The Circus

It is an iron law of the universe that the Left’s favorite right-winger is whoever currently has his hand on the knife firmly planted in the back of conservative voters. Nothing titillates the Left more than seeing one of their imagined enemies giving another imagined enemy the business. In the Trump years, they were spoiled for choice, as one “conservative” after another took their turn condemning the evil orange man. Now that Trump is gone, the party is turning their knives on one another.

This week the odious Liz Cheney is expected to be removed from her position as conference chair. She was put in that position because her father, the warmongering lunatic Dick Cheney, used his connections to get her in the House and then into the leadership of the conference. Like all ne’er-do-well children of successful politicians, Liz Cheney has a serious case of entitlement. Instead of going out with dignity, she embarrassed herself one last time with a tantrum on the House floor.

The lefty media, who universally condemned her father as some sort of Bond villain during the Bush years, is now firmly in the Liz Cheney camp. She is principled and dignified in her attack on her party and former leader. The fact that Cheney seems to delight in hating Republican voters makes her an ideal Republican, as far as the Washington media is concerned. They are still shaking over the memories of January 6 when angry bands of Dirt People were patrolling the city.

Liz Cheney, of course, is a hyper-credentialed clodhopper. Left to her own talents, she would be a schoolteacher or an office frau. She is a mediocrity born into opulence and then festooned with honors and titles that she did nothing to earn. Instead of becoming worldly through hard experience, she became even more narrow-minded and oblivious through her quick trip through the narrow word of politics. She never learned simple things like when to keep your mouth shut around the boss.

She is emblematic of what has gone terribly wrong with the Republican Party in particular and politics in general. Not far behind her on the way out the door is a collection of loafers and deadbeats planning their own big drama. A group of has-beens and never-will-be’s have alerted their friends at the New York Times that they are terribly vexed at their party. So terribly vexed, in fact, they will pack up their cubicles and march right out the front door of the party. Maybe even start a new party!

Politics is mostly about luck. Jimmy Carter is remembered as a terrible president, mostly because he inherited a bad hand. Reagan is a genius because he inherited a Fed chief with the skill and guts to fix the money supply. In the case of the GOP, they are catching a break as the remaining members of the neocon hive slither away in anger over their lost status. They cannot win elections with the neocons running the show, so maybe they can win elections without them.

For their part, the people running the GOP are not a collection of Machiavellian political geniuses either. They are as obtuse and dimwitted as the finks. The main difference is they have enough sense to pretend to like their voters. Kevin McCarthy and Mitch McConnell hate their voters as much as anyone else in Washington. They just know that they cannot be public about it. They have no intention of doing anything for those voters, but they are happy to lie to them about it.

This may be all that is happening here. The party knows that Trump voters have no appetite for the old school republicanism. They may be stupid, but they are not that stupid, so sacrificing a dimwit like Cheney is just a distraction. This is the sort of cost-free effort that the party prefers. The fact that Cheney and these other idiots are excited to play the role makes it even easier. McCarthy gets to look like a hero, chasing the usual suspects out of the temple.

On the other hand, it could be another step in a realignment of the parties. It is quite obvious that the Democrats plan to be the antiwhite party. Even though it is currently helmed by white geezers, they see their future with the dusky hoards. That leaves the Republicans with only one choice. They have to be the white party. The people running the party hate this, but reality is not going to yield for them. The best they can hope for is a mask that makes the reality of their position less obvious.

On the other other hand, this could just be another chapter in the story of how an elite populated by dullards pulled the roof down on themselves. The turmoil in the GOP looks like bliss compared to what is going on with the other side. In six months of their rule, we have gas lines, spiraling inflation and a crime wave. The best they can muster is some giggles and “whoopsie” when asked about it. Their turn at clawing each other’s eyes out comes this summer, when the troubles cannot be ignored.

In the grand scheme of things, none of this really matters. The political system we have can work fine with a European population, but it will never work in a balkanized majority-minority population from around the globe. No one in either party has the courage or intelligence to speak to this reality, so the system will mostly like rattle itself to pieces over these sorts of issues. Like the band on the Titanic, the parties will keep doing what they do until they sink below the water line.

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228 thoughts on “The Circus

    • Want your own ethnostate? This is how you keep your own ethnostate. In the real world anyway.

    • Of course Hamas wants a ceasefire. They’re well and truly getting their asses kicked. Plus the Israeli people are reacting like frightened people anywhere and lashing out at identifiable Arabs in their midst. Lynching Arabs living in Israel is manifestly unjust and unjustifiable but it is also completely understandable. It is Arabs who are attacking them. It is Arabs who indiscriminately fire unguided rockets into their neighborhoods HOPING to kill innocent civilians. Meanwhile Israel is launching airstrikes – carefully targeted airstrikes – solely against Hamas. The Israelis are attacking known Hamas targets; organization building and weapons caches. The Israeli Air Force is some of the best pilots around. They can damned near target a dime and give you 9 cents change. If they wanted to target civilians it would truly be a slaughter but that is not how Israel does things. Most people do not realize it but Muslims in Israel are freer, have more rights and more liberty, than in ANY Muslim nation. But Muslims hate Jews and that is all there is to it. I recall a speech in Chapel back in 1970 at Lubbock Christian College given by someone from the State Dept. He said somethjng I have never forgotten. He told us that Muslims cannot truly sleep at night so long as a single Jew draws breath.

      • What does any of this have to do with Europeans or their descendants? Why should I care about two desert tribes that have been duking it out for 2000 years?

        tl:dr- Is it good for White People?

        Start asking yourself this question just as (((they))) do and all the other tribes and you -might- survive what is coming.

        • There’s nothing and no-one in the entire Middle East that’s worth the bones of one US Marine.

          A quicksand of inbreds.

      • Let me first call up my black buddy and his white baby momma! It’ll be just like a beer commercial.

    • He’s coming back as a tight end. Something I’ve been pushing for him to do years ago. Why he waited so long is a mystery. Ego I guess. Shows you that even super nice great guys can have major judgement blocking ego. Tebow. Jimmy Carter. Hulk Hogan. etc. Tebo tried being NFL QB for too long. Then baseball. Not good at either. He’s a far better runner than quarterback, obviously. It will be interesting. I can talk about it here because the Left and blacks are crying foul because Colin the black jesus Kapernick still isn’t getting contract offers but Tebow did. So this has been a political comment.

  1. Throwing Liz Cheney into the volcano shows how laughably clueless the Uniparty truly is. Literally nothing will make most Whites ever again feel part of the system, and many of them never again will support the system. A new and improved fake opposition party is just that, a new and improved fake opposition party, and to many of its intended supporters see through it. A post-electoral politics option is all that remains for Heritage America and the rest of the West. It may mean generations in our own communities within a parallel system, or a sudden, disruptive, violent actual insurrection. Most likely it is something we neither can anticipate nor expect. I anticipated it would be the long march into our own communities but no longer am so certain.

    Liz Cheney is today’s “look, a squirrel,” and what a lame squirrel she is.

  2. Was John Mccain the Best example of that type of Right Winger before he died? I would always see John Mccain repped so hard by the Media based on his always bashing his own base and party. Always. David Frum and Nicolle Wallace and Joe Scarborough all do this now!!!

  3. Another one outta the park, Z.

    It really is amazing and just as you said: the cucked and chitlib boomers up here are all clucking about the bigotted and dangerous narrow-mindedness of the Repubs.
    “What’s the big deal?” I said, “They are getting rid of a player that isn’t on the team. What does she have to offer them…?” They looked at me like I’d soiled myself. “The old bitch was told to either get with the program or get out,” I continued, “She made her choice.” Apparently, the Repubs aren’t allowed to disagree with the club harpies I guess.
    Of all the people struggling over the Great Divide of politics – our affluent old boomers are struggling more so than most…
    But whadda I know? I am just an orange fascist… literally worse than Hitler.

  4. Reading more about pipeline #5 in Michigan it sounds pretty vital to Canadian economic and national security.

    Isn’t Whitmer technically committing an act of war by shutting it down?

    Oh wait, Castro Jr. the gym teacher is on the same team of watermelons.

    The fake leaked memo is looking more real by the day.

    • It seems almost 100% accurate at this point. I’m going to load up on rice this week. I already have 20 cans of canned tuna.

      • Got a killer-diller secret tuna-and-rice recipe you’d like to share with the gang?

      • You’re better off with quality sardines. Less mercury and more calcium (bones) and other vitamins.

    • We are just getting murdered here in Alberta, Howard. Our premiere is a frickin “conservative” cuck that could give lessons to Mitt and Liz on the subject.

      I went to Tim Horton’s on 82nd in Edmonton on the bike this morn – a prematurely retired old fart on a bike. When I got there, there were 30 other old farts on HD’s and cruisers out of work too. All us senior delinquents sat around, trying NOT to discuss that fwench POS we have for a prime minister. It’s going to get much worse before it gets better….

      • Edmo is one of the worst places I’ve visited. The last time, I arrived in front of my hotel there only to have a dude try to sell me on the sexual skills of his wife, which he wanted to pimp out to me for less than $200 USD.

        Then there is Elk Island Preserve. The one time I day hiked that I ran into an obese, middle-aged couple boinking in the middle trail. I showed up just in time to see the money shot. To my credit , I did not vomit and they were truly disgustingly ugly and fat. Ten minutes later, I ventured upon two dykes, apparently teachers, herding a dozen or so elementary school aged kids through the woods. I took the dykes aside and politely told them what I had witnessed down the trail so they could avoid the eye-burning human blob terror ahead. Instead, I was lectured on what prude I am and then they laughed and kept the herd moving towards the monsters.

        At least Calgary has a decent water park. God save you if you live near Edmo.

          • I happen to have served as US patent and technology lawyer to the Canuck oil patch and the whacky paki CEO who operates Edmo’s internet. I’ve only visited a few times and yet I have a lot of Edmo stories to tell. That’s rough SJW territory, I live in Chicago, Old Town Triangle, we’re not even that bad near the universitites.

        • Aaaaamontin??? Ya sure it wasn’t Hongcouver? I ran into the exact same chit show in Chilliwack. It’s everywhere now. And speaking of Cow Town, that place has a paki for a Mayor too. I went into a leather place in the mall with the wife, and these two fudge packers came in wanting to exchange a swanky purse because it was too small. I started laughing at the floaters and was cancelled on the spot along with a couple of other chitty old white men that were in with their wives. The loons are in charge everywhere I suppose. And yeah – I have seen a few UFOs out at Elk Island too. At Elk Island the buffalo have plugs in their bungs to protect them from the pervs and degenerates. The rig pigs I know have told me it’s the same way up at Norman Wells with the polar bears.
          When the revolution comes and the killing fields go into operation, I will welcome the event as we need a cull in the worst of times…

  5. Liz Cheney was a member of the globalist Council on Foreign Relations (CFR). Dick Cheney is a CFR member and former director. McConnell is married to CFR member Elaine Chao.

    According to the NYT article, the “Republican” traitor Miles Taylor was joined by former officials Christine Todd Whitman, Mary Peters, Barbara Comstock, and Mickey Edwards. All are CFR members.

    “Mr. Taylor declined to reveal the specific changes that the ‘coalition’ is planning to demand of the Republican Party in its statement.”

    Back in 2020, the “Former Republican National Security Officials for Biden” posted a similar manifesto, also in the name of “defending democracy”. Of the 75 or so signers, over half are CFR members:

  6. I’ve been under the impression that America is going to go the way of the Habsburg Empire as our future appears to be a war of the tribes. Now would seem to be the opportune time for a white progressive/Black alliance to try and seize power and, via the GND, to attack middle/working class America and reduce its living standards as there’s no guarantee that Asians, at least the Asians who used to be called Oriental, and, more to the point, Latinos will ally with white progs/Blacks and not with whites.

    A military dictatorship can succeed if totalitarian America were to become China’s suzerain. If I were a woke politician or a political member of the ruling class, that’s the America I’d aim for. That Habsburg empires tend to end badly would be the next generation’s problem.

    • Suzerainity of China? No thanks. I’ve got a bit more pride than that. White’s shouldn’t be subjugating themselves to other races.

    • Why? There’s literally no need. They can have all that power, subjugate whites, and still claim to be a freedom-loving democracy. Rig elections, influence culture and media to hate whites, don’t prosecute chosen people, especially if the victim was white, push “equity” in discriminatory hiring against whites, need I go on? They can have everything without the ugliness of a military dictatorship, and many whites will blindly go along because of the years of programming.

  7. Will the Republican party realign? I doubt it. They are too entrenched in their gig as the Washington Generals:

    From one of my leftist activist mailing lists:

    These days, most people would probably tell you that putting a group of progressives and conservatives in a room together is a bad idea, especially if you want to talk about climate change.

    This past month, that’s exactly what our team did.

    In April, Dream Corps Green For All hosted five regional “Common Ground Listening Sessions.” We brought together progressive and conservative organizations that are working in clean energy, transportation, and agriculture in the Midwest and Southeast regions. Our goal was to find climate solutions that can be supported by both political parties, giving them the best chance of getting through a divided Congress this year.

    Sure you can put “conservatives” and “progressives” together in a room. As long as the “conservatives” believe everything the “progressives” believe!

    Even the milquetoast “Wait a second, there doesn’t really seem to be a crisis and certainly not one that justifies the measures you are proposing” view isn’t allowed to be aired. “Conservatives” are just the “Dirt people management” wing of the progressive establishment.

    • Vizzini: “Conservatives” are just the “Dirt people management” wing of the progressive establishment.”

      Not sure if that’s a saying on the net. Anyway, great line. Cheers if you came up with it.

    • From your Leftist newsletter reimagined:

      These days, most people would probably tell you that putting a group of progressives and white nationalists in a room together is a bad idea, especially if you want to talk about diversity.

      This past month, that’s exactly what our team did. People were killed.

  8. See all those Republican governors suddenly canceling the federal stimmy bux?

    All just an op to ensure they are voted out in the next electoral cycle and ensure they can be replaced with loyal Deep State agents that will support all the federal green and gun grabbing initiatives.

  9. for some reason I can’t copypaste a quote here but in reference to paragraph 10 – why on earth are the dems letting it happen?

    Like it used to be that the left needed as strong an economy as possible so that voters would be more willing to forgive whatever social engineering they were doing. Think for instance LBJ, Humphrey, Mike Mansfield, Abe Fortas and those guys. They knew that americans loved there meat and there cars and were wise enough to leave that stuff alone. That allowed them to do reforms to the civil rights (CRA, VRA) immigrant rights (Hart-Celler) and criminal rights (Miranda decision). What happened?

    • The new state religion m, Anti-Racism, happened. Not sure Goldrn Dindu worship trumps empty bellies. We’ll see.

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  11. Liz or Elise? That’s the options? Does the position require typing skills? Are menopause symptoms a necessary attribute?

    The most despicable thing the despicable men that once ran the country did was compromise their masculinity by using female votes to win elections. This is a chapter out of the Soviet playbook engineered by a multitude of traitor men. Observe academia. Women are now the majority of college students, “learning” things, and paying tuition, so they can dispense with taking care of the children and home. The business world loves emancipated females in the work force because they initially worked cheaply, weren’t easy to organize and added to the sacred GNP. The anti-biological change in female status is going to prove to be the single most damaging thing to Western culture.

      • They (as well as most Western men) need to do a better job taking care of themselves, but I agree that the push to involve women in sports, as both participants and spectators, is inexplicable. Like entering the workforce, all it does is serve to distract them from their primary biological roles.

  12. As readers of my comments know, I have read a lot of anti-racist/Leftist literature over the last year trying to make sense of what those on the “other side” of the great divide are really up to politically. One of the key concepts they promote, as everyone probably knows, is “White Privilege”. Growing up as a poor white person in a very very “working class” world, I find the accusation that as and adult I am somehow the beneficiary of centuries of white power domination of the globe. BUT… when you look at people like Liz Cheney, the critical approach to the concept of “White Privilege” actually makes perfect sense and it seems true. She did absolutely nothing to inherit a role in government other than being born to a family that has wealth and power. There really is no particular reason she should have been promoted into a leadership position other than her family’s influence so, like the anti-racists are saying, we could just pick some young Mexican or Black person and give them the leadership job. Pretty much ANYONE can fill those roles at the top of the hierarchy so why not just start giving those leadership jobs to the truly downtrodden and marginalized. Why not.

    But then that question really gets to the heart of the matter for me. Do people in leadership positions ever add value in a way that pretty much any other randomly selected person couldn’t have done? No. At least that’s how it looks to me. Anyone can be in charge. The only reason we have the leaders we have is that they are inheriting wealth and power and passing it along to their kids and the friends of their kids etc. They aren’t at the top because of merit at all. Black people see this clearly and, I think, rightfully have been pointing out that if all we are really talking about here is that some people get to fill these government jobs and then rake in six figure pensions and other do practically nothing else other than fill a seat for 30 or 40 years until they pass the torch to someone else of their choosing then why not put some downtrodden and marginalized people in those seats for a change. I don’t disagree with that. Especially since, by mere virtue of my birth situation, I am utterly excluded from participation in the positions at the “top” myself. The rich guy in the small town where I grew up would/did promote HIS OWN KID as the mayor, then as state rep for our district. You couldn’t just decide you wanted to be the state rep and give it run. He and his family would have ruined your life for trying. They enforce their power by harming and excluding poor people who are their neighbors. And that’s the fact that more white people need to learn from all this anti-racist hooey that is so popular among the left now: white people are and have been supporting a power structure that actually harms everyone by perpetuating these families who in reality have no merit. They just have money. And the fact is that in almost every instance, they got that money in evil ways back when you could still accumulate wealth by being purely evil. Like Dick Cheney. He is a war criminal. He should have been tried at The Hague for creating the black site torture prisons that we all know existed. He should have been tried at The Hague for war crimes in the Iraq war too. Neither he nor Liz should be allowed to keep their money.

    The mere fact that someone is white doesn’t mean they “represent” you if they are in government. In Liz’s case, she hates you for being white trash and will do everything she can to thwart your success along with her dad, the Bush family, the Mitt Romney crowd etc etc. In short, the Anti-racist literature is not wrong about everything. They do have some valid critiques of power in the United States. Unfortunately, all the super rich donor class people can see that too and so to save themselves they have joined in and scapegoated poor white people and “Trump voters” as a way of avoiding the critical impact of what the Anti-racist literature is saying. The problem of race in America isn’t the fault of poor white people. We generally work with Mexicans, right the bus with black people, etc etc. We already live in a world immersed in nonwhite-power. People like Liz Cheney are the problem. We do not benefit from supporting them in any way.

    • But then you look at countries in places like Africa and realize that you are wrong.

      If you randomly chose 100k white people to be the elite, you at least end up with an average IQ of 100.

      • That is the crux of the debate though isn’t it? How many Hunter Biden’s do you get as additional baggage for that choice of 100 randomly selected white guys? Or Hilary Clintons? What we tend to overlook on this side of the great divide is how truly awful these rich white guys are most of the time. Your point about africa sounds like this to me: we have a nice neighborhood and there are a few rich white families who have perfect lawns and nice houses but who are perverts and drug addicts and their kids are monsters but we don’t mind overlooking that fact because we have a nice neighborhood but oh my god look how gross everything is over on the black side of town.

        We need to get rid of these rich white guys and their kids and stop overlooking how awful they are just because they are white. If you gave a million dollars to a black family and let them move into the neighborhood and just made sure that they never do anything weird on the front lawn and anything they do that is weird you just ignore because you want to maintain the fiction of having a nice neighborhood… well, it’s basically six of one and half dozen of another. White people are not entitled to rule just because they are white and they don’t do any better at it than anyone else we just don’t mention it. Evidence: 30 trillion dollars of debt and a collapsing civilization brought to you by… rich white guys like The Kochs, The Bushs, The Clintons, The Mercers etc etc.

        • This is the problem I have with your argument here, (while I agree with a big part of it).

          If we start giving in and promoting more poor POC into positions of power, simply because we think they might be a bit better than the shitty upper class white elites who inherit power through wealth, all we will wind up with is a shitty elite class of POC who create wealthy dynasties and exclude poor whites from power. In addition, we become Mogadishu in the process.

          I think it is possible to have an elite who care about their people. I believe there have been aristocracies historically who at the very least ruled as a nation of brethren rather than trying to create a New Babylon.

          The best way to that end is by having a nation of people with shared culture and tradition, instead of a majority/minority where the minority is leveraged against the working class.

          • We don’t need a so-called elite. Historically they tend to go to pot after a generation and you get connected degenerates and sociopaths who despise the lower classes.

            Nor do they do anything positive for the people as a whole.

            Worse there is no way to keep them in check short of taking them out and eradicating their gene line.

        • Your criticism would be spot-on if I were saying that. I have never even heard a dissident say, for example, that we should come to the defense of our George Floyds or our Travon Martins out of some kind of racial solidarity.

        • The idea of putting blacks in charge of anything is beyond assinine on it’s face for countless Obvious reasons.

          Honestly, what a fvcking clown!

    • I’ll have to noodle that a bit more, but it seems like a case of making a bad situation worse. Part of the reason we have as many ignorant malcontents running this country as we do is because of carve-outs and exceptions brought about to “smash the old boys network” of a generation ago.

      • There is a bizarre comedy in the dissonance on the far right between the two propositions 1) the Empire is controlled by Jews who use congress and the presidency as their sock puppets and 2) I prefer my sock puppets to be white.

        I mean seriously. Anyone can play the role of being sock puppet of the deep state. Not just the kids of old rich white guys. They aren’t actually running anything important anyway. It’s just a show.

        • At my age it can’t make much difference but a while back I decided the whole of politics in the West is a stand up comedy routine.

        • Before the Jews became shot callers here, WASPS were and did a equally bad job(since they took after the British aristocrats). They turned us into a empire and used up our treasury, reduced the population to mere cogs by crippling the education system.

          In the end the rich WASPs exhausted their gene lines and only bred remittance off-spring who cared for nothing and let the Jews walk right in because they didn’t like their own kind in the lower classes and refused to allow vigorous bloodlines in.

          A sane elite would always be scouting among the lower classes for prime talent to be brought in. Instead ours did the opposite, they destroyed upward mobility and access to the schools that opened doors for lower class whites. Worse they catered to sociopathic high caste Asians, Jews and worthless Africans who despise this country and want to turn it into a hellhole.

    • “White privilege” is simply the absence of dysfunctions common to other ethnicities. You weren’t beaten and neglected as a child, you weren’t beaten and raped as an adolescent, your father didn’t disappear, your parents fed you at least decently and did not emotionally abuse you, and your family and social group made you go to school and avoid criminal behavior.

      • Not really. I grew up as a poor white person in a “working class” small town where practically everyone was destitute, wasted all the time, living in trailers, criminal, violent etc. My parents were divorced and mother married several times and divorced several times. She had drug problems and no life prospect and died young. My dad’s side of the family ended up being basically Christian Identitarian white nationalist types but my dad himself was just a florid drunk who just hated black people. Church was a joke.

        This picture people promote of happy, successful, responsible, property owning white people being the vanguard of American morality in a world of swarthy heathens is absurd. The overwhelming majority of white people are poor and living bleak lives.

        I left the town I grew up in the day I was old enough to do so and moved to a city where you can actually find work like practically everyone in the 90s did. Boomers are living on this nostalgia about Leave it to Beaver that was only ever a tv show.

        I imagine you have never listened to a Nirvana record from start to finish and you don’t get why every young white person expressed punk rock rage and pure loathing for Boomer values over the last 40 years. In other words, you are out of touch.

    • Big Daddy Dick grounded air defense so the jews could blow the towers and missle up the accounting wing of the Pentagram. I’m sure his dyke kid loves the white working class and Wyoming cowboys. No doubt.

  13. Z’s last paragraph is what really matters. Whether it’s Cheney, McCarthy, Scalise, McConnell or even De Santis coaching the New Jersey Generals matters not a jot or tittle. We operate in a post-political environment where the archons of the Power Structure do whatever they damned well please, and the masses have to accept it whether they like it or not. AINO is culturally pluralistic and cataclysmically so, but is politically as monolithic as the USSR. And the Power Structure (the Communist Party, analogically speaking) actively seeks to harm approximately half of the population. That is the reality with which we must deal.

    • Maybe, and maybe not. The internal contradictions of the Elite Ruling Class is coming to the fore. Biden is releasing $300 million to the Palestinians when they are rocketing Israel. And as Iran and Israel prepare to go to war, possibly nuclear war.

      This matters as parts of the Ruling Coalition have a complicated relationship with Israel. They like to bash it, but only themselves, not others who really mean it, and they don’t like their relatives dying in a rocket attack. Meanwhile Biden’s various baronial appointees in the national security / military sector have other ideas. LLoyd Austin seems a man who very much dislikes Israel on account of black. Imagine the reaction and ACTIONS of Biden’s baronial appointees in the financial, secret police, and other sectors when half their relatives are turned into radioactive cinders.

      Civil War in the Ruling Coalition offers those who are ordinary, working / middle class people a chance: at survival.

      • as Iran and Israel prepare to go to war, possibly nuclear war.

        Funny thing. I’m in the middle of a series of books about Nuclear Winter that starts with Israel and Iran trading nukes (happily more to Iran’s than Israel’s detriment) then progresses to India and Pakistan emptying their nuclear arsenals on each other and finally North Korea nuking Seattle, Silicon Valley (actually the whole Bay Area), DC and New York City. Written by the redoubtable Bobby Akart. Interesting stuff and utterly believable and plausible.

        Nuclear war – it could happen..

        • Could, but don’t worry about it. “Mad Max” is a fun male fantasy trope, but some things are too big, and too bad, to spend a life preparing for.

          Much better ways to spend your time. There’s always the “one bullet” solution.

        • “…nuking Seattle, Silicon Valley (actually the whole Bay Area), DC and New York City.”

          I kept waiting for you to get to the bad part, but it never came.

        • Bobby Akart started out fine, but he’s long since been converged. Every book of his features a black nuclear physicist or seal or hero of some sort, plus latino this and Asian that and kick-azz womyn. Don’t waste your time or your pennies on reading his crap, there are better writers with better stories out there minus the diversity garbage.

        • Bobby Akart sucks. Discount Tom Clancy written by a juvenile.

          Best nuclear war book I read had nothing to do with a nuclear winter.

          Limited Exhange by Don Shift

      • I’m rooting for injuries all the way ’round. Half of Biden’s cabinet will flounce one way or another, and Normie Con cuck “opinion leaders” have been surprised to find how few of their listeners (and for the few who write, their readers) could give a shit less about Israel.

  14. I’m not sure the ruling class being so separated from ordinary people matters. Or gas lines, spiraling crime waves, or massive food inflation, any of that. The ruling class seems to have a plan:

    A. Send most of the White population into forced labor camps as “White Supremacists working for Russia!”
    B. Call upon Chinese military to be the high IQ enforcers of the new regime.

    The one thing we have going for us is the jealousy and fear in the upper military ranks for part B. Already we are seeing articles leak out about China’s bases on Africa’s Atlantic Coast and their plan to control both the Atlantic and Pacific. The military does not want to win wars, but they certainly don’t want to be replaced by outsourced China.

    Z-Man your point earlier about no one being in charge with Biden is likely accurate. The military might just might seek to replace Biden with one of their own — why not? The graft potential is simply staggering as is the desire to be worshiped. Why not a General instead of St. Floyd of Fentanyl?

    Its pretty clear though either way that the ruling class is like Alfred E. Neuman. What me worry?

    • I think the Progs have developed a way to supplant the US taxpayer. It’s an amalgam of global NGO’s, sovereign funds, hedge funds, recurved state department aid payments, etc.

      And they’re confident enough in this new system that they’re willing to crash the old one.

    • The ones “in charge” in the Biden White House are the ones with their hands up Biden’s ass. Biden is merely a spokes-muppet. Soon to be replaced by Kameltoe.

  15. The political system we have doesn’t even work with a European population. What we’re seeing now is just a replay of the 1850s (though like all Postmodern things, at Ludicrous Speed and with an all-retard cast). The Whigs were still a major political party in 1852. They were saddled with an embarrassing incumbent (Millard Fillmore), so they split at their convention – the majority nominating Gen. Winfield Scott, the minority decamping to other parties (including the “Know Nothings,” who played a minor but important role in the rise of the Republican Party) — a catastrophic self-purge that the Democrats would repeat 8 years later.

    The 1852 election was pitched as one between Gen. Scott and Gen. Pierce (who served under Scott in Mexico), so the joke at the time was that the real winner was “Gen. Apathy” — nobody bothered to vote, since neither candidate would say a word about the only issue that mattered. By 1856 the Whigs were gone, but since the Republicans were too scattered, undisciplined, and disorganized to field a solid candidate — I know that comes as a shock to all of you — the election was won by James Buchanan, the Joe Biden of his day, a guy nobody liked and who could be counted on to do the dumbest possible thing at all times…

    I forget what happened after that, but I’m sure it all worked out ok. It always does, when the entire political class agrees never to mention the only thing that matters to the ruled.

  16. The lesson from the failed malaise J.C. presidency isn’t to be chary of inheriting a bad hand. It’s instead that an unlucky situation, even or especially when it seems impossible for it to get any less lucky, can always be made worse

  17. Z: Last para: “so the system will mostly like rattle itself to pieces”. Not being grammar cop, but that line is too good to let that typo stay.

    • Interesting, I just read right over it—substituting the correct grammar. But t is a great line.

      • Keanu Zman: So the whole system will, mostly, like, I dunno, rattle itself to pieces.

        Ted: Bro, that’s SO awesome.

  18. I have little to add to this post. Sums it up.

    Kevin McCarthy represents the Bakersfield area, and like Tom McClintock, he’s a born loser. The people in his district aren’t smart. The smartest people from Bakersfield are FROM Bakersfield, which is a smoggy inland hell scape. The Republican Party in CA lost it all years ago, by the mid 90’s. I always thought 20 years ago that as long as that party lost everything, the least they could do was become pot stirrers, who have provocative opposition to the current mess. Instead, the old guard has lingered to this day. Tepid moderates who don’t rock the boat. With nothing to lose, they still did nothing. And the same gray haired boomers vote for them in the primaries, after they tinker in the garage in their white tube socks. The core of the GOP is cucked, hen pecked, white males, of 60+ years, just trying to relive the 70’s and 80’s. Rush Limbaugh is f-ing dead and his show plays on, and they still listen to it. These people are the living dead. I’ll never forgive them for their cowardice.

    • I’ll write a poem about your bravery, referring to you as “Sir Robin”. even though you write like a girl…

      • What part of opposing trannies and stuff like that is brave? Is that where we are? Coward.

        • But hey! Those doughty warriors staged an insurrection that almost brought down our democracy!

          (I mean, since we’re talking about Profiles In Courage…)

    • So much talk about building communities on this site and others, and then there are comments like this. There are lots of good white folk in Placer & Bakersfield who do not like this world anymore than you do. But sure, they’re all dumb and deserve what they get I guess.

      • When did I ever say anything bad about Placer County? Placer isn’t Bakersfield. Don’t mix apples and oranges.

      • Sometimes self criticism is useful, but in this case it’s just a worthless rant as it offers no alternatives and of course refers back to the old whipping boy—Boomers. None of us re the better for reading it.

        • They deserve a good whipping. That’s why. Of course not ALL of them. Maybe I struck a cord.

          Victor Davis Hanson comes to mind. He’s also from that area. Even if I agree with most of his politics, he’s just a shthead. A pompous boomer who thinks he’s more learned than he is. As if graduating from UC Santa Cruz in the 70’s and inheriting a farm is some feat. “Oh an illegal alien stole the copper from my well pumps.” – No shit Sherlock.

          • Thank you for quickly proving my critique of your comments. I now add “more meaningless dribble” to my previous admonishment.

          • JR Wirth: It’s the same out here in the DFW burbs. The Republicans all flaunt their black party chairs or secretaries or mayors or police chiefs, their love of homosexual civil servants, their equity policies, etc. And the same gray-haired boomers vote for the same guys over and over again. There’s a reason John Cornyn represents Texas. There’s a reason Kay Bailout Huchison used to. They’re all part of the repuke party apparatus which is almost reflexively supported by the ‘conservative’ older White voters. They may be ‘decent’ people in some contexts, but as far as caring about a future for their grandchildren where they aren’t a hated minority, they aren’t ‘decent’ at all. They’re complacent civnats, and that’s a huge part of why we’re in this mess to begin with. Being ‘decent’ isn’t enough; not today in the demographic age.

          • The boomers are victims of the same insidiousness that we younger folk fell prey to. Same bread, different circus.

    • JR, I sympathize with your frustration with the non-coastal CA Republicans who can’t seem to understand their plight.

      I’m in Idaho, and although it is (at least currently) filled with salt-of-the-earth people, they view politics like Reagan is still President signing the amnesty in 1986.

      These sweet people believe that they’re going to show the rest of the world how to be truly welcoming to refugees and immigrants. And these are the conservatives! Oh vey!

      • Idaho is the best. Despite what you mentioned above about their time warp. Coeur D’ Alene stood out on my last relocation tour. Boise was great but too high desert. Friendly people there. North Idaho came on my radar screen years ago when some people I knew started disappearing up there back in the 90’s. OR is a pretty state too, it’s just ruined. ID is definitely my future state as soon as I can get off the CA hamster wheel.

          • I’m used to crowded freeways and overpriced real estate. I’ll plop right in there. Some of the lake views are getting pricey though. Way more than a couple years ago.

        • Idaho and Montana are steadily becoming converged by small hats, evangelicals and trust fund babies. We fell in love with those states until we had poked around there for a decade and discovered how surprisingly converged, or at least naïve, the majority are in reality. Same convergence is afflicting lower Alaska. Almost none of these folks have lived in urban territory with concentrated black populations.

          The wife gave me the okay to buy remote land and a floatplane to build our Plan B. Our current thinking is that we’ll displace to Da Yoop in my home state of Michigan. We can still acquire cheap, remote land on Lake Superior and clear enough forest to grow food and raise animals. Water and fuel is limitless, and we’d maintain a ketch nearby for escape if necessary. Nobody can reach you without a snowmobile for five months each year, problem being, we’ll have to do solar with a backup diesel because electrification by the grid is unaffordable even if it’s available. Yoopers are a special breed but they are well aware how blacks have ruined the lower peninsula and they’ll leave you alone to reunite daily with their vodka bottles. We’re currently shopping up there and designing a place with a concealed boat house.

          You might want to consider Da Yoop.

          • Mr. Friederich is wise. Good luck.

            I’m moving to remote Idaho. I wish you well. Our global refuge is shrinking.

            The older I get, the more accelerationalist I become. I want to fight while I’m still fit.

          • That’s also happening everywhere. Years of fertility differentials among whites are starting to show. Mormon, evangelical, QTard, low IQ are the people who kept reproducing. I’m not saying it’s good or bad, it is what it is.

          • The main issue with Montana are all the small cities with universities that are proportionally large and serve as perfect beachheads for the Wokesters in otherwise unforgiving territory.

          • Howard,

            I almost moved to Bozeman, Montana 5 years ago. From what I read now it is entirely woke. Sigh.

            I have wonderful memories of a street party in 2016 filled with our people and their crafts and music.

          • Handel Georg Friederich: Yeah, I’ve read a lot about the ‘Yoopers’ and it sounds right up our alley. Except my husband really wouldn’t like all the snow, and that would be a big issue. But the isolation and water access would be big pluses.
            I’ve read more and more about Jevvs and Californians and others bringing their politics to Idaho and Montana and Wyoming. Those places are on the feds’ radar to be diversified. I don’t think the UP is, right now, nor the area in the Ozarks we are looking at, but prices are rising sharply everywhere. Add in the massive increase in lumber prices, necessary even if you want an ICF (insulated concrete forms) or concrete-block house and relocating gets rather pricey. Plus if housing prices drop with some sort of crash before the end of the year, you get less when you sell your suburban home and have less to build your rural home. It’s a conundrum.

    • I think you’re forgetting that hbd exists among whites as well. The “smarter” whites have been moving away to super ZIPs for decades. Fertility is quite dysgenic too, “white trash” have nearly double the rate of “smarter” whites. Those whites on the left side of the bell curve have been totally abandoned and sold out.

      A 90IQ Okie in Bakersfield is just as much on the Republican plantation as an 80IQ brother in Detroit is on the Democrat plantation. Alot of them simply don’t have the skills to see anything different.

      • Wow. I never thought of it that way, but likely true. I read somewhere that the Victorian era was a photo negative of that, with smarter people actually outproducing. Not sure it that’s accurate.

        • Anecdotally, yes. Queen Victoria had nine children and the nobles tended to have large families unless they were “confirmed bachelors”. Whereas the children of the poor had a high mortality rate.

          • Considering that Victoria’s bloodlines were shot through with hemophilia and literal mental illness, which showed up in her idiot grandchildren and all the rest of her line all the way to the recently dead Philip’s mother (committed to an insane asylum), to his sons (literal cuck, and a sexual deviant), and the case study for mommy and daddy issues Grandson Harry and his mulatto.

            Whatever else one may think of the Hanover/Saxe-Coburg/Battenberg/“Windsor” line, good genes for health or intelligence surely isn’t there…

  19. Yes, things really are that bad. And the reason this reality is obscured from the masses is because most people still get their news from conventional sources (TV news programs & what used to be known as major print media). These organizations are now only able to lie outright and couldn’t tell the truth by accident. But the worst of it is that most sheeple actually want to be lied to because hearing the alternative might cause them to snort their Starbucks latte out through their nostrils. God forfend that their Comfort Zone be jeopardized by a dose of cold hard reality. The herd is about to get a serious case of diarrhea, and it’s going to be knee deep in the cites. Leave now.

      • It’s purpose is not macro-solution, but simply to keep you alive to fight another day. Making a last stand on the front porch with your shotgun may be a glorious way to die, but die you will.

        • Yes, but your reply begs the questions: When is the *time*? What is the response?

          • When? When we hit bottom and the ensuring chaos keeps the LEOs almost entirely occupied with Antifa crazy and run-amok gang violence.

            How? That’s up to you, and to each his own. I counsel 4S and focus, but that’s just my opinion.

        • OK. For the 258th time, we GET what we have to do to stay alive. Put in a new blade, man.

        • Unless you move to a new place and immediately exert control over the zoning boards or city hall, and either implicitly or explicitly prevent non whites from moving in, you’re just running away and buying time.

          • B125: Your scenario fits for an individual, but not a group. First of all, zoning boards and city hall are going to be standard party politics, even in most albeit not all small towns. There are other, unofficial ways of making certain types of people unwelcome. Whites have to let go of being ‘nice’ and ‘neighborly’ when it comes to vibrants and libs. Shun them socially and personally.

            If a group of White families buy property in a small, rural area, they already have guaranteed trustworthy neighbors and can build influence and spread out from there. Being a lone wolf is not a winning strategy. Yes, you’re buying time, but it’s time for the next generation and it’s urgently needed.

        • Making a last stand on the front porch with your shotgun may be a glorious way to die, but die you will.

          We all gotta go some time and I can think of worse ways than that.

          • To paraphrase Patton . . . the goal is not for you to die for your cause, but to make the other son-of-a-bitch die for his.

    • Visiting Atlanta…at current trends, I’d say we’re about 48-72 hours away from 50% of businesses and people being unable to function due to lack of fuel.

      3-5 days after that would be total anarchy.

      So incompetence…you bet. Even though the media, pols, and the 3 letter agencies are demonstrated liars, the immediate acceptance of the “Russian criminal hacker” story seems puzzling.

      What about state actors? China telling the US to play ball or the national power grid is next? Or basic incompetence in the private sector…Larry the engineer fell asleep at the switch after 2 weeks of CRT training? Or just flat out US gov doing this crap to force adoption of electric vehicles (that twat giving a government press conference yesterday giggling about “if you have an EV, this won’t affect you” was criminal stupidity on display)

      /Rant off, tinfoil hat removed

      • I’d say it’s the Black Exchange in Ukraine, smelling weakness. Go to bed with dogs, Joe, you pampered amateur, get up with fleas.

        (The midsize corp I subcontract to got ransomwared 2 years ago, an unpaid $2M demand. 5am in Long Island, things started stalling, then disappearing, then the phones went down. Everybody losing their sh**, we didn’t know what was happening. I faked my papers and booked in case the pumps or lights got hit too, but it was just us.

        I do believe we’re going to see a lot more of this, regardless of our valiant and empowered tranny protectors.)

        • Dangit.

          Our large office complex in L.A. ended up depending on one old, working printer high up in a backroom. Did somebody mention Zoom and contact-free credit cards?

      • This happened a bit after Biden got his sound bite calling Putin a “killer” — and of course Putin is not a guy whose enemies get shot mysteriously, or fall out of windows, or drink polonium tea, or get poisoned with nerve agents. Oh no. And of course he does not have lots and lots of hackers on hand, and he never does stuff that falls between active, all out war, and total peace. Oh no.

        But Biden’s handlers got their soundbite to make blue haired non binaries on Twitter happy. So there’s that.

      • Kinda glad I live in Texas where we have our own separate grid isolatable from the rest of the country’s. Of course back mid February we did come within 5 minutes of the grid crashing. One excellent video I watched on YouTube indicated that if the Texas grid had crashed there wmight STILL be people without power. Apparently nobody has ever had to do a cold start of a power grid. They think they have procedures in place to do that but nobody knows if those procedures will actually work because nobody’s ever tried to do it – or had to!

        • Bill, I felt so bad for those folks. Here the water and gas lines are buried well below the frost line by law. And if there’s an ice storm and the electrics go out for a prolonged period you have to fill up containers, shut off the water and bleed the pipes to prevent bursting.
          Hot weather and we’re cooked. 😉

      • The Colonial pipeline is an op to punish red states for supporting Trump and for failing to follow the Beer Flu mandates implemented in blue states.

        Whitmer is shutting down the #5 pipeline in Michigan because she’s a good watermelon and because the thought of torturing her constituents makes her damp.

      • Considering the racial demographics of Atlanta, I wouldn’t mind one bit if they’re eating each other in the burned out rubble of downtown Atlanta next week…

      • ProZNoV: Sorry for your fuel troubles, but they’re a perfect illustration of just how fragile our lifestyle really is. It’s fun reading a fictional account of an EMP, but similar real-world effects would occur from just a bank crash, or hackers taking down an electrical sub-station, or meteors hitting a bunch of satellites, or hackers hitting fuel pipelines. It all ends up causing chaos and strife. We saw similar breakdowns here in DFW this past winter with the great freeze.

        You need to prepare similarly for any of these eventualities, not to mention natural catastrophes. It’s scary and it’s daunting. We don’t have any fuel put aside – our friends did, but even with StaBil it doesn’t last long – and the Texas heat does its thing and that also makes storing it very chancy. As nutty as it sounds, I am really looking into a secondary fuel tank on any used vehicle I buy next year. I realize there’s the initial cost and then the extra weight hurting fuel mileage, but I want that security of having an extra 15-20 gallons at all time. Carrying filled gas cans on your vehicle’s exterior adds all sorts of additional risks. And, as you are now seeing, counting on gas stations having fuel available whenever you need it is assuming all sorts of things that become increasingly unlikely in Numerica.

        • Storing fuel is all well and good but you gotta swap it out or the shite goes bad. Over the winter of 18-19 we went without mowing more than 3 months and the gas in the can was likely older than that even. First time I needed to mow I filled the mower with what was left in the can. Mower WOULD NOT START. This from an extremely reliable mower. I ended up draining the mower’s tank PLUS the carb and purging the fuel line. After I put fresh gas in the mower and slow pulled to get fresh fuel into the carb, it started on the 2nd pull. Before that I never knew gas.could “go bad”. I fekking well found out better. I do not know what all shite they put into gas these days (in addition to ethanol) but it does NOT have a long shelf life. I try not to keep gas in the can over the winter months.

        • Everyone on this blog has levels of preparedness they’re ready to commit to. But unless you’re willing to relocate into the boondocks and spending every waking moment waiting for the end of the world, at some point it’s self defeating.

          I went down the EMP rabbit hole more than a decade ago. Crawled out of it when I accepted the fact that some things aren’t survivable without more luck than planning.

          You can have 5 years of food, water access, infinite ammo, etc., but at the end of the day cops, veterans, and the military will just take it from you in a full on societal breakdown. They won’t be nice about it, either.

          That said, I’d imagine the type that reads Z are more prepared than average. Myself included.

  20. My only criticism of the excellent article is that the comparison in the last paragraph is unfair to the band of the Titanic. They kept playing to try and keep some sense of normalcy in a desperate situation that they had no role in making. They met their end doing their duty and with dignity. The same is obviously not true of the combination circus sideshow and clown car that is the present House of Representatives.

    The Republican Party in its present form cannot die too soon. I hope the cucks talking to the New York Times form their own cuck party and give Heritage America the chance to form a genuine white identity party.

    • I wanted to say something similar to what you wrote in your first paragraph, Diversity Heretic, when I read the Zman’s band on the RMS Titanic analogy. Unlike the U.S.’s political “leaders” of 2021, the Titanic band of 1912 also knew exactly how much peril they were it, and they faced it with courage.

      Zman’s essay was decently written, in message and in style, apart from the above-mentioned nitpick .

  21. Politics is indeed mostly about luck. I’ve been reading a history of the Byzantine empire in the least up to the crusades, and Basil II was widely regarded by his contemporaries as a great emperor because his reign was peaceful and he left a sizeable budgetary surplus. He accomplished this by reducing the size of the style considerably in order to prevent his rivals from staging a coup. Not only did this keep his rivals in line, but if reduced expenditures considerably, so he was able to reduce taxes and run a surplus at the same time. The reason this didn’t blow up in his face was because he had the good luck of reigning when all the major enemies of the empire were struggling to field an invading force against him, for sundry reasons. Once the next emperor took over, Byzantine opponents had gotten strong again, and were ready to attack a weakened empire. Naturally, Basil II wasn’t blamed for this.

  22. Cheney is going down now because her father is too old and has been out of DC too long to shield her with his influence.

    • she is just a token offering to the masses. a feint. I don’t care who they kick out or let in, I am done with them. they are just as supportive of anti-white shit as the dems; both parties need to die, and the gop is an easier target. if they don’t die then you know a solid 80% of the country is supportive of this madness. i.e. if the canary doesn’t die, then neither will the miner.

  23. “The political system we have can work fine with a European population, but it will never work in a balkanized majority”

    Does it really need to work given how successful the rulers are about starting the Great Reset?

    We already know that the ruling and managerial classes hate us and they are doing a fine job of marginalizing us and there isn’t much we can do about it. And least there is nothing we ever do about it except go shopping for guns. If we can’t rebel over the Covid hysteria being used to place us under house arrest and take away nearly all our liberties, what will we rebel against?

    At the end of the day, they can just rig the vote and the press will say that Kamala is the most loved president in history with 90 percent of the vote and stage false flags to prosecute us. . History suggests that we will simply make a few angry posts then go to work the next day.

    The bigger issue is where are we really going with this great reset. They have already pretty much abolished borders and destroyed rights in white countries. Will they get away with abolishing private property too so that the rulers own everything? I don’t see anyone fighting back. They go from one insane victory to another.

    • We have to hit bottom first before the sheeple will wake up and be roused into action. And there will be a natural flow to events leading into the bottom trough; protest gatherings, riots, random violence, spiking crime, chaos, anemic crackdown, and then lots of turmoil in the cities. In the fog of this madness will arise the correct timing and cover for the start of hunting season. The root of the problem is actually quite small and the mercenaries are now too few and too unmotivated by the abuse being heaped upon them. The real danger is that in this time of weakness, the Deep State may be tempted to start a major foreign war as distraction. And that could get very ugly.

      • I wouldn’t call the possibility of our lords and masters in Occupied America starting a disastrous foreign war (again) as a danger. I’d welcome these idiots doing exactly that, because only that might finally break Normie from his flag waving CivNat vote harder delusions. After all, it took a disaster like that in 1905-1917 to spark off a revolution in Russia. Or the rest of them in 1918-1920 everywhere else.

    • Isn’t it a process of discovery, though? There’s a podcast about the French Revolution that is quite good. It spends several hours talking about all the factors leading to the afternoon when the the guys at the Estates General said they were the only thing that mattered, and how even then, nobody knew what had just happened.

      But what sort of lunacy are your talking about? Group of Patriots closed I-95? Right-wing death squads? No?

      “The People” standing up and saying, “NO!”? Ok, well, that was 2016.

      What can be done is the un-glamorous work of organizing on the local level so that positive things might begin to happen and so that some can withstand the storm. That’s what a victory looks like. There won’t be piles of the damned with a restored republic and a tattered American flag in the background.

    • There are opportunities to be had in that the Ruling Elite is filled with factions who hate each other. Think Ceasar, Pompey, and Crassus. And like that alliance, it is not stable.

      The money men in Wall Street dislike intensely the woke Military Generals who in turn hate hate hate the woke Secret Police who in turn pretty much hate hate hate the Woke and nearly all black Hollywood and all hate hate hate the woke and mostly Indian/Chinese Silicon Valley. That’s five competing power centers and when one weakens or dies there will be the Highlander Effect (in the end there can only be one). Already you are seeing measures introduced by Hollywood allied with the Secret Police and Wall Street to curb or break the Silicon Valley barons who remind me of the Knights Templar. They have a lot of money and the King is broke.

      • Am I getting this wrong? You think Wall Street and the Military-Industrial-Complex are on the outs? Or Silicon Valley w/ either WS or the MIC? Or the Intelligence services with any and all of the above? Evidence please (I want to believe.)

    • Its all about thought control management.
      The only way to get a semblance of independent self-interest is to obliterate the electronic media influence.
      It is too pervasive and too sophisticated for the vast majority to comprehend it is their enemy. They are swimming in it, in their films, on the radio in the car, in shops over the speakers, on the tv, in work policies, etc, etc, and as this appears to come from multiple sources independently most humans use this as signalling that it is true.
      full-spectrum dominance of information will keep the population in stasis for ever while the world collapses around them..

  24. There are oligarchs, kritarchs and Quislings that have brought us down low. I know the downward realignment and destruction of our country and culture is going to go unabated but I would sure want the day we can deal with these cretins with a holy reckoning.

    • “There are oligarchs, kritarchs and Quislings that have brought us down low.”

      There are those indeed, but the final fault lies not with them but with those who simply not only allowed them to walk all over them it but also rolled over for it. Nixon (more likely Pat Buchanan) named them the “Silent Majority”. Nowadays, they can vocalize all they want, but it will have no efect other than to perhaps secure them a place on a watch list. Too little too late, a day late and a dollar short, “cross yourselves and face the wall, dreams will help you not at all” (thanks Thomas Pynchon).

  25. “This week the odious Liz Cheney is expected to be removed from her position as conference chair.”

    To be replaced with the equally odious Elise Stefanik. They make sure even the victories are Phyrric.

    • That was D.C. firmly giving the middle finger to Heritage America. I hope the Democratic party gets a supermajority next midterm. Let’s just go ahead and get this sh*tshow started and let them try to enforce their idiocy.

    • Yep. Politics is personal They are dumping Cheney because she is a popular Australian word. Stefanik is worse in terms of policy, but she is does not cause the room to shiver when she enters.

          • Trivia fact: Don’t know if you know it or not but back in the day (early 80s) the “Webster’s New Collegiate Dictionary” was on pretty much all desks in USAF offices (this was before computer terminals/PCs and spell checkers) and was the go-to reference. Anyhow, there were only two words in the WNCD which were listed as being “obscene”; “cunt” and “fuck”. Every other “bad” word was listed as either being “vulgar” or “usually considered vulgar”. Had a jogger Capt. who overheard a buddy of mine say “shit” and was going to call the SPs on him for using obscene language. I advised her that she was welcome to call the Sky Cops on him but she would only make herself look foolish. Then I proceeded to open the copy of WNCD on HER desk and turn to the entry for “shit” and show her where it was listed as being “usually considered vulgar”. Then I turned to the word “vulgar” and showed her that one of the synonyms was “common”. “You can try to have the man prosecuted for using common language if you wish, Maam, but I don’t think it’s likely to fly.” Then I gave her back HER copy and left.

    • D- Numbers USA Stefanik. Cheney, for all her faults is career A, and A+ this Congress.

      People forget that the NY tart was anti Trump before she was pro (so called).

      Ron Johnson is fast becoming my favorite Republican.

      • John McCain is my favorite because he’s dead. That the best sort of republican, at least nowadays.

        • McCain? You mean “songbird”? That was his nickname when he was a resident at the Hanoi Hilton. McCain was a singer! Who knew? 😉

      • “Immigration” can’t be stopped, at least not by voting, even if EVERY politician received an “A” from a ranking site primarily designed to encourage you to vote a certain way.

        At best, the tide slows for a bit, but comes rushing back like a broken dam. No US voting majority has wanted this, or voted for this, for 50+ years. Quite the opposite.

        Don’t let the talking heads get you spooled up about “Numbers” ratings. Those ratings exist to get you spooled up, “invested” in the outcome, and give substance to the lie that you live in a representative government where your vote matters and the political you elect will look to you for input.

        You don’t. They won’t.

  26. We’re really ruled by spoiled little children. What’s really galling is how they insist on having the masses assuage their anxieties while they wreck everything. “I know I’m totally fucking up. Now, validate my feelings!”

    And Liz had so many references to fighting Communists…she should really at least modernize speeches from the 80s before reusing them.

    • I read Joe Scarborough compared her to Reagan and Thatcher. These people are having a really hard time coming to grips with the fact the average Republican voter has figure out the people running the party hate us. There is no going back to the “shut up and vote for us, you dumb hick” days.

    • Yeah, I thought the Commie references were interesting. They really do conflate globohomo with freedom. The framework is a prison for the mind.

      Once, I recommended that a way to begin having developers build the kind of charming towns everyone says they want (Bedford Falls, say) instead of the soul-killing suburban wastelands we get now is to put zoning caps on a maximum number of parking spaces allowed. Like that, the concept of a Best Buy located on 76 acres of asphalt parking lot goes away and Main Street is saved, mostly. Conservatives were all, “FOAD! I don’t want government telling developers what to do!”

      Multiply that by a grillion and you get the Republican ruling class.

      • “Conservatives were all, “FOAD! I don’t want government telling developers what to do!””

        The problem is that it’s always a double-edged sword. An enduring class of good and virtuous government representatives doesn’t exist. So, one day they’re restoring Main St. and the next day they’re insisting on low-income housing a block off Main St. because, they explain, what will really improve Main St. is more diversity.

        • Liberty, like all goods, is subject to the law of diminishing returns. Or, to put it another way, you can have too much of a good thing.

        • one day they’re restoring Main St. and the next day they’re insisting on low-income housing a block off Main St. because, they explain, what will really improve Main St. is more diversity.

          Just like around where I live. Despite the public objections of the current residents, last year the city changed the zoning that formerly limited development to single-family residences to allow multi-family units. So far nobody’s tried to put up an apartment complex. SO FAR!

        • Everyone should attend their local zoning-board meeting at least once. It’s an education, for sure.

        • Coming upon the Cathedral in Léon, one stands before such majesty in, how shall I express it, in awe. But an apartment complex… I mean, why not burn an apartment complex?

          Seriously, you guys act like there are no practical solutions.

  27. In my fewer and fewer forays into social media, can’t help but get a feel that the replies among the normie right is turning away from the Breitbart-esque outrage and towards the ‘it’s all so tiresome’ apathy. It’s like watching a TV show that they are slowly realizing jumped the shark a couple of seasons ago and is never returning to it’s former glory.

    The lack of emotional commitment is good, even if they just tune out entirely without going completely to our side. It’s the mentality that will allow them to learn to cheat and steal from the System without a pang of guilt, since no one speaks for them in D.C. anyways.

    • Yeah, remarkable. The whole DR3 and “Double Standard!!” stuff was always a cope. Or, at least a misunderstanding of our situation. If they are giving up on the outrage, they are also giving up on the idea that the other side can be reasoned with.

      It takes a while to move from chuckling about Braille signage at the drive-through line (heh, getta loada these dummies) to outrage to resignation to being ready for something next. But, yeah, outrage is something you do when you think it matters.

      • they are also giving up on the idea that the other side can be reasoned with

        What? You’re saying the Left CAN be reasoned with?

      • BTP: Conservative ‘outrage’: Hannity defending his proper pronoun interview with Bruce Jenner while trashing Kimmel in blackface as rayciss. If conservatards can’t see that what they’re being primed to support is at least as bad if not worse than what they putatively oppose then they’re really not worth any more time or worry. Look to your own, time grows short.

  28. Truly becoming the White Party would entail telling the truth about group racial differences and how they evolved.

    It would include pointing out that virtually all the advances that make our lives civilized— in science, technology, medicine, exploration, government, philosophy, and the arts— were the accomplishments of Whites (including Jews as Whites for the purpose of this effort).

    And pointing out that by contrast, sub-Saharan Africans are the only group who never managed to establish anything passing for a civilization.

    Truly becoming the White Party would entail suggesting the possibility that sub-Saharan Africans are simply less evolved than other groups— a fact which neatly explains the contrasts noted above— and providing the evidence which makes this suggestion not just plausible but likely.

    Truly becoming the White Party would entail mounting a spirited defense of our ancestors and the beliefs they held— yes, they were racists! or at least race-realists— and returning them to the places of honor they formerly occupied in our history books. And replacing all the desecrated statues and places named in their honor.

    Truly becoming the White Party would entail giving the authors of Critical Race Theory and White Fragility and the 1619 Project the choice of jail or exile.

    Truly becoming the White Party would entail nominating someone like Jared Taylor as President.

    I’d love to see that happen….

    • “And pointing out that by contrast, sub-Saharan Africans are the only group who never managed to establish anything passing for a civilization.”

      Bang on. This is the only reason I give as to why blacks are not be allowed to run things in my country. It is also why if they must appear, they must do so in small numbers.

      I think it was maybe the 1480s that some Portuguese sailor or other found the mouth of the Congo river. They put to shore and encountered blacks. Take that snippet of time and compare 1480s Lisbon to 1480s ‘Wakanda’… no contest. As I am aware, not a single piece of innovation has come out of an African mind; even one seeded with white education.

      It is a hard truth to swallow. And as we’ve got so many around us today it makes it doubly harder to accept.

      • Well, there is peanut butter. Or so I was told in elementary school. The stunning achievement of inventing peanut butter. Everybody likes peanut butter.

        • I have read that the achievements of George Washington Carver have been GREATLY overstated. But, hey! You go with what you got, right?

    • I’m afraid we’re all going down with the bad ship blacktanic – believing to our last (nearly) collective breath that blacks are the absolute equal (if not superior) to everyone else – just as intelligent, just as industrious, just as law abiding, just as empathetic. The stern is nearly vertical now, ready to begin the long descent down…

    • Bill: Lovely comment but disagree on Jared Taylor. He is heavily pro-Asian and refuses to address the question of Jevvs altogether. That is not befitting someone to be heading a “White” party.

        • Ostei: No idea. Not trying to be contrary, I just don’t see Taylor in the almost ‘holy’ light some seem to. Give him full credit for what he’s done, but I still think people need to be aware of his drawbacks as well. I don’t see anyone right now that I could imagine and/or be comfortable with as a future leader, to be honest.

  29. I have seen some good signs from the R party on tv, normie conservatives, and other Christian leaders in the community recently. Not becoming pro-white, but anti anti-white. I never thought I’d see supposedly race-blind Christian leaders defending white people, but here we are. A boomer dad was showing me some graph about white liberal out group preferences and how crazy they must be. I was shocked.

    That said the GOP is likely rotten to its core. I suspect it’s all lip service. It’ll be co-opted by Punjabis like Nimrata Randhawa (already happened in Ontario) or other subversives. Even Indians are less anti white than insane white liberals though, but I digress….

    I’ve always said that you can pressure the GOO and hope for the best, but ultimately you need to be doing the work at your own personal level and let the chips of the world fall elsewhere as they may. It’s highly likely that there is no savior coming, we may have to restart from zero in a hundred years long project.

  30. The Dems are definitely the antiwhite party, but the GOP will fight to the death becoming the pro-white party. Instead, they’ll stagger on as the colorblind party, which, sadly, is what a large portion of conservative whites want.

    The GOP will fade a bit more each year, screaming indignantly that the Dems are the real racists all the way down.

    The real fight will be in the Dem Party where the old school Jewish and Goodwhite coalition will face off against the POC newcomers. The brown horde will have the numbers and the current morality on their side but the Judeo-Puritans will have the money, organization and media on their side. The wild card are Indians and Asians, who are capable of raising their own money and organization. Will they create their own political groups to counter the Judeo-Puritans?

    • I figure that’s why the leftists are making such a big deal about Asian victimhood. Suddenly after years of feral blacks robbing, raping, murdering and just plain beating the shit out of the inner city Asians we are suddenly being told it’s Whites who are the perps (even when all the surveillance tapes say otherwise) and Asians MUST vote leftist to save themselves from the Great White Beast.

      • The FTN boys say the anit-asian thing is a misdirection. The tribe in NYC want to crack down on black crime and are pushing it to have an excuse. The face of which will be Andrew Yang who looks to be implanted as nyc mayor soon.

        • Yang has no chance. It is almost certainly going to be a person who is even worse than the current one. The folly was expecting to run NYC with both non-White mostly black hordes and a few wealthy people from Wall Street. The latter have mostly left for Connecticut or Palm Beach and the former now control it. NYC will be like Detroit in about five years. A burnt out hulk.

          • Look for the relocation of the major corporations as the indicator of the shift wrt NYC prospects. If they don’t relocate, then NYC survives.

      • It is a good example of how the Left gets high from its own supply. They just assume their rhetoric works on everyone, so they tried to jawbone East Asians into the hate whitey crusade.

        East Asians will support the winner. They are the model minority in that regard. That said, they are subtle in case the other side manages to win. That makes it easier to shift allegiances.

        South Asians come here with a natural hatred of Anglos, so they pie into the anti-white bus with enthusiasm.

        • I think that by 2040 or so, barring a CCP invasion of the West, Chinese people will be as rare as Japanese people are today. They have a cratering birth rate (as does South Korea, Taiwan, HK, Thailand) and a growing middle class. They might come to the West for university then go back. Chinese-American women race mix alot too. There’s just no reason for them to struggle in the West when China is pretty comfy.

          While I’m still agnostic on the CCP (and they’re certainly not pro white), given current trends Chinese and other East Asians will be a non factor in a few decades.

          • move there and tell us how it is. the soviets had plenty of idiots like you (and I say this for your own good, albeit futilely) come over from the west. they were all killed. why not spend more time reading and learning, and less time posting nonsensical opinions?

        • Chinese in China are well aware that Jews run the US. They come to the US and just copy the pointy hat brigade’s behavior and use anti white rhetoric even though they don’t hate whites. They know it works. They see the situation as a zero sum game. They came to the US for white real estate, school slots and jobs. Hurting whites helps them achieve those goals. But as was said in the Godfather it is nothing personal. Just business.

          Southern Asians are very caste oriented. They understand that the tribe is the ruling class and bad whites are the untouchables.

          Right now the Asians are OK with playing second and third fiddle to the tribe. They won’t feel that way forever. If there is a major conflict between them unfortunately most whites will align with the tribe because of the farce of Judeo Christian values

        • I’ve dealt with a great many South Asians. If they hate whitey, they sure do hide it well. Not all minorities are like negroes.

    • I think balkanization is highly likely. It won’t be from whites initially. We can look at the no-go zones in France and Sweden. No French person wanted that; the Arabs enforced it. In Brampton/Surrey Canada, Punjabis own all the developing companies, trucking companies, and have 19 MPs in the House of Commons. They build and sell new subdivisions directly to Punjabis, import Punjabis slaves to drive the trucks, etc. Again, they took the initiative, not whites. Mexicans already have their own neighborhoods in the US, strictly keeping out the blacks during the riots last year. I’m sure they wouldn’t be too please if whites moved in either. Haredim, Amish, etc. Even some white groups are forming parallel societies.

      I just don’t see how it results in balkanization. They are slowly becoming more alien from each other. Eventually governments will form. All these groups take leads from the community leaders anyways on how to vote. Once their numbers grow (like Punjabis) they start sending their own people to parliament, from every party.

      The only solution to unify is a) a stop to all immigration b) a war to unite people c) massive state enforced race mixing + closed borders. Not sure if b) or c) is more likely at this point, but how can you even have a war when you have 5th column groups inside the country supporting all different factions?

    • “The real fight will be in the Dem Party where the old school Jewish and Goodwhite coalition will face off against the POC newcomers. The brown horde will have the numbers and the current morality on their side but the Judeo-Puritans will have the money, organization and media on their side. The wild card are Indians and Asians, who are capable of raising their own money and organization. Will they create their own political groups to counter the Judeo-Puritans?”

      I spoke with my wife’s cousin about this issue this weekend. He’s conservative politically. I asked him “Do you really think the Democrats can control the forces they’re unleashing in this country?”

      – Do you think all those legal and Illegal Mexicans give a damn about what Blacks want? They want their share of the pie. They’ve already shown (at least in Chicago) when BLM and looters come to their neighborhoods, they’ll shoot back. And they’ll want someone who looks and talks like them representing them. AOC doesn’t count, she’s ‘Rican.

      – Do you think the Chinese give a damn what the Blacks and the Mexicans want? Nope. In fact, they’re angry their little Grinder who studies and memorizes textbooks every night, plays piano or violin, and gets perfect ACT/SAT scores can’t get into the Ivy League, and Diverse and Vibrant students with lower scores do. And like everyone else, they want someone who looks like them to represent them and open up more opportunities.

      – Do you think the Indians give a damn about what the rest of the lot want? Hell no. They want their kids in front of the Chinese and away from the Diverse and Vibrant. And they want their own representation. Heck, think a Hindu would vote for a Sikh? A Sikh for a Hindu?

      And then there are the Muslims. Who think everyone should practice Sharia.

      Smarter people would understand what Bellum omnium contra omnes means, but we don’t teach Latin, and we don’t teach History any more. So slowly but surely the people who thought they’d rule over the rabble will be pushed out by the rabble.

      • The Judeo-Puritans likely will suffer the fate of many a ruler that bring in foreign mercenaries to defeat a hated enemy.

        I’m always reminded of Dermot MacMurrough, an Irish king who was defeated and forced to flee to England. In 1169, he gathered a force of Norman knights to win back his crown. But he had to promise to grant land to the knights.

        The Normans beat the Irish and MacMurrough promised his daughter to the Norman knight Strongbox, thus assuring that the would be king of that part of Ireland.

        With the Normans now controlling part of Ireland, Henry II sent an invasion force over a couple of year later and established rule over Ireland for the next 800 years.

        At some point, mercenaries often notice that they have more power than those who hired them and just take over.

  31. “Not far behind her on the way out the door is a collection of loafers and deadbeats planning their own big drama.”

    More drama? I am not sure they will be nearly as big a production as the one that has engaged the world for the last year… The Covid Chronicles. Or perhaps The Summer of Floyd: Chapter 16 has also captured the hearts and minds of the many who love such things. Yes, it’ll need to be a big production to unseat those two.

    Perhaps both these franchises can join forces, and to allude to discussions of the Alien series of yesterday on the thread, we could see a 2022 blockbuster: Covid vs Floyd: Requiem. I can’t wait, except I shan’t grab the popcorn, just put another baby in my wife and plow on through whatever He throws at us like an icebreaker.

  32. Westerners, particularly boomers, seem to have rock solid faith in the democratic system. “It will just sort itself out. Everything is going to be okay”. They’re not able to see reality: there is no more silent majority, demographics are destiny, and we live in the new normal. This is what it’s like living in Brazil or any other average shit hole on the planet.

    Left vs. Right is pretty much a white thing. Both left wing and right wing culture warriors are shouting at the clouds when it comes to the new imports. Asians and Hispanics just don’t care, except to use anti whiteness to gain money/power or gibs. I saw a good example yesterday. This shit lib was riding his bike like a prick, POC driver just turned right, without shoulder checking and almost ran over the cyclist. Cyclist started yelling and gesturing at the POC. POC just stared at him like “what are you doing dude?” and then drove off. Without white society leftists cannot exist either.

    The mighty Titanic continues to take on water, she is very resilient, but when she goes down she’s taking all of us with her, left, right, white, black, native, Jew, and gentile (the “old” north american peoples). White Jewish dems are the first casualty.

    • “This shit lib was riding his bike like a prick, POC driver just turned right, without shoulder checking and almost ran over the cyclist.”

      Almost doesn’t win any points!

      Some years ago in a city called London that, 50 years prior had been all rather white and considerably nicer, I cross at a T junction in plush Chelsea. Some brown on a moped turned into the road and caught the front of an oncoming car in the other lane. He flew off his moped, flipped in the air and landed on his arse in the road. His helmet came off. He was just sitting there dazed…

      I laughed my head off, looked at him and said ‘Alright fella?’. Much to the disbelief of cafe patrons on the curbside. Served him right for driving like a boob; although I must confess bigotry, as having seen he was asiatic (maybe Bangladeshee) my sympathy dropped to zero as I realized that he’s not my people.

      Though callous to many, it was immensely satisfying to me. That said, if any of you boys and girls are silly enough to come to England and spend more than a day in London, look out for dodgy browns driving mopeds. They know no rules. Strange, it is almost as if the law of land is rather different in Pakistan as opposed to here…

      • Life is cheap in the third world. If he ran you over in Bangladesh he probably wouldn’t even stop and ask if you’re ok.

        I think one thing that separates DRight people from others is our lower lack of empathy. We basically are on the far left of the white empathy bell curve. We’re about 3/4 to the right on the POC bellcurve.

        Nice white ladies believe they’re doing the nice thing by letting millions of aliens flood their countries. They’re fighting for the poor brown people against white oppressors. It’s crazy but they are the super nice star is their own dramas.

      • Same here in the USA where I live. We have a majority Mexican and they bring an interesting proclivity in their driving habits—particularly wrt driving drunk. 😉

    • It’s worse than even that. All over my neighborhood I see pedestrians crossing the road at stop signs and they don’t even bother to look at traffic. It’s amazing they just assume it’s all going to stop for them. They assume the driver is not a crazy person, not of distracted person, not someone who just doesn’t notice. The amount of Faith these people have in the system is shocking. That’s said I am definitely tempted to run over those assholes bikers

      • Public service announcement: teach your young that every single car will try to kill you.
        1. Standing on a corner? Step back: the cars are trying to kill you.
        2. Riding your bike? Be aware: the cars are trying to kill you.
        3. Driving a car on the highway? Watch out: every car & truck will try and kill you.

        • Yup. Taught my kids there are three types of people on the road: “Maniacs, idiots, and you.”

          • I think it was George Carlin who said everyone driving slower than you is an idiot, and everyone driving faster is a maniac.

      • Where I live, stopping at stop signs is now optional. You’re lucky if the idiot behind the wheel bothers to slow down. And whites are as bad as anybody about this. People no longer obey the law because it is the right thing to do. They disobey it unless they think they might get busted.

    • This shit lib was riding his bike like a prick

      The architect Helmut Jahn has just died. He was creamed by two cars when he blew past a stop light on his bicycle. I briefly raced Helmut’s Farr 40 “Flash Gordon” until he made it grotesquely obvious that I wasn’t aboard solely because I’d raced for winning syndicates if you know what I mean. (I sprinted from the sail stowage area onboard and off the dock in two seconds after the grope.) The arrogance of a famous queer finally caught up to the old sodomite boomer.

  33. The rule by nitwits.
    But we can be sure that big chunks of both parties politicians grovel and have orgasms over our greatest Ally.
    Watching Tom Cotton yesterday from a 79% Christian state of Arkansas have spasms over our 51st state in the Middle East is a sight to behold.
    Both parties have been bought out by international and corporate interests and we are left watching a bunch of empty vessels stab each other in the back over their place in the line for bribery payments.

    • Speaking of that, I saw this quote in an article about the latest Mideast ructions: “This is Kristallnacht in Lod. I have called on the prime minister to declare a state of emergency in Lod. To call in the IDF. To impose a curfew. To restore quiet … There is a failure of governance … This is a significant incident – an Intifada of Arab Israelis. All the work we have done here for years [on coexistence] has gone down the drain.”

      So magic dirt didn’t overcome ethnic and religious differences? Perhaps we need to export a few more “COEXIST” bumper stickers to our greatest ally.

      • KGB: I definitely have a deficit of empathy when it comes to Jevvs and Palestinians. May they kill each other off as fast as possible.

    • The intense conditioning of churchians in redtowns and other flyovers has been in play for a long time.

      Part guilt, part good christian charity, part missionary impulse, the heartstrings of whites are habitually attached to parachutes of gibs dropped into goat-patches overpopulated by pocs of the month.

      For our greatest ally it is largely crates of economic and policy gibs for the 6 gorillion ghosts of badwhites past, but the fly swarmed eye lids and swollen bellies of pocspawn have long been a magnet for directing resources and advocacy as far away from US whites as possible.

      One of the first great perversions of cultmarx left was to purge white identity and the corresponding christian duty to one’s white local tribe from christian doctrine.

      It speaks to the power of the prog death cult to divorce whites from their religion when the Book is repeatedly explicit as to the hierarchy of identity and duty.

      Like all converged institutions these churches in whats left of White lands will need to be abandoned before something can be restored from the ashes.

      At least in blue states like here the churches are explicit about their role in our replacement. Rainbow flags and BLM posters adorn all the urban cathedrals of Pozz.

      I passed one on Easter as all the whites were spilling out and I thought of the content Eloi emerging from the Morloch cave full of knowledge that they had served something greater.

      • “One of the first great perversions of cultmarx left was to purge white identity and the corresponding christian duty to one’s white local tribe from christian doctrine. ”

        Nailed it. The tiny hats infiltrated the American Protestant church almost from the beginning. They made it official and public early 20th century, with translating and publishing a “Christian” Bible. They are givers…..

  34. A Liz Cheney is just a slightly different flavor of an AOC. These are at best midwits that should never have been elected to a high office. Unlike an AOC, a Cheney can at least lay claim to being part of the Swamp by birth, for whatever dubious good that may give.

    Remove her from a position? That is just theater. As we often discuss here, the Republicans are, at best, only the slightly better example of a bad bunch. The Republicans long ago sold out American, or at least paleo-Conservative America, in exchange for the bowl of pottage. On the core issues that truly affect the nation long-term, their policies are little different from the Democrats.

    The dissident right and its brethren truly have no representation, and that’s been true for a very long time.

    • It puzzles me why Liz Cheyney ever wanted to run for Congress in the first place. She could have had an easy career as a lobbyist or continued as a talking head on FOX News without having to do all this work she is poorly prepared for and not have to make numerous trips to Wyoming a year and pretend like she cares about the people there. I can only assume she was effectively getting shut out of meaningful lobbying/think tank jobs because the people who run those things care more about competence than the Republican party does.

      • Liz Cheney thinks she will be president. I actually heard this from someone in Washington. The neocons think she is the antidote to Trumpism and see her as an option in 2024. Nikki Haley, Tim Scott, Liz Cheney will all be on the ballot in 2024. Cheney could end up being the face of a new party created by the neocons and bankrolled by the oligarchs to block Trump in 2024.

        • I could see her thinking she would get an important Cabinet spot in the Nikki Haley administration, but to think she could get elected President is next level delusions. Meg Whitman must have thought she was really going to be Governor of California too. For what it is worth, I think it is 50-50 Cheyney loses her primary in 2022.

          • I get your point, but why is any thought of a Cheney Presidency, delusional? This is clownworld in which we have placed a dementia patient into the Whitehouse. Nothing is delusional—except possibly the thought that your vote “counts”.

        • Persuasion, voting, issues, debates – none of it matters. Wars, the economy, elections, crime? It matters not. Who is doing the counting? The anti white party. The anti white party can’t lose.

        • Wait, wait! I got such an idea for a great slogan.

          How about,
          “I’m with Her”!!

      • In Liz Cheney’s mind, the House is a step-down from what she’s entitled to. You may recall that she initially directed the incumbent Wyoming senator (Mike Enzi) in 2014 to step aside as she had appointed herself to the position. Wyoming voters had other ideas and she did not even make it the primary.

        • Wyoming here. Liz has zero chance of getting the nomination for her seat as a Republican in Wyoming. I won’t be surprised if she switches parties and tries to run as a Democrat.

    • no one outside the system has political representation, and that is why the system is crashing hard right now. there is some cosmic level ju jitsu going on right now, as the party that stole the election is now under some kind sustained attack. the media aren’t covering it of course, but the behavior of the junta indicates something serious is going on. all of the misery being heaped on the dems swirled up like a storm, seemingly from nothing. the sonic weapon attacks on US embassy personnel et also was real, and anon-cons reports that it is being used here, now, and the gov people cannot detect it.

      • ” the sonic weapon attacks on US embassy personnel et also was real, and anon-cons reports that it is being used here, now, and the gov people cannot detect it.”

        One of the recently reported after affects of either coronavirus or the mRna “vaccine” is tinnitus.. ringing in the ears. How would you know whether their symptoms are legit, or just sonic weaponry?

    • Western Rifle Shooters Association:

      *pic of screaming naked toothy girl*

      “Western-Women-Are-Traitorous-Dimwits-Who-Should-Be- Disenfranchised-And-Then Spanked”

  35. Seriously, the “Republican party”?

    What a joke. Was that a thing once upon a time?


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