Carny World

Note: The Monday Taki post is up. This week I use the expression “of course” far too many times. Of course I do. There’s also new content behind the green door.  I’m watching Deep Space Nine and not liking it very much.

It is easy to forget, but one of the predictions about the post-scarcity, technological age was that it would result in a great leveling of society. Class it was argued, was the result of there never being enough for everyone. Once there was plenty, there would be no need for some to horde at the expense of others. Of course, the high-tech society would abandon the silliness of class distinctions. Everyone would wear gray Lycra jumpsuits and happily perform their roles in society.

Like so much that comes from the Utopians, the class-less society assumed things about people that could never be true. Hierarchy is an essential part of the human condition, which means signaling status is a feature, not a bug. The rich guy driving the expensive car is signally his status in the same way a chieftain would signal his status with ornamental weaponry. Even in a world where everyone can rely on having plenty of the essentials, status and status signally still matter.

In fact, they probably count for more in a rich society than a poor one. A guy who is worth fifty million can do a lot of signaling. He can have a supercar, a big house in the country, expensive tastes. The billionaire can have all of those things, of course, and that is a big problem. How does the billionaire show he is a bigger fish than the guy worth fifty million? He needs to have other stuff like political access, cultural influence, and global attention. His status is measured in attention.

Attention as currency is not confined to the plutocrats. This is one distinguishing feature of the media age that arose with the American empire. Before WW2, the super-rich would build mansions and fund public projects like theaters, colleges, and museums, but this was always what the top of society did to reinforce public virtue. In the medieval period, the elite built churches, and cathedrals. In the Renaissance they supported great artists and later they supported the sciences.

The world changed after the war as material progress suddenly accelerated with the spread of American-style capitalism. Material excess first took root in America and with it the growth of the attention society. Popular culture, after all, is about getting public attention in some way. In the early phase of pop culture, people got famous through some talent for entertainment. Now people get attention by being unusually freakish, deranged, or hysterical. The crazier the better.

This is why so many people now experience the world with their mobile device held up in front of their face. They are mining their daily experience for the currency of the age, which is often a viral video or a lot of likes on the social media platform. It is also why the super-rich are fond of supporting increasingly deranged social fads. If the freak show is the cathedral of the modern age, the super-rich must show their status by building bigger and better freak shows for the people.

One result of the giant freak show is that the culture is becoming less rational as it becomes more bizarre. The governor of New York, for example, gets a pass for murdering old people through ineptitude, but he could end up in jail for upsetting a gentle lady in his employ. Of course, that gentle lady could very well have an OnlyFans account and be in favor of mutilating children, so crazy people can pretend that sex is an imaginary part of the patriarchy.

In other words, the attention seeking society is one in which you can be both a vulgar degenerate and an intolerant prude. The media is awash in messages to young women saying they can only fulfill their purpose in life by being a slut. On the other hand, if a man treats a woman like a slut, he gets chased by an angry mom of sluts. You can be certain that the women claiming Cuomo hurt their delicate feelings are mouthy advocates for every vulgar item on the feminist to do list.

Morality is the software of every human society. It is the unwritten set of rules, the habits of mind, that allow strangers to navigate their way around one another. Morality must have a point and that point is reflected in the organization of society. In a warrior society, the qualities of the warrior are the goals of society. In an aristocratic society, privilege, duty, and honor bound the moral code. The morality of this age is wrapped around the desire for public attention, usually public outrage.

Another aspect of the new morality is that it is arbitrary and random. This is true of the carny world, where stardom is usually dumb luck. The world is full of waitresses that look great and can act. Those that get their big break are those who tick the right box at the right time for some reason. This sense that life and death, success and failure are controlled by the fickle gods of fate is the carny code. It is now becoming the America creed, as we embrace the carny culture.

This is clear in the Cuomo story. The reason Andrew Cuomo is governor is he is the son of a famous mobster. He won the lucky sperm contest. The Covid panic was another big break for him. He got to carry on like a hero, despite the fact he was recklessly putting the lives of old people in jeopardy. The fates were kind to Cuomo, until another turn of the wheel brought him low. Like the tragic figures popular in the carny world, he will be ruined because he made a small mistake, not a big one.

It turns out that the post-scarcity world is like a giant carnival tent. The only thing holding people together is a desire for attention. They need the crowd in order to get the attention of the crowd. Semi-retarded basketball players become billionaires because they are the best performers in the human flea circus. Dingbat barmaids become congressmen because they are good at getting attention. Post-scarcity America is carny world, a freak show celebrating the worst humanity has to offer.

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162 thoughts on “Carny World

  1. It has actually been known since ancient times that being odd is an advantage when seeking public office. If we had genuinely free and fair elections without placemen and women promoted by parties all our political institutions would be replete with such people.

  2. The enemy has a reach::grasp problem.

    The Reach of Stalin.
    The Grasp of Weimar.

    Their grip ends at the Green Zone Fence.

  3. Important to consider enemy capabilities, as opposed to their wish list.

    I see the reach of Mao but the grasp of Weimar. Or the reach of the Jacobins but the grasp of the Prisoner King Louis XVII. Feral but weak.

    The reach::grasp problem should be exploited.

  4. I rarely listen to Stefan Molyneux anymore, but one of his videos came up on autoplay while I was doing farm chores, and my hands were full, so….

    He was ranting about since our political class is awful why won’t everyone just agree with him about how great a stateless society would be.

    Watching this kind of idiotic Utopianism in action from a person who is, as far as I can tell, not retarded just boggles my mind. Just as the Zman says above, he “assumed things about people that could never be true”

    But it is so blatant and obvious that I don’t really understand how people buy into it. It’s as if they are enthralled by the theoretical arguments for their favorite Utopian scheme, but when anyone starts discussing what it would look like in practice, as soon as it gets messy they just put their fingers in their ears and sing “La la la. I can’t hear you!”

  5. Trump at CPAC.

    He won’t start a 3d party.
    Then He led with stop caravans, open borders; basically he just rehashed his 2016 campaign updated for COVID.

    What curious is Biden POTUS LLC does seem to be still running against Trump. From opening the borders to bombing Syria and crushing Keystone pipeline it seems as if Biden POTUS LLC is governing as The AntiTrump come to erase the sins of the previous world of Trump, regardless of the policies merit.
    Guess they can’t let go.

  6. Frankly, I think a good percentage of sexual harassment allegations are bullshit, and they are often concocted by disgruntled and incompetent women to “get back” at their male superiors.

    The accusations against Cuomo sound pretty mild. I think the latest girl was basically just a bit creeped out by some very moderately suggestive comments he made. He isn’t actually being accused of trying to bang her or anything.

    That being said, I am 100% happy to see Cuomo getting victimized by the very culture he helped to create. He has always played the ultra-woke, ultra-feminist, ultra-pro-black role, but everybody always doubted his sincerity because he is a fucking dark, brooding, miserable, vindictive, power-hungry Machiavellian creep. He is literally a sicko, a control freak, and a dark, ugly, evil soul.

    I have always been 100% opposed to abortion, but in the case of the fanatically pro-choice Cuomo I will make an exception. Mario didn’t pull out soon enough. Andrew should have began and ended his existence as a fuckstain on his mother Matilda’s mattress. Ditto for his greasy brother Fredo.

  7. To be hopeful perhaps then elites will eventually crave privacy, perhaps even dignity and the rest will begin to imitate. To really bend the curve on that the elites would stop subsidizing the media and let them face ‘market forces’ as well.

    I hope an elite reads this and mentions it at a party.
    Truth is they probably know this, for instance their money: if they have it they invest it as private capital, they certainly wouldn’t put it on a public exchange.

    So there’s hope for dignity if not morals. Culture is downstream from power.

    Pollyanna de jour

  8. Here’s an example of carny world. A cop in NOLA was shot by some degenerate whom he confronted about not wearing mask to a high school basketball game.

    This degenerate had already robbed someone at gunpoint in the parking lot of this hood rat high school.

    The headline read: New Orleans police officer Martinus Mitchum shot to death by man refusing to wear COVID mask

    No mention of armed robbery or this punk’s criminal record longer than Rapunzel’s locks. Just he wasn’t wearing a mask. I see this and I can only laugh, because the only other reaction is tears.

    The masks are really starting to wear on me. Not wearing one apparently is worse than committing armed robbery.

    • The gym where I’m working out doesn’t require masks (they have some fancy air-cleaning machine) but those who wish to wear them are permitted. I simply note the Whites who wear them (about 35%) and categorize them with the non-Whites as expendable and/or future targets of opportunity.

  9. In the medieval period, the elite built churches, and cathedrals.

    One of the most astounding things about the great cathedrals is that they were largely financed by the people, one farthing at a time. The Notre Dame cost about 100,000 pounds – and in twelfth century monies, that’s actual pounds of actual silver. Even the richest king would be hard pressed to come up with such an astronomical sum; the largest contribution to Notre Dame was a hundred pounds from the richest man in Paris.

    Rich people would finance private chapels: that way, they got more virtue for the buck because their name would be all over the place. When they donated to the cathedral itself, their share was just thrown into the pot with all the peasants’ donations, so presumably God would be oblivious to their munificence.

    Very beautiful and informative documentary on how to build cathedrals – 110% verified whiteness porn:

    • I try to imagine what it would have been like for a backwoods peasant who lived in a crude hut to make a pilgrimage five hundred years ago to see one of the more spectacular cathedrals and walk in on a sunny day. With glowing stained glass windows and ceilings soaring almost to heaven, the effect would have been life altering.

      • It’s damn near life altering today. That those beautiful, massive structures were built hundreds of years ago basically by hand exemplifies the brilliance of western man.

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  11. “… I use the expression “of course” far too many times.”

    A horse is a horse, of course, of course,
    And no one can talk to a horse of course
    That is, of course, unless the horse is the famous Mr. Ed.

    Go right to the source and ask the horse
    He’ll give you the answer that you’ll endorse.
    He’s always on a steady course.
    Talk to Mr. Ed.

    • OK, I’m triggered by this enduring childhood memory. And now I can’t get the song out of my head. IMHO Mister Ed is still a better actor than 90% of the stiffs working in television today.

  12. “The only thing holding people together is a desire for attention. They need the crowd in order to get the attention of the crowd.”

    This reminds me of the peculiar reactions you can elicit from many people when you show no interest in pop culture and what it considers the latest and greatest New Thing. You don’t watch that awesome Netflix show? You don’t care about the sportsball guy in that car crash? You don’t subscribe to the YouTube channel with all the latest superhero movie trailers? What’s the matter with you?

    Apparently not joining the crowd of carny gawkers makes you a social leper.

    • Yes. This is very true. The ease with which you can become a ‘weirdo’ is surprising. Perhaps this will encourage those who have already chosen the rejection of popular culture to reject much more also. I mean, you’re already a weirdo, right?

  13. “In other words, the attention seeking society is one in which you can be both a vulgar degenerate and an intolerant prude.”

    This is the cultural equivalent of anarcho-tyranny. The anarcho-tyrants allow felons to do their worst because they are preferred negroes and because they are difficult to police, while working tyranny on lawful whites because they are despised and easy to cow. Cultural A-T allows preferred deviants and dysfunctionals to run wild, while destroying hangdog white men for their microaggressions against deranged women and negroes.

    Incidentally, Z-Man, your concluding sentence may be the best possible summation of AINO. Well done.

  14. “The billionaire can have all of those things, of course, and that is a big problem. How does the billionaire show he is a bigger fish than the guy worth fifty million? He needs to have other stuff like political access, cultural influence, and global attention. “

    I never thought this through. The average middle class liberal signals his status by declaring his white privilege. The billionaire signals his by wrecking our country. In neither case is the person sacrificing anything. Virtue signaling is really status signaling. They’re both the pharisaical a-holes that Christ warned about.

    The universe in hierarchical and leftists are no exception.

    • This is why Bezos recently stepped down as CEO of Amazon. He saw what Gates has going on and wants some of that for himself.

  15. ” stardom is usually dumb luck. The world is full of waitresses that look great and can act. Those that get their big break are those who tick the right box at the right time for some reason. This sense that life and death, success and failure are controlled by the fickle gods of fate is the carny code. It is now becoming the America creed, as we embrace the carny culture.”

    Libertarian boilerplate like this is why Republicans lose. For the last 100 years everytime someone suggests Social Security, workmen’s comp, family assistance, etc,, the pot-bellied robber barons (or their spin doctors, like Ayn Rand or Milt Friedman) say “Life is unfair, accept it, let grandma die and move on.”

    Someone pointed out to me long ago that this is why “rich celebrities and Hollywood stars” are almost uniformly socialists. Although the rewards are greater for those who make it, Hollywood etc. basically offers the job security of McDonalds, or a coal mine. They are acutely conscious of the role luck, nepotism, fraud, etc. play in success, not just “work hard and pull yourself up by your bootstraps.” Jews, on the other hand, also “have incomes like Episcopalians but vote like Puerto Ricans” because they are raised to believe the whole world is unfairly discriminating against them, an attitude they retain no matter how objectively powerful they become. Oddly enough, Jews in Hollywood benefit from the “unfair” effects of nepotism, networking, etc., which are a great part of why actors correctly perceive their status as do largely to luck.

  16. “How does the billionaire show he is a bigger fish than the guy worth fifty million? He needs to have other stuff like political access, cultural influence, and global attention. His status is measured in attention.”

    Wall Street: Bud Fox: “So tell me, Gordon: when does it all end, huh? How many yachts can you water-ski behind? How much is enough?”

    I remember back in Clinton years when people raised that question, Republican/libertarian/paleocon types would assert that it was a status game, but made it sound like Gates and Buffett would compare their net worth like golf scores. Either these ideologues were lying or clueless: as you say, they don’t get off on the numbers, they USE the money to buy influence. EG., Bill Gates in now the Health Czar, even though he never even wrote a line of worthwhile code. This was a point only Leftists seemed to grasp, to which Rightist would cogently reply, “Buckley told me socialism don’t work!”.

  17. Excellent article to describe current society Z man, I hope soon you can see the Ashley Babbitt affair in the same lense with which you wrote this post.

    Already not allowed to see the light of day on YouTube, this Bitchute video opened my eyes, you should check it out and make your own conclusions:

    Miles Mathis goes into the personal detail of some of the actors:

    Looking back, the current show all started with Trump, the media turning him into the villain, and the stoking up the crowd for the tomato throwing. One could argue Trump played his role flawlessly. You see that exact parallel that you describe in your Taki post. Now with the show in full gear, it must go on, and the conclusion has to be some form of economic and societal crash. Everything going on now is in full production mode, including the 1/6 “insurrection”.

    And sure, you can be a cynic, but how cynical can one be in the face of consistent farces?

    • Just stop w/ this Alex Jones tier horseshit. Sandy Hook was fake too right? She is dead. Those kids are dead. I always wonder if you all are actual nutters like flat-earther types or simply disinformation agents sent out by (((TPTB))) to confuse & mystify. Given today’s topic about Carneys and keep their audience entertained I’m leaning towards option 2. I’m sure Q-Anon will be along momentarily to restore the rightful ruler correct? Trust the plan brah!

      • Is that all you have for an argument?
        “Boo hoo just stop, I’m triggered by the Alex Jones shill horseshit!”

        Did I mention Sand Hook?
        Did I link any Alex Jones?
        Did you bother to take some time and look over my links and present what you though was horseshit?
        Are you just a triggered “righty” snowflake giving dissidents a bad name presenting ad hominem, strawman rebukes?
        Perhaps maybe you’re a spook, thus you protest so much?

        • A very naive woman died for a man that could care less about her, and your link is claiming that her death is fake. ‘iTs fAke bl00d brAh’. Like I said, Alex Jones tier conspiracy shit. That woman is dead as fried chicken by the hand of an overly aggressive trigger happy affirmative action hire that was -really- happy to cap a white female. You minimize this greatly by putting out ‘hoax theories’. So yes, I stand by my initial assessment. More clear now?

          • It’s not about the fake blood, it’s about the whole scene being staged with spook supported “actors”
            The BLM wannabe who just so happened to film this “scene” not only has a father with deep MIC roots, he also has been on record acknowledging a 70 grand payout for the video from the “msm”.
            However, I doubt you even viewed the video in full or read the links. If you had, you’d give me more than the “fake blood” nonsense. It’s a non starter, all I’m trying to point out that everything political has become a sort of clown show, just as Zman pointed out in this article.
            Take it for what it’s worth, however to attack a certain segment of the dissident movement with ad hock attacks on them being “flat earthers” just goes to split the divide unnecessarily. I’m sure we’d agree on 95% of things between a few beers.

          • It is odd that we haven’t heard from any of her friends and family mourning her death, don’t you think? Not anger, not sadness not anything. That aspect is weird in carny world.

          • To dinodixie:

            Just look at this whole mask fiasco, “they” already know the audience they’re “entertaining”…
            They’re showing all their cards now without the slightest hesitation
            Our only hope as dissidents is for them to overplay their hand

  18. We are naked apes, responding to the same sorts of social clues any primate band responds to. An interesting experiment would be to put face masks on a bunch of chimps in a social troop (assuming you could get them to stay on) and watch the reaction. My guess is they’d be killing each other within hours, if not minutes.

    • $5 the female apes start doing stuff so their eyes stand out even more

      that’s what I see happening among our own breed. Some of the eye makeup women in masks are using is pretty intense

      I guess something similar happens in the Muslim world

      • I was in Riyadh and saw a woman in our hotel in a full burka with just her feet showing. She had on a pair of red stilettoes and I gotta admit it worked to fire the imagination of what was under there. People adapt to their cultural traditions to fulfill the biological imperative.

      • I’ve always said that too much eye makeup–and the more garish, the worse–is a surefire indicator of female emotional instability.

        • That would explain the small teenage girl that I sometimes catch in my garbage pail late at night 😀

  19. In many ways Trump himself is a carnival barker. Trump is standing in the crowd saying things the crowd likes to hear but when the crowd goes into the tent they find Jared and Ivanka in the center ring and neocons swinging from the ropes.
    Of course what we have now is a worse Carny show, but it’s all Carny.
    Someone said when Hollywood married Washington DC and we got Presidents talking about what underwear they wear looking back was the sign we were going full Carny.
    I listened to Trump yesterday. Not a bad speech.
    But who exactly among Republicans does the grunt work to stop further steals? Once we have open borders a few more years along with natural demographic makes civic nationalism a fading dream.

    • I wish Trump would just go away. He is just like Arnold S. who campaigned as a tough guy but once he was governor he turned into a squishy RINO who betrayed his base.

      And yeah he;s the last hurrah of the CivNats,. He had a chance to go down in history as something much more but choose to be a two faced POS who let the Left terrorize his base and deplatform conservatives across the board and said and did nothing. He disgusts me.

      • Well said. I, too, want him to go away. He sucks all the air and attention out of every event. He provides a useful foil for the left. He keeps the repuke party alive and keeps normies on the reservation, hoping to vote harder in 2024. I knocked on doors for him in 2016, but I am now older and wiser, and oh so very tired of Javanka and NY bluster. I’d like to see someone serious who would derisively laugh at clown world instead of furiously demanding the share of attention he thinks he deserves. In hindsight, that is a very feminine and weak quality of Trump – not just the ego, but the desperate need for press and attention. Like a male Paris Hilton.

        • I find myself wishing I could find something wrong with what you stated…alas, I cannot.

      • “He is just like Arnold S. who campaigned as a tough guy but once he was governor he turned into a squishy RINO who betrayed his base.”

        Arnold started out tough but the legislators squeezed him where it hurt: his contacts in Hollywood. Once the Governator realized that the price of doing right by America was getting blacklisted from the movie industry, he learned his place and became a rubber stamp.

        Pathetic, but that’s another thing about Carny World. Nobody is clean and everybody has a price… if by chance not you, then certainly your allies.

      • “He is just like Arnold S. who campaigned as a tough guy but once he was governor he turned into a squishy RINO who betrayed his base.”

        Arnold started out tough but the legislators squeezed him where it hurt: his contacts in Hollywood. Once the Governator realized that the price of doing right by America was getting blacklisted from the movie industry, he learned his place and became a rubber stamp.

        Pathetic, but that’s another thing about Carny World. Nobody is clean and everybody has a price… if by chance not you, then certainly your allies.

  20. Degenerate prudes is the perfect descriptor for SJWs especially the deranged womyn.

  21. The internet, especially with social media, has created anarchy in a totally unexpected dimension. That of social status. It’s become a war of all against all for status, as opposed to material success. It’s also demonstrating why almost any system is better than complete anarchy.

    • If we had anarchy some warlord would soon put an end to the nonsense. This is a shrinking world with fittingly small priorities.

  22. Dingbat barmaids become congressmen because they are good at getting attention.

    She didn’t need to be good at getting attention. The media at all levels is looking for subjects that can produced glowing pixels, not profound thoughts. There are over 500 elected national legislators but only a handful are regularly featured in the media spotlight. The chief reason for this is that the media itself, now a product of academia, Columbia School of Journalism, for instance, consider themselves a privileged class above the gritty work of digging out information that people actually might need to know. In fact, there’s almost no information produced by them that we need to know. The media produces entertainment, not news, and that’s what most people probably prefer. It’s more important to them that Lady Gaga’s dogs were recovered than that Boeing has been aware of an engine cowling problem for months. The US is no longer a serious culture. This is proven by the Macrobian being led from basement to rare public appearance by his wife, supposedly the best possible man for the job in the country.

    • Unfortunately AOC has features that leave an impression, good or bad, when seen on screen.

      We will be stuck with her for a long time.

    • Yes, I noted that Gaga offered the huge reward for the return of her precious dogs, not for the arrest of the thugs that shot and nearly killed an innocent man. Shows you where her priorities are.

  23. Post scarcity combined with loss of a serious threat, such as USSR

    I’m no prude, but I remember being offended by Bill Clinton who thought it ok to talk about his underwear. It wasn’t the underwear. It was that he was willing to take part in such a low level conversation while also running for highest office in the land.

    And soon thereafter Washington DC and Hollywood merged. I remember before Clinton that DC people tended to keep Hollywood people at arms length. Even during Reagan who was a former actor.

    When those two camps joined forces, all hell broke loose. And it happened fast.

    • Wasn’t that on an MTV townhall? I remember some twit asking the future President of the United States “boxers or briefs”. I can’t remember what he answered, probably Hillary’s grandma panties. Also, for the record, he did not inhale.

        • Well, it probably wasn’t boxers. In the late 90s before the Monica Lewinsky scandal “blew” over 😀 he was derisively called the Commander in Briefs.

      • I can remember MTV going nutty for months insisting that, “Rock the Vote,” was the entire reason Clinton got elected.


        Like the CIA didn’t install him for running cover for their Mena operations during his time in Arkansas.

  24. Is no one asking why cuomo is out of favor? The media could disappear this story. Something is afoot.

    • Cuomo might be a challenger to Kamala Harris in 2024 when Biden steps down for health reasons. They don’t want the formerly popular White male from a big, important state to spoil her victory. The powers that be have anointed this unpopular sociopath as dear leader and they are preemptively taking out her competition. Notice how the White male governor of California — more photogenic and popular than Harris — is also on the verge of being recalled. Look for more controversies to envelop her rivals in the coming years. The palace intrigue of autocratic societies has replaced the more open process of our former republic.

    • Clearing the brush for 2024.

      Dunno who the Lone Ranger is yet, Big Mike can’t be ruled out.
      I’m willing to bet it won’t be Nadler

  25. The Clown world extends into the military culture as standards continue to get watered down or dropped completely. Serious Nations do not reserve 10 parking spots for expectant mothers in front of jet squadrons. Or require hours and hours of diversity training when, looking around lately, the minority group is becoming more and more white.

    Also, Gorilla Glue probably would not be a top news story in a serious nation.

    • Like women with Ranger tabs and Green Berets. Or women Marines in rifle platoons. People have no idea how poisonous that is to a unit. Because the men know the first time they get deployed to a bad place, the female will claim some sort of reason she can’t be deployed. In training it means the female’s tasks will be done by the men. Lest she goes screaming to DACOWITS.

      Over 20 years ago the AF had to create a policy where any officer cannot be alone with a female enlisted. So they kept the door open and had another person in the room. Why? To protect the male officer from sexual harassment claims from some bitter hag who just got disciplined for screwing up.

      • Women in the combat arms are a disaster. There is no arguing that matter. Many years ago we called our Women Marines , BAM. Big ass Marine. They were a joke and they were known to prostitute themselves overseas where there was a shortage of round eyed women.
        The good thing about women in combat might be that we get in fewer pointless stupid wars in the ME. Anything that makes our current military weaker is probably a good thing.

        • Weak teammates get fellow teammates killed. That is never a good thing. But I see where you’re coming from.

  26. “Post scarcity” may be a temporary condition. Something that people on the Dissident Right should ponder is that the myth of perpetual progress that underlies the ideology of both left and right establishments is a story without supporting evidence. True, there has been fantastic material progress over the past 300 years due to the exploitation of fossil fuel energy. However, at some point the party is over, if only because you can’t have infinite growth on a finite planet. Scarcity will require a different set of behaviours than those favoured by the current left wing circus. The DR is perfectly situated to provide an alternative vision to the soon to fail myth of perpetual progress.

    Here is a good place to start

    I anticipate that some people will reject this on emotional grounds. Remember, the promise of “progress” is one of the most insidious, and deep seated, scams that the progressives have brought about. Don’t play their game!

    • “Post scarcity” is a temporary condition, but not because of peak oil or peak natural resources. It’s a temporary condition because once the morons take over, we either forget or destroy the knowledge that permitted our lifestyles in the first place.

      Technological progress has pretty much stopped already. The best we can do now is to tweak stuff to get more short-term pleasure and surveillance out of it.

      • Hasn’t stopped enough where a sudden return to scarcity won’t be solved by Bill Gates feeding people lab created hamburgers and steaks

        We have a long long way to go before starvation is a thing again. It may become a fashionable pretense among weird people but I don’t see it happening. And the government has been planning for it obviously hence people like Bill gates trying to grift on the lab diet and purchasing up so much land

        • Food won’t disappear but its distribution could.

          Not looking forward to raiders from Philly and Bmore, but the prospect of the plain sects abandoning pacifism is admittedly kind of exciting.

          • You know the USA has gone mad when the Amish turn violent

            Would be pretty funny to see them chasing joggers with shotguns and pitchforks.

            Anyways, if anyone can turn the Amish into violent racists, it’s American blacks.

          • They’re getting involved in politics, which I thought I’d never see. Heck, our US rep was raised Amish I think.

            All it would take is for the bishops to OK self defense. I’m not counting anything out at this point.

      • Also very much concur with Raymond R. People don’t have a clue how interlinked our civilization is, how dependent upon not only fossil fuels but a lot of other things. All this tech needs reasonably intelligent people to run it. By and large, that means White and Yellow people. It is a demographic inevitability that our share of total world popualtion will continue to drop. Couple this with the continued dumbing-down of the West, and it seems the future will be a series of crises. I guess the worst (short of nuclear or bio-warefare) would be a systemic failure, a crash into a new dark age or some variant. Africa may well have four billion by the end of this century. But they couldn’t support what they have today, much less 4x that, without all manner of foreign aid, foreign investment, and foreign smarts.

        These scenarios have been well explored in fiction and non-fiction. However, I’m not aware of any that specifically have covered the racial/intelligence angle. And it shouldn’t be suprising, given the politically correct times we live in.

  27. DS9 gets better after season 3. If you don’t like that show, you really won’t like Picard and Discovery. I’d recommend watching them & consulting the Major Grin and Nitpicking Nerd YouTube channels, then comparing those shows with DS9. What I found most shocking was the almost complete lack of racial animus in DS9 compared with the Kurtzman BLM Trek, even though DS9 was very diverse.

    NuTrek deliberately makes all villains White males and POC females the lead roles; there is a sadistic lack of regard for human life; it’s nihilistic and depressing; it’s nothing but action schlock filled with subtle references to “mansplaining” (a phenomenon whereby Millennials don’t want to be told they don’t know everything).

    Unz also had a good article on what Star Trek was before it went woke: a means for White males to pretend they’d have a future in the coming diverse America through meritocracy (nope). NuTrek makes it clear you don’t have a place. In fact, you’re now the villain in a property created by your people and intended for your viewership.

    Compared to the new stuff, inexplicably renewed for a fourth season despite disastrous ratings, DS9 is as least watchable. Picard was just unbearable. Shame on Patrick Stewart for doing that. Discovery isn’t quite as bad, but it’s still the second worst entry into the franchise.

    • I’ll take B5 anyday over DS9. DS9 came off as a bad version of Casablanca in space with serious Whamen power issues.

      Unz is dead wrong in his take on ST original. It still showed that space is a white man’s domain. Not a place for brainless. entitled Orcs or females. Without White men developing and maintaining the technology and science we’d still be at 1940’s levels.

      STNG was unwatchable. A PC/MC gag fest with wooden acting and tropes abound. Everything was “particle of the week” or “new tech saves the day” BS. Picard was a brittle man and Riker was a joke and probably a closet homo. The blind engineer had to be a running gag. The doctor was just a cold fish. The Betazoid was eye candy and that’s it. The robot was Pinocchio sans the growing nose.

      • The original conception of Delenn from B5 was to have her “transition” from male to female, then have her get with the show’s lead male character (“she” was “he” in the pilot — deep voice, square jaw … they even cast a woman to make the later transition more believable). I wonder how you feel about that show now.

      • The Betazoid was eye candy and that’s it.

        I never found her attractive. Stocky and frumpy.

      • I’ll have to disagree with you on Next Generation. I also liked Voyager. I never really got into Deep Space 9. I did like Odo, played by René Auberjonois, who must be one of the most prolific bit actors in American history, if you look up his credits. Yes, there was political and social posturing, but I took it as part of the entertainment. Not everything has to be construed as brainwashing of the dominant White culture 🙂

    • DS9 was where the first cracks in the post-racial utopian setting appeared. While nearly all of the space-racism was still based on latex face prosthetics, they still had to do a couple very special episodes where Sisko is inexplicably transported to the 1950s and is a novelist trying desperately to publish his book about Space Negroes while being racismed by Dukat as a racist Irish cop.

  28. Who, whom.

    Nipply Andy was getting too uppity, and got it in his head to run against Kameltoe when they take either the 25th or the pillow to Mumbly. Or the powers that be think NY needs a less cis-white-male gov.
    Cuomo dismissed his own anti-corruption commission when he figured where it would inevitably lead. The closet skeletons are legion.

  29. I’ve long maintained we live in the bizzaro world of the Superman comisc. In that construct, where everything is backwards, Earth becomes Htrae, an even more obvious anagram for ‘hater,’ which seems rather appropriate, given the rules under which bizarro world operates: “Us hate beauty! Us love ugliness! Is big crime to make anything perfect on Bizarro World!”
    Sadly, I’m afraid no Superman can save us from the bane of living in this world, it’s going to take some serious bizarro-kryptonite to do the job.

        • Not sure I care about Humanity—like those 9B world population we talk about. How about the White race, which probably numbers less than 1B and shrinking.

          • If we could restart the world with nothing but 40% of White people (the ones who are DR and the ones who aren’t but are salvageable) and no other races, I think we’d have everything up and running again in 10-15 years. Barring that, I think we’re looking at a really primitive, crappy existence.

    • I’m saved by the Lord Jesus Christ therefore am not afraid of death or anything in the future. What’s going to happen is going to happen.

      In fact my worst fear is that white people are simply too damaged and never actually wake up. I’d hate to never have the chance to fix things.

      Either way I’m working hard down here to give our people a chance.

      • Of course it’s all pure speculation. In a calamity short of total wipe-out (e.g. massive environmental damage, nuclear war), if man were forced back to prehistoric conditions, it seems reasonable to me that surviving groups of humans would tend to settle out into their native racial types. E.g. the whites in Northern Europe, browns in South America, Negroids in Africa and so on. In other words, the races would tend to purify themselves somewhat by natural selection, in the areas where previous evolution had selected their genes for best survival. There would likely be pockets of Whites in similar ecological niches (e.g. North America). Actually, I’d give Whites a pretty good chance of survival in such a caveman scenario.

  30. I guess the question is how many seasons this freak show can stay on the air? Not only are there the usual lowlife scabs scrabbling for their 15 minutes of fame, such as the gorilla using gorilla glue in its “hair”, but the ruling class have more than their fair share of the same. Sober mindedness no longer exists in enough quantity in enough people. The degradation continues apace.

      • It could also disappear much more quickly than most people think. Of course, if that happens, it won’t be pretty. Imagine a maelstrom-whipped wildfire sweeping the country from coast to coast.

        • I think it can, but I also think it will not. The Twitter mob itself may be a fad, but what it is based on is not. Anti-racism (anti-whiteness) has been taught in the schools for decades. The LGBT mania has been taught for decades and has been in mass media for decades. Everything we see today was there, especially in universities since at least the 80s.

          I read a bit of “White Power” by George Lincoln Rockwell and in the beginning of the book were newspaper excerpts that could have been in the NYT etc last week. It was published in 1967!

          • You and I and the rest of the DR were exposed to the Poz from our earliest days, yet here we are. I think deep down inside most whites know it’s all a crock of bull caca, but they’re too timid to stand up to the propagandists. However, I persist in believing that something is going to snap, and when it does, whites will throw off their psychological shackles. When that happens, my God have mercy on the Power Structure and its constituents.

          • I was thinking…. Even if I shouldn’t he he

            But seriously, I remember an actor friend of mine in a bar out here in Studio City reading Yelp reviews. This was maybe 10-12 years ago. But the Karen thing was definitely apparent then. Perhaps in budding form. We would read their reviews dramatically and just laugh our asses off. The melodrama, the taken offense when a waiter doesn’t do everything to perfection, if the food is not to perfection, they would just rip the place to pieces. Got personal and nasty sometimes too. But they were very fun to mock.

            So if we are to start tracing the origins of the Twitter douche bag bunch, Yelp is a good place to start.

          • Thanks! Found an audo version to listen to. I’m currently reading/listening to Nietzsche, who has all kinds of interesting, often unsettling, things to say. If you consider yourself a devout Christian you might want to refrain, however 😀

    • I chart its beginning with election of Bill Clinton. That’s maybe not perfect but close enough

      That was 1992, or 28 years ago and essentially a generation

      If I had to guess, I sense we got easily another four years of clown world left because of Biden. So that’s 2024. And the election following will be just as ridiculous. So 2028

      I’m getting tired of thinking about just by typing about it, So I think the world begins tiring of clown world by 2030 or so. Unless of course a major war breaks out and trannies corpses are pilling up and we get rid of the carny folk in quick order

      • As America is loosing the next war some transsexual commander will release the nukes thereby burning it all down.
        Good riddance.

      • Ooga booga sheeeit MA WEAVE

        remember that without Black woman ingenuity the pale penis people would never have reached the moon

        • They’re masters of everything from twerking to quantum mechanics. In fact, word has it that they can do both simultaneously.

      • Even odds Gorillatough Company settles out of court with gorilla glue hair woman for some unspecified amount rather than risk having the racism card played.

        • Now you know why every plastic bag says “this is not a play toy” on it.
          This woman is why consumers cannot get good glue and why it is so hard to repair broken plastics. They make good glue, but you cannot buy it because stupid people do stupid shit and so you cannot get good stuff because they can hurt themselves even worse with good stuff than with shitty stuff.
          The auto manufacturers are now all using glue in making cars and even what is called “structural adhesive” in body panels and such. But you can’t buy this stuff in a store because you just know some moron is going to try gluing their rim or something.

        • Better than even. More like 85/15. He’ll, they’ll probably sign her on as a seven-figure spokes”woman.” And I’m not joking.

      • What’s even funnier about that story is she was using some other brand of glue marketed as “hair glue”

        While I generally do not find black girls attractive, the ones that I do at least have normal black hair.

        Tommy Sotomayor calls these women “hair hatted hooligans” and “Negropeans” for wearing the hair of Indians designed to look like the hair of white women.

        • The world would be a more pleasant place if all Black women looked like Halle Berry, whose charms were delightfully on display in the thriller “Swordfish.” 😀 But then she’s an octaroon, maybe a high yeller 🙂 I’ll give some Blacks credit for intricate hair styles. Some of those dreads or other weaves look like they took the same effort a hanging macrame basket would require.

  31. The Road Back (cont)
    Part-time parasite.

    Dementia Joe commands us to unify for the good of the “children” and who can resist this humane entreaty. A clear majority of our natural-born and “visiting” citizenry are now on the dole in some form or another, but those pesky stoics who refuse to play along are slowing the descent into insolvency. It’s time to reunite the masses, if only on a pretend part-time basis. Yes, it’s possible that some of us will be seduced into welfare addiction as a result, but that’s a sacrifice we must make for the greater glory of the hive. Get in line now and board the gravy train with everyone else. Suck on that Federal teat until it goes dry and thereby put an end to the bribery leverage that keeps voting scam viable.

    • Biden and his fellow circus people are handing out another $1400 funbucks soon. Just make sure to turn those carny tickets into something with actual value so when the circus leaves town you won’t be stuck trying to keep warm by burning them.

    • An interesting suggestion. But I just don’t know if I could swallow my pride long enough to stand in the welfare line.

      • Dude, welfare is like everything else nowadays, sign up on the website, interview via Zoom, moneez appear in your account. Standing in line is considered work and work is illegal now, because Covid or something.

  32. Cuomo’s first accuser, Lindsey Boylan, tried to primary Jerry Nadler from the left and failed miserably. It sounds like one of her top concerns was the rise white nationalism. Nadler represents that hotbed of white nationalism the upper west side and part of Brooklyn.

  33. “You can be certain that the women claiming Cuomo hurt their delicate feelings are mouthy advocates for every vulgar item on the feminist to do list.”

    You have given me shudders by making me realize that if Cuomo is cretinous and unbearable, then in fact this must be doubly true for these women. I pity any man who has to come into contact with such creatures. It’s shudders all the way down.

    How does Carny World differ from Clown World? Or may they be used as synonyms?

    • I think carny world is the world we are all living in now. Clown world is a particularly bizarre sphere inhabited by the true crazies of the Left.

      But that’s just a guess.

      • If only they truly were carnies. Just like the Gypsies of the old days, they would flee and entertain the village for a few days but soon pack up and head out of town. 🙂

    • My wife has been living with her boyfriend for 15 years, so I have a great excuse not to get involved with women. Today’s women are insane and vengeful!

      • You got to show a woman your fangs. Get loud, angry, break something.

        Every now and then

        Put a little fear in them. And you know it’s working when you hear them on the phone with their girlfriend, all proud that their man got mad and did something stupid. They eat that stuff like ice cream.

        My two cents

          • It’s only toxic masculinity when a white guy does it.

            Girls these days are starved for a masculine guy in bed (and not a fake Blaq alpha) but a real white alpha fucking her brains out. I’ve had many women from tinder tell me that want to be beaten, slapped, choked, and even go further than that. They love being put in their place.

            Seems like every year they get into freakier and freakier stuff (or maybe I just get better).

    • I’m pretty sure they are the same thing. After all, where do clowns hang out if not the carnival?

    • This is what I remember about the carnivals from my youth that used to set up on some weedy piece of land outside town each summer: tacky thrill rides of questionable safety, rigged ring toss type games where the skeletal greasy “carnie” would lend cute girls some nickels to pretend to play (and so he could lear at them longer), actual freak shows, the smell of rancid oil and sugar, the carnival barker/rock music/hurty gertie cacophony, and a general sense of transience, furtiveness and dirt. A perfect metaphor for the current year in other words.

      Carnival world incorporates the lack of standards of Clown world and adds a darker, more menacing aspect. Very grim indeed.

      • Good point. In my memory too carnivals always had a noticeable sleazy element about them, which I never associated with Clowns.

        • I once went with a girl a few times who had worked as a carnie. I was a really young guy at the time too, like 21 or something. Total freakshow.

      • “Something WIcked This Way Comes”, great Ray Bradbury book.

        Also sums up our government.

      • Go for “Zambora, strangest girl ever born to live.” Stay for upchucking on the Tilt-o-Whirl.

    • Cuomo also serves as useful cover for governors in states that took similar action in placing Covid cases into care homes.

  34. Once American society began their fetish for black entertainers and athletes, there was no limit to the freakiness. Remember the seventies Jive Turkey? When whites began competing for attention with those avatars of degeneracy, the safety net of common sense disappeared from every aspect of white culture. We’re still in free fall.

    • “Once American society began their fetish for black entertainers and athletes, there was no limit to the freakiness…We’re still in free fall.”

      True words

    • I know woman that hired a painter. She told me how handsome he was which was weird. I didn’t know why until I met him and saw that he was an over perfume black man. Not handsome but I’m not attracted to black guys or PC so I can say that. He ended up ripping her off. She had given him her credit card numbers, stupid, so she changed those but didn’t do anything else because she was scared of him. I still see his signs all over this very wealthy neighborhood and I know he’s ripping other people off but they are all scared to say anything about the sacred black man. pathetic

      • Did the lady not have a husband who could have done the painting? Or better yet, advised her not to hire a negro as a painter. During one of my walks in London some months ago, I saw a black decorator and had a chuckle to myself… this is the first black decorator I have ever seen. It only then occurred to me how rare this was.

      • In my neighborhood which is largely Hispanic no one in their right mind would hire a black painter. First off black men are mostly lazy SOB’s and don’t take pride in work. Secondly most would figure they are trying to rip people off in some fashion.

        OTOH there is a upscale gated community across town where 12 homes were burgled in one morning because they all used the same shady “maid service” that served as scouts for a B&E gang. They knew where the money and jewelry were. BTW this community is entirely white upper middle class in million dollar homes.

        • “BTW this community is entirely white upper middle class in million dollar homes”… many of which are virtue signalling morons.

        • Can confirm. I’m a painter, and there’s a strong but unstated rule amongst professional painters to never hire blacks. They’re just awful.

          • Are there actually many black painters? I would suppose too that there were few black tradesmen of any sort.

          • I’ve worked in many jobs, blue collar to white collar, minimum wage to decent salary. Blacks are, without exception, either lazy, thefting, simply not capable of doing the job, or a combination of the three.

            You’d think people would catch on but… The white man’s systemic racism is always at work here. If only we had an easily quantifiable way to measure intelligence… Oh wait

            Actually, I did know one black woman coder who was actually very smart and also had a side hustle business. She was direct from Africa, from a rich family, and actually went back to Africa because she liked her estate and palace and hated the covid restrictions here LOL.

          • what you mean?

            You mean you don’t like when they paint over door hinges and electrical socket plates? You want them to remove those things, paint, then put them back?

            Ha ha !!! White people …

          • I know a black welder who imigrated from Trinidad forty years ago. He’s workaholic. Lives in Whitopia, West Virginia now, rehabbing homes and hunting between welding gigs on pipelines. His relatives in Trinidad think he’s crazy, and his kids are not chips off that block. I have sympathy for this guy. Me, I’m only alien to my country.

          • During my professional time in and around the Swamp (in and post-military), I did have the occasional Black co-worker who was truly talented. You don’t get to do multiple tours of duty as junior enlisted Army (technical field, not a PR position) at the White House just for virtue signalling purposes. Competent Blacks exist but they are in very high demand. But yes, they are pretty rare, and I don’t know any painters 😀

        • This is why i think the white liberals removing themselves from the gene pool with low birth rates at the same time as latinos are increasing theirs might have a silver lining.

      • “Bbbb, bbbbbb, bbbbuuuut! On Netflix they are the most competent, brave, honorable, and intelligent people there are!

        You mean they AREN’T all physicists, surgeons, and master painters? Why would the TV lie to me?” (This message brought to you by NPC #1436348)

        This whole society needs to crash & burn there are WAY too many people that are 100% susceptible to propaganda they are legion compared to the few actual rational humans left it appears to me anyways.

        • Most white people still think most “brown” people are poor innocent souls fleeing poverty and sadness in their countries. They think they’re hard working, honest, brave souls who are taxi drivers and 7-11 clerks trying hard to build a better life in Canada.

          Truth is they’re largely hostile to us, predatory scammers, parasitical, and just ugly/lowlifes. Tons of welfare and resume fraud.

          But as we say here, it’s always 1980 for white people and Ahmed is actually an honest taxi driver.

          • Yeah, the american D-right spends alot of time focusing on blacks, but in my opinion middle eastern / pakistan / sikhs are much more dangerous… We have to deal with them in large numbers up here. Their intelligence is higher but the hate for whitey remains the same, making them more dangerous

            Hindus are really a mixed bag, I wouldn’t put them in such a negative bag as above. But a) they usually assimilate to Globohomo after a few years and b) they aren’t my tribe so they still need to go.

            The black problem is like having bears or coyotes in the neighborhood, it’s only a problem because we are too weak to deal with it. Sikhs muslims and other brown parasites are going to present a much bigger issue to our people long term.

      • “She told me how handsome he was which was weird. I didn’t know why until I met him and saw that he was an over perfume black man.”

        This basically sums up why receiving compliments from women means less than shit to me.

      • Several years ago my in-laws were coned out of 80 thousand dollars by a team of black “developers” they eventually recovered 40 thousand only because a legal firm took their case pro Bono.
        As these two had a long string of people they had stolen from. They are still revoltingly liberal. They have to be as they have a mulatto grand son. Once that virus has infected a family they become zombies controlled by their white guilt.
        I hate this type of white far more than any black. Blacks cannot help what they are just as a poisonous snake is what he is.
        White liberals are truly vermin.

    • The precipitous Africanization of America is nothing short of gobsmacking. Who, in 1963 would have predicted that America would effectively be Africanized in 20 years, and that negroes would be the country’s dominant race?

      • If you think negroes are the dominant race then you are a blind man, which is exactly what the dominant race want, well done

        • It is you who are blind. Blacks do not govern or manage the country–that requires too much effort and intelligence–but the country is governed almost exclusively for their benefit. Black comfort and self esteem are AINO’s organizational dynamic. The founding date is 1619, and the Constitution has been replaced by the Civil Rights Acts.

          • It’s what you get when jews run the show. Cultural decadence and mass stupidity. Weimar Germany, here we are.

          • Well said. My earlier comment about exceptional Blacks notwithstanding, it’s an open secret (here, at least) that Blacks couldn’t run a lemonade stand without turning it into a ghetto. Successful Negroid nations, counties, cities, even neighborhoods are all but non-existent, if “successful” is defined as having anything akin to a White standard of living.

            On a slightly happier note, I’ve found a local restaurant that is just perfect for a DR lunch. Good southern food and the waitresses don’t even wear masks (I think they’re supposed to down here in light-touch-on-regs FL). And most of the help is young women probably not old enough to drink 😀 Reality does intrude: a Black woman/While male couple came in as I was leaving. Odd! But it’s not the 1950s…too bad…

      • “Who, in 1963 would have predicted that America would effectively be Africanized in 20 years, and that negroes would be the country’s dominant race?”

        “Crazy” people like George Lincoln Rockwell and William Pierce. But they had bad optics.


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