Time For A Divorce

Elections in America have always been contentious things, as the point of them is to get all sides as agitated as possible. If you wanted to find the point at which our elections turned ugly it would be when the concept of turnout became the focus. The surest way to get your guys motivated to vote is to convince them that the alternative is pure evil, the worst thing imaginable. Since one side will always lose, it means something close to half the country is always angry at the result.

The thing is though, it was always a game and most people got it. The candidates would say the vilest things about one another, but then carry on like old pals during a debate, showing the world they did not really mean those things. In fact, this is why the Left has controlled the country. Everyone else has always been sure the Left was not really serious about what they were saying. Despite it all, many people remain convinced that the Left today is just putting on a show.

That may be one of the factors creating the current crisis. The eruption of mass media over the last couple of decades puts the Left in our face all the time. There is no escaping politics today, which means there is no escaping the Left. Watch a sporting event and there will be lefty political preaching. Check the weather for your trip to the beach and you get a lecture on global warming. Go outside and you see people wearing three masks in their car, letting you know they are in that cult.

Of course, social media is like standing in front of a firehose. Even if you only want to follow something banal like entertainment news, you will be drenched in political commentary, almost entirely from the Left. The carnies all fashion themselves as philosophers now. The athletes have made politics a feature of their act. These are the dumbest, crudest people in our society, but they are sure you need to know what they have to say about current events.

There is another part to this. Along with not being able to escape the left-wing crazies, it is becoming increasingly clear that there is no living with them. Politics, regardless of the system, is about compromise. The opposing sides find some middle ground that they can accept or some combination of their proposals that prevent either side from feeling cheated by the other. In a democracy, compromise is based on the understanding that both sides want what is best.

How do you reach a compromise with someone who thinks invisible men from a faraway land used mind control to change an election? On top of that, they were perfectly willing to destroy the country over it. If one side is sure the other side is evil, there can never be a compromise. The best you can get is a truce in the hostilities, but eventually one side will attack again. After all, any compromise with evil is immoral on its face, so the only more thing to do is confront it.

Take a look at this tweet from a man who is the former Director of CIA & NSA. He is convinced that we need to round up citizens and put them in concentration camps because they said things he does not like. The regime has already imprisoned dozens of people on trumped up charges. America is now a country with political prisoners being tortured while in prison. This ghoul wants to institutionalize the persecution and torture of Americans who disagree with official policy.

How can you compromise with a person who literally wants you dead? Even if you dismiss him as a fanatic, look at the responses. The people replying to him are both demented and delusional. It is not unreasonable to say that many of them are suffering from a form of mental illness. If you think the capitol protests were an insurrection or comparable to a terrorist attack, you need to be institutionalized. There is no reasoning or compromising with someone in this condition.

The thing is, of course, is the majority of the ruling class truly believes they are confronting an invisible army of white supremacists. If you polled the media, you can be sure that the overwhelming majority think the protestors are getting off easy. At the same time, they think the two blacks who killed the Uber driver in DC were given rough justice, because racism. We live with people who think it is fine for blacks to murder people, but you cannot question the results of the last election.

The old civic nationalist response to this is “well we just have to make sure to vote for the Republicans in the next election.” Even if conservatives were something other than apologists for their masters on the Left, it does not change the fact that close to half the country wants to murder you. They are not going to lose an election and then think, “Geez, maybe I don’t need to murder that guy with the Trump flag.” Instead, they are going get even more deranged and murderous.

Again, politics has always been contentious, and the Left has always thought they were on a holy mission against the forces of evil. The pretty lie that made it possible to live together was that we all wanted what was best for the country. Like a couple realizing they no longer love one another, we have reached the point where we know we can no longer live with that 20% called the Left. The only possible compromise is with ourselves, which is just another way of describing surrender.

If there is to be a solution to the current crisis it will come when enough white people give up on this relationship with the Left. The people living in whites-only neighborhoods chanting about antiracism are beyond reason. The people demanding the state torture citizens who question official policy can never be trusted. The only peaceful solution is peaceful separation. The only compromise is how best to divvy up the property and even that is only to expedite the divorce. It is time to move on.

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295 thoughts on “Time For A Divorce

  1. I find the opposition to national divorce both perplexing and disturbing considering how obviously correct the suggestion seems to be. Maybe I’m missing something, but I tend to doubt it as a plausible alternative has never been offered in all my searching. If it existed and could be enacted, I’d support it. But I haven’t found it, so I am forced to agree with the Z-Man out of necessity rather than desire. This country is quickly slipping into a fascist dictatorship with talk of court packing, censorship, corporate reprisals for legislative policy and criminalizing dissent. Is that not obvious? Is that the future you want, because doing nothing means you’ll get it whether you want it or not.

    For the most part, these negative comments seem to be thinly veiled excuses for doing nothing. It’s no wonder the left won. I honestly don’t know who I hate more at this point, the victim who excuses his victimizer or the victimizer himself.

    Here’s a short list of the excuses I’ve read on this website: homeschooling*, owning guns, turning off everything and living as a hermit, doomsday massacres will happen, winning breeding contests (apparently unaware that minorities play that game better), keeping to yourself and never expressing opinions publicly, needing permission from the left to do anything and they won’t give it, winning elections, etc.

    None of that will work, and it’s shocking to me how some can’t see this unless they are looking for excuses not to.

    Homeschooling won’t work. Your kids will be exposed to the outside world regardless of what you do, and research indicates the opinions of your children’s peers have a greater impact on forming their worldview than their parents do (see the Judith Rich Harris books, “No Two Alike” and “The Nurture Assumption”). There is a strong evolutionary reason for this: kids need to be adaptable to quickly changing social standards that might leave them ostracized should the world suddenly change around them.

    The moment your kids leave the house, they’ll be subject to the popular culture. It’s far more powerful at changing minds than even some here might suspect. Brainwashing works. We know it does. Thus, so many governments have used it successfully. Why wouldn’t it work on your kids at 18 when they leave your home school? As another commenter stated, (paraphrasing) “you need a good community to ensure good kids.” There is a lot of truth to that. The people advocating the hermit lifestyle don’t understand that no amount of turning off the tv will work in the long run. If you want to fit in with your peers and advance in society, something all non-autists desire, then you must accept society’s narrative.

    Guns rights won’t work for multiple reasons already stated on this website. Example: 90% won’t use them, most are low-powered and no match for military hardware, most civilians aren’t trained and don’t stand a chance against even the police in a conflict, there are lots of ways to ban their manufacture and even compel their return with gun buybacks. You can also regulate manufacturing or even pack the judiciary and declare them illegal for private ownership through an interpretational challenge involving the Second Amendment’s language of “well regulated militia”.

    For example, all gun owners are registered in databases accessible by the government. They can also compel their return via this database. Using transaction records, they can deny you benefits or withhold your tax return. Many older people who live on fixed incomes will choose food over their .38 specials. Facing that threat, most will comply.

    Some excuses for doing nothing involve winning breeding contests or simply waiting it out. Neither of those suggestions are realistic. Middle class Whites aren’t having more children than lower class non-Whites subsidized by the government. Even if they did, the difference would take a century or more to become apparent.

    “Waiting it out” is a terrible idea. The Soviet Union lasted 80 years – an entire human lifetime of misery — and cost the lives of millions, but some here think we should just let it happen all over again because, from their perspective, it’s not like they’re going to be the ones living through this nightmare, just all the younger ones they convinced to do nothing so they could ride out their final years into the sunset. I think that’s the perfect representation of American materialism and consumer culture: I got mine, so screw you. As I said, who should I hate more, the victim who excuses his victimizer or the victimizer himself?


    • Other Excuses:

      “They’ll never let us go!”

      Why do we need their permission, and how are they going to stop us? As has been pointed out already, many red states are too large to physically occupy with an army for a sustained period of time. They can’t do this while also running an army disproportionately manned by our people and patrolling the globe. I’m sure they will do something, but will it be enough against sustained opposition? At the very least, it’ll harm their credibility, and hasten the end of their empire, should they resort to any extreme measure to stop us.

      “Build communities instead”

      There is no community of our people the regime will tolerate. They’ll immigrate people to bust them up should they form, and they’ll use the legal profession, government, media, and business community to quash our efforts should they prove successful. If you try to form a community of our people, they’ll call you names, deplatform you, fire you, doxx your friends and family and harass you until you commit suicide. I favor forming local connections, but we should be realistic in what they can achieve. Communities can’t exist for any more than a handful of our people without government protection. Yes, the Jews had their communities, but they were small, nomadic, distrusted, and continually removed from their host countries. Is that the kind of community we want for our people?

      Excuse making is not the mentality that wins the future. In contrast, the Jews had the dream of Israel, and they fought for it. They’ll be secure as a people, free to live by their own code, to the end of the world while Western civilization slowly crumbles and Whites end up a hated and oppressed minority in all of their former countries – all of which will be extracted of wealth, culture, and peace due to the dogma of racial equity – because individualist Whites would rather live in comfort for the moment than risk sacrificing in the present for their children’s future.


      • The most opposition to national divorce will come from red state republican politicians who want to continue to think theyhave a future in politics at the national level and their blue state parasite friends who want to tqx us to death.

        Look at the Texas GOP types who aren’t board with the Texas Nationalist Movement.

    • There are many conservatives, economic populists, post-libertarians, and assorted contrarians who think we can vote our way out of this, that we can work within the current system. Frankly, I don’t see how.

      Race trumps class for enough people. Why can’t the democrats use their media to gin up racial hate against us until they win just enough minority votes to retain power? Companies like Amazon know racial diversity equals division. That’s why they promote it. Exploiting diversity is an effective means to break union solidarity. Why can’t this work on a national level?

      I see no reason why an authoritarian regime couldn’t gin up just enough interracial hatred before each election, while doing the bare minimum on the economy, to retain power. It’s a powerful combination that’s worked well in many diverse countries, including our own – 2020’s BLM riots prove that. Even if Trump had been a populist, he still would have lost the popular vote by millions. The electoral college will soon follow and that window of election viability will end.

      Further, In many South and Central American countries, “class” is just a convenient proxy for “ethnicity.” Attacking the rich is really just attacking the lighter skin upperclass. In those instances, Hispanic communists exploited the poor to attack the rich. In America, the ruling class is doing the opposite: using the poor to attack the middle while serving the interests of the rich. Different bent but same result because race loyalty often trumps class loyalty and “class” really means “ethnicity” for enough people.

      This kind of tactic works quite well. The media is busy calling Biden the second coming of FDR for exactly that reason. And it’s working. His approval rating is consistently over 50% in most polls and as high as 61% in others. How can the GOP win against that considering demographic trends and democrat establishment control? Why can’t the democrats give just enough crumbs to the masses while stoking race hatred for them to squeak by?

      In Mexico, corrupt politicians would hand out free dryers, washers, and money to the poor in exchange for votes and then stiff the working class once they got into power. It worked for decades. Will this country really be any different?

      Republicans can only win future presidential elections with majority Hispanic support (or an unprecedented, and unlikely, level of White support). Even if they got this support, ask yourself if that kind of hyper divided country is a place you want to live in, a place where every election is a fierce racial turnout battle with class conflict being a signifier of the free goodies your ethnic tribe demands in exchange for support?

      Besides, how exactly are the republicans supposed to overcome the democrats who hold near absolute power over the entire media, finance, legal, business, and professional class?

      In fact, it’s much worse than that. Recent polling shows republican party identification plummeting. I predicted in the past that once it became clear the democrats were the permanent ruling party due to demographics and institutional control, the fearful public would leave the GOP in droves in order to avoid being on the losing side and, potentially, being oppressed as a result. That looks like it’s turning out to be true.

      Why would people attach themselves to a demonized, powerless republican party which might get them fired, socially ostracized, or worse? How many stories did we hear after the election involving leftists taking pictures of their neighbors with Trump signs planted in their yards, ostensibly for future payback? How many stories were there of major companies promising blacklists of anyone associated with Donald Trump?

      Who wanted to publicly identify themselves as a Trotsky loyalist in Soviet Russia after he fled the country? Who wanted to be an open royalist in revolutionary France after the king was executed? Humans naturally pick the winning side and go with it, and no one really wants to cast their lot with a doomed opposition. Thus, populism or no populism, the GOP may be dead. Elections may just be formalities now, equivalent to coronation ceremonies. So, you can kiss any chance of solving our issues through voting in national elections goodbye.

      Biden’s support could be exaggerated because people lie to pollsters these days, which is common in totalitarian societies. Regardless, it doesn’t really matter anymore. I see no reason why we should fight to preserve such an awful place where people have to lie about their opinions and where only one party is allowed. Wouldn’t it just be easier to have our own place where our opinions are the norm?


    • [Media ginning up racial conflict] “They are trying to manipulate us into taking the bait. There is absolutely nothing that they would love more than another accelerationist mass shooting.”

      True, but is that the only option? And is a country that would try to incite violence really worth our loyalty? Inciting violence for political ends is basically the official government policy now. That’s why all these far-left networks gin up anti-White conspiracy theories. They’re hoping to incite violence so they can retaliate and live out their dreams of punishing their hated enemies in a righteous good war against them.

      If you came home one day and found your wife cheating on you with the neighbor, would you excuse it by saying she’s just trying to get under your skin or would you file for divorce, moving out if necessary? A violent retaliation isn’t necessary in that case. Just walk away. Stop trying to save a relationship where only one partner cares.

      I agree the regime is trying to gin up a conflict as an excuse to establish a police state. But let me ask you this: is this place worth it anymore considering that fact? Just what do you get out of this arrangement?


      Brad Griffin has a lot of content on his website documenting all the media’s various racial attacks on White Caucasians. Even if you don’t like the guy, I encourage you to check it out. Afterwards, ask yourself again if this relationship is really worth it. If all you care about in life is a paycheck and retiring in peace, then I guess it is. If you have any kind of dignity or children whom you don’t want subjected to this horror, then maybe it is not.

      Pt. 4

    • The way I see it, we have two choices. We can try to unite the multi-ethnic working class in some kind of grand populist voting coalition or we can divorce and have a supermajority state of our own. Both carry risks.

      If we go with the election strategy and lose, there is no backup. The country will be so flooded with foreigners by then that every red state will be blue – every conservative county will be a mini Tibet, flooded with dissimilar foreigners imported to put us down. No freedoms, a bad economy, and constant racial hate aimed at our people.

      Here’s a short future history of that society:

      The regime will finish erasing our culture. They already destroyed hundreds of monuments this summer. The DC mayor even held meetings about relocating or destroying the Washington Monument, and the Democratic Party’s Official Twitter account called Mount Rushmore a symbol of “white supremacy”, eventually setting it up for destruction. The same will occur with classical music, now described as “white supremacist,” and old movies, many of which now carry warning labels for wrong think. I don’t see how this doesn’t spread to all aspects of our former culture. What’s to stop it?

      The regime will also institute draconian police state measures, including selective prosecutions of dissidents, abolishing constitutional privacy protections with red flag laws that are sure to be abused, and instituting odious social credit schemes; if you’ve ever said one wrong thing in your life, you’ll be ruined. Lots of companies already employ researchers for exactly this purpose, including the streaming website Twitch. Many employers are now using AI to search your social media and flag anything potentially “problematic.” This will grow much worse on all fronts in the future. How long before being a republican gets you fired? Consider the fact that democrats wanted to remove National Guard soldiers from the capitol based on their primary voting records.

      Movies, literature, music and art – anything White — will be banned or censored. There are countless examples of this already, so it isn’t fear mongering to suggest it will grow worse. It’s based on recent precedent.

      Racial violence to achieve desirable election results may also become far more common in the future. The regime now regularly employs this tactic before elections, 2016 and 2020’s BLM riots come to mind. Racial attacks on White Caucasians, including public demonization and employment discrimination – among many others – will continue. I wouldn’t be surprised if something reminiscent of Zimbabwean farm seizures happen here one day. Maybe they’ll take your home in the name of equity and restorative justice. Can we really say that’s out of the question now?

      The courts will also be packed in future America. All media will be state propaganda. Several new states will be added, and the democrats will control the Senate forever and make up law and control its interpretation at will. No more constitutional protections because that parchment is only good as the system that upholds its intent. The constitution’s protections will become a relic of America’s “white supremacist” past.

      It’s not uncommon to encounter SJWs who claim “you only think that joke’s funny because you want to be racist” or “words are violence.” Can you really say those same people won’t redefine the First Amendment to mean only permissible speech, carving out endless exceptions to what you can say? They already have in popular entertainment. Name one truly funny movie you’ve seen in the last five years. I can’t think of one because jokes are now taboo. How many shows that aired in the 1980s and 1990s couldn’t be aired now? That’s how far we’ve fallen, and woke Millennials aren’t even fully in charge yet.

      The country will be rocked with continual government-induced economic crises because there will no longer be a credible opposition to oppose bad policy, and ideology will trump facts. The Green New Deal, equity-based education, and affirmative action everything are examples. Gorging on fantasy will be more enticing to a ruling class that’s riding the tiger than fasting on an uncomfortable, fact-based reality. Which minority group wants to hear they can’t go to Harvard just because they failed high school? That’s white supremacy. You don’t want to be accused of supporting “white supremacy” do you? Let Trayvon in, give him a masters in engineering, too. And while we’re at it, why not spend trillions on housing reparations and solar power because … legacy of hate, or something. Hey, you don’t want to be hater for opposing these policies, do you? Solar power panels for everyone! You’re laughing (or raging), but the media uses that guilt-by-association tactic all the time to get their way.

      The military will become the democrat party’s PLA enforcers. We’re seeing it develop before our eyes. Consider the following: The regime is purging dissenters based on their constitutionally protected views, labeling any group they don’t like as “extremists,” and they list BLM as an acceptable, non-extremist, group despite its broad unpopularity and association with violence in 2020. Back in January, the democrats wanted to use voting records to purge republicans from the National Guard when they were sent to Washington. The same military has also publicly attacked civilian journalists for criticizing them, and they’re busy trying to start WW3 with both China and Russia, the latter over a natural gas pipeline.

      They’re not your friends.

      “The Pentagon is doing its own internal review to “identify and combat white supremacy and other far-right extremism.” Black Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin warned Congress that “enemies [may] lie within our own ranks.” The military requires diversity training, and Ibram Kendi’s How to Be an Antiracist is on the Navy’s Professional Reading Program. The Pentagon even attacked cable news host Tucker Carlson after he mocked diversity efforts. A memo on the “Extremism and Insider Threat in the DoD” published byPolitico shows that the brass think fairly common symbols such as the “OK” sign, the Punisher logo … and the “Come and Take It” slogan are potential “symbols of extremism.””


      That’s a short list, too. The future could be bad.


    • On the other hand, if we try to secede and lose … well, the immediate consequences could also be quite bad (or maybe not).

      Regardless, the result will be the same as if we try the election route and lose. And it need not be violent, either. We could take over several state governments and arrange a vote. Several state legislators in Texas have made this point. Some authors are also trying to argue Texas independence is legal via the terms Texas entered the Union. And just recently the Georgia governor retaliated against Biden’s hateful lies by publicly declaring the election was stolen. There seems to be some latent support for divorce, and quite a bit of anger, in the states for the measure, so why not amplify it? No armed rebellion is necessary.

      There is precedent in international law for peaceful separation. And if the USA weakens enough, perhaps strong governments like China and Russia could aid our efforts. How much would China offer (clandestinely) to a couple of red states if they broke away? How much would it be worth to them? And as another poster pointed out, does this government really have the manpower to physically occupy areas larger than some European countries forever while also manning a global empire? Will these blue state hipsters really be willing to trade Los Angeles for Louisiana or Albany for Athens? Will they trade in their comfortable lives just for Arkansas or risk significant conflict just for South Carolina? I tend to doubt it. The federal government might protest, but without public support they’d be stuck in the mud.

      A peaceful separation may not be out of the cards. How do we know until we at least advocate it? Maybe we should give that a try first before declaring it impossible.

      If we do win, what are the benefits? In scenario one (the populist voting strategy), you are stuck in a divided multi-racial society where the government may very well tip over into South American style communism as the demographics continue changing. Just like many majority Hispanic countries, the government may be inept and corrupt. But at least you’ll win some stuff on economics, for a time. Maybe racial divisions will decrease if the republicans are willing to take the other side to the woodshed.

      In scenario two, we can get pretty much everything we could have gotten with scenario one, especially considering future advances in AI and manufacturing, but we’ll also live in a stable society with a cohesive demographic of our own people. We’ll never have to walk on eggshells again or hear anything negative about our people along racial lines. There’s a reason why uniethnic nations like Japan don’t experience political correctness or self-hate: there is nothing along those lines for the ruling class to gatekeep. In the case of independence, the end of political correctness comes naturally. We don’t have to legislate it away or bother winning divisive elections. We control our own nation for our own benefit.

      There is tranquility in that society because the far left was geographically separated away in blue states (a phenomenon documented by Charles Murray) and now pretty much everyone has the same opinions. Personality is strongly heritable, so our society never again has to worry about White leftists causing trouble because they are isolated away from our gene pool.

      We’ll have the framework to deplatform the left and their toxic culture and reset society in our image. We can pass constitutional reforms aimed at preventing this madness from ever happening again. No more racist propaganda from the likes of MSNBC, CNN, Salon, Vox, The Verge, and these late night “comedy” shows. No more BLM. No more antifa. All deplatformed just like they did us. Buh-bye.

      In that society, there is a national culture and a common identity. Self-hate is a thing of the past. Concepts like patriotism and civic virtue return; jingoism isn’t necessary because we don’t aspire to conquer the world in the name of social justice. Freedom reigns because corporations are legally restricted in advocating policy, donating to politicians (all elections are publicly financed and large donations are illegal), and discriminating against any employee or customer based on specifically enumerated freedoms and ideas listed in our new, and superior, constitution. Billionaires are also heavily restricted in terms of what they can do with their money; no more NGO’s for guys like George Soros or the Koch brothers; no more owning newspapers and websites Mr. Bezos; no more corporate monopolies, either – especially in education and information distribution.

      Crime is much lower because most black identitarians and white SJW troublemakers have moved to blue states and our prosecutors don’t let rioters back out onto the streets under penalty of law. Freedom of expression returns and there is a renaissance of culture because the Left can no longer censor us or require that we create things for other people who hate us. Once intractable problems become solvable. The suicide rate has plummeted because people have something to live for again. Mental illness declines because people no longer have to seek out fringe identities for belonging. The government isn’t corrupt because we control it. Racism doesn’t exist because the nation isn’t multicultural – one nation, one people (mostly); racism can’t exist without multiple races. The SJW left doesn’t exist at all – deplatformed and deported.

      The only conflicts in society are over trivial things like tax rates, not whether Whites should be allowed to continue existing. The weather is nice, for the most part, and every day is pretty much the same as the last day, with nothing much violent or significantly divisive happening.

      Our nation is supermajority White normie. After divorce, we selectively immigrated a relatively trivial percentage of Trump’s voters via official government policy and reinforced our demographic majorities to historically high percentages – well over 90% with just 5%, or less, of Trump’s voters. Israel did this, independence then immigration, and it worked for them. Why wouldn’t it work for us?

      That nation sounds like paradise, honestly. How do we make it happen? The first step is to talk about it. Let’s not dismiss the possibility out of hand just because we’ve become too jaded to hope for a better future.

      Pt. 6

  2. I’m suprised no one posted the sad news of Phillip Adams. (I’m reading a lot into this, based on assumptions, so forgive me if I get some details wrong, or my biases show.) I wasn’t able to find a detailed biography of Adams. I was a bit suprised that he was born, lived and died in his home town of Rock Hill, SC. It is about 38% black. That’s about triple the national average. That statistic alone will tell you the local violent crime rate will be triple — at least — the national average.

    Negro Ex-NFL player goes nuts and murders neighbor, White doctor and his family, before taking his own life. Mental problems, no suprise! What’s not mentioned in the story: Adams was rich. I assume he lived in a nicer neighborhood, since white MD’s don’t usually live in the slums.

    But he could not escape his inherent Blackness. Among these are grim statistics: Adams likely grew up in a welfare family, no father figure, the usual ghetto bad influences. He was likely of only average (for them) intelligence. 8th grade level. The high school he attended shows a suspiciously high number of graduates who became pro sportballers, and a suspicous lack of what we’d call the professions.

    Blacks have a violence rate at least six times that of Whites. Throw in (perhaps) some anabolic hormone use, and you have a recipe for disaster. Add a lifetime of Liberal socialist brainwashing about White supremacy causing all Black problems, shake well and you have…

    Generations ago, those neighborhoods would have been rigidly segregated. Perhaps those racists of yore knew something that we’ve forgtten.

    • Yeah, VDARE covered that story.

      They have lots of informative articles detailing these issues you bring up; including the fact that Blacks are much more likely than other races to be psychopaths.

      Of course, all right-thinking people realize that it’s the dreaded evil of WHITE SUPREMACY that’s causing these poor oppressed Blacks to do what they do….

  3. Separation IS the only solution. Not that those wishing to keep it together would willingly give it to you… you’re going to have to grab it for yourselves. Its like being in an abusive relationship. Are you going to let yourself continue being beaten black and blue making excuses for the perp who repeatedly lies to your face that they’ll “change” or will you pack up the kids and split? The other party will more than likely threaten to kill you if you get any “ideas” about leaving. That’s how dysfunctional and sick it currently is… the control freaks, as in the ones who want things to remain together and to “work things out” even though they never intend to, are going to be the ones who pull the trigger on you for peacefully leaving!!! And you can damn well count on their propagandists in painting you as rebels for simply firing back in self defense.

  4. “If there is to be a solution to the current crisis it will come when enough white people give up on this relationship with the Left.”

    Why just whites? There’s a growing number of non-whites who oppose the Left while it’s whites who most fervently promote the Left.

    Recall Richard III who, in extremis, offered to swap his kingdom for a horse. Henry Tudor replied, “I’ve got the horse and now it seems I’ve got the kingdom, so what’s to deal?” Candace Owens or Nancy Pelosi, who’s your friend?

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  6. Look at how eagerly Blacks are embracing this “racial reckoning”!

    The more articulate ones losing no opportunity to hurl invectives and criticism, the less sophisticated ones attacking physically. They’ve been waiting forever to get back at Whitey, and they’re going at it in every way they know how.

    From the “women of color” in the woke media incessantly complaining about yet another transgression against them by Whites, to the Black thugs on the street venting their hatred by randomly and brutally attacking strangers of other races— it’s clear that Blacks have been waiting for this moment of vengeance for a long time.

    It’s not “making things right” that they’re after, or “achieving equality”, or “ending racism” or “achieving social justice”— it’s REVENGE that they’re after, pure and simple.

    They want to get back at Whites, to punish them, to put Whitey in his place, to let him know how it feels to get abused. They won’t be happy until Whites are subjugated, humiliated, and suffering like they did, or imagine they did.

    It’s Old Testament “justice” they’re after, an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth: all the evils and discrimination that they see as having been visited on them, they’re determined to inflict back many times over. “Racial reckoning” = “Payback time”.

    Thinking about all the genuine progress towards social and legal equality that’s been made in the way Blacks are being treated, since the bad old days of *real* Jim Crow— school desegregation, the civil rights laws and anti-discrimination laws, the thousands of “programs” aimed at uplifting Blacks, the welfare “safety net” of “entitlements” which disproportionately benefit them, the billions of dollars White America has poured into helping them, the affirmative action in hiring and college and university admissions that’s still going on, the constant celebration and glorification of Blacks and Blackness at every possible opportunity, the media’s unspoken insistence that every TV commercial and advertisement include successful, sophisticated Blacks— the Black female physicians and scientists in their white lab coats, the White couple gratefully meeting with the wise Black banker, the smiling interracial couples— the fact that White America elected— not once, but twice!— a Black President— can there be any doubt that Blacks have it far better than ever before?

    Has there ever been a society so over-the-top in its blatant worship and adulation of Blacks?

    Seeing all that, one might expect some gratitude, some grateful acknowledgment on the part of Blacks, of all the gains that have been made.

    But instead, we observe this paradoxical and puzzling fact: that the better things get for them, the madder Blacks become; the louder they are in going on and on about “racism” and “White privilege”.

    Far from thanking Whites for all they’ve done, they’re taking great delight in demonizing Whites and Whiteness. “White” has now become a pejorative. And not only are Blacks eager to attack Whites on every possible front and in every possible way— to bring them down from their “privileged” positions in the society they built— they insist on shitting on the memory of their ancestors as well.

    An all-out attack which the smugly-self-righteous ethno-masochistic elitist progressives on the Left are clearly enjoying as well. Watching the Blacks giving the crackers what they deserve is immensely satisfying to them.

    It IS like a divorce: one of those bitter, take-no-prisoners affairs where the “wronged” party won’t be satisfied until utter ruin has been visited on the one they see as having ruined their life.

    • Vengeance kills twice! Those Blacks that take up that cudgle will reap the harvest, I believe however they are in the minority egged-on by the communists among us.

      • Yes, they’re definitely being egged-on!
        Does anyone really imagine that the increase of Black-on-White attacks has nothing to do with all the anti-White hate rhetoric, and the constant reminders to Blacks about how Whites oppress them?

        • There has always been massive amounts of black on white violence. And it’s not even close to being all about revenge. Look at the way they kill each other at the drop of a hat..

    • I’m always amazed at how tone-deaf and disconnected those moon bats who howl about “systemic racism” blah blah blah. Really? A system purportedly so evil, and “systemic” (mustn’t forget to throw that word in there again and again) that it allowed you to rise to prominence so you could bitch and complain from a position of prestige and power? All I can say is that’s some mighty cockeyed racism if there ever was one.

      • Race aside, you are expecting rational behavior from the clearly insane. Or is it? Perhaps they’ve just been trained to beg? These and other recipients have been given one benefit after another. Feel unfulfilled? Just cry “racism!” and some new perk will magically appear. It’s almost as though they have a magic lamp; just rub it and the Genie will appear. In the legend, only three wishes were granted. But they keep rubbing the lamp; at some point the magic account is overdrawn and they are just left with a useless lamp.

        Also worth mentioning is that much of the “advancement” is completely illusory: racial quotas, preferences, disparate impact ( = treat one group differently). Everybody knows the game is rigged, that the average minority is substandard, but everybody plays along, lest the charade be exposed for the fraud it is. We don’t want to upset anyone or hurt feelings, you understand.

        We are well on the road to doing away with merit or even proof of competence. It seems to me this will end very badly.

    • I agree with many of your points, but there is one glaring omission. The entire premise of civil rights or equal treatment under the law rested on the assumption that the Negro race was on the same level, or could reach the same level, as Whites. This, I believe is a fatally flawed assumption. Leaving aside the fact that every individual will be unique in various ways, it remains a fact that there are dramatic differences in the norms of Black vs. White culture. It is simply impossible to expect these two (or other) races to live by the same standards. I offer no good solutions to this problem; I only observe that to pretend that the same standards can be appied to all, and expect equal outcomes, is a fool’s errand. Ultimatey, I hold with those that say total separation of the races would be the best answer.

      • Yep: and it wasn’t that long ago that most White people thought the same; including Abraham Lincoln:

        “I am not nor ever have been in favor of making voters or jurors of negroes, nor of qualifying them to hold office, nor to intermarry with white people; and I will say in addition to this that there is a physical difference between the white and black races which I believe will for ever forbid the two races living together on terms of social and political equality. And inasmuch as they cannot so live, while they do remain together there must be a position of superior and inferior, and I as much as any other man am in favor of having the superior position assigned to the white race.”
        18 September, 1858, In his debate with Stephan Douglas

        There’s a book I’m sure you’d find interesting, The Negro In American Civilization, by Nathaniel Weyl, which documents what you describe. It was published in 1960, so it doesn’t have any of the obvious modern examples; but illustrates the point that it’s been that way all along.

        So yeah: separation is the only viable solution.

        • I have no doubt whatsoever that negro and white can never live in peace together.The physical and mental differences are very obviously too great.Negros were brought to the Americas as slaves,a big wrong and mistake.The settlers from Europe should have done the work themselves in the plantations and the rest of the dirty work as well. It would have taken a little more time to get things done but would have avoided conflict down the road. Now the negro is free and could move back to Africa to be amongst his own people, and be finally happy.Africa is a big continent and could be made into something the negro may never have in America,be free of the pesky whites. Would the negro be able to make a great homeland, in Africa ? Could he ????

    • Read “They were White and They were Slaves: The untold History of White Servitude in America” by Michael A. Hoffman II. You will find that there were more white slaves than black slaves . . . furthermore, the black slaves were much more valuable than the white slaves and were treated much better by their owners.

  7. A blog comment I read somewhere a few months ago put it well: If we can’t even agree on what makes a man a man and a woman a woman then we can’t get along.

  8. Separation is a waste of time until we have a cultural revolution.

    After separation the tribe would still control our media, entertainment, financial system and much of social media. The left would still control our schools. Our churches would still be morally compromised and on the side of the enemy. The Chamber of Commerce would still want cheap labor. The young in our states would be increasingly brown and Sjw. Our single women would still be insane. Israel would still bet our greatest ally. In other words the same dynamics would be in place and soon we would be right back to where we are now.

      • Most of these posts in opposition to separation are probably feds. I’ve noticed an influx of anon accounts. Thus, the constant red herring arguments and misinformation and scaremongering and repetition of debunked talking points.

        • I didn’t downvote you, but you misunderstood my post.

          I think there is general agreement on the ends. People posting here agree that separation, or a reconquista, or something like it is a necessity. The question then is the means. Other countries that have encountered similar challenges typically employ means that involve some level of coercion. Discussion of these means with respect to our position is unwise but perhaps necessary.

          Yarvin makes a nice effort in this direction here:

    • No, that’s completely wrong. It’s just another excuse to do nothing. You want people to sit around waiting for something that will never happen (a cultural revolution against the total combined power of the state and majority public opposition) because you don’t really want anything to happen. It’s a red herring. You don’t really think such a cultural revolution will ever happen, which is why you want people to waste their efforts trying to make one or sit around waiting for one.

      After we separate, we can use the new government to seize the media on our terms and create our own revolution. We can write a new constitution that puts us in charge permanently. Separation solves all the problems. The left are geographically isolated in blue areas outside our country; we’ll control the media and government because there is no opposition; we can deplatform the toxic cultural elements emanating from blue areas; etc. There are several red states where divorce could happen without any kind of “cultural revolution” being necessary. That’s where we should put our efforts. Anything else is an excuse for doing nothing.

      • Right. The culture is fine for the most part in many geographic locations. It’s the leadership that has to change.

        Look at the way people responded to Trump’s original platform. There are plenty of people who are ready..

  9. Gen. Micheal Hayden while the head of the NSA initiated the program to create an algorithm for every single American. For what purpose? For control.

  10. Well Hayden lives in a lovely house on Chesterfield Ave in Mc Lean, VA. I’m sure he and his wife would welcome visitors to discuss his communist agenda…

  11. What happened to most people’s avatars? I cannot connect with any of the 4 “connect with” links in the comment window to enable avatar. Any advice? Or link to explanation of what happened? Thanks

  12. Absolutely right !!!

    The previous post cooncerns Dual-Seedline Christian Identity dogma & doxology regarding the Exodus 1551 BC back when whigger Aryan Israelites were ruled over by jews — Amorite Canaanite Hyksos — as opposed to today when ZOGling whigger Aryan ass-clowns are ruled over by Hivite/Hittite/Khazar/Ashkenazi jews as part of my Exodus 2021 sermons of my The Dying ZOG podcasts.

    Relatively tame and I’ll thank the Z-man who is the bestest GenX Whigger-Whimperer in the WN 3.0 bizness for letting me post it on his blog which I read every day and disagree with at least half of it.

    Still am a thorn in the Missery LibberToon Party since 1996 when I ran for governor agaainst their chosen Libbertoon fag as an open militia leader and then was kicked out in 1998 and sued them for snivel rights abuses in federal kort — and lost.

    In addition to being head of the Aryan Nations I am Chairman of the Newton County LibberToon Party and run whomever I want for county [s]elections.

    Since 2006 an open White Supremacist cannot run in an open primary in the Republican, Democrat, LibberToon or CONstipation Parties in Missouri. I ran against Howdy-Doody Hawley as a write in back in 2018.
    See: howdydoodyhawley.club/blog/

    I’ve been kicked off every single Whigger Nutsionalist web page, recently for using the “f-word” (fake) against GRIDS-Grinder Greggie’s Whigger Nutsionalist 3.0 begathon Johnson. I’ve been a thorn in the side of the [bowel] Movement as well as the LibberToons since the 1990s. Pat Buchanan denounced me for racism when I ran for US Senate on the Reform Party ticket in 2000.

    I’ve been whupping up the whiggers and trying to turn them feral as opposed to whimpering them up to a lather for a long long time.

    So I recommend that I’m not someone whom any of you ZOGling whigger & mamzer ass-clowns want anything to do with whatsoever. However if any of you do go “Lone Tard” I’ll be the only one not denouncing you.

    Hail Victory !!!

    Pastor Martin Lindstedt
    Church of Jesus Christ Christian / Aryan Nations of Missouri-ZOGland
    Chairman, Newton County LibberToon Party

  13. Without productive people, communists starve to death. This is the reason why communists always needed slaves or camps. So, communists never accept divorce or separation even in smallest form. Parasite can not live without host This will come down they our yours. Good news is that entire planet knows this so welcome to WW III

  14. Just yesterday, a man posted on this forum about his experience of being confronted by a group of far-leftist students … in bible study. Homeschooling isn’t the solution you think it is. Studies have repeatedly shown children take cues more from their peers than their parents. Judith Rich Harris wrote a book about this entitled, “The Nurture Assumption” (tl;dr: it’s wrong). You can teach your kids at home, but it’s the wider society that matters in forming their beliefs, at least the part that isn’t influenced by genetics. If you want healthy children, you need a healthy society to raise them in. For the vast majority of children, homeschooling will not shield them from an outside world they’ll inevitability have contact with. If things get much worse, those same kids might one day even turn you into the authorities for teaching hatespeech.

    • Think about it. Prior to industrialization children were “socialized” by their (1) parents and siblings, (2) extended family, (3) their Church. The modern system of sending your kids to be “socialized” by strangers who you may or may not have anything in common with seems like a bad bet, doesn’t it? (BTW, I was repeatedly punished in public school for the egregious crime of “reading ahead.”) Public school is either torture or a waste of time for the kids that would most benefit by it.

      • wow. I had not thought of – remembered – being admonished for “reading ahead”. Of course, in later years, I understood it for what it was… punished for excellence

  15. I enjoy referring to the leftists with names that they recognize either as the mirror image of their names for others, or by names they have used for the right: “Oh, I see you’re a Believer”, “You Accelerationists are succeeding wonderfully….” (after all, that is what they are, isn’t it?), etc. It seems that many in their lizard brains can be sent into a loop with such terms. It goes right to their emotional processing center while logic does not. If you want to change a thought pattern that was not put there by logic, you will not succeed using logic. Their thought leaders are skilled at using language to go directly to the amygdala and embed thoughts and feelings that are impervious to logic. If you want to save any of them, pay heed to the slogans they repeat to understand how they were implanted and the weaknesses they took advantage of to put them there, and use verbal jiu jitsu.

    • This sounds a bit like neurolinguistic programming (NLP), if I’m reading you right.

  16. It’s nearly impossible to look at Michael Hayden’s head without thinking about a baseball bat and a pumpkin.

    • These present and former nomenklatura need more ex-NFL stars living in their leafy enclaves 😈

  17. A great tome Z. I forwarded this one to a number of people I know who are now openly talking about the national divorce. One of those I forwarded this article to is a friend of mine I wrote about a few months ago who is a retired firefighter who now has MS and who’s two daughters have become foaming-at-the-mouth leftists.
    He and I have spoken about this very subject at length and he has mentioned it to the two daughters, who upon hearing this idea and their father espousing it, become even more enraged and this gets to a very important point, one that you mentioned before. That point is the fact that lefty is never going to allow us to leave quietly and begin again. This is for two reasons; the first being that they can NEVER have an example of a well functioning society living a stones throw from their Utopia. Many of their “citizens” would notice and begin having second thoughts which would result in a migration away to greener pastures, or even an overthrow of their Utopia. The second and more important is the fact that a big draw for these people is openly persecuting us with the dream of marching us to the camps. Take that away and most of them now have no calling. No, that can never be allowed to happen. Their mortal enemies can not be allowed to simply walk off into the sunset, hence, no peaceful separation.
    The only way I see this happening is a huge bump in the system where folks like you and I can now begin to actively take charge of our local areas, hook up with other like-minded areas and tell these leftists, “Start walking, we tried things your way and look what happened, we’re done.”

    • “The only way I see this happening is a huge bump in the system where folks like you and I can now begin to actively take charge of our local areas, hook up with other like-minded areas and tell these leftists, “Start walking, we tried things your way and look what happened, we’re done.””

      I prefer the “tell it to the back hoe operator” from WRSA

    • “What makes a man like Ringo?”

      “The Reckoning. He wants revenge for being born.”

      Another poster here today said a very amusing thing: Call them what they call us. Believers or accelerationists, attacking on an emotional level. I love that idea.

      Another that works on the same level and I think is at the heart of the foam-at-the-mouth Lefty’s life. “You don’t believe a word of what you say. You’re just masking that fact that you’re ashamed of how irresponsible you have been.”

      I really think it’s true. All of the bowlshidt they spout lays attention everywhere but on their own efforts. Their lives are a lie, and they know it. Their lives are meaningless, and they desperately try to make a fake meaning with their mindless causes. Laughing at them kills them. They will get violent (already are) and at some point we’ll have to defend ourselves. I don’t really want to be a Kulak.

  18. The Left is parasitical in whatever host country they thrive in. That can’t survive alone. Further, if they were forced to live up to their ideologies as a segregated group they would go extinct in a short period of time. They know that, so divorcing them would be very difficult. The modern Left are simply looters preying on a morally disarmed culture, which they’ve corrupted for that purpose. Guilt and shame tactics are especially effective when your the one defining right and wrong, and in many cases, having your views backed up by the force of government. The reason for all the loud carny freak shows is to demonstrate power – to demoralize the non-believers by showing them they’re no longer in charge and also to attract other amoral power seekers looking for a star to hitch their wagon to.

  19. “Go outside and you see people wearing three masks in their car, letting you know they are in that cult.”

    Saw this virtue signal the other day, woman wearing a pin indicating that she had taken the covid vaccine. It was a more permanent version of the “I Voted” sticker.

    • There is already a depressingly enormous quantity of pro-vax items being sold on all the print-on-demand stores.

      • The USA is now at 20% of population “fully” vaccinated. While I don’t survey everyone I meet, in my daily life I meet virtually all white middle class, skewd to retired age, and to date I have met one (1) who is anti-Covid-vaxx. We exchanged telephone numbers 🙂

        I remain jab-skeptic, and duly tell anyone who will listen. 60 million (and growing) is a large set of subjects for a Phase IV study, but that is functionally what we have. I wish these people the best, but long term effects won’t be known for, well, for the long term 🙁

  20. Very good article detailing the problem but with no solution — other than the Final Solution[s] given inevitable civilizational collapse and massive depopulation.

    Collapse will bring about decentralization and de facto secession not through any negotiated settlement between equal parties but rather by default between the Mighty Evil Dying ZOG Empire and The Ten Thousand Warlords.

    Also there is and always has been “white supremacy” opposition inherent in whites which can spontaneously appeaer and sometimes even organize like a cancer in a dying body politic. This Mighty Evil ZOG Empire is correct to always be on the lookout for when it inevitably appears and burns down the entire decaying edifice.

    As in 1551 BC under Moses revolting and secceeding against the Amorite Canaanite jew Hyksos kings in conjunction with the 17th dynasty of Thebans under Kamose and Ahmose I upper and lower Egypt was united while the Aryan Israelite slaves pulled free under the Exodus 1551 BC. Likewise 3572 years later under Exodus 2021.

    Hail Victory !!!

    Pastor Martin Lindstedt
    Church of Jesus Christ Christian / Aryan Nations of Missouri

    • What an obvious fed plant. I mean, I have seen some pretty tone-deaf plants, but you take the cake. I wonder if you are just naive in thinking we couldn’t sniff you out a mile away, or you really are an autistic sperg in thinking the DR is anything like the 1.0 folks.

      • This guy may or may not be a fed plant, but he has been a thorn in the side of the MO Libertarian Party for many years, but that’s their own fault for not controlling their own primaries – anybody can call themselves a Libertarian and be on the ballot. Maybe that’s changed in the last 20 years, but I doubt it. At any rate, you’re right to take this guy with a pound of salt.

        • he did get 4 votes in the 2020 Missouri gubernatorial race . 4 more than i’ve ever gotten

          i say go for it, even if theyre a little wacky id still vote for him over whatever cuck R is running lol

          • I posted a follow-up which was rejected as spam and another one which is on moderation.

            So thank Z-man for allowing the initial post and leaving my web page intact for those who wish to read more.

            In Missouri since 2006 open White Supremacists are not allowed to run on the Republican, Democrat, LibberToon or CONstipation Party (open) primaries and that is partly on account of myself running as a Republican for US Senate in 2002 and for Governor of Missouri in 2004 and causing trouble there instead as a LibberToon for Governor in 1996 and U.S. Senate in 1998. And for US Senate as a Reform Party Candidate in 2000 and getting denounced for racism by Pat Buchanan.

            Since 2010 I’ve either had to run for county office as a LibberToon or for state-wide office as a write-in.

            Those who think I am a ZOGbot — especially those who are obvious mamzers — are at liberty NOT to coontact me.

            Hail Victory !!!

            Pastor Martin Lindstedt
            Church of Jesus Christ Christian / Aryan Nations of Missouri

        • Thanks for the tip-off Annon. I’ll remember that when I run for office as a Lolbert. Unlike the pastor’s wordy diatribes here, my platform will just be the Groundskeeper Willie Plan – “If elected mayor, I promise to kill the lot of ye’ and burn your town to cinders”

  21. Z-man — there is no possibility of divorce, peaceful or otherwise. You said it yourself, the other side sees us as evil incarnate and worthy only of extermination. Indeed Whites as the embodiment of evil has been the civic religion of Civil Rights since the 1950s. And the only recourse for evil is to kill it.

    ALL of the military leadership is on board, as is ALL of corporate leadership and the vast majority of corporate workers (who are mostly non-White or White women). And no one hate hate hates White men like White women. So too ALL of the political leadership, media, and pretty much the vast majority of black people, Asians, Muslims, etc. Only Hispanics are not on board with killing most White people as they came from all Hispanic countries because they were awful and don’t want their pickup trucks and ballgames to go away as we become Zimbabwe. Hayden is not some weirdo — he’s plugged into the national security network.

    And Corporate America is running out of ultra cheap labor. Those Uighurs will all be dead in five years, so they are salivating over the profits of nearly all White people in forced labor camps. The Military is purging most Whites and those who remain are true believers. Already the Chief Diversity Officer of SOCOM has demanded war crimes trials for recalcitrant generals and admirals and most of the Spec Ops people. Those not on board will be sent to Iran to be hanged. As likely, will happen to Trump. [He’s a dead man walking]

    Its likely only a year or two from drone strikes, SEAL team strikes, and such on Republicans. If White people are the embodiment of evil as Wokeism demands, anything else would be immoral. Already we are seeing informal quotas and “no White men” rules from United and Cigna.

    It is a fundamental question of morality and cheap labor. Wokeism sees Utopia just over the horizon with millions of dead bodies, as usual. Which is part of the appeal — holiness allows the worst sadistic impulses to break through and be given free reign. We see this with Communism, Jihad, Mustache Man, and now Jihad. The mass murder is part of the appeal of Utopia. And all that free higher IQ labor — better believe Boeing, Ford, GM etc. are already planning bonuses.

    • Whiskey, if you believe all this literally then you must be a touch paranoid (in the specific psychiatric meaning). If you are just indulging in exaggeration for kicks, you are not helping. Turn the amplification down and you have a chance to help convince those who need convincing.

      • Cattle Cars are not coming today. Nor tomorrow. But they are coming. I’ve seen/heard things I would never have believed even five years ago. One thing Trump did was accelerate the craziness. By blatantly opposing those pushing for a total solution. Bush never engendered this craziness, his fetal position did not enrage the Woke.
        But can you deny that the whole foundation of Civil Rights is that White men in particular, and all Whites in general, are evil racists and must be dealt with? That has been the tone since the early 1950s. After the Korean War when White men were no longer needed. Can you deny the White hatred of Woke Capital? Cigna and United say no White men need apply. Coke says be less White. Oakland say no UBI to poor Whites. This is entirely consistent with basing unity on hatred of the out group. Our entire civic religion is based on the hatred of White men.
        It has happened over, and over, and over again. Whites are the “market dominant minority” in the US now, after being the overwhelming majority. Ask Amy Chua what happens to those minorities. [Her favorite Aunt was murdered by a Filipino servant who the authorities being also Filipino never looked for.]
        I personally hope to be very much out of this hemisphere soon. Even Lavrov the Russian Foreign minister can see the danger.
        Disney’s streaming execs reportedly had a meeting over Falcon and the Winter Soldier. As soon as it got George Floyd ultra-woke (its written by an ultra woke black guy) people turned off. One exec was fired upon the spot for saying “get woke go broke.” The decision was to double down on wokeness and who cares about viewers.
        Pol Pot and Abimael Guzman’s killers were all university students. The SS were the elite of the German military. This not new.

    • Didn’t Abraham Lincoln already decide this matter? Secession is not an option. We fought a long bloody war when it was tried, and that was followed by a cold, at times lukewarm war and reparations and rioting and Seattle and Chicago and Philadelphia and Washington DC. We already decided this matter. Too bad the wrong side won. Once signed, the Constitution became a binding contract, no divorce, no escape and the SCOTUS will provide whatever legal arguments necessary.

      • Not only is secession an option, it’s the only option. What happened ca. 160 years ago is immaterial.

        • “What happened 160 years ago is irrelevant”.

          Why study history if history is irrelavant?

          There is no legalistic path to separation.

          War is, of course, a illegal option, but when you weigh the forces allied against us, the prospects looks grim.

          Someone here suggested relocation. That might be a better option. Russia perhaps?

          • The saying is “Those who don’t learn from history are doomed to repeat it”, not ‘give up, nothing will ever work’.

          • Of course the study of history is important. (I have a Ph.D. in the subject, dontchaknow.) But historical analogies are of more aesthetic and imaginative value than they are of predictive value. The Civil War occurred in America. America no longer exists, so that earlier paradigm is not particularly relevant.

            Now as for the actual mode of separation, I cannot say for certain, although violence in one form or another will almost certainly be necessary. What I do know is that we either make the attempt or we perish.

        • Other options are available, but they inevitably would result in much, much higher body counts 🙁

      • The South lost because it could not manufacture heavy weaponry aside from the Tredegar Iron Works in Savannah, Georgia. Other than that, it was an agrarian economy, growing mostly cotton and tobacco. The North was where the armaments industry was, and the agricultural economy was not the monocropping one the South had. The situation today is somewhat different – where do electricity, coal, oil, and natural gas come from? Not to mention food. You can’t eat bitcoin or high culture…

    • Whiskey, the US imports ~3 million people a year via chain-migration, work visas, and plain old border-jumping. The last thing corporate America is running out of is cheap labor.

      • Thats low IQ labor. Corporations want FREE high IQ labor. Central Americans still want to get paid. Uighurs and slaves don’t get paid.
        Nike, Apple, Wal-Mart, Amazon, all could not exist without semi-slave labor in China. China’s demographics make that non sustainable. There is no low thing you can think of about Woke capital that they themselves won’t better.

      • Thursday I had a first-hand experience of that. I had a late lunch (4 PM) in a Chili’s that had signs saying basically please be patient, we are short staffed. I asked the manager why, and he said because nobody wants to work, they just say home with the unemployment money. This is surprising, because FL is known as a tightwad state. While my service was not unreasonably delayed in the lightly-peopled time, my meal’s ambiance was spoiled when a three-generation female family couple was seated next to mine. The 8-10 year old daughter was the obvious product of a Melanic Hominid ® 🙁 The Pozz is very widespread, even here in FL’s exurbs.

        On a positive note, fake hair color (e.g. green) are popular here, which likely means they are nearly out of fashion.

  22. Our national divorce will happen at precisely the moment when all 50 states begin arguing over the bill. And what a bill it is already. We will pay it through inflation and defaults. But the aftermath is what’s important. DC will want all the states to kick in real tax dollars to keep that town going. This will be in a future of very high interest rates and states not even being able to cover their own outlays. State constituencies will block together to horse trade, with the less powerful blocks getting fleeced. The states that get fleeced will see it as a rigged game and want to leave. I predict that Alaska will go first as they will put in an egregious 1970s style windfall oil tax, as commodities rocket. It will be ironic because Alaska has been the biggest welfare state over the years. Texas won’t be far behind. If the center of the country leaves the west coast won’t want to be part of it and create a northern hemisphere version of Chile.

  23. Pingback: DYSPEPSIA GENERATION » Blog Archive » Time For a Divorce

  24. The constant fear mongering from DC and their propagandists regarding 21st C multipolar geopolitics is one reason for optimism. It is not Fukiyama’s 1991 any longer. The Judeopuritans shot their wad assisting the Jignats destroy their Middle Eastern neighbors, and in the process made many heritage Americans realize this is no longer their nation (if it ever was ours), and that the government hates them.

    If the tribe and their Shabbos goyim coterie were smart/patient they would be inculcating national unity until the challenges from ascendant civilizational states were resolved. But the foot is always on the gas destroying what little national unity remains, while simultaneously antagonizing nuclear/hypersonic armed Russia and China. It is madness, and they no longer appear capable of pulling back on any of it. It will all collapse, the only question is what will remain in the rubble. If we get off like the Russians….a decade of Jewish oligarchs leading to a Putin we can consider ourselves lucky, but the demographic damage will be done.

    • “If we get off like the Russians….a decade of Jewish oligarchs leading to a Putin we can consider ourselves lucky, but the demographic damage will be done.”

      USA will split same as USSR, the whiter parts will get their putin, the non-white parts will be America’s version of Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, Belorussia, Azerbaijan etc.

      I believe this split will take place when the american elite realizes they’re not safe from non’whites.

      • The American elite will just repatriate to Israel at that point, right after stealing everything that is not bolted down, and leave the rest of us to sort it out

        • “The American elite will just repatriate to Israel at that point, right after stealing everything that is not bolted down, and leave the rest of us to sort it out”

          that would be even better

  25. One thing that comes to mind when reading this is the Al Smith Dinner. That post presidential election dinner in NY where a corrupt to the core New Deal politician is celebrated by both sides, with a dinner put on by the Catholic Cardinal of NY. Both sides cracking jokes, glad handing with each other, wearing 1930’s era monkey suits. That dinner is more than a dinner. It’s the left saying, we’ve controlled this whole lace lock stock and barrel since 1933. You exist in our domain. We allow you to be here. So you see every Republican that wins (likely no more of them) cracking inside jokes with the power elite, on camera, belittling their own rubes in places like Kansas. What bothers me most is that they’re not a REAL power elite. If they were I would almost be okay with it. In a democracy you have the most banal, counterfeit people who rise to “lead” us.

  26. “The people living in whites-only neighborhoods chanting about antiracism are beyond reason. The people demanding the state torture citizens who question official policy can never be trusted. ”

    They think the same thing about us.

    Unfortunately, a divorce is going to be extremely messy even if it can be done at all. It’s not like we all live on different sides of the country. We would be left with pretty much no cities.
    In order for something like a “divorce” we would need something akin to what happened in India in the creation of PAKISTAN with a hundred million (or more) migrants moving.

    • Although our current divide could be described as somewhat sectarian, it’s not nearly as cut and dry, and obvious, as the Indian partition. It might be less bloody because of that, but I’m not counting out the bloodlust engendered by the absolute hatred for whites held by the woke left.

  27. I’ve been mulling this comment over for a while, and this post is probably the appropriate place to leave it.

    I think it’s time for writers on the dissident right (that’s you, Zman) to start writing posts that are more directly targeted toward members of the military, and even law enforcement. Nothing can stop the coming divorce and the violence that will inevitably accompany the process. The goal now should be to find a path toward a separation and dissolution that is as peaceful as possible.

    The recent purges in the military demonstrate that the military brass is fully on board with the 2020 presidential coup in the US, and they *will* issue orders to their soldiers to turn their guns on civilians. Similarly, the pushback by (mostly) white soldiers demonstrates that the rank-and-file aren’t buying the transparent bullsh!t pushed by the brass. In the event of a civil war the military is going to fracture, and that should be encouraged.

    The military is more diverse than ever, but the fighting forces in the military are still overwhemingly white, and whites in the military are overwhelmingly Republican and conservative. Thoughtful articles letting these soldiers know that they are in and of our community, and that orders to turn their guns against civilians are illegal and can be refused may go a long way toward reducing the death count. On the flip side, letting them know that they are in and of our community and we know where they live and where their kids go to school might make them think twice about pulling the trigger, and might make commanders think twice about issuing orders.

    • This is conservative fantasy, especially as it pertains to police. But it is probably true of the military.
      The police and military are not big in promoting and retaining independent thinkers or people who question their orders. They will do what they are told to do and they will do it with enthusiasm.

      • Your portrayal of soldiers as enthisiastic order-takers is just as lop-sided as one that regards them as reflexive patriots.

        I’ve known an awful lot of enlisted solders/airmen/sailors and NCOs. There’s a lot of variance. Some are quite leftist — they’re just in for their four years and college money. Others are rock-solid on the right.

        There’s some who are order-takers, because they’re just not that bright. They’d be order-takers in any line of work.

        But You get up into the E-7 range and above and they’re generally too smart to not recognize bullshit, and they’re the ones — SFC, 1SG, CSM — that are setting the tone for the men nominally under the officer class. Some are political, sure, but NCOs are, in my opinion, inherently less political than officers. The very political ones switch to officer training.

        Our military’s training is good at breaking individualistic kids down to work as a team, but it’s not so comprehensive as to turn them into brain-washed drones.

        • What percentage of these kids do you reckon will turn on their leaders? I’m thinking few to none. Soldiers follow orders. That’s what they do. Even in Vietnam, where soldiers had a lot of support in the civilian population to be pacifists, the vast majority did what they were told. Not to mention having the uniform kind of makes them the enemy anyway. Even if they don’t want to fight, if they cannot get away, what are they going to do? Allow themselves to be shot at because ideologically agree with their “opponents?” Sabotage? To what degree do you think they are prepared for the propaganda war?

          One thing the right is not ready for is the propaganda war. The entire “patriot” movement collapsed because of the propaganda surrounding McViegh. Within days he was turned into a “white supremacist” terrorist. Same thing happened at Charlottesville and the same thing happened on the 6th. If the “patriot” movement cannot take the heat, do we really think enlisted 19yo kids can?

          The sons and daughters of the alleged patriots are going to go to school and learn that the good people of the US are fighting white supremacist terrorists who hate POC for no reason whatsoever. Families who homeschool will be targeted. Plus, they will do things to make their (kids) lives miserable and blame the “white supremacists” for all the unpleasant steps they have to take. They will tell those children that they are targets and that the “white supremacists” are planning on bombing schools and killing them.

          Every victory of the patriots will be portrayed as a “white-supremacist” terrorist attack on the ever-present TV/Radio/Internet. Wives and children of “slain soldiers/officers” will be on TV crying about what a wonderful guys their husbands and fathers were and the mean old “white supremacists,” with their hateful ideology murdered them for no reason whatsoever. They will be portrayed as bloodthirsty animals and most people will eat it up. Their community support few and far between and entirely in secret.
          And some enlisted kid is going to stand up to all this? Call me cynical, but I don’t see this happening in large numbers. That few that do will be featured on TV as “white supremacist extremists” blah blah blah, complete with mixed-race commercial breaks.

          • Shooting some NVA gooks even though you’d rather not is a lot different than opening fire on your own people.

            Sure, I expect people taking fire will act to preserve their lives and that means falling in line with their fellow soldiers in the moment, but soldiers spend the vast, vast, vast majority of their time not under fire. And in that time, they’re going to be thinking about the fact that the people they’re expected to point guns at in Louisville (or wherever) look an awful lot like their buddies back home in Arkansas. They’re going to be thinking about oaths, and patriotism and who their countrymen really are. Enlisted men are already pushing back against the crap that the are being fed in this stand-down period. Sometimes the lie gets too big.

            So, actively doing such a shitty job that it undermines preparedness is the very least I expect, escalating to insubordination, sabotage and fraggings.

            Look at the Afghan National Army. That’s an army that’s expected to make war on its own people and it is unreliable and ineffective to the point of comedy. A significant contingent of the soldiers are actively with the opposition and just using the service as an opportunity to get training, steal equipment and gather intelligence. I don’t expect any less of US soldiers.

            My son nearly died to “friendly fire” from ANA forces. Bullet whizzed by inches from his ear. Were they malicious or just incompetent? Does it matter?

          • Addendum:


            According to a 2009 news report, the Afghan National Army was plagued by inefficiency and corruption.[89] U.S. training efforts have been drastically slowed by the corruption, widespread illiteracy, vanishing supplies, and lack of discipline.

            Another significant problem for the Afghan National Army is a high level of drug abuse amongst its soldiers.

            It was reported in 2009 that in one new, untried, unit in Baghlan Province, some soldiers have been found cowering in ditches rather than fighting.[92] Some were suspected of collaborating with the Taliban against NATO or engaging in reciprocal exchanges on offensives or unsanctioned psychological warfare through boasts or using their knowledge to communicate with friends or family in the battlezone.

            “They don’t have the basics, so they lay down,” said Capt. Michael Bell, who is one of a team of U.S. and Hungarian mentors tasked with training Afghan soldiers. “I ran around for an hour trying to get them to shoot, getting fired on. I couldn’t get them to shoot their weapons.”

            For example, in multiple firefights during the February 2010 NATO offensive in Helmand Province, many Afghan soldiers did not aim — they pointed their M16 rifles in the rough direction of the incoming small-arms fire and pulled their triggers without putting rifle sights to their eyes. Their rifle muzzles were often elevated several degrees high.[94] During the battle for Combat Outpost Keating in October 2009, ANA troops ran away, hid under their beds, and stole from the American barracks.[95]

            Desertion remains a problem. One in every four combat soldiers quit the army during the 12-month period ending in September 2009, according to data from the U.S. Defense Department and the Special Inspector General for Afghanistan Reconstruction. The problem was so severe that the Army was forced to write off 2,000 soldiers and officers in a usual month. In order to filter potential deserters from the rank, some of the soldiers are trained by being deployed in real operations

            In some cases, US trainers have reported missing vehicles, weapons and other military equipment, and outright theft of fuel provided by the U.S.[93] Death threats have also been leveled against some U.S. officers who tried to stop Afghan soldiers from stealing. Some Afghan soldiers often find improvised explosive devices and snip the command wires instead of marking them and waiting for U.S. forces to come to detonate them. The Americans say this just allows the insurgents to return and reconnect them.[93] US trainers frequently had to remove the cell phones of Afghan soldiers hours before a mission for fear that the operation will be compromised by bragging, gossip and reciprocal warnings.[106]

            I think our boys can do just as well.

          • Oh, how did I miss this tidbit from the preceding quotes?

            As of mid-2012, a steadily increasing concern over the past couple of years, while still not reflective of the readiness and state of Afghan forces and police as a whole, are the deaths of U.S. and coalition forces at the hands of Afghan forces. These individuals are either Taliban or other militant infiltrators, disaffected or disturbed soldiers, turncoats, or who were disturbed by perceived and/or actual improper conduct by coalition forces. It has worsened enough to the point where two decrees were issued by the Defense Department in the summer of 2012 stating that all American personnel serving in Afghanistan are told to carry a magazine with their weapon at all times, and that when a group of American troops is present and on duty and Afghan forces are also present, one American serviceman must stand apart on guard with a ready weapon.[111]

      • On the one hand, you portray soldiers as unthinking automatons. On the other, you say they will kill enthusiastically. You can’t have it both ways. Enthusiasm necessitates emotional or intellectual investment, and robots are neither emotional nor intellectual.

      • That is true save for Special Forces. Which have grown rapidly as the way to fight wars that don’t end up on the nightly news. As one former SEAL (with a bunch of books, naturally) put it, the SEALs encourage independent thinking and action. And then are surprised when the mavericks they create have extreme risk taking in their personal lives.

        Mark Bowden’s BlackHawk Down has a pretty good description between the tension of regular Army Airborne Rangers and the Delta Force guys in Mogadishu. The commander of the Rangers was appalled at the independence and lack of deference that non-coms showed officers and the wide ranging discussions of operational planning and pointing out of flaws.

    • The key will not be a split among active military, but that is desirable. The key to effective militant resistance lies in our “army” of recent vet’s from the sandbox wars—each one effectively leading and training dissident civilians. Those numbers could outnumber our current standing military and police forces 10 to 1.

      • That is why I believe that should the near-impossible happen and we see open conflict between the citizens and the state, the primary weapons of the state will not be the military, but rather the police and the media. Whatever leadership the right has will be arrested early on and frogmarched into prison in front of everyone. The press will obviously play their part and portray these men as evil for evil’s sake.

        The police have enormous resources at their disposal and decades of experience and data collection that has been going on (and saved) for a long time. As soon as anyone in leadership is discovered or even suspected, their lives for the past 20 years will be uncovered from all that data they gave for so long. They will be able to reconstruct their friendships and other relationships, where they go and who meets with them. Then can expand their investigation to whoever they come into contact with, even (especially) in the past before the conflict and before operational security measures were taken by them.
        We have this enormous police state. The police are MUCH better suited to the job anyway. At best, the military might be used to hold certain areas, like the capital. Instead of tying up police manning all those fences and whatnot, you put ordinary soldiers in those places and allow the regular civilian police (at all levels) to do the investigating and arrests of the “white supremacist” resistance.

        • Police are only effective against a population that regards their authority as legitimate.

          • There is truth to that and it is certainly a wildcard.
            However, for it to come into play, the resistance would have to be fairly large.

            The loss of moral/legal authority (“voluntary compliance”) of the police is not going to happen at 20% of people siding with the rebels and a good portion of that 20% will be sympathetic in secret and not openly and that 20% is pretty optimistic.

            Is there anyone who believes the GOP will not disavow?
            In order for the “patriots” to say “it’s on,” there has to be someone, or at most a very few people with the widespread perceived authority on the right to say “It’s ON!” and be first to do so. Donald Trump has that perceived authority across a wide spectrum of the right, but he is not the one. I cannot even think of anyone with as much purchase across the right to set things in motion. After all, what do Patriots in Florida, Maine, Southern Texas and Washington state have in common besides their hatred of “the left?”

      • This is so important. People
        -like me-are willing and able, but I wouldn’t have a clue without following someone with training and experience that I trust and that can train and lead.

    • I’ve voiced the same concerns before, in slightly different wording. I’m not sure if I’d agree with what you call a “purge” now. I’ll admit I haven’t followed that news, but forcing unwanted brass or execs out and installing your own is standard political procedure in a late-stage empire such as ours. But if and when it becomes a purge on a Stalin scale, important players disappearing or being shot, and/or you start getting mutinies in the ranks, then we’ll have arrived at a very dangerous juncture. You can envision any scenario you like, but I think what I’ve outlined above will be inevitable at some future point.

  28. No compromise is possible when cunt are in charge. For example, the movement in Congress by rich blue state Dems to repeal the limitation of SALT deductions. One would think there might be room for agreement to raise the limit from $10K to $20K, but with cunt in charge, it’s all or nothing.

    Men have to take back the country by any means necessary.

  29. I see myself supporting the left because I think the idea of “minority rule” is bad. But if that problem were to go away, I would probably oppose the left. Go to these accounts on twitter and search the phrase “minority rule”. It’s an actual thing.


  30. Hard to imagine a peaceful separation if they really want us dead just sayin’. Like divorcing a vindictive woman.

    I think everybody knows this and many haven’t gutted up to it, hence the compromises, the fantasies of moving to Conservativeland, the time buying, the slow surrender. At some point nature will take its course.

  31. Neither side will take the blacks and a certain middle eastern tribe will immediately seek to undermine both the breakaway and the remaining coalition.
    We need a divorce but how in the heck to we even divide up? There is no mason dixon line in 2021. I suppose some ramblings of discontent in what remains of middle America could be a seed fior something new?
    But anyway we look at it it’s gonna be a hard and long road out of this mess.
    I think about it quite a bit and I would like to think more positively about the possibilities.

    • The important thing is that we first normalize the discussion. We can work out the details later, just like the couple that decides to divorce first and then decides who gets the kids after or the addict who first has to admit he has a problem before he can address it. It won’t be easy, but anything is better than this madness. It has to stop. Realizing that is the first step to happiness.

      • The rhetorical prelude to broaching the topic of divorce is acknowledging the chief pathology in AINO: anti-white racism. Once the Grillers become accustomed to discussing this topic and seeing whites as victims of racism, they will then be open to the divorce. Then it’s on.

        Incidentally, high-ranking figures in Putin’s administration are already publicly talking about he problem of AWR. And that’s perhaps what it will take–a rhetorical deus ex machina.

    • “the blacks” … Most of “the blacks” have a lot more conservative values than you think, they’re not OK with transgender or “woke” types, they’re not big on leftists, and they do *not* like white liberals, especially white liberal women. I lived in the ‘hood for a year – cheap rent, nice apartment (the braumeister’s apartment at the old Felsenbrau Brewery in Cincinnati). They were not racist, and as long as you demonstrated that you were worthy of respect, you wouldn’t get bothered with. Everyone above the age of 13 carried a gun, they knew the Second Amendment and the reasons why, and most of them worked at jobs. They despised beggars and begging – and drug addicts – and they hated handouts. What they wanted was jobs to earn a living, and not be handed money like a child getting an allowance. Good manners – 1965 style – were a must, perceived rudeness could get you shot. There were affairs of honor fought in the streets – duels with seconds, Old South style. The media portrayals were nonsense. And most of them did vote for Democrats, or were “voted” for Democrats, the crooked black “misleadership class” accomplished that trick. You might want to actually talk with some of them before you make blanket assumptions, you might be surprised.

      • I hope there’s some truth to your narrative. What decade was this you lived there? The underclass (all races) has increased since the 1960s. Two young teen girls armed robbing and inadvertantly killing a taxi driver in DC, or two adult females attacking a postal delivery woman because they want they checks NOW, or a retired pro footballer going berzerk and murdering a neighbor’s family, are probably more representative of dysfunctional Black “culture.” They’re not like us, they never were, they never will be. Of course, some Blacks are good, in the same sense that some Whites are evil. You try to sort among them at your peril.

      • And yet you moved out after a “year in the hood”. Why pray tell would one do that? If you think BooBoo and June Bug are similar to whites, you embarrass yourself and insult the rest of us.

  32. Here’s my thoughts on “divorce”:

    It’s not possible. First of all, hard secession will never happen. Look at Russia, look at Syria, look at Iraq, look at the Confederate States. Puritan Yankee Jew Globohomo will NEVER allow you to leave the sphere of influence. They will destroy themselves and you. Saw some other comments about moving to a red state. Or breaking up from their blue state into a red state. This is re-arranging deck chairs on the titanic. ALL red states will turn blue over time with biden’s extreme mass immigration. It’s only a matter of time. Nebraska and Kansas are <60% white in new births. oklahoma is really low too. Joe will flood bumfuckville with section 8 and Muslim refugees. your white suburb will be overbuilt and surrounded by indian new suburbs.

    So what can we do?

    We need to work within the current system. Don't physically secede – mentally secede. How many like minded dissidents do you meet up with? Are you hiring ONLY white contractors? Are you stealing in locations where theft is legal? Are you redpilling people where possible? Are you being a parasite and taking as much welfare as possible? Checking Hispanic on minority boxes? Boycotting NFL? Are you antifragile? This is just a start that I can legally write about.

    Have large families and homeschool them. Goodwhite fertility is about half of badwhites' and dropping. That's why they have so much incentive to brainwash your kids in school.

    They have you trapped here physically. But they can't trap you mentally if you don't let them. That's what they hate the most. As Z mentioned the other day they hate knowing that some people don't agree.

    • What’s the endgame in doing that? How long would that preserve what’s left of the dissident mindset? A generation, maybe two? Establishing something more concrete is necessary if you think your culture and ideology are worthy of anything more than being a curiosity like the Amish.

      And don’t think they’re not going to get it in the end, either. They’ll just be part of the mopping up phase. I saw it last year when the Amish around me had outbreaks of Covid after weddings and the like. The local Karens were apoplectic that they dared deviate from the panic.

    • This is my hope for a peaceful solution. That we commit to setting up parallel institutions, joining local communities, strengthening our faith in God, eating healthy/staying fit so we can avoid the modern “medical” system, and increasing white fertility to the max along with 100% homeschooling. If we can outbreed the enemy and keep our kids from being brainwashed, we may be able to peacefully outlast our enemies and have a country again within a couple of generations.

      • I take comfort in seeing how the good Russians survived seventy years of terror. In 1917 there 55,000 Russian Orthodox Churches. By 1985 that number had declined to fewer than 8,000. The hierarchy was replaced by docile clergy with ties to the KGB.

        Now Soviet Communism is a bad memory and a new church is opening everyday in Russia.

    • *looks at Russia*

      You mean the one that ran the USSR, which split into a whole bunch of independent states after the fall of its empire? That Russia?

    • “Have large families and homeschool them.”

      You’re not winning a breeding contest with third-worlders. The ultimate trajectory of this country on its current course is being another Venezuela or Brazil, at best … or maybe even South Africa once the dems start importing Africans, which they certainly will (already floating the idea). Is that the country you want to live in?

      “homeschool them”

      1. Too expensive for most people. 2. The government could easily outlaw it, as some countries like Germany already do 3. Many families don’t have the time or education.

      “Goodwhite fertility is about half of badwhites’ and dropping.”

      Russian, 1920: “Don’t worry. Only 70 more years of this madness, then everything will be okay. Gulag today, gone tomorrow.”

      “Puritan Yankee Jew Globohomo will NEVER allow you to leave the sphere of influence.”

      I don’t even know where to start with this comment. Since when do we need their permission for anything? THIS is why you lost, and that’s why you’ll lose in the future. Your mentality is one of compromise and getting permission from your masters. You make excuses to lose —

      and that’s what this is, make no bones about it. Because I’ve debunked these excuses time and again across multiple platforms where you all visit … and yet here they are again. You’re grasping at straws to think of a reason not to do it, which is why you lose. The other side knows they can do whatever they want to you and get away with it. You won’t do anything, so they continue escalating their rhetoric and actions.

      • That was alot of words to mindlessly tear down my comment.

        I’m happy to hear your proposed solutions for a better future.

        If not, I’m not interested.

        • maintaining a healthy age balance in your demographic has nothing to do with “outbreeding third worlders”

          right now white people have an aging population and an inverse population pyramid. white fertility needs to get to 2 or else we will continue to lose ground in terms of absolute numbers.

      • The importation of huge numbers of sub Saharan Africans is what keeps me awake at nights. Mexicans and Central Americans are terrible of course but nothing compares to importation of an unlimited number of Nigerians or Cameroonians …

    • The current system has failed.

      It’s quite telling how many people agree with you that trying some half-assed, doomed-to-fail measures within the current failed system is going to work..

      Not that some of that isn’t a good idea, it’s just not a viable long-term strategy.

    • There’s no getting away from the evils of the Enlightenment. I see it on the comments here pointing out that urban areas are nothing but pozed madness. Yes, I agree, but then if we separate and set up our own megacity it will fall to the same ills. Without an intellectual movement to counter the poison we’ll just end up right back at the same spot. (And no, don’t ask, like much else in my life I can see that something is broken even though I lack the skills and knowledge to be able to fix it, and a 15 minute Youtube video won’t cut it this time).

      • Enlightenment thinkers did much harm. However, we now live in a counter-Enlightenment, which, in the hands of the Left, looks to be much worse. The attacks on reason and Christianity are nothing less than attacks on white civilization itself.

  33. Yes to all of this. But history teaches a hard lesson that we should not ignore. The last time secession was tried, 600,000 good men died from both sides and several times that number were grievously wounded. The people pulling the strings would like nothing better than to instigate a repeat of that mass slaughter of alpha males by pitting the plebs against each other once again (in this case patriotic militias versus LEOs/NG units).

    And that is how tyranny wins. And that devastation will have been instigated & executed by a very, very, very small fraction of our society. There is a better way. Rather than endure the mass slaughter of good men, would it not be more logical & humane to surgically remove the disease cells?

    • The ructions of the 1860s involved industrialized armies of two geographically discrete polities in clausewitzian trinitarian warfare. Future unpleasantness on CONUS will be much more like the breakup of Yugoslavia: Fourth or Fifth Gen warfare. NG and LEOs who side with globohomo live in and among the rest of us. They and theirs are vulnerable to the enemy in ways RandomUnionSoldier from Michigan during the 1860s war was not. Unless they (literally) fort up in indian country, they and theirs will be targets. We’ve seen how LEOs react when they become the prey instead of the predator or serious danger looms with the Dorner events in California and Hurricane Katrina in NOLA. LEOs can not take the level of violence they are capable of dishing out (Dorner). LEO orgs have a heck of a punch when concentrated, but have a glass jaw. When LEO families’ or their personal safety is severely compromised (Katrina) they will bolt.

      Which is why the first order of business will be managing globohomo advocates and their cat’s paws within the physical influence of the non-woke sorts. They have made the rules and set the precedents we all will have to operate by in the coming conflagration.

      • I’m very glad to see that I’m not the only one cogitating on the problem of the rise of a hard tyranny here in the USA. We have been conditioned to believe that it cannot happen here due to our history and freedom-loving spirit, but the incipient tyrants among us couldn’t care less about such things, and will do as they please, no matter who gets hurt in the process.

        During peacetime, our military leadership spends countless hours developing contingency plans for all manner of potential conflict scenarios. There is no reason that “citizen soldiers” should not engage in similar planning. It’s really no different than the reality that existed in the 1770s, and those revolutionaries are now lionized for their courage and bravery.

    • You have presupposed there will be a “mass slaughter” yet there is no indication that will be the case. Blue states are in no shape to wage large scale conflicts against other entities the size of entire European countries for a sustained period of time. Alabama is a large as England. Add in Florida, Georgia and a few others and you’ve got an area far too large to hold.

      How are Blue states supposed to summon a 5 million man army, because that’s what it would take, to physically occupy a land area as large as Western Europe indefinitely? Could they afford it? No. Is there the public will? No. Do they have enough people to do that while also running a global empire? No. Would progressive hipsters risk a conflict that could reduce their standard of living? No. Would they risk having their gentrified neighborhoods destroyed just to keep Arkansas? Almost certainly not. Red States can easily make the cost of conflict so high that it won’t be fought. That’s why the Cold War ended peacefully. Same here.

      When it comes down to it, Blue states will probably choose not to fight because their populations don’t think it’s worth the cost. The Civil War was different because the conflict happened long before modern society and both sides had appreciable populations of young White males ready and willing to fight and endure huge sacrifices. You’re not getting that from the current crop.

      By asserting there will be conflict, you’re trying to bias the argument against doing something and towards doing nothing, which is an impractical suggestion that allows the Left to win — displace you from your homes through immigration, jail you for your thoughts, fortify sham elections through biased media coverage and worse.

      They’ll ban you on YouTube for questioning their election while they attacked yours as being stolen by the Russians … and yet you want this to continue? That’s what doing nothing means. It means jailing people for their tweets — already happening. It means abusing our people in gulags — already happening. It means continual degradation, boycotts, and humiliations — already happening with Georgia. It means mass censorship of our thoughts — already happening, has been happening for years. It means prosecuting people on trumped up charges — happened to Gen. Flynn. It means the democrats win all elections because they control the media — happening now. It means states will be afraid to limit chemical castration of children — already happening. It means everything you see on television will be state propaganda — already true (sports, late night talk shows, movies, books, videogames, 2 of 3 cable networks and half of the other). How is that not something out of an Orwell novel? And you want that to continue and grow worse?

      There are productive ways of fighting back. First secession in the mind, then in reality. That’ll put a dent in their arrogance, don’t you think? Tyranny wins when good men do nothing, and that’s exactly what you’re proposing: “do nothing, hope it all works out long after I’m gone.”

      “There is a better solution.”

      I haven’t heard one. The fact that no one bothers to offer it makes me think it doesn’t exist. Besides, any excuse you can offer against partition (“they won’t let you do it”) could easily be used against whatever this “better” solution is.

      • “I haven’t heard one.”

        And the reason is that anyone openly promoting an explicit description of one would likely get an immediate visit from the Stasi and an unplanned vacation in Leavenworth. Stupid is not a strategy for success.

      • There is sometimes a way to get out our message — or a version of it tailored to a certain auidence. I sometimes visit a web site discussing car audio. Another poster shared how he had been suspended for a month (!) by FecesBook for a very triviial comment, I think, calling another person wrong on some technical detail. I replied with a paragraph about how the social media controls the narrative, is all but immune to government regulation, can essentially censor with impunity yet claim to be a “public forum,” etc. I personalized it by saying I’d quit social media for years, and I hoped my current comment wouldn’t get banned, because it wouldn’t be the first time. You’ll note that I didn’t say they rigged the election, that they’re part of a Zionist consipracy, etc. I simply stated several facts, and the readers may draw their own conclusions. Sometimes all we can do is plant the seed.

  34. The idea of a peaceful separation is nice, but I don’t think there’s a chance – I’m not even sure about violent separation, although more violence of one sort or the other is probably coming. Too many people either don’t see what’s going on or willfully ignore it. Life is still too easy and relatively normal for most to even consider the ugly reality of what must be done to avoid the iceberg. Barring a catastrophic existential event (or the left and jmedia really overplaying their hand) that absolutely forces half the country to face and act against what’s happening now, it looks like we’ll just keep shambling along.

    • usNthem – I believe you hit on something important. I believe most people in the US are aware that there is trouble in the horizon. Some may view it as standard fare trouble. I view it a civilization changing. I lay awake at night knowing in my gut that we are headed for dark times.

      The problem: everything LOOKS so normal. Our buildings are still standing. People are working. The vast majority of people are going through the motions like they always have. They just have that nagging feeling. They see the news and it is like listening to thunder off in the distance. To many, it seems crazy, premature, to panic about a storm that seems to be miles and miles away. Because isn’t the sun still shining? What is really all that different in the personal lives of most citizens?

      Personally I believe it is going to require something monumental to open the dam. Something so big it is one of those things where everyone will remember where they were when they first learned about it. It just feels like few are at the point where we know that our past is all over and we can no longer pretend otherwise.

  35. The time to move on was in the 1840s. I doubt the other side will agree to a peaceful divorce. It’s likely to require something a bit more “persuasive”. What that “something” is remains to be seen.

  36. “Go outside and you see people wearing three masks in their car, letting you know they are in that cult.”

    Not so for today. On my way to work, someone had printed, in large letters about a foot in height and in the middle of the highway “COVID SCAM”.


  37. “it does not change the fact that close to half the country wants to murder you.”

    why i’ve stashed away a 5.56 for each of my sons.

  38. The biggest obstacle right now to creating alternative institutions, and getting a de facto separation on board, is the stranglehold of our financial institutions. Just remember that pornographers have no problem getting a bank account, but Gab has been removed from basically every financial service. The State has 15k per child to indoctrinate our children, while price inflation forces both parents to work. Peaceful separation won’t happen until balkanization accelerates, which we can help along through taking part in the same spoils system everyone else is.

    – Younger or have kids? smash that Hispanic race or non-binary sexual orientation checkbox on job and college applications.

    – Have to take diversity classes? Go above and beyond, which will include you charging double the amount of hours.

    – Have to buy from shitlib company? Take advantage of their return policy.

    – Have to travel with a woke airline? find some dumb excuse for demanding a refund. Even if you don’t get it, you gummed up their customer service and made one of their employees miserable.

    If we can’t have our own institutions, we can get by being parasites off our enemies.

    • Another “sand in the gears” play to run would be making yourself a bunch of COVID “vaccine” appointments and not show up for them. Or if you have time, show up and go through the process, and then leave just before they attempt to stick you.

    • This reminds me of the “discreetly throw wrenches into the system’s gears” post on this blog following the fake election.

      It doesn’t happen because the system’s targets aren’t aware and smart enough to realize it’s needed. And there’s no information channel which can educate them with the chance to reach enough of them. Plus, it can’t be helped that they’ll keep trusting the choir of the major media and social media — whatever these tell them (including “Run off a cliff, it’s only for your good”).

      • The Saxon has not yet begun to hate. That will only change is we convince enough people they are prisoners, and not citizens.

    • There are significant opportunities in Alt-tech and Alt-finance.

      My problem is figuring out a good entry point for those opps.

      • There aren’t any. They’ll just ban them like they did Parler (and countless others) or call anyone who signs up a racist and doxx them, which is what totally non-government allied hackers have done to Gab. It’s funny how the people who oppose separation because “they wont’ let you do it” think the same people will also let them oppose their power base by forming separate institutions outside their control. You want your own institutions? Get your own country.

    • Have to travel with a woke airline?

      Flying commercial is going to be taking your life in your hands within in a decade. United has committed to a 50% diversity quote for pilots. “Hey, y’all. I’m Shaniqua. I’ll bees you pilot today and I is so excited cause dis be my first flight! Sheet. Where dat throttle? NO DON’ TELL ME WHAT TO DO! I BE A STRONG BLACK WOMAN! DON’ DISRESPEC ME! WHAT DO YOU MEAN DA MIC BE ON? SHEE-*click*”

      • You said it Vizzini. Just look at what grounded the 737 fleet—third world mediocre pilots crashing planes. They’d not even have been able to be licensed had not Boeing created an automated plane with basically push button controls for take off and landing. You can be sure that if United is serious, in a decade or so you will have AA pilots with little to no knowledge or advanced ability other than “pushing” buttons.

        • “Don’t worry scrote! There are plenty of ‘tards out there living really kick ass lives. My first wife was ‘tarded. She’s a pilot now.” — Idiocracy

        • We were flying in Spain a few years ago when the female pilot made an announcement for something or other. I have to say, I was fairly shocked. I think it had to be a first for me in several decades of flying. Man, the last thing you want to see on the flight deck as you enter the plane is a couple of joggers or joggerettes… It’d be hard not to just turn around and walk out. Of course, dat would be seen as rayciss!!

        • As I said a month ago on UNZ

          ” In the before times – mid 70’s I guess, I was on a genuine African airline plane in a genuine African country (Gambia?Senegal? I’ve passed a lot of Single Malt under the bridge since then), when the Captain, last one to board after all the passengers were seated, boarded at the rear and strolled down the aisle looking like a deranged satirists vision of Idi Amin. The sheer weight of the gold braid was impressive.

          I was collecting my shit prior to deplaning when my experienced seatmate told me not to worry, the white guy who would do the actual flying was the first one on the plane an hour earlier.

          It was amusing then. Now that it’s reality here I don’t find it that funny.”

      • If when boarding you glance into the cockpit and notice a Haitian captain and first officer along with cages … you’re looking at a real cockpit. Ignore screeching noises during the trip. They are part of the inflight entertainment system.

    • “– Younger or have kids? smash that Hispanic race or non-binary sexual orientation checkbox on job and college applications.”

      if your hair is curly you hit the jackpot, you can get to be a jogger.

      • If you are a southern Italian, the same works for you hitting the Hispanic button. Hell, some of the surnames sound quite Hispanic as well. This actually occurred with a student I knew as a young grad. He was dejected by repeated rejection to pharmacy schools. He discussed with me while filling out his “upteenth” application.

        In those days a picture was required and he asked me if the picture was perhaps bad and if he should consider another. Long story short, I told him he “looked like a spic” and to check the “Hispanic” race box and send the application in with that picture. He’s now a pharmacist. I’m certain he got in on the merit. 😉

  39. “There is no escaping politics today, which means there is no escaping the Left”

    Yes there is. You do have to get rid of the TV, no modern movies, dont listen to the radio. it seems hard but you get used to it. I kind of have a curated world, I still know what’s going on for the most part and know that things are very very bad but I have a kind of equanimity that a lot of people don’t because it’s not always with me. It was funny when the Suez Canal got blocked I was wondering if it was big news or not because I knew about it but because I never see the news I wondered and I asked someone, also conservative, he used to watch a lot of TV and he didn’t even know it had happened. He stopped watching TV also. It is actually kind of amazing. And celebrities, I have no idea who any of them are and that makes me really happy.

    • And it’s important to note that once you stop rubbing feces into your eyes & ears on a daily basis, miraculously your body & mind will begin to heal. You will grow stronger, both mentally & physically; plus you will be able to see & hear reality more clearly than at any other time in your life. And all of this is a vital resource that will be needed to survive in the coming dark days.

      • I had a funny interaction with the neighbor right before the election. We were both without walking she walked by and I said hey how’s it going, and she said oh you know just really stressed and I said oh no why? Because as far as I was concerned everything is fine, it was a beautiful day out walking no problems but of course she saw the world and it was all too much for her. She looked at me like I was a crazy person but really who’s the crazy person here

    • True enough, but like Zman mentioned in the article, it’s all pollyanna being unplugged until you get slapped in the face seeing mom and her three youngins all masked up taking a drive. I’m still dumbfounded and pissed seeing their success with the mask psyop.

      • I was just over at someone’s house and her 30 year old son was in town and I spouted general niceties and he told me he was in town to get the vaccine so he’d be here for like 3 or 4 weeks until he can get the second dose. I really did not know what to say beyond well congratulations. I’m sure my lack of enthusiasm was palatable

        • It really is both infuriating and discouraging that so many have bought into this scam, hook, line and sinker. I’ve said this before, but literally everyone I know has or is going to get the jab – and they’re so happy about it. I’m truly beginning to wonder if I’m not the crazy one…

        • They say a stripper is a woman who just can’t pull the trigger on being a prostitute, and it makes me think that these covid vax braggers are people who just can’t pull the trigger on being homosexual. The overbearing tyrants are allowing them to have an identity couched in a glorified medical scam and they’re jumping at the chance.

        • I really did not know what to say

          “Lord, you’re a dumb fuck.”

          No? Darn my people skills.

        • I work with a woman who got the shot. Lately she’s spending time with the doctor trying to figure out why she feels run down and her hair suddenly started falling out in clumps. I don’t know why that’s happening, but it’s hard keeping my mouth shut. I figure it’s something I’ll have to get used to doing.

      • I just had a conversation with a client who asked me if I’d gotten my shots. I cannot believe this. I’ve got to try to not talk to people. I told her that I was waiting for FDA approval. That threw her a little bit she didn’t realize they weren’t FDA-approved but she ended it with well when you’re comfortable and I said when it’s FDA approved. I’m going to lose clients

    • “Yes there is. You do have to get rid of the TV, no modern movies, dont listen to the radio.”

      Totally impractical suggestion for 99% of the population. Won’t happen and your kids certainly won’t obey. They’ll watch the tv, go to the movies with their progressive friends, crack open the smartphone to get the latest Twitter trend, go to school for a good brainwashing, and come back from it hating you. They might even turn you into the police for wrong think one day.

      What’s better: living as a pre-modern hermit without pozz or living in a modern society — say like Japan or South Korea — without the pozz? The latter is what secession does.

  40. “If there is to be a solution to the current crisis it will come when enough white people give up on this relationship with the Left. The only peaceful solution is peaceful separation.”.

    the globo-leftist machine can’t let go of russia, they want it back where they think it belongs. Globalism is expansionist, same as communism, same as islam, no way they’ll permit white american nationalists to separate and go their own merry way.

    J*uws know one thing, which is that white nationalism broke their communist empire. They blame white nationalists for the communist failure, for replacing the j*uws in the positions of power. To permit white nationalists to regroup means they would repeat the same mistake. This is why even trump’s civic nationalism was considered dangerous, fascistic, anti-semitic etc

    • Russia has to be destroyed because they are pro-Christian, not anti-white, and anti-deviant.

      The GlobHom fundamentalists cannot permit this.

    • An example of a one-note explaining everything. The Russians are not white nationalists. They are Russian nationalists, which is a big difference. The Russians could care less about the whites, after all, what has ever the whites done for them. I suspect that the average Russian knows that white is a stand in for a distinctly anglophone and American-centric viewpoint, the culture of which has been at war with Russia for at least two centuries.

      • Agreed, the Russia worship is just more copes from WN who expect a savior to come. Trump, Hortler, Putin, based hispanics, anti-black Asians, African immigrants… it’s always some other person or group who is going to come and save the day for the beleaguered Anglo-American Protestants, and white America in general.

        “White America” has been at war with Russia for decades. England long before that.

        I don’t think Putin wants to see white American Christian civ. destroyed. But it’s also not his problem.

  41. I didn’t think Trump was entirely useless, but as he was only delaying the inevitable, I’ll admit to feeling a bit of relief when the smoke cleared and Biden was installed. Now we can deal with the meta-political reality of white people being hated internal enemies of the global order that is trying to collapse and reset America, rather than wasting our time reading tweets about how ten more miles of fence went up today and we can therefore go back to sleep. This thing is going to collapse sooner rather than later, and it’s better if Biden (or even better, Harris) is in the hot seat when it happens. Trump’s best way to hurt the media right now is to maintain radio silence (impossible, I know) and just take a bunch of photos of him sitting in a hammock and basking in the sun with a smile on his face. As for what we need to do, it’s simple: let the left keep blaming invisible Nazis, suggesting sex reassignment surgery for children, and reveling openly in hate and derangement, and know that they have already done more to raise consciousness than Jared Taylor has done in several decades of advocacy. Every day there are fewer normies to b.s. with sports, with republicans, with foreign adventurism, with color-blindness and talk radio. The mark’s running out of suckers; the guy whose hair plugs infected his scalp is waiting outside the quack’s office to have a word with him. Or, as the title of a Bukowski book had it: “The Captain is out to Lunch and the Sailors have taken over the Ship.”

    • Trump’s only real achievements will be forcing the Deep State lunatics to reveal themselves and delaying the GlobHom playbook by four years.

      The stuff currently ramping in Syria and Ukraine are exactly what Killary was going to do, had she won in 2016.

    • In many ways, he accelerated the inevitable, albeit not deliberately in my view.

    • That recalls the old saying “The lunatics have taken over the asylum.” Curiously, this was an 80s pop hit by some English band , disparaging the Reagan era arms build-up. My, how times can change in 40 years!

  42. I just left a comment behind the green door to this effect, but the conversation you described with the two boomers who have suddenly begun questioning what’s going on with our culture, with the tranny blitzkrieg, and with who’s behind all this gives me hope that our side may be able to count on more people than we assume.

    For those that didn’t hear it, Z-man was audience to a conversation between two boomer civ-nats concerning the corporate love of mentally ill men in sundresses. The heartening bit is that one of them was very well informed about the actual statistics regarding transvestites while the other one listened eagerly and begun wondering who would be behind this push to normalize it.

    The fear of running afoul of the speech commissars is very real and unfortunately warranted, but if we can break the taboos against noticing — something that would be greatly helped by a public figure courageous enough to brave the slings and arrows — we might find the order of battle greatly altered.

    • Yeah I saw that too. My pre Boomer mother actually looked at me the other day and said I am sick of black people. It was funny and revealing but at the same time too little too late. Same with these Boomers they’re on their way out have you talked to any young adults lately. They are all completely brainwashed. Knocking them over the head may end it but that knock will probably crush their skulls so no help there.

      • With the current trajectory, the “silent majority” is going to be “the silent 30%” within twenty years. There’s simply nothing in the way of woke dominance for the near future.

        Pedophilia is going to begin it’s normalization process, cities will be violent husks, and small towns will continue to get diversity forced on them, good and hard.

        We’ll end up with a left-wing strongman who will at least be able to keep a semblance of order and manage the decline of the nation to Brazil status.

        Then you’ll hear whites openly stating they would welcome the Chinese as liberators.

        The only silver lining is there are religious communities and loose factions that understand this reality and are already preparing under-the-radar operations to at least survive, until they can grow string enough to push back against the zeitgeist, whether it is a decade of half century from now.

        • The way things are trending, it wouldn’t surprise me if the Marxists invited the PLA into the US under the guise of UN peacekeepers, followed by dissident partisans inviting support from Spetznaz airborne troops.

        • Don’t despair. A key mistake a lot of prognosticators make is to assume that trends continue uninterrupted, when one of the few things we know with confidence looking at history is that history is packed full of interrupted trends.

          The future is filled with possibilities, not all of them bad for our people.

          • Slowly then all at once. I see things accelerating so quickly the changes don’t have time to establish before there’s a reaction or collapse.

      • I get a lot of clothing catalogs because I hate shopping in stores (even before the Coof) and lately Every.Single.One features a black on the cover (and throughout) with a huge afro. Like the Bozo hair is part of the ‘in your faceness’ of it all. The worst part is 2 of the catalogs have the words “Celtic” and “London” in them. I’ve decided I’m going to hunt down a dressmakers model, find someone to refurbish my old Singer, and start making my own clothes. We can only do what we can do as individuals until, and if, we get organized and I’m over giving cash to people who blatantly spit in my face.

        Yesterday I also canceled a several thousand $ order from a major retailer because of ongoing abysmal customer service and back order issues. Went to a consignment shop and replaced the items for 1/3 the price. Felt good man.

        • The worst are the big name outdoor clothing makers and all their photos of models that look nothing like the people one sees in the great outdoors.

      • Whitney: Since my boys went to Christian school (and then the older was in public high school for JROTC and the younger was homeschooled) I really don’t have a good feel for younger people overall. My older son has numerous friends/acquaintances in real life and online around the world, and many of them are younger than him and they’re all massively redpilled/dissident right. Yet my local friend tells me of all the young women she has as clients/customers and how utterly brainwashed they are. I think there is definitely a sexual divide, although what percentage of guys aged 15-30 are ‘woke’ and what percentage are leaning our way I couldn’t say.

      • Worst thing to happen to young people is parents not forcing them out of the nest. Real life wises people up quickly. Why did anyone think arresting development was a good idea?

        ‘I don’t have confidence in my kids.’ Ok, why? Didn’t you (hypothetical parent) prepare them for life?

        Maybe they fail, maybe they succeed, but society is being smothered as it is, so what’s there to lose?

  43. Yeah I would go higher than 20% of the country being left. Of course what percent are absolute quislings? The the NPCs, brain dead and IQ compromised.

    Anybody notice what the conversation is around the virtual water cooler or limited family gatherings? Did you get your shot? What kind? Did you get your shot? Didya? Secession with these fearful idiots?

    • Now you’ve blackpilled me a bit. You’re correct, though. The number of conversations I’ve heard recently that were entirely centered around getting the Jevv jab is astounding. A high proportion of them involved women.

      • Oh, there are plenty of 40 and 50-something guys who should know better clucking and cucking about their jabs.

        • My mid-50s supervisor got the shot last week and he was very careful to keep quiet about it to me and the guy I share an office with. Both of us just turned 50 and have been vocal about not getting it. He knew it was best to keep shtum about it.

  44. Okay. Visitation with the kids is easy and she can take the dog and the house. We’ll take the cabin and the bass boat.

    So who gets the National Debt?

    • The old currency and debt in it should simply be abandoned. It’s time for a fresh start. A new currency and financial system should have full open accountability for how money is created and how it gets injected into the real economy.

      The evil people who control the manufacture of currency have literally been printing trillions of dollars of fiat currency then using it to buy up everyone of real value. They have wrecked our country and should be stripped of citizenship and property then expelled out of Western Civilization. Regular folks get old currency converted to new. There is precedent: other countries have been through this process.

      • Oh, the controllers agree about abandoning the old currency.

        Problem is, they seem to want to hold WW3 first.

      • They have wrecked our country and should be stripped of citizenship and property then expelled out of Western Civilization.

        I oppose mushy, bleeding heart half measures like that.

    • She already has the dog and the house and the cabin.

      Don’t worry. You get to see the kids every third weekend, assuming your “maintenance” and “child support” cheques clear.

      The boat is in storage. The rent for that being almost as much as your efficiency studio in the mexican neighborhood. You had to sell the silverado anyhow so you can’t even tow it.

      The kids were okay with your new situation at first. Good tacos and the foldout couch was fun for building forts. But that was before.

      Now they complain because you don’t have wifi and their tiktok vids take for ever to load and the smell of simmering beans is “gross”.

      They really like the diversity though. But don’t feel “comfortable” about you gentrifying this traditionally Latinix hood. They seem to really enjoy educating you about your privilege. They grow up so fast.

      Speaking of education. Their new school where all the teachers have masters degrees is costing you a fortune.

      Luckily your second weekend job as a handyman back in your old neighborhood brings in enough side cash to help cover the tuition. Even if it means having to do chores for your old buddies in the coul de sac.

      For some reason they wont look you in the eye and always have plans when you inquire about rekindling the old poker game.

      You report to their wives anyhow, who seem aglow to watch you on the ladder up to your elbows in their gutters. Their grudge over that Trump flag never having burned off even though her guy won and her pro-BLM facebook rants got ten times the likes as your Ayn Rand quotes.

      Its honest work you tell yourself. Its your job to provide anyhow.

      Your ex was less than enthusiastic about this job. It seems its “embarrassing” her even though the court saw fit to assign you 100% of tuition costs last time she took you back to court for an “adjustment” to the settlement because you couldn’t pay for both braces and school.

      The fact they garnish your day job wages pissed you off at first. But in the end it just makes it easier to keep up.

      Problem is her attorney is convinced you are hiding money because your weekend gig is cash. She is right of course but it all goes to the kids anyhow.

      The next court date is coming up and your counsel is now asking for a $5k retainer up front. Luckily there is a plasma center down the street.

      You are just ignoring those letters from the IRS. What are they gonna do, put you in jail lol. The bigger problem is your health coverage is going to be cancelled unless you get the new vaxx.

      You were seething when HR made this policy official. You had already agreed to unconscious bias counseling and white fragility seminars after hours. What next?

      If only you hadn’t been forced to turn in your guns because your ex triggered the Red Flag laws on you because you were “unstable and volatile” when she told you she was leaving you for her personal trainer. Then maybe you could join up one of those 2A dissident groups you hear about on the podcast. At least be around some Real Men.

      Shit, its not even like its because he was a black. You aren’t some racist. You are a good man.

      You always have that life insurance policy. The court wouldn’t let you sell that. Maybe you will go for a drive up on lookout mountain tonight.

      The fog is supposed to lift. Such a great view. Maybe you will atop at the roadhouse on the way, where you used to take your ex dancing, and have a few fingers of woodford. They don’t have live music due to covid variant 6, but the jukebox is full of oldies and they have a permit to serve steaks. Yeah that sounds great. Fuck those commies.

      • Uncle Screwtape, you are really messing with my zen.
        Calm blue ocean, calm blue ocean…

      • This is some of the blackest pilled shit I’ve read in a long time, sure hope it wasn’t inspired by any personal experiences.

        • The blacker pill is realizing how many of our guys think taking the red pill means doubling down on how we got here.

          Im all about divorcing the left. But the idea that divorce means keeping the toys and running out the clock by the lake while the world deservedly burns is the kind of thinking that fails to accept both the reality of how we got here and that the real costs of divorce that were set the day we submitted to those unholy vows remains to be paid.

          Truly separating from them requires a level of discomfort and sacrifice that has to-date proven to be a non-starter for most red pilled men.

          This failure to bear discomfort and confront those costs being the reason why ‘deaths of despair’ has gutted our people and a future for our children torn asunder while daydreams of football and fishing dance on their graves.

          I see many of my elders and contemporaries eyeing the cabin by the lake. Fine. But failing to celebrate that is no black pill.

          The white pill is knowing what must be done, accepting that it will suck, and then doing it anyhow because what we are building is not an escape but a future. A time and place when our boys will know of no such stories.

          If liberation from the burdens of headship is the reward of divorce then indeed the comforts of such a delusion is a black pill waiting to happen.

          If guys think they will let is keep the boats and the cabins, god help you find the light.

          • You are spot on. The ruling class would rather kill us all rather than let us divorce.

            We are in for a fight, and the refusal to acknowledge that is a major weakness of the DR. One cannot sit back in the Lay-Z-Boy and stuffing designer pot brownies in the old pie hole and expect to be hand some WhiteTopia.

            What ever we achieve will be paid for in blood.
            Anyone tells you different is lying out their ass.

      • Man, that’s a giant Blackpill. My Magnum will leave a heck of a mark on the Corinthian leather.

    • One thing that has to change is the “She gets the House attitude”.

      Piss all the money away on lawyers first.

  45. Yesterday afternoon a prominent Rock Hill, SC physician, his wife, their two young grandchildren, and their lawn care man were shot and killed during a home invasion. Another man was seriously wounded. The perp was arrested at 1 AM. He was described as a young black male wearing a hoodie and camouflage pants.
    This story will be ignored by Corporate national Media for obvious reasons. Too bad because it is only atrocities like this that have the slightest chance of waking comfortably numb Good Whites up to reality.

    • Update:
      The perp committed suicide. He was a thick-lipped black with wide set eyes. A former Negro Felon League player. But President Potato wants MY guns.

      • Yep – Seattle Seahawks cornerback – the most congoid of all football positions.

        • When I told this story to my liberal neighbor, omitting race, at the mention of former NFL cornerback, his retort: oh like a Jason Sehorn type?

      • According to the Web, he made about $5 million during his sports career. So, probably socioeconomic factors like lack of opportunity and poverty made him do it.

        • The problem was he used some of that $5 million to buy his parents a house in the doctor’s neighborhood. That’s why he was there and able to kill them. There are NO ‘good ones.’ Even one in your neighborhood is one too many, because they all have friends and relatives and friends of relatives. Diversity is deadly.

    • Concealed carry is an important survival skill in this Brave New World that Progressives have created. And a gun rack above the front door with a 12 gauge is also ancient wisdom, but don’t chamber the first round. Sometimes just the sound of racking the slide will solve the problem. And at the very least, keep a Louisville slugger close at hand. It’s getting real out there. Don’t wait until it’s too late to be prepared.

      • Agree with your choice of weapon sir. I’d use #4 buckshot, 21 pellets per shell – heavy enough at that range. I would not keep it anywhere near the front door. The typical violent home invasion scenario – you want your gun in a room you can retreat to in order to grab it – not near the point of entry -which will be compromised. I’d chamber one – you can still rack it and eject the shell if your strategy is to scare them with the “click-click”. My opinion is you just shoot the bastard – in a panic it’s easy to short stroke a pump action shotgun and jam it.

        Sorry for the gun-geek digression.

        • Cameron: Good advice.

          Keep a handgun beside one’s bed which will get you to your shotgun. If it looks like “Alamo” time the shotgun and/or handgun will get you to your AR and several pre-loaded magazines. AR perfect weapon for defense against a multi-perp home invasion.

          Handgun and shotgun should have one in the pipe.

          Good also to teach the wife how to at least handle a small DA revolver loaded with 38 cal +P.

          • Whenever I dust (hate dusting) or clean out/reorganize closets or drawers, I constantly come across boxes of ammo my husband has stashed in every room.

        • I live out West, and keeping a rifle or shotgun over the front door was a staple of the Old West, so I’m guessing that was hard-earned wisdom. Sometimes you just used it to get dinner if an elk happened to stroll by in the distance. But I’m all for planning for the worse-case scenario, so multiple firearms in multiple places makes good sense to me also. No one in the national media will report it, but AR-15s are flooding into private hands in the US at present. The numbers are staggering and only held back by limited supply. And after Chauvin gets railroaded, you won’t have to worry about local LEOs coming for your firearms. They’ve had it with the Libs and will not die for the Lib cause.

      • Sometimes just the sound of racking the slide will solve the problem.

        Never factor that into your decision-making. You’re chambering that round because you’re going to blow a hole in someone. Embrace it.

        • True that.
          Something that was taught in firearms training several decades ago;

          If you point a gun at a person, you better be ready to pull the trigger;

          If you’re going to pull the trigger, you better be ready to kill someone.

      • Scare them away? No, once they’ve broken into my castle, it’s open season. There will be no warnings.

      • Find a good lawyer ahead of time, like now. Criminal defense lawyer. You shoot, cops come, they arrest you, maybe cuff you. Say little. “He tried to kill me so i shot him.” Say nothing more until you see your lawyer, especially you shoot a POC!

  46. Much of the problem is the Empire realizes it is impotent and no longer capable of military victory so it has turned inward to oppress its own people. This. Is a historic pattern, and particularly true of monstrous police states such as this one. And, let’s face it, when a foreign power gets the upper hand in the near future, who would not welcome it as a liberator? A National Divorce is the best option and unfortunately the least likely one. Still, the states going their own ways and creating parallel institutions is a positive development and holds out some hope.

    • One could argue that the USSR was “saved,” temporarily at least, by the Nazi invasion of. 1941. It is always necessary for the Leviathan to “unite” the population against a “common enemy.”
      Looks like that “common enemy” is you, White boy.

      • This is exactly the intent and partially the effect. It seems implausible a majority population can be marginalized to such a great extent, though, for a sustained period.

      • Am just reading The Chief Culprit by Vicktor Suvarov. He claims that Starlin was militarizing the SU since the early 1930s with technology bought from the US in the 1920s. They were about to invade western Europe but the N’s literally beat them to the punch. They lost all of their supplies and aircraft that were based on the Soviet/German border in Poland, ready to invade Germany followed by the rest of Europe. Hence they fell back to easily. VS maintains that the extra forces for the spring offensive were actually 1m paratroopers who’d been kept in the rear to fly in to Germany as part of the invasion force. They were renamed Guard Divisions and plugged the gaps in the subsequent push back. Mongolian/Far East units were only used at the end when Stalin had lost so many men.
        TLDR Starlin wanted global domination. The N’s did not have the resources for a long fight and were totally dependent on Blitzkrieg. I’m sure the fall of France surprised them as much as everyone else. Any significant fighting longer than a few months, they needed Russian industrial support.
        Anyway, the more I read about WW2, the more I realise that ‘The World at War’ was the best propaganda piece ever produced about that episode in our history. 95% accurate, but the lies designed painted a narrative that still holds to this day.

        • Haven’t read “Culprit” but I did read his “Inside the Aquarium”. (~1988) About his GRU days. Very entertaining, many James Bond gadget details; not sure how factual. While I don’t dabble in the genre, British intelligence agent Peter Wright’s “Spycatcher” also well done, also late 80s. Wright alleged head of MI6 was Soviet Agent; this got him banned in the UK so that is enough authenticity for me 🙂

  47. except it’s way more than 20%. maybe the hard core left is 20%, but their enablers are another 50+% of the population. nd divorce won’t work, as it is also a form of compromise. only war will solve this problem, and then only for a few generations…

    • Counting soft left, you have virtually all blacks, all Hispanics, all Jews and at least half of all Whites. That gets you to almost 70%.

    • Still behind the eight-ball. You could find the most rural, white, out of the way place, and if BigPoz came in and offered to build a sports complex/micro brew/big box store/etc. in exchange for the locals subsidizing some section 8 housing being built they’d jump a chance.

  48. As a dissident in a blue state, where should I relocate to?

    I figure I can null out at least one of the Marxist parasites in a red state.

    • Midwest or Mountain West. The former if you prioritize modern amenities, the latter if you prioritize isolation. Nebraska is a good compromise of the two priorities, if you’re close to Omaha.

      • Well, I was looking at eastern Idaho and western Montana as well as South Dakota.

        I have a co-worker that won’t shut up about the Florida panhandle, but the heat and demographics give me pause.

        • The panhandle of Florida, at least many parts of it, is very white. There’s a lot of violent rednecks up there – not a bad thing in some ways.

          I have had my eye on Central/Northern Wisconsin and the UP for awhile. Great demographics, very affordable houses and we’d fit in better religiously among Catholics and Lutherans than we do among e.g. Baptists. Jobs don’t pay great but unemployment is low in some areas up there.

          But I can’t stand the idea of moving to a purple state even if it’s in a red county – what happens if we get caught on the wrong side of a national split?

        • Older son has a friend that’s relocating to the Florida panhandle. I realize one can adapt to most things eventually, but if I don’t absolutely have to, I’m not going to voluntarily choose to subject myself to a climate I loathe. For demographics, even though it’s based on 2010 census, see the racial dot map (one racial color coded dot per person (https://demographics.coopercenter.org/racial-dot-map/). Zoom into an area you are considering. You can then extrapolate how the local population has changed in the last 10 years by looking at the % of various races of elementary school students; I use https://www.schooldigger.com/.

          Find somewhere that is NOT easily accessible from the interstate so when/if there is large population movement due to any event, your community will not be easily located or overwhelmed.

          Consider mountainous areas anywhere (out west, or the Ozarks or Appalachians). Yes, you will find poverty, but you will also find like minded, fiercely independent, and incredibly charitable people. Add in a community to put down roots in and a low cost of living and a lack of diversity, and it’s the best you’re going to do in present day Murrica.

          • Thanks 3g,totally agree about climate being a huge issue.

            My book on relocation rates Florida 0/5 stars because it’s mostly a peninsula and they let Epstein run amok for years.

            I have thought about the Appalachian and Ozarks a bit, not as much as the other areas I mentioned.

          • There’s a massive Air Force base in the Florida Panhandle. Military presence should be a flashing “no” sign when considering relocation.

    • It’s hard to know how it’ll shake out. There are blue states where there’s talk of red counties joining a neighboring red state, such as the Greater Idaho Project where Eastern Oregon, parts of Washington, even a few of the far northern counties of California would join Idaho. There was even talk of counties west of the Twin Cities in Minnesota joining South Dakota. There’s also talk of rural counties of Virginia possibly joining West Virginia.

      This is generally an urban-rural split. For example in Illinois, Chicago is the reason it’s a blue state. In a separation, downstate Illinois will not want to remain in Blue America.

    • I’m not trying to flush out the state, where you live but some Blue ones have vast, desirable expanses totally divorced from their distant capitols. Although New York is FUBAR, for example, it has wonderful places to go full Greyman and live in plain sight. Just make sure it is more than an hour’s drive from even a midsized, vibrant rich city

      • Upstate NY has the obvious groid towns like Buffalo and Rochester, and the shitlib cauldrons like Albany and Ithaca, but apart from them, it’s a fairly based oasis. Beautiful topography, with woods and hills and lakes that provide great opportunities for outdoor activities like hunting, fishing, skiing, etc., and a mostly white populace, including substantial numbers of Amish, that are non-pozzed. You could do a lot worse than reside in the state’s southern tier.

        • Well, I’ve been in that part of NY for close to two decades and it’s never really gone anywhere for me in terms of finding my tribe.

          I don’t think it’s all me, so I figure a change can’t be any worse.

        • Dozens of Bangladeshi families from Brooklyn are moving to Rochester and Buffalo; I haven’t been able to find out why, or what is drawing them there.

          • Cost of living is not bad in this area.

            Gas prices are up a little, but groceries are still very reasonable, especially meat and produce.

      • Where in Eastern Europe? V4 countries (Poland/Czech/Slovakia/Hungary) are extremely Covid-cucked and will likely have Covid Passports soon.

    • There is no safe state, and to think that such a place exists is delusional. Even Idaho, which I left, is going full woke and will continue to as their urban areas grow. The divide in this county is primarily an urban rural split, and will only become more pronounced as time moves on.

      I moved to the Upper Peninsula of Michigan a couple years ago, bought a nice small farm in a very remote location. Michigan itself is about as far left and corrupt as they come, but the rural areas are still predominantly white and conservative. If the big tango actually happens there will be a several hundred miles of armed angry rednecks between me and the nearest urban hell-hole.

      It’s like this nationally, and if you want my advice for what it’s worth don’t focus so much on safe states, but instead on safe places. As far as you can get from a major urban area, as far as you can get from an interstate, and check the demographics. You want a place that is not “diverse” and still has a sense of community. The Yoopers up here are quite proud of being that, and revel in the fact the weather keeps the riff raff out.

      I don’t see how we avoid very bad things in the near future, and they will be centered in leftist controlled urban areas. You want a whole lotta space between them and you.

      • I agree in general, but you should still have some concern with how difficult the state government can make your life. It is hard to think of a reason why anywhere in New York State would be a smart place to live, even if you thought there was a solid local community. You can have a good community but if the state has the will to tax away everything you have ever made it can still become a bad situation.

        • I live in a rural area of a locked down state. The rural area is locked down only in theory, but definitely not in practice. This is probably difficult for urban dwellers to grasp, but state and federal LEOs generally only have a tenuous-at-best control of rural areas, even regarding taxation. The store nope truth is that ruling rural, separately populated areas is difficult, and takes more manpower than most governments can afford.

        • Valid point, though it also holds for the federal and state relationship. Just cuz we move to a “red state” doesn’t mean the feds wont screw with us. Given how far we are from federalism at this point I’m not sure the idea of states as the last bastion of defense against an out of control federal government stills holds, if it ever did.

      • The only problem with the UP is the cancerous wokester sore of NMU in Marquette.

        • University towns are definitely the turd in the punchbowl for some otherwise conservative rural areas. They skew the politics of whatever town they’re in, and you inevitably end up with really far left wacky local government. I went to college at Humboldt State (Arcata, California) and they routinely out wacko even San Francisco. Their influence tends to be just for that town however, and if things get tough even that will diminish.

          Missoula and Pocatello (to name a couple) have the same problem, but again pretty localized.

          • Boulder, Colorado was a forerunner on this. University towns in west have notoriously bad local governments and exceptions are rare. Moscow, Idaho is harassing a local church pushing back against Covid madness there. Avoiding any place with a college is a good rule to follow.

      • Good for you sir! I’ve head my eye on the UP for many years to the point of checking UPMLS.com weekly. Cheap land, cheap houses – very pretty area too.

        • When I bought it was a strong buyer’s market, according to the locals that has completely flipped in just the last year or so (three guesses why). Small farms like mine selling sight unseen. Still very affordable when compared to similar places in the west.

          I love it here. If I didn’t read the news I’d think I had moved to the most idyllic place on earth. At least till the skeeters return in a month or so…

          • Note for southern types: fall/ winter/ spring is REALLY cold in northern WI and the UP. There is a reason only northern Europeans (or Alpine Italians/ Balkans) live up there.

      • In re: Idaho going “woke”….absolutely true.

        Lefties foul their nests, then move to other people’s nests and foul them.

        The tragedy is – we let them do it.

      • Southern Missouri and northern Arkansas where RamZPaul hangs out is fairly nice and more red pilled than not. Missouri state government is ok as is Arkansas state government minus the cucked Arkansas governor.

        • Southern Missouri and Northern Arkansas are
          Christian-Identity central but avoid the county seats which have a Tysons Food poultry plant like Monett/Mexnett which is 40% or more beaner.

          Hail Victory !!!

          Pastor Martin Lindstedt
          Church of Jesus Christ Christian/Aryan Nations of Missouri

        • Missouri was ranked (by NAACP maybe?) as the most racist State a few years back, so that is something to be said in its favor 😀 I’ve never lived there, but having kin in Kansas City area, have often visited. There’s plenty of rural life, sure, but KCMO and St. Louis are shitholes. Some nice areas sure, but many not so nice.

          The earlier comments about FL panhandle ring true. My travels have given me a good taste for this SE quadrant of our nation. After nearly 20 years I’m beginning to tire of FL’s sauna-like climate. If I move, it’ll probably be to the desert SW. Finding a non-pozzed area will be a challenge.

      • Sadly Idaho is getting a lot of upscale urban White trash from CA. Mostly woke state, county and city worker retirees with mega fat pensions. The same sort that poisoned Portland and Colorado.

        Rural/DR Whites are going to have grow a pair of balls and instead of running learn to fight these f**ked up invaders the same way the Mexicans do with Blacks here in CA. Make them feel unwanted and miserable as possible.

        Please understand these people are the enemy and will rat you out in a second. They won’t put a bullet in you but they will support those that will.

    • “As a dissident in a blue state, where should I relocate to?”

      There’s nowhere to go at the moment. Wait until a state suspends elections entirely then outlaws both female leadership and public education.

      Those are the biggest three heads of the hydra.

    • As a lifelong CA resident, I thought about moving but realized that THERE ARE NO safespaces in the coming war on Whites. You can’t run from this. Sooner or later you will either be forced to fight or be shipped off to some camp never to be seen again.

      They will not let us live in peace that is for sure.

      The sad thing is, as Ron Unz wrote when the movie American Sniper came out. That a hundred men like Chris Kyle could easily end this hell the country is in.

  49. Problem is people like Asa Hutchinson who will sell out everyone in pursuit of a board seat at Wal Mart. Even if we got said divorce, the resulting nation that isn’t controlled by the Leftists would be vilified and starved out worse than what you saw with the old South African government and like what you see happened to Russia with sanctions. The only thing that saved Russia from globohomo is that they can and will annihilate their enemies. A newly constituted divorcee nation of former Americans filled to the hilt with the scions of Kochs, Waltons, Bidens etc is just going to cuck immediately so that they can get back into the international trade game. The only way the newly constituted divorcee republic of the former America could work is if we all decided to be dirt poor, ignore the outside world entirely in terms of trade and ideas, and fight to the bitter end to defend ourselves like how Iran and Russia have basically been forced to do.

    • Well, you are correct that at some point it has to be about more than money and material things.

      When you think about it, beyond basic needs, there is really not that much to buy, typically only somewhat fancier versions of the basics.

    • Exactly. The secession talk is a pipe dream.

      We already saw in 1861 what happens when somebody tries to secede. We saw with the Arab spring what happens when Gaddafi or Assad tries to secede from the Globohomo regime.

      Russia has nukes. As you mentioned, unless this dirt person country is run by a crazy and brutal dictator who also somehow has nukes and will nuke DC to ash if there is any aggression, the country is doomed from the start.

      • So no hope?

        (ERROR: Your comment was too short. Please go back and try your comment again.)

        • If your “hope” is a breakaway nation then no, none. If that’s your only solution then expatriate or eat a bullet.

          For those who can think a bit more outside the box,. And quite bluntly, those will be the only to survive what’s coming- shadow communities.

          Lineman has been telling you how this works here for years. Local, local, and local. Meatspace baby! As WRSA likes to say.
          The people that took control of this place over the last century used this method to gain control because it’s effective and hard to suppress.

          Learn from you enemies or perish, it is that binary in nature.

      • America is rapidly losing it’s military might, in less than a decade thanks to all those racial and political reforms being instituted we won’t have a military capable of fighting. Drive out the competent whites and all you have a expensive junk pile

        We are a far cry from 1861. The North that could pull that off no longer exists. The elites killed or off-shored it Their might is very limited mostly to their control of finance and international banking, investments, etc.

        America is a giant with terminal cancer. The more diverse and anti-white it becomes the weaker the tyrants become.

  50. Divorce? The Left will refuse to give us one under penalty of death. See 1861 for an example.

    • You would think the Left would be happy to split up, since we’re deplorables and beyond redemption. But they shriek in protest at any kind of talk of secession. Almost like they know they need us or something.

      • They think “If California and Texas split from each other, California will be paradise and Texas hell.”

        Problem: The productive class will “offshore” from CA and go to TX (or any other broken off newly independent state) that offers better opportunities.

        Party leaders know this, which is why they will never let any state “go” without a huge fight.

        • ProZNoV: Half of California (and New York and New Jersey and Chicago) have already decamped to Texas (plus huge % of Mexicans, Han, and pajeet), and Abbott just wants moar. He’s good at conservative soundbites but he’s a massive cuck at heart. Texas still has some solid rural communities in the panhandle, but its urban areas are massively ‘diverse’ and full of GoodWhites. I would NOT count on Texas in a breakup. Also, the clay soil in many places is really not very well suited for growing anything, and lack of water is a real issue in many places. We are looking to move sooner rather than later (hubby finally gave me the okay to contact a real estate agent about some rural acreage in another state we’ve seen for sale online).

  51. Tuned into CBC Radio (government funded broadcasting corp) while driving the other day.

    A white bitch was extolling the virtues of Haiti. How it’s a very fair and free society. How the Haitian people believe in liberty. How it leads in the struggle against capitalism and for egalitarianism.

    A negro started talking and was comparing the spirit of BLM with the spirit of the Haitian revolution. He again said he loved the Haitian people’s liberty and desire for freedom. The Haitian revolution was when they genocided all the whites, and then all the mulattoes. And then descended into 300 years of cannibalism, poverty, and starvation.

    I don’t see why I wouldn’t take them seriously. They’re telling us they want to kill us. Any conservative handwaving this stuff away is naive.

    • “A white bitch was extolling the virtues of Haiti. How it’s a very fair and free society. How the Haitian people believe in liberty.”

      This is how you know they are insane. It wouldn’t even occur to a sane person to say this. Even if a sane person were deliberately lying to mislead his listeners, this particular lie would be too ridiculous to even consider telling.

      You’re right that they want to kill us. They are also crazy enough to do it if they have the chance.

      • They don’t believe in this stuff. They don’t care if we mock them for spouting this nonsense. They just care about virtue signalling to their own and the swayables.

        Conan O’Brien enjoying his piña colada at a Haitian resort pretending it’s not a shithole country is another example. He knows he can’t stray off the grounds of the Club Med.

    • And this is why a peaceful separation is impossible. It will be very bloody because those white fanatics in their gated communities want us dead in the worst possible way.

      We better get ready for a fight because it’s coming whether we like it or not.

    • Just like Iran has been months from a nuclear weapon for 4 decades now according to our neocon bozos, Haiti–bicentennially Whitey free–sees prosperity just around the corner.

    • Per your account, the propaganda for Haiti and BLM respectively, both sound like early Soviet-era propaganda as recounted in one of Solzhenitsyn’s books. Change a few place names, and it could have been a Pravda or Izvestia article from 1930. I’m not saying that Russia is behind this, of course. But it sure sounds like Communism the way I learnt about it. You won’t like this next bit of opinion: In defense of the Haitian revolution, the slaves were completely justified, if somewhat brutal, in their revolt, but the French colonials got exactly what they deserved. The victorious ex-slaves could have founded a successful nation but things went awry because…well, we all know why they’ve gone the way they did.

      And yes, no matter who our ancestors were, we have good reason to fear that there might be some repeat, even centuries later. Cultural and racial memories are a very long-lived and potent thing; that’s not to say they are accurate or consistent.

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