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Hope and optimism are the two things that propel life forward. Sometimes they lead to disaster, but often enough they lead to good results. Innovation, after all, is rooted in hope and optimism. If cynicism were the default for mankind, we would never have taken a shot on that new thing called the wheel. Risk taking requires a degree of foolish optimism and a hope that this time things will be different. On the other hand, too much optimism becomes escapism, a way to avoid reality.

If it were possible to measure hope and optimism, specifically misplaced hope and optimism, in a society, it would probably be a useful metric. A people unrealistically hopeful for the future are probably filled with dread, because their current situation is seemingly hopeless. Instead of grimly facing the reality of their situation, many choose to cast their hopes and aspirations onto someone or something. The popularity of wish-casting increases as the situation declines.

An example of this would be the Obama presidency. Few people talk about him these days, even though his term ended just five years ago. When he ran for office, however, his fans talked about him like he was Jesus. Despite his embarrassingly thin resume, they projected onto him the image of black Lincoln. There was little reason to think this man would do much of anything, given his nature and the people around him, but his fans were sure he was going to usher in the golden age.

It feels like a long time ago, but it was a very strange phenomenon. The people who had heralded Hillary Clinton as the new model woman suddenly treated her as the locus of evil in the world. Their new champion defeated her in the great contest and then he ascended the throne. Party stores had special Obama themed items produced so believers could have their Obama parties on inauguration day. For millions, it was the rapture, except it happened entirely in their imagination.

Something similar happened with Trump at the end of his term. Unlike Obama, he did not immediately develop a cult following. He won mostly because the alternative was so unpleasant that anything had to be better. It was during his term, as it became clear he was never going to do what he promised, that he developed a cult following. By the end, he was Trump the guy with a secret plan to win the election. When the shenanigans hit home, he became a superhero with a secret plan to overturn the result.

The Trump and Obama comparison offer an insight into how this wish-casting phenomenon works in liberal democracy. The people disappointed by Bill Clinton and then disaffected by Bush, turned to the escapism of Obama. The same sort of thing happened with Trump, except it required his victory in 2016 to trigger the process, as he was too much of a known quantity in 2016. Obama was a blank slate, while Trump’s slate needed a lot of scrubbing to clear some space for the wish-casting.

The Q-phenomenon is another good example. What started as an internet prank on the MAGA people became a weird fantasy cult. It combined the elements of conspiracy theory with the essentials of wish-casting. Every event was turned into proof that the prophesies would come true and the faithful would be rewarded. The size of the Q-cult was exaggerated by the media, of course, but a lot of people preferred that fantasy over the reality of the present, which says a lot about the age.

The crypto cult is looking a lot like the Q-cult all of a sudden. This one combines the silly promises of Austrian economics, the reality avoidance of libertarianism, with a form of techno-futurism. Bitcoin is going to usher in the anarcho-capitalist future, where the power of the state is broken and all of the bad things about the cultural war are rolled back to some happy place in the past. How this will happen does not matter, as what matters is the dream of a new reality, free of the present.

You can probably fit the insurrectionist fantasies of our political class into this phenomenon as well. Rather than face the reality of their situation, they focus on bizarre conspiracies about invisible white supremacists. Reality is we live in a tripartite system of corporate interests, radical cultural interests and the state. The result is a doddering old man as the face of a nation slowly tipping into crisis. Instead of facing that, they are obsessed with secret conspiracies about white people.

That last bit becomes more interesting when you put it in the context of the cult of Obama and how it ended. The lunacy that erupted on the Left when Trump won in 2016 was never about Trump. It was about the final end of the Obama fantasy. Not only was he not black Jesus, he was never the savior. The people who worshipped him and hated Hilary, had transferred their love for him onto Clinton and their hate for her onto Trump during the 2016 election, especially toward the end.

What all of this suggests is we are moving further into a collective psychological crisis as the cultural situation degrades. Rather than face the reality of a fading empire that should have been dismantled thirty years ago, people are escaping into these aspirational cults. Even the political class is embracing escapism. There is always a bit of irrational exuberance. Progress requires a degree of optimism. What we are experiencing today is closer to systemic mass delusion.

This may not be entirely without precedent. Historians debate why the Athenians waged the Peloponnesian War as they did. The decision to attack Syracuse is a legendary blunder that defies reason. Perhaps it was the result of the same phenomenon that we are seeing today. A thoroughly democratized people, unable to face the reality of what that entails, indulges in wish-casting, placing all hope into a person or a plan. What lies at the other end is a shocking corrective that breaks the spell.

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211 thoughts on “Wish-Casting

  1. Z: ‘We have arrived at the monstrous end of the liberal project. What started as a reasoned assault on superstition is now a collection of increasingly bizarre superstitions, in service to a war on observable reality. What Voltaire criticized as absurd superstition looks enlightened compared with what his ideological heirs are inflicting on us. It turns out Voltaire was right, however. He just picked the wrong target.”

    Jesus Christ this guy.

  2. The cult if the gun and the belief in Secession are also delusions that make people feel better and help them avoid reality. In the 70s guns went from being a practical tool to all you needed to be a free man. That was when whites quit fighting to defend their culture.

    Now it is all about Secession. Secession isn’t going to happen and, even if it did, to be effective it requires a major cultural revolution to happen first otherwise we are right back to where we are now. But Secession is a pretty dream that enables whites to avoid coming to terms with the mess they are in these days.

    • How to get there from here? I don’t know. Yarvin had an idea for how Trump could have done this. Link to article and excerpt from essay below.



      A very legal coup
      First, Republican state legislators would have to declare the ballots flawed and seat their own electors, effectively stealing the election back. They could do this trivially, legally, today. They could call it the “Very Cool And Very Legal Act” (VCAVLA).

      Second, to govern unilaterally without the Congress, the President would have to assert his unconditional constitutional authority over the executive branch. This is clearly stated in Article II: again, very cool and very legal. As for the so-called “power of the purse,” it doesn’t mean much against the power of the Fed. Since the Federal Reserve is part of the executive branch, who needs a Congressional appropriation? Lol owned.

      Third, lacking a perfectly loyal Supreme Court, the President would have to point out the fallacious, ahistorical and illogical quality of Marbury v. Madison, and assert the independent and coequal status of the executive branch. Judicial supremacy is a completely apocryphal invention of Justice Marshall, created for his own random political reasons. Very cool. And very illegal, so screw that guy.

      The President is always happy to hear the resolutions and opinions of the other two branches. Under normal circumstances, he would obey them unquestionably. Really. He would. But you know how it is. For the unavoidable use of his personal judgment in our present state of emergency, he is responsible to one party: the American people. He thanks you, though, for your concern.

      Fourth, using the same very cool legal authority as Eisenhower in 1957, he has called out the National Guard and will be using it to govern the several states directly. He also observes that the Posse Comitatus Act of 1878, which has a very cool name but is frankly a major pain in the ass, does not apply to the Marines.

      At this point the President has taken full and absolute personal power for the length of his second term. Perfectly in compliance with every last letter of the highest law of the land, he has gone from abject defeat to absolute victory. Indeed his new powers exceed even those claimed by Washington, Lincoln, or FDR. If you thought his first term made America great, I hope you’re wearing your seatbelt.

      Because, fifth, no power is real until exercised. Power is a muscle. The use of power builds strong institutions. And there is an obvious target for power: the muscle of the old regime. The new regime’s fifth step is to liquidate the powerful, prestigious, and/or wealthy institutions of the old regime, inside and outside the formal government.

      Stripping all the dead muscle of the dead regime is the first task of any new regime. Only once all the old power structures are lustrated and debrided is the new regime real, the old regime imaginary, and the entire transition complete. Not only is a revolution very cool, everything it does is very legal—by definition. After all, it is writing the new laws! And didn’t Lincoln padlock newspapers? Lincoln was dope.

      Of course, liquidating organizations does not mean liquidating people, like Stalin—it’s just like a company going out of business. The departing staff may even deserve a generous severance. After all, they didn’t actually do anything wrong. And even if they did, there are still Stasi agents getting pensions. It’s the right thing to do, since their old careers have left them professionally useless. It is never, ever, the employees’ fault.

      Sixth, though, it is not enough for any new regime to be a mere negation of the old. Any such regime exists within its parent’s conceptual shadow, which means its parent is in a way still in charge. And will probably end up actually back in charge. Weakness and smallness of any kind are no good signs in the infancy of any regime.

      Rather, any new regime needs a completely different vision of the country it will rule. A true regime change has to change the life of everyone in the country. A true regime change must be a revolution in every sense of the word. Its purpose, now and for the rest of its life, which will probably end but which certainly never plans for any end, is to achieve and maintain its singular vision of utopia.

      And the revolution, since it is sovereign, has all the powers it needs to do so—so long as that utopia is realistic. Of course, since the right is order and the left is chaos, the left-wing revolution is a butcher and the right-wing revolution is a surgeon. If ours needs to keep its bandages on for a few days, theirs can barely be sold as hamburger. And even before her stitches are out, America feels and looks better than ever.

      And before you know it, an election dispute has terminated a historical period that was a quarter-millennium old. Well, no empire is forever—and ditto for republics. And our new empire of the future just keeps getting more amazing.

      • Of course, liquidating organizations does not mean liquidating people, like Stalin—it’s just like a company going out of business. The departing staff may even deserve a generous severance. After all, they didn’t actually do anything wrong. And even if they did, there are still Stasi agents getting pensions. It’s the right thing to do, since their old careers have left them professionally useless. It is never, ever, the employees’ fault.

        This is why you metacucks always lose.

        And why men of destiny, such as Saint Joseph Djugashvili, crush you metacucks like ants beneath their heels.

    • The DR solution is always to run away and hide, then accuse anyone who wants to resist as a Fedposter.. As a movement it’s a joke. Whites as they are today don’t deserve a homeland because they will not fight for it. Heck they can’t even organize a recruitment drive or explain what they are about.

    • >1776, Alternate History George Washington: “The sun will never set on the British Empire, so I guess there is nothing we can do.”

      ” it requires a major cultural revolution to happen first”

      1) No, it doesn’t. That argument is an attempt to run out the clock with excuses until the demographics make it impossible.

      2) It’s already happening anyway. Record numbers of White republicans are becoming aware of their identity. Almost 90% of them, rightfully, worry about racial oppression because they are White. The far left is only going to double down on their racist hate in the future, so I expect even more Whites to become openly identitarian soon, especially after they realize they can no longer win presidential elections and congressional majorities due to their race and not their policies.

      Georgia, of all places, is now blue due to immigration — represented by a black racist and a foreign Jew who lied about his White Christian opponent being associated with a “white supremacist.” The White conservative Christian population there is now literally ruled by foreigners who hate them, and they have ZERO representation in their own homes. Racist Stacey Abrams almost became governor. She announced she’d destroy her racial enemy’s monuments in the name of her race if she won. If she runs again, she’ll win.

      Same with Virginia, which was a red state until recently. Immigrants took it over and tore down our people’s monuments. One of the first things the new legislature did was to try to ban guns. They even appropriated more money to build prisons anticipating having to mass arrest red county citizens who protested.

      Every red state is up for the same treatment soon — Texas by 2028; North Carolina and Florida around the same time; South Carolina and Idaho afterwards. Guns will be banned. Infinity equity (racial theft) will be the norm. Speech will be classified as “hate” and banned. Our people will be the object of scorn and deprived of rights and representation and maybe even property. It’s happening now, so it’s not fearmongering.

      That’s not a place where I want to exist — a place where I’m oppressed and hated by racists who DO NOT represent my people’s interests. Thus, secession. This country was founded on independence. I see no logical reason why the colonists should have that right but my people should not.

      There are several red states that are supermajority White republican, at least in terms of the voting pool. They can be pushed to support the measure. What happens in California or New York is increasingly irrelevant to those areas.* No cultural revolution is required, just a slight change in current thinking in a few areas, which will become much easier in the near future as wokeness intensifies and the GOP loses yet another presidential election due to corruption, media bias, and demographics.


      My guess is that you read that long, well-reasoned, comment posted the other day on that divorce thread and immediately came here to derail the conversation on a thread where people were still posting.

      “Secession is a pretty dream that enables whites to avoid coming to terms with the mess they are in these days.”

      It’s the solution to the mess, and the only one that stands a reasonable chance of success. Disagree? Then offer an alternative. My guess on what you’ll say: Trust the Plan or Vote Harder. Now who’s dreaming?

      *Last year Tucker Carlson ran a segment imploring conservatives in other parts of the country to care about what was happening in New York City. They briefly shut down the comments on YouTube when the top comments were about how they didn’t care anymore.

  3. Has it started? More anti-White riots in Minnesota, even Biden had to tell them not to loot and kill people. Nobody will listen to him of course. As the weather warms up, what’s to stop most black people from simply dragging White people out of their cars and beating or killing them, nationwide?

    Really? The cops have retreated for the next forty years. The National Guard is sure as heck not going to be called out to kill lots of black people. There is no national black figure to turn things off.

    Does everyone hunker down at home again, gun close by? Waiting for a home invasion? Are most cities going to be burnt down? What is the end game? Is this the start of Yugoslavia style racial and class cleansing through extreme violence?

    • And what’s the breaking point? So far the riots have been contained to goodwhite cuck areas. The police were on every block on the border between Detroit and suburbs. More so, I suspect, to protect the blacks (and stop a violent breakout) than to protect the whites. While alot of whites are cucked, there are still many pockets of whites who *would* fire back if there were violent incursions into the neighborhood. It wouldn’t take too many sparks to fly to start tit-for-tat retaliation which turns into a full out race war.

      The governor of MN’s response seems to suggest they are fine with more rioting this summer. In Toronto I’m seeing more and more groids roaming even in nice areas. Dunno where they come from. Gonna be an ugly summer.

      Still no idea what the end goal is, other than mindless destruction of the usa.

  4. That’s why Progs have such a desperate need to rewrite history, insisting on a narrative in which the founders and framers were the worst sort of people, terrible in every way. Aberrations to be despised and renounced, rather than examples to be followed.

    The alternative is realizing that all the greatest thinkers in history were in fact “racists” by today’s definition.

  5. Both Obama and Trump told the lies they knew would get them elected. I recall Obama on the campaign trail the first time around, promising to usher in a post-racial, post-partisan era in American politics. While what he actually created was the most racially-divisive administration in recent memory; in which he and his people prepared the way for BLM and the George Floyd/“anti-racist “White supremacy is the root of all evil” madness we’re living with today.

    Likewise, Trump’s real genius was discerning what working- and middle-class White people wanted to hear, and convincing them that he was going to make those things happen. In reality, he accomplished very few of them; most of them he didn’t even try for. He was only pretending to espouse those values.

    It seems to me that proper— I.e., realistic— hope and optimism are rooted— and can only be rooted— in a realistic understanding of human nature. Utopian schemes flounder because they’re based on a false idea of what humans are like.

    And history is where we can see what human nature is like: not what people are like in some idealistic imagining, but what they’re actually like, based on what they’ve actually done.

    Communism has never worked because it’s central premise regarding human beings— that given the right conditions, the ideal man would emerge, who was selflessly motivated solely by duty and benevolence, who would work hard for the system while taking only what he needed, who would refrain from grabbing and exercising power— turned out to not be true: human nature, as it turned out, just isn’t like that.

    And by contrast, one could argue that the vision of the founders of America and the framers of the Constitution was as successful as it was, because they had a better understanding of human nature. They understood inherent human fallibility, the human inclination to embrace self-delusion, the human tendency to grab and assert power— and deliberately created an adversarial tripartite system which they hoped would keep any one group from attaining primacy over the others. And for a while, it worked: we had men like Jefferson and Madison leading us.

    How did we get to the place where our choice is between people like Hillary Clinton or Joe Biden and Donald Trump?

    Likewise, the problem with the ‘woke anti-racist egalitarianism’ that today’s Progressives believe in, is that it too represents a distorted view of human beings, human nature, and what makes people what they are.

    Progs insist that there are no inherent, genetically-based differences among the races; that Black behaviors and lifestyles— their violence, impulsiveness, lack of work ethic, promiscuity, etc.— have nothing to do with Blacks’ inherent natures; but rather, are solely the result of the distorting experiences of slavery, passed down through the generations. In a similar fashion, they insist that Africa is the ghetto of the planet, not because Africans are less evolved, but because of the damage done by colonialism.

    In this picture of things, Whites and racist White society are responsible for all that’s wrong with Blacks. And if only we could rid ourselves of “White supremacy”, and the “White privilege” and “systemic racism” and “unconscious bias” and “racial stereotypes” which make it up, then the golden age of anti-racist egalitarianism— in which everyone is equal and everybody just gets along; in which Blacks are suddenly as smart and diligent and accomplished and civilized as Whites; in which the world of the television commercials— of Black lady doctors and scientists, of wise Black bankers helping grateful Whites, of smiling inter-racial couples— would become a reality. It’s always tempting to take refuge from reality in the latest utopian vision. “Isn’t it pretty to think so?”

    And anyone with experience talking to people who have bought-in to the latest utopian delusion, knows how angry they’re liable to get with anyone who deigns to question it: to notice and point to those facts which demonstrate the essential fallibility of its assumptions.

    The vehemence with which Cancel Culture pounces on it’s victims and endeavors to shred them to pieces is a measure of how tightly these people are hanging on to the imaginary world they’ve created.

  6. I’ve come around to thinking that “Q” was a deep-state psy-op rather than a mere prank. First the social media giants banned all the Q-tard accounts . But then nothing happened. Think about the lengths gone to to identify and prosecute the 1/6 Capitol crowd, or “Ricky Vaughan,” but “Q” has never been identified or prosecuted? Nah.

    • What better way to discredit ALL ‘conspiracy theories’— including the true ones— than to plant some which are obviously ridiculous, and encourage gullible people to believe and spread them?

    • They do it because it’s funny, too. “Hey, let’s use a Trix cereal cipher to make an announcement about Q’s ‘acquittal’ via Twitter.”
      Similar psyop campaigns were waged against dissidents in the past in order to sap revolutionary resolve. People just figure that somebody else is taking care of it.

    • No idea what Q was BUT Q said we’re watching a movie. That should’ve been the tip-off it was a psyop, a troll, wishful thinking, whatever.

  7. The Taki article was excellent, if enraging. Still disappointed that Taki cucked with the comment section. I’m also a little surprised that Z didn’t use his real name. Lolz, Cole, Coulter, Buchanon….and …Zman. What makes you so special that you don’t want to be associated with those august personages.

    • Those people were all either doxxed, and therefore had no reason to hide their identities, or they came to prominence before the current woke totalitarian era, back when you could publish books on a variety of controversial topics (Pat Buchanan was fired from MSNBC when he repeated what had once been common knowledge back in the day).

      You now live in a society where regime loyalists (leftists) take pictures of people’s lawns if they have Trump signs on them and upload those photographs to the internet so neighbors can be denied employment or even physically attacked. No one is safe, and no normie ideology is safe anymore, either. Even voting for unapproved persons can see your life ruined.

      You should act at all times as if this were an authoritarian dictatorship because it is. That means at least making it difficult for the other side to find you. Don’t exchange or publicize personal information, even if it’s already out there. Make them work for it. Every Google search their “journalists” have to do, every NSA traffic analysis, every phone call tapped, and every email they have to read is a poke in their eyes and sand in the gears of this regime. Time they spent doing that is time they might have spent ruining someone else.

      • Actually his real name is right there on the Taki essays, you just have to look at the right place.

        • Lol probaly shouldn’t piont it out. He has indicated he is not too worried of dox because of his circumstances. Remarkably, Z has worked his way up as a professional commentator on par with Pat B. and Queen Anne. I imagine he wants, in part, to claim credit.

  8. BTW in the podcast from yesterday Greg Johnson provides a masterclass on the gentile-Jewish dynamic vis a vis the ((((attacks))) on Katie Hopkins

    cogent and impassioned and beautifully laid out

    Perhaps best I’ve ever heard

    Hat tip to him

      • Counter currents website, go to podcasts, and top entry is the “millennial woes” podcast from yesterday

        • Millennial Woes? I remember that dude from years ago on YouTube. I’ve never seen someone so comfortable on camera before. Like, “You all love my face, my soothing voice, and watching me smoke just as much as I do. So I’m gonna explain things at half-speed so we can all drink me in nice & slow like a fine bourbon.”

          • Just to be clear. I’ve got respect for anyone on our side. And Mil.Woes was pretty damn cool. Just saying, anyone THAT into themselves deserves to be razzed a bit for it.

  9. Z, I have one technical point to make that Karl missed on and I don’t think you countered particularly well.

    One of the big Wall Street debates has always been whether capital flows follow rates, or rates follow capital flows. With actual currencies it’s not a settled debate because both are true at different times. In his argument about ‘the natural rate of interest’ Karl was making the argument that the capital is following the rates offered by BTC, but I don’t think that’s so.

    Indonesian 10 year bonds currently offer a yield of 6.592%. Yet capital doesn’t flow there because (among many other reasons) they have a history of resetting their currency rates unexpectedly. It’s that ‘risk’ associated with Indonesia that demands a substantial premium in rates over US Treasuries, in order for them to keep adequate funding at all. In other words, the low capital flows are driving the rates, not the other way around. It’s like this for many assets at the risky end of the spectrum.

    Like Indonesia, most institutional investors don’t treat BTC as an investable asset at all because it’s too far out on the risk curve for them. As another example, Liberia currently offers 25% rate on deposits, but you don’t see a mad rush into Liberian banks. Forget the political risk of BTC. It’s volatility alone is viewed as a substantial risk, which restricts ‘real money’ from flowing into it. Elon can do what he likes with his own money. But no well run pension is going anywhere near it.

    There are somewhere between 400 and 500 trillion in investable assets out there that (in theory) could. That two trillion Crypto market cap represents a 0.004% increase in cumulative industry wide leverage. The institutional investment industry could easily double the crypto market cap, and barely notice. The Federal Reserve alone is holding twice that in other investable assets. But it doesn’t happen because that ‘natural rate’ isn’t nearly high enough to justify it. It’s actually quite expensive relative to its forward looking risk.

    VC’s, moon shot billionaires and individuals can all make bets where they can take sizable losses without consequence. Institutions do so, and they’re out of business. So the BTC situation won’t be changing anytime soon.

  10. 4 days ago someone mentioned BlackRock in the comment section as one of the main investment groups behind many major corporations.

    Now I’ve read on vox day’s blog that BlackRock is buying up homes by the thousands in West Virginia.

    We all know to whom the j*uws will rent these houses to. If whites don’t wake the fuck up(which they probably won’t), they’ll face genocide.

    • Zman made the great observation, and one I can vouch for, that American southerners just don’t have a problem with (((them))) due largely to a lack of interaction and experience and history

      (((Given their love of basketball, I may just start calling them ‘basketballers’ to avoid the censors)))

      But these southern boys better learn the ropes quick. If they’re not openly anti-basketball in a few years then don’t know if they can be saved

    • It’s everywhere:
      ““You now have permanent capital competing with a young couple trying to buy a house,” said John Burns, whose eponymous real estate consulting firm estimates that in many of the nation’s top markets, roughly one in every five houses sold is bought by someone who never moves in. “That’s going to make U.S. housing permanently more expensive,” he said.”

  11. The Right is Wish-casting. The Left believes they are Wizards. There is a difference.

    There was a column in the Weekend FT by Gillian Tett, on the great danger of our modern times: sexism in people listening to streaming services. Too many people are listening to male musicians. Horrors. And I won’t even tell you about the racial disparity. So Tett makes much of how diversity is a strength, etc. and puts great stock in AI “nudging” people into listening to Cardi B even though they prefer the Rolling Stones. She makes an explicit example of how people will “naturally” just prefer non-White leaders in White nations if they see “examples” of non-White leaders. Its a belief of a neo-Priestly caste that they can change and mold human nature.

    Much of their Woke rage is because their spells failed. Just as their tranny mania is due to their hubris in thinking they can change people’s genders at will. Because they are wizards. It is the belief of deeply unserious people with no connection to the physical world who stare at computer screens all day.

    This is not going to end well. Already in Minnesota blacks are rioting again over another black felon who died being arrested (apparently he tried to run over a copy and was shot). Black people have the right now, not be arrested if they don’t want to. And police cannot arrest them if black criminals don’t want to be arrested. Coupled with Biden’s court packing scheme and places like Maryland basically abolishing cops and policing and everything else and its a freight train over a washed out bridge. Fortune 500 companies are plotting to leave states that enact anti-vote fraud laws, and “punish” them.

    They all think they are Wizards.

    • Daily discouragement from Whiskey. I guess we should just quit.

      As a consolation, let’s “HATE HATE HATE” white women.

      • No, lets be realistic. Going to something like Charlottesville is stupid. Open action is stupid. We can’t hold onto the United States of America. Its dead. Over. As gone as the Hapsburg Empire. No amount of wishing will bring it back.

        On the opportunity side, it looks like China is a go on Taiwan. Another big incursion into Taiwan’s Airspace. Taiwan can’t keep up readiness forever, and the Chinese strategy will be run through their airspace over and over again until finally they strike. Like Alexander at Hyderabad.

        He had his troops march up and down on a river bank for a week. Until sensing lack of preparation he attacked.

        • No is one advocating open resistance. There is no need for that. Be smart about resisting and just wait until D.C. cripples itself before doing anything.

          Resistance occupies a spectrum of possible actions and tactics, from plugging toilets in corporate offices with foaming concrete, to placing provocative posters in public areas, dropping flyers in parking lots, calling for rallies(which are fake), doxxing the bad guys. Men with specific skill sets such as telco techs and sparkies can do things in their domain that are sheer show stoppers,

          None of these elicit SWAT teams and MRAPS either. It’s the old thousand cuts strategy for the 21st century.

      • He’s a bundle of joy that’s for sure and with his Black fetish it’s just silly in some respects.

  12. I got a charge when Zman went off on Karl. Thing is, he’s right. Lots of things have the quality of “moneyness.” But as long as governments control the money supply, money will be “their” money.

  13. The Obama disaster was staged by repulsive Chicago Tribune scribe David Axelrod, Jim Messina and David Plouffe. An intellectual non-entity, if Obama had looked like Sonny Liston, or even his missing father, he wouldn’t have had a chance in any national election. His victory propelled those three to temporary wealth in well-paid roles in unsuccessful European electoral campaigns.
    This is, however, nothing new. The list of US presidents is dominated by inept figureheads like Woodrow Wilson, Millard Fillmore, James Buchanan and others. Oddly, during modern presidential campaigns candidates are never asked for the names of those they intend to name to cabinet positions and other important posts. This is probably because the media is actually an unelected branch of the federal government.

    • If Buchanan was inept, give me inept every time over what followed him.

      Charles Mackay thought he was brilliant. Yet here we are thinking Buchanan was an idiot and Lincoln was the Messiah.

      That is the point of today’s essay. This is the democratic mind.

    • Wilson was no figurehead, at least until his stroke and Edith taking over. He laid the foundation for the progressive state and got the US into WWI.

  14. People don’t understand the limitless leeway governments have with Anti money laundering and know your customer regulations. These are laws currently on the books. The government has the ultimate authority to pull the plug on any wallet, website, etc., if it suspected that it’s being used by terrorists or drug traffickers. It will pull the plug at precisely the moment that big banks like Chase deem it to be a threat to their bottom line. Sure, bitcoin and other cryptos will always be able to be traded on the dark web, but at what spread? Likely a massive double digit spread, with the threat that you’re dealing with some agent of the government on the other side. Far from being uncontainable, these currencies are highly containable. Governments can even pull business licenses of those found dealing in it. So you’re left with a currency that has to be traded like heroin in digital back alleys. Good luck.

    • the only reason, and I mean the ONLY reason, Bitcoin will be allowed to continue is if it has, which I believe it does, massive involvement and investment among men in little hats

      The gentiles who think otherwise are fooling themselves and the moment it’s no longer a member of the tribe thing the government will squash it just to watch white boys cry

      • another thought – bitcoin soaks up a lot of manufactured dollars as greater fools buy in and prices rise due to scarcity, market cap now of over $2T. Eventual destruction of bitcoin (once all the insiders have sold out,) could eliminate a lot of excess dollars without sinking the economy (as far as I know, can’t yet be bought on margin.)

        • Yep, and it will be payback for the GME thing

          But then that presumes that (((they’re))) extremely vindictive

          They’re not of course like that, right? They are all about living and let live, win some lose some. Yes?

        • Along those lines, it seems as though Bitcoin is also a vehicle that has been positioned to keep gold and silver prices suppressed in a volatile world.

          Heck, market volatility itself is dead right now. To me, that feels like the water withdrawing from the beach as the 1000 foot high tsunami forms 30 miles out.

        • Bitcoin *is* being bought on margin, in a roundabout way. “Tender” is used to buy BTC; there are exchanges which give huge margin on Tender, that you use to buy BTC. To me, it looks like some exchange has figured out a way to naked-short Tender by having their clients spend $US to buy unlimited BTC.
          [searching for link,will post later]

      • In my opinion, there would only be two reasons the American government would tolerate Bitcoin: 1) they are confident they can secretly monitor all transactions, doxx those involved; so, it’s no threat to them 2) they are using the service to launder money, perhaps to secret black projects, or narcotics trafficking.

  15. This is wish casting, peak wish casting; “ The ruling regime is burning what is left of its moral authority to fuel its hold on power. When the tank runs dry, they will join the communists in the dustbin of history.”

    No, they will continue to remain in power and consolidate their power until something strong enough to reverse and defeat the regime gets in its way and defeats them. The USSR did not “collapse “ due to moral depravity- it was defeated from without and within- and the strongest force against it within was the elites of the KGB, not the Refuseniks who were internally wankers, external to the USSR martyrs to bring enough of the American and Scoop Jackson Democrats along so as to get out of the way when Reagan and Casey cut off the Wall Street money and grew our economy and defenses enough so as to force them to finally capitulate in Berlin- then the whole thing went. This was a long and broad effort- Solidarity in Poland, the Pope, the Afghans and others we supported as proxies, matching them with nukes and enough Troops to deny certain victory in Europe- although it was nukes alone that checked them. All the Western Intel agencies were running ops and networks against them as well. We can go on.

    The Communists fell in the East because men made it fall, the Berlin Wall was stormed by men not morals.

    All the supposed depravity does is perhaps weaken the state, but it is strong in law, media, money and corruption- but most of all faces no opposition. No opposition they win by default.

    Now, let the cries of FED begin!!!
    DR Tango
    1. Bemoaning no one does anything.
    2. Cry FED ! at any who do.
    3. GOTO 1

    4. Perish from history. <

    • “ The ruling regime is burning what is left of its moral authority to fuel its hold on power. When the tank runs dry, they will join the communists in the dustbin of history.”

      Just like China and North Korea.

      • Not disagreeing necessarily, but those two are different for what should be obvious reasons.

        A big part of the failure of the U.S.S.R. that should not be forgotten was the fact that they were driven to insolvency by the raving dreams of global conquest by their aging, delusional elites.

        • Not to mention that, among whites, the Russians are an inferior breed in terms of their inventiveness and resourcefulness and adaptiveness, etc. and those weakness were exploited

          A plodding people

          Americans have lost those superior qualities, it seems, for whatever reasons.

          Western Europeans still seem to have retained them. But they lack the American thirst for domination, and so those qualities will find expression in rather dilettante ways such as perhaps video games and pop music so forth.

          What i see, at least

        • I believe it was paranoia, not dreams of conquest, that ended the U.S.S.R. The Russian soul has an inferiority complex and has always feared for its own survival. Russians have never shown a natural talent for empire, outside the bounds of Mother Russia. Even Russia’s acquisition of all the ‘stans, and its lust for the Crimea, is all about fear. Fear of invasion. Fear of being landlocked on its southern flank.

          • and fear of being cast out of Europe to deal with those others on the east — hence the love affair and embrace of all things French and Venetian during their cultural renaissance in the years of Peter through the Tsar

            BTW anyone notice how beautiful was Maria the daughter of Tsar Nicholas? Even today her face comes alive in old photos. You would think she’s still living among us. God bless her soul.

            Meanwhile her (((torturer and murderer))) is exalted. This has got to change.

  16. Wish-casting might be the term I’ve been looking for. On both sides of the political aisle are perceived authorities that mumble vague statements and are consequently believed to be authoritative, wise and courageous. The Left has its Dr. Fauci speaking in maybes and possibilities; the Right has Q dropping cryptic hints of what could happen and “trust the Plan”.

    (I want to say “had Q” because the Plan turned out to be the Plandemic, but no! He’s still a thing and even the Left has begun seeing in Q what it wants to see.)

    There needs to be a term for the religion, or at least behavior, of people using deliberately vague prophets to confirm what they already believe or hope in. Is that wish-casting?

    • The term you are looking for is human nature. Humans always seek explanations for that which they do not understand. When no good explanations exist, humans just make things up.

    • Dr. Fauci recently said that, although he’s had the vaccine, he still avoids indoor restaurants. I didn’t bother to read the news item, nor shall I. Suffice to say that anyone reading the headline will, I assume, take it as a less than ringing endorsement of the value of the jab.


      Like my quip elsewhere about the BLM co-founder buying a home in a White enclave, it is news bits like these that brighten my day. 🙂

      I see news items about “White Lives Matter.” Scuffles in Huntington Beach, CA. Other planned rallies were a “flop.” I didn’t even know that WLM was a “thing.” But now, thanks to the Liberal media, tens of millions of White Americans do. 😀

    • Q held out the hope that there were white hats working behind the scenes to save the the Republic. Unfortunately, the ugly truth has been revealed that there is not a single person in a leadership position of consequence in our society that supports heritage Americans. There is AI and hundreds of millions of Asians to do white collar work and robots and hundreds of millions of Hispanics and Africans to do blue collar work. White people with their notions of freedom and liberty are obsolete.

  17. “The people who worshipped him (Obama) and hated Hilary, had transferred their love for him onto Clinton and their hate for her onto Trump during the 2016 election, especially toward the end”.

    Never thought of it that way, but that’s a great observation.

  18. The core of the bitcoin cult believes that bitcoin is an alternate currency, not a speculative asset. But there’s two problems with this. First, if bitcoin acted like a currency it wouldn’t have had the massive run-up that it did in such a short time. It would be tracking like other currencies. Currencies don’t behave that way, going up six or seven fold, outside of a massive war or economic crisis. Second, bitcoin is not tracking the rate of real interest rates the way precious metals do. There should be a correlation between bond rates and bitcoin value. Instead, bitcoin is tracking like Tesla stock. It’s tracking like a frothy, speculative equity, only with no earnings. It will likely track Tesla stock to its natural, intrinsic value….which is near zero.

    • Bitcoin isn’t a currency at the moment but it may become so. The ‘bitcoin as currency’ fans split off years ago to form bitcoin cash. Bitcoin is a store of value. Sure, it’s volatile now because no one can figure it out. You think its worth 0 and others > $1Million or more, so the price fluctuates wildly. It’s completely decentralised so one can make it be worth some stable value or be pegged to another currency.

      In the early days bitcoin value fluctuated as much as 99.5% ( from $1 to .5 cent ), last big crash was around 80% – the next maybe 40%. The volatility index is way down.

      Remember, no single person who ever bought bitcoin and kept it safe and never sold has lost money.

  19. A New Tomorrow (cont)
    Who else?

    People who can feed themselves via game hunting are but one constituent of the tapestry of outliers that may comprise the DR, but whom else & what do they bring to the table. Most every workingman with dirt under their fingernails is likely to be anti-parasite. As are stay-at-home moms raising children as a first priority and still wedded to productive men rather than a government handout. Small business owners know hard work and long hours better than most and can feel abusive taxation in their sore muscles & aching feet every single day. And don’t forget the inevitable fringe element in society. These are the oddballs that don’t fit into any popular social niche and just want to be left alone to do their own thing. And what do all of the above have in common. They do and they do and they do.

    • Since I’ve been a working man who has worked at close quarters with other manually laboring men and women, I feel qualified to rebut your claim that…

      “Most every workingman with dirt under their fingernails is likely to be anti-parasite.”

      In reality, MANY manual laborers are fully supportive of parasitism. One finds evidence of this in the widespread habit of stealing time, in habitual voting patters i.e. for leftist parties, and in the bitter attitude held toward management and owners. What this type of manual laborer objects to is he or she being parasitized personally, not to parasitism per se, and it just so happens that many of them are also hunters who would not join a rebellion against the organized crime class. They are too busy watching sports, drinking cheap beer, shooting defenseless animals for mere fun, playing video games, and dusting the bottles of their whiskey collections.

      • I guess we’ve traveled in different circles in our lives. The roughnecks I know working rigs in the oil patch work their ass off every single day and it’s long hours. They routinely get dirty, grimy, sweaty and it’s dangerous to boot. And to a man, they HATE seeing other men collect government checks to sit on their ass or do make-work BS jobs. Most are hard men who should not be trifled with lightly. I can guarantee that if you went up to one and told him he was a leftist parasite, you would be looking at the inside of an ER pretty quick.

    • You should only get involved with that group unless your name is already publicly known and you have nothing to lose. Just like the Proud Boys and myriad other groups, they will be infested with informants. Your name and association with that group will become public knowledge. All it would take is a couple of public doxxings and followup media coverage to discourage the rest — fired, rendered unemployable, harassed until the point of suicide. Your best way of fighting back is to strike from the shadows.

      • One can be too timid/cowardly. Those of us less vulnerable (ex. tenure or retired or better yet independently wealthy) can afford to be less careful. Of course if I was an untenured assistant professor i would be terrified. NJP appears to have learned lessons from Charlottesville. They are careful, maybe too careful, with opsec. Personally, I’m convinced that those who rule over us are ultimately weak and insecure. Does tend to explain their current panicky moves. In short, I don’t think we can win if we go into a defensive crouch. Courage.

  20. Most cults fragment into a core of true believers who go down with the ship and those who leave in the dead of night trying to get out without their peers knowing. Both parties are cults at this point. I’ve always seen this country as a big Jim Jones compound. The next civil war will be just a really big version of an airstrip shootout with a dead politician followed by half the country drinking a Dixie cup full of KoolAid. And of course it will also involve a large amount of easily controlled black people.

    • So true, JR:

      The USA is a cult

      Notice the number of letters. They would fit nicely on the US nautical flag, but that fouled anchor will have to go. In its place, one could put the happy faced straw character that’s depicted on packages of Flavor Aid.


      Bonus: Nine letters of “Flavor Aid” correspond to the nine states mentioned in Article VII of Ashli’s favorite holy scripture, the 28th book of the Protestant testament. Of course, Flavor Aid guy, alone, will suffice to symbolize Publius’ first nine provinces. A picture is worth at least nine letters, nine names, and a thousand words of explanation.

  21. To flesh out some ideas, if civilization is the artificial world men create within the natural world to ease the physical and material pain of life, and if this is often established through bloodshed— a process of domestication— which is maintained through civic and religious indoctrination…

    The physical, material pain doesn’t go away. It’s simply transmuted into psychic and spiritual pain. It progresses as society progresses until the people are fully mad and pathetic, fully unable to face and contend with reality. And then nature overcomes nurture and takes its course, the cycle repeats, etc.

    It’s not a pleasant place to be, but at least we get to witness something few people live through.

    • Point well taken

      By the same token, the death we have avoided though peaceful civilization and technological progress reasserts itself through death by cars, overdoses, accidents with machines, etc.

      We can’t escape death. It comes after us if we push it far enough off to the margins.

      Strange but actually quite beautiful how it all works.

      • And yet the woke left, as evidenced by the Wuhan hysteria, has become an anti-death cult. This also manifests itself in woke corporations (BIRM) that worship at the safety altar. I keep a Word document of safety incident notices from around the division of my company. I do this because the language used in them is so insane. They’re full of contrite apologies for having failed to live up to the expectations of the higher ups, and sober promises to create the perfect employee, one who’s mindful of his sacred responsibility toward the corporate safety Talmud.

        These bulletins are irrefutable evidence that leftism is ultimately dehumanizing. Someday they’ll make a great historical record of the current madness.

        • I suppose nothing intrinsically valuable and good can result from the paralysis of a people who fear living and death in equal measure.

        • Atheism begets cowardice. A very high percentage of AWRs, the people who comprise the Power Structure, are atheists. The end result is a society that resembles a nursery school, replete with cooing marms, mandatory naps, warm granola cookies and soymilk.

          • Isn’t that a funny thing how the “solving” of the human condition and development, i.e. atheism borne of the theory of evolution, has resulted in a person less able to survive the hardships of life compared to the “believer”?

            As if human evolution selects for people who reject the truths of their own biological and developmental processes. God does have a strange sense of humor

          • Imo ‘hard’ atheism is one of the symptoms of late societal madness. Just after self-doubt, or thereabouts.

    • Yep

      I was just driving around and saw a homeless person. I was thinking, take away his hardship and his daily struggle in life and he’d die

      I think this is why the church, for example, tried to keep us from becoming too prosperous and why it stigmatized money and wealth. It was for our own good and survival.

      And isn’t that counterintuitive? You would think prosperity would be good for us. But it makes the guys who preach the glories of prosperity and capitalism, say Liimbaugh or Tony Robbins or even Olsteen, out to be the real monsters and true villains.

      • The empty materialism of the Gods of the marketplace inevitably lead to a return the Gods of the copybook headings, and terror and slaughter with them.

    • Agreed. At the root, our affluence has addicted us to the Comfort First Imperative. Facing reality means rolling up your sleeves and tangibly confronting the serious problems that exist in our society & culture. But doing that conflicts with the imperative for drinking a Starbucks latte on the way to your make-work pseudo-job and then coming home to watch a Mexican cut your grass. This is why I assert that the collapse IS the cure. Normie will not put down the latte until it is forced upon him by reality.

      • I think you’re right,Tom.

        Cutting the legs out from under us and toppling us into the dirt is perhaps the only way for us to learn to start walking again

        • Yes, but I was hoping that we could have avoided this. It is, though, unreasonable to believe that a critical mass of people will have had the foresight.

      • “Public virtue cannot exist in a Nation without private Virtue, and public Virtue is the only Foundation of Republics.”

        That was John Adams’ view, one shared by every Founder. It goes without saying that corruption, nay, dissolution of the virtuous, private life proceeds apace. It really does seem that the village has to be destroyed in order to save it.

        • and we’re finding ourselves in the same predicament that existed pre WW I where the only hope was a war to end all wars

          Our affluence will ultimate beget the necessary destruction of that affluence. These thoughts and ideas will gain in currency as a prelude to something very ugly

          Strange world we live in

          • I just saw a news headline yesterday with that same thought: current situation looks like just pre-WW I. Just under thirty years ago, my community college world history prof. made the same statement. Does a delay of over twenty years mean he was wrong?

            Success sows the seeds of its own destruction: that was discussed here yesterday. Tend to agree, we get fat and lazy, figuratively and literally. I don’t know what the future will hold, but I know curernt trends can’t continue. All will likely end badly 🙁

  22. Both sides are realizing that there’s no escape from our situation, at least not as a single country.

    Jews, Progressive Whites and their POC mercenaries are not going to just make 70% of Whites disappear or submit. Colorblind CivNats are never going to get the other side to stop hating Whites.

    Obama was the Left’s hope that they could someone win over the country peacefully through his magnificence, i.e. the Deplorables would realize that they were wrong. Trump was the colorblind CivNats’ great hope, i.e. he would drain the swamp, make America great again and get the Left to give up identity politics in favor just being “American.”

    Both failed miserably. Now, they’re left wondering where this goes next, which, of course, is nowhere. So, they retreat into fantasies.

    • In a country that is increasingly non-white, the white vs. white bickering is increasingly irrelevant. Basically, both sides are losing at once.

      I’ve described the 30% white area before. The non whites have no interest in the leftist fag/BLM marches. They’re basically whites virtue signalling to each other while the brown masses continue with their day. They have no interest in bicycles or other idiotic goodwhite urban planning measures.

      They also don’t care about “freedom”. They don’t care if there’s a lockdown, they’re used to corruption and just ignore all the rules anyways. They don’t care whether abortion is legal and don’t see it the same way we do (either strictly good or strictly bad). They don’t care about the greater society, only their ethnic community.

      Basically this results in both white factions shouting at the clouds, feeling like they’re losing ground while more of the non-whites keep pouring into the country every year. Whites are unwilling or incapable to change, ceding more and more ground in the workplace and in politics every year. Naive whites hire the best man for the job; when that “best man for the job” Pajeet becomes a manager suddenly the M.O. changes to “my cousins and caste for the job”.

      Unless whites are able to accept tribalism and see other tribes as competitors (not even enemies, necessarily) and differences between groups of people, we are largely finished in this modern world. you and I have no problem with it, but most seem to just not have that mindset in them.

      • Yeah, you about sum it up. It is inevitable that whites will take their own side and tribalize as conditions deteriorate. The sooner the better. That is why south Africa is such a bitter black pill. The Afrikaners should be stomping ass up to the Sahara by my thinking. At the very least, not one white liberal should exist in SA.

        • South Africa is blackest of the blackest pills.

          If Whites don’t stand up there, where will we stand up?

      • Agreed that Whites, Jews and blacks still think that it’s 1965. I’ve joked that young Whites and blacks sound hilariously old-fashioned. They’re 20 years younger than me, but they’re the ones stuck in the past – and it’s not even their past.

        It’s as though Hispanics, Asians and Indians don’t exist.

        Hispanics hate blacks and don’t give a rat’s ass about BLM. Same with the Asians and Indians who view blacks as literally sub-human.

        White and Jewish Progressives don’t have a clue that these other groups just go along with the hate Whitey program because it’s good for them and their people. They don’t hate Whitey anymore than they hate other groups. It’s just profitable for now.

        Once that gravy trains runs out, they’re getting off.

        White CivNats don’t understand that these 90%+ of the people in these groups didn’t come to America (or Canada) for freedom, democracy and Enlightenment ideals. They came to make money and grab whatever wasn’t bolted down. They’re not going to assimilate, because 1) we won’t make them; 2) they don’t want to; and 3) there are too many of them.

        It’s not our country anymore. It’s nobody’s country. It’s not a country, just an economic zone with a boarding house filled with various tribes.

        There’s nothing holding the United States (or Canada) together anymore except momentum and a lack of a better alternative. That’s why Whites are escaping into fantasy.

        The future is tribalism. CivNat Whites hate that. Progressive Whites thought that once Badwhites were gone, everybody would settle into some happy multi-culti paradise where, of course, Whites and Jews kept running the show. That ain’t going to happen.

        • For as smart as (((they))) are, wtf were they thinking?

          But truth be told, they are creatures of the ghetto and for all their smarts they just don’t have that creator-of-civilizations gene. They instead have that gene where they can see the creation around them and figure out how to reverse-engineer it into a pile of rubble. Much like blacks when you think about, and perhaps why the attraction is there and their parasitical symbiosis

          • (((They))) can’t create, they sponge off White civilization. They can copy, and mimic, but Felix Mendelssohn was not a “j*wish” composer. He composed White music,

      • Much of what you describe is strong evidence against Enlightenment universalism and the notion of human rights. In point of fact, we are, at root, not all the same. Verily, we are very, very different. And the concepts most beloved by white “liberals” are entirely alien to PoC around the world. Unfortunately, our common human nature makes up only a small portion of human existence. It’s all of that other stuff, which guarantees that we can never all just get along under one big, sappy rainbow umbrella. Diversity is a deadly and disastrous delusion.

  23. How does AMC entertainment theaters raise over 900 million from investors since December. Nobody is going and this is obviously being propped up. Hmmm

    • Yeah, I don’t buy that a bunch of reddit autists trading on stimmy checks in mom’s basement are propping AMC and GME up this long.

      Those guys are being used as cover for obscure, big money on the other side of those shorts.

  24. The recent talks and actions of the Grumpy Walter administration regarding China and Russia are a sad indicator of how delusional our empire has become. This isn’t the America of 1960 or even 2000. The influence and capabilities are illusionary now as other factions have begun to rise on the world stage.

    Sadder still is to hear Veterans and active duty declare how eager they are to fight the Red Bear or Chinese to preserve freedom and democracy. The brain washing continues unabated…

      • Instead of gathering outside of the Capital in DC, dissidents should be holding mass-gatherings outside major military bases encouraging their children to dessert. They could hold up banners saying “Don’t die in Syria for a country that hates you!” or “We will protect and hide you from the MPs, the state can’t arrest all of you!”

        Why any white male with two brain cells to rub together would risk his life to preserve an empire that hates him is beyond comprehension.

        • I’m almost 60 and for the first time I hope my country loses every encounter from here on.

          The dictionary defines “nation” as a large body of people united by common descent, history, culture, or language, inhabiting a particular country or territory.

          We are no longer a nation if indeed we ever were. We are a high-fructose corn syrup empire of faggotry.

        • If your alternative is life in a town of alcoholics, method heads and no job prospects, you might understand. I was in a very similar situation 40 years ago.

          • Fair. But 40 years ago the schools weren’t teaching kids that you’re the ethnic equivalent of bubonic plague.

    • After 20 years of small wars, I don’t think our military is mentally or physically prepared to duke it out with a first-world power, much less two.

    • What’s even sadder is those veterans, the ones who are White, are now seen as a problem in the USA circa 2020’s.

      • I have noticed something similar wrt the movie business

        Hard to explain, but I will try.

        I notice how when Hollywood wants to sell its glamour and cachet it has to revert to the time in America when it was 90% white and when its finest classics were produced. When Netflix or whomever tries to sell and promote its catalog of movies notice how it’s always showing the faces of yesteryear from the time America was a white Christian country. Meanwhile it has done everything it can to destroy the environment for those great things to flower. It goes about spraying the garden with poisons but then can’t help but harken back to a time when that garden was full of the most lovely roses.

        Oh dear, what a pickle they find themselves in.

        And notice how despite all the love they have for multiculturalism and the changing demographic that they still try to sell Los Angeles as a land of blond surfers and sunshine. They only present the current-day reality of L.A. when they are trying to create a dystopian or heavily criminalized backdrop, a world one should escape from — not escape to. All the real world graffiti and trash and homelessness and crime and dysfunction are all too much to bear for these (((tenderfoots))).

        Why the WASPS ever let such a cretinous bunch into the club and grab hold of the levers of power of such a great civilization is one of the world’s greatest mysteries. Meanwhile, they KNEW what they were getting themselves into. Perhaps it’s something to do with self-punishment for their own successes. Whatever it is or was it does, however, bear the hallmarks of a pathology.

        • Their inability to face reality is one reason why Hollywood is doubling down on wokeness. It’s a means of reaffirming the faith of a people who are starting to question it. They honestly thought they wouldn’t be affected by their politics until reality hit them:

          Golden Globe awards make diversity pledge after publicists’ backlash


          Hollywood Doesn’t Want WHITE DUDES Anymore, Say Movie Execs.

          *In one of these articles from around this time, a White Hollywood writer complains he is being blacklisted because he’s White but that he doesn’t understand it because he mentored POC. Basically, he trained people who had an animus against him and they replaced him at their earliest convenience. The bill has come due for Hollywood.


          That’s one of the few explanations I can think of for it, because woke stuff provably doesn’t sell. There is no market for it. Worse, unlike simply making a bad movie or episode of television, wokeness may actually destroy the brand itself.

          Star Wars, Terminator, Ghostbusters, James Bond, Star Trek, Indiana Jones, Dr. Who, Supergirl, Superman (soon to be a black man and written by a racist identitarian courtesy of JJ Abrams), comic books … how many of these male properties have been destroyed? Yet they continue with this madness.

  25. The turd term of Fundamental Transformation with the historic high heels czar the Kamal as preezy of the steezy will cement the legendary status of Sobama.
    The faculty lounge fifth column will succeed in burning it all down by any means necessary this time.
    Russia and China tremble in fear of Chicago Jesus, She-Ra and the mighty high heeled rump ranger troops of doom.
    Sprechen sie Austrian?

  26. “Bitcoin is going to usher in the anarcho-capitalist future, where the power of the state is broken and all of the bad things about the cultural war are rolled back to some happy place in the past.”

    Sounds like religious poppycock, apparently man does make idols out of everything, including computer files.

    • The thing I struggle with is how these crypto currencies are going to maintain widespread usage in a politically balkanized world with degraded information networks.

      Crypto needs an omnipresent, highly functional, global information network to retain its utility.

      • I’ve been rolling some of my Biden bucks into crypto. In the long run, if the Glorious Diverse Inclusive Equitable Revolution succeeds the internet, like drinkable running water, reliable electricity, and paved roads will go away and with it crypto. I suppose there’s a possibility that the ultra-rich will find a way to maintain pockets of functioning technological society on islands, seasteads, or space colonies. These will of course, be the ultimate in inequitable, non-diverse, undemocratic places but hypocrisy has never bothered these people.

        I’m not thinking of using crypto to buy armor and autocannons for the Mad Max RV though. I see it mainly as a hedge in the near term against the government’s inflationary policies of creating and distributing magic money untethered to any productive activity. If the Glorious DIE Plan succeeds ultimately most fiat currency will become worthless as well anyway. It’s not really a choice between this flaky high-tech crypto thing that won’t work once we go Mad Max but between that and money issued by a government that’s lost control of its territory and people. Both are doomed in the future global Detroit our rulers seem to want.

        • This is actually a really good, rational take on crypto and the currency situation.

          It’s obvious the controllers are going to crash both at some point in the near future.

          The only way to beat them is to buy valuable hard assets.

  27. Historians debate why the Athenians waged the Peloponnesian War as they did. The decision to attack Syracuse is a legendary blunder that defies reason. Perhaps it was the result of the same phenomenon that we are seeing today. A thoroughly democratized people, unable to face the reality of what that entails, indulges in wish-casting, placing all hope into a person or a plan. What lies at the other end is a shocking corrective that breaks the spell.

    My preferred analogy is to the transition of the Roman Republic to the Roman Empire. That process played out over more than a century and the autocracy that came out the other end retained a number of Republican elements that were its ultimate flaw.

      • Much better analogy, thanks. The Republic ended w/ CW1. The “shocking correctives” ahead … will more likely resemble the aftermath of Yugoslavia, and the Serbian Bosnian conflicts in the 90s.

  28. For people who have a firm grasp of reality, when blacks riot, it’s confirmation that their behavior is different than Whites and Asians. With big corporations, their media, and the people in charge, the response was “we need to do more” and an embrace of the BLM program and a casting of Whites as the villain. Racial differences will always persist and their solution is to attack Whitey until the differences go away, which they never will.

    • The differences will go away when whitey goes away. That’s the end game of all of this. “systemic racism” will always exist as long as whites exist. We need to get rid of systemic racism. you do the math.

      If you haven’t noticed this is already happening across the formerly white formerly western world through mass immigration. I suspect more “coercive” action will be taken soon since some whites are a little more stubborn than others.

      • If you accept the assumptions (silly, I know, but they do) of the Left/Progressives, the logical endgame always has been either the elimination of Whites or their enslavement. It sound fantastical, but when you think about it, there’s no other outcome.

        Follow the logic:

        1. Racism is the worst evil on the planet, destroying lives and even killing people

        2. Racism is caused by Whites, either knowingly or unconsciously (systemic racism, White privilege, etc.)

        3. So long as there are racial disparities between Whites and other groups, racism still exist. (Naturally, the disparities will continue to exist because groups are different.)

        4. Ever more stringent punishments must be applied to Whites to stop them from being racist.

        5. Every new punishment will fail, so rinse and repeat until you either kill White people or make them so enslaved that they don’t outperform other groups.

        There’s no other option in this world. I don’t think Whites understand this. The anti-White measures will get worse and worse until Whites are bred out of existence, killed or enslaved.

        • I think one of the reasons they are doubling down now is that the controllers have created a situation where the spectre of UBI for all has arisen.

          They can’t bear to pay YT any UBI at all.

          They’re fine with UBI for vibrants, heck they’ve had de facto UBI for decades through a variety of government programs.

      • You can also turn the inequality (“systemic racism”) into an equality by cancelling an unwanted term on the other sign of the inequality 😈 The math hasn’t been done yet. There is more than one way to solve an equation.

    • The BLM bitch buying her home in the rich White neighborhood speaks volumes on race realism 💩

  29. “Rather than face the reality of a fading empire that should have been dismantled thirty years ago, people are escaping into these aspirational cults.”

    I visited Beijing, China for New Year’s in 1999/2000. The air made your eyes burn, men sold packets of coal in the street, the “Flying Pigeon” iron bike was the main method of commuting and the population lived in mud neighborhoods called “Hutongs”. Communal gravity toilets were still used to collect waste. The Chinese exchange students I had at my multinational firm did not have HEAT in their office building in Shanghai.
    …but there were cranes EVERYWHERE.
    Ten years later, a colleague of mine visited. She saw NONE of that (except the air still made your lungs burn).
    Now? The Chinese economy is at least twice the size of the US. My guess is quadruple, assuming you want an economy that actually makes STUFF (clothing? buttons? fasteners? wire?) vs. the product I produce every day (fyi: I helped produce just shy of a billion dollars in US denominated debt at my job last week).

    Tell you what: let’s fight a war with these people. I’ll bring my finance / legal experience, my sons, my collection of small arms, and a few thousand rounds of ammo.

    We are making the Polish calvary battling the German armored battalions look sane.

    • It’s amazing how quickly the US forgot the value of having a productive economy.

      We proved this during WW2 and the post-war boom.

      Then, at some point in the early to mid-70s we thought giving this enormously value system away was a great idea.

      • “It’s amazing how quickly the US forgot the value of having a productive economy.”

        Why would a tribe parasite wanna pay a white man’s salary?

        Wouldn’t it be better if a white man pays welfare to his ex wife and to as many nonproductive non-whites as possible?

  30. The Trump and Obama comparison offer an insight into how this wish-casting phenomenon works in liberal democracy.…

    The Q-phenomenon is another good example. What started as an internet prank on the MAGA people became a weird fantasy cult. It combined the elements of conspiracy theory with the essentials of wish-casting. Every event was turned into proof that the prophesies would come true and the faithful would be rewarded…

    The crypto cult is looking a lot like the Q-cult all of a sudden.

    Alternatively, all of these examples are driven by people groping for answers and meaning that were previously provided by religious belief.

  31. “What lies at the other end” is probably a brutal tyranny or the break-up of the states into their natural areas of self-interest and ethnic cohesiveness. Where I live, it’s interesting to watch the Judeo-Puritans retreat into the fantasy world of their churches as they wait for the rapture. Many simply cling to some bizarre hope that God will make everything calm down if they simply pray hard enough. I have no idea what the Presbyterians are thinking. I have never known. Probably trying to figure out where to bury their gold.

    • The Rapture will save us – Christians
      Putin will save us – WNs
      Trump will save us – Alt right, 2016
      QAnon will save us – Trumpers
      Obama will save us – normie libs, 2008
      Hispanics (natural conservatives) will save us – most conservatives
      Stop white supremacy will save us (??) – every normie white person 2020.

      It’s about time white people stop expecting a saviour and actually fight in *reality*. As I mentioned below the people who are taking over are hispanics and asians, they don’t care about any of these delusions.

    • Presbyterian USA churches are still locked-down and the members are finding other places to worship. Their wishful thinking is that those members will ever come back.

        • Our (soon to be former) church’s website has a banner saying “All Are Welcome”. Underneath is a long list of people not welcome – anyone without a mask, 2 different AA groups, NA, Boy Scouts, and several other community organizations that were using the church meeting spaces.

          • Take a look at this one: https://united-church.ca/

            From over 1 million members in the 1960s to ~100,000 attendees today, mostly old people. The front page seems to feature an inter racial lesbian couple, and underneath is a story promoting Universal basical Income.

            Last i checked inter racial lesbians were not a large church-going demographic group. but of course going broke is actually a feature of Globohomo not a problem for them.

          • Nice – they didn’t clutter up their page with a bunch of that God-talk or anything off-putting like mentioning Jesus.

          • Also on the web site – “Moderator’s Easter Message 2021. Eavesdrop on a conversation between Mary Magdelene and the disciple Peter on what she saw, or didn’t”

            A black (what else) Mary Mag. Didn’t have the stomach to actually ‘eavesdrop’, but expect it’s an affirmation of what Easter is all about – black grrrlll power

          • In fairness to the church, it’s probably a function of local regulations and/or their insurance liability. Despite all the legislation that COVID-19 wrought, I must have missed that news item about governments shielding organizations from liability lawsuits (the vaccine makers excepted, of course!). My AA group was allowed to resume holding meetings after being shut out of “our” church for a whole year.

          • I suspect a lot of the more pozzed mainline churches have decided they can just run on whatever trusts the old parishioners had in their wills and then close up shop. Some of the new imagery they use (bi-racial lesbian couples) might actually be intended to drive off anyone halfway normal who might have kids. Around here in Oregon these churches are basically just social service organizations that give out free winter clothes and meals. I think running an actual church would get in the way of this new “mission” they’ve taken on. Embracing Covidism can be seen as a way of cutting operating expenses too. No need to heat a building when there are no live services.

  32. An example of this would be the Obama presidency. Few people talk about him these days, even though his term ended just five years ago. When he ran for office, however, his fans talked about him like he was Jesus. Despite his embarrassingly thin resume, they projected onto him the image of black Lincoln. There was little reason to think this man would do much of anything, given his nature and the people around him, but his fans were sure he was going to usher in the golden age.

    With hindsight, the Obama cult was a symptom of the general milieu that is driving wokism. It’s a post Christian religious revival. Obama could have become a central point of focus if he had died early in his term. Instead, the movement has moved passed him.

    • Good comment Dino. The people who had pictures of Obama on their front lawns in 2008 now display pictures of George Floyd.

      That’s the progression of religious iconography in the 21st century.

  33. People could go through their whole lives, voting and being disappointed.
    Either by ‘losing’ or let down by ‘our guy’.
    Pavlov’s dogs spring to mind but inverted for humans.
    No matter how many times they do the ‘good thing’ and vote they get shat on.
    Is humanity truly too dumb to know a rigged game when it bites them on the arse every 4 or 5 years?

    • IMO that’s why the politicians and media hold us in contempt

      Because they keep lying to our faces and shitting on us we keep coming back for more. That’s not the kind of people anyone is going have lots of respect for. Think about it.

      The 2022 midterms will be a good test in my mind. I want to see how many people give the middle finger to the system and we get people voted in with only 10% turnout. The whole world will be laughing at our government. And that’s good. Shoe on the other foot.

      • Falcone: Would love to see that 10% turnout but I fear that for far too many normies, voting is a habit they can’t let go of. Some of them talk a good game about abandoning Faux news (but not t.v. overall) or prizing free speech (but then trying to make a Breitbart clone out of Gab), or raging against the stolen election (but then insist Georgia’s new voting law will make cheating almost obsolete). The normie lives life in recognized lanes (which have become deep muddy ruts) and gets tremendously uncomfortable when forced to deal with the traffic chaos that is globohomo.

        • Yes, the De Santis koolaid will be too hard to resist for many a normie

          But as for me, and perhaps most of my generation (Gen Z), the bloom is off the rose. I will never vote again, never donate, and I have voted dutifully my entire adult life. But my donations for Ron Paul were followed by two consecutive years of IRS audits, and I doubt it was coincidence !

  34. I wonder if that shocking corrective would be a brawl with Russia in Eastern Ukraine and Crimea. US has given Ukraine their full support, which looks to me like the Polish guarantee that the UK gave back in the day – our 2nd worst foreign policy decision ever. UK Foreign Sec Dominic Raab tweeted full support to Ukraine over the weekend also.
    Can’t help but notice the common denominator between Anthony Blinken, Volodymyr Zelensky, Dominic Raab and Jens Stoltenberg (Nato Sec Gen).
    I wonder if they will fast track Ukraine in and then use Article 5 to take on the Bear and try a regime change. I personally think that will backfire spectacularly.

  35. > It was about the final end of the Obama fantasy. Not only was he not black Jesus, he was never the savior. The people who worshipped him and hated Hilary, had transferred their love for him onto Clinton and their hate for her onto Trump during the 2016 election, especially toward the end.

    In 2008 and 2012, Obama had tens of thousands of people going to his rallies, with throngs of people in absolute adoration for his vision.

    In 2020, he was left talking to a crowd of a couple dozen to hype up a doddering old fool. You could just tell from his facial expression how much he hated Biden, and his understanding most everyone consider his presidency a vast nothingburger. At least he still has basketball.

    The left seems to realize now that they aren’t electing a person, but the machine propping up the person, and all the talk about democracy is just performative moralizing.

    The right still hasn’t come to the realization that electing a man will not destroy the machine that runs everything. Almost hoping the republican presidential hopefuls are so pathetic that the right checks out of the drama and absolves themselves of even pretending the charade in D.C has any form of legitimacy.

    • Well, the idea that some Savior will appear and set things right, or at least lead us into battle appears to be one of the fundamental weaknesses of the right.

      Meanwhile the left always has someone, somewhere grinding forward, millimeter by millimeter, to advance their cause. That appears to be one of their fundamental strengths.

      • The left always has some entity to pay the mercenaries/true believers to continue the grind. The right has to support its family. That’s the real difference in disparity of outcome.

      • “the idea that some Savior will appear and set things right”

        Where could that idea come from?

        I’ve noted before that many of the QAnons that I know are Christians and they seem to be conditioned to believe that the “white hats in the deep state” and Trump will save them. All that they have to do is forward the emails and retweet. “Trust the plan!”

    • I still contend the only reason Obama picked Biden for VP was that he knew Joe was a fool who couldn’t upstage him. Biden understood how Congress worked, but was otherwise a dunce. This allowed Obama to spend most of his time playing golf, watching SportsCenter and HBO without having to worry his VP would in essence take over his administration the way Cheyney wielded power in the Bush years or even worse.

    • In 2020, he was left talking to a crowd of a couple dozen to hype up a doddering old fool. You could just tell from his facial expression how much he hated Biden, and his understanding most everyone consider his presidency a vast nothingburger. At least he still has basketball.

      “Puppet Show and Barack Obama”

  36. A people unrealistically hopeful for the future are probably filled with dread, because their current situation is seemingly hopeless. Instead of grimly facing the reality of their situation, many choose to cast their hopes and aspirations onto someone or something. The popularity of wish-casting increases as the situation declines.

    Gotta disagree here.

    In the US , unrealistic faith in the future was the general zeitgeist from the early 1920s to the mid 1960s. Peaking in the lat couple decades of that run. That wasn’t an era of grim hopelessness and misery.

  37. I suppose that Russia is Syracuse in that analogy, since our real overlords won’t allow the chattering heads to squawk when they finally reclaim Taiwan. Vaporizing the major population cities in the US may not be an entirely bad thing. God did rain glorious cleansing fire on S&G after all. I’d like a heads up since the fallout cloud of one of them is upwind from my homestead.

    • If some of the Confederates had taken over Cuba in 1865 and called it the “USA” it would have been a good precedent for the situation in Taiwan, which has an indigenous population that’s been banished to the hills by their Chinese invaders. But as long as they’re kind of opposed to the mainland Commies it’s all OK with the Yankees. Maybe the best deal they can get.

      • There are two indigenous populations. The first are the Polynesian-type islanders who have lived, mainly on the east coast, since antiquity. And there are the Hokkien-speaking Han from Fujian Province, who arrived 300 or so years ago. The Aboriginal-types do tend to live in remote areas, but the more recent Taiwanese denizens — the Han who lived through the Japanese era — are fairly comingled in society, although there’s a north vs. south element to it all and the Nationalists were viewed somewhat as conquerors by the more established Han for decades after the retreat to Taiwan. It’s the Hokkien speakers, who’ve had roots on the island for centuries now, that are resistant to Chinese absorption. They’ve lived through it once already and still remember being made second-class citizens in their own country, an example of which would be having their dialect banned in schools and in the media.

  38. “On the other hand, too much optimism becomes escapism, a way to avoid reality”
    “What all of this suggests is we are moving further into a collective psychological crisis as the cultural situation degrades…people are escaping into these aspirational cults…What we are experiencing today is closer to systemic mass delusion.”

    Something crucial to my “coming-of-age” awakening was the Positive Thinking Movement (the seminal work being Who Moved My Cheese?). It had utterly infected the elders of my demographic. I quickly realized if I wanted advice or guidance in life I had to seek it elsewhere, because their unrealistic optimism was as worthless as the two for 5 dollar cliches that it came with. Though at first this self-assuaging advice was merely annoying, I soon began to look at it as a critical danger to our society.

    This escapism or “toxic positivity” is something I’ve kept an eye for a while. It was always palliative rather than curative. It is now dangerous. It numbs people into a false sense of confidence and negligent self-assuredness. The enemy is at the gates, the market is about to collapse, there is smoke billowing from the kitchen–but if you point these things out, you are called a negative person, who needs to be more “positive.”

    The fields are on fire, but the lotus eaters are too busy navel gazing, and patting their own enlightened backs.

    • You’re bang on. Particularly your second paragraph. This sort of over-the-top optimism, the idea that you can be anything, do anything is something that now seems to infuse all areas of life. I see it most regularly in the CEO of the company that I work for. I see it in the veganism/yoga/spiritual movement. I see it advertising for almost every service and product; and it’s sickening. It is also no surprise that these folk are also ‘about non-judgementalism’ which, as you allude to, is really a way of keeping their balls out of the fire. Of keeping people happy.

      They’re a threat alright. It is best to avoid them if possible and ignore them if you cannot do the first. They will get theirs good and hard and will, I imagine, be among the ones who continue thinking everything is great right up until they have a boundary dispute with a black neighbour… and said neighbour reports them for racism. Actually, scratch that, even then they’ll never stop being positive.

      Heh. The other day said CEO came in the office to speak to me. He was talking about some ‘theory of the mind’ that breaks the mind into a number of personality types. This seemed reasonable. He then proceeded to draw the most ridiculous graph and draw the most bizarre inferences. He was perfectly happy whilst doing it, too. This is because he was doing ‘the science’ and being ‘telligent, all in front of a captive audience.

      The people who know that there are problems will be thinking deeply about the future, skilling up, networking, using sociopathic tendencies to get themselves and their people ahead, and also breeding.

      • “I see it most regularly in the CEO of the company that I work for.”
        That’s interesting, because the Positive Thinking Movement had its origins in the corporate sector. It was PR spin with a motivational/”life-coaching” flavor to it.

        “Yes we may be downsizing, but you can either be a negative nelly, or look at this as an opportunity!”
        “Sure, you will have to take a paycut, and you won’t be getting that bonus for Christmas, but this only allows you to get more creative with your spending!”
        “When one door opens blah blah blahhhhh”

        It was a way to force people to smile while they ate shit. Before, at least we all knew we were eating shit, and we all learned to grin and bare it. But nobody would dare force you to smile, or god forbid, talk about how delicious and healthy the shit was. Now, such behavior is expected, even assumed.
        “Is that a corn chunk in there!? Mmm, soooo goood! And healthyyy!!!! :D”

        • Yes, he’s always talking about things presenting an ‘opportunity’. To be honest, he’d probably still be the type to look on the bright side after being double-teamed by Tai’Quarius and Jameel and left for dead, with an obliterated anus…

          …just try to see it as an opportunity.

      • I read catholic books from before the new religion took over in the 70s. There is NOTHING of that kind of junk in classic Catholicism. There is even nothing of, “enjoy this life while you can.” Or as z says, “life is for living”

        It says, “repent, for the kingdom of God is at hand.”

        • “There is NOTHING of that kind of junk in classic Catholicism.”
          Agreed. I come from a long line of Irish and German Catholics and have always had deep reverence for the “one true Church.” A crucifix hung before us every Sunday–Jesus bleeding to death, in agony. Life is hard. But it can always be harder. Be grateful for what you have, and keep up the struggle. Even God goes through pain. Who the hell are *you* to shirk suffering?

  39. I have to admit, though I didn’t vote vote for him, I had hope the election of obomba would finally settle all the jogger accounts and racial harmony, at least to a better degree would ensue. Unfortunately, it only proved those accounts will never be settled.
    With Trump, I had hope that all the dirty rotten scoundrels and their true nature on the left would be exposed and finally dealt with. Oh, they were for sure, but not a damn thing came of it, which has been profoundly disappointing.
    Now the current insanity of wokeism, covidianism, White supremacy, black idolatry, money printing w/o end, just seems to be accelerating. We’re way past Rod’s “there’s a signpost just ahead.”

    • Our only silver lining is the left is pushing every single direction like a kid with severe ADHD. They are pushing the front of White Supremacy, Covid Hysteria, sabre rattling with Russia and China, and Corporate Wokeism. Instead of focusing on a single issue, winning decisively, and moving on, they’re like a champion fighter past his prime swinging roundhouses in every direction trying to hit his enemies.

      Eventually there’s going to be a smaller, younger opponent that’ll give him a bloody nose and show he isn’t invincible, nor even worthy of respect.

      • The best thing to do for now is let them punch themselves out.

        Look at Antifa’s attempt to burn down the ICE facility with agents inside in Portland going unopposed.

        This makes it obvious that Antifa has sanction at the highest levels. Anyone foolish enough to act against them will be destroyed.

      • Are they perhaps realizing that they can win decisively on all fronts at the same time?

    • usNthem: Would you be willing to flesh out a bit what led you to believe we’d achieve ‘racial harmony’? I was already strongly pro-
      White at the time, although it was more an anti-immigrant belief than a genuine dissident right stance, but I saw this same hazy, nebulous hopium a lot back in 2008. It cost me a close and decades-long friendship (ended by my choice, not hers).

      This was a woman raised in a genuinely conservative, comfortably upper-middle class home, and race-realist by experience (hated noggers after having been mugged by one, and living in downtown DC for a few years). She and I had already drifted apart on a number of social issues (I attribute a great deal of that to the different characters of our respective husbands, but I digress). I truly was shocked when she wrote me of her excited support for Obama. Again, even outside White interests, I could clearly see Obama’s tendencies, his absolute belief in his own inherent goodness and the righteousness of his path. I warned all I could of this and railed against the historical ignorance but got zero traction.

      I still struggle to understand how many otherwise respectable, even moderately conservative Whites joined in the unreasoning joy of the coming racial utopia, and would appreciate your view on where you stood at the time racially and what you change you thought Obama might effect.

      • In 2008 upon his win, I had the similar feeling, that the pubic saw Obama as the Second Coming. Needless to say, the reality fell short of the expectations. I do give the man credit for a few things. I probably wouldn’t have health insurance if not for him, socialism though it may be. (Apparently Medicare isn’t?) But the purpose of this post was a comment on the impossibility of racial equality.

        The races aren’t equal. They never were, they never will be. Our nation has tried, more than any other, to give the Negro a stature equal to Whites. We started in 1860, to huge body count. In the ensuing 160 years, you’d be hard-pressed to say what MORE we could do to help the Homo erectus. Based on the delusional thinking and actions of the past few years, my hypothesis is that the Left KNOWS, at least subconsciously, that the dream of equal outcome is impossible. This would explain not only the outright denial of obvious realities (e.g. crime rates, poor self-control, lousy educational outcomes, etc.) but it’d also explain the last ditch attempt to impose “equity” by tossing out even the pretense of equal treatment under the law. We are likely far down the chute of decadence, enroute to nihilism. What, if anything, will arise from the ashes is anyone’s guess.

      • 3g4me, maybe not so much racial harmony, but less acrimony perhaps. I never bought into his schtick or (like you) understood the slobbering excitement (voting for McCain & Romney for God’s sake). But I figured, ok a black guy finally got elected to the highest office – twice – what more needs to be done? All the old scores are settled, right? I mean Mike, whoops, Michelle was finally proud of his/her country for the first time. Wrong! Frankly, I never paid a whole lot of attention to blacks, other than at a distance, as I’ve never been around them much, but obomba surely brought them front and center and we’ve never looked back. Now, my negro fatigue is off the charts, I want nothing whatsoever to do with them – the heck with any kind of racial utopia as it’s obviously never going to work – more like racial separation, if at all possible.

        • usNthem: Thanks for your answer. Don’t want to put words in your mouth, but it seems it was yet another case of Whites projecting what we presume is a normal, rational, civilized human character onto blacks – “See, we’re not judging by skin color but content of character. You’ve got what you said you wanted, so we’re good now, right?” Seems far too many Whites never really understood how very different their nature is. Still read that same dangerous fallacy – almost a type of anthropomorphism – we’re all alike at heart, we all want the same things for our children, etc. Blatantly false and deadly dangerous belief.

          • You’re exactly right. They’re not the same and never will be. Whites en masse need to figure this out quickly, but I fear the propaganda conditioning over the decades has created a leap too far for many – They’ll never give up the dream. They’d almost rather be assaulted or (if it comes to it) killed before having anyone think they’re rayciss.

  40. It’s pretty logical that people’s fantasies expand in direct proportion to their despair.

    The cycle ends when Thermodynamics intervene. Empty shelves, burning tires and other kinetic events interrupt the fantasies. Minneapolis is now (and will be) a great example of this. Some Progs had a “thought experiment” which will end in a hard Physics lesson.

    • The wanks at The Babylon Bee had the best headline I have seen to date:

      “Cities Brace For The Most Peaceful Protests Yet”


  41. South Park has an episode about when Obama became president, which I still find it unbearable to watch, but as I recall it about how it’s all behind the scenes collusion and all the parties are actually the same and corrupt with nefarious motives. It’s probably still not worth watching but it’s definitely a different take than everyone else had at the time.
    The slave world that all our rulers are so keen on creating and so many of our friends and neighbors are happy to accept is mind-boggling.. We’re all going to be trying to escape to Africa pretty soon

    • Move NORTH. Look at a map, find where your European ancestors came from and trace the lattitude line back to the US.
      Yes, I know it is probably in or near Canada, but it is the environment that nurtured your ancestors for many generations. Leave Africa to the natives (“the horror, the horror”).

      • To me it has become obvious, the more white people you have the heavier the Yoke in slave world. I’m not sure where that leaves the smaller and smaller monority that have not been absorbed into the borg. And the vaccine, I don’t know if it’s dangerous or not but I know that is being heavily and relentlessly promoted by evil people so that makes me think it’s evil.and to be avoided

  42. Someone once claimed that, among the nicknames for the Gulag, one translated into “the place of nonstop singing and dancing.” Yes, there were places where people were sensory-deprived or tortured, but apparently there were also spaces that were like psych ward dayrooms where the more broken just wandered around in circles, giggling and playing chess against each other in their minds, or capering about and dancing.

    You can see and feel this vibe throughout America, especially in pop culture, and have been able to for awhile. Our entertainment is constant and it’s meant to drown out something horrible, like a guy turning up his TV to avoid hearing his neighbor beat his wife. What’s most interesting is that the societal rot is ruining even the escapist outlets that have kept normie whites pacified (i.e. basketball and football). The military has always been a way for white guys to killed and maimed for people who hate them, but now even the chivalrous fantasy is being ruined with the tranny stuff.

    And now the clamping down on mocking the regime comes (even the Prussians understood that letting Cabaretists poke fun at the Kaiser acted as a release valve for societal tensions). Biden is easily the most clownish man to occupy the White House, so this is going to be impossible to keep up: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vgc7VBI-nS4

  43. perhaps it’s escapism on my part, but I just can’t see the current state of affairs going on for much longer because it defies reality, and reality must win in the end. Right? Something has to give.

    But even so, I am hopeful that my dream one day comes true and a hurricane and flood wipes out DC or NYC. Do bureaucrats float?

    • The smart (as in able to ignore globohomo) and / or poorly assimilated groups just ignore everything and continue living normally, and are taking over everything that remains of America’s corpse.

      Unfortunately it doesn’t take much other than being a warm body, who’s not on drugs, to outcompete young white men these days.

  44. Modern Historic Americans (pre-1924) are fighting out increasingly insane and irrelevant fights while the real world passes them by.

    Whites fight between “right” and “left” on economics, gays, trannies, etc as if that has any relevance, or they even have any representation. QAnon theorists abound. White kids are still travelling and “finding themselves” as if they can just hop into the job market at any time like Boomers did. Blacks riot over BLM like its 1960. The media promotes white supremacist panic as if it were 1920 when the KKK was roaming the streets. The (((neocons))) promote war with Russia as if it’s 1980.

    The country is filling up with Hispanics, Asians, and Indians who don’t care much about any of that (other than as a tool to promote their group interest). These people are taking over just about everything while whites, blacks, Jews keep arguing in circles. Neither whites, blacks, or Jews have a chance against the new “Americans” who are far more hungry and tribal (yes, even the J’s are feeling the heat these days from both Chinese and Indians).

    Basically, we (Historic North Americans) all lose – whether old friends or enemies. China will be dominant in a few decades as most (if only due to America/Europe’s decline) and the American nation will descent rapidly into a Brazil scenario at best.

      • I’m great. You?

        I’m quite happy in general because I see reality clearly and have no confusion about what needs to be done. It’s kind of like being in the eye of the storm. It’s a weird feeling, I’m actually doing great in life but I’m watching other white people left and right fall to despair or Globohomo brainwashing. I do try and help but normally just get called a racist or transphobe.

    • The West shot its future in the head with the way it has treated its youth during the Covid mess.

      An entirely non-competitive generation has been created through the various edicts that have suppressed the youth.

    • The Asians and Pajeets are parasites of the worst sort. They won’t fight, they are historically worthless at it(except for the Japanese). They can be easily dealt with.

      The Mexicans are f**king ruthless thanks to their Indian blood and capable of atrocities that make ISIS look tame. Luckily most are rather passive.

      Jews still call all the shots in terms of foreign policy, trade and everything in regards to race relations and keeping whites beat down. It’s one of the perks when your tribe controls the MSM, banking, advertising and Wall Street.

      And no America will not descend into Brazil 2.0. Not happening for a variety of geopolitical reasons.

  45. Somehow reminds me of the character Sam Lowry in Brazil movie. His hopes and fantasies are a sort of cope to help deal with the totalitarian craziness he lives in.
    In the end his mind is broken where he retreats totally into a fantasy world where all the joy he never had exists there now. I may do the same 🙂

    • I think we’re getting to the point that happiness is going to be impossible as long as blacks and Gewes are around. I’m there already. I know I’m not alone. I know deep down most whites feel the same.

      At some point we need to just start coming out and saying it. And I don’t think it’s going to be too far into the future when that becomes normalized. Is that a cope?

      That or we retreat into imaginary worlds. Which is really just a form of pre-death. Might as well be in a coma. No, we have a fight on our hands. There’s no avoiding it now.

      • Netflix, uber eats, amazon prime. Most whites already have retreated. Most do it subconsciously I think.

        I like to go out and about, but I often don’t see a single white person at the shops or the mall (other than the liquor store and whole foods) despite my area being ~30% white.

        • Yeah I hear ya. In fact one of my original takes living in Los Angeles that the only way all these foreigners and illegals could come in and upend if not destroy the place is because all the whites had retreated into their homes and computers and could shop and so forth online. They never had to go out and see the world changing around them. And I say, it’s been no coincidence that the massive change in demographics has coincided with the rise of the internet.

          It’s crazy on St Patty’s Day (pre Covid) but you would think it’s 1950s America that is 90% white because they would all come out of the woodwork and hit the bars and pubs. So they’re out there, they just hide the other 364 nights of the year. Its strange looking at all these apartments around here, all those windows, knowing there are hundreds of thousands of whites in them who refuse to come out. What kind of life is that? I can’t imagine it.

          • Hockey games are another one. Somehow there’s always a few thousand whites heading out to the local hockey rink to watch the junior leagues play. Baseball and football games are almost all white. The GO Train line through the Toronto area is ALL white people on Blue Jays game days. I’m assuming its the same in SoCal.

            Dunno where they live. I don’t see them anywhere else. I guess on blocks where they’re the only white household, in condos sandwiched between nonwhites on top and below them.

            At the rate we’re going this is no longer an escape anyways. You just go to a sports game to be lectured on BLM propaganda.

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