Free To Choose

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In a modern prison, the prisoners are quickly conditioned to have a reason for everything when asked by a guard. They are prisoners and they have no freedom, so they need permission for everything. On the other hand, prisoners have a lot of time to work the system, so they get good at the rules. With the help of lawyers on the outside they hold the prison system to their own rules. As a result, everyone working in the system knows they need a reason for everything they do.

The prison is the ultimate expression of a world without choice. This is a thing to keep in mind when looking at what is happening in America. It is no longer acceptable to say “because I want to” when asked about a preference or choice. You have to have a reason for your choices. The sources of authority are the prevailing dogma on human relations or science, which is just another word for the dogma. Science has become a deity of sorts for the true believers of the modern age.

One example of how this played out was the homosexual marriage debate. The people pushing it flipped the debate by demanding to know why homosexuals could not get marriage licenses. All of a sudden, everyone was scrambling around for a reason to standby the default position of humanity. Since the official dogma asserted that anyone opposing the homosexual agenda was a bigot and therefore dismissed from the debate, there was no acceptable reason to defend natural reality.

The important part of that debate in regards to the permission society is how quickly normal people went along with it. Once the Left framed the issue as a question, normal people scratched their heads searching for an answer. They just assumed they needed a reason to defend biological reality. Critically, public opinion was no longer justification for maintaining normal marriage. A majority preferring to keep the old ways was not a good reason. Group preference was no longer acceptable.

Public policy is not the only area where choice is being stripped from us. In fact, having a preference is immoral. White women can no longer say they prefer to date white men, for example. That violates the official dogma. They need to find some other reason to not date outside their race. Something similar is being pushed with homosexuals and transvestites. Even the most intimate and personal of choices are subject to examination and you better have a good reason for them.

What kicked this off, of course, was the war on free association. In the quest for racial equality, white people were stripped of their freedom to associate with whom they wanted in daily life. If a white person chooses not to hire a nonwhite, they know they need to record an acceptable reason. If asked, they must provide this reason. The same is true of renting an apartment or asking about the schools. In the permission state, you are guilty until you provide your permission slip.

In this conversation between Christopher Caldwell and Andrew Sullivan, they discuss why many people oppose what they call globalism. Caldwell thinks it is because these people are not capable of competing, while Sullivan assumes these people are ignorant of the glories of diversity. There is an assumed lack of agency. The possibility that people simply prefer to live in more traditional communities is alien to them. There must be some reason that fits within the prevailing orthodoxy.

The prohibition on personal preference is a paradox of liberal democracy. In theory, the system is supposed to reflect the accumulated preferences of the people. That is the point of having an election. The people vote their choices, and the preference of the majority carries the day. The people do not need a reason to make their choices, because in a democracy the will of the people is the finale authority. That is the point of democracy, but now we are at the exact opposite position.

This is another great parallel between communism and liberal democracy. In the former, the dictatorship of the proletariat was supposed to result in the full expression of the public will but ended up with a dictatorship of a tiny minority. In liberal democracy, the election process and open debate are supposed to get consensual government, but in reality, it is something closer to a theocracy. In both cases, the ruling minority appears to despise those they rule but cloak themselves in moral authority.

It turns out that preferences and moral authority are conjoined. When moral authority resides with the people, in their traditions and customs, they maintain the freedom to choose within the broad outlines of those customs and traditions. Once moral authority shifts to some arbitrary ideology, then moral authority shifts to a tiny elite. A similar process happened with the Catholic Church in the middle ages. Church dogma replaced tradition and culture as the moral authority of the people.

That suggests the remedy for liberal democracy is a reformation. In this context, the reformation was about restoring moral authority to the people, by rooting their faith in their local customs and traditions. Lutheranism reflected the nature of the Germanic people, while Anglicanism reflected the sensibilities of the English. For liberal democracy, this means restoring national sovereignty, so that the will of the people can be expressed in politics and public policy.

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202 thoughts on “Free To Choose

  1. Homosexuals could always get marriage licenses. There was never any discrimination against them. They could always get married, and many did. They could not get married to someone of the same sex of course, but neither could heterosexuals, because that’s not what marriage was.

    Aside from calling anyone who dissented a bigot (which they always do), the Left’s winning tactic here was to frame this as a question of discrimination, shouting down the defenders of traditional marriage who did their best to point out that no, it wasn’t about discrimination, it was about the definition of marriage. The American people certainly had the right to redefine marriage if they wanted to — for example by allowing polygamy, an ancient and natural form of marriage that is forbidden for no better reason than that we choose to forbid it. But treating it as discrimination gave the god-kings on the Supreme Court the pretext they needed to impose their own moral preferences on the nation, because discrimination is the worst thing in the universe. I haven’t read Caldwell’s book yet, but I know that one of his theses is that the Civil Rights Act established a second constitution that is slowly strangling the first. I think he is on to something there.

  2. Without the experience of pain, the concept of pleasure wouldn’t exist.

    Prisons, physical and psychological, are monuments to our longing for and fear of freedom.

    Prisons symbolize the paradox of human/divine consciousness.

  3. 250K reads, wow! In Patrick Casey interview a question came in asking what a “straight man was”. Patrick Casey said it must be some gen x espression. I laughed. It occurred to me that if you’re in a room and you don’t know who the straight man is, you’re it.

  4. Stripping away the right to not care is the final transition from limited autonomy to unbridled totalitarianism. We took that final step years ago. The Digital Terror simply is the undisguised manifestation that has forced us to come to terms with how our society evolved.. Someone (kind of) suggested earlier “Woke” would now replace “Hollow” in T.S. Eliot’s signature poem. That is how I interpreted the comment, anyhow. It is a brilliant point if that was the intent…

    The Caldwell-Sullivan exchange is all the more jarring because they sort of understand the opposition to globalism and still will not acknowledge lives can, let alone should, be led differently from their own. As often is the case with Left, and I include these two despite their protestations, “diversity” is the opposite of what they want, which is total conformity. The Japanese cliche is the nail sticking out gets hammered in. The American Left is the hammer, and you are the nail if you do not subscribe to their weird religion.

    This actually happened decades ago internally within the United States, the leading exporter of Wokeism. While it is understandable to point to the Civil War as the flashpoint, the American South was under cultural siege by Yankee Puritanism from the first days of the Republic. Many years later, a similar assault was launched against Hawaiian culture which, against all odds and oddly, has started to flourish again. The only reason the hammer has not been taken out there yet is because it is hard to argue against Holy Minority and Holy Diversity when you actively promote both. In due time, the needle will the threaded in some fashion. Will Polynesians be deemed “White?” Maybe. Everything about the American South, from its food to its accent to its strong familial tradition, has served as a nail. The Yankee Puritan fears what has happened in Hawaii will happen in the South. It seems improbable but who knows.

    Caldwell and Sullivan, to note the obvious, are very mild offenders compared to the remainder of Globalism, Inc. It would seem, at least in the case of Caldwell, someone who wrote quite a good book on how the Civil Rights Act supplanted the Constitution would at least acknowledge the possibility globalism could go horribly wrong. Eventually events may force Caldwell and Sullivan to realize the Hell they helped create, but religious fervor is as powerful of a drug as the opiates Globalism’s initial victims consume. Many of those addicts live in the shadows of the same cities Sullivan and Caldwell inhabit, blithely unaware they exist. It would horrify them to learn they are nearby.

    The endgame from the Cloud People will be the attempted extermination of the Dirt People who have not been consumed by Globalism. The wind is at their back, unfortunately.

  5. A good example of this will be the Media focuses on an issue to create a narrative. Say they focus on 2 or 3 incidents with a Black man dies and they make sure it is a White cop although with Zimmerman they turn a Hispanic into Whitey to justify their hate. They say it seems now an avalanche of Black death is occurring due to cops. Washington Post itself show more Blacks death by cops back in 2015 than in 2020 when Floyd died. So the numbers facts are not that it increased in 2020 it decreased but the media focuses on it and brings it to the attention of the masses more which leaves the impression it happens more. Similar to the Asian attacks they blame on Trump now and tie it to the Flu rhetoric. Who says it happens more now it is just as Zman said they dont want that Chinese Bioweapon lab issues to be found out so they do what they media does find a new narrative for the day and focus on it like it is happening all the time now. Car crashes happen a lot more frequently than Plane crashes but around 9/11 how many people would have believed that? The media cannot even be trusted when it claims an event is happening more frequently now. Even the White supremacy hate is done by the ADL a notorious Anti White group that says Its Ok to be White fliers are considered hate symbols.

    • It’s not our country anymore. Why should we care what happens to it, outside of how its decline impact our people and our goals.

      • The more the usa declines, the happier I am for the world. I feel bad for illiterate villagers getting bombed in afghanistan, then the opium trade flourishes and they get forced to accept trannies and women’s rights. Lets the sand savages do their own thing, personally I couldn’t care less what they do over there.

        They fuck over the whole world (including working and middle (and upper middle- they don’t know it yet) white americans). Perhaps the only beneficiaries of globohomo are upper caste indians coming on h1B and the general chinese population. I suppose the welfare sucking aliens too, but they get that welfare at the cost of their culture and traditional heritage; look at Cardi B for instance. They’d all be happier in their latin shitholes.

        • Insofar as America is a sort of Wuhan lab concocting the globohomo toxins and poisons that also affect all of Europe and the Anglo sphere, it needs to be taken down a notch

          I hate to say it, I love my country, but it’s a poison factory, and western civilization is bigger than it and far more important — to me, at least

        • The only reason for keeping US military troops in Afghanistan is to protect opium agriculture and the illegal drug trade, whose profits are then used to bribe corruptocrats in DC. The key takeaway here is that a relative few greedy bastards with unchecked political power are perfectly willing to sacrifice young lives for profit and going on nearly two decades now.

          • are profits from the poppy fields are wholly owned by the see- eye- ay. black ops money.

            politicos are in the pockets of globohomo corporate money.

    • This combination of an aggressive foreign policy and indifference towards citizens is why some call the current regime the Globalist American Empire (GAE)

      I wonder how that acronym is pronounced…

  6. “The prohibition on personal preference is a paradox of liberal democracy. In theory, the system is supposed to reflect the accumulated preferences of the people. That is the point of having an election. The people vote their choices, and the preference of the majority carries the day. The people do not need a reason to make their choices, because in a democracy the will of the people is the finale authority. That is the point of democracy, but now we are at the exact opposite position.”

    Folks on the Right who like to point out “muh religion” as the answer to what ails us should note that this is essentially the Christian position. How many, from De Maistre onward, have bemoaned letting “the will of the people” have any role in society. The people’s will is depraved! It is iniquity! You must turn from your will and accept God’s will! Otherwise that voice inside you is Satan!

    Wokism is simply Christianity without God. “Liberal democracy” was a brief island of sanity and Progress btw Puritanism and Wokism.

    • Woke:
      “What’s your justification for opposing homosexual marriage?”

      “Is your will justified?”

      • I don’t see how people who want homosexual marriage and those who find homosexuality viscerally intolerable and objectively unhealthy can co-exist.

          • When I first encountered this sort of PDA I, for whatever reason, felt more anger than revulsion. However, I don’t believe that these guys were meant to be provocative, so I let it slide after a few seconds. Nowadays, I’m more likely to be subjected to such showing-off from public figures, where the newly-elected public official smooches “her wife” or “his husband.” In these latter cases, there seems to be an implicit message of “suck on it” directed toward us alleged ‘phobes. Usually I react to these antics with momentary anger, followed by eye-rolling disdain, and finally with resolve to vote against said candidates or to contribute to their opponents if they’re out of my bailiwick (e.g., Michigan).

          • I’m with the guys in that study. Stuff like that flat out turns my stomach – and I’m a “Live and let live.” kind of guy! Nice to know I’m not the only one who is affected in that way. Actually, blatantly, swishy gay guys creep me out. Am I the only one?

    • James, I agree that there is a utopian, totalitarian aspect of some Christianity that could conceivably be a problem.

      But do you want to live in a world where all is permitted? If not, how are you, in principle, different from the Christians you criticize? Perhaps you would allow a broader range of personal choice?

    • It’s just a way of talking. A personification, a personification of a people and a folkway.

      Both O’Meara and his detractors are correct- either way, it’s a show of presumed force, a demand for submission, as in “we outnumber you, we are greater than you, you damn well better get our permission.” As if the person making the demand spoke for the greater power.

  7. I started to see much of this happening years ago, even among smart people on our side, where every opinion had to be backed up by facts as if life were a college term paper. It was an effect of so many people going to college and, I think, a way to separate themselves from the non-collegian. It was prevalent on the “far right”:where if you didn’t like ((())) you had to buttress your reasons with references to K Macdonald. And if you had a problem with blacks, you had to recite the endless FBI crime statistics.

    People who know me know I have always had a problem with this way of thinking. If you believe something, just say it and have the confidence in yourself to not have to find some quasi academic justification for it.

    I know and I understand the desire to always come across as a person who is formally educated, but as Z wisely notes, it’s a prisoner’s way of thinking.

    • I was supremely guilty of this. It’s one of the things you’ll notice on the comments board for Steve Sailer. No one can just say, “Because this is how I want to live.”

      A similar thing is when you decide that you have a people and you want what’s best for that people. No need for explanation. I mess with commenters on Sailer with the simple question: Who are your people?

      They won’t answer. Try it sometime. CivNats have no people, just relationships. (The Jewish commenters at Sailer won’t answer because it forces that to admit that they’re playing the others for fools.)

      • I’ve always been opinionated, and raised among boisterous people, so it’s easy for me to avoid that academic trap. But I think it’s important to point it out to others nowadays because we can see how it hamstrings our people.

        But perhaps it’s a stage we all must go through

        • Likewise. Growing up I drove several teachers crazy because of my instinct to question and dismiss. But truthfully, and maybe it’s my advancing age, it was a great relief to realize that those struggles aren’t required. That I can justify the things I want because, in the words of our host, “I live here.”

          • “I live her” doesn’t work. Spicks, niggers, chinks, dot heads, etc., live here now as well. CivNat dream.

            Jews have always had the right answer, “Is it good for my people?”

          • Just wait for us “vaccine” skeptics to be labeled anti-vaxxers who are not only a major threat to ending the scamdemic, but cruelly putting our fellow citizen’s lives at risk. It’s coming – and no amount of “most who get it don’t die, the vax confers no immunity, it doesn’t stop the spread if one should get it after the vax and NO ONE knows what the long term risks or consequences of this garbage will be, will convince the covidians.” Being White AND a vax skeptic will make us yuge targets in the coming months. The social pressure to vax will be immense.

  8. Z said….
    “One example of how this played out was the homosexual marriage debate. The people pushing it flipped the debate by demanding to know why homosexuals could not get marriage licenses. All of a sudden, everyone was scrambling around for a reason to standby the default position of humanity. Since the official dogma asserted that anyone opposing the homosexual agenda was a bigot and therefore dismissed from the debate, there was no acceptable reason to defend natural reality.”

    The “debate” was never really about marriage. The debate was whether or not homosexuals had a right to openly exist among us. Once that “debate” was lost by the cucks who never bothered fighting it, the gay marriage thing and ‘my two dads’ “adoption” was only a matter of time.

    The same is true of trannies today. There is no use debating whether or not they can play sports on the women’s teams or even pronouns. This “debate” has already been lost and it was lost the moment we decided trannies had a right to openly exist and walk among us. It is only a matter of time before “conservatives” are defending the rights of adult men to play sports with little girls.

    Our grandparents were correct when they made this stuff outright illegal. Now we have made it a serious felony to commit a crime against them allegedly motivated by “hate”

    • That women don’t see the tranny thing as the ultimate expression of misogyny really baffles me

      I’m always hearing from feminists and even normal women “don’t objectify us, we are people not objects”

      Well, here is a man who is basically saying that to be a woman is nothing more than to wear a dress. It reduces them to a mannequin one dresses up at the department store. And with trannies competing against girls in sports, that is the ultimate humiliation. Essentially it’s men mocking them for their physical inferiority. But not a peep from the womyn.

      I guess if “misogyny” is not boldfaced and obvious like with Andrew dice clay they don’t see it.

      Yes, they really are not very bright.

      • The TERFs seem to have issues with the trans crowd on that basis.

        The problem is that there is so much money and influence behind World War T that the TERFs have largely been shut down.

      • You mean Andrew Clay Silverstein? Not as catchy sounding

        The whole objectification thing is comical. What men do is the opposite of objectification. They are only thinking of them in a sexual way because they are human. Nobody has fantasies solely about an car of spoon or any other object.
        But everything feminists write or say is meant to mislead and deceive.

    • I’m sensing some intersectionality here. It was already a failure of public will to create and enforce “hate laws”. Prior to our “modern” age, the public would have never considered adjusting penalty based of unknowable “inner thoughts” of the perpetrator, nor particularly give great deference to the victim’s “feelings” regarding the crime.

      An objective justice system depends upon observe criteria and equal punishment.

  9. I just read Dostoevsky’s _Demons_. There’s this famous scene in the book where the cell of nihilists gets together and one guy, Shigalyov, pulls out his political treatise on how to fix everything. It involves enslaving almost everyone.

    “I got entangled in my own data, and my conclusion directly contradicts the original idea from which I start. Starting from unlimited freedom, I conclude with unlimited despotism. I will add, however, that apart from my solution of the social formula, there can be no other.”

    Big solutions work like that, and America is a big-solution, utopian place these days. We’re not voting our way out of this.

    • What a prophetic work DEMONS is! Written less that 150 years ago and it been actualized twice.

      Several people in my circle have mentioned in recent years how they feel the evil flowing through everything. DEMONS captured that feel. Those who describe the book as “satire” really miss the point, don’t they?

      • Yeah, satire. How weird, for me anyway, to read a book where the author is just like, “Yeah, here’s what all these murderers are thinking.”

  10. Z via Taki: “It could be true but is most likely false. The game is to figure out what the lies mean.”

    If it’s ever slowly dawned on you that someone in your life is a liar & conniver, that quote perfectly sums up how you end up having to deal with them. Problems arise when you’re the only one who realizes the guy is a bad-faith actor. (Or at best has no credibility). Then everyone thinks you’re an asshole because you doubt him, or won’t go along with his program.

  11. I was never worried about the whole “gay marriage” thing. Mind you, when all that nonsense started I was a dyed-in-the-wool, born-again, every-time-the-doors-are-open Christian in a very conservative non-denomination. I just could not, for the life of me see how it hurt me. If two adult males or two adult females wanted to have a ceremony and declare themselves “married” who the hell was I to naysay them? To paraphrase Jefferson, I could not see how it either broke my leg or picked my pocket. But then I am your basic “live and let live” kind of guy. You do your thing in your back yard and I’ll do my thing in my back yard and so long as what you do in your backyard doesn’t slop over into mine we’re golden. Unfortunately, these days it is increasingly apparent that I am committing some sort of heinous offense simply by virtue of being alive and HAVING A BACKYARD AT ALL!!! I’m with Rodney King. Can’t we all just get along?

    • This is the essence of the failure of libertarianism. In principle, “live and let live” is a great code of conduct in any civil society, but in practice, authoritarian rule cannot coexist with live and let live. It must, in order to survive, impose its will upon the masses, no matter how insane the current dogma becomes. Nor does live and let live work when the authoritarian rule inevitably evolves into tyranny; simply because standing on the sidelines just gets you dead quicker. And whining is almost always the first reflex reaction of the stupid, and this malady should actually get your DNA purged ASAP in a healthy ecosystem.

      • Live and let live might be OK as your personal moral guide, but it is no way to run a nation. “Live and let live” also assumes there is some set of agreed upon rules which the other will (is) follow(ing).
        Live and let live is the cry of the freak who is alone and isolated. But he will only say “live and let live” so long as saying it is furthering his cause. Notice how they NEVER say “live and let live” about us. It is the Taquia of the progressive.

      • Libertarians are moral people- otherwise they wouldn’t be libertarian.

        Others, however, are not. How then to deal with the cheaters?

    • They didn’t want to break your leg or pick your pocket, but they did want to groom your kids. And now we are all compelled to call them stunning and brave while they do so.

      • They’re free to dress up, hire a florist and photographer, and have a play ceremony ever single day if they want.

        When they were given legal backing by the government, is when they gained a claim on other people’s kids and money for spousal survivor benefits (to pay for the AIDS treatment- what they originally wanted, btw.)

    • That’s the lie about these kinds of things. “What do I care what two men do in their bedroom, doesn’t affect me!”

      But it does. It means fewer kids, that husband and wife raising kids is no more important than two men playing house, a dying society, more diseases, an uglification of the world around you, less happiness around you, etc etc. and one can go on and on and find example after example.

      I’m saying “you” rhetorically btw.

      Same goes for anything where people say “not my business what people do in private”. Yes, it might be nice if life worked like that. But it doesn’t.

      • It never fails. Anytime you hear the line, “Why should it be illegal? It’s nobody’s business but mine!”, you can be pretty damn sure that if you assent to legalization, their business is going to become your business in a big, big way, whether you want it to be or not.

        These days, my response is, “I agree it’s nobody’s business but yours. And in the interest of making sure it stays that way, I support keeping it illegal!”.

    • It is the singular sin of our times that very many of us cannot work up a hatred of a thing that is designed to destroy our people. But, hey, if some guy wants to violate child on video and share it with other perverts, well, how does that pick my pocket, amirite?

      It’s despicable.

      • Rights are protection from social predators- cheaters abusing the common moral code.

        Pedos: equal rights for children (rights have no age limit)
        Habitual abuse: (the same)
        Abortion: equal rights for unborn women

        Of course, this means acknowledging biology. Anyone trying to muddy the issue is a selfish cheater, another violation of the social, moral code- and that must be pointed out, forcefully. We all have a right to defend ourselves and our own.

  12. The Reformation was a bloody affair that gutted Europe. And we won’t break the elites death grip on society without a fight. A fight that most Whites will not do. The Lock downs have shown that Whites are basically sheep when local mayors can pull arbitrary laws out of their asses and have their White thugs impose them at gun point.

    From here on out it will only get worse for straight Whitey and the family. What has happened in Canada and Britain will happen here. As there is no one here to stop it. Whites have ceded everything to the elite. Again the Lockdowns have shown you can take White peoples jobs, homes, and livelihoods and they won’t even protest.

    • Right?

      You’d think people in the restaurant, hospitality, and performing arts would be in the streets constantly.

      Instead, nothing.

    • “Whites have ceded everything to the elite. Again the Lockdowns have shown you can take White peoples jobs, homes, and livelihoods and they won’t even protest.”

      this is a positive thing in its own twisted way

      if the elites kept the whites fat they would have wiped us out without a fight

      desperate whites will have to fight back eventually, they just need to experience pain and hunger first

      a human manifests differently when he realizes he has no future on this floating crap we call planet

      • Right now alot of young white guys have given up. Many of my peers are living in their parents basement working a minimum wage job. Alot of older white boomers shrug their shoulders.

        So far our response is largely despair or willful ignorance. Not all of us, mind you, but most.

      • I used to feel this way. Increasingly, however, I’m concluding that the overwhelming majority of whites will settle for being exterminated. The meek acquiescence to the Kovid Kaptivity has shown me what a weak and pathetic race we’ve become.

        • “I’m concluding that the overwhelming majority of whites will settle for being exterminated.”

          there won’t be any successful organized resistance against what’s coming, but the whites who will survive the future onslaught will become hardened, stronger, better people.

          also, let me make a prediction:

          when shit hits the fan in anglo america, millions of whites will go to the southern border and run to mexico and to other south american countries where they aren’t being persecuted. When small hat socialist systems take over freedom loving citizens abandon their countries.

          • The small hat socialists and their systems should be purged by freedom loving citizens, but sadly, in no way, shape or form does this appear to be a likely outcome.

        • This is a reply to both comments. Unfortunately you seem to be right. As much as I wish it was #3.

          Most of them have houses paid off by their boomer parents. They’ll just live as shut-in drug addicts until they die. I wake up angry and ready to go every day, not just for our stuff but I have some chutzpah for life in general. Most of our people lack this. Idk what to say. It’s tragic. Maybe we were always like this idk.

          The #2 group, well there’s thousands of white homeless in toronto, jogger crackheads and white hobos actually get along fine when there’s nothing to steal. Either way many of our people seem to be fine being homeless and on drugs rather than being poor yet keeping their dignity and planning for a greater future, like a certain AH .

          • If the elites get their way with things like mandatory vaccination to keep a job it will be impossible to just knuckle down and live sober and poor with dignity. They won’t stop with vaccines either. Eventually it’ll be mandatory brain chips and psychoactives (good luck with the “sober” part after that). Eventually there will simply be no private realm. You will have no dignity but you won’t miss it because your doped up and probed up brain won’t be able to form the concept. What’s that the Great Resetters say? “you will own nothing (even your own mind and body) and you’ll be happy”. They just leave the part in the parentheses out so they don’t alarm the rubes.

            There will soon be, if there aren’t already, a whole new kind of hobo. He won’t be a drunk or a psychotic, he’ll just be a guy, often a very intelligent guy, who can’t legally work because he won’t accept whatever New Normal the elite is demanding because of the latest “Supreme Existential Threat” that CNN is drumming into the empty skulls of the masses. I’ll probably end up this way if my plan to escape The Hive and find a safe redoubt fails.

            By the way, I don’t actually believe this will come to pass. The attempt to create this evil utopia itself will drive us to one of two fates. There will be either rebellion and the destruction of the ruling class or the unanticipated consequences of simultaneously performing so many radical social experiments using unprecedented technologies will cause our whole civilization to fail, perhaps quite suddenly.

            The rulers see themselves as brilliant technocrats dragging reluctant peasants into “the future” but as the last year or so has made clear, they are bumbling, ham-fisted idiots. I agree with some of the posters above that so far, no one, white, brown, or any other color, has shown any great courage or resistance to this new tyranny and watching so many people cuck is depressing. This Slave New World of ours is only just past its first birthday though. It will likely be from that new army of sober hobos (Sobos?) that salvation – or destruction, will come.

    • “What has happened in Canada and Britain will happen here.”

      The US seems much worse than either of those countries-America is the vanguard for post Western collapse. Critical Race Theory, Political Correctness, Disparate Impact, Eradicating Whiteness, all sprung from the US.
      If you look at social metrics like suicide,drug addiction,self harming, or mental health, the US is generally the worst performing in the OECD.

      • You are correct that no place is as much to blame as America for the destruction of Western civilization. We are the dynamo of the West’s doom. However, the intellectual mainspring of this lamentable condition is–chiefly French–poststructuralism. America didn’t come up with the regnant Satanic ideology; it borrowed it from the French and put it into action.

    • Much as I’d like to believe when Johnny Law comes for the guns of white people – then the caca will really hit the fan. However, I suspect no small portion of the +/- 350 M in existence will be surrendered, with the vast majority remaning holstered and/or safely locked away – all whilst a trillion rounds of ammo collects dust.

      • They won’t come for the guns, but what they will do is make it so painful to own them or use them that everyone keeps them hidden in the attic forever.

        Basically they will ignore you until you shoot a couple of joggers breaking into your house – and then you go away forever on a couple dozen Federal firearms charges. Your neighbors see this happen, and suddenly they are more than happy to turn their guns in to the monthly buyback.

      • That’ll likely be the real test – if they actively come for the guns. If that doesn’t shake a substantial number of 2A folks out of their torpor, nothing will. There has to be a hill upon which you make your last stand come hell or high water.

    • Alot of you have nothing good to say about your own people. The Whites I know are’nt fuckin sheep. Maybe you should be less sanctimonious and try to lift up the people you’ll need to survive.

  13. For a different take on the Reformation period, see the works by Hilarie Belloc. The problem today is, although the Catholic Church is the last to maintain not just abortion but contraception are mortal sins, it doesn’t enforce those dogmas. So the birth rate for all but the most conservative/orthodox Christians keeps dropping at the same rate as secularists, now well below replacement.

  14. Is it true if you live in a neighborhood with a home owners association and they prohibit you from displaying the American flag?

    I don’t understand how a non-governmental organization can over-rule your Constitutional freedom of speech and/or expression.

    • The Constitution has been replaced by the Civil Rights Acts.

      Free speech is dead. Especially for whites.

      • Has nothing to do with that. It’s a lack of guts and collective action by whites in the neighborhood to tell some wannabe jackboot to FOAD and making his or her life if they refuse to step down.

        Whites are basically atomized sheep.

        • Collection action by whites qua whites has been criminalized. The lack of guts, a problem that began soon after WWII, is what allowed white collection action to be criminalized.

      • Btw Ostei, been meaning to tell you lol

        But the last thread did not allow me to reply directly to you going back to a cooking discussion a few days ago

        But yiu can find a cheap bottle of Barolo for $8-$14 at Trader Joe’s or places like that. Not the greatest of course but fine enough for cooking.

        Bon appetit !

    • My understanding is that if the HOA is deed mandated then membership is compulsory and it is effectively another layer of government. The only power busybodies like that have is civil suits and that is wholly dependent upon the local courts. I was a member of the local HOA right up until it decided it was going to spend my annual membership dues to fight the city of San Antonio’s intent to annex us. I tried to tell the hot headed nitwits that if the Dominion (i.e. the area where multi-multi-millionaires like George Strait, Tommy Lee Jones and David Robinson live and where there are homes worth more than our ENTIRE SUBDIVISION) couldn’t stop it from happening what chance did we have? I told them they were welcome to piss on a forest fire if they wanted to but all they were going to do was get their peckers singed. Note: Under Texas law a municipality does not need the request – or even the permission – of a majority of property owners in an area to annex it. All it takes is a.simple majority of the town council.

      • Note: Under Texas law a municipality does not need the request – or even the permission – of a majority of property owners in an area to annex it. All it takes is a.simple majority of the town council.

        Sounds like the fight should start with that law.

        • Sounds like the better option is not to live in a neighborhood with a home owners association.

          Or is that no longer possible? Only asking as nothing like that exists here.

          • Yes, it’s easy to do. I don’t have an HOA, but the law I was talking about wasn’t about HOAs, it was about cities annexing neighboring territory without even requiring the consent of the people to be annexed.

          • It is difficult in many areas. The local authorities, city or county—sometimes State—have the final power to authorize/approve the building of communities/neighborhoods on newly platted lands. They require the builder to establish an HOA before building starts and that HOA is binding upon you simply due to fact it’s attached to your deed! So many of the so called “rights” you think you have under the Constitution are in essence waved or not applicable under a voluntary non-governmental association.

            That being said, not all HOA’s are the same wrt rules and here most HOA’s expire in a decode or two and require a vote of the residents to extend them. I have yet to live free of them, but the experience is varied—from obtrusive to lost non-existent.

          • The HOA is the white suburbanite’s attempt to keep the riffraff out of his neighborhood by making it annoying and expensive to live there. Freedom of association by other means.

          • And it’s totally useless against the new influx of Indians and Chinese flooding into every suburb. The silly rules are nothing for them and they have money / don’t commit violent crimes.

            That’s why in the long term whites need to be explicit about their identity.

          • The HOA wasn’t organized until several years after all the lots in the subdivision had been sold.

    • The more egregious civil rights violations are outsourced to private entities here, Karl. The Rule of Law and constitutional republicanism are as meaningless here as the phantom rights the Soviet constitution offered its people. Kabuki freedom is maintained as a pretext to manage the world. In a few years even that fraud will end. Europeans should be terrified by what is underway here.

      • Karl, just to amplify Jack’s excellent response – my apartment complex is a good example of this. Way back in November the empty headed women who run this place, perhaps with help from the management company’s lawyers, decided that our evil Queen’s edicts about masks meant that we all had to wear them in all the common areas of the place. This is, of course, nowhere in the lease we signed. What is, though, is some broad, expansive clause about how they can post any signage they want and whatever nonsense they write with their crayons becomes part of the lease. So… does this mean the wammen can require that all the men wear dresses because… sexism or something? Well, not just yet, though who knows what the rules will be here in 2024 or so. This is how everything works in America. Whenever you do anything more significant that buying a loaf of bread you sign a long document that dissolves all your supposed rights in a vat of Talmudic gibberish. Of course, you can take these matters to court, but no one who has the money to do that needs to live in shitty apartment buildings either. Basically, you need to be in the top 10% of wealth (not income) to have any real, defensible rights here. This is why anyone who even halfway “makes it” in this place keeps a lawyer handy and people who want to bluff about being a big shot will yell “you’ll be hearing from my lawyer about it” as they storm off after some dispute. Basically, if you’re rich enough, if you actually need to rent a place, YOU write your own version of the lease, hand it to someone named Silverstein and he rewrites it in official Hebrew. Then he and their Silverstein have an MMA match to decide what part of your terms and what part of theirs are in the final document.

        If you want laws that insure justice and fairness for you, you need to write them yourself. Our corporate masters understood this before anyone else and is why we have a parliament of whores who vote for laws that are written for them by corporations that they don’t even bother to read.

        Of course, some places, like Oregon where we live, are much worse than others for all sorts of tyranny, petty and grand, private and governmental. So this fall we’re exercising one of the last freedoms we have and leaving, probably for Texas, Montana, or Tennessee.

        I’m not sure this will matter but it seems better than staying here at the moment. America just sucks in general though. You can’t really get away from the rot. My hope is just to be in a place that will be tolerable after the whole thing finally blows itself apart.

    • Same with the “they’re a private company” schtick- as if organizing as a legal fiction places one above the Constitution and Bill of Rights.

  15. I would argue that we live in a mandarin-ocracy, not a theocracy (and yeah, definitely need a better term than that). I often say that Lefties are Hollow Men, after the TS Eliot poem — “paralyzed force, shade without color,” etc. In this case they’re moralizers without morality, since their “deepest personal convictions” can change at any time without warning, school of fish-style, and the thought of they themselves following any of the rules they impose on the rest of us never once crossed their tiny little minds. Instead, they live according to The One Right Answer on the standardized test (which is of course randomized to prevent cheating), and the sum of the rest of their “education” is learning to write eight-legged essays with copious citations from the Five Books to back it up, whatever it happens to be.

    • The lockdown showed they need no real justification to impose arbitrary laws upon the proles outside of having some sadistic white men with badges enforcing their dictatorial fatwas.

      For all intents we’ve already regressed to a form of rule by warlords when local pols can do this stuff without fear of the Feds, courts or voters slapping them down hard.

      This refusal of whites to not even lift a finger in protest will only make things worse.For silence is seen as approval by the budding tyrants.

      • I constantly see endless disavowals of the use of violence in the right.

        I tried to tell them, to no avail, that all they were doing was advertising to their enemies that anything could be done to them with out fear of reprisal.

        • Much of the right has very changeable personal convictions as well. The conservative movement has, per the clichés about it, followed the left the whole way on homosexuality: once condemning it, then accepting it, then seeking the approval and support of homosexuals.

          • And yet the right somehow still tries to make noise about “degeneracy,” “values” and “morals.”

          • Yep. When I started out in University, homosexuality was still listed in the American Psychological Disorders manual as a psychopathology. Today I am scolded and considered an extremist—in conservative groups no less—when I state bluntly that “trannies” are “demented” and psychologically disordered and should not be allow in positions of authority or influence (such as public schools).

            Indeed, I have been challenged to explain why the Public Health Director of Pennsylvania can not give good public health advice while wearing a wig, makeup, dress, and demanding to be referred to as “her”. I don’t take the bait. I simply repeat that “he” is a mentally disordered person and should be under professional care for his disorder—not treating others.

      • That’s “rule by the worst.” Mandarins aren’t the worst, by a long shot. They’re necessary, in fact (one of Imperial China’s big problems was being *under*-bureaucratized). I’d say it’s more like rule by REMFs. Supply pogues are vital to the mission, but they can’t RUN the mission. The mandarins must be managed, or else you get the whole empire being run by palace eunuchs.

        • “Mandarins aren’t the worst, by a long shot.”

          I’m really not so sure about that. I knew what kakistocracy meant when I typed it.

  16. This is an interesting analogy. Much of Luther’s impact is widely attributed by historians to the invention of the printing press. The implication being that his ideas and criticisms were compelling and only needed the improvement of information technology to create a revolution challenging the legitimacy of the Catholic Church in its occupation of the 1st Estate. I’ve read more about how this played out in England and my understanding is that the Anglican movement was mostly about replacing the hierarchy of authority and less about challenging the fundamentals of the religious moral framework provided by the Catholic faith. This didn’t go far enough for a lot of English people and they joined more radical Protestant sects which created a second, more bloody and destructive ideological revolution in England which rose and fell eventually.
    My point being that at least in England, the reformation as ideology was a failure in the end if the goal was taken to be a replacement of the moral framework of society. It was a success in the sense that helped justify replacing the hierarchy of authority within that existing moral framework to one which terminated ultimately with the Monarch rather than the Pope.
    If a liberal democracy is driven by the lash of moral imperatives does the internet revolution provide a similar opportunity to proselytize a compelling moral framework to challenge the one defined now by people who hate us and want us dead? That same internet is a double edged sword in that it is also the tool of oppression in its capacity as an enabler of surveillance. It’s an Eye of Sauron that sees in every direction and records everything.

  17. Re: gay marriage. It wouldn’t have been possible if marriage hadn’t first been redefined as love instead of family.

    Homosexual couples don’t make babies, therefore gay marriage is a non sequitur. The fact that obvious comeback was lost on so many shows how deep in the shit we are.

    • Counterpoint. Marriage had been redefined as love, so gay marriage was the logical end. Its not a coincidence that gay marriage was imposed on us after divorce was normalized if not encouraged and birth rates were collapsing.

      • Absolutely. Love equality, or whatever catchphrase they used. People were disarmed.

    • Spot on! Our society went from viewing marriage as a boon to the species at large (by promoting the perpetuation of that species) to conceiving of it as little more than a vehicle for satisfying individual self-indulgence. That’s how divorce became widely accepted. If a marital arrangement no longer satisfies one’s self-indulgence, the arrangement has outlived its purpose and should end. By the time that gay marriage went through, the institution was so utterly corrupted that it no longer mattered if homosexuals were eligible for it.

      • Often increased women’s rights is blamed for the decline of the institution of marriage. While I’m never going to advocate that wife-beating is ever OK, it’s a fact that over many decades, the woman gained the right to vote, either sex an easier right to divorce (it was nearly impossible until early 20th century; in many States the only allowable grounds was adultery WITH witnesses or other evidence.) Alas, giving the women more equality by necessity took from the traditional superior status of the Male. Throw in welfare in 1960s onward, and the worth of a married man was even less. It’s a wry joke today (I think I heard it from Z) that rather than marry today, you might as well just find a woman who hates you and give her your house. The awful truth today is that at least in the USA, chosing to marry is a very risky option for the man, and perhaps the woman too. The divorce attorney is the only one who wins. You will observe that buggery or carpet munching does not enter into the above concepts in the least.

        • “While I’m never going to advocate that wife-beating is ever OK,”


          I can think of a couple of situations where I deem it more than OK.

    • Even defining marriage as ‘family’ was no protection against the pederasts, because the entire definition of a ‘family’ was altered to become meaningless. We’re shown a black baby mama and her numerous children by various fathers, along with her own half siblings and their various spawn, and told we must celebrate this as a family. The entire Western tradition of the nuclear family (which developed over centuries and even in the 20th century often included the grandparent generation in the same home or extremely close by) was denigrated as something labeled ‘the patriarchy’ and the non-White model of multiple siblings and generations sharing one home was pushed as superior.

      Add in obscene and amoral science and you get wombs for rent, egg harvesting, etc., and anyone can be a ‘biological’ parent. Even the purportedly compassionate rationale behind artificial insemination laid the ground work for this (and, from what I’ve read, it appears the vast majority of doctors who provided this service also had God complexes and provided their own sperm as well, thinking, as the super-smart Gods they were, they’d never be found out). In this vein, I offer an absolutely stomach-turning article found linked at The American Sun – Israelis are hard at work on artificial wombs and creating embryos in the lab to serve as parts-factories. Read it and hate:

      • How does one fit the sizeable nose of an Israeli embryo in a jar?

        In all seriousness, just the title of the article fills me with dread. Perhaps I’ll read it. Interesting point about the God complex that some scientists have. May they be judged harshly indeed.

        On the subject of ‘gay marriage’, I never really discussed it. I would just grimace when it came up and walk off.

      • Just a quick word in defense of Science. It is unfair to call it “obscene” but I will concede it’s “amoral.” Science is just the quest for knowledge. It does not, and indeed cannot, possibly make any moral judgement on its own. To impute a moral quality to it would be as ludicrous as calling a kitchen knife “evil” just because it was — or could be — used to harm or kill a person. Not the knife’s fault.

        Agree with many of your other points. I’d add birth control to that list. Again, like the knife, good and bad points. But it gave women never-before-seen choicess, and these have had profound influence on society. Not all for the better.

        • You first paragraph has made me want to do a study of scientists 200 years ago, versus today. I would imagine that the men of old would have been far more knowledgeable about a far greater number of things. Perhaps religious too. At some point, the study of science appears to have become separate from the study the philosophy that surrounds it.

          Perhaps our modern scientists are so obsessed with the truth finding, that they fail to properly consider the implications of their research. Perhaps this stems from the immense specialism required of today’s Professor Ranjeet.

        • Unfortunately today “Science” barely exists. What we have  is “Scientism”. Many have written on this but “The Magician’s Twin” by C.S. Lewis is a very insightful and prophetic analysis.

        • In a vacuum you’re right – science could be viewed as amoral. Read the linked article and the Israeli scientist specifically says his ‘rabbi’ is the International Society for Stem Cell Research. He argues he can rationalize growing and altering and harvesting human embryos because “we can learn so much.” Totally ignoring the moral dimension of humanity is not amoral, it is obscene. It is on par with PETA and a cockroach is a dog is a boy. Whether one is an atheist (you) or a Christian (me), to view human life as merely a biological construct is just as faulty as globalism viewing man as an economic unit. Either humanity (and human consciousness and the human soul) matters or it doesn’t. Choose.

      • Universal suffrage and the birth control pill got us to this point. Arguably the two worst inventions in the history of mankind.

      • For some reason, the Supreme Court never asked me my opinion about gay marriage. This should serve as a lesson: authoritarian forms of government are just as likely to betray you as libertine ones.

    • I am the father of a married lesbian. What I say may be biased that way. I will take my lumps.

      Back then the average normie didn’t care. Most just wanted the queers to get a fair shake. But given the subject matter, they didn’t want to look too closely at it. If they did, they saw things. Or noticed things. Can’t have that! Civility was paramount. “Hey – who’s gonna win The Big Game tonight?” We all had to get along, right?

      The gays got their right to marry. It didn’t change anything though. They were unhappy, mean people. They were angry at everyone and hated everybody. They hated Normie, Christians, conservatives, whites, white men… and hated themselves most of all. What can you do about that…? “Errr… didjya hear about James LeBoon? He might get traded to Detroit!!!”

      The queers wanted redemption, legitimacy and respect. But those things only come from within, you have to have what it takes to earn them. We and pretty much all the Dissidents know You have to want those things and be willing to earn them through discipline, dedication, faith and sacrifice. Most queers don’t have any of those things or the means to develop them. When we call them ‘marginal people’… there is a reason for it.

      Lefty tells them those things are rights, and if they don’t have them, it is because they are being oppressed. When their parodies of marriage failed – that was the oppressor’s fault too. And He Must Pay. They tell the blacks the same thing. And today, we don’t get sportzball, we have niggered millionaire morons that kneel for the national anthem, and normie is tuning out because he has to think about what it means to be ‘too white’.

      Without redemption and respect, the queers got even more toxic. 72 genders, complete with pronouns were invented but it wasn’t enough. They started mutilating themselves. In women’s sportzball, male trannies cracked the skulls and broke the bones of biological females they competed against. But nobody watches female sportzball these days either, except to laugh at it. They are even worse than the “male” athletes.

      Just like the major leagues faced with disappearing sportzball fans and viewers, the queers are in the same pickle. They’ve alienated their audience, and the fans are leaving in droves. Without an audience, they are nothing. The only way forward for them is down. More perversion, more outrage, more degenerate militancy, more lies, more deceit.

      I got chewed up and spat out by Clown World before any of you guys even knew what it was or could explain it. In some ways I am a Yesterday Man, an obsolete left over from better days. On others, I may be a few half steps ahead of the average Dissident. I am not in debt. My rifles are cleaned, oiled and ready to go. My debts are paid. I am stockpiling ammo and supplies. I am not rich, but I am free. My gov’t can legislate anything it wants – I am no longer bound by it and if my choice is submission or death – I will take some with me. Not to fed-poast… but everything in life is a choice, right up to and including slavery. Our blog host often opines that the best way forward is to make Lefty’s victories expensive and costly to maintain. It’s a good strategy – and an excellent hobby. Be of good cheer and light heart. It will be over soon.

      In the meantime, have a great Monday fellas.

      • Lol @ James LeBoon. These kind of names get me every time.

        I remember when the toronto raptors went to the finals, suddenly every bar in every corner of ontario was full of die hard Boomer raptors fans. Where they came from, I have no clue. Of course totally oblivious to the media narrative that the Raptors should be celebrated BECAUSE it represents the new “Canada”… anybody hear about hockey anymore? I don’t.

        Dumb herd animals mooing for their own replacement and demise. Of course the young arab and african and punjabi vibrants were very excited in Toronto about this shift. So excited that a shooting happened during the victory parade LoL.

        • I was on Spadina Ave. a couple weeks later and marveled at how many vibrants were wearing a “We The North” shirt. Great. Please stay there, on your side of the Niagara River.

        • He’s not saying he expects to live forever, he’s saying he will not live as a slave to monsters at the helm of society.

      • Hi, Glen. I recall your heartbreaking testimony over on Aaron Clarey’s page. Are you and your daughter on better terms, IYDMMA?

    • SCOTUS imposed it on society at the barrel of a gun against the wishes of the people who clearly opposed it,

      You got to understand most of cultural s**t show happening in our country is a result of the Left controlling the legal system and MSM which they use to make end runs around the people.

  18. This runs along the lines of what Z has mentioned in the past, which is putting onus on the other side by asking why they are imposing their values on me.

    When they demand that you explain “why” you want something, they are demanding that you accept their values. Freedom of association is wrong (according to them) so now you need to explain how your choice fits into their values, which, of course, is impossible because it doesn’t.

    When I used to try and argue with Progressives, I’d do a similar thing by asking why they were “intolerant” of my views. (They really hate being called intolerant.) This worked to shake them up a bit, but never slowed them down. The dumb ones just reverted to it’s “wrong.”

    However, the smarter ones would say that my choices – wanting to live around white people – magically “hurt” minorities by denying them access to various good things. Thus, they again turned everything around. It’s similar to the systemic racism, white priviledge or silence is violence.

    That was about when I realized that talking to these people was pointless. They were motivated by hatred of Badwhites and their religious belief in white racism, nothing more. All of their arguments were just cover for that hatred and moral preening. Pointing out logical inconsistencies and hypocrisy didn’t matter.

    • It’s been a learning curve. We’ve blown past pointing out inconsistencies and hypocrisy. Normie-con is still there.

    • Exactly. There is a good reason we don’t get into long academic exchanges with street people about alien cannibalism.

    • You have some valid points. I’d still say that, if after weighing possible detriment to your own status (job, society, etc.), why not just be bluntly honest. If someone asks (say) Why I avoid Blacks, I can honestly point out their dysfunction (crime, low intelligence, etc.) and say I just don’t want to open myself to being another victim. I’ll inevitably be called “racist” in some form. I will gladly accept the epithet and follow up with something like “Well, these racial differences exist. Frankly, if noticing that this group has six or more times the violent crime rate that mine does, is ‘racist’ then by all means call me a racist!” This gambit of course must label you as a “racist,” but if you can show (or pretend) that the label doesn’t affect you, and you can switch attention to the serious underlying issues, it short-circuits the SJW brain and you can walk away with a smug smile upon your face while they flop around on the floor turning blue. 😀

      • Ben – You’re still rationalizing your choice. Sure, many of us avoid blacks because of crime and social dysfunction, but even without that most White and blacks would never become close friends. We have evolved to have different social patterns and preferences. Whites prefer more privacy, more quiet. Whites have hobbies and abstract interests. Black people are not merely Whites with more melanin, they are a different subspecies. One does not have to fear crime to choose not to associate with them. One could just as easily specify their smell, or their appearance. The mere fact of personal preference is sufficient in a society of free association, which none of us have experienced.

        • And stop with the damned emoticons already. For someone who likes to pose as a geeky intellectual libertarian atheist, your posts look like a 12 year old girl’s.

        • Agree on both points. Ben, stop justifying. You don’t need a reason outside of your own preference to want to live among your own people. It’s what people have been doing for tens of thousands of years.

          Also, stop with the emoticons.

      • I am honest with them. I just don’t argue anymore. I simply say that I prefer to live around my own people. And when they ask, what I mean by my own people, I just tell them “Whites.”

        They call me racist. I tell them that I don’t hate any group because of their race, but that I prefer to live with my own. And it kind of ends there. They’re not sure what to say. I don’t care that they think that I’m a racist, so there’s no discussion there. They can’t tell me what to prefer so there’s no discussion there.

        The conversation just kind of ends.

        • Yeah, that’s exactly what I say too. Just be careful that you’re not on film.

          I also don’t even bother talking to non whites about this kind of stuff anymore. My message is directly only towards white people, who are in various stages of redpill from total cucks to moderately redpilled civnat.

          One other card they play is trying to confuse you about who’s white. “Well italians aren’t white”. I usually just saying something like if you’re white you’re white.

          • White: I know it when I see it.

            Seriously, though, if someone brings up the “Well, how do you define White?” I just tell them that I’ll be more than happy to deal with that issue when Whites start to form their own communities. It’s like asking what you’ll do with all that money when you’re rich. I’ll figure it out.

            The other reply is that just because there are different shades of yellow doesn’t mean that the color yellow doesn’t exist.

            As to non-Whites, I’m done with them. I avoid when possible. When I am around them, I talk as little as possible. If they want to support the whole hate Whitey regime, don’t expect me to chit chat with you.

        • But being racist is the worst thing you can be! Except after you calmly shrug your shoulders when called a racist, then the game’s over. You’re not playing that game. Don’t care. Compare the “I don’t care” response to the conservative’s typical frantic assertion that he’s not racist, trying to please and gain acceptance from the leftist. All that for a word that didn’t exist 100 years ago.

  19. Z: “You have to have a reason for your choices. The sources of authority are the prevailing dogma on human relations…”

    Dated a Lefty once. We’re watching TV and the narrator’s voice was fruity as hell. (I think it was that PBS tour guide of Europe). I said, “I hate this guy’s voice.” She snapped, “WHY!” In a tone that conveyed: “You’d better have an explanation and it better not involve his preferences.”

    • I’m misophonic, and as such the effeminate soy-boy accent drives me up the fucking wall.

      • “Misophonia”, new word for me but it sounds like an outstanding dodge for anyone like frip above. Misophonia is a.recognized disorder and should qualify one for the proper level of victimhood. 😉

      • I suppose I could describe myself as mildly misophonic. Turn on the t.v. and it becomes raging misophonia.

      • Pretty sure it was Rick Steves’ Europe. Sucks because it’s a good show, but I can’t watch it because of him. Nice guy. Married. Gay not gay. I feel the same about most female news anchors, and especially the local news reporters. Dramatic, shrill, nasal. It’s more a bias against American women than womens’ natural voices. Seems like European newswomen use a deeper, steadier, more adult voice. Actually pleasing. By contrast American women sound like they’re talking through a kazoo.

        • Up talking and vocal fry are both real, documented issues that have appeared in American, especially female, speech patterns during the past two decades.

          • I actually complimented my daughter-in-law on her voice, of all things. It’s not a high-pitched little girl chirp, but it’s very pleasantly modulated, feminine, but not childish. I don’t know about the anatomy that contributes to vocal tone and pitch, but there’s a happy medium one does not often find these days.

          • The evolution of female vocalists is part and parcel of the change in speaking voices. At around the same time as the uptalking and vocal fry started to explode, so did the countless “American Idol”-type shows that promoted only one type of female vocal, that of the diva-inspired, bodice ripping growler. The only credible alternative that’s emerged is the similarly masculine Adele and her myriad imitators. There’s no sweetness to popular music.

          • KGB, no way. Australians and New Zealanders are the kids of uptalk. When I’ve pointed it out to them, they start to really hate their own voices. It’s fun to watch.

    • You should have replied, “Because he sounds like a bed-wetting faggot. That’s why. Now get the fuck out, you stupid bitch.”

      Of course, that may have cut back the odds of you getting any leg that night…

    • Whenever I visit my parents I get stuck watching PBS with them, but I’ve managed to reduce it to just a few of those dumb British crime dramas by making myself utterly annoying via mimicking Rick Thteeves and all the other bugmen they have on that channel.

      • I was talking to the two other guys in my department at work recently and they both volunteered that they cannot watch TV news anymore. They’re both on the right, maybe good fodder for crossing the divide, but they’re not here yet. However, they instinctively recognize that it’s poison to allow the news to enter their home. The one who has to spend a lot of time at his elderly mother’s house said that he’s pressuring her to turn it off when he comes over.

        • A great deal of the Covid panic that’s not driven by shrill white millennial Karens is driven by their grandparents. I directly interact with a lot of these people. What they tell me makes me sad and angry. Some of them have literally been hiding in their homes for over a year, terrified to go outside. At some point they always mention something about the TV news. I know immediately what their real problem is.

          The millennial bitches buy into Covidism because it slakes their thirst for tyranny and oppression of men. The old boomers buy into it because they still believe the shit they see on the news. The current mix of generations is a perfect storm of stupid amoral and directionless young people and gullible older people living in a TV show that was in reruns when the tattooed green haired banshees were born. I wish sometimes I could just flush them all down to hell together. There would be no need to hire more demons, they could torment each other. It’s a win/win.

  20. The new Hobbesian Choice “You can choose any beliefs, as long as they’re “woke” beliefs.”

  21. My ancestors have been on these shores for 400 years. All of that time-honored tradition and custom has been summarily dismissed by persons whose ancestry barely extends 100 years, if even a single generation. If America is now merely an “idea,” it is a bad one.

    • Largely dismissed the MSM and court system that has been at the fore of reshaping American society often at the barrel of gun and media vilification.

      When you look at the numbers of people pushing various toxic ideas and values, it’s a small group who have access to the courts and media and that gives them the ability to ram their agenda down our collective throats.

  22. Comment on the Taki article:

    For example, no one living in Russia accepted what was told to them through state media as the truth. It could be true but was most likely false. The game was to figure out what the lies meant. Instead of poring over photos in the newspapers, citizens relied on their personal networks to provide a narrative that explained what they could see happening around them. There was public truth and private truth.

    Like the Soviet empire, the American empire is now a confusing black box… There is the public truth and then millions of private truths.

    This is the true reason behind the campaign against “misinformation” and “conspiracy theories”. It’s not that someone is bothered by a kook talking about alien lizards. But the private truths are often hitting too close to actual reality and are effective at undermining the lying public truth. The anti-misinformation campaign is a reactive and preemptive method to quarantine bad thoughts.

    • The immediate switch from Feb 28 “Blackitey Black Black History Month” to March 1 “We soo sorrrryyy, Stop being bad to Asians” month was pretty eye opening merely for the whiplash effects.

      (Seriously. The only coordinated racism against Asians is by elite education by whites. How do people not see this for the thin gruel it is?”

      OTOH, I’m excited to learn who the next aggrieved minority is come April.

      • I’m all for “racism” against Asians in elite education. Because I’m not afraid to take my own side in a fight. We screwed up once allowing Jews to become an elite overclass. We don’t need to turn our institutions over to yet another overclass.

        I don’t care if they’re higher IQ, because I don’t blindly follow “muh meritocracy” as a suicide pact.

        Fourteen words.

        “We must secure the existence of our people and a future for white children”

        If Asians don’t want to be discriminated against, there is this enormous continent known as “Asia” where they will feel right at home.

    • “””…Like the Soviet empire…”””

      After Stalin, Soviet propaganda was much more moderate that Western one. Our guys knew that they must maintain at least minimum credibility. So there were limits for lies. Modern West is much worse than old Soviets.

      • I think this is a critical distinction. Much of what the regime did under Brezhnev was ignore things. Anything that reflected poorly on the regime was ignored. American media is aggressively creating alternative reality.

        • The problem is “alternative PERCEPTIONS of reality.” Whatever is real is pretty much immutable. When a person’s, a group’s, or a nation’s general model of the real world gets too far out of what, disappointing results are sure to follow 🙁

        • Their ability to narrate things into existence would be magical if the narratives they push weren’t completely inhuman.

      • “Modern West is much worse than old Soviets.” Soviets didn’t have POC issues or require the intimidation needed to convince everyone that blacks are just a capable as Russians.

    • I read somewhere that in the old Soviet Union there were 2 national newspapers, Pravda (meaning “Truth”) and Izvestia (meaning “News”). Supposedly the saying among the people was, ” In Pravda there is no Izvestia and in Izvestia there is no Pravda.” Damned little of either in any national media these days.

  23. “It turns out that preferences and moral authority are conjoined. When moral authority resides with the people, in their traditions and customs, they maintain the freedom to choose within the broad outlines of those customs and traditions.”

    This is why building community – in areas that are amenable to it – does matter. However, as a precursor helping people to develop a healthy distrust in state authority, particularly the police force and internal security services, is also highly useful. After enough awful stories perhaps a people’s faith will begin to fade and they’ll start seeing the traditional methods for what they were – bloody useful.

    This morning a female co-worker and I were discussing the awful case of what became known as ‘The Soham Murders’ in England. I said that the perpetrator, Ian Huntley, should have at the very least been hanged. She agreed wholeheartedly; many normal people still want that justice. They still see that some crimes are so horrific that the perp should be destroyed. I then pointed out that Huntley will likely be released in our lifetimes.

    May I ask as to the nature of a system that would ever permit such evil to walk amongst the public again? It is itself evil, surely.

  24. Freedom of association was killed off by the Civil Rights Act in 1964, resulting in no more discrimination, which would in theory, lift up blacks. The problem is, race differences in outcomes still persisted and continue to persist and will always persist. So more needs to be done to correct the problem that can’t be corrected, so more drastic measures will come, and on and on it’ll go…..The next step will be reparations. Maybe that’ll get normie White’s attention.

    • The Civil Rights Act of 1964 put the stamp of “guilty as charged” on the forehead of every white person, whether they agreed or not. It was the excuse our enemies sought in order to begin the process of dispossessing European Americans. The hour is late.

  25. “Caldwell thinks it is because these people are not capable of competing, while Sullivan assumes these people are ignorant of the glories of diversity. There is an assumed lack of agency.”

    Do you think that these two actually believe this? Of course, it is highly probably that they do. It is also an indicator of the ‘high minded’ refusing to acknowledge simple reasons for the phenomena they observe.

    My simple reason for hating – with righteous fury, I might add – globalism is that is crushes local culture. Whether you choose to define local culture as a state sized thing, a county size thing, or a hamlet size thing. It must surely crush it. Even benefits that it may provide always act to de-stabilize what was there before. Naturally, things are not quite so simple. I would very much like the ability to import some superior US product but at the same time don’t want a high street littered with Starbucks, MacDonalds and more recently Taco Bell. A balance is required.

    But my stock rebuttal of ‘globalism crushes the existing culture’ I have always found to be succinct and direct enough to be effective. I usually deliver it with a hint of anger whilst staring into the soulless, depraved eyes of a GloboHome True Believer.

    • Local diversity destroys global diversity.

      When everyone mixes, you have no diversity. Every town, every city start to look alike.

      I’m in favor of diversity, which is why I’m in favor of ethnic nationalism. A globalist by definition wants to destroy ethnic (and thus) cultural diversity.

      • You know, Citizen, this was readily seen by me on my frequent trips throughout Europe. Many European capitals looked just the same as London. Multi-coloured residents and modern architecture… that same ‘progressive’ vibe. Destruction indeed.

        • Many parts of cities in europe simply felt like baltimore or detroit, with nicer cathedrals (and more armed soldiers keeping guard). Paris and italy were particularly bad. I was in for a shock in milan when I got off the train and was greeted by a sea of black faces.

          Might as well have driven 45 to buffalo ny instead of flying to europe.

          • And if anybody here believes the official statistics that italy is 90% *italian* I have a bridge to sell you lol.

          • If you which to find out just how bad Italy has become – particularly in the cities, as well as a state level – then you can read Oriana Fallaci’s works. She led a rather interesting life.

            Having said that, you already know how bad it is anyway!

          • Don’t need to do no book readin’ when I can see with my own two eyes.

            Even worse was the joggers were spread out everywhere. Every town and small city had africans riding around on bikes or hanging out at the bus station. No escape. Not like america where they’re somewhat segregated, at least outside the South.

          • Milan is a mess, but the outskirts are nice, I have family in Rho and Canegrate and it’s very Italian

            Yeah, when you see the 90% figure and then visit the largest cities it’s easy to question that figure

            But Italy has a large number of mid and smaller cities and if you travel enough around the country you can begin to see how the 90% figure may not be too far off. My dad’s family is from Emilia Romagna (Bologna area), and although there are a lot of non Italians in bologna city the surrounding areas are very Italian.

            But yeah, lots of blacks and Asians in Milan, and as we all know now if you go down to Prato (mid size city in Tuscany) there is a massive Chinese population working the garment trades. They are also counterfeiting murano glass in Venice, huge problem, total sons of bitches. I hate those fuckers.

            Why Italy signed onto that Silk Road initiative is beyond me. Stupid stupid stupid.

          • I saw something similar in Lisbon – couldn’t believe all the darkies walking around – granted, they weren’t Americanized versions, but still it was unsettling.

        • Haven’t been to Europe in a very long time. Might be interesting – and sad – to see how it’s changed.

          • It’s sad yet rage inducing. I’m not even french or italian. It was one of the major redpilling moments in my life.

            I’d already been on /pol/ and Unz at that point and considered myself a race realist, but to see it firsthand is a real slap in the face.

            The rage I felt there is well managed and coolly flows through my veins – I’ll never forget it. And it serves as a reminder about what we’re fighting for, and to never give up.

      • “When everyone mixes, you have no diversity. Every town, every city start to look alike.”

        Don’t worry, j*us only care about race mixing only when it comes to white countries, africa can stay black

      • Your observation about the effect of globalism on diversity reminds me of Ursula K. LeGuin’s novel, where the protagonist’s desire to end racism results in everyone becoming a homogenous gray color. I contrast that with the real solution of Apartheid, which makes it “OK to be white” while genuinely accepting that BLM. Segregation now, segregation tomorrow, segregation always.

    • Caldwell and Sullivan did mention that there were many communities that used to thrive because there was so much business in these towns. The business elites would live in these towns and interact with the people back then instead of the situation now where they’re all concentrated in the huge cities, cut off from regular folks. I would have liked to hear them go further on that topic, for example showing how easy it is for the NYC hedge fund managers to destroy a little town in Nebraska, where they have no empathy to the everyday people there. (Sidney/Cabela’s issue that was featured on Tucker several months ago.)

    • The globalists paint their opponents as cave men, but they’re unable to point to any tangible benefit of their idiotic plans. We have a real life example of this in Colorado (of all places) with their rules for the liquor licenses where no one can own more than one (I believe is how it goes). The result is a bunch of stores of varying sizes selling products geared to the local populace and generally more variety than I see elsewhere where it’s the same three stores selling the same selection of products at every location they have in the nation. The kicker is the price is the same as I see it anywhere else (apart from Oregon with their conspicuous lack of alcohol taxes).

    • The globohomo response, of course, is that they agree re ‘indigenous culture’ which is why they are anti-Western capitalism. Whites, however, do not have a ‘culture’ per globohomo rules (other than one of racism, colonialism, and misogyny) so there’s nothing to crush. Local traditions or customs are just phantasms of your White imagination – besides, Shaniqua was there toiling in the fields with your great-great-great-great-great grandparents and you never acknowledged her central role in building your country. And buying and trading with your neighbors perpetuates White privilege, when Fang Fang Shui needs you to buy what she produces because her historic poverty is all your fault.

    • I you look, it was Science Fiction that first portrayed global governments but I do not see that as any sort of social statement. Looking back at guys such as Heinlein, E.E. Smith and the others from back in the “golden age” those were not guys who would be considered “woke” by any stretch of the imagination. I saw/see their depiction of a single world government as simply the natural evolution of human societies into ever larger units.

      • Bill – look again. Do human societies truly naturally evolve ‘into ever larger units’? Or does social theory (Marxism, Benthamism, Managerialism) pertaining to economic productivity (multinational capitalism and ever-expanding markets) demand those ever larger units? You’re also ignoring the Dunbar number.

      • I see the sci-fi global governments more as laziness on the part of sci-fi writers. Worldbuilding is hard. Unless it’s pertinent to the plot, such as a civil war occurring on the planet, sci-fi writers tend to break things down as “This world is like this, and this world is like this.” Instead of “This world is these 100 different things, and this world is these 100 different things, some of them similar to the other world’s 100 different things, and it’s all very muddy when you get down to it.”

        There were of course deliberate attempts to globalize behavior and government like Star Trek’s nonsensical Federation (I could go on for a good nerdy time about all the inconsistencies and holes in the Federation way of life).

  26. Maybe we somewhat reflect the English revolution of the 1640’s?
    Our puritans have taken over the Parliment and the culture, this time with wokeness as their religion without bothering with a Christ. The new Puritanism fits the internationalism and mecural nature of the usual suspects who have also risen into the elite class in our civilization.
    What fixes it?
    Maybe it fixes itself?
    It did kinda in the 1640’s.
    Political normality was returned to England in the glorious revolution.
    But we are a much larger nation made up now of much more dissimilar peoples.
    We shall see.

    • G. Lordon Giddy asks “What fixes it?”

      This is what will fix it:
      2020 Federal Budget breakdown shows that 62% of government spending goes to Mandatory programs, i.e. Medicare/Medicaid, Social Security, and Military. Eight percent goes to interest on the Federal debt.
      These can’t be touched because they are all “3rd rail” programs. They all have increases in spending baked into the cake.

      All other spending, 30%, is Discretionary, in which each and every program has an entrenched and combative constituency that will fight any proposed decrease in spending tooth and nail.

      Total Revenue: $3.863 T
      Total Spending: $4.829 T

      We don’t know exactly when, but eventually Uncle Sam’s checks will bounce. He is already having trouble selling his I.O.U.s to the Chinese and Japanese, so we are a lot closer to the “eventually” moment than just a few years ago.

      When the checks bounce, promises will be broken and with them, widespread faith in the Federals.

      That is the beginning of “What fixes it”.

      Power will devolve to those who now are downstream from the money flows: state and local governments. The successful ones will rise to meet the challenge (which will be huge), the unsuccessful ones will look like Beirut or Portland Oregon last summer.

      I think it will happen in our lifetimes, but then, I never thought they could kick the can down the road this far, so I am hedging my bets.

      • Investing in various precious metals is recommended: steel for cans containing foodstuffs, gold and silver because they are precious, and lead with optional copper jacket, for defense.

  27. We used to be strongly tethered to our traditions and customs, as were pretty much all sovereign nations. But over the past few decades, they’ve been eroding away and if this erosion isn’t halted, those traditions and customs we all took for granted will fade away. We’ll then truly be at the mercy of 2% of the population. I don’t know if that iceberg can be avoided.

    • Two per cent? Of course it can be avoided as long as the popular will is there to do it, a question that once would have been rhetorical but now…

    • More like John Huss or any of the other precursors to the reformation. Not well thought out, somewhat reactionary, mostly snuffed out by the Church.

    • O I love a good historical analogy! Luther has several predecessors who were snuffed out before he came along. I think Trump is more like one of those. See the Albigensian Crusade for example. Granted today the authorities mostly co-opt rather than outright slaughter. For centuries before Luther, here was a popular and revolutionary question floated in medieval, dissident circles: “When Adam dwelled and Eve span, who was then the gentleman?” I think this is where we are at. Trump tapped into that sentiment, but he is not our Luther and not “our guy”.

      • If memory serves, even Luther had the backing and protection of powerful aristocracy that want out from under the thumb of the corrupt and too powerful Catholic Church.

        Few movements succeed Ex Nilo. Whatever Trump was, he was definitely on his own without aid from any insiders.

  28. A New Tomorrow (cont)
    Be aware and beware.

    When the house of cards begins its collapse, DC will be desperate for a new clan of Bad Guys upon which to deflect the blame. As such, the Stasi will be tasked with manufacturing scapegoats who can take the fall (hello PagePapadapolus redux ad infinitum) and these sad sacks will receive a spectacular & theatrical hanging ceremony in the public square. Hollywood is already writing the scripts and all that is needed are the stooges to be cast in leading roles. The only real defense against this form of duplicitous entrapment is to disappear utterly or never, ever take the bait. Stay frosty out there!

    • CNN and the rest of them have already unveiled the script, or at least the rough outline. The villain is White Supremacy. Now they just need to put the real life face to the name.


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