Liberal Democratic Anarchy

In theory, the difference between mob rule and liberal democracy is that the former operates outside of authority, while the latter is limited by a set of principles. The former is operating in the moment while the latter is deliberative. Instead of just doing what feels right in the moment, like exacting revenge, liberal democracy has processes and limits, forcing people to think about what they are doing before they act. It is majority rule slowed to a crawl by the ideals of western liberalism.

The problem is that liberal democracy is an industrial age political philosophy that is unsuited for the technological age. Fifty years ago, information flowed primarily by words on a page, carried around by men. Television and radio sped up the flow of information, but the information still got into those networks by foot. Before it could be on television, someone had to go out to the scene, make video, carry it back to the studio and then edit it. It was still a slow world.

Today, information flows at the speed of light. A conspiracy theory can be hatched and promoted to millions on-line in a matter of minutes. As the old expression goes, a lie is around the world before the truth is out of bed. It is why the race hoax has become a phenomenon of this age. By the time the truth of the incident has been revealed, we are onto the third or fourth race hoax. These stories collectively build up in the system to the point where they cumulatively become a truth of their own.

An easy example is the Chauvin case. There are people absolutely sure he stood on the man’s neck for nine minutes. They were convinced of this by the bombardment of lies they experienced on-line. They never bothered to watch the whole video when it was finally released. Why would they? They knew and everyone around them knew that Chauvin stood on Floyd’s neck until he suffocated. It is just another example of racist cops murdering an innocent black body for the crime of being black.

In a mass media society like ours, there can be no deliberation, so the psychology is that of the mob, not liberal democracy. There can be no concern for limits and process, as we are all forced to decide by those around us on-line. That is what happens in a mob of people excited by some event. As with a school of fish or a flock of birds, each person is responding to the actions of those around him. Mob psychology is an emergent property that transcends the mentality of the members.

A very good example is the behavior of corporate America. Supposedly, the heads of the largest corporations have been plotting to undermine what is left of election integrity in America. They had a “first of its kind” conference call about Georgia. They were compelled to act because, well, everyone around them is sure that Georgia has just reinstituted Jim Crow. They know this because everyone around them knows this and all of those people are good people like them.

We live in an age in which the most powerful people on the planet, some are the most powerful who have lived on this planet, truly feel they are in a twilight struggle against forces greater than themselves. The heads of the big banks think they are the little guy facing off against some invisible goliath. Others helpfully anthropomorphize it with pictures of people waving Trump signs. The insurrection hoax is all about validating the very real fear of the most powerful people on the planet.

This is the psychology of the mob. Whatever drove the people to show up on the street is soon confirmed and becomes the identity of the whole. The individual shows up because he is angry about something. Quickly he is just another corpuscle in the organism that is the collective anger of the members. He is now swept up in the mob, like a cork on an angry sea. Even though he could have real power in his own right, he feels powerless as a part of the mob swarming around him.

This is liberal democracy in the technological age. Democracy cloaks the people who are naturally in charge of society with the concept of the public will. Public policy is not the result of one man or a group of men, it is democracy. The price and supply of goods is not the result of decisions made by specific people, but by the invisible hand of the marketplace responding to millions of silent decisions. In a democracy, no one is responsible, because everyone is responsible, so no one is accountable.

In the slow motion world of the industrial age, this headless system can work reasonably well because people have time to stop and think. In the technological age, where no one can think about anything, cooler heads are trampled into the dust by mobs pushed along by forces external to themselves. Worse still, the mob mentality is amplified, so it is not just a mob, but a deafening mob. Those will real power fear the mob, so they lend their power to the mob.

Critics looking at what is happening, assume the people in charge, the people with real power, see some benefit in the chaos. Like liberal democracy, bourgeois objectivism is an artifact of a bygone age.  In the technological age, the age of instant communication, the mob mentality is what prevails. What is good for the individual is no different than what is good for a liver cell. Individual good is subsumed into the emergent properties of the whole and the mentality of the individual is the mentality of the mob.

So much of what is happening today is just a replay of mistakes made a generation ago, often by people still in power. The assault on law and order is right out of the cultural revolution of the 1960’s. Most of the people in charge today were young adults back in those days. They should have the wisdom to see what is happening, but they care caught up in the moment like everyone else. They don’t feel like they have power, so they act like they are as powerless as the rest of us.

Liberal democracy in the technological age results in anarchy and mob rule. The consequences are inevitable. America is shaking itself to death over problems that could be mitigated with a little deliberation and respect for limits. No one has time for that as there is always another crisis, another mob demanding immediate attention for the object of their rage. Mob rule always ends in blood, either the blood of the mob or the blood of the innocent. This age most likely ends in both.

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229 thoughts on “Liberal Democratic Anarchy

  1. How does the point made here square with the view that the elite make use of the mob to achieve their goals (e.g. The Great Reset) and then manipulate the mob to turn on itself until the mob’s force is greatly dissipated by self-inflicted destruction?

    If China is our future, the population largely calm, pacified and either content or realizing that discontent has no effective expression, mob rule may be a transient means of leveling the population and eliminating differences of class, taste and material resources. That done, the population overwhelmingly poor yet rendered content with our lot in life, there’d be time to smell the rises if we’re permitted on the grounds.

  2. I’ve become convinced that Heroically sacrificing their own self interest that the police are going to shoot noggers every chance they get; and none can blame them. Here’s to the boys in Blue; doing the necessary we all just dream of…

    And yes you do.

  3. “Critics looking at what is happening, assume the people in charge, the people with real power, see some benefit in the chaos.”

    Guilty myself. It is hard to accept powerful forces engage in self-destructive behavior, but sometimes that explanation is correct. Perhaps we should not attribute to malice what can be attributed to madness.

    • This sounds reasonable at first blush, but I think that are more back-stabbing assholes who worked their way up to CEO by being exceptionally malicious rather than those who stumbled into the board room via random insanity. Or it could just be simple greed driving a pretense of insanity. I remember old-time late night TV ads in which a used car salesman claimed that his prices were so low that he must be insane, so hurry in and take advantage of his retardation. How far we have fallen when a used car salesman has more integrity than the CEO of Fortune 500 companies.

  4. A thought. In the modern fast forward age, even the mundane requires constant practice. To use a computer, tablet, or cell phone well requires constant practice and learning. Just like a Doctor, or a Lawyer. Most of us have limitations regarding
    available mental faculties. I can think about the world around me, or, I can spend my mental energy learning how to use the latest gadget. But it’s hard to do both.


  5. It is possible to be optimistic. Around here, the Mexican chicks are out-breeding the wokettes ten to one and their kids don’t seem to be confused about genders. In this regard, they are aided by the structure of the Spanish language. And the Caucasian kids still like to fool around with technical things, For example, as we become further immersed in “the internet of things” one can hold out hope that some kid using the key pad on the front of his mom’s smart refrigerator will hack into, and shut down, CNN.

  6. Shortly after the George Floyd incident, the full medical exam report (20+ pages) was released. No one read it – they just read new stories (the same exact word-for-word piece was published everywhere) about it.

    I read it carefully and began arguing with folks armed with the detailed facts that are now emerging in court (detailed lab results on his drug use, “cardiomegaly”, “severe arteriosclerotic heart disease”, nicotine metabolites, 90% blockages, etc.). I was so proud of myself for being so informed.

    How naïve of me to think it would matter. Why didn’t it matter? Anarchy/mob rule.

    • Cameron: Dialectic always loses to rhetoric when dealing with non-Whites and the lower-IQ Whites who now inhabit America. Mob rule merely exacerbates this.

      • 3g4me, While I agree with you, I still got the same reaction out of high IQ whites. I got the same reaction e.g .from nerdy, high-IQ whites that I knew on social media. The facts didn’t even matter to smart people.

        • The low IQ whites will get it first, as their incomes are in a far more precarious situation (they’re on the front lines of being replaced) and the mind is best focused by income insecurity.

          • yes sir – and focused by physical insecurity which we’ll see more and more of for whites who can’t afford to avoid diversity

        • Cameron-

          Smart people aren’t all that different.

          I chose engineering as a profession thinking it would be very data-driven and numbers-based.

          What a maroon!

          • @The Wild Geese Howard – yeah me too – I work alongside engineers all day long – they can still believe stupid things.

          • Not sure the masses of Indian/Arab/Chinese/African eng/STEM grads coming through the system these days are very smart anyways.

            more like good at cheating and willing to pay exorbitant international fees to escape whatever shit hole they’re from.

        • IQ is just computing horsepower. If you fill a really good computer with bad data, you’ll still get bad results. Our educational system is dedicated single-mindedly to filling young peoples’ heads with garbage and carefully never allowing them facts that might cause them to question the garbage. That’s why dissident voices are so dangerous. People might hear them and get the wrong ideas.

          Garbage in, garbage out.

        • I think higher IQ people are easier to propagandize and manipulate, as posted earlier. It really isn’t even a question about it at this point.

      • In Plato’s “Gorgias”, the Sophists were experts in rhetoric hired to win arguments, with such ideas as “truth” not being important at all.

      • I would be the last person to virtue signal but strongly disagree here. In fact, I would argue the inverse: people with higher IQ’s are more prone to believe straight up BS. Leon Trotsky, evil as he was, nailed it long ago: all you had to do to have successful propaganda with the educated classes was attach authority to it. The rabble was impossible to manipulate that way. This has grown even more true with the communications Z laid out.

        The people who buy into transgenderism madness, who believed Trump was in league with Putin, that human beings are blank slates and all equally capable, name the idiocy, tend to be higher IQ people.

        The psychotic stupidity of systemic racism keeping the black man down was aimed at the most prosperous, most intelligent among us. It has been a smashing success.

        • I’ve come up with a sort of “three tiered” model of how people react to bullshit.

          1. Stupid or average people: Tend to believe a hodgepodge of ancient wisdom, most of it very red-pill, and modern pop-culture garbage. No one much cares what they think and their jobs tend to be about very concrete things where opinions don’t matter much.

          2. Vox Day’s “midwits”: somewhat above average intelligence. Tend to be “box checkers”. Very good at following the rules, doing and thinking the “right” things and have thus far been rewarded by the system with comfortable and safe lives. Not concerned with The Truth but with whatever the convenient truth of the moment that gets you a good job is. These are the people who always have a number 2 pencil handy in case there’s a standardized test to take. Nowadays they always have at least 2 masks handy and are careful to stay 2 meters away from everyone. the number 2 is highly significant!

          This is the key to what Trotsky was talking about. This group often has a vague concept of objective reality and tends to conflate it with whatever the authorities of the moment tell them and especially with whatever has helped them personally prosper. This is what makes them dangerous. They tend to see anyone who doubts the official narrative as opposing their personal well being. It isn’t hard to turn them into a fanatical mob once they’ve taken this step.

          3. Very High IQ people: Often highly focused on some narrow field of interest and very good critical thinkers – about that one thing. Their views on other things can be a matter of convenience, much like the midwits’, but unlike them, they tend not to mistake convenient nonsense for reality. Some will openly embrace dissident thinking and others quietly dissent in private while pretending to accept the convenient truths. There’s also a subset of outright sociopaths here. These are people who are well aware that their public stances are lies but take them in order to get the better of people.

          My personal use of this model is that I watch things like financial markets and the British bookies as they allow the quiet high IQ dissidents to express heretical views semi-anonymously as a way of hedging their bets against official doctrines that may be diverging from reality.

          • This is also Taleb’s model of society as well, just as an aside. He calls the midwits Intellectual Yet Idiot, which is a really apt description. I’d say the basic description of these people is that they find manual labor to be drudgery, and have the brains to avoid it. Because they don’t like to get their hands dirty, they are fundamentally detached from reality, and can be easily manipulated into believing stupid things if the rationale is complicated enough to provide plausibility. This gives them cover for feelings of superiority (“you’re not smart enough to understand”), without ever having to discuss whether the current propaganda has any truth value whatsoever.

    • Same here. I have a whole video and print library devoted to St. George. Also to the other saints of 2020. I have presented these to several ostensibly high IQ journalists of my acquantaince. Doesn’t even make a dent. Ditto with crime stats, IQ stats. It is terrifying just how brainwashed even nominally bright people are.

  7. Democracy is the formal process of determining who may be legally oppressed. Before dealing with a problem, it requires the approval of people who are incapable of understanding the problem.

  8. It requires a certain critical mass of people with courage to stand down the mob. One or two isn’t enough.

    In Brooklyn Center, the city where the sainted Daunte Wright was viciously executed by racist police, the mayor has fired the city manager. The city manager controls the police department there and he insisted that the sub-human animal that executed St. Daunte get due process.

    Obviously due process is an evil, structurally racist, White privileged concept and stands in the way of our imminent Diverse, Inclusive, Equitable paradise. So the courageous mayor had to fire the racist city manager.

      • Read the story. The Liberian mayor is 36 and came to America at age 11. Surprisingly, the city manager who at least gave lip service for due process, Curt Boganey, is also black

        • Why would anyone expect a person from another place to represent their values? I think Zman called this “wish casting” yesterday. Why would the Liberian mayor care about American due process?

          Why does anyone think that the people from other places feel any obligation to core Americans?

        • From another story linked in the above one:

          City Manager Curt Boganey, who controlled the police department, had previously told reporters that Kimberley Potter would get “due process” after the shooting.

          He said: “All employees working for the city of Brooklyn Center are entitled to due process with respect to discipline.”

          Elliot wrote on Twitter: “Effective immediately our city manager has been relieved of his duties, and the deputy city manager will be assuming his duties moving forward.

          “I will continue to work my hardest to ensure good leadership at all levels of our city government.”

          Mayor Elliott added that the city council had voted to give him “command authority” over law enforcement.

          He said the shooting was “deeply tragic”, and called for the officer to be sacked.

          The Mayor added: “We cannot afford to make mistakes that lead to the loss of life of other people.

          “We’re going to do everything we can to ensure that justice is done and our communities are made whole.”

          I can see how due process would get in the way of justice! We don’t need to deliberate with cool heads! The mob has spoken! Off with hers!

    • Your treatise itself is a stunning and brave piece of reportage; speaking truth to power.

      • Yes, the mayor is fighting The Man!

        Who’s the man? Um, I think she’s some White woman who was only on the force because of her White Privilege. She only makes a fraction of what the Liberian mayor makes, but that’s not a fair comparison because of the ineffable benefits she receives due to her privilege!

        • Vizzini: Not to disagree with anything you’ve written, but it’s important to note that women shouldn’t be cops, female cops use lethal force far more often than male cops because they lack the innate physical strength and are inherently more fearful. Female cops are disarmed by suspects more often too. So totally not surprised a female cop grabbed her gun instead of her taser. And, regardless, since the deceased is yet another PoX, I am unmoved by its death and will side with the White woman, until and unless she appears totally woke, at which point my standard “A plague on both your houses” comes into play.

        • Interesting. Even tho she’s a whammin and probably a dike, her White privilege is what killed the jogr

  9. In this instant technological age, there isn’t time to ponder events methodically, or even be thoughtful and apply logic and reason. It is grotesque how the media makes out every incident in the news to be a sweeping condemnation of America. Hardly an opinion piece or column fails to include some obscure historical tragedy from 50-100+ years ago to parallel current events. As if Tulsa and a traffic stop of a felon correlate in any practical sense.

  10. It’s definitely true that we seem to be reliving the mistakes of the Flower Power people from the 60s. It’s like Jesse Jackson got a second at bat but this time he had the social capital to get everyone in corporate America to capitulate. Say what you will about geezerly right wing nutjobs, these aged Hippies have a lot of pent up anger and resentments still lingering from the Nixon era obvious. So hey man just tune in turn on drop some acid and dance around in circles to your favorite Doors record you know. We are finally taking down the man and bringing in the Age of Aquarius.

    All of this seems like a parting gift from the Democrats to the now nearly dead leftists from a bygone era as a payback for the nearly dead right wingers of a bygone era voting for Trump.

    Kind of like Beowulf: the son inherits the sins of the father. We all need to get off this Boomer ride and start working on politics that we actually care about rather than what’s on tv.

    • I’m not dead! I’m getting better! I don’t want to go on the cart! I feel fine! I think I’ll go for a walk! I feel happy!

      …In an amusing aside on modern sensibilities, I reviewed a video clip to refresh myself on the old man’s lines (This is from Monty Python’s The Holy Grail for anyone who doesn’t recognize. It’s the famous “Bring out your dead!” scene.)

      The clip was posted in 2013. I don’t know if he was being sarcastic but the uploader says in the description “In this clip, a dead man pretends to be alive in order to avoid ‘the cart’.”

      Um, no. He’s not dead. He’s alive, and they just can’t be bothered with him so they knock him over the head. Dead men can’t “pretend to be alive!”

    • You know nothing about it because you weren’t there, so shut the fuck up. I don’t pretend to know how you pussies grew up, thats your business, don’t pretend you know how we grew up. Jerkoffs like you got punched in the face, real quick. While you were blinking, you got fucked up. That’s how it was, no one would have put a slave muzzle on his face back then, no way, no how.

      • Yeah sure. Lift 20 lbs over your head and then go relieve your prostate stressed bladder grandpa. If you guys were so tough we wouldn’t be in this situation in the first place but… Gerald Ford, Jimmy Carter, and the exit from Vietnam with a paltry 65000 casualties after 12 freakin years of full scale war and we are all sitting around 50 years later listening to the same stale oldies and moaning about the guys in the black pajamas. You were a generation of entitled wusses who inherited everything and had a media beaming positive images at you like you were in the Beach Boys and super fly. So, you felt like you were on top of the world. But it was a lie.

        • They were on top of the world, one built by the parents. It was the pinnacle, and has been downhill this past 50+ years. 😠

  11. If you want a White pill (of a sort), consider that there are some upsides to The Browning of AINO. As the Wild Goose Howard mentioned, above, something like a “social credit score” depends on lots of well-maintained, constantly-updated, totally-functional-at-all-times apps. On your phone. The same phones that crash constantly, for no reason, and always brick whenever the constant corporate buyouts and mergers require an “update.” Goolag and Faceborg are already descending into purity spirals of #Wokeness, and sooner or later those will catch the last few competent engineers.

    In other words: Most of us here would be shocked into cardiac arrest if the basic power grid is consistently functional in ten years, and we’re worried about “vaccine passports”?

    • I think they’ll find a way to keep that part functional. China and Brazil have high-tech infrastructures even though a significant part of their populations are penniless peasants.

      I suspect in the future most of us will own two phones. One phone that hosts all the mandatory (and “voluntary”) tracking apps, and which we leave sitting on a shelf virtually the whole time, and another phone we actually use.

      My auto insurance company came out with an app that monitors your driving and gives you lower rates if you are, according to it, a good driver. It tracks your location constantly — you can review maps of your trips!

      I told the wife no way. But, apparently, you get $15 off just for being in the program, so I downloaded the app, stuck it on a cheap phone I don’t use (just can use wifi on it), and I only ever look at it when it periodically asks me to report the vehicles’ current mileage. Otherwise it sits on a shelf.

      • I don’t recall Brazil having high-tech infrastructure last I was there in 2015. The Sao Paolo airport was a shithole. I don’t recall much of a train system or anything.

    • Expanding on these points, all those apps and devices are going to need legions of competent engineers and scientists to maintain them?

      The West has basically destroyed its educational system over the past year.

      The homeschool crowd will voluntarily avoid such jobs or get shut out for not rising through the remnants of the system.

      If the West rolls over and sources all the gear and code from say, Taiwan, China, Singapore, Japan etc.,we deserve everything we get.

      • So I guess my proposal for education reform of burning 🔥 the schools 🏫 won’t be approved?

  12. If we can be convinced that ‘everyone else believes X’, that’s a powerful incentive for us to believe it too; even if we’re not fully aware that that’s what’s happening.

    We saw that with the push to normalize— and get people to accept— abortion, and then gay marriage, and now the ‘transgenders’: making it seem as if everyone else has ALREADY accepted them. What’s wrong with you, that you still have reservations? Are you NOT part of the group?

    • “I believe it, therefore it must be true.” What might be wrong with this statement?

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  14. It’s my belief that looking at human beings in terms of where we’ve come from, provides the most accurate understanding of who we are now, and how and why we got to be that way. It’s been my experience that the findings of evolutionary biology and evolutionary psychology are the most fruitful source of those understandings.

    And considering the fact that we humans spent most of our recent evolutionary history— most of the 200,000 or so years since anatomically-modern humans appeared on the scene— living in hunter-gatherer groups of 50-150 people, composed of our extended family and their spouses; in a world where separation from our group meant almost-certain death— it makes perfect sense that we’ve evolved with a strong inherent, not-wholly-conscious need and desire to fit into the group; along with a corresponding inchoate fear of what would happen if we were to be banished from it.

    And it seems likely that groups with a strong ideological cohesion— whose members were united by shared beliefs and customs and a shared outlook on life— would survive to reproduce more than groups that encouraged maverick thinking and independent points of view which challenged the group norm. So group cohesion was selected-for over the years.

    So group behavior, and unthinkingly consenting to the group’s opinions— is in our genes.

    That doesn’t mean we can’t move beyond it; but it’s an urge (to conform) and a fear (of the consequences of non-conformity) which is always there.

    And it’s clear that those interested in manipulating group opinion are well aware of that tendency we humans share: to feel safe and comfortable when surrounded by like-minded people moving in the same direction as we are.

    And while it’s true that the Age of Internet has exposed us to an unprecedented variety of new and various ideas to choose from— a phenomenon which likely has a fragmenting effect on the unity and cohesiveness of group opinion— it’s also created the possibility of mobilizations of mass movements of opinion on a scale that never existed before.

    If we define and experience our group as ‘those who are related to us, not by blood, but by commonality of opinion’: ‘those who think and believe like we do’— then the potential exists for unprecedentedly large groups acting— or being manipulated— in concert.

    And since we’ve evolved to want to be part of a group, and to feel better when we feel ourselves to be part of a group, we’ll always be susceptible to that sort of manipulation.

    • TLDR

      A reasonable man adapts to his environment.
      An unreasonable man adapts the environment to himself.
      Therefore all progress is made by unreasonable men.

      • Sorry for your loss
        of your attention span

        The case can certainly be made that progress is made by extraordinary men— the Isaac Newtons and Elon Musks— whose thought isn’t bounded by what the group believes.

  15. “The assault on law and order is right out of the cultural revolution of the 1960’s. Most of the people in charge today were young adults back in those days. They should have the wisdom to see what is happening, but they care caught up in the moment like everyone else.”

    Z, what makes you think the vipers have changed their stripes? I believe very strongly that the 60s AWRs are getting, some 55 years later, the very results they were agitating for during the so-called “Summer of Love.” For all of these decades, they have been dashing cultural acid on the sinews of white civilization, and now–mirabile dictu!–the entire structure is disintegrating. Now do they fear, at some level, the forces they have unleashed? Perhaps some of them do to a certain extent. However, I believe their overriding sensations are giddiness and exhilaration that their malevolent schemes are finally coming to fruition.

    • Ostei;
      Maybe, our codger elite are still LARP’ing. This time it’s about being under existential threat despite being in charge. Having been there in Big U during the ’60s I can tell you for a fact that they were LARP’ing about being Bolshevik Vanguards of the Proletariat at that time. That was off-putting to us ‘Alt-Boomers’ even then.

      In days of yore, elite spawn just stepped into their waiting roles largely without needing the narcissistic drama. Now they just can’t drop the act, it owns them.

      I have a couple of same generation relatives who, despite being well-off govt. grant trough-feeders, are *still* prancing around on arthritic knees about how they’re *takin’ to da Man*. When I tire of the act I tell them, “You *are* da Man, so sit down.”

      So, yeah, you’re probably right, but they are blocking out the thought that the dread they are feeling is their own doing. The history of a number of hereditary Roman Emperors shows that this is not a new phenomenon. Then it was LARPing about being an artist, now it’s LARPing about being a Bolshevik. Not an improvement. But it’s the scale of the Empire’s superstructure that makes it more dangerous now.

      • I understand that most of the white guys were LARPing as Black Panthers. And that certainly holds true today.

    • I think the radicals that used to say “burn baby burn” had the unconscious assumption that they wouldn’t be trapped in the building while it was in flames.

  16. How this ends is anyone’s guess. Like many here, I see no prospects of recovering what the America nation was even a generation ago. All of us here yearn for the old days of our youth, but wouldn’t you concede that returning to that is probably the least possible outcome? Demographics alone nearly guarantee this. What the best (“least worst,” to be frank about it) outcome will be is perhaps largely based on opinion. Perversely, it might seem, the best future might be simply a continuation of current trends, a graceful, gradual failure, might be an apt description. That future would land us at a Brazil analogue. Perhaps fragementation into small ethncially and/or poltically homogenous nations? Alas, nations rarely part ways with a smile and a handshake. That’s why I think a revolution-civil war — etc. is in the cards. Violence and anarchy are abhorrent and don’t last long. It will most likely be replaced by a storngman, a dictatorship of the right or perhaps more likely, the left. The new oligarchy will either arise from domestic despot or a foreign power will supply one.

    • All of us here yearn for the old days of our youth

      Really? I thought you yearned for the extermination of humanity. You were just recently saying how the world would be better off without us, if I recall.

    • how doest it all come down? well, the cloudy crystal ball I got at the fle market says america will spiral into disfunction and violence. many will be lost. then once this beautiful continent is mostly empty, the CCP will send people to re occupy it . They will dismantle rusting nukes we left behind, compost any stragglers and use the land ane resources as they see fit. but what do I know , I’m a wild eyed optimist.

      • If the Chinese are feeling optimistic, then they have their eye on Hawaii (population 1.42m) and its naval base. They could conquer the place demographically within a few generations through emmigration of a large mass of ordinary folks and several thousand loyalists to organize the Chinese masses. The US Navy would then find itself on an archipelago coming ever more under the sway of hostile foreigners just when some incident against the latter is arranged as an excuse to call for Beijing to intervene in their defense. By then the United States will be just a shadow of the USA as she was in Dec. 1941.

        While building up to that moment, the Chinese could finance a rejuvenated Decolonize Hawaii movement surreptitiously to demonize European inhabitants and drive them out. Naturally, such a development would have grave political consequences for imperial politics the DC. Hawaii has 2 reps in the House and, of course, 1/50 of the senate, and ALL of those are Democrats already. 50 years from now, one or two could be Beijing loyalists.

        • Last time I was there it seemed like hawaii was already mostly “decolonized”. ( I promised my wife I would never go back.)

          • I’ve read that of all the States, Hawaii has the lowest proportion of Europeans. From the Chinese POV, though, ‘Decolonize’ would be a euphemism for Detach, and they would encourage intense demonization of European Americans to undermine mainlanders’ resolve to hang onto the archipelago.

  17. Another strange phenomenon with our current democracy is just how geriatric the powerful are. Not just in politics. While I know sweeping attacks on boomers are frowned upon on this site, we have to come to the conclusion that the boomers were never going to go gracefully. And they’ve become increasingly dangerous because they’re hard wired for a world where their most complicated device was a Denon stereo from 1986. As we age, and this will happen to all of us, our adaptive capabilities fade away. These people…white people….are still striving for the Cosby Show ideal, when even during that time, it was just an illusion. Heck, the star of that show may be the most prolific rapist of all time. In the 1960s it was the old people who were racially aware, having lived in cramped cities with these people. But boomers will go to their graves with a picture of Candice Owens pinned to the inside of their caskets. The good thing about the internet is that although you see the cop shooting, you also see the videos of the Trayvon of the day, waving around a gun, and carrying on like the N word he is. This is very good anti-programming content that can’t be hidden.

    • Your final comment merits amplification. And we live in an era where perhaps half the population, and nearly all of the media, can see the video footage from security cameras, bodycam or bystander cell phone video, of the perp acting like a criminal, doing everything wrong, the police doing everything by the book, and yet the perp is made into a martyr, the police into the bogeyman. All the evidence in the world can’t unseat some delusional beliefs. As others have said, our nation is well and truly f**ked. 🙁

      • I agree that our nation is fucked, but that ship sailed 20 years ago. What this is about is saving the white race and creating pockets of this vast continent that are safe and secure for future white generations. This isn’t about de-programming blacks, only whites. Blacks are not worthy of our time. They are merely a dangerous obstacle that needs to be moved and dealt with.

        • Way to bring it back into focus. Save those of Ours that we can.

          Further and foremost; Ostracize and neutralize the traitors amongst us.

          Once that is achieved the blacks will quickly understand no more free passes to attack the “bad whites.” Once the current sympathetic and obsequious mood is replaced by Our steely-eyed and dismissive gaze, the black will move on. He still has the fear from old times under that truculent and angry mask.

          If he needs to exercise his innate lack of control and propensity for irrrational violence, we won’t raise a finger if he takes it out on the good whites and little hats still foolish enough to live near him. Their penance for creating the monster and unleashing him upon our nation.

          The tribes must separate to achieve any kind of peace. Sure, a little cohabitation is unavoidable… but this living smashed together isn’t livable for anyone.

          • Totally agree. This won’t be achieved until 99% of whites look at old dog whisperer episodes and realize that this is exactly how we need to deal with black people. Quickly saying psst!! while jerking the choker chain. The beginning of each episode starts with the person saying “he thinks he’s human!.” The dog whisperer then says, “no, you think he’s human, he knows he’s a dog, and he just dominates because you don’t.” Now just replace the word dog with negro.

    • Purely chronologically, aren’t Biden and Pelosi both Silent Generation born during WW2?

      • If you’re too young to remember what a WW2 ration card looked like, you’re a boomer. Someone who experienced nothing but upside after the war is how I define boomers.

        • JR Wirth: Found a WWII ration card among a box of papers etc. my mother-in-law left us. Knew what it was because I had read (and many years later bought used) the series of books “This Fabulous Century”

    • Boomers had more abortions than any generation in American history. Why did every Boomer couple I know only have 1 or 2 kids, despite being fabulously wealthy? They could have had 10 each and it wouldn’t have impacted their finances.

      Always thought society would hit the fan and collapse *after* boomers were gone. Looks like they get to live out their golden years in a failing shithole, after all. At least they aren’t racist though, they can pride themselves on anti-racism until they get the pillow treatment at the nursing home when Juan feels they looked at him in a racist way.

      • Yeppers, or a slightly better nursing home where Filipinas steal everything from them, including their underwear, and ignore their cries while they eat lumpia in the back room, chattering like parrots in their squawking, bizarre language.

      • What a bunch of spiteful tripe. What are you doing besides constantly bitching and crying about how you were shortchanged. Is it the boomer parents that gave you this attitude? Fabulously wealthy, my God where do you get this?

        Exaggerate much? Go hug your kids if you have any.

        • I wasn’t short changed. I’m doing well despite what the boomers did to this place (and those ahead of them). But the average person in my cohort group (the high Nirvana era) isn’t so lucky.

        • By the way, I despise boomer parents. Mine were the only ones on our cul-de-sac who didn’t divorce. That’s likely why I’m doing well. I had to watch what happened to friends whose parents did divorce. By the late 90’s they looked like something out of Suicide Squad. Nothing was ever enough for them. They were never satiated. They were always “unfulfilled.”

    • In what universe are Biden and Pelosi “Boomers”?

      Joe’s Ho, perhaps sneaks in right at the tail end b 1964 but in what way is being 57 years old qualification for “geriatric”?

      Trump was a boomer but a common complaint in these parts is that he failed to cling on to power,

      • Why when I say “ruled by geriatric boomers” does everyone assume it’s Joe and the Jamaican whore? It’s across the board.

  18. What a fascinatingly stupid time to be alive. Who would’ve suspected that Gustave LeBon would be the genius of our age?

    As a former professional historian, I’m urging all of y’all to keep records. Detailed journals. They’ll be invaluable. Especially the thoughts of guys like us, who so casually assume there’s going to be massive bloodshed here in the near future. (You get the same sense reading the works of “dissident”-type intellectuals like George Orwell about the 1930s, or Europe’s Cassandras in the 1900s, but those are easy to dismiss — if you’re so inclined — as the ravings of weirdos, like George Orwell certainly was).

    I totally agree — basic history is NOT a secret — but it still shocks me, the casual, almost brutal assumption that a lot of people are going to die violent deaths very soon (and again, I make this assumption routinely). Even if you’re no wordsmith, write it down! On paper. Then bury it in concrete in your backyard. The robot historians of 2319 thank you.

    • Jared Taylor has remarked that he feels like he is keeping a record to demonstrate to future historians, probably Chinese, that not all white men in our time were delusional.

      • There it is. There’s something I call, for lack of a better term, “Historian’s High.” It’s that feeling you get from reading lots of primary sources from just before some obvious, looming catastrophe. They know. It’s impossible that they don’t know. A lot of them even say it… but they go blithely on, and when it happens, they start wailing about “oh, how could this ever have happened?!?” It’s like being low-grade stoned on bad dope. A very unpleasant feeling, that I’m sure all of y’all are familiar with (from reading the news, of course).

        • Back in 2009, one of my former structured finance colleagues mentioned his brother liquidated his entire stock portfolio in early 2008 just before Bear Stearns went under and way before Lehman.
          “Why did you do that?”
          “How did you know?”
          “Why didn’t you tell ME?” he asked.
          His brother pointed out the obvious: “I don’t know anything about your industry, but YOU [my colleague] told me what was going on. Why didn’t YOU sell?”

          More often than not, the people closest to the problem are the ones hardest to convince that things have to change.

        • Severian,

          Recommendation for your drive time listening pleasure…

          “Voices of the Past: Primary Sources ” on YouTube.

        • funny you should say this .I was cleaning out an old briefcase that was in the basement since the 90’s . there were articles in it I had clipped about the complaint from NBC news about their news crew being tear gassed and beaten while trying to film the feds forcibly removing an Cuban child from his family’s home to return him to Justin truedau’s dad’s Cuba.
          what a difference a couple of decades make. today there is not a chance in hell NBC expose anything the feds did, much less put reporters at risk to bring it to light .

          • Hey, I remember that! It was on Bubba Clinton’s watch, too, which makes it doubly incredible…

            At the time, all I could manage was a few weak cracks about “how many commandos does it take to return a kid to the land of 100% literacy and free health care?” But in retrospect I should’ve noticed that as the tipping point, where all the old “fight the power!” New Lefties in the newsroom started giving way to the New New Lefties. I guess I didn’t process it because it was so bizarre — having spent my entire life hearing the Left demonize the CIA, their domestic mini-me the FBI, and “the Feds” in general, it didn’t compute when the New New Left started in with their “the Government can do no wrong” thing.

            But it’s like that Frenchman said, “If youth only knew; if old age only could.”

    • It’s a good social barometer that if SNL is mocking it, the mockery serves progressive interests. The reasons may not be immediately obvious, but that video should make you take a serious “stop and think” moment about Boomer mockery.

        • As you noted, they’re mocking upscale White kids. Remember, once they’re no longer useful as allies they have to go … out the airlock. Note the the PoC are smart, calm, professional. They’ve still got an old White guy in charge of the ship, but we all know that won’t last.

          Those kids being mocked are disgorging everything that they were taught by academia and the media was progressive and good. That it’s made them into useless appendages is a feature.

          • Some on our side–but more so the Grillers–take pleasure in seeing the courts occasionally go after an Antifag. I don’t. It only confirms the AWR at the heart of the system. Wake me when they start going after BLM. I think I’ll have a nice, long nap.

  19. If you stop to consider the three men who occupied the office of the presidency during the sixties – Kennedy, Johnson, & Nixon – it would seem inevitable that something bad would result. It’s the grift that goes on grifting.

    • The 60s will be probably be remembered as the apex of our civilization. Perhaps the fault is not with these men specifically but with the demographic changes that allowed these men to become leaders. The group that won WW2 won the world, including our country.

      • In 1969, the Boeing 747 and Concorde made their maiden flights in February and March.

        The SR-71 had been in service for three years.

        In July, Apollo 11 may have landed on the moon.

        Hard to argue that aerospace has really advanced a lot since then, other than increasingly refined computerized electronic management systems installed in the air and spacecraft.

        • B-52s built before the Civil Rights era are still the backbone of our bomber forces. The first B-52 flew in 1952. 69 years ago this month. If you go an equal time back before that, the Wright Brothers flight at Kitty Hawk was still 20 years in the future.

          • My 14yo insisted I show him the stats on the B52 when I pointed out we can’t even MAKE them anymore (and that the newest one in service is older than his dad).

            The Spanish fleet we destroyed during the Spanish American war used similar outdated tech against our navy.
            God protect our troops from whatever the Chinese have developed to kill them.

      • PoX didn’t elect Kennedy, Johnson & Nixon. Softwhites did. However, those presidents, with the possible exception of LBJ, were inconsequential to America’s future destruction. The true keys were the so-called “Civil Rights” acts of the mid-sixties, Hart-Celler, and the AWR conquest of academia, which was completed in the mid-80s. Once these acts were accomplished, the US was doomed.

        • No argument from me. The question that I tend to ask is how did the media and academia influence the soft whites to have the opinions that they had.

          White people’s greatest vulnerabilities are gullibility and pathological compassion.

          (I am no exception. I remember standing on the steps of the college library on my first day of college, pot deals going on all around me, and some senior said to me, “Did you know that the word ‘gullibility’ is not in the dictionary?” I replied, “Really? I didn’t know that.”)

          • “The question that I tend to ask is how did the media and academia influence the soft whites to have the opinions that they had.”

            Benjamin Spock would be a good place to start looking. If you want to subvert a society then start with the kids and proceed to the women.

          • Heh. Funny story.

            As to your initial question, I don’t think the media had to twist the softwhites’ arms too much. Those people believed that, with the defeat of Hitler, all of the heavy lifting was done, and that the only remaining problem was global communism, which could be fought via proxies. They simply let down their guard thinking all would be well domestically. Fatal naivete.

        • Softwhites weren’t nearly as soft then. Remember, Kennedy was a hawk, an anti-communist and at least Grandpa Joe wasn’t too fond of the Jews. I think a lot of the White Democrat voters of Kennedy’s day would be horrified by what is going on now.

      • I read a scifi book years ago (for the life of me cannot remember the title) in which future historians refer to the era starting in the late 1960s as “The Age of Shit”.

    • Epi;
      Serious question: Why do you say this_? Outside of being in the Navy during WW II and posing as CivNats, what do they all have in common_?
      – For sure LBJ was a big time grifter, Kennedy and Nixon were not particularly avaricious by the standards of the day.
      – Kennedy & Johnson were big time skirt chasers, Nixon was not.
      – Kennedy was a silver spooner, Nixon & Johnson started broke,
      – Nixon talked a conservative game but most of the really bad regulatory schemes got going on his watch. He also never undid most of the harm Johnson’s mass-welfare scheme did to the bottom classes, despite promises to do so.

      The only really bad thing I can think of that they had in common was growing the Fed. Gov. unceasingly. If that’s what you mean, I’d agree.

      • Nixon also innovated the Republican strategy of trying to appeal specifically to Hispanics. The Republicans believe that Hispanics, being Catholic and Family Oriented, would be natural right wing voters here. But they always seem to overlook that most of Latin America practices Liberation Theology, which is a kind of communist retelling of Catholicism.

        Everyone buys into this idea that you can get the same “America” from brown people who are religious as you got from English and Germanic religious people. We shall see.

        • American Citizen 2.0: We’ve already seen. There is no “America” left, just a decaying Patel motel filled with various mystery meat people and the last few Whites.

        • Am Cit;
          What you say about Nixon was true of his strategy to appeal to working class *whites*, particularly in the South, not Hispanics. Before this time, working class whites were not a core Republican constituency, but rather a New Deal Democrat one. His so-called (and much excoriated by N. E. white elites) Southern Strategy was centered on what we’d now call a Civ-Nat appeal against the the tumult of the late ’60s, And it worked for Nixon in ’68 & ’72.

          Outside the S. W., Hispanics were largely not a factor at the time: Hard to believe now, I know.

          What you’re talking about was Karl Rove and the Bushes’ rationalization of Chamber-of-Commerce dictated open-borders policy.

          Nixon did some questionable things, but this was not one of them. Incidentally, a whole bunch of today’s racialist turmoil was brought about by Democrat Party elites to counter Nixon’s Souther Strategy.

        • Could you get England out of black Christian South Africa? No. Isn’t Zimbabwe 99% Evangelical Christian? Not quite Ohio, is it.

          Just because somebody is Christian doesn’t mean they have a high IQ, or future time orientation, or the ability to live in / create high trust, functional societies. Being stupid doesn’t mean somebody is inherently without value though. Many non-whites are not even correctly practising Christianity, and still pray to spirits and idols and such. Such as the cartel members who pray to the spirit of death or something. Don’t tell me those are Christians.

          Anyways, religion aside the “black culture” pretty much permeates all non-whites and by the 2nd generation it’s rare to see a non-white in nice clothes going to church. That’s “white behavior”. The real n1ggas is out here on the block, yo.

          • Well you do have to admit that what we think of as Christianity only vaguely relates to olden days demonology and the superstitions that people would have associated with Christianity. I think of old Italian ladies compulsively praying or various Hispanic cults around “The Virgin”.

            In short, your idea of what Christianity means is only a historical quirk. Might be that everyone is holding snakes and drinking poison and casting spells in the name of Jesus 100 years from now. You would be wrong to say they are not Christians in the midst of those ideas and practices. I think here of the letters of Paul or the Essene Cult or even the Gnostics. It’s an open question what Christianity will be. Might be a happy ending at a massage parlor from bible believing white women 1000 years from now for all we know. Like Taoism but where you give the girl $50 and say you want the Christian Ending instead of “rub and tug”.

            One of the real problems with “America” was this apocalyptic culture that believed it was living at the end of history correctly in tune with “the end of history”. It turned out to be a bunch of bible thumping weirdos who got brainwashed into a very particular way of reading the bible.

        • If memory serves wasn’t it Nixon that instituted affirmative action?

          Think he also created the EPA.


      • Al, I’m referring to the 60’s era as a whole that is the Great Grift. And we can’t shake it.

  20. I grew up in the television age and participated in it directly. The speed of communication indeed is part of what is happening and undermining our system.
    Newspaper journalism if done right by and large was the best form of journalism. Television journalism comes in short video bits, maybe two or three minutes at most to tell a story, now automation in the local newsroom means newscast stacked on top of newscast which means constant repeating of stories with little depth to them.
    Social Media is even worse. Our I phone screen is built to addict us with even shorter video clips or perhaps just memes. Our attention span is being shortened by the constant acceleration of the news.
    Mob rule is going to be the natural result of these short attention spans by mostly uninformed people. Throw in low IQ people too? Now we really got the devils brew coming at us.

    • “Television journalism comes in short video bits, maybe two or three minutes at most to tell a story,”

      That’s the thing with 24 hour news channels. They have always been structured in such a way that any story never got more than 3 or 4 minutes of attention at a time and each 3 or 4 minute segment covering the same event was always the same. The promise was the 24 hours news channel could dedicate large chunks of time to a subject to cover it thoroughly. But the reality has been a kind of six o’clock news reruns all day long.

      • Seems that, in order to produce more than 3 or 4 minutes of commentary, one needs to spend hours in research of the phenomena (news) to be discussed. In other words, old time journalism. Two things prevalent today preclude this: A population of very stupid journalists, and a rush to publish before being scooped!

        The only sources I tend to see/use that somewhat avoid this are professional journal articles and books and monographs being published. Those bridge the gap between daily “news” and historical tomes researched and published years after the event.

        • I began looking into creating videos to build up my YouTube channel.

          The amount of time and effort required to produce 1 or 2 minutes of quality video is crazy.

          At minimum you can plan on shooting 5x the length of quality footage to edit down.

          Plan on even more time spent in editing, especially if you want smooth transitions and some elaborate graphic overlays. I’d say minimum 20-30x for a person that has above average editing talent.

    • Newspaper journalism also selected for the literate and therefore more intelligent. Even as the voting franchise was expanded to the incompetent and hysterical perhaps its disastrous effect was delayed some because the uninformed would be more likely to follow the example of their more intelligent immediate peers and leaders rather than the alien presence in the living room. In the new republic we create video news should be banned for the general public.

    • Our addiction to the media brings up an interesting historical note. Today, much of our population is “voluntarily” addicted, if we be honest about it, to social media, cable or internet videos, all of these provide a quick “high” and extremely poor informational value. By some studies, I think, you are actually better off avoiding them in terms of your mental health! But they are voluntary.

      Now, contrast this with what prevailed in the early Soviet Union. At least according to Solzhenitsyn, you were expected to listen (or at least pretend) to the official radio programmes or else you could get sent to the labor camps. Listening to foreign radio broadcasts brought a similar penalty. I’m not aware of as high a level of brain-washing in the present world, save except North Korea.

      It’d be interesting to know what similar tactics are used by other modern authoritarian regimes. But our damage, at least to date, is largely self-inflicted.

      • And in North Korea, just about every home is equipped with a radio peddling daily state propaganda, which cannot be turned off.

        • And I am told, the most popular Internet site in China is Xi’s. One gets “social credit” points for visiting it regularly. 😉

  21. Your assertion that our latest cultural revolution is emergent rather than conjured, directed and manipulated is an interesting thesis. If I am understanding the thrust of your argument I guess I’m still too much of a bourgeois objectivist to let go of the belief that there are people asserting their will at the various levers of control. I’m imagining a sliding scale of causation on which I move the needle further over to the individual will side than you do. I think there are certainly aspects of this revolution that are obviously emergent, one of which is the sad (but obvious in hindsight) fact that the internet has only served to make the average person easier to manipulate and undermine with a firehose of lies, rather than a miracle of technology making truth that much more accesible. As everyone knows the printing press revolution was a significant contributor to the religious revolution of the Reformation but the prime-movers were still the Luthers and Calvins etc. My world view couches observed events in terms of a contest of wills which have their ultimate expression dictated by nature itself. I return again and again to McCarthy’s Judge Holden and can only nod my head acknowledging the truth of what is expressed, even though that truth is so unpleasant to the remnants of the idealist left in me. The collective will we express on outposts like this one has no champions capable of focusing the latent power of numbers which is mostly what we have. It’s a big part of why our side gets steamrolled again and again and why the frog / Pinochet memes are so compelling. We need leaders with wills to match those of our adversaries. That was Trump’s greatest flaw, his lack of conviction in his own views and therefore his lack of will.

    “Moral law is an invention of mankind for the disenfranchisement of the powerful in favor of the weak. Historical law subverts it at every turn. A moral view can never be proven right or wrong by any ultimate test. A man falling dead in a duel is not thought thereby to be proven in error as to his views. His very involvement in such a trial gives evidence of a new and broader view. The willingness of the principals to forgo further argument as the triviality which it in fact is and to petition directly the chambers of the historical absolute clearly indicates of how little moment are the opinions and of what great moment the divergences thereof. For the argument is indeed trivial, but not so the separate wills thereby made manifest. Man’s vanity may well approach the infinite in capacity but his knowledge remains imperfect and howevermuch he comes to value his judgements ultimately he must submit them before a higher court. Here there can be no special pleading. Here are considerations of equity and rectitude and moral right rendered void and without warrant and here are the views of the litigants despised. Decisions of life and death, of what shall be and what shall not, beggar all question of right. In elections of these magnitudes are all lesser ones subsumed, moral, spiritual, natural.”

    • I feel as though there are a mixture of behaviors that are driving the current global psychosis.

      At some level, yes there certainly are active planners doing it for money, power, or their personal morality.

      Some are true believers doing it for themselves, and some for the greater good.

      Some are going along to get along and avoid social ostracism.

      Some are being paid to further the cause.

      Some are merely falling in line because there’s nothing better to do.

      All these factions trudging in the same direction add up to a powerful force.

    • Yeah, I think there are elements of both. But, like a school of fish that suddenly changes direction, the action is automatic for each individual fish but still the result of some optimizing behavior on part of the whole school. I think Z is right to refer to the emergent properties of the mob in this way: it acts like its own thing in a way that none of the constituent elements act.

      Noting that the rich prefer chaos or that certain minorities prefer weakened host societies doesn’t really change the fact that the mob is acting under its unique rules, which involve identifying and punishing a sequence of scapegoats. The scapegoats have exactly three choices:

      1) Distinguish yourself/ accept the weaker scapegoating label. This is the goodwhite solution, which identifies bad whites as much better targets of the mob. This also the strategy behind whites who accept their own racism – see, I hate myself much more than you do, so there is no point in punishing me.

      2) Counter scapegoat. This was Oedipus’ strategy by saying Cleon was really behind everything because reasons. Didn’t work for him, but it probably has worked in some cases.

      3) Accept defeat

    • It’s both a clash of titans and a herd reflex reaction. Now focus on the reality. The titans are very few in number and the herd is very, very large. You can put your effort into being the canary in the coal mine, and try to warn the herd so as to induce a change in direction. We have no shortage of canaries attempting this. Of you can attempt to become a titan and get your hand on the levers of power. Or you can become an antibody that helps to remove the disease cells. To each his own.

    • I upvoted this comment because it was so well argued, but disagree vigorously with it. As I wrote earlier, don’t attribute to malice what can be attributed to madness. Even four or five years ago I would have agreed with your assessment, but no longer can. People are caught in a spiral of madness, and this includes those who do manipulate and use us. It boggles the mind but even our enemies have gone insane.

  22. The herd was bred up for industrialization. Obedient workers, smart enough to run the machines but not smart enough to know how they work. Misquoting George Carlin, at any rate I think he was right about that.

    Now we’re post industrial, so there’s lots of useless eaters, with their expensive pensions and healthcare needs.

    Certainly there’s a lot of truth to Z’s thesis that the controllers are afraid, too, and nobody is completely in control. Regardless, I can’t shake the feeling there’s an effort to cull the herd, being that they’ve (we’ve?) served their use, are ruinously expensive and potentially dangerous to tptb.

    It’s curious that a supposed plague has everyone running to get their largely-untrialed miracle shot. My dark side thinks, Hey, nobody in his right mind would release a bioweapon because it can’t be controlled, but a wonder shot— that’s a different story. Probably just a paranoid fantasy, but I’m not taking my chances, just sayin’.

    Only thing I know for sure is the psychic pain of civilization is turned up to 11. The world’s gone mad!

    • notice the AZ and J&J vaccines have been causing “blood clots” so now we have to give mRNA vaccines to the young folks.

      The ‘trust the science’ people are sure being taken for a loop.

      oh well, not taking either kind anyways.

      • Yes, I found that interesting as well. Also interesting are the folk who have died, oldest 38 I believe. Question I pose is why are these people getting a vaccine when they have almost 0 probability of an adverse COVID-19 reaction? This is an argument/discussion I have regularly regarding a cost/benefit analysis before taking the “jab”. Can sense seems in short supply these days.

      • If SARS-COV-2 were a typical virus, wouldn’t we simply culture it in large batches and create a routine vaccine?

        • Coronaviruses as a group mutate too quickly for a standard vaccine to work. That’s why there’s no cold virus vaccine.

          Medical science was not capable of creating a SARS vaxx but free money, fear-mongering and selective redefinition of the term “vaccine” found a way. It’s !SCIENCE!

    • All these people that love the shot also are big advocates of population control and reducing global population. So why are they trying to save all these people? It’s a mystery?

      • I keep vacillating among cull the herd conspiracy, let’s milk the government for more bucks, and let’s transfer wealth/consolidate control. Of course, could be all of the above and more I can’t even imagine.

        • All of the above if I had to guess. Standard court intrigue. Plus Somebody do something!

      • Wait, wait: an untested drug might have an unknown effect on fetal development?

        That is just an unproven conspiracy theory…until the personal injury lawyers buy every single commercial on TV, the radio and the internet.

    • Carlin was onto something. Even among the educated, formal sysems of education almost never encourage independent thought. Often, they discourage it. Ancient China had great learning, social structures and government hierachies, but professional formation leaned to memorization and the maintaining of old traditions, rather than innovation.

      The early Christian tradtion can rightly claim to have kept the sputtering flame of knowledge alive during the dark ages in its monastaries. But this preservation of knowledge was largely the manual copying of old texts in Latin, mostly holy books but some others. Look up the definition of “scholasticsim” and while it’s claimed to be a form of “critical thought,” this is rather amusing as skeptical inquiry was not a skill highly valued by the Church then, or now. Scholars were free to expore the wisdom of the ancient pagans, but their conclsions should not clash with received dogma.
      The penalties for straying too far were well-known, dire, and make the worst punishments of today’s Woke regime look like being tickled with a feather in comparison.

      Nietzsche criticised everything he saw in his 19th century Europe, including the German educational system. For all its accomplishments (One can make a strong arguemnt that the 19th century was the pinnacle of European intellectual, technical, etc. achievements for all time) the formal educational system produced drones, functionaries, not innovators.

      More ominously, for any given civilization, it has to be true that a portion of the populace will be a net liability. Raw forces of nature would tend to cull them. Civilization impedes this process; for good or ill is debatable.

      • “Even among the educated, formal sysems [sic] of education almost never encourage independent thought.”

        Up vote for this gem of a statement. It’s a sobering thing to realize or recall. There are things that are perhaps good to indulge creatively in. But the moral basis of society is not one of those – no doubt about it. In my model society I’d most definitely like to keep the grid and the water going; but postmodernists would be whacked in the stocks. Gallows for repeat offenders.

      • Any large institution talking about new ideas and disruption is just talking.

        Took me far too long to understand this key reality.

  23. The macro phenomenon driven by technology & warp speed communications cannot be solved by either commenting or whining. Like a hurricane, it’s going to run it’s course. The essential choice is . . . are you going to remain in the path of destruction or get to saver ground? Kill your TV. Get out of the city. Find a quieter & more remote place to live. Get to know your neighbors. Learn to grow a garden. Keep a loaded shotgun by the front door. Do it now.

    • Get out of the city, why? You mean ditch the cultural, economic, and political powerhouses of the West? We already *did* get out of the city in the 1960s. That got us alot of cities destroyed by groids and always-eroding white political clout.

      There’s nowhere left to run anyways. Blackrock is buying up homes in W.V. Pretty much every new subdivision is full of Indian families. Rust belt is still importing Muslim refugees.

      “Wish-casting” is the term that comes to mind. Being a lone ranger frontier man or oil man in Texas is just a dream, a false reality from 150 years ago.

      • I got my buckskin jacket, coon skin cap, flintlock rifle and I am heading into the mountains.

      • Right Wing Tango

        1. Bemoaning that nothing is being done, nobody’s helping us.
        2. If anyone suggests collective action scream FED.
        3. GOTO 1.

        “It is the general sentiment of mankind that if men capable of fighting do not fight for themselves, no one else should, and that sentiment is correct.”

        Frederick Douglass- nogger extraordinary.

      • B125: Extremely ironic for me to be the one to push some hope rather than despair but . . . while all you’ve written is true, that doesn’t mean all is lost for the long-term future. Short term, I believe we’ve lost – we lost long ago, both culturally and, more importantly, demographically. Those ‘power centers’ are closed to us; I can’t really imagine what sort of personality a man would have to have to pretend to be woke and have the ego and slick lies to be a politician or businessman, and the money to get elected or start a company, and then the integrity to throw sand in the gears while pretending to be one with his fellow grifters.

        But small, fairly isolated White communities may survive and thrive. Yes, I, too read about West Virginia, but there remains a solid number of rural White Americans who are not going to roll over and die. Build something for your children. The old saying about planting trees under whose shade you will never sit. Don’t think about it as running, but as a strategic retreat. My husband believed just as you do for years, and just in the past 6 months has come to accept not merely the desperate need to move, but the short-term imperative and the promise of possible future success once we get settled.

        I’m not referring to hunkering down individually, but joining with like-minded individuals and trying to build and protect something, no matter how small. And all of it offline and under the radar. Find a handful of solid White people (preferably men who have or want families) and pool resources to buy land and build homes and start working and trading and teaching your young. This isn’t a short-term solution, so don’t count on surviving long enough to see its ultimate success or failure. But it’s doing something positive rather than feeling so utterly helpless as the mob sweeps up everything in its path.

        • 3g – agree!

          “There is nowhere left to run” is true. If your intent is to run.

          If Tinder whores, schlomos sheckels, and ramen shops in hip 20% white urban hives is peak civilization, then indeed the fight is over and best enjoy the spoils while circling the navel.

          The question is not where to go but rather: What exactly are we trying to preserve?

          Builders build. Whats been lost is not landscapes of glass and steel, but the spirit of a people and the will to carve out a place for our people across landscapes – and time.

          It happened gradually, one mans exchange at a time. So it will be built just the same.

          Dreading the cycle of loss is a fear no different than that of an earthly death that ends all.

          Which is how we have a generation of old people torturing children to feels safe over flu.

          Grasping too many of those shiny glass beads of progress is what gets the monkey served for dinner.

          There are many fronts in our fight. Not for me to moralize over which latitudes are more pure.

          But I will push back against the notion that a bugs life or a monkey with a fist full of government rice is the endstate of our people.

          For many this will be true, but there is another cycle that will repeat: where some men find their frontier and others their high thread-count prisons.

          The sun sets just the same on us all. Boots on among my people is how I want it. And if I have learned nothing else from my time in the great decay is that it falls on me to build it.

        • You touch upon a very important distinction between a cowardly lack of will to fight, and a tactical retreat. I was thinking about what I’d need to do in my local area (moving soon, but currently in North London) to reverse what had happened. If I chose political channels I’d be crushed; even if I was very sly I am not sure it is a game I can play for long as I am not evil. In short, there is no option other than to retreat. By the time me and my father realized we were in a war, most of the major battles had been lost.

          Far, far, far better to first get out. And get out to a smaller community that consists of like-minded whites. Naturally, you can come with tall tales of the terror of diversity to make the villagers even more suspect of ‘social housing’ or ‘that new train link’. Hell, you don’t even need to be politically incorrect about it, simply ask if ‘they’d like their nice village to look like Croydon?’. All able single men ought to do this if they can.

          Your statement about pooling resources is extremely logical, and I have thought along the same lines. The problem is: many just won’t put their money where their mouth is – and to be honest, it’s a big ask. But response is always the same: how much do you actually care about the future? Your future? Your children’s future? But it’s a big leap for people to make. In the end, it’ll probably be just me and the wife and our sons. And that brings me to my next point: breed, breed, breed. If any man be fortunate enough to find a good woman then do it – and insist upon homeschooling. Somebody posted something here in the comments a while back about homeschooling, citing some negative points: ‘too expensive’, ‘people don’t have the time’, ‘people don’t know how to do it’. I didn’t reply, but I thought again: “How much do you actually care about what is happening?”. There are many, many positive things we can do that are not violent (that said, I’d love to seen the culprits for our decline blown from cannon) but they do require in person networks. But it all starts with putting yourself out there; seeking existing communities that are salvageable and can be bolstered.

          Thus reads my counter to the gentleman who may wish to stay in the city. Of course, he’ll have his reasons and rightly so, but still.

          • Well said, OF. Once again it boils down to putting your oxygen mask on first before helping those around you.

          • The Elites control the mainstream media and the message. They are using it as a propaganda weapon against the sane. They are deliberately, and with malice aforethought, sowing despair for the purpose of weakening the plebs’ will to resist. Do not let them win this battle. No one here is advocating running or retreat. The goal is to the survive the collapse and be alive & well & fit when the bugle sounds. You then get to choose the time & place & circumstances of the coming battles. And you will be wise to fight back smarter, not harder.

          • Great comment. If someone can find a way to make the lives of the Ruling Class miserable that also does not result in immediate death or confinement, they will have the key to at least a workable, long-term modus vivendi. The pain will have to overwhelm the madness, of course.

          • The primary thing a new community would need to do is to prevent any of the current propaganda vectors from dominating its offspring.
            This would mean no TV, no film, no radio, no newspapers, no social media, no magazines etc.

            Essentially, even with like minded parents and home schooling, you would need to live like the amish in order to prevent the kids getting corrupted by these megaphones of degenerecy.

            These are the primary weapons that dominate society and until these are removed any attempt to counter will fail. The relentless and multi-pronged messaging places many subtle mind worms into people that end up completely dominating any society. A socirety made up of NPCs whose actions are determined by the worms. They have no real cognition outside these placed scripts.

            Look around and think about how even the most remote homogenous enclaves end up with the same shitty culture in varying degrees.
            Evil is a subtle destroyer and trying to live with it will destroy oneself eventually.

          • Reply to ‘tristan’:

            “This would mean no TV, no film, no radio, no newspapers, no social media, no magazines etc.”

            This is not necessarily true. Access to these, for younger children can be controlled to an extent. In fact, I would use strategically taken newspaper cuttings reporting the same story to teach my lad about cross-referencing and what can be deduced. As for TV? Well, I have Thunderbirds, Tom and Jerry and a whole bucket load of vetted kids programs. Social media? Why does my child need a mobile phone anyhow? My stock line for my lad will be ‘when you can pay for it, you get it.’ But yes, generally, keeping them away from the fire hose of media is a good strategy.

            “you would need to live like the amish in order to prevent the kids getting corrupted by these megaphones of degenerecy.”

            This is an excellent idea. But I’ll take some technology with my tradition also.

            “These are the primary weapons that dominate society and until these are removed any attempt to counter will fail.”

            They are the primary weapons. But any attempt to counter will not fail – this is demonstrated by the fact that I am typing these word. And so are you. My son (and future children) may be exposed to propaganda at times from undesirable sources; but as we’ll be homeschooling they’ll be one source of propaganda they’ll hear from most often: their parent’s voices.

            “The relentless and multi-pronged messaging places many subtle mind worms into people”

            And my wife and I will be placing many of our own, mark my word.

            “Look around and think about how even the most remote homogenous enclaves end up with the same shitty culture in varying degrees.”

            Yes, I have seen this in some places in the UK. Especially amongst children. And it does seem that children also mimic their peers more than parents after a certain age. But, with decent tuition, healthy outdoors activity and keeping the lad away from leftist parent/child bugpeople there is hope. It also seems that there is still a healthy subset of young whites who are not politically correct – they tend to be the ones we think of as ‘uneducated’; more of these please.

            “Evil is a subtle destroyer and trying to live with it will destroy oneself eventually.”

            This is why in the most direct instance you point evil out to your children. When they are of an appropriate age to understand. The presence of evil is also a great push toward God.

            You do raise some good points, which is why I would imagine any homeschooling parent must meet fire with fire. If you notice that the education is vehemently anti-christian, you launch a reverse propaganda coup on your child. You call the state apparatus evil. This is what they effectively do to us. Niceness must go. Toughness must return.

  24. ” As with a school of fish or a flock of birds, each person is responding to the actions of those around him. ”

    I got the analogy but schools of fish in flocks of birds are beautiful. I hate for the comparison to even be made

    • Some biologists a number of years ago did a study of schooling behavior in fish. They caught some and damage the part of the brain they thought was used to cause the observed behavior. They thought the fish would then not school with the others. What happened was that the brain damage fish upon release became the leaders of the schooling phenomenon—the school now followed the direction of the brain damaged fish!

      I always thought there was a lesson to be learned here. 😉

  25. A part of herd mentality is that there is no coherent thought process to the movements of the herd. A mass of individuals are simply reacting to the behavior of those around them. This herd mentality now occurs multiple times a day in the form of comment sections and headlines on social media etc.

    The memes behind this current “Georgia voter suppression laws” is just such an unthinkingly stupid herd movement. “They have outlawed the distribution of WATER BOTTLES!” the liberals cry. As if people are dropping left and right of dehydration while waiting for hours and hours and hours to vote. As if people couldn’t bring their own water bottles. As usual, this argument collapses with simple scrutiny (ala Socratic method).
    “When was the last time you stood in line to vote for more than say one hour? How long does it take a person to dehydrate? Would general thirst, over the course of an hour, dissuade you personally from voting?”

    • Reynard: Obviously, your logic and reason is for the normies and the few who are slightly more aware. No one truly on the dissident right ought to still believe in the utility of voting.

  26. It should also be noted that the national IQ is dropping. Supposedly around 7 points a generation. I think it could be more than that.

    • This is a major reason why I believe their digital spider web is going to collapse on itself.

      The West is simply becoming too dumb to implement and sustain such an enormous system.

      Cheapo H-1Bs can’t do it. Hell, they couldn’t even get the 737 MAX code right, and that is tiny compared to the control grid being proposed.

      • Anyone on this site remember “self driving cars”? Google, Apple, GM, Uber: everyone threw billions at it. Now?

        • Whatever happened to the ‘self driving car’? All the hype seemed to die a death a couple of years ago. Never being one for fads, I chose not to care too much but now that you mention it…

          A cursory analysis says that it was always a non-starter. The technology just seems too hard with too many potential hazards.

          Perhaps the best we can hope for is to set an easy lower bound. In this spirit, I propose the following research problem:

          To design and implement a self driving car that behaves at least as good as the worst female Indian driver over 80.

          • Maybe they realized a car on the average roadway is a far more chaotic and information-dense environment than an airliner cruising at 30, 000 feet?

          • All the hype seemed to die a death a couple of years ago.

            Well, yeah, what with all the actual deaths that were starting to crop up with even the “semi-autonomous” vehicles.

        • That’s simple. Just like workable nuclear fusion, or space colonies, or [insert futurist claim of your choice] it is always ten or twenty years into the future. I even recall seeing old (ca. 1960) copies of Scientific American, I think it was, that had glorious full color ads prophesying those wonderful self-driving cars.

          • My thought is that autonomous vehicles are just another front in the big “AI will replace all workers” psyop that’s meant to demoralize the public, infantilize them, and make them amenable to big government, expansive social welfare systems, off-shoring of labor (it will all be gone soon anyway!) and UBI.

            It’s not going to happen in the foreseeable future.

            The funny thing is I can’t think of another psyop off the top of my head that has been more effective on normally sensible voices on the right.

            It appeals to the nerd in them, I think.

  27. We have already seen plenty of the “blood of the innocent.” Time to see “the blood of the mob.” Preferably rivers of it. I speak metaphorically of course…

    • Yes, of course that is a metaphor – what else could it possibly be?

      • Yep the mobs are protected by the police and can loot and burn to their hearts content. In fact it is the police and city mayors that are drivers of the riots across the country. Without this support the mobs would quickly evaporate.

        In fact there is nothing emergent about the chaos. It’s all orchestrated by the ruling class, that wants to tear down the West and destroy whites and their culture.

      • “The mob has police protection. No one will lay a finger on them.”

        For now. It is not hard to imagine how that could change very quickly.

  28. The worse part of all this is the old cronies in charge, who are usually the last to grasp technology (like your grandfather who emails you then calls to make sure you got it) are now surrounded with tech-savvy lackeys.

    These same lackeys completely understand tech, and the power of social media. And this is across both governmental and corporate organizations. Since they want to follow in the foot steps of their leadership, they will show the old guard how all this works to get the pat on the head they need to remain where they are.

    It’s why western democracy is doomed. It’s why the cries of voter fraud and losing the 2nd Amendment are futile. As long as they can create an event and spin it in any direction they want, they’ll continue to remain in control.

    China has demonstrated the end game of all this and it’s exactly what Western globalists intend to implement across the board. Europeans will comply because we always have, Americans will scream and post rants, carry signs and create clever memes and talk smack about how powerful they are because they have a gun.

    The reality of how powerless we really are will come to a horrifying reality when enough people get their bank accounts and credit cards frozen, get fired from their jobs, lose their house (or get kicked out of their rental) and have their children taken away because their social score is too low.

    • ..and then those rivers of metaphoric blood which Jacques noted in his comment.

    • It’s weird how Western globalists have seemingly lost all confidence in Western ideas of society and governance and become utterly enamored with the Chinese model.

      • Maybe because the wheels are falling off of this one, and they’re scared of another French Revolution? Theoretically, being a Western elite is harder. Or maybe they’re just power hungry sadists and think the Chinese model gives them unlimited power.

        They want all the tyranny of the CCP model without any of the responsibilities. If the elites were my people, giving me an ethno state, and building an economy for the benefit of my people and my descendants than I might be more inclined to allow a credit score lol.

        Anyways, China has never been all that stable if they actually read history. They’re fools to think the CCP model would last forever even with the Asian mindset.

        • As long as they (China) keep the wheels moving and the perception of growth, all will be well. There are still old timers who remember the bad old days and lots of newer generations leaving the subsistence farms to stock the cities and man the factories. When that (inevitable) slows, then we’ll see how things play out for CCP.

        • Well said. It is delicious to watch Western elites latch onto the nation that probably is more unstable than their own.

      • “Knowledge is a deadly friend
        If no one sets the rules
        The fate of all mankind, I see,
        Is in the hands of fools.”
        — King Crimson, “Epitaph” (1969)

    • So those folks have nothing to lose by going hunting and evening the scoreboard. And given that the shot callers and their apparatchiks could maybe fill the seating of a high school stadium, it wouldn’t take long for the effects to be felt.

      • Rwc1963: Yet all the desperate men whose wives/exwives are helping their children ‘transition’ seem to utilize only the courts or the media. I know everything is surveilled now, but people used to ‘kidnap’ kids from abusive spouses and disappear. Again, not saying it would be simple or easy, particularly with a deluded psychotic preteen, but some of these children are under 10 and yet the dads keep losing in court and the mothers remain untouched. If that isn’t losing everything and worthy of some sort of ‘extreme’ reaction (hypothetical blah blah) then what is?

  29. It sort of stands to reason that in this age of instant communication, freedom of speech itself is becoming unworkable, as it’s so easy for bad actors such as foreign entities, bot armies, and state sanctioned propaganda networks to shout down reasonable dissident voices to the discourse. Of course, ironically, the misinformation experts are the ones willfully spreading misinformation and polluting the discourse. It is also amplifying the tribalism by every tribal group being able to rile up their people at a moment’s notice.

    The only way out would be to forcefully remove the media saturation by limiting the amount of media people are allowed to consume in order to force people to process the data as opposed to having an addiction to outrage porn. There was a proposal a few years back to limit people’s social media usage to 30 minutes a day. Of course, that’s not going to happen, which means we’re screwed.

    • “It is also amplifying the tribalism by every tribal group being able to rile up their people at a moment’s notice. ”

      With whites in last place, as usual.

      As for myself, I am embracing the tribal side of things. The saying “It’s Anti-White” is appearing more and more in my vocabulary – and interestingly, not shouted down that much.

      Q: “Fancy a coke, mate?”
      A: “No thanks, it’s Anti-White”

      Q: “What do you think of the London Mayor?”
      A: “He’s Anti-White, you understand.”

      Q: “How come you don’t go round London often anymore?”
      A: “It’s full of non-whites. Why surround myself with aliens?”

      • Anti-white is a good term. I’ve been using it with normies with some success too. it’s not “racist” and it’s not making any implications other than something is, well, anti white.

        They usually shift around uncomfortably when I use the term, but don’t disagree with it either.

        • I think we should try to get mileage out of ‘inclusivity, diversity, equity, anti-White supremacy (IDEAS)’. I can see progressives latching onto this, but many people on the fence seeing the ‘anti-white’ and registering that more than anything.

    • One possible solution is to restore the public platforms to what they were intended. What’s happening on-line is what is happening in the streets. If a group of white nationalists held a rally, they would be setup by a mob and abetted by the police. If the police stood aside and let the groups work it out, there would be enough blood to put an end to this dynamic. The Antifa mobs would start demanding a separate space to counter protest.

      This is the problem on-line. The rules have been bent to favor one mob at the expense of the others. Restore the public platforms to being open to all and the woke army soon demands their own private forums. The tone of the public forum resets to something close to the middle of society and people outside that window retreat back to their private areas.

      This will never happen now, but it is good reminder that markets can only be fair when they are controlled by those who want a fair market.

      • Zman: Excellent line. Will use on husband. “Markets can only be fair when they are controlled by those who want a fair market.” Still looking forward to your economic podcast. Oh, and am halfway through G. Gordon Liddy’s book “Will.” The man had many admirable qualities, but also some rather strange quirks. Very focused on genetic inheritance re personality and intelligence and ability and appearance long before much of what we today know as genetic fact was discovered/proven. Facing fear is admirable but I don’t know that I see the utility of eating some rat or burning one’s finger to the point of requiring surgery. Lack of ‘tell-all’ books by children seems to indicate he did a better job with his family than many (or perhaps they were too afraid and some will appear in the future?).

        • He was a wonderful dad. Gentle, chivalrous, and patriotic.

          He was trying to council a young woman, confused with that Okie ‘Christian’ fraud’s “break their will” recipe for child abuse. He told her to use a rolled up newspaper instead of a board or switch.
          Hurt their feelings, not their bodies.

          His sons all grew up to be Seals, Delta Force, Rangers- the most manly of men.

          While he was in prison- 4 years in max solitary, psychological torture- a robber broke in to his home with the wife and little kids there alone.

          Mrs. Liddy calmly walked down the stairs pointing a large-caliber pistol, telling her them, “Now, children, watch the bad man’s head explode.”

          (Robber literally pee’d his pants and fled.)

        • The utility was to overcome his fear of certain things. Pretty obvious to any reader, I would think.

      • The recent issue with people entering the Capitol ground made a very clear point to the public; while you do have the right to free assembly, the government, everyone with a cell phone and the media, can easily record and identify anyone and everyone in attendance.

        There’s really no need to go full China-surveillance. With thousands of people all with cell phones recording and posting every move you make, odds are good you’ll end up on someones YouTube. And since you attended with your own cell phone in your pocket, it’s easy to know exactly where and when you were there.

        Please. Feel free to attend any rally where you wish to protest to express yourself and exercise your Constitutional rights. Just don’t expect to have a job or a future career when HR gets a note from some agency that’s concerned you may present a risk. The thought police are sure to knock on your door and have a chat about your state of mind.

        Unless of course you’re a member of a protected class as we saw in Portland.

        • This really was how the Soviet Union operated for the most part. Deprivation and marginalization are just as effective as violence. Westerners confronted with this reality point to the absence of gulags, which are coming, as proof things are salvageable. Morons.

  30. Gustave Le Bon published a pretty sound analysis of crowd psychology back in 1895. Instantaneous, world-wide communication has supercharged every aspect of crowd pathology that he identified.

    • It’s also enveloped everyone in the mob. Even the people at the top are swept up, when in the past they took pride in not being down with the hoi polloi. The mob mentality has crowded out public morality.


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