Carny World

If you were to make a rule in your company that prohibited the hiring of left-handed people, over time your firm would have only righties. Sure, a few lefties would try to pass themselves off as righties and work to undermine the rule, but if you were vigilant the left-handed would be eliminated from the company. The reason for this is over time, it would become part of the culture. The left-handed, even those posing as the right-handed, would eventually be detected and removed.

This may sound a bit weird, but company culture is a real thing and these sorts of rules have been done in the past. Airlines used to hire only women as stewardesses, and they had size requirements. The women had to fit the uniform size range. This was a signal that they wanted petite, pretty girls for the job. Not only did this rule eliminate the big girls, but it also eliminated the homely. The uniform requirement and associated marketing sent a signal to the homely girls that they were not welcome.

This sort of selection works in human societies as well. If for some reason a society decided that left-handed people were dangerous or degenerate, over time the left-handed would become very rare. The lefties would have fewer mating prospects, so fewer of them would reproduce. We know this is true, because northern Europeans have a variety of eye colors. Unusual eye color became a mark of beauty, especially in women, so the result was a proliferation of eye colors.

Of course, people do not sit around thinking, “How can we create a set of cultural rules in order to eliminate the left-handed?” Cultural rules just sort of happen. They evolve through experience and the changes they create in the people. It is a dynamic that can only be understood from a distance, the distance of time. People in northern Europe did not notice the changing standards of beauty that rewarded bright eyes, light skin and light hair. They just noticed the cute blond girl in the next hut.

This is something to consider in the political realm. Different political and cultural systems select for and against different things. The Janteloven in the Nordic countries is a set of informal rules of conduct. The result is a political economy that strikes most Americans as boring in the academic socialist sort of way. Generations of selecting for people inherently humble and eager for comprise means their politic-economy reflects the nature of the dominant type on these societies.

In America we see the opposite. Democracy will always select for the flamboyant and dramatic, because the coin of the realm is persuasion. You cannot persuade people unless they notice you, so getting noticed is the top priority. This was true on Ancient Athens, where persuasion and flamboyance became precious qualities. The sophists went around promising to teach young men of wealth how to be gifted orators, which meant being able to hold a crowd and make compelling arguments.

Of course, there are many ways to get the attention of the people. Until fairly recent in America, this meant doing something important. Generals used to make good presidents, because they had done attention getting deeds and been trained in how to speak to men in order to convince them of the cause. Successful lawyers were always good at politics, because they are selected for their ability to persuade. Into the 20th century, America was largely ruled by lawyers and generals.

The mass media age has changed this dynamic. Ronald Reagan was the first carny to become President. They say television elected Kennedy over Nixon, which may be true, but Reagan was the first pure carny act to exploit mass media. Bill Clinton hired Hollywood producers to sell his candidacy, based on his observations of how Reagan used mass media. The Clintons revolutionized media relations. Instead of responding to the media, they perfected the manipulation of it.

Over the last forty years, American politics has been taken over by actors, performers, producers, storytellers and so on. It is just a show. If you want to be in politics, it means being a show man. You have to have an act, something you do that sets you apart from the other acts on the stage. Ocasio-Cortez is a national figure because she came up with an act that appeals to the women of her generation. She is as dumb as a hamster and has no useful skills, but she may be President one day.

This new high status type, the shameless attention whore interested only in appealing to the base instincts of the mob, is having an effect on society. Younger generations, especially the women, are relentless drama queens. The “woke culture” stuff is really just a way for talentless young women to get attention. Male video game culture seems to be a similar phenomenon. It is a way to be special without having to do anything that is difficult or demanding. You get to be a hero from the couch.

The main difference between the selection pressure we see today and natural section is that nature tends to select for a narrow utility. That which makes it more likely for your genes to continue is rewarded. Selecting for attention whores and drama queens is not making the political class better at perpetuating itself. It is hard to see how the current political class could survive a genuine crisis. Their inability to contend with a minor public health issue and urban unrest is a warning.

More important, it is hard to see how a society can perpetuate itself when it selects for the most useless people. The thing that makes life increasingly unpleasant is not the feckless carnies of the political class. The daily annoyance comes from the metastasizing army of malignant male feminists and mentally unstable females lecturing us on trivialities. We have created a surplus of people who serve no purpose other than to distract us from the things that should matter most.

For most of human civilization, carny world served society. The deviants could be sent off to the circus and the circus provided welcomed entertainment. The circus, however, was always on the edge of society, never a part of it. Inside the circus was a riot of degeneracy and mayhem, but society kept it bottled up. Today the roles are reversed, with normality marginalized and the circus operating at the center. It turns out that the end of history is a world run by carnies.

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271 thoughts on “Carny World

  1. Chemical plant safety is also an example of corporate culture. Either your company is safety minded or it ain’t. It takes years and years to evolve into a safe working culture. Unless your company has the balls to ruthlessly weed out careless, ignorant, employees. Unions and effeminate managers of the recent past have mostly eliminated that remedy.

  2. The managerial class’ seeming inability to deal with a minor public health issue and urban violence is a feature not a bug. They got the results the elite wanted.

    Whether the elite can deal with a real crisis will depend on whether they want to solve it or use it for their goals. The elite is far more astute than our side gives them credit for being. Both the Covid hysteria and the Jogger rebellion have worked out extremely well for the ruling class

    • In the short term. If things really fall apart, those elite are going to go the way of the Romanovs, the Bourbons, and the Caucescus.

  3. The Janteloven doesn’t select for humbleness, just for the human wilderness skill of mimicry, so as not to be a target of human envy.
    That the envy-driven would call fearing their envy “humbleness” is very reasonable.

    It selects for the kind of person opposite to your kind, Z Man, as well as the reader of this blog or Taki. Funny, seeing how well you write of it.

    • Did anyone else feel like the Tater Joe image [in front of Kamala-Toe & Nantzy Eggplant] was actually a blue screen overlay?

      On the feed I was watching, there was a strong sense of software clipping at the boundaries of Tater Joe’s jacket sleeves.

      Here’s a snapshot of Tater & Toe & Eggplant:

      And here’s a bilateral close-up of the software clipping on the sleeves of his jacket:

      Having studied the blue screen of the mysterious magical disappearing microphone cover a few weeks ago, it was rather jarring to watch the software clipping this evening.

      Apparently Medal of Honor winner Tater Joe bravely ventured out into the crowd afterwards and fist-bumped with the wh0re from the Cheney family crime syndicate, which I guess is supposed to prove that the speech was in fact real.

      But do you suppose the Cheney family wh0res are so utterly corrupt that they’d volunteer as actresses in a blue screen fake?

      Because that’s pretty much where I’m at now in muh estimation of Carny-Klown-World: Crime family syndicate wh0res volunteering as actresses in blue screen fakes.

      • Curious why the JIDF would down-voat that kkk0mment, other than maybe just simple malice.

        I don’t think I named any j00z whatsoever, although Kamala-Toe is married to one.

        Maybe the JIDF is worried about people simply noticing the blue screen effects.

  4. Faceberg just crushed earnings expectations.

    Next week I expect Basement Joe to announce a national campaign to irrigate crops with Brawndo.

      • Can you imagine the kinds of neuropsychiatric structures which would be moved to make a consumer purchase simply because of having seen an advertisement on F@ceC0ck?

        On a related note, muh back of the envelope calculation is that about 90% of the so-called “For Sale” ads on F@ceC0ck Marketplace are completely fake, whereas, by contrast, about 90% of the “For Sale” ads on Craigslist tend to be real people selling real items.

        Which, in turn, leads me to believe that about 90% of the viewership which Phuckerberg claims to be offering his advertisers is in fact purely a software fiction.

        • Well now I understand why the JIDF downvoated that one – Phuckerberg is a legit Top 5 Uber-Sanhedrin in the entire world of Mammon – so the downvoat makes sense there.

  5. “Male video game culture seems to be a similar phenomenon. It is a way to be special without having to do anything that is difficult or demanding. You get to be a hero from the couch.”

    It’s simply the last place where men can act like men. All those predominately-female drama queens, they need an audience, and men sneaking off to game like men in the man-cave has thus become an entire category of Narrative Violations.

    • Gunner Q – Disagree. I in no way consider hard-core gamers to be ‘manly’ men. A woodsman, a hunter, a warrior, an outdoor lineman – many working-class Whites. But gaming as a bastion of masculinity – particularly when I’ve read of numerous games being updated and filled to the brim with ‘wokeness’? I don’t think so.

      • Ang1in seems to have faith in the gaming communititty, and his ear to the ground of the true cultural zeitgeist is better than almoast any Boomer’s.

        • Was that a downvoat by a JIDF employee, or by a Boomer, or by a JIDF employee who is also a Boomer*?

          *Typically we’d be talking retired SUNY professors of psychology in their spare time trying to squeeze a few extra shekels** outta poor Yossi Cohen.

          **Of course, if you’re an Heritage American, then it’s your tax dollars which Yossi’s spending.

  6. One might quite legitimately opine that today’s world is truly the ultimate minstrel show.

    Might be a good business opportunity–getting into the blackface business.

    • That business seems to have worked out pretty well for the cuban Prime Minister of Canada, Justin T. Castro.

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  8. Every now and then I imagine what would have happened on Jan. 6 if there were really men holding office in Congress.

    Can you imagine an Andrew Jackson or a George Washington, even a Teddy Roosevelt ducking into a tunnel and fleeing before the protestors?

    I have this fantasy vision of an actual great man, standing there at the speaker’s lectern, waiting calmly as the protestors arrived. And he welcomes them, and their right to be in their Capitol. He invites them to stay and sit. He waits for the room to fill. And he speaks to them.

    Of course, if there were real men in Congress, Jan. 6 wouldn’t have needed to happen.

    • Vizzini – Just as true leaders don’t need to proclaim they are leaders, manly men don’t need to go around thumping their chests or demanding their mancaves. Every space is their space if they so choose.

    • I can’t help but feel an undeniable excitement when Lindsey Graham boldly declares, “We’re going to take back the House in 2022, we’re going to take back the Senate in 2024, and then, by gum, by golly, we’re going to WIN!”

    • “I have this fantasy vision of an actual great man, standing there at the speaker’s lectern, waiting calmly as the protestors arrived. And he welcomes them, and their right to be in their Capitol. He invites them to stay and sit. He waits for the room to fill. And he speaks to them.”

      And then he leads the crowd to John Robert’s house and has him arrested and put on speedy trial for crimes against American humanity. Found guilty, he is sentenced via contrapasso to a life of white slavery in China. His children, which he purchased from an Ecuadorian woman are joyfully reunited with their birth mother. And everyone was happy ever after.

    • May be some interesting dirt there. I don’t usually follow these conspiriracies, alleged, probable or confirmed, but the traditional rule is where there’s smoke, there’s fire.His Facebook/Twitter quote is curious, if authentic. Late in 2020 when the Hunter Biden Laptop was hot in the news, it was reported that Giuliani had one copy of the disk. Giuliani, I hope, is no fool. If you have incriminating evidence, you certainly don’t just keep one copy of it. So I hope that any smoking guns will be released. Do us a public service, sir!

    • On April 15, Biden signed an executive order assuming emergency powers of civil asset forfeiture against everybody that D.C. accuses of being a Russian agent. Looks like Giuliani is the first head to roll.

      Although I notice they bothered to get a search warrant this time.

  9. If you want to see the most transparent carny show on Earth, the CA recall election is coming up. We’ll literally have the bearded lady (Caitlyn) vs. Randy Quaid. I think is actually good if you want democracy delegitimized.

    • It’s been posited that both Bruce Jenner & Arnold Schwartzenegger were doing so damned many steroids in the 1970s that their ‘nads shrivelled up and stopped making testosterone and that’s why they both aged into septuagenarian girly men.

      Plus I’m sure (((The Tribe))) which runs j00llywood had beaucoups blackmail material on both of them.

      • LOL’ing at the JIDF trying to cover up the fact that the Tribe has blackmail material on all the shegetz actors & shiksa actresses in j00llywood.

        Y’all are phreaking hilarious, muh hebes.

        Phreaking hilarious.

  10. Looks like the carnies put Nick Fuentes on the No Fly List

    But not to worry, I’m sure Trump will be right there to speak up and fight for him / s

    More and more, turns out Ron Paul was always right. These no fly lists and wars and so forth were ultimately to be turned against us. I doubt normie con ever imagined the military would use its training and practice in urban warfare in the Muslim world against him, or that the No Fly List would ever be used against him. No, that would always be libtards on those lists. Or that the border wall might be used to lock him in instead locking others out. Preposterous !! We are a nation of free men and the world is all dying to come here…

    Blah blah blah

    Methinks it’s getting close to that time to start considering Mr. Normie Con as an enemy rather than a potential ally

    • When I see white people flying the Stars and Stripes, I feel nothing but contempt.

      • For me, it’s ambivalence. I won’t necessarily walk over to chat with such a person as I would with someone flying the rebel flag or the Betsy Ross flag or the Gadsden.

      • I fly the flag proudly for all the relatives and friends who came back, fucked up mentally and physically, and the ones who did’nt come back at all. Keep that in mind my friend.

    • Normie Con is both an enemy and a potential ally. His world is collapsing so there is no need to alienate him. He will be needed even if he never can be trusted. A lot of White leftists have have future recruitment potential, too, with the same caveat

  11. Some odd synchronicity today…both Vox Day and the Amerika guys have made similarly themed posts.

    • I hadn’t checked in with Vox for a while. He quotes this article written by a black conservative:

      “The truth is that victimhood is intertwined with the politics of black solidarity. Unless Republicans abandon the message of self-help, blacks will never perceive them as an attractive option to Democrats, and it is a waste of time for Republicans to specifically target black voters.”

      Let that message sink in, normie conservatives. To win the black vote, you must pander harder to blacks than Democrats. (Trump’s multi-billion dollar Platinum Plan was insufficient.)

      • Line – This article was already featured and discussed at Counter Currents, and was first posted at Amren (part of Jared Taylor’s outreach to non-White ‘race realists’). What Vox Day does not address in his post today as that Matthews characterizes blacks (and others’) ‘tribal’ politics as ‘childish.’ He posts that more mature individuals, like Whites, ought to shun such limited thinking.

        Lipton Matthews, as a black of whatever political persuasion, does not have White interests at heart. He doesn’t want Whites to become more tribal and cohesive because then he, as a black outlier, would not be welcome. Like everyone else, he is concerned about himself first. I’m really sick and tired of being presented with various numinous Negroes and magic mulattoes and happy hapas and being told I need to listen to them because they’re part of ‘my’ people.

      • Doing anything with Blacks, other than avoiding them, is a waste of one’s time.

  12. One of the problems with this situation is that carnies project their own values on others. They look at social interaction as nothing more than marketing, public relations. They think that everything stated publicly is part of some manipulation, some scam. So when real Americans say, “here is a red line. You cross it, we start shooting,” they think it’s a performance. They think it’s part of a negotiating strategy.

      • Get ready. They are setting up to use “vax refusal” as a pretext for taking the children, the guns, the jobs, etc. Anti-vaxxers are the new terrorists. Your neighbors will receive bonus credits for reporting you in the name of “public safety”.

  13. The people running the show, while being circus people, are also venal cowards. Given their total lack of any higher morality that makes civilization possible, and their constant ax grinding, I foresee a situation in which they attempt to turn the guns on future “insurrectionists” like the ones in January. Then, maybe the average dimwitted American will get a clue, but probably not.

      • I recall something ending with “whites of their eyes”. Would seem to be sound advice in the coming times.

    • FWIW, I was dumbfounded when Trump invited his base to DC for j6. I still have not reconciled why Trump exposed his base to the risk that was actualized. There is zero chance Trump and his admin were unaware of the risk presented to his base by holding a rally in the mall on that day.

      Setting aside everything else that had gone on before that day, this was either an egregious misjudgment or a massive scapegoat that didn’t go as planned. Either way, he’s out of trust because he didn’t just put the people in DC on j6 in harm’s way, he exposed everyone who supported him in any way. As if Pence was going to be moved one way or another because of a bunch of peaceful people outside of the Capitol.


  14. “She is as dumb as a hamster and has no useful skills, but she may be President one day.”

    And on that day, the Republican establishment will be once again be lecturing us on how we must have respect for the office and work within the system.

    • And they’ll rush behind Marjorie Taylor Greene for President, the Crossfit whore, who will, by then have divorced her husband and moved in with a lesbian, using this self discovery as a campaign ad, while all the evangelicals behind her wave rainbow flags.

        • Majorie Taylor Green is a qtard, and a living embodiment of loudmouthed normie con stupidity.

          Many other basic conservatives mistake her abrasive combativeness for some kind of effective opposition to the left, which it can never be.

          • So she was Q woke at some point. Depending on where she was reading this stuff, she could have been a poster on one of the image boards. Imagine a politician that reads 8chan! And she (or her campaign) posts on Gab too. This is an almost incomprehensible level of based in a politician.

            And DR people don’t like her. LOL!!!

      • MJT seems anything but normiecon. Just that AngloSaxon business puts her in the category of Steve King, in my book. And she did it as a rookie, a disruptor as it were.

    • AOC has several useful skills: she looks good on TV, she can spout lefty bullsh*t like a pro, and she can mix her own drinks. Why would she be any worse than the addled zombie there now? The CFR billionaires and their frontmen would still be running the show anyway.

      Ignorance is Strength, comrade! Never forget that…

  15. I’m glad someone else has realized the menace that is left-handed people.

    article TL;DR:

    pray for a world war of EMPs.

    • The ongoing semiconductor shortages are going to throw a huge wrench into the plan for the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

      Any Asian conflict that damaged fabs would help.

      I’m fine with returning to a 90s or even 80s level of electronics.

        • My *car* has a cassette deck. And a manual transmission. I reckon I don’t even need to lock it. 😉

          • Mine too! Cassette and manual. When I leave home, I take off the distributor cap wire. Steal THAT, suckas!

            (ps- my fence is bamboo lattice, to keep the feral doggies and coyotes out)

          • Had a neighbor get carjacked at gunpoint by some vibrants in Atlanta.

            After he surrendered the keys, they got in, tried to drive it, but couldn’t figure out how to drive a stick shift.

            Ran away on foot.

  16. Pathologizing normalcy and empowering deviance is the postmodern way.

    Alteration through alterity, malfunction through dysfunction, subversion through perversion and destruction through diversity.

    These people hate order, beauty, stability and utility. In short, they hate civilization and, for the past 55 years or so, have been working by every waking moment to annihilate it.

      • No, this is the religion of the antichrist. THe were promoting sodomy when it was out of fashion.

        If they could gain power by promoting chastity, do you think Madonna would do their commercial s!?

        Its the operation of error, it’s possible, friends, that the end is near!

        • Sigh. Agreed. His Reign began in earnest a century ago. Thus the celebration of the Holy Roast that fed His dark power.

          His people sold you on the kiddie version so you’d sit on your hands and wait on an entity, a personage, on concrete individuals.

          Not asking you to discard it, but to read it in the manner in which it was written.

          I find it inspiring that Christians’ spiritual beliefs are utterly separate from the Book- that it was a tool against their kind, that they yet turned to the highest good.
          I trust the common wisdom of ‘superstitions’, and the Spirit that informs them.

          • Also, we atheists are the mechanics. We’ll get that part. You believers use the Book for social purposes- which, on one level, is almost entirely what it’s intended for. Even the expression of a Supreme Alpha follows the historic primate model of organizing ourselves.

      • Brilliant, and Bio Leninism describes the politics of the West. Once Stalin and Mao (really Deng Xiau Peng) won, they needed men of ability as well as loyalty to run things.

        We live in Carny World because only the dregs have loyalty. Its why Anti Fa are dregs. The footsoldiers are all child molesters, domestic abusers, the like. The organizers and high ups are all the kids of wealthy college professors. Who will inherit nothing — no title, no lands, no peasants, no money, NO STATUS. They are fearful and desperate.

        BUT, I would take issue with the post that only hope/greed for higher status works, not fear of losing it. Oh that worked to elect Trump. Indeed Trump won the last election and only massive cheating was able to overcome his lead.

        Now a Smith College prof, black (and ugly naturally) has called for killing all White people. To take their stuff and get racial revenge. He figures it will start, and its the only way to get status. The flipside is the open letter a bunch of French Generals wrote predicting a violent, race-based Civil War in France. [About 60% of males under 30 in France are Muslim or black or both]

        What happens if France suffers a Muslim/black coup and starts killing the older Whites and enslaving the rest? White people around the world realize they can lose not just status but their lives. Gun sales are already proof of that.

        Bottom line Bio Leninism of the Western Distributed variety goes to mass killing very quickly at a tipping point, and then the rule by weirdos, freaks, minorities, women, gays etc gets old fast by the highest of needs. To stay alive.

        • There is a reason magazine capacity and auto-loading (semis) firearms have been high priority action items, but I think the ship sailed when a California had the Benitez mag ban stay for a week. It’s hard to say how things would play out IRL, but a crowd of 100 zombies like we witnessed throughout summer 2020 would not win against a competent AR operator with a modest kit who knows how to shoot, move and find cover.

          NFAC orcs had negligent discharges, garbage firearms and march like red coats. In truth, the orcs in LOTR were functional warriors albeit ugly and BLM and ANTIFA are lemmings.

    • For a detailed description of the plan for subversion through perversion, see the “Protocols of Zion” circa 1905. While the true authorship is unknown, it is an amazingly prophetic work of fiction.

  17. I believe Z touched on this before, but it’s amazing how many in the elite see themselves as victims. In the political class, de Blasio and Lightfoot should be running their police departments more effectively. Instead they run around protesting the very departments that report to them, waiting for someone else to do their jobs. Cuomo orders sick people to be forced into nursing homes, and then blames Trump like he had nothing to do with it. AOC is gifted at getting attention, but that is mostly because right wing commentators love to give it to her. Like Bernie Sanders, she will be in politics for decades and never pass a single piece of meaningful legislation

    • If we’re being honest, it will only take one mistake of epic proportions to permanently put an end to the carny class. They can be tolerated (not liked, but tolerated) as long as things are good, or at least not bad. Starting a war that ends in humiliation and surrender, chronic shortages of common or essential goods, increased housing costs, a decline in health care outcomes or availability, etc. will end up spelling doom for the powers that be. It won’t happen tomorrow, probably, but it will happen eventually because no one can outrun their incompetence forever. The age of self-indulgence will eventually end, as long t has always done since time immemorial.

      • The carny class can only exist in the America… the America they are destroying. Like wildlife exhausting its habitat.

      • One thing I do not believe gets enough attention in this regard, would be any supply chain disruption for mental illness medication. Earlier last year a family member had their medication disrupted through some fluke in the supply chain – was pre-Coronadoom- and the forced withdrawal was something to behold, to say the least.

        The past year into the present I find myself wondering what it would look like to have mental illness meds disrupted en masse during a time of upheaval. Certainly wouldn’t help things, to underplay it dramatically.

        The flip side is I honesty have no idea how supply chaining works for medications, or where they’re produced, so maybe its a once-off fear of mine that isn’t actually a threat for a certain segment.

        • And that’s an issue not to be taken lightly. Years ago I had a friend that took a psych med (forget name) that could cause serious issues if suddenly stopped — seizures maybe? We were stuck in a multi-mile backup on the local interstate, I decided to drive down the median (I had 4WD at the time) and if busted, I would use her need to stay medicated as a (likely) legitimate defense. As it turned out, I got away clean.

          I suppose the risks could include permanent injury or death.

      • Why do you think the establishment is trying to press through a third stimulus package in less than six months on a budget that’s already deep into deficit?

        The math doesn’t hold up now. We are in the collapse and it is all about positioning to survive the conflict financially, physically and spiritually.

  18. Sometimes I wish I lived in a time when it was OK, even admirable, for a man to be a priest, a philosopher, a warrior-monk, etc.

    This obsession with mating has driven base materialism, peacocking— even feminism, I suspect.

    It’s an ugly, shallow world, built to please the ladies, because if you aren’t getting laid, you must be a fag.

    I will get off this ride, one way or another. Drop out? Sand in the gears? Masks and vaccines? Oh God the last 12 months have been excruciating!

    • It wasn’t too long ago, look at how the town priest was portrayed in the Song of Bernadette.: and look how the real pope’s spoke:

      “And, indeed, there is one true and holy religion on the earth founded and established by Christ the Lord Himself. It is called Catholic, Apostolic, Roman by name, the fruitful and nurturing parent of all virtues, the expeller of vices, and the liberator of souls, the touchstone of true happiness. …Further, We ask of those who invite Us to extend [Our] right hand to today’s civilization for the good of religion whether the facts are of such a kind that they can induce Christ’s Vicar here on earth — divinely appointed by [Christ] Himself, to preserve the purity of His heavenly teaching and to feed and confirm the lambs and sheep with the same teaching — to associate himself, without the gravest sin of conscience and to the most considerable scandal of everyone, with today’s civilization, a great number of the undertakings of which (never to be deplored enough) turn out [to be] evil, [and by which] so many most shocking opinions, errors, and principles are promulgated, which wholly oppose the Catholic religion and its teaching.
      …This civilization, while it bestows resources upon non-Catholic institutes and persons, despoils the Catholic Church of her most rightful possessions, and employs all measures and efforts to weaken the salutary efficacy of the Church herself. Moreover, while it grants freedom to every utterance or written work that opposes the Church and all those wholeheartedly devoted to her, and while it encourages, promotes, and fosters license, at the same time it shows itself completely circumspect and restrained in censuring the sometimes violent and cruel procedures used against those who publish the best writings; and also it administers every severity in punishing, if it should think that the boundaries of moderation are being bypassed, even if lightly, by these [authors].
      Accordingly, could a Roman Pontiff ever stretch out a friendly hand to a civilization of this sort, and sincerely enter into a treaty and mutual agreement with it?
      …We plainly and openly declare before God and men that there is absolutely no reason why We ought to be reconciled with anybody.

      Iamdudum Cernimus. Pope Pius IX, Mar. 18, 1861

      • “Pope Pius IX was himself a Freemason… Any doubt that may have existed on the question was put on one side by the discovery of the initiation of Pope Pius IX into Freemasonry in the Lodge Eterna Catena of Palermo on 15th August 1839…”

        “[However,] In 1874 the Voice of Masonry published the following item: At the semi-annual meeting of the Grand Lodge of Masons Scottish Rite of the Orient of Palermo, Italy, on 27th March last, Pope Pius IX was excommunicated from the Order…”

    • I get your sentiments, but then you’d be like the liberal who loves humanity but just doesn’t like people

      It would be hard to be a priest and worship God, or a philosopher and ponder the meaning of life but then take issue with God’s and nature’s “shallowness” in making a world where reproduction and all that comes with it are paramount

      • I don’t think nature, or human nature, is shallow. God created it, made us in His image. I do think society is exhausted, hollowed out. Maybe that’s a better way of putting it. People today are hyper-sexualized, to the point that reproduction as the be-all-end-all of life is taken for granted, yet birth rates continue to collapse. Maybe we’re trying too hard?

        • Simpler:
          “Chicks think with their c*nts”


          (Actually, there’s a line in the hand that shows it. A direct line from perception to groin, I call it the Woman’s Line, it’s so prevalent. Below the pinkie finger running diagonally towards the base, at the bottom of spinal cord or “Life” line.)

        • Ok, makes more sense.

          Yes, the world is trashy and disgusting and shallow. Especially when you consider Laquisha and all the dumb things she does for attention

  19. A wise woman [the exception proving the rule?] I know has a canned explanation for the proliferation of social taxes the harridan horde and their travelers are piling on us: “Too much free time.”

    While brevity may be the soul of wit, certainly more is in play here, but on the whole, that nugget pretty much sums it up. In the pre-tech days, when the business of business was running a business; when operating a healthy government took talent and some modicum of virtue; when raising a family was a cultural duty and blessing, not a burden, there wasn’t time for idle hands–the carny folk were rightly reserved in a tiny niche, on the margin of society. Their antics provided a momentary respite from work, but everyone recognized them as a guilty pleasure that one could only rarely indulge.

    Now, when merely existing is Sisyphean work, a daily circus is the only way many can endure the bankruptcy of social capital. Degeneracy and daily despotism are the cultural parasites carried by the carnival folk set free from their tents on the outskirts of civilization.

    • when merely existing is Sisyphean work, a daily circus is the only way many can endure the bankruptcy of social capital.

      If I am not mistaken, “bread and circuses” worked well in Rome to keep the plebs from revolting and it seems to be a functional solution today. Hadn’t thought about it that way but Reagan really WAS a carny. I remember when he began his political rise. The frequent response was “the actor?”. Hell! Even Ford and Carter wore the uniform at one time. Today’s con-artists (“con-ies” rather than “carn“-ies?) look down their noses at veterans. Most on the left consider us vets FOOLS for having put our asses on the line.

      (sometimes I think they are right)

      • That is an unfortunate yet true observation on how veterans are looked at. Walk up to someone on the street in a major city and ask simple questions about our foreign entanglements over the last 20 years. Ask them to name a city that was fought over in Iraq. Name a province in Afghanistan where heavy American losses occurred.

        They probably could not, nor would it be something that would affect their thinking. I remember in the early 2000s before 9/11 being asked why I didn’t get out of the military and start a “real” job.

        • You do realize D,.C, MSM and the Pentagon made sure to keep the people in the dark. These groups do not want a informed populace. Hence we get news that is mostly weather and sports porn with some BS local stories thrown in.

          You can watch the news for a month and still not know what is going on economically, in terms of foreign and domestic policy at the end of that time.

          It’s a feature not a bug. The same reason public schools don’t even teach kids how to think and use logic or how to analyze the news.

      • I liked Reagan, and can remember his run run for the Presidency in ‘80. A number of serious questions were brought about during his candidacy. 1) He was divorced, 2) He would be the oldest President ever upon leaving office, i.e., he was too old. 3) He was a grade “B” actor, not really smart enough for the job, 4) He was not a true veteran of the ilk of Presidents before him.

        My what a difference 40 years make.

        • It boils down to whether or not you believe Reagan was — or would be — on our side. Opinions among the DR seem to differ, but I’m with you. I liked him, I still like him, and I think he was a necessary prophet on the road to salvation. There are lessons to be learned from both his successes and failures.

          • KGB: As a newly-minted ‘conservative’ I liked Reagan. I am not as enthusiastic now, but not totally ready to write him off. What I don’t like, and never did, was his wife and kids. To have married such a shallow, solipsistic woman and to have produced such twisted children does not reflect well on his character.

      • When politicians began seeing the military as just another tool to be used for gaming the system, well, instead of patriots in the ranks, we have…tools on the belt[way].

        My father was a WWII vet of the Pacific theater, and when I could get him to say more than three words on his service, it was always about the bond of brothers mystique rather than anything about patriotism per se. It takes a special breed to put oneself in harm’s way and I wouldn’t and couldn’t disparage that sacrifice under any circumstance.

        A fish rots from the head down. The futility many vets now experience is due in no small part to rotten leaders who place more value on the bottom line than human life.

      • Reagan may have been a carny, but he did spend a lot of time developing a political philosophy, and wasn’t the amiable dunce the media portrayed him as. He was Cicero compared to the current hacks who get their shallow talking points from the same source every morning, and mindlessly repeat them over and over.

        • Yes, and in addition — “Here’s my theory of the Cold War: We win; they lose” wasn’t an act.

      • “having put our asses on the line”

        You did, to your great credit, and no one can take that from you.

  20. Back in the days, I used to joke that Trump could lock up 75% of the male vote by creating a Bund Deutscher Madel…and 100% of the female vote. Not to put too fine a point on it, what AINO needs is a strong pimp hand. Alas, of all the words of mouth or pen, the saddest are these: It might have been.

          • I noticed Uncle Joe’s speech tonight is full Social Gospel- all chick stuff.


            (Let me extend apersonal apology to 3g4me- she jumped on Anna, rightly, and I’m stiil thinking how I rejoined poorly. I had learned that Churchill gave Britain’s tanks and bombers to Stalin, and should’ve said so. Our own betraying us to save the Cheka.)

  21. “Over the last forty years, American politics has been taken over by actors, performers, producers, storytellers and so on. It is just a show.”

    The champion in this theatrical farce is Barak H. Obama. In a slightly more normal world his role would have been as an evening newscaster on a television station in a medium-size market like Toledo, Memphis or Boise.

    • Give Obama some credit: He was, hands-down, the most disciplined teleprompter reader the US political class has yet produced. Going off message for even one word, and that’s all the media reports on for days.

      We’re talking Ron Burgundy in the flesh.

      (It depresses me to no end that in the US system, this is actually an important skill)

  22. It’s definitionally true that only women can be stewardesses. Sorry, forty years in the editorial trenches will manifest itself. Pointing to St Ron as the first carny president is important. We’ll never wean guys (mostly guys) from Conservatism, Inc, until we show them the truth about Reagan.

    • I’m not sure about that (that only women can be ‘stewardesses’)…. I get what you’re saying, but

      In a day when anyone can be whatever they ‘identify as’…. when men in dresses are referred to on Fox as ‘she’….

      I’m thinking the old standards just no longer apply….

    • No the truth that the GOP hated Reagan and did everything possible to stop his election. He was a carny but also a populist which the GOP hated and hates to this day. Hence they saddled him with a nasty globohomo drone GHW Bush who promptly reversed everything RR did once he was out of office.

      The fact NEITHER party at the time wanted to talk CONTENT. In fact if you sit down and analyze presidential and even senatorial campaigns they are remarkably content-free, They are dessigned that way to keep the electorate uninformed as possible. This is also why they hated when Perot rolled in and started talking about real content instead of catch phrases.

      Trump was indeed a carny but he talked specifics during the campaign which the other empty suits could not do because it made them look like the evil SOB’s they are.

    • The “Reagan admin” was dominated by members of Rockefeller’s Council on Foreign Relations (CFR). That includes VP George H.W. Bush, who was a CFR director (1977-79). Others include Haig, Shultz, Regan, Casey, Baldridge, Carlucci, Kirkpatrick and dozens more.

      Fast forward 40 years, and the “Biden admin” is once again dominated by CFR members, including Blinken, Yellen, Austin, Raimondo, Mayorkas, Burns, Sullivan, Rice, Kerry, Psaki, and dozens more.

  23. In the past, one could run away from real life to join the circus. When real life is a circus, where can we run away to?

  24. Destroy the Internet and most if not all that plagues us will quickly wither away. The deeply malign socially corrosive Internet is the root of all evil. It provides an insatiable worldwide 24/7 Insta-reaction platform for cranks,weirdos,oddballs and the perpetually disgruntled to vent their spleen with very little moderation.
    I was talking to my mother the other day about this and she told me that when she was a girl there was hardly any coverage of American politics and culture. We heard of course about Watergate and we heard who won Presidential elections. There simply wasn’t the exhaustive and excruciatingly detailed coverage of today.
    However many here won’t like the death of the Internet. They will say:’but muh email,muh online shopping,muh YouTube!’ However,if you want things to go back largely to the way they were the Internet must go the way of CB radio.

    • Until the arrival of the Internet,America felt as far away as Australia. Today it feels as close as Ireland.

    • You don’t even need to kill it.

      Just end the anonymity and bring back the ability to sue for slander.

      • “Just end the anonymity and bring back the ability to sue for slander.“

        And you will make this happen how?

        Maybe you haven’t noticed, but our new rulers and their minions have no need for anonymity – they say what they want under their own names and nothing happens to them – we’re the ones, including our host, hiding our identities. Why? Because this is not our country anymore and we have zero power and any of us could be the next person unbanked and unemployed and on the no-fly list. So changing the rules is not an option – we can’t even choose our president.

        And commenters above: How is it you plan to shut down social media, the internet and (!) television?

        [insert image here of a couple dozen old men shaking their fists at the sky]

        We’re not in the castle looking down anymore – we’re outside looking up. America sees us as the virus, the subversion, the dying baddies from the bad old days.

        We’re not changing any rules, we have no access to the means. Liberal Democracy has lead us to where it always leads, must lead – oligarchy – and we’re not in the new elite or among their preferred and protected masses.

      • Dino- That does nothing whatsoever about all the female attention whores and their orbiters.

      • F suing people for words, to call the legal system inefficient justice is an injustice. Give it to them in the yapper and shame them publicly.

        The internet was perfectly fine and useful until social platforms were engineered for message manipulation post-MySpace. Parscale was able to exploit the meme propagation architecture of social media in 2016 and Trump won because of it.

    • Television needs to go too. I was thinking yesterday that Americans have become walking sitcoms: stupid, vulgar, unrealistic, narcissistic and antagonistic. We’re into our 4th generation of receptacles raised on sitcoms and it’s turned the average person into a slovenly, entitled, smartass.

      Social media has its positive uses but, on balance, it’s just too toxic. We won’t die if we go back to books, not having every little thing we desire at the click of a button, and asking our neighbors for help. The flickering screen, however, is a wildly pernicious menace which must die if we are ever to claw back some semblance of humanity.

      • I am a late octogenarian and I was present when the first television showed up in my life. It had a shock like effect on the family’s reaction to daily existence. For the most part of my life, I have thought that Television was the worst technological invention of my lifetime and probably began the descent of culture into this abyss we have fallen into. The culture was introduced to a make believe- world and progressively destroyed their connection with reality and the world. Then began the use of narratives (newspeak, propaganda), plus a tsunami of corporate advertisement giving a false impression of both products and existence. We became cursed with this abominable group of narcissists (AKA Hollywood) who added their two-bits worth to this disaster. I highly recommend Neil Postman’s books on this subject.
        We then had added to this disaster, with the advent of the digital age and it’s gadgets. This ramped up what Television introduced to warp speed. We had the demonstration of this is full living color, with the power of all of this in the hands of madmen literally panicking the whole world with a narrative which is totally false. ( I am a retired physician and know of what I speak!) We are now awash in a culture that is totally nihilistic, materialistic, and relativistic. As a friend I had would state it: “everybody is getting all they can and canning all they can get!”

        • I feel like learning to can one’s own food is going to be a hugely important life skill in a few years.

          • Alas, if that is true, it is likely that canning implements & components will become as impossible to find as reloading supplies.

            Now all made from “unobtainium”.

        • If you stop to think about it, whether intentional or not, the entire modern project has had the effect of breaking up the family unit and extracting wealth from the middle class

          Forget all the obvious stuff used to break up the family and discourage family formation, such as promotion of homosexuality and demonization of Christianity and feminism. But even something as seemingly innocuous as Social Security has played a major part in breaking up the extended and immediate family.

          Even something as seemingly trivial as taking silver our of quarters has bled the wealth from the middle class.

          Reminds me of CA. No matter what they say or do, be it to save the environment or for whatever noble cause they profess, the net result is a steady and massive increase in property values for the rich. In turn, the middle class is priced out and forced to rent.

          One big heist is all it is

        • You’re maybe not quite old enough, not that there is around anymore to remember the birth of broadcast radio, but…
          The generalization was that before sports radio people concerned themselves with politics. Not that we batted 1000 (ahem) as WWI happened in the non-sports radio age, but that after that point (1921 according to wikipedia) people concerned themselves with sports talkies instead..

          • The pioneers of both radio and TV were David Sarnoff (RCA/NBC) and William Paley (CBS). Both were members of the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR).

            Edward Bernays, assistant to Paley, wrote the following in his book “Propaganda” (1928):

            “The conscious and intelligent manipulation of the organized habits and opinions of the masses is an important element in democratic society. Those who manipulate this unseen mechanism of society constitute an invisible government which is the true ruling power of our country…”


    • To be precise, get rid of social media. Prior to that the internet was basically a glorified file sharing service and a collection of BBS style SIGs.

      I was there when it was Mil.Net and later when Andersen gave us Netscape which opened up the web to normies.

      The social and personal corrosion has always been a function of social media. It;s deleterious effects are well documented and people are warned to avoid it as it essentially rejiggers your nervous system for a need of continuous dopamine hits – hence why you see people’s faces pressed against their tablets to the exclusion of all else. They have have become the cocaine addicted monkey that keeps pressing the tab for more hits that we read about in psych 101 courses.

    • Perhaps one day the internet will resemble the transporter from Star Trek and will have the requirement that if you wish to insult someone, you must do it in person. The lack of concern over physical reprisal has shown us how truly worthless and nasty are a great many. It’s easy to be brave when you know there will be no repercussion. This may be the great tragedy of the internet.

  25. So true. Consider the dating gurus whether online or in person dating. The gurus who mean well. What do they tell us? Attractive men are confident, independent, successful and charismatic, men who know how to work systems and people to get what they want. Attractive women are good-looking, perpetually fit and young, financially independent, aloof and disdainful of the men who vie for their affections. Nowhere is is mentioned honor, integrity, loyalty, devotion, truthfulness and the willingness and ability to hang in with each other during the tough times. Couples who love each other are a diminishing breed and “love” itself is on the lam. It’s Narcissus run riot among all the genders.

    • Yep!

      Anyone who picks a mate based on superficial charm and beauty— while ignoring the old tried-and-true virtues of loyalty and integrity— is likely in for heartbreak and disillusionment.

      • “kissin’ don’t last-cookin’ do”. unfortunately men fall in love with their eyes, women, with their ears, which is why a good lookin’ bimbo can always find a man, and a smooth talking rogue can always get a girl.

        • Ha ha. Funny. Never heard that pithy saying. Old gf once said, Men prefer beauty over brains cuz they can see better than he can think.

  26. Darwin pointed out the importance of female preference in natural selection: the extent to which women’s choices determined the course of human evolution: of which men reproduced and passed their genes on, and which didn’t.

    Women have more to lose in the mating game, since they bear and raise the children. Especially in the days before birth control, what was a moment of pleasure for the man, could turn into a lifetime burden for the woman.

    An attractive woman will always have a multitude of men desiring to ‘lay with’ her. So women have always been the more valuable component in the mating equation: the ones who choose which men get to mate and which don’t.

    Back in the bad old days of patriarchy, women were incentivized to choose a man who could take good care of her and her offspring: who was a good breadwinner with a reliable character.

    But birth control and the welfare State ‘safety net’ has changed all that. Aside from the act of conception, a woman no longer needs a man to reproduce. If she’s poor, the State will pay for the costs of having the baby, and raising the baby; and the more babies she has, the larger her monthly check from the State becomes. If she’s unable to raise her children properly, the State will take them from her and raise them for her. When I worked at a homeless shelter a few years ago, I knew two Black crack whores who’d had 11 and 13 kids; all of whom had been taken away by child welfare authorities.

    And rich women too, no longer need a man to have kids. How often do you see a story about a “family” that consists of a single mother and her kids, with no mention of a father. A sociologist from Mars observing modern day America might conclude that a woman could reproduce on her own, without need of a male.

    So while in the bad old days, reproductive success generally selected for reliable, capable, competent men, that’s no longer the case. Nowadays women are free to choose any sort of carny flake who catches their eye.

    • I think this can be summed up as the Four Sirens of family collapse:
      1. Easy contraception
      2. No-fault divorce/divorce with cash & prizes
      3. Female economic independence
      4. Collapse of social stigma/shaming of single mothers.

      Taken together, these conditions have led to women being able to indulge their own sexual Id until around age 28-30, then settling with some provider male to pay the bills, who she may likely come to resent, or taking up with a load of cats.

      • Indeed!

        At one point back in the late ‘90s, I worked on a sales floor with a couple dozen other men. Seven of them were in the process of getting divorced by their wives. All were decent responsible people. Most of them had kids with the woman who was cutting them loose. Their wives had just gotten tired of them, and decided to ‘move on’.

        Behavior like that, which would have been considered reprehensible on the part of the woman not that long ago, is now considered perfectly acceptable.

      • Yep, 500 years from now if there’s still civilization, historians will point to the two inventions that sounded the death knell of the advancement of mankind (W Civ): universal suffrage and the pill.

        • No, the cause is blank slatism and its traveling partner, egalitarianism. If all women are equal to all men, what justification is there for any difference in their roles, rights, and responsibilities? For that matter, if all women and men are equal, then the only difference is immaterial jiggly bits, and you can just materialistically rearrange those with a scalpel to make one equally equal being into another type of equal being.
          The Enlightenment was an error.

          • Fortunately, genetic science is proving blank-slate-ism to be false.

            Also: two excellent books by female neuropsychiatrist and prof Louanne Brizendine— ‘The Male Brain’ and ‘The Female Brain’— document how males and females are radically different from conception onwards.

      • Amazing how the advent of abortion on demand ultimately resulted in the birth of many low quality individuals.

        • What’s also amazing is why— in a time when FREE birth control is readily available to any woman who wants it— any woman gets pregnant who doesn’t want to.

        • I think you’re conflating two issues. People on the lower-end of the “skills” spectrum often have kids for the housing and other bennies they bring in. It’s why couples don’t marry. This is a direct consequence of mass immigration and the cheap labor lobby.

      • I remember the girl I dated in college before I met my wife. She was very attractive, had a great personality and was very caring. But she was assimilated into the Leftist/feminist collective in our college years (majoring in a STEM field and my attitudes kept that from happening to me) and when I told her that my priority was to have a large family with numerous kids with a wife postponing her career as my mother did by staying home, she was not enthused.

        She told me she wanted to get her Piled Higher and Deeper and then maybe have kids after she established her career. Emphasis on maybe. Nope.

        I dumped her shortly after and I asked out my wife, who I didn’t realize was interested in me until I worked up the courage to propose a date in Spanish class. Haven’t regretted that five kids later. She has a career, she just did it when our original four kids were in school. Our last child is cared for during the day (he’ll be in school in a few years) by both sets of grandparents.

        The ex reached out to me on Facebook and we talked on the phone about her life. She’s gone through a succession of guys, got her PhD and now she’s unemployed thanks to COVID and splitting time between her parents and her older sister, who married and had several kids. She sounded regretful as any childless woman in her 40s should. She even made an even more stunning admission that maybe she made a mistake and should’ve been more “flexible” about having a family.

        This is why I loathe feminism with a passion. It tricks nice women like my ex into thinking they can “have it all” and that a career is more important than birthing and nurturing the next generation. It just means you die alone with an angry, hateful vibrant stealing your stuff at the nursing home or even snuffing you out with a pillow.

        • Blame corporate America for selling women the notion of a “meaningful corporate career'” . As Jordan Peterson points there are no real careers only jobs to make money., And Selling your body and health to enrich the corporation is just insane,.

          Tucker also makes the same argument. Hell business is even encouraging women to freeze their eggs so they waste the best years of the lives enriching globohomo.

          • Rwc1963: The blame lies with second wave feminism – largely a Jevvish creation. The corporations certainly picked up the ball and ran with it – anything to get more workers and thus lower wages – but it was the Jevvs and the Frankfurt School who worked to undermine the traditional family and traditional Christian morality.

        • Yeah, I lived with a lady who was a professor of psychometrics at a major University. She had her kids early, then pursued her career while raising them.

          She had a couple friends who’d gone the other way: postponed marriage and family for career. They were very successful career-wise, but I got the distinct impression they were looking forward with regret to an old age spent alone, and looking with envy at my girlfriend and the choices she’d made.

    • Fuerle’s e-book “Erectus Walks Amongst Us”, available for free various places on the net, including, while clearly a race realist in perspective, provides an excellent summary, accesible to the layman, of diverse factors of genetics, evolution, natural selection and other science re how it affects human civilization. He covers all, or nearly all, of the topics broached in today’s discussion.

        • I’m re-reading it. In Chapter 12 (Behavior) footnotes, here’s a gem of a quote:
          “[Negroes] hold labor as an evil inferior only to death.”

          I’m not quite THAT indolent, but I can identify 😀

    • For millennia, everywhere, until only the last couple of generations, have women attained any kind of social equality with men. The “Cold War”, an effort to not only repel the international efforts of Communism, but also to preserve American culture, may have resulted in the demise of the Soviets but it also destroyed American culture. The very fabric of American life was torn to pieces by politicians buying feminine votes and American business recruiting women into the once masculine workforce. The Communists were incapable of producing such changes. Billions of US dollars were spent building missile silos, nuclear subs and immense floating air fields to protect the country from the Asian horde while its own elite class was intent on destroying it from within for political and financial advantage.
      This has now seeped across much of the rest of the world, which has a tendency to mimic the behavior of the US. The feminization of the planet, which as a necessity involves de-masculization, has been a Spenglerian catastrophe that pregnant fighter pilots, menstruating congressmen and skirt-clad CEOs have no desire to arrest.
      The great mistake was when men came to the conclusion that their women were allies in a social sense rather than a family one. No other member of the animal kingdom has made this fatal error.

    • Your comment reminded me of something John Derbyshire wrote in a book review: “(…) In pure-arctic cultures, by contrast, food can only be got by sustained arduous exertions. The species can only survive in an arctic climate by sticking doggedly together in tight kinship groups, practicing strict monogamy and high-investment parenting.
      We in the modern West (our dinner guest argued on) are mostly people with arctic genes trying to adjust to a tropical culture. Not that our climate has changed in a tropical direction, but we have simulated a tropical climate by inventing equality of opportunity and the welfare state, in which environment — just as in pre-modern Micronesia or equatorial Africa — women don’t really need to have men around in order to raise kids. Instead of food dropping from the trees, it drops from all those well-paid jobs that women now have equal access to — or if all else fails, from the welfare office. All our current social problems flow from this mismatch between our genetic endowment and the environment we have created.”

      • Women may not need men around to raise children, but children need men—as in male parents/role models—to grow up to be normal, productive citizens. This is true even in the animal kingdom in some higher order species.

        Outliers aside, much of our inner city tragedy is due to this simple fact. Unfortunately, all the factors cited so far point/contribute to our increasing (across all races) propensity for out of wedlock births. The overall number is now 40% (thanks to Whites’ lower percentage and greater population) but shows little slowing down.

        • Compsci: Please don’t fall for this standard conservative trope. The problems and dysfunction of the black race would not be solved or even heavily ameliorated by having fathers in the home. Most of those fathers are equally dysfunctional and violently criminal. They don’t provide stability or discipline or family unity. Assuming having fathers around would solve much of our ‘inner city tragedy’ (I’d prefer to call it a farce) is to cast black fathers as White men in blackface. Don’t go there.

          • Prove me wrong. In the South, we don’t have the same dysfunction as in the North. Cities aside, races aside, when you attempt to raise a boy in a single mother household, you are at much higher odds of producing dysfunctional male adults.

            It certainly is worse depending on race, SES, and the potential for surrogate role models—but it is an observable phenomenon studied for several generations now. And as I’ve noted, only getting wors.

          • In the middle of the 20th century, when negro bastardism was actually uncommon, our inner cities, our colored ghettos, while dysfunctional, were nowhere near the feral free-for-alls of today. You can accept that the gains are relative to genetic realities, but it’s hard to argue against the benefits traditional marriages brought to blacks.

    • Females on the plains of Sub-Saharan Africa do not require a male to support them and their offspring. One handed a female can easily gather sufficient food to feed herself and a single.offspring in a day’s time with time left over. Thus in Africa, “r” type parenting is the rule and “cad” type behavior (love em and leave em) as opposed to “dad” (i.e. monogamy) is the rule among males. It was only in the cooler northland that “K” type parenting and “dad” male behavior was selected for. Who we are is in our genomeand it is our genome which dictates our culture.

      • That’s a preposterous thesis. It might be true in Micronesia, But first-hand experience shows that sub-Saharan Africa is nothing like that in most places.

  27. A New Tomorrow (cont)
    The sea of humanity.

    Have you ever watched the sea of humanity leaving a baseball park after the game? Tens of thousands of ordinary folk streaming out of the gates & onto the streets. Now imagine that at least few hundred have absorbed all the bullshit they can tolerate and will not take it anymore. But instead of pitching an angry fit to blow off steam (and incidentally drawing attention to themselves), they dedicate themselves to a more tangible solution. And they then choose to conduct themselves solely within the confines of their cranium and otherwise go about life quite normally. To the outside world, they are just one more fish in the sea. Their anonymity is both their shield & strength. Yes, the Stasi can likely find a few, but can they find them all? When you lose the people, you eventually lose the war. Ancient wisdom.

    • Your second to last sentence, let me admit as a truism. If that be so, then it follows that our current Woke rulers are bound to lose, if for no other reason that they are “dividing and conquering” until they’ve made enemies of far more than half the people.

  28. At the risk of sounding like a broken record, the only way this runaway train derails is via some sort of crisis that forces the hands of the majority to put an end to this infantile s*** show once and for all.
    It’s kind of like dealing with a recalcitrant petty criminal jonquarious – you keep slapping him on the wrist and cutting him breaks until he finally busts a cap on someone. The key needed to be thrown away much sooner – was that’s where we are now.

    • It’s kind of like dealing with a recalcitrant petty criminal jonquarious – you keep slapping him on the wrist and cutting him breaks until he finally busts a cap on someone.

      So long as the one on whom he “busts a cap” is a D’auntacious or J’Quanda where is the harm? Black.leaders certainly see no harm in such behavior else they would raise a hue and cry against it.

      What we Eurasians would consider criminal, antisocial or even sociopathic behavior is encoded in Jonquarius’ genome. It is his birthright. Behavior consistent with civilization did not confer a survival advantage on the savannahs thus – in the history of our species (and I can accept it as one although 2 or even 3 works just as well) Black Africans have never – I say again NEVER – of themselves built a civilization. Causians? Multiple times. Asians? Again multiple times. Pacific Islanders, American Indians? Yes and yes! Black Africans? Sorry. Never. It simply isn’t IN them to do so.

      (In case you’re wondering, I MASSIVELY red pilled myself last week by following a link in a comment here to a little tome titled “Erectus Walks Amongst Us”. I also followed all the still active links imbedded in the work and read the footnotes. Not, on the main, a terribly pleasant experience – being red pilled seldom is – but truly an enlightening one.)

    • usNthem: I argued today (at Zman’s post behind the green door) that the standard ‘good man’ will not survive the coming unpleasantness. That those of the DR must harden themselves and, not become as criminally insane as the left, but perhaps be like the crusaders who are so castigated today. Any mercy or generosity shown to the carnies and their minions is merely tolerating and propagating more evil. They need to be terminated – and the mercy needs to be saved for those who have been or would have been their victims.

  29. Social media is a significant reinforcement of the problems mentioned here. Prior to the social media age, it was much easier to isolate potential problem people and convince them they were nuts. Now you can find reinforcement for any bizarre feeling or mood online and convince yourself everyone else is the problem. The useless people waste their days online but think they are changing the world for the better.

  30. “We have created a surplus of people who serve no purpose other than to distract us from the things that should matter most.”

    A: Joggers are destroying our neighbourhood!
    B: Yes, but are you supporting BLM or are you a racist?

    A: I have cancer!
    B: Yes, but are you Covid positive or are you covid negative?

    • Yes, it is exactly that. And the media is the culprit, of course. Even speaking to my grandfather last night, the subject of Covid came up. He made mention of the ‘new Indian variant’: at first, I though he meant they’d found an asian that didn’t smell of curry, but then realised he was talking about a scary new viral strain. I said that I couldn’t verify this one bit, and did not care. It is so utterly unimportant, but the fire hose streams it out nonetheless.

      Now, I ask myself always two questions: Do I care? And can I verify it’s validity? Hardly anything passes the screening – it is mostly horseshit if I am honest. Perhaps even more staggering is the fact that most people seem to know and admit this, but run back for their fix nonetheless. Seems most people are looking for a cause, and most people want the cause the others are looking for. Makes ’em popular, see? Gives ’em something in common to talk about, see? Like the good old weather.

      Once you’re free of the fire hose, you’ve got more scope, more focus. But you’re still trapped in a world full of carnies dousing themselves daily in the hose, which makes everything that bit more of a challenge. That said, important things like local crime rates are of interest of course; but the national newspapers are just chock full of bloody rubbish.

      • Boredom and ennui are the banes of affluent existence.

        Many will burn paradise down to escape them.

    • Sentry: Was dogsitting for my daughter-in-law the past few days and walked the dog around the block where I usually don’t drive when coming and leaving our neighborhood. There it was – the one and only “Hate Has No Home Here” sign. And, beside it, some sort of cloth penant with hebrew letters. Unfortunately the dog had already done his business elsewhere.

    • There are over 7 billion people on earth. There’s a “wealth” of everyone and every type now.

  31. The “democracy “ in antebellum America selected its own leaders. I’ve been working on political letters for that period, studying the party newspapers, and there was intense organization and interest. Granted that there was not much in the way of media or sports to entertain, but a mass party meeting would always feature calls for just one more speech on the tariff. Rotation in office was a feature and politicians who lost the confidence of their party voters were soon on the outs.

    The key here was face to face organization. None of that exists now and our leaders select themselves. The results are obvious. You don’t know someone until you’ve dealt with him personally over time. Now we have media pop up personalities who disappoint us, and we wonder why.

    • This reminds me of a recent book review in the Wall Street Journal:
      “The Age of Acrimony’ Review: A Raucous Republic .”
      There are several such articles in that one issue which trumpet this and that about the nobility of democracies.

  32. What is utterly amazing to me is that our current deviant Clown World© is a direct result of the success the Judeo-Puritans have enjoyed in pushing their social changes on the rest of us for centuries. Essentially, we witnessed a small group of self-absorbed, morality policemen force the rest of us to go along with their carnival tour. But it’s no longer good enough for us to be spectators. Oh, no…now we must become performing members to remain citizens in good standing. We have to prove that we have been “saved”. Our institutions have become deranged.

    • Yep, our institutions have been taken over completely the small hats (carny grifters never designed to run the show but to manipulate for their own gain) and Puritan moralists (insufferable finger waggers who have taken on a religion that destroys societies instead of building them).

      Neither of these two groups were ever designed to run the show. Their combination – small hats’ love of showmanship with the Puritans love demonizing people – is a match made in hell.

      • Am I the only one to note a similarity here? Who was (perhaps still is) traditionally associated with carnivals, festivals, itinerant entertainments of all sorts? The Gypsies. Like the Small Hats, they are a highly insular culture, living at the margins of society. Unlike a traditional circus, which one could think of as a mobile work force, a Gypsy clan is more, it’s a complete self-contained society. Like the Travelers, the Gypsies live at the fringe of societies. Although the Small Hats share these sub-cultures’ insularity, they are not quite as mobile, and also have the tradition of either being valuable members of society, or borrowing into their host nation like parasites (take your pick.) Unless I’m mistaken, they have largely given up the bivouac lifestyle since leaving Egypt.

        • Side note – If you are ever skiing Jackson Hole, make sure to drop into the trees on the east side of Bivouac on a powder day while making your way to the Hobacks.

    • Don’t forget secular perverts and cultural saboteurs of the Frankfurt School, Hollywood, Playboy/Hustler, Feminism Inc, etc. And all the “liberated” goyim who gladly went along for the ride.

      • The cultural saboteurs are very real, but they are postmodernists, not Frankfurt Schoolers. I used to think otherwise until I began delving deeply into those two movements. The Frankfurters’ influence was actually quite marginal and largely ceased in the late 60s, precisely when the pomos picked up the baton. They have been running with it ever since.

  33. Evolution never stops.

    Case in point: the kakapo. New Zealand is unique in that birds filled a lot of ecological niches in their eco system. Suddenly, a species of parrot found it had no predators.

    As a result, the Kakapo is a bright green ball of feathers too fat to fly. It waddles on the ground doing nothing but eating and fucking.

    When the Europeans brought cats and weasels to the islands. They died en masse as they are naturally curious and had no fear of mammals.

    Evolution never stops. You just get fat and weak.

    • I had to look up Kakapo and came to the first article where New Zealand scientists are trying to save them. Never letting nature run it’s course whether it is climate change, extinction or even a propping up a dysgenic society.

        • If they could these morons would go back in time and “Save the Dinosaurs”

          Excuse me? Didn’t they make a movie about that?

      • Heh. The wife and I saw some ducklings by a local pond some weeks ago. They are no longer there; I said they were probably eaten by foxes. Didn’t go down well.

        Nature. What can a man do? A good suggestion from little old me: don’t meddle.

        Just looked up the bird. Apparently endangered as you allude to. Looks like it deserves to go on it’s merry way. I cannot imagine the working bird community thinks well of it and its easy life. The Kakapo may well be the welfare queen of the avian world. Actually, perhaps I’ve been a bit too harsh on it.

        • Saving “endangered” species here in the US is a big racket as it is codified into Federal and State law. The grift is used by conservancy groups to block all types of human endeavor.

          The grift often works like this. All species have a habitat. Toward the edges of its natural habitat the species numbers are scarce. The edges of a natural habitat vary over the years as the climate varies—enlarging and shrinking.

          When a human endeavor is desired to be blocked, say a mine, then the conservation folk claim that the project will further endanger some rare species of animal or plant. Often they will trap or photograph the occasional species at the edge of its claimed range and use that as proof that the animal in question is endangered—because so few have ever been seen!

          That the animal in question is bountiful a few hundred miles South or so is not mentioned, only that it is rare in whatever area they claim. With that kind of logic, polar bears are endangered in NYC. This grift is good for holding up Federal and State agency authorizations and/or extracting mitigation funding from deep pockets—mitigation efforts to be undertaken by the conservation organization suing, of course.

    • When I’m able to step back and look at our situation more clinically, I know that this situation can’t last. It’s remarkably unnatural.

      There’s only four options for Whites:

      1. Be absorbed into more tribal groups
      2. Die out
      3. Regain our tribal nature and fight back
      4. Combo of the three

      There’s no fourth option where everyone lives happily together in some diverse wonderland. Natural – that cruel bitch – will never let that happen.

      • My money is on #4. The fossil record demonstrates that human males are pretty much willing to.screw anything which will sit still long enough to be mounted. Enough of our genome will survive (and in the final analysis.what else matters?) the coming collapse of our current world-girdling build the next one and success in said new civilization will be in direct proportion to how much of the Caucasian genome one possesses thus our tribe WILL survive! We evolved once we can damned well do so again! NOT ONLY are we survivors (not one but TWO freaking ice ages) but we are rapacious sons of bitches who have no special problem taking whatever the hell land we damned well please. Ghengis Kahn had RED HAIR for goodness sake!

      • Brazil seems to have all 3.
        – the whites there are mostly at least 10% mixed with non-whites. The white category is very elastic.
        – the whites remaining there are somewhat tribal, but not to a great degree
        – they are slowly dying out as non-whites have higher birth rates and also decreasing in share Venezuelans and Haitians flood in as refugees.

        My guess would be that in 500 years or so white would not really exist in Brazil any longer. But they also don’t have toxic anti white hatred promoted at every turn nor are their kids brainwashed by CRT.

        Anglo-Saxon/ Germanic peoples also have never been keen on race mixing, Canada / USA more or less stayed pure white despite massive numbers of Indians they could have mated with. That’s a bit different than Brazil too, where meds seem more open to race mixing.

        • I dunno, there was a Brazilian guy who posted a bunch of stuff on Gab and it seemed that BigPoz has it’s hooks into anyone remotely white down there every bit as much as here.

  34. Growing up in St. Paul in the 50’s and 60’s I never saw anyone wearing a fur coat. And, what other big city in the US other than in Alaska would you need one. When I moved to the NYC metro in the ‘80s I saw them everywhere, in a place nowhere near as cold.

    It dawned on me, though, that the public culture of the Upper Midwest is (or was, anyway) the Jantelov- a fur coat shows up your neighbors. If you want a nice car get a Volvo or some such- don’t flaunt your good fortune.

    Very different in the Mediterranean dominated Northeast.

      • They eschewed fur coats but opted for Somali and Hmong status symbolsAnd DAMN! Look how well that has worked out for them! Somalis have one of the lowest average IQs in Africa aside from Bushmen and Sub-Saharan Blacks. The a Somali with an IQ right around average for their country would damned near be considered borderline retarded if they were white.

  35. “Ocasio-Cortez is a national figure because she came up with an act that appeals to the women of her generation. She is as dumb as a hamster and has no useful skills, but she may be President one day.”

    God help us all

    • It’s even worse: read her biography. She is 100% “Newyorican,” father was an architect, mother no higher education. Presumably middle-class upbringing. She is claimed to be a cum laude BA, but in bullshit majors. Said degree apparently this qualified her to be a barmaid.

      Given her ethnicity, she is likely at best a midwit. The only indicator of high intelligence is the architect father. Regression to the mean insures that Dad’s smarts, if applicable, are not highly heritable.

      Alas, both Daddy and her own certifications must be assumed to have been skewed by racial preferences This is especially so in AOC’s case, her “education” having occurred in a time and place of maximal egalitarian dismantling of objective measures of quality.

      Conclusion: she is a well above-average example of her race, but by traditional standards would be at best average, or more likely, mediocre.

    • Another reason AOC was selected and installed is that her features show up well on-screen and leave an impression in the viewer’s mind.

      Regardless of whether you love or hate her, you find her attractive or hideous, she leaves an impression either way.

    • The other issue with AOC are all the thirsty, low-info and/or soymales out there that hang on every one of her retarded utterances.

    • My daughter had hamsters when she was growing up and I don’t find the comparison at all apt. For rodents they’re damned smart little critters. I just hope HAL (the Hamster Antidefamation League) doesn’t slap Zman with a lawsuit. Mortal insult to hamsters. Hell! To rodents in general! Apologize, Zman, you cad!

  36. Yeah, rule by carnies is called a democracy. It speaks to the need our culture has for increased levels of prejudice. A world where you wouldn’t listen to a carny because he is a carny is preferable to one where you feel like you need to listen and evaluate every argument the carny makes because it’s more efficient and allows less room for error.

    Similar disease with these guys who are determined to judge everyone on his own character. I mean, yeah, but pretending you don’t have a prior expectation is pretty stupid, but that’s how it goes.

    In the next age, we are going to have to figure out how to put carnies back in their place and that probably has something to do with stronger class-based prejudices.

    • In the next age, we are going to have to figure out how to put carnies back in their place

      That is the thing, and I do like the Z circles around from time to time to beat this drum as this is a severe issue with no obvious “out”. It’s a symptom of mass media: the clown that’s on the magic glow-screen all the time as a way lopsided influence on their society. However, at least knowing that they are clowns/carnies that does remove a large part of their mystique, not sure though if that’s long term solution to their wealth and/or screen time.

  37. People probably recoil more against celebrity “culture” now more than 20 years ago, but the rot is too deep and the effects irreversible. Take social media (please). It has expanded Warhol’s “in the future everyone will get 15 minutes of fame” to 15 hours daily. Many of the same people who righteously roll their eyes at some celebrity cretin’s latest moronuc uttering have no compunction against hopping on Facebook to hold forth about meta politics or asparagus casseroles.

    The biggest carnies are billionaires now, bored to tears and desperate to do much the same as their minimum wage employees do on social nedia, albeit with an infinitely bigger megaphone. Princess Picaninny and her sidekick Harry’s Oprah minstrel show bests illustrates the Ruling Class’ retarded degeneracy. While far fewer watched this shitshow than would have a generation ago, arguably Royals would not have appeared on a fat, idiotic African’s platform back then, either, to trash the monarchy.

    Even when it was great, the United States sporadically was a freakshow. People, again, have.groemwn to dislike it but genies, bottles. The old saw was thst serious times make unserious people serious, but that no longer applies to those in the positions that matter

  38. I remember 20 years back when the 1950’s were mocked by derisively referencing the housewife and ‘mommie’s little helper’. In current times, a recent study stated 50% of American Liberal women under 30 were diagnosed by a doctor with a mental illness. We all know the fertility rates for this demographic too.

    It will be interesting to see what happens when a society puts pressure on traits that are far less likely to be able to pass off their genes, even when they have the power and status to make this seemingly trivial. This isn’t just among whites either, all all races, though white women are the hardest hit. People with the ability for a powerful interior life and aversion to propaganda are going to see their genes become more prevalent in the next generation. We’re also going to see people with a strong preference for radical tribalism and, paradoxically, aversion to technology gain reproductive success.

    On the flip side, we’re also going to see disingenuous weasels who advocate white genocide while having five children gain a genetic advantage in their traits.

    • Yeah, that’s the real piece of data: the nutters are not doing that thing that propagates their people into the future. So, that’s a win for our team.

      The invaders, though.

    • “On the flip side, we’re also going to see disingenuous weasels who advocate white genocide while having five children gain a genetic advantage in their traits.”

      Who are these fertile weasels? Even the US black and hispanic fertility rates are below replacement levels.

      Who is having lots of kids? The Amish and other conservative Christians.

  39. Case in point:

    This man could be a commenter here, middle aged, managerial class etc. Looks like eveyone’s buddy, dad, cohort, you get it. Yet he is the freak and bad guy because of his smug attitude and simple remarks.

    This is where we are at. Even the people writing about this say he should keep his opinions to himself. Think of that, these people who can’t STFU about anything and shoving it our faces, say this. The cherry on top is the little fags statement “I’m gorgeous”.

      • Nashville is like “Hollywood East” and totally pozzed. Same disease in every state, where the so-called liberals control the major cities.

    • > The cherry on top is the little fags statement “I’m gorgeous”.

      We live in a dark comedy.

      • What can we expect from a country that has sainted a low-life criminal junkie who died from OD’ing on drugs he inserted into his rectum?

    • They enjoy being provocative, and the “culture” now allows them to rub it in everyone else’s face. Dude should have just complained to hotel mgmt about the “loud and obnoxious” behavior in the common area, instead of taking the bait and confronting them.

      • Note the name: “Jacob Geittmann pulled his cellphone and started recording after Sam Johnson, the now ex-CEO of a telehealth company, started harassing his boyfriend, Dalton Stevens, in a Tennessee hotel…”

    • That video distills a problem that many of us have all lived through. You observe a person who is behaving in a way that will damage your way of life if that behavior is widely adopted. Your instincts tell you to confront that person or at least make your disapproval apparent.

      You are met with a chorus of short sighted people ruled by their immediate feelings of sympathy for that person. “Stop, stop, please…” “It’s his special day!” “Don’t let this one thing bother you.” “Was it really worth it?”

      And most ironically, the recording phone that led to his firing.

      This video distills the experiences of many conservatives with homo marriage in the 2000s. And we lost. And now it’s trannies. Male on male pederasts next.

        • “Have no fellowship with the unfruitful works of darkness, but rather reprove them. For it is a shame even to speak of those things which are done of them in secret…

          [However,] See then that ye walk circumspectly, not as fools, but as wise; redeeming the time, because the days are evil.”

  40. There’s evidence out there that AOC is a literal actress. A person that auditioned for the role of socialist upstart in a Cenk Uygur production.

    • I watched that documentary as well. It doesn’t surprise me, what I remember of the night she won the primary was the fact that in her victory speech she went on ad nauseum about how it was a “Victory for her people”. Stating that, among other things, “You chose one of your own tonight. Those white, soccer moms of thirty years ago who helped elect Bill Clinton, they’re yesterdays news, they’re the old America. Our people are taking this country back from them and thirty years from now, they’ll be the minority.”
      I’m paraphrasing, but this is essentially what she said. I searched for the video, but can only find one of her speeches that night and it did not contain this. The speech I’m referring to is one that was given outdoors.

  41. I saw an article that something like half of Millennials moved back in with their parents over the last year. That article included quotes from a 39 year old childless woman about needing the security of her childhood home. I was amazed that Millennials can be as old as 39 now. But I was more amazed by the fact that a generation of truly dysfunctional people, who, like Fraulein Occasio-Cortes, really have almost no ability to function outside of social media and urban nightclub culture, feel like they should lecture humanity about everything. Some obese blue haired lesbian living with her parents in her 30s thinks you should drive an electric car and not eat meat. Great. Ultimately, everyone calls their dad for help with their rent. A nice dad won’t make you feel like crap for having spent all your money on booze and netflix etc. But the fact that their dads aren’t living in carny world and can still support them tells they whole story, which was also told in the story of the prodigal son in the Bible. Ultimately, these young people deserve the misery of abject poverty that is about to befall them. They contribute nothing but absurd opinions and shopping trends to society. Fortunately for them thus far, Capitalism doesn’t need anything from them other than that they keep shopping in the same way that the carny doesn’t need anything from you other than that you buy a ticket.

    • The real long term trend in America, and maybe all of the West Is infantilization. The maturity level of society as a whole recedes a little bit every year. In my lifetime, we’ve gone from pointless rebellion and licentiousness to middle school bullying to a craving for parent ally provided security and fear of imaginary monsters. Half a decade ago, I joked that the next stop would be people hunkering down in a fetal position with pacifiers – then COVID hit, and the joke became terrifying instead of funny.

      I’m not sure what the next step in dedevelopment will be, or where it ends, but I’m afraid we’re going to find out soon enough.

      • People are in educational institutions from 4 years old until mid-twenties now, and they are actively encouraging the infantilization, all the while saying they are the most educated generation in history.

      • You’re correct: the State has become everyone’s Daddy.

        When men no longer need to be capable and competent, and women no longer need men to raise children, infantilization of everyone is the natural result.

      • I am continually amazed at how so many alleged males only 5 or 10 years younger than I are far more childish and infantile in their appearance, behavior, modes of dress, etc.

      • “As for my people, children are their oppressors, and women rule over them. Oh, my people! They which lead thee cause thee to err, and destroy the way of thy paths…”

    • I see these young people, as annoyingly lecturing as many of them may be, as victims. They were poisoned by the education-media-Hollywood complex while their parents were too busy making a living to notice. Many parents shrugged and consoled themselves that all youngsters are getting this treatment, hence no disadvantage to their own. Big mistake. All society suffers as a result.

      • “They were poisoned by the education-media-Hollywood complex while their parents were too busy making a living to notice.”

        Kids being brainwashed; but… must… make… senior partner… at Cohen, Goldblatt, Finkelstein… & Rosen.

    • Key to the story of the Prodigal Son is that the son changed his ways. The party would have come to a screeching halt if dad found the kid screwing his niece, impregnating hookers and snorting and smoking every drug he could get his hands on.

        • It could be worse:

          So a man walks into a bar, and sits down. He starts a conversation with an old guy next to him. The old guy has obviously had a few. He says to the man:

          “You see that dock out there? Built it myself, hand crafted each piece, and it’s the best dock in town! But do they call me McGregor the dock builder? No!”

          And you see that bridge over there? I built that, took me two months, through rain, sleet and scorching weather, but do they call me McGregor the bridge builder? No!”

          And you see that pier over there, I built that, best pier in the county! But do they call me McGregor the pier builder? No!”

          The old guy looks around, and makes sure that nobody is listening, and leans to the man, and he says:

          “But you fuck one sheep…”

    • it’s called enabling–you have to let your child fall/fail so they can learn to pick themselves up without help. Tough Love-they will thank you for it-later.

      • It’s even worse: the prodigal can pull the entire family down into the ditch with him. I’ve seen first-hand the doting father that in 1980s, paid drug dealer son’s (2 of 3 in family!) $40K hospital bill because son didn’t have health insurance and probably would have lost a leg (sepsis) otherwise. Unemployed Daddy had to further suck out equity form his already-encumbered home. It’s wonderful when the Prodigal son turns out like it does in the Bible. Even I was something of a Prodigal, albeit not the one described above. The point is that, in some percent of cases, the parents are too enabling and their misguided rescuing of offspring brings ruin to all.

  42. The result is a political economy that strikes most Americans as boring in the academic socialist sort of way. Generations of selecting for people inherently humble and eager for comprise means their politic-economy reflects the nature of the dominant type on these societies.

    That’s the flip side of the Jantelov. The upside to the dictum “you’re not to believe you’re anybody special”, is that (West)Scandinavians are allergic to pretentiousness. You’re only a hero in Denmark as long as you’re self-effacing and discreet about money. If you give yourself airs, people will laugh at you: “Who the hell do you think you are, prime minister?”

    • My favorite Danish custom is people ignoring one another in public. The no small talk rule is a godsend for someone who does not enjoy small talk.

      • I like that one too, yes. I took me years to realise that Moslem shop owners were trying to snub me by not speaking to me.

      • If you have ever had the joy of riding the subway in one of our highly diverse and enriched megacities, one of the more entertaining aspects of that observation is how our dusky brethren, obsessed as they are with the hope of one day bedding down a white woman, will routinely walk up to women and launch into the whole “you a fine lady I want to get to know” routine. All by itself, this pattern of behavior, i.e. small talk explicitly intended to get a girl to have sex with you as soon as possible, drove most women who could afford it from public transportation. Growing up as a white kid in the midwest in the 80s, it would never have considered just walking up to random women and asking them for sex. Moving to a diversely enriched megacity really opened my eyes to that behavior. It always blew my mind to consider that they constantly do that because it probably pays off every once in a while, which is of course why Black people in America are something like 8 times more likely to have a venereal disease than white people. They are constantly walking around talking about sex. Small talking about it everywhere and at all times.

        • There are a few hundred employees where I work and the demographic breakdown tracks very closely to that of America as a whole. Twice in the past few years, there’s been titillation over an employee dick-pic scandal. One time it involved a jogger and one time it involved a donut puncher. What are the odds, eh?

        • I live in an outer suburb in central FL. My area’s Black infestation, pardon me, population is about 5%. So they stand out in the (Thank God!) mostly-White areas I frequent. I’ve witnessed precisely the behavior you describe. While most Homo erectus display remarkably White-like behavior in public, it’s the single men that gall me. At a restaurant I often eat at, a Black man was smiling, talking to the hostess outside (it was good weather, outdoor seating). From his behavior, it was clear that he had no intention to eat there or even enter the restaurant. I was too far away to hear conversation, but from the body language he was likely on the make.If there’s anything to be thankful for, they usually move on after a short time. Occasionally their mating attempts are successful, evidenced by mulatto children occasionally in tow by White (Trash) women.

        • Dirt world nogs all assume white womyn to be whores. The matter of price negotiating (muh dik charisma) being the only impediment to sowing their dusky seed.

          Look at the mass media we export and what young women have been trained to do voluntarily via their social media. Instagram/tiktok whoring, black fetishizing everywhere.

          Its a reasonable assumption.

          Your average mexican hotel worker feels the same. Every spring we send our best. The sexual shit-show they witness is a cultural enrichment carnival.

        • Just saying, don’t play that stunt in reverse for fun with black women or else you might find out why the homies do it.

      • Same in South Korea. Walking in the neighborhoods or riding the incredible public transportation of Seoul, there is no eye contact or smiling or anything unless the person knows you. No random small talk. Lots of personal respect, especially the older you are (though not a lot of personal space). Extremely low crime. Very homogenous.

        I lived with my wife in Seoul for a few years and she marveled at how a country that was devastated and poor only a few decades ago could be so modern and well organized and safe. She would ask “how do they do it, when we can’t?” and I’d answer simply, “They’re all Koreans” or sometimes just, “No Blacks.”

        • I was on the Red Line once, talking to a Korean girl. Nothing untoward happening, I had a white girlfriend, it was just conversation. But I got a lot of eye contact at that moment. In fact, I noticed a dozen Korean men boring holes in me with their eyes. And good for them.

      • Z, I became acquainted with an immigrant from Peru who just didn’t understand why she couldn’t just strike up a conversation w/ randos on the “T.” I was probably 30 before I stopped thinking “do I know you?” if somebody spoke to me on public transport.

    • That was/is apparently the ethos in hunter-gatherer societies as well: bragging and making yourself out to be exceptional was considered bad form, while sharing the fruits of your hunt with all— without making a big deal of it— was what you were expected to do. Braggarts were mocked and shunned.

      But I expect the women were probably still attracted to the best hunters….

      • Nothing really changes.
        Genuine Alphas are good at doing things, are happy to share and don’t spend their time bumping their chops about how brilliant they are.
        Women still want Alphas but have lost the art of spotting the impostors.

        • The White man’s magic has produced a society of such material abundance that the cost to women of making the wrong mating decisions is increasingly minimal.

      • This is a curious racial – psychological – emotional distinction. Nature gifted Blacks with some strengths that, on average, are better than other races. Not just certain sports, physical prowess. Low inhibitions is related to emotional openness. This is “good” for emoting in acting, song, other entertainment. The Negro often has a mesmerizing delivery of speech or song, appreciable even to non-Blacks.

        Alas, the very traits that allow the free flow of “good” emotions provide little impediment to violent emotions and all too often, ill-considered actions. Hence the propensity to violence (they have at least 6x the murder rate of Whites, in USA).

        Blacks are supposed to have very high self-esteem. Perhaps, as a race, they are the epitome of the Dunning-Kruger effect: They are dead last in most cognitive ability measures, but perhaps Nature has compensated them with an unrealistically optimistic self-image.

        • It’s darkly funny to remember that the explanation for poor black performance in the 1990s was low self-esteem. Imagine believing that blacks need higher self-esteem!

          I saw a study recently, probably on Audacious Epigone, in which different racial groups were asked to rate their attractiveness. For all groups except blacks, the result was a normal bell curve. For blacks, almost all of them believed that they are above average in attractiveness.

          • And yet, on social media dating sites—if still allowed—Blacks are rejected the most as potential referrals. Rightfully so, but that’s got to be telling you something. Every other race would prefer to avoid them.

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