The Narcotic Of Unreality

Imagine that fifty years ago, someone walking along a beach stumbled upon a lamp, out of which popped a genie, offering to give the person a glimpse into the future as a reward for releasing him from the lamp. The person probably would be able to suspend their disbelief and give it a go. Once he got the glimpse of the future, he would be so stunned by what he saw, that he would quickly assume he is having some sort of hallucination and run off in terror. That cannot possibly be the future.

There is no getting around the fact that our present is unimaginably weird, relative to our standards of just a generation ago. People like to laugh at what people a century ago imagined was the future, but those past predictions were based on the assumption that crazy people would not take over the country. They feared that left-wing radicals would win and impose communism. That was a legitimate fear, but mentally disturbed men in dresses was not a concern. Why would anyone think such a thing?

What makes it weirder is that we are not living in an age of bliss. We have real problems that need attention. Yet during the transition from Trump to Dementia Joe, supposedly serious people sat around a conference room table wondering how they could recruit a man in a dress to join the administration. No one in the room, presumably, bust out laughing. Some take comfort in believing that they know it is ridiculous, but there is no evidence to suggest this.

In his confirmation hearing, not a single Senator dared ask Rachel Levine to explain how we test for transgenderism. We have a simple test to determine sex. A mouth swab alone is enough. If we were to come upon the remains of person who claimed to be a third sex, how would we know? What is the difference between someone who thinks they are invisible or imaginary and someone who thinks they are a sex other than what their DNA says? Does Dr. Levine accept genetic science?

The point is, there were any number of ways to politely reveal that this person is either insane or a sociopathic grifter. Richard Levine would never have gone very far on merit, but Rachel Levine could be president one day. No one dared take this approach, because they are not allowed to challenge the orthodoxy. In the case of Senators, they have been selected precisely because they have been conditioned to never challenge the prevailing moral orthodoxy.

This is how our public discourse has become increasingly bizarre. As soon as you exclude realty from the debate, you are left with various forms of unreality. Since none of the unrealistic options can possibly lead to a solution, the debate breaks free from the problem itself. The measure acceptance is no longer about facts and reason, but some other standard. In a liberal democracy, the standard becomes attention, as in what gets you the most attention.

Take the case of Saint George Floyd, peace be upon him. The state put on a medical expert who explained Floyd’s cardiovascular condition. It is hard to know, given the bizarre testimony that followed, but the state probably hoped he would add authority to the claim that the cops were negligent when handling Floyd. On cross, he was asked a simple question. “Would George Floyd be alive today if he had just followed instructions and got into the police car as the cops asked many times?”

If Chauvin is acquitted, that is probably the moment the jury realized the absurdity of the show going on in court. This question never gets asked in any of these traffic stops that go bad, like the latest one from Minnesota. In every one of these cases, the guy getting shot could have avoided the problem by simply not being an asshole. The prevailing moral orthodoxy says you can never question the actions of a nonwhite, so the conversation veers into increasingly weird logic.

Another example is the voter ID stuff. Right now, we have the largest corporations on the planet holding secret meetings to figure out how they can overturn election laws like the one just passed in Georgia. No one dares ask these people why they think blacks are too stupid or lazy to get a driver’s license. The fact that they have no trouble getting a license is another relevant factor. Voter ID is racist because it just is. Not one dares question it, so we have these bizarre public debates.

That is the thing about the time traveling guy from the past. He probably would not notice the trannies and perverts. So much of our public debate operates outside the bounds of reason, those things would be lost in the traffic. The fact that Joe Biden is president would be enough to cause him to question his sanity. In his time, Joe Biden is just a crooked fabulist that was the butt of political jokes. No sane people would put that simpleton in charge of anything.

Twenty years ago, the great John Derbyshire once described pseudoscience as “elaborate, plausible, and intellectually very challenging systems that do not, in fact, have any truth content.” The fact that the people who are so good at creating pseudoscience have an outside role in shaping society probably explains why we live in a world dominated by boutique ideas untethered from reality. These parlor games are much more fun that facing up to the reality of life.

In fact, reality avoidance may have become something of a narcotic. Anytime reality starts to sneak into the mind of the addict, they demand some new drug or a bigger dose of the old drug, in order to solve the problem. When the reality of sex differences undermines feminist theology, a new drug called transgenderism is cooked up and distributed to the panic stricken members of the ruling class. When the reality of transvestites cannot be ignored, we get a new perversion.

The real crisis in America is not the opioid pandemic, but the unreality pandemic plaguing our rulers. As the range of acceptable debate narrows, they are left with an increasingly bizarre set of choices. In order for them to get attention, which is the currency of democracy, they must outdo the last bizarre idea. Like an addict searching for the next high, our rulers are riding a dragon of depraved reality avoidance, taking the rest of us into the abyss where all addiction leads.

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201 thoughts on “The Narcotic Of Unreality

  1. The Narcotic…
    Just yesterday I heard something I’d never heard before; When a person lies, there is a dopamine response based on the pleasure of “getting one over” on reality itself. The feeling is the pleasure of arrogance. If I understood correctly, all addicts get into a feedback loop with dopamine. So, there is your narcotic, in effect. Liars lie for the dopamine!

  2. Pick something stupid, then make Normie say it.

    It may have been this blog where I first read that. They don’t believe a word of what they preach. Their goal is to hurt as many people as possible. The more innocent, the better. They are monsters.

    An important thing to them is to get us to lie. This is important as part of their overall will to destruction. When we are forced to lie, and we submit, it lowers our serotonin level. This is crucial: we become more submissive.

    We REALLY need to think this through. A man marrying a man isn’t a marriage. Men cheating in women’s sports isn’t sports. It’s cheating. A man wearing a dress isn’t a woman. There is no such thing as a womxn. You CAN’T have it all. Women make shitty leaders. Men don’t want women around when they are with other men. Blacks are stupid and violent, on average. Christian Blacks seem to be a rather large exception. Democrats hurt people for the fun of it, because their lives are meaningless.

    The average gay rapes or molests 3 boys. (5% of boys get raped or molested, 1.5% of the population does the raping). 1/3 of those boys become homos. It’s replacement level raping. This is why gays used to be killed by fathers as a matter of course.

    We NEED to tell the truth. And we need to protect those who tell the truth, rather than abandon every Sarah Palin that comes along as soon as the media tell us they are tainted.

    We need to stop cowering. They have power and they will hurt us. But being cowards hurts way more.

  3. “You know, if you would have told me twenty years ago that I’d see children walking the streets of our Texas towns with green hair and bones in their noses, I just flat-out wouldn’t have believed you.”

    “Signs and wonders, but I think once you stopped hearing “sir” and “ma’am”, the rest was soon to follow.”

    “It’s the tide. The dismal tide”

  4. Back in public elementary school in the 80’s before my parents sent us to Catholic school, there was a rampant anti-bullying campaign underway. Years later, my dad told us he’d always wondered if that was an effort to open the door to the normalization of homosexuality. No one could’ve even imagined the tranny movement would soon follow. Although Gary Shandling did advise us regarding those who truly run hollywood.

  5. Asian homogeneity is the rock the diversity grifters keep breaking themselves on, proof positive diversity politics are destructive.

  6. I would love for the duel to come back into style. That was the height of western civilization. Such a classy way to solve problems. Imagine pacing off against Gerald Nadler as he shits himself. It would be well worth the risk. You can never have a duel in democracy, because there’s zero honor to preserve.

  7. Speaking of Reality men must stop voting for women. Its a con game, they are not men. They can’t stand up to pressure, worse they undermine manly standing of your ground.
    I think voting is a con game period, but if you must NO WOMEN.

    And BTW it doesn’t work in war either 😂😆.

    • Normie-con men cucked out on that long ago. They embrace it. They treat their daughters more like sons in many cases.

      Some of them enjoy being controlled by women and will amit to it-even brag about it..

      Plus there is the virtue-signaling aspect. The normie-con man can virtue-signal with the best of them..

  8. It does not seem crazy to the people in charge — for them its normal and we are the crazy ones.

    I think this is a function of how rapidly the elite have been consolidated into just a few zip codes into just a few cities and just a few areas. Zman mentioned Congressmen actually did things for their constituents, to keep office, not any more its now all national politics and demographics and appeasing a few national money raisers/laundering concerns. Charles Murray noted in “Coming Apart” about White America how elites used to be geographically and industrial sector scattered — Western lumber barons, Midwest railroad tycoons, Eastern finance big shots. Now its all concentrated in a few hereditary positions in the Senate, House, and the five big companies that matter. Like in professional sports where a few superstars get all the cash and the rest play for chump change.

    Contra Montesquieu, there are many aristocracies without any focus on honor and the accompanying martial accomplishments and duties. We have one now — and they are obsessed with power and hate hate hate of Dirt People. Hating Whitey is why they exist. It is their sole reason for living so a man in a sundress ticking off Whitey is of course the most natural thing. It validates them that they are heroic people fighting racism and sexism and homophobia instead of dreary nasty power grubbers making ordinary people miserable across the globe. Hating Whitey is who they are. They don’t need us.

    And that’s the other thing — we are not needed any more. If there was a constant threat of invasion that could only be fought off by able bodied men (that’s White men) then this stuff would not happen out of self interest from our very narrow hereditary ruling class. But Chen and Rajeesh can code far cheaper than White men, and drones and robots operated by Shaniqua makes SEALs obsolete and China already does all our factory jobs. So why are we even around by their thinking?

    One thing is certain, the aristocracy plans on eliminating us. Some think the troops withdrawn from Afghanistan are to be used to crush us. Nadler has introduced a court packing scheme. Dr. Jill has announced Section 8 Housing in every suburb. Reparations have been introduced. And eliminating the police is pretty much a done deal. While war with Russia and China looms.

    Already you see pushback from state level legislators facing elimination from Biden’s vote fraud bill against corporations. That passes, they will be out of jobs and won’t get cushy lobbing sinecures as those will be for BLM Presidents laying out $10 million for four luxury homes in ultra White areas like Topanga Canyon next to Malibu. And its not amenable to compromise for face-saving. Its either the PRI one party rule as in Mexico or not; a binary choice and the legislators are not patriots filled with duty but acting from inevitable self interest. Just as the national ruling class like Pelosi and Schumer and Nadler act from their self-interest: crushing Whitey and ruling over an army of mercenaries.

    Mercenaries are the weapon of choice of aristocrats lacking any martial virtue. Its worth noting that the shambolic Red Army did succeed in beating the well funded mercenaries of the White Russians and Allies in 1919. Men will die for a cause. Not so for cash from some corrupt and weak money launderer.

    • [From memory, so usual disclaimers apply.]
      Another important thing Murray mentions in “Coming Apart” is not just that industries were geograpically scattered but that in the “old days” the management, often up to the CEO or owner(s) of a company, tended to live in the same city as where the factory was located. Of course the upper echelon lived in nicer homes, nicer neighborhoods and so on; their kids might even have gone to the local public school, since they hadn’t yet deteriorated into the day care centers/training prisons that many of today’s are. The point Murray makes is that, on the whole, the rich hadn’t fled to a Super-ZIP (the ZIP code didn’t even exist yet!) in Chicago, New York or Los Angeles. Salaries were higher of course, but perhaps 8 to 10 times, not 100x or 1000x, of what their average worker made. The elite was not nearly as far removed from the common man as they later came. Cloud people indeed.

    • “Some think the troops withdrawn from Afghanistan are to be used to crush us.”

      They couldn’t even crush the Taliban after 20 years.

      Our rulers don’t need to “crush” Whites with some violent and visible pogrom, that might provoke a reaction or even some weak form of sympathy. We will just quietly fade away – at present White birth rates and increased melanin importation, it won’t take long.

    • appeasing a few national money raisers/laundering concerns

      we are not needed any more

      You simply cannot spell WhisKeY without “YKW”.

  9. What’s most surprising to me is the collective neurosis remains pampered and allowed while running on top of White Man 2.0’s OS. You know, water, sewer, logistics, power. Once Clownworld sysadmin’s realize OUR decaying OS needs constant updates, things will get really interesting. It’s a bit harder to stomach (see what I did there) your version of reality when there’s no food, water, or power. Then we will see just how real is the devotion to the the Cult of Globohomo and the melanin minstrels.

    • I would shoot myself without a hot shower. That’ll be my indulgence during the bleak times. I’ll pay any price.

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  11. H.L. Mencken had a pretty good bead on where all of this was going. He could project where liberal democracy would eventually take us. He died in the mid 50’s. I can only imagine the scathing commentary he would have had on JFK and LBJ. Any student of history knows that the current trajectory is a lunatic asylum with the inmates in charge. At long last, we’re finally there. Biden is the definition of the “downright moron” that Mencken predicted. Students of history also know that this is transient, with the balance of human nature being restored by a future, heavy handed dictatorship, very Putin like, which may be why they hate him so much. Their subconscious sees him and see the future, which involves serious people, not people like them. The only question marks are how much blood will be spilled between this epoch and the next and if it will involve a foreign war (see Ukraine).

      • Because he is. If someone needs to fall out of a window, they fall out of a window. But it’s necessary for good order. I’m not judging him for it.

        • Been known to happen in the USA. James Forrestal, 1949. A more likely “accident” the CIA MKUltra “suicide” of Frank Olson. With the advent of building air conditioning, most windows no longer opened so other methods had to be found. 1993’s death of Vincent Foster is a prime example from later times.
          These days, you are just randomly murdered for taking the files from the Democrat’s mail server.

  12. Evidently the fence, barbed wire and armed soldiers around the Capitol building are not that effective in keeping the crazy people in. Only at keeping the sane ones out.

    • Yes , there’s an opportunity beckoning on Capitol Hill, and the eyes unwillingly guarding it cannot help but see… 👀

      They’re very weak, cowardly creatures too. They walked by us very deliberately not looking at the guns, guns really do scare them. Thats the actual Congress BTW – the staffers. The real “legislative branch “ works in the Dirksen building.

      Congresscritters pretty much collect the money all day at lunches, etc , and go on TV.
      They say what their staff tells them. Its the powers of the purse they handle- meaning pay me if you want to sit down. This has been public knowledge for decades.

      The Congress critters collect for the staff, the staff and lobbyists write bills and tell the Critter how to vote. All known for decades. And again the eyes 👀 of the staff look away from the men with the guns.
      They sense they have stepped into another world, and don’t know what to do.

      And we 👀 them flinch.

      Oh dear.

      • Based on my time in service (peace time), but also stories from older servicemen, the chances are that there is not one round of live ammunition in most of those rifles. Even in Vietnam, on base, solders were often deliberately not issued ammo, even when it might have been more sensible to do so.

        That’s not to say the military (domestically) is always just drilling, as a few unlucky students (and guardsmen) found out at Kent State. Also, during selected rioting in DC in the 60s, I’m pretty sure the Third Infantry set up behind sand bags at the Pentagon had live rounds.

        But right now those troops in DC are almost entirely for show.

        • In Switzerland, one often sees their soldiers in public, on buses, trains, etc., in full camouflaged uniform with their rifles as part of their kit. In fact, when Swiss soldiers are leave the military, they’re allowed to keep their rifles. It’s interesting that the American government doesn’t trust their own military with weapons in public despite being one of the biggest “pro gun” countries in the West.

        • Ben: It’s always for show (until the cloud people get truly afraid of the dirty people). When my son was sent to the border with the National Guard they weren’t allowed ammo in their rifles. Abbott loves making showy, utterly insubstantial political gestures.

  13. Yesteryear: the comrade first to stop clapping for Stalin gets the gulag
    Today: the one who first shouts ‘not a riot!’ during a police chief presstitute conference is Journo King for a day.

  14. The opening paragraph reminded me of something I saw a few years ago. It was a picture of Howard Cosell flanked by OJ Simpson and Bruce Jenner from some time in the 70’s. The caption read: “This is Howard Cosell. I’m looking into the future and you’re not gonna believe what I’m about to tell you.”

  15. I’m hearing the prosecution tried to introduce new evidence in the Chauvin case. The judge warned he’d declare mistrial, but they did it anyway. It’s all primed to blow.

  16. To paraphrase Bertrand Russell, the worse one’s logic, the more *interesting* the conclusions to which it gives rise. Merely being wrong is boring. But inhabiting an ideology that isn’t even wrong must be full of surprises.

      • Yes, most definitely. At least in print. 🙂 He also was a world-class scholar in mathematics, philosophy and perhaps other areas. Do I detect a hint of disapproval in your question? Do we deride all of a man’s accomplishments just because his faith isn’t to our liking? This also works the opposite way, indeed is much more prevalent simply due to the bell curve: I can find you a lot of people that ticks your chosen boxes on religious beliefs, yet he might be a dullard, a criminal, or at best, merely average.

  17. Zman has the Havamal Soap sold pretty well since your link? I have been getting more questions about it and hearing more people mention it. Tea might be an acquired taste whereas everyone needs to use soap. I am hoping that you and them have benefitted from the partnership. 15 percent discount is very good and has hooked a few friends and family members of mine into getting it.

    • They are my soap company now. Not cheap, but I don’t mind. The aloe vera soap is quite nice on my oh so sensitive white skin.

      • Beats buying the Soap at Walmart to enrich anyone who hates our people, hates our culture, and hates our traditions. We want to get money in the hands of businesses who support us. Not support the Coca Colas, Starbucks, Walmart, or Mcdonalds.

  18. I enjoy reading your articles, however Like the time traveler, I hate the reality your describe and can hardly bear reading about it. I almost did not finish this one.

      • Bradbury’s “A Sound of Thunder” comes to mind.

        A more compact illustration, to which I am obviously immune, might place us on November 3 2020, where we depart on time safari at midnight, with Trump in a numerically assured victory.

        Returning instead to a Pretender Obiden mumbling concoctions of consonants on every screen and the recycled air of urbanites celebrating the coming dark winter hits us in the face; the dense, rancid humidity of our replacement.

        But really we are guilty of many such safaris.

        The departures and returns coloring our eyes ever so slightly with progress. Never checking the mud on our boots for what of our past we might have crushed in our latest adventure in hubris.

        We notice things are odd, sure enough, but we also know we can’t go back in time, paradoxes and all, so there is no bringing those butterflies back to life.

        So we convinced ourselves its for the greater good anyhow, this progress of ours. At least we still get to keep our rifles, go on time safaris with our friends.

        I reckon the time draws near, however, when we will return to an angry sky, laden with highly charged static overdue for a spark.

        White Civilization being ground to a nub on the great wheel of progress created a lot of friction. The potential energy of generations of ice people being undone makes for an uneasy slumber.

        In the corner of our eye, we glimpse a brown squatty statue of an androgynous humanoid prostrating to the clouds.

        No, this can’t be!

        The sweet release of a sound of thunder might just be better than we deserve.

        Until then, this is our timeline too. What remains of it is yet to be written. So best get planting; stay in the fight, ride the coming lighting. Its the least we can do for our kids.

        • Yes, a haunting SF short story and a classic. I’d forgotten it was Bradbury’s. “You name the animal, we take you there!” 🙂

          I wonder if that’s the origin of the term “butterfly effect?” On 2nd thought not, I think the term refers to a buterfly flapping its wings and ostensibly causing a hurricane far away.* This theme (although no butterfly, as I recall) in the curious SF film “The Butterfly Effect.”
          *I’ve appropriated it, in explaining a Gulf hurricane: “Ten days ago, a gnat farted on the west coast of Africa.”

  19. Yes, the inmates are running the asylum and the vast majority of the population is wringing its hands while drinking a comforting latte. Those inclined to get their ass off the couch are 1,000% sure that whining & voting harder will right the ship in 2022/24, so they tread water ferociously and pat themselves on the back for their vigorous initiative. But the house of cards will inevitably collapse at some point (perhaps later this year) and then things will get unavoidably real. As with Antifa, the desperate will get violent and the crazy will spread like wildfire. And then the culling will begin, and it will be chaotic, but ultimately cleansing too. Plan accordingly.

    • Yep, plan now while able. When it gets chaotic, assume all internet communication with like minded folk will be lost. You’d better have answers to all your questions on hand. Supples at the ready. Good neighbors at your back.

      Just last night while watching a YouTube video from a Prepper type who is a reasonable person, without race consciousness, his video was removed by Google midstream and he was cancelled! The only reason I could discern—in retrospect—was a statement he was waiting on getting his Covid jab.

      Imagine what with happen during wide-spread rioting an anarchy.

    • TomA: But the house of cards will inevitably collapse at some point (perhaps later this year) and then things will get unavoidably real.

      I said that in 2009 when I moved put most of my money from the market into cash. Then I missed most of the biggest and longest bull market in history. Oh well.

      I marvel at how long they have kept this clown car running and wonder if they can keep it running beyond my lifetime.

      Nonetheless, in that time, I moved from coastal California to a red state (at least for the near term), stocked up on food, and bought more guns and ammo.

      • I agree that the ability of the Fed to create fiat currency in staggering quantities while staving off an economic upheaval is mind-boggling, but now Congress is literally going full retard as well, so the odds favor a real collapse happening sooner rather than later. Regardless of whether this happens in our lifetime, it is still wise to find safer ground and improve your robustness.

        And everyone should still enjoy life in the present tense, but perhaps with some new forms of recreation. Rather than play golf several times a month, why not spend an occasional afternoon at the range? You can add some spice and challenge by anthropomorphizing the targets as the problems you would like to see solved. As Z mentioned in a previous post, visualization is a powerful thing. Perhaps add a point system. It can be a great way to relieve stress and improve your aim. Just sayin’.

  20. The power of the media to go far beyond mere proliferation of propaganda, into the creation of alter-realities, into flat-out mind-control cannot be understated.

    Control of the media is the biggest problem we face.

    • Supporting the vestigial right media is key.

      I don’t think we can afford to let the perfect be the enemy of the good.

      There is value in them even if these outlets are merely pink-pilling folks.

    • For the individual, it’s impossible to control the media.

      But you don’t have to let the media control you. Avoid or minimize the corrosive contact.

  21. Guys I get the impression that none of you have been reading your intersectional anti-racist literature, which very clearly and explains exactly what our rulers are doing. First off, under Reagan (I think) the mental institutions were closed and mentally ill people were mainstreamed. These people would be called “not neurotypical”. You are supposed to accept their difference and work to accommodate that difference rather than deifying your supposed Eurocentric Rationality and Logical World view. We are all human beings worthy of contributing to government. You are not being inclusive. Get it?

    And that’s the fundamental complaint that is being addressed by the intersectional anti-racist crowd that now influences our leaders: your white male, rational, logical point of view has been hogging the public conversation for centuries. We all already know what you are going to say. You and people like you have been saying it for centuries to the exclusion of everyone else.

    When historians look back at America of the 20th or 21st century, they will have ample documentation of what 50+ year old white guys thought and said. What they will not have is documentation of what all the marginalized and weak and excluded people thought and said. So, our rulers want to elevate the marginalized and the weak and the excluded to give them a voice for the first time in human history.

    Because they believe they are doing something truly moral and beneficial for the bulk of humanity (which has always been excluded and marginalized) they have an almost passionate religious fervor about this work. Much like how in the olden days Christian preachers would have believed that they were doing gods work by preaching the gospel to WOMEN, and especially fallen women, who most people would have considered pure human garbage barely worth the time and effort.

    All of this is explained in complete detail by the anti-racist and intersectional literature. Your white guy “aww shucks this just don’t make sense” idiocy is exactly what they are trying to kick in the teeth once and for all to get you to stop jabbering like you know everything and like your point of view is the best or only way to see life. So…

    Here’s a man in dress talking all day long on tv. Get used to it. They are doing it to yank your chain.

    • I’m going to give you a “preview” of what those other marginalized voices sound like because contrary to the propaganda we HAVE heard them especially in recent years. I’ll summarize so you can see what we’ve been missing out on:

      Asian: “let me buy everything and put my tribe first and oh yeah, f-ck Whitey”
      Indian: “let me take all middle class wages so I can move into upper mgmt and then promote and hire only my own tribe, and oh yeah, f-ck Whitey”
      Latinos: “let me work at the same wages of the country I just left thereby gutting your economy and also bring all my habits & customs with me turning your nation into the one I just left, and oh yeah, f-ck Whitey”
      Women: “I should get everything I want beacuse I’ve been told I’m a princess since birth by my single Mommy and if I can’t get it I’m willing to destroy everything because my though process only goes as far as next week, and f-ck men for causing it all.”
      Blacks: “muh dik and gibs me dat too, and oh yeah,.f-ck dem cracked”

      Here to help… AP

      • Agree. I was just stating the point of view of the Wokelings that I have gleaned from reading their books. From their point of view we have failed to listen to all of these fantastic thinkers and so now it’s time for us to listen and learn.

        It’s bleak though. We do all already have a lot of experience with talking to these people. Rich white people, on the other hand, think we are all WWE watching morons so it wouldn’t matter if you replaced us with a whole other group of morons. Anyone can live in a trailer and shop at wal-mart.

      • I take you don’t subscribe to the “big tent” strategy of the Republican Party.

  22. It is a common thing to compare America with her own real past, and as well to compare her with her own imaginary future. I have done it, you have done it, historians and fiction writers do this all the time. But…

    What if we deal with not just time but with geography? That is, what if we compare today’s America with, say, the Vikings of 900 AD? Or how about the Mongols under Genghis? Or perhaps the Romans after the 2nd Punic War? And let us not forget the Spartans after the Peloponnesian War. What would these men think of modern America? Can you hear their laughter? Their scorn?

    If one of the Scipios happened to wander into our House and Senate under Pelosi and Schumer, he would no doubt believe he had walked into a meeting of a traveling troupe of male prostitutes. He would of course order his legions to deal with them with extreme prejudice.

    One day what remains of reality based America will cry out for a Sulla. A Sulla will come.

    Or an Octavian:

    And what to do afterwards with the crazies still among us?

    History, like nature, is red in tooth and claw. Her lessons are only taught at great cost. America must prepare for her coming instruction.

    • An Octavian follows Sulla. Sulla recreated order using whatever means necessary. Octavian recreated Roman virtues (however briefly).

      • Very true. Sulla’s self-written epitaph said, ” No man was a better friend to his friends, or a worse enemy to his enemies.” Also very true.

        After one hundred years of civil and foreign wars (133 BC – 30 BC) Rome was quite ready for peace and quiet. Octavian was the result. The Romans were more than willing to surrender their liberty for security. Thus the Empire. Then along came Tiberius, Caligula, Nero, and…well, you know “the rest of the story.”

  23. Is Richard/Rachel Levine *actually* a transgender woman??
    I doubt that he actually cut off his penis;
    I think he’s just dressing up in mommie’s clothes,
    pretending to be a woman.
    He’s a fraud, unwilling to commit to his inner deviancy, unwilling to cut that thing off.
    Maybe he still has doubts.

      • It’s a cry for attention and special treatment.

        Works great under the current paradigm.

      • And that is the problem, isn’t it. Mentally ill, delusional people in positions of authority. In any other time, they’d be in an institution for treatment—but never, never, placed into a position of authority in society.

      • Although thinking about it makes me squirm, you must admit that if they have the, um, “cosmetic surgery” that go along with the fantasy it represents a high level of commitment.

    • Asking Mr. Levine that question on the floor of Congress or during a CNN segment would probably force him to cover up the fact that he’s still just a chick with a dick, and that would get him in hot water with the actual eunuchs. He’d never pass the woke purity test. Make the enemy live up to its own book of rules, and all that.

  24. Of course, Chauvin will not be acquitted. It is impossible. We have entered the age of rampant jury nullification. Negroes, en masse, are refusing to convict guilty negroes, even when their victims are negroes. Trying to convict a negro of a crime against a white will be even more impossible. And within a few years negroes will figure out that they are above the law, and their criminality, already far surpassing all other peoples, will skyrocket ever further. The only solution for whites who don’t want to be victims of negro criminals will be to live and work as far from them as possible. Welcome to social justice.

    • I’m not so sure. All it takes is one. But, what is likely is the Feds–double jeopardy be damned–will subject him to another trial on civil rights violations. Either way, a win-win for our Masters.

      • I hope that’s exactly how it plays out. Normie will get a double dose of his brave new world. First he’ll see the same violent chaos as last summer, then he’ll witness a fellow white getting railroaded in the name of muh Constitution.

      • Wasn’t there a “show” trial a few years back where the Fed’s took three shots at some poor bastard? With the concept of “dual sovereigns” and lack of rule of law. No one short of Epstein (rich, connected) could hope to fight and succeed in court—and we know what that got him.

    • Ostei,

      Agreed… and I salute the blacks for this accomplishment. I want the exact same thing for white folks. Where peaceful separation isn’t happening… let jury nullification close the gap.

    • I’ve been reading Branca’s daily summaries and I’d say the defense has shown plenty of reasonable doubt as to what actually killed st. floyd, piss be upon him.
      Unfortunately, the threat of extreme negroidal violence will be factor, evidence be damned. Can the gravitational pull of the black hole be resisted?

  25. Chesterton observed that “There are two ways to get enough. One is to continue to accumulate more and more. The other is to desire less.” We all know which of the two options is pushed by influencers in the West. When a society is sated by superabundance in all aspects of life, reality becomes a commonplace and, as the green light at the end of Daisy’s dock of democracy must always stay on, the illusory and the bizarre, detritus from the cask of sanity and civility poured out long ago, become desiderata,

    A ‘conspiracy theory’ purports the Frankfurt School had a secret plan to subvert western civilization:
    1. The creation of racism offences
    2. Continual change to create confusion
    3. The teaching of sex and homosexuality to children
    4. The undermining of schools’ and teachers’ authority
    5. Huge immigration to destroy identity
    6. The promotion of excessive drinking
    7. Emptying of churches
    8. An unreliable legal system with bias against victims of crime
    9. Dependency on the state or state benefits
    10. Control and dumbing down of media
    11. Encouraging the breakdown of the family

    Whatever the veracity of the theory, it certainly appears our current regime has wholeheartedly subscribed to its tactics. #2 seems paramount. As Z and others have pointed out, the currency of the day is change, the theory being doing something is better than doing nothing. Today doing something is nothing more than sowing confusion, deliberately spewing what Clausewitz called Nebel des Krieges, “the “fog of war.” The greater the disorientation and uncertainty in situational awareness, the less likely the enemy—whom we have met, and he is us—is aware of what the man behind the curtain is up to.

  26. We truly live in la-la land. In Minnesota, not just one but two police are either on trial or facing trial for killing a Numinous Negro, ostensibly having done nothing wrong, either accident or justifiable deadly force respectively. This, of course, merits round-the-clock sensational media coverage. At least one can claim that MN is equal opportunity in convicting their police: the Somali cop that shot the Australian woman a few years ago.

    Meanwhile, on Wednesday, April 7, former NFL cornerback Phillip Adams, apparently unsatisfied with the medical care he’d received, took it upon himself to murder Dr. Lesslie, three other family members, and a repairman at the home. Another repairman barely clings to life. This story did indeed appear in the mainstream media, but that’s the point — very briefly, with little to no follow-up. You’d have to go into the fringe media (e.g. Unz) to hear speculation about why he did it. Brain damage from football? Wanting drugs from the Doc? Some combination, perhaps with a generous helping of black victimization drummed into his brain all his life by society? We’ll probably never know. If nothing else, it proves that earning several million dollars won’t buy a man happiness, but at least it bought the parents a nice house in a once-peaceful White neighborhood.

    As a thought exercise, just imagine if a former White NFL player (rare, but they exist 😀 ) had murdered five or six Blacks. How much greater would the coverage be? Exactly.

    Whites are not entirely unaware of the blatant biases of the media.

    • Ben;
      Another crazy thing is that every hood rat in MN should know by now that your crooked DAs will let them walk. ‘Just get in the car, you’ll be out for dinner.’, should be the word on the street by now.

    • Whites are not entirely unaware of the blatant biases of the media…but most do seem to be entirely unconcerned.

    • You got nothing on us, Ben. In my town a year or so ago. Three policemen were involved in a drug overdose case where the suspect died. All three cops were exonerated and put back on patrol. Three months later they reopened the case, had specially selected investigators review, and started charges. Everybody involved from original investigators to the cops resigned and got the hell out of Dodge.

      Process means nothing anymore. Old cases can be reopened, new flunkies found to bring charges.

  27. “In our country the lie has become not just a moral category but a pillar of the State” – Alexandr Solzhenitsyn

    “That’s not your Mother, it’s a man, baby” – Austin D. Powers

    The degradation rests in being forced to accept all the lies. Men were serfs and peasants for hundreds of years. At least they weren’t forced to call sh*t chicken salad.

    • I wonder which statement will be required first:

      “Yes, the vaccine truly is a vaccine and I really, really want one.”
      “Rachel Levine really is a woman, and anybody who says different is just a hater.”

      Right now I am prepared to refuse either one, but I’ll be curious which one lands on us first.

  28. Narcotic is exactly right. It has to be. There’s no other explanation.

    At least when the Politburo sat around “debating” sheer lunacy, they had an easily understandable motive — everyone knows what happens to guys who tell The Boss something he doesn’t want to hear. But what would really happen to some latter day Austin Powers, who stood up in the Levine hearings and yelled “That’s a MAN, baby!”? All those guys are already richer than Croesus, and they’re fully mobbed up. Yeah, maybe they get Two Minutes Hated on the Rachel Maddow Show (speaking of mentally ill men in dresses), but then they disappear for a few weeks to “spend more time with their families,” after which they get a much better paying job as a lobbyist.

    Narcotic it has to be. They’re high on their own supply.

    • Remember, the Vichy Republicans (Pennsylvania chapter) at the state level confirmed this lunatic, I believe unanimously when Governor Wolf nominated him to be Pennsylvania Health Tranny…

      So even at the lower level, they still don’t want to win, or even fight.

    • Although I oppose Rachel Maddow on almost everything, she interests me. I don’t think her butch dyke persona is an act. I’ve seen photos of her in high school and that is what she is. Also, she is clearly above average in intelligence and ambitious.

      She reminds me that any system, no matter how perfectly crafted to fit human nature in general, is going to feel oppressive to some. Life is complex.

      Imagine you’re a traditionalist Dad in a traditionalist culture, and Rachel is your daughter, whom you love. What do you do?

      • Whatever you can. The British Empire was built almost exclusively by sexual deviants and other congenital weirdos for whom “the system” “felt oppressive.” You teach them as best you can, and then you let them go, because they’re adults who have to make their own way in this world as best they can. You can still love them, even as you’re opposing every single thing they do — people with drug addict kids, alcoholic kids, etc. do it all the time.

      • You do what we have always done. Get thee to a nunnery. Your other family and all of society should not be degraded to fit around one special one. That’s how we end up here.

      • Line: You hold firmly to your morals and faith, and do not support said child in any of his endeavors. Love is not mere sentiment. Biblical love means wanting what’s best for a person and helping him better follow God’s will both for him and humanity in general. Sexual deviancy is not ‘the best’ for anyone. Mental illness is not ‘the best.’ Love does not entail supporting evil.

        Too many purportedly Christian parents cannot separate the sentiment from the reality. I love my sons, but if one of them became a pederast or miscegenated, I would disown him – precisely because I love him. Like every other parent I remember my boys’ sweet childhoods, but they are adults now and must be held accountable for their actions. Loving someone does not entail making excuses but rather holding to standards.

        • 3g4me, forgive me for perhaps making the conversation too personal, but what roles do you see for intelligent women like you in a traditionalist/Christian culture?

          • Line, 3g4me would be able to work within any dissident right or modern traditionalist system at any level she wanted. She is incredibly intelligent, insightful and experienced.

            In a Traditional system, or in any system, you emphasize values, roles, (traditional gender roles); then you create institutions and etiquette around them, these will help order your society (marriage, nuclear family; men=laborers,rulers; women= caretakers, admins)
            Most people will operate toward the mean of gender roles without much trouble–its natural. However, you can have a traditionalist system and allow for outliers if they can succeed within the meritocratic system.

            The Nazi’s were traditionalist and progressive, but on matters of gender roles they were very traditional. However, a woman film director still managed to produce their most preeminent propaganda films.

          • Line: Thank you for the kind words (and thanks to Reynard below as well). I cannot speak for anyone else, but I see no official role for me other than wife/mother/grandmother in traditionalist culture. I don’t want to be in charge of anything or anyone. Volunteering to help educate young mothers on how to be better wives and mothers, perhaps, but nothing more than that. There are ample men who can do most jobs far better than I. I’m just grateful for the intelligent and lively ‘conversations’ at Zman’s blog, because there are so few in real life with whom I can discuss reality and the issues that matter.

        • Agree.

          My starting point with shit-libs on this is to point out that any behavior which, if universal would result in the extinction of humanity in one generation is not to be promoted or supported and the debate is the degree, if any, to which it should be tolerated.

        • Exactly.
          There is a new thing, ROGD
          rapid onset gender disphoria.
          Apparently thousands of preteen girls are suddenly discovering they are in fact boys. As for me if any of my grand kids were to “suddenly develop ” this new phenomenon

      • Oh, right! I’m sure I wouldn’t feel any remorse about removing my mother from a nursing home while sending Covid infected patients there. She is a disgusting human being and a composite example of the “Peter Principle” – failing upward past your level of competence. I’ve seen many such examples in my fifty years in business. ‘Rachel’ exploits her own gender confusion as a protective shield from targeted criticism.

    • Normie conservatism is suicidal about trannies. The current hip thing is to decry puberty blockers and cross sex hormones for children, but always follow up with a qualification taht “Of course, if they’re adults they can do what they want!”

      How the fuck do they thik we got here? By normalizing transgenderism. Once we normalized it, it became “hateful” to insist your little boy shouldn’t want to become a girl. And from there it was a tiny step to asserting that the only kind thing to do was to help the little tot along.

      Men like Rachel Levine and his enablers should be, at the very least, imprisoned. Possibly executed. Transgenderism should be regarded as the degenerate, toxic evil it is. Same with homosexuality.

      • If you don’t feel an overwhelming sense of revulsion upon seeing a man in a sundress, then you yourself are profoundly disturbed. It is spiritually wrong. It makes the flesh crawl. And it is an aesthetic atrocity. Nobody should have to gaze upon such a thing. So I agree, Vizzini–lock them up.

    • At the core every addict is just a liar. The difference between their lies and that of us mere mortals is that they will burn the world down to preserve their lie.

      • In AA we have a joke. An alcoholic would steal your wallet or purse and feel remorse. A drug addict would steal it, and then offer to help you look for it. 🙂

        I’ve known several of both types in my life, and there is more than a grain of truth to that joke.

        Screwtape, you have a great handle. For those interested, if you read just one C.S. Lewis book, it should be “The Screwtape Letters”.

    • Severian, like Zman you have the ability to make a single comment poignant, hilarious and thoughtprovoking all at once. I laughed, I cried, I stroked my chin in wonderment.

      And then I thought about Austin Powers attempting to rip off what he thought was Rachel Madcow’s wig (“That’s a MAN, man!”) and laughed again.

  29. The last idea of the elites will be that whites should be exterminated so that the people might be healed, there being no other way.

    The drive to mimetic crisis is impressive. There is nothing at all that our age cannot poison with sameness. A gay man might desire a woman’s man; now a transgendered man desires to look like a woman, now to have surgery to mimic a woman, now to demand everyone also pretend he _is_ a woman, now to play on a woman’s soccer team, now to demand that men prefer him sexually to other women.

    But that’s just the most outlandish example. Indian immigrants want your citizenship, your job, your neighborhood, your school, your public spaces, your markets, etc. & etc. until the end. And what an end it will be.

    • The elimination or subjugation of Whites is the only logical conclusion of the current official logic.

      Racism is evil.

      Racism is caused by Whites.

      Any group performing lower than Whites is proof of White racism.

      Punish Whites until they stop their racism.

      Since biology is biology, you can only eliminate group differences by destroying Whites or bringing them down to the living standards of blacks.

      • Even brought down to their levels of wealth whites are far wealthier than blacks. My ancestors farmed freezing land for centuries with no running water or electricity. It was hard but they never starved and lived pretty good lives.

        Same with mennonites in mexico, whites in south africa.

        The only way to actually bring us down is with constant attacks from african savages and making it illegal to act in self defense.

    • It might be the last idea but it’s certainly the current one. They are trying it without the upheaval of engineered mass starvation but that is typically the go-to method for a genocide. Their calculations probably indicate an unfavorable outcome for the tried-and-true method at the moment.

    • We don’t discuss it much, but I wonder if non-Whites hate us because of our history, our accomplishments. In other words, “envy”, in the obsolete (?) meaning of the word. Not just coveting, but ill will, hostility, malevolence. Economics author and pessimist extraordinaire, Gary North wrote a book in early 1980s called, “Successful Investing in an Age of Envy.” I will try and quote from memory (disclaimers apply):

      People today equate “jealousy” and “envy” as being the same. But North clearly differentiated them. Jealously or covertousness says “He has it, I want it. I will take it, or perhaps get the government to tax or confiscate it and give it to me.” This is your garden-variety greed or coveting-thy-neighbor’s-X the Ten Commandments speak of, several times. While they are a pox on society, the motives of the thief or the robber are rational and comprehensible.

      Now, much more insidious is Envy. To North, Envy says “He has it, but I know I will never be able to have it, or one like it. I will destroy it so that no one will be able to have it, ever!” This is the thinking not of the thief, but of the psychopath, the insane berzerker: The ex-NFL star, aware of his perceived inferiorities, born to a lower station in life, for whom even great wealth and the privelege of living among the god-like White man will never make him his equal. So he kills several of them and soon, himself. Chilling, but isn’t it a plausible explanation? There may be a more current term in psychology, but doesn’t this “obsolete” definition of envy explain a lot of otherwise irrational behavior?

      North nailed the psychology of Envy very accurately, don’t you think? Now, I don’t think he ever dealt much with race issues. But the extrapolation is simple. I’ll do it. Now it’s true that other races have had great accomplishments throughout history (well maybe not the Negroid.) It’s also true that pride would have us believe that we are perhaps just a little better than is actually the case. Nevertheless, isn’t it true that it was the White race(s) that, up to modern times, have had the greatest accomplishments in things that really mattered, that actually built civilizations? I certainly think so.

      Now, other races/cultures might have legitimate grievances about how (mostly) it was the Whites that enslaved, colonized, exploited, etc. the weaker races or nations (again, not only Whites that have done this in history, but we’re dealing with Whitey now.) Actually, to the extent there were past mistreatments (and all you need is one — real or imagined), they provide an “excuse” for the destructive behaviors rooted in Envy.

      Conclusion: in the present society, we have obviously increasing fantasies and delusions (e.g. the man in the sundress, the Negro who can do no wrong, sun and wind power will replace all fossil fuels, and many more). But don’t you think there may be an undercurrent, a subconscious realization among the Non-White that, for whatever reason, they will never achieve the heights that White Man did? In other words, envy. Thus the drift, conscously and subconsciously, to decadence and eventually to nihilism.

      • Ben: You are correct, but a bit late in your conclusion. Joe Sobran wrote, in 1997:

        “Western man towers over the rest of the world in ways so large as to be almost inexpressible. It’s Western exploration, science, and conquest that have revealed the world to itself.
        Other races feel like subjects of Western power long after colonialism, imperialism, and slavery have disappeared.
        The charge of racism puzzles whites who feel not hostility, but only baffled good will, because they don’t grasp what it really means: humiliation.
        The white man presents an image of superiority even when he isn’t conscious of it.
        And, superiority excites envy.
        Destroying white civilization is the inmost desire of the league of designated victims we call minorities.”

  30. Put that way, it makes a lot of sense:

    Why IS no one asking these (seemingly quite obvious) questions? About St George, about all the Black martyrs who die only because they resisted arrest, about the fact that there’s nowhere in the US where ID can’t be easily gotten?

    Why DID no one— or everyone— not burst out laughing, when it was suggested that recruiting a mentally-ill man in a dress to a high government position was the order of the day?

    It occurs to me that the answer probably lies, at least partially, in the innate human need to fit in to the group. Once it becomes clear that the group opinion on a certain topic is X, then the pressure is on to fall in line and also voice your unwavering support for X. And ‘morality’ is now measured by how strongly you support X; and how passionately you oppose those (evil, immoral) people who oppose X. What we recognize as virtue-signaling, is to members of the group simply a way of ensuring their continuing place within it.

    And by embracing positions and opinions which sensible traditional people are bound to oppose, the Progs are further alienating them from the ‘new normal’ they’re busy creating: further dividing the ‘woke’ from the ‘deplorables’.

    And I wonder if the absurd level of bizarreness we see around us, might not be driven by the same dynamic that pushes sexual deviants ever-farther outside the norm?

    If your thrill is derived from doing the forbidden, then after a while what used to be exotic and thrilling, has become routine and boring; and the only way to achieve further thrills is to embrace something even more out-there.

    As opponents of gay marriage noted at the time, once the traditional concept of ‘normal’ is jettisoned, what’s stopping 3 men from getting married? Which indeed we’re now seeing.

    So it seems that once you reject traditional moral standards— and make the rejection of them virtuous in itself— the drift towards ever-increasing bizarreness is guaranteed…. and it becomes ‘immoral’— deviant!— to recognize or point out how bizarre it’s all become.

    • I think everyone knows who our scapegoat class is, and everyone is trying like hell not to be a scapegoat because they understand how things go for those creatures.

      The difference in the treatment of the white soldier who is being charged with assault on the black guy who was feeling up girls in his neighborhood, and the Antifa who clocked the CNN reporter is not hypocrisy, it’s simply that one guy is a scapegoat and another is not.

  31. Every time I see that Psycho Richard Levine I remember Z’s comment from July 22, 2020 essay:

    “Nowadays, the outrageous gay guy act is the leisure suit of public performance. It’s not just out of style, it makes everyone stare at their shoes. In fact, gay males are now totally out of fashion on the Left. They have been replaced in the catalog with hairy Jewish guys in sundresses”

    How true.

  32. The negroes have decided they have no agency so no matter what they do they cannot be blamed for it which equals for them eventually negro fatigue from us.
    The Jews have decided even though we rescued them in Nazi Germany we are Nazi’s and white western civilization must be replaced so Nazi’s can’t happen again.
    Women have decided being a wife and mother is not enough they must be witches.
    It’s all so weary.
    We have to get our heads on strait and build again
    This time we must try to make the next civilization last a little longer.

  33. “Whom the Gods would destroy they first make mad.” “So it is written – So let it be done.”

    It’s mostly young Whites burning Minneapolis and Portland. It is mostly young Whites “defending” the Capitol with M-16’s. Whites, and Amerika, are done.

  34. The link in the first paragraph is not just a peak at clownworld future but also evidence of our departure from our own history. 50 years ago our people were still making history. Men were dusting bits of the moon off their boots.

    Now “History Made”, is an achievement based on being antithetical to whats left of American history.

    History is being made so quickly and so often now, with each competent white man replaced by some thing more mutated than the last, that what used to take a generation to forget now only takes a few years.

    This is how a people become derivatives. And how the recurring question of “Who Are We?” ends up as foreign to our own children as that clown in the future is to the yesterday man.

    • From the first man to break the sound barrier, orbit the Earth, step on the moon…to the first man in a dress confirmed by the Senate.

      Luckily, now that Cheeto Hitler was removed, our country is stronger and more united than ever.

  35. “Reality is that which, when you stop believing in it, doesn’t go away”
    Saying by Some Dick

    Is that saying true? When’s the great spring back? Are we living in the virtual reality where everything going just be manipulated that will?

    • Whitney;
      I expect it to come shortly via an inflationary spiral (already started) leading to some sort of economic crash/collapse. Maybe even the repudiation of the national debt.

      See my comment below for mechanism.

      When_? I have no f’n idea. Could I be wrong_? Absolutely_!

      • We’ll know when PMs begin appreciating.

        Right now all the excess hot money is flooding into crypto and housing.

        • Housing and land prices are rising rapidly. Two years ago, after a visit to north central/north east Arkansas, there were tons of properties/acreage available for between $1000-$2000 an acre. Now there’s not that much being advertised (and properties are selling very quickly) and, even looking at further outlying areas, average is $2500-3000 an acre.

          Just got a call back from a realtor. We’d have to get a loan because we’re not in a position to sell our suburban home and move yet, but even my husband is feeling the need to get going on a purchase. I’m looking more at acreage and he’s looking at home with acreage, because we don’t have the experience or time to build it ourselves, and again he’s feeling the pressure, the need to have something established outside the suburbs. He’s not a man prone to panic or rushing, so it both confirms my own beliefs and heightens them that he’s feeling a sense of urgency.

    • Another pithy saying, which may have inspired Mr. Dick to pen his aphorism, goes: “Fallacies do not cease to be fallacies because they become fashions.”
      Put another way, Claire de Lune a classic tune, not the new name of a hairy fat guy with a penis in a dress, with a wig.

  36. “On cross, he was asked a simple question. “Would George Floyd be alive today if he had just followed instructions and got into the police car as the cops asked many times?””

    Good point, but the reality is worse. Floyd likely would have died if he had peacefully gotten into the police car, too. The drug overdose was a done deal.

    • They could have narcan’ed him if he was was obviously drifting off to strawberry fields but he chose to fight the whole way down the hole. In a way it’s kind of admirable even though it was self destructive.
      ‘This above all – to thine own self be true.’ – St. George

      • Did you see the documentary “Heroine”? It dealt with the opiod epidemic: narcan works by binding to the same receptors heroin binds to. The victim wakes up immediately going into heroin withdrawal because although his system is full of toxins, none of it has any effect. So he goes out and does heroin again.

        One firefighter in the documentary, after waking the same person up over and over, asked “Do we have to give them narcan?”

        • I’ve seen it in person. The historical precedent set by China when subjected to a state sponsored campaign to create an opiate addicted population was war. Not a fake ‘drug war’ but an actual war. Internal and external. Our government is objectively more exploitive than the Qing Dynasty Emperors.

          • Well, the Chinese government, then and now, likes the Chinese. Big difference between them and our current government.

          • To me it puts it in a certain perspective. The Qing dynasty was actually Manchu not Han but they at least recognized that another foreign power was destroying the population they ruled in order to extract wealth from the empire at an accelerated rate and did what they could to stop it. We are certainly not doing all we can so you have to conclude the rulers are at least satisfied to go on losing roughly 70 to 80 thousand dead per year and god knows what other attending miseries and crime and capital loss. The most logical explanation is they are in on it but maybe they just hate us.

        • I worked in a “nice” suburban ER, we rarely had the drama of the Level One Trauma Center downtown, but one night they brought in this stupid white male, mid-20’s OD-ing on opioids but still semi-conscious. When he heard the doc say to give him the narcan, stupid starts screaming, “NO! NO! NO! NO! Don’t do it! Don’t do it!” He was pissed that we were trying to keep him from going into respiratory arrest.

          I would have preferred to follow his instructions over the attending’s.

          • Once upon a time, my partner and I were sitting at a light on the Westside of Chicago. A 20 something slacker ran in front of us, holding a cup of water in front of him so as not to spill it. We turned on our lights and followed him into an alley. You couldn’t see the pavement as there was so much trash strewn about.
            A lovely young girl was lying in the middle of the alley, her fingertips and lips turning blue. We called for EMS,(which was around the corner), and when the bambulance arrived, they hit her with a dose of Narcan.
            Ole girl popped up like a jack-in-the-box. She glared at all of us and rebuked us because we screwed with her high. She dragged the dude after her to score again. No thank you; no pause to reflect. The crew said it wasn’t the first time they saved her.

            And so it goes.

    • Two very simple steps that will pretty much guarantee you won’t die in police custody.

      1. Don’t commit crime.
      2. If confronted by a cop for any reason, do what he says.

      Either of these will keep one out of harm’s way. Both are too much to ask of the Hutu.

      • Most police want nothing to do with arresting someone. There are at least 2-3 hours of meaningless paperwork, that usually has to be approved by someone who never put their hands on anyone.

  37. There IS an air of unreality about virtually everything, yet on the surface (other than idiots wandering around in masks) things seem fairly “normal”. People are out and about, commerce is being done etc., etc. But nothing in that “normal”reality makes much sense. Things that should give everyone pause, don’t Seem to matter anymore. Being on the cusp of war with Russia or China, potentially out of control rioting, a vegetable as supposed president, money printing w/o end, men competing against women athletically, jogger idolatry, covidian insanity, vaccine passports, kids going to virtual school – yet real estate is booming, stock market is at all time highs, retail sales are up big… This unreality of everything is unreal.

    • usN;
      Partial answer to your last point: It’s The Monetary Illusion.

      As a semi-mature veteran lad, I attended the Citadel of (not modern) Monitary Theory for graduate work. I questioned how, if excess money creation > inflation > rising interest rates, people couldn’t just see the inflation coming once the Fed blew up the money supply and take appropriate action. Their answer: ‘People are fooled by The Monetary Illusion of sudden wealth. They fail to see that suddenly having more paper $$$ is not the same thing as suddenly having more goods and services. There is always a lag before the inflation sinks in, so everybody is always playing catch-up until the bubble pops/ the crash happens.’

      I thought then that this explanation was BS weak sauce, hand waiving, an obvious hole in their grand model. But I was mature enough to know not to argue such out loud at the time. Now that I’m well into my geezer-hood, I recognize that most economic theories are not ‘laws’ but describe tendencies that are mostly true much of the time.

      Sure looks like this is one of those times.

    • Its the 20’s all over again. The 1920’s.

      Don’t worry. “Top Genders” assure me this time will be different.



  38. Now imagine a WW2 veteran sees the future.

    His city is now filled with blacks and Hispanics. His one grand kid died of an opioid overdose; his grand daughter has a mulatto child.

    Would he have still fought against the Germans? Almost certainly not.

    “At least we’re not speaking German”

  39. Critical race theory is obviously another example of hysterical reaction to unpleasant objective truths. Truths that are persistently confirmed through decades of experimental testing aimed specifically at finding a falsifying counter example. Finally, objective truth itself had to be abandoned and vilified as part of the conspiracy. How much momentum does the American Experiment have to sustain itself before some kind of disintegration occurs?

    • Exactly.

      And the genius of it is, that ‘critical race theory’ includes the notion that objectivity, logic and reason are themselves part of the White man’s oppression of noble persons of color; thereby neutering the tools which, if properly applied, would provide the evidence which would reveal the complete fallacy of ‘critical race theory’

    • Whole swathes of students go to university, learn critical theory, and then are unleashed upon the world as “hole-pokers.” They are not productive in the slightest, they cannot create anything of worth. All they can do is walk through the world trying to poke holes in everything. This is partly why arguments with them are worthless, they so often never present any argument of their own.

      You’ve built an argument like a machine. It has many moving parts, several processes, a function. They take a look at this thing. They don’t try to understand it. They’ve been told its evil. And so all they do is look for weaknesses, for ways to “deconstruct” and destroy it, i.e. “hole poking.” They take a hammer to it. Looks like the machine anticipated for this. Oh look, a screw! They loosen the screw.
      “This machine is bullshit! Guy can’t even keep his screws tight!”
      Then they walk away satisfied, as if they are intelligent, as if they have somehow “won” and improved the world.

      Nevermind that they don’t even know what the machine is, how it functions, what it produces.

      • Why do you bother arguing with racial aliens about “Critical Race Theory?” Not my people, not my problem.

        I speak only to white men about politics. Not all can be saved, but you’d be surprised at how easy it is to at least plant a seed of doubt / race realism in their minds, particularly among young white men who have been brainwashed into taking anti-white positions.

        Look at it this way: they already know race realism, but have been taught to approach it from the wrong way. Ie. blacks are disadvantaged, under educated, and highly criminal. They think it’s due to white racism. it’s pretty easy to flip that around to low IQ / group differences. The vast majority have never even heard of this concept before.

        • My days of debating or discussing these things with anybody who hasn’t already shown potential of being ourguy are long over. I don’t broach these topics with anybody who is clearly left leaning. Its a waste of time and energy and I could be arsed anymore.
          However, holepokers have a tendency to find their way into comment sections, blogs, etc.

          Totally agree about your last paragraph. That’s the best way–the slow drip, breadcrumbing method. Just drop some missing information here, provide more context there, politely reframe the topic, prod, nudge, plant a little seed. Ourguy often starts to reveal himself soon after.

          • “My days of debating or discussing these things…”

            Your comments make sense and mirrors my own approach. While I might share a derisive comment along the lines of your “slow drip”, it is drop and move on. Maybe a “suurrre” rolled out slowly.

            The, ahem, “left” cannily went after the weakest link, Caucasian females, to split the ranks of the still majority population. That makes for a lot of traitors to their own people and as is the case with Ms. Babbitt, Ms. Potter, and soon to be many, many more … being a “woman” means squat to the very same people, the “left” that split them from their menfolk.

            To defeat their menfolk.

            When these Caucasian women are no longer useful, as in idiots, they will discarded. Proof? See what happens when one of them stray from the narrative of the, ahem, “left”.

            Yet, there are many now choosing their method of birth control, ensconced on college campuses and in HR Departments, that think they can trash the “Patriarchy”, aka their own kinfolk, while somehow ‘safe’. See, I am a woman, a liberal, feminist woman!

            Their vapidity, not discerning the very jaws that they are hovering precariously above in their solipsistic existence …. is the same exploit their enemies used against them and their menfolk.

            The difference? At least if one falls in battle, one need not own a final realization/horror … ‘I was a traitor…’

          • Learniac, I appreciate that well written (dare I say poetic) comment. I agree with all of it.

            You are spot on with our women being corrupted, used against us. I have found a good woman, but before her, I suffered a fair share of corrupted ones. I have lost good friends, and have had to watch my mother and (to a lesser extent) my sister become affected by all of this. It sucks.

            Aristotle and Joyce woke me up to the idea that you can judge the health of a society or civilization based on the relation between its men and women. That relation is the basis of human existence and thus society as a whole. Obviously we are in a sad state currently, to put it lightly…
            Like you said, it’s been tough watching a good bulk of our women take the bait, throw us under the bus, and then feel like they had gained eternal immunity from any of the horrors they gladly subjected us to. We all of course knew society would turn on them eventually. And so it is beginning. Hopefully as they start to lose their imagined “immunity” they will slowly wake up en masse, and hopefully this occurs before “the jaws shut on them” to steal your imagery.

            And you are right, if I go down, it will be with a fight, and at least I’ll never, even for a second, have to think “I was a traitor”
            You comment was inspring lol

          • Replying to your reply, inspired is high praise. Thank you. My take is that as we marinate in the stomach of the bodyguard of lies – our culture – speaking very basic truths resonates with our fellows. Yet they remain basic. Like having a work ethic around un-motivated people. Does not make you some ‘hero’. In your own eyes you did not ‘rise’ just because others sunk.

            I too found a good woman, and just today at lunch mentioned to her how the same women that have been turned on their own, when they suffer the eventual denouement, will come running home to ‘daddy’. They already have grandparents helping to raise their, ahem, grandchildren of absent fathers. The ones that look nothing like them.

            Thus my comment was to the effect that the wayward womenfolk of our own kin land more softly, not less. To avoid the schadenfreude, alluring on some level for when someone, even close, gets what they have coming.

            Because we have to pick up the pieces. And will. Not as ‘white knights’ – but because WE are not traitors.

        • We all know that uncomfortable, squirming reaction when we explain race differences/IQ to a White person indoctrinated with cultural difference explanations.

          Even when they argue with the true and logical points we make, there’s still a good chance the seed we plant will eventually make its way to replace their previous position. They just need to hear it said out loud and confidently.

          • The worst is that I have literally gotten the response, “All that might be true, but we should pretend it’s not.”

        • Talk with a White woman about “race realism” you be better be prepared for a verbal assault similar to that from a Banshee From Hell.

          • in private, i have found white women more receptive, on average, to race realism than white men. white men enjoy smashing asian p*ssy and worshipping Nigro-Ball

            could just be me though.

        • I like it when I get into the rare online debate with a liberal. I might provide a link to, say, U.S. government data citing the huge disparaties in crime (e.g. National Crime Victimization Survey, FBI UCR stats, etc.) these seemed like a more appropriate cite than American Renaissance’s “The Color of Crime” 😀 )
          And I still am pilloried for my “thinly-veiled racism.” But no one has ever contradicted my factual claims.

    • Critical Race Theory is simply the justification for establishing whites as scapegoats. If you want to start killing people, well, they should be guilty of something and this is just more efficient: the whole class is guilty, so when we grab one out of the tank and obliterate him, we don’t really need to worry about the specifics. Like, whether this specific guy did something specifically wrong.

      As Z has pointed out, this is ultimately a primal, religious impulse and mechanism. You cannot fight primal, religious impulses except on their own terms.

      • The purpose of an oppression narrative is to justify violence against the oppressor. That is the whole point.

    • There is simply no pleasing a revolutionary. Against the latest claims that even our founding documents reek of White Supremacy, I say give the Founders a break. By implication Article I Section 2 grants that “all other Persons” (sic) were worth 60% of Free men, at least for census purposes. It’s not like they were worthless. 😀

  40. > Another example is the voter ID stuff. Right now, we have the largest corporations on the planet holding secret meetings to figure out how they can overturn election laws like the one just passed in Georgia. No one dares ask these people why they think blacks are too stupid or lazy to get a driver’s license.

    There was a show called “The Newsroom”, written by a shitlib, of course, that starred a “republican” newscaster who for some reason always took the side of the left. They had an episode on voter ID laws that culminated in this screed about the “American Taliban”:

    If one puts aside one’s actual knowledge of the realities of voter ID, this is extremely powerful rhetoric. The reason crazy keeps gaining ground is because their propaganda has become so refined, and has been bolstered by our academic institutions being so left-wing that whatever the left believes automatically becomes the null hypothesis once has to refute, no matter how crazy.

    • What you are touching on is the Left is not restrained by the truth, so they can focus on how they say it. Nothing about that rant is factual. It is a moral appeal. The facts listed are just decorations, props in the mini morality tale. In a democracy, being morally right will always trump factual reality.

      • Facts are racist!

        Didn’t the wise and noble Ibrahim X Kendi prove that in his latest book? That’s a fact!
        (Wait a minute…..)

        Once the appeal to fact is seen as being part of the system of racist oppression, all we’re left with are emotional appeals to morality. And for a certain type of person, emotion is more attractive and energizing than ‘cold hard’ facts.

      • “The facts listed are just decorations, props…”
        This is a perfect way of describing it. That’s something I’ve noticed too. They have at least one or two absurd false statistics and studies for any argument. These are often clearly wrong on its face.

        The other day I came across this one: “In the US, one in nine girls will be sexually abused by the time she is eighteen.” This is so patently absurd. In reality, I’d be shocked if the case was one in 50.

        Of course, they never look into the stat or the study. If they did, and they had pure motivations, they would soon find the faulty methodology of the study, the skewed framing of the statistic etc. Its just performative, a way to appear credible.

    • A quick anecdote about discussing voter ID laws with my normie-con brother: We both agree that we need more of them, but we arrived at that conclusion in different ways.

      He approvingly quoted Hannity, saying that opposition to these laws insulted blacks because it implies that blacks can’t get ID and vote like everyone else.

      I replied, “If we get voter ID laws, those laws probably will somewhat suppress the black vote because they don’t have the future time orientation to get the ID and show up on voting day. But that is not the motivation and it’s not our fault. If you want to blame someone, blame Nature.”

      He was stunned into silence.

    • There’s another famous hate America rant from that show by that guy that I’ve seen in a clip. I’ve never seen the show. I don’t need to drink bleach to know it’s bad for me. That was an early case of me being so disgusted with something that I can’t bear to watch the actor (Jeff Daniels) in anything anymore. I know he’s playing a role, but any actor that would read those lines, so clearly intended as an admonishment for all wrong-thinking people in the audience, is a vile person. That do-not-watch listen has grown woefully over the years. It’s ruined some films for me that I otherwise liked.

      • To give Jeff Danials a pass, is to insult all the actors who’ve turned down such roles. There are many actors for example who don’t do nudity. Some who don’t play bad guys without some redeeming quality in the character and so forth. Yes, they exist.

  41. Imagine if you will a country that decided to spend what it does not have and spend it into oblivion. Well the U.S. has done that but what if as bad as it is creating this debt they at least spent it on REAL INFRASTRUCTURE.
    Roads, crumbling bridges, ports, historic buildings, transportation and even helping families with health insurance, subsidies etc.

    If you are going that route at least not contribute to the accelerated ruin that is going on now. Nope, just more hatred of good, racial hatred inverted, perversity, and diversity, diversity, diversity.

    If there was a time machine and the only time period available to go to was the black plaque era in Europe, I might take it.

    • Building roads and bridges is hard. Facing that reality is too much for our rulers, so they change the definition of infrastructure. It is a part of anarcho-tyranny that Francis did not anticipate. He imagined a masculine managerial state. Instead we got a feminine one.

      • My wife cares about infrastructure. The lawn care, peeling paint, dripping faucets gets her notice. Of course as chief maintenance officer I look into it and eventually they get remedied.

      • Zman – In addition to today’s feminine abomination, do you believe there is an ulterior motive to not fixing things? Example – all the election literature the last go round in my suburb, everyone was talking about the ‘need’ for more and better public transit (particularly now that said suburb is no longer ‘hideously’ White). The few buses are always empty though, and we last rode the subway downtown to the zoo about 15 years ago and would not risk it again.

        But not only do Whites like their cars, but the Han and pajeet who arrive daily also want their own cars, so public transit was a dead issue. And now, 2 years later, they’re finally fixing some of the terribly potholed roads (using all the Mexicans employed by the city and paid for with my taxes, of course).

        I could easily see them deliberately not fixing ‘x’ in order to help move people to accept ‘y.’ Am I nuts or has anyone else seen similar things?

        • Portland proper still has unfinished streets in many residential neighborhoods (gravel with potholes a VW could disappear into). But it was super important to build a 500 million $ light rail spur that careens around empty (when it’s not transporting downtown riffraff into the suburbs) 90% of the time.

          You’re not crazy, just making an IMO accurate assessment of the agenda.

          • You’ve just described suburban (DC-Baltimore) Maryland Light Rail (derisively termed “loot rail”) to a “T”. In the old days trains had conductors to keep order. Today, I understand, rarely are tickets even checked. So the old wisdom is proven wrong, and I guess beggars finally do ride for free. 🙁

            Actually, not a bad deal for the vagrants. Get out of the city, perhaps during the day, and spend it in a nicer outlying suburb or town with better loitering and petty crime opportunities than downtown.

      • The effeminacy of the controllers is another reason none of the proposed infrastructure structure will be built.

        No way can they allow the creation of that many well-paying jobs for evil white men!

      • h/t The No Agenda Show. The recent Texas power grid episode of decline revealed a small anecdote that was lol, in that ‘end of empire’ kid of way.

        With the power off, many people from the mostly white, upper middle-class suburban newbuild neighborhood, could not cook at all during the outage.

        You see, they couldn’t use their gas stoves. The ignition clickity-clickity thingy is electric so the gas wouldn’t turn to flame.

        Much can be drawn from these tidbits. None of it encouraging. Absent fathers? The speed of modernity? Dropping IQ’s? Learned helplessness? IDK.

        Sometimes we really do seem to be in the land of the one-eyed king.

    • To expand on Z’s response, there are crumbling and decaying bridges and dams the government cannot even repair. I believe the TVA and/or Corps of Engineers have several dams that are breaching in Tennessee and Washington State (I think) and have been for years, and they are unable to fix them. Hundreds of thousands could die if they breach.

      Now imagine the feds trying to build them today.

      • I’m also convinced that at this point it isn’t a matter of won’t but one of can’t. 20 – 30 years ago we predicted affirmative action policies alone would be very damaging to our overall national competence in practical matters. Policies have only become more insane as they double down on each failure creating an inverse Moore’s law of societal decrepitude.

        • A poignant question to ask is “If we gave NASA 100 billion dollars, could we put someone back on the moon.”

          The answer, of course, is no.

          We can design and outsource cheap consumer goods and make buildings that look like Lego blocks. We don’t have an engineering culture willing to take any sort of risk anymore.

          • It’s not even a matter of being risk averse at this point. They just can’t do the math. I don’t know if it’s Flynn effect at work as well but certainly we have been robbing ourselves of educated talent by substituting social conditioning for concrete scientific education.

          • The Obamacare website cost $2.1B to facilitate the taxation of healthy white men.

            Thats the infrastructure of Progress.

          • In one sense it’s actually a good thing subsequent generations can’t do the math because it deprives the controllers of the human element required to implement their digital control web.

    • Our infrastructure is indeed crumbling. The I-95 bridge across the Potomac is as old as me; both turn 60 this year. In many parts of America, especially the old big cities, the infrastructure is as old as the (mostly) White locals that built it, three or more generations ago. They, the jobs they once provided (or at least worked at), the standards of living they enjoyed, the culture, the low crime, and so on, are also long gone. We all know what they left, or if the truth be told, they were driven out, by legal changes forced upon them. The people who entered the vacuum they left, on the whole, are wholly inadequate to the challenge to maintain, much less rebuild, what was left behind. The real loss to our nation is the living infrastructure: the social, moral, and yes, racial. No amount of “build back better” will improve matters; you cannot replace what’s been irretrievably destroyed.

      • Correction: the old bridge was finally decommissioned in 2006, a newer span having been built.

  42. The biggest thing the movie Idiocracy (2006) got wrong is it was set 500 years in the future.

      • You know, I’d prefer President Dwayne Elizondo Mountain Dew Herbert Camacho to The Rock. At least Camacho knew when he was out of ideas and in over his head and tried to get help. I doubt President Dwayne Johnson would be so wise.

  43. Never would have believed 50 years ago whites would be replaced as the dominant majority (90%) by a minority increasingly conditioned to hate it in the span of my lifetime. Not to mention becoming a self-loathing group as well.

    Now I can’t believe that even as whites become a much hated minority the vast majority of them still can’t see it.

    • In fact the opposite seems true. As whites become a smaller and more hated minority, as a group we become less willing to stand up for ourselves. Look at South Africa.

      It’s the same in Canada. A reaction I get from alot of whites isn’t that they disagree with me. They’re more like “shhh, don’t make them angry!” and look at me with shame and sadness.

      • That response is the worst aspect of all. People here in the States used to laugh at the French for conflict avoidance; Americans are far bigger pussies now.

      • Yes, Whites in the aggregate across the west have apparently accepted their fate and meekly comply with the current zeitgeist. I guess it remains to be seen what the final POC judgement will be.

      • Here’s a test of shame, sadness, and moral conditioning:

        “How many innocent white people were openly murdered at Waco?”

        Now say, “Tim McVeigh.”

        Note one’s own turmoil.
        See? We’ve been conditioned, deliberately and maliciously.

        The long War On Whites- they’re all sinners.

        The story writers get their enemies to kill each other, so now we’re killing each other.

        • Begging pardon, please let me add a rant:

          Reality avoidance? The clever, breeder hind-brained types use purely feminine tactics- words, not deeds:

          “The world would be better if we were in charge.” (The founding belief)

          Fitting into the group
          Virtue signaling
          Attention getting
          Latest fad
          Personal stories
          Consuming the seed corn

          Made up “facts”, because feelings don’t care about your facts

          Talk about their fashion drama instead of actually doing the hard work of building the bridge (and the centuries of background behind that engineering)

          Oh, and all white men are assholes-
          Because all white people are Secret Nazis

          Summary: the others could never be Us. We are the Elves, Nature or ‘God’ made Whites for a reason.

          This is the long war of jealous wimmin types bitching about achieving White men and ladies.

          Our brains are different, we’re the successful combination Creation was looking for, and they hate us for it- even our own throwbacks / deviants hate us because they can’t fit.
          They can’t DO.

          • Sorry. Not blaming the ladies here.

            Only noting that the older models’ brains are primed only for social skills, while whites have a large number of builder types.

    • That’s quite a trick to get other racial groups to hate Whites and at the same time, get Whites to hate themselves.

      Yesterday I watched Devon Stack’s (Blackpilled) video where he analyzed the TV show “The Office”, breaking down an episode and showing the brilliant way it uses social cues rather than a laughtrack to manipulate the audience.

      Television has been using various tricks and storylines and characters to direct the viewers and now we’re seeing the culmination of year after year of accumulated conditioning where diversity is always seen as good, BadWhites and old-fashioned values are ridiculed, blacks are clever and cool, etc. So now here we are.

      • Or like how if you want to show how intrinsically evil a character is, have them be mean to a woman or POC.

      • The power of the media to go far beyond mere proliferation of propaganda, into the creation of alter-realities, into flat-out mind-control cannot be understated.

        Control of the media is the biggest problem we face.

      • This is why, in hindsight, not too much of the current era is surprising; well let me back that up, at the point Bill Clinton was elected I don’t think any dystopian future would have surprised me. It was less Bill Clinton himself than the fact that the last of the post-war orthodoxies, long on life support, were finally dumped over the side, never to be seen again.

        • Evil;
          Bingo on Billy C being the tipping point. There’s a reasonable chance that he was compromised by the KGB/GRU during his never-explained two week + trip to the USSR while at the red-haven of Cambridge UK, given his reckless proclivities. Being elected Pres. was the only way he was ever going to get a security clearance.

        • I thought in 1992 there was a lot of optimism because the cold war was over and there was less stuff to worry about. Also bill clinton was seen as a moderate democrat who could bring the party into the 21st century

          • Pre-Clinton our biased elites would at least put on a show of being “fair”, and they didn’t take pride in being stupid pawns like they did post-Clinton,

      • Turn off the TV, get rid of it. The programs are designed to, waste time, waste your minds, reprogram you. separate your families as you watch together. do something and learn

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