Lawless And Chaotic

The main difference in form between a liberal democracy and a republic is that the latter is defined by a fixed set of rules. The former, in contrast, is formless as it is defined by the will of fifty percent plus one. The republic has clearly defined roles for itself, including limits on its power. In a liberal democracy, there are no limits, because truth itself is just a simple majority, so the roles and limits of the liberal democracy are whatever the people want at the moment.

When the truth is defined by the majority of the mob, this must inevitably lead to chaos, as we can no longer live in a world of fixed rules. Present experience suggests that rules themselves are seen as the enemy in a liberal democracy. We see this in the language used by the most pious of liberal democrats. They want to disrupt the status quo, break barriers and open everything up to the world. The end of this project is never mentioned, as it does not matter. They just like smashing things.

We see this most clearly in the transformation of the mass media. A generation ago the core of the media was a tool of the ruling class, but it had lots of tentacles that functioned as a check on the ruling class. There was a relationship between the media and the ruling class. The media could be very useful in promoting the interests of the ruling class, but it could also turn on its masters. The media needed to maintain some distance as the fourth estate in the republic.

That old set of arrangements are gone now. Today, the media operates like the Supreme Council of the Cultural Revolution in Iran. Their job is to hunt for heretics and witches, which they currently call white nationalists. Whether real or imaginary, they exist to root out these evil doers and expose them to the world. They have lots of names for these evil doers, but white nationalist is the official name, the one they chant when they seek to summon forth the arch demon of their faith.

In present day America, being a white nationalist is just about the worst thing you can be, as it includes all of the worst heresies of the age. It means primarily that you hate all of the things a good person is supposed to love. If you are accused of being a white nationalist, whether you are one or not, you are subject to the worst punishments we currently have now. You can be proscribed. This is a form of internal banishment in which you are treated as a pariah by society.

White nationalists don’t like this for two reasons. One is that they don’t think there is anything immoral about being a white nationalist. They point out that black nationalists do not suffer from this moral prohibition. Jewish nationalists are celebrated. The other reason white nationalist object to the current use of the label is they correctly point out that the definition used by our betters is a lie. White nationalism is just nationalism for white people, not a bundle of hatreds against others.

None of this matters, as the accusation is enough to cause real harm to the life of the person accused of being a white nationalist. This is why VDare sued the New York Times last year. If the label sticks, it basically places the accused outside legal protection, which at this time is limited to financial and cyber-attacks, but in the near future it may include physical attacks as well. How long before “he was a white nationalist” is a justification for intentional homicide?

Now, the VDare case was dismissed and in that dismissal we get a glimpse of why the truth has no place in a liberal democracy. The Times, you see, never accused Brimelow and VDare of being heretics. They repeated the claims made by others. This is how the game is played. A pipsqueak outfit like the Daily Beast circulates the accusation and then it is repeated by a major publication. The Times just has to pretend they are reporting the charge and they get away with libel.

This sleight of hand turns up all over the media. Mark Steyn, in his often amusing deposition in the Michael Mann case, pointed out that National Review is now claiming they are not a publisher. You see, because they allow highly filtered and censored comments, they now qualify as a public platform. They are protected by Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act. This means they are free to libel anyone they like as long as there are some comments allowed on the post.

Of course, the big social media players have been exploiting this new truth for a long time now. They do all of the things that a publisher would do, like promote content, edit content and block content, but that is now proof that they are not a publisher. For example, they accuse rivals of having malware on their sites by posting warnings to their links. If you click the BitChute link in this tweet, for example, you are given a warning about BitChute’s shady technology practices.

What’s happened to the media in America is the result of living in a world where the truth is fifty percent plus one. In a world where the truth is defined by a majority, all the incentives shift from truth telling to persuasion. Facts become sparingly used props in the argument to persuade the public. Facts are sprinkled in to give the argument authenticity in order to trick the audience. The truth is therefore defined by who wins the argument and winning by any means necessary is now a virtue.

We now live in an age in which we are awash in mass media, but the only truth is that nothing in the media is true. Even provable fact is positioned as to be in service to some lie aimed at deceiving the public. Of course, a world without truth is a world without rules, which is a world without limits. Anyone can do anything to anybody if they can convince a simple majority of it. The law, which is about limits, ceases to exist because in a world where everything is possible, there can be no limits.

Perversely, every new law, every new effort to limit the assault on truth becomes a weapon against the truth. We see that with Section 230. A law to place limits on these platforms and their potential opponents, is now a license for the platforms and their former adversaries to wage war on the truth. The mass media is a defamation machine in service to the most gifted liars in society. Liberal democracy has become a theocracy in which the lie is the god and truth is Satan.

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193 thoughts on “Lawless And Chaotic

  1. Disagree that we live in a society where whatever 51 percent wants goes. If that was the case there would be a border, homosexual marriage would not be legal and Trump would still be president. We don’t live in that world.

    The majority are allowed to ratify what the elite wants. If they refuse to ratify it, the elite either rigs the ejection or has the courts override the heretics while punishing the heretics for being wrong thinkers.

    • The intent was to limit the platforms from controlling the content and limit the usual suspects from suing them into bankruptcy.

  2. We, we the people suffer chaos and lawlessness. They the Rulers have order, security, safe jobs, power and their own rules. This speaks to the romantic fantasy their machine will collapse of its own weight; NO, their machine’s weight is all on us, and collapses us. Into serfdom, dirt, rubble and death.

    No system ever fell of its own weight, certainly not the East or the USSR.
    They are toppled and overthrown from within, without or both – both was the USSR. The system that crushes us has nothing in its way.

    There are no Dissidents and there us certainly no right, just grumbling peasants.

    This is the price of shirking.

  3. “They just like smashing things.”

    They just like to hurt people for the fun of it. There really is nothing else to their agenda.

    If truth is malleable, then their lives are meaningless. The policies they pretend to support are window dressing. Each and every policy does intentional harm. They are malicious.

    I think the opening salvo in every conversation about the enemy should be some variant of ‘they love doing harm’ or ‘all they do is cheat and lie’.

  4. Hmmmm. Matt Gaetz is into the young thaaangs. The law will be forcefully and faithfully executed on this one. The song Seventeen is playing in my head. Old enough to know better by the way.

      • females are ready to get married around the age 13, and in a healthy society, we would groom them for that. How do I know? Biology. Women’s ability to have children declines starting around age 25.

        So what do we do with our girls during the time they are most fertile? Send them to high school and college and experiment with sex!

  5. Front page of today’s has a high resolution picture, with details, of a CDC vaccination card filled 8n (2 dose Moderna, with details, if you are curious). Very easy to read. CDC has a pdf of the blank card, if you want to print one out before you get your shot.

  6. They employ hundreds of agents to monitor all of the major threads and downvote posts they don’t like into oblivion.

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    • A good book is “Liberalism is a Sin”. Spanish priest from 19th cent. The 19th had the best warriors against modernity and what we are seeing now.

      • Because there are plenty of white men who will happily put us in prison or a bullet in our heads if we get out of line.

        If you go back a century the same thing existed. When White laborers got uppity the corporate masters sent in Pinkerton men and the National Guard to shoot dead the strikers,

        The point is our so-called ruling class has always been ruthless MOFOs that were no friend of the average American, whom in fact they despised and feared,

        • Your populist thumbnail sketch of American history is basically correct. The epilogue would read something like: The populists on guard duty were asleep when the factories were dismantled and shipped overseas, as well as when the brown and black tides of immigrants began to stream into the nation. Both of these had negative effects on American jobs. Alas, your union is not much help when then factory in town has been shut down for the past forty years. But not to worry; the government has thoughtfully provided you a $1200 stimulus check, as well as easy access to cheap alcohol and fentanyl 🙁

  8. Pascal said that any effective religion “must be contrary to nature, to common sense, and to pleasure.” Certainly this is the catechism of chaos currently being preached by our unholy Sanhedrin of politicians and judges.
    Hoffer says that mass movements can exist without belief in God, but always need a devil. The language of the lexiconoclasts and tortured construction of Section 230 is White are merely the details, within which is found the devil.

    • That last sentence:
      The language of the lexiconoclasts and tortured construction of Section 230 are merely the details, within which is found the devil of White Nationalists.

    • Nietzsche doesn’t like Pascal. But he’d agree with that above quote. He inveighs against religion and democracy for, in so many words, that these are elaborate belief systems designed by one group (the sheep) to try and chain the higher man (his superior men) who’d otherwise exploit the “herd.” Not the least of the points he belabors is that these systems often assert the mental reality (idealism) is the true “reality” that must be studied/worshipped/obeyed, and that the real world (normal reality) is what is evil and must be denied/fought/destroyed. Further, he does specificaly say that once a culture has lost its belief in religion, morality largely takes its place. He has not so nice things to say about morality too.

      I see no reason that a “God” is required for a mass movement to become deluded. There are plenty of secular roads to perdition, and we are likely on one right now. Hell, Fritz wasn’t happy with the Europe of the mid-19th century!

      I find much of his thought fascinating. However, I remain unpersuaded in his arguing for the need for the higher man. I see trappings of the mythical hero of old. But I also see many aspects of the dangerous criminal, the threat to other men, that is precisely what he rails against the limitations the “sheep” try to place on such individuals.

      • Ben, I like and benefit from your Nietzsche posting. I certainly have a taste for the power ‘stace guy… However, I’d like to ask you the question that I pose those taken by Nietzsche:

        Do you want to live in a world where the will to power is supreme? Imagine that you have a beautiful little daughter and some ubermensch decides to kill her, just because he can. You are powerless to stop him, by definition.

        What do you think?

        • There are five characteristics that Nietzsche identifies as distinctive of “higher men”: the higher type is solitary, pursues a “unifying project,” is healthy, is life-affirming, and practices self-reverence.

          Nietzsche’s higher man would not kill another person without reason.

          • Lots of wannabees think they’re Nietzsche’s ubermensch, but aren’t. They’ll kill your kids for thrills anyway. Ask Sacco & Vanzetti.

        • I agree, this is an example of a troubling issue. I’ve said before that I’m more a Sheep than a Predator, in Nietzsche’s terms. I’m a fan of civilization, as it does have the positive effects of providing some protection for the weak. At the same time, I note that Nietzsche is correct when he says (my words, paraphrasing) that to protect the weak or “botched,’ or for that matter, to try and restrain the strong, goes against Nature. I’m still learning what fine distinctions, if any, he makes between his mythical Zarathustra, the ideal man, and what we’d call the common, violent criminal savage.

    • So oddly familiar.
      The Sahedrin (High court, mayors), Pharisees (lawyers) and a third class, the lower court judges (sinxxxx something? I cannot find the name) were organized as a political force, noted for their self serving corruption and control of violent gangs.

      Almost like a historically proven working template for culture war.
      Niche tactics that are surprisingly durable and effective

      • I retract that. Every corrupt system- and they are all corrupt, ultimately, being built on murder, the animal reality of the world- every corrupt system will have, use, or become corrupt legalism.

  9. Austrian Death Machine. Totem Skin. Born Against. Iron Monkey. Brain Drill. Celtic Frost. Murder Therapy. Hecate Enthroned. Hatebreed. Salt the Wound. Defleshed. Panzerchrist. Swallow the Sun. Backstabbers Incorporate. Impaled Nazarene. Jungle Rot. Obscene Eulogy. Vegan Reich. In Strict Confidence. Black Market Baby. Success Will Write Apocalypse Across the Sky. Spawn of Possession. F-Minus. Death Piggy.

    • Those names. I love those names.

      Shadows Fall.
      All That Remains.
      Shai Hulud.
      Helio Sequence.
      Rogue Wave.

      Killswitch Engaged

  10. Just finished reading The Demon in Democracy — Totalitarian Temptations in Free Societies by Ryszard Legutko.

    Thanks for the recommendation.

  11. “What’s happened to the media in America is the result of living in a world where the truth is fifty percent plus one”.

    One might wish truth is 50% plus one. In the current miasma – truth is whoever can shout the loudest, or simply whatever the ‘machine’ calculates to be 50% plus one.

    • Have you ever noticed that the default method of argument among the darker set is to latch onto a phrase and repeat it ad nauseum with steadily increasing volume? Is this something they’ve picked up from the culture or has the culture adopted an Africanized method of resolving disputes?

      • That’s ESPN sports “analysis” in a nutshell

        “NO! He can play, Just get him da ball!”

        …and gets louder and Louder, and LOUDER

        • James LeBoon ran the ball 20 yards! 7 points for Baltimore!!

          Shawntavius Jones grabbed a ball in the air! Now the Camden Gangstazz get a chance to throw the ball!!!

          Only NFL game I watched was the Superbowl, only to be with friends. I got buzzed and almost laughed hysterically many times. It’s funny when you realize the whole game is just that. Maybe I’m crazy. But I found it funny as hell, especially while drunk.

          • Take the element of stamina out of sports and it’s of no real interest to me

            Another interesting thing if you ever go see an orchestra, a local one or a great one, near the end they players start getting tired. The horn sections gasp for air, the violinist’s hands get tired, etc. It brings a humanity to it that is endearing, for lack of a better word. My daughter performs in an orchestra, so I have seen my fill of them. Also amazes me how much work a drummer puts into it in a rock band for a full show; how they don’t collapse is beyond me.

            Any why I love tennis. Not just the game itself but the tournaments. The players are so sharp at the start, one guy will stand out and you think “No one can beat him,” but then he meets his match and is taken apart bit by bit, and the games wear on, the tournament wears on, and in the final with the final two you really feel like you are seeing something special. BTW there is a good tournament up in Toronto every fall, the Rogers 1000. Would be cool if we can get a group of us to go.

          • B125, it’s especially funny when you come to the realization that most professional sports revolve around negros fighting over a toy.

          • I’d be on board with a group meet up at that event. If, that is, I can cross the border by then (without getting the Jevv jab).

          • I was watching highlights of the ’84 and ’87 Canada Cups recently and it was marvelous to see a cerebral and chivalrous game contested completely among whites, in front of an entirely white audience. Unfortunately, the NHL, and most hockey downstream from it, has been pozzed beyond recognition.


          • I’d meet up in Toronto if you guys wanted to. I’d also cross over to Buffalo / Detroit / within a reasonable drive from the border. I like exploring new places.

            You have telegram?

          • In reply to KGB, ahhh the 87 Canada Cup with Mario and Wayne on the same line was incredible. Equal to the 72 Summit Series. Same 6-5 score in the deciding games, too.

          • To see Gretzky, Lemieux, Messier, Coffey, Bourque, Krutov, Larianov, Makarov, and Fetisov on the ice at the same time is astounding. All in the primes of their career.

      • It’s something they picked up from calling gullible Cuckservatives “rayciss”.


        They say it’s like a magic spell.

      • Picked up from the culture. Words have stopped having meaning and have begun to have usage. They are merely a tool to be used to get your way, nothing more.

        • Sometimes I just have to laugh at the comedy of the current situation. Whites are so clueless about what’s coming, and how non whites operate. As a dark triad person with high verbal IQ it’s so easy to manipulate high trust white folks. I generally only manipulate for good ends – ie. the improvement of myself and using these gains to benefit my people.

          Indians have a field day with it, they’re the best. Just press the “racist!” button and Karen folds. I’ve always said that Indians are the biggest problem for white people. NOT blacks or Latinos.

          We are literal sheep marching to the slaughter. Only a few of us have traits that will be successful in the modern, diverse world.

    • What happened to the media is the jews bought it all up with the money you paid on interest on your loans. They own your “representatives”. Bought and paid for. Drugs, pornography, gambling…they used your money to make you a slave on their plantation. Goyim=cattle. It’s in their holy book. Destroy the middle class, destroy the money. Why do you think the Germans were so fucking angry….you’re about to find out.

  12. The truth of biology and that races are different and the truth that the federal reserve just can’t make money magically appear on a computer screen is gonna be two of the great truths that will provide one hell of a brick wall to hit in this liberal democracy.

    • I agree with your two points. However, I put most of my money into cash in 2010 after the Feds started quantitative easing. I was sure that the laws of economics would vindicate me. Yet instead, I mostly missed out on the biggest, longest bull market in history.

      Don’t underestimate how long they can keep this machine going. They hate us but those at the top are not stupid. In fact, they may be a bit smarter than us, which brings up the question, “How do you defeat an enemy that is smarter than you?”

      My best answer is to physically redact them, but I’m open to other suggestions.

      • I can’t resist embellishing my point about how to defeat an enemy that is smarter than you.

        In junior high school, there was this kid who decided to mercilessly mock me. Objectively, he had a quicker wit and often made me look stupid.

        What did I do? I kicked his ass after school. Problem solved.

      • In an inflationary environment a regular o’ market fund isn’t the worst bet since it will kinda track the devaluation (some article on ZH had a guy who also recommended mixing in foreign currency funds as well since they might track better, “might” being the operative word in ClownWorld trading).

        As far as “smarter” goes, smarter, yes, but smarter at what? I have no doubt that a great number of people in the Imperial Government are smarter than me, though the issue is that they’re not terribly smart about what it is that they’re suppose to be doing (apart from stealing whatever isn’t welded down).

      • Human affairs, unfortunately, are irrational. I have lost money over the years assuming the rationality of our system.

        I think the best way forward from a financial perspective is to manage your own expenses carefully, diversify investments and make sure that you and your family are resilient against setbacks.

  13. The old word for this is chaos. Take a look at origin myths and they are all about bringing order to chaos. Even the story of Noah is simply that the people become so wicked and unconstrained that absolute chaos consumes everything, which is, of course, the punishment that comes from living in opposition to the truth.

    In the OT, the idea was that chaos was almost entirely complete, and that it was the establishment of religion that emerged from the end of all things, religion being the means by which chaos is averted and order assumed.

    Of course, the Aztec built a religious order from chaos, too. Theirs required industrial levels of human sacrifice.

    • Interesting points. This is generally speaking, true in the physical world. Allow me to wax philosophical, and not even mention a certain overquoted German philosopher 😀 Science too must have its own origin myths.

      (Disclaimer: VERY summary overview of science following!) The early universe was perhaps homogenous, very hot, energy that cooled into eventually hydogen nuclei, forming atoms when cooled enough. Eventually gravity formed clumps that became stars, that with time manufactured heavier elements, etc. Now, I suppose it depends if you consider the initial homogenous state “chaos”, you could equally call it uniformity, I suppose.

      Similarly, and just as mysteriously, life had to arise out of non-living matter (this is true even if you posit a God, so far as I know.) Simple atoms formed molecules, forming more complex assemblies until, somehow, life began. To argue otherwise is to deny our own existence and causal history.

      The point I’m hoping to make is simply that even from a purely secular/scientific point of view, yes, order can arise out of chaos.

  14. The amount of hatred pointed against whites in the media, pop culture, and the education system is shocking.

    Blacks and Hispanics are not highly intelligent or deeply thinking people. When LoQuavius sees the headline “White officer shoots unarmed black man” he thinks “Sheeit, whitey be killing us yo”. And that’s about it. Every non white group now hates whites and any violence against whites is just making up for centuries of oppression. Hispanics are mad because America “stole” the southwest from Spain (I mean Mexico). Blacks are mad because of slavery and we stopped their Wakanda. Indians are entitled to rule the USA because the British ruled India. Nobody is quite sure why Muslims / Arabs are here but they hate whitey too.

    Of course logically all these points are refuted with “facts and logic”. But Juan is not a historian on the Mexican-American war. He just knows Gringo owes him land and money.

    This all leads in a very grim direction for white people. Unlimited open borders is bad enough, add in the anti white drum beating non stop + low IQ and it will be deadly for us.

    • I stopped over to my sister’s house last night and she and her husband had on the hockey game. I’ve completely checked out of sportsball, so it was the first game I’d seen this entire season. I couldn’t believe that the commercials were all of the “black, black, blackety, blackety, black” genre. I shouldn’t be surprised, but it’s a hockey game. The viewing audience had to be 98% white.

      • Hahaha. Literally same thing happened to me.

        I hadn’t watched in over a year, mostly because of how f@ggy and soft the game had become. No hitting, no fighting, no passion.

        COVID boredom got the better of me on night and I figured I’d tune in just to relax (on a pirated stream ofc). It must have been February because it was non-stop blacketty black. Talking non stop about the first African NHL player, who played like 5 games 80 years ago or something. Special report about this brave pioneer. This was coupled with NHL sponsored ads in between with players telling me to “wear a mask”. The normal ads were entirely mixed race couples.

        *Boop* after 5 minutes I had enough and turned it off for good. The NHL audience is whiter than white rice, also skews heavily rural and suburban (in Canada). Dunno how anybody puts up with that. Mr. “””Bettman””” must still be taking in some shekels though.

        • Up until recently the propaganda from TV has been very clever in indoctrinating us. Many of us here even thought being racist was the worst thing ever. I know I did, back in the 80’s, early 90’s. Now that they’ve accelerated the process, shoving their program into our faces without any kind of finesse, they’re going to get at the very least black fatigue, and possibly advocacy for white well-being on a much larger scale. We have to help along our friends and neighbors by pointing out the insidious anti-white agenda of the commercials and programming. The anti-whites aren’t making it hard since it’s so blatant now.

          • Wolf Barney: There’s a significant difference between black fatigue and pro-White advocacy. Compare Zman’s writings and comments to Sailer’s. It’s easy enough to get many conservatards to acknowledge the first, but it’s still based on “there’s only one race” and “they’re trying to divide us; we’re all Americans.” And that’s where they’ll plant themselves, immovable. That’s not a help for our side of the divide. So just be sure to ‘help’ your friends and neighbors to recognize what lies beneath the endless black propaganda, and acknowledge the reality of their Whiteness and their self-interest. That is the ultimate goal.

        • I like the modern NHL game, although it could use more scoring.. The fighting is more or less fake- that is , guys get mad enough at each other to fight in pro hockey about as much as in any other sport, mostly it’s to stir things up- has been for a long time. But you’re right about all the rest!

          I watched a lot of the NCAA hockey tourney games this weekend and this is what I posted over at Mr. Achmed E Newman’s most excellent site:

          “On an unrelated note the commercials accompanying the NCAA hockey tournament are really annoying. One, from one of the oil companies, basically says , “ hey, we hate oil, too, be patient, we’ll become solar company as soon as we can”. Love to see an oil company ad say something like “we produce petroleum products. They make civilization possible. Bleep you if you don’t like it. “

          And then there are the COVID commercials- all the cliches, “We’re all in this together.”; “Hurray for the first responders” and my favorite, “Hey, we bleeped you for the last year, and are going to continue to do so, so get your jab, wear your mask (all the time) and stay cowering in your houses forever, because VARIANTS! “ Pathetic. At least UMASSmade the final 4! Pittsburgh here I come!”

      • “The viewing audience had to be 98% white.”

        For the AWRs, that’s a feature, not a bug. They’ve got a captive white audience to indoctrinate.

          • The demoralization aspect of it is what you need to stress when the topic comes up with normies and fellow dissidents alike. I have an out-of-town friend who’s becoming more and more enraged at the anti-white direction of the country. He’s awake to the intended indoctrination, but I have to constantly remind him that the firehose of negrophilia is intended to demoralize whites also. Denying them that pleasure is one of the easiest victories we can claim for ourselves.

      • “I couldn’t believe that the commercials were all of the “black, black, blackety, blackety, black” genre. I shouldn’t be surprised, but it’s a hockey game. ”

        You know we are living in Bizarro World when you see a commercial with a black couple fighting over Old Spice.

        • Where I live, the dousing of oneself with (cheap) cologne is called a “Puerto Rican shower”.

          • Funny, but in Thee Olden Tymes that used to be called a “French bath.” How times have changed.

      • Commercials have trending in a hilarious demographic direction for a few years but this last year they’ve kicked the absurdity up to 11. Every family in America, it seems, looks like a college recruitment brochure.

  15. Another legacy item from the Clinton days

    I remember distinctly then that his “people” were always on the airwaves making the claim that what matters is perception — perception is truth.

    Clinton lived by it, a little trick he learned in the academe

    It was essentially a world of sleazy lawyers remaking the world in their image where truth is the winning argument by any means necessary

    • Dubya had an advisor who expressed that this truth was now official policy.

      There’s a great quote where the adviser states something like, “We create our own reality now, and you’ll just be left behind to study it…”

      Uniparty, indeed.

  16. On a lot of issues, we would be better off if the people in charge in Washington paid attention to the 50 percent + 1 and more. On immigration, trade and manufacturing, they’ve always ignored the will of the people. Poll after poll showed that the vast majority of Americans didn’t want to be flooded with foreigners and didn’t want to see the industrial base hollowed out. Today I don’t see where the plus 50 percent want boys pretending to be girls playing girls’ sports or supporting forever war on the other side of the globe.

    • That was my thought, maybe 50+1 of the nomenklatura with the media just running cover after the fact for that 50+1. (As like true propagandists, our “media” doesn’t lead, it follows, like the good dog that it is).

    • Relying on that 50% +1 today is just as foolish as voting. The demographics prove your comment false. First, one must define who is an ‘American.’ If you are using residence and government papers, then White Europeans are perhaps 56% of the population overall. They are also the oldest group by far, and thus their voting strength will drop dramatically in the next decade as they begin to die off, as Orpa and her homies have publicly wished for. Change the people, and you change their ‘will.’ Democracy is the god that failed. The magic constitutional republic failed White people, therefore we must jettison it if our people are to survive.

      • Yes, demographics are changing rapidly. Whites will dip under 50 percent soon. My point is that government has and still does ignore what the majority wants, and instead does what the big money wants along with what that one special group that makes up less than 2 percent of the population wants. 2 percent beats 50 plus 1 percent.

    • The policy of the Power Structure is to impose upon us something we consider disgusting and then wait for our views to align with the imposition. Twenty years ago the overwhelming majority of Americans opposed so-called “gay marriage,” but the Power Structure jammed it down our throats anyway. Now the majority of “Americans” support it. I suppose most people just come to accept something when they no longer have a choice in the matter.

  17. Your penultimate paragraph stands out to me. It makes me think that most of us would be happier – and most certainly the wokeist – in a rigid hierarchy. The falseness of democracy is almost too cruel to believe; telling the folk that they can change the course of things. Giving them a say in immensely complicated issues like climate change or geeing them up over oil, fracking, veganism or whatever you fancy only for them to peep behind the veil to see they’ve been had. Mind you, that most don’t even want to peep behind the veil makes them fit for serfdom. They would be happier. Someone mentioned it yesterday that many of these people do seem to hate what few freedoms they have left.

    I really think that plenty of this stems from the sheer comfort such people enjoy now. Many never even take the trouble to consider the immense work, hardship, death, ingenuity and disease that went into building what they have. Years ago we’d have scholars who would consider this very deeply. Many of them were also our politicians and they did seem to take things like people’s liberty quite seriously. Now, freedom is no doubt seen by a lot of people as something to be sneered at. Freedom (or at least freedoms) will be called ‘white supremacy’ soon.

    The bright side to our crummy social experiment is that if voting is to be allowed at all, then we know it must only extend to a subset of people. We also have some idea of how such a subset could be decided: race, property ownership, employment, standing in local community, sex. Although it is also interesting to point out that this, even applied now, would not exclude ‘woke males’. Even with my half arsed reasoning, I can see how hard it is to build a Utopia. So I doubt a dumber wokeist has much chance.

    It is all a man can do at this time to stay sane, raise a family, and try to network as much as possible. There’s too much choice, old son. And we know too much.

    • I’d find a rigid hierarchy just as distasteful. You get a lot of scumbags who find Jesus and get a promotion

      I’d prefer a monarchy and return to the aristocracy tbh. But then I’m a little biased.

      • monarchy or not, the people in charge better be martial people, I’m sick of woman/non-whites panderers and safety concerned dorks.

        • I’d agree there

          You want someone who has proven himself where it counts, in this case on the battlefield.

          I started becoming a wee bit uncomfortable when it was no longer a prerequisite for an American president to have served in the military. Yes, I think McCain was scum, but that was beside the point; he was not the only guy who had served that could have bene running.

          Plus battle does give a man character and puts things in perspective. I think a often unnoticed feature of America’s recent past and glory days was that it was run, from the top to the bottom, from the federal government to the local hardware store, by guys who had fought in wars and, as my dad used to say, “they didn’t sweat the small shit.” They had seen enough and knew what was really important and what wasn’t. Contrast that with what we see today.

          • If we were still a nation and a people I might be able to go along with the military service. But at least today, you are advocating against your own interests, Falcone. The US military is almost 50% non-White. There are thousands of non-citizens in it. The newly appointed diversity commissioner for the Special Forces command is a doughy Mestizo whose previous job was for the DC transit authority. The remaining flag officers (those not purged by Obama) are fully onboard with purging any White consciousness from the military.

            Save your specific considerations for voting and/or leadership for a White nation. And even then stop looking to the past inter-European wars for examples of who is fit to lead.

      • Rigid hierarchy with leftists qu€ers sucks just as bad. Or when the hierarchy is incompetent, like pre-revolutionary France.

        It is interesting to note how effortlessly alphas can make people do things for them. I don’t mean fake PUA alpha, some people are just natural leaders. They have natural respect and people will work hard for them. They’re also not so insecure and generally treat their employees/subjects with respect.

        Karen middle managers at the office strive their entire careers to achieve what an alpha male gets on day one – effortless and natural respect. Again it’s biological but we still haven’t figured out that biology is real so…

  18. 50 plus one in the court system: daytime tee-vee is playing non-stop, across all channels, the “Evil White Cop Murders Gentle Giant” show.
    Not sure what they will do for season two, after they throw the contestant in a volcano.

    • Rinse, lather, repeat. Given the high number of encounters blacks have with police, and their propensity to violently resist arrest, there will always be plenty of content to keep the scam going.

  19. I think it should be the truth is luciferian because our elites seem to want be gods. Though it does appear that the efficiency and speed of all the interlocking parts that are precipitating is global takeover does have to be the result of a preternatural intelligence so Satan’s a likely choice. And John did predict it a couple Millennia ago.

    • John’s work was interesting because it is amazing to read a Christian predict that Christianity would fail. I don’t think there is another religion that had that insight.

      • BTP,
        You mentioned John predicting Christianity would fail. Is that the Book of Revelation or is it something else you’re getting at?
        (Thanks in advance.)

        • Perhaps Christianity will fail in the sense that Anti-Christ will come and dominate for a time. Ultimately, Christ wins – big time. (A highly abridged version).

          • The people who wave off our current problems because “God wins in the end” or who hope for the rapture to save us are the worst kind of cowards.

            I’m a firm Christian and a big fan of the Book of Revelation but that kind of thinking is just delusional. As long as we’re on this earth and not in heaven there will be sin, suffering, and problems. Therefore our duty is to work to correct those problems until we go to heaven.

            Whether Revelation is literal or not is up for debate; however it certainly paints a perfect picture of the current time – a satanic elite striving for a one world government – and many people deceived by Satan. This is a recurring theme throughout history, because humans haven’t changed in 2000 years.

          • True but we don’t know when. And in the meantime we are here suffering through what happens. The virtues of fortitude and hope, which is confidence in God, would be good to pray for.

        • Yep – I think the Apocalypse is the story of Christianity failing in the sense that, well, people don’t get fixed and everything goes really, really bad.

          • The Apocalypse is the story of the world failing, and Christ’s return for judgement and salvation.
            There is nothing anywhere in the New Testament about Christianity failing.

      • A tiny but significant nit I would like to pick: “John’s work was interesting because it is amazing to read a Christian predict that [Christendom] would fail.” FIFY
        This can be squared with orthodox Christianity, but your formulation cannot.

  20. “When the truth is defined by the majority of the mob, this must inevitably lead to chaos, as we can no longer live in a world of fixed rules. Present experience suggests that rules themselves are seen as the enemy in a liberal democracy. We see this in the language used by the most pious of liberal democrats.”
    “The law, which is about limits, ceases to exist because in a world where everything is possible, there can be no limits.”

    I’m just getting into Game Theory. One concept I was chewing on yesterday: top competition always takes place at the limits of the rules. You are going to skirt the rules just enough as will be allowed. The problem is, in a closed procedural system (a game), if one side starts to cheat and is allowed to get away with it, that cheating becomes a new vector of the game, a new rule unto itself. The other side, the cheater’s opponent, will now either have to cheat or essentially lose every time.
    “Cheating” becomes its own rule of sorts. Cheating isn’t cheating if you don’t get caught.

    That’s effectively where we are now. We are in a game. The game is rigged. There are rules, but they are constantly changing so that a certain side always loses. Furthermore, one side is allowed to cheat. They are not policed. While the other side either refuses to cheat, or else is policed extremely hard. I’m not sure what choice we have left but to create our own game with our own set of rules. We can pretend we are participating in the game, but really, we are concerned with constructing our own one.

    We aren’t going to win in this game. We won’t be allowed to. That’s basically the only rule of the game at this point.

    • All true. Now mentally step across the fence and think as if you were in charge of the cabal. You hold all the levers of power, you enrich yourself at will, & you understand that the price of losing power is the guillotine. What’s your strategy?

      Hide behind the illusion of a functioning democracy. Keep the plebs fighting among themselves. Own the police & immediately kill off any hint of rebellion. If a real leader arises in the resistance, buy them off, or make examples of any non-compliant heretics by burning them at the stake. You play for keeps while enticing the opposition to play by the illusion of rules.

      This is the landscape of the coming battles. Start there.

      • The guillotine needs to come before the people in charge have a chance to react.
        Theoretically, of course.

        • There would just be a whole nother group of leaders to take their place. Sure, someone like Joe Biden is “president” but it’s not like the Communists couldn’t recruit from literally thousands of other people to play the same role. I don’t think that getting rid of our visible, publicized overlords is really going to solve the problem. And they have the complete support of the US Military so they aren’t going anywhere anyway.

          • You are partly right, but maybe all that’s needed is to make an example out of the visible “leaders” so that the people in the background are motivated to behave a little better.
            In theory.

          • The White House is now home to Resident Biden.
            Please use the correct terminology, we don’t want to confuse him, do we?

    • Left out of your game analogy is the situation where the cowboys throw down their cards in disgust, and start shooting.

      Cheating is great if you are strong and have enough bullies at your back to make sure you get away with it. But look at “the bullies” we have now: the bullies are faggots, cat ladies, soi bois, elderly degenerates and doddering fools. The red pilling now is reaching exponential growth. The second the normie masses discover the weakness of their opponents and rulers, it’s all over. There’s a reason they are cowering behind tanks and barbed wire in the nation’s capital.

      • I mean I agree with you. But the cops, the soldiers, the military, big corp, major institutions– they all participate in the game and/or enforce the rules. And the only major rule left, is that we always lose. So until we can wake up members in these groups, they have the bigger guns and are too big of bullies for us to handle. Sure we can slap up the faggots and soyboys. (We can even storm the capital.) We’ll always win that facet of the game. But then the police come along and throw us to the military enforced legal system. And the military directs mob hatred onto us. And then its game over.

        I don’t think normie is redpilled yet to the degree that we can change the game, or enforce the rules. So for now we are in the game whether we want to be or not. The rules will be enforced on us whether we agree with them or not, whether they are fair or not.

        • As you note, when the game is rigged and the other side controls the rules and decides the outcome in advance, playing is suicidal. We don’t have to participate. That’s the entirety of Lineman’s oft-repeated point. It’s going Galt but in a small and non-publicized way. Withdraw from the game as much as possible. No, you cannot control what the cloud people are doing. You cannot get normie to care about most of their political and financial shenanigans. You can only work to fortify yourself, your family, and your people.

          Calling the other side cowards, as Glenfilthie does, may or may not be true. Either way, they are vicious and will fight with every tool and manipulate every situation to their advantage because they want you dead. So go ahead and scoff (not you personally, Reynard, but any commenter) at the ‘scared bullies’ while they shoot you for standing up to the local noggers. Yes, the womyn and POX will lose any armed conflict with any foreign military force, but they WILL fight to kill off Whites who challenge their rule. And they have a lot of wokewhites who are organizing them and financing them. Sneer at them and underestimate their will to survive and control at your own peril.

          • I agree 100%.
            “You can only work to fortify yourself, your family, and your people.”
            This is what I’m working toward right now. Once we fortify our own positions, form our own communities, we can create our own rules while dissasociating from the broader societal “game.” You can’t tax us or police our charity toward eachother off the books etc.

          • Everything in life is a choice, 3g4etc. Right on up to and including slavery. Do you want to make your choices based on fear? Are you willing to let those animals and psychopaths make those choices for you? It isn’t a matter of being craven; it’s a matter of being wise.

      • Better still is the anvil falling through the ceiling to crush the skull of the cheater. Who saw that coming?

  21. Yeah, but the problem with this analysis is that “liberal democracy” these days is *not* ruled by fifty percent plus one. If that were actually the case, we’d probably still be okay. Instead, LD now means the imposition by administrative fiat and judicial decision of certain “human rights” that were never considered such previously and are routinely inimical to the will of the electorate. Did anybody vote for gay rights or mass immigration? No, those were imposed by court rulings and the intentional decision in Washington and elsewhere to abandon any enforcement of the actual laws pertaining to immigration.

    We should be so lucky as to have rule by fifty percent plus one.

    • This is something that I thought about while writing the post. It needs a post of its own, but I agree with you that we are in fact ruled by a narrow minority.

      • It’s possible that you conflated the “manufactured consent” machine of the Media, which you describe so well in the essay, with the peculiar weakness of LD (50%+1). These are two separate phenomena, but of course the interplay between them is crucially important.

        It’s true as Eye of Sauron observes above that we’d be better off if the 50%+1 actually had been in effect. But that doesn’t negate your important point that a Republic is all about constraints, limits and protections for the 1-(50%+1). 50%+1 can end up anywhere the “manufactured consent” machine takes it.

      • We are a ruled by a minority, but they pretend they are championing 50%+1. See Bloomberg, worth $60 billion, funding Stacey Abrams’ “voting rights” scams.

    • The thing I get hung up on though is although, say, 50+1 wouldn’t vote for open borders if given a direct vote, 50+1 also don’t care enough about it to do much of anything.

    • It’s the combination of liberal democracy with representative government. Nobody voted for all that, but each of the representatives was elected by 50+1, and each of the judges was appointed by someone who was elected by 50+1 — so we’re supposed to accept what they do as legitimate. What is missing is the restraint on power. Under the republic, most of these things were never within the power allowed to the government.

      But over time, they discovered that the more they ignored the limits, the less penalty there was for doing so.

    • To EofS and Vizzini (below): you gents are making essentially the same point. I would just offer up Carl Schmitt’s cogent critique of liberal democracy. (In fact, I’d love to see Zman talk more about Schmitt, since I think Schmitt really applies to the DR’s philosophical foundation, insofar as I understand it).

      His point is that there is always a sovereign. Under most “normal” circumstances, liberal democracy (or a republic) is a useful tool for the sovereign power. It encourages mass cooperation with the system. Of course, when the SHTF or when democracy takes an undesirable turn for the sovereign, we find out who’s really in charge. Like now, for instance. And the sovereign has not been and will not be on the ballot.

      The sole benefit of the republican form is that it slows the pace at which the sovereign can degrade people’s rights. 50%+1 obviously accelerates this pace.

  22. Some Dead White Guy (boo! hiss!!) addressed this a while back. Note the word “may” in the last line — our totally legitimate, not at all fraudulent regime seems to be betting the farm on it: “It is necessary…to inquire whether these innovators can rely on themselves or have to depend on others: that is to say, whether, to consummate their enterprise, have they to use prayers or can they use force? In the first instance they always succeed badly, and never compass anything; but when they can rely on themselves and use force, then they are rarely endangered. Hence it is that all armed prophets have conquered, and the unarmed ones have been destroyed. Besides the reasons mentioned, the nature of the people is variable, and whilst it is easy to persuade them, it is difficult to fix them in that persuasion. And thus it is necessary to take such measures that, when they believe no longer, it may be possible to make them believe by force.”

  23. A New Tomorrow (cont)
    Secret strength.

    Your real superpower is a vanilla life well lived. Work hard. Pay your bills. Avoid controversy. Have predictable routines. Be devoid of publicly expressed opinions. Become a high school sports booster, buy Girl Scout cookies, help your neighbors, & occasionally volunteer for community service projects. Disappear into the ordinary and become reliably bland. The ideal man in this Brave New World is the competent cable installer that is ubiquitous & utterly ignored. Free range, aware, silent, and prepared. And all of above is actually very hard work that requires intelligence and dedication. Take it seriously. Your day will come. Probably sooner than you think.

    • “The ideal man in this Brave New World is the competent cable installer that is ubiquitous & utterly ignored. Free range, aware, silent, and prepared.”

      having to squeeze oneself into a stereotype is piece of shit life, maybe we don’t wanna fix cable and toilets for a living.

      Any competent person should consider he’s being denied a good future because of some neo marxist zionist conspirators with a jogger fetish. Objectively speaking what’s the point of being a second lass citizen in your own country? There isn’t any.
      People ought to seek out revenge, not cooperate with the enemy.

      • First, lots of men make an honest living as cable installers and should not denigrated for it. Second, it was an example, not a mandate. Do whatever suites you, just endeavor to be invisible to the Stasi. Third, many cable installers are independent contractors and more than few are covert operatives that use their anonymity & access to homes/offices to install stealth monitoring equipment with direct access to the internet & concomitant ability to transit encrypted signals to any point on the globe in real-time. Not a trivial capability.

        • If you have skills/potential which exceeds the trade “cable installer”, but choose cable installer because you wish to live under the radar, then we have situation of what I call, “compliant mediocrity”. Don’t find that a satisfactory situation in he long term.

          • Cable installer is just a legend for the covert operators, who typically work for foreign intelligence services. and there are many other similar cover occupations. I was simply making the point that denigrating someone’s employment status can be misleading. BTW, the new generation of audio/video bugs are now high res and smaller than a grain of rice. Privacy is extinct.

      • Excellent.

        FFS – I am so sick of mealy mouthed morons posing as dissidents. The open up with “I am not condoning or encouraging violence, but….”

        Or, “The best course of action is to become The Grey Man…”

        Read a bloody history book. When these guys get rolling, they start mass murdering people. They knowingly purge and murder innocent people to score political points. This is what victim and woke politics is all about: dispensing with people LIKE YOU. You may very well be active in community events, charities and harmless social groups. They will eat guys like you for lunch. Listen to them – dirt people like you can oppress and humiliate billionaires like Orca Winfrey. Or the millionaire black baboons that kneel for the national anthem. Your math is racist. Your science is racist. Your entire culture is racist. Blacks cannot possibly succeed because of evil white bastards like Mr. Rogers and Ned Flanders. Niggered gang bangers like George Floyd aren’t criminals, they’re heroes.

        Get your head around it. Yes, these lunatics are Going There. They are not going to stop now, they are going to have to be stopped, probably with bloodshed. If they are not, it will be your blood that is shed. And that of your families and communities as well.

        • Being a grey man doesn’t mean rolling over when push comes to shove.

          It means not getting arrested in the lead-up – ie. keeping yourself prepared for a time when your “services” may actually be required. Look at the taqqiya that Muslims do.

          We all know “that guy” with the Gadsden flag on his truck, posting boomer gun memes on Facebook non stop with a thin Blue line cover photo. Nobody listens to that guy, they just quietly roll their eyes when he gears up for a rant.

          People do listen to a grey man though. “I’m just like you” – when a normal respectable guy like myself says something slightly race realist to a normie, they often listen. Because I’m not “that guy”. Many people have flickers of bad thoughts – but they think they’re the only ones. A fellow normie voicing them is powerful.

          • Going grey is a childish fantasy. So is the braggart that grabs his flag and rifle to taunt the ANTIFAggots on the street corner. Either option is an admission that you’ve list already.

            We need to be thinking about squad level tactics and agreeing on targets, priorities, and strategies. That is what they are doing with us; they’ve already made the opening moves. If we moved fast, perhaps a show of force something along the lines of ‘the rooftop Koreans’ might be enough to give our adversaries pause for thought.

            We are not going to reason or vote our way out of what is coming.

          • It’s not childish at all.

            There’s a manager at my GlobHomCorp I suspect of being a grey man. He certainly says all the right things wrt to “diversity and inclusion”. But his hiring is 50% white men. probably the max allowed. But it’s better than the 0% white male hiring the non white managers do. Little things like this help. We do what we can.

            Leftists always attack character/status and normiecons pick up on it. A successful guy with money, a nice car, and a career has *alot* more sway with them than some loon. Can’t attack me as some trailer park methhead. Cognitive dissonance ensues.

            However I definitely agree that we need to plan strategically. That’s why internally I’m not a grey man at all. I’m preparing. Outwardly thought, being a grey man is good. We have few friends and many enemies.

          • B125, I took a different tack. Figured the guy with something to lose would lose it in the opening act, so I decided to forego status and mammon, sought the hard way to harden myself up.

            All along I’ve played the crazy guy, planting seeds, not worth Sauron’s attention, waiting for my moment of opportunity.

            Admittedly we’ll see if I’ve planned wisely or if I’m just another quixotic loon, but the people in my life are taking me more seriously these days 🙂

          • I’ve seen that before and probably my biggest issue with it (aside from the repetition) is the fact that none of the historical analogies line up very well. Some of this will be the same, and some of it, maybe most of it, completely new.

      • The leadership of the Stasi wants you to paint a target on your back and walk into their cross-hairs. That means they don’t have to work very hard to dispose of the vermin. Why make it easy for them?

        No, it’s not about being Asian. It’s about staying alive. You can’t fight back from a prison cell, detention camp, or the grave.

        • I get it, but then that’s not living if you ask me

          And I can’t put on an act for that long.

          So I’d rather be myself and take my risks than pose as someone I’m not. Yeah, I can do it, keep my mouth shut, in a case of sudden emergency, but for years? Never gonna happen, Im afraid

      • The following is my memory of believe it or not, an investing book from 40 years ago. The point of the section was to emphasize the virtue of being invisible.

        An American lawyer (San Francisco probably) had a Chinese-american client. For years he did minor changes for him. Like adjusting the will and trust: a tenth portion here, a fifth there. When the man died, the attorney was amazed: his client was worth millions of dollars. He’d never let on, because he lived such a low-profile life. Even his lawyer didn’t know the extent of his fortune.

        In traditional China, the super-wealthy don’t (or didn’t) show off. They weren’t ostentatious. A poor or middle class family might live in a room or a few rooms of a large multi-family structure. The rich man’s home, from the outside, might appear no different, but it’d consist of many rooms.

        I don’t know if the story has any culutral truth, but the moral is clear: keep a low profile.

        • Every time I see the ‘girls’ outside the grocery store I say no thank you, I don’t support ‘x.’ And then one of their mothers will insist I’m wrong, and the Girl Scouts are wholesome and the ‘x’ support is a right-wing conspiracy theory. And always, among the pretty blonde White girls, there will be some Han and pajeet girls (more all-Americans, don’t you know). So don’t support them in anyway. One can be a gray man and not argue back publicly (which I have to work harder at) and just don’t buy their damned cookies! Don’t pay the people who want you dead.

      • For crying out loud. We’re not at war with adolescent girls or even their useful idiot mothers. We’ve got much bigger fish to fry than throwing down with children.

        • I disagree. It’s a form of shunning and it sends a message, and working from the ground up with everyday people and making them feel uncomfortable for their acquiescence to poz is the best we can do

          • Agree. These may be baby steps, but it sends the clear message that “I disapprove.” Or as Rand put it, you have witheld (or withdrawn) your consent. For two years I contributed to an artist on Patreon. Recently I had a change of heart:
            “I’ve enjoyed your work for years and supported it here for two. I am dismayed with the ‘Woke’ cancel culture that has now infected Patreon. As a lover of freedom of speech, I refuse to support any entity that restricts it. As such, I can no longer contribute to you here. I encourage you to find a different platform ere you too fall victim to arbitrary censorship. If you provide a direct way to contribute, I would consider that.”
            They replied: “Totally understand. We haven’t really been paying attention to the politics around Patreon, but we’ll look into it.”

        • The man just said don’t buy the cookies. He didn’t say whack the girl with a 2×4.

          • Raising the contradictions they live by is a good thing.
            Anytime you get a freebie, you should take it.

            In the PA/NJ/MD area there’s a chain of supermarkets called Weiss. I drop by once a week to buy sweet potatoes and Green Iced tea on the way to Aldi. The teller started asking if I’d like to give to some food charity at checkout. Last week it was “can you give to…”
            At that point I said, very politely,
            “Yes, I can and no I won’t. Why should I give to the Weiss family who own this store so that the Jewish chairman can tell the members of the United Jewish Appeal- of which he was a past President, how much He’s given to charity?. There’s a Christian food Pantry 1 mile down the road at the Crossroads Church”.

            Took my change and left.

            I’ll be back there next week.

        • Refusing to fund these agents of degeneracy is not what I’d call “throwing down.” :rolleyes:

      • And the Boy Scouts are even worse. In fact, there’s no “American” institution that has not been coopted and defiled by the AWRs.

  24. Der Sturmer was a weekly church newsletter compared to what I’m seeing now in the MSM.

  25. As with most totalitarian societies, truth is viewed as an existential threat here and is met with opprobrium, oppression and often violence. It was utterly predictable mass communications would be used to oppress. In fact, by the Fifties German nobleman and author Ernst Junger said the United States had become a totalitarian hellhole (Counter Currents alluded to this recently) due to its mastery of radio and television. Even he, to my memory, did not predict the media would transition from propaganda to chief censor.

  26. And very quickly, “White nationalists” will be conflated with gun owners/ NRA members and vaccine skeptics among others. Second class citizenry will only be the beginning if this s*** isn’t soon nipped in the bud.

    • They already do. I go on Reddit and there seems to be many characteristics they lump together as white nationalist or evil person:

      – lockdown skeptic/anti covid vax
      – trump voter
      – climate skeptic
      – evangelical Christian
      – pro life
      – gun owner / nra member
      – living in a trailer park

      Everybody who has some of those position is a meth addict living in a trailer park spouting conspiracy theories and hating black people. They clearly have no idea who “conservatives” are, let alone “white nationalists”.

      Anyways, all these people are clearly pencilled in for genocide whether they are racist or not, would be nice if some took notice.

      • To be fair, this is probably a half decent tactic. I use the same one. I am deeply skeptical of the whole MSM push of climate change, for example. But I am interested in amateur meteorology – facts! However: it does seem that most climate hysterics (even climate ‘normals’) are wokeist scum. I hate wokeist scum. Therefore it seems to be good practice to avoid most of these types.

        Battle lines have been drawn, I suppose. Here we go again. As I have said to many a climate hysteric: “We’ve got a shed load of problems more imminent than that”.

      • I just see my company is now offering 4 hours of paid leave to get the vaccine – 4 for each shot – don’t go for the JNJ version, you get “screwed”. The next step will be reduced pay for non-compliance followed by vax or be fired. This will only get worse.

        • I’m not sure what I’m going to do. For some reason, I’m having trouble coming to terms with the fact that I could be fired for refusing to infuse myself with mystery serum. Oh well. Would the administration also like me to irradiate myself with pure energy?
          How will I support my seven-month-old son? I’ve worked so hard investing and saving. What if I lose it all?

          • Get a fake vax passport. Go to Mexico. Pay some Pakistani doctor. You live in a third world country now.

          • That will work in the beginning, but they’ll wise up. I’m almost (semi) off the grid, but the wife’s family is totally plugged in and she is having trouble leaving them behind. It’s the damn phone that they’re all attached to…

          • I’d say stall until the death numbers go mainstream, but Trump is no longer a covid truther. Might take longer.

          • Lanky: Start your own business. This will not solve all your problems, but, will give you more control and more options pursue financial security and deduct expenses. You will still be at the mercy of the feds, the state, the county, and local governments, all of which will treat you as their piggy bank, but, the advantages and rewards still outweigh the financial risks.

        • Going to try “I identify as a pregnant woman” indefinitely. Might get me fired but languishing in a bureaucracy with no chance of promotion isn’t a life worth living.

      • That’s one area in which the left is far superior to the right. They know who their allies and enemies are. You are either for their agenda (in whole or in part) or against them. Even if only with them in part, they then know where your sympathies lie and can morally (and politically and financially and socially) pressure and manipulate you into falling in line.

        The right, on the other hand, is constantly ceding ground, constantly compromising on who is on its side. I get that the perfect is the enemy of the good, I really do, but that is for after we’ve won. When you’re fighting for sheer survival, you pick your ground and defend it at all costs. If you want to fight for the right of your one special ‘x’ friend of ‘x’ race or with ‘x’ wife and kids because he agrees with your political philosophy, go right ahead. Just don’t expect him to defend your right to live with your own people. White people can hold all sorts of differing political and economic and social and religious ideas (even when properly policed by an authoritarian nationalist government) and still get along and build a functioning civilization. Boil it down to basics. Wherever they stand on whatever issue, if someone doesn’t value his race first, then he is not your friend or ally. Childhood buddy, neighbor, or in-law – they will turn on you and turn you in. Race comes first.

      • Bear in mind that reddit is a highly self-selected and moderated audience that is basically one of the worst SWPL soy/AWFL Karen echo chambers on the Internet.

        • I don’t know about all that. I’m a member of Climate Skeptics (same pseudonym as here) and from time to time, I enjoy skewering the occasional Alarmist who pops up or posting a link to the latest hyperbole from the Left. Sure, they may have “collected” me, but it’s not like we are maintaining a low profile here, either are we? THEY already know who I am. For better or worse, one of my talents is gadfly, court jester, questioner of the consensus (includes here!). I will do that until my dying day. I’ll be goddmaned if I’l ever knucle down to social pressure, or someone telling me what I can and can’t say. It’s called “freedom.”

          • Fair enough.

            Go be a dissident gadfly on one of the million plus subreddits like r/news or r/politics and let us know how that goes.

          • Greg Johnson of Counter Currents: Now home of Jim Goad, warns of those who are dismissive of those who see the roles that others have adopted as being not just inferior but utterly worthless.
            You see it here rather more than I’d like or expected.

  27. “Of course, a world without truth is a world without rules, which is a world without limits.”

    I cannot think of a better world for the wokeist to inhabit. After being fed years of ‘You can do anything!’ and ‘You can be anything you want!’ it’ll set their hearts ablaze. Then reality will intervene; well, at least for the ones lower down the ‘Totem of The Tolerant’.

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