The Big Lie

An axiom from the drug game that applies equally well to the political game is “Never get high from your own supply.” Drug dealers who start using their product usually end up dead, in jail or just another client for a smarter drug dealer. In the case of politics, the product they move is propaganda and rhetoric. In office, they peddle propaganda to convince or confuse the people into going along with policy. Out of office, politicians use rhetoric to trick people into supporting them in their efforts.

The product of politics is the lie. Maybe the lie is just an exaggeration, like the old line about two cars in every garage and chicken in every pot. Sometimes the lie is a fabrication to distract from something else. The Russian collusion hoax is an example of a lie to distract from the FBI corruption. Then, of course, you have the Big Lie, the lie so colossal that no one thinks it possible to tell such a lie. The usual suspects used this against Trump, declaring him a white nationalist.

The thing is, lies are told in the moment, but they have downstream consequences because people believe the lies and act on them. The Big Lie, as you know who described it, had big consequences later on. The historian Jeffrey Herf notes that blaming nationalists for Germany’s loss in the Great War eventually led to the blossoming of antisemitism and the persecution of Jews. That is all debatable for all the obvious reasons, but it is a good example, nonetheless.

We may be seeing something similar happening in America. The Big Lie this time is that America’s problems, its very character, is the result of white nationalism. The usual suspects could not accept the results of the 2016 election, so they concocted a conspiracy theory involving outsiders, Russians, and an invisible enemy within, the white nationalists. This Big Lie quickly evolved from something popular with cranks and the mentally unstable to a full blown collective fantasy.

According to a recent survey, the number one worry for self-identified Democrats are the supporters of Donald Trump. 82% of Democrats are “extremely concerned” about the 73 million people who voted for Trump. Right behind that, 79% are extremely concerned with white nationalism. Just behind that, 77% are extremely concerned with systemic racism. You will note there is a theme to all of the top issues. These people are sure they are at war with a violent, but invisible army of bigots.

Now, if the people buying into this were an isolated subculture that was easily ignored, then no one would care. The one thing modern people have mastered about modernity is the ability to ignore the crazies. These are not isolated crazies. These are the people in control of the institutions. They are acting on their insane beliefs, waging a full-on war against white people in general and normal white people in particular. Real people are suffering real harm because these people believe the Big Lie.

One consequence of this war on white people is the growing awareness and acceptance of Jim Snow America. White people are coming to accept that there is a double standard against whites. They may not like it, but they accept it as a part of their daily reality. You can see this on the social media platforms. Gab has added tens of millions of users, despite the claims about it, and those new users are fine with talking about the new reality of race. There are lots of race realists now.

This is one of those downstream consequences of the Big Lie. Instead of white people cowering in shame, they are seeking out places where they can speak freely and talk about what is happening. The war on white people is creating a sense of white identity that never would have existed otherwise. This in turn is bringing demographic reality to the attention of white people. The tens of millions who thought they were part of the silent majority are realizing they are no longer a majority.

Another unintended consequence of the war on imaginary white nationalists is that the morality is changing. The Left is not fighting against “bad whites” but are now being seen as antiwhite. The Left used to get away with the claim that they were trying to help or protect nonwhites from the bad whites. It was always a lie and now it is an unsustainable lie. White people can now start thinking of themselves as an oppressed identity group. They can be the hero of their story.

There is another downstream consequence of the Big Lie. There is no way to reel it back in when it gets out of hand. We are seeing this with the Covid fantasy. Tens of millions have turned Covid into a religion. The usual suspects will have to come up with an even bigger lie to counter the Covid lie. That is what the survey of Democrats shows regarding the Big Lie. Their coalition of managerial class whites and nonwhites are now organized around the fight against white people. It is who they are.

The growing race consciousness of whites could be reversed if the rulers could drop the whole white nationalist thing and find a new drama to entertain their people, but that would mean admitting the white nationalist stuff was always a lie. Then there is the fact that many of the rulers believe the Big Lie. Dingbats like Ocasio-Cortez think there is an army of Nazis outside the green zone, ready to ravish her in her office. The Big Lie now has taken on a life of its own. It has escaped its handlers.

This gets back to that old axiom from the drug game. The people running the institutions are getting high off their own supply now. They are sitting in front of a big pile of white nationalism, snorting it up as they promise retribution. They have become the victims of their own trade, unable to make sound decisions. Even if it were possible to back off the antiwhite pogroms, they no longer possess the agency to do it. They are just as much a captive of their product as their former customers.

In the search for villains in the aftermath of the Great War, no one thought another industrial war was possible. They could not see what would come of the lies, especially the Big Lie, in the next decades. Similarly, we cannot know what will come from the growing racial awareness of whites. As the rulers assemble Jim Snow America, white racial awareness will evolve along with it. The one thing we know is no one learned anything from the last use of the Big Lie.

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153 thoughts on “The Big Lie

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  2. “The growing race consciousness of whites could be reversed if the rulers could drop the whole white nationalist thing and find a new drama to entertain their people, but that would mean admitting the white nationalist stuff was always a lie.”

    Nah, they could flip the narrative on these double-thinking goldfish in a day. Remember Covid started out with the Dems ridiculing Tom Cotton as a conspiracy theorist and Nancy Pelosi hugging random Asians because fear of the coof was just a bigot’s agenda.

  3. The black Overton bubble crafted by the kill whitey rhetoric will burst in a rather spectacular fashion one day. Am trying to arrange to be elsewhere when that happens.

  4. “ Dingbats like Ocasio-Cortez think there is an army of Nazis outside the green zone, ready to ravish her in her office.”

    It’s a funny image. But I happened to catch a bit of some House Committee meeting on domestic terrorism via YouTube the other day. Quite a few black as well as white elected people and others testifying about the danger posed by white supremacy. These people are unhinged. They have power and it’s terrifying honestly.

  5. “Joos were persecuted”..Only a fraud and a coward would make that statement in virtually any context at this point.

    Like Ron Unz pointed out, joos have murdered more people relative to the size of their own population than any other group of people in human history..

  6. Most of this is about jealousy. Nothing can make a racist “POC” go more ballistic than just saying “I’m sorry you’re not white. There’s nothing I can do about that.” The volcanic reaction you will get speaks volumes. Like smacking a piñata in just the right place.

    • Yeah, that’s been my theme today

      Stick your cock in AOCs mouth

      Turn and walk away from angry POC looking for attention rather than “debate” with them. They crave the validation of white people and have a massive inferiority complex.

  7. The 21st Century has been one Big Lie after another from climate change to Coof to RussiaRussia, every one attracting not just a large following but the same followers. There are three takeaways:

    1. Most people are happy to have reality defined for them by the strongman of the moment.

    2. Our current strongman want us to cease existing as if we never were.

    3. The truth is a crime against the State.

  8. We are a nation in the process of becoming, and overcoming Jim Snow, the social justice police state and the institutions that enable it will be the cornerstone of a national myth.

  9. What makes the current Big Lie unique is that it has been gestating for decades. Increasingly, beginning in the mid-60s, the institutions turned against whites and adopted negroes as the new master race. It took some time, of course, for the AWRs–most of them postmodern academics–to brainwash enough people to convert the US into an anti-white, black supremacist state, but in the end they succeeded. And in such a state, the flagrant lie of white supremacy has become the natural and very useful master narrative. The hated whites will be subjugated in the name of protecting the sainted negroes. It’s an inversion of reality, of course. It is whites who suffer disproportionately, and often fatally, at the hands of negroes.

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  11. Michael Malice points out in his book, The New Right, that one of the clever aspects of the Civil Rights movement, is it figured out how to separate mild racists from hard core racists. Mild racists might not like Blacks in general, but seeing police turn dogs and water cannons on them triggers revulsion at the injustice of it. The Woke Left has thrown that all away and put all whites into the same bucket.

  12. Not quite on topic, but today’s surreal headline. From the Daily Mail: “Gaga’s Pups Dognapped.” I feel sorry that two of a super-rich celebrity’s dogs were stolen, but I feel a bit sorrier for the man who was shot four times in the chest for the crime of walking the dogs. At least he’s stil alive; here’s wishing him a full recovery. The Daily Mail is an interesting rag; it has some good coverage of America, combined with traditional English yellow journalism including half-dressed young women 🙂 But, this headline perfectly illustrates our society’s priorities…

    • Hilarious! The $500,000 reward is for the return of the pups (no questions asked), but not a dime for information leading to the arrest of the perp who shot her dogwalker 4 times in the chest in order make off with the dogs. These kinds of stories reveal with brutal clarity what the Elites think of us peons.

    • OTOH, The DM actually mentioned the race of the attackers, while the US coverage only mentioned the color of the attackers’ car.

  13. I’ve come to realize, and I’m sure many of you have as well, that at this point the “Big Lie” is the Big Lie. For anyone that knows what the big lie was described as originally, that is diametrically opposed to what our rulers and pundits claim the big lie was. How many of you have heard something to the effect of “Hitler invented the big lie, he says in Mein Kampf that it’s how you fool the masses.” When in reality he described it as a rotten, low down strategy used by those who shall not be named to muddle people’s understanding of their relationship with one another, race or religion. Good article though.

  14. The Road Back (cont)
    Dipping your toe in the water.

    Passive is too passive, you say. We can do better. And so you shall. After the brief Trumpian reversal of regulatory entropy, Congress is once again ramping up the crazy with volumes of new federal rules and it’s time to shove this idiocy up their collective asses. With a little homework, you too can become a spam warrior inundating the Feds with all the paperwork they can handle and then some. And no pdfs allowed; send them hard copy by the truckload and then hit the phone lines. Be sincere, aggrieved, and relentless. Champion your victim status and demand your reparation. And don’t be afraid to record everything. It could come in handy.

  15. I have to admit that it’s surprising to me that no one with a “voice” has stepped forward to say enough is enough with this white bashing. It’s immoral on its face, but not a peep out of anyone. Not even Trump. And not limited to politicians but anyone with a big enough voice to be heard. Not even the safe argument they use for everything else, you “can’t generalize an entire group based on the actions of a few”. Not even that. We can’t even get that stinker of a defense.

    • Whites keep expecting some saviour to pop out and save us. Somebody else will do it.

      Well, waiting on the rapture isn’t a good strategy and we are on our own down here until then.

      So get to work.

      • I’ll get right on that as long as you promise to as well. We can have a race, let’s see who becomes the savior of the white race first!

        I don’t know about you, but I’m starting out with very little funds, a minimal budget, no political or financial influence whatsoever. I have absolutely no connections on Wall-Street or in Washington. I don’t even live in a major city. But I’m sure all it will take is sheer will, a good message, and a good argument. The cold hard truth is always the best argument after all! I expect to become the new messiah by next year, 4 years tops!

      • Point well taken, but I’m mot expecting a savior just someone to point out the obvious.

        I’m surprised more than anything. Not lamenting the fact so much, just kinda surprised.

    • Supposedly, Heather McDonald was on Tucker’s show recently and stated that the Leftist program is essentially anti-white, and Tucker didn’t try to refute her. She may be the first truly prominent public intellectual to state something of the truth about our new anti-white country.

  16. The last year or so has been truly remarkable. Our rulers have done to awaken white racial consciousness than Jared Taylor has done with a lifetime of advocacy. The cynicism among people who were gullible barely a year ago is also astonishing. Read the comments on a YouTube video where Biden announces some measure to fight Covid or some antiracist lectures and it’s like listening to peasants in a breadline griping, or mocking the local commissar who’s come to the city square to speak. A while back you said we’d know we were getting somewhere when someone called a white man a racist and he laughed. We’re there. Now cue the comments now about how whites are still in a stupor or asleep and I’m being overly optimistic, because we’re not seeing some kind of action. That’s not the way these things, work, though. Someone in the crowd sneers, then someone else picks up a rock, then a century’s worth of history happens in a week.

    • No, many whites are waking up. A few years back, whites were asleep. Over the past year, they were shaken awake but we’re groggy as you are when snapped out of a very deep sleep. The current stage is looking around and trying to figure out what the hell the is going on, are they guys really busting into my house.

      The next stage is trying to figure out what to do about. All of us here are simply a stage or two ahead of a large portion of whites, but we’re on the same path.

      • First time gun buyers are evidence that self defense is hard wired.
        Blue-pilled brother, January 2020: “Why are you buying guns/ getting a concealed carry/ gun “license”?
        Blue-pilled brother during the summer of St. George Floyd (pbuh), “Oh, $#@!, where is dad’s old gun?!?”

  17. What the left and our current elite don’t seem to understand is if you are going to create a big lie, a “noble lie”, a cultural “mythos” it has to be abstract and metaphysical enough. It must be above and beyond human nature. The Right seems to understand this. Myths and constructs are top down for them across history. You create abstract concepts in terms of economic systems, constitutional rights and liberties etc. You create ideals (which may be “impossible” or “unreal”) but which people can strive towards. These abstracts then help shape reality in a harmonious way.
    These abstractions help us shape reality, they work with us and we work with them to create a better society.

    However, the Left is attempting to create a literal Utopia based off of a myriad of delusions and lies. These lies are concerned with actual reality, with human biology, human behavior and group dynamics. All our current evils stem from these false premises (“a falsis principiis proficisci”). They try to go bottom up, they lie about current reality, in the attempt to create an external ideal.

    They lie to themselves and say all groups are equal. But reality doesn’t cohere with this lie, obviously. If all are equal, than why wasn’t Africa as successful as the Europeans? The only rational solution would be evil and unjust supremacy. Yet here we are after the abolition of slavery, the Civil Rights Movement, Affirmative Action policy and a culture drenched in Political Correctness for 4 over decades– still reality doesn’t cohere with this initial false premise. Well, we all are equal, so we simply haven’t done enough to stamp out evil white supremacy!
    They will continue to work bottom up to create an impossible ideal. From this all evil springs.

    • If the White European is to blame for all of Africa’s and African’s chldren’s failings, then why was Africa in such a bad (or worse) state before any White man ever set foot on the continent?

      • “…why was Africa in such a bad (or worse) state before any White man ever set foot on the continent?”

        It depends on which Leftist you ask. Increasingly the ” we wuz kangz” sentiment is gaining influence among the black community. They claim that Blacks were actually the original Israelites, and/or the original Egyptians/Pharaohs, (I’ve even heard them claim, in all seriousness, that they were the real Spartans). They say that Europeans were cave dwellers who somehow usurped their power and oppressed them. Cuz we iz evil.

        An “intellectual” leftist would probably just claim that we got “lucky” with our technological discoveries and inventions, or else stole them from other societies. And then we used these to oppress the rest of the world. They try to deny biology, history as much as possible in this and similiar scenarios. Everything is a social construct. How certain societies advanced faster than others is ignored as a first premise– evolution is just “luck” and “chance” anyhow!

        I usually like to trap them in a contradiction on these matters. Most Leftists hold Evolution theory as sacred, as they used it as a cudgel against Christianity for decades (only fundamentalists deny evolution theory all together, but whatever). I always tell them, you cannot believe in evolution and also think that the races evolved entirely equal. They’ll hem and haw, and try to diminish any differences in brain development, IQ levels, hormone levels. But insist that any differences in evolutionary development essentially stopped at the neck, and had no influence in the history of civilization.

        Its simply madness. But they MUST hold on to these false premises, otherwise the entire thing comes falling down.

        • It’s amazing how the evil White man came to Africa and even took the natives’ ability to read and write away—including all their prior work then in existence. 😉

  18. The obviously coordinated shanking of Andrew Cuomo over his COVID response is interesting in this context. This is the same guy who just six months ago — no, really, it was that recent — was being praised in every single Media outlet as the only American politician who handled Kung Flu “correctly.” They gave him an Emmy and sundry other awards. And yet now, suddenly, out of nowhere, they’re talking about impeaching him? That doesn’t compute.

    I think it’s a desperate attempt at walking back the COVID lie — since the one real fact in all this mess is that New York had some huge percentage of COVID deaths nationwide, if you shank Cuomo while muttering “mistakes were made,” boom, there’s some huge reduction in nationwide COVID mortality… just in time to hand a big splashy victory to Uncle Joe Stolin’s “first hundred days,” which I’m sure is also just a big coinky-dink. Plus one of the last remaining “White” machine politicians gets turfed out, big bonus win for the Pox.

    I doubt it will work on its own — as you say, Karen has made Kung Flu a religion now — but if they find a new shiny to go along with it, and promote it hard enough, maybe. Isn’t Somalia supposed to be breaking down again? Who’s ready for “Black Hawk Down 2.0?”

    • Cuomo is just the next white guy in the way of the glorious Coudenhove-Kalergi future.

      He is being removed as a threat to Harris.

      Someone far worse will be installed in his place via Dominion.

    • “And yet now, suddenly, out of nowhere, they’re talking about impeaching him?”

      This situation speaks to the limits and the power of our current media environment. Media limitation is their fecklessness, weakness, lack of independence and movement away from fact based reporting. There aren’t enough resources in the media these days to do any real investigative reporting. Societal trends are harming the media as much as they harm the rest of us (see this in media hiring practices, newsrooms typically look old and white, so all new hires must now be BIPOC — of course quality of work output suffers for this reason). Because of diminished resources and quality of worker, now media is dumbed down, columnist driven click-bait coverage. Additionally, news media feels compelled to move beyond reporting facts to taking a slanted perspective on the news of the day. All the time, they talk about “starting a conversation” and all the time conversation is biased against conservatives. The columnists and reporters themselves coordinate coverage so there is no diversity of opinions. Think, for example, Ezra Klein’s journolist (see link below). Seemingly, there is no reward for getting a scoop, being first to publish a story, reporting things factually. Instead rewards flow to who can advance the most correct ideological position. So, in total, you have media organizations with fewer resources and dumber employees that are coordinating with each other to deliver an ideologically biased message. These are the limitations that explain how the Cuomo story was buried for 6 months until the election ended.

      Media strength is that people still need information to understand and form opinions about things. As modern communities fracture and contract our ability to get news/opinions from trusted personal sources decreases (e.g., family, friends and neighbors). We have to get this information from somewhere and most people get it from the news. So the weakness of modern interpersonal relationships translates into a strengthening of media propaganda. IMO, that is the explanation for the Z-man’s poll results that show the growing concern liberal concern with Trump voters and white nationalism. Media propaganda hyping racial hatred and half the country is buying into it.

    • His handlers obviously decided it was time to replace him but you can’t just replace a hero. Thus, they’re spending a few months tearing him down prior to swapping him out… probably for an Obama flunkey, seeing as the new D.C. is the old Obama crowd.

      I use the word “hero” loosely, of course. Cuomo’s dictatorial mishandling of Coof needed to be shaped as a victory at the time in order to justify the use of dictatorial strategy and tactics. But that was then and this is now.

    • “The obviously coordinated shanking of Andrew Cuomo over his COVID response is interesting in this context.”

      lots of small hats live in NY, many of whom got angry with cuomo, he fucked with the wrong crowd

  19. The U.S. Marine Corps has a fearsome reputation. But when I was a Marine in an Infantry battalion, we used to remind the cockier Marines “don’t believe your own bullshit”. The propaganda and reputation was very useful for scaring Iraqi soldiers into surrendering, but did nothing to change the laws of physics when it came to projectiles and high explosives when they decided to fight.

    • We can, and should, learn from the wisdom hard-earned by our military when real fighting is involved. For example, over the past two decades, the US military has systematically been targeting the head of the snake with respect to Al Queda and it’s variants; with great success I might add. That strategy can be successful employed in many venues. Ancient wisdom.

      • Indeed. Proof of what you said can be found right today in DC. A few protesters running the breach and it’s 24/7 guards and razor wire. They truly are cowards to be despised.

  20. Yes, our rulers are caught in their own web. You can’t blame all of society’s ills on whites and then sit on your hands. Old school liberals tried to thread the needle by never shutting up about racism but then only implementing mild forms of punishment – a little affirmative action, some very vague diversity training, etc.

    The new guard took the old guard at their word: Whites are uniquely evil. The new guard is demanding that the government use its power to destroy white racism and white supremacy to achieve equity. They will ramp up the War Against Whites until they achieve that goal, which being impossible means that they will can’t stop ramping it up.

    • Well said! As I’ve already said today, another tactic is to acknowledge what evil shits us Whites are, and then to “innocently” inquire as to why non-Whites act so awfully when there are no Whites in evidence? Any little thing that will sprinkle sand into the poorly-oiled gears of the Woke mind will only aid our cause 🙂

    • I don’t know. One thing that is a little surprising is that old guard is the same as the new guard, but the philosophy is more hostile. Old guard are the Bidens, Chris Wrays, Merrick Garlands in the democrat establishment. All these guys were considered moderates at one point in time. And now they have taken political positions that are extreme (specifically green lighting stealing elections, anathematizing white people, normalizing partisan political violence). The acceleration of events in the last 6 months is incredible. What individuals are calling the shots here?

    • There is no New Guard. The same Dems that were moderates 10 years ago are now the rabid loons who want to genocide Whites and erase their culture. What changed? They just dropped their masks of civility that’s all.

      What you see from Biden, Pelosi, Schumer, etc is how they really feel about us low class Whites. We are not human to them. Look at that Mengele in a Dress – Levine. That monster wants to take your kids and mutilate them so there is no future for Whites. And Levine is supported by mainstream Dems. He is not a outlier.

      Why else are our public schools teaching children about gender fluidity, etc. It’s to destroy cultural norms and ruin them.

      This should send chills up our spines instead of ridicule. The DR will regret not taking these signs seriously. Understand the Dems take this stuff dead serious because they intend to have their own Final Solution for us.

  21. “We are seeing this with the Covid fantasy. Tens of millions have turned Covid into a religion.”
    Was speaking with a neighbor who is a hard core “Non-GMO” fear monger. He asked if I got my Jab. I said I have no intention of doing so. Then I said, you know the so-called vaccine is a gene therapy injecting GMO mRNA in to your body. Basically, you are now a living GMO organism – how do you live with yourself? He starred for about a minute, turned and walked into his house without a word. I waited a few minutes to make sure I didn’t hear a gunshot.

    Amazing, people invest more time researching a new toaster than they do the “Vaccine”.

    • I’ve been saying similar things to similar people when the opportunity presents itself. I think of it as a nice little example of “throwing sand in the gears.” You get to present as a good-thinker for being concerned about gmo so you slip through the first mental shields but then you create cognitive dissonance with the tension between branch-covidian dogma and earth-mother worship.

      • I used “Had the vaccine? Great, now you’re a GMO!” in my post-it note campaign a little while back. I’ve got to get back to that one now that the number of people getting the Jevv Juice is increasing steadily. With that message, I try to affix the note to a product that I believe students from the local college will buy.

  22. I seriously cannot believe you did not link to this. These people that were actually scared of a white working man is absolutely shocking to me. I live in this kind of neighborhood in a majority-black city and routinely on Nextdoor people are criticized for wondering what those black kids are doing but this would never happen. Everyone’s having work done on their houses all the time they know the white workmen are the most reliable and the most honest even though they wouldn’t say it out loud. These people ruling us really have gone insane. But the good news is it’s all out in the open now. It’s going to be really hard for Normie to ignore this for much longer

    • From the article, this gem:

      ‘“The Don’t Tread on Me tags say he probably has guns and is probably angry at some minority or politician,” a response to the post read as Adams Morgan residents and users of the community-based Next Door social media platform began to panic over the sight of the truck.’

      Heavens above. And then:

      ‘“When things are serious, things need to be taken seriously — instead of just being a sheep. You got to look out for your tribe,” Michael Landry, one of the thread’s posters, told The Washington Post. Additionally, Landry told The Post that he and other Adams Morgan residents have remained “vigilant” in recent months, keeping an eye open for out-of-town license plates, bumper stickers conveying conservative messages, and people who aren’t wearing masks’

      ‘Look out for your tribe’ indeed.

    • The thing is these upper class whites HATE lower class whites and see them as the enemy., Hence them going apeshit over Trump and his lower class white supporters.

      Sometime back the Revolver had a story about the white upper class NY set whining about Trump’s immigration restrictions which forced them to hire white people as drivers, house cleaners, etc. They hated them. Why? Because the White workers saw what pieces of shit these upper class types really were. Whereas Jose and Juanita would take their shit and still kiss their asses.

      Tucker Carlson in some Youtube speeches has repeatedly made it clear these people live in a different world than everyone else. They have no idea what’s the country is like outside of their exclusive neighborhoods. No they don’t take drives in the countryside or anything like that. They get on a jet and fly to some other upper class watering hole and whine about the “insurrectionists”.

  23. “Another unintended consequence of the war on imaginary white nationalists…The Big Lie now has taken on a life of its own. It has escaped its handlers”

    Yes, the specter of “white-supremacy” has taken hold of the Left and has broken containment. In truth, this latest breach of the Big Lie is just another growth from the Biggest Lie of the 20th Century, from which all of these current unintended consequences have sprung forth–the big H. The Big H was based on reality, as all good lies are. It seized upon a horrific and tragic scenario, and used it as a political/propaganda expedient.

    But this lie eventually created a paradigm shift in the culture. It became the very core of a new Ethos, effectively a new religion. And from this, the specter of “white supremacy” lives on. As long as this lie is constantly shoved in our faces, this culture will continue to degrade and destroy. It is a religion of death and guilt.

    Just as with Occasio Cortez believes in the bullshit of the 60s politicians, our current politicians believe in the bullshit of the Big H. They didn’t know it was a lie, so they weren’t aware of its true function. To them it was merely reality. So when they handle the contents of the lie, they handle it poorly– they don’t know how to use it properly and they lose control. Its now a monstrous beast more powerful than its creators could have ever imagined.

    • We are drenched in that Lie, drowning in it. Just listen to how often an allusion or reference is made to it. Every broadcast,, every comment section, in casual parlance, in every lecture.- the assumption is there.

      • I have reached Big Lie exhaustion. You are right it is everywhere, its essentially the same thing as Godwin’s Law.

        I don’t know if you’ve noticed this, but in my experience women seem to latch onto it and have a strange obsession with it. They are fascinated by it. They eat it up willingly, gladly and ask for more! Its read and write fictional books on it, they implement into school curriculum, they watch documentaries on it. Its something I’ve been trying to figure out for a while. I know propaganda, marketing is more effective on them, but this is also a strange attraction to violence, murder, catastrophe…

        Its not just this event, but violence and gore in general. I know way too many women who claim to listen to podcasts about serial killers, and who love horror movies, and documentaries (my sister, my sister in law, co-workers, cousins). I don’t get it.

  24. “According to a recent survey, the number one worry for self-identified Democrats are the supporters of Donald Trump. 82% of Democrats are “extremely concerned” about the 73 million people who voted for Trump. Right behind that, 79% are extremely concerned with white nationalism. Just behind that, 77% are extremely concerned with systemic racism. You will note there is a theme to all of the top issues. These people are sure they are at war with a violent, but invisible army of bigots.”

    These people are morons. Worrying constantly about their phantom causes. The same with the climate change obsessives; they constantly terrify themselves over these big abstract things. What about: pot holes in the roads, unreliable power supplies, the local crime rate, absurd parking restrictions outside one’s abode, making sure you’ve got enough food for a ‘situation’, how about making sure your tires aren’t bald, or perhaps whether the fox has managed to kill a couple of your chickens. Yes sir, I can think of many things, even for a leftist, that ought to be higher on the agenda: for example, many leftists I used to know lived in shitholes. Dirty surfaces and dirty toilets. And these chasm wide cunts lecture me about health and wellness.

    That being said, my number one concern is wokists.

    • “That being said, my number one concern is wokists.”

      Rightfully so. Nobody will hate White people more than a White Liberal will.

    • Exactly. Lefties think we’re the insane ones but our concerns lie in things one can actually see: population replacement; increasingly dangerous, filthy, and dysfunctional urban areas; degenerate “entertainment”; anti-white propaganda; media-driven plandemic hysteria . . . and that’s not even getting into the facts vs. feelings side of the chasm.
      I have a friend who’s son quite his job at one of the evil empire company’s (good) because he ‘wants to change the world’ (terrible). I asked why it’s not enough to just raise a family and be a productive member of society. She looked at me like I had just committed blasphemy. Because in their puffed-up narcissistic high on their own supply world I had. God save us from these infernal do-gooders.

      • I wonder what this young man will change? Seeing that the only real change we can measure is material wealth/technological, and seeing that such changes were often driven by genius, will he be changing things in this manner? Or will he be like many I know, absorbing the woke rays and following what he is told to do. To change the world. Will he change the world for the better, for whites?

        It is absolutely enough to raise a family and become a productive member of a community. When I was younger, I used to think that individualism was great – perhaps effectively ‘libertarian’ – then one day I realised it was just an excuse to cower away. To mind my own business whilst things went down all around me; the dangerous, filthy and dysfunctional areas you speak of. Be fruitful and multiply. More white kids under the stewardship of any man/woman on this site would be a boon. A real boon.

        This ‘do-gooderism’ and ‘individualism’ seems to be something that has sprung up rapidly in white societies in the past 50 years. I suspect that the do gooders have always been around, but now everything is magnified. And the individualism which I see in many young people around me, is, according to my elders, something much newer. And as many here know, being an individual with no ability to organize just isn’t going to help. Well, it may help the individual for a time… but then what?

        I must apologize for this long (what seems like) a rant. But whenever a younger person makes mention of the phrase ‘I want to change the world’, I think: why? Might I inquire as to the political alignment of the lad, he sounds woke, is this so?

          • Nothing is more repulsive to me than the male woke, or “mokes” as I have taken to calling them.

            And nothing is more repulsive to me than a moke devoting his life to climate change. A unicorn chasing a unicorn fart.

      • How is that twit any different than the Miss America contestant who says her number one wish is for “world peace”? World peace, changing the world, they’re all just giving the answers that they think will help them avoid losing the contest.

      • Why are you friends with a “narcissistic . . . infernal do gooder”? She won’t be there for you when it counts. She won’t have your back. She’ll be the first to report you to the authorities. Cut such people out of your life.

        • I worked with her 20 years ago and her and I and a couple other former employees have been getting together once or twice a year since then. I haven’t seen her for a year because, naturally, they’re all about the mask and I told them I won’t do it. Yeesh.

    • There was actually a skit on SNL of all places a few years back that poked fun at fashionable urbanites who were oh-so-careful about avoiding pesticides, eating only “sustainably” raised food, getting enough exercise, etc… but who nonetheless consumed massive amounts of mind altering chemicals at every possible opportunity. My recollection is vague but I think the central character was a young woman who lectured everyone around a table at a gathering about the environment, climate change, and “keeping my temple pure” while tying off her arm and injecting heroin.

      Lefties are masters of doublethink and a lot of their politics seems like some weird mixture of puritanism and debauchery projected outward onto the grand screen of the universe. It’s like they live inside one of those high-tech projectors at a planetarium. The things they see outside are just phantoms generated within. I wouldn’t care but it seems they’ve managed to lock us in their increasingly bizarre and terrifying planetarium with them.

    • “These people are morons.”

      Those morons are about to institute a 1 party socialist state in the Land of the Free and Home of the Brave. If you think something is stupid but it works, then it isn’t stupid.

      Everything the Left does makes perfect sense once you realize they don’t care about ideology or an internally coherent morality, they only care about power.

  25. The War on Whites basically is the War on Drugs: doomed to failure with lots of casualties before it implodes. The numerical reality of demographics is at war with the fantasy about a triumphant vibrancy. Forcing Whites to the margins will end in collapse because (a) Whites will continue to be a plurality into the foreseeable future and (b) that plurality put on the sidelines will end in a Boeing o’ the Week.

    It won’t end well for all involved, and increasing White identification precludes a successful genocide. The Left has triumphed for now, but long term it will lose. Vibrants spoonfed kooky conspiracy theories cannot sustain a civilization and Whites clustered into a self-contained community can endure. The actual Ruling Class very well could be exterminated by the former to the quiet satisfaction of the latter. Then things will resolve over time, albeit painfully.

    As for the Trump/Russia Hiax, that was the inflection point where the State gave up the pretense of legitimacy and decided to rule by fiat and terror and to openly rig elections. Europe and the settler nations should pay close attention to what is underway in the States. It seems they are.

    • The one thing that may be our saving grace is that all of AINO’s recent “wars” have been utter failures (War on Poverty, War on Drugs, W on Terrorism, etc), thus so will be the War on Whites. Not saying we won’t suffer a lot of needless casualties (spiritually, professionally, and physically), but the “war” will be a failure nonetheless. Once again, the fed government’s incompetence and hubris will save the day. Their house of cards they have built WILL fall. What’s comes after is of course the BIG question. We must be ready when it does.

      • War on Whites!

        That brings it frickin’ HOME, baby!

        “Anti-White Racism”- credit to Osteii- forces us to explain ourselves while accepting the Left’s premise.

        “War on Whites” is vivid, contemporary… and acceptable *by the Left*.

        They’ll accept it- to scoff at it. It makes them explain themselves, in their inverse, feminine way, while accepting OUR premise.

        They’ll openly confess by denying everything. “No, no, it’s totally not a war on white civilization!”

        (Pure Alinsky. That phrase speaks in their language. The Goodwhites, their allies, and their greatest allies will practically be declaring themselves ‘white adjacent’.)

        • Forgive the addendum, but whenever I hear “the fight against racism,” I’ll accept and agree: “Oh, you mean the war on whites? You bet, I totally agree, we’ve got to smash whiteness.”

          • Best delivered with a perfectly straight face.

            And, keep it that way. We are, after all, utterly reasonable.

          • You can also throw sand in the gears by agreeing with them, for example, if they bring up an actual historical case of racism or white supremacy (e.g. Jim Crow, etc.). I like to ask something like “Well, how do explain that the vast majority of Black crime is intra-racial?” Or even better: “I agree that Blacks were often mistreated by Whites in the past. But how then do you explain the abysmal performance of Blacks when there are no Whites around?”

    • Correct. It is easy to become depressed and indulge in negative navel gazing and self pity. Our adversaries are deeply divided amongst themselves. The various left wing lunatics are champing at the bit, with the smarter, savvier moderates either dying off or selling out for those last few bucks before the sun sets on the Democrat party. When Joe dies… it will be a cacophony of noise from baying, screeching, shitty old women vying to impose their brand of lunacy on the other lunatics who have their own ideas.

      The dissidents need to focus because now we are in the exact same boat. I get that the system no longer works. At some point though, we are going to have to agree on leaders and a course of action to impose order on it… and we hemmmmmm and haawwww and just gossip or worse, squabble. We really need to get our poop in a group fast…

      • Nah. Why should we save them?

        Hunker down, prep, and harden. Let Nature take its course. There are too damm many people anyways- and when we withdraw, mentally, they won’t last very long.

        They want us gone? Fine- you’re on your own. Plow your own damned driveway.

        I take, but do not give.
        I withdraw my consent.

    • Yes to all of this; now prognosticate. Eventually the Deep State will need to conscript the productive element of society into forced labor in order to keep the economic engine running and feed the beast. Because many citizens are well armed, this will likely get very bloody & can result in enormous casualties (keep the plebs killing each other). Rather than fight endless skirmishes with high losses, better to use these resources in a targeted fashion aimed at the root or the disease. It’s much easier for LEOs to fight a coalesced militia than thousands of dispersed & unknown phantoms.

  26. “They are sitting in front of a big pile of white nationalism, snorting it up as they promise retribution. “
    LOVE that! very funny. great article.

    • They hate white nationalism more than anything. But they LOVE the smell of it. Just can’t get enough.

      And like Tony Montana, sitting behind the big desk in the marbled palace full of mercenaries, they have built an empire out of that snow. Spring is coming.

      They have sequestered themselves from their growing list of enemies of progress, which of course includes reality itself.

      Like Tony, they plunge further into their own supply as the big lie grows lockstep with the hungry ghost.

      It can only end one way: “say hello to my little friend!”

  27. “As the rulers assemble Jim Snow America, white racial awareness will evolve along with it.”
    Yep, some form of white tribalism will emerge out of all this lies, but it won’t pretty, I call it cleansing, those whites who stick with tick tock, liberal trends or choose to trust foreigners and go against their own race will go extinct. It’s already happening, liberals aren’t even making babies.

    Also, there’s zones in America where a minority of whites are in close proximity to a jogger majority, they really need to get the hell out of there.

    • I have been looking at the census data for various regions in canada.


      -whites in urban liberal areas TFR = 0.5 to 1.2 depending on the city
      -non white areas (mostly city + suburbs) = had high fertility until about 15 years ago. Now it’s 1.3-1.5 and dropping.
      -white rural areas = 1.7-1.9 and has increase slightly in the past two decades. Suffer from attrition to cities though.
      -native american areas = massive fertility, paid to breed

      Yes the bad whites are breeding more, no question. But more importantly, what’s your plan to stop them being infected by the poz?

      • “Suffer from attrition to cities though.”
        That’s the story everywhere since the dawn of the industrial revolution (at least). One anecdote from years ago was that even though Japan was just starting on their way on their demographic collapse the population of Tokyo proper was going up. Of course this means vast tracts of places like Hokkaido are reverting back to nature.

    • Far too many people are way beyond saving. It’s not that uncommon for white victims of some pretty violent non-white crime to lash out against any white person who points out the obvious. The desire to cuck is strong. It is really difficult to undo childhood programming.

      • Didn’t Molly Tibbets’ dad state his own preference of beef and bean burritos over his own daughter who was stabbed to death by an illegal in Iowa?

      • i know, they’ll be culled out, they’re either doomed or will go through horrific experiences, may the Providence have mercy on them!

  28. The overall Big Lie, the Big Big Lie, is that “diversity is our greatest strength.”

    Any platform on which there are still redpillable people need to hear us calling out that lie, again and again, until they see through the lie.

  29. Reminds me of that poor fool civnat who asked the embarrassing question: “When do you think we will no longer need affirmative action?”

    • Just like the oblivious rabble out there who occasionally ask when will we no longer have to wear masks or when will we return to normal. Adorable, aren’t they?

      • “When will…” as a rhetorical device is fine however. If you expect a believable answer…you are being naive and miss the point.

    • Sandra Day O’Conner, in her 2003 ruling allowing racial discrimination against whites in college admissions, said she expects it to no longer be necessary in 25 years. So thankfully this will all be over in 7 years.

  30. The good thing about the “white nationalism” narrative is that there were just enough egregious examples that were at the same time rather milquetoast in their real life instantiation that they served to provide just enough video evidence to prove that this problem exists. Ordinary Democrats who are terrified by white nationalism have probably been subjected to hours and hours of clips from youtube where the usual suspects said awful things and they think that these sentiments are widespread but secretly held. This conspiratorial way of thinking was exploited by the Critical Race Theory crowd in that they refined their training over the course of indoctrinating several waves of white people, by which I mean to say that the training methods iterated on assertions that the white audiences found most upsetting. They are armed with a general knowledge of how to effectively play the race card in any situation to stifle dissent. Along with Covid, the deployment of this psychological warfare stuff on Americans has been one of the most historically significant developments in the use of Political Power ever documented. We can all see what is happening but we can’t stop it. It’s like we are living in suspended animation. Systemic Racism is the ultimate conspiracy theory. Everyone who is black is a victim. Everyone who is white is a perpetrator.

    • While reality and logic are a hard-sell with the opposition, here’s a suggestion. If you’re ever confronted with a POC or a GoodWhite bewailing all the evils White Supremacy has wrought upon the poor victim, ask him point-blank* just how many times he’s actually been victimized by a White, as compared to being a victim of a crime by a member of his race?

      *This, of course assumes you have taken due consideration for potential risks to your social standing, your job, career, personal safety, etc.

      • Actually the correct response is to simply say nothing and walk away. Non-whites crave your attention. Firstly, don’t give it to them. Secondly, don’t waste time arguing with a moron who’s not one of your people. What’s the point?

        • Agree. It was Nietzsche who explained the problem with Socrates being that if you agreed to debate him about your core beliefs you already admitted defeat. Power doesn’t need to explain itself for approval. There is nothing to talk about and nothing to debate. Doing so diminishes you.

  31. “Dingbats like Ocasio-Cortez think there is an army of Nazis outside the green zone, ready to ravish her in her office.”

    And the race of her boyfriend/ravisher is…. Never underestimate the hypocrisy of the ruling class.

    • The more woke a woman of colour is, the more likely it is that she’s sleeping with a white guy (fact).

      It is just a shit test and the correct response is to stick your cock in her mouth to make her shut up.

      The problem is that these lunatics have actual political power and there’s no white men willing to slap them down at the political/societal level.

      • Could the white supremacy obsession just be a liberal fantasy? Of course, I suppose it rather depends on how they choose to define “white.”

      • “It is just a shit test and the correct response is to stick your cock in her mouth to make her shut up.”

        I can’t wait for your column in ‘The Guardian’.

        To be quite honest, whilst it would indeed be funny to see someone ‘sully the halls of power’ by adopting this persuasion technique on AOC, I do think we are only a couple of years away from a lewd sex act being recorded in some congressional office or, in fact, the Oval Office and being uploaded to PornHub. Ours is a time when these vulgarities must surely come to pass, be accepted, and then be praised.

        As a further point, I have had decent reactions when slapping these women down in public. They usually quieten down and back off sheepishly. I have done it in front of their partners at times – often, they look embarrassed.

        • Slick Willy was 25 yrs before this time.
          Imagine his chagrin when there is a video of The Guy in the oval office getting a Lewinsky – and it’s celbrated (maybe even an Emmy for…something).

        • At this point in time, no event is too bizarre or vile to be impossible. Nadler and Pelosi gettin’ jiggy wid’ it in the Oval Office as Kamaltoe flicks her bean off in the corner could well replace the SotU Address. Indeed, that seems to be the state of the union.

      • A few years ago there was this video going around of this rather cute little hispanic chick taunting a White guy who was in the common room of his apartment complex, minding his own business. She was with a couple male friends, which made her bold, but at one point she’s alone with him, and just going on and on, calling him a racist and a virgin who can’t get a girl and other such bs and, if you’re paying attention, you notice that the tone of her voice is changing, becoming very intimate. She’s aroused. On some level this girl is talking out her fantasy, imagining getting banged by an evil racist White man. It’s a pretty remarkable video.

        • Not that I have any special affinity for them, but the bodies on a lot of latina chicks turn me into Jackie (heh) Gleason

          • He was super patient and I think it was the right way to go. Their utter inability to get a rise out of him drove them crazy. If he’d passed her his phone number when her friends weren’t looking, he probably could have gotten a good h*te-f*ck out of it.

          • ETA: Never do that with the phone number, though, the brief thrill isn’t worth the crazy she’s capable of bringing!

  32. Most non-whites believe the Big Lie.

    Talk to them, they are sure that as soon as they cross the city limit into the country, there is an army of KKK racists looking to call them slurs, or even lynch them. They are mostly braindead empty shells living in the fake world of good white caricatures. It is almost comical, especially in a place like ontario.

    As far as the mass whitepilling and acceptance of group identity, I hope that you’re right but can’t say I share your optimism. From what I’ve seen the default reaction is to cuck even more. At least in the white collar, upper middle class world.

    But there is an undercurrent. It’s our job to capitalize on this. Even just little things like being warm and friendly with the guy who expresses mild skepticism about the BLM diversity sessions at work, can go a long way. Alot of people have certain bad thoughts. But they think they’re alone so they bury them. A respectable, successful, and normal white guy talking calmly and rationally also goes a long way.

    • Pretty accurate. Events will make avoidance impossible. The increased cucking is not working out for those Whites and that has increased the undercurrent. As I wrote below, Whites will endure more pain in the short term but what is happening is not sustainable due to their numbers and necessity for a civilization to function. It’s why a partitioned Brazil is infinitely more likely than a Zimbabwe.

    • They believe that on the surface, but they (blacks at least) seem to have no problem fleeing the areas they’ve ruined to the whitest parts of town.

    • The inversion is hilarious. Whites are much more in danger in Compton or South Chicago for instance, than any stray black traveler in the country.

      I know everyone here knows that, but it always just gets me.

      • Who’s in more danger? A Hutu strolling through the Hamptons on a Friday night or a paleface doing the same through Brook-Nam?

    • We should encourage such beliefs among the coloreds, as well as their urban white bugmen and Karen allies. We need to start creating a sense of “Indian country” to the metropolitan enemy, if only in their minds, at first.

    • The problem is that people refuse to look at group differences. To the normie, there are no such thing as group differences, only differences in individuals. As long as they believe that fairy-tale they will never face the reality that seperation is the only solution.

  33. I don’t recall who on Gab said it, but it was something to the effect that “have these idiots forgotten what happens when whites ‘chimp out’?”

    The obvious answer is, yes they have. Consider Hanson’s “The Western Way of War”: cities and small nations seeking annihilation battles, rather than skirmishes. Now, imagine that turned inward.

    This is not the future I wanted for my daughters, but it is the future they are being handed.

    • “This is not the future I wanted for my daughters, but it is the future they are being handed.”
      I would move if I were you

        • Many people instinctively think of Idaho as the final white redoubt. Unfortunately, in the last week, some Idaho Republican state legislator proposed driver’s licenses for illegal immigrants. That legislation was the final blow to California.

          Also the liberal, female major of Boise wants it to be a sanctuary city.

          • Noth Idaho….Except its full already. Southern Idaho is basically northern Utah. Think Pierre Delecto.

        • Good question
          May I suggest…Southern Illinois?
          You say blue state?
          I say, another world south of Champaign. People laugh at face diapers down here. In addition, the Effingham county sheriff has declared our area a 2A sanctuary. And it’s almost all Whitey.

          I actually saw my only “Women for Trump” sign on an access road. And the cost of property is still reasonable.

          That’s my 2 cents worth.

          • Rural v. Urban. Greater Chicago v. the rest of the state. It’s a scenario that plays out in many states, not the least of which is New York of all places.

          • Same in AZ. Once you’re out of Phoenix & Tucson, you still see Trump signs and flags all over the place.

  34. White racial consciousness better get on the stick quickly – screw evolution. The more time these clowns have to act out in real life on their delusional “White supremacist” fantasies, the worse it’s going to get for us.

    • It’s not going to happen with the masses. Either the relatively small % of the population who get it, will somehow do something or nothing will ever get done..

      The masses are completely indoctrinated with multiculturalism and with the globalists in control of all of the instruments of propaganda distribution, they are going to stay that way..


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