People in the modern age tend to think of people in the prior ages as being primitive or unsophisticated in their understanding of the world. This is mostly a modern thing, something that arose along with science. Once man started to understand the material operations of the natural world, those prior explanations for natural phenomena started to look rather silly. One reason for the primitive – modern dichotomy is a sense of embarrassment that our ancestors were so ignorant.

The truth is, of course, those primitive beliefs about what makes the leaves change color in the fall or why certain people refuse to live by the rules of society were useful and often quite clever. Stories about nature not only helped people understand and predict natural phenomenon, but they also provided a moral lesson. One thing science is telling us is that people are natural story tellers, because we have a natural preference for abductive reasoning over indictive or deductive reasoning.

The primitive – modern dichotomy is not just a battle between rational explanations of the world versus beliefs about the world. Various forms of Christian belief, although not all, are modern relative to prior forms of belief. The Christian logic of man’s relationship with God is very sophisticated compared to ancient belief systems. It was a great leap forward that became a foundation of Western civilization. The belief that the world operates by fixed rules is an axiom of the modern age.

Christianity has been subject to the primitive – modern dichotomy by radicals since the French Revolution. With the rise of science, all religion has been gratuitously lumped into with privative beliefs. Ironically, this is a primitive belief itself, as humans are biologically wired to believe. Belief is one of the oldest modern human attributes that probably coevolved with language. Like language, belief facilitates knowledge by providing a way to efficiently containerize abstract concepts.

In this regard, radicalism is best seen a primitive reaction to the advance of our material understanding of the world. The French Revolution may have started as a reasonable objection to the aristocratic system, but it quickly led to the Cult of Reason, which looked like a Bronze Age pagan festival. Today we see the same thing, but the pagan god at the center is called science. People are wearing codpieces on their faces and using grimy canvas sacks because science.

Notice how the primitives are saying that the rush to the border is caused by climate change, rather than the infantile tantrums of the new President. It is not excuse making or a distraction, at least not entirely. The people saying this nonsense know that tens of millions of people believe Gaia is angry at our lawnmowers, so they are happy to heap their troubles on the goat of climate change. If we just repent, Gaia will relent and lift these terrible plagues from us. Oh, save us Gaia!

This is not just rank and file oogily-boogily. The people at the top of our society are more like shamans and soothsayers now. The high priests of Progressivism are blaming the Covid panic on climate change. It is no surprise that this stuff is belching out of Harvard, as it has been and continues to be the primary training ground for the high priests of the Progressive faith. Founded by Puritans, it is the most prestigious indoctrination academy of the Judeo-Puritan ruling elite.

The ruling class embrace of increasingly bizarre forms of animism is not without its amusing aspects. In less sophisticated times, the court would have had an astrologer or wizard to impress the court with magic and soothsaying. Today, the court magician is little Italian fellow named Anthony Fauci, who is better suited to play the role of court jester than court magician. Modern paganism has become self-parody but combining the clown and the priest into a single role.

Another hallmark of primitive thinking is the person charged with finding those responsible for angering the gods. Currently, the name for those in league with Old Scratch are called conspiracy theorists and the tool for unleashing sin in our community is disinformation. We now have “experts” charged with analyzing how Old Scratch uses disinformation to trick us into sin. The similarity between this bit of oogily-boogily and the use of spectral evidence in witch trials should be obvious.

Of course, you cannot have witch trials without some witches, and you need witch hunters to supply those witches. This is where the cast of dingbats and airheads employed by C-list news sites find their place. These otherwise useless people roam the countryside looking for “haters” who knowingly speak blasphemy and spread heretical thoughts. Instead of an actual witch trial, the mob goes to social media, points, and ululates at the sinner until they go away.

One of the more amusing witch hunters is a dingbat name Megan Squire, who is employed by a university as a full-time witch hunter. Her formal title is professor in the computer science department, but it would be more accurate to call her the chief inquisitor of the one true faith. It is a nice bit of irony putting a raving lunatic in the most rational of fields. Maybe Gaia likes a good joke once in a while. Regardless, Squire’s job is as an increasingly deranged witch-hunter for the Left.

Using the old primitive – modern dichotomy, it is tempting to think we are descending into a primitive madness. This age is riddled with people no better than wizards, warlocks and dervishes who would have easily found work in the most primitive of times, just using different jargon. Megan Squire would have read entrails instead of “data” to explain why the village boy is a witch. Instead of Gaia causing the plague it would have been, well Gaia. Some things never change.

The truth is though, human progress has always been a struggle between the rational and the irrational. When the rational and spiritual correspond, we see rapid advance not only in material knowledge, but in spiritual understanding. The so-called dark ages left us with the most stunning of architecture for a reason. When they are at odds, we get a war between the forces of light and the forces of darkness. Usually, the lie beats the truth, because the liars are better storytellers.

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146 thoughts on “Storytellers

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  2. This morning I took the fuse for the radio out of my Silverado. It was a glorious ,insightful day. I highly suggest it.

  3. The ideal and the real have an uneasy truce as old as humanity. Problems arise when one tries to dominate or deny the existence of the other. Especially in the case of when Idealism tries to impose its dogma by force upon Reality (here, meaning the outside, physical world).
    In this book
    The author, who shall remain nameless lest I wear it out, delves deeply into the overlaps, conflicts and such that religion, philosophy and science present.
    “In reality, there exists between religion and true science neither relationship nor friendship, not even enmity: they dwell in different spheres. Every philosophy that lets the religious comet gleam through the darkness of its last outposts renders everything within it that purports to be science, suspicious.” (Aphorism 110)
    Substitute “Gaia-worship” for “religion” and “Anthropogenic climate change” for “philosophy” in the above quote and you will be quite near the mark.
    Calling Dr. Fauci court jester may be accurate. But how many of you know that in history, the King’s Fool was at times a trusted counselor and confidante? At least in theory, the Fool was for entertaining guests and could say nearly anything without fear of reprisal, although this did not always work out in practice.
    The computer scientist/Inquisitress item is interesting. I’ve had an online run-in with someone very like that, an acrimonious exchange over alternative energy. The man was immature, to put it mildly. I read his other postings and it’s clear he was a highly intelligent man, probably an EE doing coding. Yet many of his claims were looney left. More puzzling were a few blunders any competent engineer wouldn’t have made. Lesson learned: high intelligence, training and (perhaps) even talent don’t exclude irrationality, even mental illness. Look up Ted Kaczynski’s bio if you need more evidence.
    The Lie often is preferred to Truth because men would rather hear an enertaining (or reasssuring) story, than the often unpalatable or let’s admit it, boring, truth.

    • I think it was Thomas Sowel (a Harvard graduate himself), who said,”behind every great American disaster, you can find a Harvard man”.

  4. This is why I trust no philosophers before the age of broadcast electronics, of neurology, of computing with its study of group behaviors, coding and programming. Poor Nietzsche went a bit daft trying to figure out the engine without knowing the mechanics.

    Yet not to detract from their valiant efforts! Trust the Whites, who alone, with their deep well and talent, gave us this knowledge, indeed who are the only combination that finally could solve for and create a tertiary layer, the Heaven. Yes, even the blonde Egyptian pharoahs can find credit.

    (None, not even the Semitics, have such a concept of Heaven, but us. Why should we trust them as holding the key, when they find no Heaven themselves? This earth only is their kingdom.)

    Gaia is solving for the spiritual black mold inside the greenhouse, as Gaia’s penultimate function is to form a seeding layer, the Heaven, to reach across impossible distance.

    The breeder-brained ferals and females are roiling as the mechanically-minded Whites fade. Gaia, once again, is driven to force solve for another successful combination to fulfill her Function- too long, much too long, should she lose the Whites.

    • A healthy society allows for a good mix of Idealists. The Poet, the Philosopher, the Saint, the Hero. A Blake, Socrates, Jesus, Achilles. It is when their proportion gets skewed that things fall apart.

    • Worked with enough McKinsey consultants to firmly believe it is the rare one that would step back and ask “is this a good idea”

  5. The world is too much with us; late and soon,
    Getting and spending, we lay waste our powers;—
    Little we see in Nature that is ours;
    We have given our hearts away, a sordid boon!
    This Sea that bares her bosom to the moon;
    The winds that will be howling at all hours,
    And are up-gathered now like sleeping flowers;
    For this, for everything, we are out of tune;
    It moves us not. Great God! I’d rather be
    A Pagan suckled in a creed outworn;
    So might I, standing on this pleasant lea,
    Have glimpses that would make me less forlorn;
    Have sight of Proteus rising from the sea;
    Or hear old Triton blow his wreathèd horn.

    • I did so in another posting. In his defense, his bio says that he is, in fact, a doctor of medicine, which traditionally in the USA merits the ttitle of “Dr.” much more so than our current first lady “Dr.”

  6. It was realizing just how dogmatic and intellectually primitive all the so-called scientists were that finally pushed me back to Christianity. I mean, if I have a choice between Gaea and Jesus, I’m gonna choose Jesus every time. Even God in the OT when His anger is kindled is preferable. At least I can understand why He would be angry, what with His chosen people constantly disobeying him…

    I mean seriously, just look at what science has been pushing on us. The Big Bang started the Universe? Ok, so what caused the Big Bang? Did it just happen, for no reason? Ok then, so what exploded then? I mean for something to go BANG you need something first, right? Where did that something come from?

    And don’t get me started on dark matter and dark energy. It’s just epicycles all over again. None of these cloistered theorists are willing to consider that their foundational models for how the Universe works might be wrong. And they call fundamentalists dogmatic!

    • engineering is the most reliable type of science. There should be a “I fucking love engineering” page on fb that shows REAL science.

    • Where does it come from? From the layered bones of what came before. Structured information is incompressible. Life, and how it spreads, adds the layer to those bones, the coiled spring against which the penultimate gravity well will compress until…until…Bang! And the next outward expansion will begin.

      100 billion years from now, in an exhausted Universe, when energy has lost its push, and relentless gravity begins the growing momentum of its pull, there will be, near the end, a tiny spark that flares for a microsecond, a moment lasting a lifetime, as it falls endlessly into the searing white light of the Core.

      That spark, crying out, laughing, will remember that it had once been a man or woman on Earth, and that this was the life it lived.

      • Edit: (in answer to your question) “…the next outward expansion will begin, imprinted with the mold of those bones.

        I remember! I remember!
        I remember!

      • The question that people would like an answer to is, where did the first material that you speak about, come from.

        Where did the uncaused first cause originate?

    • Big Bang isn’t a preferred model for the moderns sciencers. It aligns too closely with ‘spoken into existence’. They’d much rather it have always been.

    • The Big Bang was in fact the initiation of our simulation. The real Q then is, whose simulation is the simulator living in? Is it just simulations, not turtles, all the way down? God, the great simulator! Has he placed himself in a simulation too?

  7. “Harvard, as it has been and continues to be the primary training ground for the high priests of the Progressive faith. Founded by Puritans, it is the most prestigious indoctrination academy of the Judeo-Puritan ruling elite.”

    Actually, it’s the epicenter of evil in the western hemisphere.

  8. > With the rise of science, all religion has been gratuitously lumped into with privative beliefs.

    Just Christianity. Cutting off foreskins still seen as perfectly acceptable tradition.

    • You can thank Dr “corn flakes” Kellogg for that. The kook thought that by cutting off a baby’s foreskin it would prevent him from masturbating. Millions and millions of boys were mutilated because of this, often without the use of anesthetics.

      Male genital mutilation, processed foods, and meat substitutes making everyone sick and overweight, there’s no end to the evils that quack inflicted upon us.

      • Heh.
        Didn’t Dr. (crackers) Graham invent his food item to prevent self love as well?
        So much good science!

        • Yeah, the guy was absolutely obsessed with the thought of boys masturbating. Freud would have had a field day with the guy.

      • Dr. Kellogg didn’t enforce making circ standard procedure in hospitals paid for by routine insurance.

        Here’s the really, really bad part: no anesthesia, and the same material that holds your fingernails on attaches the foreskin. For a week old baby, its like… you get what I’m sayin’?

        The post-War mark of Shechem drove the Boomer men crazy, broke them, as it was intended to do.

    • Do you know how much a mohel gets paid? $10 plus tips.

      Don’t forget to….er…leave a gratuity for the waitress.

      • If you’re out of tips, just give her your endowment. If she doesn’t think its enough, you tell her she should be happy she got anything.

  9. The invention of language enabled Homo sapiens to pass wisdom between succeeding generations via verbal programming during the formative years of early childhood brain development (post-partem nurturing). Religious teaching is a successful mechanism for formalizing this knowledge transfer to ensure clarity, uniformity, and repetition sufficient to create a common culture. And all of this persisted because it “worked” in the sense that it was an effective means of enhancing the survive & thrive imperative of all living things. Most importantly, the wisdom associated with each unique culture was environment-specific. IOW, it was the wisdom that “worked” was what was needed in that locale. Obviously, the environments of Scandinavia and Sub-Saharan Africa are quite different, so the survival wisdom associated with each must also be quite different.

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    • Wow…she is an abomination amongst other tenured abominations. And she hates blacks (or some other non-white race) . Below is a Comment from the site you so kindly relayed: “This has been my worst professor so far at Elon, which has been a great university besides her. She seems to be so willing and joyously giving extra help to white students, but when a BIPOC Student (me) tries to ask for help outside class, she suddenly seems blunt, rude, and dismissive. As a person of color, she makes me feel unsafe.”

      • In the words of the great Sensei Kreese, “you’re a pushy little bastard…but I like that!” Either the person who left this review is thoroughly mendacious or it’s an inspired troll. If it’s the latter, I tip my hat. A great tactic to use against the enemy is to leave reviews, on appropriate media, that paint them as insufficiently committed to the cause. Make them spend time pondering how to win back the good graces of their BIPOC pets. While they’re busily engaged in that, they won’t be able to take aim at us.

    • But she is effective. She taking out one person after another . And there is nothing we can do. This is the problem that there is no ideas or willpower to fight back. So she can destroy one life after another.

  11. The flaw in these kind of arguments is that there IS not such thing as “Christianity,” only various denominations. Only one commenter below mentions specifically Aquinas, hence Roman Catholicism. Now, for an Evangelical Christian, the Roman Church is the mother of harlots, and no more than paganism, which means paganism is the source of science (which the Evangelical would indeed agree with).

    That Aquinas brought together faith and reason is likely because there was a rational person inside him trying to get out. To most Christians, historically, that “rational person inside” was the voice of Satan. The fanatics wandering around that “open air insane asylum called First Century Palestine” (Shaw or Nietzsche?) were neither interested in, nor good at, nor approving of, rational thought. Neither were Tertullian (“I believe it, because it is absurd”), nor Augustine, nor (to leap over Aquinas) Luther (“Reason is a whore”) nor Kierkegaard; nor the lapsed Catholic Heidegger (who admitted to Karl Lowith that he was “really a Catholic theologian”) who seems so oddly popular on the pagan “Dissident Right.”

    If there was anything promoting science in Christian doctrine, it was accidental, and effective only if used by rational people, usually in opposition to the Church.

    • To call the church that was founded by God, and is the voice of God horrible names is blasphemy you will pay for.

  12. Henry Adams captured this dichotomy in a chapter from his Education, titled, “The Dynamo and the Virgin.” In medieval times, Adams saw the Church symbolized by the Virgin, as providing motivating force, the power that energizes or attracts spiritual or intellectual lives. In 1900, modernity for Adams [the mind boggles at how he would perceive our time], technology, represented symbolically by the dynamo, has replaced the Church. Modern man believes in technology to the exclusion of all else. Given that premise, Z’s observation, “…the world operates by fixed rules is an axiom of the modern age,” carreid to its ultimate, logical end, makes one wonder just how enlightened we truly are, and more than a bit nostalgic for those good old Dark Ages

  13. For all of the accusations of how dumb/ignorant our ancestors were, the bedrock of the modern world was laid down in the time before widespread public education.
    Most Americans and Brits would probably be shocked to know that during the American Civil War there was already transatlantic instant communication via underwater cable from the US to Britain.

    • One of my favorite “did you know” items. Readers of Victorian literature know that Brits have four or five postal deliveries per day, more than enough for letters to go back and forth like email. Faster? Telegrams.

      Not fast enough? NYC had a pneumatic tube system that would shoot a message from the Battery to Harlem in seconds..

      • There are textiles mills going back to the 10th century still in at least partial service. The amount of engineering that went into building and operating them is nothing short of amazing.

        The thing that really unleashed the modern world is not so much technology as it was energy. The main source of energy to run the machinery was damned water. It’s not especially efficient, it’s expensive and takes a lot of land and in the end, you don’t get that much power. These enormous factories and grist mills and metal and wood shops had less power to use than the average car has in 2021.
        Once there was a good energy source available in the form of coal, we got the industrial revolution.

        • “The main source of energy to run the machinery was damned water.”

          No reason to take things out on H2O, mate.

  14. Maybe I’m just a contrarian but I often think the exact opposite of your first paragraph. When my Dad was in school, he had to study Latin and Greek and read the classics in high school. Now we teach remedial English in College.

    • That was a quip made famous by Joe Sobran; nonetheless, I am of that age and schooling cohort as your father and was beneficiary of similar tuition. Having not that long ago returned for a stint in the Academy, lecturing intro Western while pursuing an advanced History degree, I can only say, O tempora! O mores!

          • I also took Western Civ, but that was in the early 90s, and taught it as well, but that was in the early aughts. I figured it had been phased out since then.

        • Of course – insofar as Western Civ is presented as the fountainhead of raycism and all the attendent evils of the White Man.

          • My advisor prof. was a Brit and likely the sole conservative voice in the department. He was shipped out the year after I matriculated.

        • This was ca. 2010. And, to be clear, the ‘quality’ of writing in any given essay was akin to what might be produced from the proverbial room of 1,000 monkeys at typewriters–but without the benefit of infinite time.
          One anecdote. We had a chapter on Russia. As the cavernous lecture hall resembled nothing so much as a third world political arena, with the concomitant attention spans and cacophony, I used the din as a ‘moment.’ Dressed as I was in a cheap suit with a white shirt and red tie, I looked to Nikita and hammered the hall into silence with my shoe.
          Best lecture of the year. True story. Of course, other than my professor advisor, no one knew what the hell was going on.

    • This is why you see so much “diversity” in non-technical roles in technical departments within a company or tech companies. They have the piece of paper which was basically gifted them, but are completely lost and cannot do the work. The same is true for the SJWs. They are impostures. But it looks good for the diversity requirements of government or even contract work.

      • Typically the vibrants are hired into STEM departments to steal paychecks for a year or two.

        After that period they are rotated into project/program roles that involve nothing more than updating budget spreadsheets and updating project schedule charts.

      • do SJWs become SJWs because it’s an alternative to doing real work or is it usually preexisting.

  15. An aphorism comes to mind: After conversing with some “thoroughly modern” people, we see that humanity escaped the “centuries of faith” only to get stuck in those of credulity (Dávila).

  16. Ultimately, for most plebs science may as well be a religion. So many people take at face value ludicrous news articles and ‘studies’ without ever inquiring and using their own mind. They take it all on faith as much as the most devout musselman.

    The instance of the mask is (soon to be) the classic case. What real benefit can wearing the standard flimsy mask offer a person who is surrounded by many asymptomatic drones? Seeing that this is the most likely case, I’ll address it here. Next to none, as far as I can see. Those deadly, highly toxic and privileged particles coming out of one’s mouth and nose may not be ejected cleanly forward and downward – but they’ll just come out of the sides. The show isn’t worth the effort, but that’s OK in Clown World because, for a wokist, the show is always worth the effort.

    Now consider an individual coughing and sneezing like there’s no tomorrow. Sure, I can see that the flimsy mask is going to catch a lot of that goop, but plenty of those particles are just going to come out of the side. And you’ll want to wipe your face. And then you’ll want to rummage through the apples at the supermarket to pick some fresh ones.

    Yet we find ourselves in a world where people quote ‘studies’ at one another, I doubt many have even bothered to read them but, well, Clown World. Put simply, the comedy and farce of running from the (quite tepid) China Virus is too daft to even entertain. Yet here we are.

    Good article today, Z. And many, many thanks for last Friday’s show; I’ve only just fully listened to it. It was fantastic and has given me some great ideas for a couple of people who I think are on their way this way.

    • That’s at least partially because we have created this bucket we call “science” and then throw a bunch of stuff that works into it along with a bunch of highly questionable stuff into it. People look at the marvels all around us and think “science works” and then just assume that anything thrown into that “science” bucket is as good as all the stuff around us that just works and works well. If the light switch and masks are in the same bucket of “science,” well, then masks must work.

      • Yeah so much of the plebian understanding of science is the very antithesis of the scientific method–appeals to authority.
        Science itself is used as a sort of deified proper noun. “According to Science” ; “Science says __”; “I believe in Science”

        I internally cringe every time I hear the phrase “I just read an article about X that said Y” Nothing you can say can refute X or Y now. Never mind the article never linked to an actual study. Never mind that the article in question was written by 27 year old flake Fifi Buffington who knows dick all about X.
        It was a headline in the New York Times, so it has the stamp of authority on it. Who the heck are you to say otherwise? YOU think YOU are some kind of expert!?

        Politicians know its all about the headline. People won’t look into it after that. Like Obama touting the ludicrous “1 in 4 women are raped in college” study. I was in college at the time and looked into the study. It was old, technically an online survey and used the usual small sample sizes, faulty methodology, semantical fuckery etc.

        Then there was the old “98% of scientists believe in global warming” study which is still parroted to no end. (Again this was an online survey with faulty methodolgy etc.) Stop and think about that statement. What in the world does that even mean? Break that down for me. What are the logistics of this? All “scientists” believe this? Just climate scientists? Geologists? or ALL scientists?

        • My personal favorite is the appeal to bureaucracy, like peer-review or some government approval. Peer-review is a government program. If the field of electronics had been left to academics, we’d still be using vacuum tubes.

          They are stealing the prestige of engineers through association and wearing it like a cheap skin-suit.

          This is also why they latch onto things like the Nobel Prize. May of even meant something at one time. Now they just hand them out based on politics. Like Obama and Paul Krugman ever did anything useful for mankind.

          • Hey! At least Krugman had actually contributed to the field of economics. O’bozo was awarded the prize before he did anything – before he’d even had TIME to do anything. Not that he ever even did anything anyhow.

          • Peace prize, although it has the word “Nobel” in it, is an entirely different animal that the science prizes. Different committee, country, etc. Should not be discussed together. Peace prize is totally political.

    • “And then you’ll want to rummage through the apples at the supermarket to pick some fresh ones.”

      This is my favorite bit of Covid fuckery. The way everyone is so religious in the grocery stores about wearing their burka but then goes into the produce aisle and fondles those veggies like Biden going through a 5 year old’s birthday party.

  17. A good story is worth a mountain of charts and graphs.

    I’ve wondered for a long time what is our core story. “Equal rights for Whites” and other slogans pointing out discrimination against Whites work to wake up Joe Normie and keep them in their comfort zone of civic nationalism, but in the end, we need a story to create our own community or communities.

    I always come back to Steve Sailer’s definition of race: Race is an extended family.

    To me, our “story” is simple. I love my people because they are my extended family. And just as I want my own family to continue long after I’m gone, I want my extended family – my people – and its culture to continue long after I’m gone.

    As Z has noted, this is a positive identity, not a negative one. I wish no harm on other peoples, unless they wish my people harm. I don’t favor my people because I hate other groups but because I love my own, just as I favor my own children over the children of strangers.

    Our story is a simple one. If there are Whites who don’t see Whites as they’re extended family, that’s fine. They can live with those other peoples. But for Whites who do look their at fellow Whites as their extended family, we offer you a community where you can live among and be ruled by your own people, a place where you can be proud of your people and your past.

    We offer you and your family a home.

    • I believe that you’re correct, Citizen. Pointing out that it is a positive identity is also a very good thing to do, seeing that our enemies most certainly have only negative identities. Having a big white family is one great way to live this principle… I’m working on that right now.

      In fact your heartfelt comments, and the comments of so many frustrated and but determined people here always give me strength. It is a great shame that to someone like Megan Squire, this small, online and intelligent community would be maligned as hateful, toxic, too white or whatever you fancy. But that’s the reality we all know – and perhaps one of the drivers to try and, for want of a better term, make things better for our people. Our extended family.

      • That’s really the #1 thing our guys can do, is having very large white families and protecting the children from Globohomo brainwashing. (I don’t mean bubble wrapping them by that btw).

    • Your first sentence is exactly why all the statistical analysis of the election fraud was never going anywhere with normie.

    • Life’s tribal, always was, always will be, genetic. They try to educate it out of you, {jews}. Propagandize it out of you,{jews} Govern it out of you, {jews}, until you’re a brain dead, decadent, clueless TV shithead, Ironically, the jew is tribal, that;s why he obliterating your tribe. Wake up.

  18. Is this Megan Squire the same woman that featured in a post a couple of months ago? If so, I remember that xzhir was nominally a computer scientist and upon going to her page, and reviewing her research found out that she was actually a ‘computer scientist’.

    Whenever an individual waffles on extensively about data science and machine learning, I have often found out that they have used only a handful of Python libraries; the innards of which they understood not. One may argue that these people do not need to know how the innards work to do their job – perhaps they’re right. But the sanctimonious whiff of the empowered female data scientist is one that I’ve taken great joy in smacking down.

    Quite frankly, the only thing I wish to hear from Mx. Squire are her moans after an impromptu keel-hauling.

  19. It’s obvious that suppressing necessary drives has negative consequences. I’m Catholic but it’s clear a celibate priesthood led to high mortality rate via prostate cancer for priests and a lot of abuse. Also, since in the past priests were usually the most educated, it was dumb to not let them pass on their genes. With a more fecund priesthood in the past we would have more Buchanans and fewer Ginsbergs in our thinking classes today. That said, the suppression of religious impulses among leftists/progressives has undoubtedly led to something as nasty as the worst religious fanaticism in the past. “Drag Queen Story Hour” and Black Lives Matter (my buddy’s kids have it in their grade school curriculum) should be treated as no different than priests diddling altar boys. It’s satanic and if there is a God (I’m lapsed), I hope the bastards get theirs in this life and the next.

    • Priests were so celibate because Jesus was celibate. You can’t have two vocations. Jesus said that celibacy was superior to the married state.

      Dissidents go way too far with this “biology stuff”. European culture, which was perfected as a Catholic society, needs no help in producing individual geniuses by letting priest marry.

      • Jesus was also a strictly observant Jew during his lifetime. Are you suggesting it would be a good idea for Roman Catholic priests to follow His example in that regard? I think not. Respectfully, your contention is fallacious. The early church did not even have “priests”; it was not until the Emperor Constantine that a formal hierarchical structure emerged in which a full-time clergy could be accommodated. Bishops yes, deacons, yes–all free to marry. Moreover, it was not until the Second Lateran Council in 1139, when the rule was approved forbidding priests to marry. That was primarily to avoid squabbles over inheritance of Church property and sinecures. Finally, it was Paul who ruminated over a preference for celibacy, not Jesus, but that was when he was facing imminent execution and sex, or the forsaking thereof in this life was no longer a pressing issue for him. There is no reason for celibacy whatsoever.

        • IIRC, Paul thought that celibacy was best, but only if you had the discipline to maintain it. He had no problem with marriage and said it was better to be married than to burn constantly with lust. I’ve always wondered if it would have been better if the Catholic church had allowed young priests to marry and only make them go celibate if they wanted promotion, especially if the husband and wife were old and no longer so interested in sex.

          Then you’d be less likely to have a bunch of kiddie diddlers and sodomites taking over the Church.

          • Rando is spot-on here. Little good comes of emotional repression. Paul stated that a single, celibate life like the one he was following was preferable, but he acknowledged that he was in the minority.

            Too lazy to look it up, but I think it was also Paul who said that one of the hallmarks of the apostate church was the one that “forbade marriage.”

    • Oh, they sometimes passed on their genes. From somewhere in my Spanish Lit, I recall some wise ass author who said: “Priests always have nephews and nieces, never sons and daughters.” 🙂

  20. There’s an idea I think I got from Taoism that something taken to its extreme becomes its opposite. In the present case, extreme rationality has become irrational.

    The mechanism, if I remember correctly, is exhaustion. That makes a lot of sense to me. The idea that the interplay of opposing principles is a creative force makes a lot of sense. The dialectical universe, etc.

    • Couple of quotes from Einstein would seem to be apropos

      The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant. We have created a society that honors the servant and has forgotten the gift.

      The difference between stupidity and genius is that genius has its limits.

      Only two things are infinite, the universe and human stupidity, and I’m not sure about the former.

      Smart man, old Albert. Very smart man.

  21. A New Tomorrow (cont)
    Focus, focus, focus.

    Real hardship & chaos are coming, and the natural response of most people will be to strike out at whatever is handy as a demonstration of anger. As an example, see Antifa rage fits. Yes, the ensuing endorphin rush helps salve anxiety, but at the end of the day, nothing has been solved. The disease cells may be few in number and well concealed or barricaded, but they are still very much identifiable in this age of zero privacy. The root of the problem should become your sole & most serious focus. And the narrower the focus, the more manageable the problem is to solve. It’s time to switch off the amygdala and activate the cerebral cortex.

  22. As Charles Murray pointed out in “Human Achievement,” modern science followed St. Thomas Aquinas’ reconciliation of faith and reason. Soon you had Oresme and Buridan crafting what we now call the scientific method. See also Fr. Stanley Jaki’s books, such as “The Road of Science and the Ways to God.”

  23. Today’s left is just another play on Marx’s “Religion is the opiate of the masses”, only now it is his team that has taken the opioids. It’s almost without question now that the left, progressivism, whatever you want to call it is now a full-fledged religion. TPTB and their ((backers)) who are pulling the levers know full well that they serve as modern-day monarchs and high priests. Centuries may change, but people don’t.

    • I am no witty pundit, philosopher king, or warrior poet. I am used to smarter men than I write my faith off as oogily-boogily, and scoff at me for my belief in an imaginary sky daddy. I used to think that way myself. I was raised by them. The Red Pill was a staggeringly profound experience for me. One of the Left’s most spectacular successes was turning us against our Maker. Once they did that, turning us against each other was easy.

      Science and spirituality are two very different and very real things. We do the most harm to each other and ourselves when we try to combine them. Or if we dispense with one of them.

      • “To hate God and reality with all your heart, soul, and mind. This is the first and greatest commandment of the left. And the second is like it: hate your neighbor as yourself.”

          • And what makes this new religion even more dangerous is that it’s now fast becoming the (un?)official state religion. Brilliant. There’s no fighting the separation of “church” and state when they are one and the same. You either worship their god or your a heretic.

        • So pleased to see you making your presence known here. I read your blog most days, even though I frequently have difficulty absorbing your more nuanced insights. Your comment today is, as I would have expected, simultaneously glib (in the more flattering sense of the word) and profound. Before one can truly hate God and one’s fellow man, one must truly hate oneself.

      • Yeah, there is danger in eliminating science or spirituality, leaving just one. But there is room for co-existence. There is so much we don’t know or understand in both areas. Hebrews 11:1 defines faith and shows that we may have reason to believe the intangible. I’ve never seen heaven or hell, but I do know that science speaking to other “dimensions” may give us an answer to that. One area can help the other if we allow it.

      • Science just means -knowledge-. As late as the 19th century Catholic writers were using the phrase -the science of religion-.

  24. Thinking our ancestors as more primitive than us because of what we now know is ridiculous chutzpah. Human knowledge is a cumulative thing – everything we know today is because of what came before. You might as well criticize a newborn out of the womb for not knowing 2+2=4 (or 5). In a few years the child will be speaking one or more languages. It’s an accumulation of knowledge.

    That said, one could make a good case that our accumulation of knowledge is now being bastardized to the whims and fantasies of our supposed elite and a good portion of the overall population – to our obvious overall detriment.

    • Did you mean “obvious overall detriment” or “oblivious overall detriment”? Cause most of these soothsayers appear absolutely oblivious to facts and reason to me. Ever had a conversation with a true believing radical leftist? Neither have I because after the first sentence they call me a racist White supremacist and run away. Oblivious!

    • My ancestors were very smart. Can you imagine running a farm with no mechanical technology, electricity, accurate weather forecasts, or lights?

      It’s another part of the generational warfare mindset in the modern west. Rather than seeing them as equals in a different time period, we see them as primitive inferiors.

      Belief in the Bible is much more coherent than belief in “global warming” or “science” or “face masks”. Most atheists are degenerates and nihilists. In fact most of the greatest scientists were Christian fanatics. See Isaac Newton. God put us in this strange world and gave us the tools to explore and quantify it. And frankly even Jews and Muslims also have made scientific contributions. But not many atheists.

      • The earliest “scientists” were theologians following Psalm 19 and looking to the universe for insight into the nature and mind of its Creator. Few know it but the English word “glory” is used to translate the Greek word “doxa” which means “apparent”. To glorify is to make something more “apparent”, i.e. visible. I’m no sort of “Christian” these days but I did take 4 semesters of New Testament Greek.

      • If you imagine Leftists are fully in the tank for science, ask them about biologically based differences in intelligence among races, genetically rooted violent tendencies among Africans, and the scientific proofs of differences between the sexes. And, if you encounter a postmodernist, ask him about scientific claims to knowledge. He’ll inform you that science has no particular basis in “reality,” and that it is just another white, racist metanarrative constructed to render the Other inferior.

  25. Of all the hypocrisies in play, the most astonishing is that the left’s attempt to force its morality on the world is cloaked in the guise of rationality. And all the while its missionaries sneer at the tattered remnants of Christianity as so much superstition. The unrelenting ubiquitous nature of the left’s moralizing is on a scale unprecedented. Their worst fever dreams about Christian American in the 1950s or Victorian prudery wouldn’t approach the level of actual sermonizing the Western human of 2021 is subjected to. At home, at work, in stores, at the ballpark, you cannot escape being bombarded with admonitions to adhere to their religious beliefs.

    • The difference between the old Communist piety and the new version is that after the bloodletting, the Soviets quit caring whether you actually believed in their dogmas, as long as you outwardly mouthed the catechism and obeyed. Our new masters, much like their Puritan antecedents, aren’t satisfied with simple obedience, but with total conversion and belief. It’s not enough, it’s never enough for them to have forced obedience- they want total conversion.

    • “And all the while its missionaries sneer at the tattered remnants of Christianity as so much superstition.”

      Yes. Whilst they peruse healing crystals online and take yoga classes to encourage positive cosmic energy to flow unto their persons from the universe.

  26. Would be interesting to see a movie or even television show take on the ancient shamans and inquisitors of old and their practices and then cut to rest of the story showing our modern versions of them. The data scientist of today using the same techniques as Z described. The visuals would be very instructive for the mind numbed among us.

    I guess Fauci would be our shaman?

    • “The data scientist of today using the same techniques as Z described.”

      The clearest example of modern shamanism is the global warming narrative. Scientists are the shamans and priests who alone can interpret the signs of Gaia and then reveal these to the masses. These “signs” usually involve something esoteric and invisible called “CO2 levels.” It is this mysterious CO2 that we must sacrifice as tribute to the feet of our great Mother Earth.

      If we do not pay her enough tribute, she will either cast us into eternal winter, or raise the heating and plunge us into the Deluge 2.0. The great Temple for Gaia is the EU and the UN. They have a direct line to Gaia apparently.

      In the old days, you paid tribute usually in the form of crops and cattle. But everybody had to sacrifice something. The whole world depended on it after all! It was partially a propaganda thing, partially a control on the agrarian economy thing. Just like today.

        • Haha! I have a folder on my laptop entitled “Global Causes everything” Its filled with screen caps of headlines like these: “When Climate Change Starts Wars”; “Climate Despair is making people give up on life”; “150 Million people will soon become ‘Climate Migrants'”; “Migration, Immigration and Climate Change”; “Children find time in nature ‘distressing’, feelings of anxiety linked to climate change”

          These aren’t from little blogs at the far corner of the internet but mostly from MSM publications.

          • I think I saw an article somewhere about how climate change caused Covid. If I didn’t see it I’m sure someone is busy writing it as we type.

            I want to by Mr. Climate Change a time machine for his birthday. Then we can just say “climate change caused climate change”

      • It is interesting that you use what (I think) is now considered the old term: ‘global warming’. This is what we were taught about at school. At some point, it morphed into the all encapsulating term ‘climate change’… I wonder what the reason for the switch was?

        • Yeah that must have been a lapse in my thinking. Global Warming was the popular term I grew up with in the 90s to early 00s when I was a kid. It probably turned into “Climate Change” after all those darned predictions and “climate models” failed miserably. Instead of warming or cooling climate simply becomes volatile. Effective insurance on failed predictions.

        • I first heard the term “Climate Change” used to supplant “Global Warming” in Michael Crichton’s book, “State of Fear” (2004). The story was about a crooked industry/cult growing out of the hoax. He said the change was necessary so they could blame any deviations (+ or -) on the new all-encompassing term. I don’t know if he was prophetic or he had inside info that the change was coming.

          • I did not know that, I’ll have to look that up. That’s fascinating. I can’t recall myself when I first heard the change in terminology. He is/was definitely spot on in his analysis.

          • First I heard of the Greenhouse Effect and global warming was from the great 70s sci-fi flick “Soylent Green”. I won’t give away the ending but it’s a very cautionary tale indeed. TCM still shows it 2-3 times a year (for now). And mark your calendars – the year of SG was 2022!

        • Remember -acid rain-? I the disappearance of -acid rain- as a problem up in a chat group and a guy said, “oh, science solved that.”

          • Did he say that in earnest? Science may be the most powerful goddess in the modern pantheon. Almost as powerful as Equality, but not nearly as fierce and brave and beautfiul. That’s for sure!

            Now that you bring it up I can still see the picture in my grade school science book of a supposed statue eroded away from alleged “acid rain.”
            I also remember obsessions about the rain-forest depletion or some such. We had entire programs, school events and assemblies about rainforest and pollution when I was really young in elementary school.

            Man, the indoctrination really starts young. Its probably why, despite myself, I still say “Global Warming” instead of the new and approved “Climate Change”. They spent alot of time hammering that label into my skull as a kid.

          • The cartoon Captain Planet dates back to 1990. A 9 year old that year is now 40. No small number of them reside among the Cloud People, clinging to a cartoon version of science.

          • It’s easily for science to “solve” a problem that did not exist in the first place. Acid rain was one example.

        • sort of off topic but do you see a sort of overlap between global warming and the sort of health sciences that talk about things like “keto” and what not?

          • I’m not very knowledgeable about these things. I would have thought that the Anti-meat/Veganism and “miracle-meat” craze would fit more in line with the CCC (Climate Change Cult). Meat is costly, cattle take up space, and cow farts create far too much CO2 emissions.

            Just read the sub-headline of the article below: “Animal farts and poop are major contributors to global warming. It turns out we might have been underestimating just how much.”


            To me Keto sounds like just another fad-diet with the requisite marketing. There are so many diet-fads out there, you have to have a unique one that stands out. You have to have your own special set of esoterica. Ketones and their measurement sure seem esoteric to me. But I don’t have much of a passing knowledge on dietetics and nutrition.

      • Well said. Today, I posted elsewhere:
        People magazine for the Davos crowd, doing business as reports: “Fossil fuel demand set for rapid decline, IRENA says.” Apparently a group of unelected careerist groupthink virtue-signalling UN bureacrats can ordain how 7.5 billion people shall make their energy choices. Let’s see how that will work out! 🤣

    • I look at Fauci is as the court astrologer. He “looks at the science” and says what the boss hopes to hear. The primary goal of every court astrologer is to remain court astrologer. Fauci has outlived six ruler now. He’ll probably outlive Biden.

  27. We just found out that the recent incidents of blacks violently attacking Asians was due to “White Supremacy,” which is rapidly becoming the one-size-fits-all explanation for bad, scary things.

    • I think the thing that is going to save us is that Jews and Asians are going to bear the brunt of the assault from their new pets since they tend to be the nearest potential victims in LA and New York City. If they want to defund the police and then go for a walk outside, that’s their business and the lunatic violence is the consequence of what they wanted. So, let them enjoy the opportunity to make new friends. White people are almost never actually involved in any of this and so we don’t have to take any action about it. Personally, I don’t think white people ever wanted to police the Black community but was forced to by mind-boggling crime waves in the 70s, 80s, and 90s with the collapse of Detroit and Philly being the prime examples of the impact that the Great Migration from the South had. The only thing that keeps a place like Chicago going is the fact that the federal government pumps billions of dollars into it every year to keep it from imploding. We should just wash our hands of all of it and live our own lives and let these lunatics sort it out themselves. Black people have been encouraged to envy the possessions of others to the point of violent rage against anyone who has anything they don’t have. “White People” are just the first easy mark but in the end that urge to take everything from others is going to rain down on people who live in big cities hardest. And I say that as someone who lives in a big city. Most white people don’t. Most white people will just never have to deal with any of this.

        • Regarding labels such as “racist”. Been there, done that, got a couple of those T-shirts. Wise man (likely white) once said, ” Sticks and stones can break my bones but words? Meh, not so much.”

      • From todays NY Post:

        “Atlanta massage parlor shooting suspect Robert Aaron Long had passion for guns: report”

        I guess and a hate for Asians.

        Plot twist to get us all back on track. Asians and blacks must fear whites and guns. What is actually happening is NOT what is to be understood to be happening. Like usual, fascinating timing.

  28. Great column. Where’s John Dee when you need him huh?

    Speaking of our primitive forebears I’m reading a book called Memorize the Faith which is about the memory techniques of the medieval monks, specifically Thomas Aquinas who rediscovered them from the Greeks, and how they would build a Memory Palace in their heads where each room would have a bizarre theme and you would wander around the room and it would remind you of all the things you’re memorizing it’s unbelievably effective. I can’t recommend it highly enough

    • Horn, right? I think I have it on kindle, but I don’t remember…(snuffle!)

      But seriously. Memorizing is a really forgotten (snuffle) skill which is a detriment to our ability to think clearly.

      Its a totally different part of our brain, to memorize. I do a poem once in a while. I think I’ll do th Midnight Ride this spring!

  29. “People are wearing codpieces on their faces and using grimy canvas sacks because science”.
    Gold star Z Man

  30. Narrative always trumps reason. If this were not the case, there would be no religion. As Z points out, when religion and reason are in sync, wonderful things happen…Greek temples, Gothic cathedrals, etc. Too bad we can’t keep them in tandem. But narratives always enthrall the popular imagination. The truth hurts, and who needs pain? Not normie.

    • We’ll be tearing down the Lincoln and Jefferson memorials soon and erecting statues to George Floyd and Trayvon Martin on the “Hands Up, Don’t Shoot Mall”.

    • I still blame the introduction of vag into the public discourse. Out with women, and you will have more thinkin’ and less feelin’.

      Whatever comes after this current age, cannot include women in the public square.

  31. That’s why propaganda is so essential to any political movement, especially today. All of us are the stories we tell ourselves. That is the foundation of identity and consciousness itself. In the modern age, if you have control of the Media you get to tell the stories; you have control of the culture, and therefore the people. The biggest battle for the dissident right will be, has always been, forming a better narrative and cultivating it within a strong community.

    We will never “beat the libs with facts and logic.” We have truth on our side certainly, but we need to use it to create a proper propaganda, with better, more meaningful stories. And these stories can’t be merely reactionary, but positivist ones.

    • We should focus on building a positive identity. We can do this by emphasizing our people’s culture, history and heroes. Specifically, encouraging the study of these things like a religion. Imagine Sunday School but studying White European history, and being frank what we’re doing. That suggestion is good for building an exclusive identity and fostering group solidarity against outsiders.

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