The Carny Train

I am torn on whether this age should be called the Carny Age, the Crazy Age, or the Age of Hysteria. I like all three and there are probably others that work, but the last one really gets to the heart of the matter. America is like an aging woman, suddenly realizing that her biological clock is running out of ticks. All of that phony confidence she learned from modern feminism is quickly turning into anger and bitterness. Much of the lunacy is driven by early and middle middle-aged women.

Here is a perfect example. This story is written by a middle-aged Indian woman attacking one of the schools in the big basketball tournament. The whole point of the story is so the aging mediocrity can get some attention. Look at her resume and you see that her “I am woman here me roar” life choices did not work out as the lesbians in the woman’s studies department promised. Mx. Jhaveri has never reached higher than an entry level position at small media outfits.

Time after time, what has been termed cancel culture, turns out to be projectile hysteria by early middle aged women. The Huffington Post is nothing but a coven of homely women in terror over hitting the wall. It is why they foment so much of the doxing and cancel culture nonsense. Popular culture is one long night of premium ice cream, Lifetime channel marathons and late night texting. Our women have gone insane and taken the rest of the country with them.

That is why Age of Hysteria seems to work the best. It also implies that the solution is something like this. On the other hand, the underlying cause of this is the carny morality that has taken over the ruling classes. None of our betters has anything resembling dignity now, not even the British royals. That current batch looks like extras from one of those game shows where contestants agree to do humiliating things in order to win some cash prizes. The prize today is an Oprah interview.

Everywhere you look in the ruling classes, the people who should be secure in their position are desperately shouting, “Look at me! look at me!” Despite their wealth and power, they carry on like they need affirmation. That is the carny culture. The engine that drives that sort of society is the willingness to do anything for some applause, some attention, or some laughs. Whatever it takes to get the crowd to perk up and take notice of you is acceptable. There is no bad publicity.

As I said in the show, people living in a period rarely know how it will be viewed from the distance of time. Given the current trajectory, the Zoomers could look back on this time in a generation and call it the Golden Age. How this time is viewed will depend a lot upon how the current crisis concludes. People in the 1970’s thought they were doomed, but then things turned around for a couple of decades. Maybe that is what awaits us in the coming years. A period of relative calm and good fortune.

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272 thoughts on “The Carny Train

  1. Apologies, Z-Man, for pooping on your parade once again, but I feel that I need to correct you on something. Watching an ideologically-charged movie does not make you educated on a matter or the story, that the movie is so obviously tries to convey, true. I’m taking about the movie “Chekist”, one you refer to time and again as if it’s a history source. It is not. The very year that the USSR was disbanded is the year when all the anti-soviet driver started pouring out of the creative dissident class like the smelly substance from a broken toilet. During those “glorious” days when the 2nd dethroning of “Cult of Personality” tried to put a fat black “X” on the soviet people history, all kinds of venom was put out there. This movie is a disgrace, it’s nothing more than a morbid gore. I understand your need and desire for analogies, but, alas, this one missed the mark as well. Yours truly.

  2. Z pathologizes the Nazis, the group who saw the world most clearly.

    I expect Z and others to cast me as a crazy ideologue. Enjoy your sanity, fellas…

  3. “No one knows why we’re in Syria.” (51:13)

    Oh, come on now. You don’t really doubt that at least a 100,000 people in the MICC know why the MICC is in Syria. If we counted others in the USA, we’d find that millions of people know why Syria is being sacked. The real issue here is that they don’t want to call much attention to motives and objectives, which surely transcend mere profits for military contractors and periodic kickbacks to politicians’ campaign funds.

    Most readers of a blog like this one are surely aware that there has been an important project for the Levant underway since 1897, at the very latest. We can see where Syria is on a map, then read Genesis 15:18-21 for the passage which claims that the descendants of Abram were given land from the wadi of Egypt to the Euphrates River. Immediately we know who will be most keen for MICC action in Syria, if that’s what it takes to remove an obstacle. We don’t even need to wait for someone to explain what the term “Greater Israel” might mean.

    Many Americans, esp. lightskinned Caucasians, are reluctant nonetheless to admit the truth about ugly America and her gangsterlike behavior against Syria, even when those Americans aren’t Jews or evangelikills. Still, it can never hurt them to learn about relevant research of scholars such as Gil Troy of McGill U. Professor Troy discovered that…

    US Jews Contribute 50% Of All Donations To The Democratic Party
    And 25% To The Republican Party

  4. “ the people who should be secure in their position are desperately shouting, “Look at me! look at me!”

    I call Boomers.

    • C.E.O. “I worry about the negative impact of that,” Ms. Sumner, 32, said. “I worry that it allows investors to see founders who are women as a separate class from the rest of the founders. I worry it allows investors to…”

      Our future is the female brain. Where it’s worry. …about the negative impact. ALL the time. This is gonna suck.

  5. The Chekist. Jeesh. High body count. Kind of repetitive. Really just kept making me think about the Aztecs.

    • Nothing odd about wanting to be addressed as “tree” (please note that the person/i> desiring the designation does not want it capitalized) at all. Heck! I think it’s kinda cute. 😉😁😎

  6. The only cure for the covidectomy induced hysteria is another pandemic. The crazy Karens have found a new addiction.

    • Karenism is a real psychosis. Our modern culture, via the cult of feminism, has taught young women that they are the noble adversaries of men and all relations with the opposite sex (whatever that means nowadays) is nothing more than zero-sum warfare. As a result, these women have no incentive to “attract” men as nature intended and instead often become fat and lazy accompanied by an attitude of superiority. And then inevitably, no man wants to be caught dead around them.

      This is where the cognitive dissonance kicks in. They are doing everything that society tells them is the right thing to do, and it’s not working. They find themselves alone, miserable, and sexually frustrated, and their biological clock is ticking louder with each passing year. Insanity is the logical end result of this social pathology. In can be no other way.

      • TomA: “Karenism is a real psychosis. Our modern culture, via the cult of feminism, which has taught young women that they are the noble adversaries of men, is nothing more than zero-sum warfare.”

        Well said.

        By coincidence, I read your comment while listening to a song by the great Dead Can Dance, called ‘Return of the She-King’. Which would make for a good Zman post title.

        By the way, this album Anastasis is very good. Darkly moody Egyptian feel. Think Led Zeppelin’s ‘Kashmir’ with a touch of The Doors ‘The End’. If you ever find yourself trying to seduce an Arab chick throw on this album.

        Web: “Dead Can Dance, from Australia, combine elements of European folk music — particularly music from the Middle Ages and the Renaissance — with ambient goth and worldbeat flourishes, touching on everything from Gaelic folk and Gregorian chant to avant-garde pop and darkwave.”

      • These mutant anomalies are enraged by the lack of male attention they feel they are entitled to. Other women are repelled by their radioactive vibes.

    • I really wish the Karen Kult would hurry up and find their Jim Jones who will lead them in “revolutionary suicide”. I’d donate to the Kool Aid fund for that.

  7. I’m not making a value judgement, but the folks who volunteered (I believe) to appear on The $1.98 Beauty Show seemed to be aware that they were going to embarrass themselves in the pursuit of…well, $1.98. One can only wonder what else. Fame? Did they take Andy Warhol seriously? Had they ever HEARD of Pittsburgh’s Other Artiste Laureate? ( Other than Mario Lemieux). ‘Is a puzzlement. On the other hand, Harry and The Bit Player on Suits seem not to have had a clue.

  8. I like the Age of Hysteria but it seems like the defining symbol of our age is the Karen both young and middle-aged. While the Tribe and lunatic gentiles might be pulling the strings, it is women who are the foot soldiers in all these hysterias. Without them they wouldn’t be enforced.

    Mass protests to wage war against the weather gods or racist voodoo are always largely comprised of young women as are pro invader celebrations. Street patrols to ensure face diaper compliance and institutional enforcement are the game of middle aged women. I would state white women but you can find this dynamic in non white societies. The Karens are just not as plentiful.

    When I was a lad, there was always one mother who prevented her son from being a boy out of fear he would harm himself. We pitied him and thought she was a weirdo. Now that woman is the compliance officer of our age.

    • In MY day there usually two or more such moms in the neighborhood; this was a while ago, so the boys didn’t wear helmets–mounted au velo or on foot.

    • FWIW, I never wear a mask outside and the three times I’ve been hassled it’s been by older white males.

      • I’ll wager your Older White Males have been living with one of these deranged Karens for 40-50 years. My late father-in-law was a case study: Blue-collar small town nominal conservative in his youth but by the time he hit 60 he had been effectively neutered and was watching Oprah and The View with his shrieking harpy of a wife every day.

        • “Father-in-law”? Does that mean the shrieking harpy he’s married to is the mother of your wife? Good luck with that. You might be him in a few years.

        • Just like those houses in the hood with the “we believe” signs in the front yard. If there’s a male living there, it is possible he believes that crap. But it’s more likely he’s a nutless cuck who kowtows to his wife, karen and her whims…

    • Well put. If there were any redeeming thing to emerge from the St. Floyd riots was it awakened millions to how fucked up White women in general and White Millennials in particular are. I will admit to being unaware of the extent. The riots were the perfect set piece to the Covidianism. A society cannot function with rampant Karenism. Ours certainly is not functioning.

      • For me the events of the last year were like going to an old house that has some visible termite damage in a few planks on the porch and pulling them up only to discover that the critters had actually eaten most of the house and what you had been looking at for years was a shell of paint.

        I can’t help but feel that Covid(ism), the rioting, the obvious and overt propaganda, was just that experience of discovering the rot. We are now waiting for the gust of wind that will reduce the house to a pile of dust.

  9. “Popular culture is one long night of premium ice cream, Lifetime channel marathons and late night texting. Our women have gone insane and taken the rest of the country with them.”

    That is a hard shot to the solar plexus.

  10. I think that COVID might have been a stunt pulled by the media to find something else to damage the Trump administration with after the impeachment. But the one thing that makes me skeptical of that is the fact it was happening in other countries. Nonetheless I would really like to see some conference call between Obama and some dem governors. I kind of wonder if he was the one who convinced them all to shut down the economy.

    • Covid hysteria itself is an example of an engineered pathogen that got out of control. I’m still uncertain about the origins of Covid itself but the hysteria around it was promoted deliberately and to achieve certain goals. Primarily there were two. One had to do with the media itself needing something to recover viewers and credibility after its failure to install Queen Pantsuit in 2016. The other was political agenda driven and had to do with setting up massive vote fraud through mail-in voting and damaging the economy which everyone knew had been great under Trump.

      That it afflicted other nations seems to argue that it had some legitimacy except that no nation on earth is entirely free of American influence and many local national elites are little more than locals devoting their lives to benefiting from obedience to the empire.

      Also, other than the UK, no other nations as thoroughly destroyed their own economies as the US. China, where the Great Coof started, returned to normal very quickly as the leadership there does not have to worry about the population being turned against them by a disloyal media and they could see that blowing up their own economy would only weaken them.

  11. “Men are what their mothers made them.”
    Ralph Waldo Emerson

    The strong human male with a good mother will learn to fight for the world.
    The strong human male with a lousy mother will learn to fight against the world.
    The weak human male with a good mother will have is failure cushioned or, at least, delayed.
    The weak human male with a lousy mother is irredeeamable – he’s the most disheartening thing in the world.

  12. Z Man;
    Yet another great post, complete with lots of original insights. My particular complements on your section about the need to rectify the West’s recent failures to recognize evil.

    The common thread in the many murderous 20th Century ideologies is utopianism. The basis of utopianism is the refusal to recognize the fallen nature of man, IOW the refusal to recognize the existence of evil: Evil human desires, evil human motivations, evil human actions, etc. Absent these, there could be a human-created utopia, maybe.

    One might think, given all of human history, that the Christian Doctrine of Human Depravity would be self-evident: The easiest sell of all the Christian Doctrines in The Apostles’ Creed, for example. But NOOO. Wonder why_?

    • Equal time for the other side. Nietzsche makes a strong case that the real problem is Man creating his idealized make-believe world, the way the world “should” be (this is morality) and then rejecting the real reality. Christianity is most often his whipping boy, but the problem runs far deeper than that. The entire concept of morality, of the existence of good and evil, he argues, are purely the creation of Man’s mind. What is worst, perhaps, is that Nature (e.g. the real world, its laws, the way it operates), came to be viewed as the enemy, something evil, to variously be denied, battled or uneasily tolerated at best. He’d definitely agree with you on the horrors of the 20th century’s “Utopias” but he’d lump in plenty of prior attempts at Utopia with them, and that surely includes most if not all religions. Spanish Inquisition, anyone? And the Protestants don’t fare much better: they lit more than one fire under a “witch.”

      Al, by holding with a religious (moral) belief, you fall squarely into the trap that Man can somehow magically separate his “good” from his “evil” nature. You might as well tell the leopard that being a carnivore is evil and that he should take to grazing on the grass, like the gazelles do. I challenge you to find pure “good” or “evil” or pure “morality” out there in the real universe, ex-Man. Yes, they are “real” but only in the abstract sense: they only have any meaning with some bearing on Man. We, like every other living thing, are what the purposeless universe made us. None of this is to say that we can’t seek to overcome deficiencies, to improve ourself, etc. But inventing a fictional world and trying to inhabit it will ultimately prove as workable as the concept of the mythical creature with the magical ability, if cornered, to escape by running up his own rectum 😀

      • Nature is moral. It has hard and fast rules that you’d better follow.

        Civilization itself is Utopia. People wouldn’t have these wacky ideas without civilization protecting and nurturing them.

        The irony of civilization is that it requires bringing people to the yoke. This often involves bloodshed, especially at the beginning. Later on, once the population is domesticated, you can resort to gentler means like indoctrination— civil, religious, or otherwise.

        That ‘original sin’ of civilization (violence, bloodshed, repression) is the source of its madness if you ask me, and that’s why you often end up with mad men running things.

        In nature, it’s survival of the fittest— more like the good/bad distinction. I’m not going get romantic and say we all need to be wild, but perhaps man separating his good nature from his evil is a metaphor for our separation from nature as civilized people, and perhaps that’s why there’s a madness to it.

        Not unlike the story of the fall, now that I think of it! And maybe the serpent, who tempted Eve, was the first conquerer, the first civilizer.

        Not to get too Christian about it, the point is that Nietzsche was a very civilized guy, a hothouse flower, and a brilliant but reactionary byproduct of the 19th century— the high water mark of western civ, when we slipped into self-doubt— and I’d argue his writings should be viewed through that lens.

        • I love this thread! Al, Ben and Painter all make compelling and useful points, from differing perspectives. Ben, I think morality is biological. That which promotes a successful life is genetically wired. It is obvious rationally why murder is wrong, but it was an instinct long before we could articulate the thought, or we wouldn’t be here to talk about it.
          Painter, I don’t think civilization became utopian until Rationalism became commonplace after the invention of the printing press, and a few other inventions since then. I define Rationalism as “Dropping context until one’s busslhit doesn’t stink”. Also, The Most Efficient Way to Find the Wrong Answer! 🙂
          Al, I’ve been trying to understand Nihilism for a couple of years, had a hell of a time wrapping my brain around it. One thing that makes it hard to think about it is it is a Nothing. It’s a metaphorical carbon monoxide. Invisible, scentless and tasteless, but is sure kills you. Our culture is steeped in it. I can’t watch American TV or movies any more, they are drenched in the “meaninglessness of life”. I bring this up with regard to your comment on the inability to recognize evil.

          I think it’s the same brain damage (not joking here) that makes them unable to understand a joke. Hyper-rational thinking is about dropping context. You literally can’t get a joke without laying one metaphor on top of another. Mel Brooks called comedy the “juxtaposition of coincidence”. Good and evil are entirely contextual. The rationalists are blind to it.

          Rational thinking is useful, in the right environment, such as science, and many others. But Rationalism, the philosophy, that The Truth can be determined through logic, it just bull. The world is far too complex, and metaphorical thinking is crucial to grasping meaning. Without meaning, Truth is impossible.

          With regard to the “evil nature of man”, personal irresponsibility is at the root. This causes life to be meaningless, and the person finds themselves adrift. Take even a little bit of responsibility, and suddenly meaning reveals itself. To a rationalist, that last line is just the voice of the school teacher on a Peanuts cartoon.

          Z Man got me to read The True Believers last week. A profound and useful read. He mentioned concepts from it today. He said something that I think I disagree with: That they really believe their bull. I don’t think it’s possible for them to believe anything. They are Nihilists! I can’t back that up here, but it’s held water for me as I looked at it for the last 6 months. I think that they grasp desperately to their bull for the group approval it provides, which anesthetizes their shame about abdicating their responsibility to live a good life. I really don’t think they believe a word they say. I think they derive their comfort from getting Normie to say ever more stupid things such as “Trannys can race in women’s sports fairly”, etc. Getting Normie to say it, which I believe is a thought I got from Z Man a couple of years ago.

          I think that one tack we can take with any nutjob lefty, is “You don’t believe a word of what you say! It’s too stupid! No one could believe that!”

          Dismissal is one thing they fear desperately. Let’s destroy them with it.

          • I meant it in the sense that utopia is the spirit, maybe even the nature, of civilization. It’s the artificial world inside the natural world people create to make life easier, safer, less painful. Most people are reasonable and know there are limits to it, some get carried away. I agree that technological progress has brought out the loonies, but I’d argue it’s only enabling the excesses of what was already there.

  13. Two things you should not do before going to bed. Read “The Road” in marathon session or watch “The Chekist”. Take the advice.

  14. Are you saying the election wasn’t stolen through fraud ? Seriously?
    Further that the left will not keep pushing for mail in only and zero identification requirements.?
    Maybe you need to live on the left coast to recognize it. Out here Stevie Wonder can see it.
    It happens every election for the last fifteen years at least. there are open antifa hacks in our state legislature.

    • If you go back in the archives, particularly last November’s, you’d find Z-man’s thoughts on fraud. His claim has been pretty consistent that fraud was spontaneous by numerous people and that the full extent of it is not generally knowable at this point. At no point has he claimed that no fraud occurred.

      • Just looking at the more reliable data points, “emergent behavior” does appear to be the simplest explanation for the much of what happened.

        • Follow the money. That “emergent” behavior was well funded by the same usual suspects and began “spontaneously” at least a year before the election. No, it wasn’t just a coincidence of random acts all converging at the same place and time in a random universe.

        • The essential problem is not “emergent behavior”. All men are fallen and capable of great mischief should the opportunity present itself. And that is the problem, the election process for years has been corrupted/weakened such that in a thousand ways, by a thousand people the election process can be rendered meaningless—and so it has.

  15. Regarding Sidney Powell’s argument that “political arguments can be extreme and no reasonable person would believe them”, you do understand the concept of “arguing in the alternative”. Powell is trying to defend herself from the Ruling Class. That is not easy. If she wants to make an argument that perhaps the argument was extreme political speech, that is OK with me, even if she really believes that argument. That doesn’t mean that she is a carney. That doesn’t mean that she is a shill for the Ruling Class like Tucker Carneyson.

  16. It sounds like from what Z said that in the media age that “carnyism” will consume all who enter, something for which there is quite a bit of evidence to back up. What’s the fix for this though? Laws that politics can only be related on printed pages? I dunno, seems like a trap with no exit.

  17. ZMan I encourage you to create an account on, which is an alternative video & file-sharing platform. Odysee utilizes a blockchain to write file information to, and is thus less-censorable since it isn’t controlled by a central authority.

    You can automatically mirror videos from YouTube to Odysee when you create an account.

  18. They really are evil ideologues who believe that they have moral high ground.

    We need to seek out leftist bakers and commission cakes with themes they’d find detestable: vanilla cakes reading “It’s okay to be White”, “Diversity is Suicide”,“Abortion is Barbaric”, a pink and blue cake reading “There are only two genders”, a cake in the shape of an AK-47 with the message “Guns Save Lives!”.

    • I like where you are going with this but before you step in the bakery and make an order have the legal team in place with the lawsuit ready to be immediately filed, requiring only a fill in the blank for the plaintiff’s name. Also, have a hundreds strong rent-a-mob with professionally printed signs ready to protest outside the establishment the same day that you are refused service.

      • If only it could be done with complete protection and anonymity. At the very least, the orders could be placed in the names of Kevin Williamson or Michael Moore.

    • I have a few detestable sayings of my own, too, in mind:

      • Here We Know That…
      • Only Two Sexes Matter (And Three Is A Crowd)
      • It’s OK Not To Be Black
      • Some Ways Are Better Than Others
      • Diversity Is the Quotient Of Unity Divided By Enmity
      • We the People Didn’t Ordain It
      • Well Regulated Militias Need No Rigged Elections
      • Democracy Is A Verbed Noun For Rootless Capitalist Oligarchy
      • Black: Not A Color But A Synonym For Evil
      • A Trans Woman Is a Fake Woman
      • Jesus Was No Democrat
      • Social Distancing Is Isolationist
      • Judaism Is National Supremacism With A Star
      • Diversity + Inclusion + Equity –> DIE
      • Progressivism Is Militarist
      • Fascism Is A Communist Shortcut For Disgruntled Internationalists
      • Fascism Means “Everything For The State”
      • Some Are Welcome Here
      • Science Is A Buzzword

      And so on.

      Fyi, for a fascinating synopsis of Fascism’s roots in Marxism, syndicalism, and modern militarism, see the essay “The Mystery of Fascism” by David Ramsay Steele. It’s available for free in PDF, and the author, who was a member of the Socialist Party of Great Britain for ten years, knows the persons of the drama and their backgrounds quite well.

    • They’ll simply refuse your request and show you the door. Political ideas (such as used in examples) are not a protected “class”.

  19. I think of it as The Age of Excessive Bullshit. I’ve been around for quite a while, and lately I catch myself saying, “that’s bullshit” several times every day.

    • There seems to be any number of ways to characterize how bleak the current era is. I call it the Stupidity Singularity, in which society is collapsing into a mass of mediocrity, idiocy and chaos. It’s the exact opposite of the utopian singularity proposed by Ray Kurzweil and those of his ilk.

      • Your assessment is correct. Civilization begat the end of natural selection for our species and we have been devolving ever since.

        • Gave you a +1 for correctness! Natural selection only works in…Nature. Come civilization and you get man, and at least some…artificial selection. Now, in most times and places we don’t breed humans like we breed plants and animals. No matter, the laws of genetics, and its partner, Evolution, still operate. So rather than selecting for strongest, fastest, most disease-resistant, clever, intelligent, we are instead “selecting for” more “defective” than “productive” humans. Evolution is doing what it “should be” doing — rewarding with procreation according to the current resources. But ultimately, all this is unsustainable, and the culling will be vicious. That’s also part of Nature’s plan, albeit one that doesn’t get much press.

    • Bullshit is exactly what keeps me attentive and amused. No longer even hoping for a glimmer of reality and truth in the media or discussions with most people, it’s a game I play—like drinking games—wondering how long it will take me to spot logic errors, hypocrisy, mistruths/falsehoods, and the like. I am rarely disappointed.

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  21. We’ve never had a US President who was like Stalin, but we’ve finally got one who is like Andropov or Chernenko — sick old men who were nothing but figureheads!

    • Such men are dangerous, and should not be underestimated. Hindenburg gave Germany to Hitler on a platter. Hitler as Chancellor could do little at the time, be he did use the position to install his party loyalists into the government ministries and corrupt elected representatives in the Bundestag. When Hindenburg passed away, the die was cast for a totalitarian dictatorship.

      I see similarities with Biden.

      • Much to our chagrin, the one thing Barry Soetero was outstanding at was installing people personally loyal to him and his cause.

        Now, we are seeing the consequences of Barry’s effectiveness in this one critical task.

      • Tend to agree, but you’d have to go further down the list of Presidential candiates to find someone sufficiently competent even organize the desk in the Oval Office, much less be a dictator.

        • Dictatorship—of the extreme kind we often think about—is not necessarily the product of one person assuming immediate power, but a process over time and spans individuals. Someone or more sets the stage, and eventually someone eventually begins he play. Biden may very well be the person to set the stage.

      • China Joe is shamelessly using the same tactics China used on him here at home. Reports are that he is offering a job to West Virginia’s Joe Manchin’s wife.

        Feel relieved that we get a puppet, a weak figurehead, with no charm. A Stooge instead of a strongman – a Stanin.

        A puppet or not, having a military superpower in the hands of a dementia patient is a very dangerous thing.

      • Damn, I was going to post exactly the same thing a few nights ago. Biden as our Andropov. Few historical parallels seem more apt than this. My guess is that Biden’s current crazy train “reforms” will almost all fail. There are signs that the new gun control stuff, ending the filibuster, etc.. will be dead in a month. After that Biden will become more and more reclusive as power in transferred to Kama- (Uh, I mean Google/CCP).

        In a couple years don’t be surprised if “the Harris Administration” begins prosecuting people like Dorsey and Zuck and perhaps even takes steps to destroy Google and Microsoft. There will be much schadenfreude on our side and a tendency to cheer this on as many of the charges will no doubt be true. Behind the scenes, this will represent the CCP leadership eliminating the manlet millennial bugmen and soy-sippers who run SV. At that point the American shell nation will be puppeted entirely from Beijing. There is still hope that some of the more based parts of the country will finally realize that “America” can’t be saved and the country will break up. I expect the Northeast and West Coast though to become permanent Chinese holdings and sources of trouble on the North American continent for a long time.

    • Yeah, that “presser” yesterday was pathetic. Anyone who actually voted for that fool seriously thinking he is presidential material is as blithering an idiot as he obviously is.

  22. “…we’re still in Iraq…. We’re still in Afghanistan…”

    Dude, we’re still in GERMANY and JAPAN!!

    The official excuse for NATO went away 30 years ago.

    • Yeah, who says imperialism died with the British Empire! It’s alive and well and living in the Good Ol’ US of A.

      • Tom;
        Agree about US imperialism: But, in keeping with today’s theme, it’s *stupid* imperialism. Under good, old fashioned real imperialism, you use your military to take over some other elite’s cash flow. Under our version, we use our military to take over some other elite’s welfare caseload. What could possibly go wrong_?

        • The US elite does very well out of the empire.
          You might consider the Ukraine case or ask yourself why the US dollar is still the reserve currency and what advantages it brings the US

    • The U.S. gov makes no bones about being the world’s policeman and arbiter. Hence a global empire.

  23. Allowing a society to become a, what to call it? Hysterocracy? is one of those things that becomes self-reinforcing and creates a situation that is very confusing for even the most rational to interpret. Basically, reacting to every little thing as though it’s the end of the world can easily lead to – well, the end of the world. Covid is a great example. We allowed the “discussion” to be driven by insane women (of both sexes) and came up with insane responses. These responses turned out to be far worse than the thing they were responses to. So, we now actually are in an ongoing cascading crisis that’s affecting everything from supply chains to the value of the dollar to geopolitics. This stuff actually *is* a major threat that needs to be attended to in short order.

    It’s the problem of the monkey in the nuclear power plant. Hire a monkey to run a nuke plant. Give him his little technician coat, helmet, and badge and sit him down at the control panel. At first, he seems to be doing ok. Then he sees an orange light appear on the console. It’s just a warning that one of the backup generators needs attention. Nothing too serious as long as he lets the other monkeys know they need to go down there. The problem is that he’s a monkey so he presses a random button on the console. This causes a few more lights to go on. These indicate more serious problems but still nothing that couldn’t dealt with. Of course, he now freaks out completely and starts pulling levers, pressing buttons and pounding on the keyboard of the computer terminal. Two hours later the reactor explodes and 30 million people need to move.

      • As Dalrock documented on his great blog for years, Consevatives are completely incapable of dealing with female problems.

        I don’t know if there are any solutions.

        • Female problems, minority problems and sexuality problems. In this day and age, that makes them bloody well useless.

          • Robert Lewis Dabney on Conservatism, written in 1897

            This is a party which never conserves anything. Its history has been that it demurs to each aggression of the progressive party, and aims to save its credit by a respectable amount of growling, but always acquiesces at last in the innovation. What was the resisted novelty of yesterday is today one of the accepted principles of conservatism; it is now conservative only in affecting to resist the next innovation, which will tomorrow be forced upon its timidity and will be succeeded by some third revolution; to be denounced and then adopted in its turn. American conservatism is merely the shadow that follows Radicalism as it moves forward towards perdition. It remains behind it, but never retards it, and always advances near its leader.

    • An apt analogy! It brings to mind Homer Simpson in the reactor control room. In the real world, the scenario might be slightly better. Three Mile Island, Chernobyl and Fukushima notwithstanding, something as critical as a nuclear plant would have all sorts of failsafes in place. Monkeys run amok would, in my opinion, be more likely to result in an emergency shutdown rather than a meltdown. But yeah, the point is not lost than incompetent attendant may overlook a tiny problem that, had it been caught, wouldn’t have turned into a bigger problem. Or, short of deliberate malice (or extraordinarily bad luck!) to bring about a disaster, he’d likely preside over a horrendously expensive crash shutdown.

      • Oh I know, I was just thinking about that mini-series Chernobyl. I seldom watch popular entertainment but I did see that one. Of course modern reactors are pretty monkey proof as you pointed out.

  24. About six or seven years ago I did a training class on a piece of network equipment we sold to a power company in Missouri.

    There was this one very tall, lanky woman in the class and something just seemed … off … about “her.” About midway through the class I finally had the epiphany “That’s a dude!” Lol, of course, nobody could dare mention it. Even then you knew you might be costing yourself your job if you were “insensitive” about the loony in the third row.

    Thank God he was quiet and well-behaved and pronouns were never an issue, but I feel like that natural White, British (because that’s where I think we get it, culturally), “pretend everything’s normal” instinct is so destructive.

    There’s this truism in horse training that you’re *always* training the horse, whenever you are interacting with it. Sometimes you’re training it to do good things, sometimes you’re training it to do bad things, often by simply ignoring the bad things, which gives the horse permission to do the bad things.

    With a 1,000 pound animal, a build up of bad behaviors can get seriously out of hand. A human is at least as dangerous as a horse, because humans can use their brains to make peoples’ lives miserable.

    By permitting bad behavior, we invite more of it. Because nobody ever felt like they could tell that guy — “Wash that makeup shit off, get out of the skirt, put some damn pants on and act like a man” we said “being a loony degenerate is fine with us.”

    And here we are.

  25. As near as I can tell with feminism and sex work, slut-shaming and slut walks and all that it seems to be that “Women being whores and sluts is great and empowering, but no man shall ever either criticize or enjoy himself on account of it. But keep the money coming!”

    There was actually a feminist strip club in Seattle or Portland area I remember reading about. From the description it was hilariously bad — surly unattractive dancers that were like “Fuck you if you don’t like my act! I’m not doing it for you!”

    I suppose there’s a certain group of sexually deviant men who gets off on that sort of thing, but not a big enough one to maintain a business, I’d think.

    • Yeah, it was Portland. I heard about it in the local commie newspaper, which is to say, the local newspaper. Portland is basically a giant dominatrix sex club so the “men” here enjoy being abused by women. It’s why Multnomah county (the main PDX county) will probably never abandon its mask mandate. Maybe half the guys here get off on strapping on their face burka and showing what good little boys they’ve been and how they deserve to be beaten with the cat’o’nine tails tonight rather than the boring old leather whip.

  26. “People in the 1970’s thought they were doomed, but then things turned around for a couple of decades. ”

    Made oi larf that!
    We had sod all except our mates and time.
    Too busy partying for neurosis as we were all going to fry anyway.
    And the pinstriped hard eyed bastards were still in charge. No crazy cat wimmin or fecking men in dresses need apply.

    • The 70’s were a great time to be alive at least in CA. As a kid you were safe to be free range, order chemicals to build firecrackers, M-80’s, cannon crackers, etc. Public schools were safe and fun. Here in CA you could still legally open carry, trucks had gun racks with rifles in them. Boy’s Life Magazine was something we kids looked forward to.

      Oh yeah we could leave our bicycles outside the arcade without locking them up.

      We didn’t even have to lock our cars or homes at night.

      Heck I could take a issue of guns and ammo to grade school and the teachers didn’t care. I even took a Loompanics catalog to school and no problem.

      TV sucked so bad that kids preferred to be outside playing or doing hobbies rather than wasting time with the boob tube,

      The drug scene was limited to low grade pot, LSD and heroin, Shit that made you mellow instead of a psychotic madman. The real drug freaks were limited to NYC or Frisco.

  27. I live amongst the ruins of a more prosperous time (Michigan’s Upper Peninsula). Everywhere around me are decaying monuments to mining and industry. Huge rusting artifacts alongside the roads. Most of the store fronts in the central small towns around here are empty. I saw the same thing when I lived in Northern California (logging and industry gone) and Pennsylvania (everything gone).

    I don’t know how the future will view this time. but from my perspective we are not in the beginning but well on our way to the next dark ages. The event horizon was passed a long time ago.

    • Yoopers rule! I thought of the Bay Furnace in Munising as I read your comment.
      One thing worth remembering is that all the fantastic natural resources do remain.
      One day, there will not be an EPA or OSHA or any of that regulatory crap. There will be only need for the raw materials and desire to extract them. One way or the other.
      The wealth is still there.

    • Your post is a good one to tack this comment onto.

      I’ve been Nietzsche’s better (?) writings. Right now I’m on “The Will to Power,” perhaps his last, collected essays and scraps organized and published posthumously. In this one, he delves deeply into Nihilism. Of course, he was a deeply pessimistic philosopher, often looking into the darker unwholesome zones of human existence. I think he gets a lot of things right, but perhaps that is just me being “attracted to my own illness.” In any event, “nihilism” has several meanings. Relevant to what we discuss here: “total rejection of established laws and institutions; anarchy, terrorism, or other revolutionary activity; total and absolute destructiveness, especially toward the world at large and including oneself.” Societies tend to become “decadent”, passing into pessimism and eventually nihilism. This is not to say that new individuals and groups won’t arise, but perahps, just another way of saying that civilizations, just like all living things, are born, live, deteriorate and die.

    • Peter Theil seems to think that this time, the mega cities WILL hollow out for good, at least for a large portion of the upper working class that can do it all from a computer.

      Lots of land left in this country, which, in theory, could mean great home spaces for much less $$. Government permitting, of course.

      Which, they won’t. Mega cities are tax farms.

      • Cities anymore are just the local administrators of the POZ, nothing but government offices or the auxiliaries thereof (banks, education, BigMed, etc.). Any actual financial crisis that damages the POZ will hit them extra hard since they do nothing else but serve it.

      • It’s amazing how much White some of our dilapidated cities still have. Baltimore City is still about 32% White. Metro Detroit is the nation’s most dangerous city (or nearly so) yet Livonia is a nice place, one of the safest in the State. On a region “crime map” the borders are obvious. Just the same, I’m glad to live in a semi-rural area where the Melanic Hominid® is decidely in the minority.

    • Direct quote from a woman of my acquaintance: “I’ve never had anyone slap me during sex before … I kind of liked it.”

      From another: “When you pin my wrists like that, it makes me feel like you could to anything you want to me.”

      “Well, I could, couldn’t I?”


  28. The one thing the Asians don’t want to talk about is that 90% plus of these anti-Asian crimes are perpetrated by blacks. There is even a rap-song on how to rob Asians.
    Even before the Atlanta thing they were recently doing marches against “white supremacy” after a surge of “hate crimes” against Asians, almost all of which were perpetrated by blacks.

    Just another example of why multiculturalism cannot work.

    • Whites have been under assault by blacks for at least 6 decades and have just turned the other cheek and let it happen. There’s no reason the same can’t happen with Asians.

      • That hatred is a byproduct of envy. The Left is fueled by it. Feminists hate/envy male fortitude and ambition, the lower class hate/envy the wealthy, and the self-proclaimed oppressed hate/envy the more intelligent.

    • tars: And why Asians are not Whites’ allies. They’re out for themselves and their people. As Citizen has noted, know who your people are.

    • They are afraid of blacks and know full well they are protected by the state and business. BTW their activists are mostly progtards who hate whites to begin with.

      The only ones not afraid of blacks are Mexicans and they kill blacks on a regular basis to cleanse their neighborhoods of them, at least here in Southern CA.

  29. O/T- here’s an incredibly helpful comment from a ‘Jeremy’ at Kunstler’s.

    “For any of you who have had enough of running around trying to find veterinarian IVM paste, your search is over:

    Buy HCQ, IVM, AZITH, DOXY etc. here while you can.

    I’m sure those who’ve been reading Karl D. over on The Ticker, or Chris M on Peak Prosperity know what I’m talking about.

    You’ll need it for the oncoming variants.
    The “vaccine” won’t help with what’s about to unfold.
    Good luck all.”

    Looking at the all I can say is- wow. Gets right to the point.

    (Thank you, Jeremy, and JH Kunstler, should either of you see this.)

    • Just gonna piggyback on this somewhat nonsensical comment for one of my own in regards to the dishonesty of current day science, specifically this article:

      I had looked it up to get the low-down on ADE (something Karl D. has brought up). It goes through past instances of ADE and in each case the vaccine in question was unable to handle a variant of the virus it was meant to address, but then, magically, they declare Covid-19 and it’s vaccine immune to this despite the fact that there is no evidence (positive or negative) of what happens when people with the gene therapy vaccine are exposed to slightly different variant of a Covid style virus (as, contrary to their previous points, they only cite that it can’t happen with the same variant, something we already knew).

      It’s just seems part and parcel of the endemic rot in every institution. They’re coasting by on the talent on the incredibly smart people who developed these vaccines, but they seem like barbarians who inherited the aqueducts: they anoint themselves as expert engineers because they know well enough to replace a brick here and there on occasion, but are unable to do anything substantial to the system should it suffer a catastrophic failure.

        • Denninger’s take on the ADE implications is interesting “I could be nothing…or it could the total destruction of anything we consider to ‘civilization'”, and he has enough facts to himself up (and the fact that our science betters are lying about doesn’t help the impression). I mean, the only amusing thing perhaps is that my suspicion that even if people were fully aware of the implications that they would still get the jab (and in fact many commenters at his site relate exactly that experience). Heck, it happened to me as a coworker fully acknowledged my points and then went down the get the shot.

          • I have passing familiarity with ADE. In defense of the jabs, ADE is a known issue and, presumably, they took what precautions they could against ADE or similar complications. Nonetheless, these jabs (a better term than “vaccine,” which most technically are not) are all basically experimental treatments. ADE is just one of a host of known and probably several unknown potential side effects that will only be learned with time. Autoimmune issues? Blood clots?

            Even if these jabs work as advertised, there is plenty of reason to doubt they’d confer much lasting immunity. The virus mutates (“variant” apparently is the fashionable word, for some reason…) as do most viruses, rending existing vaccines of limited or even no utility.

            When acquaintances and friends say they’ve gotten dose #1 or 2 I usually just say “You’re a braver man than I am.” 🙁

            A year into the pandemic, I’ve not caught anything but (by its symptoms) a common cold a year ago. I’ll take my chances with this horrible virus, that has a morbidity/fatality rate not much different than the ordinary flu. I might consider the vaccines, after traditional Phase IV testing, which won’t be before about 2025 or so…

            My greater concern is the likely “vaccine passport” and other idiocy that would “encourage” or perhaps even mandate, universal uptake of the jabs. I will not go quietly.

    • Tractor supply store was knocking them out at $4 when I reloaded in Jan.
      I paid $6 at Amazon in April.
      I was robbed!

  30. The point about science and technology being one of the last institutions still trusted and the reaction to Covid having the potential to destroy that trust is a good one.
    I wonder myself how do we back out of this now?
    Even after vaccinations people are still running around with masks on just because some person somewhere might be afraid.
    Also what happens if a new strain of Covid comes about and the vaccine does not work and we have no effective vaccine?
    Seems to me herding the Covid virus in nature is gonna be like herding cats.

    • It is interesting that many still trust institutions that, on closer inspection, lie repeatedly to us. In fact, the inspection is not even that hard to perform.

      At yet another tedious team meeting this morning, a colleague informed us that he must attend his wife to the hospital. She was feeling very ill. She had been given the second jab for that most horrific of Chinese viruses. He seemed very concerned, and he’s a good guy, so I did have sympathy. What came next was no surprise to me, but I’ll share here; each of the team members wondered if this was meant to happen. They wondered aloud, saying things like “Well, I am sure the virus is worse” and “This is not really what you’d expect”.

      These people were all in full automaton mode. It is hard to know if they are really Covidians, or just keeping their gobs shut; but based on other things it is quite likely they think this yella fever is a real plague. I felt bad for all of them. I am not sure that they will know what to do/how to survive when they experience a real crisis. It does not seem to have occurred to them that all large bureaucracies are horrendously inefficient. Neither that most in the government will not care a jot for them when the chips are down.

      Many people I know are making the right noises. But in the end I suspect that only a subset of them will ever truly come round to the cause. Still so much faith in the old institutions.

      • “It is interesting that many still trust institutions that, on closer inspection, lie repeatedly to us. In fact, the inspection is not even that hard to perform.”

        Quoted for truth. The “scientists” who came up with social distancing (ex. Scott Gottlieb) have even gone on record admitting they made it up… nobody cares.

        Instead of honesty, people want to hear their beliefs be confirmed by authority figures. A consequence of too much ego-validation as children?

    • Of course it’ll mutate. That’s what viruses do. In fact their ability to mutate quickly has led to the “Red Queen Hypothesis” which is that sexual reproduction first evolved because purely clonal reproduction (such as in bacteria) couldn’t cope with evolving viruses. So this novel system where offspring were distinct from their parents by mixing the parental genomes came about. The Covid religion has already set its hysterical heart on masks forever. We should know by summer if enough people decide they’ve had enough that the media’s next propaganda campaigns won’t get traction. I foresee two main new spins.

      1. We need masks to stop ALL respiratory infections like the flu. I’ve already seen signs at local pozzed businesses to this effect. If this is the way it goes, hopefully the Covidians will fail at continuing the mandates and just keep wearing their masks as a show of smug superiority to the rest of us. I highly approve of this latter development because it makes Leftists and crazies easier to spot and, um, quarantine.

      2. Remember those vaccines we told you would save us all, well they don’t work because Orange Man bad or something. This may be a profitable strategy for them since there’s already talk about people getting the vaccine and then still getting the Coof. So it may have the advantage of being partly true. So, masks forever for you peasant! Maybe we’ll let you just wear 2.

      • Two things:
        (Pozy:) 800 million viruses (viral strands) drop every hour, every day, on our heads and every square meter of Earth’s surface. We live in a thick, swirling stew of information and coding.


        (Orange:) Not to detract from his actual point about the spotlight, but, when it comes to Sidney Powell- she thought this was The Moment, her chance to boldly make a decisive difference- well, the Zman seems to trust the judicial institution.

        (And the electoral and media institutions as well? WTF? Dominion/Smartmatic owns about 60% of the electoral industry machinery and markets in most voting nations, by my very rough estimate.)
        A bit jarring, perhaps our host is still chewing it over?

        • P.S.- to those who would look at Life and wonder, “What hath God wrought?”-

          I’d nod my head and say, in awe, “It’s all bloody amazin’, innit?”

          • 10-4. Even as I ponder the black pill, I sip some Blanton’s, with a bowl of Virginia flake, and toss the ball with the Labs in the back 0.40. Life is meant to be enjoyed. Perhaps we do our cause and ourselves better to realize this truth and take enjoyment where and when we can. The battles, like the poor, you will have with you always.

      • I definitely think you scenario 1 is a highly likely event. I guess that’s going to be more altercations I’ll be getting into… it has to happen sometime. I rarely where the mask: petrol stations, supermarkets, small businesses, convenience stores; never do I wear it. The exception is the hospital. I have had one altercation with a doorman at a supermarket (no mask), and another at the hospital (I was wearing the mask incorrectly). But I will expect more. Great.

        It is all so tiresome. All so cretinous. I don’t wish to look like a subservient Chinese and have no problem knowing my place with firm and solid rulers. But we don’t have that. These people are in a period of hysteriasis and won’t come out of it. I have never before felt so confident in the solidness of my mind, but so sorry toward my fellow man.

      • Masks will be banned by the government immediately after someone uses one in aid of the commission of a seminal act of reprisal against the cloud. Is that obtuse enough?

        • Thus the dubiousness of the D.C. pipe bomber. If they were truly concerned about masked characters stomping around the capital laying pipe bombs the mandate would have been gone in an afternoon.

      • The “vaccines” are causing the mutations. This is the beginning, not the end, unless people wake up and rebel.

        • Perhaps. The forcing of the virus to mutate and the aspect of vaccines which neither prevent the disease nor the disease spread is a truly scary thought. Seems in such countries that have large percentage vaccinate, we see the ages of symptomatic infection moving downward.

          Ignore what Dennis and I are referring to—just look a the stat’s as to new infections cross referenced by age. It’s decreasing and if we are correct it will become noticeable soon.

  31. The Atlanta shooter did nothing wrong, and in a sane world prostitutes would be rounded up in the streets.

    • He did a public service as far as I’m concerned. Hookers and drug dealers are the lowest of the low in society.

      • Oh, come on guys. These women are pitiful victims. The real scum are our elites that tolerate this and the people running and getting rich on what is essentially sex slavery. I will tell you a funny story. They have Asians that give legitimate massages in the mall here. My wife and 9 yr old daughter got addicted to them. Unbeknownst to me they would sneak out and get massages at what they thought were legitimate “spas” . It was during the morning so they were empty. The women loved to see my daughter coming in. One told her that she had a daughter her age that she couldn’t bring to the US. When the woman had to move on to another state they gave my daughter a very expensive gold necklace. Which was when i caught wind of the goings on. I just shook my head and stayed silent. FTN did a in-depth show on the Asian spa scene. No surprise who they blame it on.

        • Oh I will add. I’ve taken lineman’s advice and started to build local community. One of the more interesting characters I’ve made friends with is a local mid-level drug dealer. He is white and when i met him he had been stabbed through the knuckles with an exit wound from the wrist. We got to talking and i expressed worries that we were in for some rough waters. He agreed and expressed that he had to eat only what he killed so he was concerned too. We have dinner occasionally. He calls me professor and lets me know what going on in the local underworld. I would trust his word more than our congressman. Of course our relationship is highly compartmentalized, and he not coming over to meet the wife and kids. Z emphasizes that we need high quality folks in this thing. I agree, but I like some of the knuckle draggers more than my colleagues and expect to find them more useful depending on context. Criticism won’t offend me, i’m picking my way through this and I am in unfamiliar waters heh.

        • You tacitly endorsed your wife’s decision to allow a filthy, potentially disease-riddled whore to put her hands on your nine-year-old daughter? That is way more problematic than trying to “fix” the probable exploitation of the prostitutes. Get your own house in order before you try to tackle their problems.

          • Ah, I see from your follow on comment that you’ve befriended a drug dealer. No further explanation is required. You can’t fix stupidity.
            You make a point about forming white community; but why would anyone want to extend the bond of trust and friendship to someone who displays such evidently poor judgment? Good luck because you are going to need it.

          • Look here mausy, i objected to the idea that it’s a good idea to kill defenseless whores. I revealed an embarrassing little story that humanizes these people. you guys are unseemly coming down on helpless victims of this perverse society rather than powerful and dangerous pyramidion. I will admit my judgement has failed occasionally but in my defense i would say i got four grown with no tattoos, drug habits, major pathologies (including the gay) or miscegenation. Admittedly the bar is low and the jury is still out on one but i’m happy with it. I’m still in the trenches and getting dirty. I suspect B is young, but you seem very old. At least old enough to know better:)

      • If white businessmen weren’t such greedy, evil douche nozzles we wouldn’t have a Fentanyl epidemic or a invasion of 3rd worlders. Nor would we be China’s bitch either.

        But no they love their cheap, disposable labor so they force the government to cripple border security and immigration enforcement.

        Our love for off-shoring turned China into the major maker of bulk pharmaceuticals including synthetic heroin that you can even buy over the internet. All the Fentanyl the cartels bring in comes from China.

    • Cornelius Rye, you’re appearing under a pseudonym?

      I’m with Cold Fury on this.
      They lower flags to half staff for dead politicians- they should do so instead for hookers, who at least provide a needed service.

      The solution is to let women run the brothels, men turn them into filth, crime, and trash. Get the girls out of competing with men, and get them back to competing with each other.

      A licensed brothel inspector wore a badge in 1904- he was there to make sure the working women weren’t being abused. Unless you’d rather they work as political advocates?

  32. Yannow Z… you are absolutely right, and the NRx guys are flat our wrong… it’s not a cathedral, it’s a carnival! And… There are times when I just can’t take it. I can’t do Twitter or Facebook even if I wanted to. Even Gab strains my patience at times. Sometimes when you start reading from such sources… I have to skip ahead. The stupid burns, even though it is part of your presentation.

    Periodically I need to escape the madness. Once a day I drop in here like clockwork. The presentation is always first rate and some of the commentary is spectacular. To create such a public place in today’s political and social climate is a true achievement.

    Do something to escape the madness this weekend, you guys and have a good one today.

    • Your comments contribute to the benefit this site provides. And thanks for the positive words. Blackpilling has its time and place but we should never stop trying to make the best of our daily lives. If nothing else, our happiness drives our enemies mad.

      • Amen.

        Mr. Z and his commentariat are a bright spot in my day. Thank you.
        My apologies for any blackpills I may distribute (I need to keep things more tightly bottled up).

  33. I followed Zman’s link to see what the female was waxing hysterical over. Apparently private colleges ought not to be able to set their own standards of conduct (and something tells me that if folks like he have their way they will not be able so for much longer). That being said, when I looked at the attached photo of the team celebrating I noticed a trend in the people wearing team jerseys. All were of the jogger persuasion. I don’t know if white men truly cannot jump but it would appear that having a winning roundball program would require a majority of jogger. Call me a cynic but I somehow misdoubt all of those players’ commitment to the ORU code of conduct.

    • College basketball players are sports mercenaries, not students. Consequently, the rules that apply to students do not apply to them. The sport is designed to accomplish four things and these four things only: 1. further white adulation of negroes ; 2. provide a forum for negro self-gratification ; 3. generate money and publicity for universities ; 4. entertain the masses. All of the hoary old cliches such as “getting an education,” “learning the lessons of teamwork, discipline and competition,” “rallying together for your school”–which formerly did have some validity–no longer obtain in the slightest.

      • ‘getting an education’ ….hooooweeee
        I can’t say that to myself without laughing let alone saying it out loud to someone.

        • Had a Nigerian cabbie (actually a DFW airport shuttle) relate the tale of a basketball player going home after his eligibility was up and being unable to read the receipt he had given him.

        • Uh huh. And the ubiquitous official use of the honorific “student-athlete” causes my eyes to reflexively roll with terrific force and velocity. I fear I may one day do myself an ocular injury.

    • “private colleges ought not to be able to set their own standards of conduct”

      Not gonna jab me, brah.

      Private institutions are not above the Constitution, any more than government institutions.

      I know principle is a discarded fantasy now, but no, insurance companies don’t have the right to fish in my bladder- my bladder is private property- and they don’t have the right to SWAT my home or inject something into my bloodstream either.

  34. OT:

    Was listening to Max Keiser on AJ compare bitcoin to file sharing in terms of what file sharing did to the music industry. People don’t buy music anymore, they rent it, and that got me thinking about the rentier economy from the other day.

    Something about bitcoin has never sat right with me, but I’ve never been able to quite put my finger on it. Thinking about it, there’s only so many bitcoin that will ever exist (if they can be said to exist). Fiat money, on the other hand, is potentially limitless. Somewhere in the middle is specie like gold, which is practically limited by the labor and capital investment that goes into mining and minting it.

    Fiat leads to people having a bunch of stuff and a lot of debt. To run with Keiser’s simile, will crypto lead to renting (less ownership) and (maybe?) less debt? Will people end up renting out their bitcoin like Z’s auto loan was rented out? or like how people moved quickly from ripping and sharing CDs to streaming? And does hard money strike a balance between the extremes— if in fact crypto does have the opposite effect of fiat?

    Idk I’m not anywhere near expert on this stuff, but that’s what comes to mind. Found it thought-provoking so just throwing it out there.

    • “Idk I’m not anywhere near expert on this stuff”

      I shouldn’t worry about that. Neither are the experts.

    • Dang. That IS thought-provoking.

      I have wondered what an on-call rental world would be like, but to financialize the transaction? That’s thinking two steps up.

      Looks like we’re headed there, too. ‘Careful what you wish for’ and all that.

      • I guess that’s just banking in a sense, but instead of the depositor lending his money to the bank, the bank (whoever has the bitcoin) would be the only one profiting.

        On the other hand, somebody would just set up a bitcoin bank and take deposits, so we’d be back to square one.

        Going to be chewing on this one for a while, I think. It’s the virtual angle that’s hard to figure.

        • And something about the absolute limit of money supply. I wish I knew more about this stuff…

          • Paintersforms, the study of hard money as well as it’s benefits – with a lot about how Bitcoin operates, and could operate – is detailed in Saifedean Ammous’ The Bitcoin Standard. I am not sure it would fully answer your questions, but it may be of some interest.

            It also has a very good selection of chapters talking about different hard monies as well as limiting instances when they became ineffective.

          • Niall Ferguson wrote The Ascent of Money which I read a few years back. As the title implies – a history of the development of money. There are also a number of videos / essays in cyberspace where he discusses Bitcoin/cryptocurrency. I thought they were helpful. I got in with $10k in the low 40k’s.
            (Pssst – investment tip: do the opposite of any recommendation you might see from me).

      • Ownership is the ultimate skin in the game. Financializing debt, aside from encouraging asset bubbles, leads to complex and ultimately deleterious shenanigans. This longish, but excellent YT vid explores a paradigmatic example of the chaos and outsized losses financialization engenders:

    • There are a lot of problems with crypto-currencies.

      1. You don’t hold it in your physical possession. You can be denied access to it via digital means.

      2. The people who run the wallet and mining systems are subject to pressure and manipulation by governments and powerful interests.

      3. It can easily be manipulated by rich speculators and financial types. If the sort of people with billions of dollars of other peoples’ money to toss around wanted to destroy crypto-currencies via currency manipulation, they could do so in a matter of days.

      4. It’s only as good as what you can buy with it. If the US government outlawed it tomorrow, other nations would follow its lead as reserve currency holder, most businesses would immediately comply, and you would find yourself unable to cash in your crypto-currency for any credible publicly recognized currency. Congratulations on having a fortune in a currency you can only trade with a small group of underground dissidents. You would have been better off stockpiling ammo.

    • Was just listening to AJ’s 2nd interview with Keiser. Keiser was saying bitcoin is about separating money from the state, putting the nation-state out of business, etc.

      Now I know why bitcoin has never sat right with me. It’s more libertarian hokum XD

      • One flaw of libertarianism, out of many, is that it seems the state as an artificial construct that is illegitimately imposed on humanity. This is completely false. The state is an emergent expression of fundamental human psychology. That is why in every group of people larger than a family unit, everywhere in history, a state has arisen, and its forms are always familiar.

        Libertarianism is like any other loony Utopian cult. All its beliefs rest on the foundation of “First, imagine a type of man that has never existed.”

        This is same delusion spies to the mainstream right and the egalitarian civnat belief system. I was watching Tucker Carlson the other day and he danced right up to the edge of awareness then put his hands over his eyes and said “Nope, nope. Nothing to see here ”

        He straight-up admitted that identity politics is an expression of fundamental human evolutionary biology. And then he said we have to abolish it.

        Any theory of societal organization that is at odds with fundamental human biology us madness.

  35. I would call this the snowball age. The decline of social, economic and moral factors are all mixed together into one gigantic snow ball that’s rolling down a mountain; getting bigger and bigger and picking up speed as it goes. It started back in the 60’s and has been picking up momentum ever since, crushing everything and anything that stands in it’s path.

    Isn’t there an expression about a snowball’s chance in hell? The Democrats and their liberal minions seem to be doing a great job paving a road in that direction.

    • An interesting metaphor: It will be a very large snowball, gathering up hapless victims as it rumbles down the mountain. The final destination is Hell, but it will be an immense snowball indeed!

      Straining the metaphor beyond the breaking point: I plan to watch all this safely from a distance, in the little Gasthaus on the neighboring peak, quaffing my beverage and dining on my Weinerschnitzel 🙂

    • I use the exact same metaphor to describe the current state of our politics. It’s no longer a pendulum that swings back and forth between left and right to chart out a course that, over time, remainsin the center. It’s now a snowball rolling downhill and to the left, picking up mass and speed as it goes ever leftward.

      This metaphor seems to be pretty effective with Boomers, whose entire frame of reference has been set by the pendulum. Once they grasp this it begins to dawn on them that their 401k is not safe from confiscatory taxation.

    • Better, and not just because counter intuitive, is that Sisyphus’ boulder enlarges as he rolls it up the incline, until….

  36. It is theoretically possible but seems quite unlikely that the coming years will bring relative calm and good fortune. When the 70s turned into the 80s this was still a mostly White nation but the tribalism is only going to increase, egged on by the oligarchs.

    • That’s my view. The problems in the 70’s were also milder. The New Deal consensus was still intact. All sides of the ruling class agreed that winning the Cold War and rebuilding the economy were top priorities. Today, the ruling consensus is limited to a hatred of white people.

      • In the 70’s and 80’s pretty much everyone (at least publicly) bought into the MLK consensus on race relations. Judging by character not color… That seemed to hold for a few decades of relative calm before the race hucksters tore it down in favor of the craziness we now have. They looked for ways to divide us and found them.

        • I think most Whites were willing to give blacks the benefit of the doubt – even after all the rioting in the sixties – wrt the content of their character. However, the intervening decades have proved beyond the shadow of a doubt, most of their character is sorely wanting. So it’s back to their color coding.

          • Unfortunately, however, whites are no longer capable of hoisting in the obvious lessons of negro dysfunction. The vast majority of us have filters that winnow out unpleasant truth. Concomitant with the development of those filters is the atrophy of our survival instinct. The two are, of course, closely related.

      • In support of that, Mitch McConnell says he will cooperate with Biden for strict gun control and even a total gun ban.

        So much for the 2A guys. Nothing beats hate of Whitey. Nothing.

        • Banning firearms and them actally being turned in to the authorities are two different things. Of course, perhaps they said the same thing in the UK and Australia 🙁

          • A firearm is a one time purchase, unlike a car, a washing machine, or ammo, but they don’t need to take your firearm if you can’t get ammo, so stock up.

      • Not a shared hatred of whites. It is a shared hatred of BAD white people. Guns, God, pickups, classical education and other icky things.
        Goodwhites are the prime impetus of this whole neurotic show.

      • Today, the left and their gatekeepers to their right are all about winning the Cold Civil War. Trademark Derb, I think, on that term.

      • All of the anti-white sentiment, entertainment propaganda, and the sharpening ideology is specifically targeted at preventing any sort of white solidarity from forming in this last mad dash to the “permanent minority” status. It’s not for the benefit of the 13% – they’re already fully onboard with the state and its permanent gravytrain. The goal is to divide whites against themselves. Everyone else (including the star protagonist blacks who perceive themselves at the center of it all) is just an onlooker.

        What feels like a massive excercise to stimulate a race war is a weapon being used to smash the last remaining pockets of what we refer to as “traditional” or “conservative” people. Zman uses the term “dirt” people. They are people who want to live outside the reach of “globohomo” culture or has next to no use for the state, its creeping arms and freaky fetish culture.

        Dirt people are the very last holdouts from the 19th century frontiersman and his 18th centuryfounder forebears. The man was the head of household, who brought home the bacon and protected his family. He met in local councils to settle affairs for the town or county. For larger matters or disputes, larger groups of these men met, maybe at the state level. Men basically managed all of their own affairs. Frontier Man didn’t need no stinkin HR apparatus to intervene in opening up the west.

        21st century Bureaucrat Man grew up without a father. But he just knows his mother is “fierce!”, “brave!”, and yet 100% dependent on the state for her sense of security and safety. Mean statistics must be denied at all costs and the state will get rid of guns to make everyone “safe”. 21st century man hates “the patriarchy” and everything about 19th century man. That’s why Bureaucrat Man went NUTS when Trump, an unabashed characature of patriarchy in their minds, was in globohomo god Barry’s House. It was their “trauma” and as victims, they have every right to air their trauma and avenge the very vision of dirt people trespassing on sacred globohomo grounds..

        The culture war is shaping up to be a zero sum game.

        • Whites are already a defacto permanent majority, when you take out those aged >65

          The time for whites to develop a group identity was at least 30 years ago.

    • The old nickel goes that you never say, “Things couldn’t possibly get worse!” and it’s true as far as it goes. The stuff we are doing today is going to unleash seven kinds of hell tomorrow.

      But… I don’t see how we can do anything WORSE to bring that about. We have literally hit the bottom of the barrel. Late term abortions, pedophilia, reverse racism etc..? We’ve taken a sledge hammer to our moral compass and rudder, and we’ve put the clowns in charge. I seriously can’t thing of anything else we can do to assure our own destruction other than suiciding now rather than later…

      • War with Russia.

        (Per the old trope. I mean, they- OUR people, boast boast- outlasted friggin’ Genghis Khan)

        ((Plus WE were building pyramids in Egypt, Bosnia and Western China when a certain world-dominating, schizo-tendency, high-verbal group of tribes were still buggering their sheep))

  37. “A period of relative calm and good fortune”. Perhaps, but likely you’ll miss it if you blink.

    That boat currently stuck in the Suez seems to be an apt metaphor for the times in which we live. It’s really big, but so far, no one knows how it happened, how to fix it, how long it will take to fix it, how much it will cost to fix, or if / what the longer term implications will be. One thing is certain: however bad the problem is, the more polticians get invloved in the process – the longer it will take to fix it and more expensive it will be.

    • That is a strange one indeed. Who is the captain? Why the lack of details? The press is not shy about shooting off its collective mouth about such things. When the Exxon Valdez ran aground, they had the captain of the vessel clapped in irons and ready for keel hauling before the clean up even got started.

      One of the Gabblers – Cornelius Rye (Z’s moral and intellectual superior 🙂 ) – proposed that perhaps the captain of the vessel was a wahman or vibrant from the official protected classes. I think he may be right, because I cannot imagine any other circumstance that would force the MSM into the silence and restraint we are seeing.

          • Now see here! The Pawnee were sailing the high seas millennia ago and landed upon Hispaniola some 400 years before Columbus.

          • What I’ve observed about Indians in IT is that, while they are smart, they don’t really care about whatever it is you’re actually paying them to do. The job is done perfunctorily and half-assed because they have some other scheme going in the back room that they discuss in Hindi or Gujarati.

            This crew might have been another group of Brahman caste types who thought they were too good to actually bother paying attention to the fact that they were sailing sideways. Also – container ship. Lots of stuff in containers that’s probably worth 100,000 years’ pay for a sailor…

            I do think the whole story is pretty hilarious and fits the basic narrative of our time which is that nobody anywhere seems to be able to do their damn job right, either due to stupidity, incompetence, woke political intrigues, or corruption.

          • Remember the Bophal disaster. When Union Carbide built the plant and taught the Pajeets how to run it, the first thing they did was hire their relatives and before long the entire plant was staffed by idiots and then boom. Out came the poison gas.

            Of course the Indian government and MSM blamed UC for it.

        • The crew is all Indian. Cue the memes.

          Ah, subcontinent types. More intelligent than joggers but not a hell of a lot more. They just think they’re smarter than whites.

      • Probably complicated. Captains may be responsible for their ships, but in tricky or constrained waters there’s usually a port master and/or tugboat(s) that guide the ship through.

        Egypt undoubtedly had a high level of control over this vessel as it passed through one of their most vital strategic national assets.

        Would be interesting to hear what actually went down.

      • Racist. How DARE you?

        It was possibly ‘a gust of wind’… According to The Daily Mail…

        Maybe the Captain cut a great big big curry fart on the bridge and fart-raped the helmswoman? Rest assured, the perps will be selected and identified soon!

        • Gives new meaning to that parody, “A Mighty Wind.”
          Maybe, if he’s still kicking, we can get Gordon Lightfoot to pen a dirge, The Wreck of the Ever Given.

          • Lightfoot was probably the first pop act I ever say (mid 1970s). Rather than pen some awfu parody, as I am wont to do, I wisely did a google search and sure enough, more talented wiseasses than me have already delivered 😀


            No matter, I cannot resist adding some improper lyrics of my own:

            Now the maritime trade, their shortcut being waylaid, had to reroute the boats heav’ly laden,
            “‘”Twill be hard to avoid, the peril of the Negroid, pirates of that continent a waitin’.” 😀

      • Suze Q Anal

        Probably how the darkies see the words and thought there was a party ahead up river

    • I said something similar to my husband yesterday about this odd occurrence – we’ll be seeing more and more of this type of breakdown as White men are pushed aside as no longer needed since ‘we’re all the same’. Because he likes to contradict me he said it was just an accident caused by high wind. I asked if he’d ever heard of such a thing in his 6 decades of living. Wind pushing around a ship large enough to get wedged in a huge canal is just one of those things we’ll have to get used to in Carny World.

      • Indeed it is quite a spectacle. Able seamen use to know plenty about wind… apparently it powered all nautical craft until the 1870s or so. Perhaps we’ll get to relive those days again, aboard a sail powered cruise ship, with a cut-and-shut hull, piloted by Captain Jabaal with assistance from First Mate Watermelondrea as we regress slowly back to primordial ooze.

        • Welp, I was reading yesterday’s Z-article in Camden, New Jersey.
          Somebody mentioned pith helmets.

          Watching a herd of large, loud ghettopotamuses frolic my way, I thought, “screw the pith helmet, where’s my elephant gun?”

          • Bloody hell. What were you doing in Camden? If Baltimore is Lagos, Camden is Ougadougou.

  38. In the day-to-day struggle for existence man has many adversaries. They come from the natural world and other humans. The fact that women are accepted as allies today is contrary to world history. Until recently women haven’t been regarded as the equals of men and there was no argument about it. Democracy, and women’s suffrage changed all that. Politicians bought the vote of women with legislative payoffs. One of the effects of the battle against nature is fact that women become crazier with every passing day of their lives. By the time that they reach the age where men achieve maximum political and business effectiveness they’re already losing their marbles, endlessly jabbering about meaningless crap. Younger women notice this even more than men. Ask any babe that works in an office staffed with middle-age plus females.

    There is no sexual equality in the rest of the mammalian world. Dumb animals are smarter than humans.

    • Yes and no.

      Coming as I do from a Hive Family… GAH – the fuggin women gave me PTSD. You literally cannot win an argument with them. Putting that genie back in the bottle will not be done without anything less than bloodshed, mark my words. They have been conditioned by generations of feminism, Marxism, and many other chithouse ideologies to behave the way they do. I do not blame the hairy chested Manosphere dwellers one bit when they say, “Screw you, ALL women are like that…”

      This is just me running my mouth – but my wife is rock solid. So too are the women in our church. For such women – all these fake issues that turn women against their men are nonexistent. They are happy and honoured to be wives, mothers, and home makers. Within our community, they are honoured and deeply respected by their men and community. And, rightfully so – they have earned it by work, by faith, by charity and all the other feminine virtues that were destroyed by feminism.

      If I had any advice to give younger men, it would be to take the Manosphere and especially the PUA types with some very large grains of salt. Find a true church – and you will find a community of true women. They are just like you too – they are smart, industrious, and they know what they’re worth. They will not be gamed, pumped and dumped, or otherwise mistreated. The denizens of the Manosphere you want to listen to are the ones that focus on self improvement.

      • true church. more emphasis on selectivity. many churches are pozzed. Mine is ok, but everybody refuses to tuck in their shirts?? not sure what is up with that. eastern Europe used to be good source of trad wife, but my info is dated now, so not sure. Poor trad caths, i weep for you.

    • Division of labor. Men are good at X, women are good at Y. Both valuable for their strengths, but some people gotta mess with it, because they think they can outsmart nature, want to play God, whatever their malfunction is.

    • Evolution has wired women differently than men because that is what “worked” best for successful reproduction of the species. In a nutshell, men are expendable, but a womb & dedication to infant nurturing is not. Is it perfect? NO! Nothing in evolution is perfect. Patriarchy is an adaptation that mitigates the “crazy” part of male-female relations and the institutional destruction of patriarchy has done great damage to civil society. And most importantly, the rise of feminism has weaponized access to sex as a tool of coercion in many modern marriages. Yeah, that works really well (see divorce statistics).

      • Yep. Wife beating used to be a thing, now emasculating you husband is. And the law is blind to it!

  39. Aside from the perfection of Age of Hysteria (which I already commented on in response to someone else, below) you’re spot on noticing that ” . . . people who should be secure in their position are desperately shouting, “Look at me! look at me!” Despite their wealth and power, they carry on like they need affirmation.”

    I truly have never understood that (why I never understood the female or general social pecking order in middle school/jr high). What is it that drives people to need constant attention or affirmation? What part of the psyche is so weak or damaged that one needs constant applause, or laughter, or notice? Why I’ve never joined a theatre group, or run for any office (remember the geeks who ran for student government?). The appeal of great wealth, for me, has not been to live my life in the public eye but AWAY from it. No press, no following, no neighbors who can look in my windows. And if I had the $ to effect any sort of social or political change, I’d do my damnedest to ensure my name was kept totally out of everything. This appears to make me an odd duck. I don’t particularly care. That also makes me an odd duck.

    • In Robert Greene’s ‘The Laws of Human Nature’ he talks about this. Essentially certain people do not have an identity at all, outside of how others see them. They literally feel that they don’t exist as a being unless being given attention by others. I actually pity them now.

    • “The appeal of great wealth, for me, has not been to live my life in the public eye but AWAY from it.”

      The biggest advantage of being well off (as opposed to being simply “rich” or “wealthy”) is the current opportunity to fly via private jet. You buy a ticket instead of buying a jet. Much of the current WuFlu hell goes away once you step away from the hysteria of commercial transportation. Go for it. And you’re right…if you MUST give to charity, do it anonymously.

    • I’m guessing you are of an age when humility was taught as a cardinal virtue rather than a handicap. There are still many of us extant, but again, true to form[ation] we choose to remain silent rather than raise a ruckus. If one believes Hoffer’s theory, the conundrum is that all of the cardinal virtues describing self-worth must be abolished to effect a groundswell mass movement of our kind against the machine. If we must destroy self worth in order to save it, what’s the point? If thw solution is waiting until the iron cage of our prison planet to collapse, I’m thinking it will be a long wait.

  40. Z’s coining some vivid phrases lately: “projectile hysteria”, “moral charm bracelet”. Good stuff.

    • My brother told me a family story from the 1970s. My overly emotional Mom, whom I love, was having an emotional meltdown. According to my brother, my Dad picked my Mother up, carried her to the front door, put her down outside, got back into the house and locked the door.

      God, I loved that guy.

      • Heh heh. What married man hasn’t been tempted, not infrequently, to do that very thing?

  41. A New Tomorrow (cont)
    Breaking the taboo.

    History is replete with examples of rebellions, both failed and successful (1776 anyone?). So what does it take to actually justify one? Let me count the ways. Universal firearm confiscation is a no-brainer. How about forced detention of a persecuted class (hello hetero white male patriots). It’s happened before; see Japanese Americans WW2. Or perhaps de facto non border control and 3+ million illegals per annum as far as the eye can see. Or a return of double or even triple-digit inflation & the raiding of 401Ks due to federal fiscal larceny. Not good enough for you yet. What about codifying voter fraud as the law of the land? Or maybe just starting a major foreign war under false pretenses in order to hide DC corruption & degeneracy. If you aren’t angry yet, you’re not breathing.

      • Certainly some plausible scenarios. I’m “rooting for” a couple ones. If we get to the point where there is a mass killing of middle class Whites by government forces (imagine the Jan. 6 “insurrection” but dozens or hundreds of casualties, unarmed peaceful protesters killed, for extra credit) and/or the appearance of clear divisions and mutinies in our active armed forces, perhaps in reaction to “anti-racist education” or “stand down” orders — a revolution or civil war will be very, very near. 🙁

        • speaking of which, have you guys got wind of the white live matters march they are wanting to have in all major city centers april 11? I expect attendance to be sparse.

    • Actually, my good sir, I am not angry and – as evinced by this post – am very much still breathing. You see, I know all too well that there is not a DAMNED BIT OF DIFFERENCE any action I can take will effect. Nary a one! So, recognizing that I am powerless to correct anything, I strive for serenity. Oh, I sometimes go off on rants about the antics of politicians and certain phenotype groups (joggers), but I strive to maintain equanimity for the sake of my heart and blood pressure. I am not suggesting such a approach for governance but on an individual level I believe that serenity is less harmful to oneself than living life at a slow boil.

    • Japanese internment was an avenue for for the echoes to confiscate property and sell it for pennies on the dollar to their ethnic cohorts.

      • Your analysis is likely correct. The most revealing clue is that, I am told, our government did not intern Japanese in Hawaii, where the threat was surely greatest.

        Nonetheless, I’ve always defended the internment because we were in an all-out war with a very nationalistic people. There was no reason to believe that most Japanese in the USA were more loyal to the USA than Japan and in an all-out war you can’t give them the benefit of the doubt.

        • You may want to read up on the history of the US Army’s 442nd Regimental Combat Team in WWII. And also Operation Pastorius by the German military, especially in light of the fact that Americans of German heritage were not interned. Federal policy can be a fickle bastard and things always look a little different when its your ox that’s being gored.

          • Even in 1942, to inter Americans of German ancestry, would have been about 40% of the population 😀 My Kraut side had been here for about three generations by then. I think that’s typical.

        • Line;
          Re Hawaii vs West Coast internment of Japanese during WW II:
          – You are right about potential divided loyalties. To illustrate, In the Pearl Harbor Museum there is an exhibit about one of the raiders who crash landed on a remote island in the HI chain. He was sheltered by local Japanese laborers for about a week. It was only after he started talking about the need for a Banzai Suicide Charge (for him to avoid the disgrace of capture) necessarily involving them, that they turned him in, IIRC. He was only a few active followers (and a less fanatical mindset) short of being able to set up a cell.
          – There were/are numerous reports that the Japanese teachers in the Japanese schools on the W Coast routinely taught their students that they were still subjects of Emperor Hirohito, contrary to US law.
          – Japanese labor was needed in HI and there were plenty of military on hand or passing through if things got out of hand. The situation was quite the opposite on the W Coast. In the W Coast situation, it would only have taken a small fraction of the 200k or so interned to be in active opposition in the vast empty spaces inland to have tied down a couple of divisions that could hardly have been spared. Cynical, I know, but those were hard times with hard men in charge.
          – That the potential threats failed to materialize doesn’t mean that the authorities’ concerns were unfounded.
          – The unfortunate brutalization of the W Coast Japanese doesn’t even begin to compare with the brutalization that the Japanese visited on any European descended civilians so unfortunate as to fall into their hands: Or even fellow Asians. Bleeding hearts should read ‘The Rape of Nanjing’.

      • Mr. Deplorable, TomA, above in this comment thread, says German Americans were not interned. How is a dumb-ass like me supposed to find the truth?

        • Yes, a small number of Americans of German and Italian ancestry were detained in camps during WW2, but most of these 11,000 or so detainees were actually German nationals living in the US. By contrast, about 200,000 Japanese American citizens were fully interned with all family members. I’m not second-guessing those decisions at that time. Just pointing out that if we become majority minority soon as Z predicts, the next batch of DC leaders may well classify Caucasians as the new Japanese.

  42. There are many problems with purity culture but French turned it into a straw man he can beat up.

    No one went out there and changed biblical teaching from “if your right hand causes you to sin ..: cut it off” to “if someone causes you to sin it’s their fault and kill them with your right hand”.

    • I don’t think Nietzsche said that, but it would certainly fit his character 😀

  43. And which is why I really am not all that concerned about the near future

    In my gut I just cannot bring myself to take these people seriously. Or to conceive of them having lasting effect or imprint on my existence. Out of sight out of mind, and I will be fine. They simply are not worthy of me or any of us Just ride the waves in my own personal life and ignore these weirdos. Because something much bigger, of far greater importance, might hit like a hurricane.

    • I agree, but you’ve got to have a pretty strong force field around you these days. Between virtually any kind of media and simple public interaction, the hysteria and insanity is all around.

      • I hear ya. But I’m fortunate in that I don’t have to interact with many women and weirdos. I work from home and have my own gig and get to avoid so much of the nonsense and the poz.

        I Don’t watch tv.

        Avoid the popular sites on the internet

        my wife is totally oblivious to all things feminism. As are all women in my personal life.

        So for me, if I don’t want to deal with crazy womyn it’s my decision. Not to say I don’t thank Z for braving the lunacy for our edification and entertainment

        All of you who have to deal with these women, my hat goes off to you. Godspeed.

    • I get your point, but it is hard to ignore them. For example, this afternoon my company has a one hour Zoom meeting titled “The Ethics of Anti-Racism Conversation.” This “conversation” will be delivered by Eddie Glaude, chair of the African American Studies Department at Princeton University. According to our British CEO, the distinguished race hustler will lead “a dialog that will challenge all of us to examine our collective American conscience.” I have no doubt this “dialog” will have a positive impact on our Q2 financial performance.

      • Record it. Find a way to publicize it. Goodwhites in the non-corporate world are often unaware just how batty these self-criticism sessions are, and what their distilled message portends. “If it saves just one life” and all that.

        • Done. The “conversation” just ended. Nothing said was as egregious as Woka Cola’s “Be Less White,” but Eddie Glaude is nothing more than an off-brand Al Sharpton.

          • Interesting note on the “Be less White” mantra. One of my partners on the job was a devout Cokeaholic. He even keep a bottle on the night stand. For over 30 years. I busted his balls about drinking battery acid, to no avail.

            A few days ago he had a different brand. (I don’t remember, I was so surprised). When asked why the change after so much time his reply was a simple , “I like how white I am”.

            Bravo to Coke for alienating one of its most loyal customers.

      • Sounds like a good time to have an attack of gastrointestinal distress……
        Alternatively, leave the feed on while muting themic, blindering the cam, and spend the hour reading.

      • Careful what you reveal here. You don’t wanna get shitcanned from the job, do you? or worse, from the PC commissars.

    • In my leafy suburban paradise, the shrieking harpies will not LET you not care. For example:
      1. My children’s school, one baby step above a home school collective, will be shut down by men with guns if the children are not muzzled. Remember when we all decided you have to wear a mask?
      2. EVERY math and science text book (which we rigorously review) has or actively references the metric system. Remember when we all decided to use the metric system?
      3. Go to an art museum? Natural historychildren. Go to a crappy Hollywood movie? Gym? Baseball practice? Boy scout meeting?

      You may not care, but legions of average, ugly, insecure freaks are torturing our children. They have nothing but time.

      I HAD a childhood (no starving Africans or rain forests in my area). Running/ biking around the neighborhood, bellbottoms, bad garage haircuts, leather vests, black and white TV’s.

      The vacant eyed, masked children walking past my house (these are the ones who WALK!) are pathetic, scared and ripe for wearing a chain.

      • True and tragic. So my go-to retort to the few hiveminds I encounter as it relates to any of the wuhan dogma: “I don’t believe in abusing children to feel incrementally safer. You should be ashamed”

        The look in the kids eyes affirms. They know its fucked.

        Hiding behind “experts” doesn’t change the facts. These people are weak and scared and need to be shamed and shunned.

        I needn’t even get i to the fact that this is all demonic. The unhinged munchausen proxy moms and their fragile manlets in tow are ritually abusing children in public, with public resources and backing, and when not subjecting their kids to the latest iteration of sadistic skinner boxing they are lecturing the rest of us for not following the black hoods into the chamber of the washers.

        The pimp hand needs a comeback. But whatever is coming best include enough chaos such that the carriers of these pathologies can be culled.

        Cultures that ritually abuse and sacrifice kids don’t have standing. There is an ancient, timeless duty to bring the cleansing fire to them. Failing that is what ushers in true lasting darkness. The choice is ours.

        • The lesson that came out of the Titanic was “women and children first”. Today’s adults would be desperately ripping children out of the lifeboats by their heels. Feminine culture has no honor.

  44. I’ve always liked “The Age of Anxiety”. I’ve always pictured to myself one of those series of books by historian Will Durant with that title on the last volume.

    • If I may, the word anxiety brings to mind too much citified jewiness given its association with psychology and pharmaceuticals and even Mel Brooks

      Despite the word’s legitimate history, It’s got a lot of jewy ooze on it

      I doubt will be able to scrub it perfectly clean in our lifetimes

    • Been meaning to compliment you on your choice of avatars. From everything I’ve read George Hays was a well read, well spoken, intelligent and educated man. He was very much the antithesis of te character he played so well on the silver screen.

  45. I cast my vote for The Age of Hysteria, mainly because it speaks to the feminization of the West over the past 75 years.

  46. My vote is for “Age of Hysteria”; I’ve been calling it something similar myself.

    I’m sure most of the commenters here already know this, but the etymology of “hysteria” is extremely fitting:

    hysteria (n.) nervous disease, 1801, coined in medical Latin as an abstract noun from Greek hystera “womb,” from PIE *udtero-, variant of *udero- “abdomen, womb, stomach” (see uterus). Originally defined as a neurotic condition peculiar to women and thought to be caused by a dysfunction of the uterus. With abstract noun ending -ia.

    • Mine too

      Best fit

      And men using the word hysteria sends the womyns into apoplexy

      Win win

    • Sir, you have won the internet today as far as this joker’s concerned. You may take the weekend off.

      • He frequently wins the internet, but I miss my daily fix of Zman on his days off. Age of Hysteria is absolutely perfect. There was a class I couldn’t get into in college (too much interest/too many applicants) called “Women and the Health System.” So I just read all the books for the class – that’s when I learned of the roots of ‘hysteria’ and, as an unrecovered shitlib, I was outraged. I’d love to go back and slap 19 year old me on the face.

        • I think most of us can remember moments from our youth that make our sphincters pucker. First day of a new semester and I had a feminist English professor ask us what our favorite books were. When I answered Pride and Prejudice, she said, “Oh, that’s an interesting choice…for a young male.” My brain computed that something was off, but the shitlib in me overrode all other circuitry. Today, I’d have a very merry time making her squirm for any number of transgressions against her own work catechism.

      • Nietzsche writes extensively on decadence and the corrosive effects of democracy. He specifically cites universal suffrage and equal rights movements. I don’t recall him mentioning women advancing in society, but he covers nearly all of the other crap. He does have ample things to say about women, most of them unflattering 🙂
        His precscience is remarkable, when you consider that he wrote nothing after ~1889. He was aware of many of the movements of his day, specificaly naming socialism and communism. I’m not familiar with Glubb, but certainly Herr Friedrich would have been comfortable discussing decadence. What might surprise you is he’d claim that decadence isn’t the cause, rather it’s a symptom, one of many, of a civilization in long-term decline.

        • He also saw right through the universal education sham, saying “When everyone is educated, no-one will be educated.”

          • To fill out today’s epistle, rather than the usual dour dose of Teutonic wisdom, here’s a humorous (to me) bit from St. Fritz*. There is more than a hint of the subtle dry wit that Germans were known for. It’s easy to miss if you’re not attuned to it.

            “Concerning the genesis of the Nihilist. The courage of all one really knows comes but late in life. It is only quite recently that I have acknowledged to myself that heretofore I have been a Nihilist from top to toe. The energy and thoroughness with which I marched forward as a Nihilist deceived me concerning this fundamental fact. When one is progressing towards a goal it seems impossible that ‘aimlessness per se’ should be one’s fundamental article of faith.”

            Will to Power, chapter 25.

            *Mencken in an intro suggested in jest, that “It is a pity that Holy Church has no process for the elevation of demons, like its process for the canonization of saints.”:D

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