The American Conservative Union (CPAC) and America First (AFPAC) had their big annual events this weekend in Orlando Florida. Both were moved from Washington to Florida because of the Covid panic. Both are struggling to get their footing now that Trump has left office, so it makes sense for both groups to hold their event in the former president’s home state. That and Florida has become the last bastion of rational, conservative government, where the people remain free.

The interesting juxtaposition is that both events claim to be speaking for the future of the American Right. CPAC is trying to appropriate populism and make it palatable for the oligarchs. AFPAC is trying to turn over-the-top support for Trump into a youth movement that will attract oligarch support. Both sides have made clear that the other side is not on their side. One side is the old established brand with market dominance, while the other brand is the upstart trying to make a splash.

Another point of comparison worth mentioning is that AFPAC managed to pull of their event in the teeth of institutional opposition. Given the climate, no one would have faulted Nick Fuentes for cancelling the show. He not only went forward with it, but he also pulled off the biggest dissident event ever staged. To get hundreds of people in and out of a semi-secret event, attended by sitting Congressmen and political celebrities, without a hitch is a stunning achievement by Fuentes and his crew.

On the other side of things, CPAC was lightly attended compared to years past, in part because of the location change. Conservative Inc. is a creature of Washington and CPAC is like their annual awards show. Holding CPAC in Orlando is like holding the Oscars in Iowa. There is also the fact that CPAC is a legacy brand and legacy brands are out of favor on the Right. Two generations of failure have most right-wing people looking for something better than the same old offerings.

The two visions of the future of the right are interesting in that neither is all that clear about where they are going. CPAC is clearly scrambling to protect their brand by allowing some populists back into their “big tent.” It is easy to forget that they ran off the Buchanan Brigades back in the bad old days. For a long time, CPAC was about making sure Trump’s brand of politics never got a purchase in the Republican Party. Events have forced them to be nice to people they generally despise.

On the other hand, Fuentes is starting from a paleoconservative base. He has often described himself as a paleocon. His movement has been carried forward by the blustery thermals of the Trump phenomenon. Like the Trump phenomenon, the goals are not all that clear. Right now, Fuentes and his imitators on live streaming platforms are speaking to issues important to young white men. In is a genuinely populist and right-wing phenomenon, in that it is entirely reactionary.

The trouble for both sides is they are like farmers who have been suffering through a long drought. It had been so long since they felt the rain, they were not prepared for when the heavens would open and saturate the earth. Suddenly, political actors find themselves surrounded by fertile soil. In the case of the old guard, it means learning how to be farmers again. In the case of the new guard, it is coming to terms with the fact they have never been farmers.

Another problem for both sides is they lack a language geared toward the future, so they rely on the language of the past. The civic nationalist stuff from CPAC appeals to old people, but it has no answers for what is happening nor for what is coming as America becomes majority-minority. They cannot even bring themselves to oppose immigration, which would at least acknowledge reality. CPAC is, at best, a bit of escapism for people who have no future.

AFPAC, on the other hand, gets that demographics are changing, but there is still that hope it can all be fixed. The name of their movement gives it away. Putting America first only makes sense when you can define America. Granted, there is a fair bit of rhetorical sleight of hand here, in order to dodge the censors, but at some point, they must confront the fact that America looks nothing like America. What comes next will look nothing like what is in our history books.

What matters most, of course, is that CPAC is the past and AFPAC or something like it is the future. Nick Fuentes managed to do what the alt-right could never muster and that is create a legitimate political movement. Unlike the various goofballs that populated the alt-right leadership, Fuentes has proven himself to be an effective organizer and a highly effective leader. He is arguably the most talented figure to come from the populist uprising that was kicked off by the Trump presidential run.

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135 thoughts on “CPAC & AFPAC

  1. I like what i’ve heard from the NJP. How many attended the AFPAC? Any of the speeches posted? cpac is, of course, dead to me.

  2. Growing up in a small, almost 100% white town as I did, we were raised with a very strong bias against Democrats. I don’t know if I really remember anyone from my parents generation ever expressing a strong political opinion about anything. But I do remember Christianity. I can say that older white people, so far as I remember it, were always keen to point out that everyone can be a Christian so we weren’t racists. And if everyone can be a Christian, everyone can be a Republican, so we aren’t racists. Unfortunately for elderly white Christians, the idea that the swarthy hordes and dusky refugees of the earth are going to move here en masse and adopt the saintly, quiet life that my Depression era Grandparents lived and vote Republican turned out to be completely false. In other words, the lynchpin of the CivNat strategy of a big tent where conservative principles were seen to be beneficial and wholesome by the rainbow of people on earth once they read Locke and learned about compound interest failed to materialize, viz. the elderly white people did not successfully convert the heathen masses to Christianity. Without Christianity there is almost no point at all to being a Conservative. They have one issue: Abortion. But the newcomers to America are here for one purpose: Money. Nobody cares about the moral underpinnings of American white people culture. The mistake, in short, was that white people in the Conservative movement thought the immigrants would adopt the ways of the Christian white majority. In fact, the Christian white majority is basically repulsive to non-white people. Christian Conservatives made a strategic mistake that lost us America.

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  5. There’s always a slap at the “alt-right” meaning TRS crowd when Fuentes comes up, but I highly enjoy their programming. Will they ever be political leaders? Of course not. But they’re great and thoughtful entertainers. Didn’t Fuentes recently ask his crowd for absolute allegiance to him? Or am I mistaken? I’m telling you there’s something wrong with Fuentes. He’s like the dissident version of the Ash character in the movie Alien. He looks human, but he’ll start bleeding a white, milk like substance one day. And like in the movie Alien, we’ll find that he was taking orders from someone that we will not have been aware of.

    • Putting faith in a person whom Twitter can make or break in a millisecond is not very wise.

      Regardless of one’s opinion of Fuentes, just be ready for him to be rarely heard from again or sent to the minors

      And this is something that also should be factored into one’s assessment of his value to our cause. Perhaps we need to start asking ourselves if we have become too dependent on the internet.

  6. What I can say for Nick Fuentes is that at AFPAC he observed that there is not much difference between legal immigration and immigration generally.

    This concept has no place in the republican party. “I may not be liberal, but at least I’m not racist, and I support Israel!”

    That mantra is echoed at CPAC numerous times. In one speech a woman bragged about how she was generous enough to permit a bad person – ie. a white nationalist – to speak on campus. Not much distinction between the two at CPAC.

  7. I don’t know anything about Fuentes, that he has not been kicked off Twitter is suggestive. As is Twitter not kicking off Richard Spencer.

    I would say that politics in the sense of Political Action Committees is useless, as the Democrats/Media have a formula for generating fraudulent votes at will. Organizing like French Farmers in the 1980s is however useful. They were able to shelter somewhat from the effects of EU competition. Models: the NRA before it became Wayne LaPierre’s bank account, Emily’s List, the Urban League. Pressure groups able to put people in front of offices and homes in protest, stage boycotts, and generally put pressure on particularly unelected bureaucrats.

    In this Fuentes seems to be simply irrelevant. I think events are accelerating. Mostly due to the weakness of the Bidens and the various power centers in Obama 3.0 Admin: the military bombing Syria and Iranian forces as others in the Obama 3.0 Admin seek deals with the Iranians, the near certainty of a White Tax to fund Reparations now that Obama has called for it. Food inflation running out of control, and a certainty of a massive US military defeat in the Gulf, off Taiwan, and likely South Korea. Along with lockdowns never ending and a sense of both rebellion in various states, and the security services talking of sending drone strikes on Republican legislatures.

    The FBI kicking down doors in the hood to get Lady Gaga’s dogs back, after her people called the Biden White House and they came up with the creative excuse they were looking for Trump Supporters (no, really) has Marie Antoinette written all over it.

    Florida is sort of reality though: Whites and Latinos allied against black crime against them being legalized, and the crushing of small and medium business by the big tech oligarchs and China. What comes after will be White/Latino, Catholic, and fairly authoritarian and explicitly anti-black, anti-oligarch, anti-China. Mexico / Cuba Norte basically. Not America but not being Liberia is a plus I guess.

    • “White/Latino, Catholic, and fairly authoritarian and explicitly anti-black, anti-oligarch, anti-China. Mexico / Cuba Norte basically. Not America but not being Liberia is a plus I guess.“

      This is what fuentes gets right. White women have screwed us and themselves by… not screwing us and having babies. So latino birth rates will eventually dominate. Looking at latin america, they dont fall for afrocentrism. Several countries there have even sterilized their own indigenous people. They certainly have no affirmative action cramming blacks and women into jobs or political positions theyre not qualified for. They usually oppose abortion and gay marriage. Mexico didnt even recognize black mexicans on the census until 2015. All the best jobs are worked by white latinos down there. Up here, A coalition between whites and latinos through christianity and disgust for africans might counteract some of the clown world retardation.

      • One thing I find fascinating is that online dating now predominates. And there, the top 10% of men monopolize about 85% of women or so. In person meeting — bars, coffeehouses, etc. are now gone. Its all online. Which means realistically about 90% of White men become incels. What happens then?

        Do they just disappear? Get wished away? IMHO we are already seeing an anti-White women, anti-black backlash from younger White men and it will only get more intense. Incels really love being told all the hot White women belong to black dudes which is the message the media shoves.

        • So 10% of men are going to have what, 8-9 girlfriends each??
          I’ve seen this argument before and it’s silly. It just isn’t reflected in the real world..

      • “All the best jobs are worked by white latinos down there”

        I never had much experience with Mexico until the last few months – my firm is working a project with the Mexican division of an American company (obviously all the meetings are virtual – new normal!). All the business leaders we are dealing with look like they’re straight from the Iberian Peninsula. No Aztecs or Mayans.

        I have finally understood what Trump meant when, perhaps unintentionally, when he said “Mexico is not sending their best”. It is obvious they are happy to have their Mayans and Aztecs dumped on the US to deal with.

        • It’s the Mariel Boatlift on steroids. The mean IQ of Mexicans (Amerindians with European/admixute) is 88. The European alleles which confer higher intelligence, emotional self-control, etc, are not even close to being evenly distributed in their population. (more common in the north) Central America is basically baseline Amerindian with a mean IQ of 82.

          There is no equality and it’s not our fault. Our ancestors (and even more so the higher IQ East Asians) suffered and died under more intense natural and artificial (like executing criminals) selection regimes than the rest of humanity with the more intelligent and capable sending their genes into the future.

          Inequality is one of God’s tests and refusing to see that it exists is failing the test by losing the race before getting out of the starting gate.

  8. Florida may be A bastion of freedom, but it is far from the last bastion. Many local governments are all republican on the ballot but socialist tyrants in actual practice. Code enforcement, always selective in practice, is a huge tyrant in the state. Once I left FL They locked down my CDL in the post 911 national database and extracted a few fees to let me transfer to my new state. Call em up in Tallahassee and you’ll find out how much power Desantis has in the deep trenches.

  9. Real request,
    I’m new to these parts. Have been reading and following for a while. Still seems somewhat alien to me.

    My brother in law is a huge Soccer/Futball fanatic. I am totally agnostic on soccer. True sports involve large men beating the shit out of each other at close quarters. Anywho, he called and told me to save the date. Flew into town. Went to the stadium, gave me an expensive ticket. 4 hours of sheer confusion. Singing, chanting, effeminate men laying on the ground and miraculously springing back to life.
    We were walking back to the car and he asked what I thought. I told him I had no clue what we had just happened.

    My point – is there a ‘this side of the divide for dummies primer’?
    I love the little GAB pyramid with the cartoons at the top. I may or may not be on any of the levels. But I like horses. Is there a menu in this joint, or is it like my first trip to In-and-out-burger? Do I ask for AFPAC animal style?

    This is a serious request. My mother drilled into me that we are a DAR family. All my kin joined and served and fought and came back or stayed on a well-manicured hillside over there. Two of my sons joined up after 9-11. Both served in combat and came back. Both are seriously disillusioned. I fell like a failure for not reading the stitches on the ball soon enough. There will not be any more of mine going off to get shot at in any sandboxes.

    So here I sit. Which team do I root for? Lots of names and organizations and up-and-coming and drifting-to-the-bottom groups here. This whole side has a lot of OPSEC. Very wise. How do I get an intern vest? I’m lousy with secret handshakes and signs. Just want to have a viable IFF system and a primer on the lingo.

    This is long, but sincere.

    • The easy starting place is this. The dissident is someone who dissents from the prevailing orthodoxy regarding the human condition and human organization. Biology is real. Sex is real. Race is real. Ethnicity is real. Genetics are real. Evolution is real. These are all real things that explain the great variety and diversity of mankind.

      Because we accept natural reality, we inevitably end up on the Right politically, because we know that people will organize themselves based on their nature. What works for Africans will not work for Asians. The institutions of a society are more than just the result of trial and error. They are a reflection of the people’s journey as a people.

      • Evolution is not real, my stars. Why must evolution be the only explanation to explain biological differences?

        You lose nothing as a dissident by scraping a philosophically impossible theory which is supported by no evidence.

        Come on, man!

        • How did humanity manage to breed such different dogs? That’s all he’s saying. We’re not talking about the origins of Man.

          • i Have no problem with dogs with long and short legs. Ifin’ that’s what z means, i will withdraw my objections!

    • The difficulty in answering your question is that there is no sugar-coated answer. Tribalism is the deepest reality, for non-whites anyway. Arguing about economic systems is to miss the point in a multi-racial country. We need states that approximate ethno-states. Men and women are different and we must suppress the media controllers who say otherwise. Homosexuality, especially among men, is degenerate and disgusting and we shouldn’t have to tolerate it. How do you present these ideas to normies? I don’t know.

      • I’ll add that most whites feel bad about judging a person by a quality that the person did not choose. For example, judging a person for their race or their sexual irregularity. For the most part, only white people have this feeling.

        One of the main barriers to presenting our ideas is that we sound like mean people, when we are just facing reality and responding accordingly. I don’t know how to surmount this problem.

    • What Z said. Sadly our side is lousy with documentation. There is no equivalent to Paine’s Common Sense.

      In terms of policies it’s pretty much what Trump campaigned on but failed to do. This can serve as a IFF. If the person you are talking to is anti-Trump,S/he isn’t on our side.

      The general consensus on our side is that the country political and governmental structure is beyond fixing as evidenced by the system wide coup against Trump by the 3 letter agencies and political class.

      • Thanks all for your thoughtful input.

        Follow up: What are practical steps at the local level to begin to develop community?

        I’ve always been envious of the Irish Pub model. What else my work?

  10. A young man who has been passed through many influental hands seldom emerges unscathed. Maybe he was even fucked up to begin with. Nevertheless, I think what he’s doing is good in the short term.

    • Our side could learn a lot from the Dems. At least when they get shit candidates they run them hard and for the win. Our side OTOH demands perfect leaders only found in comic books and barring that we must attack anyone who doesn’t meet our standards of perfection.

      At least Democrats understand how to get and take power. I can respect them. As for ourside, they still haven’t figured out squat except to tear down anyone they don’t like. Utter fools.

  11. It was interesting how Fuentes was able to get a sitting member of congress (Gosar) to show up. Nonetheless, I’ve never been much of a fan of Nick. More of an Allsup guy.

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  13. Hard to believe Florida almost elected Andrew Gillium (D) as governor. Months after he lost, he was caught in a room by police where there was allegedly meth paraphernalia and a couple of gay male prostitutes. (He’s married, with kids)

    Imagine if he’d been governor when Covid hit. It’s depressing beyond words that Florida almost elected this guy; even worse that this is the best the Democrats can put up for election.

    Florida is a last bastion, in many ways, but it won’t last much longer.

    • A good article on Identity Dixie the other day about Florida seceding and joining with other states in a new Confederacy

      As far as politics go, that’s the only political movement I could get behind

    • “Florida is a last bastion, in many ways, but it won’t last much longer.”
      I fear you are correct, especially with all of the northerners escaping the penal colonies to Florida. Unfortunately, upon arrival many are complaining that DeSantis is “out of control”. The typical MSM regurgitation. I’ve gotten into a few verbal tangles with these idiots to which I often say “didn’t you mommy ever tell you not to talk with your mouth full.”

      • Ask those fools why they came to Florida if DeSantis is so awful?

        Tell them to go back to Gulag York if they hate freedom so much.

  14. Meh, Fuentes isn’t a leader in any real sense. He is one step above a carnival barker, a court jester. He says amusing stuff and he can get people riled up but he is just an immature kid. The fact that many of us consider him to be a modestly serious person is a sign that we are in worse shape than I thought.

    • He is probably some sort of sexual weirdo and will be a problem in the future. I personally would have nothing to do with him.

      • He’s got “priest” written all over his face

        He looks like the young guys studying for the priesthood I remember seeing when I was young

          • Here is one of the issues. There is a bit of a split between the former alt-right trs types, and the Fuentes fan bois who said good optics was all about not saying anything about jews , after bringing up jews hamfistedly at every Charlie Kirk event. Some people think it comes down to the split between Fuentes and James Allsup. I think that might be part of it, but I mostly think it comes down to the difference between men who work and make families and build for the future, and attention whores like Nick and his ilk. I personally would have nothing to do with him. I think he is a twerp and possibly worse.

          • Pettiness and jealously are a big problem in dissident circles. Many assume the pie will never grow, so anyone getting an audience gets attacked, because the assumption is they are taking the audience away from others. You’ll note all of the criticisms of Fuentes are personal. They either don’t like his face or he hurt their feelings.

            I find it tiresome. Fuentes is doing good work and he is bringing thousands of young people our way. He’s not perfect and he gets plenty wrong, but who doesn’t?

          • Gotta be

            We are in a tough position. Get it that people think Fuentes is doing good for us. I don’t like his face, which is NOT a personal indictment, Z, but a character assessment. I trust my ability to read a person’s face — never failed me before. Not the face of a guy I will put my faith and trust into.

            If you all want to find out the hard way, go for it.

          • A tough crowd for tough times. The thirty million muh constitution crowd fleeing from twitter need to first expand and then concentrate their attention.

    • This infighting is bat shit crazy. Yeah go ahead and demonize Fuentes and Peterson, at least they are doing a lot of the heavy lifting needed to bring whites over. Sure they are not perfect but at least they are making the effort which we really need.

      • Yeah i have had a great time watching and listening to philosophers and influencers across the whole center to right wing spectrum. I cant watch bllack on white crime videos and JQ videos all day. Ill drive off a cliff.

        A google search for aristotle brought me to molyneux, who showcased charles murray and jared taylor, then i read bell curve, a troublesome inheritance, 10,000 year expllosion, j philippe rushton’s work, michael levin’s work, edward dutton, then back to peterson and dostoevsky, now im learning italian out of respect for the renaissance men… Point being all of these quirky personalities are gateways to either race realism, IQ belief, nationalism or at least a love for western civilization. Maybe its too late to save all 50 states but we might at least send a message to europe to wake up.

  15. CPAC, AFPAC–it is all for naught. These organization’s raison d’etre is electoral politics, which is a lost cause. No matter how talented Fuentes is, there is no way in hell he can leverage his ability into meaningful electoral victories, at least not at the federal level. It’s a closed shop, and the only people allowed within that shop are members of the Power Structure. What is desiderated is a secessionist or counterrevolutionary Nick Fuentes. As it is, he’s squandering his skill tilting at windmills on the Potomac. And if he continues wasting his time in this endeavor, he won’t even be a historical footnote.

    • Perhaps it is important to pretend that our political goals can be achieved conventionally, at least for now. Any public display of unity that counters the narrative is beneficial.

      That being said, I’m still looking at land on nowhere’s taint, making a list of supplies for my cabin, and distributing its location to “our guys.” Just picking up shards of America that have fallen around me and doing my best to move on.

      When I envision our future, I envision many elders leading many lands. Not one leader, and certainly not one land.

    • If he came across now as a successionist or revolutionary he would be ignored by most Whites and the Feds would be hunting him down.

      The problem with succession is that it will be very bloody, much worse in terms of dead than say WWi. At the very least you are looking at mass expulsion of millions of White liberals and minorities, Most won’t go without a fight and that means genociding them. Then dealing with outside military forces that the globalists will hire to get rid of us.

      • Basically what you’re saying is don’t say anything meaningful because you will be shunned and muzzled. I don’t believe that. Somebody will eventually bruit secessionist or counterrevolutionary politics and they will find a following more and more whites are fed to the teeth with this anti-white crazy train and are ready to commit to an alternative.

        As for the mechanics of secession, they don’t have to entail bloodshed. A sufficiently white territory resolutely committed to succession could conceivably demand and achieve autonomy without recourse to warfare, although the threat of violence will probably be necessary. It’s about building the fabled “community” and parlaying it into whiteland.

      • You think the military will be on OUR side? There are enough self hating whites who would ensure that its US who are genocided. Conservatives are being purged from the military as we speak.

        • The military will disintegrate. A large portion of the rank-and-file, not to mention almost all of the special forces units, will join us. AINO’s military will be reduced to various dysfunctionals led by pozzed generals.

  16. Fuentes sounds impressive. How do I follow him? I did a search, and wow what hatred for him from the mainstream organs. I saw a website that is under construction and a twitter handle. Is there a podcast somewhere?

    • I know very little about Fuentes, but if he’s a powerful force operating outside of the Power Structure, then he’s the very sort of person all of that razor wire is intended to ward off.

    • He was banned from YouTube some time ago. We was banned from DLive in January. He has a Telegram channel that you can search for.

  17. When it comes to politics, vagueness is a feature, not a bug. Vagueness is what had people swooning over Obama’s “masterful” rhetoric: he made everybody believe he was dog-whistling to them personally while saying absolutely nothing.

    As soon as you get specific with your politics, you give your cadres something to fraction over, and a target for your enemies to personalize, freeze and polarize.

    • I generally agree, obviously, given that I have been making this point for years. It is one thing to be vague and another to be entirely formless. Hauntology works for him right now, but at some point there has to be some structure.

      • TBH, I know very little about Fuentes. His voice annoys me and I don’t like his format, but I hear good things about him.

        But on general reflection, I don’t think it is necessary for us to commit to a program yet. We’re doing pretty damned well with the white-whistling, considering the opposition we’re facing. Let’s not disturb ourselves while we’re on a winning streak, let’s kick the can of worms down the road until we are forced to deal with it.

        At the rate our people are being redpilled these days, time is on our side.

        • At least publicly, I’m an anti-programist. I think the big hurdle for AF is in accepting that demography not stoppable. They are floating up on a blend of myth and nostalgia. At some point they will need to grapple with reality. They stop talking about the pasty and start talking about the future.

          • All this is only happening because whites have had it too good for too long and have lost the will to live. Too many of us get off on being disenfranchised, replaced, put out of work, muzzled, locked down, taxed to death. If that mindset changes, seemingly miraculous things would happen— but that won’t be until the pain is intolerable.

        • I’m with you, Felix

          And I’m still “old school” as they say where a person’s face says a lot, and with Fuentes I just don’t like his face. He looks like he’d be a tattletale or something. I can just see him crying to his mom if we picked on him in the neighborhood growing up.

    • it only worked because the MSM promoted him like he was God. And bullied everyone else into silence if they opposed the Black Jesus.

      Trump(and Perot) was the opposite, he won office because he went specific. Going specific does work if it is on issues that are important to the voters. The DR OTOH has to be nebulous for the simple reason it has no real core issues or at least those that are relevant to a large percentage of the White population.

    • ” Vagueness is what had people swooning over Obama’s “masterful” rhetoric: he made everybody believe he was dog-whistling to them personally while saying absolutely nothing.”

      That must be what Fauci is doing. He’s all “perhaps” this and “could be” that, yet people hang on his every word like he’s imparting the wisdom of the ages.

      In my world, a bygone world of honesty, you couldn’t be considered an expert unless you SAID SOMETHING.

  18. One of the more ironical aspects of our accelerating demographic change is the emergence of fiery dissident leadership by a person named “Fuentes”. And he’s not alone. Peter Navarro and Devin Nunes are two more intensely involved politicos on the right carrying Spanish names. Perhaps American will eventually get the caudillo we so desperately need.

    • And then there’s 18 year old Isabel Peralta, who’s now in hot water for saying something that’s forbidden.

      • I’m not suggesting any of those three will be the one. I’m suggesting that such a person could very well come from Spanish ethnicity. And wouldn’t that be the greatest irony of all?

    • I think there *is* actually a pretty well-defined core to this-thing-of-ours (hehe, la cosa nostra). First all it must begin with patriarchy. The gynocracy has failed. It has shown, through years of coddling idiots, criminals, malignant foreigners, degenerates, culminating in the Covid madness and rioting, that it cannot maintain ordered freedom.

      National integrity (strong borders) and social stability, “family values” in the sense of policies that encourage the formation of family, driving Leftists out of the school system, overhauling and downscaling higher education, an economy with a (good) place for people of all IQ levels and inclinations who are productive and civilized, opposition to offshoring, opposition to the oligarchs and imperial wars, emphasis on personal freedom and free association: these are the core values around which “a band of tribes” can be assembled. As long as free association is held sacred, whites, hispanics, and even certain blacks, can work together toward these ends and against globoscholomo. Unlike the Leftist vision of coercive multiculturalism we can have one of “separate *and* equal”, working for the goals we have in common and against common foes. This can be the core of what is meant by “America First”.

      • As phase one , sure. Eventually we’ll need some proxy for ethnicity to separate everyone, ie, non taxpayers, welfare recipients, IQ, etc, otherwise it will all start over again.

        • I agree with this too. I was one of the upvotes. The basic idea is that we’re building a snowball and tossing it down the hill. Its forward momentum is free association and rejection of equalism and globalism. Once it gains enough mass we can do as we like. This is why the globalists are so terrified. They see the snowball is already rolling and they themselves have been running the snow machines that guarantee it has plenty of fuel to grow.

  19. You’re certainly correct that “America First” can be read In at least two ways. For the short term, that ambiguity can work in our favor. It has broad appeal to normies and the right-leaning that are not yet enlightened regarding demographics. It can then be subtly morphed into “America = white”.

  20. it’s telling that trump spoke at CPAC. that to me, is a disqualifier for future consideration. but none was needed as his time is over.

    • He has spoken there yet. That will take place this afternoon. You may want to at least wait and hear what he says before going off on him.

      • It doesn’t matter much what he says. The media reports will be about white supremacy, white racism, and that whites are planning another insurrection.

        • The media reports will be about white supremacy, white racism, and that whites are planning another insurrection.

          What difference, at this point, does it make?

  21. I hope for the best success for Fuentes and his crew, but these millennials with their comic books, bad music and ill fitting suits are really annoying.

    • Farmers don’t just till the land, they also involve themselves in husbandry. Rather than complaining about the superficial, we’d be better off trying to break and domesticate the younger generation; harness them for our benefit and theirs.

      • I never let my son wear a ball cap anything but brim forward, and with a proper bend in it best shaped in the bull pin while waiting to get the nod from the skip late in the game.

        My father taught me a windsor knot, loafers with tassels and pleated pants were for sissys. The top button on your suit or sport coat should be buttoned only when standing, and unbuttoned while sitting.

    • Heh. Don’t I know it. There’s nothing that looks stupider than a 20-something, barbate, ectomorphic white guy wearing a suit two sizes too small, the jacket unbuttoned, and no tie. White guys looked better in 1971 than they do in 2021, and that’s saying something.

  22. It would be interesting what the old man himself, Pat Buchanan thinks of Nick Fuentes or if he has even heard of him?
    Pat got me started down the DR path. If only…..

    • Pat is getting somewhat senile. He believes that Biden really did get more valid votes than Trump. Sheesh!

  23. Nick DID define what America is: a Christian nation with a British cultural framework. He was very upfront that America was founded by White people, and that we oppose demographic change.

    • America was a Christian nation with a British cultural framework. It is not now and has not been for a very long time. There is no voting your way back to it.

      This is the central problem for Nick and the American First guys. They need to articulate a vision that has some basis in reality. What they are doing now is hauntology. It has an emotional appeal, but there is no way to act on it.

      • I suspect (though don’t know) that Mr. Fuentes’ game is to build a substantial and recognized alternative political group before he gets honest about the state of America. American nationalism is still immensely popular among Whites, and most of them aren’t going to want to let that dream go until the very last second. Better to bring them to a point where they can start to accept that the dream died a generation ago than to leave them as useful idiots for the mainstream grifters

        • Agree. The priority has to be to create a place Normie can feel at home. Once the flock is gathered and sees itself as a flock, the shepherding can begin.

          • More than likely the SHEARING will begin on earnest.

            This is the model in FUSA, especially towards those that think USA! USA! USA! can be restored without bloodshed.

            The tinder and detritus from over a century of neglect must be burned off before green shoots have a chance to survive.

      • Sadly the DR offers nothing in this regard either. At least Fuentes is doing something and he does show a talent for organizing which is really critical if you want a movement to get off the ground.

        It’s good enough that it will attract normies and MAGA peeps fed up with Clown World. Which is a start. It doesn’t need to be perfect it just needs to be good enough.

        • With all due respect, and playing a little devil’s advocate, but we don’t know his talent for organizing.

          What we know is that he got Gosar to show up and now Gosar is trying to distance himself. Curious in and of itself.

          But that Gosar showed up suggests — doesn’t prove, but suggests — this may have not been a purely Nick Fuentes production. There may have been some professional republican muscle. Shades of Dick Armey insinuating himself and the republicans into the Tea Party movement only to co-opt it out of existence.

          Like on those murder mysteries, it seems simply “too perfect” for Lionel to be the guy who killed Jane. Seems like the event went a little too perfectly?

          Food for thought

          That said, if Fuentes acknowledges the backstab by Gosar he deserves a lot of respect. F Gosar and the entire republican party

          • With all due respect, and playing a little devil’s advocate, but we don’t know his talent for organizing.

            I know a lot about AF, things few know. If he was in my company, he would be on the fast track up the ladder. He has natural leadership skill.

          • Well, I’ve never met the young man so, yes, I’m in no position to evaluate his leadership skills.

            But they will be out to the tested soon enough. Because I think this Gosar thing is a big deal because on the one hand he was their big “get” and now he’s sorta throwing him under the bus,

            Tough decision on how to play it. If I’m pissed and I’m not even a Fuentes guy, I have to imagine how his followers feel. But then he can’t just go pissing on Gosar.

      • Nick is creating a political organization assembled from the largest ethnic group in America, disaffected white people. It is very similar to what Mark Collett is doing with PA. Only Mark doesn’t have the coat tails of a Trump, who as Nick pointed out is the most popular republican president in history, but is treated like a leper by the mainstream. There is a huge potential that nick is tapping into. And, looks like he has the best chance of any nationalist on the scene to actually accomplish. Which is why most of Nicks speech was a warning about opportunists piggy backing on nationalist rhetoric like that handsome cripple from NC or the squatamalan latinx from Illinois and turning this raw, burning energy into the Tea Party part deux.

        • Trump was never the most popular anything. Reagan was much more popular. Heck, Nixon was more popular than Trump.

          • Uhhhh, say what? Trumps 74 million election votes makes him the most voted for president in the history of the US.

          • Popularity is about percentages. By your reasoning, the current dingbat pop singer is the most popular singer in history.

          • I can’t believe that at this stage of the game there still exist those willing to hype the MAGA program. Just as the neo-cons always want it to be the heady days of Desert Storm, the Trump supporters want it to be perpetually the evening of November 8, 2016.

      • country: the people inside a border and the political, social, cultural, and economic systems by which their lives are governed

        nation: a set of people bound by blood, culture, religion, and shared history

        America was a country originally populated by a set of new Christian-heritage European nations, each a synthesis of different proportions of the baseline Europeans (English, Germans, Poles, etc) upon a British-heritage substrate and governed in a federal compact. America started as a federation of European ethnostates (just like Switzerland). We of the historical American people, descended from our original European American nations, are still here.

        The central problem we have is that NONE of the non-Christian or non-European nations and tribes that have since gained the legal right to dwell in our country even remotely buy into the federal compact. Why would they? They have been dispersed piecemeal into other states which predominately belong to and are governed by other (America European) nations none of whom want to give up their patch of the Earth. Why would we? No one likes being ruled by foreigners.

        Local self-rule (the essence of federalism) adequate to the preservation and perpetuation of local culture and traditions is necessary not only for stability but is a precondition for the kind of investment in the commons that over generations makes nice places to live. Immigration for cheap labor and, for the 1880-1920 immigration push, for any white bodies at all to dilute the demographic dominance of dyscivilizational Africans (60% of South Carolina at one time), is therefore fundamentally corrosive to civilization.

        Ethnic minorities will ALWAYS try to take over where are, irrespective of their civilizational quality or lack of it, because they too want self-rule conducive to investment in their own commons. No one likes being ruled by foreigners. Diversity is only a strength to the globalist oligarch seeking to import the divide for ‘divide and rule’. The greed of oligarchs has brought tribal war and race war back into our land.

        • Yes to all of this, but you haven’t proposed a solution to the problem that may actually work, as in succeed in re-establishing a natural order. Begin by identifying the root of the problem with clarity. Then focus on that and evaluate various options for eliminating the problem. Then figure out which path is the most efficient way to get there. It’s not enough to just continually explicate all the bad things that are happening and whine about how bad it is.

      • I think any vision about how to move forward doesn’t include the Republican Party. Watching Cruz diss Loomer (she may be a nut, but deserves at least a little courtesy), and Gosar do the “no white supremacy here, boss” routine is pretty sickening. I don’t see a chance for wholesale replacement of gop leadership, so working where you is probably the best way forward. And kneecapping republicans in both primaries and the general, just for fun.

        • It’s not just for fun. It’s serious medicine. Some cures are quite painful, but you must bite your tongue or die.

        • I worry that America First is yet another gatekeeping op. Remember when “nationalism” took off in 2016? The regime responded by flying in an Israeli foreigner to co-opt it with “muh no white supremacy rhetoric” then promptly banning everyone but civnats; they co-opted it to mean just what the old failed ideology was. Funny how the same thing is happening here. Watch for them to redefine America First to look a lot like Con. Inc. with the usual results.

      • No one is going to blatantly admit that the end goal of their small movement is secession. They need to garner support, raise funds, build coalitions, and show people that they truly have a chance at starting over somewhere. Its going to look a lot like trying to save all 50 states at first.

    • Fuentes puts a lot of emphasis on Christianity. I don’t know how popular that is with Americans these days, but I do know what is popular and that’s 1. Limiting immigration, 2. Stop the outsourcing of jobs, 3. Stay out of war. That’s what the people want.

      • I will say this: ipso facto, Christianity is the white man’s religion, which is one reason it is reviled so intensely by the AWRs. Thus, when people like Fuentes deploy Christianity as a political trope, they are using code language for white, and that is a good thing.

        • Yep. I’ve barely been in a church outside of weddings in my life, but I know immediately that Christian – at least in the United States – means Whites. Yeah, I get that a fair amount of blacks and Hispanics are Christian, but in a political sense, Christian is White.

          • And let’s be honest, white people are really the only group who takes Christianity seriously. Blacks don’t have the future time orientation or self control to care much about their sins.

            Some mexicans take it seriously but there’s all kinds of messed up stuff with gangs and cartels. And their kids are all degenerates who assimilate into globohomo.

            White Protestants (pretty much evangelical Christians) are the only group who actually try and follow the Bible , and also have resisted the poz (and have strong fertility numbers). Yes, the Southern Baptist Convention is globohomo controlled but individually there are many solid churches.

        • Anybody can be a Christian… But in my opinion, it’s hard to be White without being a Christian.

          Without the Christian religion there is a huge hole in the NW-Euro spirit. We seem to be either godless, dead hedonists, or vibrant, zealous believers in Christ. As a Christian I can automatically tell when a fellow white person is a Christian because they don’t have a dead spirit.

          It’s hard to reform the country and its (white) people because many don’t want to be saved. A Christian revival would go a long way in terms of “lighting up” our White energy again. Nobody is more animated than a white evangelical Christian

          • Well, I’m White, not a Christian, but I certainly do not have a “dead spirit”. Save your silly generalizations for one of those revival meetings you seem to like.

          • Evangelican Christians like Huckabee with his TV show about the tragedy of Holocaust victims living in poverty who are in desperate need for “our” help can go fuck themselves. They’ve done far more damage to America than blacks have.

      • He’s smart and uses it as a dog whistle to attract White Christians to his cause. He knows full well the Left HATES White Christians so he’s leveraging it.

        • Correct. He’s using Christian as both a dog whistle to Whites (and to honestly describe our culture) and as a way to bait Liberals into attacking Christians, which shows Whites – Christian and non-Christian – how hateful Liberals are.

          It’s very clever.

  24. Imagine standing on a butte overlooking the wide Mississippi River. CPAC is holding an old-timey revival meeting in a tent by the shore, complete with fire & brimstone preachers and snake-handlers. AFPAC, led by a charismatic messiah, is leading a flock as they attempt to wade across the river to the far shore where heaven awaits. The powerful current of the Mississippi is oblivious to both groups and flows on inexorably.

    Most of the population carries on with their daily lives because habit, but there is growing anxiety due to rumors of biblical rains falling in the NW and the banks of the Mississippi can only hold back so much before the levees fail. The wise ignore the sideshows and begin moving to high ground.

  25. “The two visions of the future of the right are interesting in that neither is all that clear about where they are going. ..”
    The same could be said about the DR. In fact, the dissidents are in the same boat as the rest when it comes to re-learning farm skills. Perhaps I can be forgiven for smirking at the swarm of Cons. Inc. that accosted you over the weekend? While I certainly can’t dispute the way you handled them… I am stumped too. Any future we have is going to involve those people.

    • Zman was accosted over the weekend? We need to have a “hate Whitey” rally in front of NR headquarters.

    • If you mean Gab, those are most likely bot accounts.

      As far as the dissident right, there is no comparison to be made. CPAC and AFPAC are organizations. The dissident right is just a name for those who start from the basis of biological and demographic reality.

    • I think this will be a fairly salient issue in whatever future we have – a large cohort of Whites, to say nothing of the remaining dross including joggers, little hats and various other mystery meat will need to be purged from the system and, in the case of the remaining Whites, in many cases) it’ll be pitting friends against friends and family members against each other.
      I wish these younger guys the best of luck. Hopefully a charismatic and strong leader can arise from the bunch.

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