Rambling Man Vol 3

Note: I will be on with Patrick Casey tonight at 7:00 PM. The topics will be 1) the importance of the kids staying off my lawn, b) why my generation’s music is better than the current crap and iii) why we used to wear an onion on our belt. You can click this link to listen, but you need an account to ask questions in the chat.

The last segment of the show this week is mostly about this clip featuring Andrew Sullivan and Christopher Caldwell. Someone on Gab sent it to me, suggesting they are starting to stumble into the Cloud people – Dirt People thing. Listening to the two of them, I felt like I was eavesdropping on a conversation among aliens. I was struck by their solipsism and lack of imagination. They both know there are people and societies outside their world, but they do not think too hard about them.

What really got me was how the two of them agreed that they are part of the global economy, while the rubes out in flyover country are not. It is fair to say that neither of them is part of the economy at all. Writing essays for one another is economic activity of a sort, but only at the furthest edge of the leisure end. The guy riding a leaf blower around an office park is involved in the global economy. He is from another country and his tools are sourced from around the world.

This gets to the heart of the current troubles. The ruling class is stuffed to the gills with provincial mediocrities who think they are worldly sophisticates. When our betters go abroad, they go to places that are filled with the exact same people they experience in Washington, New York, or any of the elite enclaves. Look around at where these people live and work and it is always the same. Their world is an extended version of the college campus, a shelter from the reality of the rest of us.

I think this is one aspect of the managerial class that gets missed. One reason these people assume all people are the same is that in their world it is true. For the most part, race, sex, ethnicity, even class, are superficial attributes. That nice African from the sociology department has a funny accent, but otherwise he is not all that different from the Jewish guy in the anthropology department or the white woman from the psychology department with the dream catcher on her door.

There also seems to be a sense of randomness to their outlook. Hollywood stars are far Left mostly because they know they got lucky. For them, life is a lottery, and they got a winning ticket, so they assume this is how the world works in general. The mediocrities in the managerial class seem to have adopted the same view. They look around at the sameness around them, the utter lack of utility, and they think they are the beneficiaries of good fortune, which they call privilege.

This is not wrong, but it does not work as they imagine. For them, life was simply a matter of following the clearly written instructions. Almost all of these people have the same sort of background. Professional parents, private schools, elite colleges, self-actualizing career choices. All around them are people who have the same story, so why is it they get to live relatively easy lives? It must be their privilege, which they now project onto the world outside their walls.

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This Week’s Show


  • 00:00: Opening
  • 02:00: The Blood Of The Innocent
  • 17:00: Spiteful And Vindictive (Link)
  • 32:00: The Ruling System (Link)
  • 47:00: Preferences (Link)

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165 thoughts on “Rambling Man Vol 3

  1. Z, the Wake Forest coach did not shoot anyone. He punched a homeless man who was acting a bit weird. He punched him once and that apparently was all it took to kill the guy.

    Love your stuff but when you get facts like this so obviously wrong, I have to wonder about your characterizations of other situations that I know less about. Gell-Mann Amnesia effect and all that.

  2. I enjoyed the appearance in Casey’s show. You should do more streams! Perhaps more entertaining ones, for instance the Killstream.

  3. Great cast, Z! Take on Chauvin, but i especially like the slavery of justifying preferences.

    I find myself doing this all the time, trying to assemble arguments to back up my preference for things of the Right.

    • The ultimate expression of this is the civil rights act and the 1965. Immigration act. Some genius, a social better, discovered that Whites MUST dilute themselves in a sea of brown and black. Its a new anti-right, in a way, given to us by priests of a kind.

    • Very thought-provoking, that segment. I will add when Z fleshes it out but, man, maybe his best moments ever on the podcast. The Sullivan-Caldwell exchange exemplifies the worst aspects of this moment. To think Sullivan, in particular, demands people conform to his narrow definition of society after agitating for years (sometimes almost semi-persuasively) foer people to accept his radical redefinition of marriage. “Hubris” doesn’t even come close.

      • To be fair, I just listened back to the Sullivan-Caldwell segment. They kind of get the outlines of the problems at tomr but seem blithely unaware of their roles. Caldwell does acknowledge his role in the global economy as “modest,” which is overstated but kind of being real. So “hubtis” may be a bit OTT.

  4. The Cloward-Piven Strategy was an example of what are commonly called Trojan Horse initiatives — mass movements whose outward purpose seems to be providing material help to the downtrodden, but whose real objective is to draft poor people into service as revolutionary foot soldiers; to mobilize poor people en masse in an effort to overwhelm government agencies with a flood of demands beyond the capacity of those agencies to meet. Cloward and Piven calculated that the flood of demands which they were recommending would break the budget, jam the bureaucratic gears into gridlock, and bring the system crashing down.

    Fear, turmoil, violence and economic collapse would accompany such a breakdown — providing perfect conditions for fostering radical change. That was the theory.

  5. I think you overlook that a lot of people really do believe that Black people should be lifted up to join the ordinary world and they see the statistical evidence of disparity as being proof of some kind of cause outside of Black inferiority genetically… and by “inferiority” I mean their inability to conform to white culture. In other words, the anti-racist stuff is genuinely persuasive to low IQ wealthy white people who feel a sense of purpose and community by rallying around this cause. They don’t want to force Black people to conform to white culture and they don’t want to say that Black people are inferior. Rather, they want to find a path to define a culture where Black people are healthy and happy and contributing to society at large.

    Now, the reason people are calling this a religion these days is that those aspirations are absolutely undermined by statistical and historical evidence. The aspiration expresses a kind of faith. A hope. But we all know that Haiti is not going to develop a space program. Neither is Nigeria. Why? That’s the big question. Why?

    But then the Christian aspiration that teenagers should remain virgins is also not actually realistic. It’s never happened anywhere on earth except as a kind of outlier behavior. Teenagers naturally do their thing beyond morality.

    So, do you want to force people to conform to a kind of moral politics? Are you going to let respectable families be disgraced and kicked from polite society because their daughters get pregnant out of wedlock? Or date a Black man? Or fail math class?

    At some point we really do need to accept that every human being has value. It’s just that nobody knows what to say or how to do that to make it something less odious. Z Man I think you are wrong in your characterization of Cosmopolitan anti-racist people in such a dismissive way as if they are all just conformists to a dumb idea. Sure, one big problem with generational wealth is we are stuck with this ever growing class of idiots at the top who did absolutely nothing to earn their wealth and status. I grew up in a small town controlled by a few wealthy white families and their kids were both morons and sort of evil perverts who just had more than everyone else and gloated about it. And they were lily white as am I. They never helped any of us who had nothing. I guess the elites are looking around and saying… ok, we are all in fact kind of stupid and did nothing meritorious to get this money and status so let’s just skip to the end and confer these same advantages on the most vulnerable, the most rejected, the most reviled humans and share our stuff. Great.

    Other than just leaving Black people to starve in the cold, what’s really so wrong with that? I agree that the recent implementation of this aspiration has been a lot like the Christian imposition of the Inquisition. Great overall idea that absolutely failed because it actually made the situation worse.

    I don’t think any of us know what to do here but the Globalist Left has made it abundantly clear they are willing to use every resource to defeat Christian white identity/supremacy and in reality the far/dissident right is a bunch of old guys who do nothing but screech about stuff they see on fox news. I think you aren’t just on the obviously losing side but also on the side of a bunch of geriatrics who haven’t lifted a finger to fight for anything and really couldn’t even if they wanted to. The light is dying. It’s really over man. Go out with a friendly compassionate demeanor and an open heart to all because this whole “dissident right” thing is complete crock of bull. It ain’t going nowhere. And I say that as someone who has been glued to and willing to leap into the alt-right fight for years now. It’s just pointless grift after pointless disappointment with no real development to anything worth fighting for. We are like how the last native americans wandered around aimlessly with no purpose. Just drifting from news item to news item and griping. I am ready to move on.

    • Then do something! First, kill your TV and the news infection ceases. Second, you’re the one who’s whining in this post, so stop complaining that “others” are not solving the world’s problems fast enough for you. Grow up. daddy is not here to kiss your booboo and make it go away. Third, you still control yourself, so act in your own self-interest. If you believe that the ship is sinking, then start building a life raft.

  6. Nice choice on the closing music, the Teutonic metal band Accept. “Princess of the Dawn” was from the first of their Big Three albums in the early 80s – Restless and Wild, Balls to the Wall (which gets all the airplay), and my personal favorite, Metal Heart. Put on MH and Turn it up to 11. It’ll melt your brain.

    • Wow, Blast from the past. Def Leppard, Quiet Riot Ozzy Priest. I stopped listening to metal in high school for some reason.

  7. “Trump had almost 4 meaningless years” ?? This statement from the podcast is another cope. It’s saying that “my side lost and it is a devastating blow but I am going to act like it doesn’t matter just so I won’t be disappointed”.

    Trump wasn’t going to allow in the ten million illegals as speculated in the podcast. Trump didn’t do much but he didn’t not enforce the border as sleepy Joe is doing. Biden’s victory was devastating demographic loss for heritage USA. We can not vote all we want to show the GOP a lesson but the demographic replacement is making that a moot point.

    • This seems like projection. Instead of facing the reality of the Trump years and what comes next, you would rather engage in pointless hairsplitting about the past.

  8. Chauvin is our guy whether we like him or not. He goes down and the POCs have claimed another scalp and will be seen more and more as the winning side. He might have a been a bad cop who didn’t care for people of any color but he has to be our guy. The USA is turning into a free version of prison where you have stay with your own and you have to support your own almost unflinchingly.

    This talk of not supporting Chauvin makes me think that people fully expect him to be convicted and they are trying to convince themselves that it doesn’t matter. It’s another coping mechanism.

    • So all your conversations amount to telling people their opinions are just a copes. That’s fun.

  9. Good show!

    What particularly interested me was the last segment. It reminds me of a book by T. Sandefur called, “The Permission Society: How the Ruling Class Turns Our Freedoms into Privileges”.

    Also, “Forbidden Grounds” by Joseph Epstein. He argues for the right to discriminate, “for good reasons, for bad reasons, or no reason at all”. I.e. you don’t have to explain why you make the choices you make. There’s a review of the book at AmRen.

    • Yes, and the right. Gets in on the game. There are books written about how to argue this or that issue.

  10. Pet theory: civilization is sin. It’s born of conquest, i.e., the blood of the innocents. The more civilized, the more sinful. That’s why throughout history you see all sorts of degeneracy, child sacrifice, and these sorts of things in decadent civilizations. The sin keeps growing and demands more and more blood until it destroys itself or is destroyed.

    Witness the tranny madness, the tens of millions of babies killed in the womb, the debasement of masculinity and femininity. Just because we don’t have overt public rituals doesn’t mean it’s not going on.

    This is also why the first and second amendments are so brilliant and essential. They give the innocents a means of defending themselves and keeping that cancerous sin in check. They’re very eucivilizational when you get down to it.

    There’s no civilization without sin, yet sin must be held in check to maintain it. Another example of the great challenge of finding the golden mean.

    • Pet theory: there can be no such thing as freedom of speech. If all speech is allowed, within a (relatively) short period of time the most aggressive and numerous faction(s) will curtail or eliminate the “free speech” of those in the wrong groups.

      Leftists don’t believe in freedom of speech. I am somewhere to the right of Genghis Khan, and not only do I “not believe” in freedom of speech, I will argue that “believing in it” has got nothing to do with it.

      Ergo, the first amendment is nothing but a “liberal” phantom. The Founding Fathers didn’t believe in freedom of speech (witness the fact that they ran the Loyalists out of town on a rail). And furthermore, if free speech can be turned into the right to produce pornographic filth and justify unlimited bribery (in the form of “campaign contributions”), then “free speech” is too dangerous a “right” to even be contemplated.

      There is no such thing as freedom of speech: there is only the question of who is doing what to whom.

      • I agree. Every society has its unquestionable beliefs and taboos. These beliefs are the mortar that bind the society.

        The Founders established a society that had the most free speech ever, but in their time, blaspheming Christianity was not tolerated.

        On the leftist side, Karl Popper wrote that the tolerant society cannot tolerate the intolerant, meaning us. He is restating the truth Strike mentioned, from the left.

        I want a society where considerations of non-white immigration or job outsourcing are literally unspeakable.

        • “I want a society where considerations of non-white immigration or job outsourcing are literally unspeakable.” bravo mother trucker. bravo

      • Well then covid is a plague and we’d all better get vaccinated! And China is an important trading partner, Israel our greatest ally, the Russians our greatest enemy. And men have periods, too. And lest I forget, Joe Biden is the most popular politician in the history of the United States!

        Free speech only fails when people don’t have the balls to call out bad ideas.

        • I’d argue the loss of free association is the bigger problem, having bad ideas and people forced on the public.

          • I’m with you. Free speech becomes an impossible ideal when a population comes to include those who see it only as a means to an end, at which point it stops. This was predicted in the Sixties and has proved true.

            Go try to argue HBD at Berkley.

      • You can go even further with this conundrum: allowing total freedom of religion means allowing a religion that believes in exterminating other religions, these absolute values can be shown to be totally impractical when pushed to their limits.

        • Australian philosopher David Stove (who gets the panties of some folks on this side in a twist) was one of the fiercest defenders of free speech, but by the end of his life he was arguing in all seriousness that anyone who voiced “the Equality opinion” should be shot.

          Sounds about right to me.

      • Its true, there is no right to speak falsehood. There is no real absolute right to freedom of speech.

        But lets win first.

    • Painter’s;
      Good observations but your chain of causation is reversed. What there is, is sin. Civilization is its being held in temporary abeyance. Civilization is under constant attack by ‘the world, the flesh and the devil’ (aka sin). First it degenerates, then it breaks.

      The degeneration that you’re seeing and describing is the effect, not the cause of sin.

  11. I support the cause, and will support any emergent leader, but Patrick Casey is really dull. Maybe that’s for the best, given how our charismatic leaders have fared.

    I’ve met Patrick and found him to be a smart, decent guy.

        • First I’ve seen of this Patrick Casey fellow. He’s pleasant, polite, and doesn’t inject himself into the guest. As I’m quite tired of the loud-and-brash types, I prefer this restrained style. (Or why I’ve become a regular listener for many of the Epoch Times’ interviewers.)

          How sensible he is by himself? Subscribed, so we’ll see. (Thanks for the link.)

      • I think Pat would be a great interviewer. The best interviewers are unexciting guys who are happy to let the guest be the star. Patrick is not a guy who needs to be the star. He’s happy to be the straight man. We need more people like that. Most of the livestreamers want to be Opie & Anthony or Rush Limbaugh.

        • Agreed entirely. If you have on a guest, it’s not about the you, it’s about the guest. I greatly prefer this “unexciting” style, which does not give me an urge to throttle-and-cork the host.

          And contrary to your contention, you make a good guest, because it doesn’t take much to get you to spit out a coherent little monologue with its own little insights. None of this monosyllabic or prepared-speech crap that we could just as well get from an About Me page.

  12. What was the intro with the pale horse of death? That was weird. What was its significance to the podcast?

  13. Pingback: DYSPEPSIA GENERATION » Blog Archive » Rambling Man

  14. @Compsci re: faculty grading papers, the good-but-not-elite program where I got my PhD managed to basically destroy itself, such that faculty do now, in fact, have to grade their own papers in most cases (which is why they all went to multiple guess online exams; COVID has been great for lazy bastards, have you noticed?).

    Academia as we know it will be dead in a decade, god willing, but should anyone want to try to recreate a university system when our great-great-great-great grandchildren finally claw their way back out of the Dark Ages 2.0, my old stomping ground would be a great example of how not to do it. Don’t let the lesbians push out the old hippies. But if you do, don’t let the lesbians turn the whole department into their personal hobbyhorse, such that your core courses — your Western Civs and whatnot — all have subtitles that include the words “feminist,” “Marxist,” “post-structuralist,” and “genderqueer.” But if you do, then for God’s sake don’t let the grad students unionize. But if you do, the one item you must never concede in contract negotiations is: If some “pandemic” type event should occur, you. will. report. for your assigned classes.

    But they didn’t do any of that, and now this place, which once had a respectable position on the higher end of those goofy US News rankings, won’t even have a history department in a year or two.

    • Don’t let the lesbians push out the old hippies.

      How about, don’t let the hippies push out the staid old academics with respect for history and tradition?

      • Alas that happened long before my time. Watching the hippies getting pushed out, and being utterly baffled by it, was instructive. Watching the lesbians make the same type of mistake — letting in a trannie — was hilarious, as is watching the lesbians acting as befuddled as the old hippies were.

        History shouldn’t be an academic discipline in the first place, if we’re being honest. There’s no body of specialist knowledge that requires professional instruction. I myself learned 95% of the “sources and methods” stuff on my own with the help of archivists; the rest is just memorizing fugly jargon. Get back to the days of the gentleman amateur (or, if you want it taught at uni, decouple it from “research”).

        • Severian, it’s interesting to observe that lesbians are a mostly powerless group in every enclave except academia.

          F@gs, mostly of a certain ethnicity, control Hollywood and a significant piece of Conservative, Inc., but lesbians have no purchase anywhere except in academia, where they seem to punch far about their weight.

          Any thoughts on why they are so potent there? I’m always thankful for your unique insights.

          • In my experience, it’s a combo of two things – unpleasantness and unlimited free time. They’re always up for a fight, and since 99% of “male” profs are total pussies, they win all the fights they pick (or, usually, just threaten).

            But if they do end up having to fight, they have unlimited free time in which to do it (if for no other reason than they’re all highly medicated and don’t need sleep). Combine the two, and even if you win this round, troll devote the rest of their lives to ruining you. I started grad school with a guy who got crosswise with them; they were STILL hounding the guy five years later, when he finally quit.

            I guess it requires a third factor, critical mass. They’re like that out in the private sector, too, but since there are so few of them they can be stopped, after which they quit (find a woman who changes jobs every18 months, and you’ve found a lesbian; check her old workplace, and 9 times out of 10 behold smoldering wreckage). They all hate each other, but they will enable each other in any fight against Normie.

        • “Scribble, scribble, scribble, eh, Mr. Gibbon?” I expect Mr. Gibbon learned to scribble on his own quite well.

    • Second paragraph is excellent! Had a lesbian and muslim (on full scholly at a Jesuit school!) destroy my undergrad humanities department. Guess where the lesbian works now? NPR of course!

    • Severian, no disagreement here. My background is in the College of Science. Last bastion of rigor left at the old institution. But even that was being chipped away. Never enough minorities to suit the prog’s.

      As far as a declining department, tell me about it. In the beginning we had a completely different level of faulty. Folks who developed the algorithms for Human Gnome Project, or sorting languages for AT&T, and Google search engines. They left for the dollars and the fame those companies could provide. They were never quite replaced.

      • Remember, my good sir, that accuracy in science is just as racist as anything else. Unless I am mistaken, many (most?) schools no longer grade off for incorrect answers on math exams. Specifying a single correct answer these days is racist – unless the question is about your beliefs and/or response to.the latest example of jogger public debauchery.

        Damn! Some days I am SO damned glad I am old and will (likely) not live to see the “full flower” of leftist utopia. Sucks to be young these days. You dweebs get to “enjoy” all the wonderfulness the left is going to inflict upon you as we boomers quietly (and not so quietly) shuffle off this mortal coil.

    • Shorter version, keep the wammen out and teach the men to act like it. That also implies the showing up for class thing since everyone refusing to go to anything in person is basically just cowardice in the face of a rather minor threat. If what you’re learning is valuable you’ll man up and show up. Hell, the same principle would eliminate most of these useless corporate and government jobs. If your job isn’t worth getting a bad cold for, it was never worth paying you for. Go home, smoke a phat bowl, and listen to your Iron Zepplin records or whatever you youngsters do nowadays.

      • I don’t think this is very original, but I believe much of the pandemic madness is fueled by the gals- I live a block from the athletic fields of a elite college (its athletic programs are division III elite as well.) They have closed down their sports for an entire year, and it very much looks like there’ll be no Spring sports this year. This was decided by the presidents of the DIII conference; six of the eleven member presidents are women. I think ( although I may be way underestimating the pussy-ness of non female college presidents) that wouldn’t have happened if these schools were still run by men.

        As for the lesbos, they have elevated status in academia, and if you’re a black lesbian, well…. My local elite college’s prexy is an angry lesbian. (Department of Redunancy Department)

  15. As I’ve observed before and elsewhere, the “Never Forget” mentality is the result of the takeover of the Left/Democrats/Liberals by the Judaics. If they aren’t Jews, they think like Jews (that’s how you go along to get along in the party). As they say on Wall St., “Dress British, think Yiddish.”

  16. Another great Power Hour. Thanks for all the work you put into creating content for us. I could nitpick this issue or that one, butt I’m not in the mood. I think you like thrash music. Here is my contribution. Filter’s “Hey Man, Nice Shot” about everybody’s favorite politician, Bud Dwyer.


  17. They do this in the US too. See for example “not who we are”. Google ngram link below (link deleted because of spam filter).

    Interesting phrase if you think about it.

    Who and what are “we” and “are” and who defines there words? Thought leaders, people that control media and discourse. Its a phrase that is only heard shouted at people below from people above. As phrase used as a rhetorical tool, its ambiguity explains its utility. I think old school liberals (Mencken et al) would have hated the phrase because of its stupidity and inherent deceptive qualities. These days its ubiquitous because we are a country of and led by midwits. No one punishes people who use this language.

    • Comment above meant for “Juri” down thread. Had to resubmit to miss spam filters. Lost position somehow. Apologies.

    • Ugh. “Not who we are” is one of my personal pet peeves. I remember when it started cropping up everywhere, along with its variants “not who I am” and “not who you are.” I can’t hear the phrase uttered without wanting to slug the speaker.

    • Looks to me like a campaign vehicle for good Ol’ boy J.D. Plus the others on that board look like Washington strivers who have done a bit okay but not really top shelf, and are looking to push out the Con Inc. oldsters and grab the good stuff for themselves. Latching onto Vance and the acceptable sort of populism angle is the ideal grift.

  18. Some TV channel I record off of who did a “documentary” on the George Floyd thing, totally sympathetic to Floyd, did manage to play enough of a role of “white-devil’s advocate” to show a still frame of the arrest footage, when he is still in his own car, where you can clearly see Floyd is swallowing drugs. His mouth is agape and you can clearly see the big white baggie or rock that is in his mouth.
    My prediction is none of the facts will matter and the cop is going to prison.

      • Yeah floyd becoming expensive for Minneapolis. 27 mil settlement and all the burned buildings and such. At least they can take comfort from the magnificent leadership of Mayor Frey.

      • The other option is cop is acquitted, the city burns and then the feds charge him on the “civil rights violation” at the federal level.

        We can easily get the best of both options!

        For the cherry on top, the now wealthy family of Floyd will sue him personally for the “civil rights violation!” The Chauvins tried divorcing right when this happened and a judge actually refused the divorce! She was getting everything, which means the Floyds get nothing. An uncontested divorce where the wife gets everything was blocked by an SJW judge. Unreal. There is no rule of law.

        • Eventually this will lead to Whites hoisting the Jolly Roger and ending multiple gene lines among White upper class Wokesters.

          Seriously we won’t get a decline like Brazil, because the Blob and the wokesters made it clear they want us dead and gone. They will overstep as the hateful f**ks they are and boom.

  19. Yet another stellar podcast, thank you.

    I’ve been thinking about the article from a while back by the ungrateful cow complaining about her Trump supporting neighbors who shoveled her driveway and your segment on the partisan mind. It is maddening to witness the lunacy of the left. They are unrelenting. From the opening of the floodgates at our southern border as well as the millions of “legal” immigrants pouring in from South Asia and elsewhere, the blue and purple haired fatties pushing hormone blockers and mutilating babies, the tranny pedophiles at kindergarten story time, the globo homo “military”, the woke “be less white” campaigns. The proud vaccine recipients wearing double masks because they are “good” and they are “smart”.
    Their instincts are insane. Their degeneracy has left them soulless.

    At one point, perhaps it was left vs. right. I can’t help but wonder if it is now the left vs. white. Maybe we need to be even more relentless as they are in our own efforts to peacefully separate.

    • The problem is that these lunatics will never allow us to leave and live in peace.

    • The Wokestoppo want us dead. Just look how they freak out over those “it’s okay to be white” posters. These people are totally insane, if not outright evil.

      We won’t get a homeland let alone a region of the U.S. that’s not infested by these monsters unless we earn it the old fashioned way.

  20. The other day, I overheard two students (you can guess what kind) discussing the uselessness of study. One part almost bowled me over:
    “History sucks, man. Ya know, that shit ain’t worth nothin'”
    “Nah man, we need history for racism and shit.”
    Wow. For these people, the only function of history is as a repository of excuses for their indolence and barbarism.

  21. The most interesting thing about that YouTibe clip is that Andrew Sullivan’s channel has only 1.5 k subscribers. This former NYT journo can only get a tiny fraction of the audience that independent guys have. Tim Pool has 1.5 M subs. Mediocrities like Sullivan can’t survive outside the bubble of corporate media promotion.

    • That’s because people don’t “read the journalist,” they read “the paper” They are basically outsourcing their ability to judge one freak for another. They read the journo because xir is in “the paper” When they are out there alone and on their own, without the banner of the org, they get judged by their own merit. Chris Cuomo had his own YT channel at one time and his videos got hundreds of views. Nobody would ever listen to that fool if he didn’t have the CNN logo behind his head.

  22. “That nice African from the sociology department has a funny accent, but otherwise he is not all that different from the Jewish guy in the anthropology department or the white woman from the psychology department with the dream catcher on her door.”

    This is so true that it’s amusing. And it relates to something I’ve long noted about academia. Namely that the Vice Provost at the University of South Alabama has far more in common with a sociology professor at Dartmouth than he does with a plumber in Mobile. Academia is an archipelago of AWR that bears little resemblance, culturally, intellectually or otherwise, to the world in which 80% of “Americans” live. Unfortunately, all of the monstrous ideas spawned in academia radiate outward and poison rational, functional society.

    • It’s true, but it’s not amusing. It’s why I never was able to fit in with these people even after getting my graduate degrees. I grew up getting the fuck beat out of me, routinely. Nobody ever gave me anything. My dad worked at the Chevy plant. My extended family was very small, and they all hated each other. None of them had ever been to college. None of them had any money. I inherited nothing, and had no “connections.”

      Yet these assholes sit around stroking each other off about “white privilege” and instituting affirmative action against people like me and obsessing about slavery and Negroes, because they’ve never had a taste of fucking reality for a day in their lives. Must be real tough to be a lesbian sociology professor making $120k lecturing about white privilege, with your summers off in Vermont or Maine, smoking weed and muff-diving on your partner in your lakeside cottage. Cry me a fucking river.

      I mistakenly thought that education was valuable because it would enable me to cut through the bullshit and get to the truth. Boy, was I ever wrong…

      • My father quit school at age 16 to work in a coal mine. As soon as he turned 17 he joined the Navy and got out of that mine for good. One of my mother’s first jobs was—no lie—picking cotton during the summer at our family’s cotton field on the Florida panhandle. My father was a coal miner, my mother picked cotton. Anyone who talks to me about my white privilege is told to go F himself.

  23. Interesting comments on the small town, instinctual origins of “The American Moment.” I too am concerned it’s just another grift, like Freedomworks and other groups were to the Tea Party movement.

    But a correction: the National Review article by Jack Butler, Jonah Goldberg’s former assistant, cannot be characterized as “echo chamber” to the new attempt at co-optation, unless you didn’t read it.

    It, like you, called out the American Moment as 3 young guys trying to find their place in the Swamp, cocktail parties and all.

    Of course, while you were approaching the new grift to protect America First, Butler and NR were arriving at the same argument to protect their existing grift.

    • The old fake fight on the right gag is a spin on how the Left sets the border by picking the acceptable opponents. National Review attack Fake American First and they return fire. This goes back and forth in order to establish Fake America First as the acceptable alternative to Conservative Inc. The point of the exercise is to keep people from wandering outside the wire and discovering dissident content. Newt Gingrich ran this gag on the old guard of the GOP.

      • Do you remember when Ross Perot ran for president? At his convention acceptance speech the very first thing out of his mouth was to direct all the people in the room who harbored a “racist agenda” to head to the exits. This was in 1992. It is a perfect example of why Conservatism, Inc. was always a loser. They’ve always been more about virtue signaling than actually standing up for their base. These fools have always been so self-unaware that they don’t even know when they are libeling their own. Amazing.

        • I used to work for EDS, one of Perot’s companies in the late 90s. On the site I was working, we actually had a site manager who was flown up from EDS’ headquarters in Texas to run the account into the ground, which he dutifully did. He was a stiff and a fake Christian. (Jesus was an anti-racist immigrant before it was a meme) His first act of running the account into the ground was to hunt out blacks to work on the account. 2 were reasonably acceptable, but the rest were typical. We got all the 90s version of “diversity is our greatest strength” and even personal sermons during our monthly team meetings. Then he started paying blacks to bring in more blacks. This was really my first introduction into this crap.
          Perot really turned me off when he ran away and then claimed family death threats or something.

          • Friend worked for EDS, down in the trenches on the HP account. From what he said, the whole thing was set up to scam the customer (HP) by making good and damn sure every call would run over the mandated limit, and EDS charged HP by the minute.

      • I know what a number station is. I was just marveling at the Zman’s inclusion of it in the show, and whether there was more to it than just an inside joke.

  24. A New Tomorrow (cont)
    Keep it simple.

    Let me repeat that. Keep it very, very simple. Simple is your very best friend. And the simplest thing that works is always the best option. Simpler springs from clarity of purpose and is typically much quicker and far less prone to mistake or mishap. Simpler is what you know best and it helps you keep your cool and be fluid & focused in your actions. No doubts, no tells, no hesitation. And when done, it’s like tying your shoes; it’s much easier to erase it from your memory as if it never happened. Ancient wisdom.

  25. Ahhhh sorry Z, my letter to you has been in my drawer for 3 weeks now. A combination of very busy days and laziness has prevented me from sending it so far.

  26. There have been many requests for Z to craft a short summary of our ideology.

    He did a fine job of that with his list of 3 items at the top of this post. Problem solved.

  27. The only other fanatics that hold a grudge like the Left are Muslims. I was a History Major and it still took me a while to connect the dots that the 9/11 attacks were revenge for their loss at the Battle of Vienna in 1683. People like that are dangerous and shouldn’t be allowed in a Western country, much less be allowed to have power.

    • ” the 9/11 attacks were revenge for their loss at the Battle of Vienna in 1683.”

      You thought they were being honest?

      They hate you and want you dead, but they can’t name any crime you’ve committed. Thus, they blame you for whatever they can. The only reason they dredged up incidents that happened before the existence of your half of the planet was even common knowledge is because that’s how desperate they are to hate you, hate you, hate you.

      It’s not about holding a grudge. It’s about not looking at themselves in the mirror.

      • Yes, the inferiority complex drives hatred towards whites in every white nation. I’ve seen it with east asians, south asians, especially punjabis, and pakistans as well as arabs.

        Truth is we’re just not meant to live together and would all be happier separate. Even on a superficial level the men are objectively uglier than white men. That alone + hypersexualized culture causes issues for them. They are also ugly on the inside.

    • They hate you because you are a infidel and thus lower than dog poo. In the Koran and associated works, they encourage true believers to wage incessant war against us infidels. And for those that can’t directly fight us they are encouraged to financially support those who do.

      OBL was just a black letter follower of the Koran. Nothing he did was against Islamic teachings. This is always hidden by the MSM and most conservative outlets.

      Lastly please understand that Islam has always been at war with the rest of the world since it’s inception. They are no ones friends..

    • Drake;
      People ask who’s hand is moving the Biden sock puppet’s mouth. Take your insight about Muslim grudges and Z’s observation about mindless Prog spitefulness and merge the sets.

      It’s B Hussain Obama. He personifies both.

  28. Merrick Garland himself is a recent beneficiary of the Left’s institutional grudge-holding.

    His AG post is a consolation prize for not making the Supreme Court. It is also another knife twist for the failed Bork Supreme Court nomination.

    Heck, if they manage to impeach Kavanaugh, I wouldn’t be surprised if they put Garland up for the SC again.

  29. I thought the show’s format was good, Z.

    WRT your preferences bit… as I listened to you talk about not needing permission to say or think the way you do… I realized I have heard it all before, just in different terms.

    “Who are you to judge people with different sexual preferences?”

    ” What consenting adults do on their own time in their own places is THEIR business…”

    “My rights to free speech are protected under the Constitution! You have no right to try and silence ME…”

    “You can’t judge people by the colour of their skin!!!! Or their religion! Or their creed or gender….”

    Ya look around, and those same people are patrolling social media and OyTube to flag and censor people they don’t like. The same guys are telling me to be less white, wear three masks, and not notice that blacks do the vast majority of violent, stupid crime. There is a metric butt load of Jews driving this crap too.

    Errr… I’m guessing I wasn’t supposed to notice any of that, right. Oh darn – cancelled again!!!

    You bums have a great weekend too! 🙂

    • One of the most lethal weapons you can deploy against a shit lib is “Why are you trying to impose your values on everyone?” It sends them into orbit. You can’t overuse it, but it is like the hyperspace button in old video games.

      • In Europe this does not work. Communists answer that “because this is right ” or in Europe there are European values and who does not like European values, feel free to leave. Our commies do not have their values. Our commies only defend universal human or European values.

        • That has always been the big difference between the American Left and the European Left. Our Left has always been a religion. A century ago, Progressive decorated their language with Scripture. It is why Americans are known by the rest of the world as annoying moralizers.

      • And in Asteroids, the hyperspace button would even occasionally and randomly cause your ship to self-destruct. A perfect outcome with the shitlib in your life!

    • That’s the ol’ “Who are you to judge?”
      A standard reply is “Who do I have to be?”

  30. “Yet there is another trait that I have noticed in them as well. They all have horrible self-esteem issues and retcon their life narrative to omit their privilege.”

    Indeed. They really are a collection of the most disgustingly puss filled vaginal warts one has the bravery to imagine.

    • Huh? This comment was meant as a reply to “Reynard”; whose original comment may appear above, below or to the side of this one!

  31. The Spiteful and Vindictive segment made me remember something I read decades ago. Nixon ran for US Congress against a former movie star, Helen Gahagan one of the beautiful people who was also married to actor Melvin Douglas.

    Like Hillery, she was supposed to be a shoe in for the office but Nixon clobbered her and the left never forgot it. This was in the 1950’s. They finally got their revenge with the Watergate hearings which forced Nixon out in disgrace.

    If true, that is some long range boo boo hurt.

  32. sure, whites should have the right to live among other whites if that is their preference

    problem is human rights as a concept are nothing but a caprice of long past european elites

    • Unfortunately, the concept of human rights is an endless cornucopia of potential goodies for non-whites at the expense of whites. Rights are never confined to the basics of human existence. They expand into things such as their “right” to live in your country and do whatever they dam’ well please when they get there.

  33. I tried to listen to Cadwell and Sullivan but couldn’t take it. Besides the appalling lack of masculinity, the conversation was intensely boring. As Z says, they are stunningly provincial – but they were also clinical.

    They spoke of the masses as though they were watching an ant farm. I had the feeling that the only reason that these guys cared about what might going on was that it potentially threatened their comfy lifestyle. There was no real feeling for the flyover Whites that they discussed.

    In the end, Cadwell and Sullivan are yet another example of people whose whole lives have been about words. Lawyers, politicians, the media, pundits, academia, they all live in a world of words. To them, a pithy quote at the right moment is worth far more than the ability to fix their dishwasher, because, of course, you can always hire some minion to fix the dishwasher.

    The problem is that these folks to start to believe words over reality. It’s understandable because words are reality to them. They get paid for words. They have nice houses and live in nice neighborhoods because of the words that they write. Words are reality to them, so they believe them.

    They live in a fantasy world of laughably unrealistic stories, but it all feels real to them because the checks keep getting cashed. Yet, it never dawns on them to question the reality of their stories, to question why that plumber shows up and is able to fix their sink.

    These people bore me because they are, in the end, children who think like children, and I long ago put away childish things.

      • I saw this attitude all over academia. It’s surreal. I remember a party at a faculty member’s house back in grad school. I went to the bathroom, and taped onto the toilet was a set of elaborate instructions — the water keeps running if you flush and don’t jiggle the handle using the exact four-step process they’d discovered, by trial and error, over months (as rude mechanicals are despised in college towns, it’s no surprise that the one plumber was booked solid, and in no hurry to get out to help them. That’s a strategy we should think long and hard on…but that’s a rant for another day).

        I’m no plumber, but I did grow up in the real world. I opened the tank, and sure enough the bobber was stuck. I turned the little screw half a turn, and the thing worked fine. Looking back on it, that should’ve been the last straw in my academic career. I figured they’d be grateful, the bastards, that I’d “fixed” their toilet effortlessly and at no cost to themselves. Instead, they looked at me like I was Tarzan the Ape Man. Ewww, you did something with your hands?!?

        • I had a summer intern once. A child of privilege. I put him to work on basic office stuff. One job was to send out a bunch of notices to clients. It was a form letter. His job was to proof, print and run them through the folder machine. Of course, he jammed the machine, so I showed him how to take it apart and clear the jam. He looked on like I was revealing the secrets of wizardry. I realized that he had reached young adulthood never having held a tool.

          • One of the adolescent moments that always stuck with me involved my father working on a project in the backyard. Two of my neighborhood buddies were over, we were just messing around, and my dad asked me to hand him a wrench. Well, I grabbed a pair of pliers. He growled at me, “I said a ‘wrench’, you cork!” My friends laughed at me and used that term derisively for a while after that, but the shame I felt in that moment spurred me into improving my ability to work with my hands.

            But I had a father in my life whose respect I craved, and whose respect was worthwhile.

          • “I realized that he had reached young adulthood never having held a tool…..”

            While at the same time becoming one, lol!

          • Hell, as a young man, I was never smart enough to get a white collar part-time job—until I got in graduate school. Then I was able to even get “no-show” positions on government grants. Yeah, I took them—but they never made me a better person that all the blue collar stuff at came before, only taught me what a racket the system was and left a bad taste in my mouth. Of this I am grateful.

        • Screwing together IKEA furniture tests the limits of my mechanical abilities: BUT, as a youth I had all sorts of ordinary jobs- roofing, (you have not really lived until you’ve had to find a leak in a flat factory roof in the middle of a Minnesota winter) running a restaurant, selling flowers wholesale…

          All of these jobs left me with a great deal of respect for people who could do things- I’d submit most of our ruling class never did any actual work. I was lucky to figure out a way to get paid to shoot my mouth off- but I look with envy at people who can actually fix stuff.

          • I had old guys teach me stuff when i was a kid. I’ve also found youtube to be an incredibly useful teacher. Just learned how to sharpen a chainsaw blade a couple of months ago. Turns out the saw is completely unusable if the chain is sharpened incorrectly.

          • What’s gotten really ridiculous is how easy patches and repairs to common mechanical and structural problems has become, and yet, repairing things eludes more people than ever before

          • “…but I look with envy at people who can actually fix stuff.”

            You should get over the defeatism and quit beating yourself up. If you wish to improve a skill, the best way to do so is to actually do it. Take apart an old appliance and try to put it back together. Try to improve something in your home.

        • In addition, when I taught prep school in NYC ( VERY rich kids, mostly) we, the staff, had a lot of respect for that minority of kids who had part time jobs- especially the rich ones, whose parents thought it might be a good idea for little Josh and Naomi to see what work is like!

          • I often wonder about the needless complexity of modern life, and if it’s a conscious strategy on someone’s part to diminish traditional Man Skills. I’m about with you on the IKEA-assembly level, but I still often try to give simple mechanical repairs ago, and I’ve noticed that there’s so much additional, seemingly meaningless complexity to things.

            Example: I had to jump start my car. Red to red, black to black, right? Except… I had no idea where the battery even was. Not joking. I’m looking under the hood, and I can’t recognize a damn thing. So I went to YouTube, googled up my make and model, and “how to find battery,” and… yep, turns out there’s some housing you have to remove before you can even see the battery, and even then you can’t jump it straight from the terminals — it’s socked in there practically under the steering column.

            This is an ordinary model of a common make, not some weird Euro-car that has three hamsters under the hood and a drivetrain made out of soy. The housing I had to take off does absolutely nothing I can see, other than add another step to the process. My only consolation in the whole mess is that the same thing happened to lady I was seeing, and she called AAA, and the towtruck guys had to go to YouTube to figure it out, too.

            Three possibilities: The housing actually does something I don’t know (most likely); the housing is just make-work for the mechanics (2nd most likely); or it’s part of some conspiracy to make sure you can’t do anything for yourself these days (least likely, but damn, do I really need to reset the computer every time I change the oil? I shouldn’t have to interface with the goddamn thing like I’m R2-frickin-D2 just to change the oil).

        • Academics likely win the prize for ignoring reality, indeed, despising reality. Cocooned in their modern-day monasteries, they prattle on about how many blacks souls fit on the head of a pin.

          Like them, I grew up without learning how to fix things. (Dad was, you guessed it, an academic, at least, part-time.) Luckily, I did work hard jobs.

          The difference between me and them was that my lack of natural mechanical ability gave me huge respect for those who could work on cars or fix the lawnmower, so much that I forced myself to learn these skills, even if it took me far, far longer than it should.

          Academics, instead, saw their lack of mechanical ability (or lack of desire to use their mechanical ability) as a sign of its worthlessness.

          The arrogance of academics is hard to overstate. They are the modern priestly class, looking down on anyone – rich or poor – who lacks their education and IQ, which they equate to the study of God (though, of course, they would never be so pedestrian to believe in religion). All other endeavors (and thus people pursuing those endeavors) are worthless in their eyes.

          • As an English Lit major in the early 90s, I had a lot of profs who were still of the generation that allowed for some masculinity. Yeah, they were often bearded eccentrics but they actually loved male past times like baseball and would talk about doing work around their homes. I remember one prof laughing when I referred to a dreadlocked classmate as “oakum head”. There’s simply no way an English professor today would know what oakum is.

        • Given the utter helplessness of these folks, it would behoove the local White repairmen to take their sweet time to repair the appliances of academics and assorted BS artists that populate upscale neighborhoods.

          Let the buggers suffer for a while. Even better would be a general strike. The howling from those silk sock wearing clowns would be exquisite.

    • “The problem is that these folks to start to believe words over reality…”
      That is not a problem exclusive to the Cloud People, C. Pretty much every leftist is the same. Even the ones that can fix dish washers.

    • Great observation, although fixing the dishwasher is beyond my ken; I have an agreement with my dishwasher guy: I don’t try to fix the dishwasher, he doesn’t try to teach History!

      Caldwell is one of the few to report honestly about the unfolding demographic disaster in Europe, coming to a theater near you, if it hasn’t already arrived.

    • We’ve always been an ant farm to these types. Every once in awhile a few of our ants escape the enclosure and it is even more painful watching them signal the right things to their masters.

      Every family and community has a few of them. Status seekers or traitors? Oh, and they always live in even less diverse areas than the ones they left.

    • “””…These people bore me because they are, in the end, children who think like children….””””

      Yet those children are somehow in power and destroying entire Western Civilization and not a single adult can`t figure out, what to do.

      • Reminds me of the old Twighlight Zone episode: “It’s a Good Life”
        About a child with god-like mental powers. He could change weather, transform humans, read minds – the whole package.

        Rod Serling’s opening narration excerpt:
        “…This is the monster. His name is Anthony Fremont (Bill Mumy) . He’s six years old, with a cute little-boy face and blue, guileless eyes. But when those eyes look at you, you’d better start thinking happy thoughts, because the mind behind them is absolutely in charge. This is the Twilight Zone.”

      • They are in power because they won’t hesitate to use violence against us. Plus they found a plentiful supply of sadistic white men who for a buck will beat and kill us on command.

        It’s like Rockefeller said a long time ago to the effect he could pay one half of the population to police the other half if he so chose to.

        Study American history of the early 20th century. It gives us plenty examples of lower class white men working for these tyrants. And murdering us when we got uppity.

        The failure of the DR is not understanding this. TPTB may be children but they know what it takes to take and keep power. And we don’t.

    • “Words are reality to them.”
      You just described the normie response to the plandemic fiasco as well. They find it perfectly reasonable apparently that ‘2 weeks to flatten the curve so hospitals won’t get overrun’ a year later has morphed into ‘take the untested jab so you won’t get as sick when you get this horrible disease’. All words, no evidence, but in my area they are getting even more militant about the boogeyman.
      I had an excellent English prof back in the day who once said “Those who do not know how words are used will be used by them.” Unfortunately, he appears to have described 90% of the population.

    • I listened to it. What was remarkable was how wrong they were about well-known things, such as where the poor people live and why they live there. They think the poor people are going back to their small towns. In fact, they are clustering in ghetto urban neighborhoods or lower-cost ex-urbs.

      Rural towns are not made up, primarily, of people who can’t afford to live in the city. At least, that’s not why they live there. It’s much easier to be poor in the city, in many respects.

      • According to the cdc rural areas have a comparatively low rate of opioid overdose too… Small metro areas have it worst. Like white ghettos in dayton ohio for instance.

        It’s clear they’ve never been to a small town. Definitely not full of the fittest or smartest or richest people ever but the most degenerate whites congregate as homeless in urban ghettos.

        Leftists don’t understand, it’s the classic “voting against their own interests” line. They don’t see how somebody could value other things over money, ethnic food, and leftist virtue signalling.

        • Re: ethnic food

          I made some excellent “authentic” burritos for dinner last night. It’s amazing how with the internet, and one hour of spare time, we can find and cook classic mexican recipes.

          I didn’t even need 30 million illegal mexican aliens to do it.

    • “people whose whole lives have been about words.” Yes; this is exactly right. The msm, the Twitterati, the vast majority of Patreon harlots; all of them have so many words, but absolutely none of the Word.

      Now, whenever I discern actual Logos in a man’s written or spoken words, I stick around and pay attention.

      This is why I keep coming back here. You may be a “citizen of a silly country”, but your comment was a blessing.

    • Their livelihood is based on words, and by the subject of your post, yours is not, yet you outduel them in their own game. Why? Experience, that’s why. Well done, sir!

  34. This “life as a series of simple instructions” worldview really sheds light on their attitudes towards “the poor” and especially “Diversity.” If life is so damn easy — and it is, obviously, look around — then why can’t they do it?

    Just fill out the right form, tick the right box, and when you’re unsure, always mark “C” on the standardized test. What could be simpler? If they won’t do it, it’s because they can’t do it… and since that can’t possibly be the result of anything as icky as genetics, it must be someone’s fault.

    (Lately I’ve been trying to sneak in the concept of The Privilege That Dare Not Speak Its Name: Do you know the name of your biological father? Funny how that works. Name your privilege, kids!)

    • Inspired by Nietzsche, here’s a baleful thought. We are, in general, correct to bemoan fatherless homes. Yet one must allow that some fathers are so evil, a child is better off never knowing him.

      • There’s some truth to that. Given the degraded state of the negro male, would that little Hutu really be better off with him under the same roof? Genetics is much more of the problem than family structure, or its lack .

        • Truth might be six of one, half a dozen of the other—both equally bad! As noted, father or no father, genetic proclivities come in play. My take is—if the father were any good, he’d remain a significant part of the child’s life, but that’s just my “White Privilege” speaking. 😉

    • Sev;
      Can’t reply to your battery box post, so I’ll do it here.

      You *might* be right about the battery box cover’s being useless. But you have to consider the culture and incentive structure involved in its being there. IOW, it adds some, admittedly slight, cost and weight. So if it were without any redeeming automotive value, some prick of a factory engineer would have yanked it out of the assembly line long ago. (They live for that shyte.)

      You’re completely right, though, that automotive design engineers care not a wit for making life better for customers who do their own work.

  35. “The ruling class is stuffed to the gills with provincial mediocrities who think they are worldly sophisticates…are far Left mostly because they know they got lucky. For them, life is a lottery, and they got a winning ticket, so they assume this is how the world works in general. The mediocrities in the managerial class seem to have adopted the same view. They look around at the sameness around them, the utter lack of utility, and they think they are the beneficiaries of good fortune, which they call privilege…For them, life was simply a matter of following the clearly written instructions.”

    Original talent, intelligence and potential are a burden most of these people never had to worry about, though of course they like to tell themselves they have been gifted with all of these traits in abundance. They’ve never had to rely on any of those things, yet have succeeded anyway. They were placed on a conveyor belt, and they followed it like a golden path to relative success. Opportunity arrived like an Amazon package to their door. They truly are privileged. I know many such cases. As Z said, it is EXACTLY why they project the “white-privilege” meme onto the world.

    Its hard not to envy this at times. They are untouched by the horror of clear sight and the dirt and grime of actual reality, actual work, risk, etc.

    Yet there is another trait that I have noticed in them as well. They all have horrible self-esteem issues and retcon their life narrative to omit their privilege. They tell themselves and others that they “bootstrapped” their way into that McMansion, that VP job at their Dad’s company. And then they dispense shitty advice to others as if it might actually help, as if it is in any way based on their own experience.
    “Just work hard, spend your money wisely and be intelligent. Its not that difficult!” “You just need a vision and determination and you can accomplish anything!” etc. etc. ad infinitum.

    • That “I worked my fingers to the bone for this!” attitude is always hilarious. I hate to keep sounding the same note, but eggheads are the crew of Leftists I know best, and they have it in spades. Faculty parties are nonstop litanies of their time in the salt mines. “In grad school, I worked seventy hours a week!” “I worked eighty!” “Well, when I was on research sabbatical, I worked one hundred!!!”

      I like a drink, but one of my great regrets is never getting drunk enough to ask “Holy Jeebus, what did you DO with all that time? Archives keep banker’s hours. TAs grade all your exams. You sure as hell don’t ‘read your field’ — you’re using the same yellowed lecture notes you printed off a dot-matrix printer at Berkeley in 1983. I don’t think I could spend 80 hours a week doing academic ‘work’ if you had a gun to my head.”

      Academia is a 24/7 job, all right — 24 hours a week, 7 months a year.

      • Same in high school- I used to work with a guy who said he spent an hour grading each term paper- and claimed he stayed up until midnight grading homework every night….

        As you know, Sev, I live in a college town (area, really) with three prestigious small colleges, a (dying) hippie school and a BSU. Many of my hockey buddies are engineering profs- I’d say they earn their money- they also don’t whine much, unless it’s about how liberal arts faculty don’t work very hard.
        My wife and I are acquaintances with two now retired senior administrators at the local BSU- they have a garden party every June- they live in a rather nice place with meticulous landscaping, none of it done by either of them. Walking up the drive the last time we went, I noticed the cars, Priuses, of course, but lots of high-end European nameplates. Might be inconvenient if pictures of the rides of these senior BSU staff and faculty were published in the media…

        • But why would the Media publish them? They think those eggheads really earn their pay. (It’s weird, the respect Normies have for academic types, even now, and especially the people who should know better. I used to make fun of my colleagues’ pretensions — “As Herr Professor Doktor Severian, PhD, I shall have the Big Mac, not the Whopper” — but oddly enough that crap really works. The same silly sorostitute who acts like coming to your class is the biggest favor she could possibly do you, will fawn all over you when you show up during her shift at Starbucks, or if you run into her at the store. It’s bizarre).

          You’ve got to start thinking Petty and Vindictive, comrade. Carry a few “Make America Great Again” bumper stickers with you; surreptitiously paste a few onto some Prius bumpers, and watch the fun.

      • True, that, Prof Severian. I picked up a trick from the author John Steinbeck on how to strike up a conversation with strangers. I find some opportunity to remark how much he is underpaid and under appreciated and how the bosses just assume the work will magically get done, not knowing a thing about the nitty-gritty.
        I have NEVER been corrected by them.

        • Back before I retired — that is, when my already low reserves of give-a-damn had been completely exhausted — I used to rib colleagues about their easy life. I’d make a big deal about how this was absolutely the easiest job I’d ever had. I mean, I’m gonna go teach my one class, maybe grade a few papers… that’ll take me about up to noon, after which I’m gonna have a snack and then go play a round of golf. Except that now I don’t even have to grade papers, because you tenured guys who work so, so, SO hard have all gone to multiple choice exams online, and I’ve decided to follow your sage advice… so now I’m gonna be done by 10 am. I think I’ll go catch a movie, then play golf… umm, I mean, “study the labor patterns of the underrepresented migrant workers who mow the greens. You know, from a Marxist feminist perspective.”

          • Lol you guys are hilarious. I need to employ these tactics in my own life.

            One point of contention. The Whopper is indeed the fast-food burger of a true pretentious gentleman–so much better than the Big Mac. tsk tsk!

          • Faculty grading papers? That was not the case where I was. If faculty, as a Prof, you were assigned one or more TA’s and they did all the grading on exam’s. Heck, I can still remember the arguments as to how many TA’s one needed for a particular sized class.

        • “trick…on how to strike up a conversation with strangers. I find some opportunity to remark how much he is underpaid and under appreciated”. Not recommended. You know who does that? Prison inmates trying to corrupt prison guards. And ex-cons to barmaids. It’s…unpleasant.


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