Sanctimonious Morons

Given the fanaticism of the managerial class, most political topics are useful only in sorting people into political buckets. Liberals support “taxing the rich” while conservatives oppose “socialism”. The only thing that matters in these “debates” is which side you are on as nothing is ever debated. In fact, the debate around the topic looks more like a distraction. The point of the debate is to provide cover for what is happening behind the scenes between pols and their handlers.

While those ceremonial debates are useless, there are some issues that are useful, because they reveal truths about the system and the people in it. Firearms policy is one of those issues. The 2A community in America is large and extremely well informed on the topic of guns and gun laws. Knowing the rules is an important part of every subculture within the gun community. Knowing the local laws is often a prerequisite for entry into the community, so the members are highly informed.

This is one reason the Left struggles with the issue. The Left wins when they can claim the moral high ground, because that means Conservative Inc. will fold up like a cheap tent and beg for forgiveness. Part of seizing the moral high ground though is claiming a thoroughgoing knowledge of the issue. The reason the Left is festooned with barnacles claiming to be policy experts is so they can claim a mastery of the topic. This lets them say “we know best” and push through their policies.

With guns, this is not possible. All of the facts work against gun grabbing. Whether it is the mythological gun show loophole or the assault weapon ban, any discussion of the issue quickly reveals the Left knows nothing about guns. In fact, it is like they make a point of not knowing anything about guns or gun laws. They say insane things that even the sympathetic find cringe inducing. One result is the people in favor of gun grabbing tend to come off as ignorant fanatics.

The gun issue is useful in another way. All of those normies on the other side of the divide think that facts matter when dealing with the Left. Gun grabbing is a great issue to show them that facts really do not matter much at all. No matter how many times they explain the facts of firearms to these people, they will keep chanting the slogans from their cult about guns. The reason for that is the Left is about morality, their morality, not facts or reason. They are the anointed, so facts do not matter.

Here is an example of how a sense of moral superiority is what really matters, rather than factual accuracy or rational debate. Taken at face value, it would mean Arne Duncan knows nothing about guns or voting. There has never been a time when voting was more difficult than buying a gun. In fact, voting has always been easier than doing pretty much anything. The most difficult part of voting today is not vomiting all over the voting booth when looking at the choices on offer.

Now, Arne Duncan is not just another airhead on Twitter. He is a very special airhead, who is the executive director of something called the Emerson Collective. This is a not-for-profit founded by the widow of Steve Jobs. They are another monastery in the ruling class theological framework, promoting the usual stuff. Amusingly, Arne Duncan wrote a book titled, How Schools Work, which is his firsthand account of how he was a terrible Secretary of Education during the Obama years.

Note his Twitter profile. He has a picture of himself with a gaggle of black people, which is supposed to tell us he is a member of the anointed. He is such a good guy; black people just want to be around him. Sure, he lives in a gated, whites-only neighborhood with a bunch of other rich white people, but the brothers just love him. The picture would be better if he were wearing a pith helmet and a safari outfit. His act is the modern version of the white man’s burden, without doing any heavy lifting.

That was the point of his tweet. In fact, it is the point of his entire life. He and his fellow travelers on the Progressive carny circuit are all about their virtue. He does not have to be troubled with facts about voting and gun laws, for example. Those are for the servant class to quarrel over. Arne has a dream, a dream where everyone gets a ballot, even the imaginary, and those votes are dutifully ignored. The point of democracy is so worthless layabouts like Arne Duncan can express their moral superiority.

For the most part, it is a pointless waste of time for dissidents to engage in the nuts and bolts of political discourse. Most issue are of the first type, where the debates are about signaling your team affiliation. Some issues, like the gun issue, are useful in that they can be used to reveal to the open minded, the reality of liberal democracy. After all, what is the point of engaging with someone like Arne Duncan, who is a noxious blend of breathtaking stupidity and sanctimonious codswallop?

It goes beyond that though. The people behind these ridiculous operations like the Emerson Collective are not interested in making society better. The widow Jobs just wants some grace on the cheap. She has plenty of money, so she can underwrite this stuff, because it makes a nice addition to her moral charm bracelet. Nothing about the Emerson Collective is about helping people. It is about boosting the ego of the people involved, by letting them pretend they are on the side of angels.

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177 thoughts on “Sanctimonious Morons

  1. The ruling class is worthy of mockery but make no mistake, these people won’t hesitate to commit mass murder to further their goal. Look at the 4 Dem governors who stuffed covid-19 patients into LTC facilities knowing it would be a death sentence for those folk. 15,000 died in NY state alone. Yet no one is bothered by this. This shows what monsters we are dealing with.

  2. The virtue-signalling lefties with personality disorders now have social media to create their mask of normalcy, and what a monster it is. Then the day of reckoning comes when they have to face the reality that’s not who they really are, and one of them must die, but neither one of them is real.

    They own that netherworld.

  3. I think a clever thing for our side to do is to find out where people like Arne live and bus in some diversity to their areas to have a chat. And by clever I mean the only effective thing.

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  5. What’s weird is that the democrats usually vote no on gang member enhanced gun penalties. In the 90s they would be more willing to do that to get gun control. Also aren’t you kind of giving the game away.

    • Look no further than Justin Trudeau:

      “Mandatory minimum sentences are being removed for a long list of offences including:

      – Use of firearm in commission of offence

      – Possession of restricted or prohibited weapon knowing possession is unauthorized

      – Possession of loaded handgun

      – Possession of weapon obtained through crime

      – Weapons trafficking

      – Unauthorized import/export of firearm

      – Illegal discharge of a firearm with intent

      – Robbery with firearm

      – Extortion with firearm

      The government put these changes into a bill they described as dealing with systemic racism in Canada’s justice system and making sure that people who make simple mistakes don’t pay for them for the rest of their lives.

      “These are people with health problems. These are single mothers. These are young people who perhaps have made a couple of mistakes,” Justice Minister David Lametti said while introducing his bill.”

      The government also plans to ban 1,500 “assault style weapons”.

      So yeah it’s clear as day. They always try things in Canada first before the USA, btw.

      • It’s almost as though they’d like a surge in “gun” crimes because it will ease the ban.

      • So-called “social justice” means, first and foremost, that Hutus are above the law.

        • As it relates to what the man above said about finding where people live, the Hutus were quite astute about it. Before they started massacring hundreds of thousands of people with machetes and clubs, they made a list of potentially dangerous enemies and where they lived. Leaders of the tutsis and so on.

          They went door to door and killed them. Note who they come for first. It will be abetted by consensus and the conservative establishment.

      • Not use it happened in Canada first but I am certain all he points currently listed are in effect here in the USA—and I don’t see them going away.

    • The fastest way to proactively initiate Civil War 2.0 is via an official Federal firearm confiscation law and accompanying SWAT raids. And the covert purpose of such an act would be to pit Patriots against LEOs in a war of brutal attrition designed to kill off as many alphas as possible. And the ultimate goal of this decimation would then be to weaken civil resistance sufficient to allow the Jackboot Corp to enter the fray and mop up. Tyranny wins in this scenario.

      • Or take away private property rights

        Or even attempt to

        That’s their holy grail. But, yes, guns are the only thing standing in their way

        As goes gun rights goes private property rights

      • I can definitely see them start hiring PMCs to send their best mercs to make an example of resisters.

  6. Sanctimonious morons they might be. But they hold all the power and are accelerating their plans for a total, comprehensive solution to BadWhites.

    1. Biden is nuking the filibuster, and plans to pass a total gun ban with house to house confiscation with the military. Hence the purges of Whites in the military. Also being passed is federalizing all elections to insure ballot harvesting and thus all Dem victories, and a tax on White people for reparations for slavery. Their might or might not be quotas/ceilings on how many White men a company can employ, and instant citizenship for “migrants.” There will also be reportedly meat quotas and rationing etc for not just meat but gas etc. as part of the Green New Deal.

    2. Biden’s team is yanking security clearances of anyone who went to a Trump rally or voted for him as a security risk, and then firing them. They are working to replace them with HBCU grads.

    3. Harris is now in charge of border security.

    These people, mostly young or youngish women in the Biden and Harris staff, are all in. Arne Duncan might be the face but the actual people doing things are all young women sure of themselves.

    There is not a thing 2A people can do. Dems don’t care about winning elections since cheating gives them a lock everywhere now. The NRA is bankrupt, and the youngish White/non-White women want a total and comprehensive solution to Whiteness.

    • Actually there’s alot a gun owner can do when the military shows up at his house confiscating his guns.

      The question is: how many are willing to do that, and risk (with a high probability) paying the ultimate price? We’ll find out soon.

      • There is at least one minuteman app floating around trying to give that firearm owner better odds during that 3 AM raid.

        The problem with that is that TPTB will modify it to be ineffective, block it, or just block cell service in the area of the raid.

        I think Dollar Vigilante and others have it right when he talks about getting out of the system as much as possible.

        This is but one example.

      • I’m sure a lot of people are. Mainly because they have arranged it with their family/friends/brothers in arms that if one of them goes down for the cause, they all do. At least they know they will not have died in vain or that they will be soon forgotten. Knowing you will be revered and remembered in death takes away much of the fear.

    • re 1) Why do they need Dem victories when Reps are basically the same?

      Companies will be able to employ unlimited amounts of White me as long as they are not hetero.

      re 2) Trumps biggest mistake (assuming he was actually trying) was that he didn’t do extensive purges at the top around him and then all the way to the bottom. Leftists don’t have any qualms about doing them.

      • Someone high up in his administration was feeding him bad info from day 1. And that would either be Pence’s staffers who picked most of Trump’s appointments or Kushner.

        Trump also slit his own throat by kicking out the nationalists who were his only real allies at the behest of Kushner.

    • Re:#1 Gotta find ’em first. I have 18 inches of insulation in my attic and easy access. Also got a big back yard. And, if all else fails I have a son with 30 acres in NM. Lots of places to bury shit there.

  7. “The picture would be better if he were wearing a pith helmet and a safari outfit.”

    Oh, Zman! We come for the racism, and we stay for the, well, racism!

  8. The line about Duncan in a pith helmet and safari outfit reminds me of the story William Manchester relates in Disturber of The Peace, his biography of H.L. Mencken. Manchester travelled to Mencken’s Hollins Street home in Baltimore, which at that time (late ’40s) had already turned black. Mencken welcomed Manchester with the greeting, “Dr. Livingstone, I presume?”

    • It says a lot about blacks, if you ask me, that they can’t see that this sort of thing from liberals as anything more than them being props. You know how they were taught to gripe about the “horrors” of the minstrel shows and blackface and so on that happened generations ago.

      Yet here it is, again, the same stuff yet with a different flavor, and they gobble it up and chow it down like a bucket of greasy chicken.

      They never learn. That’s the conclusion I’m drawing. And that the odds say they never truly will.

      And it matters because how can I be expected to feel pity or remorse at their past maltreatment, as it were, when they keep let it happening over and over and over again. At some point I have to conclude they really don’t seem to mind, and then why should I?

    • Manchester’s ‘Goodbye, Darkness’ is a great war book, recounting the action he saw in the Pacific during WW2. I was impressed when he wrote about his impatience with people who ramble on about European imperialism while giving Asian imperialism (like the Japs of that era) a free pass.

      • Orientals are past masters of imperialism. Huns, Mongols, Turks, and Moslems for starters. Hell, the first empire was created when Sargon of Akkad conquered Sumer, although whether the Akkadians were Orientals, Europeans or other is open to speculation.

      • “Goodbye Darkness” is very good book, a useful accompaniment to Eugene Sledge’s “With the Old Breed”, and Robert Leckie’s “Helmet for My Pillow. I was unaware he’d written a bio of Mencken- I’ll have to check it out.

        I don’t know if any of you are old enough, but a guy named Robb White wrote a series of young adult novels, mostly read by boys, I should think, about the Navy and Marines in the Pacific: “Up Periscope”, “The Survivor”, and “Torpedo Run”. I always though they would make great movies, but only “Up Periscope” was made into one in 1959. Not a bad flick, with James Garner, Edmond O’Brien, Alan Hale, jr, and, (and I don’t remember this) Frank Gifford!

        Most of the subject populations of the far east were happy to accept Japanese help to throw off the yoke of Western colonialism. It didn’t take long for them to realize what a bad deal they’d made.

  9. So what’s the source of whitey’s pathological craving to,virtue signal?

    It’s definitely a white thing. You don’t see It from POCs.

      • Sure, they’re more settled into the establishment. But notice how apparently rapidly another ethnic group – the han – have gained their foothold. In reality they’ve been doing it over decades, and the middle kingdom is not called that by accident.

        It’s not wise to attribute superpowers to any one ancient group, otherwise the others will co-opt your efforts with ease.

    • Could be from the Bible. Anglo Protestants are always somewhat self hating. They’ll tell you how sinful they are, how wicked mankind is, etc.

      Of course for most of history, repentance and Jesus cleared that up. So we could actually be somewhat introspective, and repentance washed away the sin/guilt.

      Of course now that we’re largely secularized there’s no outlet for this self hate. So it’s coming out in crazy and destructive forms. The original sin is being white, we can try to atone for it through mass immigration and self destruction, but there is ultimately no salvation.

      • Protestants tend to take the Book of Acts and the Letters from the evangelizing Apostles seriously. That used to mean going out and converting everyone in the world. Now it has evolved into something I can’t begin to understand.

    • Interesting. A “fat tail” of instinct?
      We and the ant-people (Asians) had to be more communal, because the mere act of stepping outside could kill you.

      And, as B125 says, the Jesus thing changed us. It allowed a fuller expression. We glommed onto that archetype or zeitgeist like crazy because it appealed to something inside.

      Not everyone handles it the same, as today’s Z-article points out.

    • Comes with and is part of the breed

      Buy a German shepherd, expect hip problems and lots of shedding

      Buy a lab pup, expect it to spring around and over the bed like a lovable lunatic

      Every breed has pluses and minuses.

      This is ours

      But could be worse, Or maybe not. I’m not so sure anymore.

        • I have owned three shepherds. They all unfortunately had hip problems and in later years were in a state of constant agony, and they shed like crazy but maybe because I lived in hot climates. But they are so endearingly loyal and protective. The two females guarded me and kept watch Like a surrogate mom. And IMO the good far outweighs the bad. Needless to say, their ashes are kept in little urns and wooden boxes on the mantle.

          • Labs are not immune from hip problems, either. We’re on our fourth lab ( 91/2 year old chocolate) No hip problems as of yet.
            Wonderful dogs.

    • “So what’s the source of whitey’s pathological craving to,virtue signal?”

      Kevin MacDonald attempts an answer in his “Individualism & The Western Liberal Tradition.” Simplified overview: Whites evolved in a harsh environment that favored high trust, moral communities where those who were not loyal to the community were excluded and probably died. Demonstrating one’s dedication to the group was necessary for survival.

      Some question his (and Taylor’s) idea of pathological altruism because those who denounce their race are not sacrificing anything.

  10. Modified cuck face though cuckish non the less. A sharp knee to the goat sack would would straighten that smile out..

  11. The current gun-control narrative in the media is simply a deflection away from the identity of the Boulder mass shooter: Muslim, Syrian immigrant, anti-Trump, anti-White racist. That same media didn’t hesitate to tell us a few days ago (contrary to evidence) about the Atlanta killer supposedly being a “white supremacist.” They were more concerned with peddling racist, and false, blood libels back then. Funny how my local news just purged all mention of the Boulder guy when they had days of coverage falsely asserting Donald Trump (Orwell’s Snowball) & “white supremacy” ™ caused the other one.

    • When I heard about it yesterday I did a search on DDG and was on the 4th page when a description of the shooter was finally included in the headline. If this doesn’t get normies attention nothing will. Especially in contrast to the headlines screeching about the non-existent “White supremacy crises” from a few days ago.

      • If this doesn’t get normies {sic} attention nothing will.

        Never happen. Normie is too busy chugging the MSM’s codswallop to notice. To most Americans whatever bravo sierra the MSM puts out is gospel.

        • Brawndo, it’s what normies crave. It’s got electrolytes!
          You are correct, sir. Distracted people living shallow, consumerist lives simply don’t dig deeper into stories. If CNN says that Georgia shooter was a racist, then why should it be any less true than when ESPN says that USC beat Kansas 85-51 in the second round. Both “facts” are about as significant (i.e. relevant) to Normie’s day-to-day life and far less important than the price of beer or gasoline.

        • Sadly so. Those in my family who were brought up watching network news in the 1960s think that the coverage is the same now: nobly informing the public what they need to know to be good citizens. When I suggest that NBC and PBS are lying, my family treats me like a dumb paranoid. “You won’t like this!” they humorously announce when I walk into the room and loud talking heads are on TV.

        • Bill, I want to press you a bit on your comment. You say, “Normie is too busy chugging the MSM’s codswallop to notice.”

          Doesn’t this argue for some sort of state control of the media? For example, if we somehow came to power, could we allow an MSNBC or “The View” to exist, knowing that much of the population has a congenital vulnerability to propaganda?

          On a gut level, I love the idea of a free press. However, when I survey how easily programmed most people are by the mass media, I reconsider.

          • The hypnotic effect of TV is the real problem.

            “They Live,” nailed it when it showed taking out the TV station revealed the aliens.

    • The best response was Obama writing that a muslim killing 10 white people was caused by racism. Of course he meant white against black racism.

      • I’m sure he feels the same way about 9/11. So-called “raycism” is the crime that excuses all, including white genocide.

    • This is the media. When truth diverges from the AWR agenda–as it usually does–they suppress the truth and propagate lies in the service of that agenda. We should hardly be surprised by this.

  12. When did it become the norm that, in their official portrait, the politician is seated or standing there always with a smiling face? A happy face.

    Some of them look actually to be laughing or giggling nervously like the photographer is tickling their privates

    What are they always smiling about ? More important, who came up with this idea that a smiling pol is a good pol and what the people want? Is it to say that the natural and logical extension in life for that certain frat boy is to go into managing the affairs of the country?

    That said, Arne Duncan is trying to effect a smile in his official portrait, but he looks certifiably insane.

    • Falcone;
      Well, at least he’s not fully doing that detestable, goofy, smily head-tilt pose that suddenly burst on the scene. Future historians will be able to reliably date when Poz took over by the shift from straight ahead, chin up, dignified looking male portraiture to the goofy head-tilt.

      • Not to mention the gaping, soy boy gurn that Ace pointed out denotes an expectation of “company”.

    • Take a look at his banner picture on that profile. I swear to god they appear to have a picture of Alan Alda on the wall for some reason and I just can’t stop laughing.

  13. I have been against describing our ruling class as morons like is often done on this blog. After all, these people win every fight and use all their insane Narratives to gain more money, power and prestige. They never lose any war only an occasional skirmish. No matter how insane their narrative, they shield themselves from any downside while they prosper from it.

    Now that may be about to change now that Bill Gates has declared global jihad on the sun God and is going to chemically alert the weather on a global basis. He has started his campaign to shield us from much of the sun through airborne chemicals.

    This is so dangerous on so many levels that it could have only been devised in a culture where no one can point out that the Emporer wears no clothes. The environment, as even school kids should know, is a fragile, highly complex interrelated system where one alteration can have dramatic and wide ranging consequences.

    Gates is the first person in history who has had the ability to wage war on the sun God and change the environment for every living person. And apparently there is nothing anyone, including the Chinese, can do about it. The only positive is that this will also be the only instance where our betters get the opportunity to suffer the consequences with the rest of us

    There is bound to be a chain reaction where all the other oligarchs get jealous and take all the other insane Narratives and make them even more dangerous. I can only imagine that the Great Reset crowd is now wondering how to up their game. But as they take the craziness up to the max, I wonder if they will be able to continue to shield themselves from the downsides of the outcomes or if Gates has singlehandedly removed their protective shield

    • Gates versus sun god? I think someone’s a little too fond of Hank Scorpio in a certain Simpson’s episode.
      BTW reality check, if what you posit about Gates or others of the Great Reset ilk is true, the Chinese (or indeed anyone of perhaps millions of Dirt People) could hypothetically solve the problem with a particular device that uses glass, steel, polymer, and copper-jacketed lead and costs as little as a couple thousand dollars.

    • Gate’s transition into a Bond Villain is complete now.

      Bezoar isn’t far behind him.

      • Great allusion btw

        The Bond series could definitely redeem it self if it had a Gates type villain trying to take over the world through a pandemic and vaccine

        But doubtful they will. Everyone is sucking up to the government now.

        • The big bad in Tomorrow Never Dies could be considered an amalgam of Bill Gates, Rupert Murdoch, and a few other moguls.

          TND could have been great, but they ruin any sense of mystery by giving the evil plot away very early on in the movie.

    • I suspect the global climate is less frangible than you might think. That said, when I first read about Gates’ plan my first thought was “Absolutely NO chance for that to go south, is there.” Cue the Bard, “Lord, what fools.these mortals be.” Yup! Hubris has been the downfall of so many. Reckon he came up with idea on his own or is he cribbing from.someone?

    • My Comment;
      Well, alarm is indicated IF the planetary climate system is as fragile as the elite morons say they believe it is (even though they really don’t act that way in practice). But otherwise, it’s just the god of this world telling Gates he’s got too much money (sin of pride).

      Best evidence for earth’s anti-fragility is that it survived the K/T asteroid impact. ALL of the land plants in the Americas were burned up, just for starters. Anybody interested can search ‘The Day the Dinosaurs Died’ or similar.

      Here’s a pretty well-done video that documents the geologic evidence for that event:

      (Over) dramatized descriptions of that event can be widely found as well using that search.

      • I oppose climate activists because they are really just anti-whites. Most money that governments pour into this cause will just be used to immiserate whites and ensure more Africans and Aztecs.

        But is it really crazy to believe that Man’s burning of fossil fuels and pollution are having a disastrous impact on the planet?

      • The planet will survive us all. Gates playing climate God has the potential to harm all living things though. However, given the issue is framed as we are all going to die in 12 years if we don’t win our fight against the weather, it is not surprising that the remedy is a foolhardy one

    • Gates can be dealt with easily if he actually tries it. It does not matter if his bodyguards are ex-Delta goons. ll the Chinese are serious they’d contract a hit on him through the cartels. And he and his roid guzzling guards end up as corpses.

  14. Last comment got moderated. The S*ez *anal is still blocked, with media shills running full damage control.

  15. Ha! The title of this post alone was worth clicking on the page this morning. Most of the people in my general vicinity fit that description. You’d think these twits would realize if one has to put a sign in their yard advertising “Love Lives Here” it signifies the opposite. But, no. There seems to be no higher purpose to life today than advertising one’s idiocy.

    • FWIW I live near the railroad tracks that handle most of the cargo coming out of Long Beach. Before the Lock Down there was a intermodal train coming by every 90 minutes or so. Now I’m lucky to see even one intermodal train every 4-6 hours. IOW consumption has dropped like rock no matter what the MSM is saying.

  16. The takedown of that Arne Duncan imbecile was brutal and a real thing of beauty! It’s among Zman’s funniest writing.

  17. Arne’s proteges when he was CEO of Chicago schools, 2001-09, currently are shooting up their city at a record clip.

  18. “The picture would be better if he were wearing a pith helmet and a safari outfit.”
    Too funny – I haven’t laughed this hard in a lone time. Its this truth that beings me back here daily.

    • Swiss;
      Pith helmet meme is even more appropriate than many realize. Know who else wore pith helmets_? Asian Commies, aka the Vietcong.

      Arnie is a Commie of the right age from the Chicago Machine that Obama was a frontman for, so it fits very well.

  19. It’s a veritable treasue trove of Zmanism’s today boys and girls. Last one my favorite

    The reason the Left is festooned with barnacles claiming to be policy experts is so they can claim a mastery of the topic

    The most difficult part of voting today is not vomiting all over the voting booth when looking at the choices on offer.

    They are another monastery in the ruling class theological framework, promoting the usual stuff.

    The picture would be better if he were wearing a pith helmet and a safari outfit.

    Duncan, who is a noxious blend of breathtaking stupidity and sanctimonious codswallop?

    She has plenty of money, so she can underwrite this stuff, because it makes a nice addition to her moral charm bracelet.

    • “The most difficult part of voting today is not vomiting all over the voting booth when looking at the choices on offer.” –

      I don’t know what you put in your coffee this morning Zman, but mine is ready for a forensics team to analyze it after I spit it all over the floor laughing.

      I’m also getting a pith helmet.

    • Reference the gastric distress in voting: I have a simple procedure. I look at the two “candidates”, figure out which one I think ought to be shot first; then vote for the other one. It isn’t foolproof but it works for me.

  20. We’ll likely get a new ruling class, but probably a competent woke tyranny instead of an incompetent one.

    This is the price of giving into fear.

    • Something seriously oxymoronic about the phrase “competent woke”. I know it is possible to be “competent” and LORD KNOWS it’s super possible (even easy) to be “woke”, but I find it difficult to believe anyone who can reasonably be described as being “competent” could ever be “woke”. Sorry. I just can NOT get my head around it. Of course my definition of “competent” was developed in my early teens reading the works of Robert A Heinlein. Mr Anson kinda spoiled me.

  21. It has become increasingly clear that our ruling class must be replaced as a matter of public interest. The “elite” are not elite in any meaningful way, other than being superior sociopaths. We need to replace the incompetent with the competent and root out the sociopaths destroying our societies.

    First step: Sortez la guillotine!!!!

  22. When Arne Duncan was Obama’s Secretary of Education he made a big push for nationwide year round school. His rationale was that the historic reason students had summers off was that we had an agrarian economy and students were required to do farm work by their families in the summer. Since we no longer have an agrarian economy or this demand for child labor on family farms, Duncan thought kids would benefit from spending the whole year in school.

    From what I could find, no one with any significant platform challenged these idiotic remarks by pointing out the busiest times on farms are planting and harvest which both fall during the traditional school year. Also at no point in U.S. history were farmers in a make or break position based on the labor of their 6-13 year old children. The only reason this effort failed was that teacher’s unions like having summers off. Duncan is typical of his class in that he revels in his ignorance.

    • I have to admit, I love the “year round school” “debate.” It’s like when the irresistible force meets the immovable object, but both of them are drooling retards. Karen looooves the idea of year-round school, since for her schools are just daycares anyway — instead of having to find summer “enrichment” camps and whatnot at which to dump her sprogs for a few hours a day while she self-actualizes on Twitter, she can just dump them on the school.

      Meanwhile, the teachers’ unions are so lazy, they make the lotus eaters look like beavers with ADD. They will die before they “teach” one second more than they have to (check who’s really running the “masks now, masks tomorrow, and masks forever!” mafia in your locality; it’s 100:1 it’s the teachers’ union). Since they contribute more to the Dems’ bottom line, they win… but it’s still hilarious to watch them tear into each other.

      • “Meanwhile, the teachers’ unions are so lazy, they make the lotus eaters look like beavers with ADD.”

        Severian, that’s a Z-level line.

    • Didn’t “super genius” Bill Gates make the huge push for “common core” in US public schools with the Obama administration?

      Largely regarded by any objective analysis to be an unmitigated failure. But still used, of course.

      • My father taught secondary math. If he’d lived long enough to see my daughter’s math textbook, he’d have shit on it and tied it to train tracks.

      • Oh yes. Now his foundation is pushing the notion that math is a white man’s invention and inherently racist. And he’s even put out a book on this.
        A Pathway to Equitable Math Instruction – dismantling racism in mathematics,


    • Finland, perennial champs of the PISA exams, have among the shortest school years and school days.

    • Duncan did even worse, he implemented Common Core and the Obama mandate to equalize discipline measures in schools among the races—which destroyed any remaining means to maintain discipline in the classroom. It basically eviscerated what was left of our local school system serving the majority of our minority Hispanic population.

      Fortunately—for all races—AZ is one of the best Charter School supporting States. They are doing well—even better since Duncan.

  23. “The picture would be better if he were wearing a pith helmet and a safari outfit. His act is the modern version of the white man’s burden, without doing any heavy lifting.”

    Z Man, you’ve got some zingers in your locker to be sure. But this one just made me burst out laughing loudly in the office. Fortunately, I am one of the only ones in the office today the others being afraid of some virus or something; who knows, it has been a year and I still ain’t seen nothin’.

  24. Never underestimate these people’s need to feel morally superior to other Whites. It’s like a drug to these people. Duncan may be using all of this as a grift, but I know plenty of White folks who act exactly like him who do it purely for joy they get at sermonizing to other Whites.

    They will never quit. They can’t quit. Their life literally has no meaning without their daily affirmation of moral superiority. Facts and logic don’t mean squat to these people, just as facts and logic mean nothing to a hardcore drug addict. It’s that rush, that feeling of being a better human being that they crave above all else.

    • And the only way to deal with them is simply laugh at them and walk away. Or don’t even laugh. Just stare at them and the turn away and leave. When you try and argue facts and logic with them you’re giving them what they crave.

      I save my energy to speak to people who are on the fence or already slightly conservative.

      • The “stare and say nothing” also works great with the Covidians I see during my walks.
        Free people get a hearty “hello, how ‘ya doing” and their dogs get a pat on the head.

        • Non-reactance drives them crazy because it fails to provide them any ammunition to initiate a religious ecstasy based on denouncing a Covidian heretic.

          • That’s what I do now. I used to give them my best shitlord smirk, because I enjoy driving them bonkers, but then I realized, as y’all have, that “going bonkers” is the dopamine hit they crave. So now I’m cultivating an air of what Orwell called “protective stupidity.” I go out without a mask, and when they give me the death glare — normally the time I’d smirk at them — I just act baffled. What are you doing with that thing on your face, and why are you squinting your eyes? Do you have some chili pepper up in there or something? Stops ’em stone cold.

          • I have cultivated a glassy-eyed silly grin face for diversity seminars and such. Often i practice math to pass the time.

          • Effusive gratitude is even better. I was doing a service run in an office building and walked in unmasked. An older Karen was walking out towards me. She froze, then began chiding me for not wearing a mask. So, I thanked her for being so kind to remind me, as sincerely and effusively as possible, then went on with my business (sans mask, of course). The look on her face was just priceless, as she could tell I wasn’t going to get masked, but I had said the right platitudes, and she just couldn’t figure out what to do.

        • Yes indeed. I completely blank these chodes. But as you say, if you’re not cowering from the China Virus then it’s a “Wotcha, mate”. Or if a lady “Good morning”. But there are many instances of idiocy all around:

          People driving alone in their cars with a mask on
          Young people wearing a mask outside
          Personalized masks. I take strong exception to these.
          Comically large deviations a person may make around you to avoid the dreaded virus
          Women thanking store door attendants for ‘their service’… as if they’ve just stepped off an amphibious craft onto Omaha, Juno &c
          We had a minutes silence the other night. A minutes silence. It’s official now, it’s a real crisis and it’s mythology is ready to be neatly packaged into educational bundles, and given to young kids by their Branch Covidian parents in the future. ‘You think you have it tough, boy?! In my day…’.

          • Well, for me it’s gonna be a fun week. Today, the AZ Gov just lifted the mask mandate *and* prohibited local ordinances for such mandates. Now if businesses mandate, then it’s on them to answer to the customer’s ire.

            Time to start visiting stores again and find out who’s for freedom and who’s for serfdom.

          • Before my current job as another of those “remote work” slackers I was a “front line worker” and got this all the time – “thank you for your service”. I actually wanted to punch these people. On the other hand I used to get $2 an hour “hazard pay” bonus for this.

  25. Codswallop… I haven’t heard or read that word in forever. I say old chap, the gun control codswallop is reaching fever pitch. It may be time to prime the rifles and fix bayonets – the fuzzies are just over the ridge.

    • “the fuzzies are just over the ridge.”

      Seeing that Z Man mentions the white man’s burden, the use of the term ‘fuzzy’ has brought forth yet another reference to old Kipling; his poem ‘Fuzzy Wuzzy’, of course. Shame I never learnt that at school when we had to study poetry… it’ll be on the curriculum for my son when he’s home schooled for sure.

      Son: “Dad, what does a fuzzy wuzzy look like?”

      Me: “Let us go to the local KFC and have a look.”

      I jest of course. I’ll be nowhere near a goddamn KFC in a year’s time.

      • KFC? Pish-posh, old sock. You really want to see the Fuzzy Wuzzy, go to Popeye’s. Here in America, at least, you know it’s time to call the realtor when a Popeye’s Chicken opens up anywhere in your zip code.

        • Analysis: True.
          But I occasionally risk my life for a box of that chicken.
          M-M-M good!
          I work in a vibrant area, so I can pick it up on the way home.

          • Yeah, I’m partial to Popeye’s myself. They make some great popcorn chicken, and I’m a fool for cornbread. But I grew up in the South, so I’ve still got all the old instincts for navigating the Diversity. I wouldn’t recommend it for the uninitiated, though.

        • Fast food commercials continue to portray the staff as something out of 1983: fresh faced, eager-to-please teens, with a dollop of manners, earning some pocket money for the next trip to the mall. Yet, what you’re confronted with (outside Chik-Fil-A) is a motley crew of surly vibrants, unburdened by competency or people skills. Popeye’s may be the worst of all.

          • Last time I made the mistake of going to Popeyes was November 2020. I detailed this before.

            There was a giant group of rowdy Arab youths, probably 15 years old. Running around, yelling in Arabic and Ebonics. No masks on. The older Indian man in the line in front of me complained to the All Indian staff that the Arabs were not wearing masks properly. The Indian staff looked scared to confront the youths and were looking at me like “can you do something about them”. Of course I just smiled at them from behind my mask and then looked away. The female feebly yelled from behind the counter. Nothing much changed.

            Of course the Indian staff have no manners or English skills, they don’t say hi. They just stand there silently until I say my order. The only other person in the store was an older Chinese man who looked bemused and also disappointed at the spectacle.

            I thought it was funny how they expected me to be the mediator. The white man is supposed to keep things running smoothly isn’t he?? Anyways I never eat out, I don’t support alien food establishments.

          • If you introduce complexity into your order by ordering more than one item, odds are 50-50 they’ll cock–so to speak–it up.

          • July 2050: an old man and a little boy are walking through the radioactive debris of what used to be a fast food joint. The boy says “Granpa, was there *anything* good about the Age of Diversity? You make it sound so bad all the time”. Grandpa idly fiddles with his Geiger counter the way people do today with their phones and says “well, this place used to be a Popeye’s. They had some awesome fried chicken.” The boy looks puzzled… “What’s chicken?”

          • That reminds me of Dickey’s BBQ chain. They have a bad habit of hiring Dindus who have no idea of customer service. As a result their eateries tend to be deserted and then go out of business.

        • Fortunately, Popeye’s – I think – is one American export that we don’t have. For us, the real low is knock-off southern fried chicken places with names like ‘Dixie Southern Fried Chicken’ or ‘Real Southern Chicken’ staffed by browns. They’re southern alright… southern Nuristan. It is here, in London, that one can expect plenty of vibrants and plenty of trouble.

          That said, a hats off to the MacDonald’s in the Devonian town of Tiverton, which is the whitest (both staff and clientele) one I have ever seen. People actually sit down to eat their meals! People are actually quiet and enjoy their meal’s peacefully! There is a young lady who walks around – without fear – approaching people with tasters! It was so surreal I ought to have got footage of it – just goes to show, when diversity is at a minimum even tacky food joints work well.

          How has the ‘Wunjo’ rune been working out for you?

          • The “Wunjo” aesthetic has been a mixed bag so far, thanks for asking. I got a ballcap made — white rune on black for maximum shitlordery, natch — and it looks pretty sweet if I do say so myself. That’s the good. The bad is, nobody has asked me about it yet. Not surprising, as I live on the outskirts of the kind of midsize metro where everyone is still cowering in fear of the Dread Coof, but still, a bit disappointing. These things take time, though, so we’ll see.

            I’ve never been to London, but I got the experience you describe in Dublin some years back. “Dixie Fried Chicken” or something like that. Still, for my money the absolute worst was a place called Abrakebabra, which the Internet informs me still exists — fake Middle Eastern food sold by real Indians, but the sponging-off-EU-welfare Irish version. If I ever need a good bout of amoebic dysentery to go with my pint of Guinness, I know just where to go.

        • You really want to see the Fuzzy Wuzzy, go to Popeye’s.

          Truer words have never been written although Church’s will run them a.close second in my experience. There are a.couple of other franchise chains whose names I cannot recall which are definite meccas for joggers. When I was delivering food last year, I never saw either a non-jogger face in the stores or at the doors when I delivered. I could not believe the living cliche I was seeing/experiencing.

        • People have lost their lives fighting to be first in line when Popeye’s releases a new variety of chicken strip. As if you won’t have months to sample these viands at your leisure. And we’re supposed to believe these gibbering primitives are our superiors.

    • “Codswallop”
      “Metric system, bah! My car gets fourty rods to the hogshead and that’s the way I like it”
      I sometimes think Mr. Z Man IS Grandpa Simpson.

  26. “For the most part, it is a pointless waste of time for dissidents to engage in the nuts and bolts of political discourse.” Here is how I engage with Lefties:

    -You want to raise taxes on rich liberals like Gates, Zuckerberg, Bezos, etc., and all of woke Corporate America? Go for it.
    -You want to keep aborting the future of the black race? Sounds racist, but that’s on you.
    -You want to flood the country with illegals? Sounds hard on unions and working class blacks, but at least they can buy cheap crap from China thanks to the Left exporting industries.
    -You say there is institutional racism? Are there any conservative institutions? I agree that all those leftwing institutions are racist and sexist (the media, Hollywood, corporate America, government at all levels, all of academia). We should burn them to the ground and start over.
    -You want to defund the police? Inner city blacks will suffer, but they keep voting for it, so what can I do? It won’t hurt me in suburbia.
    -Cut the military? Less tranny surgeries and foreign wars. I can live with that.
    -Liberal judges? Look what all the conservative appointments have gotten us. Roberts?
    The sniveling Kavanaugh who turns around stabs Trump in the back?
    -You want to bankrupt the country with unlimited spending? This is transactional America baby, and I can get mine cut just fine.
    -You want to fight the unicorn of global warming? Just means higher gas prices for the poor. I can still afford to fill my SUV.
    -You want Silicon Valley and the spy agencies in every nook and cranny of your life, and getting rich off your content? I prefer privacy, so I don’t broadcast my personal business.

    What else you got?

    • It’s a variation of, “is it good for my people?”
      Lefty: “Muh gun control!”
      Me: “How is that good for white people?”
      This puts them in a quandary as they either have to lie about how it’s good (thus forcing them to defend white people with their ideology) or admitting that it’s just about sticking it to whites (“who cares”) in which case they know they’ll just be ignored while their self-morality is taken down a notch.

      • They’re like women (or blacks), able to flip it back on you, by instinct.

        I call such thinkers ‘quick cuz shallow.’ They only need enough depth to defend their unspoken position of being in the superior.

        ‘Slow cuz deep’ is thinking over the ramifications. The Quick flippers aren’t concerned with anything except how they look *at that moment*, so their processing is instinct-fast, immediate. This is social hindbrain processing versus fact-chewing forebrain thinking.

        Because they’re so fast, they see themselves as being smarter- thus, still superior, their #1 priority in the known universe.

        (PS- saved and rehearsing DLS. Really like Sandmich’s “but is it good for (Falcone’s European ethnicity, Irish Scottish Anglo Germanic French Polish Russkie Spaniard Italian etc.)

    • With great respect for your point of view, I’m still compelled to ask: do you have children?

      • I do have kids, and they are fully aware of how leftists operate. I am not saying I support or am indifferent to any of these policies. The ones that aren’t purely evil are naive and stupid. My approach is merely a rhetorical punch to knock them on their heels, rather than ignoring them altogether, which is another fine choice. But hitting them with the straight up dissident truth gives them an enemy to justify their delusions, and doesn’t change anything. Better to hit them where they don’t expect it.

    • Don’t you know that you can never get ahead by proffering facts in a post-truth world? We’re living in a world where scientific rigor is denounced and requiring but a single correct answer on a math test is “racist”!

  27. The most difficult part of voting today is not vomiting all over the voting booth when looking at the choices on offer.

    Does Staples sell keyboards at bulk discounts?

  28. Several great lines, particularly about Arne wearing a pith helmet. Literally laughed out loud, and it is a great distillation of the vapidity and hypocrisy of White Progressives. “Is that you, Mr. Silvergoldstein?”

    I haven’t thought of “Think” Tanks as indulgences but that’s also funny and spot on.

    The Left never will win the gun issue so do not discount utilization of extra-legal brute force. I doubt most gun owners do much more than mutter about “muh Constitution” but there might be a sliver of them who realize guns aren’t the most powerful tool they have in their arsenal. That would Make Cable Television Great Again if it happened but it’s not likely enough to justify reattaching the cord.

    • “moral charm bracelet” was awesome.

      The widow Jobs has nothing on the free-donating horror that is Mackenzie Scott.

    • “there might be a sliver of them who realize guns aren’t the most powerful tool they have in their arsenal.”

      To be honest, if the Heemeyer’s Killdozer hadn’t have gotten stuck, I don’t know how they could have stopped it short of just waiting it out. Or an Apache. Or a tank.

      Naturally, I assumed you were referring to the Killdozer, but in hindsight now realize it could be many other things.

    • The Left will never win the gun issue

      Are you willing to bet your children’s lives on that? I, for one, am not!

    • Never underestimate the Blob’s ability to overreach. They are arrogant and believe they are rulers of the world. They will go after gun owners directly at some point. Simply because most gun owners are lower class Whites who need to be eradicated.

      Don’t forget they have declared war on us and want us and gone. There is no Brazil style future for us in their world. Just a incinerator or ditch.

      Sure mock them with snark, but these “rulers” are abject monsters who do have the means to make our lives brutal and bloody.

  29. A New Tomorrow (cont)
    And the band played on.

    Sometimes analogies can be clarifying. Imagine that you live on the east coast of Florida, a massive hurricane is spinning up in the South Atlantic, and it may be headed your way. You walk to the beach & stare out at the storm clouds on the horizon contemplating your options. You could retreat to the couch & TV, get some snacks & just muddle through. You could summon the neighbors to join you on the beach for a group hug. You could shake your fist at the impending hurricane and scream about the injustice of it discriminating against you. You could call 911 and demand that the hurricane be arrested for potential future trespass. You could bury your head in the sand & just pretend it doesn’t exist. This is the quality of current political debate in the USA. Perhaps the hurricane will do us a great favor.

    • All the time spent squatting here could have been spent on starting your own blog called “A New Tomorrow”, where you would write at length about topics that interest you. You could have promoted it by adding the URL to your name in comments in other blogs and by posting/commenting on Gab. That way, you would have built an audience of followers that are genuinely interested in what you have to say.

      • I’m not a blogger and I don’t write at length. I enjoy this site & commenting for the same reason as you do. Z can ban me if he so chooses (his blog, his right). And you can choose to bypass my comments, no one is forcing you to read them. Yes, my thoughts can be controversial, but silencing people you disagree with is a pathology I’m glad I don’t possess.

  30. Z Man has said it before, but just to repeat, we need a new ruling class. And we need one badly.

    • It’s been the joke for 10+ years now, but it’s kinda easy to see now why late 18th century French felt that their entire ruling class had to be wiped out.

    • Historically, there have been three main ways to get new ruling classes: war (conquered by another), revolution (by young males, usually disaffected with poor job prospects or motivated by religious fanaticism), dissolution / secession, as with the Soviet Union & most empires.

      America is an aging country with fewer young white males every day; conservatives are fundamentally reactionary, not revolutionary & they are poor at organization and tactics & have few prominent intellectuals & zero cultural control; religious affiliation is plummeting 10% per decade; the regime has myriad institutions and technology at its control.

      All things considered, how do we get a new ruling class from that? I don’t see the ingredients for it, not for a couple of decades at least – not within the current system. The only real way to achieve this would be to get a new system, a new nation the way Jews did with Israel. Your own place = your own people = your own rules.

      • In pre-revolution France and the Soviet Union (and many others no doubt) the accelerating factor was the bankruptcy of the state. That Denninger character has 2024 down for his prediction since that will be the year (all things remaining equal) that Federal healthcare spending will exceed all tax revenues by themselves. I think he’s being a touch “optimistic” though as I don’t see how that will impact anything more than anything else.

      • Well, if revolutionary france is any indication, the new ruling class comes about almost at random (i.e. Napoleon). More to the point, dissolution seems most likely because the US is large and, relative to Asia and Europe, sparsely populated. Moreover, supply chains are geared towards traversing distance just in time, so just small reduction in transnational cooperation could lead to quick decentralization. Frankly, trying to centralize the governance of the continent is like a Marxian farce of the Roman empire. While I think violence is inevitable in a dissolution, I don’t think there will be much of it, in a relative sense.

      • I’m more and more convinced this is how it will play out and there will be a very close parallel to the dissolution of the Soviet Union. This will include the preservation of a core area of the still dominant ethnicity while the “non-Russian” states become their own nations. I think our dissolution though will have many elements of the partition of India with vast movement of population and violence as this is all sorted out.

        For those located on the wrong side of the new borders there will be “gentle persuasion” to GTFO which may include tacit or overt state support for vigilante mobs acting to remove “foreigners”. It will probably much more dangerous to be one of the remaining whites in urban California or New Jersey than to be a black or Mexican in Iowa.

    • People used to called that “dogs looking for a master”.

      The fact is we don’t need a ruling class. That implies a master slave relationship with us being the slaves. A intelligent, properly educated people do not need some squishy inbred whites with receding chins whose only claim to being in the ruling class is familial wealth and attending some ultra high end private schools like Groton, Hotchkiss and then on to more tony colleges, to get that proper credential. This is all a English thing that comes from Francis Galton.

      The best thing a country should do every century or so is just wipe out the entire gene lines of any ruling class that has arose so we don’t end up with a ruling caste composed of sociopaths and outright psychopaths that we have today.

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