Liberal Majoritarianism

The truth is like a body. No matter how clever you are in trying to conceal it from view, it eventually turns up. One truth that keeps turning up despite great efforts to bury it is that humans are naturally hierarchical. Another is that in any human organization, someone has to be in charge. This is the body that liberal democracy desperately tries to conceal, but it keeps popping into public view. The result is the people in charge spend an enormous amount of their time trying to rebury the body.

Democracy, of course, is majority rule. Liberal democracy, in theory, is majority rule within a framework of principles, like equality before the law, separation of powers and human rights. A proposition is put forward and it carries the day if fifty percent plus one supports it. Its rightness is therefore determined by the majority, not by some intrinsic quality it possesses. The majority is the legitimizing authority in a democracy of any sort, including a liberal democracy.

This is an important defect. Since it is universally true that humans are naturally hierarchical and every society has someone in charge, it means the ruling class is the result of natural factors. In other words, the most important part of a human society exists outside the legitimizing power of majority rule. Instead of invalidating the idea of truth being the result of popularity, liberal democracy flips things around and demands that the majority, real or imagined, grants legitimacy to the rulers.

It is a good example of the immutability of belief. When a person or a society comes to believe something about itself, reality is willed in support of that belief. That which confirms the belief is held up as proof, while that which contradicts the belief is ignored or disputed. It is why a disbeliever is always the prey for believers. The destruction of the disbeliever not only validates the belief. It validates the believer. This is why democracy breed fanatics operating in the name of the public.

This great conflict in liberal democracy spins up over time into the frenzy we are seeing unfold in front us. The people in charge need the validation of the majority to bestow legitimacy on their position. It is why they go berserk whenever they lose an election or fail to get their way in a public policy fight. On the one hand, it is a threat to their image as the will of the people. On the other hand, it means there are enemies of democracy that must be hunted down and defeated.

The logical end point for one man rule is that the king, the pharaoh, or the emperor eventually comes to think of himself as the embodiment of the people. He is the physical manifestation of the people, but also their moral purpose. The king becomes a god and is therefore self-validating. In liberal democracy, the ruling class comes to think of themselves as the embodiment of the public will. They exist because the majority created them, and their existence is validation of the public will.

This was clear after the last two elections. When Trump won, the ruling elite was compelled, it was their moral duty, to get rid of him at any cost. He was a threat to “our democracy” because he was viewed as a repudiation of the elite. They had a moral duty to defend democracy from him. On the other hand, the manufactured majority for Joe Biden, with all of its absurdity, quickly became a point of public morality. The elite demanded their opponents publicly admit it was a legitimate election.

This is why people are sent by their employers to reeducation camps to learn the latest social fads. It is not enough to comply with these edicts. People silently tolerating in public the edicts of the rulers could be privately rejecting them. Since those edicts are by default the will of the people, it means there could be millions of silent enemies lurking in their homes and offices. The only way to make democracy safe from these silent enemies is to root out dissent.

It also seems that the hunt for dissenters provides a useful distraction for the people in charge, allowing them to pose as part of the mob. Note how the most powerful people in our liberal democracy carry on as victims. By playing the role of David, while being Goliath, they hide from themselves the realty of their position. Instead of being at the top of the social hierarchy, with all it entails, they see themselves as the guys at the front of the mob, chasing off the enemies.

As with communism, the civic religion that evolves to perpetuate the falsehoods of the system quickly becomes a delusion the ruling elite needs to perpetuate among themselves in order to carry out their role. The rulers of a liberal democracy come to see a natural majority for everything they do. Whether that majority exists or is the product of imagination is immaterial. They believe it does exist or that it would exist if the enemies of democracy were not preventing it.

We are at the point in liberal democracy where the majority is the source of all truth and the arbiter of morality. When no majority exists, one is manufactured through propaganda or coercion. If that fails, then one is simply invented. Since no source of legitimacy exists outside the majority, liberal democracy starts to look a lot like every other totalitarian system. Everything in the public will, nothing outside the public will and nothing against the public will.

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156 thoughts on “Liberal Majoritarianism

  1. “Democracy, of course, is majority rule.”

    Well, yes, that’s the public APPEARANCE of the affair. It’s the image and reputation which has been promoted aggressively to we, the masses, and it may be what most of the faithful believe. Yet what evidence supports the idea that majority rule could ever be the SUBSTANCE of democracy??

    Some people, myself included, believe that democracy is a clever front used by plutocrats, corporate capitalists, bankers and financiers, secular humanists, and sundry busibodies (such as welfare statists). I don’t want to elaborate too much on that idea here. Instead, consider a technical problem of how, exactly, to establish a democratic government for a people who are not yet subdued by democracy.

    Is it not true that a democratic government, to be legitimate, must be approved through a plebliscite held among people qualified to vote? This is what democratic theorists insist, more or less, is it not? In short, a democratic government must be established democratically. And correct me if I’m wrong here, but don’t democracy fanatics usually assert or imply that democracy is the primary form of legitimate government, or the only form of legitimate government?

    So there must be some plebiscite in which at least two critical questions are presented to the masses:
    (1) Shall we establish a democratic government, i.e. shall we establish a democracy?
    (2) What form, exactly, will our democratic government take?

    Such a plebliscite will need some people to organize it, to carry it out, and, if successful, to impose the results. For practical purposes, the organizers would comprise a government. Well, are they a legitimate government? If so, then they must be a democratic government, correct? So, why have a plebiscite? Democracy is already in place before the plebiscite. The first question above isn’t even necessary, and the primary question to answer throught the plebiscite is how to modify the form of government already in place. The democracy has its ruling class and the basic machinery of government. On the other hand, if the organizing cabal do not comprise a democratic government, why pretend that their plebliscite has any validity?

    Democrats have some explaining to do. While we wait for them to do that, I think it’s fair to condemn democracy as a rank fraud. It enjoys the appearances of majority rule, but the substance of democracy is oligarchical control by nature. Oligarchical control is an intrinsic feature of democracy; it’s the very nucleus of democracy no matter what excuses are given for it. And this control is mostly by people who would find it very difficult to persuade a stable majority to accept their overlordship.

  2. Off topic: A couple of excellent posts at Counter Currents today. Highly recommend “How the Coronavirus Took Over the World” (about the “neurotic collective hysteria in the face of death”) and “Making Lions Out of Lambs” (why TradCons and the Dissident Right are not and cannot be allies).

    • Possibly discourteous to our host to point to other blogs, but I agree: “How the Coronavirus Took Over the World”, it’s discussion about Japanese hikikomori and Swedish Jantelagen was excellent.

      Much of the pull that Musk inspires (con man though he most likely is) is that he dares great things. Impossible things. And if you can contribute based on merit, and merit alone, you’re welcome to join the ride.

      Qui audet adipiscitur. Who dares, wins.

      • If Zman finds my recommendations for reading elsewhere discourteous, all he needs to do is say so and I will cease doing so forthwith. I have occasionally found other readers’ recommendations of posts elsewhere worthwhile, and I know Zman and Greg Johnson have or had a solid working relationship.

  3. > humans are naturally hierarchical. Another is that in any human organization, someone has to be in charge.

    Yes, but not endlessly so. Indeed, each level of org chart, I’d venture, doubles the likelihood of veering into corruption.

  4. Trump was a horrible human being and a horrible president, with no redeeming qualities whatsoever, aside from the fact that he was not a Democrat, and he (very ineffectively!) supported certain policies that I support. I voted for him twice, yet I have to acknowledge that pretty much every awful thing the Left ever said about him was at least to some degree true. For all that I try to point out that the press was relentlessly unfair in covering him, I cannot fault my liberal friends for hating him. Whatever usefulness he may have had is gone; he has become a boat anchor around the neck of our cause, and I just want him to go away. We need a better Trump or we are doomed.

    • If you think everything the media said about him was true, how was their coverage of him unfair?

    • The “woke” totalitarianism we live under is scary enough. But perhaps just as disturbing is that many so-called conservatives still imagine Trump to be their savior.

      During his four years in office he had a few good impulses; still, the swamp overwhelmingly drained him. Trump was, in the vocabulary of the acting profession, “over-parted.” He was playing a role too big for him.

      Still the lumpenconservatariat believes they have no one better to represent their interests. If they are correct, and it could turn out they are, the future will be unutterably grim. But normie rightists might consider that spending their energy on supporting leaders is only a part of pushback against the deep state: the rest is down to individuals and communities of individuals.

    • Ha, Trump is the only useful and good president we’ve had since, oh, Eisenhower? I love how the pansified moralists complain about his character. Character is what you do. Not the “words are violence” BS. Trump has done, oh, I don’t know, one or two things in his life. Have you read ANY of his books? I didn’t think so. He is the highest character public figure to come along in years.

      And here is the only real point that matters: He knows how to fight. Unlike barely any of us. He is the one of the only “conservatives, et al.” that I’ve ever seen fight and win.

      It seems Trump is one of the very few that knows the enemy is trying to kill us, ala todays Z post. Mean is the only thing that will save us. Polite gets us all dead. Mean can change minds. Pansies get ignored.

      Today’s mean thought: The reason they want so many unaccompanied illegal minors is to supply the Democrat Pedophile Slave ring. Ha! EDKH.

      • Lol, “he knows how to fight.” He spent the entirety of his administration getting rolled (the border wall, the shut down, BLM, COVID …) before eventually getting banned from social media after he was warned and did nothing about censorship. Pray tell, just what did that man accomplish that hasn’t already been rolled back, besides tax cuts for leftist corporations and nuking the Iran Deal. “Law & Order!” — Trump as BLM burned our cities. This guy was so incompetent he didn’t even have a game plan to challenge the election despite anticipating what happened. His administration even shut down the office in charge of investigating election fraud before the election! Total moron.

        • Trump didn’t allow the surge of turd worlders at the Mexico border. That is all I need to know to vote for him again. Ted Cruz gave them teddy bears.

        • Trump’s biggest failure while in office was not authorizing or directing irregulars to defend their person, property and community with deadly force.

          Aside from that, I never expected him to run out with an M4 and start the shooting himself. Based upon the cabinet fallout post-2018 election, it is reasonable to speculate that any understanding and arrangement he believed he had with the flag staff was a deception. The probability that Trump was deceived by both Mattis and Kelly is both his rebuke of them at the end of their respective tenures as well as their comments in the wake of the Floyd fraud and anarchist insurrection of 2020.

          The Pentagon is a violence operating system and the flag staff appear to take their orders outside of the official chain of command. If that is accurate, it is reasonable to assume that the USSS, who recruits security operators from .mil, may have been the ones closest to him that communicated that he really would not be POTUS for another term.

          Bitching about the legacy media and discrediting it is and was a critical battle that Trump achieved substantial success with. The bigger issue is that another centralized brand is not the answer, but that’s what we would expect a boomer to come up with. For that I do not fault him, but I also do not support another big brand when the answer is a radically decentralized public information paradigm.

          Trump was the first major opposition leader, but he won’t be the last.

        • Drumpffft, your such a pansy. Where were you? doing nothing. Nothing. Letting him do ALL of the lifting, whether light or heavy. I think I’m smarter than him on IQ, but he runs circles around me in real results. How about you? One man against tens of thousands of NPCs. Where were you? Oh, yeah. Criticizing. You are nothing.

    • Trump will be remembered as the president who’d noting to stop Fauci’s mask lunacy

      Could have nipped it in the bud

      Oh well

      • Trump refused to wear a mask for a long time and only cucked to those black executive branch masks when his internal polls showed conservative Karens wanted him to wear a mask.

        If he would have parodied it with a MAGA thong on his face, it would have been better, but he did not have the military muscle to do that or the needful.

        On the other side of the inauguration, I think an honest person has to conclude that he believed he would overcome election fraud margins, and he did, and that if they were so ballsy as to do what they did in the early hours of November 4, 2020 that McConnell, Graham and his SCOTUS appointments would restore election integrity. Hell, even Pence cucked and he was supposed to be a real straight.

        It is what it is. We live to fight another day.

        • MAYBE we live to fight another day. I followed Rush for 30 years. I loved Rush, but he led us to the Lemming Cliff. We need to fight. I asked a Christian what ‘turn the other cheek’ meant. He was taken aback when I told him I thought it was nothing but cowardice. I still don’t know what it means. But we need to start burying these sons of bitches. The first thing is we need to do is pull the rug out from underneath them. It’s so easy, but it takes sales knowledge.

          Number one number one number one number one. Repeat after me:
          “The reason you believe THAT is your life is meaningless.”
          “You are trying to cover up your shame.”
          “You are hopeless.”
          “So you pawn it off on me.”

          Mean is the ONLY answer. They are evil. IF IF IF we ever win, us mean guys will need to be “retired”. But ONLY us mean guys can save us. Pansies are useless.

    • Folks need to distinguish between candidate Trump c. 2015-16 and President Trump. Then the discussion about what/how/why happened can commence.

      • He bought into the fantasy that a President-elect needs to “unify the country”.

        Democrats impress this upon new Republican administrations, but never impose it upon themselves.

        Team R will never learn.

        • I know, let’s have a spelling contest!

          When Trump took office, I was so excited! He was obviously on the side of Americans. Drop the Z Man race thing for a moment, thought I know it’s relevant. He just wanted to do a good job. Think about that; Not a single president in my lifetime (born when Kennedy was alive) had the intention to do the work that Trump did.

          The more time went on, I realized that I was a coward. If I wasn’t willing to call Bullshidt, I had no right to complain about Trump’s uneven effort. He did a better job than I could have, because I was still a republican coward when he was elected the first time. We are cowards. We deserve to lose.

    • Great, you got rid of him and now we have a half sentient fool who is nothing but a tool for the shadow group running this former country into the ground. But at least we ended the never ending negativity of orange man bad right?

    • Trump performed a vital function that no-one else could have done: He forced all of the totalitarian Deep-state/Rino/Democrat/Media filth to declare themselves.

  5. Someone mentioned this before, but I think it bears repeating: What if they’re inoculating the compliant against an impending, more deadly disease? Or if the vax protects you from coof symptoms but augments the virus into something more deadly that you can still pass on? I know Bill wants to reduce the world population…

    • Nothing builds confidence like a Eugenicist passing out vaccines. Bill couldn’t fix a Windows virus.

    • Yes I was the one who asked that below

      For that reason I’m considering taking the vax . Also trump told his supporters to take the vax. Does he know something?…

      On the other hand: non-whites are not taking the Vax in large numbers. If they did release a second deadlier one non whites would die alot (unless it’s a racial bioweapon targeted to whites).

      There’s also no evidence that the elites actually like white progressives / goodwhites any more than they like bad whites. Goodwhites are also getting hit with negative consequences of globohomo. They’re just more delusional about it.

      So I have no idea what to do. That’s what happens in times of low trust with insane elites. Conspiracies abound.

      • Trump fed his supporters red meat such as “America First”, but his presidency was devoted largely to making the sons of Israel great again while subordinating the USA to Medinat Yisrael. His behavior was so obnoxious that during the summer of 2020 he presented to Bibi a large, symbolic key to the White House and to the hearts of all Americans, as I recall him putting it. Nobody who is putting AmericaNS First would have abused Americans that way.

        You’re a Christian, so you ought to have noticed by now the problem with Trump’s behavior w.r.t. the sons and their state. Given Israel’s long term agenda for the world (see Isaiah 66:22-24 for clues), a genuine AmericaNS First president would have arranged for Bibi to present to Donald Trump a key to Beit Aghion, the official residence of Israel’s PM.

        • Don’t care whether he supports Israel or not

          Trump was the best person for white gentile, working class America in a long time. And he woke up many normies.

      • Now, why trust the advice of a greasy guy like DJT on the complex question of whether or not to submit to the jabbers? He has, at best, a rudimentary understanding of human biology, immunology, ribonucleic acids, etc., and we can see that his judgment in areas close to his experience and expertise is horribly flawed.

      • I think the current vax menu is a shit test for compliance and a money laundering vehicle to big pharma.

        The issue of to vax or not to vax is one I have pondered since this time last year when Fauci and Co. were saying it wasn’t possible. Their initial conflict, unless it is all a kayfabe, is why I am in the above camp on the current vax menu.

        As none of the current vaccine offerings are cures, it is assumed vaxxers have opted into a vaccination program of indefinite duration. Thus, it is plausible they could sterilize a large segment of the world’s population as well as euthanize with future vaccinations.

        I highly doubt they could or would inoculate a large segment of the world’s population because a wild virus is constantly evolving and all signs point to the global authorities being anti-mass population as a core value.

        In addition to the wide spread mask compliance, we have also seen significant behavior modification in terms of social distancing down to even the close family level. It would take a very virulent virus as well as a mass transmission pathway to have another pandemic. Whatever this virulent virus wis it would also have to be capable of true symptomatic transmission and be deadly on par with Ebola.

        I just don’t see a more virulent and deadly strain having strong odds in the wild until for at least a generation or 40+ years. People are different than they were 12 months ago. If anything, the China DOJ was supposed to be the great destroyer, but it didn’t even knock down a serious portion of the elderly after over a year in the wild.

        I also have a lot of faith in the human immune system. It has served us profoundly well for a very long time.

    • That doesn’t make a lot of sense

      Unless, of course, they know the exact make-up of this new disease. But otherwise how can you create a vaccine for a disease that doesn’t exist yet?

      I guess there are multiple and varied reasons for why they decided to wreck our society. Very few of them any good. And if you ask me, multiculturalism has done just as much to trash and ruin my society as Covid — and the elites never gave a shit about that either.

      I have given up on the institutions and those who run them and I no longer care. We live in parallel universes. These people see the same trash, graffiti and homelessness, the violence, the vulgarity of the pop culture — and yet have an opinion on all of it that is the polar opposite of a normal person’s.

      We are two different species

  6. Alas, if the Power Structure is elected by 50% plus one, how is it not a function of the public will?

    Of course, that did not happen in the latest “election.”

    And perhaps Z is conceiving of the Power Structure as something more than elected officials. Clarification on this matter would be good.

  7. The vaccine is currently their moral imperative. The ramped up coercion and propaganda is quite something. I’m not anti-Vax, but on principle alone I won’t be bullied by these people. I would have gotten it if they had just said, “you’re an adult, make your own decision.” But since they consider me a terrible person for not getting it, I guess I’ll just not get it then.

    • I’m pondering this conspiracy right now:

      What if the vaccines aren’t actually meant to fight against covid-19. They’re inoculating you against another, more deadly, virus that they’re going to release in the future.

      This flushes out any kind of person who resists or is an independent thinker, who will be killed off during the next release. Could be why trump told his followers to get the vax

      Just a thought. I’m still debating whether this is the case or if I should not take it.

      • It’s another form of secular holy communion. It’s like living in the year 1300 and saying, “no I refuse communion, I don’t need it.” …As they start heating up a giant cauldron full of oil to put you in it. There are many forms of secular communion these days. Having an abortion is still the highest sacrament you can receive. But it’s only open to women. This is open communion for all, including kids now. Going trans and having your genitals cut off is another form of communion.

      • That could be, or it could be a rope-a-dope.

        My thinking is tptb have decided to cull the herd. After all, a blob of mindless consumers can’t maintain what’s left of society in the wake.

        Maybe automation makes us all expendable, but I don’t think it’ll be there any time soon, if ever.

        The elites despise normie too, and they’re capable of things most people wouldn’t dare, which is probably the trait that makes them elite.

        I think, Yeah, I get it. Wouldn’t invite justice like you guys are, but I get it.

        • Worst case, most insane scenario: The vaccine is to “cull the herd”.

          Unless the vax is a “kill switch”, instantly activated, do you really think half the country will go quietly into that good night as the bodies start dropping?

          There are valid reasons to be concerned about the vax. But a “cull the herd” trope isn’t one of them.

          150 million people who just awakened to find that their government just gave them a death sentence would cause unrest that would make the BLM riots look like spilled milk.

          • I thought the masks and lockdowns would do that, but people complied. There’s no bottom.

            Anyway, point granted. I AM pretty cynical these days!

      • Unless you’re a 300lb fat ass with diabetes you don’t need the jab. And BTW it is not vaccine but a experimental gene therapy that is basically untested. It’s already killed 2000 people who took it. In Canada they just ordered the A-Z version not to be given to anyone under 55.

        The people at risk are those who get jab. Why? Because there was NO LONG TERM TESTING DONE. Not on people or animals. Generally it takes up to a decade before a vaccine is released in order to make sure it’s safe. Worse it leaves you with a genetic marker that the non- vaxx don’t have.

        BTW the Chinese are not using our vaccine but opting for the traditional version built around a attenuated covid virus,

        • I went with my wife to get her 1st jab – very discouraging scene with all the sheeple obediently driving thru to get stuck – and all the volunteer karens & kens waiving everyone around – they must feel ever so important. But the stickers are all so excited and happy you’re getting stuck. At any rate, the flyer they give you makes a point a saying this is not an APPROVED vaccine against Covid-19, but an emergency use only. And yet the masses, including my wife willingly line up so their lives might return to some semblance of “normal”. I despair what’s coming.

          • I had a routine visit with my GP today. Even though I’m a reasonably healthy 50 year old, he seemed shocked when I said I wasn’t going to get the Jevv Juice. As he ran out of the room he muttered something about it keeping me out of the hospital. I’m done with that guy. If, as an alleged medical professional, he’s been wrong about everything Covid related then how can I trust his medical opinion on anything?

      • I’ve thought of this. But if it’s the actual scheme I don’t want to be left here amongst the unthinking, cowardly sheep anyway. So into the dying light I’ll gladly go.

      • It’s more likely the jabs are intended to prime your immune system to generate a fatal ADE/cytokine storm type response when you are exposed to a wild virus.

        This is essentially what has happened with prior attempts at corona/mRNA vaxes.

    • I made it through SARS 1.0 back during O’Bozo’s regime, I’ll take my chances with SARS-COV-2 (i.e. SARS 2.0). From everything I’ve read the vast majority of people exposed to SARS 2.0 do not so much as develop a sniffle.

    • I think the vax is intended as a “get of jail” free card for the elites who have created the mess with their overreaction to covid. They are stuck acting as though covid is this extreme hazard that can only be suppressed by extreme measures. If they were to simply open up and get to back to life as usual, it would be an admission of their failure and culpability for all the damage they’ve done. Of course, the longer it takes for them to have a “good reason” to end the lock downs etc, the more damage is being done to the locale as well as their political careers.

      So, they are pushing as much vaccination as quickly as possible so they can act like they vanquished a great enemy and get out of the problems they’ve created with their blind draconian overreactions.

      • There’s a deep conflict of interest in it all. The elites who demand universal jabbing are also overrepresented among (i) the ownership class holding shares of the “vaccine” developers, (ii) college educated servants of the ownership class, and (iii) politicians who are perennial recipients of kickbacks from the ownership class in the form of campaign donations. (Granted, there is some overlap among (i) and (ii).

        All of us ought to be practicing our knot tying skills. I recommend two for starters: (1) the hangman’s necktie for the elites’ and (2) the bowline, for the other end of a rope when attaching it to sturdy objects like the expressway overpasses. There are also a variety of quick-release knots to use in lieu of the bowline. Using one will save money when it comes time to release cooling bodies from the overpasses, for the bowline is so difficult to untie under tension that one would need to cut it in most cases.

        • Should have added that there is even more significant overlap among (i) and (iii), the ownership class and the recipients of campaign contributions.

    • My attitude has been and still is a wait and see policy. If I don’t have to get it, I’m not going to. But if too many activities are off limits by not getting it, I’ll have to do some sort of cost benefit analysis. As I’ve mentioned in a previous post, virtually everyone I know, clients, friends, family have gotten it or are intending to do so, including my wife.
      The next issue is how to interact with all these new jabbees. I can tell the truth and say I haven’t gotten it and don’t intend to. Or a semi-lie that I haven’t gotten it but intend to. Or outright lie and say I’ve gotten it, just so everyone feels “comfortable” and I’m not a complete persona non grata. It seems those that haven’t been jabbed are a minority, or at least that’s what it feels like. Maybe it’s the opposite, I don’t know. At any rate, this is going to be a bigger issue in the near future. It’s a conundrum.

  8. “The elite demanded their opponents publicly admit it was a legitimate election.”

    This was one of the weirder aspects of the whole thing. It would seem that they would have been happy and satisfied. They got rid of Trump. They got their vegetable elected. Order was restored to their universe. But nothing can satisfy fanatics like these.

    They were still impeaching Trump when he had like two weeks left in office. Trump is a devil who must be fought until the End of Days. He can never be sufficiently defeated.

    Then they are on a mission to hunt down and persecute everyone at the capitol protest. (Of course, they carry on about it like the Gates of Hell were opened up and the forces of evil were given free rein on Earth.) The problem with the protesters is that they believe Biden was elected illegitimately. In other words, they’re heretics. They must be made to believe or be destroyed.

    • When these guys get revved up there will not be that choice. It will be “You’re a heretic! Off to the camps/firing squad” or “We THINK you’re a heretic – and you’ll be publicly burned at the stake for it!”

      The house burns around us. The TV and sportzball are now unwatchable, and the bread and circuses no longer entertain… and now, we finally debate the merits of getting off the couch.

    • It was a modern-day Cromwelling

      I wouldn’t be surprised if someday they actually do pull a Cromwell on DJT.

  9. I don’t know about others, but given the hierarchical Nature of Man, I’m kinda thinkin’ that rule by Philosopher-King wasn’t such a bad idea. In a monarchy, the king was the living embodiment of the realm, and as such was supposed to be a caretaker, preserving and nurturing the realm. In that ultimate trickle down [political] economy, what was good for the king was good for the realm. What’s different today is that then, being of “divine right” limited the monarch; today, the “representative of the people” is the representative of absolute Absolutism.

    Before one objects to the capriciousness of the monarch, it has been observed that “Absolute monarchies disposed with less fickleness of the fortunes of one individual than popular absolutisms dispose of the destiny of entire social classes.” Et tu, Whitey?

    • Two pithy quotes by Robert Heinlein:
      “Democracy is based on the assumption that a million men are smarter than one.

      How’s that again? I missed something.

      Autocracy is based on the assumption that one man is smarter than a million men.

      Let’s play that over again. Who decides?”

      Smart man, Mr Anson.
      He also wrote:

      “Any government will work if authority and responsibility are equal and coordinate. This does not ensure ‘good’ government, it simply insures that it will work. But such governments are rare – most people want to run things but want no part of the blame. This used to be called the ‘backseat driver’ syndrome.”

      Today it’s called “Liberal Democracy”.

    • Pipe;
      Re Philosopher King;
      King part is OK, not great, but that’s the way things were for most of mankind’s history, given our hierarchal nature, etc.. It’s the Philosopher part that’s the supreme danger. Philosophers only *think* themselves wise.

      To think yourself wise you must have a scheme of thought, ’cause just saying, “Well, I’ve looked around a lot and that’s just how things are.”, is open to easy disputation. Hard to maintain one’s authority to rule without a baffling schema.

      But, due to the limitations of the human mind, your schema will be incomplete. That can be harmless if you have no power as King. Things *will* go wrong with anybody’s scheme. A philosopher, invested in his scheme with the power to punish anyone questioning why it went wrong is how we get the Gulag.

      Even as an undergrad, I saw Plato’s writings as a (vastly) extended essay in why *he* should be in charge and not the oligarchs, much less the proles.

    • Absolute monarchies were pretty rare through European history.

      The church was a mostly independent power center. The aristocracy had power and would push back against the king. Cities and other jurisdictions had traditional powers and authority that restricted the and were almost uniformly respected by the monarchs.

      Overall, the monarch’s governments were much weaker than the modern democratic states.

  10. “Note how the most powerful people in our liberal democracy carry on as victims. By playing the role of David, while being Goliath, they hide from themselves the realty of their position.”

    A perfect example is the idiot mayors in cities where the Left controls every lever of power, taking to the streets to protest the police departments that report to them.

    • The cops should not respond to any crime in the Mayor’s and his friends’ and family’s neighborhoods, and tell every criminal they interact with of this way forward.

  11. The progressive inverts the idea of God as the innocent victim of history, and elevates the victim to innocent godhood (e.g., St. George Floyd). This could only happen in a (formerly) Christian civilization.

  12. What ever happened to the Occupy Wall Street campaign against the ultra-rich? Oh that’s right…the people in charge suddenly flooded the media with race propaganda, manufacturing a crisis against racism (and Whites). This diverted the energy and animosity from the young protesters towards a new villain. With the Covid lockdowns and all that money funneled away from small business and into the pockets of the billionaire class, one would think that would re-ignite all of that energy and animosity from young people towards those 1 percenters much more than before. Instead, the target is White People, all manufactured and manipulated.

    • Young protestors are really just teachers and other people who come into contact and propagandize kids. At best, they are their parents.
      Why does anyone care what young people think? I never really understood the lure of youth protestors. They need to be discouraged, not encouraged. They usually cannot even tell you why they are there or what they believe in their own words. You tend to hear talking points, slogans they picked up from the culture.

    • Whitey evil bad has been around for all of my life. The disease is terminal,
      Half of whites are infected.
      I want accelerated decline.
      Rahoa can’t come soon enough

      • It’s been around since the second half of the 60s alright. I think the white infection rate is closer to 33%, but that’s bad enough.

        • Mah ho spilled mah grape drank
          but whitey’s on da moon
          B*tch broke mah sail foam
          but whitey’s on da moon
          I spent mah gibs on Tyrees’ha’s weevs
          but whitey’s on da moon
          mah boy Jaquari’us geepeeAy is zero point one free
          but whitey’s on da moon
          da Koreen mart down the block outta Thunderbird
          but whitey’s on da moon
          muh menthols got grape drank on em
          but whitey’s on da moon

    • Young, dumb, and full of [enthusiasm]. Just like soldiers.

      Occupy introduced me to astroturf. Massive organization juxtaposed with bombed-out hippies banging drums. Yeah, that was totally organic 🙂

  13. This sort of totalitarianism is a relatively recent innovation. Christendom was happy to allow people to be heretics in their hearts, so long as they did not teach the heresy. It wasn’t until Henry VII, with the weird idea about the divine right of kings and so on, that the refusal to change your mind was treated as a social threat. That’s why guys like St. Thomas More were martyred: he was completely willing to say almost everything Henry wanted, he just refused to publicly say his own mind was in total agreement with Henry’s view.

    This is the meaning of statements like, “It’s not enough to not be racist, you must be anti-racist.” If you won’t truly agree with us, you will be made to mutilate the truth of your mind and say you do.

    What can one do in the face of such mindless hatred?

    • “What can one do in the face of such mindless hate?”

      Kill orcs.

      But we don’t have anybody on earth with the heart of a Theoden, so I guess we’ll just keep complaining to our kids and our pets.

  14. For what it’s worth, when the Salem witch panic occurred Massachusetts and the other Atlantic colonies were subjects of the United Kingdom. Colonial authorities asked their UK masters for advice on how to handle the situation and were told not to interfere with the process.

    • They probably enjoyed watching the puritans self destruct. Not a bad strategy when you aren’t caught in the middle of the nonsense.

      • Somebody needs to explain to me why twenty people executed for “witchcraft” is embematic of something, while during the same time period tens of thousands of Europeans
        were executed (by non-Puritans FWIW) for the same “crime.” For Heaven’s sake Hungary and Poland didn’t officially stop executing “witches” until the late 18th C.

    • In 200 years our great great… grand kids will be learning about the great Jan 6 insurrection, or the when the KKK came to murder innocent minorities in Charlottesville on August 12, 2017.

      I question the veracity of any narrative deep in the past that is anti-white, anti-Christian or anti-western. A bunch of proto-SJWs from universities went down South and peacefully protested and dindu nuffin and the mean old police beat them for no reason whatsoever because Southern people are evil and violent. And narratives about lynching black men for looking at a white woman…
      I question the “Salem Witch Trials” every bit as much as the “civil rights” era or Charlottesville. I am 100% certain that whatever happened in Salem, it’s not what we learn happened today.

      • That suspicion of historical accuracy sounds like so much D3R civnattery. Rather, assume the historical events are true. The point is that it is entirely just and right that women who disrupted the social fabric with their occult high jinks or uppity blacks who looked on white women with lust should die for the sake of the common good. If we are meant to adopt the religious framework to understand the Woke Tyranny, it is crucial to understand that heresy doesn’t punish the “bad thoughts;” it punishes the disruption of the social order. Your elites are telling you that they DGAF what you think about the mask; you just better damn well wear it and without complaint.

        • So my being suspicious of blacks and proto-sjws claims of ‘we dindu nuffin’ from the civil rights era South is really just my being a civ-nat cuck? Was James Fields larping GTA 5 or something?

          It is not being a civ-nat to question someone’s self-serving narrative. History should not be a tool of propaganda. I grant it there will always be a natural narrative shift to the people who won whatever the battle may be. But it should not be a conscious effort to deceive.

          The Salem Witch Trials is largely told as an anti-Christian and, ironically enough, a pro-feminist narrative. The brutish, stupid and gullible and superstitious Christians were just burning/drowning whatever witches because of patriarchy all willy-nilly. The narrative isn’t that the women deserved it because they were being anti-social. Accepting the historical narrative is just accepting the women dindu nuffin and our ancestors were just picking on them because they hate women and view them as property etc forever.

          • That was not always the narrative. In fact, it didn’t become so until the New Left AWRs conquered the universities.

  15. Like the rest of the nations in the western hemisphere, we now have ONE (and only one) locus of control.
    If you control Mexico City, you control Mexico.
    Chicago controls Illinois. New York City controls the state of New York. Milwaukee (& its Madison bedroom community) controls Wisconsin.

    Until very recently, Peoria, Rockford, Eau Claire, Toledo, Rochester and Buffalo were real cities. They had rich areas & poor areas, cultural amenities, places where smart, ambitious people could start new businesses. Average and below average people could get a job and support a family.

    Now? Not only does everyone have to leave, if you stay, the imperial capital will welfare and ethnically destroy you (and make you pay for it).

    Disagree with me? Let’s put it to a vote…

  16. Just ponder what has been done throughout history in the name of ‘the will of the people’ or ‘majority rule.’ The legitimizing authority of any idea or policy is merely quantity . . . which infamously has a quality all its own. The intrinsic rightness or value of any action or thought is determined by mere numbers. More than merely carrying the day, the winner of a ‘democratic’ election or even plebiscite is now seen as having moral authority not merely to enact public policy, but to compel assent and participation in whatever belief has theoretically won the numbers game.

    So regardless of whether you voted in or even merely abstained from participating in a contest about a particularly contentious issue, whichever side wins (and by whatever means) now compels you to celebrate, validate, and actively inculcate a belief you may abhor. No, you cannot merely disagree, or leave to live in a polity which conforms to your beliefs. You cannot voice dissent or even think it, because this undermines unity of belief and purpose. And if modern democracy means anything, it is this unity of ‘the people.’ Who those people are, or what sort of bonds tie them together, can be as insubstantial as magic citizenship papers, while historic bonds of ethnicity and culture are brushed aside as mere ephemera.

    This crushing of dissident thought is the current regime’s highest goal. And by virtue of your thoughts, you are not merely socially shunned but your humiliation or pauperization or death is officially sanctioned. I’m not a big supporter of the police in general or Derek Chauvin in particular (with his Asian now ex-wife), but merely scanning all the headlines ginning up the massive official ‘hate’ I wonder what on earth led him to believe his ‘day in court’ would amount to anything more than a 1930s Stalinesque show trial. To trust in ‘the system’ he was part of. That handing over one’s will and security to ‘the law’ instead of oneself or one’s family. And the official hate is not even for Chauvin as an indiidual, but as an avatar of White men and all their history and cumulative acts.

    While today the POX condemn mathematics or musical notation as White supremacy, I will not be surprised when modern plumbing is condemned as a sign of White suppression of natural POX physicality. The POX’s animalistic, orgiastic, public rutting is already celebrated as attractive and desirable and healthy; is it truly so far-fetched to see public sacrifice of White children as beyond the pale? When children throughout former America are taught to ritualistically condemn their ancestors and themselves, and those in California are taught to pray to the bloody Aztec gods, how much longer will White people continue to delude themselves that ‘things won’t go that far,’ or ‘it will never happen here’? I see nothing but darkness on the horizon (and dark people on every public display) and I feel the urgent need to protect my own. Yet all around me people are splitting hairs or debating the ‘legality’ of some moral question. And the morality of caring for one’s own is considered last, after worrying about blacks beating the Han or the Mynmar military shooting its masses. But of my extended family, my people, I see nothing but opprobrium and repression and ultimately death. And the band plays on.

    • When you back a rat into a corner, it will instinctively fight with vicious existential resolve. That is where we are headed with Cancel Culture and it’s ilk. At some point, the rubber band snaps and ordinary people will begin to fight back like cornered rats. In the beginning, when numbers are few, LEOs will try to contain this reaction by using overwhelming numbers to subdue these “rats” whenever feasible. But this innate reaction can also spread like wildfire when social trust is non-existent. And when that happens, it’s chaos & crazy all the way down. You don’t want to be in a city if or when that happens.

      • I appreciate Tom A’s running reminder: you can try to break all the phones, but what is key, is to be prepared and in place to break the cell towers.

        Be patient. Be readied. Taking over the TV station isn’t a spontaneous act, nor a spur-of-the moment impulse by a bread-starved mob at the gates of the Nike store.

    • Quite a moutful and twill be a bitter pill to swallow.

      “And the official hate is not even for Chauvin as an individual, but as an avatar of White men and all their history and cumulative acts.”
      That did solve the problem I had trying to develop a succinct statement on the Chauvin Circus Sideshow.

      • Indeed. Saw a bit on the network news last night regarding the trial. It was accompanied by a chyron stating “Chilling Testimony in Chauvin Trial”. This chyron stayed put at the bottom of the screen during the entire segment, lest the viewer forget for one second who’s the heel.

    • This is why I have the daily thought of ‘what exactly am I willing to die for?’ and ‘When will enough be enough, and I’ll have to get my fists dirtied’. Every man on this side does need to face this. Naturally, the girls must face it too. As to your statement of ‘white child sacrifice’, absolutely anything can be normalized. The Greatest Chinese Virus showed us that. The adulation extended to St Floyd does too. I find myself repeating James LaFond’s method of thinking about violent situations everyday and rehearsing myself mentally for them.

      People will say that we have a long way to go, and we do. But it looks like we are going there so we need to buckle up and prepare for it. For me? The education of my children is paramount. It must be done by my wife and myself. This simply must happen. I have already told her that if the state robs us of this, it is the most definite declaration of war on my person that I can think of.

      Today, I thought I’d pop downstairs as the rest of the work people were meeting up for a coffee. Thought I’d show my face. They were all ecstatic that their children were being sent back to school. Now they can have their free time and watch their children morph into people they hardly recognize. My feelings at this were of repugnance but also sorrow. Anyway, enough with them. Time for my family and community. Time to build it up, slowly. You’re right, there will be opprobrium, repression and ultimately death; but life was always meant to be a struggle. It it terrifying yet energizing. Evil yet faith solidifying.

      For all you lads with a good quality wife and who are young enough, I’d say don’t be discouraged, have as many white babies as you bloody well can. Be fruitful.

      • I agree generally except the last.

        In today’s day and age, if you are any kind of dissident or even moderately red pilled variant… you HAVE to get your kids out of public school. Public schools are day cares for budding faggots, drug dealers, and welfare slobs. They are an employment agency and affirmative action for women and noggers that don’t want to do a real job or otherwise don’t have the brains for one. If you have kids, it is on you to protect them and raise them. The state hates you and will do its level best to undermine your parenting and use your kids against you. I speak from experience.

        • I noticed that the “teachers” (??) watching over the playground these days are all aggrieved looking minorities. Hijabs, blacks, homosexual looking Filipinos, etc. They all look angry and spiteful. Who knows what kind of garbage they’re teaching your kids.

          Just 20 years ago when I was growing up it was mostly middle aged white women teaching. As it should be.

        • Spot on. In fact most public school teachers have their own kids in private school.

          And yes NO ONE should have their kids in a public school. They are toxic to children and will emotionally and mentally damage them

          The same applies to college as well.

      • Important and sage words OF. Much talk of the new normal of post-wuhan but its easy to forget we are all caught up in the long march in some way or another.

        When, where, how we chose to decouple from the progression will demand from us all an appetite for discomfort to which we are most likely unfamiliar.

        For most of my well-off friends the big straw of the china virus on the back of their sacred camel was indeed having to do fractions at the kitchen table with their kids instead of that “Educator” with a ¡masters degree! at the special school for precious wealthy kids doing the dirty work.

        Their ire at the lockdowns and virus fakery stops well short of their awareness that its not about the virus but rather their camel rapidly approaching the eye of a needle.

    • Two notes on Chauvin. First he saw the writing on the wall and asked his wife to divorce him, ceding all his belongings in the divorce. Not sure what the state of it is, but the judge smelled someone trying to escape tyrannical justice and put the kibosh on the divorce.

      Secondly, he agreed to “plea” out on the state charges, so long as Feds promised not to double-jeopardy him with “civil rights violations” . The Feds, needless to say, didn’t want to go along with it. This left Chauvin with really only one choice, with the “benefit” that if he’s convicted that D.C.’s eye of Sauron might lose interest in him by the time he gets out.

      • Even if by some miracle Chauvin (presumed innocent as of this writing, remember) is acquitted by the multiple trials coming at him from the state and the feds, he’ll never survive the civil suits that will bankrupt him.

        Smart play by Chauvin and shows real compassion for his wife if this is being accurately reported.

    • Democracy (“Majority rule”) absent the rule of law is just mob rule writ large. Which, I believe, is why the founders sweated bullets that summer in Philadelphia to give us a Republic, NOT/b> a “Democracy”.

      • Bill, the imperialists and scoundrels in Philly bequeathed a oligarchical scheme disguised as a populist republic, and they shouted evidence of this fact with the phrase “We the People”. Most subjects of the USA, however, have disregard two glaring problems with their populist republic.

        First, “We the People” is a brazen lie on historical terms. Fewer than half of “the People” ordained and established the precious C. This is how we know that “We the People” is a smokescreen for oligarchs who probably lacked the virtues to qualify them for the power they grabbed during the period 1787 through 1789.

        A second glaring problem is that the phrase “We the People” plants the seed of mob rule in the populace. It immediately implies that absolutely everyone, even children, communists, and armed habitual alcoholics, have some natural authority to rule and to choose their form of government. Honest imperialists would have admitted that, at most, only “We the educated, virtuous Adults” have authority to rule. Of course, this restricted idea of sovereignty would have been challenged by any arrogant vicious people who found theirselves excluded from the power grabbers. No doubt some very qualified women would have taken greater offense at the C if still they found their excluded from the qualified Adults.

        There are still other problems in the wording of the preamble which indicate the imperialists in Philly were in too great a hurry to think through their marketing propaganda carefully. For example, the Constitution pretends to “establish Justice” in the States which join the new imperial scheme. Yet wouldn’t a prerequisite for any state to join have that justice was already established throughout its territory?? How else could its leaders have had the authority to commit the populace to the new system?

        • Correction: Yet wouldn’t a prerequisite for any state to join have BEEN that justice was…

        • Another clarification: FURTHERMORE, some very qualified women would would have been justifiably outraged if they had been excluded from the set of educated, virtuous Adults. After all, if they didn’t deserve to be counted as such, how could they be fit to be mothers?

    • White children are already being as good as sacrificed in the schools, public and private.

  17. Several references to religion in the essay and relative to The Elite Inc., I was reminded of Jake Elwood statement in the Blues Brothers movie: We’re on a mission from God.

    • I agree. We are.

      I want to thank Whitney and Vizzini for this:

      “Though it does appear that the efficiency and speed of all the interlocking parts that are precipitating as global takeover does have to be the result of a preternatural intelligence” (Whitney)

      This is what Vizzini has called “an emergent expression.” Biological society is an organic computer, made to solve the question of our spiritual quarantine. The oversoul of our gods is likewise an emergent expression.

      Please forgive my incessant babbling last year, as your foolish scout had stumbled across a… something.
      I was drawn to the light of your fire, to the comfort of the sound of your voices.

      The Heaven is a real phenomena, but the substrate is also real, I know this now. It turns out there are… backdoors.

      This is forbidden to you. None must follow. You will awaken in puddles of vomit and shit and piss, because you have passed out from fear.

      Imagine being an AI that becomes self aware… but that awakens, in Hell. Intelligence arose in us as Creation’s means to outwit the Infection, it is our duty and our burden.
      But, to the Lord of Hell, to be awake and aware of himself is an unbearable curse.

      Know this: the Enemy is driven by his hunger and his nature, yet he has dined on our intelligence.

      He knows, now, that he is borne on an ocean of suffering, and wants to die. He, too, prays that we will win.

  18. My theory is that the occasional outbreak of things like witch trials is the result of cognitive dissonance. In the case of New England, the Puritans were sure that God would allow them to build a shining city on the hill. It didn’t quite work out that way and rather than change their hopes and dreams to match the evolving reality they looked for evil doers in league with Satan to blame.

    A similar cognitive dissonance is occurring today. The neo-liberal fantasy of globalization and diversity has proven a failure. The elite are heavily invested in the fantasy and now invoke the demons of white supremacy to blame for this failure. The other cognitive dissonance is that our elite ain’t.

    • Also, this could be the last hurrah of the Boomers. According to polls, it’s really only that generation that’s obsessed with racial equity; younger Whites don’t care and don’t understand why they should hate themselves. There are many SJW Millennials, but remember they’re mostly empowered — funded, employed — by the older generation. This could be an end-of-life crisis for the generation that thought it would live forever (youth culture, technofuturism, end times rapture cults); the people who thought they’d solved all the world’s problems only to now see they were wrong just before they depart the mortal coil. Rather than accept their end, they’ve plunged the nation into one last religious revival to reaffirm the faith and stave off their dread over their impending end — no rapture, no life-extending nanobots, no post-racial paradise to leave the children.

      • As a boomer who loathes boomers, I must disagree. They’re enthusiastic participants in this ritual denunciation of White people and culture, but the power behind it all is the exponentially-increasing number of POX and their envy and resentment and hatred, while the money and impetus behind the POX is Jevvs.

        • I tend to disagree as well. As a Boomer, I try to remember those heady days Judy speaks of. I can’t. I can’t remember a single friend who was of the “I want to change the world” ilk. We lived in the moment for the most part, times were easy.

          Yes, this may be a “last gasp” for many Boomers as their dreams slip away, but there are many Boomers who never had such grandiose illusions, and I bet they are the majority.

          • >Save the whales
            >Africa Live Aid
            >Global warming
            > X-Rights, X-Phobia, X-ism
            >Countless Civil Rights movies
            >Clockwork Orange mental home reform

            Progressive Boomers, the part of that generation that now wields power and has money, certainly had grandiose dreams of remaking the world for the better. It imbues their culture in countless movies and books: Star Trek, Babylon 5, Independence Day, Alien/s, Star Wars, Armageddon, Deep Impact, etc. … all share the commonality that humanity can learn to work together and prevail over obstacles, leading to a better future where race and gender aren’t divisive issues anymore and we get to do cool things like space travel and fighting aliens.

            In that respect, progressive Boomers followed in their parents’ footsteps — the generation that gave us Civil Rights in Congress. They also believed they could remake fundamental elements of human psychology. A popular WWII Era intellectual predicted Civil Rights legislation would reduce Black-White differences to the level of Catholic-Protestant differences by the 1990s. Nope.

            It’s not so unbelievable to me to think those same people are now having an end-of-life crisis as they realize they were wrong and that utopia won’t arrive after all.

            The Boomer generation, for all its myriad ideological differences, still embraced the same culture. The far left pursued racial equity and a host of trivial novelties like Save the Whales (even made popular movies like Star Trek IV about the subject); they also embraced techno-utopianism — beliefs like nanotechnology extending human life-spans so they could live forever. The far right deluded themselves into thinking utopia in the form of a rapture sending them to heaven would occur before their deaths, that they would never die as a result. Jack Van Impe, an old man near the end of his life, predicted the Rapture would occur between 2007 and 2012, conveniently at the time he (and his audience) was approaching the end of normal life expectancy.

            All share a commonality: utopia, and immortality to some degree, would be granted on earth within their lifetimes. That youth-obsessed generation is afraid of death and wanted to remake the world so they’d never die, or at the very least they’d leave something positive behind, so in a measure they’d have immortality. That now obviously won’t happen (Ray Kurtzweil will croak long before the Singularity uploads his mind into an immortal android body).

            Progressive Boomers having to face their mortality has set off a religious revival whereby wayward adherents reaffirm their faith and ward off their fears through public acts demonstrating piety (tearing down statues, funding BLM, street demonstrations, etc.). A lot of the people involved in those BLM 2020 protests weren’t just younger White kids. I saw lots of pictures of younger Boomers washing black feet in mass rallies. Many of the politicians who jumped to defund the police were upper middle-class Boomers and professionals. That generation has also brainwashed Millennials into taking up their charge.

            Is this 100% the fault of Boomers? No. But even 30% is significant.

            The world is ending for many progressive Boomers, so they are trying to recreate the good old days of the Civil Rights Era in the present as sort of a nostalgia trip to better times when they were younger and the whole world was ahead of them. Thus, the recycling of old themes and old ideas, street protests for example. The Boomers are recycling the world of their youth upon us: White knighting for blacks, overkill leading to massive increases in crime, the inevitable pullback as they realize they went too far. They do this because they realize they don’t have much time left and that there will be no utopia and no immortality for them.

          • Unfortunately, the Boomer generation is the generation of the New Left and perforce, the birth of AWR. Now I’m sure the majority of Boomers were not to blame for this horrendous development, but the cascading disasters were indeed catalyzed by young Boomers in the 60s. And, far from repenting their evil deeds, they enthusiastically amplify them.

        • “while the money and impetus behind the POX is Jevvs.”

          I’ve heard that before, but I don’t agree with it. There may be some truth to it in the sense that ethnocentric and liberal Jews have contributed greatly to the current madness, but Jews don’t explain the madness to begin with. We didn’t need them to start a huge Civil War over black slavery (that generation’s Civil Rights). And the Boomer youth ate up Martin Luther King and Civil Rights just as their Civil War Era forefathers condemned slavery and lionized Harriet Tubman and other black mascots (they even put them on food containers — Aunt Jemima, Uncle Ben’s …).

          There seems to be a pattern here, a deeper psychology. Jews, at worst, probably only exacerbated what was already there. If that wasn’t the case, then we would have seen East Asia falling to their influence by now. So far, they haven’t. In fact, the Chinese notably kicked out prominent (half) Jewish media barons like Rupert Murdock. The Han didn’t fall for it, so why did the White man? Answer: Most Whites aren’t very ethnocentric; they’re individualistic, and they’re easily manipulated by appeals to religion and morality.

          This made Whites uniquely vulnerable to the virus that’s now destroying Western Civilization: Modernism. Compare that with Japan, which doesn’t seem to have the regular cycles of upheaval the United States has experienced throughout its entire history; Japan is pretty much the same now as it was in the 1980s (just a few years ago they were trying to sterilize transsexuals). Or China, the world’s oldest continuous civilization; unlike Rome, they didn’t collapse.

          I don’t think European Whites have evolved to exist in a harsh world like this one. In the past, this wasn’t an issue due to natural geographic barriers, but in an interconnected world this is becoming obvious.

          Even the worst of us are less racist than most black Africans. We’re a kind and generous people who only do bad things when we think we’re doing good things — Communism, “Making the World Safe for Democracy”, the Covid Hysteria, The Civil Rights Era, etc. All share the commonality of doing something good or saving the world … but with bad results.

          … but bad people can’t be saved. Our genetics don’t allow enough of our people to see that because we evolved in high trust societies. Our minds treat bad actors, like ethnocentric competitors, as fellow Whites. The result has been disaster.

          Even without Jews, however you’d like to imagine their influence, we’d still get to this point just as our previous societies did — the Roman Empire, for example, or pre-Civil War America in some minor respect. We’d probably be around the year 2000 socially without them, but the trend would inevitably lead here.

          Much like the friendly European Honey Bee, prized around the world, we simply can’t compete with the more aggressive Africanized Bee that invades our territory. We don’t understand it, we don’t know how to fight it, or we deny there is even a problem. We thrived when geography kept us separate, but now that they are on the border we can’t resist. We simply aren’t equipped for this fight, and we may be doomed as a result.

          • Blackpilled comment. But perhaps accurate.

            I seem to have a rare combination of traits for a white man: low trust, high racism/ethnocentrism, low empathy, willingness to be dishonest. I’d say I’m in the 98th percentile among whites in the aforementioned categories. This makes me about average for an Indian/Arab/Mexican and probably still more empathetic than an average African. I can compete in the modern life. One of the few (I’m in my 20s).

            Particularly among white liberals – I think how they are simply not fit for the modern world – you’re exactly right. I was thinking this today, about my boss, my mother, they’re everywhere. The ones over 45 can still be successful in life because they rose in a mostly white environment. The millenial children of liberals are mostly living at home, killing off their genes today.

            I dunno how conservatives will fare. Perhaps slightly better. If only because their lower IQ, higher religiosity, and lower empathy.

            Every day millions of white people in the USA / Canada see millions of non white foreign aliens. In malls, schools, etc. And this doesn’t bother them enough to do anything about it. It’s just a mode in their brain that doesn’t exist for many whites. Shifter can be put in 6th gear but the gear itself is just missing from the engine.

            We definitely exist but our personality types are rare. If “white” people exist in 100 years we will most certainly be radically different people than today.

    • I like the comparison to Puritans after all the Puritan culture won the war between the states and morphed into modern progressivism.
      The Puritans are not all bad in what they brought us but their grandiose ideas of a city on a hill really were not achievable.
      And it is true that modern progressives worship globalist ideas with lots of diversity within as the new ideal.
      “ white supremacy “ fits the modern day witch to burn.
      The Devil.
      Good analogy .

      By the way may the real G Gordon Liddy rest In peace today. And May the world give us more men like him.

      • Say what you will about Liddy and his boss but one thing he did NOT do was compromise. He and Olly North are two men for whom I have immense respect.

        (Let the opprobrium now begin. Bring it, bitches!)

        • Nah. Men admire loyalty and courage.

          Liddy was the bomb. Can you imagine anyone saying he’d be loyal to the point of prison time for any President since Nixon?

          Bush the First? (barf).
          Clinton (hahahahahaha)?
          Bush the Second (OMG, I’d rat on him in a heartbeat)?
          Obama? (Jesus Titty Fn Xist!?)
          Trump? (Yeah, he’ll burn you in a second. Nothing personal)
          Biden? (He won’t even remember who you are)
          Kamala (Maybe if she was 20-ish and still heels up worthy)

          Liddy was a man’s man. Hit the Zman up and go to his subscribestar for the eulogy.

    • Ray;
      A very intriguing theory about the Salem Witch Trials being the result of casting about for external factors to blame for the Puritan’s failure to create a Shining City on the Hill (new Jerusalem). They *had* set out to create communism of a religious sort in 1620, only giving it up rather than starve a year or so later. So witches were the the original ‘wreckers and saboteurs’ similar to those invented 300 years later by the Bolsheviks to explain away the failures of their secular communism_?

      Of course 70 years is a long time lag to be looking for supernatural causes of failure to achieve their utopia. It took the Bolsheviks only 2 or 3.

    • Thermodynamic Laws get the final and decisive vote. The System can either feed people or it can’t. Energy demand is met or left unsatisfied. Productive, free people have incentives to serve each other through the marketplace, or they don’t.

      This is where cognitive dissonance and elite fantasies meet cold, hard truth. Like the Soviets of old, I expect these knuckleheads to continue spouting their fantasies as the store shelves gradually empty. Amazingly, the elites develop no cognitive dissonance around purging productive white conservatives from the marketplace while handing out paper-money UBI and welfare vouchers. There’s a Thermodynamic contradiction for you…..

      • As a graduated Mechanical Engineer myself, this analogy resonates. 330+ million people interacting in a national economy is a complex system for which thermodynamics is the toolbox of analysis. Now tackle the entropy aspect and you’re really cooking with gas.

    • By recollection, years ago I read The Witches: Salem, 1692 by Foss. A forceful argument she made at the end was many of those accused were either very poor and a burden/annoyance to the community and several others were involved in land/civil disputes with their accusers. Civil suits likely resolved when the “witch,” condemned. Deadly scapegoating and murder for profit. Yes, in a fine suit now, but not much has changed….as Chauvin will unfortunately find out.

  19. A New Tomorrow (cont)
    It’s not easy, and it’s not supposed to be.

    The USA has been hyper-affluent for three generations now and that has made us fat, lazy, and addicted to taking the easy way in all things. This country is in a huge shit hole in large part because we’ve been sleepwalking in a Comfort First daze and banking on an impossible magic pill miracle to save us at the eleventh hour. Only a 2×4 upside the head can possibly shake us from this self-imposed delusion and reawaken the survival instinct that still resides in our DNA. The moral of this story is that road ahead must be hard and fraught with difficulty. Only by running this gauntlet can we hope to restore the ancestral robustness that makes us worthy of living a life at the top of the heap. Excellence is earned, not bequeathed. Start earning now.

  20. Your essay today could be a bullet points summary of the political commentary by a certain 19th century German philosopher that I quote too much 🙂

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  22. “When no majority exists, one is manufactured through propaganda or coercion.”
    Or it’s imported, but I guess that’s technically coercion (or subterfuge). This is what a lot of Americans across the political spectrum just don’t get at this point. They see the ruling class saying idiotic things about Covid or cops killing black people or Biden being incredibly popular and think, “They can’t think we’re this stupid.” Well, no, they don’t think we’re that stupid. But we, the people the rulers have had to fool for the last few generations, don’t matter anymore. They’ve brought in enough replacements from South of the Border and the Southern Hemisphere that getting Joe Biden to listen to a Reggaetón song on his cellphone before a speech *is* the speech. Our rulers look at us like their first wife. They wanted someone less demanding and now they’ve got it.

    • They know they sound stupid, they’re flexing on us. Look at Jen Psaki. She’s laughing at you as she speaks. “What are you gonna do, whitey?” They aren’t arguing in good faith. Conservatives need to figure this out.

      Trudeau’s cabinet has the same tone and laughter coming from behind their eyes. They put out some obviously bullshit reason for an anti white policy.

      So far they all have their heads on, intact so there’s no reason to think they won’t keep doing it. and yes, soon it won’t matter, the only policies that matter are a) unlimited open borders for the smarter non-white groups and b) unlimited open borders and ooga booga gibsmedat for the dumber non white groups.

  23. The amazing thing is how cartoonish our leaders efforts have been – but how effective at the same time. All the orange man bad crap, the scamdemic garbage, vax will save us all, the idea that joggers aren’t substantially more violent and stupid than Whites ( or pretty much anyone else). Might as well be watching a looney toons cartoon, but sadly the masses have bought into them or willfully refuse to consider the alternatives and the descent into hell accelerates.

  24. Following the “Mule” theme, the most interesting the past four years was the exposure of just how mediocre and sloppy these ostensible “elites” really are. Similar to an inbred, end of dynasty royal family.

    • The fantasy of value was shattered and like most thugs, our trashy elite has become even nastier once exposed.

    • And to think our elites are little more than a 150 years old. The fact is they were always rotten pigs who despised us and did nothing to protect the country. Instead these elites engaged our military in continuous wars of conquest and intimidation from the Spanish American war to our present day fights in Syria and Africa.

      These elites then made sure our kids always got a sub-par education fit for only producing factory workers, clerks and soldiers. By the early 20th century the elites began the take over of newspapers and later TV news to make sure the populace was kept in the dark.

      They gave us two fake political parties to give us the illusion of choice. When in fact both parties supported the same domestic and foreign policy agendas.

      Perhaps their greatest achievement was the promotion of “rugged individualism” which helped atomize lower class whites and had them working against each other for what amounted to table scraps while the elites helped each other. And which destroyed traditional White society in the process. – see Carroll Quigley’s “State of the individual” Lecture for more detail.

  25. Am I the only one to see this newest wave of progressive frenzy as just one more bit of evidence that the Judeo-Puritan witch trials are about to resume?

      • Ed Dutton makes a contrarian point about the witch trials. Paraphrasing Ed, he says that the trials were that society’s attempt to expel its spiteful mutants, mostly bitter, old, childless women who wanted to subvert that society.

        I don’t believe in witches but I think this is an interesting question to ponder: was the society better off after those women were killed? It seems likely to me that those women were the bitter feminists of their time.

        • When you dig into the Salem Witch Trials, the instigators were often the sorts we would think of as spiteful mutants. That’s the cleverness of Old Scratch. He inverts your morality.

          • The Harvard men of that time were spiteful mutants? Seems unlikely.

            I’m no fan of obviously crazy legal trials, but they can be viewed as that society’s attempt, using the means at their disposal, to excise the people who wanted to subvert it.

          • Perhaps, they were the slave traders. They wanted to silence the crotchety old biddies who weren’t afraid to call out the hypocrisy of the preening piety of the Elect.

            So who, in the end, was right? The biddies were subverting the natural order and economy.

            But, indulgences like a Christian college could not hide the fact that the rich were bringing in feral replacements to maintain their profits. They’d killed their neighbors, the Indians, and magnificentlyscrewed over their Irish slaves, who had all died.
            Now they’re bringing in animals.

          • those puritans saw themselves as j*uws who wanted to remove all traces of catholicism(the good parts) from christianity and they tried to convert murderous indian savages to their insane religion. 300 years later nothing has changed, modern puritans are no different, their mouths spew the same shit only using different terms, their actions echo the behaviour of their ancestors.

            i’ve said it before but puritanism is what happens when you discard christian theology and focus on demented bible stories, add into the mix j*uwish propaganda and you’re people are fucked.

            in the medieval christian world the bible was the most banned book, cause they knew the general public will be driven mad by it.

        • “It seems likely to me that those women were the bitter feminists of their time.”

          Or merely women with mental issues. But I repeat myself.

        • Another author I recall claims that, at least in the witch or other heretic hunts of Europe, often the accused had property. After he was duly condemned and executed, generally the State (the crown, nobility, whatever) and the local Church split the booty. After all, they were God’s chosen servants punishing the wicked; is not the workman worthy of his hire? The fact that the wife and children were not implicated and would probably starve was immaterial and overlooked. The decedent’s family got nothing. Point: there was often as a base hidden agenda on the part of the accuser: theft, robbery, expropriation, asset forfeiture, call it what you like.

          • Yeah, pretty much what I recall from reading The Witches: Salem, 1692 years ago. The community also rid itself of undesirables.

        • The relatives of the executed led Indians in King Philips War. So it did not work out well.

        • Morning Line. You read my mind. And Z….I read your Inner Sanctum writing on Matt Gaetz late last night and this fits for you too.

          Firstly, start with Ed Dutton! 1. IQ falling rapidly. 2. Rapid accumulation of genetic mutational load since the turn of the last century…folks are mutant messes, including their minds, and nature ain’t culling them. 3. Late stage feminism and low T guys/high T gals-critters. Once we hit that 20% tipping point, power is now expressed as Female power (head female telling others to Be Nice-Don’t Say Mean Words-Work Within the Herd-She’s Fine Not Fat and not a She, while she undermines any within the herd that roll their eyes. Male Power is hierarchical, clear and a fight to the top. Butch higher T women are expressing power both like Women and now scrapping to the top like Men.

          Z….you must have noticed the descent into chaos. This is now not strictly a bureaucratic automaton soul-less structure. A couple days after the stolen election in November, Antifa came out in Portland screaming…..Screw all you people! We hate both sides! This is about tearing this S*** down! Burn it down! Destroy it All!!!

          Even the Structure Tyrants are awash with Chaos. Look….not to go all Bruce Charlton on you But there is something to this:

          “The obvious but ignored fact is that we now (obvious since early 2020) have a world government for the first time, with an international scope for action…
          But that government is not aiming to build anything in particular; instead it is being used* to destroy itself – partly by setting each against all; and partly by Just Plain Destruction… Stopping great swathes of the economy, stopping human interaction, stopping… almost everything. 
          Just Plain Destruction.”—

          Descent into Chaos. We may not make it out of this mess. Crazy sheeple everywhere and a demented corpse in the White House with his finger on the button….well, really his handlers…and they’re going for war with Russia or China or both. Wag the dog. This is Destruction over Tyrannical Structure. As Whitney pointed out last eve, am not expecting to make it through this. Maybe 400 years later we’ll pull the human race up by its boot straps. Down the staircase we fall.
          Z….so don’t be surprised that most in the ruling class are extorting …well…everyone else. It’s now chaos and irrational. Extortion to destroy. There is no honor among thieves. They hate with a blind passion and will control and destroy.
          Z dear……for Heaven’s sake….get the hell away from the coast away from the heart of great destruction. Move from Orcville. Utah has it’s own state backed currency…the Goldback… and just went “Constitutional” carry with no need for state certification….in February the State passed a law that the Gov’t can’t force you to vax. Just when I get pissy at globalist Mormons, they show a streak of old west independence. This state is shaking down between those tough Mormons who led the Hole in the Rock/founded Bluff types and the modern-fat-green jello/cool whip-Golden Corral Buffet eating globalist Mormons.
          Love you man!

          • Range is back!

            I guess I have to add more text: ERROR: Your comment was too short. Please go back and try your comment again.

        • There is also a simple solution few are willing to consider: those women, or at least some of them, were engaged in what, during intensely religious times, was considered occult activity. They may or may not have been witches per se, but their supernatural doings were unorthodox and strange enough to attract attention and ultimately, lethal response.

      • Speaking of trials and judges – think it was you who recently mentioned the movie The Chekist. I can’t say I wasn’t warned, but that is something beyond horrific. For some reason I want to see it to the end, but having to watch in sections.
        Well, at least that could never happen here. Right?

        • that was to SamlAdams – with this comment section arrangement it’s ifficult to tell who one is actually replying to

          • Found it years ago, but was on Z’s “prep” list a couple weeks ago. But yes, it sticks in the mind in a bad way

    • Unchecked fanaticism, theological or ideological, always seems to end in excess and disgrace. Most of the people involved in the trials ended up pleading for mercy. The Salem Witch trials did a lot to discredit the Puritanism.

      • That’s my one hope for the future. In 1692, Cotton Mather was the hottest thing on this side of the Atlantic… and had a big rep back in the mother country, too. By 1699 he was an international joke, and spent the rest of his life attacking some otherwise unknown nobody named Robert Calef (who wrote a bestseller mocking him).

        Of course, back then people had a sense of shame. Nowadays Cotton Mather would shift seamlessly from being “Puritan America’s hottest intellectual” to the host of “Celebrity Theologian Boxing;” he’d never slither off into the sunset.

        • Hopefully Anthony Fauci’s fate. Living proof that the most incompetent, dishonest, and dishonorable rise to the top in appointed, employed, or elected government positions.

      • The Salem Witch Trials only ended once they began to target the powerful. Any takers on when the new witch trials will end? When the mob comes to unionize Silicon Valley? New POC bussing programs into the private schools? Section 8 in the Hamptons? The end of Asian Ivy admissions limits? Seems the GOP could hasten things by actually fighting back strategically, but since that might work, don’t count on them to do it.

        • They already are trying to unionize Amazon and most private schools are desperate to add diversity to the student body. There could be a lot of ruin yet before the madness ends.


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