It used to be that “post-modernism” was said to be the artistic expression of late-stage capitalism,  at least according to Frederic Jameson. A useful definition of post-modernism came from the great philosopher Moe Szyslak. He said it is “weird for the sake of being weird.” Contra Professor Jameson, with few exceptions, post-modern art is crap made by people with no real artistic talent. On the other hand, maybe that’s a telling indictment of the flickering lights of western civilization.

Anyway, here is another definition of post-modernism. It is when a society forgets all of the lessons about human nature handed down from the previous generations and then embarks on the process of re-learning them through painful trial and error. A good example of this is right here in this story from the New York Times. It is the typical sob-story from a leftist rag about how men get away with being violent rapists and women are helpless victims.

She was 18 years old, a freshman, and had been on campus for just two weeks when one Saturday night last September her friends grew worried because she had been drinking and suddenly disappeared.

Around midnight, the missing girl texted a friend, saying she was frightened by a student she had met that evening. “Idk what to do,” she wrote. “I’m scared.” When she did not answer a call, the friend began searching for her.

In the early-morning hours on the campus of Hobart and William Smith Colleges in central New York, the friend said, he found her — bent over a pool table as a football player appeared to be sexually assaulting her from behind in a darkened dance hall with six or seven people watching and laughing. Some had their cellphones out, apparently taking pictures, he said.

Later, records show, a sexual-assault nurse offered this preliminary assessment: blunt force trauma within the last 24 hours indicating “intercourse with either multiple partners, multiple times or that the intercourse was very forceful.” The student said she could not recall the pool table encounter, but did remember being raped earlier in a fraternity-house bedroom.

The football player at the pool table had also been at the fraternity house — in both places with his pants down — but denied raping her, saying he was too tired after a football game to get an erection. Two other players, also accused of sexually assaulting the woman, denied the charge as well. Even so, tests later found sperm or semen in her vagina, in her rectum and on her underwear.

Later in the story, we get some additional background.

The fraternity houses, where so many parties occur, sit high above the lake. And it was at one fraternity, Kappa Sigma, where sometime between 9:30 and 10 p.m. on Sept. 7, Anna attended one of the year’s first big social events — a “highlighter party,” where students write on one another’s clothes with a marker that glows under black light.

Later there was dancing. Anna and a senior football player she had just met were grinding to the music, rubbing their bodies together.

With so many students packed together in the basement, it became hot, and the football player escorted Anna upstairs, where smaller groups congregated in students’ bedrooms. A friend tried to stop her, but she went anyway.

Anna said she had begun the evening drinking shots of rum mixed into Gatorade. She drank one beer at the dance, she said, and then the rest of an opened beer her dance partner had given her.

Around midnight, a fraternity member tried to enter his room, but found it locked. He opened the door with his key and caught a glimpse of what would become a pivotal episode in Anna’s case: The senior football player was naked, and Anna was sitting on a bed with her top off, covering her breasts. The visitor quickly left.

At this point, everyone knows what happened. A young girl got drunk and wound up pulling the train. It is a crude things to say, but sometimes it is bets to describe things using crude language to make the point. John Derbyshire has this to say about the resulting rape investigation.

Is your sympathy for this young woman draining away as fast as mine is, listener?

Yep, you heard right: the young woman cried rape. The gist of the article is that she accused the original football player and two others of raping her, but the college didn’t discipline the guys.

On her video clip Anna says the following thing, quote: “When I came forward I felt so good because I was told that people had my back, they believed me, and the right thing would be done,” end quote. Let’s pass over in decent silence the bit about people having her back … What does she mean by “the right thing would be done”?

I don’t think there’s much doubt what she means. She means that she, Anna, should be fussed over and sympathised with as a victim, and that the guys who helped themselves to her incontinently drunk body should be expelled from campus, or better yet sent down for five to ten in the state penitentiary.

What a crock.

If you are a woman and choose to get blind drunk around a bunch of horny young males, you will probably regret itt. Similarly, if you don a meat suit and rush into a lion’s den, you will get mauled. This is something humans used to know. In fact, up until the 1960’s, it was so universally understood that it was common to separate boys and girls without adult supervision. Boys want sex and will do and say just about anything to get it and girls are vulnerable and a bit gullible.

Again, we used to know these things.

We have filled the heads of young women with feminist nonsense and we’ve done the same to males. Men were taught they had a moral obligation to protect the innocent, especially women and children. If you found a vulnerable women surrounded by predatory males, you had a duty to stop it. Today, you are told you should either join in or take pics of the gang bang and post them to your Instagram account.

The worst part of it all is this thoroughly insane idea that if it is not against the law it is permitted. Again, we have an example of this in this story. The girl and some of her friends, admit to behavior that the school should never tolerate. It is not illegal, but beneath the standards of this university. The adults running the school should know that if they turn a blind eye to their coeds getting blind drunk on weekends, this is the sort of thing that will happen. They should have expelled the women involved.

Further, the boys holding the party should all be expelled. The football players who appear to admit having sex with this girl should be gone. While they are not guilty of rape, they are guilty of being loathsome, despicable human filth. A guy willing to have sex with a passed out girl is of low character and you can never trust him. It is his nature to exploit others. The men running this school should know it and throw the garbage out when they find it.

To post-modern ears, particularly those of the younger generations, this sounds like the grousing of an old man. Maybe so, but this is how we used to manage ourselves as people. Lesser people were the ones carrying on like animals. We knew that holding the line was the only way to develop young men of character and young women of virtue. Today, talking about character and virtue is a hate crime, meanwhile stupid young girls are being sodomized on pool tables at our colleges and universities.

Again, we used to know better.

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  1. From the NYT article, first her version, next his/their versions of what happened at the frat house:

    1) …..she began to talk about what had happened at Kappa Sigma: She was in a room with several boys and girls who left her alone with the football player; three times she refused his request for sex; two other football players entered the room, and she was sexually assaulted.

    2) The senior player said Anna had given him a lap dance behind the fraternity bar. Upstairs, he said, she kissed him and then performed oral sex on him for two to three minutes. However, he said, he could not get an erection because he was tired from playing football and “a super long bus ride.”

    The second football player said that while his teammate was in the room, Anna pulled down his pants and gave him oral sex. “I didn’t consent,” he said. “She’s doing it all by herself. My hands are not touching her.” After a brief period, he said, he told her to stop. “I zippered my pants up, put my belt on, and I walked out the door.”

  2. “Around midnight” the gal in the story was, of her own volition, in a locked bedroom, half naked, and “around midnight” she was also using her cell phone to text her friend. Sounds like she was sober enough to know what she was doing, with some trepidation over what she had gotten herself into. When the door to the locked bedroom opened, that was her opportunity to flee or to call for help; for whatever reason, she did not take advantage of the interruption. How she subsequently got from the frat house to the dance hall in her inebriated state is an open question. Was it voluntary or was it kidnap?

    This is an unwise “adventure” that was sought out but unfortunately ended badly, yet could have been avoided by the exercise of just the tiniest bit of discretion.

  3. If the girl were a intoxicated black stripper maybe someone of consequence would have taken her story seriously.

  4. I have never understood the urge — bordering on compulsion — in today’s youth to lose all control of their body and many of its functions as soon as possible. I was once told by someone that this person had a great weekend because they woke up in the gutter lying in their own vomit and mess. Apparently this was the true mark of ‘having a great time.’

    As he was male, I presume he may well avoided anyone sodomizing him though he probably wouldn’t have remembered.

  5. I almost never heard of these sorts of assaults in HS or college (>’72). I did hear of a few that were stopped in progress.

    The perps weren’t just stopped, they were attacked and hurt, sometimes pretty badly, just as they were supposed to be. We called that “ending well”.

  6. Not just that, but nowadays if you looked out for the girl, you’d get it from the feminazi’s on how you’re slut shaming the girl, enforcing the patriarchy etc.

  7. Stupidity is evidently a right. Taking advantage of stupidity is a crime, I guess. Tales of gang-bangs were always around when I was in HS and college. I always HEARD about them, but never was around when it was going on, so I don’t know if it was male BS, you know? The whole idea of such a thing sorta turned my stomach.

    If that makes me sound gay, so be it.

    • Back in the horse and buggy era, I was at a party where a young girl was clearly in over her head. She had just moved up from Arkansas to the big city. Her roommate asked me and a friend to keep an eye on her to make sure none of the guys took advantage of her. At one point she was drinking from a bottle of whiskey with some guys I knew were trouble. The girl did not like it that I pulled her into another room and lectured her about getting hammered. Still, it was the right thing to do.

      Later, me and my buddy pulled some degenerate off her. The girl was so drunk she could not stand. We stood her up to make sure she was OK and she just fell over on her face. If we had not been trying to look out for her, it would have ended poorly for her.

      The point is it was not so long ago when most young men and women knew better. Within a generation or two the stupidification is near complete with terrible consequences.

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