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Maybe it is the rush of spring, but this felt like a good week. Here in Lagos, the trees are starting to bloom and the weather is just about perfect. For me, anything above 75 is uncomfortable, so temps in the mid-60’s are pretty nice. There is also the fact that the day job has been hassle free lately. Since the onset of the plague, my schedule has been packed with people demanding my immediate attention. The last few weeks it has settled into something of a comfortable pattern for a change.

In the political realm, the absurdity of it all is too much to ignore. I was talking with a friend who was never fond of Trump. He voted for him, at least that is what he said, but he thought Trump was a clown. He said to me, “You’re my age. Did you ever think Joe Biden would be President?” It was one of those moments when the ridiculousness of the age jumps out at you. Normal white people are walking around with the same thought in their head. We live in clown world.

At lunch the other day, the economy was the topic. One person would mention the bad news, like the rising cost of most things. Someone would counter with the stock market or the supposed hiring spike. This went back and forth until someone finally said, “You know, none of this could be true at all. No one knows what’s going on because we can’t trust anything we’re being told.” Again, I detected that detached bemusement that comes when you stop pretending it matters.

I think the thing that did it for me was when I checked out some clips from the Chauvin trial the other day. The state had called a doctor who was supposed to be an expert on cardiovascular issues. The guy was such a ridiculous ham, that it felt like satire. He clearly went to the William Shatner School of Acting. He did a dramatic performance of lifesaving doctor for the jury, but then the defense lawyer asked, “So what you are saying is George Floyd would be alive if just got in the police car?”

I think if I were on that jury, I would have bust out laughing. Everything about that trial feels like a joke on us by the people running this simulation. In fact, that is true about most everything these days. Joe Biden as President would have been a punch line to a joke not so long ago. Men in dresses playing girls’ sports? You just have to step back and admire the absurdity of it all. We cannot know what African scholars will call this time, but it will most likely focus on the silliness of the age.

Reality does not like to be mocked, so you can be sure a corrective, and a very large one, is lying out there in the distance. Maybe the fantasy economy will suddenly slam into mathematical realty. Maybe Russia and China will figure out that our military is a wreck and the leadership is a joke. Maybe Mother Nature decides to send a real plague to teach those mask wearing idiots a lesson. Who knows? For now though, it is spring, the flowers are blooming and clown world is in peak form.

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189 thoughts on “Feelin’ Groovy

  1. Podcast moment 41:15. I’m pretty certain that hanging objects from a car’s rear-view mirror is illegal because it obstructs the driver’s view. Z seems to think it’s illegal because the hanging object, (as with tinted windows), blocks the cops’ view of the driver. I only point it out because it’s one of those things we think we understand as obvious our whole lives, but one day it hits us that we have it backward. Like when watching a football game on TV and the commentator says, “This game is brophteau by Ford.” It wasn’t until my mid 30’s that I realized they were saying “brought to you”. I’d assumed brophteau was a broadcasting industry term.

    • Sorry, podcast moment 42:15. Also, did anyone else used to wear their hospital gown with the opening in the front? That’s the opposite of how you’re supposed to.

  2. I just reported an antisemitic incident on the ADL site. I described Tucker Carson’s beatdown of Jonathan Greenblatt. Try it, it’s fun.

    I think I might go back and report Mark Steyn’s flogging of Greenblatt as well.

  3. Had to share this one. Please be advised that much of the site’s content is “not suitable for women.” However, in my opinion, the linked comic is PG. The rest of the web site is worse and perhaps avoided by the easily offended.


    • While the cartoon’s first page is “PG” the rest isn’t. Please forgive me for posting. I can’t delete the post.

    • I caught that too. I think Z’s said it before in other ways. It’s good, and reminds us that 1) There were choices along the way, but others chose for us, and chose badly. And 2) What happened to the pursuit of happiness? We were given the ok…a mandate even, to pursue it. Now something’s blocked the path.

    • We shouldn’t have to live this way.

      True that. Problem.is.so many have drunk the cool-aide. The governor lifted the lockdown weeks ago and yet I only see a.couple of.people exercising their liberty and walking around bare faced. I only wear a damned diaper if I absolutely have to – i.e. if I’d be run off for.criminal tresspass if I don’t! So far nobody has said word one. They just go around diapered up social distancing like it was April of LAST year instead of now. Guess.this.truly IS “the new normal”.

      Damned depressing.

      • I took the line in the broader sense of Prog making our world and everyday living an unhappy thing. I.e. We shouldn’t have to live every day forced to stare at a black man hanging from a tree.

  4. Someone won the Internetz today

    “Can you show me on the Constitution doll where the Tandon decision hurt you?”


  5. For Z’s readers who are metal fans there is a striking and sad crossover between metal and dissidence.


    (Iced Earth is an ambitious and melodic metal band who has written about our heritage and history. Note that the entire band quit once Jon was identified in the Jan 6 affair.)

    As much as I admire and feel for the guy, I must say that maybe these dumb Boomers who have been on autopilot since Reagan will finally realize that the Constitution is not going to protect or save them. We have to do it ourselves. Not for “freedom,” not for “liberty,” but for our people.

    • “Not for “freedom,” not for “liberty,” but for our people.” You tend to have good ending lines.

    • Jon Schaffer cut a deal with the feds and will now feed them names and information. Oath Keepers has been converged for years now – typical boomer org, lots of talk but civic nationalist to the core. Schaffer is not doing anything for White people, only for himself.

    • John “Iced Earth” Schaffer: Nov. 2020. German newspaper interview: “A group of thugs and criminals hijacked this country a long time ago. They’re messing with the wrong people here. Because now we see you, and you’re going down. Mark my words.”

      Schaffer April 2021. Judge Amit Mehta: “Are you pleading guilty, Mr. Schaffer, because you are in fact guilty, sir?” U.S. District Court Judge Amit P. Mehta asked.

      Schaffer: “Yes, sir.”

      (Since when do judges phrase it that way? Or is it common?)

      I’m not really judging Schaffer. But yeah, big wake-up for Boomer CivNats. At least he tried to do something. Took a risk.

      The govt really has us. They display this almost-famous metal guy and say, “See what happens when your clever little groups conspire against us. We take your leader…but that’s not all…we make him sing like a bird! We shame him. Hero yesterday. Snitch today. We’ve got all your names now. You’ll think twice next time you get the idea to form any secret groups.”

        • I could be wrong, but you know who I think wouldn’t sell-out had he been in Schaffer’s position? Slayer’s Jeff Hanneman. What’s your gut feel on that LineIn?

          Judge: “Are you pleading guilty, Mr. Hanneman, because you are in fact guilty, sir?”

          Hanneman: “I am the angel of death. I’m not guilty and I don’t plead. You dumb #&$#@&!!”

          • Slayer really liked to punish an audience (and themselves). As can be seen during the first minute and a half of painful feedback. The blond hair never fooled anyone. Hanneman was a dark dude and a loner. I’m sure you’re familiar with his interestSS. A well-read man who could write. He’s pretty sick here. One of his last performances before his death. Just after 4:15 dude starts conjuring tones with his whammy-bar that are straight from hell.


          • Reply to Frip: I don’t know enough about Hanneman’s personality to judge, but it does motivate the question:

            What big musician has taken the most politically incorrect position and not apologized?

            In the 1970s, Clapton supported Enoch Powell and condemned mass immigration to England but later apologized and said he was on lots of drugs at the time.

            Bowie admired Hitler in the 70s, but I’m pretty sure apologized.

            Did Axl ever apologize for “One in a Million?”

          • Reply to LineIn: I think they all apologized in one way or another. If not, they get their careers taken away. I guess the better question is: What rock ‘n roll “rebels” have dared to say something even slightly unapproved by the Left. Either in song or interview. Probably about 20 of them out of 50,000 of them.

            Roger Waters from Pink Floyd, on Israel. That’s the crazy diamond in the rough. He’s never apologized. And when Trump was elected he made some noises about he understands why he was elected (working class ignored by Left etc). He took heat. Didn’t apologize. But, as it always goes with celebrities, he then took the strategy of being super try-hard anti Trump after that.

  6. Camping has been banned in Canada.

    When are we going to put a stop to this? Holy hell, isn’t enough enough? They’re going to keep pushing until there’s nothing left! Where’s the anger? Where’s the outrage?

    • The Covid op timeline memo leaked out of Canada is looking disturbingly accurate these days…

      • It’s times like these that make me feel like Z is just a pressure valve release for people 1-3 standard deviations over the mean. I don’t actually mean that, but we’re at the stage where we know enough.

        • You might want to recheck your premises. It appears that you have assumed that the Wuflu is booth a serious health threat & a pandemic. Furthermore, and more significantly, it appears that you have assumed that governments are acting in good faith with the intent of protecting public health. I strongly suspect that your distress to correlated with this cognitive dissonance.

          Venting online is a poor means of stress relief because it only exercises your fingers for a few seconds. Try going out back and screaming at the top of your lungs for 10 minutes or so. That may work better.

          • The DR types should invest in a heavy bag and work it everytime they have pent up frustrations. At least they’ll learn to punch properly.

          • Are you talking to me? Where did I say that Wuflu is a serious threat?

            RWC, how do ad hominems help your case, again? Pretty sure you’re going to be enslaved with the rest of us, even if you give your daughter and wife to Jerome when the government asks. Obedience will not save you.

          • RWC,

            Apologize for the knee-jerk reaction. I’ve thought about your suggestion and I’ve actually decided it’s a good idea. I’m not venting, though. I’m genuinely dumbfounded that people are just going along with all of this. They’re already forcing gene therapy vaccinations on people in other western nations; soon, it’ll be us. They’re already experimenting on children — that’s what gets me. This doesn’t concern you?

    • https://ca.news.yahoo.com/ontario-official-outlines-increased-police-211631429.html

      “Solicitor General Sylvia Jones discussed on Friday increased police powers in Ontario amid a surge in COVID-19 cases, stating that officers will temporarily be allowed to ask people where they live and why they aren’t home. She added that if people are not willing to comply, “then you are breaking the law and there is the option for the police officer to issue a ticket.””

      Oh, it’s happening. Several police departments have already announced they won’t enforce it. We’ll see. I have a feeling the police refusing to enforce is just part of the scheme so people don’t chimp right away.
      Yes that email is pretty much right on schedule.

      I’m legitimately spooked now. For the first time ever I’m considering just hopping over to florida while I still can and disappearing into the interior. Dropping my job and everything. We’ll see. It would buy me some time at least ..

  7. Related albeit somewhat off topic: In his Counter Currents post today, Nicholas Jeelvy has a link to a Quillette article about the Vendee Massacre during the French Revolution. I am not particularly knowledgeable about that event, but one of the official pronouncements at the time struck me as almost verbatim some of the official pronouncements about the 6 Jan 2021 Capitol protest, if one merely changed a few words. The entire pronouncement was propaganda and a fake offer of amnesty, but the tone was the precise mix we hear today of condemnation, condescension, and triumphalism. As follows:

    The Crusade for Liberty

    The Vendéen department of the Revolutionary government issued an official proclamation on 12th Frimaire of Year Two of the Revolution (December 2 1793) promising peace and security to the citizens of the region:

    It is time…for the French to come together as one and the same family. Your people have disappeared; commerce has been annihilated; farming has withered away thanks to this disastrous war. Your delusions have resulted in many evils. You know it. Even so, the National Convention, which is as great as the people it represents, has forgiven and forgotten the past.

    It is decreed by law…that all the people known as rebels in the Vendée … who lay down their arms within a month of the decree, will neither be sought out nor bothered just because they rebelled.

    This law is not a fake amnesty. We have come in the name of the National Convention, who put us in charge of executing the law, to bring peace and consolation, speaking the language of clemency and humanity. If the bonds of blood and affection are not entirely broken, if you still love your country, if your return is sincere, our arms are open: let us embrace like brothers.

    In fact, it was a fake amnesty. On January 17 1794, General Turreau set out with two armies of six divisions each on a ‘Crusade of Liberty’ to deal with what remained of the brigands. He ordered his lieutenants to spare nobody: women and children were also to be bayoneted in the stomach if there was the slightest hint of suspicion. Houses, farms, villages and thickets were all to be set on fire. Anything that could burn would have to burn. Soldiers in the ‘Infernal Columns’ of the Crusade had explicit instructions to wipe out every last possible trace of resistance or rebellion.

    • To answer the question that you did not ask . . . yes, it could happen here. Turreau commanded over a 100,000 men in arms. They could not all have been murderous psychopaths; and in reality, most of these men were just ordinary Joes (Jaques) doing a job they were paid to do. And it’s good strategy to save the Jackboots for mop up duty after some other means of weakening the resistance has been implemented.

      • TomA: Totally agree it could happen here quite easily. I was just so struck by the identical language – that faux tone of concern, of slimy brotherhood, of appealing to decency among the awful deplorables, etc. The more I learn about the French Revolution, the more I see the parallels with today’s sjws.

      • “You would be surprised to discover that the majority of vicious crimes in history have been committed by men who just wanted to go home at the end of a long day.” – Terry Pratchett

  8. Regarding the cardiologist expert for the prosecution (Jonathan Rich), I think the guy did a pretty fine Jeff Goldblum imitation.

    He was a weird guy as was much of his testimony. As a renowned cardiologist, he was pretty complacent about severe arterial occlusion. Seemed to regard the condition as sort of beneficial, as the heart develops some kind of mysterious alternate pathways for blood flow.

    He was equally sanguine about the use meth. Does meth increase heart rate? “Not really” he responded. Does meth constrict arteries? “It could in some very unusual circumstances” was his response, delivered in that grinning Jeff Goldblum routine.

    My conclusion on Dr. Rich: not trustworthy and certainly Jewish (yea, I’m afraid it is quite relevant).

    • Expanding on my question above (since no edit).

      I am thinking about Z’s segment from 22:00 onward. Media bias is increasingly blatant (no pretext of impartiality). Bias is happening against background of increasing free speech constraints (platforms like twitter, youtube, facebook banning people, media in general not reporting facts that counter official narratives). And there are real consequences for getting caught on the wrong side of the media with normalization of doxing, denial of livelihoods, all possible for people that get caught on wrong side of a story. Free market doesn’t seem to be able to solve this problem somehow (i.e., media empires more or less stay in business despite their offenses). Crickets from Republicans on how to deal with problem. It seems like an unsolvable asymmetry for people on the right. Like right now in 2020 in the USA we just have to learn to live under a constant propaganda disinformation campaign with no near term solution. Am I wrong here?

      • Sabotage and general damage BAMN. Goading Africans and communists into attacking crews is a good strategy, as is knocking out platforms. I’m shocked the latter has not happened yet but I’m so technologically backward I don’t have a clue if it even is possible. Certainly remove your children from the Borg, and for God’s sake get off social media and cut the cord. The Africans and communists have started to go after the crew on their own. Encourage more.

        People who engage in propaganda want us murdered. 3G4Me referenced the Vendee. From recollection, the people there were demonized constantly. This is happening here now and may have the same results.

      • Propaganda is not a market problem so it cannot be solved by the market. The solution to the propaganda problem is to cultivate real local relationships and cultural exchange. If you are engaging other people in the meatspace you can crowd-out the propaganda machine’s time allocation.

        If inviting friends and family over to break bread, imbibe and pass around a peace pipe is taboo, be the rebel you were designed to be.

    • Great question. My guess is that the media is the most consequential force in subjugating our people by exploiting their gullibility, conformity, and compassion. I don’t believe that we can save those of them that can be saved without taking control of the media.

      I am skeptical of private control of the press because of the damage the free press has done in the last century. I would only allow a free press in a homogeneous country with strong anti-monopoly laws. Of course, a state controlled press has just as many pitfalls as a free one. Just my thoughts, again, excellent question.

      • I can’t resist an addendum. Typically, when the idea of the free press is attacked someone counters, “What? You want to stop me from starting my own paper or website?”

        My answer, “No, that doesn’t concern me in the least. My problem is when the mass media that is controlled by people with the same opinions that are counter to the welfare of my people.”

        • My comments above on the media have been top down. Mike Enoch has a suggestion that is bottom up, which is something like, “No person or comment can be deleted from social media if it is not slandering someone or advocating imminent violence.” For the sake of decorum, I would also allow deleting a comment for profanity. And sure, we’d have to allow deleting repetitive posts that are attempts to drown a thread.

          • Everyone needs to embrace their cultural heritage. Stop living in fear of violence. If you are not willing to meet your enemy at whatever level and terms the enemy wants to escalate to, you cannot win the battle or the war.

      • More likely is that our people make their own decisions about race and culture without being guilted into it.

      • I recommend killing the TV with extreme & creative violence. Smash it to bits. Break a sweat. Grind the pieces into dust. Cast the dust into an active volcano. Extra credit if you then bury the volcano.

      • Turning off your TV is an impractical suggestion 99% of the population will ignore. You’ll end up a powerless minority who doesn’t watch TV while all the rules are made by those who do and were brainwashed by it, including your kids and grand kids who got a smart phone with copious leftist “news” and entertainment apps the moment they left your care.

        This suggestion is the equivalent of telling the populace of a conquered country to just ignore all the invaders down the street. “Go about your business and everything will be okay for you personally in the immediate future.” True, but what about your children and their children? What about your culture? Your heritage? Your county? Your ethnic group? Surely, none of that will survive a relentless enemy determined to replace those things with their own using the levers of state power you no longer possess.

        The superior solution would be to kick out the invaders so they can’t utilize state power to destroy your country and heritage and brainwash your kids into hating their peers. Likewise, the solution in the case of this country is to simply get your own country, one where you can make all the rules and your enemies can’t. Seize the high ground and maintain it.

        Scroll through these comments, and comments on every rightward blog. What do you notice? They’re all impractical suggestions that presume hyperindividualism is the answer — you turn off this, you do that. But what if everyone else says no? Conservatives never consider that possibility. They just assume some people will individually do something on their own accord and that will be enough. They also assume that what those people do will, somehow, beat whatever the opposition does together as a group from a position of state strength. It won’t.

        Practically nothing about groups working together for their common interest is ever mentioned here on this side of the aisle. Just nonsensical suggestions like “gun club rebellion” and “vote harder” and “hyperinflation” and “populism.”

        You saw a bit of that with Q. And with the rapture doctrine and hyperinflation claims and “der movement” populism. The common thread with all of those things is that some person or group will come along and do all the work on behalf of the adherents, none of whom have to embrace practical things like ethnic solidarity and group sacrifice. Or somehow the future will just arrive on a silver platter. The democrats will destroy themselves and republicans will become Huey Long populists who’ll win lots of elections and make things better. Nevermind that the other side has all the power and can easily whip up enough racial hatred to maintain power before each election, overriding minority feelings on wokeness and immigration; feelings > facts. They can do this longer than you can hold out. The Soviet Union lasted an entire human lifetime, so what’s the chance “der movement” populism can rescue America before the regime utterly destroys it beyond recognition?

        Sadly, I think Europeans are truly doomed. Only group-oriented Asians may survive this century with any semblance of an advanced civilization intact. Europeans lack the genetics to survive in this new multicultural world. They are too individualistic, and history shows cohesive groups of people working together usually win the day. Conservative minds can’t even comprehend the solutions when they are offered to them.

        • This seems to be a matter of failure, on the part of people whose ideology supposedly says otherwise, to fully comprehend human evil.

          The American Founders were quite wary of people’s evil tendencies and built the government in the odd way they did because of it. The Christian faith of many American Evangelicals and Religious Right people constantly talks about man as a fallen an wicked creature. Secular libertarians and Constitutionalists are aware of just how close Communism came to total victory in the last century.

          Yet, somehow, a combination of Yankee Doodlers in tricorner hats buying T-shirts with the 2A on them and good ol’ market forces “go woke go broke” will turn the tables on a renewed rise of what is essentially the same murderous Leftism.

          Individual actions like boycotts can have a small effect but ultimately we have to realize that, depending on the time and place, a large minority to a comfortable majority of people, given the option of choosing evil, will take it every time. The Covidians are ridiculous people but they at least understand the basic principle of stopping a contagious evil by removing it from the community. Leftism, broadly defined as the DIE movement, is a contagious evil far more dangerous than Coof and if any form of advanced civilization is to survive this century it will need to exist only in small vials in locked freezers somewhere and not at the heart of our institutions. Doing that will require something more forceful than boycotting sportsball and Coke though that’s a good starting point and helps identify our fellow travelers.

        • Preach, brother.

          “Europeans lack the genetics to survive in this new multicultural world. They are too individualistic, and history shows cohesive groups of people working together usually win the day. Conservative minds can’t even comprehend the solutions when they are offered to them.”

          We are duty bound to see this through to the bitter end. Although it counts for nothing, I wrote a song this last week with these lyrics:

          Sometimes you can’t win
          But still you cannot quit
          See it through to the bitter end

        • The practical jewtube watchers will all get in line for the jab. They’ll all be dead or mongoloided within 6-24 months, no worries.

      • Agree. I used to watch youtube videos and click around on the internet reading all kinds of things because I am a curious person who likes ideas. Now I realize that it’s important to be very selective. If the audience disappears, most of the content will wither too. So, I try to just look at writers and videos that are relevant to me. If anything, the idea that a person can just indulge their curiosity by roaming the internet is dead. The internet is not your friend. It’s a dangerous tool being used to manipulate you. TV is even worse.

        One suggestion I would make that sounds retro but has helped me during this time of informational and psychological warfare: bookmark websites you like reading and never, ever google any general topic. Just look at the 5-10 sites you have bookmarked and always look to see who the writer is before you read anything. Never watch a recommended video or click a recommended link unless the recommendation comes from someone you generally read and trust online.

        • I used to idly click around on Wikipedia but that seems like millions of years ago. I’ll only go there anymore for math and science stuff and there’s usually a better reference even for those subjects you can bookmark.

          I’ll add to what you said – kill your tabs! I’m a huge tab-aholic. I often have 70-90 open at once. Essentially I was using the open tabs as a (very disorganized) bookmark system. If it’s worth keeping open as a tab, it’s worth bookmarking and creating a folder hierarchy for.

    • Shut MSM out of your life.

      Give the pink-pillers limited support. Mention them to normies that show signs of awakening.

      Do as much as you can to actively support actual dissident media, even if it’s just views and likes.

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  10. I stopped taking reasom seriously when they supported the neoclowns iraq war. Mainstream libs may be cowards but republicans are just as bad! Race realism does not contradict our philorophy. Btw I don’t mind thelib bashing a lot of us deserve it!

    • They don’t care.

      They know their readership won’t dig deeper.

      If this inconvenient fact is presented to those readers, most will still dismiss it as, “fake news.”

      The Bolsheviks are keenly aware we live in a post-fact based world.

      • I confess that I used to hope for some great revelation that would “blow X wide open”. Then I watched as the election theft became X. There was a whole End Times worth of revelations about that and a looted Shoe Locker’s worth of shoes dropped. None of it mattered except I think to move some of the normies further in whatever direction they were already heading. The truth shall… not even matter.

  11. I agree with the concept of Domestic heresy – if this term is used, then Social Justice Warriors can be called by a more concise, simpler name – Heresimachs. (from OED, ‘one who fights against heresy’)

  12. “When you wake up in the morning, tell yourself: The people I deal with today will be meddling, ungrateful, arrogant, dishonest, jealous, and surly. They are like this because they can’t tell good from evil.”
    That, from Marcus Aurelius, makes if easier to ‘enjoy’ life by allowing the strife to be deflected by the “detached bemusement that comes when you stop pretending it matters.”
    When life becomes a circus , it’s best to just find a great seat and enjoy the show.

  13. “As for the people who played by the rules, they’ll be made to look like suckers.“

    You mean like the people who worked and studied and hustled to earn scholarships and paid their way, with their parents help, through a third-tier state college degree or technical certification, or went to a more prestigious school and actually paid off their student loans – those people who will look like suckers when President Potato forgives all the loans of the purple-haired loafers and po’faced diversity admissions who got “xxxxxx Studies” degrees from Ivy League hedge funds disguised as universities and HBPUs (Hysterically Black Pretend Universities)?

    Those suckers?

    • Choose A or B:

      A. Student loans are Too Big To Fail and must be bailed out

      B. Universities are institutional gatekeepers for the System

      (Correct answer is C: reward the faithful and punish unbelievers)

      • Choose A or B:

        A. Student loans are Too Big To Fail and must be bailed out

        B. Universities are institutional gatekeepers for the System

        (Correct answer is C: reward the faithful and punish unbelievers)

        D. Universities intentionally offered worthless degrees at inflated prices, and therefore should be forced to pay off student loans out of their private endowments and the individually held wealth of its officers, of where there is an unnecessarily great number.

    • I feel like they may have stopped openly talking about loan forgiveness so they can use that to coerce people into the military when they start a major war.

      • Student loan forgiveness is the Left’s Big Beautiful Wall. Although they don’t pretend Mexico will pay for it.

        • I’d bet that Soros and Schwab are paying off lots student loans for their Antifa and BLM auxiliaries.

          • More likely voluntarily joining the neogestapo. In fact, the 0 administration already put into place debt forgiveness programs for education debt-slaves who take jobs in government, academia and non-profiteering sectors.

  14. I just want to give you my sincerest thanks, Z Man. I only drop a comment on here now and again, but reading your blog and the user comments is one of my daily reminders that sane, thoughtful men and women still exist, and to go along with the Spring theme, there is still hope that we can pollinate the future and produce the seeds that will enable a renewed civilization when this rotten one collapses. An “aryan” Spring if you will.

  15. Love your podcast but could you try to speak a wee bit more slowly. The low fidelity of some of our listening devices can make what you’re saying difficult to understand. Voice and drama coaches will tell you that when speaking in public and now, especially, on line, if you sound normal to yourself, your pace is too fast. When you sound, to yourself, paced a bit too slow, that’s the right pace for your audience. The reason why American stage actors and many public speakers sound a bit British isn’t the accent or the suggestion of being from a better class, it’s because British pacing and articulation is better. As you’re not a Southern or California speaker, easiest to understand, a slower pace would help at least one and possibly more of your listeners.

    • There are plenty of easy ways to slow down a podcast or audio file. Why don’t you figure that out instead of making the rest of us listen to the Z Man slog. Through. His. Show. One. Word. At….. A………… Time……………..

      Or just listen faster.

      Or maybe rewind.

    • This comment reminds me of an arrogant creep I hired years ago to do scut work on proposals for me. I told him his attendance at planning meetings was not required. Despite this, in he strolls one morning, coffee cup in hand, and proceeds to take over the meeting smugly telling a group of seasoned engineers how to conduct themselves in presentations. After this mortifying last straw I gave him a formal warning outlining his many misdeeds. As predicted, he promptly gathered his belongings and stalked out of the building.

      You really don’t want to be that guy.

      • Peabody: “After this mortifying last straw I gave him a formal warning outlining his many misdeeds.” Actually you and Imbroglio sound like the same person.

        • If you don’t understand how obnoxious it is to have someone you hired then act like he’s there to do your job it’s more likely you’re that guy.

    • Imbroglio. I get you. I’ve mentioned it before. Not sure about fast. But Z does shorten words when he gets roused. So he’s fast in that way I guess. It’s only sometimes, so not an issue really. Also, in real-world arguments, the ability to speak fast in staccato fashion is advantageous when trying to work your opinion into the fray. Maybe it’s a carry-over from that.

      To your other point. Disagree. If an American (actor or regular person) is sounding British, he certainly is putting on airs for class reasons. An American speaking slow and clear will enunciate like an American. See Steven Colbert. Cultured background, yet sounding very American. No airs.

      But if an American unnaturally softens things as well, i.e. classes it up, he will then sound vaguely British. The way they trained them to do in old Hollywood. Gregory Peck. Kelsey Grammer.
      William Buckley. Dick Cavett, a country boy from Nebraska eager to prove his sophistication to New York.

      BTW, if you want Z to speak as methodically as you write, I hope Z just keeps doin’ what he doin’.

    • The balls on this guy! Are you a north American speaker? Who here has a problem with Z’s speech pattern?

      You got to be a lot of fun to be around.

      • i think Z talks slowly, with the typical “almost drawl” of somebody living near the mason dixon line

        idk if this guy is drunk or high or what?

    • The Zman is one of the more clear-voiced easy-to-understand people I listen to, and I’m slightly hearing-impaired and sometimes have trouble with audio — I keep the captions on for most films and TV I watch.

      • Seconded.

        Zman really does seem to have a pretty good voice for podcasting.

        • “Zman really does seem to have a pretty good voice for podcasting.“

          I agree, Z is high on my list for podcast voice quality, pacing and conveyance of emotion, though he definitely can easily become the “rambling man”, which I think he goodnaturedly owns up to. My #1 favorite for vocabulary, clarity, timing and wit is John Derbyshire.

          • To me Z doesn’t ramble. And you do realize that Derb reads from his typed script. Obviously much respect for Derb, but the wit hasn’t been there for about 20 years now. Happens to almost every old guy. The touch is lost. It will happen to all of us. Lets not try and be funny after 68ish. Also, people love saying “timing” when it comes to this stuff. Strange to me.

    • This is not the kind of observation I have come to expect from my otherwise Supremacist brethren on the Dissident Right. What’s next, use simpler words because most of us are intellectually challenged? At a certain point the ruse that we are “better” starts to evaporate and we just end up sounding like people with a race fetish.

      Personally, I think the Z Man speaks perfectly comprehensibly even when he does the rambling man shows and speaks extemporaneously. Amazingly so actually.

  16. “For now though, it is spring, the flowers are blooming and clown world is in peak form.”

    Yeah, but the flowers are currently covered in snow.

    Only in New England.

  17. Where to start? The ending segment, that’s where.

    It seems pretty obvious some lower level IC/DOJ officials and adjacent Jewish parasites tried to shake down Gaetz’ father and pocket the loot, and the congressman shocked them and went public. A man with Daddy Gaetz’s wealth is reserved for Top.Men at DOJ, FBI, Mossad and America’s pathetic IC to extort, so Greenberg and company fed in waters reserved for bigger sharks. The feds cannot come flat out and charge Gaetz–or even clear him–because they apparently think the public believes they maintain a shred of integrity. So it is drip, drip, drip and it is not working. It is part and parcel of the Maxwell and Epstein extortion racket. It is just harder to murder a sitting congressman like happened to Epstein and earlier to Seth Rich, who almost assuredly leaked the Hillary emails to Wikileaks.

    The lowest moment for the FBI during the Trump/Russia hoax was when it came to light agents were trading information, or verifying things whether or not they knew them to be true, to propagandists in exchange for sports ball and concert tickets. That is pure, unadulterated trash and hard to find now even in Mexico. A little graft is routine now, but this was pure filth. Our Ruling Class’ dutiful whores in law enforcement, Congress and intelligence are little more than crack whores now.

    Gaetz will walk in all likelihood and the story memoryjp;ed im a few weeks. The lesson, although as you point out the moral and ethical cowards in the GOP are too timid to follow it, is to blow the whistle early and often. The only one who committed a crime here was Greenberg and company, and they will join the Saturday people soon enough in the Middle East.

    Next: brilliant analysis about propaganda as validation. I have thought generally along these lines but have not distilled it like you did. Excellent segment.

    As for Chauvin, he is ruined regardless of what the jury does. The special Race Court administered by the hustlers and whores at DOJ will indict him in the federal system if he walks. Minneapolis will burn more either way. I cops either walk off the job or participate in the looting and arson.

      • I don’t know whether you are serious or not but read the facts of the case if you are. This was a shakedown that went south for the feds behind it. That is all that matters and the hilarious part is Gaetz went public. This sort of extortion likely is commonplace in the Banana Empire.

        • Gaetz can be guilty of plowing lots of fawning beautiful women. It isn’t a crime. Extortion is a crime and should not be left unpunished.

  18. It’s a good point about immediately jumping to the opposite side of Leftie on every issue, Z. But… to be honest, Leftie isn’t right about many things these days. I would challenge you: what kind of man, in your opinion, would make a GOOD cop? Be honest.

    An honest cop these days will get torn to shreds, either by the community he serves or his superiors. (Unless, of course, he’s vibrant). He has to have the skill of a combat veteran now, be able to see in the dark, have ESP, and be able to function like a diplomat and a navy SEAL at the same time. Tell me where you can recruit such men, and convince them to walk a beat in a neighborhood infested with feral niggers?

    Chauvin is a tragedy. He works in a toxic environment, and takes orders from people that should be in cages. If he goes down,every single cop in the state should turn in their badges and guns. There is literally no case you can make to convict. All the defence has to do is create reasonable doubt and the guy walks. If he goes down, we are not a people worth serving or protecting. You are right to compare that trial to a clown act… but the fact of the matter is that we are all on trial with this one.

    • When you think of the human trash and orcs a cop has to deal with on a daily basis, I try to give cops the benefit of the doubt. It’s a ugly job and corrosive as hell. You can be a honest cop but you’ll forego promotions and the others won’t trust you(think Serpico).

      Worse your superiors are meat puppets for the DA and mayor. You wonder why cops turn a blind to a lot of crime, well it’s because the DA and mayor have let it be known ‘back off the arrests because it makes us look racist’. The same applies to BLM and Antifa given free reign. It’s the local pols leaning on the cops to stand down.

      If you notice no one in the MSM including Fox ever points a finger at the local politicos for causing the riots by ordering the cops to stand down.

      • They’re doing it to make money, like lower slaves but they get rooster status, if they fuck you up, innocent or not, they don’t give a fuck. Meat for processing.

        • Well everyone works for money. Yeah cops fuck people up, it’s a feature not a bug with cops as long as I can remember. Like I said it’s a corrosive job that poisons the men who do it.

          Unless you work with criminals and ex-cons you have no fucking idea how inhuman most of them are. You cannot treat them kindly as they are predators. And you better carry yourself with a take no bullshit comportment.

          If we had a sane society we would would sterilize all welfare mom’s after the 1st child and shut down the baby momma to penitentiary pipeline once and for all.

          • EXACTLY.

            In black slums, the place runs by The Law Of The Jungle. You are either a predator or you are meat. You don’t reason with feral dogs. You either kill them or drive them off. Or you domesticate them by force.

            Distilled of the pretty lies and political correctness – that is what we face with the Black Man.

    • “An honest cop these days will get torn to shreds, either by the community he serves or his superiors. (Unless, of course, he’s vibrant). He has to have the skill of a combat veteran now, be able to see in the dark, have ESP, and be able to function like a diplomat and a navy SEAL at the same time.”

      Oh, no. There’s an alternative. He can frequent donut shops, never take a dangerous call, or if he does, drive past, report “everything looks fine” and move on. Never try to arrest a jogger that doesn’t want to be arrested, and just pull over little old white ladies with expired tags and taillights out to meet his quota.

      Given the lessons we’re being taught now, if I were a cop, I’d never arrest a jogger. Not worth my career.

      The Supreme Court has ruled that cops have no obligation to protect any specific person.

  19. A New Tomorrow (cont)
    You can’t kill what you can’t find.

    This aphorism from ancient hunting wisdom is actually a two-edged sword that cuts both ways. If you don’t want to starve, you best get good at locating your prey. And conversely, if you don’t want to become someone else’s prey, you best learn to hide well or vamoose when hunting season begins. Both of these skills will once again become valuable when the crazy returns in earnest. Hunting is an ancient & root survival skill, and the lessons learned in locating camouflaged prey can also be applied to avoiding discovery by others. Learn by doing and then do what you’ve learned. You’ll know it’s serious business when the first bullet whizzes by your forehead (if you’re lucky).

  20. Joe Biden as the punchline of a joke brings to mind the exchange in Back to the Future between Marty & Doc in 1955, when Marty tells Doc that Ronald Reagan is president in 1985. Doc, having none of it, exclaims, “Who’s vice president? Jerry Lewis?!”

    The start of the joke rewrites itself – “Joe Biden? The Senator?” But who becomes the VP punchline? Gary Hart maybe?

  21. WRT “Reality does not like to be mocked, so you can be sure a corrective, and a very large one, is lying out there in the distance”, here is a prediction from the now deceased Chalmers Johnson:

    “Nemisis, the goddess of retribution and vengeance, the punisher of pride and hubris, waits impatiently for her meeting with us.”

    • Following Nemesis, both Boethius and Seneca illustrate how “Fortune” is never your friend. “Good” fortune is as ephemeral and unearned as “Bad” fortune.
      Bad things happen to good people, good things happen to bad people and the nice guy doesn’t always get the girl in the end.
      Use your mind, body and soul to the best of your ability and accept the cards that you are dealt.
      Thank you, Mr. Z, for your missives and fostering this site.

      • In other words, stoicism. For normal people, this is the only workable stance for navigating the coral-choked waters of Clown World.

      • Except that the good die young while evil seems immortal.

        Kissenger is is still around, shaping US and global politics for pete’s sake!

  22. The corporate-political-media world’s response to the current race-monger tantrums is no different from the parent everyone has seen at some point who will do absolutely anything the child says in the face of a tantrum. End result: tantrums become more frequent and go on longer. In the end, the child is trained into a monster who is going to cause lots of problems as an adult (if that’s the word.) The difference is, the corporate-political-media world is demanding that *you* take down *your* pants in the supermarket or cut the family pet’s throat, with byzantine penalties for not simply complying with the outrageous requests.

    • Yes, it really has gotten that bad. We laugh and cry at the absurdity of it all because it’s therapeutic and we would otherwise go insane trying to make sense of the current events surrounding us. But when the crazy starts in earnest, we must flip the switch and become deadly serious. It will be neither a drinking game nor a laughing matter when desperate people in untold numbers take to the streets. And after Chauvin gets railroaded, there will be no LEOs coming to rescue anyone. Forearmed is better than forewarned.

  23. Spent years as a financial analyst and consultant. Graphs are easy to manipulate. The easiest way is to chop the data somewhere that makes it look like the trend you want to show. All the global warming charts start in 1973 because moving it farther back reveals it all to be normal variation.

  24. Now the Left has its collective knickers in a twist because the Chicago cops shot a (Latino by name; mystery meat by appearance) youth with a gun in his hand. I’ll let them dither over whether the shooting was justified, or whether he dropped the gun a second before or after he was shot. I didn’t see anything in the news report about why a 13-year-old male should be wandering around the city with an illegal handgun at 3:00 AM, but then, maybe I am just old-fashioned.

    • You won’t hear it on the MSM, but 12/16 year old black males are the ones doing most of the armed carjacking in downtown Chicago. It’s laughable to see these little shits be released to momma, only to do the same shit the next day.
      And stop noticing things Ben, you’ll get cancelled.

      • Yep. It may be picking the fly chit out of the pepper… but it’s not “13 does 50”… it’s more like 4 or 5% does 50…

        • Beat me to it. Deduct women, the elderly, and children under 12 from the population numbers and at best it would be 6% do 50%.

          • Based5.0: Black chirren are those under age 10. Generally thereafter, the girls have reached menarche and many of them are sexually active. The boys are, by the age of 11 or 12, also sexually active and more than ready to graduate from merely stealing lunch money and assaulting Whites in stairwells or school bathrooms onto attacking oblivious Whites out on the street.

            The blatant lie about black men ceasing to be dangerous after middle age is also demonstrably false. There are countless stories about them robbing and raping. The black ‘elderly’ are being revealed, through the White science of DNA, to be heretofore uncaught criminals instead of merely old grandparents (except for the black grannies with ‘thu diabEtiss”). Almost every week one can find a story in the press about grandaddy age 65 being linked, via DNA, to a rape or murder committed when he was 45.

            Black women generally attack in groups, and historically limited their attacks to White women, although the recent case of a 13 year old helping carjack and kill a Pakistani shows they’ve broadened the scope of their activities. They are as criminal as their menfolk, in addition to being reproductive factories.

            In short, it is NOT “6% does 50%.” That’s
            yet another fallacy of the ‘respectable’ dissident right, who are anxious to virtue signal they don’t ‘hate’ the other, they just love their own. The only non-criminal blacks are those who haven’t yet been caught. The reality is far more like 12.5% does 50. They’re almost all feral, it merely varies by degree and is hidden by dissimulation.

    • Don’t worry. The smokin’ hot babe with the Brooklyn accent will be along soon to make things right.

      • “Don’t worry. The smokin’ hot babe with the Brooklyn accent will be along soon to make things right.”



        • I’m guessing Marisa Tomei, from the concluding court scene in “My Cousin Vinny.”

  25. Something sounds fishy when the Strong Woman cop says she “accidentally” pulled her pistol rather than her taser. I used to carry a lot of lethal weapons (and non-lethal, such as flash bangs or smoke grenades) back in my Marine days, and I knew exactly without a doubt what each one was by feel, in the dark and exactly where each one hung on my deuce gear.

    That being said, grandma age women shouldn’t be out “policing” Africans-in-America in the first place. But we’re long past rational thinking on that.

    • Not only that, the tasers issued to cops have a bright yellow or orange bit of plastic on the business end so it is clear they are non-lethal. Not only did she not noticed the thing in her hand was twice the weight of the taser, it was a different color. It means this woman was completely unprepared for that situation. She should not have been in that position. Frankly, we should not have to live like this.

      • Anything a man can do a woman can do as well or better.
        President Potato(cue the “circus music”)

      • Can we say “affirmative action” hire?

        This is what happens when “diversity” trumps ability/competence.

        American Airlines better wake the hell up.

        • Well, she’s 48 and was hired in 1995. For a long time she was probably the sole “lady cop” in the department. That used to be a thing in the area where I live — every department seemed to have one of them; they stuck out like sore thumbs and were sort of a novelty.

          My understanding from what I’ve read is that she was largely a long-time administrator, but had been training the rookie black cop. She stuck her paws right in the middle of his apparently-failing attempt to cuff that 20-year-old and caused the whole thing to escalate.

          Nothing better encapsulates Our Situation than this incident. Diversity hire can’t put handcuffs on a suspect, 48-year-old white woman gets involved, Death shows up on the scene immediately.

          • Not sure how they mount their weapons systems, but here the taser is mounted across from strong hand, somewhat cross-draw, on front of belt, toward weak side A reflex strong hand, quick draw, will not reflexively/mistakenly draw the taser instead of the firearm and visa versa.

            That being said, emotion and fear cause many seemingly inexplicable errors.

      • Grabbing the wrong tool or continuing with the wrong action while being convinced you’re doing the right thing happens in other areas of life. Pedal misapplication between the gas and the brake is a good example. People are so sure that they’re pressing the brake pedal when they’re standing on the gas that they drive right through their garage. So it is a real phenomenon.

        In the case of grabbing a gun instead of a Taser, I think part of the problem is that the operation of the Taser is designed (on purpose) to build off of the same motions and skills developed during firearm training. The idea is to piggyback the Taser deployment onto skills such as target acquisition, sight alignment, and trigger discipline learned with the firearm.

        However, cops do a lot more training with firearms than they do with Tasers. They also do much more dynamic training, such as quick fire drills, with their guns. Taser qualification and subsequent requalifications tend to be static. You only fire one or maybe two Taser cartridges a year as opposed to dozens of bullets because Taser cartridges are expensive.

        On the street Taser deployments tend to be static as well. It’s not usually a quick response weapon. Most Taser deployments, if you watch You Tube videos and the like, you can see coming from a mile away. One cop is talking to a naked maniac in the middle of the street to distract him while a second cop sneaks up and zaps him. Stuff like that. Essentially, most of the times in which a Taser is deployed, it’s a (relatively) strategic deployment as part of a plan.

        In this case Potter was responding to a dynamic situation that was unfolding rapidly. The “lizard brain” response, reinforced by thousands of rounds fired during dynamic firearms drills over a 20+ year career, was to draw the firearm, not the Taser.

        She’s still responsible and should be held to account. But it seems more to me that at best it would be the Minnesota equivalent of reckless homicide, which in KY is 1- 5 years in prison and is, in fact, probatable. It might not even be a criminal matter at all, but better handled through the civil court process alone through a wrongful death lawsuit. Not every bad thing that hapoens is a crime.

        • “Pedal misapplication between the gas and the brake is a good example. People are so sure that they’re pressing the brake pedal when they’re standing on the gas that they drive right through their garage. So it is a real phenomenon.”

          Doesn’t happen for those who drive manual… 😉

        • Those 124 grain gold dots cost $1.50+/round now.

          124 grains = .258 Troy ounces

          Each gold dot is worth about $5.81/ozt. + shipping and misrepresentation and climbing every day.

          LEOs aren’t doing much shooting at all anymore. I have not heard of any airsoft training or the adoption of the Glock 44 for 22lr simulated training. In the interest of fiscal sensitivity, I think more traffic camera and fewer LEOs is the answer.

      • Karen Cop, being biologically female, went into a panic-induced state of psychosis. It’s a survival mechanism. She survived.

        • Not only unprepared but incapable. Women policing men is just as fatuous as men in sundresses playing women’s sports.

      • Panicked? Am I to assume that in the world of police work, noting the middling IQ of those so employed, on average … that arresting an African American male was such a unique event that it overwhelmed her training?

        From my experience, female cops are the worst, worst in that form of employment. Without reference to questions relating to their ability to carry a wounded comrade, victim, they bring myriad pathologies to the work. “Proving” they are better than man (or at least equal), misandry expressed in ways large and small, it goes on.

        The worst examples I have seen is when a lady cop rolls up on a scene with male LEOs already there and tries to “take charge”.

      • Alternatively, when you panic, you revert to your training. By rote, not conscious thought.

        First thought was she sailed through training without challenge; who would dare suggest she wasn’t any good or even just needed extra training?

        Failing out of training was never an option.

        • You train so you don’t panic. The job takes training, courage and the right temperament. Sheriff Taylor was unable to train Deputy Fife.

      • I was in 13 firefights in Vietnam. I was 19. I didn’t panic. I went by my training and killed communists. I came back alive.

        • Yes, Hoagie, but you were sent in to do a job by people that had some idea of what you’d face and how you need to respond to it. Today we have vibrant diverse leaders (or “Jewish men in dresses”, as our esteemed blog host likes to say) – and they have no clue how the real world works.

          We are now in what the NRx boys call a purity spiral. Chauvin committed proximity racism when he restrained George Floyd, and cultural diversity had nothing to do with the incident! The only thing that will fix it is MOAR diversity!

          I sometimes sit here and wonder what planet I’m on… and where all these lunatics came from… and how they got control…

          • Here’s how–Garet Garret writing of the 1920’s–
            To the revolutionary mind the American vista must have been almost as incredible as Genghis Khan’s first view of China–so rich, so unaware. Why should anyone fear government? Its cruel and cynical suspicion of any motive but its own was a reflection of something it knew about itself. Its voice was the voice of righteousness; its methods therefore were more dishonest than the simple ways of corruption.

        • Ah, no kidding? What years? I was there as a private in ’73 during the military withdrawal, then went back again in the spring of ’75 with a Ranger detachment to secure the remaining Americans out of Saigon. The embassy fell later in April, of course, but State adamantly refused to leave until it was damn near too late.

          • My father-in-law was there in Quang Ngai 1964-1965. The two prior officers in the position he filled were killed.

    • Speaking from the armchair and no industry knowledge of course. But am I wrong on the following assumptions:
      (1) TAZERs are far from reliable; both in the barbs hitting the target and even when contact is made, in immobilizing him.
      (2) They police are justified in using force, up to an including deadly force, if they have reasonable reason to believe that a suspect has a weapon, or is reaching for a weapon.

      Here in FL last year, there was a case where a couple “youths” (young Black males, of course) were loitering around a shopping center. They were approached by cops. One ran away from them and was shot dead by the officer. Suspect did indeed have a handgun, even though he didn’t draw it. At least in the initial news report, there was no indication the cops did anything wrong. Perhaps FL has not gotten as pozzed as the other parts of our nation, and there are fewer rabid left DA’s looking to crucify cops on the slightest pretext.

      In any case, I second Z’s suggestion that, if stopped by cops, you act civilized and obey all instructions. I know from checking statistics that (at least prior to 2020’s boom), very nearly 1000 people are shot dead by cops each year. Virtually all of those shootings are justified (except according to BLM & Co.) Virtually all of those were by suspects acting stupid, which got them killed.

      They really, really should teach this stuff in schools, especially to the at-risk population.

      • Speaking from experience in answer to your questions:

        1. Yes. The Taser’s effectiveness is degraded by so many potential factors that I would guess they work as intended in less than 50% of deployments. When I say “work as intended,” I mean that both probes hit the target, pierce through clothing, and are spread far enough apart that the current is funneled through the target’s body in a way as to achieve neuromuscular disruption that “locks up” the target so that he collapses in a helpless heap for handcuffing. If one of the probes misses the target or gets tangled in clothing or even if both probes attach but are too close together, then the suspect may get a nasty shock, but it’s just pain and won’t “freeze” them. Now that shock may be nasty enough to the suspect that he gives up to avoid another one, so that would still be classified as a “successful” deployment, but it’s not really, IMO.

        2. It really just depends. Each situation has to be judged on its own merits. I know that’s not a satisfying answer, but mere possession of a weapon and especially just suspicion of possession of a weapon isn’t enough to just light somebody up. There needs to be something more to articulate a threat, such as sudden movements consistent with attempting to draw the weapon, noncompliance with lawful orders, etc. It’s not necessarily a lot, but it is something besides just having a weapon.

        • In theory anyway, here an LEO has no more right to fire his weapon than a similar placed citizen. In practice it seems many LEO’s are granted great deference in shootings. Can’t count the number of videos of shootings I’ve seen where the suspect was shot while running away—albeit after presenting a credible threat. You try that and see where that gets you.

      • Cars and guns kill roughly the same number in most years. Nobody is terrified to get behind the wheel. Around 60% of gun deaths are suicides. I wonder how many of the remaining 30% involve cops and criminals. Therefore, Normie, minding his business and staying out of trouble, shouldn’t be afraid of guns.

    • Grandma aged women?
      Try 5 foot nothing, and 90 pounds with gear. That’s what the academy is turning out these days. That’s men and women.

    • This situation went wrong because the officers failed to close the car door and remove the keys from the vehicle while the perp was being handcuffed. In lieu thereof, they should have moved the perp to the rear of the vehicle, or at least away from the open car door. There were at least three officers on the scene and no indication that they were working in any sort of coordinated fashion. Absolutely terrible police work all around.

    • #1 absolutely love your username. Do you also crawl out of cold bowls of soup to steal the hopes and dreams of young children?

      #2 as a city firefighter, I can tell you her incompetence is not terribly surprising. We don’t train nearly as much as the marines, plus the most incompetent people are rarely written up. Things like that happen all the time at fires. I imagine it’s much the same for cops.

  26. In many ways the Dems are repeating the Spanish Leftist govt 1931-1936 in the run up to the Spanish Civil War; using democracy and govt to outlaw the opposition. The difference being there is no Right so they win by default.

    As far as the military and whites leaving or suffering, this is good, they will and should stay, sooner or later the group may get pushed too far and that is what is lacking- a group , organization.

    They haven’t had our backs in a generation at the top, but the lower level leaders have adjusted from necessity, and loyalty to their men.
    The Left gets the downside of ineffective repression- it just angers people and forces them together. < the dynamics of ineffective repression also a feature of the Spanish Left.

    No problem solves itself, there must be a group that solves it.

    • I am literally a past student of Spain’s civil war, but only through literature, and since it was in a university, my learning was heavily weighted to left/liberal and much of it through fiction, for that matter. My knowledge of the actual history then, is spotty.

      Nonetheless, your comment is absolutely right. Up to its most recent (1930s) war, Spain itself had a long history of many bloody internal wars, between basically modern liberals and conservative traditionalists. The nation would swing from monarchist/conservative to democratic/liberal and back again, every few decades.

      Over its 500+ year history, European/Catholic Spain had a reputation for cruelty and ruthlessness rarely equalled by any other European power. Some of their atrocities in the new world make the English/American colonials look like pansies in comparison.

      One take-away I got from my professors was the claim, which I have no reason to doubt, was that both sides were very brutal, and after the Nationalists won, more citizens died AFTER the war than during it. In the nearly half century since Franco handed over power, Spain has become a sparkling example of democracy, or if you prefer, the textbook picture of the decadence of a civilization when the lunatic fringes of a country are allowed to run unchecked. Only time will tell if and when the pendulum will swing back. This time, El Cid is going to have a hell of a lot more Africans, Moors or Sub-Saharans, to push out of the Iberian Peninsula.

  27. Here’s a thought. If “[n]o one knows what’s going on because we can’t trust anything we’re being told”, then why listen? I no longer even bother to read alleged news sites because I know damned well that even if a few nuggets of fact come.my way they’re going to be wrapped so thickly in spin and opinion as to be lies. Besides, since there is squat all I can do about any of it I see no reason to worry about it. No, I am not burying my head in the sand. All that does is make your ass a better target. I keep up with major events of the day; I simply do not dwell on shit over which I have no control. I get what knowledge of current events I do from reading blogs such as the ZMan’s, American Thinker, Flopping Aces and Townhall and associated sites plus comments. I figure those folks are going to be interested in pretty much the same things I am and their take on them will be much more useful to me. Frankly I see no reason to get overly concerned about which Democrat-dominated city is burning today unless it is San Antonio where I live. And as for HR1 and the efforts to pack the SCOTUS so as to complete the transformation into a.full-on banana republic, again there isn’a damned thing I can do about it so why fret over it?

    I think of it this way. Imagine the news came out Sunday that a dinosaur-killer sized rock was heading towards the planet on a for-sure collision course with impact expected in 18 months. What really would have changed from Saturday to Sunday? 18 months mightJUST POSSIBLY – be sufficient time to prepare shelters for sufficient numbers of people to survive to – possibly – repopulate the earth. But for me and the vast, VAST majority of the people of the earth there would be no hope whatsoever. We’re all going to die eventually anyhow. Having once before been under a death sentence, I know for a certainty I, for one, would just as soon NOT know it was coming. Ignorance may not be bliss but neither is is anxiety.

    • Well said. It is hard not to get black pilled over everything that’s going on (or not) these days. But as Z said, it’s spring, the weather is great, plants are leafing out and flowers are blooming.
      Better to enjoy the time and spend it with friends – take a hike, a drive, go fishing etc. Life is too short to get depressed about the things we can’t control.

  28. Perhaps it’s bad form to comment prior to listening to the pod cast, but Z Man writes: “We cannot know what African scholars will call this time, but it will most likely focus on the silliness of the age”.
    There is something about that sentence that doesn’t make sense. Or, is that the point?

    • “African scholars”? Something just a tad oxymoronic about that phrase. Jogger scholars are probably less rare than hens’ teeth but I suspect are not just a hell of a lot less so.

      Sidebar: Something I’ve been pondering lately. Is there any jogger-run nation on the planet today that is NOT a third world hellhole?

      • “Something I’ve been pondering lately. Is there any jogger-run nation on the planet today that is NOT a third world hellhole?”

        Apparently, Barbados is relatively decent, but on the whole you’re right. And long may it continue, because my stock response to a person upset about racial differences is “why is Africa the way it is?”.

        I am doing a survey of South African newspapers at the moment, and one of the ones I am using is called the Pietermaritzburg Witness. The first thing I saw when I browsed to the website was a poll asking whether taxpayer’s dollar-ee-doos should be spent on providing protection to local political leaders. Why? Because the province of Natal has had twenty assassinations since 2019 of such leaders. Africa wins again.

        • Owing to a massive influx of white tourism currency, some of those Caribbean nations are tolerable. YT comes in and builds resort hotels and restaurants for white tourists, and the negroes make a halfway decent living out of it. But when the white sand beaches are scarce you get Haiti, the Burkina Faso of the western hemisphere.

      • Mr. Mullins – oxymoric was my first take.
        If there is a jogger run country on planet earth that is not a hell hole it’s one of the most well kept secrets evah.

        • Damn! I was ssssooooooo hoping I was wrong and missed one. Oh, well, joggers gonna be joggers. Ain’t no fixing that.

          • You know, Michael, if we don’t stop writing shit like this SOMEbody is gonna label us RACISTS!!😯😛

    • It is the victors, our replacements, Africans who will be writing the history books. Lagos, Rap music, 1619, Biden,and Coates replacing Athens, classical music, 1976, Pericles and Shakespeare.

      • If you think the Africans will beat out Latinos or Asians then you haven’t been paying attention.

        • Latinos pushing the brothers out of California is absolutely radioactive to the MSM.

        • Be careful what you wish for. Think how pissed off Africans will be when they realize that after they remove their white oppressors, that they will come to learn true oppression from their new masters, brown and yellow people.

    • The Z-man’s way of testing if his readers have had a collective stroke is to throw in a test line implying he’s had an individual one,

    • it’s ambiguous. does “African” refer to the birthplace of the scholar, or the location he is studying.

    • The African scholars won’t find anything useful from this age.

      They will trample our gardens to mire, they will bury our city in fire;
      Our women await their desire, our children the clang of the chain.
      Our grave-eyed judges and lords they will bind by the neck with cords,
      And harry with whips and swords till they perish of shame or pain,
      And the great lapis lazuli dome where the gods of our race had a home
      Will break like a wave from the foam, and shred into fiery rain.
      No more on the long summer days shall we walk in the meadow-sweet ways
      With the teachers of music and phrase, and the masters of dance and design.
      No more when the trumpeter calls shall we feast in the white-light halls;
      For stayed are the soft footfalls of the moon-browed bearers of wine,
      And lost are the statues of Kings and of Gods with great glorious wings,
      And an empire of beautiful things, and the lips of the love who was mine.

      We have vanished, but not into night, though our manhood we sold to delight,
      Neglecting the chances of fight, unfit for the spear and the bow.
      We are dead, but our living was great: we are dumb, but a song of our State
      Will roam in the desert and wait, with its burden of long, long ago,
      Till a scholar from sea-bright lands unearth from the years and the sands
      Some image with beautiful hands, and know what we want him to know.

      • Yes. But just think. Without our kind to invent new life sustaining technology and maintain existing high technology, Malthus will be proven right (his only real mistake was not predicting the effects of the industrial revolution would have upon farming) and they will FEKKING STARVE in the HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS!! Atlas won’t have a chance to shrug. He’ll simply end up crushed; bled dry from a.thousand cuts!

        (of course WE won’t be around to actually see it)

  29. If it weren’t for knowing some basic History, I’d be laughing my ass off pretty much every day here in Clown World — aka Am&rica, as Joey Junger put it above (any relation to Ernst? Now there’s a guy who should be on every dissident’s reading list). I thought I’d seen peak stupid back in my ivory tower days, but the Carny Folk in “charge” never cease to amaze. TS Eliot said that the world ends not with a bang, but a whimper — I guess he couldn’t think up a snappy rhyme for “ends to the honking of a clown nose and the whissssh of a seltzer bottle.” (PS I just learned yesterday that that song everyone knows as “generic circus music” is called “Entry of the Gladiators.” I propose using that in place of the Star Spangled Banner from now on).

  30. I was reading an article (or rather glancing at it against my will) on Yahoo! News about the Chavin Trial. It was b.s. as usual, but what got my attention was the misspelling. The article headline was something like: “Witness T&stimony moves Family to Tears.” That wasn’t a typo from my end; an ampersand was really just dangling out from a headline.

    We’re pretty close to Idiocracy-levels, where you go to Saint God’s Hospital to get your Covid tattoo. God Bless Am&rica.

    • When I listen to the news on the radio I’m constantly amazed by the number of grammatical mistakes, mispronunciation of (local, national, and international) place names, etc. Print media’s even worse.

    • News organizations are losing money so copy editors have become an unaffordable luxury. There are almost no resources available for conventional investigative reporting now. And the writing talents of reporters and columnists have decreased over the last few generations as well. I think some of this is due to the browning of American (and with it all industry, including the news), some of it relates to diminished educational standards. In any event, the lost writing capabilities matter little to news organizations as increasingly the metric they follow is engagement, which is best stoked via emotive projection on twitter and tiktoc.

      And all of this is a good thing for the people in charge because facts and well informed public are an impediment to their plans for the future. From an elite perspective, an ideal voter in our new democracy has no connection to facts and responds to emotive projection which is entirely artificial. Facts can’t easily be controlled while emotive projection can be turned on and off like water at the faucet.

      While facts are an increasingly scarce commodity at news organizations and in public sphere, they remain very valuable to private individuals and organizations. As the advancement of technology stagnates, and arbitrage of labor between first and third world countries retards returns on capital investment, hoarding and exploitation of privatized of facts is one of the last reliable ways to make money in our speculative economy.

  31. What’s the problem? Federal Reserve and Treasury officials have discovered that it’s now possible to enpixelate an infinite amount of money, something leaders have been trying to get away with for many centuries. Those bogus funds are necessary to purchase the loyalty of both the army of bureaucrats and the hoi polloi they regulate. It might work out in the short term, especially for the various grifts of the financial industry but it can’t survive in the long term.

    • And you can use that awesome digital currency to purchase the latest fad art – NFT. It’s the next big thing – Sotheby’s says so. Fake “art” with fake money, hyped by fake news
      – honk, honk.

    • A buddy of mine said that the property managers put signs on everyone’s door (I guess so as to not single anyone out) after the last StimCheck saying that those StimBux provided a great opportunity to get caught up on their rent. The place where he lives is pretty okay, in a pretty okay area, so I’m starting to think a lot of the economic euphoria may be from people, you, not having any housing costs for more than a year. What’s (darkly) amusing is that when the eviction moratorium sunsets the only people landlords will have to replace all their evicted tenants will be people who were evited by other landlords. As for the people who played by the rules, they’ll be made to look like suckers.

      • “As for the people who played by the rules, they’ll be made to look like suckers.“

        You mean like the people who worked and studied and hustled to earn scholarships and paid their way, with their parents help, through a third-tier state college degree or technical certification, or went to a more prestigious school and actually paid off their student loans – those people who will look like suckers when President Potato forgives all the loans of the purple-haired loafers and po’faced diversity admissions who got “xxxxxx Studies” degrees from Ivy League hedge funds disguised as universities and HBPUs (Hysterically Black Pretend Universities)?

        Those suckers?


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