after you won’t have the luxury of growing old and rich in a system in which their votes are irrelevant. They’ll have to survive on nothing amidst the wave of garbage the Boomers left behind. You got a pretty good deal, all things considered.

          • It’s not over yet

            I remember remarking to a friend of mine who was telling me how great and privileged my childhood was, while his sucked. I said, sure, but that was one chapter, albeit a formative one. But my later years were shit for a pretty long time. So on balance my life was pretty much like his.

            But people put much more weight on the opening chapters, as this seems to be human nature, and life and experiences during a person’s younger years is considered to carry greater weight. Perhaps.

            So yes, for you younger people, your opening chapters were not great. But when the boomers do in fact phase on to the ever-after, the world is going to be your oyster probably in such a way and of such a magnitude that people my age (Gen X) and boomers never experienced. Jobs, opportunities, cheap real estate, etc. is going to hit you like a tidal wave.

            So be prepare and ready to take advantage. And your middle and final chapters should greatly outshine the opening chapters.

        • Boomers were the last generation that had the demographic power to change things. They didn’t. They voted Chamber of Commerce republican and embraced kooky ideologies like libertarianism and mass immigration. It’s not like their parents forced something on them they disapprove of. Look at the polls. They support this stuff. Boomers are the generation obsessed with “the legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King” while the Left holds racist show trials against them and their White children. They deserve all the the scorn heaped at them. Their only saving grace is that their kids and grandkids are likely to turn out worse than them.

        • Carl. Sure, I’ve talked to millennials—a few anyway. Most are trying to survive as has been noted. But as with all younger folk, they must spend their time trying to survive and provide for family and such. Politics and deep thinking wrt such are not on the top of the agenda. But there is struggle and I suspect anger.

          Fortunately, I’ve heard less expressed against my generation, than I’ve heard commonly expressed here. In that, they seem to have the advantage on us, as they spend their energies in the more productive manner. The blame game is simply virtue signaling, it gets us nowhere to problem solution.

      • Old people are stuck with a certain perspective, probably from their formative years, and my experience suggests that they have either no ability or no interest in moving away from that. My mom and her 75 y/o man friend are poster children of CivNat-itude. muh Constitution, Team Red, all that. Their America is the America of 1981 – Reagan ascendant and the country still overwhelmingly white. And when I walk my mom through the demographic realities of the US and the obvious consequences, she’ll respond with “well, I just can’t believe that will be the case because that would be a terrible future for (my 2 year old daughter).” So she and her man-friend cling to bible, muh-constitution, Fox News, flag ceremonies, etc. and keeps waiting for zombie Reagan to make it all better. It’s utterly frustrating. What’s particularly frustrating is that between them, for all their CivNat TradCon talk, they’re wards of the state … 3 govt pensions and social security keeps them in tall cotton.

        • It has nothing to do with age. That is how most people are of any age. Im in my 60s but work with people who are anywhere from 15 – 30 yrs younger. Not one out of a couple of dozen of them is awake. The only people I know personally who are awake are my 40, 30 and 19 y/o sons.Thats mostly because of my “boomer” influence.

          • Agreed.
            I work with 30 mechanical and electrical engineers between the ages of 20-40.
            It is astonishing.

        • People are trapped by the past, and old ways of thinking about things.

          This is true for everyone, not just the elderly. Very very hard for people to change directions politically. I’ve seen this with lefty friends who made big life decisions in college, choosing careers that involved some element of sacrifice and public service. As they get older and have experiences that provide new information, they start to see the world the way that it really is. But the sunk ideological cost of changing perspective is too much. They aren’t able to abandon careers and self identity easily (think public interest attorney, lefty person surrounded by lefty friends). Same is true for civnat conservatives. They can’t admit that their previous image of the world was incorrect. Easier decision to get old and die than see the world for the way it now exists.

        • She living a fantasy.
          Like most Americans.
          But at least her fantasy is pleasant.
          Let her enjoy the few years she has left.

      • Hm. Yes. Perhaps. But only as long as the Internet remains relatively free. The Power Structure is, of course, working by every waking moment to turn the Internet into an AWR echo chamber.

    • Yes, by the 2030s, whites will be a hated minority (as opposed to being a hated majority today) and the US will be on the path to the final collapse.

      • You mean having an illegitimate president* with a cabinet full of cross dressing psychos, communists, fascists and anti American grifters and we aren’t already way down that path? I must disagree, Hun. We’re not only on the path but the pinko’s in charge are trying to make it a four lane highway because the collapse isn’t happening fast enough for them.

        • Yeah, I meant to say “really close to”. I think the US can still go on for more than a decade. All the way to ~2040.

          • Great. I’ll be 95 then;-) Am counting on it b/c of long-lived family genes. Kinda scary though to count on kids/grandkids to take notice of me.

        • Hoagie,

          it’s all well and good mentioning those “cross dressing psychos, communists, fascists and anti American grifters” that fill up the current cabinet.

          Still, I have this vague sentiment tat you forgot to bring up another important demographic, though I can’t quite think of the proper label myself. But maybe some comrades can help out and remedy my intellectual inadequacy.

      • The US was on the path to collapse beginning ca. 1965. The actual collapse occurred in 2020 and the capstone was Biden’s installation. We’re now in the mop-up phase where the AWRs seek to crush small nodes of resistance, which fall under the umbrella of so-called “white supremacy.”

    • I honestly think America’s shambling corpse will not survive intact to the 2030s. The coming decade will be a crucible for Whites, and focusing on politics would not be my choice for my family’s future.

      • Politics is what will save us. Not federal politics, but local and state politics. Neighborhood politics.

        One of the greatest of right wing fantasies is this belief that 1 guy with a gun in his home can resist the entire federal government. They think if everyone just bunkers down, somehow the feds will just leave them alone… Teams need to be made for pro-active solutions, which requires local politics.

        Unfortunately one of the fantasies that the media has sold the Right is that part of what it means to be Right wing is to be a rugged individualist who eschews teamwork and solidarity. Which conveniently weakens the Right in virtually all aspects of competition.

    • By the time the Boomers are mostly all dead, white people will be a plurality of America, basically the largest minority. American born Boomers are 85% or so white. They are by far the largest white demographic in America. Things will be rapidly changing for the worst.

      • Yeah the boomer haters should be careful what they wish for ..

        That 85% chunk is still large enough to hold back the radicals like AOC. To accelerationists, this might be a good thing.

        I suspect that by 2040 we will look back fondly on boomers and even politicians like mitt romney, for they are like angels compared to what awaits us in the future.

        Nonetheless, no whining or complaining. We need to get to work.

    • I agree, but I don’t think a post-Boomer world is going to be pretty. Boomers provide a lot of stability in our current system due to their narratives, Left and Right, being approximately the same with slight variations. Boomer political arguments are about tax rates and how much should be spent on social programs, infrastructure, etc.

      Once Boomers are gone, the only political spaces available will be extremist positions: far left, far right, pro-[ethnic group], etc.


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