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Another week is in the books and we are a little closer to what is shaping up to a summer of madness. If you have been paying attention to the Chauvin trial, you will see that we are headed to a very bad place. The state’s case so far boils down to “He may have not paid careful attention in a safety class years ago, so he is guilty.” They have not even tried to address the key questions of the case. In a first world country, this trial would not exist. The court would not allow it.

If you read the summaries of the trial, you cannot help but wonder if both sides are trying to throw the case. The state called one witnesses that was so bad for their case, the defense added her to their witness list. Another witness had to admit that the cops probably should have been rougher with Saint George. Unless you are there every day, it is hard to get a read on these things, but it looks as if the state is not even trying to give the jury a reason to convict this guy of anything.

The defense has not been stellar either. At this stage they are limited to cross examination, so we will see when it is their turn to put on a show. So far, they seem to be happy to let the state’s witnesses do their best to undermine the state’s case. Given the levels of corruption in modern America, you have to wonder if the defense has not been told to throw the case. In a banana republic like America, in the halls of justice, the only justice is in the halls. The fix is always in.

Again, it is hard to judge these things from a distance. The O. J. Simpson trial is the obvious parallel. A blind man could see that Simpson was guilty, but the defense was allowed to turn the trial into a racial circus. For the jury, it stopped being about facts and law and became a weird sort of beauty pageant. They picked a winner based on how it made them feel at the moment. This jury could have made up its mind in advance and they not paying any attention to any of this.

The thing that may save Chauvin is the jury does not have many whites on it and has quite a few black women. For starters, this is Minnesota, so the white people there are thoroughly and completed cucked. If this were an all-white jury, they would be arriving to court with shirts reading “we’re so sorry.” The black women know all about guys like Saint George Floyd. If the state cannot make him look like their son, instead of their son’s ne’er-do-well father, the state has a problem.

Like people, societies make their own luck. This is a terrible case to use for a remake of To Kill A Mockingbird. Floyd is not a sympathetic character. The world is better place without him. On the other hand, Chauvin is not a good guy either. The cops everywhere are out of control and people are increasingly sick of it. The prosecutors are incompetent, and the defense thus far is not much better. The way to bet here is the jury will turn out to be just as bad as everything else with this case.

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  • 02:00: Cauvin Trial
  • 22:00: Math Voodoo
  • 37:00: Vaccine Trust
  • 47:00: The Russians

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225 thoughts on “Various Stuff

  1. I agree that you were a little harsh on defense counsel Eric Nelson. He is one man against two state’s attorneys, Matthew Frank and Erin Eldridge, two outside attorneys, Jerry Blackwell and Steve Schleicher, and ten additional “behind the scenes” attorneys, some volunteering their time. I haven’t watched the arguments, but I’ve read defense attorney Andrew Branca’s twice daily updates at, and it appears that Nelson has done an excellent job of parrying the prosecution case. We’ll have to see what happens when he puts on the defense case, but for now, if this were not a lynch mob trial, Chauvin’s acquittal would be a slam dunk.

    To imply that Nelson is taking a dive, like Michael Flynn’s attorneys did (and why are they not facing disbarment for that???), is not fair.

  2. Minor technical distinction but you CAN use gold or silver coins as legal currency because they are in fact legal tender. Speaking of the coins that are minted by the government.

    Problem is the gold American Eagle coins costs $1800 but is only worth $50 as legal tender

    • I have pondered the melt value of a US Treasury Minted coin in the context of estate transfers.


      Hyperwealthy political patronizing family wants to transfer $100mm to their future generation and gifts/purchases with say $3mm face value of gold eagles.

      $1800/$50 = 36x

      Something tells me that, as ridiculous as this sounds, it is likely permitted depending upon the political persuasion of the presiding officer of the executive branch at the time of the gift/purchase.

  3. Compared to whites, blacks are 10 times more likely to commit murder and 15 times more likely to commit a violent crime. So how much more likely are they to condemn a cop of a fake charge? … or cheat on an election?

  4. A couple things about the vaccine(really gene therapy).
    1) It’s not safe, hence the EUA which absolves both pharma and Uncle Sam from damages incurred.
    2) According to the VARES fatabase some 2000 have been killed by it.
    3) There is sizable resistance to the Jab from the military, medical and first responder personnel. The medical peeps have seen the side effects first hand and they don’t like it. The only reason many are taking the Jab is due to the threat of being fired. I The peeps in the medical field I know are all hesitant to talk about it except in private because management is not tolerating dissent on this.
    4)There are no long term data on this gene therapy. People taking it are betting their health that something won’t go wrong down the line.
    5) Does it work? No. Compare Israel and SA. The former is mostly vaccinated and the later almost not at all. And there is little difference. Or why the TV doctors never mention Africa’s low rate. Oh that’s right they are in the Malaria belt and take Ivermectin which is a anti-viral agent and it stops Covid in it’s tracks.
    6) Unless you are a 300lb lard ass with diabetes there is no reason to take the Jab.

    Lastly. Who in there right mind would trust all the hacks promoting the Jab. It’s a whose who of globohomo, insane billionaires like Gates and Zucky and mad dog Lefties. This ought to worry people.

    • I can’t say much here but I’ve got some information about the vaccine biz first hand. The reports of bad reactions are starting to trickle in and are whispered about with the Party line about everything being totally, totally, really, really, super, duper safe is maintained publicly.

      I’m not so sure about the “gene therapy” stuff. Unless there’s a retro-transcriptase present with the right primer sequence the mRNA should not be reverse transcribed into DNA and will eventually degrade like all mRNAs. The only thing I can think of is that introducing the C19 mRNA into a cell infected with some *other* virus that has a retro-transcriptase with a close enough primer sequence might cause some low-frequency retrotranscription.

      Since the vaccines were basically rushed along in an atmosphere of politicized panic I doubt anyone has investigated this possibility. One odd aspect of the propaganda is the advise to people to keep wearing their Coof rags even after being vaccinated. There’s been some talk about “breakthrough” cases where people got the Coof after they were vaccinated but of course, the Party line is that this always happens at some low rate.

      My perspective overall is similar to yours though. The dangers of Covid are very low for almost everyone and fairly well defined. The risks of Microsoft Vaccine 95 and Faceborg Vaxx for iPerson though, are basically unknown. From a risk analysis viewpoint it’s like deciding to drink a mysterious blue liquid you find on a lab bench. Sure it might give you superpowers, but it’ll probably just do nothing, make you sick, or kill you, all with unknown probabilities.

      My feeling is that the vaccines have simply opened up another several dimensions in which the media and government can dissemble and obfuscate the truth. There are lots of possibilities including that they’ll just jerk everyone around – the vaccines totally work! OMG, the vaccines don’t work! The vaccines sort-of work but it turns out you need LOTS MORE shots, OMG there’s a new strain and the vaccines don’t work again! There could be YEARS of (to the ruling class) delightful insanity to exploit.

    • “Unless you are a 300lb lard ass with diabetes there is no reason to take the Jab.”

      Or, you are an old person. Immune strength, like everything else, declines with time.

  5. I’ve been following the trail closely and I don’t know what summary’s you’ve been reading but this is the first negative criticism I’ve seen about the defense counsel in the st george case. You even mention how he has gotten state’s witnesses to contradict the state’s case..

    And to claim it seems like he might be trying to throw the trail is just stupid.

    I would check out the coverage on Legal Insurrection for some accurate information.

    • Been hard to respect or trust Legal Insurrection since they put their head in the sand over the election results and basically gave the legal system a free pass.

  6. The comments on this thread are funny as ever. Thanks Glen.

    With regards to voodoo, and POC, I remember a survey done a while back that asked people what their three most feared things were.

    Whitey said things like death if a child, loss of a job, etc.

    The top three for the people from the hood were;
    Certified mail

  7. I was at a national chain sports bar-restaurant last night. 4/9/21. Middle class. Nice neighborhood. I hadn’t been there since they’d opened up the inside. I was taken aback by the number of mixed couples. Black guy / White woman. I didn’t see this at this place prior to Covid lockdown in March 2020. And I used to go there a lot. It could have been just a fluke night. If not, I’m thinking it’s either one of two things.

    1. It was some kind of black holiday yesterday. Because (besides mixed-race couples) there was just way more black people there than I’d ever seen.

    Or 2, since the lockdown, white women have become way more open to dating black men. I’m thinking prior to Covid, these white women had their online dating site filters set to only white men. Something happened during the long lockdown that caused them to turn off the racial filters.

  8. I strongly disagree with you here.
    First off you didn’t explain in the least how Chauvin is “not a good guy”, I don’t see it AT ALL.
    And secondly, I have been following the trial and watching all of it and I find the defense to be very good, Mr. Nelson is actually impressive and doing a very good job so far.
    I think your comment about black women in the jury and their opinion on black guys is funny and interesting and I am sure they boiled inside when they saw Floyd’s white girlfriend and they also learned how he was actually calling out to her when he said something like “I love you mama” during the arrest…

    • Si Vis: “First off you didn’t explain in the least how Chauvin is “not a good guy”, I don’t see it AT ALL.” You must see it a little though. Since all you guys hate cops. The mantra on DR forums is: “Cops aren’t your friend. They work for the enemy.” So one would think dissidents would be, at best, ambivalent about Chauvin. But emotionally supportive?

      • I really don’t think that he meant it that way but either way, while I certainly don’t share the unconditional love most conservatives have for the police and the military (they proved time and again to be on whichever side the ones paying them are…) I definitely am a LAW AND ORDER guy so generally speaking I do like and I do appreciate the police and the military and I would totally support them as long as they are enforcing OUR laws and OUR order.
        The left, on the other hand, use and take fully advantage of them while at the same time openly despising them and pissing on their heads and the useful idiots mostly happily let them do it, which is making them absolutely loathsome to a DR guy like me…

        • This part was incomplete: The left, on the other hand, use and take fully advantage of them while at the same time openly despising them and pissing on their heads and the useful idiots mostly happily let them do it all the while attacking US, which is ultimately also THEIR side! This is making them absolutely loathsome to a DR guy like me…

      • Actually, ambivalent would be the desired way to be, if one were on that jury. In normal life, the police are neither your friend nor foe. That equation changes of course, if you come in contact with them. But they aren’t supposed to be your (or anyone’s) friend. In an ideal world (yeah I know, doesn’t exist) they do their jobs impartially, according to the law. Not, often, according to how we wish they’d do it.

  9. I don’t see black women on the jury siding with the defense because they know about guys like Floyd. They don’t think like us. When Police show up to domestic violence scene, both man and woman turn on the officer because there is a common enemy.

  10. The House of Representin’ should send Chauvin to Monday Night Rehabilitation to take on Beef Supreme in a Yugo on four donuts.
    Maybe preezy of the steezy President Dwayne Elizondo Mountain Dew Camacho could pardon him if he figures out how to make the crops grow again?

  11. How do you know Chovian is real, not a crisis actor, whats his record, who used to work with him, why was that film so convenient to torching the inner cities. Theatre, brought to you by jewtube. No matter the verdict, he’ll fade into oblivion like epstein. Remember the Vegas shooting, gone into the ether. Since 911 they know no matter how absurd the narrative, they can pound it into your head till you believe it. Just look at all the jerkoffs around you with masks on their faces. Shit for Brains believe what they’re told. Fucking mass madness. Our ancestors must be turning in their graves at the pussification of what was once called America.

    • I have a friend that insists that George Floyd and Ashli Babbit are sipping margaritas on some island with 10 million in a bank account. There is just no way to pull this sort of thing off. There is fake news but not fake people

      • It’s a little weird that there isn’t any deep background reporting about either one of them.

  12. I remember the OJ trail and specifically remember a “man on the street” interviewer who went into the black hood to talk to the locals. Of course, the conservative interviewer asked local residents how they could dispute evidence like the shoe prints and the DNA findings. To that, one black women said “DNA, MBA, CIA – I don’t know what that supposed to mean, but all I can tell you is that no Black man would wear those shoes with sweat pants.” I started laughing and told my wife that there is the truth about what the jurors understand. Killing them with useless facts means nothing.

    Morons love spewing facts at people who think “So What”.

    • I am retired from forty years of law practice, specializing in civil jury trials, mainly insurance defense of BI cases; auto accidents, falls, med mal, etc. Early on, I thought I might learn something from speaking to jurors after the case concluded. I quickly aborted that effort after learning how completely different were my “informed” opinions on the keys to the outcome versus what the average juror believed to be significant. It was as if we had participated in two different trials. So, speculating on what bits of evidence are/were crucial or or how the jury will determine the outcome is generally a waste of time and effort. Best to just get on with it as you planned and hope the outcome is favorable.

      • My Lovely Mrs. is a practicing attorney who for the first fifteen years of her career tried exactly the same kinds of cases you did. (Insurance defense of the same types of accidents and injuries)

        She came to the same conclusions you did about talking to jurors. Most of the comments she got from jurors she spoke to post trial were on her clothes and shoes.

      • I was a plaintiff in a civil trial once. I lost. The jury didn’t want to be there, it was clear that they DGAF.

        In hindsight I should have opted for a bench trial, but my attorney believed that the jury would have given us more money than a judge had we won.

        Frankly, I came to the conclusion that the courts are a fucking circus, and I am completely disabused of the idea that getting “your day in court” means anything.

      • My mom swung a jury. They were 11 to 1 for acquittal in a real estate fraud case. My mom being the one who thought he was guilty. She wouldn’t give in so the other 11 voted with her so that they could go home.

    • Van Atter admitted at trial that he was walking around with a vial of OJ blood for a couple of days before putting it in the evidence cage. It was after that time that OJs blood was found at the murder scene – a couple weeks after the murders. And it was small drops that were then found.

      And Furman lied about why he went to OJs house the night of the murder.

      And since then, several forensic techs have gone to prison for falsifying dna evidence and the FBI has admitted that much of their forensic evidence used in convictions had been fabricated – it was bullshit with no underlying science.

      Alll together it’s an example of whitey’s pathological trust if authority. They say “DNA” like it’s a magic incantation and whitey falls for it every time.

      • Are you and OJ still hot on the trail, looking for Nicole’s “real killers”? Any leads?

      • The OJ trial revealed a common occurence in America: Crooked police officers framing a guilty man

      • I think the dna evidence was discredited or thrown out. All we have now is logic: who else could have cut her head off and killed her boyfriend in the same minute besides a giant professional athlete jealous ex husband who abused her in the past? Switch the races around and youd be chimping out in the streets if a black woman was beheaded while her abusive white ex husband walked free. It just shows how stupid and ethnocentric bllacks are when they say this dumb shit. Explains why theyd rather die in a gang war then have police patrol in their neighborhood.

        • Can’t comment on the DNA,but you’re basically right of your final conclusion. If you look at the statistics, Blacks kill each other at about six times the rate as Whites (not ten, as David claims in 1st message; although 10x may hold for say, teens). Most serious crimes are intra-racial; Blacks have the dubious distinction of doing it far more often than anybody else. A Black is overwhelmingly likely to be killed (shot) by another Black. Cops shoot about 400 a year (a few percent of Black homicides) Virtually all uses such uses of deadly force are justified, according to everyone, except BLM and their fellow travellers, of course.

        • All we have now is logic: who else could have cut her head off and …

          OJ had a son for his previous marriage that was in his late 20s at the time of the murder who:

          1) Blamed Nicole (the white demontrix) for busting up the marriage between OJ and his mom, which also left them relatively poor.

          2) Had a history of knife violence, including a conviction for AWDW for a knife attack a few years earlier.

          3) Lived in LA at the time and had no alibi for the night of the murder.

          He might be someone to look at.

          Which the cops never did because they “knew” it was OJ from the beginning, based on the previous experience of Furman.

  13. Marcia Clark wanted women on the jury, Johnny Cochrane wanted blacks. So they compromised and got black women. Of course, nobody loathes beautiful white blondes like Nicole Brown (pbuh) as much as the Shaqr’eenas who lose their men to the Barbies.

    • Clarke was so dumb. All you have to do is watch black girls’ eyes as white girls pass by, to know they’d literally chuck spears at them if they could.

    • I haven’t been watching the trial and could be wrong. But the titanic forces of society being what they are, I think the defense will do a plausible job pretending they’re doing all they can. Both the Left and Right want the defense team to play it just right. To intentionally lose the case but not arouse suspicion.

  14. Great podcast Z, the only thing I would add is that Biden not being in charge is a feature not a bug. The party had a wide range of choices it could drag across the finish line to beat first Bernie then Trump through widespread voter fraud (Bernie arguably beat Hillary! in 2016). Buttgig, Harris, Warren. All just as likeable, with just as big political machines (that is, none at all) as Biden. No one liked, respected, or admired Biden in his own circles. Obama constantly denigrated him, and with reason. The Party CHOSE Biden because no one would be in charge.

    So, the State Dept and Pentagon are free to create the war with Russia they’ve wanted for years. And will likely get it, and not like the results, particularly when China takes Taiwan and possibly Guam during the middle of it.

    So, Woke Capital that thought it had a deal with Biden finds, no global minimum tax and that Biden wants to raise 2.5 trillion off them to fund his latest round of give-aways to blacks, trannies, etc. Because the activist loonies around Dr. Jill have demanded it.

    We are on the brink of a packed 100 member Supreme Court deciding all sorts of things: Whites in camps, mass door to door gun confiscation, no Whites employed, all that. Because another set of lunatics is in charge of his legislative policy and have the ear of Dr. Jill.

    We have the Wall Street people getting the Iran Deal back on line, with sanctions now dropped unilaterally and more pallets of billions in cash being sent to Iran. While State and the Military are now sending billions to the Palestinians. None of these people fear retaliation because they are hidden, like the Iranian’s hidden Imam down a well.

    And these set of factions is JUST what the Democratic Party wanted — and its backers, Woke Capital, Unions, tranny groups and so on. They wanted this. Because with no one in charge there is no one with the ability to stop the train from going round the bend at full speed. Which is what they really want — to blow up the world. [Because modern civilization is racist]

    • Whitney, I’m intrigued when a lady wonders about the effects of the woman on the man in charge.

      I suspect that many of Trump’s failures were a result of Ivanka crying to him about all the mean things that the cool kids were saying to her about her Dad’s bluster at his rallies.

      Rush, peace be upon him in spite of his limitations, said that the big Republicans that he talked to were all pro-choice because of the nagging of their wives.

      • To hear it told that’s pretty much how we got voting for women: upper class scolds getting under their husbands’ skins and them eventually doing anything required to get their women to shut up for a couple minutes.

  15. Short form of comment — the elites are not happy with dirt people and justice is a way to get rid of us dirt people, as I wait for my comment to be approved.

    • I like your short-form style. You should stick with this approach for the next 15 years.

  16. The whole point of justice, both criminal and civil, is to put politics into everything. Which is really just the Civic Religion of White people are evil racist bad guys, and non-Whites magical redeemers.

    Those Good White connected people don’t get punished, see Hunter Biden, Hillary, etc. Those Bad Whites are punished for existing — their existence is a crime.

    Justice is all about punishment of those without power by those with power. And their power is only growing and their anger is only greater for Bad Whites. Soon likely it will be entirely legal for blacks to kill Whites for any reason, and a crime for Whites to resist. A 100 member Supreme Court will make it so. As will camps for Whites and the rest.

  17. The whole Russia thing is puzzling. Biden’s team is intent on war with Russia over Ukraine, while having open borders at home (at a min that leaves ample opportunity for Russian mischief) and packing the Supreme Court (Biden’s team say its on) and now funding Iran and dropping sanctions and sending billions to the Palestinians and demanding Israel withdraw to the 1967 borders.

    Its all insane and contradictory. War with Russia while demanding Israel basically abolish itself which is sure to create conflict with the Israel lobby at a time when the ruling faction needs peace with them. War with Russia while sending billions to Iran. And thinking there will not be any comeback of the open border. The Dems are just squabbling ultra woke factions in charge of everything now. Corporations are amazed that weak senile Biden can’t head off massive tax increases. That their wokeness and be less White have purchased them nothing.

      • They already have a 7-2 majority. Only Thomas and Alito ever dissent to the SJW madness.

        • I conjectue that the Maxwell-Epstein-Mossad operation doesn’t have any dirt on the two you’ve named. 😀

    • Whiskey: “demanding Israel basically abolish itself”

      This is where we see the division between American First and Israel First.

      How much foreign aid has our country given to Israel since say, W? Please round to the nearest 10 billion.

    • No matter where you land Whiskey you simply can’t keep the YKW in the letters of your name from shining through.

      You have this solid commentary but your Semitic loyalties are always passively on display. Every. Single. Time. Almost like your tribe can’t help itself and there is something deeply embedded in your genetics, innit?

      Which by the way, there is nothing inherently wrong with so long as the rule applies to ALL tribes. But Europeans? Not so much.
      You’ve been running this con since the early Chateau Heartiste days where you are claiming the D-Right but you are a Charlie Kirk / Dan Crenshaw style Semitic Puppet at the end of the day. Just be transparent about it and you’ll go much farther I think since it bleeds through in everything your write anyways…

  18. Z: Regarding the Prog math initiative. At 3:30 “As a black person this is my answer for 2 + 2…” LOL There’s always the 2+2 gag. But that one really gets it. I can see a black college math student asked to solve an equation on the chalkboard in front of his white classmates who are following him seriously and reverently.

    6 – 20 + 5x (9) = I’ma Sex Machine. That’s what those numbers mean to ME. That’s MY math truth.” (applause)

  19. They politicized covid from the beginning. Even the term Covid-19 is itself political.
    But even before the hysteria, politicians were calling anyone worried about the Wuhan Flu as “racist” complete with politicians recommending you go shopping in Chinatown and “hug an Asian”

    When the religious arrests started and the ridiculous overreach of mask and lockdown enforcement lead to protests, protesting was suddenly going to kill everyone. Literally the same week they were denouncing lock-down protests as “super-spreader” events, Saint Floyd happened and suddenly “peaceful protesting” was 100% safe and actually good for your health.

    They have become even more political and more hysterical ever since. You cannot really believe a single word they say on any subject.

    • At this point Covidism is a religio-political ideology.

      Sort of like Islam.

      Neither of them permit joy or humor.

  20. Ah, so the problem with sodomy in the outside world is, it’s unlicensed. Like moonshine.

    In prison, though, it’s a lamentable but necessary function of the criminal justice system. The rapists are like trustees, helping out the system. Certainly not disgusting perverts, like those people engaging in consensual sodomy outside.

    “Remember, this hurts me more than it does you.”

    And here I thought black folks were putting a strain on the system, filling up the prisons, when actually, they are a necessary function. Although I guess it is a new kind of slavery: we needed them to pick cotton, now we need them for sodomy. Doing jobs White people won’t do!

  21. The Neo-con anti Russian lunacy is really the greatest redpill on Juice.

    I’m not particularly anti Semitic. I still think white gentiles are just as big a problem as Juice in contributing to our demise. Fix our own problems first you know.

    But the evidence is unmistakable around Russia. (((Rubin))) (((boot))) (((browder))). It’s literally Every. Single. Time. So yeah something is going badly wrong here. They clearly feel entitled to control Russia and have a deep hatred for Russian people. Evil and nasty people.

    • B125, I appreciate your thoughts but I must pose a question. You say, “Fix our own problems first you know.”

      I’ve always said that we have more than one problem to solve.

      But what if fixing our own problems entails removing the media that misleads our people? It seems to me that you have the order of problems that we must solve in the wrong order.

      • I can’t think of another act that would be more effective to our cause than shutting down the media.

        • I can. Kill the magneto of AWR–academia. Media people are not thinkers. Every horrendous idea they push they learned while in college.

          • That’s the long-term fix. Shutting down the firehose this afternoon would provide relief in far less time. Taking it over would be even more effective. As an added benefit, you could disparage higher education incessantly, muddying its reputation.

          • That’s a nice thought but how are you going to “shut down” the colleges or the media, exactly?

        • If you haven’t yet, read Matt Brackens “What I Saw at the Coup”.
          The passage where the Harvey Milk is christened reflects an act in furtherance that is alluded to.
          A good, quick read.

  22. Time for some basic calculus.

    Blacks will approach asymptote “LOW IQ” as Lim x–>inf

    X = resources allocated to negro education

  23. “A blind man could see that Simpson was guilty, but the defense was allowed to turn the trial into a racial circus. For the jury, it stopped being about facts and law and became a weird sort of beauty pageant. They picked a winner based on how it made them feel at the moment.”

    No, they picked a winner based on their race. OJ trial was decided at jury selection. The selection resulted in 8 blacks, 2 hispanics, 1 half-white half-native American, and 1 white women. OJ prosecution (Marcia Clark) made mistake of seating black women jurors. Jurors that are mostly black and female, despite familiarity with black men and their problems, are loyal to their race. HBD wins again.

    For more on this, see:

    Chauvin is luckier that there are more white jurors at his trial. He has 6 white people in his jury. This should be enough for him to get a hung jury result.

    • Everything is a racial spoils game right now, and the only people who are not playing are whites. I have my doubts that a single white juror will have the guts and fortitude to hang the jury, but I suppose there’s an outside chance.

      • I wouldn’t, certainly not the lone white hold-out.

        Though sending him to prison is an obvious miscarriage of justice, he’s a cop and he most certainly is not on our side.

        The crowd of cops who cheered Kyle Rittenhouse, not a one of them resigned in protest when he was arrested and charged. We live in a world where lynch mobs trying to kill a 17yo for no particular reason are the good guys and the 17yo kid trying desperately to defend himself when the police would not, is the bad guy.

        • Saint George was a worthless negro thug, and as Z says, the world is fractionally better now that he’s gone. Chauvin is hardly any saint, and is probably a Griller at best, but at least he’s white. And that is sufficient reason to hope he is at least partially vindicated. Having said that, I’m fresh out of effs to give about anything that happens in this godforsaken scheissloch that used to be America.

    • You don’t get out much in 2021 do ya?

      Asians and Latinos are FAR preferable to ‘bone to pick’ darkies and woke AF white cat ladies & hipsters. Either of which would send you to the gallows faster than you can say “I’m not a racist!”. Or if you are -really- lucky you can get a “jury of your peers” which would be normal sane White people which are becoming a rarer commodity by the year. Your watch stopped in about 1988…

      • I have a friend who is a public defender. He is careful in jury selection to make sure as many of the jurors are the race of the defendant as possible. He will do whatever he can during voir dire to stack the race of the jury pool in his favor. He can’t admit to doing this, but this is what has worked best in his experience. Stacking jury by race gives him the best chance of getting a not guilty verdict or deadlocked trial. He has lived and tried cases in different places. Its easier for him to get his clients off (who are all guilty and almost always POC) when he has jury pools with more minorities in them. These are the jury pools that he sees now in big cities. In the future these will the jury pools everywhere.

        OJ won because his jury was stacked with black jurors.

        Chauvin has a good chance for a hung jury because he has 6 white jurors.

        Thinking that there are a bunch of based asians or hispanics that will save the day is a cope. Thinking that jurors aren’t making most of their decisions based on race (e.g., “beauty pageant” or “feel at the moment” reasons) is also a cope.

        • Colin Flaherty has written about this and covered it. It’s one of the reasons they hate gentrification so much. The whites who are moving into “historically black neighborhoods” (a total lie. They are ALL long time white neighborhoods where the whites were kicked out staring in the 50s), make the “Bronx Jury” suddenly no longer possible with young white mothers on the jury refusing to let little Tyrone back on the streets to terrorize the neighborhood.
          The funny thing is, before the “gentrification,” it was they (the black juries) who were going to suffer little Tyrone’s criminality when they refused to convict him on the grounds of racial solidarity.

          This is something white people absolutely do not do. There is no stupid idea that some white degenerate needs to be kept out of prison on racial grounds. White males do not look at cops shooting white men pointing guns at cops as some kind of harbinger of themselves getting shot on a traffic stop for no reason whatsoever. It is nothing short of amazing to me that the ‘talented tenth Tyrone’ can look at George Floyd and think that this could happen to him. It’s like they cannot see the link between Floyd’s behavior and the outcome. All they see is that he’s black.

        • I respect Dr. Richard Dawkins. He’s a world-class biologist, having written several popular books about genetics and evolultion. I now refer to an essay he wrote about the jury system. He thought a better system would be if there could be two indpendent juries who would consider the evidence separately (they’d never meet) and a guilty verdict would require both of them voting as such. That’d be great for the defendant. I could follow his logic there.

          But then he said something harder for me to understand. He said that if he were a defendant who knew he was guilty, he’d opt for a jury trial. Logical. But what I could not fathom was he then claimed that, if he were a defendant who knew he was innocent, was he’d ask for a BENCH trial. This is just so completely illogical. On the other hand, maybe not. By the time a defendant is standing in the court room, he knows who his judge will be. But before that time, you could get anything from a “hanging judge” to a turn-em-loose Obama apointee that would make George Soros blush. Similarly, the jury has been selected but is a much harder to quantify wild card due to a dozen (# varies) citizens chosen, if one be honest, for their utter ignorance of legal process.

          I hope this diatribe makes some sense. If naught else, the moral should be: Don’t seek legal advice from a British biochemist, even if he’s world-famous 😀

  24. How do you get your avatar to show up again? None of the 4 “connect with” links in the reply area work.

      • Hope you are not serious about the lack of help.
        Anyways, Zman says comment system is broken and will address it in the future.
        Disqus doesn’t work for sure.

        • Yet some people here do have avatars. The system is broken most…but not for some? They know the secret and aren’t sharing. KGB has the secret. Severian has the secret. Reynard, Maniac, Rooster. Bile freakin Jones and his ugly dog have the secret. Even some chick named Deana has it. If you’ve been away for a while and come back and no one has avatars it’s hard to remember who people are and how much you hate them.

      • Frip, you wound me, baby… I’d help you if I could ever figure out how these darn computers work.

      • Yes, we all got together on the Z Discord server and said “Nobody help Frip! Ha ha ha!”

        Nobody knows the answer to your question.

        • This. I tried futzing around with WordPress’s “Gravatar” a few years ago and gave up after 15 minutes and never went back (chief issue being that I had multiple accounts and WP always wanted to plug my production icon in for my anon accounts, so given the choice I’m happy with it being nothing).

          • The system keeps degrading. It’s an elaborate metaphor perpetrated by the Zman as a performance art piece about the degradation of the American system.

            Icons, edit capability: things slowly break and aren’t fixed because nobody knows how to anymore. The other day, for some reason, the site stopped remembering my name and email on my desktop. I have to enter them for every post. It still remembers them, for now, on my phone.

    • I use a (throw away) gmail account to comment on here, and it shows the avatar attached to my gmail/google account. That’s the only way I know how to do it. I used to use a disqus account, but I don’t think it works on here anymore.

      I hope you can get the avatar up.

  25. With respect to the defense not being stellar, if the prosecution’s own witnesses are destroying the prosecution’s case, it seems to me that doing nothing is a perfectly acceptable approach.

    Wasn’t it Napoleon who said not to interfere when you enemy is making mistakes?

    I’d refrain from judgment until we see the witnesses for the defense — assuming they’re needed by the time the prosecution has finished.

  26. I think you’re being a little too harsh (or cynical) regarding the Chauvin defense team. Never forget the old maxim that when one’s enemy is destroying himself, the best thing to do is get out of his way.

    And the prosecution is doing a bang- up job of torpedoeing their own case. Their witness, who turned out to be St. Floyd’s drug dealer, who turned around, lawyered up, and took the 5th the day before he was scheduled to testify was huge. That the prosecutors didn’t see that happening is mind- boggling incompetent.

    The second point is that the defense is probably not playing to “win,” in the sense of going for an acquittal on all charges. Given the notoriety of the case and the demographics of the jury, to say nothing of the politically charged atmosphere the jurors are facing, a full acquittal is probably impossible. The defense is playing for a hung jury as their best possible outcome. That means picking a handful of the most likely skeptical jurors and making your arguments to them. A big part of that will be making them like the attorney on a personal level, which means being very careful to not come across as a jerk.

    From what I’ve seen, the lead defense attorney is doing a good job of being low- key and reasonable and, therefore, likable to jurors.

    • Spot on…Floyd was seen in the Cup Foods store cameras acting erratic, obviously high as a kite, then passes the fake $20, of which he had already done elsewhere. Like the Matthew Shepard case, where the national media and local activists made that case to be about gay-hating, not drug dealing, the Laramie District Attorney knew all the facts (laid out in “The Book of Matt”…by a gay author), yet was threatened with everything under the sun if he did not tow the line. Chauvin’s defense team knows the facts, knows the case is political and built on made-up social media crap, so is waiting to mount their defense, which to reasonable folks will be damning with an acquittal. Will it matter? Only God knows…but it absolutely should if we are to remain a Constitutional Republic governed by laws (yeah, right…but one can hope).

      • According to the official narrative, Matthew Shepard, a homosexual, went into a redneck bar in a redneck city in a redneck state in a redneck country and tried to pick up, not one, but two rednecks for homosexual fun.

        • Shepard was in the sex trade and drug trade and was a drug addict…Denver to Fort Collins to Laramie. Sad and tragic life his mother don’t want people to see. Shepard personally knew McKinney. They were “lovers”. Never about homosexual crime…all about drugs and getting paid. The book by Jimenez is an excellent read, which is why it has been worked hard to discredit and he’s been shunned by “his own” in the LGTB community. He doesn’t care, truth matters.

          • Fast forward to today.
            Matthew Shepard becomes Michelle Shepard, tranny.
            Now (s)he goes into a redneck bar in a redneck city in a redneck state in a redneck country — imagining he will use his new-found feminine persona find a heterosexual redneck husband.
            End result?
            Same. “Michelle” once again finds life’s end is a real drag.
            Redneck men don’t want a “girl” with junk. Period.

    • Not sure how the case will turn out, but I am sure of the reporting on this case. Every single MSM outlet—and some RINO conservatives—comment *only* on how bad the evidence looks for Chauvin. The bias is palpable. If Chauvin by some miracle is found innocent, cites will incinerate over night as the scenario has been set for “no justice, no peace” civil disruption.

        • My thoughts as well…reaping what they have sown. The powers that be are either clueless or want the anarchy, or both. Leave them to their own devices.

        • Even as I have seen, those who plow iniquity and sow trouble reap the same. Job 4:8
          Some things really never change

        • I tend to concur. The aggrieved portion of the populace tends to destroy their own neighborhoods, along with looting or torching the few businesses that until that time had remained in the areas. If they wish to bring the road show to Whiter areas, it may then become time to put the 2A to actual field use. 🙁

  27. Former Officer Chauvin has been made out to be a bad cop and lousier person. This is Perception Management at play, designed to assuage the resulting anarchy by the willfully ignorant and reprobates looking for a reason to create chaos.

    Truth is, Chauvin was called to the scene by the Cup Foods store manager, who was alerted to his manic behavior and passing the fake $20. Chauvin came from a “domestic”, arguably the most difficult of calls. After a time he managed to deescalate that situation without incident…he was professional and calm. Then gets called to this debacle where his life is put into a threshing machine. Floyd was no saint. And Chauvin and his fellow officers were entering the gates of Hellishness. Yesterday the State’s “experts” were told to say what they said, these people were searched for and hand-picked for their ability to lie under oath. With the Perception Management of creating facts that don’t exist, then peddling the false narrative to their fake news talking heads and politicians, this will not go well regardless of the outcome.

    • That was my impression yesterday as well: these were all professional liars, people whose testimony contracted even the other prosecution witnesses. I’m not sure how the jury will digest it, but it’s an issue, I’d think, when the prosecution’s case has veracity issues even before the defense presents it’s case.

      Yes the defense attorney could have pressed his luck to press them as liars, but that was all risk and little reward. If the jurors couldn’t already see it then they probably wouldn’t have been helped along by him going into “jerk” mode and making the liars seem worthy of sympathy.

      • Reasonable people like to buy, not be sold. We hate being sold snake-oil. Then again, look what social media has done to peoples brains, so all bets are off on what the jury will do. I believe the defense knows this is a tough sell because all that came before (as Z used with the OJ debacle where, in that case, the prosecution was disallowed damning evidence by media-hound Ito, with his Apple laptop front and center). Speculative on my part, but thinking the defense is being patient and will bring out the solid evidence, with their own experts (who will be rational and fair), and make this a no-brainer with facts. Will the jury “see”? If they are honest and not bought off. If it were me, the moral path is to follow the facts and tell those threatening to “do their worst and go pound sand.” I’d rather be dead knowing I did right by the truth as presented.

  28. Starting from “way too old to have it make much difference” I’ll observe that we’re in about the third generation that the prosperity has ruined. The only difference I see between the Minnesota trial and those little one act scenes that are played out locally is scale. All the worlds a stage and ……

  29. First time listener to your radio show: nice job! If that was a fair example of your work, it has been my loss for not tuning in earlier.

    Thank you for putting your show (and this website) together.

  30. I think that the reason that societies have traditionally celebrated soldiers for killing while viewing executioners as pariahs is that the executioner is killing a person who is, at that point, helpless while soldiers are killing people who are fighting back. Also, soldiers are killing while exposing themselves to great risk of injury or death. The executioner exposes himself to no danger.

    It is a stark contrast. Soldiers are given medals and parades and monuments. The executioner generally wears some kind of mask or hood to hide his shameful identity.

    • I thought B2’s were never stationed outside continental US because of all the classified tech they contain. They just refueled midflight repeatedly. But that limited their mission options to static targets whose locations would be known for the next day or two.

      Deep State now wants plausibly deniable drone strikes.

      • B2s require air-conditioned hangers because the radar absorbing epoxy delaminates in high humidity. The F-35 has its radar absorption built into its skin.

      • “”

        We don’t even know how we built the B2s (see link below). If we own the thing and don’t know how we made it, do we have to worry about other state actors stealing our secrets (which we ourselves don’t know anymore)?

        • I must say when I saw the article I thought it was daft that the USAF did not know how to do this. But a moments reflection tells me it is very, very common and to be expected. Goodness knows how many persons worked on the plane and then how many different companies – all specializing in different fields – designed and manufactured parts for it. And this would have been when? Thirty odd years ago?

          I am not sure of the extent of the calamity with the B-2, but all massively complex systems suffer from this when they age. Most of our financial calculations appear to be run using the COBOL language; and this is not widely adopted amongst youthful programmers today. Even supposing you get a person who knows the language to look at an individual module of it, he will not be privy to all the information in the original developer’s mind when he coded it. Questions like ‘Why is that there?’ or ‘Why did Tyrone do it this way?’ abound.

          Even at my workplace we have an old desktop application that runs only on XP. Nothing newer. Development stopped years ago and the original developers are probably approaching their sixties now. If we ever need to modify it we will need to ‘reverse engineer’ it seeing that there is no decent documentation even for it’s large scale architecture. I have often though how a company could ever avoid this, and I am not sure that they can. It would require the sort of thorough training (master/apprentice) type relationship, along with an environment that prized a low staff turnover to accomplish.

          Returning to the example of the B-2, I think the original manufacturer was Northrop, but who knows how many company ‘mergers’ they’ve been absorbed into by now. Furthermore, the scope of the project would have been huge, perhaps involving contractors of questionable ability and competence. It may have been common place for individual components to have been created by some small time outfit who had no idea of their greater purpose. Would such a small outfit still have the records? Still exist? The B-2 may in part be a victim of it’s own secrecy.

          As a final point, the article does mention that it is the USAF that need to do the reverse engineering. Would they have even known that much about the aircraft in the beginning. They themselves will have a limit of technical knowledge so I can see why they would see fit to perform this analysis.

          In summary, immensely complex mechanical and computational systems will always have this issue. It can be well managed or it cannot be. It is more likely to be poorly managed when it occurs and perhaps not even considered initially because – in my experience – many management bigwigs think only up until the next deadline. Still, it’ll be interesting to see how things progress with the B-2.

          I do believe that my favourite aircraft, the B-52, is very much still in service. That thing must be over fifty years old… along with the Vulcan bomber, seeing it takeoff a close quarters is a thrilling experience.

          • B2 entered service in 1994. Designed the decade prior. All the guys and most of the companies (not Northrup, but the subcontractors) are long gone.

            I think USAF doesn’t want to do the reverse engineering. They want to hire someone else to do it (private company). They are running into these reverse engineering problems all over the place as their air frames age and the US supply chain disappears to China.

            Mother of a friend is a grandmother-aged COBOL programmer. She helps maintain software for financial systems at banks. Its a good profession, as you say, because few people learn this language now.

          • Orange-

            You’re basically spot on about the B2 issues you cite.

            I would only add that these issues are emblematic and symptomatic of complex, high-tech, low volume manufacturing.

          • “I do believe that my favourite aircraft, the B-52, is very much still in service. That thing must be over fifty years old.”

            The last version of the B-52 still in service is the H model. The last H model rolled off the production line in 1962. So most of them are sixty years old.

            Rest assured they are like the story of George Washington’s hatchet: 100% original except the handle was replaced three times and the head was replaced twice.

            Those B-52Hs have been rebuilt and upgraded so often the only thing original is the Stratofortress name and the serial number on the tail.

          • You raise a few interesting IT points. I think Z is in the industry, maybe he’ll weigh in. Even 20+ years ago, with the Y2K panic, Cobol was a near dead language and competent programmers were hired back out of retirement to remediate legacy code. Even in my niche (telecomm), some of the apps we relied on used 1980s era code on 1970s era hardware. On my project (supprt for large Fed agency) these were phased out, but that was nearly by Y2K hardware/software. You’d be aghast at all the legacy stuff that hangs on, decades after it should have been retired. I doubt this has changed to date.

            This is highy speculative: I’ve no background in warfare, but am repeating claims I read elsewhere. If you were starting from scratch, what would you rather have? An M-1 Abrams main battle tank, with all the rear echelon support it requires, or for the same enormous amount of money, would you rather go for a low tech solution, say, several dozen Toyota 4x4s, even motorcycles, vehicle mounted or man-portable anti-tank or AA weaponry, with guerillas to operate them? If you were a betting man, pitting those two opponents against each other in the field, who would you bet upon to win? You can even throw in air support, intel and so on. Would it change the equation much?

            Fighting wars from the comfort of your air conditioned office sounds good in theory, but there are limitations.

      • First quote in my previous comment should read:
        “I thought B2’s were never stationed outside continental US because of all the classified tech they contain.”

    • One correction: B-1 bombers were rendered incapable of carrying nuclear ordnance and deploy solely conventional munitions because of the SALT treaties.

      The B-2 and its RCS-reducing coating requires a climate-controlled hangar. The USAF has portable, inflatable shelters for B-2s that look like the roof of the old Metrodome in Minneapolis,!/image/1071727003.jpg_gen/derivatives/landscape_900/1071727003.jpg

      That said, the deployment of bombers in Norway (kind of like Russian Tu-160 bombers being deployed to say Cuba or Belize) and destroyers to the Black Sea (like our Gulf of Mexico) is extremely provocative. I still don’t understand the obsession with Russia by neocons.

  31. Chauvin is already well upon his way to the slammer. The jurors would be doxxed if he walked, and they know damn well what would happen to Minneapolis and most other large cities throughout the country too.

    • Scott Johnson from Powerline did good reporting on the jury selection. The jury is terrible for Chauvin. Attending a protest in the aftermath of St. George Floyd’s death was not considered an automatic disqualifier for serving on the jury. There was one prospect who almost certainly would have voted to acquit, a blue collar white man in his 50s who said he would decide the case based on the evidence presented and had a negative view of defunding the police. The prosecution had him dismissed for cause. The best outcome for Chauvin is a hung jury.

    • I think that riot talk is overwrought. It will burn if the betters decide it should burn, and if they do it probably doesn’t matter what the verdict is (and likewise, in the unlikely event that they rather their city not burn more, it wouldn’t matter either).

  32. The anti-Russian foreign policy is just so stupid. We should be working to pull them into the west and away from the Red Chinese.

    • Pull them into the Western degeneracy?
      Maybe it’s better if they are kept separate. In a few decades, Russia may be the last remnant of Western Christian civilization, even though, or maybe because, they are distancing themselves from the West today.

      • Right on, Hun. The CUE axis (China US, EU) have have been salivating over the treasure trove of Russia’s vast resources since the fall of the USSR. And they almost got away with it in 1990s with the bufffon Yeltsin. But then Putin came along and became the staunch nationalist that he is which is why Russia went from being the Left’s darling to their mortal enemy and why they worked 24/7 to align Putin with Trump. Both put their own nation’s interest first over Globohomo progressivism (though one can argue Trump wasn’t all in like Putin). Of course being a nationalist is akin to being racist these days so Putin must go and Russia must be made to heel. Thus the coming gang rape of Russia by CUE is imminent. But Putin will not go down without a fight. I think all this bluster though. CUE will just run out the clock on Putin (10 years tops) and Russia will be theirs and the last major majority white country will be raped and pillaged. Time is on their side. RIP W Civ.

        • Putin will be replaced by another Putin. He will not allow his departure from the political scene to destroy Russia. Personally, I would like to see Putin reestablish the Tsardom. Unlikely, I suppose, but not impossible.

          • There is no new Putin on the horizon.

            He slated Medvedev when it was clear Dimitri couldn’t hack the top job.

        • England, Germany, and Russia were salivating over the pickings from the collapsing Ottoman Empire. That provided some of the impetus behind WWI. After WWI and WWII, England and France squabbled over pieces of the Middle East, which squabbling gave us the Middle East we have today. Coveting the neighbor’s goods usually ends badly.

      • I gave Drake an upvote, but I can see your point. Putin may be performing an adroit balancing act: keeping a distance from the West and Peking while cultivating detente with the Visegrad nations and Turkey. He also seems to have achieved a working relationship with Netanyahu as their nations pursue their (perceived) interests in the Whackamole War in Syria. The thing that angers me is the cynical alliance of the Left and the neocons in making Russia the Beltway Bogeyman, even though China is a far more formidable rival and that Russia didn’t start the conflict with Ukraine–the West-sponsored Kiev coup d’ etat did so.

      • TBH, Russia is actually the remnant of Eastern Christian civilization. It’s never really had much of a Western tradition, the paleness of Russians’ skin notwithstanding. If Western Christian culture is to be preserved, it will be by dedicated Western Christian men, not Russians. It’s our duty and no one else’s. Besides, if we won’t work to preserve it, why would anyone else?

        • Ironic, isn’t it.
          And yet, a civilization’s legacy can be preserved by a new, fresh civilization. Western civ is said to have originated with ancient Greece, but that was the Classical civilization which no longer exists. The West followed up on it.
          In the same sense, Russia, as a young civilization according to Spengler, is preserving the legacy of the Western civilization for the future.

        • Russia is a distinct component of the West. You don’t get Dostoevsky, Tolstoy, Pushkin, Pasternak, Tchaikovsky, Prokofiev, Rachmaninov and Borodin from sub-Saharan Africa or Amazonia.

      • Eastern Europe and Russia must do everything possible to prevent AINO from getting its meathooks into them. The survival of their culture depends upon it.

    • Who cares if Russia is best friends or worst enemies with China? Neither is the enemy of American Whites.

      Are the Russians or Chinese responsible for filling my area with Central Americans?

      Are the Russians or Chinese trying to take your guns?

      Are the Russians or Chinese calling you a domestic terriorist and threatening to ruin your life?

      • Yes, the Chinese are in control of many media outlets that are gleefully participating in our destruction.

          • My observation would be that it doesn’t have to be ownership. Take a look at film distribution. The studios make a lot of money from the Chinese market. The CCP has them over a barrel if they threaten to stop distrubition of their films. All the film studios, TV channels and news networks are owned by the same small group of multi-national corporations, all making enormous money off China or dependent upon it in various ways either as an end market or a supplier. So they’ll dance to China’s tune.

        • Please be so kind as to enlighten me about all of the Chinese-controlled media outlet in the United States vs those owned and/or run by Jews?

      • I’ve worked with Chinese and Russians in my professional life. They are good people. IMO, we have nothing to fear from the Russians.

        The overseas empire we have built is a grift at this point. Bring our military home now!

      • CSC has a point. Fewer people are more of a threat to Western civilization than a White Liberal.

        We need to stop pointing our guns at 3rd World Muslims and start pointing them at Pantyfa.

      • Americans are global leaders in a number of developed strategies, that there is only one problem with all of them—they are not survivable when faced with reality.

        He can say that again…

  33. A New Tomorrow (cont)
    The seminal law of warfare.

    Maximize your strengths & focus the enemy’s greatest weakness. So what are the strengths of the DR? Well, to start, there are about 15 million skilled game hunters in the US and the vast majority are likely to be on this side of the great divide. Better still, most of these men & women are the solid citizen, salt-of-the-Earth, reticent rural type that form the backbone of their communities. They tend to be thoughtful, serious, cautious, and inured to the long deprivations of the game hunt. They are not the sort that get profiled by LEOs or otherwise draw attention to themselves. They move effortlessly and benignly through society and are typically the neighbor that you know you can count on in a pinch. And did I mention that they number about 15 million, a statistic that has held pretty steady over the past few decades.

    • The DR is 200 people on the internet. If you asked the 15 million gun hunters what the dissident right was they’d probably answer either the 2A or the right to dissent, the latter answer would require digging.

      • No, across the western world the DR is far bigger than you imagine, in most countries it won’t be long before it becomes mainstream

    • Maybe you should meet a few hunters before concluding they’re based, Rambo-type survivalists that the government can’t touch.

      • I meet them all the time, especially at the range. It’s true that I live in a rural part of a Western state and most of my acquaintances are from farm or ranch stock, but I also lived & worked in Houston during my professional life and got to know many native Texans, who absolutely fit my description above. I’ve never met a true wacko who hunted his entire life, but I’m guessing that they are more the exception than the rule.

        What’s your beef with hunters as a social class? Almost every hunter I know eats his kill, and that’s as natural and based as it gets.

        • No beef, I *am* a hunter and have met hunters from Washington State to Florida. The typical American hunter is a middle-aged car camper who either hunts pests off the farms or uses an outfitter once or twice a year. They aren’t hardcore survivalists and taking deer is more hobby than lifestyle. Almost none of them are “on our side of the great divide”. Fein Gul is right, the average hunter thinks dissident politics means the Second Amendment, meanwhile they’ve got no problem with female empowerment. “But what if your husband isn’t around to protect you?”

          Me being death to rodents does not a guerilla make and based on my lifelong observations, I doubt there are “15 million” exceptions to that.

    • At this point in time we would be better served by 15 thousand Zman style propagandists for our cause.

      • What good is a general without an army? A million Z-Mans wouldn’t matter if no one else showed up to the battle.

        • A million Zs create the thoughtworld which encourages young men to become soldiers for the white race.

        • The carpenter ants and termites do not need a king to much away at the old house until it collapses. Enough said. 😀

    • What are these hunters going to do? Have a hot war with USAF? Do you suppose the USAF is going to make soldiers put on bright red coats and stand in a straight line, move in columns and fight like it’s the early 19th century? If there’s a hot civil war, it will be fought in tech, infrastructure and logistics domains, not a recreation of Gettysburg or Antietam.

      • I thought you were about building community. Why alienate 15 million people who can feed themselves naturally if things go to Hell in a hurry?

        • The DR/NR is either a deliberate or inadvertent honeypot for the (thinking) people who should be organizing an actual revolution to struggle session until displacement and replacement.

          Firearms matter because they can be used to deny access to homes and neighborhoods. Humans are walking water balloons and poking holes in water balloons causes leaks which can be fatal for humans. That we don’t have to stand armed on our doorsteps or trade bullets on our daily commutes or visits to the grocery, ahem, is a positive thing.

          DR/NR is fine from a detached academic perspective, but going Galt was and is salt in the battlefield. Everyone is fixated on mind rape, but the institutional violence closely follows the final financial rape which is what these spending bills are setting up. All of the welfare trickles up.

          Whether it is over the road or rail, there is a critical role firearms would play in any hypothetical disruption activities to logistics – whether they are causal of the disruption or deny swift restoration of service is not real important.

          The government is expensive because the money is being stolen and laundered internationally. If the real cost of government went up, one theory is the neoslavery machine would break down. Time is money and all.

          I am sure air assets will be utilized at some point, but that is raising the cost of government to extremely high levels. One hellfire missile costs over $100k, so while the control freaks would love to show the charred and scattered remains to terrorize everyone else into submission, the entire air dominance advantage can be turned into a big financial black hole relatively easily.

          The entire GWOT only existed because there was an economic machine to support it and since all of the fighting was offshore, the system ran just fine. What the GWOT did do is result in is an explosion in small arms innovation on the ar platforms and a corresponding proliferation of ownership to the tune of many tens of millions in private ownership.

          Palmetto State Armory has made ownership a possibility to anyone who can pass a NICS check and lives in a freeish state.

          Whether we are talking about Kenosha, Tacoma, Austin, St Louis or that New Mexico incident, all of these were contained in scale and scope by private citizens with firearms.

          No one, including LEOs, wants to sprout a leak and the dental plans are increasingly speculative bets. At a minimum, the many millions of firearms in normie hands are equivalent to posting a Patriot Missile battery on an opponent’s border to promote diplomatic channels.

          In my experience, the people talking shit about patriots do not own an ar pattern rifle much less know how to operate one. The standoff space to be a thinker isn’t just good sportsmanship practiced by the control freaks.

    • Do you see how this cope works? I’ll translate: “Look at this impressive thing that will one day solve our problems if some arbitrary line is crossed in the future, meaning I don’t have to take any action in the present.”

      Aging, mostly civilian, boomers scattered over an entire continent and armed with relatively light weaponry arrayed against a huge, well-trained army with the latest weaponry and institutional support — drones, intelligence agencies, the banks, the entire government apparatus, police agencies, and media — will mop up Elmer and company during any conflict. There are only a few circumstances I can think of where that might not be the case, but as the last thread about national divorce showed, this group isn’t willing to go there. So, this idea is a nonstarter at best and, likely, just a coping mechanism.

      • “Today in the mountains – Tomorrow the world.”

        Worked well for the Left. Given enough desperation it could work for the Right. Civil war means civilian vs civilian. When the government’s goons go home for the day they too, become civilians.

  34. Regarding equity in Math, there was actually a math program that was so successful that poor black elementary students were running circles in math around white students from private schools. It was called Direct Instruction developed by Zig Engelmann for Project Follow-Through in the 1970’s.

    The basic of the project was to test several different education paradigms in the real world and see how it held up against traditional instruction. Most were based on exploratory learning, self-esteem focused education, and extremely loose protocol that was supposed to increase a child’s creativity. The output was every one of the fancy new methods made in academia failed miserably.

    Engelmann’s extremely concise, regimented, and, most importantly, thoroughly tested methods that went in the face of all of modern academia won hands down. Of course, they then just said every method failed, because a single school of the 20 Direct Instruction failed to employ did not show improvement (which stopped DI after a few months into the study due to political reasons). They memory-holed the multi-million dollar study and here we are.

    • “poor black elementary students were running circles in math around white students from private schools.”

      Yeah, right.

      • To clarify, the white kids using traditional instruction did worse than blacks using DI. Now if one compared white students using DI with the poor blacks, the whites did better, but all groups did far superior with DI than traditional or our modern methods.

        • I’ve heard countless claims like that, but the data always show whatever small difference instruction makes disappears by middle school and achievement gaps widen significantly by high school and college. Countless education methods have been tried (common core, headstart, small schools …) and endless billions have been spent on personalized instruction, nutrition programs, infrastructure improvements, computers, prep schools, vouchers and the like and the result is always the same: no appreciable difference in closing black-white (or black-other) achievement gaps. This has been true since the 1980s, at least, and probably even going back to the 1970s.

          • Goes back to at least the 1960s. Richard Lynn’s piece on Head Start’s being useless appeared in 1969 and launched his infamy. The “woke” thing is epidemic now, but has been around for much longer. Ideological rifts appeared even in the early 20th century is the sciences, what we’d call today race realism vs. the “blank slate” crowd.

      • It’s true! The poor black elementary students ran around in circles while white private school children did math problems.

      • If Morgan Freeman played their teacher in the movie then I believe it could happen.

    • My grade school, thankfully, did not rely on the “hows” and “whys” of simple math and instead relied on brute force memorization. As a result, even in my later years I’m able to “run circles” around those even more brilliant than I in regards to “simple math” (i.e., the math normal people use for 100% of their lives). So yeah, I can believe it.

      • Remember the, “Magic Minute,” tests in grade school where you had to correctly calculate as many simple arithmetic problems as possible in 60 seconds?

        Those were great.

    • With a lot of effort, you can keep black elementary school students from falling too far behind their White and Asian peers.

      Why? Because even black kids are generally smart enough to basic arithmetic. But once you hit middle and high school where you move on to algebra and higher level math, no amount tutoring can get the black kids to keep up. They simply lack the IQ.

      There’s magic program to fix genetic differences in IQ and behavior.

    • That’s a pretty key point. I was home-schooled, with an essentially 19th century curriculum. When I went to college, I discovered that I was the only person in math class that could perform simple math without pen, paper or a calculator. I don’t know if the IQ gap could ever be bridged, but no one, especially black kids, is well served by modern pedagogical methodology.

      • As long as those pedagogies tell them all of their problems are due to whitey’s oppression, they’ll lap them up like honey, even if they put blacks even farther behind whites scholastically. Feelz beat facts with those people every time.

      • I’m curious about the 19th century curriculum. Could you provide links/examples of what materials were used?

        • Mcguffey’s Readers, in short. While we used textbooks for math, grammar and Latin, a lot of our learning centered on reading entire books. It wasn’t regimented in the general sense (i.e. we moved at our own pace and were allowed to focus exclusively on subjects if we wanted. Our early learning was focused on rote memorization. Later grades was lots of reading, with age appropriate math. Middle school was logic, Latin, more reading, and pre-algebra. I don’t recall which texts we used for Latin or logic. We used A Beka for math. A lot of the grammar material was brought home from the school at which my dad taught. Greek was taught by a tutor, I’m not sure what this texts were. We also went to the library at least once a week, and borrowed dozens of books which we would read through pretty quickly. Based on my experience, I wouldn’t recommend much structure, other than a regimented reading and grammar course, and a math and logic course, with lots of freedom to obsess on subjects that are of interest.

          • Fascinating, thank you! What texts – if any – did you read on logic? The reason I ask is that I have been looking for critical thinking literature for my children and I’m not making any headway, thanks.

    • Really, and you know about this method and no one else—in the academy? This method can not be used under a different name? There are no private schools which would implement to gain an edge over their competitors?

      Seems to me this runs under the same theme as most conspiracy theories and therefore I’m pretty skeptical. I’m tending to lump this under inventions/discoveries like engine add-ones that produce 200 mpg fuel ratings.

      • You seem to be under the impression school is for education as opposed to being simply daycare.

        You also don’t seem to understand the backlash in going against the status quo of The Cathedral.

      • I agree. I was a fan of the “200 MPG” suppressed invention way back in the late 70s. Turns out that such inventions exist (you can see the patents.) Whether they WORK is another issue. UPPTO has issued patents on a process that moves faster than the speed of light (yes it’s true, I looked it up.) So rigorous proof of a patent application’s claims is not a feature 😀

        Broadly, yes the background issue is that people are gullible. They are easily fooled. Sometimes willingly! One of my eternal favorites is the “get rich quick” schemes, trading systems, etc. They stay just within the law, but similar to this great math teaching regimen, fail the sniff test: In the teaching case, it’d be widely used if it really worked. In the magic trading system’s case, if it really existed no sane person would be selling it; they’d be trading in secret with it and becoming filthy rich in the bargain.

  35. Two concerns Z, short one first. Crypto is the only asset class in the world where if you turn off the power and the wifi, it disappears. A belief that crypto will ‘change the legacy financial system’ is akin to that Stalin quote about the power of the Vatican. “How many divisions does the Pope have?” The dollar may be backed by the ‘full faith and credit’ of the US government, but that is backed up by the world’s most powerful army, and you get a lot of credit when you’re pointing a gun at the head of your creditors. In the end, that’s the defense of the ‘legacy system’.

    Second, regarding the magical beliefs of our leaders.

    Aquinas described two paths by which people can define ‘the truth’. He called it ‘reason’ and ‘revelation’ but ‘revelation’ doesn’t fit well rhetorically into our secular society, so let’s use the word ‘inspiration’ or ‘vision’ instead. Same thing psychologically. (Let’s please not get caught up in the fact that he was a monk, he was a clever guy, and there weren’t a ton of options for clever guys in the 13th century.)

    Having read you for a while I know reason is well known to you. Theory, test, validation, if necessary modification of original theory. Reason, at its core, is based on doubt. The theory does not impact a person’s identity by their awareness of it. It’s an external phenomena, psychologically detached from preferences. And therefore unlikely to be emotionally vested by the examiner.

    Inspiration or vision, involves no such validation and is based on ‘belief’. It describes an idea that comes from our imagination in part, and the real world in part. It is ‘a part of us’ and frames out identity. The validation process for belief has only two portions. Belief of the original idea, and cherry picked evidence designed to support the original belief without modification.

    All people use both means to define what they think is ‘the truth’. No one is purely reasonable. As an example, you may think my daughter is beautiful, but I believe this is so. This is just human psychology.

    But while the difference between truth and falsehood is very brightly lit in our minds, the means by which we arrived at that categorization of an idea very much is not. It’s extremely difficult to tell when you yourself are using inspiration or reason, and this skill is uncorrelated to intelligence. Sharper minds build better traps to trap us within. Others can tell with more ease if someone else has embraced a ‘vision’, but it’s a difficult topology to navigate in our own minds.

    To you and I, the left’s current adventures seem to be akin to a religious movement. I would argue that this is because psychologically, it is. The left has vested it’s religious instinct in its quest for political power and all these unprovable assertions about the nature of society. But unlike the more established religions which have the benefit of representing a moral code which has been ‘fitted’ to human nature over millennia, theirs has been created from whole cloth from the emotional insecurities of the practitioners in just the last 50 years or so.

    To them, women MUST BE the same as men in all things (except maybe those where they are viewed as superior). Black MUST BE as intelligent and productive as whites. And if it isn’t that way, then it must be the work of an external ‘evil’. A ‘dark spirit’. The great satan. This is the source of their cognitive dissonance. They are not reasoning, they are ‘believing’. In precisely the same psychological way that a devout christian may believe in god and the moral code of their faith.

    Of course a religion assembled from shared insecurities looks like ‘magic’ to us. It has to because we lack the insecurity that is the source of their ‘vision’. As actual science and math have quantified human behavior, it’s pretty easy to tell early on (with a not too terrible degree of precision) who is likely to succeed in society and who is unlikely to. Individual observation may still elude us, but the broad strokes are clearly visible. I think this is the source of their insecurity and their ‘belief’. They each know that they fall onto the bottom 50% of some metric that actual science and math shows is undesirable. But in their narcissism that CAN’T be right, so to them, it isn’t.

    No one on a catwalk ever wanted to redefine beauty standards. No star athlete wants to redefine the rules of their sport. No one who is likely to succeed in other domains is as interested in redefinition, as the people who can see before they enter the field, that they will likely fail.

    In my opinion, a single glance at the true believers that Antifa represents, validates this idea. As does the BMI of Feminists, and the IQ and impulse control metrics of the members of BLM.

    • If the power goes off and never comes back, my 401k and bank accounts will be gone too.

      • Well you have a backup. A gasoline generator and a wheelbarrow will get you your 401K money. It may take some time, but it will be there. It’s still yours. And there is still a way for it to be transferred to you.

        Not so crypto.

        • With all their systems down, my local bank will give me some of the little cash they have on hand?

          • Unlike the political system, the economic system is based on order. It might take time to enforce your claim, but you ‘own’ those assets. They belong to you. And there is a non-technical means of transferring them to your control. The bank will get it’s cash from the Fed, and give your cash to you.
            It’s value in goods may have changed but you didn’t save ‘goods’ you saved dollars. Eventually those dollars will be returned to you.

        • We are conflating two different things: intrinsic and extrinsic value/worth.

          My 401k is accessible with any immediacy only with the internet or such electronic communications and computing as handles such transactions—and so is crypto. However, my investments in the 401k, such as Coke and IBM are real assets. I can in theory go down to the factories that produce such products and see what I own. These are real assets. Crypto, not so much. Both of these stores of wealth are subject to great swings of value as well and can rightly be considered speculative. Choose your poison.

          Not that it’s worth much, but at least the dollar has the “…full faith and credit…” of the Government behind it. Crypto basically works under the “greater fool theory”—and I’m not anti-crypto—it has its place, but just not fooling myself.

          • Your “real assets” or stock in XYZ is a “legal fictions” imbued with transient value by virtue of an offsetting debt debit in the heavenly accounting ledger.

            Debits = Credits

            Equity = discounted future earnings opinion
            Debt = someone’s promise of future repayment

            If there is no debt, the value of all assets is equal to the circulating currency and velocity thereof.

            It’s no mystery why we have lost so many of the DJII’s original constituents to economic attrition.

            CH Douglas

      • When they drop the grid, real wealth will exist in the form of hard assets, like a good generator, a rainwater collection system, and storable food with a 25-year shelf life.

        • My man.

          Real assets are not really ingots of precious or base metals. Real assets are things that feed you, cloth you, protect you, heal you or do work for you. Oddly enough, puzzles and other games or forms of entertainment could be considered real assets, too.

      • As another blogger (can’t recall name) said back in the 90s (he was talking about a global financial crash), “We will have more important things to worry about on that day than the value of our retirement accounts.”

    • Quite a treatise, but I offer a different explanation of belief for your consideration.

      Long ago, our species evolved complex language and has been using it to program our youth postpartem (AKA nurturing). Typically, this programming is centered on ancient hard-earned wisdom that will help them to survive & thrive in the environment of their birth. In the time of civilization, religion has been the primary means of conducting this indoctrination because it affords consistency & repetition necessary to accomplish brain neuron wiring during a child’s developmental years. Thus the essence of belief is a mental habit acquired soon after birth and is unique to the local environment. IOW, ancient local wisdom passed on from generation to generation via the mechanism of words (vocal ideas) creating tangible neuronal pathways.

      So what went wrong in our current society. Long term affluence has killed off real hardship & existential threat. The easy life has rendered ancient wisdom useless and the extinction of fitness selection culling is slowly replacing our ancient heritage of robustness with parasitic dependence. When children are no longer wired with ancient wisdom, they acquire an arbitrary mishmash of “beliefs” that imbues them with chaos rather than the tools to overcome challenges in life. What has evolved in modern society is a belief system based upon the existential need of the parasite to feed on the host in an unfettered fashion.

      And this is no trivial problem.

      • And genetics aside, it’s always easier to get “fat, dumb, and lazy” than “lean, smart, and mean”. So whereas the process of getting where we are today took at least three generations, the process back will not go as quickly—barring some catastrophic herd thinning—which, if ones thinks of it, is probably the only way out of this.

        • Agreed. Colony collapse may be the only real cure available on the menu. Nevertheless, we should endeavor to rid ourselves of the disease cells that are currently pushing society into prostration. The analogy that I often use is that there is a serial killer loose in the community and it’s ridiculous to just stand on the sidelines hoping that he doesn’t show up at your house next.

    • Yes, I’ve seen it written many times that the Left/Progressives/etc. are basically motivated by envy. I’d agree with that for the masses, ugly blue-haired women envy beautiful women (especially beautiful women with kids and a successful White husband), blacks envy Whites in innumerable ways, etc.

      But I’m 100% sure that envy full explains our true masters. The small hats certainly have their fair share of envy for gentile Whites, but the small hats are plenty confident as well. They seem at least as motivated by fear and hate as envy. I suspect that their acceptance hook, line and sinker of the holocaust story has made them feel that their long-term conflict with gentile Whites has been a death match.

      • Envy certainly motivates non white men, particularly Asian men. White men are taller, more handsome, funnier, more intelligent, and more masculine than any other race.

        It’s hard to imagine the hatred and inferiority that Asian, Indian, and Arab men feel towards white men. Another reason the delusional civnat fantasies of “arctic alliance” will never come true.

        Certain black men with higher IQ are quite attractive as well (just being honest). Their low IQ usually prevents them from being attractive though. Black women have extreme envy for white women.

        Blinded by rage, all they want to do is destroy what makes them feel inferior, aka “whiteness”. My response, of course, is to be as “white” and attractive as possible. Not white in the corny geek sense but a real white man.

        • Envy certainly has a place in the blame game. it’s not one of the seven deadly sins for nothing.

          I often make the case for the Left’s (and other groups’) problem being that fundamental schism between the mental world (the Ideal) and the real world (objective reality). We can (and do) make up all kinds of wonderful make-believe concepts, sometimes even entire worlds, within our individual or collective consciousness. Some of these are useful, if they accurately reflect that outside world. For example, math and the sciences. One definition of “truth”, one that delightfully requires no religious or philosophical arguments, is to say it’s the model that best describes and predicts how the universe operates. Informally, and automatically, our brains devise just such a “model” that works — well enough, for the individual — otherwise we couldn’t get through a day, much less a normal lifetime.

          The outside world, however, operates by its own immutable laws, some of which are susceptible to us undertanding them and adjusting our behavior to them; but none of them able to be changed to suit Man’s whims.

          Some wise person said, “Nature to be commanded, must be obeyed.” That captures part of this idea.

          No matter how laudable, how noble, how lofty your ideals, your plans, your aims are, if they are not well grounded in reality, they are certain to fail and probably produce a lot of collateral damage in the bargain. Today’s Left, and yesterday’s, going back a long time, is the poster child of the ongong war against Reality.

  36. “Black students won’t reach math standards until 2097.”

    That soon!!?

    We all know that whatever standards are imposed, they shall not be met. Because Nature. Having said that, even meeting such standards probably will only mean that one can regurgitate. Having said that, homeschooling if it can be done ought to be done. But many folks balk at the idea of teaching mathematics… understandably.

    • Our blog host missed an important element of racist mathematics: Our public educators are essentially unionized pooch screwers. We are into the third generation of them now. Their failures are a matter of public record… when your schools serve only as day cares, that provide affirmative action employment for wahmen, vibrants and joggers… our decline makes sense. The problem now is that the failure of our educators is so pronounced and profound… EVERYONE can see it. The union slobs need to divert attention away from themselves and their culpability… and this racism flea circus is the perfect answer. Before we get too smarmy about trying to teach joggers mathematic tricks… we really need to remind ourselves that whites are failing in epic numbers too. A high school diploma is not worth the paper it’s printed on. Most degrees are like that now too.

      I can’t stress this enough: if you have kids in public schools, you need to get them out NOW.

      • I generally don’t like people hiding black failure behind teacher’s unions and “poorly run schools”, but yeah it’s not nothing.

        • Yeah, but it’s not just black people. White kids now aren’t as proficient as math as white kids, say, 50 years ago.

    • That’s how long it will take to gradually degrade the math standards to the point where blacks routinely reach them.

  37. Please allow me to point out, Z Man, re: your remark that many people would be happier walking around with a bone in their nose, that many of these people are already doing it…just using a piece of metal as a stand-in.

  38. The sodomy in prison issue is absolutely barbaric. Reminds me of the Nasser trial where the female judge gleefully expressed how she hoped he got sexually abused just like he abused the gymnasts.

    For an anecdotal story, my brother-in-law was thrown in jail for a day for breaking a restraining order instituted by a vindictive ex-wife. He placed a letter on her car apologizing for not trying harder in the marriage. Yes, I know. After they took his stuff, he had to watch a video on how to avoid getting raped in prison.

    I don’t care what you do, no one deserves to get forcefully sodomized, and no evil scumbag in prison has any right to inflict that sort of punishment on anymore. If the person getting sentenced is that evil, use a firing squad like a civilized society.

    • That was probably a tripping point that sent our judiciary tumbling down the stairs – allowing liberal women to redefine “civility”. As someone who has been forced to work with and for women on occasion… they think with their emotions, and people like that are the last ones you want running your judiciary.

    • I’ve always had an issue with that. They know our justice system is a joke but instead of reforming it so that it more accurately reflects society’s desires and make it more reliable, they outsource “real punishment” to unreliable prison gangs

      • The only thing prison does is to remove criminals from society (so they don’t continue to prey upon the populous) and age them before releasing them back into society. Eventually these criminals “age out”. Everything else is some sociologist’s wet dream and a waste of time and resources. Even first time State Pen prisoners have been through the system many times and released on parole or into programs designed to rehabilitate more than once. They are not going to change. If there was a tried and true method of rehabilitating, we’d have found it by now.

    • The Larry Nasser thing is interesting in that the females that received his treatment produced world class results in their events. This not to say that what he did was acceptable in any form but that generally claims for damages are based on losses. The victims of Nasser not only didn’t lose, they made out at least as well as could be expected. There were no losses to compensate.

      • There were no losses to compensate.
        The psychiatric and related medical damage alone is a nearly incalculable loss (it is quite possible to calculate lifelong therapeutic care). Lesbians, celibates, substance abuse, cruelty, murder and suicide are created by sexual abuse. Personal and societal loss must be compensated in a just country.

    • W Churchill had a good quote:

      There are only three true traditions in the British Navy: Rum, sodomy, and the lash.

  39. In the above summation you touched on something I thought of a week or two ago. If the OJ trial were held today and I was a lawyer on the Dream Team, I would be looking for an all-white jury of young, single, suburban women and men. You’d be far more likely to get an acquittal from that group, the “We Believe” crowd, than a fellow jogger with an axe to grind.

    • If the state cannot make him look like their son, instead of their son’s ne’er-do-well father, the state has a problem.

      Had a buddy who served of a multi-racial jury in a case of a black guy raping his ex-girlfriend. Everyone voted to convict except, of course, a white woman who worked at a local university, and she successfully “hung” the charge in order to ‘keep another black man from going to prison’ (never minding the fact that the black women on the jury had no issue sending him to prison). It turned out the prosecutor knew right away what was up as he had run out of jury selection challenges by the time selection had gotten to her.

    • When the Juice stood up in court and struggled mightily to slip the blood-splattered isotoners over the surgical gloves atop his murder mitts, that bit of theatrics was enough to slip reality in the minds of most blacks.

      But in the before times most whites knew the score. The juice was doing an endzone dance.

      We could recognize the circus trope of spotlighting black charm, while retaining the knowledge that savage black violence is not mutually exclusive from such smooth operators.

      Current year urban bugwhites and suburban goodwhites, having been subjected to three decades of cultmarx inversion therapy, are now completely immune from such realthink.

      They are infected with toxoplasma negra, unable to sniff out the savagery and disdain even when neck deep in the pheromones of kangs.

      Speaking of necks. Brown bought him the gloves used to murder her. Then they became props in a mockery production to liberate him.

      The foreshadowing is not subtle. We are in the second act of a great tragedy.

      “If the glove dont fit, must acquit!!” Is a quaint retro heirloom of white ignorance because we still had the good sense to smell feces underfoot.

      My aging good white neighbors display “I can’t breathe!” signs while the insta gurls and college kids “got your back!”.

      So many Christmases with black gloves under trees. The bloodlettings will come as a great surprise.

      Like those white folk of the ‘90’s, the wry smirk of the juice is long gone. Anyone paying attention can plainly see the scowl and swagger of animist spirits gloving up for reparations in the dusky faces in passing.

      • The fact that this comment has only 2 upvotes makes me sad for the future of the reader base on this site which seems to be taking an odd turn as of late. Just thought I’d mention that. I’m not even sure exactly what I’m saying other than there is a different ‘vibe’ in the commentariat here. Or I could just be off my meds again…

        • Screwtape’s comments are well written, but can be a bit much to get through for the casual browser 😉

  40. I demand that the Z Blog remove the down voting function in the comments. I hate it when the dissidents, the racists, antisemites, homophobes, and other deplorables swarm my scholarly observations with them. It hurts my self esteem.

    Attend to this at once or my gay Jewish black lawyer – Mx. Cornelius Rye – will be in touch.

    • I demand the right to simultaneously up- and down-vote comments of this fine caliber!

      • Actually, it was worse before the comment software changeover. IIR, when you downvoted, you automatically removed an upvote. So an ignored comment (0 up’s and 0 down’s) could have been one of the most controversial comments posted and you’d never know it.

        I like to see comments that have lots of up *and* down votes. It signifies something folks have interest in and are thinking about, and usually engenders elaboration in follow up comments.

    • The lack of sensitivity around here is horrible! I feel like Joe Biden does when his vids on OyTube crash and burn!☹️

      I gave myself an upvote. I’m sure Mx. Rye will too when xhe arrives with the subpoena…

      I have my doubts about xer though… what I need is a feral, vicious lawyer with no morals or self respect. Is Kamala a lawyer? Or a strumpet?


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