The Jewish Question

I was in the market on Sunday morning, doing my weekly supply run and I saw something striking. Behind the deli counter, I spied a Muslim woman in a hijab. That’s not such a big deal, but the staff is required to wear uniforms. She was in what looked like a khimar. Not being an expert on Muslim clothing styles, I’m relying on the Interwebs to provide the specifics. The grocery chain, at this point anyway, does not have uniforms that meet Muslim standards so they let her wear her own.

What was striking is she was glaring at a group of customers. I mean eyes blazing full-on furious stink-eye. It was so obvious, I stopped and followed the invisible plane of her eye-lasers to their target. It was a group of Jews. I knew they were Jews because of their outfits. They were in the plain black kit of the Orthodox. We have a sizeable cluster of Lubavitchers near where I live. As best I could tell, they were just minding their own business looking at the salmon.

I stood there watching this for a few minutes, thinking maybe there was a clash of cultures about to happen at the deli counter. I was not alone. A couple next to me was seeing the same thing and probably thinking the same thing. The Jews finally went up to the deli counter and the Muslim woman just stood there glaring at them. I could not tell if they noticed here. There is an inscrutableness to the super-orthodox that makes it hard for gentiles to read them.

They stood there for a few minutes and the Muslim woman just stood there. Some other customer walked up and she waited on them, but still stealing glares at the Jews. This went on until someone else waited on the Jews and they moved on. The other employees certainly noticed the Muslim glaring at the Jews and they surely are aware of the world enough to figure out what was happening. Her supervisor certainly has noticed this behavior if casual customers noticed it.

I’m old enough to remember when even the mild-anti-Semite would check himself and say that the Jews deserves sympathy for what they have experienced. You never hear that anymore. I suspect that the Holocaust has finally moved into the mists of time or has been so overdone no one cares about it. In fact, it seems to be fashionable to be anti-Semitic in certain circles and I don’t just mean the comment section of Taki. Hostility toward Jews and Israel seems to be rising.

I think the indifference of the market employees to one of their coworkers bigotry is understandable. They don’t need the hassle. If there’s no brownie points in pointing out the Jew-hater, they are not going to bother noticing. I certainly could have said something, but I did not. The other customers did not say anything. We just shrugged and went about our business. No harm, no foul, at least for now anyway.

Stories like this from the provinces suggest the Jews are on the wrong side of the culture war roiling in the western world. Europe has imported millions of Muslims who are bringing back the old fashioned Jew hating of a century ago. Our own government is trolling the Muslim countries, using what’s called the diversity lottery, to import Muslims into America. As has been the case with Europe, importing millions of Jew-hating Muslims will have consequences, at least for the Jews in America.

What I find striking and what was on my mind at the market, is the fact Jews don’t fight back against this. If a white guy with a mullet was caught glaring at some black customers like that, the blacks would have attacked him. His co-workers would have reported him and his superiors would have fired him. Anthony Cumia was attacked and then fired for complaining about it. He was not doing anything wrong other than walking while white in Times Square.

In modern America, Jews are the most successful minority group by miles. Jews make up 30% of the Forbes 400, despite being just 2% of the population. Jews dominate academia, the media, entertainment and government. You would think they would be pushing hard to limit immigration from lands full of people dedicated to killing Jews, but, Jews are the biggest supporters of unlimited open immigration.

It is the Jewish question I find most puzzling.

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  1. Nations are defunct. Communities (homosexual, feminist, black, Jewish, Moslem, etc.) struggle for dominance across national boundaries, across the world.

    Not all peoples transformed themselves into communities. Not yet. Until transformed, these peoples will plead helplessly for their nations to protect them.

  2. There are several factors. Jews, especially the ones you are describing, have no great affection for the country (I am increasingly sympathetic to that state of being). That being so they always have an exit strategy and a tradition of using it, so they continue to indulge their opinions–which are life itself to them–without restraint. And if the block is busted, well, they’ll once again be the first to sell. This strategy has worked well for them in recent times except for that miscalculation of 1933-45. But Montaigne wrote that even opinion is of force enough to make itself be espoused at the expense of life. No one contributes more to opinion than Jews, with less regard for the consequences.

  3. Perhaps open immigration to the U.S. is desirable to Jewish people because it is the best insurance against the return of WASP influence in the nation. Jews, as all of us, need to feel safe, and they perceive the real threat to their well-being as coming from Christian cultures, not Muslim. Hence their strong support of the party of unlimited WASP (and Evangelical) dilution. To their mind, glares can’t hurt them the way Mainline Protestants can, whether in Europe historically or America at present.

    • It could be. I don’t think they sit around thinking about it that much so it could simply be a habit of people who have been a part of the liberal coalition for generations.

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