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In a private conversation, there was a lively back and forth about the books that new people to our politics should read. One of the hidden truths about this side of the great divide is it is a highly literate movement. People drawn to this type of politics tend to enjoy reading. Then there is the fact that our politics is not cut off from the Western intellectual tradition, which is the case for most conventional politics. As a result, we have a vast library of writing on our topics of interest.

That vastness is a problem. This side of the great divide has a lot of diversity of interests and thought. If you are drawn over by the human science, there are dozens of great books to get you started. If you are into right-wing intellectual history, you have more books and writers than you can read in a lifetime. Everyone on our side has their favorites. Many have a book or a writer they credit with their awakening. The new person can find it intimidating at first.

With that in mind, the show this week is about the books to get someone started on understanding dissident politics. These are not foundation texts or anything like that, just doorways to the sorts of topics that get discussed here. When you are a kid learning to write, you start with the big pencil and wide-ruled paper. You do not use that for the rest of your life. It is just how you get started. The books for the new person to our politics should work the same way.

The thing about the books covered in the show is they challenge the reader’s conditioning on various topics. That really is the essence of dissident politics when you stop and think about it. Because liberal democracy and the technological state cannot comport with the reality of the human condition, you are left with two choices. You can deny the reality of the human condition or question the morality and legitimacy of the prevailing orthodoxy. That is the great divide in a nutshell.

Of course, this is the sort of topic that generates endless disputes, because no two people have the same list. There is no doubt that many people will be outraged at the selection of titles in the taboo book section. Well, outraged by one of the books and what I have to say about it. At some point in the future, that will be the topic of a full show and maybe a series of posts. Again, the point here is a gentle introduction to the taboo subjects that can only be discussed on this side.

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152 thoughts on “Starter Books

  1. The irony of banning all of the bad thoughts books from mainstream outlets, e.g. not being able to buy a particular book friction-free off of Amazon like with normal books, is that searching to find a book is the intelligence test that Derbyshire recommended for Culture of Critique. Most people are only capable of finding something online if it comes up highly ranked in a google search. Most people would not be able to find a book in a library using an olden days card catalogue either. The books are still out there and the globalist elite knows they can’t really do anything to stop the spread of these ideas but they can quarantine searchers and content in various ways that make the material accessible to only the most determined readers.

    • I agree wiht your observation about people not being able to find a book. But the problem goes much deeper than that. Most Americans would probably rather watch TV or do anything besides read a book. Alas, the probaby includes the majority here, and we’re likely to be made of better stuff than the average American. Mark Twain’s ancient observation holds true: “The man who doesn’t read has no advantage over the man who can’t read.”

      One overlooked side effect of the Woke’s attempts to Cancel or Memory-Hole various works actually works in our favor: it will increase the attraction of forbidden fruit. Clearly some of that “fruit” will be political or other thoughts that is “unapproved,” that goes against the received wisdom of the Progressive thought police. Someone noted just a few days ago this trend, but applied to (say) keeping children from inquiring about dangerous or harmful activities. Certainly a good case can be made for keeping the kids out of the liquor cabinet, or from playing with firearms, or from browsing your hidden porn collection.

      Now this is just my opinion, but I say let ’em read anything they want, as it will only broaden their minds in a way that watching the latest ideologically-imbued garbage on Netflix, or checking the latest vapid “news” in their carefully censored social media accounts, or working on the latest content-free school project, will not.

  2. GAB isn’t long for the world.

    Then again less venting and more pent up the better. Words do not teach, perhaps the lash will.

    I’m waiting for floggings to return, strictly for whites of course.

  3. Why yes here’s a book by a German Economist called “The Abolition of Interest” by G. Feder.

    I agree with his star pupil that Marxism is merely a cloak to advance Finance, once called International Capital, now called Globalism. Mind you I got there by observing who funds Lefty, who is Lefty but above all finding out that Marx was cousin to the Rothschilds.

    What a cosmic joke.

  4. Other commenters have mentioned some of these books, but I would add four suggestions, three of which helped turn me from a civic nationalist to the dissident right.:

    1. Greg Hood, Waking up from the American Dream. Greg is a good writer and this series of essays lays out a pretty good case that America is finished as a country for white people; (I read this after I crossed the great divide.)

    2. Samuel P. Huntington: Who are We. This book made the point to me that the institutions that (sort of) worked for a predominantly Anglo-Germanic-Dutch people in the U.S. were unlikely to continue to work when the population became much more Hispanic.

    3. Victor Davis Hanson: Mexifornia, A State of Becoming. Hanson is a neocon on foreign policy but his description of how Hispanics have caused California to deteriorate borders on heartbreaking.

    4. Jean Raspail: The Camp of the Saints. It shows how the West has lost the will to resist the Third World.

  5. Caucasians instinctively know this story is a tragedy and how it will end, the x factors being the means and the location in time.

    • In America…most likely yes. I do think there’s hope in Europe. Eventually, in our lifetime, one of the European countries will turn into an official Islamic Republic. I think this will wake up the rest of the populace still believing “they just want to grill burgers and assimilate like us.” Then there will be bloody civil wars over there.

  6. Every nonfiction book is a red-pill. For instance I was reading Hans Ulrich Rudel’s book , “Stuka Pilot.” Russian Orthodox priests during WWII paradropped from German aircraft to blow up or photograph Soviet infrastructure. Why would they fight on the side of the Nazis? If Hitler won they would be able to practice their religion openly. If Stalin won, they wouldn’t. Simple.

    Now I take up the file of photographs of the factories in question and study them with interest. I see that a high percentage of them are already underground and are therefore partly unassailable from the air. The photographs show the dam and the power station and some of the factory buildings; they have been taken during the war. How can this have been done? I think back to my time in the Crimea and put two and two together. When I was stationed at Sarabus and keeping myself fit by a little putting the weight and discus throwing after operations a black-painted aircraft often used to land on the airfield, and very mysteriously passengers alighted. One day one of the crew told me under the seal of secrecy what was going on. This aircraft carried Russian priests from the freedom-loving states of the Caucasus who volunteered for important missions for the German command. With flowing beards and dressed in clerical garb each of them carried a little packet on his chest, either a camera or explosives according to the nature of his mission. These priests regarded a German victory as the only chance of regaining their independence and with it their religious liberty. They were fanatical enemies of world Bolshevism and consequently our allies. I can still see them: often men with snow white hair and noble features as if chiselled out of wood.

    From the deep interior of Russia they brought back all kinds of photographs, were months en route and generally returned with their mission accomplished. If one of them disappeared he presumably gave his life for the sake of freedom, either in an unlucky parachute jump or caught in the act of carrying out his purpose or on his way back through the front. It made a profound impression on my mind when my informant described to me the way these holy men unhesitatingly jumped into the night, sustained by their faith in their great mission. At that time we were fighting in the Caucasus and they were dropped in different valleys in the mountains where they had relations with whose help they proceeded to organise resistance and sabotage. It all comes back to me as I puzzle over the origin of the photographs of these industrial plants.

  7. I think this was one of your most successful podcasts, Z. Great work in preparing and presenting this material. Thanks.

  8. May I make a couple of suggestions for literature for newcomers to our thing? Two Pat Buchanan books. Suicide of a Superpower and Churchill Hitler and the Unnecessary War. Both are very approachable. I credit these two books with changing my mind on the mythology of “The Good War” and the demographic disaster that has befallen the US.

    • I was in my late teens/early twenties during what I remember of Pat Buchanan’s heyday back in the 80s-90s. I was just starting college when The Bell Curve came out too. And at the time like most young people I was a complete socialist zombie. They didn’t have Antifa at the time but I am sure I would have played dress up and smashed some windows if they had had it back then. I was totally brainwashed by the leftist/Democrat/Globalist ideology without even ever considering it honestly. I just thought that it was obviously true that older people were racist monsters and the economy was rigged. I still believe that but I don’t really care about the racist monsters part anymore.

      Now that I am an actual adult I can say: Pat Buchanan was right about pretty much everything. I have almost never read anything he wrote that I thought was wrong nowadays. But he was doomed by trying to play along with the Republican establishment. Key take-away being: do not play along with the Republican establishment.

    • Big +1 on Unnecessary War. It’s a crippling take-down of WW2 hagiography. Should be an essential book in any War College curriculum, documents the consequences of Britain’s strategy/policy mismatch after WW1. Early on, Britain didn’t have the will to enforce Versaillais requirements and later didn’t have the means to guarantee Polish independence.

  9. Charles Krauthammer’s “Things that Matter”. 2013. 400 pages. The book is mix of long essays, columns, and new stuff on various topics (not always political). There’s also a very moving personal story of his misfortune. He was a handsome, athletic young man at Harvard med. He dove into shallow water and got all paralyzed. Guy was a heavyweight. He’s contributed to the DSM and was board certified in psychiatry and neurology. It’s just a good read from a top-tier mind and stylist. I listened to it while walking my dogs in 2017. Like Z’s podcast it’s good company when you’re out & about alone. Charles does the voice for the audiobook himself, and has a good voice for it. Husky, steady, and calm. I’ve long despised him for obvious reasons. But at least he presents as wolf. Not wolf as dove. Like most of his Con.Inc. associates.

  10. Books are good. Kids like to watch videos. Kenneth Clarks Cvilization. See the glory that is behind you and made you.

  11. Reading is essential. But we’ve reach the point where the issues are clear and the path forward is likewise. It has been clear since last November, if not earlier, that voting is a nullity, and H.R. 1 is likely going to make permenent.

    Please, enough time spent pondering the printed word. At some point, you have to acknowledge that voting isn’t going to get us out of this situation.

    • Did you listen to the podcast? The point was how to bring the people new to this side up to speed quickly and easily.

    • Propaganda, in the positive sense, is necessary. Events are driving people here. Explanation of why is needed.

  12. I haven’t yet heard the podcast (so flying blind while making my suggestions) but if someone is new to our side or primed to become a thought criminal, he needs to be ready to proclaim all the official narratives a lie and all the official sources propaganda. Few highly educated and literate men can do that.

    So, I would suggest for him to read two normie friendly books:

    1.almost anything by Coulter. I rarely read her anymore but she was a good gateway writer who helped me see how ridiculous all the official narratives are these days.

    2. White Girl Bleed A Lot. This book is even more relevant in the Era of St. George. When you compare the real life examples to what is in the news and the opinions that it are permissible for good people to hold, I found it hard to not think the people pushing the official narratives are sociopaths besides being liars.

  13. We’re attracting new people who are frustrated with conservatism and intrigued by the dissident right. The problem is that many of them think that “dissident right” means “do the Tea Party again but harder.”

    What to do? Reinstating the constitution and encouraging assimilation will just be subverted again by the same characters and we’ll back here again in 25 years in an even worse demographic situation.

    • The newcomers need to understand the current system needs to scrapped. That our so called ruling class has declared war on whites along with the political class and all the major federal institutions from the military to the DOJ.. That Wall Street is as much our enemy as is the Left but for different reasons. And academia has turned into the enemy of Whites and Western Civ.

      This will not be a hard sell after seeing Trump get railroaded out of office.

      Lastly the noobs need to know that we cannot vote our way out as the parties are part of the problem and cannot be fixed. And we have to prepare for that eventuality.

      All of this could be put in a 4 page flyer.

  14. My short list:

    1. “The Bell Curve.” Explodes equity & equality myths. Probably the most important modern dissident book.

    2. “The Spirit of Capitalism.” Greenfeld. Book explores the true origins of capitalism (nationalism and national identity) while debunking common myths about its origins and conditions under which it thrives. This book is essential, IMHO. It relates how industrializing Japan at gunpoint was short-sighted and inevitably led to conflict with a powerful country. If this book had been written, read, and accepted by American elites during the 1970s, then China might never have risen to power — not with American help that is. This is more of an advanced text, but it’s important.

    3. “The Death of the West.” PJB. Relates demographics to the nation’s future, assuming it has one.

    4. “Bowling Alone.” Putnam. Relates diversity and the health of societies.

    5. “The Righteous Mind.” Jonathan Haidt. Explores how people come to their opinions. This book is helpful to train the Right to reject the Left’s philosophy as being motivated by genuine concern when it’s merely self-serving and poorly understood on their part. Although, the book couches this in generalities about people rather than political parties.

    6. “How the Mind Works / The Blank Slate.” Pinker. Good normie fare challenging the blank slate concept. Some things are wrong, but it’s a good first step.

    7. “Diversity.” Peter Wood. Good critique of the modern diversity concept.

    8. “The g Factor.” Jensen. Good follow-up to the Bell Curve. Advanced text, but essential. I’d recommend this after the reader has digested other less advanced material.

    9. “America’s Half-blood Prince.” Sailer. Good take down of the Barack Obama phenomenon and how it relates to America’s diversity crisis. Humorous and easily readable but hard to come by.

    10. “The Nurture Assumption” / “No Two Alike.” Judith Rich Harris. Good normie take down of environmentalism in human development.

    11. “Who Are We?” Huntington. Relates diversity and the American search for identity.

    12. “Coming Apart.” Charles Murray. Explores the decay of White America. Murray’s works also imply how we came to this situation: the cognitive elite geographically separated from working-class Americans over time. Now they live in a bubble insulated from the consequences of their policies.

    13. “The Truth About Selma” & “Whitey On the Moon.” Paul Kersey. Explodes common historical myths about the Civil Rights Era (ex: the movie ‘Hidden Figures’ was based on a lie & Selma is now much worse off than it was before the 1960s; a former middle-class town is now one of the poorest and most dangerous cities in the United States). His other books are worth a mention, even if some are poorly organized.

    14. “The Closing of the American Mind.” Bloom.

    15. [Book on the French Revolution]. Any book which explains the French Revolution (or the Enlightenment) as really just a new economic class exploiting lower class resentment to overthrow the established order and put themselves on top. The French Revolution, and the myths surrounding it & how it was prosecuted, is critical to understanding what a true conservative / right-wing philosophy looks like (hierarchy, order, and patriotic aristocracy over chaos, mob rule and oligarchical economic class).

    Others: IQ and the Wealth of Nations (and other books by this author), Shadows of the Rising Sun, the Africans, The Fall of Rome and the End of History by Ward-Perkins …. etc. Not all of these books directly lay out a philosophy, but if you read them, then you’ll likely come to it on your own.

    Aside: there are so many good books out there. Maybe Z could start a book club. I’m serious. Announce what book you’re reading a few weeks in advance, then one day open a discussion thread on it. I’d love to go through my library and have a conversation about some of this stuff, most of which I — as the kids would say — “literally” hide in case Bradbury’s firemen show up.

    • Probably the best guy to read on the French Revolution is Francois Furet. His prose is dense, but it repays the effort.

    • That’s a good reading list. I’d add a couple:

      Non-controversial, books that generally cover common errors of human thinking:

      Dobelli, Rolf. The Art of Clear Thinking.
      Taleb, Nassim. The Black Swan. (others too, perhaps Fooled by Randomness).

      Controversial, race realism 102 (will scare off the newbie). Some of these are FREE if you google them.

      Taylor, Jared. Paved with Good Intentions. (Amazingly, still sold on Amazon!); also If We Do Nothing, Face to Face with Race (which have been disappered by Amazon.)

      Fuerle, Richard. Erectus Walks Amongst Us. (also memory holed).

      • Here’s another: Skin in the Game

        The Most Intolerant Wins: The Dictatorship of the Small Minority

        “The entire growth of society, whether economic or moral, comes from a small number of people. … Society doesn’t evolve by consensus, voting, majority, committees, verbose meeting, academic conferences, and polling; only a few people suffice to disproportionately move the needle. All one needs is an asymmetric rule somewhere. And asymmetry is present in about everything.”

        Reading this opened my eyes to the true cause of why our side lost and how America will fall: conservatives are tolerant whereas SJWs are relentless and intolerant. Eventually, this asymmetry in behavior will cause them to get their way to our detriment.

    • Although I’m an ebook fan, there is much in favor of the old-fashioned kind. Not the least is that they can’t be refashioned to suit currently fashionable political views. This will become increasingly important as paper copies are purged from libraries.

  15. “They will tell you an ocean of truth to float a single lie.”

    Zman is okay with the idea that Jews, Gypsies and Armenians follow a similar strategy when interacting with their host society. What he’s not comfortable with is calling it an evolutionary strategy.

    For the love of God, don’t read Kevin McDonald!


    Also, Zman, Gypsies and Armenians do not have a stranglehold on our society. Gypsies aren’t telling us in 2021 via 24/7 media campaigns that if we don’t want our daughter to marry a negro we are evil. Armenians didn’t pioneer transgender surgery in Germany a century ago.

    What’s the common denominator here, Zman? Are we allowed to tell people about this?

    13 do 50 – okay

    It’s the Jews, stupid – not okay

    The very fact that you give this dross to your audience as a primer on White identity, or as you call it, this side of the great divide damns you as the most egregious of gate keepers.

    • As I said in the show, some people are not intellectually or emotionally mature enough to handle these topics. You are a great example of that.

      • vonjagerbomber is on point, even if he gets a little too pinky-in-the-air Dr Evil about it regarding your motivations. IOW, motivational speculation aside, he’s not wrong.

        WRT McDonald’s (((group))) evolutionary strategy, I approach it as I do ALL social science and do not “believe” in any of it. NONE of the soft sciences can be proved the way the hard sciences can be proved mathematically & empirically. Rather, I evaluate its explanatory and/or predictive power relative to reality. A more empirical and less faith-based approach to social science evaluation.

        MacDonald’s theory of (((group))) evolutionary strategy does a pretty god job to explain and predict (((group-ish)) actions, so I do not dismiss it because it can not be proved the way that newtonian physics can be proved. As a model it is good enough on its own and far superior to other models for (((group-ish)) behavior.

        • Amusingly, you say you do not believe it and know there is no scientific support for it, but you insist it is true nonetheless.

          This pretty much explains the problem with McDonald’s book. It is an “elaborate, plausible, and intellectually very challenging system that does not, in fact, have any truth content”, exactly the thing McDonald observes in his subject.

          • Not so much.

            Kmac may or may not have proved his theory down to the quantum level, but neither did Newton. Newtonian physics, while not being a complete explanation of particle motion, is still predictive and too handy for reasonable people to discard because it is less valid as V=c or at the subatomic distances. In the sciences, the predictive power of a model often precedes complete understanding or mathematical proof.

            Talmudry and its various guises (psych, sociology, cult anth, etc) are shinola for predictive power. For example, the various DSMs for psych. Same empirical observation could lead to a baker’s dozen of conclusions.

        • All science rests on inductive rather than deductive logic. This is the idea that things will continue as they have done even though there’s no obvious reason for this. Most of mathematics is based on deductive logic and is easier to see the truth in.

          The hard sciences always had a unique advantage in that, once you had a hypothesis based on some rough and informal observations, you could create highly contrived physical experiments. These would isolate the phenomenon you were interested in by keeping most things the same while a few other factors were allowed to change. This is how you make controls and is what gives science it’s predictive power. The problem in social science is that you can almost never isolate systems properly or build good controls. Anyone attempting to gather data can almost always be accused of some degree of cherry picking, essentially shaping the data to fit the theory.

          Some of the more astute social scientists have probably realized this and came to understand that their theories had almost no predictive power. What utility remains in them then? Well, how about their *political* utility? Perhaps they can be used to advance the power agendas of some group of insiders. This does seem to be what happened with university social science where the “product” is really just endlessly novel gibberish to prop up the established powers.

          The only counter to the inability of social science to construct controlled experiments would seem to be an interdisciplinary approach where whatever fanciful sociological theory you’re advancing is paired with one or several “extra-disciplinary” theories. This is where things like evolutionary psychology might help buttress an otherwise purely anthropological theory by guiding the construction of computer models of evolving organisms (genetic algorithms). One can also look for evidence of hypothesized social traits in neurobiology. Finding an otherwise “useless” brain structure that only makes sense if this or that theory of human behavior is valid would be a great victory for that theory, for example.

    • You do bring up salient points about this troublesome bunch of well poisoners. But upper class Whites were the ones who opened the gates for them. Derrida was welcomed at Yale, same with the other nasty PoMo’s. Milken’s LBO scam would have never been tolerated if Wall Street wasn’t run by psychopaths. Immigration would have been fixed in a NY second if the elites were troubled by it. Same with their supporting the destruction of White society and culture. Ditto for Globalism.

      You ever wonder why public education is incapable of producing citizens who can think critically and analyze information and detect propaganda? Because the elites only wanted docile, semi-literate workers.

      The fact is our ruling class despises lower class whites and has for for a century and change. God Almighty I could write a book on the ways those mofos screwed with us since the advent of industrialization.

    • I take VoyagerBomber’s side here, if for no other reason that he’s being controversial. I haven’t read MacDonald so have no opinion on his works. I surely do agree with those who claim outsized Jewish influence and control over institutions in the West. You don’t have to look too hard to find evidence.

      Nietzsche probably doesn’t belong on the syllabus for DR 101. He didn’t write specifically on DR topics. Yet if nothing else, he was most assuredly a polemicist. He attacked all conventional beliefs of his day. If nothing else, reading some of his works should make one question some of the beliefs he likely takes for granted. Relevant to Jewry, here’s a pithy quote (2nd paragraph):

      While you’d need to read more of his books and study guides, he delved much into other aspects of Christianity, its links to Judaism, the concepts of a master vs. a slave religion, and many other topics that turn out to be quite relevant to civilization, be it 19th century Germany or 21st century America. As a (at best) symbiotic culture embedded in a host civilization, the charge that they will always look out for their own kind in preference is a perfectly reasonable charge. That is precisely the rational behavior you’d expect for any group that values its long-term survival and interests. Whatever the reasons that others have felt enmity to the Jews throughout history, can anyone deny that they are survivors?

    • I take VoyagerBomber’s side here, if for no other reason that he’s being controversial. I haven’t read MacDonald so have no opinion on his works. I surely do agree with those who claim outsized Jewish influence and control over institutions in the West. You don’t have to look too hard to find evidence.

      Nietzsche probably doesn’t belong on the syllabus for DR 101. He didn’t write specifically on DR topics. Yet if nothing else, he was most assuredly a polemicist. He attacked all conventional beliefs of his day. If nothing else, reading some of his works should make one question some of the beliefs he likely takes for granted. Relevant to Jewry, here’s a pithy quote (2nd paragraph):

      While you’d need to read more of his books and study guides, he delved much into other aspects of Christianity, its links to Judaism, the concepts of a master vs. a slave religion, and many other topics that turn out to be quite relevant to civilization, be it 19th century Germany or 21st century America. As a (at best) symbiotic culture embedded in a host civilization, the charge that they will always look out for their own kind in preference is a perfectly reasonable charge. That is precisely the rational behavior you’d expect for any group that values its long-term survival and interests.

  16. Nothing convinces like fear. The Gulag Archipelago. Abridged version of course. Still 450 pages. Better may be his One Day in the Life of Ivan Whatshisface. Around 200 pages. You hand it to your normie bud and say, “I don’t care about Right or Left any more than you do. All I know is that when one side gets too much power—THIS shit happens.”

    • Read the Bible to learn how the chosen subvert their host countries and mislead the gentiles with compelling but destructive narratives.

    • Christ has their number goes after the Pharises and their sort with hammer and tongs. No wonder the smolhats despise him so.

    • The Bible is a Jewish plot to make gentiles subservient to Isreali interests. It’s a complete non-starter now. The suicidal altruism that destroyed the United States as a political entity came from Judeo-Christian propaganda. It’s a trap man. Open your eyes. It’s a trap.

      • Good grief, there are a lot of us Nietzsche readers (or at least in spirit) here 🤨 ! As a perhaps occasionally helpful academic, I must make my typical observations. No doubt the Jews are (to use’s Herr Friedrich’s words) “the most remarkable people in the history of the world” for their clever religion. The New Testament itself provides rather strong testimony that they founded Christianity. 😀 But the overall observation: Tribe A trying to gain the advantage over Tribe B is a problem far older than the Old Testament, in fact, going back way into pre-history and even pre-human times.

  17. Are comments moderated now? Moderation in all things! It’s part of the growing crackdown on free speech.

      • Oh that would explain it. Sorry I downvoted by accident. Say, which book of Oakshott would you recommend as best for one of us?

      • It’s very odd. I’m caching any longer posts I write here lest they not post. There seems to be no rhyme nor reason, sort of like a censor forbidding “The Bell Curve” one moment, but letting “The Turner Diares” pass the next 😀

  18. Ok, I really like this topic books are my thing, and I like the books z advocates, in fact I ordered some, but I don’t like this list for red pilling normies.

    These books are too long and diffuse in subject matter. Jewish century is harder than culture of critique, moreover. The only title I strongly approved of was Alien Nation and perhaps the Jared Taylor book, any of them really, but that would not be my first choice.

    I would start young people or normies with more popular books that stress the immediacy of the problem right here and now. You are dealing with people of perhaps inexperienced reading ability and yes, variable innate intelligence. There is a tendency of elitism on this side of the divide we need to work around.

    I would start with the Patrick Buchanan books, probably Suicide of a Superpower to start. I would have them read Ron Paul’s books for a primer on foreign policy and esp sound money or what is going on economically in the country. On race, the abridged Philip Rushton book about the evolutionary differences and then Race and the American Prospect edited by Sam Francis, which also will acquaint them with that noble thinker. The JQ I might eschew altogether, but if I went there, the introduction to Culture of Critique on the 1965 immigration restriction act and the essays in Cultural Insurrections, particularly the one on neoconservatiivism. Alien nation perhaps too.

    How’s that?

    • I personally don’t know a good brief book on the JQ, probably why it took me long to accept some of it’s ideas. A lot of the books might be seen as too parochial for some (merchants of sin, Jewish power by JJ Goldberg), build a complex theory that is tangentially related to the topic (Ordeal of civility, Culture of Critique, Jewish Revolutionary Spirit). I personally think “Weight of 3000 years” and “esau’s tears” could be a better introduction.

      I would probably recommend just reading occidental observer website for introduction on the topic.

      I think the white nationalist manifesto is probably the best introduction book. It’s like 150 pages and lays out the case very well for such a short book.

      while I haven’t read it “making sense of race” by Ed Dutton is probably better. Rushton’s book is great and very red pilling but he is mired in personal and scientific controversies (like eschewing data on Amerindians to fit into his r/k selection theory).

  19. As a long-term rightwing libertarian, I love your work, even if you bash us sometime. I appreciate you making the distinction, especially the shout out to Hans whom I once had the honor of driving to the airport!
    Speaking of CoC, I’m a big fan of MacDonald as well. Reading it for me was like a “Road to Damascus” moment. Have you ever done a show explaining you differences from MacDonald”s views? Would love to read it!

    • Same for me, Kmac is a hero, for years (((people))) refused to review CofC they just ignore it and hope it goes away, I liked the Derbs review, he tells us the truth in the opening paragraph

      But yeah, I would agree that Culture of Critique is not for people who are new to our thing, but if you read the Zman and and others on the DR then you need to read Culture of Critique ASAP

    • Zman and others display difficulty swallowing MacDonald’s thesis when they have no trouble swallowing other social science models that are less predictive. That is not unique to Z and those who dance around the JQ without jumping into its deep end.

      For my part, I don’t swallow Kmac’s thesis, but see it as a useful predictive model. Sure, it can’t be proved mathematically, but neither can most of social science. This lack of provability/falsifiability is both true and a fig leaf. It allows folks to claim they don;t buy Kmac’s theory, even if the data and arguments he makes regarding the examples he uses are unassailable.

      I can see folks getting wound up reading CoC if they have not previously explored the JQ. Putting all those threads together and seeing the whole tapestry, displays a grand moral horror show. Someone with a moral center will rightly be shocked and outraged. Some folks handle shock and outrage better than others.

      • It bears repeating. Just because you cannot (dis-) prove something to a legal or scientific standard, doesn’t make the hypothesis true or false. Many, probably most things in everyday life are in fact decided on preponderance of the evidence, both consciously and unconsciously.

    • I’m no newbie to this side of things, but that’s the sort of book you can really only recommend to the sort of person who thinks Ron Unz is too summary in his writing.

  20. A race realism tome is missing, i think? The Bell Curve by Murray. There probably is a better one around for the newbie. I think J Petersen did some very normie friendly race and mean IQ videos- excellent. Still not certain why VD went so ape on the guy. OT but recently greg johnson is sounding very hardcore radical and going hard against the small hats. Maybe i’m wrong as i haven’t followed him closely for long. However, I do have a signed copy of his white manifesto and liked how he backed Enoch during his troubles. Becoming a bit sick of the immature infighting on our side.

    • The Bell Curve is one that I forgot. Probably should have included it. Maybe I’ll do a version two of this one day.

      • My top five This-Side-of-the -Great-Divide books:

        The Possessed (or Devils) – Dostoevsky. He was the master at delving into the human psyche and what drove/drives evil into men’s hearts and minds. Very timely book to understand today’s left.

        Redneck Manifesto – Jim Goad
        Probably the first modern true dissident book I ever read. A
        Modern day classic.

        Alien Nation – Brimlow Already mentioned here. Probably my second modern dissident book I read

        Turner Diaries – MacDonald. read it on my honeymoon! Don’t ask.

        My Awakening – David Duke. I know, I know. It was still a fascinating read and from his dissident college days at LSU to almost becoming the most unlikely governor the US has ever seen.

        Honorable mention (not a book) – The Unabomber Manifesto. Boy did he nail it on how technology will be the ruin of W Civ.

        • I personally think that Ted K has one of the weakest arguments against technology most would agree with his premise that technology is viral but his case that technology is harmful is extremely weak. sure a lot of modern technology and applications lead to dehumanizing consequences but his alternative is an prim which means drought, real common disease threat of winter storm, or surprise night attacks by a neighboring tribe become the norm. His cope is that you can just be “stoic” with the anprim latter. Why can’t you be with the industrial former?

          His argument that industrial society giving you alternative ways of living is bad is very weak. Remind of Marcuse “repressive tolerance” crap.

          also his prediction for the future is unrealistic, it’s black and white. It’s either eradication of humans or brave new world. Couldn’t it be something else?

        • I second the manifesto. Tech will be the downfall of global civilization. Social Media for example has been nothing but destructive to children and adults. There is no upside to it. Big Tech has created a Orwellian state that would give Stalin a orgasm where privacy is all but destroyed.

          Our sperm and testosterone counts are dropping like a rock and some countries like Denmark are slated to go sterile by 2045. Why? Because of all the industrial crap we dump in the water, processed food with all sorts of chemical modifiers, etc.

          Right now we are told that experimental gene therapy is a vaccine, even though it has never been used on humans before and there are no long term studies. There are some very, very scary possibilities if this RNA modifier goes sideways. Think 12 Monkeys or Omega Man.

    • Two for two so far, I was talking to my neighbor this morning about some of those books. He had a typical response for the age. “ aren’t you worried that the government will see your taking out those books?” This coming from a shit- lib. That’s amazing. He’s afraid of the system he frothing at the mouth to protect. Basics are always good. You can spend your whole life studying electrical grounding and not cover it all.

  21. A friend’s grandfather passed away last year.
    I had admired his book collection. My friend recently gave them to me. A couple of the titles some here may recognize, None dare call it conspiracy, The myth of the six million,
    The man had been involved with MOM.
    I think the only reason the feds didn’t gin up a reason to murder him may have been that he survived point duhoc. I doubt that would attend to today’s FBI.

  22. Reason Magazine used to try hard to be a place for both right and left libertarianism. About 5 to 6 years ago they shifted hard left and lost the libertarian-right half of their audience. The Koch’s had to jump in and bail the place out financially.

    • A lot of Libertarians were/are in shock at Trump. His existence means their utopian vision is truly dead.

      • Trump’s one magic power was getting people to reveal their true selves. He got the cultural marxists posing as libertarians to do so publicly.

        • Trump’s greatest achievements were inadvertent. The biggest was the revelation about how fraudulent the United States’ political system is. That won’t be put back in the bottle no matter how furiously THE CAMP OF THE SAINTS option is deployed. That novel is a good gateway drug, too

  23. I always assumed that Bernie’s anti-zionism was based on old resentment for being kicked out of a kibbutz (for being too lazy).

  24. I have a few books on this list.
    As to your agreement on the Jewish century book I have to wonder why it was and is it true we are all Jews in some sense now.

    Maybe so, but if so it is because we were all easy pickins to subscribe to all of it.
    Secular and materialist to a fault, (or sin) and then prime the pump with constant irradiating of our brains with tv, film and government acquiescence.
    Empty vessels to be filled.

  25. I refused to watch the sock puppet show last night, though perhaps in retrospect I should have just for the kabuki theater amusement it might have provided. As many have opined, better to totally disengage from our enemies than give them even the time of day. I’m sure my BP thanked me for my sacrifice, lol.

  26. Related re: “Introductory Media” to //our thing//. Way back in the ancient era called 2010 those of us with highly attuned radar for f-ckery started to see the writing on the wall in a big way about where the next ten years would take us. It is faaaar worse than I could have ever imagined. But at the time I was seeing all the arrows pointing to something very sinister on the horizon.

    I also started to notice the various connections between the people pushing this narrative. What I couldn’t do was line them all up in my mind. I imagined one of those investigation boards where they put connectors between various groups to get to the masterminds of a crime or scheme. The movie I’m referencing below did that connecting for me finally and the light switch of my open rebellion against this diseased place that use to be called the US was fully turned on.

    I consider it ‘required viewing’ and it is incredibly normally friendly. If there is any CivNat, Boomertard, Joe Sixpack, or anyone else you know that you are trying to tip in our direction I can’t advise strongly enough you send it on to them. Well researched, well documented, slick edits & style, and most importantly Curtis Bowers ‘connects the dots’ and I mean ALL the way back to 100 years ago, the Bolsheviks. The people running things today are their successors and in some cases (Adam Schiff, etc) the direct descendants.

    Interestingly, and perhaps unsurprisingly despite a literal mountain of evidence in the docu about the ONE THING linking all these various groups and disruptors the (((ties that bind them))) is not even acknowledged once. I believe Curtis was smart enough to not touch the 3rd rail and let the educated viewer easily deduce what all these destructive agents had in common. (h/t to American Partisan for a recent article reminding me about this movie that started me on my journey into the heart of darkness)

    • I want to give the video that you recommended a chance, but very early on someone says something about “our Judeo-Christian framework.” I’m probably a little more moderate on the JQ than the average person around here but I already have a bad feeling two minutes into the video.

      • I feel ya, but as I said he -very- specifically doesn’t touch the 3rd rail and I get that because it has to be normie palpable. (Again, all this is mentioned above). This is a ‘gateway drug’ not a hardcore dissident right video. The whole thing is dripping in civ-nattery but you can easily read between the lines to see who these godless “commies” actually are.

    • Thanks. One nugget from the move: “Communism succeeds because most Communists are not Communists. They’re just useful idiots.”

  27. Z, thanks. This is a great starting list. I have a few friends and family who are coming to our side, so it’s nice to be able to send them a few books to read to help in the journey.

    • Agreed. Thanks Z, wanted this for awhile. Been collecting the “Essential Knowledge “ books for years.

      Humbly suggest Christopher Caldwell’s “The Age Of Entitlement “. Good insights on how the 1964 Civil Rights act created a parallel set of Constitutional “rights” that has since superseded the actual Bill of Rights.

      (Caution: he’s a bit of a neocon who worked at The Weekly Standard. Also find books written pre 1960 tend to be far more illuminating and educational)

      • I upvoted your suggestion for Caldwell’s book.

        I do have some reservations about him though. For a man of his position, Harvard trained professional journalist/writer, Caldwell’s output productivity could be better. Not as impactful as he could be (same criticism could be leveled against many media conservatives). Also, while he does good analysis on stuff that happened decades in the past he shirks from advice for today and future. Things are moving faster now and with his unique understanding of US politics, I feel he (and others) have duty to enlighten. Might be too comfortable living in DC.

      • +1 on Caldwell’s book. It explains a great deal, in stark terms. Works well to introduce CivNats to reality.

  28. I used to be full civnat. I credit Socrates, Plato, and Xenophon for my crossing over the divide. Their criticisms of liberal democracy are far too real to ignore. Once you start doubting this “sacred institution,” there’s not many other places for you to go but here.

    • The audio was not quite right for some reason. I tried to clean it up, but probably made it worse. Every time there is a Windows update, my settings get messed up.

      • “Every time there is a Windows update…”

        I think I see your problem.

        Windows is necessary for work, but i have found Linux Mint to be more stable for my home machinery.

        • Yeah, I use Debian as my everyday OS and Gentoo on the hobby PC. I’m very familiar with the CLI and selective updating. It’s infuriating using my Wife’s Win10 machine and the kintergarten-level of handholding it has with settings.

  29. for everything.
    Competitive with Amazon, free shipping with $10.00 order (no, this is not a sales pitch).

    Most of the classic books are effectively unused, which is both great and sad. I’ve picked up English translations of Xenophon, Cicero, Marcus Aurelius, Livy, Virgil, Seneca, St. Augustine, Boethius, Hoffer.

    Many of the copies I have were purged from government libraries. I was taught that destroying books was bad, but as they say, “two legs better”.

  30. My original post may have been lost but anyone ever read up on the Guelphs and Ghibbilines? Often overlooked spat in Italy but dovetails with our own situation in many ways.

  31. The the hyperlinks in the first four “links” in your table of contents seem to me missing, and the last two hyperlinks are identical. FYI…

    • Fixed. I was distracted this morning with something while writing the post. I usually take care of this the night before so I don’t have to rush.

      • You need an intern or conscientious assistant. Frankly, I’m amazed you keep up with all your projects. You often tell us it’s going to be a long haul. Don’t burn yourself out.

  32. A New Tomorrow (cont)
    The arithmetic of disease.

    There are about 30 trillion cells in the human body plus many more symbiotic & protective bacteria cells living on us and in us. When a pathogen enters or a cancer evolves within us, these disease-inducing elements are typically very few in number compared to the host body. As such, most disease does not kill us because our immune system and bacteria defenders respond quickly to neutralize or eliminate the malevolent infection. The key point is that the root of the problem is relatively few in number compared to the host’s antibodies & its bacteria allies. Never forget that.

  33. The thing I like is the rational discussion. There’s differing opinions, and you can talk about them and hash them out. Dissidents will explain their thought process if you question it and will consider objections and disagreement. It used to be we could do that with Democrats and liberals, before their politics devolved into “F*** you, you racist/sexist/bigot/hater…”. I am old enough to remember when liberals debated on ways to protect their people, invest in them and how to secure a future for them.

    The hell of it is the dissidents don’t either. I think the term you use, Z, was “negative identity”. Dissidents are in danger of defining themselves by their opposition to, and their contempt for Lefty.

    I would like to see the Dissidents put more effort into delving into how to actually run a country, or a govt. How do they propose to maintain their identity from those that would hijack it and subvert it? I am seeing normie-cons flooding onto Gab and they give me head aches. One thing is for sure: things can’t keep going like this. Our leaders are morons and weaklings and eventually somebody is going to notice the power vacuum and make a play for it. I would like to see the dissidents be one of the contenders.

    • The first thing would be to cancel women. Women are the problem,,, they are too emotional, too nurturing and too afraid of hierarchy’s…

      There can be no place in a new government for any thing but indirect input from gash.

      • We don’t need to cancel women. Women are great… In the proper roles. Like child-bearing, cooking, and organizing dinners / fundraisers at church. Certainly NOT – Prime Minister, or at the ballot box.

        Blame the beta males who thought the sexual revolution would increase their odds at getting laid. Before that – Mormons for letting their women vote.

        • Hard truth: Most of what ails this country is the fault of White men. Women didn’t vote for practically anything in congress before 1980. They didn’t give us mass immigration, finance capitalism, endless war, the Patriot Act, or even various forms of political correctness in Western countries like hate speech laws. We men did that.

          Most White women are merely doing the best they can in a world wrecked by other people. No White woman with a family or who wants to get married is going to risk offending woke White men who have a disproportionate amount of power and influence in this society. Women are socially aware; they aren’t stupid.

          Men gave us these nutty philosophies — Modernism, vulture capitalism, the melting pot. Men authored amnesty legislation. Men started political correctness in the entertainment industry and government with diversity quotas. Most of the people who tore down those statues this past summer were men — disproportionately White men. It’s time to own up to that fact rather than blaming a convenient target.

          Think about it like this: a majority of White women voted for Donald Trump — twice. That’s incredible considering how poorly he campaigned and governed. There is potential with that demographic, so why are we insulting it? There are many problematic White women, but there would be fewer of them if there were more quality White men for them to emulate. That’s the truth rather or not you want to accept it.

          The fact that disaffected White women copied what they saw isn’t surprising. Many should be blamed individually, but not as a group. Man up and maybe they’ll woman up. Women didn’t always act this way. They were notably more patriotic, including shaming draft dodgers, in the early 20th century. What changed? Men changed and women followed.

          • Agreed.

            Becky grew up with her dad and brothers idolizing NegroBall players on tv. Getting fat and drinking beer on Sundays instead of going to church.

            Now that Becky is 35, godless, childless, and sleeping with black men, is it really a surprise?

          • No civilization had women with a franchise or working apart from a family . Yes, men gave it to the little cupcakes, but men have the power to take it away.

          • Spot on. It was White men who opened up the jobs market to women in order to crush wages for male workers and end the single income household.

            it was the wealthy whites who turned football and basketball into ghetto ball and sold Americans on worshiping a bunch of stone age savages.

            It’s Wall Street selling women on giving the best years of their lives to a corporate entity while they get used up and being alone.

            It’s Madison Avenue selling young girls on bullshit lies about having it all, etc.

            Men bitch about the demise of middle-class and the nuclear family but who caused it? Whites on Wall Street did because they could profit from it..

    • If dissidents were serious about developing a positive of governance, they would become either Catholic or Eastern Orthodox. Most dissidents, at this point, are simply protestants who don’t want to protest too much. The main divide between between liberal and conservative, in modern American political discourse, is not over principles, but whether principles have limits or be carried too far.

      To draw it out a little more, the fundamental social question for every society is whether human society is egalitarian or hierarchical. Traditional beliefs say humans are hierarchical; modern beliefs say it’s egalitarian. The problem with modern dissidents is that want a hierarchical society that is harmonious with egalitarian religious practices. If you want a body politic that recognizes the real differences between the sexes, classes and races of people, you have to start with a religion that is hierarchical.

      • That egalitarianism grew out of a justified mistrust of authority because of corruption. I don’t think that was bad, but since then that mistrust has curdled into envy.

        Not sure how mistrust becomes envy, but envy is certainly at the root of class warfare, feminism, racial justice, etc.

        Also not sure what I’m getting at, but that’s what comes to mind 🙂

        • The solution to corruption is to remove the corrupt, just like the solution to weeds is to poison/remove the weeds. Corruption is a problem of human morality, not social organization. That’s why no one has ever successfully designed a system of social organization that inhibited corruption.

          • Agree. This is why the Renaissance popes should be understood differently. Alexander VI, I think: bottomlessly corrupt, gave us the Angelis. Wouldn’t ever dream of corrupting the faith, he just wanted to make sure his mistresses and bastards made lots of money, and maybe kill the odd enemy or two.

            I’d rather that than a traitor. It’s why I keep saying that I hope the next Pope just wants to look after his mistresses and bastards.

        • The individual as hero vs. supposedly “weak” civilization is a frequent Nietzsche theme. His main point, which I think has a lot of validity is that civilization tends to weaken, to over domesticate man, turning him into sheep. In fact, he says civilization was started because the Sheep wanted to protect themselves from the wolf, so to speak.

          Speaking for myself, I think civilization has a lot of positive qualities and we shouldn’t just discard it. I have yet to see where Nietzsche makes any distinction between his prehistoric hero and any garden variety thug of today

    • I noticed a long time ago that much of normie-con right wing culture is just organized griping and ranting against the system with no real thought given to how we would do things differently. I think Rush Limbaugh pioneered this style and his many imitators kept it going and still do today. I listen to one of these guys whenever I’m driving.

      There’s nothing wrong with griping and ranting. Given the dominance of the Left by the early 90s it was perhaps inevitable that popular push-back would start that way. The problem is that when you would ask these people how they would do things differently they would mumble some vague stuff about needing to get back to muh Constitution or muh Bible or both. That was it really. It’s as though normie-cons think that the way to a sane, orderly, free and prosperous society is just one of the cardinal directions. How do you get from Baltimore to Philadelphia? Well it’s mostly east with a bit of north in it. How do you get from The People’s Democratic Clown Republic to a place you might actually want to live in? Well, you just take muh Constitution highway and turn onto muh Bible Parkway. Actually, there have always been three parts to the directions. I’m leaving out the leg of the journey that you make while LARPing the role of John Galt flying your own personal spaceship that you invented and built yourself without help from anyone.

      That’s been it really. That’s our “theory of governance”. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with the Constitution or religious precepts but the Constitution itself came from a group of hyper-literate men trained in the Classics and capable in multiple languages. They prided themselves on being familiar with the cutting edge of the ¡Science! of their day. We have all that and new ideas from evolutionary psychology, genetics, and cognitive science. We have a lot of very smart guys here too. We *could* develop our own equivalents of the Federalist Papers and the ideas that led to the American Revolution and underlay the Constitution and Bill of Rights. I think Z is trying to move in this direction with things like today’s show and his various blog appendices. We need a LOT more of this.

      • This is the main reason I listen to nothing but podcasts now. For the last decade the main theme of talk radio has been based on pointing out the lefts blatant hypocrisy. Almost every show has at least fifteen minutes dedicated to “Can you imagine if a conservative had done/said this!?”
        This is why I haven’t been able to listen to Hannity for the last three years and especially since the Muller report came out. For those of you who want to hear the word “breathtaking” at least twice in any given sentence for three hours, this is your program.
        I gravitated towards the podcasts here and from others of like mind because they’re focused on what are we as a community going to do next.

        • The finger-pointing at leftist hypocrisy, while entertaining to some extent, is the undoing of normie-con politics because it doesn’t grapple with the root problem itself. Hypocrisy is intrinsic to humanity: no one lives in perfect accordance with their professed principles. The question that must be answered, then, is: how should we respond to hypocrisy?

          The main choices are dismissal, punishment, or forgiveness. Normies chose dismissal, and our now discovering that their opponents in the political realm have also chosen to dismiss them for their hypocrisy too.

          • The whole “look at this hypocritical Lefty” gambit can be useful as a bridge for normies but that’s all. What’s important about a bridge is not the bridge after all, but what’s on the far shore. This is why armies deploy pontoon bridges. Any given spot on the river may become untenable so instead of holding it you move the bridge. As you say there is dismissal, punishment, and forgiveness. Currently the pontoon bridge is connected to the dismissal landing. We need to get normie to where he’s calling for it to be moved to punishment.

      • Agreed. There is value in listening to conservative talk radio because it reveals how terribly confused Normie Cons are now and how they can be reached.

        Z’s podcast here is quite good. I don’t think conversion is desirable but solid propaganda, in the positive sense, is necessary. Events are driving people to the DR. Explanation of what is happening is beneficial to those already here and those who should be here.

    • “I would like to see the Dissidents put more effort into delving into how to actually run a country, or a govt. How do they propose to maintain their identity from those that would hijack it and subvert it?”

      You do it the same way you fight a war: from a position of strength. Before you can organize, you need a place where you can organize. Other groups with higher ethnocentrism had their exclusive religious and racial identities; they could build exclusive colleges, neighborhoods, television networks, magazines, etc. That’s much harder for Whites to do. It will take a long time to get there due to the immense level of propaganda floating around, and then there is the issue of government opposition which other groups don’t face.

      Alternatively, just get your own country and enforce its borders. You don’t have to worry about maintaining your identity if 1) it’s enforced by a government representative of a large majority 2) immigration of dissimilar groups is prohibited by law 3) subversive minorities are dealt with the same way China is dealing with them — reducing their population share and breaking up their solidarity 4) Leftist speech is specifically laid out and prohibited in a constitution, along with penalties for making it (i.e. support for immigration is a felony hate speech violation).

      There can’t be racism against your kind if you occupy a nation of mostly your own people. Nations are safespaces.

      The Right imagines it will fight some kind of rebel campaign to save America. That won’t happen. In fact, this mentality damages our ability to fight back. When guerilla campaigns have worked in the past, they usually have done so when a foreign occupier is on land rebel forces want to take and govern for themselves, after expelling the enemy — land where the guerillas are the ethnic, racial, cultural, and religious majority.

      We don’t have that. We’re too scattered and the opposing demographics are all around. It’s not possible to save everything or return it to the way it once was. Refusal to acknowledge that and move on to new options is why we lose.

      We can’t organize because every lever of power is organized against us. The moment we try anything, the state will crack down and we’ll lose (see the Proud Boys). We can’t attract talent because there is practically no chance we’ll win with the current strategy: the prospect of victory and spoils attracts adherents while practically nobody is willing to go down with a sinking ship.

      So, give the people a new option — a realistic and achievable goal — and suddenly you’ll find new adherents. That goal: a separate homeland for our kind, one where we are free of this clown world. Organizing will become much easier with a larger population and superior talent pool. The Jews got Israel, so we can do the same. Where’s our Zion?

    • “I would like to see the Dissidents put more effort into delving into how to actually run a country, or a govt.”

      Absolutely. An aggregate resource site of the practical mechanics of networking, of fraternal benefit societies. (A personal goal of mine as well.)

      Also, rather than a reading list- none of us can ever read all the books- a wiki of one page book summaries bulleting the main points, chapter headings, pithy quotes, etc., contributed by readers.
      The Cliff Notes of political thought.

  34. Seems the imagery with all things Biden is that of a funeral and crypt

    Black mask and black suit. Half dead. Intentional symbolism that America is being laid to rest? Perhaps white america?

    And next they will have Spicy Harris come out and liven the party up with youth and vigor and color. Laughter. The embodiment of America’s soul and future IOW

    Meanwhile just spent a week in New Orleans. I don’t see how you southerners and East coasters do it tbh. So many joggers out here. Been so long since I’ve been back here and had forgotten. YIKES.

    Carry on

    • That speech was sad and ridiculous. It’s elder abuse, frankly. That sad old man should be playing with his grandkids, not made to play president.

      • I can think of a whole lot of things that that “sad old man” should be doing, or made to do, but playing with kids most definitely isn’t one of them.

    • ”Intentional symbolism that America is being laid to rest?”

      Intentional or not, that’s definitely the gist of it. Hope and Change 2.0

    • I’m always shocked at the number of Blax in the USA. The Punjabis / chinamen canada lets in are probably more dangerous to our actual civilization but blacks are an extreme nuisance in day to day life.

      Anyways yeah Biden is always dripping with secret messaging, but could also be my conspiratorial outlook. I remember when he had that speech in a parking lot surrounded by Jeeps. Now that’s creepy.

      White America is almost dead, and they’re going to pull a Bolshevik revolution on us using the people of colour they have imported + blacks

    • I watched the first 15 seconds after he shuffled up to the podium in his face diaper wherein he slurred 3 words. Fast forwarded to the end wherein he slurred his good night so exhausted from the effort of reading tripe for 24 minutes he forgot to put the diaper back on as he shuffled back down the red carpet. I now have second hand embarrassment for our entire country.

      • Large sections of that place are lilly White. The state of Alabama, for example, is Whiter than the national average with blacks concentrated in a few locations & limited to a total population only slightly larger than Chicago’s black population and smaller than NYC’s. Post break up, if only a few percentage of total Trump voters moved to some of these states, then they’d be Whiter than the UK is now or America ever was.

        That’s exactly the model Israel used. You don’t think Jews just appeared there overnight, do you? They got their own country, then emigrated more. Over time, the country became super-majority Jewish. I don’t see why we can’t follow that example. It clearly worked for them.

        Also, the voting demographics there are much better than in the Pacific Northwest, which is solid blue and far Leftist. So, secession is a legitimate proposition through the ballot box & state legislatures. Maybe 75% of Whites vote republican in states like Georgia. That’s massively more than anywhere else. It wouldn’t even be necessary to seceed a whole state, just part of a couple. Combined, their land masses would be greater than many European countries.

        Alternatively, there’s Greater Idaho. I wish it success, but I worry about California immigration ruining their chances. Also, many of those Mid-Western types are civnats who, unlike the South, don’t have any history with secession.

        • This has been my conclusion and why, come October, I’ll be heading back to Dixie (former Florida Man here though I was born in Z’s hometown). I like some aspects of Montana and Idaho and a few other Western states but I think the old Confederacy might become the nucleus of a new white state. The proximity to Texas is useful too as the Texans may yet get their secession on and kick out a lot of the Mexicans, adopting strict border controls as well. I’m leery of ultra-low population states too since they can be Californicated easily and this may be the fate of Idaho and Montana unless they take deliberate steps to stem the tide of Cali, OR, and WA state lefties fleeing the consequences of their own stupidity here (Oregon).

      • There will be many White homelands. Islands surrounded in a sea of darkness- for a time.

        Only for a time, as we have arisen, time and time again, 0through eons. We have spread across the world several times, then subsided, brought low, though none acknowledge this.

    • Dammit! I missed the Mardi Gras again, didn’t I? Voodoo Central, it is.

      As to the Zman’s reply, they’ve found the missing element: redemption and salvation.

      The Cov isn’t just their WWll, it’s their Crucifixion. Papa Biden stretcheth forth his hand to the weak and woeful sinners, offering Redemption and Salvation in the bosom of the church. Their suffering and sacrifice has earned his mercy, their faith and fidelity shall open heaven.

      • Mardi Gras was cancelled

        I left yesterday but tonight (Friday) they are supposed to increase the max bar and restaurant capacity from 25% to 50% which everyone is expecting will be a big deal and get the place back to feeling festive.

  35. Z, I’ve heard you talk about the French Revolution and compare/ contrast that period to what’s going on today. Can you recommend a book or books on the topic?

    I apologize if you mentioned this in the podcast and I’m asking a stupid question.

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  37. Last night with mumbly Joe Dementia was about invoking the 25th. They could have had a completely edited speech, even a software edit and looked fine. This is about replacing him with Harris.

    BTW the Deep State is running America, we’ll get the same results.


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