Cosmopolitan Empires

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During the Cold War, few thought of the Soviet Union as an empire. At least the claim was not part of propaganda campaign against them. The communists, of course, liked to hurl around the term “western imperialists”, but no one thought of the West or America as an empire. That was just part of the rhetoric used in the ideological war fought between the two sides in the third world. Empires fight to conquer land. East and West in the Cold War fought to win hearts and minds.

Looking back, it is easier to see that the Soviet Union was an empire, because it is so obvious that America is an empire. We are also seeing more parallels between the two sides as the American empire enters its end phase. Like the Soviets at the end, the American empire is run by a collection of ossified geezers, clinging to a past for no other reason than they have no future. What happened to the Soviet Union thirty years ago is now happening to the American empire.

An important similarity is both sides were cosmopolitan in their structure, organizing their people around a set of ideas. Traditional empires were organized around the conquering people, who imposed their will on those they conquered. Both the Russian and the American empires sought to assimilate the people brought into their orbit through ideology, rather than force. The captive people of both empires participated in the maintenance and defense of the empire, often as equals.

An interesting point of comparison is that in the formation of both empires, Jews played an outsized role. Jews were a major part of the Bolshevik revolution. They were integral to the party and the formation of the Soviet state. It was only after the creation of the state of Israel in 1948 that Jews lost power. Stalin grew worried that the Jews would be more loyal to their ancestral homeland than the party. It was from the purge of Jewish intellectuals that we get the term “rootless cosmopolitan.”

Of course, Jews were right there at the creation of the American empire. By the time FDR and the New Dealers took office, Jews were entering the ruling class. After the war against the fascist, Jews were firmly established in the elite. As Yuri Slezkine points out in his book, The Jewish Century, Jews not only took up positions at the top of American institutions, they also transformed the country into a Jewish country. As with the Soviet Union, Jews played a key role in creating the American empire.

This is not surprising, given that European Jews are the product of empire. The Jews that helped form the Soviet Union were formed in the Russian empire. The Jews that helped create the American empire were formed in the Habsburg empire. Later, Jewish refugees from the Russian and Soviet empire led the fight against communism during the Cold War. Most of the neoconservatives traced their roots to the pale pf settlement and still harbor ill-will toward the lands of the ancestors.

The cosmopolitan nature of these two empires is probably the reason both will have short shelf lives. The Soviet Union barely outlived its creators. The empire phase started after the war and lasted about forty years. The American version has proven more durable, but the signs of collapse are everywhere. Washington has become a fortress city, because the ruling class now lives in terror. They are sure an insurrection will happen at any moment and they are probably right.

The problem with cosmopolitan empires is they erode the justification for empire in the effort to integrate the empire. If all peoples are the same, if nations do not really matter, then why is one people at the top of the system? The logic of cosmopolitan empire turns against the creators of it. In modern America, the Judeo-Puritan ruling class can no longer explain why they should be in charge. Like their Soviet analogs, the only reason is they like the perks that comes from being at the top.

The demise of the Soviets may provide clues as to how the American empire eventually comes to an end. The Soviets quickly disaggregated into the constituent parts once it was clear the ossified ruling elite was no longer willing to defend itself. The end of the Soviet Union was like a great awakening or maybe a slave revolt. It as if all of a sudden everyone realized that the people in charge had no power. It was not a long bloody fight to uproot the old system. Like bankruptcy, it just happened.

For the Soviets, the triggering event was Afghanistan. The failure of Soviet leadership there was the final nail in the coffin. For the American empire, it could be the incompetent handling of the Covid pandemic. What should have been a routine public health emergency has been turned into the Vietnam of pandemics. They cannot explain how we got into this and they cannot come up with an exist plan. The many lies are starting to become a problem for the regime.

One difference worth noting is that unlike Russia, America is not a stable nation with a clear identity as a people. Like the Soviet Union, America’s possessions can easily break away and stand on their own. Europe and Asia should have been set free a long time ago as they are rich now. The American homeland, however, is a demographic mess and may not survive the dissolution of empire. At least is may not be as peaceful a transition from a cosmopolitan system to a normal system.

In the end, cosmopolitan empire will prove to be the worst form of empire. Impersonal and transactional, it destroys the creator quickly, by robbing him of his reason to exist at the top of the empire. The empires of old never lost sight of who was in charge and why they were in charge. The great experiment in transnational cosmopolitanism, communism, and liberal democracy, is proving to be not much of a match for the realities of human biology. It is headed to the dustbin of history.

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199 thoughts on “Cosmopolitan Empires

  1. So what comes after ‘liberal democracy’ goes into the dustbin of history??

    Many on the right want to reach even further back in the dustbin and resurrect the monarchy and the feudal system.

    That’s going to be a tough sell..

  2. Actually comparing Soviet Union and the United states is a thankless and futile task. Reason: completely different nature of what they are comprised of. Soviet Union was a collection of different nations with pretty much majority of these nationalities living within borders of their own respective republics. Also, the person who is solely responsible for the self-dissolution is Gorby (Michail Gorbachov), a vane and shallow fool who wanted to please the collective West and win praises from them. He threw around some bold ideas and slogans for the internal consumption while destroying Soviet souverenity and positions for the Frogs, uncle Sam, and the Krouts. A well-known story is that the Western elites were prepared to offer some decent amount of a payout for the USSR to let both Germanies to reunite, and for the trooops to leave. Gorby did it for free, unconditionally. They were astounded and shocked. Many of them still are, to this day. And he was no geezer, he was 55 in 1986. Long story short, then there was Eltsin, the drunk who was even more vain and stupid. The rest is history. If not for these two, USSR would still be around.

    • So, to understand how the USSR has fallen apart one needs to see that, once the top lost its marbles, the bottom immediately started following the sleeping nationalistic trends and dreams of the type: “let’s create our own independent and prosperous little country” suddenly became a reality. Baltic republics (Litva, Latvia, Estonia) led the trend, Caucasus followed. Then all the *stans. So the repeat of what happened to Yugoslavia was in motion. Soviet Union was no more because Eltsin, in his desire to be the first president of Russia, happily deposed of Gorby, the first and the only president of USSR. In the process, he got rid of the Soviet Union. There was a referendum on the matter with 90% of soviet people supporting the union, but Eltsin ignored that and went full speed ahead. The main idea uniting soviet people was not socialism, not after the 60s. It was peaceful coexistence of many different cultures together as one people. So, Z-Man, the comparisions that you draw and not exactly the most fitting to your narrative, with all my respect.

      • And one last thing. All the former soviet republics that split, all 14 of them are nothing but failure. They couldn’t survive economically, some of them are kind of OK (Kazahstan), others are falling apart.
        In major part because they don’t know who they are, why they are and what to do next. They put their hopes on joining other unions. Baltics went to EU and EU has completely decimated their economies and their population. It’s a wasteland where every capable youth has emigrated. Ukrainians believed in the idea that they are not Russians (which they essentially are with the exception of the western Ukraine). The outcome – 100% US state dept puppet and anti-Russia project. Most *stans are either totalitarian (Tadjikistan) / tribalistic primitives (Kyrgystan). The population longs for the days where USSR once was their country and they coundn’t do a damn thing about turning the clock back. There is no going back.

  3. Concept of a cosmopolitan empire is astute but I can’t join in on the optimism that it is bound to fail. The Covid hoax shows that no matter how retarded and harmful the narrative most white people will go along with insane mandates. There is no need for the ruling class to justify what they did to the masses with covid. All institutions are in on the scam.

    As Bobby Zimmerman sang “when you ain’t got nothing, you got nothing to lose.” the majority of people still have a lot to lose so can be controlled. Our replacements will probably always feel that our homelands beat their shitholes so they are guaranteed to feel something to lose.

    Never underestimate your enemy. Our enemy is brilliant and hugely successful even if they are evil and their mandates are insane

    • that wasn’t Zimmy, that was Janis singing a song written by Kris Kristofferson.
      No wait, you’re right, that was Zimmy.
      Janis was “freedom’s just another word for nothing left to lose”.
      oh yeah.
      tell me.

  4. I also wanted to thank the Zman for bringing up The Jewish Century today and in his podcast. A site that I’ve used for ideas,, also uses the concepts of Mercurial and Apollonian peoples in contention.

    Its author does some rather deep dives on ancient language and literature- focusing on Biblical liturature- as culture war propaganda.

    The hired local mercenaries looked upon the mighty works of the unstoppable northern invaders, and wondered. A radical strain learned to read and thought, “we can become them.”

    I think the Zman doesn’t agree with Culture of Critique because he is at heart a bit of an individualist, seeing only schooling or flocking behavior. I see all group societies as organic computers, solving for a problem. It’s all evolutionary strategy to me- bodies, minds, spirit; demographics, living worlds, the Heaven and cosmic Creation, the Meaning of Life itself- this all moves for a reason.

    These warm dewdrops in a vast darkness birth a physical layer, which generates a secondary, immaterial layer, which in turn attempts to pierce the greenhouse barrier to form a tertiary transmission layer- the radiant spermatazoa to fertilize the unfulfilled eggs of young worlds.

    The problem being solved for is the Infection- an immaterial contagion that feeds on the neuroelectric flare of pain. Most demographic combinations are susceptible to it, trapping our memories in the purgatorio of the second layer and the first, the instinctual memory of flesh.

    Unfortunately, the physical is primary, the secondary signal multiplex waxes and wanes. Repeater stations, that’s our real problem. Repeater stations, susceptible to madness- a very great deal of our rapid overpopulation is going to have to be die, which is mindless Nature’s usual solution.

    I’m sorry. Alternative attempts- insane and radical to you- will be attempted. Perhaps they will buy some breathing room. If the Zman finds the thought of group strategy unuseful, he would most certainly scoff at the thought of demons as evolutionary strategy.

      • Yes, also called a “Chandala.” (Sanskrit) Yet another datum picked up from Nietzsche, who talks of Buddhism in one chapter.

        Re the TN bust. I’m sorry the officer was injured. Jeez, it’s hard to believe how stupid these suspects are. Many, perhaps most of the crimes the suspect are resisting probably would not even be serious jail time. About 1000 a year die that way, more or less. About 40% of those are, um, “protected species” but regardless of complexion, the use of police deadly force is almost always justified; the behavior is usually so egregious that even the most Woke activist would be hard-pressed to start a protest or a riot.

  5. There is a financial collapse coming. This is certain. There is a small but vocal minority sounding the alarm (Just listen to one podcast by Peter Schiff). It’s ironic that Z compared it to bankruptcy, because this is what will almost certainly be the final dissolution cause: total financial ruin with hyperinflation. Furthermore, I do think some of the demographic problems will sort themselves out when this happens. A large portion of the recent immigrants that came here for the gravy train and “economic opportunity” will promptly go home once that stops.

    • Yes people forget that one of the big drivers for Soviet doom was their currency going from being passable as legal tender in their empire to worthless in what seemed like an afternoon (though in actuality it took years). One day the local garrison is there scaring the local population into submission and the next day they’re selling anything that isn’t glued down out the back door.

  6. Dang. Edit. “Vietnam-Indonesia”- the CIA’s color revolution in Indonesia at the time was to secure banking to launder the opium funds.. That’s the oppo Obama’s grandma and parents were part of, after which his mother moved to Pakistan, the original Raj of Sasoon’s opium empire, and Afghan cultivation began- leading to 1979 and 2003.

    I’d say one can avoid ethno-biological speculation by looking at the political mafia economics.

  7. “It was only after the creation of the state of Israel in 1948 that Jews lost power. Stalin grew worried that the Jews would be more loyal to their ancestral homeland than the party.”

    This is the most satisfying explanation of Stalin’s purge I’ve yet heard.

    Dual citizens intent on stealing nuclear secrets.
    It’s near certain they arranged JFK’s asassination over his demand that Dimona be revealed, putting the “Israel First” LBJ in place. Expect Middle Easterners to pursue AQ Khan style networking.

    Heck, this criminal syndicate burned down South Africa rather than pay for the uranium. Vietnam? Of course it was over control of the original HSBC Golden Triangle opium fields.

    Some races have a higher penchant for crime. Literate ones might be rather good at it. Governing, not so much.

  8. The ossified, along with the younger, American ruling class are at war with Americans. Particularly the white Americans.

    They will soon employ the military in more overt violence. Expect womyn in tailored flight suits dropping bombs on white communities within 6 years. The Jews had no problem bombing Dresden and they’ll have no problem bombing a suburb of any major American city.

    • The prospect of the democrat party weaponizing the military and using it to attack their rivals is far more realistic than you might think. Consider what we’ve seen in just the past six months:

      1) Former Bush official and nuDemocrat Nicole Wallace used her position as an MSNBC anchor to repeatedly goad Mitch McConnell into publicly endorsing the idea of using military drones to attack republican “domestic extremists” within the United States.

      2) Nancy Pelosi wanted the military to install machine gun nests in Washington, apparently expecting to gun down waves of innocent protestors.

      3) General Mike Milley is said to have discussed a plan with House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (and NOT then Senate Majority leader Mitch McConnell) to “restrain Donald Trump.” This man also claimed Trump peddled “election conspiracies” … but then Time Magazine came out and admitted the government, media & corporations basically rigged it.*

      *If North Korea ran an election with the following characteristics, would you call it legitimate? –>

      The media, deeply connected to one political party, offer near unanimous praise for one candidate and scorn for another; media censor negative coverage of one candidate and relentlessly hype negative press for another; the government & media coordinate the felonious release of information for one candidate while censoring a similar story for another; a plot is then revealed whereby media, government, and corporations changed election laws to prohibit third parties in key areas; … voting mysteriously stops in the middle of the night when one candidate is winning only for it to then start again and have the other guy suddenly win by a small margin.

      4) Biden’s PLA is now launching coordinated attacks on civilian journalists — in cooperation with propaganda channels like TYT — who question them. They wish to elevate their military above criticism — a pattern we’ve seen among the far-left recently with numerous far-left personalities claiming “sexism” or “racism” against critics.

      5) The Pentagon brass have been leaking negative stories to MSNBC and other far-left propaganda outlets for years, including the story about how they’d drag Trump out of the White House after the election.

      6) The military is brainwashing officer candidates at West Point with wokeness:

      7) The democrat party wanted to purge republican voters from the DC national guard using primary voting records.

      8) The democrat defense secretary has ordered a stand-down of the military so they can purge their enemies.

      9) “Ex” CIA and others have launched a coordinated media campaign to scare the public into passing an enabling act under the guise of “domestic extremism.” DC now looks like the Green Zone in Iraq; in fact, there are more troops there than in Baghdad. The regime also keeps lying about why those troops are there, and they keep moving the date when they’ll be removed.

      Other: The democrat AG promises to hunt down the party’s enemies. They’re already charging people with crimes for making fun of them on Twitter. Stacy Abrams says republicans are “domestic enemies”. The democrat party is trying to sneak in legislation practically banning third parties.

      This thing is going full Red Army. It wouldn’t surprise me at all if Nicole Wallace got her way one day.

  9. Ein Kampf, Zwei Kampf
    Red Kampf, Mein Kampf

    by Fuhrer Shuuush!

    a childrens’ book,
    banned everywhere.

  10. “Rootless cosmopolitan” is an old term, Hitler used it in some of his speeches, for example.

    A book with a similar theme to this article is “Civil War 2” by Thomas Chittum. It was written in the early/mid 90’s and it was scarily prescient. I highly recommend it to anyone who liked this article.

    • Chittum has a checklist of things that will happen leading up to the split. Lots of checks from the time wrote the book. I believe he predicted around 2025 is when the USA would break apart.

  11. If America was not a refuge for millions of Jewish immigrants since the 1900s it would be much weaker economically (closer to France, Germany, or the UK) and militarily, but culturally not as degenerate. The -post ww2 trend of America pulling ahead of the rest of the world is in large part due to having so many Jewish immigrants. The Zionist-Protestant allegiance in US government helped form the post-ww2 military industrial complex that still exerts its influence globally.

    • We would not be better off financially, as the Fed Reserve likely wouldn’t exist. Jews have not contributed anything beneficial to the economy.

      • If certain Jews had not emigrated to America before, during and after WW II there is a fair chance that most of Europe would today be speaking German and/or Russian. I’m not quite sure how that would have turned out for USA.

    • Ok, now talk about how bad our culture would be without them, not that I am buying your economic argument.

      Quantitative easing is one great contribution, right?

      • that, but also the creation of companies like google and Facebook, both founded by Jews . Manufacturing only took America so far. Jewish high-IQ industries such as in tech helped push America economically in terms of GDP in the 90s and beyond as Europe stagnated.

        • You have to love the internet and comments sections where anyone can rattle off un-substantive kooky theories of how the US wouldn’t be anywhere without the importation of millions of the chosen in the early 20th century. Aircraft, automobiles, AC power and much, much more were well underway before the mass arrival of the special people.

  12. Z is correct, I believe, in positing that the Covid fiasco could be AINO’s “Afghanistan.” However, I would add two other proximate precipitating factor’s for the collapse of the American Empire. First is the flagrant anarcho-tyranny which positively celebrated and lavishly funded BLM’s violent mayhem, yet crushed ruthlessly an unarmed and ragtag band of whites who dared transgress the holy inner sanctum of the Power Structure in DC. Second is the bald-faced theft of the 2020 presidential election. It’s hard to imagine the Empire surviving the loss of credibility that must accompany those three outrages against decency, common sense and rational Western governance.

    • The incredible weakness they have shown may very well be their undoing.
      While we may see that weakness as not weakness, just part of the monolithic anti-white left, the factions of the left most distant from power very likely see it as weakness to be exploited at every opportunity.

      • Well, just last week they started burning Portland again. I wish them well really. God bless their dark little commie hearts and may He help them finish the job this time.

    • Yes, and all of this is a good thing because it forces the timid into awareness & action. Fence-sitting only works when the cupboard is stocked & the belly is full. The collapse is the cure, and luckily for us, DC is Hell-bent on making it happen as soon as possible. And so, a word to the wise, hand-wringing & whining will not put food in your belly when things go very bad very quickly. Get busy now stocking up for the coming storm.

    • “It’s hard to imagine the Empire surviving the loss of credibility that must accompany those three outrages against decency, common sense and rational Western governance.”

      To the contrary, it’s all too easy to imagine the Empire surviving when you look around you and see 99.5% of your fucking idiotic fellow Americans dutifully wearing their moron masks instead of saying “Fuck that”…

  13. “Like the Soviets at the end, the American empire is run by a collection of ossified geezers, clinging to a past for no other reason than they have no future.”

    I’m adding nothing to the discussion other than to chef’s kiss this line.

    • Is it though?

      I wonder sometimes. Consider: a cunned stunt like Nancy Pelosi. Feinstein. Hillary. Maxine Waters, Elizabeth Waren. Their men aren’t much better – Bill, Joe, Schumer, etc.

      Ordinarily seniors that are that staggeringly stupid get sidelined and put into homes. Somebody is playing these geezers for puppets, maybe?

      That should be the first mission of a meaningful Dissident Right: identifying those people, exposing them and making their lives a living hell – basically what they do to their enemies…

  14. Few of us who grew up during the Cold War could have imagined that we would, one day, be living in a Leftist totalitarian state not entirely unlike the one we called The Evil Empire. Yet here we are. If one were to to sketch a Left-to-Right political continuum for nations, what we persist in calling the USA would occupy a plot point very close to the USSR 100 years ago. The nature of the respective Leftisms is quite different, but their Leftiness is not.

    • The reason why few conservative Americans could anticipate this turn of events is largely due to an ignorance of Karl Marx’s writing. There are, naturally enough, many things wrong in his writings, but his analysis of the logic of industrial capitalism was bang on. The mistake many people make in the capitalism vs socialism debate is not grasping that the fundamental assumption of the debate is that it concerns the organizing principles of industrial production. The failings of both systems, then, stem not from the organizing principles, but from industrialism itself.

      The achilles heel of industrialism is that it borrows to future to provide excess in the present, and requires an endless supply of consumers to perpetuate. The shift, for example, of categorizing mental illness as identity choice is mostly driven by the need to create new markets. Before, market expansion was a function geographical expansion. Now that’s complete, so the new shift is into ideological markets, which means increasing social granularity in order to sell trinkets of ideological affiliation. Eventually, though, we reach the future and the resources we’ve borrowed are due, with interest. Since we borrowed to consume, we will not repay the future, and will be bankrupt.

      • I cannot agree. Man is not homo economicus. Both capitalists and communists erred in believing that he is. The postmodern Left, evil though it is, surpasses reductive capitalism and communism in recognizing that primordial emotional imperatives, often expressed in terms of ideology, impel the overwhelming bulk of humanity. The key for the Right is playing the pomo game better than the AWRs. Alas, as of the present, we refrain from entering the contest because to do so means owning a certain measure of racism.

    • the USA would occupy a plot point very close to the USSR 100 years ago

      I think we’re past that. Even the most devout Marxists in the Soviet Union wouldn’t believe even half the crap coming out of the mouths of our ruling class.

  15. I see them falling, I don’t see what replaces them, I don’t see 1989 at all, meaning peaceful transition.

  16. I think one of the big frictions causing the problems with China is that the Chinese aren’t particularly interested in handing over their empire to Israel and there’s not much American Jews can really do about it. The American/Israeli alliance only works if America is a vast store of wealth and resources for Israel. If we could get rid of that relationship, I feel like we would probably be happy friends with China, since all they really seem to want to do is sell us some cheap junk. They think we are all morons anyway. The same way we think black people are all morons. Unlike Israel, China doesn’t seem to have all that big of an interest in promoting every goofy social cause imaginable. I would prefer to be under the thumb of the Chinese empire than the Israeli empire personally.

    • We can’t be “friends” with China, irrespective of Israel or the JQ. That’s because China is not like us. Their culture wrt trade is 180 degrees from us. They don’t simply want to sell us cheap junk. That’s simply the lure to get us to invest over there.

      I can accept they profit over us with cheap labor and lax environmental law, but so does half the world at least. What they want is our technology and patients. So far, they’ve gotten this through agreement or raw theft, and made a giant leap over much of the effort that took the West decades to discover and develop. And of course I doesn’t hurt to be an amoral country with a high national IQ.

      Power among countries is not simply in their large military, The USSR had that in spades—all the way to their break up. True power is in a nation’s economic base. Look at the USA just prior to WWII. When we went to war in late ‘41, we had *idle* production capacity equal to that of all the Axis powers combined. Within a year, we were suppling all of our Allies with everything they needed for the war effort. By the end of ‘42, or early ‘43. Japan had been effectively stopped as a military threat. In ‘43 Italy was invaded and surrendered—Germany was finished—complete air superiority by Allies achieved, their Navy recall from the the seas, all fronts fighting in retreat.

      That’s what a strong economy means. Some will now say that all major wars will be of short duration, with no resupply available. The Japanese thought such in WWII—that we’d sue for peace after getting our nose bloodied. We should not make the same mistake in our dealings with China. We shall see.

      • “……an amoral country with a high national IQ……”

        You just described China better than all the 800-page tomes sitting on groaning bookshelves.

    • The Israelis have partnered with China against the US for decades. They’ve sold sensitive US military tech to the CCP resulting in the resignation of at least one minister. They’ve also given the running of the port of Haifa over to the Chinese–explicitly against the wishes of the US. None of these stories ever make it to the MSM, but why we go into debt to give a dime to that country remains a mystery. (I know, the Epstein cohort, blackmail tapes, etc.)

  17. > The American version has proven more durable, but the signs of collapse are everywhere.

    hardly. The USSR was pretty much DOA , only to hobble around for a few decades until finally dissolving. All the indicators for the US economy stronger than ever especially relative to rest of the world. Same for America’s influence in other ways such as a culturally and militarily. . America’s exacts more influence over the world, now, than probably any empire in history, even the Roman Empire at its peak or the British Empire. Europe is completely servile to the US.

    • It only seems that way because we are the world’s currency and can print money pretty much at will. But that will not last forever, nor will we repay $30 trillion in debt.

    • AINO can project economic, cultural and military force across the globe, but this cloaks an increasingly chaotic, irrational and dysfunctional domestic situation. The clear collapse will come soon on the home-front, and after that happens, the remains of the country won’t be able to project dicksquat. “America” has rarely if ever been weaker. And thank God for that.

  18. You’re probably correct, but given the parasitic nature of the elites and almost all of their troops, I see it ending rather more violently than the old USSR. Indeed, the rhetoric is heating up towards the end in a way it did not at the USSR’s end…

  19. “For America [the triggering event] may be the incompetent handling of Covid.”

    Just finished reading today’s Mercola’s blog article. He has been targeted by some shifty “watchdog” organization for promoting natural strategies to boost the immune system and guard against respiratory infection. He also has been warning about the dangers of the untested “vaccines”. The ghoul leading this vile organization was the former head of the FDA. There are lots of normies in the comments but even they are furious at the rampant corruption in government and their lackey henchmen. And suggesting strategies to combat both. If they keep this shit up while taking away liberties for those not submitting to the jab and conjure up a “newer, more virulent” strain requiring even more tyrannical measures you could be right Z. If not, I’m afraid there’s nothing that will slap enough people out of their slumber.

    • I would note that these “vaccines” are not designed to prevent infection, only to gear up the immune system with (specific) antibodies to fight the infection when it begins to take hold—thereby preventing the worse symptoms such as hospitalization and death—but *not* necessarily the spread!

      There are potential problems with this strategy that I won’t go into here, but suffice to say the current strategy of nationwide administering mRNA “vaccines” is not agreed upon by all in the field. If those dissenters are correct, we will have the match that lights the fire that Z-man speaks of today—and it won’t revolve around the aspect of mask wearing and social distancing.

      • If the after-effect of mRNAing the majority of the population is what some dissenters think it could be, I still don’t believe the sheeple will awake. Fauci, Gates, et al will begin promoting this new strain, the pandemic we really always feared, and will push the next round of lockdowns and “vaccines” and destruction of civil liberties.

        And most of the shit eating population will lap it up again.

        I hope I am wrong, but initially I did not think the population would stand for more than a few weeks of lockdowns and other associated bullshit. We are a feminized pussified society.

        • In that you may have me. I just heard a first hand report from Texas, that a gym visited—now open for full use without masks—had a packed house with *50+%* of those exercising wearing masks!

          • I can confirm this. No more mask mandate in Texas, yet virtually all businesses still require their employees to don the Karen Kloth, and seemingly close to 90% of shoppers in grocery stores still wear them. AINO is a nation of cowards and slaves. I’m not sure the human capital exists to shed the fascist state and make a fresh start.

          • A couple of weeks ago, we took a walk up one of the riparian canyons in the nearby mountains – it’s paved, so easy walking and beautiful scenery. I could not believe all the mask wearers! Fresh air, wide road and I’d venture to guess there might even have been a plurality of diaper donners. Just incredible so many are so into (or cowed by) this thing – it is not encouraging.

  20. “Both the Russian and the American empires sought to assimilate the people brought into their orbit through ideology, rather than force.”

    Slightly different approach however –

    People came to America. In Eurasia, Russia came to them!

    • Karl, assimilation beyond the minimal adaptation of the English language is a myth. Go to any city of size in the northeast. There’ll be Irish Catholic churches and Italian Catholic churches, and Greek/Russian/Armenian Orthodox churches, etc. Irish-Italian marriages used to be referred to as “mixed.” Go figure.

      • “America is a melting pot”. When that phrase was coined back in the late 1700’s America had a primarily Western European population that amalgamated quite well, even into the early 1900’s.

        Now there’s so much dross in the crucible, the only thing that comes out is slag.

    • Russia before the Revolution, and actually was, and now again is a second destination for immigrants, after the US.

      The Russians integrate immigrants rather well.

  21. Disagree with the premise.

    The American Empire still has legs and most likely will last for many centuries.
    Because, like the Roman Empire, America is not the historic norm of one tribe gaining dominance over many others, but has grown by assimilating diverse subjugated people and by colonizing vast areas. Similarly, America military hegemony is unparalleled since the 3rd century ad. And our economic strength vis a vis competitors is also unparalleled. The empire, like Rome, will be racked with civil conflicts and evolve in unanticipated ways, but it will endure.

    • Rome never forgot that the purpose of its Legions was to win wars.

      Perhaps the American Empire can re-learn that, but I am not optimistic in the current state.

      • Rome never forgot that the purpose of its Legions was to win wars.

        But they forgot that their purpose was to win for the Romans. At the end of the empire, almost all its legions were foreign mercenaries – some of its most famous generals were foreigners, even an emperor or two.

        • Unfortunately, a sizable chunk of the military has become ‘foreign’ in the sense of embracing the foundations of the American way of life, most particularly in the upper ranks. But the cast and crew of the sex brigade theater and PC wokeness is not to be dismissed.

          Eisenhower warned of the dangers in the military-industrial complex, but not about the political-military-media-deep-state complex, to our current detriment!

    • Sing it with me…”Rule Britannia, Britannia rules the waves, England never never never will be slaaaaaaaaaves!”

    • “America military hegemony is unparalleled”

      russia + china is better though, if you attack china, you also attack russia and vice versa. the moment usa confronts one of those 2 countries it’s all over for globalism.

      but the real problem for USA is its religion, ​I’ll quote Paul craig roberts:

      “The Meghan-Oprah pact reflects how, in the New World Order, black Americans are now a more powerful bloc than the British aristocracy.”

      j*wus abandoned their age old alliance with the anglo saxons for the joggers, these 2 groups are a volatile combination of insanity and low iq, everything they touch will crumble, it will end in violent destruction because those are the impulses of the people in charge.

      romans encountered a similar problem to what america is facing right now, this was the Bacchus cult, the romans were wise enough to stamp them out, we all know this won’t happen nowadays cause americans aren’t a warrior people.

      • Funnily enough, I’m pretty sure the Romans would disagree with you. The Romans were notoriously indifferent to higher culture, they were engineers rather than philosophers. They had inherited or adopted Greek culture but did little themselves in the way of adding to the libraries. It is no coincidence that Vergil’s most famous poem – the Anaeid – is set in the pre-Hellenistic world.

    • Many centuries? Decades, maybe. We have not “assimilated diverse subjugated people.” Soon those people will dominate the ruling class, as it is currently structured. And they will be tribal, not suicidal like our current rulers.

    • What the actual f**k are you smoking? America is very much the historic norm of one tribe gaining dominance over another. That’s what the civil war was about. It hasn’t assimilated the slaves it freed, as evidenced by the BLM movement. It doesn’t even military hegemony, as America hasn’t won a hot war single-handedly since the Mexican war. The federal grip on the continent has generally been tenuous, and it won’t take much to break it.

      • That was one of the great “Sailerisms”:
        Normie: “America is a melting pot and we’ll have those Mexicans voting Republican in no time at all!”
        Sailer: “That’s nice, but along those lines blacks have been here for more than 300 years, when do you expect them to be assimilated?”

    • A lot of downvotes for a constructive and valid rebuttal. The assumption of the sun setting on the American Empire may be optimistically premature. .In science, the goal is to not try to look for evidence that affirms the hypothesis but evidence that disproves it.. You can look at how senility ineptitude of Biden is as evidence of the long awaited decline, yet at the same time some of the most innovative and biggest and powerful companies in the world are American. America can twist the arms of the rest of the world to do what it wants.

      • The “dissident right” shares a number of tendencies with the left, hardly surprising as they spring from the same culture.

        The one demonstrated here by a number of commenters is the inevitability of history combined with a longing for the apocalypse that will usher in utopia, socialist revolution for the left – “collapse” for the right.

        Just another narcotic cope to avoid having to deal with the actual reality and a reason to slothfully avoid action.

      • I think there’s confusion between “America” and the “USG.” Greyelightenment is right about America. And everyone else is right about the USG.

        Because of America’s mighty and capable natural elites (ex. Elon Musk, Erik Prince), America might last a thousand years.

        But the USG and the geriatric established elite aren’t going to last very long. They really do resemble the Brezhnevite Soviet Union.

    • Timing of Z-man’s prediction is of course, arguable. But what is not, is that this nation is not the same nation that created the empire—at least not racially. That is perhaps the most important factor folks claiming that there is “life in the old mule yet” seem to overlook.

      We are quickly losing the ability to expand and maintain our technological edge. To this assertion, I point to the increasing use of foreign born labor in technology and increasing use of minorities in our military forces (40+% and growing). These are at best stop gap measures. And have not been shown to be at the same level as the Whites they are replacing.

      If Whites are not necessary in these major areas of a strong nation, then why do we not see major power expressions—military and economic—from those nations with majority minority?

      • Timing of Z-man’s prediction is of course, arguable. But what is not, is that this nation is not the same nation that created the empire—at least not racially.


        Nothing in my original comment argued otherwise. Assimilation has changed America’s culture and biology just as it did to the Latin Romans when they assimilated all the tribes of Italia. And then the entire mediterranean. People in 150 bc were lamenting those changes to the Roman character and predicting doom – just as the dr are doing here.

        And yet the empire kept growing in all aspects for another three centuries and lasted for another three in decline in the west and two or six or ten more in the east depending upon your demarcation line. Along the way, they continually changed as peoples were integrated and older stocks died off. Tyranny and civil wars were episodic recurrences for many centuries before the final end.

        • Hutus are not Samnites. All engrossed peoples are not equal. Rome engulfed peoples who were capable of assimilating to Roman norms and sustaining Roman society. The same can hardly be said for “America.” That is, even if there was the remotest pressure to assimilate. Which, of course, there is not.

  22. So I go to Taki’s first to read the ‘geezers’ column, and what’s the first ad to pop up?

    “The Passion!”
    “The Joy!”
    “The Hope!”


    (Something something about some ball game only geezers remember- baseball, I think)

    • I liked the use of the word ‘rumpswabs’, although I am unsure what it means; I presume ‘arse kisser’?

        • I heartily agree! Have all 20 of ’em plus Sea of Words. Read them as they came out, then late last year read them all straight through, a fun project. A back cover blurb (NYT!!) on Master and Commander (first in the series) described them as the “best historical novels ever written” and as an avid reader of the genre find myself in agreement. The companion volume is a sine qua non. Wonderful gift (the whole series and the “dictionary”) for young readers, or any reader for that matter.

          • “best historical novels ever written”


            O’Brian is the Tolkien of historical novels, the depth of his world-building in a class of its own. I have no idea what being in the Royal Navy 200 years ago was like, but O’Brian’s world feels extremely authentic.

            I shill him given half a chance.

        • I loved that series too. Hornblower series as well. Maps are also important and rewarding companions to them.

  23. Plato wrote in REPUBLIC all democracies become tyrannies and start to engage in perpetual war to distract the populace. He didn’t see a second stage where the tyranny engages in perpetual civil war and struggle sessions, which is underway in the United States. Closer in time to Plato the Romans had a somewhat similar finale to what is underway in the United States but it was largely devoid of the outright hatred.

    The Soviets avoided the American denouement because they didn’t hate the historic Russian people as much as the United States hates Heritage Americans. The United States is dissolving even now and the oppression only will intensify in the years ahead. The sudden collapse of the USSR probably shielded the Russians. The slow disintegration of the United States gives the Ruling Class more opportunity for revenge. If the Ottomans had been a minority and the Greeks a majority, that would be more analogous to what is underway here.

    I agree an economic catastrophe could result in an analogous sudden collapse but thus far it has been avoided or forestalled. Abroad, Japan, Korea and especially Europe have wisely started a divorce.

  24. A New Tomorrow (cont)
    History lesson.

    The great wars of the 20th Century pitted massive armies against each other and killed off millions of alpha males on all sides, thereby paving the way for the rise of Mediocre Man and all of the subsequent social pathology that ails us today. Into this void stepped the Master Parasite pathogen whose sole purpose is to feed and thrive. And its main defense is to keep the plebs fighting amongst themselves and then hide in the fog of the ensuing chaos. This ploy eliminates still more alphas and reduces the threat that the disease will be diagnosed and a cure initiated. Do not fall for this craven gambit. Do not sacrifice yourself fighting the wrong enemy.

  25. Good article!
    I believe jews in the Soviet Union were allowed dual citizenship after 1948. They were not allowed into sensitive military and scientific positions after this. Dual citizenship means dual loyalty, and the Soviets were afraid they would give out classified information (sound familiar).
    Chernobyl also had a lot to do with the dissolution of the Soviet Union. That event and the Afghan war bankrupted the country.

    • That’s what the Pollard Affair was all about: the Israelis selling US secrets to resettle refuseniks.

    • I may be wrong, but from my knowledge of European history, any Soviet Jew who had a chance to leave the Soviet Union, especially in the Stalin years, would most likely jump at the chance 😀

  26. Some might say it was Chernobyl that actually signaled the end of the Soviet Union.

  27. The Jews have been “here” (USA) a lot longer than the beginning of our empire. They’ve been here since the beginning, which isn’t suprising since their civilization is quite older than we descendants of Teutons, Celts and other barbarians of the north 🙂 If you ever visit Savannah, GA, I recommend the trolley tour. Among other sights, you’ll see the

    This is what happens when you commission a Goy to design your temple.

    Years ago I dated a Messianic woman (sort of a pretend Jewish sect), and since I’d been on this tour before, I ordered a pair of t-shirts that say “Shalom, Y’all” 😀

    • “Shalom, Y’all”

      “Namate, Y’all”

      Americans are so desperate for deep meaning, community, and a sense of eternal purpose they’ll steal every culture’s catch phrases …except, of course, their own.

    • That’s what I fear- that the bloody Aztec gods, with their worship of torture and cannibalism, were originally a Jewish offshoot that followed the Cretan and Philistine stonemasons here.

      That’s what happens when the few white engineers have been long absorbed into a larger population, leaving no white people around to stop the Usual Suspects’ full ascension.

      (Please don’t tell me that Siberian neolithic shamans invented a virtual carbon copy of maserotic, megalithic Aryan Middle Eastern culture: astronomy, irrigation, advanced maths, science, large-scale masonry, sailing ships, animal husbandry, hieroglyphic libraries.)

  28. if nations do not really matter, then why is one people at the top of the system?

    The quote of the year.

    For all their supposed brains, Jews’ lack of self-awareness makes their laughably stupid sometimes. When the country was 90% Whites and Jews were accepted as White, they could rule the country without gentile Whites asking that question.

    But Jewish hatred of Christian Whites pushed them to turn the country into a multi-everything bizarre. The problem for Jews is that they are not accepted as black or Indian or Asian or Muslim or, generally, Hispanic (though they get around that sometimes), so they are asked that questions from their new minions.

    Jews will spend the next decade or two trying to convince their hate-Whitey coalition that Jews are one of them, and that Jews running the show is perfectly natural and never needs to change. Whether Jews can pull that off (doubtful, but they’re really good at this type of stuff) will have a huge impact on our cause, so it’s worth watching.

    • The Ben Shapiro-style small hats I know have turned remarkably quickly towards race realism in the past year. The haredis in NYC being used by blacks as punching bags, and the left’s shut down of even Jewish schools and places of worship seemed to be the events to leave a mark.

      It started a few years ago when they claimed they no longer felt safe walking around with Israeli / Jewish logos due to the mass influx of Muslim refugees into the country. Of course these feelings are never published publicly. It’s always during the inter-Jew discussions that these sensitive topics are brought up.

      But I’m sensing a collective *gulp* from them. Especially the religious ones. The secular ones are usually still insane leftist shitbags, just like secular gentiles. Whether we like it or not our collective destiny is intertwined with theirs, as it has been for thousands of years. They will go down with the white gentile ship.

      • The orthodox jews in the US have always been quite conservative, and while extremely clannish, don’t really bother anyone. It’s the far more numerous secular jews (JINOs?) who are causing all the problems.

        • But, it seems Orthodox Jews strongly support Israel still. And they will promote our entanglement. Other than that, I agree they have a lot of the same conservative values I hold. Problem is one of dual loyalties—even aside from clanishness.

          • Isn’t it the secular neocons always pushing for war to keep us tar-babied to the ME though? I could be wrong about that.

    • “Jews will spend the next decade or two trying to convince their hate-Whitey coalition that Jews are one of them”

      I do not see this as a successful gambit on their part. It must fail, seeing that the only way that many overlook that most yiddish of problems, is because they have the same skin colour as us.

      The other day, somebody posted a video of Morgan Freeman being interviewed by a Jew. On the subject of ‘Black History Month’ Freeman challenged Solomon on whether he’d want ‘his history relegated to a White History Month’. Ishtak then protested, with the classic Jewish Defence that “I’m Jewish!”.

      Joggers may not be too smart on the average, but I am not convinced that they will fall for this. It could be a step too far, but then again you boys do have a man in a dress as some sort of ‘Health Czar’.

      • The Black community is already deeply opposed to Israel but the media is so completely dominated by the tribe that they manage this information extremely carefully. But, if it really came down to supporting the Palestinians against the Isrealis, the Black community in America would absolutely be Pro-Palestinian.

        • You overstate what the “Black community” believes. You are describing the noisy 5% Sharpton/Farrakhan types. Most blacks are oblivious to the small hats, and if asked would lump them in with whites.

          • The beliefs of most of the black community don’t extend far beyond “muh dick,” “gibsme” and “I dindu nuffin!”

          • The “black community” doesn’t know where Israel is on the map. They don’t know what a Jew is.

            They see a scrawny looking white guy with a funny hat scurrying around Brooklyn and think “sheeeet” and then knock him out.

          • Hahah vizzini thanks, I saw your comment after I posted mine. Very succinct.

            I remember talking to an African American waitress who didn’t seem to know what Canada was. She looked at me blankly and said “oh, that’s nice” when I told her where I was from.

            I’ve said before it’s hard for whites to imagine how these people operate with a 75 IQ.

      • “Ishtak then protested, with the classic Jewish Defence that “I’m Jewish!”.”

        Therein lies the problem for Jews. Either POC laugh at that and say, “Whatever, you’re still a White guy.” Or they say, “Yeah, you are a Jew and how come every damn boss I see is a Jew?”

        Jews can’t just blend in with their POC mercenaries. They could with dumb goy Whites. In the future, Jews won’t be able to hide – and their whole strategy is based on staying low.

      • See: “white adjacent”. I recently heard a clip from some dark podcast where a troop of melanin blessed were interviewing (lecturing) of those Weinsteins. Brett or the other queer. Matters not.

        They were all up on him like a 2am hands up dont shoot sale at Best Buy.

        He was on his knees but in that slippery intellectualized way that they are quite skilled at.

        Only this time the boons were not havin it. They backed him into the corner and when he played the “well I’m not white, I’m jooish” victimis infinitus card, they pounced. Oh uh uh. You are “white adjacent”.

        What they have released to feed upon White Christian Civilization is running out of food. And the subtleties that differentiate among the rootless and the cosmo are no longer enough to keep their pets from just seeing White and snapping.

        And the intellectual arguments of the Weinstein types that work on whites conditions toward self-loathing and submission doesn’t take in the pavement types. Its is akin to the classical music piped outside a McDonalds to keep the vagrants from shitting in the foyer.

        Now if only more Whites could see whats on the menu of progress.

  29. Not quite on topic for today, but here’s a quote sort of about race realism. Readers please indulge me for being on a Nietzsche binge. I’ll try and keep quotes short and relevant.

    “Men who are now inhuman must serve us as surviving specimens of earlier civilizations…There are surviving specimens of humanity whose brains through the vicissitudes of heredity, have escaped proper development. They show us what we all were and thus appal us; …” (Human, All too Human, aphorism 43.)

    Posting vagaries: Re the “disappearing posts” issue; I now think that Firefox may be to blame, “Enhanced tracking protections” settings were “strict”. While browsing via Android phone, I saw that some of my “missing” posts had, indeed posted. Some more than once.

    • I wanted to thank you for your compact precis of Nietzsche, whom I’ll never have time to read (along with a million others.)

  30. We should give Taiwan 100-200 nukes that we’re never going to use and call it a day as far as we are concerned. What happens next is up to the Han.

    • And its been done before. During the Cold War, the US military stockpiled dozens of tactical nukes in Europe (mostly West Germany) for use in the event of a Soviet Blitzkreig attack. These nukes were located in bunkers guarded by a single soldier armed with an M16. If the US hesitated in using these nukes, it was common knowledge that elite German commando units would confiscate these weapons by whatever means necessary in a matter of minutes.

        • I can vouch for that. I was stationed in [Censored] in 1983-84 and witnessed (and was kept away from) some of the civilian protests against the Pershing II missiles.

          I worked in telecomms. Rumor was that one of the US missile sites, not sure if it was “ours”, had only Deutsche Bundespost (civilian telephone service = $$$$$$$$$ back then) and had managed to run up a milliion dollar phone bill, lonely Gis calling home 😀

      • What we have done regarding nukes in the “wrong” hands is to declare that a nuke strike by those folk would be attributable to the great power that provided them to the lessor power.

        Why would China not do similarly?

    • Unnecessary, and potentially cataclysmic.

      T. Greer (China scholar) writes about this a fair amount at The Scholar’s Stage.

      Taiwan should adopt the Swiss model. Mandatory conscription, well armed populace, pill boxes everywhere, etc. Make itself so painful to conquer, China won’t try.

      Instead they buy fancy planes and ships that will be sunk in the first few days/hours of a conflict. Game over.

      Taiwan’s leadership knows this; they also know their people aren’t serious about defense, and don’t want to be. The US is failing, China is rising. When the time is right, Taiwan’s rulers will sell out and a peaceful transfer will happen.

      The US can’t stop this, and shouldn’t even try. (should get chip factories out though. Sigh.)

      • Nobody cucks to strength harder than Asian people. Once the CCP is stronger than the USA, both Taiwan and Hong Kong will become red commies overnight and start chanting “death to America”.

      • Taiwan already has mandatory conscription but it’s so watered down as to be fairly pointless. Military service is brief and mostly spent killing time and sightseeing the island. Firearm ownership is currently a no-go. People have been effectively pozzed about such a topic. And you’re correct, the will to defend the island from Beijing is lukewarm at best. No one wants to lose the open society they currently enjoy, but the Taiwanese political class is just as capable of kow-towing to Mainland lucre as ours. And so is a not insignificant portion of the general population.

        If they want a credible defense, there’s no point in arming themselves to the teeth. A far less expensive option is to make it an open secret that they have a nuke or two and they’re aimed at the Three Gorges. With that kind of MAD system in place, unification will proceed along the course it’s followed thus far, gradual and contractual. The American humiliation will come when an agreement is reached between the two Chinese nations to forbid U.S. naval passage through the Taiwan strait, or perhaps Taiwanese acceptance of PRC control (with preferred status given to ROC use) inside the 9 dash line.

      • All Taiwanese I know say that Taiwan and China are one country. Once Mainland China became rich and powerful, it stopped being the shithole their ancestors came from and turned into a sexy dictatorship.

        • There’s a sizeable amount of Taiwanese who are very content to be politically separate. If there weren’t, the DPP wouldn’t win national elections. Would they spill blood to maintain the current distinction? I have my doubts in this case, but it’s not like there are no examples of internecine warfare amongst the Chinese. It’s not just the Europeans who engage in brother wars.

  31. “They cannot explain how we got into this and they cannot come up with an exist plan.”

    At first I thought ‘exist plan’ was spelling mistake. But on contemplation, I see it’s a highly accurate assessment of the situation. Well done Sir.

  32. The concern that the “rootless cosmopolitans” are feeling can be detected in their near-complete takeover of the “Biden” administration: Secretaries of State, Treasury and Homeland Security, Attorney General, Director of National Intelligence and Chief of Staff; and then on down the line in the deputies (e.g., at CIA and the NSC), assistants, deputy assistants, advisors, etc., in every department, agency, etc., that is essential for maintaining the house of cards that is the “American” empire.

  33. All my boomer friends keep one eye on the 401k.
    As long as the 401k is happy they are happy.
    Although I do notice the men in sundresses and the worship of blacks is beginning to really annoy them. The military and police pensions and public employee pensions and job security keep everyone happy in the public sector as they are participating in or sitting on the sidelines watching the clown show.
    Until the Federal Reserve can’t pump anymore I see us coasting along watching the carnival from the sidelines.
    But at some point they won’t be able to pump it up anymore.
    Then we see the real action begin and the powers that be shown for the empty suits they really are.

    • Yep, the good old stock market just keeps chugging along, thanks to the fed and seemingly at odds with reality and common sense. I guess it’s one thing, at least, that’s kept the past year (for those participating) from being a complete and utter disaster. But it’s day will come. Added to the accumulating s***pile, things could get spicy at that point.

  34. “If all peoples are the same . . . then why is one people at the top of the system?”
    To ask the question is to answer it. It’s all part of the ruling zeitgeist: Both special and equal simultaneously. It originated with the Jevvs and their paranoia about their deliberate choice to remain ‘different’ regardless of the nation they resided in while demanding equal access to any and every perk of blood and soil in said nation. To mask the fact that a miniscule percent of the population, different and separate by choice, was demanding (and receiving) equal access to all levels of Western society, the Jevvs (now brandishing the American label) then weaponized and mobilized blacks (special and separate and equal and better in one distinctive package). Then invade the world/invite the world. They then picked up their sexual degeneracy work and destruction of traditional Christian morality and social structure where they had left off when the notsees burned Magnus Hirschfeld’s trannie institute in Berlin, and here we are. Everyone except White Christians is both infinitely special and absolutely equal. Some blacks have already begun grumbling about their self-chosen spokesmen, and the Han certainly don’t regard them as their superiors, but until Whitey is sufficiently cowed and minimized via talmudry, legalism, muh democracy, miscegenation, and death, the work will continue, because it’s always 1492 and 1933.

    The dissolution of this empire is likely to be extraordinarily messy. I don’t expect to live through it, but I’ll do my damnedest to ensure my children and grandchildren thrive. Unlike those magic empire builders, I am not motivated by a desire for power and control, but rather with love for my progeny and a desire to be left alone – as nature and God intended.

    • Bravo, 3g4me.

      Well characterized this, the Minoritarian Party’s modus operandi. Unite all of the minorities, foment grievances under the banner of the fight against White Privilege/Supremacy, so that the jew rules from behind this smoke screen, and continues to bleed the US on behalf of Israel. Maybe too clever by half.

      Only problems: 1) they sure do look real white, and to the taste of the joggers, they act super white; 2) they still transparently want all of their orcs to accede to their dominance, something increasingly difficult to sustain as the demographics shift.

  35. There was an anecdote from a member of the American delegation at one of the arms limitation talks in the early 1980s, where he saw a semi-comatose Leonid Brezhnev, being practically dragged down the hall by his security detail. He realized at that point how brittle the Soviet Empire was, regardless of their apparent power. We’re at that point now.

    • Pickle Rick: I had the privilege to be living in Moscow during one of the waning years of Brezhnev’s rule, and fwiw it most definitely lacked the violence and civil restrictions ‘murricans live with now. No, I couldn’t get bananas except at the diplomatic supermarket, but no one demanded I wear a mask or get a shot, the immense and extremely rapid elevators at the metro always worked, and I actually had more privacy, because my watchers were mere human bureaucrats, not religiously motivated zealots and their massive machinery designed for total social control.

      • By the early 80s, the zealots had already gotten their violence and civil restrictions out of the way in the murder machine operation from 1920-1953. By the time you were there, the revolutionary fervor was long gone, replaced by a regime just going through the motions. The true believers were in their graves, or geriatrics. Our Bolsheviks have just gotten started.

      • I grew up in a Communist country in the 80s. It was much freer than the current Corona dictatorship.

  36. Oh, I dream of a day when the fellow travelers pull the Ark out of mothballs, all return to the homeland and spend their efforts thrashing Philistines, Persians, Samaritan, Arabs on their own without our money or soldiers as golems.

  37. “One difference worth noting is that unlike Russia, America is not a stable nation with a clear identity as a people.”

    No doubt she was wise in refusing to take in as much of the third world as AINO deems possible (all of it). Also, as far as I know, nobody in the West, or in Africa or in South America ever wanted to go to Russia.

    Unfortunately, this is one area where the US and Europe have not really distinguished themselves. Advertising themselves to all comers as a land of milk and honey.

    • Also, as far as I know, nobody in the West, or in Africa or in South America ever wanted to go to Russia.

      Thousand of naive Americans moved to Soviet Union before WWII.

    • Ah, the old, “play classical music playing at the McDonalds to keep away the undesirables” ploy. I used to really enjoy the McDonald’s in Lincoln Park on Clark Street. Clean restaurant, prints by Dutch masters on the walls, pleasant workers and rich yuppies, with Brahms playing in the background. My brother and I would chat and look out the window to watch the pretty trixies walk by. Lucky first dates would get “The Classical McDonald’s” treatment: if they didn’t enjoy the environment (and at least chuckle) they didn’t get a real date.

  38. America was always an empire. Every square inch of it was won by conquest. And if it wasn’t an empire in 1783, it was definitely one when Washington completed conquering the states in 1865.

    Yeah. I just finished reading The Fate of Empires by Glubb. And I feel a lot better knowing that the American decline is just part of the typical life cycle of an empire.

    • The real stamp of empire was Lincolns war. Before that, wasn’t it more of an experimental large scale republic? Maybe the “great experiment of America” was over by 1865.

        • This is a good point. If america was a collection of English “nations”, did ‘America the empire” get formed in the North, and then annex a different nation, the Confederacy (which itself clung to the original “experiment”), beginning the Empire.

          Or, was the Empire just a twinkle in big business’s eye in the early to min 18th century, only to spring forth like Athena from the head of Zues in 1865!?

    • “Manifest Destiny” Also “Free-Soil” party.

      America had it’s eye on conquering the whole continent at least as far back as 1845 with the Mexican-American war. Tried to take Canada from England in the war of 1812.

      So, yes. 100% agreed. Empire. It wasn’t a bad safety valve when it lasted, either.

  39. I am typing this from the soon to be created country in the midwest “Heartland”. Formerly Michigan , Ohio, Wisconsin and part of Illinois. Wishing all my friends well in the former United States. Was a wild ride wasn’t it?

  40. The insanity of our rulers may have now doomed our ability to project power across the Pacific. We have a military that is more concerned with social values than with fighting. And our Sec. of Def. is a low IQ fool who has no idea how dangerous this is. Should the Chinese decide to humiliate our forces and retake Taiwan, this will probably be the catalyst for the fall of Washington. God knows what would follow.

    • Don’t you just love how conservatives are sharing Bill Maher’s red pilled takes on China this week? Coming from the guy (liberal and leftist) who’s political soulmates created this dystopia.

      • Just like the magical negro. “Conservatives” can hardly control themselves when one seemingly agrees with a conservative position. Maher is a dirty rotten leftist Little hat douchebag and no normal person should care or give a s*** what thinks or has to say about anything.

      • Yes, its as if the U.S. is not a serious place. That we don’t take serious things seriously, but we take trivial things seriously. Like children.

        To me, this is from the ever increasing influence of the feminine. I have lately had a lot of interaction with the Chinese through my job. The women are serious there. So, the Chinese may have a problem on their hands soon too.

        • The only thing the Dimwits take “seriously” are their PC mores. They’re perpetual infantile children & act accordingly.

    • You can get lucky with your enemies. China is a long view nation. They know they will take over Taiwan without firing a shot if they are patient. This should prevent that from becoming an disaster for the rulers. But, there are plenty of other places for the regime to embarrass itself.

      • Yeah, I can’t understand the China talk. Old habits are hard to break, I guess.

        The Chinese are patient and not stupid. (They have many vices, but dumb and impulsive aren’t on the list.) The United States is quite obviously on the way down. The demographics alone would be enough to weaken us, but the ideological madness cements the deal.

        The United States is heading toward some future ranging between Brazil and Yugoslavia (or, frighteningly for us, Rhodesia). No point on that spectrum is a global force powerful enough to interfere with China’s plans for regional hegemony.

        The Chinese need only sit back and wait, which is what they’ll do.

        • I don’t understand the China talk either, especially with regard to Taiwan. It’s not like the PRC is trying to conquer a foreign people.* They’re all Chinese. It’s just that a few of the Chinese people live on a tiny island and have a different government.

          Why would I want any of my friends or family to die fighting over whether the big Chinese government governs 98.5% or 100% of the Chinese people? (Hell, my own government is hostile to my people’s interests.)

          *Even if China was trying to take over a non-Chinese nation in Asia, it’s still none of my concern.

          • Well, Taiwan was pretty based and Chiang Kai Shek was a pretty based nationalist / anti communist. The time to support them was back in 1950 or whenever the revolution was happening.

            And of course when Taiwanese come to the west they just become another group competing with white interests. Ignorant Boomercons are always jerking off about Hong Kong. But it was them who initially fucked up the Vancouver housing market – not the CCP or mainland Chinese. And of course they opened the way for their mainland friends to come in and eventually turned Vancouver into a colony.

          • They’re not as bright as they think they are which is part of the problem. Examples are numerous, but to take one example they’ve poisoned pretty much the whole countryside in order to corner the market on some obscure elements, but the processing is expensive, not technically challenging in the west so it’s not like they can jack prices through the roof since there’s an upper limit of what can be done, so they’ve poisoned their country so that the world can get cheap cell phones; what’s deal!

        • Any tough talk on China from the Pretendsident is simply to maintain kayfabe.

          Ignoring the people and the culture, Taiwan has economic value for its semiconductor industry, though that will decline as the new fabs in the US Southwest come online in a few years.

          Rare earths are also an issue for the US, though some baby steps are being taken to reduce our dependence on Chinese production.

          • Rare earth metals are, with a couple of exceptions, quite common. But they’re very messy to refine and usually come with radioactive elements in the ore.

            That’s why China has a monopoly, not because they’re the only ones with ore; the Chinese can just drop the tailings in the nearest lake, whereas the West has rules about wiping out ecosystems wholesale.

            America could be self-sufficient tomorrow, but not at a price-competitive level. Much cheaper to buy the finished stock from China and Peru.

        • Not to mention the fact that the CCP can unleash bioterrorism on the world, while their bribed US politico puppets cover for them.

          • The only thing about Chona that could cause concern is its utter corruption of the United States’ Ruling Class. It makes the Israeli penetration look like child’s play. One reason not to worry about an American-Sino War is the Ruling Class has too much skin in the game.

            The United States will get a good spanking in somewhere such as Iran. And the Persians or whoever may force the Ruling Class to shed some skin outside the usual Deplorables cannon fodder. Couldn’t happen to a worse Evil Empire

      • Agreed. The China hysteria coming out of DC is just the newest version of “Russia, Russia, Russia.” Its purpose is too distract the masses with the next episode of fear porn. And they truly think its working once again as a tonic to mask their ineptitude.

      • I don’t think COVID is the beginning of the end. It was the first real societal stress test we’ve had in a while and the results are not good, but COVID isn’t what convicned me that the empire is in its terminal phase.

        What convinced me is how this week the leaders of our military unabashedly came out of the closet as lunatics who don’t believe in sexual biology and see nothing wrong with sending pregnant women into combat.

        The Great Pacific War that has been brewing for decades now will happen only when the PRC decide they no longer have to be afraid of how the US responds to their actions.

        Four star generals ganging up on a conservative commentator for suggesting that maybe women shouldn’t be storming hostile beaches will signal to the Chinese that, although they remain technologically behind the US military, that day is coming for them within the lifetimes of their young officers.

        And if the communist regime in China ends up collapsing before then they will still remember that and be ready to meet us.

        When all the serious combat practicioners realize their generals hate them, they will leave, and then all the military will have left to storm the beaches is an army of unstable Karens.

    • Our ‘need’ to project power across the Pacific vanished after the Korean War. Our idiocy in guaranteeing everyone’s ‘freedom and independence’ at the cost of American blood and treasure has repeatedly bitten us in the a$$. I have no particular animus against the people of Taiwan (as long as they stay there rather than coming here) but their lifestyle and rulers are not my concern. And we ought to build our own damn electrical transformers. I bear no love for the Han, but would love to see ‘murrican forces humiliated.

      • As John Q. Adams put it:

        America goes not abroad, in search of monsters to destroy.

        She is the well-wisher to the freedom and independence of all.

        She is the champion and vindicator only of her own.

        She will commend the general cause by the countenance of her voice, and the benignant sympathy of her example.

        She well knows that by once enlisting under other banners than her own, were they even the banners of foreign independence, she would involve herself beyond the power of extrication, in all the wars of interest and intrigue, of individual avarice, envy, and ambition, which assume the colors and usurp the standard of freedom.

        The fundamental maxims of her policy would insensibly change from liberty to force.

        She might become the dictatress of the world. She would be no longer the ruler of her own spirit.

        • Wiser words were never penned. And how poignantly accurate they turned out to be. By the way, Thomas Jefferson had a hand in drawing up the Monroe Doctrine, which is what this is. Those words sound suspiciously like his, don’t they?

        • Be it noted that Adams’ words were an eloquent extension of Washington’s words cautioning against alignment with foreign interests, which he strongly urged in his Farewell Address. A Republic can scarce survive such, as they are the gateway to imperial inpulses and practices.

          But by the time of Lincoln, such healthy republican sentiments were on the back foot, as amply proved by his prosecution of a war against the seceding Southern States. He, and the entire Yankee establishment, had their eye fixed on preserving the Union in aid of advancing their imperial ambitions. Unfortunately for the South, their suppression was the first demonstration of just how bloody-minded that ambition was to prove to be.

          Then the subsequent Progressive movement further drove the stake into the heart of State sovereignty when the appointment of US senators was removed from the State legislatures in favor of direct election (with all of the unlimited meddling in State politics by massive financial & industrial interests that, by design, was to follow) of US senators.

          And that beat goes on; anyone else remark how the Constitutional mandate that control of federal elections in each state be ultimately under the control of the State legislature, and how that got stripped away in blue states, and assigned to the executive or judicial authorities, instead? They didn’t even bother with a Constitutional amendment to do this. All it took was for the Supreme Court to deny standing to other aggrieved States in a their lawsuit. Oh, and this was a breach, too, as the Supreme Court is tasked with deciding lawsuits between States (Original Jurisdiction), deciding them on the lawsuits’ merits, and unlike with other cases, not merely on the rectitude of processing of cases heard before lower appeals courts.

          Yep, AINO in spades.

      • Most of us feel the same away about NATO/Europe. What in the hell are we doing there?

    • Nonsense. Our military is fully capable. It’s impossible that all our service members will be pregnant at once 😆

      • Au contraire!

        Now that BOTH men and women can get pregnant, it is theoretically possible that 100% could become pregnant when the balloon goes up. 🙂

    • You’re forgetting our secret weapon. Maternity flight suits will increase our airpower dramatically, just like three black women got us to the moon.

    • And just what does the average working American gain by “projecting power across the Pacific”?

      • Nothing. But there are quite a few billionaires who do quite well selling out the heartland. Power seems to correlate quite highly with wealth. In there lies the rub.

      • Thank you 1000 times for mentioning Dresden. These loonies are already threatening the flyover country with nukes. Never forgive, never forget.

        • Godsdammit, edit button!!!

          This for the Dresden comment elsewhere-

          And, in reply to Bilejones, dominance of the sea lanes, the trade routes. For the Empire, not the nation.

          The last 500 years have shown that it’s the Whites who were first, almost complete in creating a truly global ethnic empire- that including the Russian branch too.
          What a juicy target to hijack.

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